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  These are the previous chapters of `The Girls-Only Club   by
Pamela'. The story about  a boy who is honoured to become a member of
this exclusive club. How he become a member and what he experienced as
a member is described in this story.

  I post this this story in representation of the author. I will
provide this service to every other author too, if she/he wouldn't
have the trouble with annoying mails and responses.

  As usual I DIDN'T write this story and haven't any claim on it. If
you have some usefull hints or some good coments, your mail is then
welcome. Flames, you know, they will be piped to /dev/null.

Enjoy the story.


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6  _The_Girls-Only_Club___________________________________________by_Pamela__

6.  Chapter

Mrs.  O'Connor suggested that they pay a visit to the ladies room and
then have a bite to eat before resuming their shopping.  Blake was in a
dire need to have his makeup fixed after all the crying he had done
that morning.  Though shaken by Mrs.  Taylor's condemnation, he felt
cheered by the thought that even she had to admit that, physically, he
was a more than passable girl.  In fact he felt truly feminine as he
walked through the store in his skirt and blouse, holding his purse,
feeling the swish of his pantyhose as each leg slid against the other.
He looked down and watched as his skirt billowed around him and saw his
breasts gently swaying, and the cameo on his necklace lightly bounce
back and forth in his cleavage.  He felt excited at all the beautiful
bras, panties and slips that he had bought, and he couldn't wait to
spend a day wearing each of them in turn.  Most especially, he enjoyed
being just one of the girls walking together with Karen, Kathy, Amy,
Janet, Penny and Mrs.  O'Connor.

He saw several men admire his figure as he walked by.  A young
electrician working on a display even went so far as to smile
invitingly at him.  Blake noticed the bulging biceps in his tee shirt
and his handsome face with sandy blonde hair.  He thought to himself,
``that must be the type of guy who'll really make me feel like a girl."
The other girls had noticed him too, because Amy whispered
conspiratorially to him, ``Isn't he cute!" and Blake, laughing said,
``and how!"

He felt very womanly and happy and excited at the thought of being one
of the girls as they met and experienced all kinds of boys and men.  At
these moments he felt sure that he was making good progress in learning
to think and act like a girl.  Eventually, he would never make mistakes
as he done with Mrs.  Taylor.  The more he practiced the quicker the
transformation would be.

When they reached the bathroom and were about to enter the door marked
``WOMEN" they saw a group of boys coming from the other direction
heading toward the MENS room.  Among them was Clifford, who recognized
them.  He said, ``Hi Mrs.  O'Connor.  I see you and the girls are doing
some shopping today" He pointed to the shopping bag of bras, panties
and slips that Amy was holding for Blake.

The tone in Clifford's voice made it clear that he was putting on a
show for the sake of Mrs.  O'Connor.  Some of the boys giggled behind

``And what about you Clifford"," Mrs.  O'Connor said.  ``why are you
spending this nice day shopping indoors?"

``Oh, no maam.  Me and the other guys just need to use the John,"
Clifford said.

``Well we don't want to stop you if you're in a hurry," Amy said.

``We wouldn't want an accident" Karen said.  All the girls laughed at
this except Blake, who was worried that Clifford would recognize him.

Clifford ignored the joke and said, ``who's your friend?  I haven't
seen her around town." He was directly facing Blake, and showed no
signs of recognizing him.

``This is Pamela, a new girl in town.  Pamela, this is the one and only
Clifford," Karen said sarcastically.

``Pamela, what a pretty name to fit such a pretty girl." He took a step
closer and extended his hand for Blake to shake.

Blake, completely flustered by the attention, blushed and delicately
offered his hand, which Clifford took and shook once up and down.

``So where do you live?"

Amy intervened quickly, ``Clifford why are you being so nosy?  Show
some manners."

Clifford pretended he didn't hear and kept his gaze fixed on Blake.
``You know you're real cute Pamela."

Blake blushed even more.  He was under Clifford's control and didn't
know what to say.  He glanced into Clifford's eyes and tried to return
his gaze.  He saw Clifford's eyes dart down and look at his chest, and
then again at his skirt and pantyhosed legs.  ``I'd like to call you up
some time."

Blake was starting to say, ``thank you," when Mrs.  O'Connor put a
sudden end to the encounter.  ``There will be plenty of time for
getting to know one another some other day.  The girls and I have to
powder our noses and Clifford, you and the boys can take care of your
business over there." Mrs.  O'Connor turned and opened the door to the
bathroom and the girls began following her inside.  Amy put her arm
around Blake's waist and led him toward the door.

``One second, Pamela" Clifford said.  Blake stopped and looked at him.
``I really do want to call you some time."

Blake noticed that his eyes were blue, and he had to admit that in
spite of his being basically a cretan, he had a certain male virility
that attracted him.  There seemed to be almost a hunger in Cliffords
eyes, like he wanted to ravish Blake's body.  Blake felt like a deer
frozen in a cars headlights.  He felt the tug of Amy and turned to
leave saying, ``I've got to check my make up.  It was nice meeting

Just as he stepped into the bathroom, he faintly heard one of the boys
saying to Clifford, ``did you see the tits on her?" and then heard
Clifford say, ``yeah I'm going to get my hand in Pamela's bra."


There were a few other ladies in the bathroom when the seven of them
entered.  Two women were in the powder room area checking on their
makeup in front of large mirrors.  Beyond this, in an adjoining room
were four stalls in a row.  One was occupied and Amy indicated to Blake
that he should take the one on the end.  Just before entering it she
whispered to him that he should probably change his pad.  While Blake
entered the stall, Amy entered the one next to him and Mrs.  O'Connor
entered the third.

