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  @(C) 1997 Frederick T. - Free electronic distribution is enthusiastically
    hoped for.  If for profit, please make a contribution to the National
           Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORMAL).

Disclaimer:  The following material is intended for adults only, for example, 
people over eighteen years old in the United States.  This material consists 
of the fictional accounts of fictional character's sexual experiences that are 
obviously pure fantasy.  Any resemblance between the characters in these 
accounts and real people, either living or deceased, is purely coincidental.  
If you would be offended by the fictional sexual experiences and fantasies of 
fictional people then you should seek other entertainment. 
                                  The Cabin

                          A Willy Tamarack Adventure

                               by Frederick T.

        With thanks to the founding fathers and the U.S. Constitution

                               *** PROLOGUE ***

    This is the twelfth in a series of Willy Tamarack adventures.  In this 
adventure Connie invites Willy and Carol, Jeff and Joyce and Jack and Terry to 
a weekend getaway at her mountain cabin.  Quite an initiation for Connie's 
daughter, Darlene, and Jack and Terry.  I'm still stoked so I'm still writing.  
All the stories are written to stand alone but are so much more fun to read 
together.  As always e-mail your comments to the usual.

                             *** CHAPTER ONE ***

    Slap !  Slap !  Slap !  The sounds of our fucking bodies filled my 
bedroom.  "Faster, Willy, faster."  The voice belongs to an old friend of 
mine, Carol Whitouski.  We were in the military together.  Since running into 
each other last Fall, we fuck as often as we can and that's not often enough.  
Once every couple of months is not often enough for me to be hearing this 
young lady screaming, "Come on, lover.  Fuck me harder.....Oh ! Yea, that's 
it.....Oh !  Goooood."  We're drenched in sweat; it's rolling off of us onto 
the sheets.  We had just finished viewing the video that a young woman took of 
us at an orgy we were involved in when we were vacationing in Mexico.  It made 
us both hotter than hell.  Half of our clothes are still on; my pants around 
my ankles, her skirt up above her waist, her panties pulled aside and now my 
cock, fucking in and out of her.  She starts to cum and none too soon as the 
dam of seamen, I'm holding back, explodes.  She's now screaming, "Fuck 
me...Fuck me...Come on, Willy, fuck me."  Her cunt becomes slippery with my 
jizzim.  I'm exhausted.  I roll off of her.  She rolls to my chest and asks, 
"How come you let me fuck all those guys ?"

    "I don't remember you asking my permission.  As I remember it you were 
fucking them before I even knew you were fucking them.  How the fuck was I 
supposed to stop you ?"

    "Good point."  She laughs.

    The ringing phone stops our conversation.  It's Friday night; about six in 
the evening.  Carol arrived about four, I picked her up at the airport, we got 
stoned on the way home, started watching the video and just stopped fucking a 
few minutes ago.  What a great way to start a weekend !!


    "Hey !  Willy.....It's Connie."  As if I wouldn't know.  I'll remember 
that voice until the day I die - my now married, ex-high school girlfriend.  
We exchange pleasantries for a few moments until she asks if I can fly up to 
her cabin tomorrow.  I asked her what's up.  She says that Jeff and Joyce are 
already here with her and her daughter, Darlene.  One of Darlene's boy friends 
is also here.  She tells me he's just darling and that Joyce is dying to fuck 
him.  What's new ?  She goes on to tell me that Joyce has convinced Terry to 
come for one night and was wondering if I could fly her and Jack up for 
Saturday and Saturday night.  I tell her that I already have plans.  Carol has 
begun to take off her clothes.  When she's nude, she smiles at me and then 
goes down on me.  Whatever Connie is saying over the phone line is just 
gibberish now.  Connie asks if I'm all right because I haven't said a word in 
two or three minutes.  Carol comes off of my dick and says, "What's the deal, 
Willy ?"  Connie asks if I'm with someone.  I say, "Yes", and proceed to tell 
Carol about the invitation.  Carol shrugs her shoulders, her tits bounce 
around on her chest.  She goes back to blowing me.  I'm about three quarters 
hard.  I pull her away and tell Connie I'll call Jack and Terry to see if 
they're still interested.  I inform her that I'm bringing a friend and she 
ends the conversation with, "Cool.  The more the merrier.  Ta !  Ta !"

