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Story: "The Post-Game Show"
(M/M M/M muscle rough consensual)
The following fictitious story was started by making personal
revisions to a hot story posted a year or so ago called, I think,
"The Divers."  I liked the story's action and the characters, so I
downloaded it.  I started plugging my own imaginary plot and
characters, etc. into it for my own entertainment, and then thought
others might also enjoy my version, as well.
I had originally posted this several months ago, ran across it
again on my hard drive, made a few minor changes, and just thought
I'd post it again for people to read because I would imagine that
others, like myself, are finding that all the web site ads and
coded stuff are making story newsgroups boring.
This is a fictitious story.  It is about consensual, though rough,
sex between four guys after playing basketball.  The characters are
me (Kevin, a prep school administrator, age 28) and three high
school senior studs (Mark, Pete, and Andy).
Also, if this were in actuality, condoms would, of course, be used.
If you are under 18, and/or if you're not supposed to read this for
some other kind of legal reason, and/or if this kind of story is
not of interest to you for whatever reason, well then, don't read
"The Post-Game Show"
Even though Andy and I were both good when it came to creative,
strategic plays, we still lost the game to Pete and Mark.  They
took us in speed and, most notably, in physical endurance and
strength.  But it was a great game, and damn, we were all beat! 
Mark invited us over to his brother's studio apartment nearby to
hang out, knowing that the place was well stocked with beer and
that his brother was away for the weekend.
"Hey Mark, you've obviously been working out a lot.  Why not give
us a show and flex for us?," I asked somewhat coyly as he returned
from the kitchenette with four beers.  Andy enthusiastically
agreed, and Pete just gave his infamous, seemingly omniscient,
shit-eating grin.
Mark stood up, apparently happy to oblige.  He pulled the tank top
over his head and stood before us in the middle of the one room
apartment in tight shorts.  Unusually ripped and veined for a teen,
he brought his arms up, clenched his fists, and struck a double
biceps pose.  His guns were thick, and bigger than I expected when
fully flexed, and his lats spread his arms out at an incredible
Andy whistled and I clapped as Mark puffed out his chest in a side
pose; his smooth pecs rolled with his slightest movements, jutting
out above his six-pack abs.  His thighs were massive and cut,
striations of muscle springing into relief as he tensed his upper
leg.  I could feel my cock unmanageably stirring in my shorts as he
showed off his hot body.
As Mark was finishing with a most muscular pose, every ripped
muscle bursting into incredible definition, Pete had moved to get
a better view over on to the king-sized bed that Andy was lying on
and started to "inadvertently" rub his hand along Andy's meaty
By now I was quite excited and I stood and walked up to Mark.  "Can
actually I feel that big arm?" I asked.  He grinned and flexed it
again, and I then ran my hand over the big peak that formed.  It
was amazingly hard as I grasped it, lingering my hand over the
biceps and around underneath to the triceps.
My cock was now completely and obviously stiff in my shorts, and I
could see that Mark's dick was hardening too as, to my surprise, we
watched Andy and Pete slowly start to grind themselves together on
the bed.  I noticed that Pete's shorts, somewhat baggy, were really
starting to swell in front.
"Big Pete looks like he's having a good time," Mark said.  I
thought it was a joke they had between them, the "Big Pete"
comment.  Or maybe a leftover from their junior high days when, I
recall, that Pete had, in fact, been the tallest guy in class. 
Pete was still 5'11" with now about 170 pounds of tight, lean
brawn.  But Mark, particularly as a result of an incredible growth
spur and a lot of work over the past year or so, was the far bigger
man at 6'3" with 225 pounds of thick, solid slabs of power.
By now Andy had the waistband of Pete's shorts partially down and
our attention was riveted by what was revealed.  I even forgot
about Mark's hard muscles for a moment.  Pete's jock was packed
full of an enormous cock and balls, and the head was poking out
from the top of his jock.  My jaw just dropped as the fat mushroom
continued to push up along Pete's smooth, tight stomach.  It passed
his navel and Andy pulled Pete's strap down so that his heavy balls
flopped free.  Now I understood why Mark had called him Big Pete;
his fully erect cock was, in all seriousness, thirteen inches long!
