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  These are the previous chapters of `The Girls-Only Club   by
Pamela'. The story about  a boy who is honoured to become a member of
this exclusive club. How he become a member and what he experienced as
a member is described in this story.

  I post this this story in representation of the author. I will
provide this service to every other author too, if she/he wouldn't
have the trouble with annoying mails and responses.

  As usual I DIDN'T write this story and haven't any claim on it. If
you have some usefull hints or some good coments, your mail is then
welcome. Flames, you know, they will be piped to /dev/null.

Enjoy the story.


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4  _The_Girls-Only_Club___________________________________________by_Pamela__

4.  Chapter

Saturday morning promptly at 10 Blake arrived at Kathy's house.  His
anxiety as to what was to come this day was dispelled the moment she
warmly greeted him at the door.  ``Come on up to my bathroom, Pamela,
Janet is already waiting for you with a hot bubble bath!  We want to
start you off nice and relaxed!"

Blake climbed the stairs and entered the steamy bathroom.  Janet was
just shutting off the water to the tub.  ``Come on in, Pam!" she said
excitedly while giving him a hug.  ``Take off your clothes and get in
the water.  I'm going to give you a bath!  I don't want to get my
clothes wet so I hope you don't mind if I undress also!" As Blake took
off his shirt, pants and socks, Janet pulled off her top and wiggled
out of her blue jeans.  They were both then wearing their bras and
panties.  With a little giggle at each other they unfastened their bras
and hung them on hooks on the back of the door along with the rest of
their clothes.  ``I'll leave my panties on, since I'm having my period
now," Janet said.  Blake then climbed out of his panties and stepped
into the water.  He was swallowed up in the thick layer of perfumey
suds.  Janet leaned down on her knees outside the tub next to him.
Blake noticed the prominent nipples of her breasts which were just at
eye level only a foot away from him.  He looked coyly at Janet and she
laughed and said, ``why are you blushing Pamela?"

``Oh, nothing."

``Are you excited about your big day?" He nodded his head and looked up
at her eyes.  She was extraordinarily pretty.  Her eyes captivated
Blake with their warmth.  ``First thing is to shampoo your hair." She
squirted some very fragrant shampoo out of a bottle into her hand and
then lathered up Blakes hair.  Her breasts bounced slightly as she ran
her firm fingers into his scalp.  While she did this she told him all
about bubble baths; about the foaming beads she had put in the water to
give it a sexy oily feeling.  She told him how girls love to lie back
in the fragrant water and let their skin soften by soaking up the
bathing oils.

Dreamily she said, ``you have such nice thick hair, Pamela.  When it is
long, I know I'm going to be so jealous of you."

``Why Janet?"

``Because my hair is too wispy."

``Oh, no, I think your hair is really beautiful."

``Well, I have to work hard to get it to look full bodied.  Now, let me
rinse the shampoo out." Janet picked up a hand held nozzle, turned on
the water and proceeded to take the soap out of Blake's hair.  When she
was all done she squirted some water in his face that made him laugh.
``Now turn the other way and let me wash off your back." She picked up
a loofa and gently washed his back.  He helped her by getting on all
fours, and she washed around his bottom and `clit'.  ``It looks like
you have some leg hair that I'll have to shave.  It's not too much, but
girls really should have smooth legs." After directing him to raise his
leg out of the water and resting his heel on the side, she took a
round, bright purple Flicker razor and proceeded to shave his legs
smooth.  ``I'm also going to take a bit off from your underarms and
your face." She delicately used the razor to cut off any hairs she
could find.  When she was done she raised the drain stop and then
rinsed Blake off with the hose while he stood in the tub.

When he stepped out she wrapped a large pink towel around him just
under his arms, and tied a smaller pink towel around his head to dry
his hair.  Then she called to Kathy in the next room that they were
ready.  Kathy came in carrying a paper bag.  ``So, are we all ready to
become a lovely girl?" she asked Blake.  ``Here is a clean pair of my
panties which you can borrow for today."

Blake took the delicate pair of pale pink nylon lycra bikini panties
and put them on.  ``These have high cut sides and a full back," she
said.  ``I like the way they look on you Pam."