    Carol moves to go down on me again but I stop her.  "Are you sure you want 
to go up to this cabin for the weekend ?"

    "Sure, why not ?  You've told me lots stories about this Connie and I'd 
like to meet her."

    "This will be Mexico all over again."  I reply.

    She leans over and kisses me, saying, "I had a great time in Mexico and so 
did you, Willy.  What's the problem ?"

    I go on to tell her about the party I had at the condo a couple of weeks 
ago and get up to change the tape in the VCR.  My jeans are still down around 
my ankles and I have to pull them up to walk over to the VCR.  Monica, the 
young lady who ended up sleeping with me the night of the party brought me the 
tape about a week ago.  She had found it in her locker at school - it was 
labeled with my name on it.  She's been spending a lot of time over at my 
place lately; not that I mind, but for the life of me I can't figure out who 
took the video at the party but then I was pretty fucked up most of the 
evening.  Monica and I watched the video the night she brought it over; it 
contained just about all the fucking that went on that evening.  Even when I 
thought I was alone with Monica or Joyce; I wasn't.  I told Carol that she had 
to watch the tape before she could say "yes" or "no" to this weekend getaway 
at Connie's cabin.

    I punched play on the VCR and turned the phone answering machine on.  Just 
in time too, because as I climb back on the bed it rang and, after my message, 
Jack was talking excitedly over the speaker; leaving a message about calling 
him.  He wanted to know when we were leaving tomorrow.  I could tell that he 
was hot to trot now that Joyce had convinced his wife to fuck around a little.  
The only problem was that tomorrow would be a lot of fucking around if this 
tape is any indication.  The door bell rings.  Shit, when it rains it pours.

                             *** CHAPTER TWO ***

    I glance at the TV screen and see myself fucking the hell out of Cara, a 
high school senior with flaming red hair.  Carol is mesmerized by the tape and 
doesn't even bother to glance at me as I leave to answer the door.  It's 
Monica and I invite her in.  She wants to know what's happening.  I tell her 
that I have an old friend visiting.  She offers to leave but I torch up a 
joint and tell her that she is welcome to stay.  She asks who the friend is 
and I explain my relationship to Carol.  I go on to tell her that Carol is in 
the other room watching the "party" tape.

    "You're kidding me.  Hey !  That reminds me.  I'm positive that Karen put 
the tape in my locker."  I ask her how she is positive and she continues with, 
"For several days after I found it she kept asking me if I had cleaned out my 
locker yet.  And she was always asking if I had been over to see you.  And 
then when I ask her about all the questions; she's comes up with this lame 
excuse about why she wanted to know about my cleaning out the locker.  Anyway 
she is the only one who has my locker combo....So who else could it be ?"  
Yea.....who else could it be ?  I'm brought back to reality when she asks, 
"You really letting your friend watch the tape ?"

    "Yea, why not ?"

    "Well, she must be pretty cool.....I mean that tape is pretty wild."  I'm 
rolling another joint as the first one is gone and I'm real stoned - so is 
Monica.  Monica is no stranger to sex with more than one person.  While I'm 
the only one she fucked at the party, a couple of weeks before that I 
chauffeured her, Karen and Cara to their senior prom.  We ended up spending 
the night in one of the hotels on the strip, sucking and fucking all night.  
She was not at all particular about who was between her legs eating her 
snatch.  Oh !  Willy you are such a nasty person.  Carol said that she once 
got it on with a service girl friend of hers.  I wonder ?????