I sat on the edge of the bed and reached out to Pete's thick prong
that was throbbing as blood pumped through the bulging veins that
snaked down and around his shaft.  It felt almost as hard as Mark's
biceps!  Andy also reached over and we both ran our hands along the
rigid cock, caressing the big head that was starting to leak
pre-cum as Pete moaned.
Just as I was about to get myself a taste of Pete, Mark grabbed me
rather abruptly from behind.  He hurled me flat down on to the bed,
yanked off his shorts and then mine, positioned his gigantic body
above mine, and pressed one of his beefy arms across my chest,
pinning me down.  I stared straight at his face, reaching around
his back to feel the massive slabs of muscles that defined his lats
and traps.
"Yea man, you check out this stud on top of you!  Get a taste these
monster arms!," as Mark pressed his right biceps into my mouth. 
"And feel up these massive pecs!," he bellowed.
My mouth and hands, as if on auto-pilot, worshipped this muscle
boy.  With my eight-incher pressed tightly against his rock hard
mid-section, Mark shoved his own nine-inch beefy hard-on between my
legs and jabbed it in and out between my legs, roughly kneading my
ball sac with it.  The muscles of his abs rubbed against my cock
and the pre-cum that flowed out of me helped lubricate my dick,
making the sensation even better.
I turned my head a little and got a glimpse of Pete, sweat
beginning to make his long, smooth torso gleam, now squatting over
Andy's face, propelling that tremendous tool down Andy's hungry
throat deeper and deeper with each thrust.
"Ah Pete man, you gotta fuck me," Andy gagged.  "Shove it up my
Pete grinned and rolled off Andy's face so he could reach his gym
bag, taking out a bottle of lube.  He tossed the lube to Andy, who
removed his shorts and began to grease his asshole, inserting one,
then two fingers.  As Pete lubed up his cock, I said to Andy,
"Better make it three fingers.  It looks like you're really going
to get it."
Mark lowered himself down on to me so that now his full weight was
pressing me into the mattress.  "And what about you?"  He grabbed
my face with his thick hand and looked almost maniacally deep into
my eyes.  "I know want this musclecock reaming open your homo ass,
don't you?  Huh, don't you?!"
"Oh yeah, you fuckin' stud.  You know I want it," I panted.  "Take
my hole, boy!"
I grabbed the lube from beside Andy and anxiously started to get my
own ass ready for Mark's cock as Pete had begun pressing the thick,
bell-shaped head of his monster dick deep through the crack of
Andy's meaty Italian bubble-butt and up against his moistened hole.
With an indescribable howl, Andy's ass was severed open as Pete's
cockhead just pried itself all the way in.  He had no option but to
accept, at once, every last bit of Pete's big dick.  His large,
dangling ballsac whacked loosely against Andy's round butt as Pete
thrust his cock all the way in, and then slowly hauled it all the
way back out.  Banging in; then draaagging back out.  Methodically,
entirely, repeatedly, almost hypnotically, Pete's dick travelled
fully in and fully out of Andy's tight chute.
My attention, though, was quickly brought back to Mark who had his
own meat pressing into me.  I raised my legs on to his broad
shoulders just as he mercilessly hammered right into me.  At first
it hurt like hell as Mark just forged his way ruthlessly and
completely into my asshole, but quickly I was getting used to his
enormous tool and really began to enjoy the ride.
I felt all over Mark's hard body, worshipping it, sucking away on
his right biceps again, as his cock lunged deeper and more brutally
into me.  The striations of his buffed muscles stood out as he
violently slammed me - physically, as well as verbally.
