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  These are the previous chapters of `The Girls-Only Club   by
Pamela'. The story about  a boy who is honoured to become a member of
this exclusive club. How he become a member and what he experienced as
a member is described in this story.

  As usual I DIDN'T write this story and haven't any claim on it. If
you have some usefull hints or some good coments, your mail is then
welcome. Flames, you know, they will be piped to /dev/null.

  If you are an author and wish to remain anonymouns or just try to
avoid the replies to your work. I offer you the chance of posting your
stories and collecting the response for you. This offer only stands for
story postings and for nothing else.

Enjoy the story.


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11.  Chapter

The next morning while Blake was walking to his first period class, one
of the girls from his homeroom, Marilyn, came up to him and whispered
in his ear, ``I can't believe you're really wearing a bra."

Caught by surprise, Blake blushed and then realized that Valerie must
have told her.  ``Yes I am."

``Can I take a peek at it, you know, to make sure."

``I can't do it here in the hall.  What about at lunch time recess?"

``OK, that'll be fine.  But Blake could you tell me why you're wearing
a bra?  I mean you don't have breasts, I mean, like a girl does."
Marilyn herself was a late developer.  She was slight of build and
somedays she wore a trainer bra and somedays no bra at all.

``I guess its because I'm not really a boy.  I mean, I suppose I look
like a boy, but I feel like a girl."

Marilyn looked at him intently, like she was really trying to
understand.  He then saw the beginning of a smile go across her mouth
and he said, ``I'm serious.  I'm not kidding!"

``I don't know what to think Blake.  It does seem kind of strange and

``You won't tell anyone will you?  I'm scared the guys will beat me up
if they found out."

``You know, Valerie has been telling all the girls in the eighth grade.
By now I bet everyone knows your secret.  So far, I don't think any of
us will tell the guys, cause it really is a girl thing and most of us
have always liked you."

``Thank you Marilyn, I really appreciate it.  I'm very afraid of
Clifford and Roy.  I don't know what they might do to me, besides
probably telling everyone else including the teachers.  And then they
might call home and I'd be in really big trouble with my mom and dad."

As they walked down the hallway, Blake could see other girls pointing
at him and giggling amongst themselves.  Out of the corner of his eye
he saw Valerie, and she walked up to him and Marilyn.

``I'm sorry Blake, I couldn't stop from telling some of the girls and
before you knew it, everyone found out.  We're all so excited that you
want to be a girl, and I think your secret is really safe with us,
isn't it Marilyn?"

``Yes, of course!  It's so neat that you can be so honest with
yourself.  Guys always act like they are so much better than girls.
Its really just insecurity I think."

``I don't feel like I have anything in common with the guys.  I just
wish that I could be a complete girl, like wear dresses to school and
pretty shoes and makeup.  And I really love to wear nail polish."

``Isn't there anything you can do about it?"

``Maybe latter in my life; right now I don't think I can do anything."

``Well from now on, we'll treat you like one of us, as much as we can,"
Marilyn said.


At recess, Blake joined up with the club members and they walked over
to their usual bench to sit and chat about things.  One by one the
other girls in the eighth grade walked over to join them until
virtually every girl, more than a hundred of them, were gathered around
Blake.  The effect was eerie, and the boys stopped what they were doing
to stare over at the huge crowd of girls.  So many girls together was
too intimidating for the guys, and none of them had the courage to go
over and see what was happening.  The presence of Blake amongst all the
girls did not go unnoticed, and the guys proposed various theories to
explain why he was there.  They all agreed that Blake had some sort of
special charm which drove girls crazy.  They vowed that, no matter
what, they would get him to share his secret with them.

For himself, Blake was surprised at the intense curiosity the girls had
about him wearing a bra to school.  They crowded around him demanding
to see it, and with the encouragement of the Girls-Only club members,
he finally raised his shirt enough for everyone to look at it.  Hidden
from view of the guys on the other side of the field, Blake revealed
his delicate pink bra.  Out in the open, with his pale skin and slender
arms, and barely a trace of hair, he appeared fragile and girlish.

He suddenly couldn't help smiling at everyone, and many of the girls
smiled back at him.  It was clear by his posture, his shyness, the
natural fit of the bra and most importantly his self-confidence, that
he was very much more than a boy masquerading as a girl.