    I reach for the phone and call Jack back.  We bullshit for a few minutes, 
talking about what time we're going to leave tomorrow.  I fly a guy's 172 
every once in a while.  I pay him a bit for the time I put on the airframe and 
buy my own gas.  It keeps my hand in and allows me to take little trips like 
this although to be honest I haven't taken a trip in a long while.  Jack is 
finishing up about the flight plan and about how long it will take us.  I 
could really care less.  I'm watching Monica take a big hit off the joint.  
Jack finally hangs up and I'm asking Monica if she wants to go flying with me 
sometime.  She says "cool."  I ask her if she wants to meet Carol ?  When she 
just nods her head while taking a big hit off of the joint, I pull her off the 
bar stool and guide her down the hall.  She stops prior to the door to the 
bedroom.  We can clearly hear the audio portion of the tape - the sounds of 
sex are filling the hallway.  I pull her to me and start kissing her neck and 
rubbing her sides.  I slip my hands up and cup her breasts.  She is a very 
well built young lady with a bra size of 38C.  I can feel her nipples harden 
as I rub her tits.  She turns and puts her arms around my neck and kisses me 
long and hard.

    "Willy, I don't know about this.  I don't even know this lady....."

    I stop her litany by kissing her again.  "It'll work out, Monica, you'll 
see.  I want both of you and I know you do, too.  Come on, Monica."  I turn 
and push her into the open doorway.  Carol is laying in the middle of the bed.  
She is nude with one hand in her thick dark bush, her fingers massaging her 
cunt lips.  Her other hand is pinching one of her nipples.  I press myself 
against Monica.

    "Carol.  Have you met Monica yet ?"  Carol is startled and turns towards 
us.  Her eyes are slow to focus.  She looks back at the TV and then back to 
us.  On the video I'm telling Monica that I'm going to fuck her in the ass.  
Carol starts to cum, bucking her hips and writhing around on the bed.  She 
makes little if any noise and soon rolls over on her side towards us with her 
knees drawn up under her chin.  "Hi !  Monica," she says softly.  I ask Carol 
if she minds if I show Monica the tape of Mexico.  She shakes her head no and 
I hand Monica a joint and tell her to light it.  I go switch tapes.  I fast 
forward it to the place where Carol is taking on three guys at the same time; 
one in the cunt, one in the ass and blowing me.  I go sit on the edge of the 
bed.  Monica is still standing in the doorway; exhaling a lung full of smoke.  
I pat the bed beside me and she comes over and sits down.  Carol comes to 
kneel behind us and we share the joint until it's gone.  The video is panning 
in on the cock fucking in and out of Carol's asshole.  From the sound I can 
tell that the guy is about to cum.

    Carol starts with, "You guys sure have a lot of clothes on."  I laugh, 
stand and pull my jeans off.  I'm now nude; sporting a semi.  Carol is pulling 
Monica's blouse back over her arms and shoulders.  She is wearing a white bra 
that is almost transparent.  I can see the outline of her areolae and her 
nipples are visibly erect.  I step in between her legs; her lips, mouth and 
tongue are reaching for my cock.  I'm about at half mast and pointing right at 
her mouth.  She's nibbling as her bra comes off and her magnificent tits fall 
free.  Carol's hands capture them.  "God, are these great tits."  I laugh and 
pull out of Monica's mouth.  I pull her to her feet and unbutton her jeans.  
Carol helps me drag them and her under panties to the floor.  I'm down on my 
knees helping her out of her pants.  She sits back down and Carol sits right 
behind her with her legs spread around Monica's hips.  I get my hands under 
her knees and push her legs up; telling Carol to hold onto her legs.  Her cunt 
is spread before me.  I push them both on their backs and now her entire 
crotch is spread before me.  Hairy mound, hairy lips and almost bare asshole.  
I bend and ream my tongue into her asshole.  It tightens as I force more of my 
tongue into her.  I lick up to her clitoris and suck it into my mouth.  I suck 
and lick it for a few moments and then plunge my thumb into her ass.  Her body 
lifts off the bed as she screams out her orgasm.  I pump my thumb a couple of 
times, then plunge my tongue into her cunt.  I take one of her cunt lips in my 
mouth and pull it away from her crotch.  Letting it go, it slaps back on her 
cunt.  I pull my thumb out of her ass and start patting her lips and cunt.  
She's panting very shallowly.  I get up over her and force the head of my cock 
into her cunt.  I start forcing more of my semi-hard dick into her.  Now I'm 
pumping, just a little, real shallow.

