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---------------------- STORY BEGINS ----------------------

Minding My Own Business Part III (mc, mf, nc, teen, celeb)

By Fitzhemingway

Chapter 7: Celeste, Winona & Yasmine

Everything 13-year old Celeste has ever known has been changed. I've
suddenly appeared in her life and she's become a sort of... slave, desiring
only pleasure - hers and mine. The lips of her pussy are swollen, moist and
warm almost constantly. Her little, tight asshole has the slightest,
tugging itch that can only me scratched by the slightly rough attentions of
a willing tongue, or the violent thrust of a meaty cock. She finds herself
stroking her nipples and breasts idly, thoughtlessly, addicted to the
shivers of pleasure they give her, and never tiring of it.

It's been a month since I made her mine. For a month she's been a willing,
eager mouth for my cock. For a month I've lapped at her sweet young pussy
at every whim. For a month, my tongue has stroked her neck, explored her
plump assflesh, and trust itself into her ear.

I wonder how it's felt for her this last month... Does she remember the
feel of the veins of my shaft on her lips? Did she gag a bit when I pulled
on the back of her head a little to hard, a little to fast? Was my cock a
little to big for her sometimes? Is there an angle of thrust, that on one
penetration brings her to shattering orgasm, but the next wracks her with
sweet pain? The first time I took her delicious ass (a fantastic morning!),
was she eager? Scared? Did she bite her lip and widen her eyes at the
surprise when I first slipped it in her precious ass? Or was she relaxed
and lustful as I shoved inch after inch of my iron-hard meat into her bum?

When even I could stand her attentions no more and had to rest, I had still
had the pleasure of her young, firm body next to mine. She was so tiny near
me - her arm spanned my chest and her tender leg rested on my belly.
Occasionally, her foot brushed my exhausted cock, bringing a smile to her
face when I stirred to attention

I remember last night there was the stirring of a third in our bed. Of
course, her older sister, Lauren. Though weary, I came awake as Celeste's 
arms clutched my chest harder, almost pulsing. 

Ever so quietly, Lauren had slinked into our bedchamber. As we dozed and
dreamed of each other, Lauren crept up on her baby sister and lightly ran
her fingertip down her smooth, lovely thigh. Celeste shivered but did not
awake as she slept face down on top of me. Her legs naturally had spread
apart as she straddled me in slumber. My cock and her pussy deliciously
close, even in sleep.

Upon that scene, Lauren approached. On her belly too, she made her way up
between our legs. Delicately, her hand ran up the length of her sister's
thighs, but she would still not awaken, nor would I. Lauren's Movie Star
lips moistened, and a bit of drool appeared in anticipation as she
approached Celeste's innocent, waiting pussy lips.

Lauren's hands cupped the cheeks of the little girl's ass now, and pulled
them apart to expose her sex even more. Despite the strokes of her older
sister's tongue, Celeste did not yet awake.

Only when Lauren's teeth playfully bit Celeste's round butt cheek, did her
eyes fly open in shock and confusion. Lauren could restrain herself no more
and suddenly dropped her gorgeous face between her sister's legs, searching
frantically with her lips and tongue for her little nubbin of a clit. 

Celeste dug her fingers into my chest as Lauren lapped at her pussy.
Lauren's  tongue rimmed Celeste's asshole gently in exploration, drawing
moans from my little girl's lips.  Lauren spank lightly at first, and
progressively harder as her tongue wormed its way into the young teens
asshole. I knew from experience that Lauren's tongue was impossibly long.
Celeste's mouth was a permanent O of delight as Lauren sucked her little

Painfully slowly, her sister brought Celeste to orgasm with her mouth. My
little love toy bit into the hairs of my chest as her sister tasted her.
There was regret as Lauren's tongue retracted for the last time. I could
sense Celeste's  urge to feel her own sister under her own tongue, but that
chance was denied to her, as Lauren gathered herself up. 

Lauren's  lips caressed her sister's earlobe as she whispered, "Later for
us little sister, Our master has a present for you in the morning." With a
smile on her face, Celeste fell asleep in my protective arms again, eager
for the morning to come.

