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by Chuck Williams

I stood over the bed for a minute and saw Katie lying there on
top of the covers, and Sammatha lying under them as Darla was
striping.  By this time Katie had regained her senses and real
ized where she was.  So I looked over at everyone and said, "OK,
where do I start".  Of course Sammatha yelled "me, me", but Darla
said its Katies special day and that she promised me to her.

Well, as I would find out later, Katie had a crush on me from the
year before.  So when Darla could have had someone else take her
virginity, it was Katie who asked her mom if I could do it.  As
explained to me later by Darla she told her if she could work it
out she had no objections, besides she was not going to force
Katie to have sex with someone that she did not want to.

So Katie had waited for about a year for this day.  No wonder it
was Darla who had called me to make sure I came to my grandmoth
ers funeral and was so insistent on me visiting her home.

I guess that Sammatha was a bonus.

So I started to take off my clothes and then I said that I was
not sure if I could do this with everyone in the room.  So I
suggested that I take Katie to her room for her first time.
Darla was not totally happy with this, but I insisted and she
asked Katie if that was OK, and said that it was up to her.

Katie said yes.  Sammatha was griping that she wanted to watch,
but Darla told her that she would get hers soon enough, but that
I would have to do Sammatha there with her present.

So I picked up Katie and took her to her room.  The girls room
was just that, the room of a couple of little girls with dolls
around the room and various other childrens playthings.

It was an odd feeling, kind of foreboding, but kinky also.  So I
laid her on the bed and then closed the door.  I then asked her
if she was sure about this and she told me that she had been
ready ever since she saw me last summer.

So I then took off the rest of my clothes and sat on the bed next
to her.  She still was wearing the T-shirt, but it was no longer
covering the lower half of her body.  I then gently removed the
shirt off her and then I lain next to her.

Katie was a beauty.  Her breast were just beginning to develop
and were just right at this time.  Her long auburn hair hung down
to her shoulders and her public hair was very light and minimal
at best.  I wanted to make this a real experience for her so I
started with some real good foreplay.

I started with some light kissing and worked my way all over her
body.  She was tense and I wanted to take that away.  Soon enough
she was relaxed.  I worked my way over her chest, down her thighs
and down her legs.  Katie's feet were real small and soft, so I
rubbed on them for a bit before working my way back up.

Once I was back up to her face I started to French kiss her while
my hands worked over her mid section and her crotch.

I then bit on her ears and her nose (she has a cute button nose)
and then on her neck.  Then I feasted on her tiny breasts.

Her nipples got rock hard and popped right up very erect for such
a young girl.  And she had one orgasm while I was doing this to
her.  Slowly I worked her over till I arrived at her crotch.  I
licked at her clit lightly at first and then just went in with my
tongue and fingers.  I pushed in till I could feel her hymen.  I
did not want to break it, not at least yet.

However, I worked my hand into her while I licked and bit on her
clit till she was squirming all over the bed and erupted with
another orgasm.  At this point I knew she would be ready.

But first I pulled her up and offered her my dick.  I straddled
her face and she reached up for it.  She was having trouble
reaching my penis so I decided to feed it to her.  Next thing I
know I am fucking her throat.   I mean I was ramming my dick in
and out of her mouth.

This was something that I rarely did anyway, and when I did this,
it was always with an experienced nympho maniac, like Darla. I
have/had no idea as to if she had ever done this before, or
anything like it.  She took it all and did not fight me at all,
but I think that it was her first time doing anything like that.

I was going to pull out and fuck her, but she was getting me off
real good and before I knew it I had to blow the load.  I just
buried my balls into her and filled her up.  I almost fell on her
afterwards, and then I laid next to her for a few minutes just
fondling her body.  Then I asked her if she liked what we had
done so far and she told me that it was wonderful, then I told
her the best was yet to come.  So I started over and got her real
worked up.  I kept working her pussy over till she was close to
another orgasm.  By that time I was rock hard again.