    Carol is encouraging me, "Fuck her, Willy.  You want it don't, you, Monica 
??"  She's starting to grunt every time I push my dick into her.  I'm getting 
harder with every stroke.  Carol is pinching and rolling her nipples with her 
fingers.  I'm really starting to stroke her now.  Long, deep pumps.  "Harder, 
Willy."  Carol encourages me.  I'm out of her.  My cock is slick with her 
juices and standing straight up against my belly.  "Get on your knees, 
Monica."  She scrambles to her knees and presents me with her ass.  A great 
ass, a little large but great shape.  I'm in her, fucking her brains out.

    Slap, slap, slap.  I reach forward and pull her head up off of the 
mattress by her hair.  "Carol..."  She is already moving to place her twat in 
Monica's face.  I let go of her hair.  Carol lays back down on the bed with 
Monica's face buried in her crotch.  "Keep that up.....Oh !  You're going to 
make me cum."  I'm fucking as fast as I can.  If I keep this up I'm going to 
cum.  I pull out of her and go to the night stand.  The giant dildo that her 
girl friends used on each other that night at the party is still in the top 
drawer.  I throw it over to Carol and tell her to strap it on.  I've got the 
love oil out and stroking some onto my cock.  Carol lays on her back and I 
help Monica impale herself on the dildo.  Her and Carol start to move on the 
bed.  "Wow !"  Says Carol.  "This is turning me on."  I laugh and move myself 
between their legs.  Carol reaches back and spreads Monica's cheeks and I take 
aim and push the head of my cock into her anus.  God !  Is she tight !!  No 
shit tighter than at the party.  I can feel the dildo in her cunt.  I start to 
fuck her ass.  It's nice and slippery.  I'm working up some real heat.  She's 
cuming, fucking back at me, screaming, "Oh !  Fuck....Yea !!  Fuck 
me.....Aaahhh...Yeaaa !!  I'm almost it comes.  Two or three 
spurts....Oh ! Maybe another one.  I slow my pumping.  I back out of her 
spent, my dick deflating and slick with jizzim.

    Carol and I are floating around the sunken tub in the bathroom.  Monica 
enters wearing the dildo.  "Now it's Carol's turn."  Jesus, I don't think I 
can get it up.  That doesn't stop Monica from burying that monster in Carol's 
cunt and fucking her brains out for the longest time.  I will admit I got a 
few stirrings in my crotch but the soldier was dead for the night.  That 
didn't stop me though from eating all the pussy I could get my hands on and 
there was plenty of that.  All of it nice and hairy.......

    Morning comes late for me.  I'm alone in the bed.  I hear the front door 
close and in walks Carol.  "Monica had to go.  Let's shower and get the show 
on the road, Willy."  She throws her arms around my neck and whispers in my 
ear, "How about telling everyone that it's my first time, Willy ?"  This 
sounds interesting....

                            *** CHAPTER THREE ***

    We're about ten miles out, Jack and I have the airport in sight and 
everything is under control.  The trip was totally uneventful as most flights 
are; it's the ones that aren't that kill you.  Connie and Joyce are waiting 
for us in the terminal.  We're on the road to the cabin.  Joyce is very quiet 
but Connie is keeping up a constant banter about how great last night was.  
The cabin is quite a chalet - large front room, great master bedroom with a 
huge bathroom and sunken tub.  There is a smaller bedroom down the hall that 
leads to the stairs up to the loft, which is just a large orgy room - wall to 
wall mattresses.  Connie has a batch of Margaritas mixed by the time Jeff and 
Darlene, Connie's daughter, come in the back door.  They are followed shortly 
by Kyle, Darlene's boy friend.  Introductions are made and everyone is just 
hanging out and either drinking or getting high.  Carol has remained by my 
side the entire time.  Jack has left Terry to fend for herself and is over 
talking with Connie and Darlene.  Kyle heads for the bathroom and Jeff is now 
talking with Terry.  Connie approaches Carol and I.  "Can I talk to Willy 
outside for a few moments, Carol ?"

