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  These are the previous chapters of `The Girls-Only Club   by
Pamela'. The story about  a boy who is honoured to become a member of
this exclusive club. How he become a member and what he experienced as
a member is described in this story.

  I post this this story in representation of the author. I will
provide this service to every other author too, if she/he wouldn't
have the trouble with annoying mails and responses.

  As usual I DIDN'T write this story and haven't any claim on it. If
you have some usefull hints or some good coments, your mail is then
welcome. Flames, you know, they will be piped to /dev/null.

Enjoy the story.


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2  _The_Girls-Only_Club___________________________________________by_Pamela__

2.  Chapter

The next day, which Blake had dreaded all night long, brought a major
new surprise in his life.  Far from teasing him about his masculinity,
the other boys had developed a whole new appreciation and respect for
him since the day before.  After all, Blake had become the center of
attention of the five prettiest girls in the eighth grade, girls which
any of the guys would have died to get a date with.  Clifford and Roy
even went so far as to apologize to Blake for their teasing and hoped
that he would forget the past.  Cynically, Blake figured that they were
hoping to use him as a means to getting the other girls in the club.
He thought, ``us girls had best stick together, so that guys like that
don't take advantage of us." It was a strange thought, like so many
others he had had since the afternoon before.

Was he a girl or was he a boy?  Feeling his girl side made him
wonderfully happy and content.  His boy side seemed to be weak and a
source of insecurity.  As he listened to his thoughts he tried to
interpret them as being either girl or boy.  Most especially, he tried
to make sure that his fear of being called a sissy, wouldn't prevent
his girl side from naturally coming out.

No.  If he was going to fit in with the other girls, he really had to
be entirely at ease with his girl side.

One consequence was that on an impulse he had gone up to the attic and
taken down his grown sisters old Barbie doll set.  Sneaking it into his
room, he played dressups with the Barbie figures and had them engage in
conversations.  They talked about fashions and what outfits they wanted
to wear.  At one point he even caught himself making up a fantasy
dialogue where the girls were discussing Ken, and how sexy he was.  His
mind drifted to the poster of Brian and he felt a slight twinge in his
chest.  These were new feelings for him, but they seemed logical:  if
was going to pretend to be a girl, then part of that must be to desire
boys.  If he was honest with himself he realized that as long as he
felt like a girl, then he would want to be considered pretty by the

At school, the other club members greeted him happily.  They wondered
if had any second thoughts about his decision, and he had told them
about how happy he was to play with the dolls.  They told him that on
occasion the Girls-Only club had had Barbie parties where they all
played with their dolls together, but it had been some time since they
had done this since they were getting older and not as likely to play
with dolls.  They reassured Blake, however, that since he didn't have a
normal girl childhood he had some catching up to do with girl things,
and this was a great way to let out and develop her girl feelings.

Amy gave Blake a small package in homeroom and told him to open it up
when no one else was looking.  When he did he discovered in it a pair
of pink cotton panties with a little heart shaped note from Amy saying,

``To my new girl friend, Pamela.  These are an old pair of mine which
you can have so that you'll be able to change panties between now and
next week!" Blake blushed, and thought how he couldn't wait to go home
and try them on.

At recess, Blake wanted to be with the other club members, but before
he could get to them, he was surrounded by the guys who bombarded him
with questions about the girls.  He could see the other girls standing
nearby, but the best he could do was sneak them a hopeless expression
until Kathy winked at him signaling that they understood.  The guys
wanted to know all about the girls.  Clifford asked him ``how far did
you get with them?  You were in Kathy's house for hours.  It must have
been an orgy, wasn't it?"

Blake did not know what to say.  If he said he was becoming a girl,
then he would be as good as dead.  He also couldn't very well lie that
he was getting sex off the girls, since it was repugnant to him to
admit such feelings.  He said, ``nothing much happened.  We discussed
school and some common interests.  They talked about ways to help me
fit in better with the guys.  They are really very nice people, and
certainly open to any boy who treats them with respect and not just as
a sexual object.  They really want to have nice intelligent
conversations with boys, but find that usually difficult when the guys
are constantly making moves on them."

This was something the boys didn't want to hear.  Clifford said, ``You
mean all I have to do is talk about something other than sex and then
they'll have sex with me?  Thats just baloney.  I know girls better
than anyone, and I'm sure the quickest way into Kathy or Karen's
panties is by just telling them what to do.  Girls like to be treated
rough.  It turns them on."

