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  These are the previous chapters of `The Girls-Only Club   by
Pamela'. The story about  a boy who is honoured to become a member of
this exclusive club. How he become a member and what he experienced as
a member is described in this story.

  I post this this story in representation of the author. I will
provide this service to every other author too, if she/he wouldn't
have the trouble with annoying mails and responses.

  As usual I DIDN'T write this story and haven't any claim on it. If
you have some usefull hints or some good coments, your mail is then
welcome. Flames, you know, they will be piped to /dev/null.

Enjoy the story.


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7.  Chapter

Blake's outburst had taken Mr.  Morris so by surprise that he ended up
just saying good bye and leaving Blake to find the girls and Mrs.
O'Connor on his own.  This was not the ending that Mr.  Morris had
wanted; in fact, he felt an affection toward Blake which would nag at
him in the weeks to come.  Blake stayed alone in the office a few
minutes recovering from his tears.  He took out his compact and
straightened out his lipstick, makeup and hair.  Luckily, the dress was
not hurt by the encounter and so he would have no explaining to do.
Anyway, he decided that he did like the dress after all, and would want
to buy it.

As he walked across the shop to the fitting room looking for Mrs.
O'Connor, he resolved that he would project a brave front to everyone
and not let them know what had happened.  He couldn't stand the thought
of Mrs.  O'Connor feeling bad about her own predicament or have her
feel bad for the fact that he had given Mr.  Morris what he wanted in
order to protect her.  In his heart of hearts he felt saddened that he
was growing up too fast as a girl, much faster than he wanted to.  If
only he could just put on his pink ruffly dress and lie safely in his
new bedroom in Mrs.  O'Connor's house playing with his barbies.

The girls had not yet returned from their errand when he entered the
fitting room so he decided to try on one of the other dresses.  He
chose the pretty blue one, and was just stepping out to take a look at
it in the mirror when the girls appeared with Mrs.  O'Connor.  They
oohed and ahhed at how pretty he looked and then asked him a few
questions about what Mr.  Morris had wanted.  He told them nothing too
specific - just that Mr.  Morris thought he had a ``fresh" look that
the public would like.  He noticed that Mrs.  O'Connor was holding a
package from a shop that they hadn't been in, and changed the subject
by asking, ``What's in the package, Mrs.  O'Connor?"

``Oh, the girls decided to buy you a little present to show you how
much they appreciate all you are going through to become one of the
club members.  They'll give it to you when we get home."

Blake was very moved by the sentiment and had to fight back tears.
Then he got busy trying on the rest of the dresses.  They all looked
stunning on his slim figure and he ended up buying them all.  Though he
was exhausted, he didn't protest when Mrs.  O'Connor suggested they go
to a shoe store and buy him some heels as well as a few other more
casual pairs of shoes.  He would have to get a pair of black heels to
go with the cocktail dress, and pink heels to wear for the wedding.

The shoe shop was a few doors down from where they had bought the
dresses.  There were many elegant heels displayed in the window and on
counters in the store.  As soon as they walked in, a short wiry
salesman, about 30 years old, slightly balding and wearing a brown suit
asked them if they needed assistance.  Mrs.  O'Connor said that she was
interested in some black patent leather, 2 1/2 inch heels for her
daughter.  The salesman showed them a selection from which Mrs.
O'Connor guided Blake to a darling pair with a small black bow-tie on
the toe.  ``These will be perfect," she said.

``What size is she?" the salesman asked.

``You better measure her, she has grown a bit lately," Mrs.  O'Connor
said, ``Pamela, take a seat over there."

Blake walked over to a row of seats and sat down carefully keeping his
skirt tucked under him and just overhanging his knees.  The salesman
sat on a stool in front of him and took off each of Blake's shoes so he
was in his stocking feet.  Blake kept his legs together as best he
could so the man couldn't see up his dress.  The salesman had him stand
up on a measuring device from which he concluded that Blake had size 8
1/2 feet.

``They're a tad large for a girl her height," he said to Mrs.
O'Connor, but I think I can find a pair in that size."

``The girls in my family tend to have larger feet," she said smiling.