Blake shut the door behind him.  He saw that it had a hook upon which
to hang his purse.  Turning around, he saw that there was a small
closed container next to the toilet which he assumed was meant for his
used pad.  There was also a dispenser on the side of the stall which
was filled with new pads.  He raised his skirt and slip and then
lowered his pantyhose and panties and sat on the seat which appeared to
be very clean.  He could hear Amy pull down her jeans and Mrs.
O'Connor.  Within a second both of them were peeing loudly into the
water.  He was very scared that he would have trouble going pee, like
before, but fortunately the woman in the other stall suddenly flushed
the toilet and it provided enough of a diversion that he found himself
peeing also.  He aimed his stream into the water so it sounded like the
other women.  He felt proud of himself for getting over his shyness.
He heard Amy take a long piece of bathroom tissue to clean herself with
and then Mrs.  O'Connor do the same.  Then Amy flushed the toilet and
then Mrs.  O'Connor.  One of the other girls had entered the available
stall and he heard her pull down her jeans and start to pee as well.
He took off his old pad and took a new one from the dispenser.  After
opening up the plastic wrapper, he put the old one in it and then
raised up the lid of the garbage container.  He saw that there were
several other used pads in there, mostly in wrappers, but one was just
folded over and there was some dried blood on the edge.  He threw his
old pad away and closed the lid.  Then he placed the new pad in his
panties, flushed the toilet and lifted up his panties and pantyhose.
He adjusted his slip and skirt until he felt comfortable.

He stepped out and smiled at Mrs.  O'Connor and Amy who had been
waiting to make sure he was OK. After they all washed their hands, they
walked to the outer section where Amy and Mrs.  O'Connor had Blake sit
down next to them in front of the makeup counter.  Blake saw Mrs.
O'Connor and Amy take compacts out of their purses.  He looked in his
purse and saw that Penny had put one in there for him.  He took it out
and opened it up, seeing a small mirror, a lipstick, a slot with a
brush and some pads of make up.  Amy, sitting next to him, whispered to
him to imitate what she was doing.  Thus he took out the little brush
and gently dabbed some additional powder on his cheeks.  Then he took
out the lipstick and put a new layer on his lips, puckering and rolling
them together like he saw Amy and Mrs.  O'Connor doing.  He found a
brush in his purse and touched up his hair with it.  Then he stood up
daintily as a couple of older women were walking into the bathroom.

``Oh, Molly we are in luck.  Here is a very sweet young girl," one of
the women said to the other, smiling brightly at Blake.  ``Young lady,
we are having a bit of a problem.  It seems that my earring fell out
and I just caught it before I lost it.  But it has an unusual clasp
which I need some young hands and eyes to get it back on properly.
Would you be so kind as to help?"

``Sure maam," Blake said shyly.  She gave him the earring and he
studied it for a second to figure out how it worked.  It had a pin
which had to fit through the ear hole and then clip into a mechanism on
the other side.  ``I think I see how it goes.  Here let me try."

He oriented the pin correctly and then bent close to the ladies ear and
gently held up the earring to put it on.  His movements were delicate
and as feminine as he could be.

When he was done he said, ``there, I think I've got it on right!"

The woman said, ``yes you've done such a nice job.  I can't thank you

Then Molly said, ``you are such a dear.  Such a fine young lady, with
such a pretty figure.  What a lovely shade of nail polish.  What's your

Blushing, Blake said, ``Pamela."

The women continued, saying, ``doing some spring shopping today?"

Blake nodded his head yes and said, ``yes I bought a few bras and
panties and some slips." He indicated the bag which he had taken from

``Let's see what you bought."

Blake took out the bras that were all wrapped in tissue paper.  He
lifted up the paper and showed the collection to the ladies.

``My, my don't you have a fancy taste in bras."

``I've got an Olga bra and some others, and oh, yes I got some
Maidenforms.  I think they are the most comfortable, and I really like
the way they are decorated with lace."

``Oh, they look very pretty.  Its so nice to meet a young girl who
loves lacy things.  When we were young, all the girls wore lace corsets
and very elaborate frilly bras under their clothes.  Nowadays, it so
sad that many girls are trying to wear what looks like boy's

Mrs.  O'Connor and the girls had now joined Blake and had introduced
themselves.  The two ladies were sisters and lived in the wealthiest
part of town in a famous Victorian estate.

After a few minutes Mrs.  O'Connor announced that, ``We've got to get
some lunch and then buy Pamela a few more things,"

``I have to buy some stockings and dresses," Blake said.

``Yes, dresses and skirts, that's what girls only used to wear; before
the days of jeans."

``Here, let me give you our address.  We would love to have you come
for a ladies tea some afternoon, where we could show you some of our
old clothes.  There may be some things you would like to wear."

The woman wrote out an address and phone number and told Blake that he
must not forget to call them and come by for a visit.

``Thank you maam, I think I would like to visit you very much." Blake
said affectionately.

``Your daughter is such a sweet thing.  You should be proud."

``Thank you.  I am very proud of Pamela" Mrs.  O'Connor said.  ``It was
nice meeting you."

Then the two women each gave Blake a kiss on the cheek and proceeded
into the bathroom part.
   The Girls-Only club members left the women's room giggling and Blake
said, ``They thought I was your daughter Mrs.  O'Connor!"

``Yes, I know.  In I sense I think you are, so I didn't want to tell
them otherwise.  Let's get some lunch now!"


``I think Mrs.  Taylor picked up on a certain excitement you felt about
getting a girdle.  To be honest, to a real woman, wearing a girdle is
not a lot of fun.  They are very constraining.  Many women who get a
little spread out at the hips and waist own them because it is a quick
and easy way to slim down so they can put on some of their favorite
clothes which might otherwise be too tight." Mrs.  O'Connor explained
this to Blake as gently as she could while they were having their lunch
in a restaurant in the mall.

``It's OK Mrs.  O'Connor.  I see what you mean."

``Mrs.  O'Connor," Penny spoke up, ``I think part of what Pam was
thinking came about from the girls in the club.  The other day during
recess we showed her some of the different options for holding up
stockings.  Amy was wearing a panty girdle with attached garters, so it
is natural that Pam might not have fully remembered that only older
women tend to wear girdles while girls our age wear panty girdles.  I
think it's hard for us to see what things we take for granted - being
girls - that are not at all obvious to a boy.  It must be very
overwhelming to have to learn so many things in such a short time,

``Thank you for saying that, Penny, because to tell you the truth I do
feel overwhelmed.  By the time of the wedding, though, I want to be
just as much a girl as any of you, but now I'm not so sure that that is
going to happen."

``Why don't you tell us what you are finding difficult and we'll think
of ways to help teach you," Janet said.

