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  The wedding day approaches and Blake got nervous as every girl when
she attends a wedding. As a special treat to Blakes family Blakes
father visit with them a sports festival. You could imagine that the
timeing is tight, but guy just slips in his tuxedo and everything is
right or not ....?

  As usual I DIDN'T write this story and haven't any claim on it. If
you have some usefull hints or some good coments, your mail is then
welcome. Flames, you know, they will be piped to /dev/null.

  If you are an author and wish to remain anonymouns or just try to
avoid the replies to your work. I offer you the chance of posting your
stories and collecting the response for you. This offer only stands for
story postings and for nothing else.

Enjoy the story.


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15. Chapter

Saturday morning finally came, and Blake awoke feeling more excited than he
had ever felt in his life.  This was going to be the most perfect day in
history he thought!  He imagined himself and the other girls standing
together in their bridesmaid dresses waiting to march down the aisle:  their
pink lacy gowns, white arms, pink high-heeled shoes and their long hair
perfectly set and resting lightly on their shoulders.  As much beauty as
they would radiate, however, it wouldn't compare to that of Beth who was
certainly the most beautiful bride ever.  The scene up on the dais:  how it
must look to the guests with the pretty girls and the masses of flowers and
the handsome groom and the escorts standing on the ends.  These thoughts
raced through Blake's mind as he stretched and got out of bed.  He couldn't
stop smiling, he felt so giddy.  Taking off the panties he had slept in, he
put on a fresh pair.  It didn't really matter though which ones he wore
today anyway, since he had a special bra, panty and slip set waiting for him
at Kathy's house.  Mrs.  O'Connor had specially picked out the girls
underwear for the wedding day.  It was made of a pure ivory colored silk
blend with a delicate pink floral lace pattern similar to that of the dress
itself.  Though it wasn't absolutely necessary to have done that, Mrs.
O'Connor had thought it a perfect touch in view of how special the day was.

Blake was especially excited because the Girls-Only Club members had decided
that he was grown up enough now to increase his breast size.  Waiting for
him at Kathy's house were size B forms with a similarly sized bra.  The idea
of having a larger chest thrilled Blake so much that he couldn't imagine how
he would ever be able to wait until noon time to see how it looked and felt.


On Saturday mornings his family ate together:  cheese omelletes cooked by
Blake's dad.  Sundays the family ate French toast cooked by his mom.  As was
the case every Saturday morning, Blake's dad was in a very good mood.  ``So
Ann, do you think your going to win a trophy today?" he said.  She was
entered in a weight lifting competition as part of the yearly sports
festival held downtown.  It had been the talk of the family for weeks, since
it had required some special petitioning of the event organizers to get Ann
permission to compete in an event which was supposed to be for boys only.

``You bet, dad.  None of those geeks is gonna stand a chance against me!"

Blake shuddered thinking of Ann's huge biceps, and how she probably would
win seeing how much she hated boys and had something to prove.  Luckily his
mom had already told him that he wouldn't have to watch Ann compete since he
needed to prepare for the wedding.

``I can't wait to see their faces when you do your first lift," Blake's dad
continued.  He was clearly very proud of Ann.  ``We're all going to be
rooting for you, aren't we?"

``You bet!" Barry said.

Before Blake could say anything, his dad looked at him saying, ``Maybe this
time next year you'll enter the competition and give Ann a run for her
money!  How are your workouts coming along?"

``Just fine dad," he lied.  He had no intention of ever developing biceps.

``You watch Ann do her lifting today and I'm sure you'll get inspired to
work out even harder!"

  Alarmed, Blake said, ``I think its really great and all, but you know that
I have to get ready for the wedding.  I already discussed it with mom and
she said I wouldn't have to go downtown, not that I don't really want to see
Ann and all." He tried to phrase it so as not to give Ann the impression
that he was actually quite happy he didn't have to go.  He was looking
forward to taking a delicious bubble bath once everyone had left.

  ``What time is the wedding?" his dad said.

``About 1:30, but I have to be at Kathy's house at noon time sharp to get

``Well, the weight lifting competition runs only until noon.  We could
easily get you to Kathy's before 12:30.  I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you
were a half hour late."

``But I wouldn't be able to get dressed in time."

``Jesus, Blake, how long does it take you to put on a suit?"

``Just a few minutes, but..."

``C'mon, Blake, your sister has worked really hard for this, and its
important that the whole family be there to cheer her on.  Ain't that right

``Yes, dad.  I think it'll be really good for Blake to watch me so he could
learn better how to develop his physique.  Don't you agree, Blake?" she said
it threateningly and drilled him with her eyes.  Blake knew better than to
protest any further, but he still hoped his mom would intervene.

``I'm sure it will be Ann, but..." he looked at his mom imploringly.

Blake's mother had a worried expression on her face as she said, ``Mrs.
O'Connor is expecting him at noon, and it does take a lot of time to get
ready for a wedding."

``Maybe for the bride and bridesmaids, with all their makeup and skirts and
everything," his dad said, but for a guy, I remember at our wedding I got
dressed in a minute.  Two minutes, if you count the time I had to spend
trying to get my Windsor knot correct."

Blake's mom smiled, ``you never did get it right, dear.  An extra half-hour
might have done the trick.  Anyway, it would cause them a lot of unwanted
concern if Blake was late."

``Then we'll have him call her up and let her know.  I'm sure Mrs.  O'Connor
won't mind at all."

Blake felt his heart sag.  He tried to smile and think positive thoughts,
but he knew he better not protest any more or Ann would take it out on him

``It's OK, I guess, so long as we really do leave at noon."

``Don't worry," his dad said, ``we'll get you to your precious wedding.
Now, lets leave right after breakfast so we have some time to catch some of
the other sporting events.  I think the kick boxing competition is on at

``We don't have to rush down there," Janice said, ``these sports days are so
boring, at least for the girls."

``Speak for yourself," Ann said, irritated.

``This year they're having a special fashion show or something in the
auditorium to keep the girls interested," Blake's mom said.

``Yuck," Ann said.

``Its going to be a Jessica McClintock fashion show.  I think it'll be
mainly prom dresses."

``Sounds neat," Janice added.

Blake barely caught himself agreeing with Janice.  Under the glare of Ann he
tried to act like he didn't care at all.

``Could we leave a little before twelve?" Blake said changing the subject
back to their departure time.  He tried not to sound too insistent.

``Don't you worry, Blake, we'll give you plenty of time to get ready.  Then
its all settled, we'll leave as soon as we finish breakfast."

