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  These are the previous chapters of `The Girls-Only Club   by
Pamela'. The story about  a boy who is honoured to become a member of
this exclusive club. How he become a member and what he experienced as
a member is described in this story.

  I post this this story in representation of the author. I will
provide this service to every other author too, if she/he wouldn't
have the trouble with annoying mails and responses.

  As usual I DIDN'T write this story and haven't any claim on it. If
you have some usefull hints or some good coments, your mail is then
welcome. Flames, you know, they will be piped to /dev/null.

Enjoy the story.


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The  Girls-Only  Club

                                                           by  Pamela

1.  Chapter

At lunchtime recess one day in late spring, Blake casually strolled to
a large garden of rose bushes planted on the far side of the school
yard.  The other eighth grade boys normally never went there:  rather
they hung out near the school building playing ball games or else
huddled together in noisy groups teasing each other and roughhousing as
boys are wont to do.  Normally Blake would be with them, but this day
he was tired of the nasty putdowns and teasing from the other boys.
This had become a problem lately; ever since Mr.  Grady the science
teacher had pointed out to the whole class how well Blake had done on
his science fair project.  In fact, Blake had been a state runnerup
that year.  Some of the rougher boys in the class had taken to
threatening and taunting him, calling him a `snob' and a `nerd'.  It
felt like a good idea to cool things with the guys for a while, so he
had decided to walk over to the opposite side of the school yard away
from everyone else.

Finding the rose bushes had been somewhat of an accident, but he found
himself attracted to them and had walked over to inspect them closely.
He was amazed at the many different colors of the flowers and the
strong smells.  He leaned over at one flower on each one of the
different varieties of roses and sniffed deeply.  The scents were so
intoxicating that he was startled back to conciousness by the sudden
sound of Clifford yelling at him:  ``Look at the sissy boy smelling the
flowers!  What a little girl!"

At this, Blake noticed that the whole group of boys he normally hung
out with were grouped around him laughing at him and making other nasty
comments.  He blushed deeply and tried to say he just liked the smell
of the roses, but the guys were really into ragging on him, and the
more he said the more they teased him.  Blake felt tears welling up in
his eyes and he did the best he could to supress them from becoming
visible.  Unfortunately Clifford and another particularly tough guy,
Roy, saw the gleam in his eyes and started to then also call him a cry
baby.  Roy began shoving Blake, which Blake couldn't do anything about
since Roy could easily beat him up if he gave him an excuse to do so.

While this was going on, a group of 5 of the girls in their class came
up to the boys and started yelling at Roy and Clifford and the other
boys to leave poor Blake alone.  Karen, who was widely acknowledge to
be the prettiest girl in the eighth grade, scolded the boys.  ``We saw
everything.  You boys are just awful and viscious.  All Blake did was
admire the beautiful pretty roses which if you had any brains or
maturity like he does, then you would enjoy them too." At this the
girls surrounded Blake and began sniffing the roses also.

While some of the boys were silenced by Karen, since they all at one
time or another had fantasized about dating her, Clifford continued on
now saying, ``Just like I said, Blake is one of the girls now.  What a
cute little fairy sissy boy.  I bet tomorrow he comes to school in a
dress." The boys fell down laughing at this one and Blake was so angry
and upset he didn't know what to do.  He was afraid to leave the girls
since as long as Karen was there he felt safe.  Yet as long as he let
the girls protect him he was inviting many more days of teasing from
the guys.

One of the other girls, Amy, spoke up loudly, ``Clifford and Roy and
the rest of you are just so impossible.  Just leave Blake alone.
Before any of you dare to touch him, you will have to contend with me
first." At this, Amy bared her long sharp nails, as if daring anyone to
come forward and attack.  Amy was a bit tall as a girl, but very
athletic with a trim lithe body and a full set of rounded breasts which
were shown off by a tight fitting tee shirt.