The salesman went to the back room to find the shoes, while Blake
waited nervously.  After a few moments the salesman returned carrying a
shoe box.  He set it down and took out two very shiny black shoes.  He
leaned forward and took Blake's stockinged right foot by the ankle and
gently guided it onto the shoe, and then repeated this with the left
foot.  Blake felt his feet assume a strange posture as he placed them
on the ground in front of him.

``Now up with you miss and take a walk around," the salesman said.

Blake was so scared that he would topple over, he wasn't sure he could
summon up the courage to stand.  Sensing his fear, Amy came over and
offered her hand for Blake to hold.  ``Pamela, these are the highest
heels you've ever had, aren't they?"

``Yes, Amy, by far!" he said.

``Don't be afraid, you'll get used to them quickly, just like I did.  I
remember the first time I got high heels I teetered all over the

``My goodness, I didn't realize that these are your first heels," the
salesman said, becoming very supportive of Blake's predicament.
``First stand up, and your friend will make sure you're OK."

Blake now stood, and instead of feeling unsteady, he felt that he could
stand comfortably.  He said, ``I think I can walk in them.  They feel
very comfortable." He took a few steps and realized that it felt like
he had been walking in heels his whole life.  He was ecstatic.  Here he
was in his first set of high heels, and he just knew instinctively how
to walk in them like a woman!  He walked back and forth as Mrs.
O'Connor looked on with pride.  He walked over to Penny and they
embraced each other in a hug as Blake laughingly said, ``my first
heels!  Aren't they great!"

The salesman looking on with amusement, said to Mrs.  O'Connor, ``it
never fails to amaze me how excited girls gets when they buy their
first high heels.  I guess it means they are finally becoming women."

``You're right.  Pamela, has been growing up so fast lately, she is no
longer the little girl I knew.  She has been begging me for heels and a
new fancy dress for so long, I finally broke down.  All her friends are
wearing heels now, and it wouldn't be fair to her not to get them."

``I take it then that she does want to buy that pair!"

Mrs.  O'Connor laughed, ``you can wrap them up.  Next on the list are
some pink heels which Pamela can wear to my older daughters wedding."


Walking through the parking lot to the car, the girls were weighted
down holding the multitude of packages containing Blake's new wardrobe
of dresses, lingerie and shoes.

``You really did get a lot of pretty things," Penny said.

``I think it turned out really well," Karen agreed.

``With all these new clothes, you'll now fit in great in the Girls-Only
Club meetings," Kathy added.

``I think from now on we are all really equals, as girls I mean," Amy

``You've now got some different bras and panties you can choose from
each day.  And you have some nice pantyhose and slips.  You'll have to
start thinking about what you should wear depending on your mood,"
Janet said.  ``Of course there are many other things you'll have to
eventually get to become completely a girl.  There are all kinds of
hair clips, and jewelry and sweaters, handkerchiefs.  A raincoat, a
girl's umbrella.  A jewelry box, some pretty stationary, you know, lots
of things."

``Enough!, enough!, Janet," Amy said, ``your scaring Pamela!"

Blake laughed, ``thanks, Amy."

They climbed back into the car after putting all the packages in the
trunk.  Mrs.  O'Connor said, ``I know we are all tired, and especially
Pamela, but I do think it is important to do one last errand!  We'll
finally get our dear new girl friend a few of the pretty girdles that
she has so patiently been waiting for!  Is that OK with everyone?"

``Yes, yes!" Penny exclaimed.  ``We won't think of going home without
first getting Pam her girdles!"

``I second the motion," Janet said, and the girls all laughed.

Blake said, ``I guess I would like that very much.  Thank you."

Mrs.  O'Connor started up the engine and proceeded to drive to the
lingerie shop Mrs.  Taylor had mentioned.  Before they had even gotten
out of the parking lot, Blake found himself so sleepy that he leaned
his head against Amy's shoulder and closed his eyes.  He put his arms
across his chest just under his breasts and felt their gentle weight
against his wrists and sighed.  Amy whispered, ``there, there my sweet
Pammy, you deserve a little rest.  Go nighty-night." She took her right
arm and put it around Blake's shoulders, and within a minute he was
softly sleeping as the car rocked him against her.