In the morning, Celeste got herself ready for the day. Wearing nothing but
a sheer teddy and the thin leather collar she had picked out for herself,
she bounded into my lap at the breakfast table. My God she was sexy. I
pushed my meal aside and just played with her for a moment, working myself
up for the fun to come. Her legs were cool and smooth under my hands, and I
never seemed to tire of exploring her mouth with my own. Lifting Celeste
up, I carried her away and outside to the car.

She had seen the look on my face before, and loved it. She knew I was
hunting today and knew enough not to bother me as I discussed the day's
work with Lauren as we drove toward the studio.

My studio employees were used to the sight of Celeste bounding about
scantily clad by now, they were sufficiently under my control not to think
it was odd. I wondered she you felt, running so free, practically naked.
Just to tease, she'd thrust out her pert little tits as we passed the
secretaries. Was she trying to make the older women jealous? Or did she
want that severe yet beautiful brunette to lust after her?

I knew she was trying to give the old janitor a heart-attack as she flashed
her perfect bum at him. Celeste knew that getting down on your hands and
knees and begging him for a good dicking would get my attention. I just had
to chuckle and pull her along with me as we approached the sound stage.

Hand in hand we entered the set. We passed into the darkness and heard a
shrieking, yet familiar voice.

"Forget it! Fuck You," the woman's voice cried. "I tried this outfit on
just to be sure, but I will not wear this crap on camera."

"But the producer..." complained a male, timid voice.

"You can see everything when I wear this!" she cried again. "My ass is
hanging out and my tits are practically in full view! I won't wear it.
That's final. I'm going to change now." Her footsteps came closer to us as
we waited off stage.

The man on stage pleaded again, "But the Producer expressly requested..."

"Fuck the Producer!," said the actress contemptuously. "He can kiss my
gorgeous ass!!" With a huff, the pissed actress stormed off the stage.

Right into my arms.

"Oh don't fret my dear. We'll get you out of that costume soon enough," I
told her.

"What the fu... let me go!!" The actress struggled in my arms, but I was
too strong for her. "LET ME GO!!" she shouted, flashing her big brown eyes
in anger and fear.

"I'm afraid not Ms. Ryder. You're a gift for someone very special to me."

Like a child on Christmas, Celeste stepped into view, running her eyes over
Winner's pale curves.

"Ohh...." she squealed. "Thank you so much Master"

"No.." whispered Winona in confusion.

"Yes. You're ours to play with now." With that, I spun Winona around,
wrapping my arm around her long neck into a headlock. I could smell her
hair as I bent her forward, forcing her firm ass into my crotch. She felt

Winona choked and sputtered in my strong grip as her pendulous breasts hung
low, accidentally freed from her offending costume. Celeste couldn't resist
the offering and with each hand, softly carressed Winner's lovely breasts,
bringing each nipple to automatic attention.

The movie star's mouth worked silently searching for oxygen and her eyes
met Celeste's in her terror, looking for her to help. But when she looked
into Celeste's eyes she saw only excitement and lust, and Winona knew her

"Well my darling," I asked my thirteen-year old with affection. "What shall
we do with poor Ms. Ryder?"

Celeste beamed with lust and gratitude. In response to my question, she
suddenly pinched Winner's large nipples as hard as she could. Winner's
mouth widened with the pain, but before she could make a sound Celeste
pressed her mouth to Winner's and shoved her tongue between her perfect

My mind had sent out commands to the other cast and crew members on the
sound stage, and they all left the building, not quite knowing why. The
minds I didn't concern myself yet with were Celeste's, which I already knew
so well, and Winner's. I wanted us to taste her fear while we tasted her

Breaking your mouths apart, I picked up the now screaming Winona and threw
her a half dozen feet onto the main set. The movie in production was a
science fiction flick that featured Winona stranded on a deserted planet,
hence her tattered and revealing costume.

I reached over to Celeste, and fondled her ass with glee. "There you are my
little one. Your present."

Winona started to pick herself up and ran towards the door. I had locked it
of course. Her eyes scanned around in panic, seeking another exit, and she
ran again, sobbing, to a far wall.

"What are you trying to do to me?" she pleaded as she frantically tried to
cross the set. Celeste stepped in quickly, and punched Winona in the
kidneys. With a "whoof" the actress collapsed and fell.