It made Blake slightly ill to hear all this, but he wasn't about to
argue with Clifford.  Luckily for him one of the guys suggested they
all play some baseball and the group quickly broke up.  Blake then
walked over to the girls group after which they all slowly walked
across the field away from the other kids.  Blake thanked Amy for the
present and Janet said,

``What present?"

``Oh, Amy gave me a pair of her old panties this morning so that I'd
have them to change into during the week.  Right now, I'm wearing
Kathy's blue panties from yesterday."

``Thats very sweet of you.  Let me take a peek." The girls crowded
around him and he lowered the side of his pants just enought to reveal
a little blue patch of panties with the top elastic.  ``Very good,
Pamela, you're off to a very good start.  This shows how serious you
are about being a club member."

``I hope you know that you should hand wash all your lingerie, Pamela,
since it will make them last longer." Janet said.

``I didn't know that, thanks for telling me.  Tonight Ill wash the blue
panties and tomorrow I can wear the pink ones that Amy gave me.  I
guess I can then alternate every day."

``Of course, this is only temporary Pam," Kathy added.  ``We're all
going to go shopping with you soon and help you pick out an entire
wardrobe.  This weekend we can't do it, but we were thinking that we
could use next Wednesday's club meeting to teach you some basics about
girls clothes and also take all your measurements.  Then, the following
Saturday, we could go down to the mall and spend the day shopping.  How
does that sound, Pam?"

``I think thats a great plan.  I'm so excited about the club and I
can't wait for the next meeting."


Blake had a hard time getting through the long days until Wednesday
finally rolled around.  He was so excited that he finally would have a
lot of time to spend with the club members instead of just the short
bits he could get at recess and individually with the other girls in
the hallways between classes.  As the week before, the group of girls
gathered in front of the building after the final bell.  Together they
walked to Kathy's house, with Blake feeling very comfortable with his
new friends.  Mrs.  O'Connor had cookies and milk waiting for all 6 of
them, since Kathy had a made a point of reminding her that morning that
Blake was now a member of the club and would be coming to all the
meetings.  Her mother was certainly more than a bit curious as to the
fact that Blake was now in the supposed ``Girls-Only Club", but when
she had asked Kathy about it, all she had said was that the club
members had made a special arrangement to be able to allow Blake into
the club.  Not wanting to pry, Mrs.  O'Connor did not ask any further

When the group assembled upstairs after their dessert, Kathy called the
meeting of the Girls-Only Club to order, and Blake felt a special
thrill that that included him!  ``The first order of business as we all
know is to help Pamela in her transformation so that she can be a
complete equal member of the club.  The older members have been
informally discussing how we are going to do this, and we decided that
a good place to begin is to discuss bras.  Then we'll talk about
panties, of which you have some familiarity now.  Then we can go on to
stockings, slips and all the other items.  This might take a few weeks
or more even, but we are in no real hurry.  Certainly, by today, we'll
have you looking and feeling quite feminine.  Just enough to be one of
the girls for all our subsequent meetings."

``So first, Pamela, take off all your clothes except your panties."
This day, Blake had on his pink ones.  After doing this, it became
clear that Blake's large `clitoris' was a problem again.  ``I believe
it is Janet's turn to take care of Pam's clit," Kathy said.

``OK, Pam, come with me into the bathroom and I'll help you take care
of it."

Blake got up and followed Janet into the bathroom.  Here she soaped up
her hand and began quickly running it up and down his `clitoris'.
After a few seconds the job was done and Janet gave Blake a hug and
told him how sweet he was.

They came back into the room, where the girls all congratulated Blake
on being so quick and cooperative.  He sat down in the center of the
girls.  Then Kathy said, ``OK. We can give you a lot of insight into
bras if we each discuss with you the particulars of the bras we are
wearing.  So let us all take off our tops."

At this all the five girls took off their blouses.  For Amy, Janet and
Kathy, this was a pullover shirt, while Karen and Penny had blouses
which they unbuttoned and took off.  Penny had on a slip on over her
bra, so she then undid her skirt and then pulled her slip off over her
head.  She said, ``As you know this is a slip but we'll talk about them

Now all the girls were sitting there wearing their bras, with just
Blake without one and wearing only panties.  Janet's bra, which was the
only pink one, was also the laciest, being in fact all lace.  Amy had a
pale yellow bra, while the three other girls had white bras on.  Kathy
and Karen both had the largest bust, followed by Amy and Penny, with
Janet the smallest.

