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spandex = shiny-type, nylon lycra

If you have piccies of men or women wearing it, please e-mail
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Spandex DiscoSlut

     We were the exhibitionist stars of the dance floor in the
dingy night club dive. I wore a dazzling white, wet-look spandex
mini-dress, low-cut to show most of my tits - teats showing
darkly through the filmy white. White PVC knee-boots completed
the slut-look.  
     And MY mini-skirts and dresses ARE mini's - either showing
stockie tops and bare fanny or, as in this case, flashing sexy,
bright-coloured panties. A hemline dropping just one inch below
crotch level ensured that the gaudy-peach, satin panties were
constantly winking at my admirers.
     'OUR admirers' because Mick was in leather. 
     A white leather vest-top exposed most of his gorgeous
muscled torso. And shiny-white leather shorts with their wide,
uncovered, gold zipper, showed off his interesting bits. He
looked fantastic - cock and balls a-bulging and his fantastic
muscly ass stretching that lovely, white, soft leather... 

     We danced our sexiest, crotch-thrusting routines - in my
case tit-jerking, crotch-thrusting routines and we were soon
super-horned by the lecherous attention.  
     Then suddenly we found ourselves a dance partner, or rather
he found us. A 'pretty-boy-blonde type' of about eighteen - short
and slim, joined us and could he dance!  He was wearing baggy
Levi's, white T-shirt and Reebok's ... until he took his damn
Levi's and top off, right there on the dance floor! A fellow
     Clit-Tingling, Spandex work-out shorts!  Gleaming white with
light-blue thigh flash, the healthy downward-curving shape of a
fattening cock showed he wasn't small where it mattered most to
a man!  He obviously worked out, and though petite his body was
lithe and muscular. 
     He matched our dances, grind for grind, thrust for thrust
and the sight of him relishing the attention really got to me. 
I watched that cute, tight ass thrust and corkscrew in those
tightest of shorts; watched that bulgy-cock grow and grow. I
couldn't keep my hands off him!  
     When we danced close, my hand strayed over the heat of his
tight crotch, his strayed to my equally hot panties. Mick was
hornied by him too - shorts bulging obscenely!
     This couldn't last. While the lad danced at the side of us,
Mick danced behind me, close.  When his hands came around me and
groped at my tits through the spandex dress I panted in lust -
the men's eyes were glued on those hands!  I slid my hands behind
me and groped Mick's cock through the hot, thin leather.
      When his hand snaked over my belly, lifted the hem of the
dress and gave them a proper look of my peachy-satin panties I
nearly came. 
     When his finger stroked my clit over the sexy satin, I did
.. a double knee-trembler  - I almost collapsed. 
     He crushed against my hand and I felt warm pulses.  The
randy bastard spunked his best shorts!  I knew it wouldn't be
wasted though - leather, like PVC, preserves it ... Lovely! 
     Next phase ... journey to fantasy-land... 
     Mick led the way. All I saw was his tight, muscly ass
rippling under the thin, shiny leather. It chewed a toffee all
the way across the dance floor and into the dimly-lit corridor. 
     'Boy' followed behind me, jeans and T-shirt in hand!
     In the corridor Mick stopped, lifted my arms above my head,
pressed me up against the wall and kissed me, then did what he
always does - I don't know why he bothers!
     'Are you sure Suzie, sure you want to go through with this? 
You've got them super randy and you never know, it might turn
     Boy's hand groped though Mick's thighs and found my crotch,
and, I swear, Mick's too!
     'I want it, Lover,' I growled in my best slut-voice. 'I want
to be fucked in the mens-room. I want your horny cock, and theirs
in my cock-sucking mouth. I want your cock and theirs in my horny
cunt, and up my ass. And I want their spunk and juice spread all
over me.'
     One minute later, the three of us were in a cubicle in the
mens-room. Boy locked the door behind us.
     Mick stood on the toilet seat, hands on hip. I pressed my
face into his crotch and licked up the wide zipper (I swear heard
his cock straining the leather!). I unfastened the gold top stud,
took the zipper in my teeth, pulled it down under his balls, then
pulled the resulting flaps wide apart.
     And found my prize.
     The globs of spunk, pumped freely on the dance floor, clung
to the inside, to the dull-white leather.
     I nuzzled in and my tongue collected it, his wonderful cock
- our wonderful cock - swinging against my face. 
     Drawing out the big ball sac I held his cods, gazing at the
spunky foreskin, closed over the head.
      Moving my wet mouth slowly up and down the throbbing pole
I enjoyed the smell of a hot, horny cock, the feel of its silky-
smoothness on my lips and face.
     I'd forgotten Boy until his body pressed into mine.  A hard,
Spandex'd lump slid against my leather'd ass and his hands
pulled the dress off my shoulders, spilling my tits into his
     One of which squeezed roughly at the erect teats, while the
other pressed down my stomach, easing soaked satin aside.  It
slipped along my crack, then found my hardened clit. 
     He wanked me.
     Darling Mick must have thought I needed more horny talk ...
I didn't but enjoyed it anyway...
     'Are you ready, slut.  Ready for all the cocks you've
hornied out there on the dance floor? I hope you are...'     
     He'd stopped talking 'cause I'd peeled his foreskin back
revealing a profuse amount of thick, glistening man-juice. 
     'I am, I love cock,' I said, my fingers playing in the
lovely mess.
     'And I want cock to suck the lovely juices from.
     'I want cock to fuck my cunt, my ass and my mouth.
     'I want cocks to spew load after load of spunk, up me into
me and over me.
     'Then you can whip me and watch as I piss myself with the
very uncontrolled excitement of it.' 
