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Minding My Own Business Part IV (mc, mf, nc, teen, celeb)

By Fitzhemingway

Chapter 8: Disneyland

One of my favorite hunting grounds is Disneyland in the summer. The variety
of young, innocent prey is staggering. I'm always guaranteed to find a nice
piece of ass or three.

By coincidence, last summer I visited the park at the same time Aerosmith
did last summer. The crowds of beautiful women who followed them around was
better than any supermarket. I hung back quietly as the throng moved from
ride to ride, patiently picking out my prey.

There was a fair-skinned red-head, wearing a short summer dress that showed
off her perfectly shaped freckled calves. While her legs first caught my
eye, it was the perfection of her lips that clinched it. They were full and
pouty, and a shade of pink that needed no interference of lipstick. Just
the thing to slake my thirst on a warm summer's day

I pulled some information from her mind: Charlotte was her name, a 22 year
old sociology student on vacation from Alabama. She was with three other
schoolmates at the park, neither anywhere near as cute as she. Her friends
we're desperate to get close to Aerosmith, but Charlotte held no interest.

It was easy to get her separated from the group. With just a few mental
hints and suggestion, She boarded a raft that shuttled to Tom Sawyer's
Island. I boarded after her, and admired her from the opposite side of the
raft. She leaned back on the railing, sunning herself, eyes closed. She
seemed to glow, and I smiled in anticipation

On the island, she seemed to walk aimlessly up the dirt paths, and I
followed closely, admiring the sway of her ass under the thin material of
her skirt. She approached the entrance to the cavernous labyrinth, and with
my command, entered. I pulled her into the caves of Tom Sawyers Island. My
telekinesis walled off a section of the caverns, so little children
wouldn't interfere with my fun.

The girl shivered in the darkness. I could barely see her lovely face, but
I could feel the fear emanating from her body. I ran my hands over her
lower legs, and she tried to scream, but I had silenced her with my mind.

I lowered her to the ground and joined her. Her legs were smooth and
recently shaved, and parted unwillingly as I forced my hands up her firm

My mind played with hers, altering her sense of self and reality. She
quickly forgot her name, her missing friends, or where she was. All she
knew was that she was alone in the dark with me, and was mine to play with.

My hand groped at her panties, stretching them so I could slip my fingers
into her pussy. My mouth found hers in the dark, and my tongue played with
hers. She was powerless, unable to resist me, and unwillingly being turned
on by the working of my hands, tongue and mind.

I allowed her the release of a whimper, and the moans of beginning pleasure.

I sat with my back to the cavern wall, and pushed her face into my lap.
Under my commands, she undid my trouser, and pulled my cock toward her
face. Her hands stroked it expertly, and she ran her tongue up and down the
underside of the shaft. I pulled the rest of her body towards me, pulling
her skirt over her haunches so I could play with her pussy more.

She was slick, and the suction of her mouth was fantastic. My southern
belle moaned in a little twinge of pleasure. My fingers played with her
co-ed pussy and stroked and massaged her ass. 

I took my hand away from the girl's sex and place both palms on top of her
head. I force her to pump my dick faster, faster than she could keep up
with. She lost pace with the pumping and started to cough and gag as I
shoved my cock into her mouth farther and faster. 

Enjoying her predicament, I pushed harder on the back of her head, until my
large dick disappeared all the way into her face. She was I could feel the
head of my cock hit the wall of her throat, and then slip down even
further. I closed my eyes in ecstasy... her mouth was wet and warm and
small... her coughs and whimpers massaged my cock with vibration. I pulled
her head up just a few inches, and rammed it back down again. I just sat
there in the dark of the Disneyland caves, fucking the face of a beautiful
co-ed against her will. 

I could feel the sensations from her mind... the panic... the
humiliation... the erotic punch. Most of all, I could feel the sensations
of my cock invading her. She felt every vein on the shaft.. she sucked in
every inch and her lips measured the perfect girth of my tool. 