Amy gently woke up Blake when they arrived at Diana's Bras and Girdles.
It was a small store, with a dizzying array of shelves and racks
containing bras, corsets, girdles, slips and many other kinds of
lingerie.  The owner of the shop, Diana, greeted the girls warmly, and
didn't raise so much as an eyebrow when Mrs.  O'Connor told her that
they were there to buy her daughter Pamela some girdles and at least
one pink slip.

Diana led them to a corner of the store where there were many shelves
containing girdles and started pulling them out to show them to Blake.
``This is a smoothie controler waistline girdle, with a side zipper.
It comes in white only." She held it up for Blake to see.  ``Now this
one over here, has a boned front and lightly boned back and sides.  It
too is only in white.  What do you think?"

Both of the girdles had no lace on them, and Blake was disappointed.
Mrs.  O'Connor figured out the problem quickly and said, ``do you have
any with lace?"

``Why of course, I should have known.  Such an effeminate girl like

>From the next rack she took down some more girdles.  ``This is also by
smoothie.  Its called a hi-rise panty girdle.  It has lace jacquard
knit elastic, hose holding lace leg, a high waist and a firm nylon lace
front.  It comes in white or black." She held it in front of Blake's
waist seeing if it was the right size.  ``What do you think?" Before he
could answer she had pulled out a couple of black girdles and said,
``this lacy one is a brief panty style and this one is the same thing
but as a real girdle.  These both come in white also and we have some
of these with side zippers and long leg panties.  So how are we doing?"

``I think these are very pretty," Amy said, and the other girls nodded
there agreement.  ``Try them on Pamela."

``I also have some more over here." She took some more girdles down
from a high shelf and said, ``here I've got a Vanity Fair Tulip control
panty girdle.  This is one of my best sellers.  Many women find it to
be very comfortable.  See its got a nylon/spandex power net with tummy
and hip panels and comes in white or beige.  And wait a minute, here is
Poirette's cotton next to me pullon girdle.  It has this little lace
trim around the waist and a little ribbon and four garters.  The
Poirette's use cotton/lycra spandex/nylon for two way stretch.  This
also comes in a panty girdle style."

``They are all just lovely," Janet said, ``Pamela what do you think?"

Before he could answer, Diana, said, ``look at these honey.  This is
Smoothie's diet skinny waist panty girdle.  It has a nip-in waistband
and criss-cross tummy support and see the very lacy long leg panty
style.  The garters are protected underneath the lace legs.  Oh, and
this one is one of my favorites, the Warner's full comfort long leg
panty girdle with detachable garters, in white, black or beige."

Blake carefully studied each girdle that Diana held out to him.  He
held them up by the waist band and place them against his skirt.  ``How
am I ever going to decide which one to buy!" Blake said.  ``They are
all so nice!"

``Honey, you can buy one of every kind as far as I am concerned," Mrs.
O'Connor said.

``Do you really mean that?  Oh thank you so much mom.  I guess I'd like
to try on all of these, I mean the ones with lace," Blake said this a
bit hesitantly.

Mrs.  O'Connor goaded him, ``is that all you want Pamela?"

Blake blushed and Mrs.  O'Connor said, ``come on tell the lady."

``What is it young girl?  Don't be afraid to speak up!"

``Well, my mom told me that I could get a lacy pink girdle, and I am
wondering if you might have one."

``Well let me see, a pink girdle.  We really never have much demand for
that, but let me think a minute." The woman stood there frowning in
thought, and suddenly said, ``wait a minute.  I might have just the
thing you are looking for!" She went to a cabinet on the other side of
the room and opened a large lower drawer that was filled with girdles
and corsets.  At the very bottom she found what she was looking for and
pulled it out.  It was an exquisitely detailed lace pullon girdle in a
soft pink color.  ``This is a very special girdle, imported from
France.  See this lace work, it is really unusual.  This will make any
girl feel like a queen!"

Blake's heart had skipped a beat seeing the beautiful girdle, which
appeared to just perfectly match his fantasy of what he was looking
for.  He took it from the woman and put it against his waist and said,
``Oh it is so pretty.  Can I try it on?"

``Of course, young girl.  Just go behind that curtain over there, put
it on and then come out for all of us to look at!"