    We wander out into the yard and sit down on the grass.  I torch up a joint 
and pass it to Connie.  She takes a large drag and talks as she exhales. "Ah ! 
I thought that I'd take Jack with Darlene and use the master bedroom.  Why 
don't you get the newbies, Carol is a newbie isn't she ?  I nod my head and 
Connie continues, "Great, like I said you get the newbies hot to trot in the 
small bedroom and them bring them upstairs and introduce them to Jeff and 
Kyle.  You know that hot little woman you brought is going to get a workout 
tonight.  She's got a great ass on her."

    "Sounds good to me."  Joyce has wandered out to join us.

    "Did you tell him, yet ?"  I'm confused.  She sits down next to me and 
continues with.  "You and Connie and I have a date tonight, stud."

    "Sounds ok with me."  I reply.  Joyce continues with.  "Jeff knows you 
fucked me in the ass last week.  Connie showed us all a video of us fucking 
and me begging you to fuck my ass.  Right after that Kyle and Jeff sandwiched 
me last night."

    Connie broke in, "Joyce, you loved it.  You weren't the only one; they 
sandwiched us all if you'll remember.  Joyce, why don't you leave us alone for 
a few minutes."  Joyce gets up and leaves; saying she'll see us later.  "She 
really did love it and Jeff didn't care if you popped her cherry ass.  Have 
you fucked Carol in the ass ?"  I nod my head.  She continues, "Oh, that's too 
bad I was hoping to set up Kyle with her.  You have got to see his cock.  God, 
is it huge.  Bigger than my husband's and uncut.  Makes me drool just looking 
at it.  Come on let's get the party started, Willy."

                             *** CHAPTER FOUR ***

    Joyce, Jeff and Kyle are nowhere to be found when we enter the kitchen.  
Jack and Darlene are also missing.  Terry is nervously talking with Carol.  
Connie heads for the master bedroom, waving bye-bye as she closes the door.  I 
torch up another joint and guide the girls down the hall to the guest room.  
There is no sound coming from the loft.  I close the door behind us; both of 
the women are standing next to the bed.  I start taking off my pants; saying, 
"First naked cunt gets eaten."  They look at each other and slowly move their 
hands: Carol's hands go to her belt buckle and Terry's hands go to her blouse 
buttons.  They hesitate.  I'm naked when they look over at me.  I move onto 
the bed and tell them to turn around.

    "I want to want to watch.  Oh !  I forgot to tell you, I want you to 
undress each other.  The first one naked get's her choice of getting eaten and 
sucking my cock or getting eaten and eating pussy.  Now get your clothes off, 
ladies."  They are both trying to figure out the angles as they slowly work on 
each other's tops.  Terry has Carol's "T" shirt off and is working on getting 
her pants open before Carol gets Terry's blouse off.  Terry is now on her 
knees pulling Carol's jeans and panties down.  Carol is forced into standing 
still, she is going to win.  She steps out of her pants and is now nude except 
for her bra.  They both take each other's bras off.  Carol is now on her knees 
getting Terry's jeans and panties off.

    They both stand in front of me nude.  Terry a few inches taller and 
slimmer but with wider hips.  Carol's dark hair a contrast to Terry's lighter 
brown but their bushes were the same color a dark brown almost black color.  
Carol's much fuller and thicker; a real jungle of pubic hair fanning out from 
her belly button in a diamond shape to the juncture of her thighs.  The closer 
to her cunt the darker and thicker it became.  Terry's dark triangle of pubic 
hair was a tremendous contrast to her very white skin.  She had a thick patch 
of hair between her legs but it seemed almost sparse compared to Carol's 
abundant thatch.  Their breasts about the same size; the only difference is 
the amount of sag.  Carol's are much higher on her chest.  Her areolae are 
almost too large for her apples size breasts.  A dark brown and about three 
inches across.  She's got a tiny m&m size nipple in the middle of each.  Terry 
on the other hand has the whitest breasts with a small areolae, about quarter 
size but her nipples are unique.  They poke out of her breasts about three 
quarters of an inch and if you suck on them real hard they will extend over an 

    "Well, Carol, what's it going to be ?"  She looks over at Terry and says 
she wants to suck my cock.

    "I just love to suck cock and I'm getting wet thinking of you eating my 
pussy, Terry."