``That's a great idea, Janet!" Blake said excitedly.  ``There are so
many things about being a girl I don't quite understand.  For example,
I am so excited by all the pretty things we bought so far, and I know
that many girls must feel a similar way, but I'm not sure that I'm
feeling it in exactly the same way as girls do."

``What do you mean, Pamela?" Amy said.  All the girls were very
interested and crowded close to take part in the discussion.

``Well, for example, if one day you happen to be feeling very feminine,
do you then think ``I'll wear my frilliest bra and panties today" or
instead, do you put on a frilly bra and panties and then think,``gee
now I feel very feminine?  And also, how much of your feeling sexy
depends on thinking about a man finding you sexy?"

``How, can we explain?" Penny said.  ``First of all, Pamela, you should
realize that girls wear bras because we have breasts.  I mean that is
the ultimate reason why we do so.  If we didn't have them, we wouldn't
wear them.  That may seem very obvious, but it is important for you to
understand it, because the day you wake up in the morning and reach for
your bra to put on, because you have to wear it to keep your breasts
from bouncing around too much and being uncomfortable, that is the day
you can really consider yourself a girl.  I mean you don't reach for it
beacuse you think, ``gee, what fun, I get to wear my bra today."

``But Penny, that is what I am thinking!"

``Yes, but that is what we all thought too, when we first got breasts
and started to wear bras.  Then everyday we were excited about wearing

``But what about caring about having frilly bras as against more plain
ones?  I mean why does a girl care about the lace or not?"

``Well there is just something in girls which likes pretty things.
Just like there is something in men which really like having big
muscles and doing heavy athletics.  That is why we are all very
comfortable with you learning to be a girl with us; because we can all
identify with your need to be around pretty things.  Your inner nature
appears to be as feminine as any of us.  It is also kind of cute
watching you be a little sister to us:  all your love for lacy bras and
pink colors and puffy dresses.  We know exactly where you are, because
each of us went through that phase."

``You're wanting to play with dolls and dress up in little girl dresses
is practice in learning how to eventually become a mommy," Penny
continued.  ``Babies are as soft and delicate as anything can be, and
it is their mothers who can offer them the safe and nuturing
environment they need when they are born.  Femininity goes hand in hand
with holding and dressing and feeding babies.  But we all had to
experience this as young girls so we'll be prepared as adult women to
take good care of our infants."

``Yes, Pamela, we want you to find out about the world from a girl's
point of view, so you become a real girl one day," Janet said.  ``We
want you to be very precious and darling, and we want you to depend on
us to teach you everything you need to know.  So don't be embarassed
about being too feminine, or making mistakes.  And also let yourself
experience boys and men from a girls point of view, because nothing
will force you to become feminine faster then having to deal with the
man's world out there!"

``Boys are always trying to tell us what to do," Kathy said.  ``One way
we really knew that you were a girl at heart was the way you never
tried to boss us around.  You have your opinions, but you aren't
feeling like you always have to tell us what we should be thinking or

Blake thought about what they had said, and felt reassured that he
wasn't being unreasonable wanting a lot of very girlish things.
``Someday I want to feel like you just described.  Where I can buy and
wear girls clothes becasue I need them.  That would really make me a
girl.  I think that's why I really want to own some girdles.  Since to
me a girdle symbolizes just a very feminine thing which would make me
more of a real girl if I owned one.  Then I could think each day if I
want to wear panties, or perhaps a girdle, or perhaps a garter belt or
pantyhose.  Just whatever my mood was.  And I guess I would know how to
dress for any occasion."

``Does your mom really wear girdles, as you were saying to Celeste?"
mrs.  O'Connor asked.

``Yes, she has several which I know she wears.  I even tried one on the
other day, and I liked the way it felt, I thought it enhanced my figure
a little, and I liked the idea that stockings can be attached to it.
It gave me a special feeling that I could be more like my mom if I had
some girdles of my own.  Do you think that that is strange?"

``Of course not dear.  If I had a son, I could well imagine him wanting
to wear my girdles and bras.  After all, he would have spent his first
year or two suckling on my breasts, and I would have been changing his
wet diapers and giving him baths and so forth, you know very intimately
involved with his personal life.  I would think that if he were really
in love with me - and I hope he would be - then he might sort of want
to be like me, become me in a sense."

``Then why don't most boys feel like I do?"

``Well I guess eventually all that male hormone kicks in - for most
boys - which starts them on a path of breaking away from their mom's.
For others, like yourself, maybe they have a lot of female hormones in
their system, a lot more than other boys anyway, and they feel
comfortable growing up to be more feminine, sort of being like their
mom's.  I bet you have a lot in common with your mom.  The way you look
and parts of your personality."

``I do feel close to her, but she is clearly my dad's woman.  I mean, I
think she always puts him first as far as the children are concerned."
Saying this made Blake suddenly wonder if he could get his dad to love
him as Pamela.  Then the scary thought of actually trying to seduce his
father crossed his mind.  Then the realization came that his being
Pamela might be a way to compete with his mom for his dad's affection.
He could never be as masculine as his older brother, and even Ann was
now stronger than him and becoming more dominant every day.  He could
see that being a girl was maybe his best way of fitting into his dad's

Mrs.  O'Connor saw Blake's preoccupation and asked, ``Is there anything

Startled, Blake said, `` I was thinking how my mom, me and Janice are
really the girls in my family.  Ann, Barry and my dad are the males and
I feel so much better just knowing I could be a girl.  When the men are
not home we could all sit around casually in our girdles and bras and
do girls things together.  Like maybe we could bake or sew.  I think I
would like to make a quilt!"

``That's a very precious thought!  In fact, Kathy, Beth and I have
spent many evenings dressed in just our bras and panties watching TV on
hot summer nights.  Thats one of the nice things in not having any men
around!  But now Beth will be moving out to live with Brad after the
wedding.  So, you'll have to come by and be my new daughter!  Would you
like that?"

``Oh, I would so much, Mrs.  O'Connor!"

She smiled at Blake.  ``I think this is an appropriate moment to tell
you about something that Kathy and I have been discussing.  Go ahead
and tell him Kathy."