Blake winced at this, since it was now clear he didn't have the courage
to do what the girls could do.  Amy, who was just the same height as
him and perhaps a bit lighter was not afraid to stand up and defend

Luckily, just at that moment the bell sounded signaling the end of
recess and the boys turned to go away.  However, Clifford got the last
word saying:  ``after school Blake you won't have your other girls to
protect you." Blake gulped in fear as he walked slowly back to the
school building surrounded by the five girls.  Once the boys were out
of earshot, Karen said to Kathy and Janet who were next to her, ``we
have to do something to protect Blake this afternoon.  We can't let
those dumb boys beat him up, for such a stupid reason."

Kathy and the other girls all agreed.  Kathy then said, ``well why not
have Blake go with us after school today.  We were all planning to get
together at my house anyway for our weekly meeting."

``Well, I guess he could come for at least a little time, until our
meeting starts," added Karen.

Blake had overheard this exchange and said, ``That's very kind of you,
but what meeting are you referring to.  I dont want to intrude."

``Today is our meeting of the `Girls-Only Club," Karen said, ``which is
a name we give to the five of us.  We meet each week at Kathy's house
to talk about all kinds of things:  some girl things but also music and
art, you know.

``Oh, then I really am out of place there."

``Don't worry.  The meeting usually doesn't start until 4 o'clock.  By
then you could safely go home."

``I can't thank you all enough!" Blake exlclaimed.  But then added,
``but how can you stand me, if you are not afraid of the guys and I am.
I mean, Amy wasn't afraid to fight Clifford or Roy and I was."

At this a new burst of tears started from his eyes.  Karen and the
other girls stopped a minute and surrounded Blake, patting him gently
on the shoulders.  ``Now listen, Blake," Kathy said, ``we think its OK
if some boys are not as strong as some girls.  You have other talents
which are nice, and we accept you for that."

Hearing this comforted Blake tremendously and he suddenly felt excited
about the chance to play a little with such nice girls after school.
He really believed that they would protect him without also looking
down on him and that was what mattered most.  When he reached the
building, he excitedly ran ahead to the classroom.  The boys wouldn't
dare start a fight near one of the teachers.  He couldn't believe how
nice the girls were, and that Karen and the other girls, Kathy, Janet,
Amy and Penny, who were also among the prettiest in the whole school,
would take the time to be nice to him.  He had always thought the girls
more mature than the guys, and this was a good lesson on how true that


At the end of the school day, as Blake foresaw, the guys had assembled
across the street from the school entrance to await his exit.  But the
girls had also held to their promise to protect him, so after a brief
scene in which he was teased anew by Clifford and Roy, and even some of
the smaller kids pushed him a little, the guys left to go play
baseball.  The guys could have gotten him if they really wanted, but
they didn't want to do something to get on the bad side of Karen, Kathy
and the other girls.  In fact, most of the guys would have liked
nothing better than to go steady with anyone of the five girls; each
being cute and pretty in their own way.  One of the main topics of
conversation of the guys had always been to try to figure out ways for
one of them to get a date with one of the girls so that they could
`feel her up.'  In fact, there had been some dating, and some claims
that they had gotten sex off of the girls, but most of the guys just
assumed that this was fantasy.

The five girls walked along toward Kathy's house with Blake trailing
behind.  They talked rapidly and excitedly about all kinds of things
that Blake didn't know much about:  who other girls were dating, some
new songs they just heard on the radio, things going on at the mall and
so forth.  He felt more and more out of place, and finally said to
them:  ``look, the guys have all gone away to play ball, maybe I should
just go home since I am sure I can get there safely now."

Kathy spoke up immediately and said, ``we won't hear of that.  The boys
could be lurking anywhere to gang up on you.  In fact, look down the
street there." She pointed up the block behind them, and Blake could
see a couple of boys standing looking toward their direction.  ``I
think they are spying on us.  You come along with us to Kathy's house
like we planned, and we'll send you on home at 4."

It looked like Kathy was right, so Blake agreed to the plan, and
contented himself to walk along behind the girls as they went the
remaining few blocks to Kathy's house.