Blake felt a stab of anxiety and disappointment.  A bubble bath would have
been just absolutely perfect for this special day.  Maybe he would still
have time to take a quick shower at Kathy's house.  If they left for Kathy's
house at noon, he would only be fifteen minutes late.

``OK, Dad.  It'll be fun to watch Ann," Blake said as cheerfully as


Blake's family drove downtown to the sports festival in their minivan.  As
soon as they were parked, Blake's dad suggested they go watch the
kick-boxing competition.  Barry and Ann immediately seconded the idea, but
Janice and Blake's mom protested.

``I hate kick boxing," Janice said, ``I can't stand to watch the fighters
kick and punch each other."

``I agree with Janice," his mom spoke up.  ``Its not a civilized sport and
we shouldn't encourage it by attending."

``Jesus, mom, kick boxing is the greatest," Ann said, ``can't we go dad?"

``Honey, the kids really want to see it.  Why don't we split up.  You and
Janice do whatever you want, like go to your fashion show, and I'll take the
kids to the boxing.  Then we can meet at 11:15 for the weight-lifting

``Splendid idea," Janice said.

``But, dad!" Blake broke in, ``I don't want to see the kick boxing either."

``Why not Blake?" his father said with exasperation.

``Its like Janice said.  It's too violent for me.  I can't stand to see the
people getting hurt."

``They wear protective helmets."

``Still it really frightens me," Blake said.

Ann began laughing and pretended to be a kick boxer fighting him.  After a
few fake kicks she landed one in his stomach which partially knocked the air
out of him and he yelled in pain and had to fight to hold back tears.

``Ann!" his mother yelled and put herself in between them.  ``How many time
have I told you to stop picking on Blake.  You could have killed him with
that kick."

Addressing her husband she said, ``dear, let Blake come with me and Janice.
It won't do any good to keep him together with Ann."

``Jesus, honey, whatever you want, but I don't see how you can possibly take
Blake to your fashion show.  He'll be the only guy there."

``What are you talking about?  Lot's of men love fashion shows, especially
sophisticated men."

``Yeah right.  OK, you three do whatever you want.  We'll meet you later."


As Blake, Janice and his mom walked toward the pavilion, his mom said, ``are
you sure you won't mind the fashion show?"

Blake looked at her funny and then realized that she was saying that for
Janice's benefit, since she wasn't supposed to know about his ``secret."
``Of course not, mom.  In fact, I'm very excited about it."

Janice gave a worried look at Blake and then rolled her eyes up when their
gazes met.  She moved a finger to her mouth as if to say, ``ssshh." Clearly,
Janice was afraid that his mom would find out his secret as well.  Blake
realized that something had to be done to let them each know that the other
knew, but before he could decide what to do, they ran into Valerie and group
of girls from his school.

``Hi, Pam!  I-mean-Blake!," Valerie called out and Blake turned beet red.

His mother turned to him saying, ``Pam?"

``Oh, my God!" Janice exclaimed.

``Janice!" his mom exclaimed.

``Mom!" Janice exclaimed.

``I'm sorry Blake!" Valerie exclaimed.

``Blake, say something!" Janice exclaimed.

``It's OK Janice!" Blake cried.

``Janice, is it really OK!?" his mom said.

``Really?  You know?"

``I know!  You know?"

``Yes, mom!"

They both turned to Blake and he said, ``I want you to meet Valerie.  She's
in my class."

``Blake!" his mom and Janice said together.

``Nice to meet you," Valerie said and then introduced the other girls.

There was an extended silence in which everyone smiled, and Blake's mom and
Janice looked back and forth at each other and then at Blake.  Finally,
Blake's mom said, ``are we all going to the fashion show?"

``Yes!" said Valerie and the girls.

``Pamela," Blake's mom said, ``why don't you, Valerie and the other girls
run ahead to the show.  Janice and I will join you there later.  In fact,
you go sit with your friends and we'll meet you outside the theater at
11:15.  Do you have a watch?"

``No, but Valerie does."

``OK, just keep track of time and we'll see you later."

``Thanks mom," Blake said, and he and the other girls went on ahead laughing
and giggling amongst themselves.


Janice and Blake's mom, walking slowly together looked at each other and at
the same moment said, ``I'm not even going to ask!"

``But really, mom, when did you find out about Blake?"

``Just the other day; it was such a trying experience!  Do you remember when
Blake and I went out together that night?"


``Well it was to meet Mrs.  O'Connor.  I was going to give her hell, even
threaten her with a law suit, but then something happened and I got this
vision that there was no use pretending that my son Blake was a boy.  He
really is so girlish and I could see that it would probably make him happy
for the rest of his life if I could just accept him as the Pamela he so
desperately wants to be!"

``That's sweet of you mom.  I saw the same thing in Blake a few weeks ago
and I also didn't have the heart to reject him.  He is so innocent and there
is something so feminine about him, it makes me want to buy pretty things
for him, just to see how happy it makes him.  You know how some girls just
gravitate to pretty flowery dresses and heels and look so delicate.  I am
afraid that Blake is that sort of girl."

``Me too Janice.  Its just a crazy thing, and whats even more bizarre is how
Ann is turning into a muscle man.  She's so strong and so hates her female
side its frightening!"

``She really terrorizes Pamela, too, and I'm getting more and more afraid to
stop her bullying.  I know she could kill me, so just imagine how fast she
could kill Pamela!"

``She's made him into some sort of servant.  Whatever she tells him to do,
he runs to do it.  And he never contradicts anything she says.  In the past,
he used to stand up to her.  I wonder if she blackmailing him or he's just
afraid of getting hurt."

``Maybe she knows about him wearing bras and panties?" Janice said.

``It could be.  She could be threatening to tell his father or me.  I guess
it means that I shouldn't delay letting your father know about Pamela,
though I don't relish it one bit.  He's going to have a heart attack,
besides maybe killing Blake on the spot!"

``I know, mom.  I'm really terrified about dad finding out.  How exactly did
you find out?"

``It was completely by accident.  The little dear hadn't realized that after
you wear a bra all day, it leaves a red indentation in your skin that stays
for quite some time.  I was delivering some clean towels to the bathroom
while he was in there and when he opened the door to let me in, I could see
plain as day the outline of a bra across his chest and sides.  You can
imagine how I almost died.  Though now it sort of seems funny."

``I can't wait until he really becomes my sister," Janice said, ``Ann was
never ever really feminine.  With Pamela I'll be able to help her pick out
dresses and shoes, you know, do girl type things together.  Go to the mall
or beauty parlor with her.  Help her discover more and more of her feminine
self.  Maybe even double date one day."

``That will be nice.  Another interesting thing will be to see how his
grandparents take the news."