Kathy and the other girls who had been listening grouped closely around
Blake.  ``What mom is trying to say is that we were thinking that after
Beth moves out we'd have this extra bedroom in the house, which we
would like to offer to you as your very own place where you could
safely be a girl as much as you wanted.  You could put all your girls
clothes there and you could feel free to be just as feminine and
girlish as you wanted there.  No one would every bother you or tease
you.  It would be like your home away from home.  You could decorate it
as prettily as you wanted and you could come by and be a girl there as
often as you liked.  When you were able to, you could spend the night
sleeping there as my sister."

``We would think of you as my other daughter and that would be your
bedroom," Mrs.  O'Connor added.

Blake was overwhelmed by emotion and for yet another time that day
began to quietly weep.  Mrs.  O'Connor and Kathy held him between them
and said, ``say yes, you'll do it!"

``Of course, I will.  It'll be a place I can grow up to womanhood in.
I'll be able to go through all the stages of being a young girl and
developing emotionally into a young lady and then a young women.  I
can't thank you and Kathy enough."

This news made all the girls very excited.  ``You can spend a lot more
time being our girl friend!" Penny exclaimed.  ``We'll be able to come
by and see you much more often!"

``I hope you will all help me to decorate the room!"


They finished lunch and then headed over to the hoisery department in
Lord and Taylor.  ``There are so many kinds of pantyhose here," Blake
said after he observed the many racks, each containing panty hose from
different brands.  ``Which one should I choose?"

``It really is maddening for women; so many choices," Mrs.  O'Connor
said.  ``However, our job is made a bit easier by the fact that you are
a young girl and you don't need support hose.  You see that there are
all kinds of pantyhose that try and do the same job as a girdle or
panty girdle.  Some have lacy panty parts, others are less so.  Then
there are many different colors and sizes and then some of the
pantyhose is very shear and others are thicker.  Some pantyhose has
seams in the back, others have decorations on them.  Some pantyhose has
reinforced toes and others don't."

``Pamela, why don't you let each of us pick you out two pairs of
pantyhose for you," Kathy said.  ``We'll choose the kind we normally
get for ourselves, then after you have worn them all, you can decide
which you like the best.  Then, from that time on you can buy that

``That sounds like a great idea," Blake said.  Then each of the club
members went about picking out pantyhose for him.  When they were all
done he had pantyhose by Hanes, Round-the-clock, Perry Ellis and Jones.
They covered every imaginable type and style.  He looked through them
all and thanked each of the girls for their selection.

``What about some stockings, like you know when I wear a garter belt or
if I get a girdle or panty girdle?"

``I have already thought about that," Mrs.  O'Connor said as she came
back with two packages of stockings.  These are very sexy, Pamela,
you'll love them."

They took all the hose to the counter and paid for them.

``Now its time to get you some nice dresses, skirts and blouses, and we
know just the right store for you!" Mrs.  O'Connor said.


On the other side of the mall was a dress shop catering to girls and
young women from the teenage years through to young adult.  ``You'll
like the styles in here, Pamela," Penny said, ``they range from casual
everyday dresses to sophisticated evening wear."

Blake was excited by what he saw.  A young sales girl, about 18 years
old wearing a black leather miniskirt and a tight white top came over
to assist.  She had long dyed blonde hair with the dark roots clearly
visible and a lot of make up around her eyes.  A name tag pinned just
over her breast said `Connie.'  ``Need help?" she said to Mrs.
O'Connor in a bored tone.

``Yes, we're looking for some dresses and skirts for my daughter," she
indicated Blake and secretly winked at him.

The salesgirl slowly looked him over and said, ` ``I guess she's about
a 12.  Right?"

``Yes, she is," Mrs.  O'Connor said.  ``We'd like to look at some of
your prettier dresses, like perhaps these." Mrs.  O'Connor pointed to a
nearby circular rack containing a single style of dress arranged in
increasing sizes.

``This is a rose pink-antique ivory cotton skirt and a matching
embroidered t-shirt," the sales girls said.  ``Would she like to try it

Mrs.  O'Connor said, ``what do you think honey?  Do you like that?"

``Yes, I think it's very pretty."

The sales girl went through the rack and took one out in Blake's size.

``Come look here," Janet said.  ``This is a very feminine dress.  A
floral print with fluttery cap sleeves, princess seams and a pretty bow
in the back.  And good, they have a size 12!" She handed the dress to
Blake and said, ``And here is a luxurious silk halter dress!  Look at
the profusion of rich violet, pink and golden flowers!  Its cinched by
a wide belt above a full, flowing skirt."

``And oh!, isn't this one darling, Pamela!" Kathy exclaimed.  It's a
light blue party dress, with a matching petticoat.  See, it has blue
hearts with bows on the skirt and a sweetheart neckline."

The sales girl came over to look,``Isn't that a little young for

``I don't think so.  Is it Pamela?" Kathy asked.

Blake had fallen instantly in love with the dress and was relieved that
Kathy had spoken up, since he felt intimidated by the abrupt manner of
the sales girl.

``I like it very much," he said, thinking how he couldn't wait to try
it on.

``Good, we'll have Pamela try that one too," Mrs.  O'Connor said.
``Now we need to get you at least one cocktail dress.  Something kind
of sophisticated."

``We have some really cool leather shifts, with silver studs and a high
collar with chains on it," Connie volunteered, obviously making fun of
Blakes choices thus far.

Mrs.  O'Connor said, ``not the sort of thing I want for Pamela.  How
about these lovely black cocktail dresses, honey?"

The dress she pointed to was stunning; it had a short flaired skirt,
with several layers of attached gray and white crinolines sewn in to
keep the skirt flaired out.

``Wearing black stockings, and high heels on your pretty legs, Pamela,
you'll be a knockout!"
  Blake had now assembled a half dozen dresses and it was time to go to
the fitting room.  This consisted of a large central space surrounded
by changing rooms.  Penny helped Blake find an empty cubicle and they
went in to it together.  Penny suggested that he start with the
cocktail dress.  He took off his blouse and skirt and put the dress on
over his head.  After Penny zipped up the back he stepped out for all
to see.

Several other girls were showing off their dresses to their moms and
other friends and relatives.  Some had on the leather skirts and sheath
dresses that Connie had mentioned, while a couple of others had on more
colorful styles with wide or pleated skirts.  A few older girls where
trying on suits with straight skirts, white blouses and jackets.