When they arrived there, Mrs.  O'Connor, Kathy's mom, had cookies and
milk waiting for the girls on the kitchen table.  She was surprised to
see Blake, but after hearing what had happened with the boys, she
commended the girls on their good deed, and made Blake feel very much
welcome in the house.  She poured him a glass of milk also, and offered
him some cookies.  When the girls and Blake were done eating they went
upstairs to Kathy's large bedroom suite.  Blake was impressed by the
lovely feminine decor which included two love seats, a sofa, a large
bed with a white and pink bedspread, light blue wall paper with little
pink flowers.  On one wall was a large color photograph of some
unbelievably muscular body builder posed with his huge biceps sticking
out.  He wore just a little speedo bathing suit which barely hid what
appeared to be a huge member inside.  Apart from this, there were no
other bows to the popular culture.

Two of the girls sat down on the sofa, two on one of the love seats and
Kathy on the other.  This left Blake standing awkwardly until Kathy
told him to not be shy and sit down next to her.  Kathy had on a
flairing light blue skirt which spread out a bit on the seat so that
when Blake sat down it was gently touching his pants leg.  The girls
were smiling and quite excited with their feeling of accomplishment for
how they had handled the events of the afternoon.

``I can't believe how dumb those stupid boys are," said Penny.  She was
the quietest of the girls, and known in the classroom for being very
smart.  ``What are they trying to prove by picking on someone who they
obviously could beat up.  Clifford or Roy ought to fight each other,
then that would be a contest.  I have always enjoyed your contributions
in class Blake.  You should be very proud of your accomplishments and
certainly you should enjoy the roses anytime you want!"

The girls laughed at this and Amy said, ``Look Penny you made Blake

Blake hid his face in his hands while laughing and then everyone
laughed anew very hard.

Karen finally said, ``As we have discussed many times together, the
boys have only one thing on their stupid minds which seems to be to try
and feel us up or go even further!  Never anything about our
personalities or thoughts in our heads.  The only exception, Blake, has
been you!  In fact, at last week's meeting we had been talking about
how we wish all the boys could be like you."

Blake felt a deep joy in his heart.  No matter what, whether he was to
wake up tommorrow and find that this was all a dream, at least for just
this one precious afternoon, he felt like he belonged.  He said, after
some hesitation, ``I really like you girls, and I am so happy that I
got to play with you today."

At this, Karen got up and walked over and gave Blake a kiss on the
cheek.  She kneeled down in front of him and put her hands on his
shoulders and looked into his eyes and said.  ``Blake, we really like
you too, and we hope that you will play with us many times more.  From
now on, let us never think again about those ugly boys out there and
let us all just have fun togther now!"

All the girls shouted their agreement, and then they all began talking
together about different things.  They enjoyed hearing Blake's thoughts
about many topics, such as opera, of which he was a big fan and
especially ballet.  When he was older he planned to take lessons, but
not now, since his mom and dad couldn't really afford it and he wasn't
too sure that they would accept it either.  He wasn't gay!  but he
thought that they wouldn't understand his love for the beautiful
graceful motions of the dancers and wanting to do it himself.


It was approaching 4 0'clock and the girls were talking about the
upcoming wedding of Kathy's sister, Beth.  In fact, Beth was engaged to
the hunk whose picture hung on the wall, which thus explained the
incongruity of this photo with the other decor.  The girls in the club
were to be bridemaids at the wedding and the past weekend they had gone
to a shop to be fitted for their gowns.  Kathy was very excited because
her gown had been the first to be finished and her mom had brought it
home the previous afternoon.  Janet and Amy together said, ``Oh, Kathy
show it to us!"

Kathy got up to go to her mothers room to get the dress to show the
girls.  While she was gone, Blake started to feel like he was intruding
again.  After all, the wedding concerned just the girls.  Being very
concious of the time, and thinking that they might be too polite to
tell him to leave, he said, ``Well I guess it is 4 and I don't want to
get in the way of your meeting." The girls appeared to have not heard
him, and he was just about to repeat this when when just that second,
Kathy came running back in the room carryling a large box.  She put it
down on her bed, and opened it up taking out a beautiful ruffly pink
and white dress, covered with little pink lace flowers and a wide white
skirt, underneath which was many layers of soft pink crinolines.
Totally taken by surprise, Blake let out an audible gasp of excitement,
and then before he knew what he was saying said, ``How wonderfully
pretty and exciting your dress is Kathy!  Oh its just marvelous, I
can't believe how pretty and gorgeous it is!  Oh God, I just love it!
I think it is just so nice and you are so lucky to get to wear it!"