    Terry blushes as I pull them both onto the bed.  I grab a pillow and lean 
on my side adjusting my hips to where Carol is placing her head.  Her lips are 
teasing the head of my cock.  She's got half of it in her mouth and I'm really 
starting to get hard.  Terry is kneeling at Carol's feet.  "Spread her legs, 
Terry."  I command and Terry complies.  "Eat her."  Terry bends at the waist 
and starts kissing Carol's belly button.  I'm pumping a very hard cock in and 
out of Carol's mouth.  "Get your face in her pussy, Terry."  I reach down and 
take a hold of one of Carol's legs and pull it towards her head.  Terry's face 
moves towards Carol's cunt.  Carol pushes my crotch from her face, "God, 
Willy, you're chocking me.  Hold still."  I lay back and Carol's mouth attacks 
my cock; lips, teeth, tongue.  Shit, did it feel great.  Every few minutes 
she'd take her mouth off of my cock and tell Terry to "lick my clit" or "stick 
your tongue in me."

    I roll off the bed and move to Terry's ass.  "Now it's Terry's turn."  I 
spread Terry's knees and reach two fingers into her cunt.  I thought she would 
be wetter.  I wet my fingers and fill her cunt again.  As I finger her I bend 
and lick up and down the crack of her ass.  Her cunt is getting wet when she 
comes out of Carol's crotch and tells me, "Lick my asshole, Willy."  This lady 
likes to talk dirty.  You'd never guess; she wouldn't say shit with her 
clothes on.  I spread her cheeks and licked around her rose bud anus finally 
filling it with my tongue.  I'm thinking that I might just fuck her in the 
ass, when she breaks into my thoughts with, "Fuck me in the ass, Willy."  I 
drool some spit on to her asshole and place the head of my cock against.  My 
dick head pops into her ass and I'm half way in before I meet any resistance.  
I pull out and push back in again.  I take a hold of both of her hips and 
start fucking.  Carol is up on her elbows watching and grinding her cunt into 
Terry's face.  I'm pulling the cheeks of Terry's ass as wide apart as I can; 
watching my cock disappear into her asshole.  Several of her ass hairs have 
been pulled into her asshole by my penetration.

    I'm fucking her ass off; really slamming it to her and it's on me.  I pull 
out and get up on the bed pulling Terry's mouth out of Carol's twat and to my 
cock.  Terry is sucking me like crazy, pumping her mouth up and down my shaft.  
I pull Carol down so that she can share.  I push Terry away and Carol captures 
my cock.  I spread my legs and tell Terry to lick and suck on my balls.  They 
are both down there sucking, licking and biting.  Here comes.  I pull Carol's 
mouth off of my cock as the second or third spurt erupts and attempt to get 
Terry to finish me off but I don't think she got much.  I tell them to lick 
the cum off of my stomach and they don't stop until I am licked clean.  "Time 
to party girls."

                             *** CHAPTER FIVE ***

    There are still no sounds coming from the loft so the three of us wander 
into the bathroom to find Jeff, Joyce and Kyle sitting nude, around the sunken 
tub.  Kyle is staring at Carol's body, giving it a real going over with his 
eyes.  Jeff steps out of the tub and both girls stop.  His cock is about six 
or seven inches long and real thick.  It hangs down well below his balls and 
it's still soft.  Kyle gets out of the tub and comes toward Carol.  His is 
longer than Jeff's and maybe even thicker.  It's almost growing before our 
eyes.  Getting harder and longer and thicker; no longer hanging but pointing 
at our feet.  He takes Carol by the hand and leads her to the edge of the tub 
then motions for her to sit.  I go over and sit next to Joyce as I see she has 
a joint going.  Jeff finally leads Terry to the tub.  "Can we just watch, 
Willy ?"  Joyce asks me.  I nod and hand her back the joint.