Blake took a few steps self-conciously around the fitting room so Mrs.
O'Connor and the girls could see him.  Looking into a mirror he saw
that the sleek black lines on his torso and bust, together with the
swishy crinolines and skirt which pushed out like a flower, gave him a
grown up look that scared him a little.  He noticed that some of the
other girls trying on dresses were staring at him.

``Pamela, you're so gorgeous!" Amy said.

``Do you think so?  I feel so grown up in it, like I could be a model
or date a college student or something.  It seems so sexual though,
like I'm giving a man a sexual message.  Do you know what I mean?"

``That's exactly how you should feel, Pamela.  Can you imagine yourself
at a cocktail party wearing that?  With some high black spike heels, a
little black evening bag to go with it!" Janet said.

``And a black choker," Amy added.

``Some handsome millionaire stops in his tracks when he sees you!"
Janet added laughing.

Thinking of that was terrifying to Blake.  He felt vulnerable in the
dress.  Men would ask him to dance, put their arms on his back, make
him kiss them, and maybe they would put their hands down his chest or
up his skirt.  He imagined their shaven faces and black hair on their
chests and arms.  Their strength in holding him as they unzipped the
back of his dress.  He knew that he would cry and feel helpless with
them.  It was easier wearing the bridesmaid dress and the other skirts
and things which made him feel like a young girl.  That was where he
was emotionally right now.  Sometime long in the future he might become
this sophisticated woman, but not today.

``Mrs.  O'Connor, I think the dress is very pretty but I am really
scared to wear this.  It seems like it is for older girls who know how
to deal with men."

``I see what you mean, honey.  I think we are all rushing you a bit.
I'm sure in a year from now you'll feel right at home in this sort of
dress.  Why don't we skip that one for today.  Go try on the pretty
flowered one."

Just at that moment everyone's attention was diverted to a man in a
dark suit who had come to the entrance to the fitting room and was
calling for everyones attention.

``Hi, everyone.  I'm Bob Dole, owner of the shop.  All you lovely young
ladies please listen up.  WKNT-TV news anchorman Jim Morris will be
here in a few moments to do a promotional story about the mall.  I've
been told he wants to include some film of girls shopping for spring
dresses.  If you don't mind spending just a few minutes being
interviewed by him please stay where you are and he'll be here shortly.
You'll get to see yourselves on the 6 O'Clock news tonight!"
  At this point Jim Morris sauntered into the room followed by a
cameraman, a video cameraman and other technicians.  His face was
familiar to everyone since he appeared daily on the most popular news
show.  He was taller in person than Blake and the girls had thought
from seeing him on TV. A little over 6 foot tall, with a classically
handsome face and broad shoulders.

Mr.  Morris made his was slowly through the room interviewing different
girls.  As he got closer and closer, Blake felt his heart rising up in
his throat.  What was he going to do if Mr.  Morris interviewed him?
``Mrs.  O'Connor, ``what should I do?" he whispered.

``Go ahead Pamela, this is exciting, we'll wait for you!" she whispered

After leaving a small group of girls with their mothers, Jim Morris
looked over at Blake and the girls and came over with the videocameran
who was filming the interviews.  As Mr.  Morris approached, Blake and
he exchanged glances and Blake looked away blushing, but not before he
saw that Mr.  Morris had sneaked a peak at his chest.

``My, oh my, what do we have here, but the prettiest 7 girls in the
entire state!" He introduced himself to each of them individually.
Mrs.  O'Connor laughed at the illusion to her being a girl.

``And you are the prettiest of all," he said directly to Blake.
``Thats quite an attractive dress you've got on there.  A man killer
dress!" he joked giving a hearty laugh."

``What's your name?"

Blake, feeling overwhelmed by panic, barely said, ``Pamela" in a tiny

``Oh, Pamela.  You can speak up, the TV audience can't touch you!" Mr.
Morris laughed good naturedly.  ``I like your dress.  Its a very pretty

``Thank you."

``Do you shop here often?"

``Um, yes, I guess so."

``What other stores have you been to today?"

``We were shopping in Lord and Taylor."

``What did you buy?"

Blake started to feel embarrassed thinking about telling what he had

``Do you remember what else you bought?" Mr.  Morris prodded him.

``Yes.  I bought some bras and panties."

``Bras and panties, how nice.  And what else?"

Blake was getting nervous and said, ``I also bought some slips.  Two
black ones and two white ones.  I couldn't find a pink slip that I
wanted.  And I got some pantyhose also."

``No pink slip?" Mr.  Morris laughed.

Blake wondered how he must have sounded to cause him to laugh.  The
cameraman was smiling as well.

``No, I guess they don't sell pink slips here in the mall.  I'll have
to go somewhere else to find one."

Blake thought of telling them about his wanting a girdle, but decided
that the same thing could happen as with Mrs.  Taylor.

``Its been very nice chatting with you, Pamela.  You're a lovely girl.
And for being so nice, we're going to give you some free gifts.  Here
is a boxed set of bath oil beads and perfume for the young miss."

``Thank you!" Blake said, taking a box which was offered to him.

``Just what every pretty young girl wants" Mr.  Morris said.  ``In a
few minutes we're going to take some still shots for the newspaper.  I
hope you'll stay around.  Will you?"

Mrs.  O'Connor said, ``of course we will."

Mr.  Morris walked away toward another group of girls and Blake and the
Club members and Mrs.  O'Connor excitedly discussed their luck in
having Blake appear on TV. After a few minutes, one of the technicians
called for all the girls trying on dresses to go over to one corner of
the room.  Blake and about 10 girls who had been in the fitting room
gathered together in the corner.  They stood around nervously in their
dresses as the technicians hurried around arranging for the still
pictures.  From out of a back room two men came carrying a sofa, which
they placed in the corner of the fitting room.  Jim Morris sat down in
the middle of it and the photographer began arranging all the girls
around him.  He placed two sisters in blue dresses on either side of
Mr.  Morris, and then squeezed in several others next to them.  Blake
was the last girl left, and the man said, I want you to sit on Jim's
lap.  Is that a problem for you honey?  Blake, startled, said, ``Oh,
no, I guess its OK."