Kathy beamed at Blake, and the other girls fell silent and took in the
moment.  Once again Blake was blushing as he realized how excited he
had become over a dress.  Oh, oh, he thought, boys should not be so
taken in by dresses, and they are going to think I am a sissy.  Feeling
embarassed, he quickly stood up and began walking to the door.  ``Its
just now 4 O'clock, and I really ought to be going so you girls can get
on with your meeting."

Janet said, ``Blake!  It's OK to like the dress!  We all do, too!  You
should have seen us at the store, we all fell instantly in love with
it, just like you did!  Please don't be embarassed, and pleae sit down
and stay a bit longer."

Blake didn't know what to do and so he carefully retook his seat on the

Karen said, ``I think Blake is right.  It is about time we started our
club meeting.  However, as president of the Girls-Only Club I know I am
speaking on behalf of everyone, when I say that we need to do some
serious thinking about how we can fit you into the club also!" All the
girls loudly clapped their hands in agreement and Blake was taken by

``Of course you realize that the ``Girls-Only Club" is, as its name
implies, for girls only.  We set up the club this way mainly because we
really couldn't stand the immaturity of boys, who can never talk
intelligently about any subject, and only care about our bodies.  You,
on the other hand, are so different, that we can really see that it
would be a great benefit to the club to have you as a member.  The
discussions at our meetings would be ever so much more interesting!
Unfortunately, however, rules are rules, and the charter of our club
strictly requires that only girls can be in the club.  However, I would
like you to answer just one question for us right now."

Blake nodded in agreement, ''Sure."

``Pretending that we didn't have the girls-only rule, would you want to
join the club?" Karen said slowly.

Without hesitation, Blake said, ``Oh, would I! It would be the most
wonderful thing that could happen to me!"

Upon hearing this, the girls whispered among themselves for a second
and finally Amy said, ``We would like to discuss some things amongst us
club members.  Could you wait downstairs, until we call for you?  It
shouldn't be more than 15 minutes or so.  Maybe we can find some sort
of way to make us all happy!"

Blake agreed, and feeling truly elated walked out of the room closing
the door behind him.  He couldn't imagine what the girls would be
discussing, but he hoped more that he had thought possible to be given
the chance to join the club.


Blake nervously walked downstairs to sit in the living room while
awaiting the girls.  He never would have imagined when this day began
that he would be a guest in Kathy O'Connors house and playing with the
most attractive group of girls in the school.

When he got downstairs he walked into the living room and found Mrs.
O'Connor sitting there.  She greeted him warmly and said, ``On your way
home now?  Do you think it will be safe?  I could drive you if you are

Blake shyly said, ``Oh, no maam, I think I can get home OK. But
actually, I'm not yet leaving.  The girls are upstairs having some
discussion and when they are done, I can go up again."

Mrs.  O"commor put on a puzzled expression.  Blake observed that she
was a strikingly attractive women.  About 45 with long blonde hair.
She was wearing a simple A-Line dress which gracefully reflected her
curves.  As she sat in the chair with her legs crossed, he saw that she
was wearing stockings and high heeled shoes.  She said, ``well why
don't you sit down and chat with me until the girls are ready?  Come
sit over here." She indicated a spot near her on the sofa.  As he sat
down, Blake noted the gentle fragance of her perfume and felt somewhat
overwhelmed by the intensity of her womanly presence.  ``So what is it
the girls are discussing without you?"

``Something to do with maybe allowing me into their club."

``Oh thats strange, I thought they called it the `Girls-Only Club'?"

``Yes, that is the problem they are working on." Blake realized that
this sounded awkward but didn't know what else to say.

``Well?  Mrs.  Oconnor asked showing genuine curiosity.

``Oh, you mean why would a boy want to join?", Blake suddenly felt very
embarassed, and started to stammer, ``I,I,I,I,I, " and couldn't find
any words.