    Kyle is sucking on one of Carol's tits.  She's just laying back on her 
arms watching him go from nipple to nipple, sucking and nibbling.  He stands 
in front of her; his, no shit, ten maybe eleven inch cock pointing right at 
her face.  "Suck it, honey."  I don't think he even remembers her name.  He 
pulls her by the hair until her mouth is on him.  Her hands come up and grasp 
his hips and she's sucking him, sliding her lips up and down his shaft taking 
about half of him.  I look over at Jeff and find Terry on her knees between 
his legs giving him head.  I'm starting to get hard when the bedroom door 
opens and in walks Connie, Darlene and Jack.  They are all laughing and 
giggling like kids.  They stop when seeing us all and now all you can hear is 
the sex sounds again.  The sound of two women sucking cock.  Jack is 
mesmerized by the sight of his wife sucking on Jeff's hard eight inches.  Jack 
is built more like me - about five and a half from pubic bone to tip when 

    Connie comes over and squats next to Joyce and I.  She notices my semi and 
whispers in my ear, "Come on, lover time to get your reward."  I get up and 
take her in my arms.  Joyce gets up and now I'm sandwiched between them.  I 
can feel Joyce's wiry bush rubbing against my ass.  They are dragging and 
pushing me into the master bedroom.  We're on the bed it's a free for all.  
I've got my face in Joyce's bush eating her like crazy and Connie is sucking 
my cock.  They are trading places.  I'm eating Connie's shaved pussy.  Licking 
those slick lips, wondering if Jack had cum in her.  Joyce has a finger or two 
up my ass and is licking my balls.  My cock is hard as rock and bouncing 
around on my stomach.  I crawl up between Connie's legs and slide my cock 
right in between her shaved cunt lips.  Joyce has left the bed.  I start 
fucking Connie.

    "You better hurry, Joyce, he's not going to last long."  She is looking 
over in the direction that Joyce has gone.  I glance over and see Joyce 
strapping on a long skinny dildo.  I start to rise and Connie wraps herself 
around me, holding me down.  I start to struggle and she whispers in my ear, 
"Don't worry, Willy.  Listen to me; Joyce told me last night she's never had 
cum in her mouth.  She's never had a guy blow his load in her mouth.  Play 
along for a few minutes and I'll get her to suck you off while I fuck the shit 
out of her ass with a dildo the size of Kyle's cock.......Deal ?"  I glance 
over at Joyce.  She is lubricating the dildo with a bottle of oil, stroking it 
just as I would mine.  I'm thinking, "It could be a guy, nah !  I couldn't 
handle that; I'd fight like hell....It'd be rape; but a girl ?"

    With a burst of strength I break free and kneel between Connie's legs, "If 
I'm getting it in the ass; you're getting it in the ass.  Now roll over."  
Connie has a great big grin on her face as she turns and spreads her ass 
cheeks.  I lower myself to her and guide my cock head to her anus.  One thrust 
and I'm halfway in.  I've lost a little of my hardness and have to be careful 
for the first couple of strokes, afraid that I'll fall out.  In a few minutes 
though I have a pretty good rhythm going.  Joyce is between my legs.  She has 
poured oil on my ass and is fucking my asshole with her thumb.  Her thumb 
leaves my ass and now I can feel the head of the dildo against my anus.  
Connie slaps my sides real hard and yells, "Now, Joyce, fuck him."  The dildo 
is in my ass.  I can feel Joyce laying on top of me; her hips starting to pump 
the dildo in and out of my ass.  I'm starting to get soft when Connie yells, 
"Fuck me, Willy.....Come on, baby, fuck lill' Connie in the ass."  I start 
pumping.  Slowly at first but picking up a little speed.  My asshole has 
gotten used to the dildo.  I really starting to fuck the shit out of Connie.  
She starts to orgasm.  "Oh ! Fuck.....I'mmm cuminnng...Fuck...Fuck......

    "Slow down, honey."  Connie pleads with me.  I just park my cock in 
Connie's ass.  Joyce is still pumping away in my asshole.  "Joyce, honey, 
let's trade places.  Let me fuck him."  Joyce slows her hammering of my ass, 
panting short shallow breaths.  She really has me greased up because I can 
hardly feel the dildo in my clenching asshole.  "Come on, honey.  Let Connie 
fuck him in the ass.  It's my turn."

    "Does he get to fuck me in the ass ?"

    "That's between you and him, honey."

    "I don't see why I should change the deal, Joyce.  If I'm getting it; 
you're getting it."