With every thrust into her wet mouth, she tasted the surges of my pre-come
and swallowed greedily. I had programmed her mind so the taste of me was
what she needed to survive. She sucked against her better judgment,
desperate for the taste of my come. Her whimpering increased... the panic
was clear... she'd starve without me... what would she do? The terror
grew.. she HAD to make me come.

I didn't need to guide her head anymore. She impaled her face on my cock
completely on her own, ignoring the uncomfort of my length down her throat.
As fast as she possibly could, she bobbed her head up and down, sucking me
as fast and as hard as she could. Her tongue rubbed my shaft with each
upward stroke, and flicked over my balls on each downward thrust.

The tension building up in me was unbelievable, and I could feel the hope
rise in her and she sensed I was close to coming. I wouldn't deny her, and
shouted with release, echoing through the caverns. Her nose was buried the
mass of hair at the base of my dick. My cock jerked and twitched with
orgasm, unloading into my college girl fuck-toy. She just swallowed and
sucked, loving every drop of fluid that rolled down her throat. With each
diminishing spasm, she sucked each drop of my come from me. Once I was
through, her tongue lovingly ran over each inch of me, savoring any
remaining trace.

Charlotte's mind was at ease after her feast, and I de-programmed the
intensity of her need for come. She'd need it daily now, but from any man.

As I released some control from her mind, I left her behind in our little
section of the cavern. The realization of what had happened to her hit her
hard, and shamed her. In tears she tried to get up. She couldn't.

Her hands and knees were mysteriously locked to the rock floor. Her lovely
behind swayed in the air invitingly to any passersby. I played with her
voice a bit, and she began to scream for help, but all of her cries came
out as variations of "Fuck Me, fuck my behind. Rape me and take me and
abuse me!"

Her condition was temporary, and would only last an hour or so, but I'm
sure that was enough time to entertain any passing teenage boys or the
occasional employee.

I left our little nook, releasing the force field. On my way out the
labyrinth, I bumped into a young couple enjoying their day. The girl was a
pretty young brunette, just about 15 with lovely breasts that stood out in
her tight tank top. My mind sent her boyfriend down the tunnels, where I
knew he'd be occupied for awhile. I smiled at the young girl, and fondled a
firm breast through the fabric of her shirt. She looked up at me in silent,
beautiful fear.

Maybe I wasn't done with the caves after all.

The sunset greeted me hours later. I stretched my limbs as I walked away
from the labyrinth, towards the canoe dock. The island's night crew would
have the pleasant surprise of a dozen dozing, beautiful young girls. I'd
programmed them to be insatiable sluts for the evening, making the Happiest
Place on Earth just a bit happier.

The raft made its last regular trip to the shore, and I spotted a surprise
walking past the Haunted Mansion. Of course you fool, I thought to myself,
Aerosmith was in the park, and that meant Steve Tyler. Steve Tyler meant...

As soon as I spotted her, I leapt from the raft. I pushed through the
crowd, keeping my eyes locked on the back of her head.  She was with a
young friend, a shortish bottle blonde with great curves. Liv herself
looked fantastic from behind, wearing a simple white top that exposed her
lower back and midriff. Liv's skirt was black vinyl and hugged her ass. Her
legs were longer that I thought... great expanses of fair, lean thighs and
long calves.

The pair walked quickly, aiming for Pirates of the Caribbean. They hugged
each other as they walked and giggled constantly. I noticed the blonde kept
rubbing Liv's tush, or running her fingers along her thigh. From a dozen
feet away, I could tell they weren't sipping Evian from those bottles. A
touch of their minds and my own sense of smell told me the truth. The pair
had smuggled booze into the park and were drunk off their sweet little

The girls disappeared into the entrance, but I didn't follow. An employee
in a pirate costume passed by, and I entered his mind. Quickly, I stole the
information I'd need to find my way inside the ride. An inconspicuous side
door was my nearest entrance, and I disappeared into the dark of the
Pirates of the Caribbean

As fast as I could through the twisting corridors and passageways, I found
my way to the Drop 1 door. Drop 1 was the first time girls boat would come
to a stop before taking the 20 foot plunge deeper into the ride. There was
a camera here, so I stayed in the shadows and waited for the girls to

Sure enough, the next boat to approach contained a tangled mess of blonde
and brunette. They sat next to each other, with hands on each other's
breasts while they sucked on each other's tongues. The camera at Drop 1 was
getting it all. The crew monitoring them in the tower were probably jerking
off furiously!