"Yeah, you fucking cocksucker.  You're being pumped by a fucking
monster!," Mark professed matter-of-factly.  "You like being my
fuck toy, huh?!  You like taking dick up your ass, don't ya?! 
Being my fucking homo plaything?!  Yeah, I've known all along, man. 
And this is gonna be your whole fucking purpose here at this school
from now on.  Dean of idolizing my whole fucking being.  Dean of
being this boy's dick receptacle!  Yeah, you take it fag!  Take
this huge meat up your ass!," Mark ranted all the while as he kept
plowing away.
Stroking myself in time to Mark's now frenzied, angry pounding,
this muscle stud was in complete control of me, and he knew it.  I
started babbling, practically speaking in tongues from the
incredible sensations of his totally fucking my guts out.
Mark's swollen cock was throbbing so madly in me and his thrusts
were coming even quicker and harsher now.  And from the way he was
breathing I knew he was getting close.
I mentally got hold of myself a bit, urging him on, murmuring in
his ear, "Oh yeah, little boy?!  Come on, kid!  You fuck me with
that big man dick of yours!  Who's in charge now, huh?  You, man! 
It's all you!  Come on, you just ram that powercock in me and show
me who's boss!"
"Ugh, you got that sooo fuckin' right!  Oh yeah, you take this
muscle, faggot!  Take my meat.  You're gonna take my MANload up
that fag ass of yours every single fucking day!  Oh man, yeah, take
my cock.  UGH, TAKE it!  TAKE-MY-FUC-KING-LOAD!," Mark bellowed as
he somehow forced himself forward even another unexplored notch
deeper into my hole, and I felt the width of his cock pulsate
faster, ready to let loose.
That all just totally sent me over the edge myself as I kept
jerking my cock.  I shot a big wad of cum that landed on my
shoulder, followed by three more surges as I milked my dick of cum
which shot against his hard body, trickling back down on to me.
Obviously just about to blow his own load, Mark abruptly yanked out
of me, quickly jumped up on the bed and within a split-second he
just dropped his body full-force down on to my face, successfully
aiming his spewing cock right into my throat.
Pete and Andy were still at it and, while now getting my tonsils
raped and lubricated by Mark's still-swollen, oozing cock, I
couldn't help but to also attend to the savage butt-fucking that
Andy was getting from Pete's huge prick.
They were both coated in sweat and, now at a frantic pace, Pete was
like a piston, just piledriving relentlessly in and out of Andy's
meaty ass.  Pete had pinned Andy's arms over his head as Pete just
pounded away from above into Andy, both of them gasping and
groaning in guttural harmony with each thrust of Pete's gigantic
"You want me to spew it up your butt, buddy?," Pete roared.  "Huh,
you think can you handle this giant dick letting loose inside you?"
"Oh yeah, flood me with that load!  Shoot it man, come on, I've
fuckin' earned it!  You just bang every last drop right into me!,"
Andy grunted as streams of jism began to involuntarily hurl out
from his own throbbing piece of meat.  The first spasm sent a load
arcing over to his left, drenching my face, as Mark's meat
continued to plug away in my throat.
"Oh yeah, I'm gonna let it all loose!  You don't know, man, I get
fuckin' bizarre.  I'm gonna tear your sweet ass up.  You better be
ready, bud!," Pete grunted, continuing to screw like a lunatic as
an insane look fell upon his face.  "You better be ready to take it
'cause Damn!, Holy Shit!, Take it!, Oh Fuck!, Yeah!, Take it!,
out from his gut, and I could tell even if only from his wild
bucking and banging that he was shooting load upon load so damn
deep inside Andy's gut.
Andy's load still continued to gush out of his own swollen cock;
thick white blobs dripping on to his heaving chest as Pete just
continued to tear viciously into Andy, now pummelled up into a ball
against the headboard, both of them shrieking out unintelligibly at
this point, until we were all abruptly startled back into reality
by the sudden applause of three guys, Mark's older brothers.
[Anyone want to try to pick it up the story line from here?]

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