``And all our aunts and cousins!  It's going to be an incredible period of

``But the hardest part will be his dad.  I hope once he accepts that Blake
is a girl, everything else will fall into place."


As they joined the line of girls entering the pavilion, it was obvious that
Blake was the only boy intending to see the fashion show.  When they got up
to the front, a stout women guarding the door said sharply, ``I'm sorry
young man, but the fashion show is for girls only.  Can't you read the
sign." She pointed to a small sign on the wall nearby which Blake hadn't

``But I'm a girl," Blake protested.

`Yes, he is," Valerie added for emphasis.

``Don't be ridiculous.  No boys!  Now step aside so I can let the rest of
girls in."

``But I am a girl!" Blake said with some agitation as he moved over.

``Give me a break.  Do you want me to call the manager?" the woman said

Valerie said, ``why don't you!  Pamela is my girl friend and its really
insulting to call her a boy!  Isn't it Pamela!"

Seeing the commotion, a short matronly woman walked over to the group to
find out what was happening.  Addressing her, the stout woman said, ``Mrs.
Parker, this boy is trying to get into the show."

``I am sorry young man but this show is just for us ladies.  You have all
the wonderful sport events going on outside just for you.  This is a show
strictly for women and girls to be enjoyed without the interference provided
by men!"

Blake was completely distraught.  ``Mrs.  Parker, please.  I am a girl.  My
name is Pamela.  I wear girls underwear.  Every day now.  I mean I never
wear boy's underwear anymore.  And my mom knows all about it.  In fact I'll
be wearing dresses all the time next fall." He started to fight back tears.

``You're wearing boys clothes, you have a boys hairdo and for someone your
age you are completely flat chested.  Do you want me to inspect inside your

``Look Ms.  Parker," Valerie spoke up, ``Pamela is still transitioning to
being a girl full time.  Look inside her blouse." Valerie lifted up the
front of Blake's shirt and showed off his white bra.  Mrs.  Parker gasped
slightly at the sight.  ``And she is wearing panties also, do I need to show

``You kids are just trying to play a practical joke on us!" Mrs.  Parker
said, ``and I'm not going to stand for it."

Just then a voice called out, ``what's the commotion?" Blake recognized
Brenda from the girdle shop.

``Hi Brenda." Blake said, ``they won't let me into the fashion show cause
they don't believe I'm a girl!"

``How ridiculous!" Brenda said, and turning to Mrs.  Parker, ``Pamela is as
feminine as any girl I know.  She bought like 6 girdles from the shop where
I work."

Blake blushed as Valerie and the other girls laughed.  Mrs.  Parker couldn't
suppress a chuckle also and then said, ``well, that may be the case but it
would be disruptive to the other girls to have her in the hall looking like
a boy."

``Can't you make an exception?" one of the girls asked.

Just then Blake's mom and Janice entered the lobby and approached Blake and
the others.  ``Mom, am I glad to see you," Blake said.  ``Could you and
Janice tell Mrs.  Parker that I'm a girl.  She won't let me in the show
cause its supposed to be girls only."

Before Blake's mom could speak, Mrs.  Parker said, ``all right, all right.
I'll let Pamela in, but she must first change into a dress, so no one
complains to me later."

``Where am I going to get a dress?"

``We don't have time to drive her home to get one," his mom said.

``Don't worry.  Everyone else go on in and enjoy the show while I find
Pamela a dress.  I know I saw an old dress lying around the office.  Come
with me!" and Mrs.  Parker led Blake to her office adjacent to the lobby.
She went through a couple of closets until she found what she was looking
for:  a pink sun dress with a wide skirt and sunflowers embroidered on the
bodice.  She had Blake take off his shirt and jeans and slipped the dress
over his head, and then zipped up the back.

``Not too bad a fit.  I think it'll do!" Blake said.

``Now you run along and take your seat!  Wait!  first let me brush your hair
so you look more feminine." After a minute of changing the style to
`Pamela's' she said, ``all done.  Now hurry up, the show is about to begin!"

``I can't thank you enough, Mrs.  Parker."

``The pleasure is all mine."

  Blake ran back to the lobby and then into the pavilion and looked around
for Valerie and the other girls.  Row after row of women filled up the large
hall.  A long runway had been constructed out over the center aisle for the
models to show off the dresses.  Blake saw Valerie and the other girls
waving at him from a row halfway down the orchestra level.  Getting there,
he had to maneuver past an entire row of 20 girls, excusing himself as he
passed each one.  Finally, he took his seat next to the runway with Valerie
to his right.

``That's a pretty dress they found for you," Valerie said.

``Aren't I lucky!  I guess it could have been too big or too small or too

Looking at the girls seated near him, Blake was aware of how flat chested he
was.  ``I should have stuffed something in my bra!" he said.

``Put your socks in it; you can wear your sneakers barefooted, lots of girls
do that.  Then let me put some lipstick on you."


  When she was done, he felt a lot better, except he wished he was wearing
pantyhose.  ``I don't suppose you have any pantyhose Valerie?" he whispered
to her.

``Fraid not!" she said.  She was going to ask the other girls if they
happened to have an extra pair in their purses, when the lights suddenly
went out and the show began.  A spotlight lit up the center curtain and an
announcer came out smiling and waving at the audience.  Blake almost fell
out of his seat when he realized that it was Mr.  Morris.

``Oh my God!" he said under his breath, ``it's Mr.  Morris!"

``Who's he?" Valerie whispered.

``He made me give him a blow job!"

``You must be kidding!"

``No!  The other girls will tell you."

``God, how disgusting!"

``I'll tell you about it later!"

  Mr.  Morris was just like Blake remembered him.  Poised and self
possessed, he described what the show was about, the kinds of dresses they
would be seeing.  His many jokes got the audience to relax.

As he spoke, he sidled out onto the runway, dragging a long cable attached
to the microphone.  When he reached a point opposite Blake, the cord
wouldn't extend any further so he stood there, swiveling around looking in
all directions while joking with the audience.  Blake was too stunned to
listen carefully to what he was saying, but he perceived that Mr.  Morris
was looking for someone from the audience to answer some questions and to
assist him up on the stage.  The girls around him raised their hands trying
to get Mr.  Morris to pick them.  By bizarre accident Mr.  Morris picked
Blake, even though he hadn't raised his hand.  In a booming voice, he asked
``how about this young lady?  Come on up and lets find out what you think
about Jessica McClintock." The spotlight was turned directly on Blake who
saw that Mr.  Morris had leaned toward him offering his hand to help him
step up onto the runway.

Blake shook his head and whispered, ``please take someone else!"