Kathy then reached into the bag and took out two boxes which she put
down on the counter.  Opening one of them, Blake saw that it held a
single breast form.  Kathy took it out and held it up to Blakes chest.
``Oh look, Janet its just the perfect color for Pamela." Indeed, the
breast coloration seemed identical to Blake's pale skinned chest.
``Pamela, these are the newest development in mastectomy breast forms;
they are so life-like that they are hard to tell from the real thing.
To put it on, we use a little coating of this special kind of glue,
which will hold the form in place for about a week.  If you want to get
it off before then you just have to apply a bit of rubbing alcohol to
the sides of it, which then works its way underneath dissolving the
glue and then it falls right off.  The glue itself is made from a
vegetable base and is completely non-toxic.  There is also another
wonderful feature, which has just been developed for these forms.  I'll
show you as we put them on."

Kathy then applied some glue to the bottom of the form.  ``Pamela, you
see there is a little clip on the back of the form which you have to
make sure goes right over your nipple when you put it on." She placed
the form against Blake's chest while demonstrating how the clip worked.
The form was a little cold but his body quickly adjusted to the
temperature.  Though it was just an A cup size, slightly smaller than
Janet's breasts, it stood out noticeably from his otherwise flat chest.
The breast had a large life like nipple which also stood out
prominently.  After holding the breast against him for a minute, Kathy
said that the glue was now set, and the breast would be securely on.
She then repeated the procedure with the other breast.  When she was
done, Janet applied some powder to the area around his breasts so that
any trace of the artificiality of his breasts was hidden.

Finally, Kathy said, ``Look in the mirror Pamela!  Now, you are really

The image greeting Blake in the mirror was of a very pretty young
girl's chest.  Not very buxom, but sweet looking and delicate.  Blake's
eyes welled up with tears.  ``I can't thank you enough."

``Pamela, we haven't even shown you the best part yet!"

She reached over and gently squeezed the nipples of his two breasts.
``Wow, I feel like my nipples are being touched!"

``You see Pamela, these breast forms have a built in device which
translates any squeezing of the nipples down to your own.  So for
example, suppose a boy was fondling you, assuming you wanted him to!,
then you would get all the pleasure just like we do.  Here, feel this!"

Kathy gently rolled her fingers around the nipples and Blake started to
feel waves of pleasure.  He began softly moaning.  ``OK, enough of that
for now!" Kathy said, ``We still have a few more important things to do
before the rest of the girls get here!"

Kathy and Janet had Blake sit down in front of a mirrored vanity in the
outer part of the bathroom.  The breasts tugged on his chest and swayed
slightly as he moved.  While he propped his feet up on a stool they
applied a coating of pearly pink nail polish to his toe nails.  While
this was drying they took his hands and proceeded to manicure his nails
and apply the same pink nail polish.  His nails had grown out a bit, so
with the glossy pink polish, his already rather delicate hands looked
very feminine.  The two girls then took a small scissor and trimmed
Blake's eyebrows so that they were relatively thin and feminine.  Kathy
then produced one of her old white A cup bras and watched with crossed
fingers as Blake put it on hoping that it would fit.  Fortunately, it
was just a tiny bit tight, but not unattractive.  Blake's breasts
filled out the cups and he could see his new nipples poking up beneath
the bra material.  While he was doing this, Janet had retrieved her bra
and had put it on, as well as the rest of her clothes.

Kathy gave Blake one of her old white pull-over tops to wear.  It was a
little snug, so his breasts projected out distinctly from his chest
giving him quite a nice figure.  She said, ``considering all the trying
on that you'll have to do today, its best that you wear a skirt which
you can easily unbutton.  I've got just the perfect one for you, but
first put on your pantyhose and this slip." She gave Blake the
pantyhose he had worn the other night and a white half slip.  He sat
down on the stool and put the pantyhose on.  He could see his pink
toenails lined up neatly under the stocking.  Janet noticed him
admiring that and said, ``it makes a girl feel really grown up when she
knows that she has to wear stockings or pantyhose."

``I know what you mean Janet.  I feel like I'm almost a woman now."
When Kathy came back she was holding a pink wrap-around skirt which he
then put on with her help.