Celeste jumped her then, and straddled her, pinning Winner's arms to the
floor with her knees. My little girl's hands played with the movie star's
large breasts,  pinching and abusing them, just for the pain they brought
and the tears that welled in Winner's eyes. Celeste loved the feel of them
under her hands, while Winner's body squirmed to get away. But of course,
she couldn't. 

I had semi-paralyzed our prey's body for the moment. She put up enough of a
struggle that I knew Celeste would enjoy it, but she was in no danger of
losing her new toy.

>From behind, I had a great view of Winner's outstretched legs, and
Celeste's own lovely ass as she rubbed your wet pussy back and forth over
Winner's firm stomach. The glistening pink of my girl's pussy came into my
view when she bent over further, to probe her victim's mouth with her

I released my mental grip on Winner's body only for a moment, allowing her
to almost buck you off. I could sense the hope that rushed through Winner's
mind, and Celeste could see the look of victory on her face. 

That only made it sweeter when we acted simultaneously. Celeste slapped
Winner's face back and forth, and I slammed her body flat to the ground, as
if she had fallen from a great height. Celeste screamed in orgasm when she
saw the look of defeat on Winner's face. From her slaps, a drop of blood
had appeared on her lower lip. Celeste bent over her again and took that
quivering lip into her own mouth, sucking it, enjoying the taste of her
helpless victim.

My darling wanted to humiliate her more, and knew just how to do it. She
moved her beautiful teenage body up along Winner's, until her long, fair
thighs surrounded Winner's head. The wet, engorged lips of Celeste's pussy
were a scant inch from Winner's mouth. She moved them back and forth
teasingly, tantalizing herself.

"Nnoonooo.." Winona whimpered. She tried to shake her head away, but
Celeste's legs gripped her head to fast.

"Won't you kiss it Winona?" she teased. "Will you suck my sweet pussy,
love? Don't you want your tongue up inside me?"

For the first time, I manipulated Winner's mind. I played with her until
the thing she wanted most in the world was to glue her mouth to Celeste's,
and work her teenage attacker's nether lips until she screamed in delight.
But I left the sense of humiliation, and shame that we had bent her to our

Hesitantly, the first flick of Winner's tongue passed over her tormentor's
clit. I smiled when your Celeste's whole body twitched with pleasure. Soon,
Winner's lips were working faster, and her whole being focused on giving
Celeste the pleasure she so well deserved.

My Lolita's hips gyrated, working herself onto Winner's face. I couldn't
hold myself back anymore, and approached both electric bodies. From behind
Celeste, I pulled the costume off Winner's body. Exploring her for the
first time with my own hands. Her legs were lean and her skin was smooth as
expected. While Celeste concerned herself with the pleasures of Winner's
mouth, I pushed our victim's knees apart and backward, until her shaved
pussy and pinkish brown asshole were open to me.

I played with Winona for awhile, working my fingers in and out of her
pussy, paying special attention to her clitoris. Soon she was soaking wet,
and I started idly rubbing my fingers around her asshole - lubricating it
and relaxing it just a bit.

The look of pleasure in Celeste was driving me wild, and I wanted to share.
I freed my dick from my pants, and with out any hesitation, rammed it into
Winona Ryder's asshole.

"Aghuughh!!!" she cried, briefly moving her mouth away from Celeste's
pussy. Quickly, she shoved Winner's head back into position and enjoyed the
added pleasure of her scream's muffled vibrations that traveled up her

I touched Winner's mind again, and made sure she stayed attentive to my
Celeste's pussy. I left alone, however, the pain and shock of my invasion
of her virgin ass. Her body twitch and spasmed with every thrust into her
bowels and I could feel the tension in her muscles under my hands. 

Her ass was so tight! And she was so afraid! Winona was ours, and she new
it. The humiliation had broken her will so much that my mental control was
almost not needed. She kept lapping at Celeste's sex because she had no
other choice. She took my cock up her bum because she could do nothing

As I raped Winner's bum, feeling the explosion building inside me, the
muscles in Celeste's back tensed and quivered. Her perfect ass bounced
furiously. And her strong, curvy thighs gripped Winner's head like a vice
as she brought her to a shattering orgasm.