``No, no, no!" Mr.  Morris's loudly intoned, ``don't be shy, you're too
lovely to pass up!  We all want to see you, now come on up!" Mr.  Morris
obviously found Blake's reluctance amusing and was not going to take no for
an answer.  Finally, Blake stood and reluctantly had himself led up onto the
runaway.  He had to first jump up so that he was sitting on it and then tuck
his legs to the side and get onto his knees.  Mr.  Morris then took his hand
and helped him onto his feet.

Looking down on him while Blake stood shyly holding his bare arms across his
stomach, Mr.  Morris grinned broadly as he kept up his banter with the
audience.  To avoid the blinding spotlight, Blake looked down toward Mr.
Morris' feet.

``So what's your name young lady?"


``Pamela, a very pretty name." Looking up, Blake saw a sudden confusion in
Mr.  Morris's eyes, and then heard him say, ``don't I know you from

Lying, Blake said, ``I don't think so." Mr.  Morris' expression suddenly
changed, as if he had seen a ghost, and Blake had the impression that he had
mumbled some epithet under his breath.  Holding the mike away from the two
of them, he whispered, ``of all the girls in this place, how in heaven's
name did I end up picking you?" Then putting the mike to his lips he said,
``So tell me Pamela, are you a local girl?"

``Yes, Mr.  Morris"

``Are you going to your prom next month?"

``I don't know yet.  No boys have asked me." The audience laughed.

``I can't imagine a girl as pretty as you not going.  Maybe someone has a
brother who could ask Pamela?" There was a smattering of laughter and a
shout of ``yes!" followed by more laughter.

``What kind of dress would you want to wear to the prom, assuming you were

``I don't know, something with a full skirt.  Maybe pink, or light blue or
yellow.  I know!  I'm sure I'd want a Jessica McClintock dress!"

This was greeted by much laughter and some applause.  ``Tell you what
Pamela.  Its time to see our first dress.  Come over here with me and help
Mimi, describe it, will you?."

Without waiting for a reply he led Blake to a lectern off to one side of the
stage where they were joined by a middle aged women in a long sequined gown.

``Hi, Pamela!  and all you girls!" Mimi intoned in a syrupy voice, ``have we
got dresses for you!  Now, Pamela why don't you kick things off by telling
everyone about our first gown."

  Startled by the attention, Blake nonetheless found his composure and
recited into the microphone from a card Mimi had handed him:

     ``Our first number from the new 1997 Jessica McClintock
     collection, worn by lovely Dolores, is a Magenta duchess satin
     dress with skinny strap bodice and fitted shaw jacket."

To large applause, a beautiful raven-haired woman came sweeping out onto the
runway wearing the gorgeous dress.  Blake excitedly joined in the clapping.
While Dolores began her trip up the runway, Mr.  Morris tapped Blake on the
shoulder and whispered to him, ``Mimi can handle the rest.  Come with me."
He indicated a passageway through the curtain to the backstage area.  Not
knowing what he was supposed to be doing next, Blake followed Mr.  Morris
and found himself among a scattered assortment of stage props including a
large overstuffed arm chair.

  Alone with Blake, Mr.  Morris said, ``just as pretty as I remember you
Pamela.  I've been thinking a lot about you."

``Mr.  Morris don't you start up your seduction routine on me."


``No, let me finish!  You took advantage of me and made me do a disgusting
act which I could have you put in prison for."

``Pamela, Pamela, why are you talking so cruelly?  I did you a big favor
that day.  I made you come to terms with yourself, didn't I?"

This was an unexpected bit of logic which Blake tried to digest before he
continued his scolding.

``Preying upon a young girl like myself is really horrible.  You could have
caused me all kinds of emotional trauma!"

``You watch too many movies Pamela.  While I admit that I did sort of take
advantage of your innocence, you were awfully innocent, and if it wasn't me
then certainly some other guy would have had you in the same position.  I'll
bet that I helped you grow up much faster and start to behave more like a
real girl.  In fact, just look at yourself today.  No one would ever know
that you're a guy underneath that pretty sundress."

Blake found his anger waning by the flattery.  It was very hard to know if
Mr.  Morris had been bad or not.  There seemed to be some truth in what he
was saying.

``Look, Pamela, here comes Dolores, watch what she thinks about me."

Blake turned around to see Dolores quickly walking towards them in the
magenta gown.

``Hi Dolores," Jim said, ``do you know Pamela?"

``She did a great job introducing me," Dolores said, ``now sit down and
spread your legs, I've got to get to work!"

  While Mr.  Morris sat in the armchair, Dolores fell quickly to the ground
in front of him and with his help opened his fly and removed his penis.
``Let me make sure Jim.  This is still the one hundred/one thousand deal?"
Dolores said.

  ``Same as last week, honey.  Better luck this time!"

``You fucker," she said, and she began avidly sucking on Mr.  Morris's cock.
It had happened so fast and seemed so incompatible with the show going on
just outside the curtain that Blake was dumbstruck.

Seeing his confusion, Mr.  Morris said, ``let me explain, Pamela.  The girls
and I have a little contest which we do at each of these shows.  They take
turns sucking on me after they come off the runway and until the next girl
shows up.  Then they run to the dressing room to switch dresses and wait
their turn until they're back on the runway, and then they get another shot
at my prick.  The one who is sucking on me when I cum wins a thousand bucks.
To make it fair, I give them each a hundred bucks just for participating."

``What a bizarre thing,.." Blake couldn't think of a word to describe his
surprise.  Dolores, who was working steadily on the cock, stopped for a
second to say, ``Jim, your gonna have to raise the stakes.  I'm not sure all
this work is worth a hundred bucks." She resumed using her mouth to go over
and around every part of Mr.  Morris's balls and penis.  Her long
fingernails rested lightly on the scrotum as she rhythmically slid her mouth
up and down the cock.  She stopped again to say, ``its not as easy as you
might think and its definitely not luck.  In the early rounds, we all just
do a basic job to get Jim aroused.  Later, we have to be very careful not to
get him to the point where he will easily cum for the next girl.  You see,
you have to decide whether to go all the way or not, and if you start an all
out effort and you see its not going to happen, then you had better cool him
down real fast before the next girl comes, and then hope you get another
chance in the next round.  You have to be very quick and skillful since you
only have about a minute until the next girl shows up."

As she finished saying this another model came up to them wearing a lilac
crepe dress with braided trim at the neckline and empire waist.  ``Move over
Dolores, let me at him."