Mrs.  Oconnor, smiled at him, ``Those girls are quite a group!"

Blake felt inadequate and confused.  What did Mrs.  OConnor mean by
this remark?

Luckily, just then the phone rang and Mrs.  O'Connor got up to answer
it.  She came back after a few minutes and said, ``It was the florist
for Beth's wedding.  Endless details and problems.  But well worth it I
guess, since Beth is so happy."

Blake said, ``Oh, I saw the picture of her boyfriend in Kathy's room"

``Oh that funny thing.  Isn't it silly of him to be posed like Arnold
Swartzenneger.  Those muscles are something else, aren't they!"

Blake looked down at his lap and tried to smile.  His arms were thin
and graceful, with barely any bulge if he flexed them.  He told himself
he would have to get a weight set and see if he could develop some
muscles like Brad had.

Mrs.  O'Connor seemed to read what was on his mind.  ``Not all girls
like those big bulging muscles on a guy.  But you know that Beth, being
a beauty queen and even winning some pagents over the years, she fits
in well with a ruggedly handsome man.  They make such a beautiful
couple together." She reached over and took a framed picture off a
table and handed it to Blake to see.  In it was a color picture of Beth
and Brad at the beach.  Brad in his little speedo was standing holding
up a surf board on one side, while on the other was an extraordinarily
voluptuous women in a tiny little pink bikini, holding onto to Brad.
Her huge shapely breasts were barely contained in the bra top.

Blake said, ``Wow, is she beautiful." And after a moment, ``I mean just
like you and Karen."

Mrs.  O'Connor laughed at this, saying, ``Why thank you.  I guess all
the ladies in our family are nice looking.  It is so kind of you to say
that I still have attractions."

Blake found himself blushing once again.

``Here, let me give you a little kiss for being so nice.  Come closer."

Mrs.  O'Connor indicated that he should slide right next to her on the
sofa so she could give him a kiss.  He slowly moved closer and she put
her arm around him and drew him up to her body.  She looked a second in
his eyes and then gave him a little kiss on the cheek.  Blake felt his
chest against her breasts and his arm touching her dress.  He couldn't
believe how happy he felt.  When she released him, he was sitting very
tightly against her and felt the warmth of her body.

``You are such a dear.  Such a fine young man and I am glad that Kathy
has found you as a new friend."

She sat there looking a bit wistfull.  After a long pause in which
Blake felt close to tears of happiness, she said, ``Having two
daughters, I always wished to have had a son.  A son who would be
genteel and kind.  like you are.  You know, before my husband died
suddenly on the plane crash, we had talked about having another child,
mainly to see what a boy would be like."

``I didn't know Kathy's dad had died.  I am sorry."

``It was many years ago now.  I'm sorry to have brought up the subject.
Now let me tell you about the big wedding!"

``When is it?" Blake asked.

``It's three weeks from this Saturday.  There will be about 200 guests
and it will be held at the old Episcopal church on Main Street.  The
wedding party is at the country club.  We have 6 brides maids:  the
Girls-Only Club members plus Brad's young cousin from Minneapolis."

``Wow.  It sounds great."

``Yes, everyone is going to look splendid.  Beth bought the most
exquisite gown and all the brides maids have very pretty dresses."

``Yes I saw one upstairs."

``Oh, yes Karthyand the girls are very excited about wearing the
dresses together.  It was so much silly fun and confusion down at the
dress shop buying them."

Blake and Mrs.  O'Connor turned their heads when they heard the foot
steps of Kathy coming down the stairs.  She came into the living room
and said, ``Well you two look really comfy.  I'm glad you have become
friends, because I am hoping that we will be seeing a lot of Blake!
Anyway, Mom, can we borrow him for a moment since the club has some
important business to discuss with him!

``Blake, I do hope to see you again.  Now run along and take care of
this mysterious business with the girls!"

Blake thanked Mrs.  O'Connor profusely for their chat and went with
Karen up the stairs to her room.


When he entered Kathy's bedroom the girls had left a seat for him on
the central loveseat so that he was in the middle of them.  In contrast
to before, the girls were not smiling.  Blake felt a burning in his
heart and some trepedation as to what they might say.  After he sat
down, Karen, who was seated next to him began to speak.