Soon, the girls went over the drop, screaming the way girls always do, but
I the brunette's cry was distinctly throatier and lustier than normal. I
scrambled away to meet the boat after Drop 2.

As I ran, my mind searched the thousands in the park for someone in
authority. I triggered the fear of bomb threats and set off the proper
alarms for park evacuation. The boats behind Liv would remain at the
entrance and the boats in front would cycle out.

I reached the glittering caverns of Treasure in time to see the blonde
daintily help the brunette out of their boat. They hadn't heard anything
about the bomb threat of course, they were just drunk and wanted to fool
around inside the ride.

I smiled my evil smile of anticipation, and I reach for a length of utility
rope on the wall next to me. Nobody knew where these girls were, and with
the confusion of a bomb scare, nobody would care for a couple of hours at

The two girls laughed and giggled and kissed as they played around in the
plastic "gold." I listened to their minds for a moment as they played. The
blonde was Dana, not a celebrity but a fine piece of flesh. Dana was a hot
one, but even her sweet little ass paled against Liv's elfin face.

Time to act. I jumped from behind a curtain and blasted Dana's mind with a
sleep command. She crumpled to the ground. Liv looked up in surprise.
Quickly, I tackled her and tied her wrists together in front of her while
she screamed. I ran a length of the rope from her wrists around her neck
and pulled it tight, until both her hands were against her throat and her
elbows pointed in front of her. Liv screamed and pleaded for her freedom,
but I ignored it. Who could hear her? I grabbed a handful of rope around
her neck and simply dragged her away.

Her legs scrambled to keep up as I pulled her by the throat, choking her.
She too was just wearing a mini skirt, and her long legs looked delicious
as they moved frantically. I Pulled her into a dark maintenance area and
threw her over a the short length of low, narrow table. (The Disneyland
"cast member" whose mind I had probed used the table as a semi-secret
rendezvous point. His memories of Katie, a tour guide in a short plaid
skirt and riding crop suddenly came to mind.)

I tied Liv face down on the table, and freed her wrists momentarily so I
could retie them to posts at the end of the table. Her ankles I fasted to

" Oh God... please," she begged me. "Please don't rape me." I took a moment
to look at her lovely long face. Her mouth hung open invitingly and tears
soaked her smooth cheeks. "Please.." her voice trailed off...

I stood up and unbuckled my trousers. Needless to say, I was stiff as a
board and couldn't wait any longer to take this young girl. My dick waved
in Liv's Face. She started screaming again and struggled against her bonds.
With every pull, the ropes around her wrists and ankles pulled tighter,
cutting off the circulation and turning them red and purple.

"Nooo!!!!!NOOO!!!!!PPPLEASE!!!" she shrieked. I grabbed her jaw and forced
her mouth open. "Haghhh!!!!HAaaaa" one last time and silence as I shoved my
cock into her waiting mouth. I enjoyed the sight for a moment as her eyes
bugged in terror before I started pumping her face. 

Her mouth was hot and wet to fuck. I was one of those rare times when a
man's cock seems to stand a little taller, a little wider, and a little
harder. As if my meaning in life was to rape Liv's tender face. Liv kept
pulling and pulling at the ropes and her body tensed and spasmed with each
thrust into her mouth. Each thrust took me deeper into her and soon my
shaft was down her throat, distending Liv's gorgeous neck. With each deep
throated penetration, she gagged and jerked. 