Blake rushed to the back room taking the pile of girdles he had
selected:  three in white, two in beige, one in black as well as the
pink one.


Behind the curtain, Blake was surprised to see that there was another
customer trying on lingerie.  Helping her was a teenage girl who worked
part time in the shop.  The customer was a tall woman, about 50 years
old and heavily made up.  She was dressed in black mesh stockings
hooked to a large black corset.  Her figure was remarkably shapely for
a woman her age.  She had a titanic chest whose large breasts jutted
out filling up the bra top of the corset.  Her hips swelled outward
from her waist, perfectly proportioned to the size of her body.  Her
arms were attractive, as if she worked out aerobically.  She had a
charisma and force of presence which reminded Blake of famous opera
singers he had read about.

The sales girl, in contrast was extremely pale and thin, with long
blonde hair.  She was having a hard time keeping up with the demands of
the woman.  ``Now be a good girl Brenda and go off and get me that
Arabella corset.  You know the pointier one.  Hurry, I don't have all

``Yes Ms.  Charlotte, an Arabella in size 40." The girl ran off leaving
Blake alone with the woman.

Blake put his girdles down on a chair on the other side of the small
room from the woman.  Turning his back to her, he nervously undid his
skirt, stepped out of it, then lowered his slip to his ankles and
stepped out of that.  Finally he pulled off his top so he was standing
there now in his pantyhose and bra under the intent gaze of the woman.
As he took the pink girdle to put on, he realized that he did not know
whether or not to take his pantyhose off.  Not wanting to make a
mistake in front of the woman, he stuck his head out of the curtain to
attract the attention of one of the girls.  Amy noticed him and came
over, ``whats the matter Pam?"

Blake whispered, ``should I take my pantyhose off to try on the

``Yes, of course!" Amy whispered back smiling.


As Blake went back to his seat, the woman said, ``of course you take
off your pantyhose!"

Blake blushed, ``this is my first time buying a girdle."

``I don't see why you need girdles, you are rather thin."

``Its just that I think that it would help my figure a little."

``What you really need to get is a corset like one of these." She
indicated the one she was wearing.  ``It will shrink your waist and
give you a chest that'll get the boys crawling at your feet."

Blake blushed even more.

``I own a dozen like this one.  Whenever I want a good time, I put it
on under a tight black dress and go to one of the bars at the Hyatt
Regency.  I never have to order even one drink before some middle aged
executive comes over.  I make sure he can see the top outline of the
corset and from then on he is dead meat.  In his room, I take off the
dress and then lead him through whatever scene I want.  They beg to
touch the hem of my corset.  Men are just like little boys.  Appeal to
their fantasies and they lose all control of themselves."

``Yes maam, but I'm not yet dating boys.  I just wanted to get a

``You look like the kind of girl who is going to have a lot of trouble
with men.  I bet when a guy looks at you, you get speechless, and you
find yourself doing whatever they want you to do."

Blake nodded.  ``Boys scare me.  I think they only want my body."

``You're right about that."

``My mom is waiting for me, I better try on my first girdle." Blake sat
down and took off his pantyhose.  He had been so distracted by the
conversation that he didn't realize that the tight pantyhose had
effectively hidden his penis.  As soon as he stood up facing the woman,
wearing only his panties and bra, he realized that his penis was now
clearly visible.  He made a move to hide it but it was too late as he
saw the women's eyes widen in surprise.  She said, ``What have we here!
Come over here!"

``I can explain everything!" Blake said frightened.  He walked over
hesitatingly to where she sat.  She reached out and pulled his panties
down to his knees.

``My, my, look at that little thing." She grabbed it hard in her hand
examining it.  ``Here you are spying on women in their lingerie.  Maybe
I should yank it off and you'll really be a girl."

``I can explain everything!" Blake repeated.

``I'm sure you can.  Imagine that.  You're not even in high school and
you've got the balls to run around town like a pretty little girl.
Where is your mother?  Is she behind this, or are you here by

`` No, that's not it.  Please let go, you're hurting me!"

``Oh, no, then what are you doing?" She let go of his penis.