So I moved on top of her and opened her legs wide, and slowly
pushed the head of my dick into her tight pussy.  At first she
did not notice then she felt me go deeper into her and then she
knew that I was fucking her.  She was moaning and getting close
to a major orgasm.  It was at that moment in time that I wanted
to penetrate her hymen thus causing the least amount of pain.

I pushed just hard enough a few times to slightly tear it and as
I fucked her real fast (to help get her off) I went all the way
in real fast in one swift move as her body spasmed with a power
ful orgasm.  The pain and pleasure must have been an unique mix
for her.  First her face was that of pure pleasure than the look
of shock took its place as her whole body went rigid.

She did not cry out in pain, but the pain was there.  The whole
event must have been very intense, however, the pleasure must
have won out over the pain in that contest.   As I held her in my
arms, she was like a rag doll.  Totally spent and fulfilled.  I
gave her a nice kiss and then laid her gently on her bed and
pulled a sheet over her.

I told her that she was great and she was.  We laid there for a
few minutes before I finally got up.  I gave her a long and deep
French kiss and then I left her there to get a rest.

I then went to Darla's room.  When I got there Darla looked at me
and asked what took so long.  I told her if you want something
done right sometimes you have to take your time.

Then I looked at Sammatha and said, "ready to get fucked"!

Well Sammatha got all happy and Darla said that she was more than
ready.  So I was going to start with some foreplay, but Darla
then said that she had already got her all ready for me and that
she had to do something while they were waiting for me.

So I just started to kiss her and give her the real quick version
of foreplay, which is not much more than a finger in the vagina
and a finger up the ass while I kissed her and sucked on her tits
(if she had any).

Darla grabbed my dick and stroked it hard and guided it towards
the target.  We were going at this way faster than I wanted since
Sammatha was still far from having an orgasm, in my opinion, and
I knew that it was going to hurt.  Not me, but her.

As I had expected her pussy was very tight.  She was wet, but
could have used a little more lubricant.  As I pushed into her I
could see her bite her lip.  I asked if she was ok, and she did
not say anything.  Darla then told me to just fuck her.  I had
never seen Darla like this before.  She was obsessed with having
me fuck Sammatha right then and doing it real fast.

Sliding in and out of her was a chore and as my prick reached her
hymen I was barely able to move in and out of her with causing
some noticable pain.  Her pussy was so tight that I was not sure
if I could get it all the way inside her.  I started to push and
her hymen was pretty resistant.  I could see sweet and the look
of pain on her face.  It was at this point that I was not sure if
I could go through with this.

So I stopped pushing into her and tried to let her pussy get used
to the size of my dick.  Darla wanted to know why I stopped.  I
told her that her pussy was too tight and that I was hurting her.
Darla then said , so what, just do it.  I told her that I would
only do it if Sammatha really wanted me to.

Darla did not like this.  She complained and got bent.  But I
just did not want to force Sammatha into anything.  So I looked
Sammatha right in the face and asked her if she really wanted to
do this cause it was going to hurt.  Before she could speak,
Darla tried to butt in, however, I stopped her from saying any
thing.  It would have to be Sammatha's choice and her choice
alone.  If she wanted me to break her hymen and take her virgini
ty, I would.

She looked at me and tried to look at her mother, but I would not
let her do that,  I wanted to see the look in her eyes to deter
mine if she really wanted to go through with this.

It was afterall a monumental moment in her life.  Its not every
day that you lose your virginity you know (eventhough I know
chicks who have claimed to done so on several occasions). 

After some thought she asked me if I could go slower and try to
not make it hurt.  So I said that I could do to her what I did to
Katie and that it would not hurt as much.  She then said that she
wanted that.  So I looked at Darla and told her that if I was
going to do this, I was going to do it right.

Darla did not say anything.  She just looked at me and responded
with a positive motion.  So I slowly pulled out of the little
girl and started over with some intense oral sex similar to what
I had done to Katie earlier.