The girls then applied rouge to Blake's cheeks, mascara to his eye
lashes and showed him how to put lipstick on.  They brought out the wig
and helped him place it securely on his head and then brushed it until
it had the right look.  Kathy got out two silver rings with large
glittering stones and put them on Blake's fingers, one on each hand.
She also put a tennis bracelet around his wrist and a thin gold
necklace with a cameo dangling from it around his neck.  ``Now, the
last thing is your purse and shoes." Kathy went to her room and came
back with a pair of white ankle strap pumps and a white purse with a
shoulder strap.  Blake put the shoes on and slung the purse strap over
his shoulder.  Kathy and Janet exclaimed with excitement, ``Oh, you're
just so perfect looking!  This turned out better than we had ever
hoped.  I'm sure that you were really meant to be a girl!" Kathy said.
`I'm even jealous of how you look" teased Janet.  ``After you get some
really pretty clothes today you are just going to be a terrible boy
killer." The three of them laughed with excitement.

Just that moment, they heard the doorbell and Kathy said, ``Pamela, why
don't you answer the door and let the other girls in!"

Blake nodded in agreement and he went down the stairs with Kathy and
Janet following him.  He opened the door and there stood Penny, Karen
and Amy, who took one look at Blake and burst out into excited
comments, ``Oh, how adorable!," ``How sexy and pretty your are,
Pamela," ``My goodness, what a pretty face and figure, and Oh look at
your pretty pink nails" and ``How grown up you are, now." Blake
pirroutted once and excitedly gave each of the girls a hug.

``What's all the commotion?," Mrs.  O'Connor said as she came to the
foyer from the kitchen.  She was wearing just a short pale yellow
nightie with matching panties.  ``Oh, how marvelous!" she exclaimed
when she saw Blake.  ``Bl..., I mean Pamela, I can't believe what a
pretty girl you are now!  Come let me look at you.  Such a pretty face
and look at that bust of yours, you've become such a big girl!  The
boys are just going to die when they see you."

The girls and Mrs.  O'Connor gazed admiringly at Blake as he stood
holding his hands together in front of him and shyly swayed back and
forth.  ``I can't get over what a girl you are, Pamela," Mrs.  O'Connor
said.  Just as pretty as any of the members of the Girls-Only Club.
And you move so gracefully and feminine.  Take off your blouse so I can
see how your breasts look."

Shyly in front of all the girls and Mrs.  O'Connor, Blake lifted off
his top revealing his bra with his new breasts in it.  ``My, my, my,"
Mrs.  O'Connor said, ``what a darling chest!  Your breasts look so
natural in that bra!  Turn sideways and raise your arms.  Thats it,
lift up your hair off your back.  My, isn't that so feminine, with your
bra strap running across your back, and your breasts bulging out from
your bra!  And look how your nipples are so stiff."

Blake walked back and forth demonstrating how much he had learned about
having girlish mannerisms.  His hips gently swayed as he walked over to
the sofa and he sat down gracefully, while tucking his skirt under
himself and then crossing his legs.  Mrs.  O'Connor walked over and sat
down next to him and commended the girls on their choice of makeup.

``Mom," Kathy said, ``go ahead and touch Pam's breasts." Mrs.  O'Connor
gently took hold of one of his breasts.  With her fingers she pushed
against the nipple through the bra and immediately Blake let out a soft
moan.  ``You see, Mom, he has the new breasts which transfer the
feeling right through."

``They certainly are effective!" She kept on slowly massaging Blake's
nipples while she spoke with the girls.  Blake felt the pleasure
increasing until he closed his eyes and fell into a trance.

Karen noticed Blake's expression and said, ``Pamela is going to be
helpless around the guys.  Any guy who gets his hand inside her blouse
is going to get her to melt!" Everyone laughed as Blake sat there

``Well we have a busy day ahead of us," Mrs.  O'Connor said interrupted
Blake's reverie, ``I had better go upstairs and get dressed!"

``Mom," Kathy said, ``today is the start of Pam's very first period,
and she needs someone to teach her all about using pads and tampons."

``Oh, I see what you mean," Mrs.  O'Connor winked at the girls, ``I
could show Pamela what to do just like I showed you and your sister
when you were pre-teens.  Let me take her up to my room while I get
dressed and I'll give her a lesson.  We should be ready to leave for
the mall in half an hour."

Blake put back on his top and then Mrs.  O'Connor escorted him up to
her room.  On the way up the stairs, Beth was coming down to have
breakfast.  It was the first time Blake had seen her and she was every
bit as beautiful as her photograph.  ``Well if it isn't the Girls-Only
Club!", Beth said seeing the other girls coming up the stairway behind
Blake.  ``And this must be Pamela!  I've heard so much about the newest
member of the club.  My god, you're even prettier than Kathy and mom
were telling me.  Oh, and look at her blushing!  Pam, may I call you
Pam?, You're just so precious.  Brad and I can't thank you enough for
agreeing to be a bridesmaid at our wedding!"