Karen said, ``Well let me begin.  As you can see I have on a white bra,
which is the most common color to wear because it will not be really
visible under most blouses.  It has only a little bit of lace on the
top parts of the cups and a little decorative bow in the middle.  This
is a back closure type bra like you can see.  This has little hooks on
the back which can be fastened at any one of three levels, thus helping
give a better fit.  It you look at Amy's bra, you see that it is a
front closure style - see the little clip on the front - which can't be
adjusted like a back closure type." Amy gently pointed to the clip.

``Now, I've been wearing bras for about 2 years now.  At first my mom
noticed my nipples fairly well protruding from my tee shirts and then a
little bit of jiggling of my breasts.  This gave her a warning that I
had better start wearing bras to be more modest in front of the boys or
men.  She took me to the department store and there I was fitted for
some trainer bras.  These have very shallow cups and are kind of
dainty.  They offer some protection and help a girl get used to wearing
a bra.  After all it is a change to have them on everyday.  We'll start
you off with trainer bras until you develop a fuller bust.  In fact, I
brought one of my favorite old trainers along just to give to you."

Karen took out a thin wispy pink bra which she had folded up in her
purse and gave it to Blake.  ``Put it on now, Pam, its yours!"

Blake, took it sheepishly, and opened it up.  It was of a very thin
cotton like material with a floral pattern on it, with elastic below
the cups.  He fumbled a bit not knowing how to align it, when Karen
intervened.  ``There, there now, let me help you." She arranged it the
right way and then encircled Blake's waist from the rear and clipped
the bra in his front.  ``You see, this is what you do.  Clip it in
front, now shift it to your back, and lift it up while putting your
arms through the straps.  "

Blake did as he was told and the bra fit just perfectly into place on
his figure.  With the pink bra and panties on, Blake felt suddenly very
girlish.  ``How does it feel?  Not too tight?", asked Amy.

``It feels fine.  I guess not too tight.  It makes me feel kind of
protected and together.  Do you know what I mean?" Blake had trouble
describing his feelings.

``Thats exactly how a girl feels in her bra," said Karen.  ``Now let me
finish my story.  After wearing trainers such as this one for about 6
months it became clear that I was ready to graduate to real bras.  In
fact, I started with a 36 A cup and then quickly went to B cups and now
I am borderline B and C cups.  All my bras now have underwire support
in them as you can see here.  Go ahead and touch this.  In fact, let me
take it off and show you."

Karen reached behind herself and undid her bra.  She took it off and
handed it to Blake to examine.  She told him to feel the hard underwire
frame, which he did.

``Its a very pretty bra too.  I like the lace and bow," he said..

The girls all laughed at this.  ``Blake, you don't have to be that
nice.  Most bras have some sort of lace on them, because girls and
women like to have some pretty thing on them.  Its just nice to know
that it is there.  My mom says that this is about where I will stay
until I have a baby which then always screws up a girls breasts.  They
become very big with milk of course, and then later sometimes shrink
and sometimes don't.  Its hard to predict."

Blake had on a puzzled expression which prompted Karen to ask, ``Whats
the matter?"

``Oh I was just wondering how you decided on the particular bra you're
wearing right now."

``Well what happens to most girls is that you try various styles out
until you sort of just know which ones will be comfortable for you.  It
depends on the spacing of your breasts and so forth.  In your case,
we'll take you to the mall this weekend, and then we can look through
all the bras to see which ones you like.  Then, you can try them on in
the fitting room and come to a conclusion as to which style is best."

Penny then added, ``you shouldn't worry about being flat chested,
because we are getting some special breast forms for you from my
cousin, which will give you a real bust.  These come in all sizes and
we will start with A cups, which we'll give to you on Saturday when you
come over here.  Then, after a few weeks we'll see about increasing
your size.  This way you sort of go through a kind of growth period
just like we all did.  So you should wear this trainer bra from now
until Saturday, to get some feeling for wearing a bra, and then you'll
suddenly outgrow it on Saturday, and be more like one of us."

``You mean I should wear the trainer all the time from now to

``Yes, of course."

``But won't someone see it under my shirts, I mean my blouse?"

``Not if you wear a dark color, and make sure the blouse is loose
fitting.  Don't you have some tops like that?  For example, the one you
wore today.  I am sure that no one can see your trainer bra under it."

Blake put his top back on and stood in front of the mirror.  To his
surprise he saw that the bra was not visible at all.  ``Great, this
means I'll be able to wear a bra all the time.  How wonderful!"