``Go show everyone your panties," Amy said, and without hesitation
Blake undid the front of his jeans and pulled them down enough to show
the top of his pink lacy panties.

A tall, stout girl named Joyce, who had been staring very hard at Blake
the whole time said, ``I don't see why you don't just be a girl.  If
you're so sure about it you ought to just be one."

Joyce had a `reputation':  It was known that she had allowed a number
of the boys to have sex with her.  They alternately teased her and
begged her to give them something.  She was not the smartest girl in
school, and could often be coaxed into meeting them after school in the
woods for a rendezvous.  One rumor had it that she had allowed a dozen
of the boys to screw her at once, though it was not clear that this was
really so.
  Karen leapt to Blake's defense saying, ``Joyce, Pamela has to worry
about her parents.  Don't you see."

``Pamela?" Joyce said, ``you mean Blake is calling himself Pamela?"

``Yes.  To all of us she is our dear friend Pamela.  And we hope that
all of the girls will feel that way about her.  Give her some time, and
eventually she'll be a girl all the time.  But don't rush her!"

Several of the girls voiced their support of Karen, and Valerie even
made a point of giving Blake a hug to let him know that she understood
his dilemma.  Joyce remained skeptical, saying, ``I really don't see
why Pamela is afraid of her parents.  If he or she is a girl, she is a
girl, and tough shit for them."

``But don't you see Joyce," Blake said, ``I'm afraid mainly of hurting
them, not them hurting me.  I don't want to hurt them."

Joyce seemed to be thinking about his answer and then said, ``if you
are a real girl then you have to have crushes on guys."

Several of the girls laughed at this, it seemed so incongruous:  Blake
being attracted to the boys.  ``But I do sort of have some crushes on
the guys," Blake said.

``Then you're just a fag," Joyce said.

``No, I'm not," insisted Blake.  ``I just had the bad luck to be born
looking like a boy!"

Karen interrupted and said, ``Joyce, don't be mean to Pamela.  She's a
girl through and through, and we should treat her as we would any of
us.  I think eventually, she'll be able to wear dresses to school, but
for now she has to dress like a boy so her parents and the guys and
teachers won't suspect anything.  I want all of us to keep this amongst
ourselves, especially you Joyce!  It is a girl thing and we have to
stick up for each other!

Several of the girls cheered at this, but Joyce was undeterred, ``But
Blake doesn't have a pussy, does he?  How can he be a girl without one?
And what about his breasts?  He may be wearing a bra, but real girls
have breasts."

``You don't understand, Joyce!" Karen said with some exasperation.
``Those are just external things, which one day Pamela will have
corrected.  The main thing is that she has exactly the same feelings
and attitudes as any of us girls.  For example, she was just as excited
about getting to wear her first bra as any of us were!  And you should
just see how much Pam loves pretty things.  She loves beautiful lace
and she was just in ecstasy when she got her first pair of heels, and
her dresses and things."

``I really do prefer wearing dresses, Joyce" Blake said, trying to get
her to accept him.

``Pull your pants further down," Joyce said, and Blake lowered his
trousers enough to reveal all of his panties.

``What's that bulge?" Joyce asked.

``That's Pamela's clitoris," Karen said.

``Yeah, right.  Let her answer," Joyce said, ``what is it Blake?"

``Its my clitoris!"

``Its your dick!"

``No, don't say that Joyce!  I tell you its my clitoris.  Its my
clitoris.  I don't have a dick!  I'm just as much a girl as you.  When
I grow up I'm going to have large breasts.  I know I am!" Blake was
getting hysterical, and starting to cry.

Valerie said to Joyce, ``look you made Blake, I mean Pamela, cry.
Don't talk to her like that.  Even if she might not yet technically be
a girl, she clearly wants to be one and she believes that she is."

``Yeah, Joyce, don't hurt Pamela like that!"

Realizing that it would be hard to get Joyce to see what the true story
is, Karen said, ``yes, in a way Joyce, Pamela does have a vagina."

``And breasts, too," Amy said, ``only they're just an A cup now, but
they are growing!"

``OK, I want Blake to prove that he is turned on by guys," Joyce said.

``But I am turned on by guys!" Blake said, ``I mean, some guys, anyway!
How can I prove it to you?"