``Its just that I am a girl now.  I mean I want to be a girl.  That's
what I am.  My friends are all girls and they believe I was meant to be
a girl.  I belong with the girls and I just wanted to get a few girdles
because I like them.  My mother wears them and I want to wear them

``Do you find boys attractive?"

``What do you mean?"

``Don't be dense.  Girls are attracted to boys.  I'm sure your friends
think about boys all the time.  What about you?"

``I don't know maam," Blake was upset at the women's questions.  ``I
guess I'm attracted to boys."

``What do you mean `you guess'?  Are you or aren't you?"

``Yes, I am." Blake said it to get the woman to stop.  ``I even sucked
on a man's penis." Blake didn't know why he said this, but the woman
made him so confused.

At this moment the salesgirl had come back carrying a black corset.
Ms.  Charlotte said, ``Brenda, see anything odd about this little

Brenda noticed Blake's penis and gasped and then started to laugh.
``Oh my, what's going on here!"

``This young man believes he's really a girl."

The salesgirl still laughing said, ``This must be a joke.  Does his
mother make him dress like this?"

``Lord knows.  What's your name?" the woman asked Blake.


``I mean your real name."

``Blake, my boys name is Blake." Blake was on the verge of tears now.

The woman said, ``look, there is no need to cry Blake, Pamela whoever
you are."

``His mother and friends are waiting outside," Brenda said.

The woman got up and opened the curtain.  She saw Mrs.  O'Connor and
said, ``I think you better come in here and help your son."

Mrs.  O'Connor, Diana and the girls came running over to the fitting
area.  Blake still hadn't pulled up his panties and his penis was in
full view of everyone.  Diana said, ``oh my lord, what is going on
here?  She's a little boy!  Mrs.  O'Connor, is he your son?"

``Please, none of you be alarmed," Mrs.  O'Connor said as she went over
and put her arm around Blake.  ``He is actually a friend of my
daughter, Karen, and all of her friends.  Blake here has joined their
club and to do so he agreed to become a girl.  Trust me, if you really
knew Blake you would realize that he is as much a girl as any of us,
except for his penis obviously.  We all feel that he ought to have the
opportunity to let out his female nature, so we have been helping him.
Please don't be critical, she has had such a tough time today already!"

``Mrs.  O'Connor," Diana said, ``and Blake.  You have nothing to fear
from Diana's Bras and Girdles!  Every so often a man comes in here to
buy lingerie, and we treat him with the utmost respect.  From a women's
perspective, wanting to be a girl is the height of flattery.  Remember
that Brenda!  I realize that you have never experienced this before,
but I am sure you will again.  It is rare that I can't spot a boy
pretending to be a girl, but I must say that Blake truly had me fooled.
That is a testimony to everything you were saying Mrs.  O'Connor.  He
is naturally very feminine."

Diana then picked up the pink girdle and walked over to Blake.  As she
did so she said ``come on lets fit you with this girdle." She lifted up
his panties so that they covered his penis and held out the girdle for
him to step a leg into it.  He did so and while leaning against her he
put his other leg in.  Then Diana firmly grasped the girdle and pulled
it up Blake's legs and over his panties.  ``There Pamela, how does that
feel.  You see Mrs.  O'Connor, its the right size since the top will
not roll down.  Here let me get some stockings, so you can judge it
better." Diana retrieved some stockings from the other room and sat
Blake down while she slipped one on each leg and then fastened them
with the garters.  He stood up and she said, ``walk around the room a
bit." With everyone watching, Blake walked around the fitting room in
his bra, girdle and stockings.

Ms.  Charlotte said, ``I must admit he looks like a little doll.  That
sweet little ass would drive any man crazy."

``What about his parents?" Ms.  Charlotte continued, ``do they know?"

``Oh, definitely not," Mrs.  O'Connor said.

``Won't they find out?"

``I don't see how.  Pamela doesn't dress up in front of them."

``Well if he spends enough time prancing around like this, he is bound
to start walking and talking like a girl, and sooner or later his mom
and dad are going to figure out that something strange is happening to
their son."