I wanted this child to have an orgasm while I was popping her
cherry.  So I got her real worked up.  My face was buried in her
sweet hairless snatch which was getting real wet.  I could feel
the energy growing inside her and that soon I would have to make
my move or lose this chance.  I had already been working over her
hymen with my fingers and had loosened it up some, thus making
its penetration easier.

As soon as I was sure she was on the verge of an orgasm I quickly
moved on up and started to fuck her slow.  Once she was able to
handle my cock with minimal difficultly I started the primary
assault.   I was working a hand near her clit and was pushing a
finger into her ass.  This was about to send her over the edge.
I had to make sure that I penetrated while she was in the midst
of her orgasm so I continued to work on her until the right time.

I slowly pushed the head of my dick into her tight pussy.  As I
sank deeper into her she got closer and closer to coming.  I was
fucking her real good and she was moaning and close to a orgasm.
I had to be ready for that moment so that I could quickly pene
trate her hymen thus causing the least amount of pain.

I pushed hard enough to slightly tear the hymen and as I fucked
her real fast and I went all the way in real fast in one swift
move as her body spasmed with a powerful orgasm.  At first she
screamed from the intense pain as her face had the unmistable
look of shock on it, however, it did not last long as it must
have been good for her as well.  First her face was that of shock
which was replaced with pleasure as her body went rigid.

Once the pain subsided I fucked her till we both came.  I was
able to give Sammatha three orgasms in a short period of time and
as I held her in my arms, she was like a rag doll.  She was spent
and looked quite satisfied.  As I finished with her I laid her
gently on the bed and kissed her.

It was messy as I drew blood from her, but Darla quickly cleaned
it up before Sammatha even knew about it.

I was drained, but Darla wanted a piece of the action.  I told
her if she could get it up I'd fuck her too.  So she started to
suck me off.  She must have used all her tricks and in a few
minutes I was getting hard again.

I was still tired and tried to mount her, but it was obvious that
after fucking the two girls I was tired, so she then got on top
and rode me like a horse.  Well it was not a great performance on
my part but Darla did not care.  She just wanted to be fucked.  I
guess that watching me fuck Sammatha turned her on.

Meanwhile Sammatha just laid there quiet next to us still recov
ering from her experience.  Also by this time Katie was in the
room watching us.  I do not know if she watched me fuck Sammatha
or not and I never have inquired about it.

Eventually we, or at least I, was all worn out and I fell asleep.
I did wake up to see Sammatha sucking me off around 3 am or
something like that.   I did not stop her and did not do anything
in return as right after cuming in her mouth I passed back out.

The next morning both girls had gone to school.  Darla was still
there when I woke up.   She told that she was going into work
late and that before she went in I owed her for my lame effort
last night.  So I gave her a good morning fuck that made her
happy.  After that she told me that she would not come back at
noon, since she was late going in, and would be back around 4 or
4:30.  So I now had the day to myself.

After I got dressed I decided to take a ride downtown.  As I was
driving up the street I saw Katie.  So I pulled over and asked
her why she was not at school. She told me that she was skipping
school.  I asked her if she would get in trouble and she said
that it was not a problem and that her mom would never know
anything about it and that she did it often.

So she got into the car and we went for a drive.  However, in
stead of going into town where I would be seen with a girl who
was supposed to be in school and could have also ran into Darla
we went out of town and checked out the dunes.

We walked along this secluded beach area and talked for a bit.
Katie told me about wanting to be a model or actress (high goals
that never got meet) and she told me about her crush on me from
the year before.  I too told her that I was looking her over at
that time too and that I thought that she was an incredibly good
looking girl.  I even went on to tell her that I used to help
change her diapers as I teased her a bit.

She then started one of those play fights as I kept teasing her
about when she was a baby and about her poopy diapers.  Next
thing she pulls me down onto the ground and before I know it we
are lying up in the dunes making out.

I wanted her right then and she wanted me as well.  There would
not be much foreplay this time.  In fact minimal clothing was re
moved.  I undid her pants and pulled them down to her ankles and
then pulled mine down just enough so that I could fuck her.

Last night we had slow passionate sex, this time was quite the
opposite as we were like two animals.  We were far from quiet and
Katie kept yelling oh yes, oh god, and other things as well.