``I don't know Blake, but if you want me to treat you like a girl then
I want to see you act and look like one around a boy.  In fact, I'd
like to see you seduce a boy, make him think that you're a real girl"
Joyce said.

``What boy are you talking about"

``I know some guys.  Let's say tonight we meet, with you in a dress and
we'll see if you can seduce a guy.  If you can, I'll believe your a
girl.  If you can't then I might just go ahead and let Clifford and Roy
know about you."

Terrified of what Joyce had in mind, Blake pleaded with her, ``Please
can't you just believe me!"

``Blake, I'm giving you this one opportunity, what's it going to be?"

Several of the girls joined in telling Joyce to be nice and think of
something else Blake could do to prove his femininity.  But Joyce was
very determined, and the girls gathered around her eventually realized
that Joyce had her mind made up and there was no changing it.

``Meet me tonight at 2 in the morning in your back yard dressed fully
as a girl.  No wait, just in panties, pantyhose, bra, high heels and
some lipstick.  Got it?"

``Yes, Joyce, I'll be there" Blake said with resignation.  He couldn't
imagine what she would have in mind for him that evening.


Blake was so scared as to what would happen that night that he barely
slept until his alarm woke him at 1:45 AM. He quickly and quietly put
on his panties, pantyhose, a bra and inserted the breasts.  He put on
some lipstick and picked up his high heels and tiptoed downstairs and
out the back door.  There was a brisk wind blowing, and misty clouds
passing over the partially full moon.  The many trees in the backyard
loomed over him.  He felt alone and vulnerable dressed only in his
underwear, with the wind whirling around him.  He wished that they had
allowed him to wear a dress at least.  He imagined creatures of the
night staring at him, as he waited by himself for Joyce to come.

The wind blew without letup, making the only sound.  He sat down on the
edge of a picnic table bench near the back of the yard.  Beyond that
was the forest which ran between his development and a farm on the
other side.  The time went very slowly and he began to think that maybe
Joyce had only been tricking him, and that she wasn't actually going to
come.  It was nice wearing some of his girls clothes outside again, and
he was especially happy to wear his high heels, though he began to feel
a bit chilly and he wished that they would hurry up and come, so
whatever was going to happen would happen and then the sooner he would
be done with it.

He felt very worried about what sort of guy he would have to seduce.
What if he were ugly or fat.  What did Joyce mean by seduction?  How
far did he have to get the guy to go with him?  Maybe this whole thing
was one giant mistake and he ought to just let his parents and everyone
else find out the secret.  It seemed like it was almost inevitable that
they would.  But it was just so hard to get over the thought of his dad
finding out about his wearing bras that he knew he had to at least try
to delay that day as long as possible.

It must have been 2:30, and still they had not come.  In his rush not
to be late he had forgotten to pee and now his bladder ached terribly.
He decided he had to do something before they came, so he pulled down
his pantyhose and panties and squatted down like a girl to pee.  He was
near a tree so he could hold onto the trunk with one hand to maintain
his balance.  He started to pee almost instantly, and then became
frantic with fear when he saw three girls walking to him from around
the side of the house.  The one in the middle was tall, and he
recognized her as Joyce, while two shorter girls next to her he didn't

His pee froze in him just half way relieved and he hurriedly pulled up
his panties and pantyhose as Joyce watched.  ``Look at the little dog,
peeing in the yard," Joyce sneered at Blake, and her companions
laughed.  They were much younger than Joyce or Blake, and they had a
toughness about them that said they were not from the normal kids at
school.  One of them was carrying what looked to Blake to be a whip,
and the other a long rolled up cord.

``Angie, put the leash on him," Joyce said, and the girl carrying the
cord stepped forward and roughly forced one end of it around Blake's
neck and snapped a clip.  It turned out it was a dog's leash.  ``Come
on we're a little late," Joyce said and she started to walk back to the
forest.  Angie followed causing the collar to jerk Blake forward and he
rushed to keep up with them.  The other girl, Carrie, walked behind
him.  The collar was tight on his neck, and as he reached up to stop it
from hurting him, Carrie, immediately hit his fingers with the whip.

``Don't touch it," she said in a rasping tone.  ``Do it again and I'll
hit that pretty bottom of yours."