Soon I stopped doing the work and just grabbed Liv's head and pulled it
back and forth on my dick. She felt great. Her mouth was just perfect for
this kind of fucking and the fact that she looked to be only fifteen made
it even better.

I pumped her faster and faster, until I knew I had to finish up. Once again
I shoved my cock in as far as I could, but this time I pinched her nose
closed with my fingers. Deprived of air, her body tried to breath my cock
instead. Incredible suction created my the vacuum in her lungs pulled me in
deeper than I thought possible. Liv's eyes rolled back and tension
disappeared from her body as she gagged. I pulled out quickly, just as I
came. The load that deposited on her face was tremendous, and flowed into
her mouth beautifully as she gasped for air. Her head hung low now, and
swung lightly back and forth until she lost consciousness.

Now that she had fainted, I stripped down her tied up body. Lovely, thin
and young, I thought as I ran my hands over her. Reaching under her, I felt
up her breasts with appreciation. Hmm, larger than I expected.

I lingered over her, admiring the scene before my thoughts turned to Dana,
knocked out in the Treasure room. I walked back to her and picked her up in
my arms, felling her lovely young body thoroughly as I grabbed her.

Both girls were oblivious to the world I as I tied Dana up. I Positioned
Dana so her face rested on Liv's ass, and her arms tied around Liv's legs
in a "hug." Dana's knees were tied together and her haunches raised high in
the air, giving me perfect access to her pussy and ass. 

I ripped the scanty mini and g-string panties off Dana and buried my face
in her sex. Her pussy was steamy and tasty, and I lapped contentedly. She
slowly came awake to the pleasures of my tongue and sighed with pleasure.

"Oh... yessss," she said dreamily. Her eyes remained closed while she
slowly rubbed her face in Liv's ass. "Hmm... Liv.... fuckk...."

Of course, Dana was still drunk and horny and had no idea what was truly
going on. My tongue kept probing her, and my eyes looked over the curves of
her ass to see the back of her head bobbing ever so slightly. I heard a
second sound of a tongue lapping a pussy and knew that drunk little Dana
was trying to pleasure her friend.

She sucked Liv's pussy so well I could see Liv begin to awaken. 

"Unggghhh" she moaned. "Whats..." she croaked, and her vocal cords finally
gave out. Liv could do nothing now but struggle with the pain of her bonds,
and enjoy the feel of Dana's face in her pussy.

I was ready again, and positioned myself behind the drunk little blonde.
Her body arched even more, offering itself to me. I rubbed the head of my
dick against her puckered asshole and pushed myself into her tight round
butt. Slowly at first, I fucked her. Her moans grew, but remained muffled
in Liv's beautiful backside. The pace picked up, and Dana's body bucked in
dreamy ecstasy. No commands needed to be implanted in Dana, as long as my
cock was implanted in her ass. She loved the feel of getting her rump
penetrated as much as she loves the taste of Liv Tyler's pussy.

Dana's ass pressed against me with each thrust. Her grunts were low and
throaty. It was like fucking the tightest velvet tunnel, and made even
better by the fact that the dumb blonde had no idea her position and that
of her friend. I leaned over the girl a far I could as I fucked her sweet
ass, until my head rested above hers. Dana's lips were glued to Liv's
pussy, and I tilted my head to make room for my tongue on Liv's asshole.

The ring of Liv's ass was tight and pronounced as my tongue swirled around
it. The combination of two mouths on her sent her twitching with orgasms. 

The squeeze of Dana's ass was too much, and once again today I felt the
well of power in my loins. Quickly and brutally, I fucked Dana's little bum
until I froze in position, my cock buried to the hilt in her hot butt. I
stuck my tongue as far as I could into Liv's ass and Dana gripped Liv's
pussy with her teeth as we came together.  My shout of Triumph echoed
through the ride... Dana squealed in delight as I impaled her ass for the
last time... and Liv screamed in pleasure, pain and horror.