``He's all yours Sylvia," Dolores said, ``now I've got to run and get

Sylvia had wrapped her hands around Mr.  Morris's penis and lifted it up to
her face.  ``You're such a pig Jim, letting Pamela watch this," she said,
``let her go back to her seat."

``Sylvia, don't worry about Pamela.  She's already joined the club."

Pulling the penis out of her mouth, Sylvia asked, ``no shit!  Pamela, he got
you to suck him off already?"

``He made me do it a few weeks ago," Blake said.

``Man alive, he spends half his time with his cock in some girls mouth!" She
plunged her mouth down on the cock and took a mighty suck and then remained
with just the sensitive head in her mouth.  She must have been doing
something really special with her tongue and lips, because Blake could see
the organ start to pulse out to a full erection.  Jim even let out a slight
moan.  In what seemed like just seconds, however, another woman appeared
behind Sylvia and tapped her on the shoulder.  Sylvia immediately let go of
the cock and stood up.

``A thousand bucks is a thousand bucks.  Jim knows how to motivate us girls.
The pay for modeling this show is shit."

``Now, now Sylvia don't give Pamela the wrong impression.  Someday she might
want to do some modeling," Mr.  Morris said.

As Sylvia ran off to get changed, Mr.  Morris continued to explain to Blake
what was happening.

``You see its part of the rules that you have to let go the moment you get
tagged.  If you hesitate just a second you're disqualified." Mr.  Morris was
talking calmly to Blake, who wondered how he could concentrate since the
next woman was vigorously sliding her head up and down on the shaft.  She
was wearing a black Shantung bodice dress, white full organza ballet length
skirt, with black embroidered floral motif.

Stopping for a second she said, ``we're definitely starting to get somewhere
Jim, but its going to be a while yet!" She resumed her sliding motion, not
too fast or too slow, evidently trying to get him aroused but not explosive.

In a minute a beautiful blonde woman appeared in a red Dupioni silk 2 pc.
outfit with V neckline blouse, silk flower pin, bodice pleat details, and
full floor length skirt.  She tapped the kneeling woman on the shoulder who
let Jim's cock slide out of her mouth and then jumped up quickly to her

The blonde gracefully lifted her skirt and settled in between Jim's legs.
She began kissing the penis and started sucking it very gently while running
her hands over Mr.  Morris's balls.  The penis seemed to be getting very
much solidly erect now.

  Over the next few minutes, several more women appeared, and then Dolores
was there again, now wearing a melon ice Dupioni silk 2 pc.  jacket with
softly dipped neckline, knotted buttons down the front and short petal
sleeves with full skirt.  Blake had lost the exact count, but figured that
there were about ten women altogether.

``Well how are we doing?" Dolores asked to the penis as she kneeled in front
of it.

``Its really cookin!" Jim said.  His face was flushed and he evidently was
very much enjoying the action.

``Well, from the looks of it, your not going to blow off until the third
round.  I think I'll just stoke the fires a little bit, right now." She
resumed her sucking very much as she had done during her first round, only
this time the penis was staying fully erect and Jim appeared to be moaning
almost continuously.

``Jesus, Dottie, you're the best!"

``Fuck you, Jim," she said as Sylvia came up to her wearing a white full
organza ballet length skirt, with black embroidered floral motif.  ``He says
the same thing to everybody," Sylvia said looking at Blake.

  Sylvia examined Jim's swelled organ, ``looking good, but I ain't going for
the gold just yet.  I think next round will just about be it."

``That's what Dolores said!" Blake exclaimed.  He was getting excited by the
action.  It even crossed his mind that he would like to join in.

As if reading his mind, Mr.  Morris said, ``I'm sorry you can't join in,
Pamela, but I would be happy to give you a private opportunity some time."

Blake blushed and tried to protest, but Mr.  Morris said, ``come, come
Pamela, you know you'd really like it."

Another women had appeared wearing an A-line dress with softly curved
neckline, short sleeves and white silk chiffon ballet length skirt.  ``Mr.
Morris," Blake said, ``you're awfully conceited.  Actually I find this whole
thing to be preposterous!"

  When Blake started to say something more, Mr.  Morris indicated for him to
be silent, ``we're getting close to blast off, you better just watch from
now on, so we don't shortchange anybody."

The newest woman was clearly undecided what strategy to take at this
transitional phase, as she alternately sucked very hard and then stopped,
trying to sense its reaction.  ``With a little bit of luck Jim, I'll get you
the next round.  You better save it for me or I'll cut it off."

  Mr.  Morris said, ``you know I can't do that even if I wanted to!"

The woman then squeezed the penis hard and Blake saw a drop of precum rise
up on the end.  The woman licked it up saying, ``OK Jim, I meant what I

As the next woman came, she got up and said, ``he's only just started to
precum.  It's still gonna be a while."

``Yeah, it takes awhile after the first precum before he starts oozing
constantly.  When he does, we know that we have to start thinking about the
end game."

Mr.  Morris was clearly no longer in a position to talk.  His cock was
bright red and extended, with each girl squeezing it hard to see if they
could get some pre-cum from it.  Blake could see the women getting more
involved with each detail of their manipulation of the cock.  The woman just
ahead of Dolores came in a black satin dress with empire waistline.  Taking
stock of the situation as the model ahead of her was getting up, she said,
``OK its bingo time.  You better shoot off for me!"

Jim couldn't mutter a reply.  He was slumped back in the chair, with legs
spread apart under the control of his enflammed penis which pointed like a
spear toward the rafters of the theater.  This time as the woman positioned
herself at Jim's feet, she had her head turned so one eye could look towards
the direction where the next woman would come from.  She began a powerful
display of sucking, putting the full penis deep in her throat and using both
hands to vigorously squeeze and roll the balls while slapping Jim's
buttocks.  Her head went up and down in a series of motions leaving her an
extra second or two to manipulate the sensitive end.  Just as it seemed that
Jim's cock was convulsing toward an orgasm, the woman could see the curtain
rustling where Dolores would be coming from.  Instantly, she grabbed the
base of the penis and gave a sharp bite to the soft flesh on Jim's abdomen.
She then spanked him hard on his behind and growled, ``you better save it
for me you fucker!"