It was clear that Beth had no idea that Pamela was really a boy, and if
Blake had any fears of passing in public as a girl, they were
immediately dispelled by Beth's reaction.  ``I can't wait to go."

``Did your family just move to town?  I can't remember ever hearing
Kathy or the other girls talk about you until just recently."

Blake was caught by surprise, but luckily Mrs.  O'Connor intervened
quickly, ``Pam's family is new to town.  Its just amazing how fast she
became friends with the club members.  They just really hit it off

``Well, you probably will have to have the bridesmaid dress altered a
bit, since Pamela is a few inches taller than Brad's cousin."

``That's one of the things we were planning to do today." Mrs.
O'Connor said, ``and I think we had better get a move on it!"

With that she continued on up the stairs, and led Blake into her
bedroom and shut the door behind them.  She had a large spacious
bedroom with a private bath just like Kathy's.  ``I'm going to pretend
that you are either Kathy or Beth to make it easier for me to talk to
you about periods.  OK?" Blake nodded his agreement.

``Now, your period is nothing for you to be frightened about.  I
realize that you will see some blood coming out, but this is just
nature's way of getting you ready to have babies.  All girls experience
some cramping and maybe other symptoms like headache and irritability
so don't be alarmed if any of these things happen to you."

``I won't Mrs.  O'Connor."

She led Blake into the bathroom and reached into a cabinet and took out
a large package of maxipads.  ``Here, take one of these," she said
offering the box to Blake.  He reached in and took out one of the pads
which were individually wrapped in pink plastic pouches.  ``Now I'll
teach you how to use this to catch the blood.  First let me show you
how I wear them.  I'm near the end of my period and am wearing one
right now.  First you sit down on the toilet seat." Mrs.  O'Connor sat
down and lifted up her short nightie and pulled down her panties
revealing a pad with some traces of blood in it.  ``You see, there
isn't much blood here, not enough to change pads yet.  See how the pad
is held in my panties?  Now you sit down and see if you can put in a

Blake walked over to the toilet and was immediately confused as to
whether he should lift his skirt up or take it off before sitting down.
``What should I do?  Take off my skirt or lift it up?"

``Well Pamela you can do which ever is most comfortable depending on
the outfit.  If you are careful you can just lift up your skirt, but
make sure you don't get any blood on it!  That would be very
embarrassing!  If that doesn't seem possible then you can take it off."

Blake decided he would try lifting up the skirt.  He raised it from the
bottom over his waist and then realized he had to get the slip also.
This he managed to also pick up.  Then holding the skirt and slip up in
one hand, he used his other to lower his pantyhose and panties until
they were down to his knees.  He then sat down on the seat.

``Now open up one of the pouches."

Blake did as he was instructed and took out a long white pad folded in
three sections with a strip of wax paper covering some adhesive.  ``Now
remember to save the pouch so that you can dispose of the used pad when
done.  Now pull off the strip and carefully place the pad in your
panties." Mrs.  O'Connor guided Blakes hand so that the pad was
positioned in just the right place.  ``Now press it in firmly.  Very
good.  I think you've got the hang of it.  It'll take a little getting
used to wearing it.  For example, you'll feel the lump of the pad in
your panties pressing against your vagina while you walk.  But
eventually you'll be entirely accustomed to it."

``I think I understand how to use the pads.  I guess I should carry a
few in my purse?"

``Yes, of course.  And you realize that you can use some of the thinner
pads when you think that your period might be about to start.  That way
you won't have an accident.  At night, there are some really large pads
that you can use to catch the heavy bleeding that you might have over a
long period."

``But what about tampons?  When are they used?"

``Obviously, you can't use them, but I agree that you should know about
them since all girls do.  Kathy and the other younger girls usually use
these, so why don't I ask if one of them would come in here and give
you a lesson on them."

Mrs.  O'Connor left to go to Kathy's room to speak to the girls.

``Pamela needs to learn about tampons, and we are wondering if any of
you are having your period now and could give her a little

``Mrs.  O'Connor, I'm wearing one right now and I was going to be
changing it soon," Penny said.  ``I'll be happy to show Pam what to

``Me too," said Janet.  ``I'll come along also."

With this, Penny, Janet and Mrs.  O'Connor went back to Blake who was
still sitting on the toilet seat.