I must have kept up a quick pace for close to 3 to 5 minutes, but
fucking at this speed burns me out real fast.  We both came at
about the same time and it was real good.  Lucky for us we did
not get any sand in our privates or that could have caused a
problem or two.

Katie really liked that.  I asked her if she liked that better
than last night and she was not sure.  I guess both have their
merits.  It was around 11 am, by this time of the day, so I took
her to lunch.  Since I was in a good mood I took her to a real
nice place which was in the nearby town that she wanted to goto
but her mom would never take them.

I should note that all these coastal resort towns are next to
each other and sometimes its just like one big town where on the
same sign it can read leaving  XXXX, entering XXXX.  So you could
drive 15 - 20 minutes and visit about 3 different towns.  No one
knew Darla and her daughters outside of their immediate little
town, since they had only been there for about 18 months or so.

Darla wanted to fuck again, in payment for lunch.  I asked her if
she wanted to go home, and she did not want to go there cause her
mom might show up.  I could not blame her.  Based on last night
Darla might get bent if her daughters got more dick then she did.

So I suggested a hotel.  There were many to chose from and no one
knew who I was for that matter.  Plus we were a good 20 minutes
from her house.  So I got a nice room with a hot tub (for a nice
off season price) for the day.

We had at least 3 hours before anyone would be looking for us, so
we made the best of it.  Katie liked the hot tub allot.  Fucking
her in it was real fun as both my dick and the hot water went in
and out of her. I remember thinking to myself that I hoped this
place changed the hot tub water after each use cause the next
person would have ended up soaking in my sperm ladened water.

I will tell you that I made one error in judgment, that lucky for
us did not result in a problem, cause neither of us considered
any form of birth control.  I assumed (yes I know too assume
something can make and ass out of you and me), that Darla had put
Katie on the pill.  Well she was not, but thankfully she did not
get pregnant from all the sex that we had.

I mean I injected her with enough sperm to start a small sperm
bank that week.

That afternoon I fucked her fast, I fucked her slow and tried do
a mix of things.  Also I introduced something new to her that
day.  ANAL SEX!

During the mid 1980's anal sex was still kind of a taboo item and
she knew little of it.  By this time I had fucked her silly and
had her sucking me off real good, plus I had already fucked her
face, so what was left to try.

I told her that I never did this to her mom, but that her cousin
Dave was the first person to fuck her moms ass and I was there to
see it happen.   Just telling this to her got Katie interested
and sexually charged up.  (for details on that event look for the
story "An Educational Experience in the Deep South".)

With her love juices flowing real heavy plus with all the cum in
her pussy there was plenty of lubricant to use in her ass.  So I
ran my dick in and out of her pussy first and then started to
shove into her anal cavity.  I did stop the assault on her ass a
few times to dip back into her vagina to slicken up my dick.

She was able to relax and I was able to fuck her ass with only a
bit of a problem.  At first I fucked her with her face down on
the bed.  I then tried a few variations including putting her on
top with her back to me and lifting her on and off of me.  I also
tried to stand up and fuck her ass while holding her up.  But
this was difficult cause when I let her slip a few times it hurt
my dick as it was lodged up her ass.  However, I did find out
that if I put her up on a chair standing I could do it well.  I
really wish I had a picture of this.  I have done it once or
twice since then with other women, but its not the same since the
female has to be under 5-5 to make it work right for me, other
wise they have to bend their knees some cause if they stood
straight up they pull off my dick.

Well to say the least it was a fun afternoon.

We were late getting back.  I dropped Katie off near the house
and then I went off into town for a bit.  I bought some stuff so
that I could say that I went sightseeing all day.

I ended getting back about 40 minutes after Katie had gotten
home.  All Darla was mad about was that I was late for the dinner
she had made.

She asked what I had done and I told her that I visited some of
the surrounding communities and been sightseeing and even showed
her some of the stuff I had bought.  Well I was convincing and
she bought it all.

end part 2

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