``Ouch!" he yelled, as Dolores came up and without wasting a word began
plowing into the penis.  Where the bite of the previous model had caused a
slight sagging in the erection, Dolores' mouth caused it to rigidly snap
back to attention.  As she worked the cock like a machine, she kept one eye
toward the curtain.  As Jim moaned more and more deeply, she began licking
the underside of the penis near the end, forcing the phallus down hard
against her tongue.  Suddenly, with the first dance of the curtain she
repeated the tactic of the previous woman and viciously grabbed the base of
the cock and gave Jim a nasty pinch on the buttocks.  He yelled in pain and
as she got up she gave the cock a parting squeeze just as Sylvia came up to
them.  She got down between his legs and frantically worked the cock with
her tongue, while her hands kneaded the balls.  The spectacle had Blake
mesmerized as he got caught up in the tension as to which of the women would
win the thousand dollars.  From the looks of Jim, he couldn't imagine that
he wouldn't cum immediately and he found himself inwardly rooting for Sylvia
to get the winning orgasm.  Inside his dress he realized that he had an
erection which luckily wouldn't show under the wide skirt of the sundress.
He wished he could help Sylvia somehow, but stayed away so as not to risk
disqualifying her.

Once again, he saw Sylvia stop suddenly when her sharp eyes picked up
movement in the curtain.  She gave Jim a vicious squeeze on his balls
causing him to shriek and then put a viselike lock on the base of his prick
until the exact second when the next woman came.  Blake couldn't see how Jim
could last any longer, he was nearly in a dead faint, alternating between
intense moans and sudden cries of pain.  In fact, six more girls came and
went, until it was the turn of a blonde model named Audrey who was two
before Dolores in the rotation.  While standing over Jim, she placed her
mouth over his cock and fell down all the way to the shaft and then rapidly
back up again.  She repeated this motion again and again as if her face was
a vagina.  By the tenth time it was clear that Jim was done for.  His body
began convulsing and his penis thrust out anticipating Audrey's next
swallow.  As she bore down on him, Jim screamed with pleasure, so loud that
it would certainly have been heard in the auditorium, if it weren't for the
music accompanying the show.  Jim's cock began squirting semen up onto
Audrey's mouth, on her face and in the air.  Blake let out a small cheer of
excitement and congratulations to Audrey, who quickly got up and said,
``that'll be a thousand big ones Jim." They were then joined by the next
model who said, ``shit, Audrey, you're too damn good!"

``Sorry dear, maybe next week.  I think I just drew a good position."

``Jim, you've got to raise the booby prizes.  A hundred bucks is hardly
worth the effort," the losing model said.

Jim, who was just coming to his senses after his explosive orgasms was
covered by a huge puddle of cum.  ``How about I give you fifty bucks if you
clean me up with your mouth?"

``What a shit you are!  Make it a hundred."

``OK," he said and the woman got down next to him and began lapping up the
cum.  Just then Dolores reappeared and after Audrey explained what was
happening, she too got Jim to agree to an extra hundred dollars for cleaning
him off.  Blake watched the two women licking Jim's stomach and genitals and
in an odd way he felt jealous.  His mind told him it was the worst sort of
sexism, but his instinct felt excited by the purely animalistic behavior of
the women.

The models finished their job and got up.  When they had all left to change
into their last dresses, Blake said, ``I don't know how you can get away
with treating women like you do."

``Come help me get dressed," Jim said ignoring his remark.  Blake felt a
twinge of anger and humiliation but also felt like his womanhood was being
challenged, so, while Mr.  Morris pulled his underwear up his leg, Blake
guided the soft penis into it and then pulled up Mr.  Morris' pants as he
stood up.

``As I said, Pamela, you can suck on it any time you want.  Just give me a

``Mr.  Morris, you just spent like two thousand dollars for that blow job,
how much will you pay me?"

``Pamela, you're not a whore.  Why are you talking like that?"

``I could really use the money, that's why!  You remember you told me that
you might help me become truly Pamela?"

``Yes, of course."

``Well, since I first met you I've decided to really become a girl.  Even my
mom knows about me and is OK about it."

``I'm glad to hear that."

``But you know, my family isn't very rich or anything and I would really
like to, you know, become a lot more like Pamela."

Mr.  Morris looked puzzled and Blake blurted out, ``I would really love it
if you could pay for my having some breasts implanted.  Like maybe B or C
cups I think would be nice with my figure.  They cost about five thousand
dollars I think.  If I couldn't get them from you I might have to wait years
until I could afford them.  And of course I would let you feel them or kiss
them if you wanted to, I guess as long as I wasn't married or going steady."
There was a pleading tone to Blake's voice as he realized how honest he had
been with Mr.  Morris.  Mr.  Morris seemed deeply touched and came over and
put his arms around him.  ``My dear Pamela, I would love nothing more than
to help you out.  Five thousand is chump change for me.  Jesus, I think I
earn that in one hour at the TV station.  Look, I'll even get my secretary
to research the best plastic surgeon in town, and as soon as you want, you
go get it done, on me!"

Crying, Blake put his arms around Mr.  Morris and hugged him tight.  ``Oh
Mr.  Morris you're too wonderful.  Just as soon as my Dad knows and
everything is OK I'll contact you.  My mom and I are hoping I can go to
school in the fall as a girl, so maybe this summer I could have the

``Only too glad to help out.  However, I really hope you'll be able to visit
me at the station every so often, if you know what I mean.  Here's my card."
Blake knew exactly what he meant but didn't mind.  It wasn't much work
giving Mr.  Morris blow jobs and he stood to benefit a lot.

Mr.  Morris stood up and looked at his watch.  ``A little after twelve, I
have to get ready to finish up the show."

Not believing his ears, Blake cried out, ``after twelve?  Did you say its
after twelve?"


``My God!  I can't believe the time!  I've got to run!  How can I get to the
main lobby from here?" he implored Mr.  Morris.

``I'm not sure.  There must be a way through the dressing room.  Go through
there." He pointed to the door through which the models had been going after
leaving Mr.  Morris.

Without looking back, Blake ran to the door which led to a corridor.
Following it, he ended up in a large dressing room where the models where in
various stages of dressing.  Dolores was standing in front of a mirror
taking off her bra, when Blake ran up to her asking, ``how can I get to the
main lobby from here?"

``I don't know, Pamela.  All I know is that that door leads outside," she
said pointing to a door with an exit light over it.

Blake ran to it, pushed it open and found himself on the street on the side
of the theater.  After getting his orientation, he ran up the block toward
the main entrance hoping to find his mom and Janice waiting for him, but
they were nowhere in sight.  He ran into the theater lobby and knocked on
the door of the managers office.  It was locked and no one answered.  ``Mrs.
Parker must be watching the show," he thought to himself.

He had to pee terribly and decided to use the ladies room hoping that
someone would return by the time he was done.  He entered a stall, lifted
the sundress, pulled down his panties and sat on the seat trying to pee.
Nothing would come out.  He tried and tried, and though his bladder ached,
he was so nervous he couldn't go.  He got up, got dressed and ran out back
into the lobby.  Looking around he still saw no one.  A large clock in the
lobby showed that it was 12:15.  He ran to the back of the theater and
squinted around in the dark looking for an usher.  Up on the runway the
pretty blonde model was strutting around in a gorgeous white dress and he
could see that Mr.  Morris had rejoined Mimi at the podium.