``You can pull up your panties and pantyhose, Pamela, I think we are
all done with the pads." Mrs.  O'Connor said.

``OK," Blake said as he got up and did as she said.  ``I can feel the
pad.  But its not uncomfortable."

``Good.  They really aren't that much of a nuisance.  Now Penny and
Janet are each going to show you how they use tampons."

Penny unzipped her jeans and slid them down her legs revealing her
delicate white panties.  She lowered these and then sat down on the
toilet seat.  Blake could see her pubic hair with a white string
dangling out.  ``See, the first thing I do is pull out the old tampon
using this string.  Why don't you do it, Pam, so you can see what it
feels like."

Very gingerly, Blake took hold of the string and pulled it.  The tampon
didn't move.  ``It won't move!"

``Yes it will if you give it more force.  Don't be afraid to really
pull on it."

This time Blake pulled harder and it started to move out.  ``Its
moving!" Blake cried and the two girls and Mrs.  O'Connor laughed.  He
kept on pulling until it suddenly came out.  It was covered with a
little blood and Penny quickly covered it with tissue paper.  ``Now we
just put that in the trash, never in the toilet.  Now I take a new
tampon and put it in." She took a tampon out of her purse, took off the
wrapper and handed it to Blake to look at.  `You see it has an
applicator which you put into your vagina and then push out the tampon
into yourself, leaving the string to dangle outside." She proceeded to
insert it and with expert fingers was done in a couple of seconds.
``Now you can throw out the applicator."

``Why don't you try the whole procedure on me," said Janet.  ``I'll
just sit here and you do everything."

``OK, I'll try it." Penny stood up and pulled back up her panties and
jeans.  Then Janet unzipped her pants, pulled them down with her
panties and sat on the seat with her legs spread wide.  Blake then very
delicately kneeled in front of her and pulled out the tampon, put it in
some tissue and threw it out.  Then he took a fresh tampon and inserted
it slowly into Janet's vagina.

Janet winced slightly and Blake said with some alarm, ``I'm not hurting
you am I?"

``No, no, Blake, its just very sensitive, particularly when someone
else is touching my vagina.  You must know that also!"

The tampon applicator was now half in and Blake continued pushing on
it.  Finally it reached the right spot and Janet said, ``that's
perfect!  Now push in the tampon and take out the applicator." Blake
did as he was told and then with evident pride said, ``OK, all done.
I'm so happy I didn't hurt you!"

``You really are a fast learner Pamela.  Someday, maybe you will
actually be using tampons instead of pads!  For example, if you want to
go swimming during your period they are essential."

Mrs.  O'Connor added, ``Of course, girls tend to check up on their pads
when they go to the bathroom.  And I suppose you realize that from now
on you have to pee sitting down just like a girl!  You must remember to
clean off your vagina with some tissue paper after you pee.  Do you
have to pee now?  If so, we can make sure you do it right."

Blake nodded his head yes.

``Good.  Now you can also show the girls how you have learned to lift
up your skirt." Blake repeated his earlier lesson by raising his skirt
and sat down again on the toilet.  He sat there for a minute or two
trying to pee with the two girls and Mrs.  O'Connor watching him.

``Well, Pamela, do you have to pee or not.  Hurry up now." Mrs.
O'Connor said.

``I'm trying," Blake said.

Mrs.  O'Connor started talking to the two girls about school, in
particular whether they had heard about the results of the tryouts for
the cheerleading squad which had just been held.  All the girls in the
club had auditioned.  After another minute Karen, Kathy and Amy came
into the room to see what was happening.  Blake sat there on the toilet
trying desperately to pee with now all five girls and Mrs.  O'Connor
standing next to him.

``How was your lesson Pamela?," asked Karen.

``I think I understand what to do with my pads.  Mrs.  O'Connor was
just teaching me how to pee like a girl."

``Yes, come on now Pamela, we don't have all day!" Mrs.  O'Connor said.

``I'm sorry.  I'm trying to go and I know that I have to go.  It'll be
just a minute more."

The girls and Mrs.  O'Connor resumed their conversation and Blake felt
even more frustrated.  The urge to pee was increasing at the same time
as his `clitoris' had developed a very large erection.  He was
embarrassed that the girls were being held up waiting for him.