Blake called out to Joyce, ``Joyce, where are we going?  And why did
you put me on a leash?  And why is she whipping me?"

Joyce stopped and came back to face Blake.  ``I decided to test your
male instincts.  I want to see if you can fight back.  From the look at
what has happened so far though, you might be right about you being a

``But you didn't say anything about doing this to me!"

``What are you going to do about it?" Joyce said.

``Please take this collar off, its choking me.  All you said I had to
do was seduce a guy."

Joyce turned to Carrie and said, ``she's being real uppity and its
annoying me."

Carrie let out with a tremendous hit across Blake's pantied bottom
causing him to cry out in pain and then start to cry uncontrollably.
Angela then jerked his neck once again and they continued on their way.
Joyce had picked up the pace as they walked on a trail in the forest to
a destination Blake did not know.  If he didn't keep up fast enough
with Angie then the collar strangled his neck and Carrie hit him hard
with the whip.  The strokes were painful, like sharp bites.

After fifteen minutes of hiking, Blake heard voices ahead and they
stopped.  Joyce said to Blake:  ``OK. Here is the situation.  Now you
better perform like Pamela.  I expect these guys to all fall for you
and all of them to cum in thirty minutes tops."

``What do you mean cum?"

``Jesus, Pammy, don't you know anything?  You've got to make the guys
shoot their wad?  Got it?"

``How many guys?" Blake asked in shock.  He was expecting maybe one guy
to seduce.

``You'll find out," Joyce said and pushed him on ahead.  In a minute he
entered into a clearing.  Four boys were sitting there who got up when
they entered.

``Where have you been?  We thought you'd never get here."

``We got here, thats all that counts."

``Is that your girl friend?" one of them said pointing to Blake.

``Duh, who else do you think she is?  Phil, Max, John, and Dave, meet
Pamela.  Like I said she's real hot."

  The guys were physically enormous, and Blake felt like he was being
mentally raped as they hungrily looked him over.

Joyce said, ``Pamela, these guys are the front line of the Madison high
school varsity football team." Madison high was the rival school of
their own.  Beside everything else happening that night, it was bizarre
to think that Joyce would be friendly with football players from the
enemy school.

  Max said to Joyce, ``hey she's really hot looking, Joyce, are you
sure she's going to let us touch her?"

``Just ask her," Joyce said.

  Blake sighed, and while giving Joyce a sidelong glance, walked up to
Max and and said, ``What's your name?"

Nervously, he said, ``Max."

``Max, what a nice manly name to go with such a big strong guy!" Blake
said this like he was pretending to be Marilyn Monroe.  ``I'm so
flattered that you think I'm pretty, I can't imagine why you wouldn't
think that I'd want to touch you!  In fact, I can't wait to find out
what's inside your pants.  I'll bet you've got something in there that
would make all us girls go wild!" Blake looked in Max's eyes and smiled
at him.

Startled, Max said, ``oh, oh, sure, Pamela."

Blake turned to the other boys and said, ``why don't you all get
closer?" They walked over and gathered in a circle around Blake.  They
towered over him, and with their muscular bulks Blake felt like he was
in a cave of flesh.

``Now, I want to give all of you big boys a nice time.  I'm going to
start with my big handsome Max here.  While I'm getting a chance to
play with him I want all you other boys to be as affectionate to me as
you can."

Turning to the boy next to Max, Blake said, ``and who are you?"

``Phil." Like Max, John and Dave, Phil had the massive arms, shoulders
and legs of a football linemen.  Blake's arms seemed like thin white
straws next to their bulging biceps and triceps.

``Phil, go ahead and give my breasts a little squeeze.  I really want
you to!" Phil reached out and cupped his hand over Blake's bra.  ``Wow,
Pamela, I've never touched a girl's bra before!" His hand awkwardly
grabbed the underlying breast and squeezed it.  Turning to the next
boy, John, Blake directed his hand to touch his bottom through his
pantyhose.  He then turned to Dave and reached up putting his arms
around his neck and looked up at him with his lips puckered.  Dave was
the handsomest of the four boys.  He had a rugged, swarthy look and
sandy colored hair.  He leaned over, put his arms around Blake and
crushed him to his chest and then gave Blake a brief kiss.  Unlike the
other boys, he didn't seem to be afraid to be with a sexy girl.