Blake's agitation caused a woman seated nearby to get up and approach him.
It was the ticket taker.  Blake excitedly whispered to her that he had to
change back to his clothes and the managers office was locked.  The woman
told him to wait a minute while she went down the aisle into the dark and
kneeled down to speak to someone sitting in an aisle seat.  After what
seemed an eternity Blake saw the manager come walking towards him.

Out in the lobby, he said, ``I'm terribly sorry, but I've got to meet
someone and I'm late."

``You could keep the sundress, dear, if you want it."

``Thank you, I do love it, but I've got to be back to being a boy I'm

``OK, whatever," and she led him back to the office.  Blake ran inside and
quickly changed back into his jeans and shirt while the woman watched.

``I'll come back for the dress sometime, I really like it," Blake said.  He
was about to rush out the door, when the woman said, ``I don't suppose you
would want to take off your lipstick, would you?"

``Oh my God!" Blake said, and he began wiping it furiously with his fingers.

``You're just smearing it around your face.  Here, let me help you." She
came over and using a tissue found in a desk drawer, helped him get the
lipstick off.  ``OK, I think you're all set."

``I can't thank you enough," Blake said as he ran off.  Crossing the lobby
he saw that it was 12:20.

Outside again, he was again disappointed to not find Janice or his mom.  He
couldn't imagine that they wouldn't wait for him; on the other hand it was
so late, that they might have already gone to see Ann.  Unable to make up
his mind he ran back and forth up the block hoping to catch a glimpse of
them.  A sharp pang of anxiety shot through the pit of his stomach and
enflammed his already swollen bladder.  Every step he felt it would burst.
He ran down another block and still couldn't decide what to do.


At Kathy's house, the Girls-Only Club members were almost all fully dressed.
They had been helping each other put their bridesmaid dresses on, fastening
the back zip and making sure the skirts rested correctly on the layers of
crinolines.  As they congregated in Kathy's room taking turns in front of
the mirror touching up their make-up and hair, Kathy said, ``where in the
world is Pamela?  It's already almost twenty past.  How is she ever going to
get ready in time?"

``I'm really starting to worry," Penny said, ``it's so unlike her to be

``And especially for the wedding day.  She has been just dying to wear her
bridesmaid dress!" Janet added.

``It's still a little early to worry that much," Amy said trying to sound
confident.  ``I'm sure its just some minor problem."

``You don't think we should call her home?" Kathy said.

``Let's give her five more minutes," Karen said.

While they continued to get ready, they couldn't get the thought of Blake
being in some sort of trouble out of their minds.  After a few minutes, Mrs.
O"Connor came across the hall from her room.  She was still in her slip, and
her make-up was partially completed.  ``Any sign of Pamela?" she asked the

``None, mom!" Kathy said with obvious alarm.

``Mrs.  O'Connor, I think we ought to call her house and find out what's

``Good idea," Mrs.  O'Connor said, and she walked over to the extension in
Kathy's room and dialed Blake's number.

The girls gathered around her to listen to the conversation.  After a minute
Mrs.  O'Connor hung up the receiver saying, ``No answer.  I suppose that's a
good sign, it could mean that he's on his way.  When she comes in, however,
we'll have to help her get dressed as fast as possible."


With each step jarring his overloaded bladder, Blake walked and ran back and
forth up the blocks surrounding the theater.  There was no sign of his mom
and he was in a state of panic.  In the distance the clock on top of the
bank building tower said that it was almost 12:30.  Behind him he saw the
girls were starting to exit the McClintock show.  ``I should have just run
to the weight lifting event," he thought as he agonized over the situation.
Tears started filling his eyes and he felt anxious thinking about how the
girls must be worried to death about him, or maybe even furiously angry.

He finally decided to just go to the weight lifting arena and started toward
it and then realized that he had better relieve his bladder or he would have
an accident.  He turned around and headed against the current of girls back
into the pavilion and without thinking headed to the ladies room.  As he
stepped inside, he saw that there was a long line waiting for the stalls.
The women ahead of him seemed to be staring at him with surprise.  Blake
couldn't figure out what the problem was until he realized that he wasn't
wearing the sundress anymore.  Turning to leave he ran right into Valerie.

``Pamela, what happened to you?"

``I can't explain, Valerie, I've got to run, I'm late for the wedding.  I'll
tell you in school!" With that he ran out of the ladies room and into the
men's room next door.  It was empty, but he still went to a stall to pee,
not feeling comfortable standing up anymore.  The pressure was so intense on
his bladder that it was accompanied by a huge erection as he sat trying to
pee.  He tried to think of various mundane subjects to soften it a bit and
finally a little pee came out.  Just when it was about to turn into a flood,
his penis hardened again and then he had to again turn his mind away from
his anxiety at being late.  This caused some more pee to come out and then
abruptly it stopped.  He was now absolutely beside himself with panic and
began crying.  Through his tears he looked down on his panties, his penis
stiffened again and then, as had happened at Kathy's house a few weeks
earlier, it began uncontrollably spurting semen.  It would now take several
minutes until he could pee again, so he pulled up his panties and jeans and
decided to just run to the weight lifting exhibit and worry about finishing
his peeing later.

Working his way outside for the third time, he walked and ran as fast as he
could to the weight lifting exhibit.  To his overwhelming relief he saw his
mom and Janice standing with his dad, Barry and Ann at the back of the hall.
When his mom saw him she said, ``where in the world were you?"

``You missed seeing Ann win the competition!" his dad said.

``You're going to be late for the wedding!" Janice added.

``I know, I know, I know," Blake exclaimed, ``I'll explain it all in the
car!  Can we go now?"

``Thanks a lot for rooting for me," Ann said sarcastically.

``I'm sorry Ann, I was intending to come, I mean I really wanted to come,
but it wasn't my fault I missed it." He was lying now, but he would say
anything just to get everyone walking toward the car.  ``I'm so sorry, there
was no clock in the hall and I was sitting with Valerie and some friends
from school and I kept asking them for the time, and I guess their wrist
watch was an hour off.  You know the time changed last weekend and I guess
Valerie forgot to change it.  I did think the show was kind of long, but she
kept assuring me she had the right time.  Can we go now to the car."

``It sounds like a lot of BS to me," Ann said.