``They'll probably think he's gay," Brenda said

``I wonder if you girls have thought it out very carefully whats to
become of Blake in the long term.  OK right now he gets to play with
all you pretty girls, and gets to dress up in all the pretty clothes.
But eventually, he has to choose to be one or the other, and the way
things are going here he won't even have a choice."

``Ms.  Charlotte," Karen said, ``I don't think you really understand
Pamela the way we do.  You keep thinking of him as a boy dressing as a
girl, but we are sure that he is no more a boy than any of us.  When he
is all dressed up he is as pretty as any of us.  He likes feminine
clothes even more than we do and he has the kind of physical weakness
that goes with girls."

``But you are all sexually attracted to boys, and I'll bet that your
Pamela here is sexually attracted to you - as girls!"

The girls-only club members all looked at Blake with wonder.  ``Pam,
what do you think about that?  Do you find us sexually attractive?"

``I don't know what I feel.  I mean I have never been so happy in my
life as I have been being a member of the Girls-Only Club.  In a way I
feel a sort of love for you all and Mrs.  O'Connor as well.  But I know
I don't think about having sex with you girls.  During the first few
days with you, I was afraid that there was something wrong with me as a
boy and that none of you girls would ever love me as a boy, or want to
ever date me.  Because I was dressing up as a girl you wouldn't see me
sexually.  But later I began to feel that we can be even closer to each
other as all girls; that I can become even more intimate and loving
with you than I ever could as boy and girl.  And now I'm just starting
to think about boys, that they might supply something to my life;
perhaps make me feel totally like a real girl."

``What do you mean you are just starting to think about boys?" Ms.
Charlotte interrupted.  ``It might be embarrassing for me to say this,
but you did tell me that you have already given a man a blow job!"

Mrs.  O'Connor and the girls were shocked to hear this.  ``What!  How
could that be!" Penny exclaimed.

``Pamela has never done any such thing!" Karen said.

``Then why in the world would he lie about it to me?" Ms.  Charlotte

Mrs.  O'Connor walked over to Blake and held his hand.  ``Pamela honey
I want you to tell me the truth now.  When did you ever give a man a
blow job?"

Blake burst into tears and through them told his tale:  ``When I had
been sitting on Mr.  Morris's lap, he had forced my hand to hold his
penis, and then his own hand had grabbed at my crotch and had
discovered my horrible penis." Blake was crying hard, and the girls
tried to comfort him.

``Go on, Pamela, don't be afraid," Kathy said.

``Mr.  Morris then took me to the office of the dress shop.  He said
that if I didn't suck on his penis until he came he would tell
everything and Mrs.  O'Connor could go to jail for allowing me to be
dressed up and everything."

``That awful man!" Ms.  Charlotte said.  ``I'd like to wring his neck."

``The strange thing was that Mr.  Morris was in some ways very nice to
me.  I mean, I felt that he had actually sort of fallen in love with me
in a sense, and that he had no choice but to want to have sex with me."

``He was just conning you!" Ms.  Charlotte said.

``He said he wanted to help me really become a girl and that by sucking
on his penis, it would help me to do that.  He implied that if I were
really serious about being a girl I would do it.  I don't know, I was
so confused and scared it seemed like the best thing was to go ahead
and suck on it."

``You think just like a girl, Pamela," Brenda said.  ``I mean, I could
imagine myself feeling just as helpless if it had happened to me.  Men
have a way of making girls do things that they can't imagine why they
had done them."

They continued to ask Blake questions about what had happened.
Finally, Diana, Ms.  Charlotte, and Mrs.  O'Connor left the dressing
area to discuss options for dealing with Mr.  Morris.  All the women
agreed that they needed to do something to stop Mr.  Morris from ever
taking advantage of young girls again.  It would not be easy since
there was some truth to the idea that Mrs.  O'Connor could be held
responsible for Blake dressing up in public.

The Girls-Only club members and Brenda stayed in the dressing area
chatting on about boys and sex.  Blake sat in the chair wearing the
girdle, bra and stockings.  After a while, he took off the pink girdle
and found one of the others to put on.  Amy, observing him, came over
to help him pull on the second girdle.  After modeling it in front of
the girls he took it off and then both Amy, Kathy and Brenda
volunteered to help him put on another one.  With so many hands
helping, it became comical and they all started to laugh.  It then
turned into a game when Kathy suggested that all the girls should help
Blake put on the next girdle.  After displaying the one he had on for
everyone to see, Janet, Penny, and Karen joined Amy, Kathy and Brenda
in selecting the next girdle for Blake to wear; a white one.  They all
helped him step into it, with such confusion that everyone was laughing
and giggling.