     Mick's cock twitched, he pulled my head against him.  I
touched my lips to the pool of thick fluid; backed a little,
watching the thick strands of heavy drool form silvery bridges
'tween lips and cockhead. 
     Boy watched, breathing hard over my shoulder, two fingers
in my cunt. He liked a bit of horny talk too; we'd have to get
together with him again sometime...
     'You gorgeous dirty tart, you're so wet down here it feels
like you've pissed yourself already.'  
     I grinned up at Mick, the viscous strands broke and fell
away to hang from my chin. I touched Mick's cockhead against my
lips, savouring the taste, the feel, the smell...
     Then, closing my lips over the end I noisily sucked the
stuff out. 
     Mick gasped with pleasure. 
     As I did it I looked up into his face, showing him my mouth
coated with his lovely, pungent juice.
     He held my head ... and fucked my mouth...
     Briefly because he was used to doing that and wanted more,
for both of us. He pulled out, bent down and whispered.
     'Suzie. You've always fantasised about sucking off a boy.
     Now's your chance, he looks really young - pretend...'
     Lovely husband!
     One minute later my head faced those slim hips and bulging,
white Spandex shorts. Every lovely detail of the downward-curved
cock could be seen through the clingy fabric. The inevitable
glisten in the shiny-white marked the spot.
     I extended my tongue, sexually, rudely, lewdly, and licked
at it, then sucked. My hands groped firm, slinky-smooth boy-ass
and nutty boy-balls through sexy spandex shorts.
     Mick, behind me, pushed my dress up and bunched it around
my waist. The fingers of his left hand pulled my left tit, hard
and outward. Three fingers of his right bunched, and pushed
inside me.
     'Suck him Suzie,' he whispered. 
     'Suck boy-cock, like you've always wanted. Stick your
fingers up his ass and make him cum in your mouth...'
     I shuddered, hooked my fingers in the waistband of his
shorts, and peeled them down.
     Man-Cock!  Juicy, circumcised, short yet fat!
     I wanked it against my lips, looking up into the innocent
face, made more innocent by the curly blonde hair. His look, into
my eyes spoke disbelief, excitement - lewd greed.
     I held its base, my lips sucked at the tip where a long 
pearly drop hung. My free hand caressed the insides of firm,
tanned, hairless thigh, slid upward to cup his balls then invade
the tight crevice of his ass.
     My nostrils flared with clean-horny musk rising from his
groin.  My head bobbed on his cock, my index prodding his
     Boy held my head and fucked my mouth, slowly pushing in,
then out to watch it drool over my open lips. He slid it around
until my face was a mess with snail-trails of man-juice.
     The fingers fucking my cunt, thumb on my clit, the cock in
my mouth, the nip on my tits, the feel of tight asshole gripping
my index and Mick's cock sliding in my ass-crack ... I couldn't
last and Mick knew it.
     His lewdness drove me up the spiral and over the edge.
     'Suck the boy, Suzie.  He's only little, but with a good fat
cock!  That's it, use that cock-sucker's mouth like only you know
how.  Make him cream in your mouth, on your lips, then kiss
     The boy heard and fell over the edge with me. 
     His slim hips bucked twice. His cream geysered.  
     As the pleasure-wave hit my clit and spread up and down my
body, burning my tits, lighting a fire in my cunt, I held his
cock, backed my head and sprayed my face with the thick, pulsing
ropes of white.
     Party-Piece Time!
     Opening my mouth wide in a wild-sexual smile, I extended my
tongue, showing him the pooled spunk. I could feel the lovely
stuff sticking to my teeth, cloying on my lips...
     Then, excited voices in the main area, the door banged open
behind me and several eager pairs of hands groped me.  Mick's
voice was urgent in my ear.
     'They're here for you Suzie. They're here to fuck and use
you because of the way you've flaunted yourself. Are you ready?'
     I shook my ass against the groping hands and swallowed boy's
cock once more, delighting in the delicious feel of so many wild
hands pawing... 
     'Look at the hot bitch suck that cock. We're in for a
fucking good time lads, she loves it.' 
     'She sure does,' Mick said quietly, as his cock quietly
erupted into the crack of my ass, inside my pants.
     I still wore the dress but bunched around my waist it was
no hindrance to them.  My panties were pulled down and a drooling
cock slid up my thigh and into the crack of my ass, lubing on
Mick's emission, preparing for entry. 
      Another took boy's place on the toilet seat; eager hands
turned me sideways to the toilet and I had to turn my head to
take the new, fresh-and-horny cock into my mouth.  
     There were lots of exposed, rutting-steaming cocks in that
small place. The heady, rousing smell enveloped me, inflaming
already-screaming desires. Heavy breathing accompanied the smells
of breath-alcohol.I gasped as a length shoved ruthlessly up my
dripping cunt.   
     I twitched with each thrust of man.  A finger slid into my
asshole. I groaned as the cock in my mouth was taken from me, and
wanked in my face.
     Spunk erupted deep in my cunt. I reached down with splayed
thighs and grasped the jerking cock hard, noting with
satisfaction the extra grunt of pleasure this extracted from its
anonymous owner. 
     Then, using both hands, I pulled out the spent cock, rubbed
its sweetness onto high-thigh before its owner was pulled away
by the next eager participant. Guiding the anonymous pole of
pleasure to the turnstile, I straddled and sank onto it.  
     All the time, with my head cricked to one side I couldn't
see who was fucking me; I didn't care. A load shot up my asshole
and the cock ruthlessly removed itself, immediately followed by
fresh hands splitting my ass.  
     My orgasmic moans, the sucking, suckling, groaning sounds
of raw sex were accompanied by lewd comments of the men as they
fucked me one after another. My tits were under constant abuse,
usually by the ass-fucker.