``Blake.  The Girls-Only Club has had a very serious discussion about
the question of your membership in the club.  First, I am happy to
report that there was a unanimous vote in favor of looking into the
possiblity of you joining the club.  We then discussed how we could
justify offering you full membership in view of the fact that you are a
boy.  We realized that if we were to take the drastic step of allowing
a boy into the club, then the whole point and purpose of the club would
be ruined.  Furthermore, we strongly believe that a boy being in the
club would be at a serious disadvantage compared to the other members.
For example, in participating in our girl type activities,
conversations and so forth.  Even more, a boy would be separate and
isolated in some sense from the rest of us, and would not be able to
feel totally a part of the club.  Thus, we rejected the idea of a boy
being in the club."

Hearing this, Blake's heart sagged, and his face showed that he was
near to tears.  Seeing this, Karen quickly went on.

``However, we realized that a way around our problem is to consider
more carefully what we mean by the word `girl' appearing in the club
name.  In fact, we all agreed that we have some freedom to make up our
own definition of `girl'.  Specifically, we have decided that as far as
the charter of our club is concerned, a `girl' is someone who looks,
acts and dresses like a girl.  All that business about X and Y
chromosomes is irrelevant in our opinion.  Thus, we are able to accept
into our Girls-Only Club anyone who meets this definition of `girl'."

Blake was stunned.  It was a million miles from what he had expected to
hear from the girls, and it took him some moments to grope towards a
reaction.  ``I, I don't know what to say.  I guess I am not sure that
you are serious, like maybe you're trying to tease me."

He was starting to feel just awful and a wave of humiliation began
coming over him when Kathy spoke up.  ``Oh my God!  We were afraid that
you might feel hurt by what we decided, but please, please don't take
it that way!  You see we are really serious about there being no
limitations to our feeling close to you.  We have to all behave and
dress and feel like girls if we are to achieve this.  As long as you
are dressed like a boy, and look like a boy, then the gulf is just too
great between us."

``Blake, please understand," Amy joined in.  ``We are not thinking like
we will see you as a sissy boy or something.  Not at all.  Instead we
will be able to get even closer to you and see you as a very very
special friend who is even willing to pretend to be a girl just to be a
part of our club."

``It seems to us that after a short period of adjustment you will fit
in perfectly in the club as a girl.  We have already seen earlier how
truly feminine your feelings are, like when you said how lucky a girl
would be to wear a pretty dress.  This tells us so much about how you
feel:  it says to us that you know all about being a girl.  That
special wonderful feeling of being pretty and being surrounded by
pretty things."

The more the girls talked this way and the more they resassured him the
more Blake started to think about the reality of doing this.  Finally,
he said, ``But how would I get clothes to wear, and I dont know
anything at all about girls things, and what about my mom and dad if
they found out.  And what about going to school like a girl, and the
guys finding out, and will I look like a boy dressed as a girl?"

``These are all really important questions, and we thought about how to
answer some of them while we had our discussion," Kathy said,
``Basically, we will have to make some compromises, like you would not
have to dress like a girl at school or during other times when it wasnt
possible.  We would also be able to spend some time teaching you about
being a girl.  It would be fun for all of us."

``And as far as passing as a girl, don't you worry!  We can make you
look perfect.  You all ready have feminine features, such as your
pretty arms and graceful legs.  With some make up and a wig we are sure
your face will be that of a very pretty girl."

All the girls now chimed in their encouragement to Blake.  Kathy
snuggled close to him on one side and Karen came over and sat next to
him on the other, putting her arm around him.  Then Penny, Amy and
Janet came and kneeled down in front of him and also snuggled in
tightly to him and gently stroked his sides and chest with their hands.
Thus surrounded by all five girls, Blake began to cry, partly out of
joy, but partly out of fear for what he would be doing.  Penny gave him
her lace hanky and Blake took it to wipe his eyes and blow his nose.
When he felt enough under control he said ``I think I know what you are
getting at.  I don't want to be separate from you in anyway.  Just as
long as you promise me you'll never make fun of me."