``Wow, Dave" Blake said coyly and then turned back to Max and began
opening his zipper while Dave put his hands around Blakes waist and
started to edge his fingers down inside his panties.  Blake, crushed
between Max and Dave, felt Dave's probing fingers and realized he
better stop him there.  ``Oh Dave, I'm sorry, I'm having my period!"
Dave pulled his fingers out and then confined his caressing to the
outside.  All the guys seemed to be getting excited and Blake felt
pleased with himself that they were getting aroused so fast.

With Max's zipper open, Blake reached a hand inside and felt the hard
wall of Max's swelling penis through his underwear.  ``Oh my God, what
have we here!" he exclaimed, ``Jesus, its just such a huge cock.  Oh
Max, you're just so big." He snaked his hand through the opening and
into the underpants, and with a little luck and help from Max, he was
able to get the member out into the night air.  ``Just look at this big
one.  It would make any girl so happy!  Will you like if I sucked it
Max?  Do you want me to suck on your big cock?" Blake batted his
eyelids at Max, who shyly looked down and said, ``yeah, Pamela, I guess
I really want you to do that.  I never had such a pretty girl want to
touch me." Blake smiled a girlish smile at him and cupped his penis
with his left hand and used his right hand to start undoing Phil's
zipper.  ``I'll be right back to you Max, let me just do some exploring
in Phils pants.  I think there is a bulge of something in there!  What
could it be?" Phil kept his hand on Blake's bra and Blake felt his ass
being squeezed hard and slightly pinched so it hurt.

``Dave, you're hurting my bottom, with those pinches!" Blake said.

Dave looked at him intently.  ``Sorry, honey."

``I'm going to get to you in just a second.  Let me just get Phil and
John started, and then I'll just love to see your penis also.  I'll bet
its a big one like Max's."

``You'll find out," Dave said, causing a chill to go up and down
Blake's spine.

Turning quickly back to Max, Blake saw that his cock had grown very
hard while his hand was gently stroking it.  ``Do you like that Max?
You've gotten so hard, I think your ready for my mouth.  Phil's zipper
had opened now and reaching inside Blake had no trouble finding the
large and swelling organ.  He felt Phil put his hand on top of his and
guide him around his underwear to lead his cock out.  It sprang out and
then Blake had one hand on Max's cock and one on Phil's.  ``Oh, Phil,
you're a giant also.  God the two of you together have just the biggest
and handsomest pricks.  I can't decide which one I love more!"

  ``Twenty five minutes," Joyce said, and Blake nearly cried with fear.
He was barely anywhere after five minutes.  He dropped to his knees in
front of Max and started sucking on the penis while still holding onto
Phil's.  Momentarily taking Max's member out of his mouth he said to
John, ``Oh, John, please come around over here." He indicated a spot
just to Max's right.  When John obliged, Blake was then able to start
opening his fly while also sucking on Max and fondling Phil.

John was so anxious to get touched that he took out his cock by
himself.  It was clearly much smaller than either Phil or Max's, but
Blake exclaimed anyway, ``Oh, John, what a pretty penis!  Its just so
perfect, isn't it?"

Max and Phil snickered at the obvious size difference and Blake
remanded them saying, ``you boys be kind to John!  Size isn't
everything!  How pretty it looks is just as important to a girl!  I
think its gorgeous!" He sucked John's cock vigorously for a few
seconds, until Max said, ``c'mon back to me Pamela."

Blake began sucking on Max again while now he fondled John with his
left hand and Phil with his right.  John's pants fell down his leg, and
out of the corner of his eye Blake could see how phenomenally well
developed his calves and thighs were.  He used his hand to feel the
large tight muscles and gently squeezed the dangling balls and felt the
surge in John's smallish erect member.

Dave was being left out and Blake was worried that he would be getting
mad.  He stopped everything he was doing and turned back to Dave.  ``I
haven't forgotten about you, big boy!"

Joyce called out, ``twenty minutes" and Blake attacked Dave's zipper
with two hands.  He got it open and was trying to reach in when Dave
said, ``you won't get it out that way."

Blake had no idea what Dave was talking about.  Dave reached down and
pushed Blake away and then undid his belt and top button.  ``Pull down
my pants and you'll find out."