     I stood for all of them; still wearing my boots. They all
took me roughly, not an ounce of emotion other than the desire
to get their rocks off - just the way I'd wanted it. My body was
squashed, pummelled and used between their sweating, rutting
     Cock after cock sprayed in my cunt ass or mouth.  Others
creamed on my face; some, who got carried away, spurted on my
hands and thighs as I reached around wildly; jacking them off,
groping balls and reaming assholes. My wrists hands and arms were
streaked with masses of lovely cock-slime.

     Mick was back there on the toilet seat. 
     His cock was semi erect, hanging from his shorts and I
wondered vaguely if he'd been one of those fucking my ass or cunt
- I wouldn't have known.
     He took my head in his hands and brought my head to his
cock. He gazed down, I gazed up. His face bore a peculiar
expression which excited me.
     I began to suck on his cock but he held my head tightly and
gazed into my eyes, as if pleading. 
     With a lurch in my stomach I realised what he wanted to do. 
Even here!  Excitement rose in me and I returned the eye-contact.
     'Do it Mick!' I said quietly.
     'Piss in my mouth. Do me.  Show them your slut!'
     Plumbing the depths of depravity!  Not just letting, but
desperately wanting him to do it - here with so many others! 
     My body twitched and shook in uncontrollable orgasm and had
I not been packed so tightly my legs would have given way. 
     Mick watched as he pissed in my mouth.
     Then, he crouched down, crushed his lips to mine, his tongue
searching out his own.  
     I was frenzied, my body thrashing and shaking. Two cocks
fought at either side of the membrane separating cunt and ass;
in unison they erupted.
     I suddenly felt physically tired although my inflamed
desires wanted more, and more. 
     The place was rank with the smell of cock, cunt, spunk,
sweat and piss. 
     The men were no longer frenzied, most had already come
several times and Mick was able to jostle them out of the
cubicle. He locked the door. 
     A scuffling sound preceded half a dozen faces peering at us
over the sides of the cubicle.  Mick drew me to him, holding me
close. His hands slid over my ass, smoothing slime into my
     'You were magnificent babe.  Beyond belief. A perverts
     He lifted me onto the toilet seat and immediately, groping
hands reached over the top of the cubicle and grabbed at my tits.
Lewd comments came thick and fast.
     'What a fuck! Man, look at state of her and she still wants
more!  Bet she's into Sado stuff!  Hey slut!  How 'bout it, slut?
Like your ass and big-titties thrashing do you?'  
     I looked down at Mick, wondering what he wanted.  His cock
was fully hard, standing straight and hard out of the zipper of
the shorts, his hand around it. 
     It seemed an eternity since we walked into this place...
     His mouth closed over my cunt!  Proving he was as depraved
and excited by all this as I!  His nose pressed my clit and I
shivered at the lewd act.  Orgasm approached...
     Grabbing his head I shuttled my cunt on his face, desperate
for another orgasm.  Anonymous fingers pulled and mauled - hurt
my tits, the sensation transmitting to my crotch - delicious
     At the moment of orgasm I pulled Mick's mouth hard into my
cunt and started release. The last twitches of my body started
a steady stream of piss into his filthy mouth.
     he wanted it - he got it.
     And the rest of them never even guessed! 