Disneyland has the best rides of any theme park. Thank God I have an annual

Chapter 9: I'm the Boss

I had to go into Los Angeles today on business. I don't know if you'd heard
of it, but the Wilshire District is an upscale business/retail area on the
west side, near Beverly Hills. I was meeting a casting agent for lunch to
try to sell him on a deal with my production company. (this was really a
chance to get a look at his roster of actresses).

To make a long story short, I think I sold it to him. This agent had to
stay behind after lunch to meet one of his clients, so I got up to leave
alone. Almost out the door, I bumped into a really stunning brunette.

"Get out of my way asshole," was all she said when she passed. I'd normally
ignore it or tell her to fuck off, but I couldn't lake my eyes off her
legs. She was wearing cutoff denim short-shorts and a rainbow halter top
with no bra. Very, very nice chest, but her legs were beautiful. Lightly
tanned, shaved smooth, and great curves of thigh and calf. (You know me too
well, I noticed she had a great tush too!). 

It's always a shame when a fuckable girl like that is a bitch around me.
They always seem to get in trouble. Especially when they were as fuckable
as Alyssa Milano, this bitch of the hour.

I smiled to myself as I finally left the restaurant. I implanted a command
in her mind as I went, and never looked back.

My Cadillac was parked in a nearby garage, and I walked inside the dark
building to get to it. I settled in the car, called my office and made sure
the rest of the afternoon was clear. I spent a few minutes skimming through
proposals and being unreasonably patient before I finally turned on the car
and made my way through the maze of the parking garage.

Making a turn, I saw a flash of some idiot popping out from between cars. I
slammed my breaks just in time. Alyssa was there, just as I had commanded,
to act out my little fantasy. My bumper came just inches from that perfect
thigh, but the bitch was so startled by me that she fell over, tripping on
her high heels.

"Oh Shit..." I said, playing my game for any bystanders. I jumped out of
the car to help her. 

"Just what I need," I cried out loud. "A lawsuit from someone richer than
God." I knelt over her, expecting a torrent of insults and accusations, but
she was quiet. I guess she bounced her head on the pavement and knocked
herself out.

Even the greatest mind-controllers like a little role-playing.

No one else was around, so I figured I needed to get her to the hospital. I
picked her up and put her in the passenger seat, and shot out of the
parking garage like a bullet.

I ripped through those city streets like a madman, trying to find a
hospital. Then I came to my senses. Jeeze, I thought, I'd would be very
disappointed if I didn't take advantage of this situation.

I pulled over into a deserted alley and I reached across Alyssa and pushed
her seat all the way back, so she was now laying completely on her back.
Reaching for the toys I always keep in the back seat, I pulled out rope and
a gag. I tied Alyssa's hands behind her head, and fastened them to the neck
rest of the seat. Now, if she woke up she couldn't move very much.

Now came the fun part. My car windows were tinted, and I was in a pretty
quiet area, so I wouldn't be disturbed. I leaned over and started fondling
Alyssa's unconscious body. My dick was a log in my pants as I ran my hands
over her.

Here tits felt great - not to small or large, and natural (not any more I
fear, I'm glad I got to her when I did). I pulled her top up, and watched
them bounce as they were freed from the fabric. I took a nipple into my
mouth and suckled there as I massaged the other one with my hand. I pulled
up after a while and grabbed both breasts with my hands. I wanted to make
sure she was unconscious.

With thumb and forefinger, I pinched her brownish-pink nipples. Hard.
Harder. I pinched them so I hard the tips of her nipples turned white. I'm
sure any girl awake would have been screaming with pain. Her head hung
listlessly to the side, and her mouth hung open. I cradled her head and
kissed her. This was no romantic sleeping beauty kiss. I just wanted to
invade her mouth with my tongue, the very beginning of my exploration of
her helpless body. Her mouth was very tasty, very wet and hot. The complete
lack of resistance in her was a novelty. She couldn't do a thing to stop me
from molesting her.