``Oh, Blake, how could you ever think that!  Then you agree to our
conditions and you will become a member?"


Hearing this, the girls all let out a cheer, and said that the
Girls-Only Club is now the six of us, and will be from now on.

Kathy then said, ``it is getting late today so we really don't have
time to set up a way for you to dress up right now.  Let's start that
at our next meeting which is one week from today.  But for right now, I
thought that you could try on my bridesmaid dress, so you will see just
how wonderful it feels to be pretty!  Then you will have all week to
know exactly what it is you are getting yourself into!  Okay?"

Blake thought about it a second and then hesitantly nodded his

Janet then said, ``Blake, we realize that this is a sudden shock to
you, and I am sure you'll get more comfortable as times go on, but I
think you have to make an effort to forget your boys side while you are
with us, and just become a girl exactly like one of us."

``Yes," added Amy, ``just feel completely free to be a girl and do and
think girls things, and then I am sure we'll all be so happy together."

``I'm sorry," Blake said, ``I will do my best to try and learn to be a
girl and fit in with the rest of you."

``That's all we can hope for," said Janet.

``Now, I guess I really do want to wear the dress for a bit, to see how
it feels like.  It is my favorite style." Blake got up and walked over
to the dress and picked it up.  He ran his hand delicately over the
pretty flowers on it and examined the soft crinolines.  His heart was
racing so hard he thought he might faint.  The dress was intoxicatingly
beautiful and he ached to try it on.  He said to the girls, ``I think
I'll feel like a princess wearing it!" He then held it up to himself
and twirled around once as if he were dancing.  The girls laughed and
Janet said, ``that's exactly what we were all doing at the dress shop
last week.  Its too bad you weren't there, and that you won't be able
to be a bridesmaid like the rest of us.  Then the whole club could be
together at the wedding!"

Kathy said, ``Yes that is too bad.  But for now Blake we can let you be
a bridesmaid for a few minutes.  Why don't you now take off all your
boy clothes." Seeing that Blake suddenly looked scared, she said, ``now
what is there to be frightened of?  We're all girls here and girls can
certainly all get undressed together.  Now take off your pants and
underpants and your shirt like a good girl."

Blake did as she directed.  Kathy meanwhile appeared saying, ``here
Karen I found a pair of my old panties which Blake can have to wear
today.  He can also keep them as a start on his new clothing

Blake took the panties, which were light blue cotton with a lacy
elastic top and put them on.  It was clear to the girls that he was a
bit excited as a little tent had formed in the panties.

Kathy said, ``we anticipated that problem," pointing to his erection,
``and we decided that we would take turns getting rid of it as quickly
as possible.  I was chosen to be first." She led Blake to the bathroom
where she stood him against the sink, reached inside his panties and
began fondling his member until in just a matter of seconds he was
cuming over her hand and into the sink.  She gave him a little kiss on
the cheek and said, ``that was quick!  Now your little clitoris will
calm back down and not be so hot!"

When Blake came back with Kathy his member was now relaxed and not too
visible in the panties.  Kathy said to the other girls, ``Blake, no, I
mean Pamela - from now on we'll call you Pamela - was very quick, and
now her big clitoris is safely resting in her panties."

``You look so precious in those panties, Pamela," Amy said, ``I think
your body is naturally graceful and feminine."

Kathy then continued, ``Normally, you'll have to wear some other things
to be properly dressed, like a bra and so forth, but for now let us
just put the dress on you.  First raise your hands up."

Blake did as he was told and the girls gathered up the dress and put it
over his arms and slid it down around his body.  Amy then zipped up the
back, and exclaimed ``What a lovely fit.  Now take a look in the mirror
and see how exquisite you look!"

Blake walked over to a full length mirror hanging on the closet door
and looked at himself.  The dress looked ravishing and he could never
remember feeling so happy in his life.  ``Oh, I can't believe how
wonderful it feels, and how natural I feel."

He wheeled about a little and then sat gracefully down on the sofa with
the dress and crinolines puffing up around him.  ``God I wish I could
go the wedding with all of you, and get to wear this dress all day


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