Somewhat afraid as to what he might find, Blake began pulling on Dave's
pants.  They fit tightly on his thick muscular legs and he had to
struggle to get them to slide down.  He was completely unprepared for
what he saw when they finally gave way.  Standing in just his white
underwear, it was clear that something of truly legendary size lay
within them.  An immense bulge was visible and Blake felt an explosion
of fear and excitement.  ``Holy cow, Dave" he said in a small quiet
voice and gulped.  Dave pulled open the elastic of his underpants and
pulled them down over his huge muscled thighs.  Staring Blake in the
face now was a colossal penis, fully twice as big as Phil or Max's.
``Oh, my god Dave, it can't be real, can it?" he said imploringly.  He
couldn't imagine how he would ever get such a huge penis to cum in the
few minutes remaining.  He didn't see how he could ever get such a
penis to cum even if he had all day!

He reached forward and touched it and it slowly sprang up into an
incomprehensibly large erection.  It reached out and out and up and up
as he stroked its underside.  The glans was a large glowing red orb in
the moonlight.  Blake licked it and felt the reflex in Dave.  Max and
Phil were getting frustrated and Blake could feel them moving in closer
to rub their penises on his back.  Max said, ``hey c'mon Pamela, you're
teasing me.  Get your face back here."

``I'm sorry Max," Blake said, and reached back with his hand to hold
Max's cock.

``Suck me off, then you can go back to that big freak," obviously Max
wasn't a fan of Dave's huge organ.

``Do you mind, Dave, if I take care of the others first.  I promise
I'll make the wait worthwhile."

``Just hurry up," he said.

Blake now devoted his full attention to Max.  He sucked vigorously on
the organ and used his hands to caress his balls and thighs.  While he
was doing this, Phil and John pressed in close from either side so
their cocks were just inches from his face, waiting their turn.  Dave
moved up from behind and plopped his huge penis over Blakes shoulder.
It felt like a hot iron weight pressing down on him.  As excited as
Blake felt while Max got closer and closer to cuming, the thought of
what lay ahead of him, that he would have to deal with Dave's massive
prick, i.e.  find some way to coax it to cuming, gave him a strange
excited feeling like none he had ever experienced before.  In his heart
of hearts he was happy that he would have this to look forward to in a
few minutes.  It was a test of his womanhood and his female cunning and
he so much wanted to treat Dave's cock with the respect it deserved.

Because Max was young and inexperienced, Blake was able to bring him to
a climax by the time Joyce called out, ``fifteen minutes." It was just
a matter of sucking it hard and using his tongue to lick around the
lower part of the glans.  Max ejaculated a torrent of hot semen into
Blakes mouth which he immediately swallowed like he had done with Mr.
Morris.  Max's many cries and groans as he came echoed through the
forest, gave Blake a wonderful feeling of power and importance.  It was
nice being a girl, just to have the excitement of watching men hunger
for him and be able to gratify their needs.  Someday, I'll have even
bigger breasts, maybe even real ones and when I wear a bra they'll be
so big and prominent, men will be driven crazy by them.  It was the
most incredible feeling of pride to be feeling a man cum so explosively
because of his carefully placed touches.

While Max staggered away to lie down and rest, Blake grabbed onto John
and Phil's penises and pulled them gently close to him.  He began
earnestly sucking on Phil's cock while holding onto John's.  He slid
his mouth out and back over the long shaft being careful to give extra
attention to the glans and the soft skin just below it on the bottom.
Phil said, ``Jesus Pamela, you're good!" and than began to moan softly.

Joyce called out, ``ten minutes, Pamela," and Blake freaked out
thinking that all this work would be in vain if he couldn't satisfy her
conditions.  He started sucking frantically and worked his hand hard
over Phil's thighs and rear end.  Phil seemed to be enjoying it so much
he was trying to extend the time.  Finally, in desperation, Blake told
Phil to sit down and Blake got down on all fours in front of him.  He
pulled his pantyhose and panties down off his bottom and turned to John
and said, ``honey could you fuck my rear please?  I'm having my period
now, but my rear is just as nice.  Will you?" His voice was almost
begging.  Since John's cock was so small, it seemed like a reasonable
thing to have him enter this way.