Finally, I withdrew from her luscious mouth and picked up a ball gag that I
thought would fit her. The blue of the gag was a lovely contrast with the
perfect red of her slightly smeared lipstick.

Ms. Milano had been working out since I'd seen her last on film. Her legs
were really smooth and muscular and felt great under my large hands. I just
love pinching that smooth flesh of the upper thigh, don't you? 

I unbuttoned Alyssa's shorts and pulled them down her long legs and off
her. I removed my own pants and crawled into the space in front of the
passenger seat. (This is why I drive an American car, you just can't fuck
the shit out of a bound, unconscious, and unwilling celebrity in a Toyota.)
I pushed her beautiful legs back so I could get to her pussy. Her condition
didn't leave her very wet, So I had to resort to the KY jelly I always keep
handy. While I worked it into her pussy, I rubbed my dick up and down along
her smooth thigh. It felt so good, and I was so fucking hard that I almost
shot my load right there on Alyssa's gorgeous leg.

But I was a good boy. She was now lubricated thoroughly and I shoved my
cock up her pussy. Hmmm... the folds of her cunt accepted me. It was warm
and wet and my cock hadn't felt this good in a long time (hours at least).
I pumped her silly, not caring who saw my car bucking. 

Alyssa's eyes fluttered as she started to come around. This was going to be
good, I thought. Just imagine yourself waking up someday... not knowing
where you are... your hands tied behind you... something shoved in your
mouth... a gag... so you can't talk or beg or scream... and a tall man....
between your spread legs....shoving his large cock up inside you...
splitting you in two... all you can see of him.... oh godd.... you can't
move.... he's fucking me..... oh jesus... help.. god... he's fucking me....
it hurts.... I can't move my arms!.. god... all you can see is the man
looming above you.... a flash of his dark hair... his blue eyes that stare
into your own like a mirror.... you could tell from his eyes that he owned

All that and more showed in Alyssa Milano's face as I fucked her hot sweet
cunt. It felt so good to be ramming in and out of her like this. I just
wish you could have been with me to sample her. Tears started streaming out
of her eyes, and I started to hear screams that muffled into silence under
her ball gag. Her magnificent body started bucking and thrashing, making my
ride more pleasurable. 

Alyssa was a real fighter too. Every time I speared her, she tried to kick
me off. Every time she kicked around, I slapped her lovely face. Every time
she tried to twist away, I punched her in her flat stomach, knocking the
wind out of her. 

That last look of defiance and humiliation was all I could take, and I
wanted to get every bit of pleasure I could from it. I withdrew from
Alyssa's pussy and moved myself up until I was crouched over her with my
back against the ceiling. My cock hung over Alyssa's face, and I stroked it
with one hand. My body tensed and the sense of electricity built up in my
groin. Alyssa realized what was happening and if it weren't for the gag,
she would have shattered the car windows with her screams. Her body lurched
and twisted, but she had no escape from my climax.

I grunted under my breath. I was about to come all over Alyssa's face. 
"Bitch!!" I shouted one last time as images of her bound beauty flooded my
mind and my come flooded over her helpless and hopeless face. I didn't
think I was going to stop. My body shot through the ecstasy of orgasm, and
my head slammed against the roof of the car, denting it. I was unfazed and
took my pleasure in seeing Alyssa's degraded, humiliated, and beautiful
face from underneath streams of my come. I kept stroking my cock after the
last impulse of orgasm, just enjoying the feel of super-sensitive skin in
my hand, lubricated by sperm and KY and the juice of Alyssa's pussy.

I slumped into my seat, exhausted. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sound
of my victim sobbing and whimpering beside me. I dressed myself, but left
the beautiful actress naked and covered in my come tied up in the seat. No
chance I'd take her to the hospital now. I started the car up and started
home, admiring and fondling her abused body all the way. You can imagine it
was quite distracting.

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