He took his top back off and Janet reached over and hugged him.  ``Your
just so precious Pam.  I love the way you really appreciate things."

It suddenly occurred to Blake that when he got the breast forms it
might not be possible to wear the bras, ``What'll I do when I get the A
cup breast forms?" He looked crushed.

``Don't worry Pam, that is where it gets interesting.  At that size,
you wouldn't be noticeable as long as you wear very loose fitting tops.
So we'll buy a few of them, so that you don't have to worry."

``Anyway, let us hear from Janet about her bra," Karen said.

``You see Pam, I have a relatively small bust, a bit larger than an A
cup but not quite a B. While this might seem a bad thing, in fact, it
is quite nice because there are many more opportunities for choosing a
really pretty bra when you are not large busted.  Girls with small
busts get to pick from a whole range of very delicate and pretty lacy
bras.  We don't really need underwire support so that the bras may be
just little wispy things which are very sensuous to wear.  Like the one
I'm wearing now."

Janet then took off her bra, and handed it over to Blake to look at.
He said, ``I think I'm just falling in love with this style.  It is
such a pretty shade of pink and I love the lace.  Do you think I'll be
able to find one just like this at the mall?"

``Of course you will.  They'll have many different ones just as pretty

``I can't wait to go!" Blake exclaimed.

The conversation continued on discussing each of the girls experiences
in getting their first bras, and what it felt like to wear them and
what they thought about when they went shopping for new ones.  They
mentioned how to try and coordinate bras with the style of top they
were wearing, matching not only color, but the bra type to the outfit.
For example, with a very tight top, you want to wear a smooth bra while
with a white blouse, a very pretty lacy white bra is appropriate if you
feel daring.  The girls discussed when they put their bras on in the
morning.  Janet, Penny and Amy all put them on right after they peed,
while Kathy and Karen liked to wait until after breakfast; that way
they lounged around in their nighties feeling very casual.  They also
told Blake how they chose their bra each day as they opened their
dresser drawer.  They usually would pick out a matching bra and panty
set that was coordinated to the outfit they wanted to wear.

The girls put their blouses and tops back on, which left Blake sitting
there in just panties and the trainer bra.  ``Now we have to get all
your measurements, so we'll be prepared for shopping on Saturday,"
Karen said.  She went and got a tape measure, with which they measured
Blake's chest, waist and hips.  They concluded that he would wear a
size 36A bra and size 12 dresses.  ``Now we have a special present for
you which we have already gotten." Janet came over and gave Blake a
large box.  He opened it carefully and discovered inside a wig of
styled long light brown hair which matched his exact coloring.  ``With
this, and a little makeup we are sure that you'll be very pretty!  Go
try it on."

Blake went in the bathroom with Janet where she helped him on with the
wig and told him some basic facts about styling it and caring for it.
When he came out, the girls excitedly told Blake that he looked just as
attractive as any of them.  He just needed a little blush on his
cheeks, and a little trimming of his eyebrows, and he would be very
feminine looking.  Before they went to the mall the girls would show
him how to put on makeup, including lipstick and some eyeliner and eye

``You must be bit cold sitting there in just your underwear," Kathy
said, ``so I thought you might like to wear my bridesmaids dress again,
until the end of our meeting."

Blake's face lit up at this, and he got up to follow Kathy to her
closet where she handed him the dress.  He was now more expert in
putting it on, and had little trouble getting it over his head and then
reaching for the zipper to pull up before it was all the way down on
his shoulders.  In a minute he was back with the girls sitting with
them in the stunningly pretty dress with his long hair cascading over
his shoulders.  He sighed deeply with happiness and Amy who was sitting
next to him squeezed his hand.

``Now there are a number of things we also have to take care of," Amy
said.  ``First of all, you should let your fingernails grow out like a
girls.  That way, we can put polish on them during our outings
together, and show off your very pretty hands, Pamela."

``OK, that should be fun."

``Remember that you'll have to learn how to file them to a nice shape
as they get long.  We'll show you how each week until they are our

``But won't my mom and dad see them long and wonder what I am doing?"

``Oh, no.  People won't look at your hands if you are dressed like a
boy.  They'll just assume that they are short, and not take any

``I guess you're right."

``You can always just say you forgot to cut them, if anyone asks you."

Blake nodded in agreement.  His finger nails were recently trimmed, and
he held his hand up trying to image how nice it would feel to have
pretty long pink fingernails.  Just another nice thing about being a
girl he thought to himself.