``Good.  We're looking for a little humor here.  You see Jim is buried
in all these lovely young girls, and then there is this doll like you
on his lap.  Go ahead and sit on him.  Remember to lift out your skirt
and show off your crinolines.  And smile!"

Blake walked over to the sofa.  Jim was smiling a broad smile at him.
``Come on young lady.  This is going to be beautiful!"

Blake held out his skirt and daintily planted his bottom right on Jim's
lap, sitting sideways with his back leaning against him and his legs
dangling off to the side over his knees.

Mr.  Morris put his left arm around Blake and held him tight.  The
photographer and his assistants ran around busily setting up some
lights.  In a low voice Jim whispered in Blake's ear ``You're a very
pretty girl, Pamela."

``Thank you, Mr.  Morris."

Blake felt Mr.  Morris's hand gently rub his back and trace the outline
of his bra.  After a minute or two Mr.  Morris said, ``Pamela."

``Yes, Mr.  Morris?"

``What kind of panties are you wearing?"

Blake was startled and blushed.  ``Are you teasing me Mr.  Morris?"

``Yes, of course Pamela.  I don't want you to be nervous."

Blake was thinking that that was a pretty strange remark for Mr.
Morris to make and that maybe it was very wrong.

``Pamela, I want you to reach under your skirt and tell me what you

Blake didn't know what to make of this and took his right hand which
was nearest Mr.  Morris and snaked it under his skirt and crinolines,
which was all bunched up against Mr.  Morris's chest.  Suddenly he felt
something warm and realized that it was Mr.  Morris's penis.  He
gasped, and was about to remove his hand, when Mr.  Morris caught his
arm, and while maintaining a big smile for everyone else to see,
whispered to Blake, ``Pamela, please keep your hand there.  Won't you?
Be a good girl and leave it there.  You want to be a good girl don't

Blake in a panic didn't know what to do.  He relaxed a little and let
his hand rest on what he clearly felt to be a stiffening penis.

``That's a good girl now."

``Mr.  Morris, why are you doing this to me?"

``Doing what honey?  You're a very pretty girl, wearing an absolutely
sexy dress.  What's a man to do?"

``I don't know, Mr.  Morris.  I didn't mean to give you that kind of

``You can grab a hold of it now, Pamela and squeeze it gently.  Go

Blake felt very scared and with everyone looking on at the girls and
Mr.  Morris on the sofa, he didn't know what to do.

``Go ahead, Pamela, please be a good girl."

Blake obeyed the order.  ``Aren't you afraid that everyone will find

``Pamela, you wouldn't say anything would you?  It would be very
embarrassing for both of us."

Blake had his hand around Jim's penis, which had swelled now and was
poking up between his thighs near his panties.  He felt Jim's hips
slightly move causing the penis to go up and down in his hand.

``Mr.  Morris!  What are you doing?"

The cameraman was signaling that all was in order, and Mr.  Morris
reached his hand under the skirts to put his penis away.  While he was
doing this Blake suddenly felt Mr.  Morris grab his crotch and then
just as suddenly recoil.  Mr.  Morris opened his eyes wide and looked
at Blake.

``Holy cow.  What's going on here?  Pamela?  Is it Pamela???"

``Please Mr.  Morris don't say anything.  I can explain."

Mr.  Morris fell silent thinking, then said, ``OK kid, don't worry at
all.  It'll be fine, but I'll have to talk with you in the managers
office after this is done."

The lights were suddenly turned on and the cameraman took a number of
still shots.  When he was done, he directed Blake to get off Mr.
Morris's lap.  Blake rejoined the club members with Mr.  Morris close
behind him.

``Marvelous pictures, Pamela.  Everyone will love them." Turning to
Mrs.  O'Connor he said, ``You have such a lovely daughter."

``Why thank you Mr.  Morris."

``In fact, I would like to speak to her privately for a few minutes,
without all these technicians hounding us, to find out a bit more about
her and to see if she has any interest in maybe doing some other
promotional appearances.  You know TV is always looking for a fresh new

``Oh, how exciting Pamela!" Mrs.  O'Connor said.  ``You all go and chat
and we'll take care of some errands and meet you back here in a little

Blake was terrified to be alone with Mr.  Morris but was even more
scared about suddenly being found out for dressing up as a girl.  The
fear was evident on his face, and Mrs.  O'Connor asked him, ``What's
the matter honey?"

Mr.  Morris smiled at Blake causing him to just say, ``Oh, I'm just
very nervous about being on television."

``Nonsense, Pamela, come along with me.  I want to tell you about some
plans we have that you might find very interesting!"

Mr.  Morris, with Blake trailing behind, walked to an office on the
other side of the dress shop.

``The manager said we could borrow this for awhile," Mr.  Morris said.
He shut and locked the door behind them.

Blake, stared silently at Mr.  Morris.

``Pamela, please don't be afraid of me.  I didn't bring you in here to
harm you."

``Why have you brought me here?  To really discuss my being on TV?"

``Yes, maybe we'll eventually be able to arrange something for you.  It
depends on a lot of things."

``But Mr.  Morris, I can't believe that a nice man like you could have
done what you did.  And especially in front of all those people!  I
mean you are a famous person and if they all found out - I mean if I
told them what you were doing to me."

``My dear Pamela, I just got carried away by your beauty.  Trust me,
I've never done that before; and I'm certainly not some sort of sick
pedophile preying on young people.  God no!  But what I am is really
just a regular guy and when I first saw you I must admit that I felt an
enormous pang of desire, almost a kind of love.  I don't know exactly
what the magic is, but you have a special sort of charisma.  A
sensuality, a sexuality that drives me mad.  Its partly the way you fit
in that very pretty dress you're wearing, your hair, your pretty arms
and legs, your pink lips and nails.  A certain kind of grace and
delicacy, a feminine fragileness."

Mr.  Morris walked over and held Blake close to him.  Then gently
touched his breasts.  ``Judging by your chest I felt you were not a
child." Blake flinched a little at having his breasts touched, but for
some strange reason did not make any move to tell Mr.  Morris to stop.
Without any resistance, Mr.  Morris began seriously fondling the
breasts.  Blake felt the pleasure forming in his own nipples.