John was surprised by the request, but didn't object.  He got down
behind Blake, and coaxed his erect penis into Blake's bottom.
Meanwhile Blake resumed sucking on Phil's cock.  The three of them
struck up a rhythm with John thrusting hard into Blake causing Blake to
deeply swallow Phil's engorged member.  Again and again they performed
this intimate connection until Phil could no longer resist the
temptation to cum, and cum he did in massive spurts deep up Blake's
throat.  John for his part could not contain himself either and the
pent up excitement caused him to cum hard up Blakes rear in a quick set
of jerking motions.  Wasting no time, Blake disengaged himself from the
two exhausted men and turned to face the greatest challenge of all.

Dave had been watching the entire scene along with Joyce, Max, and the
two younger girls.  It was evident that it had aroused him, and Blake
could see that the girls were also excited as each of them had a hand
down their panties and were vigorously stroking or fingering
themselves.  Perhaps, this should have given Blake an inkling as to
what was going to come later, but he was anxious to get down to work
with Dave.  Joyce hadn't yet said 5 minutes so it seemed like he had a
real chance at making it in time.  He was tired and his mouth was a bit
sore.  His rear end was wet inside his panties and he could still taste
Phil's cum in his mouth.  As sexy as he could be, he went up to Dave
and said, ``now I'm going to make you feel better than you've ever felt
before.  I've saved the best for last."

Dave took off shirt so he was standing there naked.  It was an awesome
sight to behold, the almost poetic collection of well chiseled muscles
on his massive frame and a phenomenal penis arching out in mythic
proportions from his loins.  Blake felt like a small pale bird
approaching a Greek temple.  He kneeled in front of the God-like
phallus as if to worship it.  He opened his mouth as wide as he could
and tried to get the end of the penis inside.  To his relief it just
fit and he was able to make a respectable contact with it.  As his
tongue darted up to tickle it, it solidified and nearly raised Blake
off the ground.  The feeling of submission to this cock was so intense,
that Blake almost fainted from excitement.  Using both hands, he
encircled the mighty shaft so his thumbs were touching on its top and
his other fingers on the bottom side, and began to stroke it.  The long
organ vibrated in response to his fondling and got even longer if that
were possible.  The top of the penis took over all of Blake's feelings
as he rode it up and back an inch or two in his mouth.  His jaw muscles
had become numb and his brain was in a stupor.  As the precum leaked
steadily into his throat it acted like an opiate and he lost all track
of time and forgot about Joyce and the other men and everything.  His
world floated around the end of Dave's penis.  At one point he moved a
hand to explore the huge balls accompanying the phallus and they were
bouncing around like softballs to Dave's steady movements.  Dimly he
was aware that the pace was quickening and then he felt the first spurt
of cum.  Luckily he had the sense to pull the penis out of his mouth
for he would have surely drowned in the ensuing flood.  Dave grabbed
his cock and guided the Amazon river of cum at Blake.  It landed all
over his head and ran down his shoulders and onto his bra and then into
his pantyhose.  When Dave was finally done, Blake fell over onto the
grass in relief.  Like a woman who has come a dozen times, he felt
spent.  Though soaking wet and aching he felt wondrously feminine and
he dreamed of the day when he would be able to be a girl all the time.

Dave got up and got dressed silently.  He turned to Joyce and said,
``when am I gonna see her again?"

``Hey don't you want to see me?" Joyce said, ``I've done you better
than Pamela."

``But she's a lot prettier and I like a pretty girl touching my cock."
Dave laughed and then said, ``you have her back here next week.  She's
going to turn out real good after I'm done training her."

With that, Dave and the other guys left the clearing into the forest.

No sooner were they gone than Joyce said, ``prettier than me!  A
fucking sissy boy is prettier than I am!"

``Joyce, I'm sorry he said that.  I think you are very pretty." Blake
was terrified by the tone of Joyce's voice.

She was silent and Blake said timidly, ``I did pass your test didn't

``No," she said sharply.  ``It took 35 minutes.  You spent over ten
minutes on Dave."

``After all that, and you're still going to tell my parents!" Blake was
hysterical.  He was so tired and dirty and on top of that it was all in

``I don't know when I'll tell them, but until I do, me and the girls
are going to make you into our personal dildo.  Got it?"

``What do you mean?"