Celeste's screams of climax met with grunts of my own as I unloaded my cock
deep in Winona Ryder's ass. My teenage darling's lovely body arched
backward and I leaned forward. I reached a hand out to fondle Celeste's
perfect breasts, and her mouth met mine in a wet passionate kiss of lust
and triumph.

Satisfied for the moment, I withdrew very slowly from my victim's ass.
Winona, with a little mental push, had gone completely catatonic. Her big
brown eyes remained open, but her mind was elsewhere. Celeste and I climbed
off the actress, and dressed ourselves.

While I made myself suitable for the outside world, I considered my
options. Winona was just to much fun to just forget about, and I'm sure
Celeste wanted to do quite a bit with her. 

Winner's porcelain beauty had drawn me for years. The pools of her eyes
were perfectly suited for a slaves' - looking up plaintively at her master.
But there's a subtle distinction between victim and subservient, and I
hadn't realized that Winona was so much better suited to be a victim.

So my decision was made, for the moment. Winona would come home with us
today. There, I'd find a few activities for my new, perfect victim.

The limo ride was a quiet one. Winona was tied and gagged in the seat
beside me. Her ears were plugged, and her eyes taped shut. Besides her
bonds, she remained naked, allowing young Celeste to suck her new toy's
nipples and tease her pussy.

Facing forward, I settled into the seat and relaxed. My eyes closed, and
the tendrils of my mind flexed and slowly began there work. Winona had been
silent through Celeste' ministrations, still borderline catatonic. When the
first wisps of my consciousness touched hers, she inhaled sharply and
screamed behind her gag. Her body tensed and twisted, forcing Celeste to
grab each of Winner's knees to stretch her legs apart.

Quickly, I calmed her down with soothing thoughts. For this work I needed
quiet. The human brain controls the autonomous body systems as well as the
consciousness. My power was sufficiently advanced that I could control
both. I've stopped the heartbeats of two of my enemies that way, but would
use my skill for more fun here.

My first bit of reprogramming was a simple stimulation of glands and
secretions of the body. Winner's pussy would be slicker now, and her
ability to generate saliva would increase dramatically when something
entered her mouth. Her lips would stay moist and her skin would be softer
than ever.

I'd alter her metabolism quite a bit. She'd gain just a few pounds, to fill
out her curves only. She'd be able to digest clear liquids only, and  her
body would begin to crave what she could now metabolize best... male human
sperm, and ideally, mine. Her taste buds were altered accordingly. 

I dulled her teeth a bit (I'm working on learning how to retract them
fully) and her tongue began to swell in her mouth, becoming a little larger
and thicker. She'd find it more difficult to talk, but that was another
little present to Celeste. Winner's pussy lips were an little meatier, and
her clit was more pronounced. Finally, all hair follicles below her
neckline began to die off.

By the time I was done with Winner's body, I had decided to do very little
with her mind. She's be more aroused than usual of course, but her will was
her own. Her self-awareness was unchanged. Winona would soon be aware of
the changes to her body, and be horrified. She'd know that she'd been
turned in a sexual plaything, and maybe even try to fight it all the way.

We soon pulled in to my driveway, and I pulled Winona out of the car, but
her brown hair. She tried to scream but was still muffled by her gag. Two
of my servants waited.

"Take her down stairs and clean her up, I'll be using her soon." My
servants complied and took the kicking and twisting Winona into the bowels
of the Mansion.

I needed to clean up myself, and walked to my chambers. My body servant
today was Yasmine Bleeth, finally freed from her bonds in the basement. She
was lovely to behold in her white satin - dressed only in a choker and
loose panties that showed off her fantastic curves. Yasmine cooed softly as
she undressed me... brushing her bare nipples against my chest...
'accidentally' brushing the cheeks of her plump ass against my cock when
she turned to put my clothes way. She's always very tempting.

"Is my bath prepared Yas?" I queried.

"Oh yes, Master. Just the way you like it. Will I be washing you today?"
She asked hopefully.

I nodded. "Yes dearie. Have Celeste join us too." I've got a big tub.  