After a moment he said, a bit dreamily.  ``Mr.  Morris, I am only in
eighth grade, so it would be statutory rape.  What you did.  Wouldn't

``True enough, I suppose."

Mr.  Morris stopped what he was doing and said, ``Look Pamela, you are
a boy masquerading as a girl with the full knowledge of your mother and
those other friends of yours.  That says to me that you are living as
dangerously as I was when I had you fondle me.  Do you have any idea
how much trouble your mom could get into if everyone found out, besides
your public humiliation and the fact that you could never go back to
school here?  Your mother would most likely be charged with aiding and
abetting the delinquency of a minor.  At worst she may be sent to
prison, at best she would pay a very large fine."

Blake hadn't thought about any of this and was suddenly very scared at
the thought of anything happening to Mrs.  O'Connor on his account.  He
shuddered at the thought of his parents finding out about him.

``OK, Mr.  Morris.  I won't say anything about what happened - so maybe
we should just go our own separate ways."

``I would be inclined to agree with you about that, except for the fact
that this is a wonderful opportunity for us right now."

``What do you mean?"

``Pamela, when you get to my age, you have to start thinking about
grasping the opportunities that come along in life and not letting them
slip by."

Blake thought about this for a second and it dawned on him what Mr.
Morris might be getting at, ``You mean you want me to touch your penis

``Yes my dear, you are almost right, but I think that there is
something better we could do for each other than just that.  Something
which would sort of help you become more like a true girl - since I
know that you really do want to become one - yet at the same time make
me feel really really good and close to you."

``What are you talking about, Mr.  Morris?" Blake said feeling very

``OK, let me be blunt.  What I want you to do is to get down on your
knees in front of me, unzip my fly, take out my penis and suck on it
until it cums in your mouth."

Blake was astonished at the request.  ``You must be joking!"

``Why do you say that?  Look, Pamela, I meant what I said.  If you
can't do it than you are not at all serious about being a girl and you
might as well get out of that dress this instant.  If you are serious,
then this will be a great experience for you.  You can think to
yourself that you got the chance to give a blowjob to the famous TV
anchorman Jim Morris, WKNT-TV. "

The emotions surging through Blake were so intense that he began to
cry.  ``I don't know what to do, Mr.  Morris," he managed to say after
a minute of sobbing.

``Now, now my dear.  It is not such an awful thing.  I don't have any
diseases.  If you are going to go around dressed as a sexy young woman
- then you really have to expect to be treated like the sexy girl you
are.  I realize that this is sort of being forced on you, but it is
nothing that any normal red-blooded American girl might not be doing to
her boy friend.  Now dry your tears and just try it a few minutes.  If
you can't get into it we'll just stop the whole thing.  OK?"

Blake thought it all over and realized that what Mr.  Morris was saying
did make a certain amount of sense.  He could imagine Karen or Amy
doing it to Billy or Mark.  After all, Amy had not thought it that
terrible to hold Billy's penis the night they were at the dance.  Blake
slowly and delicately got down on his knees in front of Mr.  Morris.
``OK, Mr.  Morris, I'll try and see if I can do it."

``First thing you do is undo my buckle and unzip my trousers."

Blake struggled with the large brass buckle until it was undone.  With
his fingers tipped with pink nail polish he undid the button and then
unzipped the fly.

``Pull down my trousers now."

Blake took a hold of them around the waist and pulled them down.  Once
clear of his shirt tails they fell to the ground landing partly on top
of Blakes skirt which was bunched around Mr.  Morris's ankles.  He
looked straight ahead at the bulge in Mr.  Morris's underwear.  He felt
tremendous fear of what was behind there, but an enormous fascination
as well; the same feelings he had had at watching a horror movie one
time:  very scared but too caught up in curiosity to leave.

``OK, Pamela, you're doing a really good job so far.  Now reach inside
my underpants and pull it out."

Placing a hand on the waistband, Blake gingerly reached in until he had
his hand around the now swelling member and then pulled it out slowly.

``The balls also, Pamela, get out my balls with it."

The penis, which was dangling over the elastic of the underwear stared
straight out at Blake's face only inches away.  He put his hand back
into the underpants and found the balls and lifted them gently up and
over the elastic so Mr.  Morris's entire genitals were dangling out.
He was clearly, ``well hung" as Blake had heard people say.

He tried to imagine that he was Amy or Karen and was in control of the
situation.  It took some effort, though, since the reality of this
large swelling masculine organ just inches from his face was very
different than just imagining it in a fantasy.  He noticed that it had
a slight scent, unlike any that he could remember.  Some sort of male
essence he thought to himself.
  There was a small drop of glistening dew at the end.  He saw that the
penis was a variety of reddish and flesh colored tones.  The glans at
the top was a darker red.  Brownish black pubic hair covered the balls
which dangled below.  They looked much larger than he imagined they

``Now you put it in your mouth and suck on it.  I shouldn't have to
tell you how to do that.  Girls are supposed to know how.  Try
different things until you make me feel really good."

Blake had the strangest sensation of feeling overwhelmingly feminine.
It felt like his breasts were growing in his bra, straining to be more
womanly.  He felt a sense of pride in the prettiness of his dress and
crinolines spread out around Mr.  Morris's feet.

The large red member was arching out in front of him.  He lightly
rested his hands on Mr.  Morris's thighs.  They were like stones he
noted, muscles rock hard and rippling.

``Come on my sweet Pamela.  I know you want to suck it."

Blake sighed a little sigh - part in resignation and part in some sort
of desire to be a girl.  He slowly leaned forward until his lips just
touched the end of the penis.  His tongue went out slightly and he felt
the hot dew drop and noted it had a slightly sweet taste.

He opened his lips wider and slowly moved in to take the penis.  It was
wider and thicker than he had thought it would be and it forced him to
open his mouth wider.  He felt the hot hard-soft texture of the penis's
skin as it slowly moved over his lips and tongue toward the back of his

``Your teeth, honey!  Watch your teeth!" Mr.  Morris said and Blake
opened wider lifting his teeth away from the object now increasingly
lodged in his mouth.  He used his tongue to rub on the underside of the
big phallus.  He tried to use the back part of his tongue to squeeze
and caress the glans.  He felt the penis suddenly jerk hard and
straighten further into his mouth, causing his head to push up with the
force.  He inched his hands around to the back of Mr.  Morris's thighs
to get better control of his sucking motions.  He slowly slid the penis
out and then back in again.