Joyce signaled Angie to fasten the collar back around Blakes neck.
``Now your gonna make us feel good.  Carrie whipped Blake on his rear
end and Angie pulled him toward a spot in front of Joyce.  She spread
her legs apart and said, ``go eat me out." Blake couldn't believe that
this night was still not over, and he hesitated causing Carrie to whip
him again.  He then found the energy to put his face up against Joyce's
vagina and start licking it.  He had never done this before and he
tried to rely on instinct to guide him towards the clitoris.  He didn't
have to worry, however, since Joyce grabbed his head and forced his
mouth to find the desired target.

Joyce was very wet from her excitement at seeing Blake service the four
guys, and Blake noted the slightly sweet taste of her vaginal juices,
as his tongue caressed her opening.  He licked around the vagina and
then delicately over the small bump of her clitoris.  Periodically, he
slipped his tongue in and out of her vagina causing her to moan, ``very
good, Pamela, keep it up." As Joyce got increasingly excited she
wrapped her large legs around his head and began squeezing tightly,
forcing her vagina into his face.  He could feel the hardness of her
muscles pulling against his cheek bones.  It was becoming painful and
he even worried that she might break a bone in his face, as she flexed
her thighs harder and harder.  His tongue and jaw were aching with the
exertion and he didn't know how much longer he could last.  Luckily, as
he tired, Joyce began moving her hips back and forth vigorously, using
his face to masturbate against.  Over and over across his mouth and
nose and chin she rubbed her swollen pussy, at an ever accelerating
pace until finally she came with a piercing shriek of ecstasy.

  No sooner had Joyce climaxed, then Angie and Carrie started shouting,
``she's ours now, she's our now!" They yanked on his leash causing him
to be pulled back roughly away from Joyce's legs.  Angie whipped him
several times getting him to lie down on the ground on his back.  The
two younger girls took off their jeans and panties and pulled off their
blouses so they were just wearing their bras.

``I'm going to get her first!" Angie cried and she squatted down over
Blake's head so her little bare pussy was against his mouth.  She had
barely any pubic hair and her mons just pushed out slightly from
between her legs.  She was facing Carrie who stood with one foot
between Blake's legs very close to his crotch.  Angie rubbed her vagina
against Blake's mouth, who was so weary that he didn't try and lick
her.  Angrily, Angie said, ``Carrie, she's not doing anything!"
Immediately, Carrie used her foot to kick Blake in the balls, causing
him to scream in pain and start to cry.  When he tried to protect his
crotch with his hands, Carrie whipped his arms so he put them back.  He
then began licking on Angie's small opening as hard as he could while
he wept.

After a few minutes Angie started getting excited, but then she
suddenly stood up and said, ``oh darn, I've got to pee."

``So do I," Carrie said, and laughing, the two girls squatted down over
Blakes legs and within a second they were both peeing on him.  He could
feel the hot liquid drenching his pantyhose and then saw Carrie get up
to position herself over his stomach and then resume peeing.  It flowed
down his side onto the ground as did his tears of exhaustion.  When she
was done, Angie resumed sitting over Blake's face and he began licking
her again.  A slight odor of pee was now evident around her cunt and he
could not stop himself from crying even harder.  But even though he
sniffled he continued to work Angie's clitoris and vagina so he
wouldn't get hurt again.  It didn't take her long to cum and then
Carrie took her place.  Her pussy was slightly more developed than
Angie's but still only had a slight covering of blonde pubic hair.
Luckily for Blake, she came almost immediately.

While the two girls quickly got dressed, Blake lay on the ground afraid
to move while he sobbed gently.  Carrie came over to him and Blake
flinched thinking she was going to hit him again, but instead she just
reached to take the collar off him.  Joyce then said, ``you can go
home, now Pamela.  You passed the test.  I won't tell your mom or dad.
But I may want you to meet us again some nights.  I'll let you know at
school." With that, she and the girls left down the path out of the
clearing.  Too surprised and confused to fully appreciate what she had
said, Blake got up and walked slowly behind them back toward his house.
He could feel the pee in his wet pantyhose, and the wetness in his own
panties, and the stickiness from the four boys and the girls on his
face and body.  He would have to wash off with the garden hose before
going inside he told himself as he continued to walk through the

End of Chapter 11.

Author's note:  please don't despair about Blake.  Admittedly this was
a tough time for him, but things are about to get a lot better.  Stay

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