After he had it on, Penny whistled at Blake, pretending that she was a
construction worker and tried to pinch his bottom as if they were in
Rome.  While Blake minced around the room, the girls feigned cat calls
pretending that he was very sexy.  While they were laughing and being
silly Amy said, ``I have an idea, lets everyone put on one of Pam's

``Great!" said Janet.  Then all the girls raced to take off their jeans
and put on one of the girdles over their panties.  When they were all
dressed, the five of them stood with Blake admiring each others forms.
Since they were all about the same size, the girdles fit pretty well.
Their beautiful rounded figures were enhanced by the graceful lines of
the girdles.  Amy and Penny had on white girdles, Janet had on the
black girdle and Kathy and Karen each had on beige girdles.

Brenda said, ``you are all so kooky!"

Janet said, ``Why didn't you know?  We're all known as the Girdles-Only

Everyone screamed with laughter at this one.  Then Amy said, ``lets all
get like Pamela.  Take off your tops!"

They also thought this was hysterically funny, and they now raced to
take off their blouses until they stood with Blake wearing just bras
and girdles.

``Lets form a chorus line!" Penny said, and the five girls and Blake
lined up holding each others backs like they were the Rockettes.  They
pretended to do a dance step or two and kicked their legs out in
unison.  The sight was so comical, that Brenda fell to the ground
convulsing with laughter.  Finally, they all fell down on top of each
other on the carpet, laughing uproariously.  Blake lay there buried in
the five club members, with their bras and girdles touching him at all

While laying there catching their breathes, Kathy, whose face was just
inches away from Blakes' said, ``Tell us Pam, what is it like sucking
on a penis?"

``You mean you have never done that?"

``Why of course not!  None of us girls have had that much experience
with boys, but we are certainly curious!"

The girls sat up surrounding Blake.  ``Yes, Pam, go ahead and tell us
what it was like.  Even though we think Mr.  Morris was awful, you now
know even more than us about men!" Janet said.

``Well, first of all he made me take it out of his pants and even his
balls.  He made me reach in and take them out."

``What was that like?"

``Well his penis got really large the moment I touched it, and his
balls were like real soft and squishy like with some brownish hair on
them.  You're embarrassing me!" Blake said, blushing profusely.

``Go ahead Pamela, this is real important for us to know."

``It sort of stood out from his body staring at me.  I thought it was
very large, I mean it was kind of long I guess and it was really wide
around it; much more than I guess I expected.  I looked at it for a
minute or so while he was telling me to go ahead and start sucking on
it, and then I licked it a little."

``What did it taste like?"

``I don't know exactly, it had sort of a real male kind of athletic
smell, maybe sweat.  I guess it was a tiny bit salty and there was a
drop of some sweet stuff at the very end of his penis."

``Was his penis really hard?" asked Penny.

``Well it did get really harder and harder the more I sucked on it.  I
had some trouble fitting it into the my mouth.  I mean I think I hurt
him with my teeth cause he told me to be more careful."

``How much of your mouth did it take up?"

``Well it was pretty wide, thats why it hit my teeth initially.  Then I
had to force my teeth to stay away which took some getting used to.
His penis is very long I guess, since I don't think I ever quite got
all of it into my mouth.  Near the end he held my head very tightly and
sort of forced it down my throat.  I was very helpless at that point; I
mean there was just this big penis being pushed up inside my mouth and
I couldn't breathe.  He just held me there.  I did get kind of scared
like I would suffocate to death.  He was way too strong for me to move
my head out of his grip.  Then he was cuming and cuming in my mouth.  I
thought it would never end.  Each pulse just put more and more of his
hot semen in my throat." Blake shuddered slightly at the memory,
thinking how much he had wanted some air.

``So you just let him move it in and out of your mouth, or did you go
after it?"