``I'm really disappointed in you, Blake, ``his dad said.  ``Besides the fact
that you lost all track of time watching a fashion show, this competition
really meant a lot to your sister and you missed her incredible

``I know dad, I feel just awful.  If there was anything I could do to make
it up to her, I'd be happy to."

``Well, to tell you the truth, they're going to have the award ceremony
where they present Ann with a trophy in a few minutes.  Let us stay for this
and then we'll get you to Kathy's house."

``But that'll push the time to after 1 O'clock!"

``Blake, you'll still be able to get ready, and it will be a nice gesture to

``Yeah, Blake, it's about time you did something nice for me, instead of
thinking of your self all the time."

``Ask me to do anything else except this!  All the girls and Mrs.  O'Connor
and Beth are all going to be worrying to death about me!  Please, please,
Ann, let us go now!"

``Screw you, Blake," Ann said, and Blake began to fight back tears welling
up in his eyes.

``Blake!" his dad said, shaking his head.

His mom rushed over and put her arm around him causing him to start sobbing.
People sitting nearby in the stands turned their heads to observe Blake.
His mom then said, ``dear, we promised Blake we'd get him to Kathy's by
12:30, and its now getting on to one.  While we're all proud of Ann, we
really should get moving for Blake's sake.  I'm sure Mrs.  O'Connor must be
frantic wondering where he is."

``Oh, Jesus in heaven!" his dad said, ``c'mon Ann, I guess we do have to go,
even if Blake screwed up.  We should have taken two cars.  Anyway, we can
come back to pick up the trophy after we drop Blake off."

``But dad if I leave now, they'll give the trophy to someone else."

``They'll hold it for you, I'm sure."

``They won't dad."

``I'm sorry, Ann, but we have to go."

With obvious resentment, Ann turned and followed the rest of her family out
the door heading to the car.  Blake was glad that Ann didn't put up a bigger
fight.  Hopefully, once he got to Kathy's house, he would be able to get his
dress on in just a minute or two so the wedding party would not have to wait
long for him.  Blake tried not to show his impatience, at the snail's pace
with which they walked to the car.  Clearly, Ann was slowing them down on
purpose, but there was nothing he could do about it.

When they got to the car Blake quickly took a seat in the back, while Ann
seemed to take forever getting her stuff together and finally getting in.
His dad started the engine and they took off in the direction of Kathy's

Ann sat sulking in the back looking out the window.  Suddenly she turned to
Blake saying, ``so Blake, did you find a nice dress to wear to the prom?"

Barry laughed and even Blake's dad couldn't suppress a snicker.

``Ann!" her mom rebuked, ``that's uncalled for."

``Answer me Blake!"

``There were some dresses I liked and Valerie and the other girls were very
glad to hear my opinion about them," Blake said hoping that Ann would stop
trying to tease him.

``How much weight do you think that you could lift Blake?" Ann said.

``I don't know."

``Ten pounds?"


``As much as me?"

``Of course not, Ann, you know that you work out and I don't."

``I can't believe my older brother is such a sissy.  I bet they wouldn't
even let you into a girls weight-lifting competition."

Blake was scared of the direction to which Ann was leading the conversation.
``I don't know, Ann, do they even have such contests?"

``What are you implying?  That I'm some sort of freak?"

``Of course not Ann."

``No more a freak than you going to watch a fashion show, and sit there with
the other girls discussing which dresses you like."

``Ann, I've told you many times to not talk that way to your brother!" her
mom scolded her.

``Do you also offer advice on picking out bras and panties?"

``Ann!" her mother said sharply from the front seat.

``Ann, please stop teasing me.  You know that if I didn't have the wedding I
would love to see you get the trophy."

``You could have waited two more minutes."

``But I was already very late."

``I can't believe that I had to give that up so you can go off to this
stupid wedding."

``It's not stupid." As soon as he said it, Blake realized that he should
have held his tongue:  a fundamental rule of their new relationship was that
he never contradict her.

``Blake, what did I say about contradicting me?"

``I'm sorry Ann, it was stupid of me."

Overhearing this exchange, Blake's dad interrupted, ``Blake, I don't
understand why you're so afraid of Ann."

There was a silence as Blake didn't know what to say.  If he said he was
afraid, his dad would be mad at him.  If he said he wasn't Ann would kill

``Well, Blake, answer me.  Why are you so afraid of Ann?"

He decided to take a chance that Ann would only hurt him some other time and
said ``I'm not afraid of her."

As soon as he said it, the look on Ann's face told him he had made the wrong
choice.  ``Oh, yeah?" she said, and in an instant she had grabbed his arms
and forced him down on the seat.  In a rage she said, ``I'm so sick of you
and your stupid little girly shit."

``Ann!" Blake's mother cut in.

``Stupid little fairy princess.  I gave up that trophy for Blake and his
stupid wedding."

``I don't care, Ann.  You watch your language or you're going to be one
sorry young lady."

Fuming, Ann released Blake and went back to her side of the seat.  After a
minute she said, ``I don't know why you call me the young lady, dad.
Blake's the one wearing a bra and panties."

Blake froze and nearly passed out with fright and looked at Ann with
pleading eyes.  ``What do you mean by that remark?" his dad said, puzzled.

Looking directly at Blake with a smirk she said, ``exactly what I said.
Blake's been wearing girls underwear for weeks now.  Why do you think he
spends so much time with those girls.  They made him a member of the
Girls-Only Club cause he now pretends he's a girl all the time."

Blake's mom and Janice sat still with their faces turning red.  His mom was
only able to muster a faint, ``Ann!  Why are you making up such nonsense?"

The pace of the car was slowing and Barry turned around to look back at
Blake and Ann.  Blake said, ``Dad, she's lying!" but Ann reached over,
grabbed his shirt and lifted it.

``Oh, shit, dad!" Barry said incredulously, ``Ann's right.  Blake's wearing
a bra!" The car swerved to the side of the road and stopped suddenly as his
Dad jammed on the brakes.  Turning around to look for himself he said,
``holy shit Blake!  What the fuck is going on?"

``Your language dear!" his mom said.

Blake started to cry and Ann said, ``see he's wearing panties too" as she
pulled down the side of his pants revealing their lacy elastic band.

Through his sobs Blake said, ``Dad, I can explain," but his dad was not

``The first thing I'm going to do is take you home and whip the shit out of
your backside.  Then you're going straight to a psychiatrist."

``But the wedding!"

``Fuck the wedding!  You're not going to any fucking wedding."

``Dad!" Janice said.

``Dear!" his mom said, ``you can't."

``Oh can't I?" his dad said, and with that, he started up the car and drove
off burning rubber toward their house.

End of Chapter 15.

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