``Oh God, Pamela, you've got such a gentle touch.  I can't tell you how
nice it feels."

Taking the penis out of his mouth, Blake said coyly, ``Mr.  Morris, is
this how you want me to suck it?" He didn't know where the words were
coming from; some part of his soul that was taken over by Pamela.

Blake looked up to see Mr.  Morris's face.  He was looking down out
him.  ``Yes, honey that's how I want you to do it!"

He put the penis back in his mouth and then slid his head back,
revealing the couple of inches of Mr.  Morris's long member that had
just been in his mouth.  Talking with the penis in his mouth he partly
mumbled, ``I don't think I want to do this any more," and then looked
up again at Mr.  Morris.  He saw a flash of panic cross Mr.  Morris's

``No, no, honey you've got to continue!  Please, please!"

``Well I don't know," Blake said as he resumed very slowly taking the
penis back into his mouth again and then slowly letting it out.  Mr.
Morris jumped slightly by the pleasure forcing the penis into Blake's
mouth to the point where he could begin to feel himself gagging.

He thought, ``I never realized how big a man's penis can be, or how
hard." Mr.  Morris's member was so rigid it seemed like a steel rod.
Blake brought his head out then back along the shaft, with his tongue
running around it as much as he could.  He took his left hand and
gently held the part of the shaft which couldn't fit into his mouth.
Mr.  Morris did another little leap at this and moaned slightly.  Blake
lightly stroked the underpart of the member with his left thumb, and as
the member came out he ran his thumb all the way up it to the tip.
This generated another sharp reaction from Mr.  Morris.

``Oh, baby you're special," He said.

Blake took his right hand and gently started to fondle Mr.  Morris's
balls.  He cupped them and released them and ran his fingers around and
through them.  Mr.  Morris moved his body rhythmically back and forth,
forcing his penis to now glide gently in and out of Blakes mouth.  The
more excited Mr.  Morris became the more force he used to push into
Blakes face.  With each increasing thrust Blake felt the penis go
further back into his throat.  He struggled to accommodate it.  He made
sure his lips were moist and caressed every little feature of the penis
as it went in and out.  Looking down with his eyes he watched the
pattern of bulging blue veins and some reddish dots move in front of
him.  He could see Mr.  Morris's tight stomach muscles straining in a
pattern of ripples, with some shaggy blackish hair running up towards
his belly button.  He imagined Amy and Karen were there with him
holding his hands as he sucked on the penis, telling him he was doing a
great job and that Mr.  Morris was so luckly to have him doing it.  He
even imagined that they were jealous of him and were begging for him to
give them a chance to suck on it.  Amy was saying, ``Oh Pamela please
give me a turn.  Its bigger and harder and longer and prettier than any
one I've ever seen before.  And Mr.  Morris is so handsome and strong
and his muscles are all rippling and I just want to get a piece of him,
make him feel good.  Please, Pam, please give me a chance!"

His mouth was starting to hurt, and he felt a confusion in his panties.
Did he have to pee very badly or was his penis aroused also?  He
imagined Amy and Karen sucking excitedly on Billy's penis.  He looked
up plaintively and saw Jim staring down at him with rapture.  ``Oh baby
you're good," Mr.  Morris said.  From out of somewhere he suddenly felt
tremendously excited that he had the power to make a man feel such

Mr.  Morris looked away and his hips moved faster pulling and pushing
his member into and out of Blakes mouth.  Blake had to grasp the penis
with two hands to make sure it stayed on its course.  It moved faster
still and suddenly Mr.  Morris grasped the back of Blakes head, forcing
the penis deeper into him than it had been.  Blake felt a huge swelling
surge in the penis, an arching, a rigid lengthening and then a small
hot spurt of precum shooting back into his throat followed by a huge
suffocating hot puddle of thick viscous cum jetting into his mouth in
spurts.  He couldn't breathe and he struggled futilely for some air,
held in the tight iron grasp of Mr.  Morris.  A series of powerful
after shocks came and more and more of the hot semen poured into his
mouth.  He was desperate for a breath but couldn't budge against Mr.
Morris's grip.  Finally, after the last spasm, Mr.  Morris lightened
his grip and Blake, in a panic, was able to just open the side of his
mouth enough to get a bit of air.  His entire mouth was filled with cum
and he didn't know what to do with it.

Coming out of his trance, Mr.  Morris looked down at Blake and saw his
bulging mouth and said, ``You can swallow it honey, its good for you."

Seeing no alternative, Blake then proceeded to swallow it in several
gulps.  It had a taste unlike anything he had ever known before.  Like
chlorinated water he thought.  A taste that only girls know about.

Mr.  Morris reached down and took Blakes arms and helped him up.  Blake
smoothed his dress and reached under it to arrange his crinolines and
pantyhose.  Mr.  Morris reached under the skirt to Blakes pantyhose and
felt around.  ``I see by your big boner this couldn't have been all bad
for you."

Blake burst uncontrollably into tears and Mr.  Morris said, ``honey,
what did I say?  What's the matter?"

Between sobs Blake said, ``I'm not like other girls, I'm not like Karen
or Amy, I have that big clitoris.  It's always in the way!"

He was surprised at what he was saying, but it seemed to just pour out
of him as the truth of what he felt.  ``And the other girls have big
breasts and mine are so small and they're not even real." He was still
crying in fits.  ``And my hips are too narrow.  I'll probably never
need to wear a girdle."

``Slow down, Pamela, I didn't mean to upset you.  You are a very lovely
girl Pamela.  It was dumb of me to say what I did.  I'm sorry, truly
sorry.  Just stop crying."

Mr.  Morris gave Blake his handkerchief and Blake blew his nose in it
and dabbed at his eyes.  ``Look honey, I can do things for you.  Do you
know that I earn more than a million dollars a year?  I can pay for you
to be made into a real girl - only the best doctors - they'll make you
a beautiful girl.  I mean it, its a promise.  When the time is right in
your life think of me and I'll help.  It's the least I can do for you.
Now sit down for a few minutes and rest."

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