    "Hey !  Joyce....Why don't you suck him off while I fuck his ass ?"  Joyce 
thinks about that a few moments and then pulls the dildo out of my ass.  
Connie is helping her unstrap the dildo.  "Oh ! Joyce, let him fuck you.  
It'll be a lot more fun.  You'll get to cum.  Don't tell me you didn't love it 
last night."  Joyce looks at my cock.

    "I don't think he's hard enough to get in."  She says.  Connie is over by 
the night stand strapping on the king of dildos.  Well, at least as big as the 
one she left at my place last week.  "Start giving him head."  I lean back and 
her head drops to my lap.  Her lips and mouth encompass my cock and she starts 
to suck.  Her hands coming to help.  Connie is squirting oil on her ass, 
spreading it all over.  Joyce grunts when Connie sticks some fingers into her 
asshole.  I'm getting hard.  I reach around Joyce and grab her hips.  Connie 
lines up and shoves.  She's in her and Joyce is swallowing my cock trying to 
get away from the dildo that is already in her ass.  Connie is fucking her.  
Joyce's head comes out of my lap.

    "Oh !  God !  It's too big."  Connie keeps fucking her.  I pull her by the 
hair back to my cock.  She starts sucking.  Her teeth are biting my hard cock.  
I start pumping my cock into her face.  I feel her lips then her teeth.  She 
bites the head of my cock.  I shove it back into her mouth.  Her lips slide up 
to the tip of my dick and she bites again.  I force her head down and feel her 
gag.  She's biting the base of my cock.  Connie is fucking the shit out of 
her.  I hold her head to my lap and start pumping.  I'm cuming.  "Oh ! Fuck 
!!!!"  I scream as the head of my dick explodes in her mouth.  Spurt after 
spurt after spurt flood her mouth.  I release her head and it comes out of my 
lap.  Seamen is running from her open mouth, dripping off of her chin.  She's 
fucking back against the dildo that is buried in her asshole.  And she's 
there, "Oh ! My God !  I'm fucking cummmminnng....Fuck....Fuck !"  A long 
scream followed.  I look down at my wilting cock and see red bruises running 
the length of it.

    It's morning.  I'm disoriented.  I'm laying by the fireplace; an almost 
dead fire is crackling a bit now and then.  I struggle to my feet and head for 
the bathroom.  It's empty.  I wash my face and head into the master bedroom.  
Carol and Kyle are asleep in the king size bed.  Joyce and Darlene are asleep 
on the floor at the foot of the bed.  Everyone is naked but then so am I.  I 
need a big fat joint and go looking for my stash.  I find it in the loft where 
I find everyone else - all crashed.  My watch says it's noon.  I remember I 
have to fly home and put the joint away.  I need something to eat.

    I'm cooking some bacon when I hear a noise behind me.  I turn and find a 
dressed Darlene watching me.  "Smells good."  I'm eating as some of the others 
gather in the front room.  They are all dressed.  I'm the only one naked.  
Terry and Jack are going to drive home with Joyce and Jeff.  Carol and Kyle 
have not made an appearance yet.  I go back to the second bedroom and find my 
clothes.  I wander into the master bedroom on the way back to the kitchen and 
find Carol astride Kyle fucking his brains out, both of them grunting and 
groaning.  I watch for a bit and then go back into the kitchen.

    It's late afternoon and Carol and I are at 9,500 feet, half way back to 
Las Vegas.  She has told me that she would like to spend the night as she is 
in no condition to travel.  I tell her it was like Mexico all over again.  She 
laughs and says, "Oh !  This was worse than Mexico.  It took three of you in 
Mexico to wear me out like this.  Last night was almost all Kyle.  I lost 
count at five and I'm pretty sure he fucked me after the fifth.  And then he 
fucks me again this morning.  You might have to carry me to your place."  I'm 
thinking of how Carol was the night after we really partied in Mexico.  She 
helped me fuck the shit out of a high school sophomore.  I wonder if she'll do 
Monica again ?

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Frederick T.
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"You should have been here yesterday....."  Bruce Brown - circa 1958 - 1961
"Slippery When Wet" or "Surfing Hollow Days"  I can't remember..... 

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