     They were getting restless again and after that I was ready
for more. I stepped down and opened the door of the cubicle. 
     I felt deliciously dirty; a bitch on heat, the smell of sex
steamed off my sweating body, and a pack of dogs waited...
     I strutted, hands on hips, wearing only my boots.  I looked
down at myself as the men re-grouped. 
     Their spunk and slime clung everywhere on my deep-tanned
sexual body. Thick ropes, pools, shiny-smooth patches, globs of
it, everywhere.
     Some of the men looked as if they'd had enough, cocks
flaccid, others were hard and ready.  But they were no longer
desperate - they simply didn't want to miss out on what the slut
wanted next... 
     I sank to the floor slowly and lay on my back.
     The feel of the cold, rough, dirty floor intensified the
dirty-bitch-on-heat feeling. I put my booted feet firmly on the
floor and splayed my thighs - displaying my open cunt, dribbling
with their white spew. 
     I squeezed my tits, squeezing the teats lewdly upward hard,
then slid my hands over slimed skin to my crotch. 
     All cock was hard. 
     I watched them wank ... another part of the fantasy come
     Both hands churned my sex.  My mouth was open, tongue
licking out towards the shuttling hands above me.
     Mick stood astride me. 
     'What now Slut?  What do you want from them now?' Mick was
totally naked now and as I looked up his cock and balls looked
huge, lovely...  
     He knew what I wanted - even I couldn't bring myself to ask.
     His foot trailed over my tits, his toes tweaking my
slippery, erect teats. He dragged the foot down my body. I looked
down to watch his toes prodding my cunt, wriggling to get inside.
     The foot was dirty from the floor and it left a mucky, wet
mess on my tits and stomach. 
     'Well Slut?' he asked again, toes wriggling in the mess
dribbling from my cunt.
     'What's it to be?'
     My ass scraped the dirty floor as I shuffled my abused body
backwards to the trough. My heart pounded, hoping they'd comply
with the final climax to this long-awaited fantasy.   
     Suddenly the cold wet wall was against my back; my ass was
in the trough. The acrid smell invaded my nostrils and inflamed
my lewdest desire. The men moved in like wasps round a honey pot.
     My pulses raced as I looked down my messed-up body. I slid
a hand to my tingling - no throbbing - cunt, and pushed three
bunched fingers, using my thumb on my clit. 
     Mouth gaping in my wildest sluttiest look I stared at Mick
with a faraway, pleading expression, eyes flitting between his
eyes and the cock in his hand. 
     He straddled my outstretched, booted legs and held his cock
down, pointing it at my tits.
     Most of the men were unsure or simply couldn't believe what
I wanted.  
     Mick did. 
     Men look so much bigger when they're towering over you.  All
were wanking and I knew that in a few seconds they'd be raining
their dregs onto me. My hands moved fast in cunt, on tits. 
     I looked down myself, smeared with spunk and now, dirt from
the filthy floor. 
     'I'm horny. And filthy' I said quietly, plainly. 
     'Very horny and very filthy.  
     'And when I'm horny I love to watch men piss.'
     Mick pissed on my tits. I wanked myself furiously, watching
the hot jet spray off them, and gush down my belly to flow over
my cunt and onto the floor between my spread thighs.
     I lifted my head for him.
     He squatted and pissed in my face.
     When his cock stabbed my mouth I sucked the dregs, the cock
hardening, fattening. 
     He crouched a little and fucked my mouth again.
     I heard someone pissing and realised they were doing it on
Mick's back and ass as he did it. 
     Lewd laughter accompanied a further stream, hosed from the
side, into my face and onto Mick's cock and balls.
     They took turns again then. The same men, still greedy for
more ... and some fresh ones who walked in on the party...

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