``Another thing you have to think about is having your monthly period,"
Penny said.  Blake showed some surprise at this, but Penny continued
right on.  ``Usually, since the five of us original members are close
to one another, we often have our periods at the same time.  So we
think that you ought to have a pretend period the same time as us.  For
this you'll have to get some pantiliners, maxipads and all-night pads,
which you can wear in your panties during the time of the period.
First, for a few days before your period, you wear the pantiliners to
protect against an accident.  Then during the heavy flow days you wear
a maxipad, and at night you wear the really thick pads.  We'll go
shopping with you and help you pick out a supply."

``I guess it will be a nice way to feel close to you all during your
periods." Blake said.

``Pam, it is really nice how agreeable you are to everything, since we
were a bit worried that you would resist these things." Penny said.

At this moment there was a sudden knock on the door of Kathy's bedroom,
and before anyone could react, Mrs.  O'Connor was in the room, saying
``Girls!  girls!  girls!  I've just got a phone call from...." She
froze in mid sentence as her eyes fell upon Blake, whose face was now a
bright scarlet color.  He was feebly attempting to cover himself with
the dress, which had the effect of exposing his crinolines to everybody
as he lifted the outer skirt to his face.  ``What in the world are you
girls doing?  And Blake, what in the world are you doing in Kathy's
dress and a wig?" She exclaimed loudly.

``Mom, mom," Kathy yelled, ``you don't understand.  Its all right, we
can explain.  Blake is now one of the girls in our club."

``What in heaven's name have you done to Blake.  And Blake, how could
let yourself be made such a fool of?  Since when does a young man go
prancing around in a dress?!!" She walked over to him, and lifted up
the crinolines to see that he was wearing pink panties.  She pulled
open the top of the dress and saw that he had a bra on, as well.  ``Oh,
my lord, this is unbelievable!  A bra and panties?  What else?"

The effect of this on Blake was shattering, and he began to cry.  The
girls were caught in complete disarray and were protesting vigorously
to Mrs.  O'Connor that she didn't ``understand," and that Blake was not
being made fun of, and that they were all just trying to be close to
one another in a completely natural way.

Mrs.  O'Connor was very excited and seemed beyond listening to the
girls.  She said, ``I've really got to speak to your parents Blake, and
let them know that you have a real problem.  Come with me!" She grabbed
Blake by the wrist and stood him up and then quickly led him out of the
room behind her with his dress rustling and crinolines flying around
him and his long hair bouncing against his back.  She took him
downstairs to the living room and pushed him down into a seat next to
her.  She said, ``What is your phone number?  I must call your mom
right now and discuss this with her." Blake, in the middle of his loud
sobbing, yelled out, ``Oh please don't.  Please don't, please don't
tell her, I'll never do it again.  I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

``What is the number?" Mrs.  O'Connor demanded.

Blake, between sobs of his heaving chest, told her the number.  By this
time the girls from the club had joined them downstairs and were still
protesting.  ``Mrs.  O'Connor, I really think you owe it to all of us
to listen to our side of things before you involve Blake's mom and dad.
We understand that it was a big surprise to you, but we implore you to
hold off." Karen was speaking now with some authority as president of
the Girl's Only Club.

Mrs.  O'Connor said, ``I am sorry but this is serious and needs to be
taken care of very quickly." She said this with a bit less emphasis
than before and the girls fell silent hoping that she was changing her
mind.  Amy had come over next to Blake and made him put his head in her
lap.  While he sobbed softly she stroked his head.  ``Don't worry, Pam,
no matter what happens we'll still be your friends."

At hearing Amy address Blake as `Pam', Mrs.  O'Connor winced
noticeably, and then she dialed the number.  Everyone could hear the
rings, and then Blake's mom could be heard saying, ``Hello?"

``Oh, hello, this is Mrs.  O'Connor, Kathy's mom."

``Oh, yes, Blake said that he would be playing there today after
school.  Is everything all right?"

After a pause, Mrs.  O'Connor said, ``Oh yes, fine, I was just calling
to let you know that I had invited Blake to stay here for dinner
tonight, and that I would drive him home at about 8 O'clock.  Is that

All the girls, excitedly, gave out a silent cheer.

``Oh, sure it is.  How kind of you.  Let me speak to Blake for a

Blake had not fully absorbed the change in Mrs.  O'Connor's statements,
but he sensed that he did not have to be afraid of her telling his mom
that he was wearing a dress, at least not then.  He got on the phone,
where his mom told him to thank Mrs.  O'Connor after the dinner and to
be polite and so forth.  If she did detect a little hoarseness in his
voice from the crying she did not let on.