``Well I guess at first he just stood there and I moved in and out to
get it into my mouth.  But then after he got really hot, I think he was
doing all the moving, and at the end I couldn't move at all."

``What did his cum taste like?  Was it real hot?"

``Yes, I guess it was really hot when it came out.  At the time I was
thinking more about just how much liquid there was in my mouth, like I
was going to drown in it or something.  It tasted like a swimming pool,
I mean very chlorinated.  Not really a bad taste.  Just kind of

``Did you swallow his cum?"

``Actually at the end I had a whole mouth full of it and I didn't know
what to do.  I mean after he finally let me breathe.  Then he told me
to go ahead and swallow it.  I did then.  It took a few gulps till I
got it all down."

``That's really interesting Pam, none of us really knew anything much
about how to do it.  Now I think we have a lot better idea what to
expect when we get to that stage with a boy," said Janet.

``I was on a date with an older guy who was a friend of my brother in
college," said Amy, ``and in the car he tried to convince me to put my
head down in his lap while he was driving and open up his zipper and
suck on him.  I guess I was a little too hot because I sort of started
to do it.  But when I saw his penis after unzipping his pants, it
scared me so much, that I just looked away and instead but my hand
their for a while."

``What happened?"

``Well I was too scared to even touch it really.  Eventually he took me
home and said come back in a few years when I knew what I was doing."

``I hope you girls don't think I'm a bad girl," Blake said.

``Why of course Pamela we understand.  What happened was like a rape.
You had no choice.  And it was very brave of you to want to protect
Mrs.  O'Connor the way you did," said Amy.


When they got home to Kathy's house, they carried the packages up to
Mrs.  O'Connors room.  ``What do you think you should take home with
you Pamela?" Mrs.  O'Connor said looking over the large assortment of

``I don't really know.  What do you suggest?"

``Well, let's see.  Beth will be moving out in a couple of weeks and
then you'll be able to put all your things in her room which will
become your room.  For the moment you can leave most of your things in
my room.  I have some extra closet space where we can hang up your
dresses, and I'll make space in some of my drawers where we can put
some of your bras, panties, girdles, slips and stockings.  They'll be
right next to my things!"

``I think Pamela should take home just a couple of bras and panties for
now, so she doesn't attract attention carrying a large package," Kathy
said.  ``During the week I could bring her some more each day at

``That's a good idea," Blake said.

The girls helped him open up each of the packages, and following Mrs.
O'Connors directions they put the clothing away in various drawers and
the closet.  A separate package of two bras and panties was put aside
for Blake to carry home.  When they were done, Karen announced that
they should move to Kathy's room to have a special meeting of the
Girls-Only Club.  When they were all assembled and sitting on the love
seats and sofa, Karen stood up and said, ``Pamela, this has been a very
big day in your life.  Now you have acquired the basic wardrobe you
needed to be a proper member of the Girls-Only Club."

The other girls gave a big cheer and Blake blushed at the attention.
She continued, ``and we all have been amazed at how fast you have
learnt to become a girl.  Your mannerisms and the way you think seem to
have become as feminine as any of us.  And just like we were hoping,
the Girls-Only Club has become a much much richer and stimulating club
with you participating in our activities.  To sum up, we want to give
you a small present of appreciation and love; something that we are
sure you will appreciate." Karen handed over the mystery package to

When he unwrapped it, Blake saw that it contained a most
extraordinarily pretty negligee of pink lace and satin.  It had
delicate, thin pink ribbons for the straps and several layers of light
gauzy pink satin material bunched up around the breasts and then
spreading down and out to about his knees.  A fine pink lacework
decorated it along many of the seams and around the breasts and hem.
Coming with it was a matching light see-through pink jacket smartly
decorated with ribbons and lace.  Together the ensemble was as purely
feminine as anything could possibly be.  Of course Blake was stunned
into silence by the outfit.  He held it up to admire and against his
chest and finally started to cry in joy.  ``I can't thank you all
enough.  I can't believe that I now own such a beautiful nightie of my
very own.  I love you all so dearly.  Oh, how I wish I could wear it to
bed every night!"

``Someday, you will.  Someday, you will," Amy said softly to him as she
gave him a hug.

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