After several more minutes the conversation lulled and everyone turned
their attention to Blake.  He sat there surrounded by all the girls and
Mrs.  O'Connor.  He now felt a tremendous desire to pee and at the same
time his penis had become very hard and he had no hope of peeing.  He
sensed the impatience of everyone, whom he was holding up from starting
the days activities.  He was sweating and felt hot with his skirt and
slip bunched up around him.  He could feel his bra sticking to his skin
from perspiration.  The seconds ticked off in silence.

``I'm trying to go I really am," he said frantically.

``We really do have to be going," Mrs.  O'Connor said.  ``Why don't you
get up and let me pee, so I can get dressed.  Then you can try again."

As Blake reached between his legs to pull up his panties and pantyhose,
the slight pressure on his penis caused him to explode in an
uncontrollable orgasm.  He grabbed his penis as the cum shot out in
rapid pulses into his hand, narrowly missing his clothes or any of the
girls.  The pleasure he felt was extraordinarily intense, and he gasped
loudly while shouting, ``Oh, my God,...,I'm sorry...I don't know what
happened to me!"

The girls were at first stunned by the sudden excitement but then had
to fight to suppress giggles as Blake frantically attempted to keep his
cum from dripping down onto his clothes.

``Oh, you poor poor dear," Mrs.  O'Connor exclaimed.  ``We didn't
realize that you were so frightened about peeing in front of us." She
quickly pulled out a tissue from a dispenser and proceeded to clean up
around Blake's thighs and penis.  Then she turned on the faucet and led
Blake over to the sink to wash off his hands.  ``Kathy, help Pamela get
straightened up so I can get ready to go."

Kathy took Blake by the hand and led him to Mrs.  O'Connor's bed where
she helped him pull up his panties and pantyhose, and then smoothed out
his slip and skirt.  She got a hairbrush and straightened out his hair.

He could see Mrs.  O'Connor sitting on the toilet and in a second he
heard her release a confident stream of pee into the bowl.

``Don't be upset Pamela," Kathy said, ``some girls are very shy about
peeing in front of others.  I've even heard that in Japan many of the
girls purposefully keep flushing the toilets so no one can hear them
peeing.  Its a terrible waste of water!"

``I guess I've got just so much to learn.  I don't know if I'm ever
going to be a girl."

Kathy sat down next to Blake and put her arm over his shoulder.
``There, there Pamela, these are just your very first days of being a
girl.  Don't be upset.  I'm sure that in the weeks and months ahead
your going to find yourself to be quite the young lady."

``I hope so."

Mrs.  O'Connor now came into the bedroom to get dressed.  ``Come on
Pamela, you must forget about what happened.  Why don't you help me
choose an outfit for today."

``OK, Mrs.  O'Connor," Blake said getting up.

``First we have to pick out a bra and panties from my drawer." She
pointed to the second drawer of her dresser.  Blake opened it up and
saw that it was filled with several piles of bras on one side and
panties on the other.

She took off her nightie and its matching panties and place them on the
bed and came back to stand next to Blake totally naked.  He couldn't
help but notice her exquisite figure and large breasts topped with
nipples almost as large as those on a baby bottle.  He felt his heart
racing as she said, ``what do you think?  Perhaps the light blue bra?"

Blake saw the bra in question and picked it up.  ``Yes, it is nice."
The bra had very large cups like his mom's bras, but must have been
much more expensive since the cups were entirely lace and very shear.
Part way down the panty pile he saw a light blue pair and asked, ``are
those the matching panties?"

``Yes they are."

``Oh, good then this is the perfect set to wear today."

``Help me on with the bra."

Blake arranged the bra and held it out for Mrs.  O'Connor to slip her
arms through it.  She then turned around and Blake clipped the back on
the first set of hooks.

``No, it should go in the middle hooks."

``I'm sorry," Blake said as he adjusted the straps.  He then gave her
the panties which she stepped into and pulled up.

``I think I'll wear jeans today and you can select a blouse for me from
the next drawer down." She put on a pair of jeans she had hanging over
the end of a chair while Blake closed the bra and panty drawer and
opened the next one.  On the right was stockings and pantyhose and on
the left a neat pile of tops.  He saw that there was a light blue one
which he took out and gave to Mrs.  O'Connor.  She put it on and tucked
the blouse into her pants.

``How do I look?"

``Oh, so very pretty Mrs.  O'Connor.  Just beautiful!"

``So, I'll just put on some shoes and we'll all be ready to go to the

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