After he hung up he thanked Mrs.  O'Connor profusely.  She said, ``My
dear boy, is it boy??!!, what am I going to do about you?" She shook
her head back and forth thinking, and then said, ``Come here Blake and
let me hold you.  I'm sorry I got so upset, it was just such a shock.
I wasn't suspecting such a thing."

Blake got up and sat down on Mrs.  O'Connor's lap, and she held him
closely to her.  He could feel her very large firm breasts against his
chest.  The layers of his dress and crinolines was like a big cloud of
pink and white over the blue jeans and white pullover top Mrs.
O'Connor was wearing.  ``So tell me everything now.  You start Karen,
since you are the president of the club."

Karen then told Mrs.  O'Connor about the conditions under which they
had all agreed that Blake would be made a full member of the club.  She
sighed often hearing this, and shook her head, but finally saw that she
really didn't have the right to stop them from what they voluntarily
wanted to do.  After hearing all the girls, she said to Blake, ``I want
to ask you a few questions to see if I can understand that this is
really good for you, and not a big mistake that you might be making
because you are lonely or something."

``Sure Mrs.  O'Connor, I'll be happy to answer any questions."

``Good.  Now Blake, tell me what you are feeling now being in that

``I guess I feel very pretty."

``Yes, I suppose you should.  It is a very pretty dress.  Now dear, you
might find this silly, but I wonder how good are you at arm wrestling?"

``What?  Why are you asking that?"

``Because boys just love to do it don't they?  It's a really male

``Yes, I guess so."

``Let's see how easily you can beat Amy.  She's the strongest girl
here, right?"

``You can surely beat her easily."

``I suppose so."

``Give it a try."

Blake and Amy then sat across from each other at the dining room table
and proceeded to arm wrestle.  Though Blake tried as hard as he might,
Amy beat him almost immediately in two bouts.  Mrs.  O'Connor then
asked Penny and Janet to try wrestling him, and Penny beat him after a
bit of a struggle, and finally Blake and Janet tied each other.

``So you and Janet are about equally strong.  I guess your arms really
are kind of girlish," she said thoughtfully.  After a moment she then
said, ``Now answer this question:  Amy is clearly much stronger than
you.  If you could have just one characteristic of her's for yourself,
what would you choose?"

Blake said, ``I guess I wish that I had breasts like hers so that I
would have to wear more of a grown up bra than the one I have on.  It
would give me a nicer shape I guess.  Is that what you were asking?"

``Oh, Blake, I thought you would have liked to be at least as strong as

``I guess you're right.  I don't know why I didn't think of that.  For
some reason I was just thinking how lucky she was for being able to
wear bras everyday.  To know that she would be able to eventually nurse
a baby, and take care of it and hold it and so forth.  It seemed like
something I really wanted to do.  I wish I could have a nice figure
like Amy's or any of the other girls in the club." Blake started to
blush when he realized that the girls had all taken on sympathetic
expressions, now including Mrs.  O'Connor too.

``After hearing and seeing all this, I think you probably are best
treated like a girl, Blake," Mrs.  O'Connor said.  ``You have a gentle
loving nature, which is quite feminine, and I suppose you need an
outlet for it.  I guess I'll be happy to go along with you being one of
the girls in the club.  So from now on I'll also call you Pamela and
try and have something like a mother daughter relationship with you."

All the girls (including Pamela!)  then thanked Mrs.  O'Connor for her
support, and she then invited all the club members to stay for dinner.
She even told the girls to take Blake upstairs and put some pantyhose
on him, and some makeup so that he would be well dressed for dinner.
They were starting to do this when Kathy asked her mom, ``what was the
phone call you were talking about, when you came into my room?"

``Oh, I completely forgot.  Yes, Brad's mother called to say that his
cousin broke her leg and will not be able to come to the wedding."

``What a shame, even after you bought her the dress and everything."
Kathy said.

``Yes, and the procession will not be symmetric now, with three
bridesmaids on each side of the aisle."

All of a sudden everyone turned and looked at Blake, sitting quietly in
the bridesmaid dress.  ``Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Mrs,
O'Connor said.

A chorus of girls said ``Yes!, Pamela will be our sixth bridesmaid!"

It took a moment for Blake to realize what they were saying, but when
he did, his heart almost burst open for joy.

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