"Mmmm.... master!" she chirped. "I'll get her right now." And off Yasmine
went, legs pumping and ass swinging..

Yasmine was a fun one in bed, and I'd not yet taken her full will.
Sometimes I let the real girl out and took her for a terrifying ride. I was
starting to look forward to this bath. My day needed a break before I got
back to Winona.

I climbed into the hot water of the tub, and instantly reached for the icy
gin & tonic Yasmine had prepared for me. The heat enveloped me and the
stresses of the day seeped away. I set my drink down and closed my eyes...

...and opened them again. Celeste stood there, naked as the day she was
born - almost fourteen years ago. Her curves weren't as dramatic as
Yasmine's, but they were a beautiful combination of firm, ripe naturally
athletic youth, with a lingering touch of tender babyfat. She lifted a
foot, and daintily stepped into the tub. She giggled as her lovely body
slipped in the water, until just her buoyant b-cup breasts floated peek
over the edge of the water.

Yasmine entered the water behind Celeste, wrapping her arms around the
younger girls, and cupping Celeste's breasts in her hands. Yasmine began
massaging Celeste's nipples and bent her head over to playfully bite
Celeste's neck. 

My little Celeste's eyes rolled back in her head, but her little hands
stretched out in the water, seeking something. I felt her soft hands run up
between my legs, until the found my dick and starting stroking it to
attention. She was a dirty old man's fantasy... a pliant schoolgirl with
expert hands. Soon I was full mast, sticking out of the water. Her hands
jacked me faster and firmer, and her little smile grew wicked.

One of Yasmine's hands had disappeared under water. I could imagine it
stimulating Celeste's firm, delicious clitoris, or possibly pumping in and
out of her already.

"C'mere Dollface," I said, and outstretched my arms. The teen slithered up
my body until she straddled me and her lips mashed against mine. Yasmine
took her cue and guided my cock into Celeste's young cunt. every time I
entered the girl, I was amazed at how tight she was. Her tunnel was hot and
slick as always, and she soon began fucking me furiously, bouncing up and
down on my shaft. Her little titties jiggled in the air, tantalizing my

My mind reached out to Celeste's enjoying her sensations of pleasure and
desire. I shared her feelings of being fucked by me, her complete joy in
becoming my little slut. Celeste's mind was completely bend to my will, and
would never be shaken from it. The sensations of her tight young cunt,
filled by my cock came to me from her mind, and added immeasurably to my
own pleasures.

My hands roamed the creamy flesh of her back and ass as she bounced up and
down on my dick. She was so tight and so tender. Her eyes glazed and she
bit her perfect lower lip. She grunted and moaned each time she impaled her
young body on my cock. 

As my little teen fucked me with her all, I motioned to Yasmine to step out
of the tub and walk towards my end. 

"Sit on my face Yas, I want to taste that lifeguard pussy."

I leaned my head back over the edge of the spa and Yasmine took her
position over me. It was a great view. The backs of her curvy thighs
descended slowly, and she shook her tush on the way down, just the way I
love it. She teased my face with the folds of her pink pussy lips. Yasmine
moved back and forth, teasing her own clit with just the tip of my nose.

My tongue flicked up to the slickness between her lips, and I tasted
Yasmine for the first time today. My tongue went as long and as erect as I
could make it, and Yasmine came down on it as far as she could.

I know I'm not going to heaven for the ways I've degraded and abused
beautiful young women, but this made it all worth it. The cutest, sexiest
young teenager I'd ever found was bouncing on my cock like a cowboy rides a
bull. My face was buried in the snatch of Yasmine Bleeth, and the flesh of
her soft thighs were caressing my face. So what if I couldn't breathe... my
enslaved actress tasted as good as she looked.

Yas gyrated on my face very slowly, enjoying every flick and thrust of my
tongue. My nose rubbed hard into her clit when she pressed down on my face.
When she moved forward, my nose slipped inside her cunt, fucking her, and
tongue stroked and rubbed her clean, perfectly hairless asshole.

Celeste hands reached out to Yasmine's butt, pinching and enjoying the
round flesh. I reached my arms upward, almost uncomfortably, to stroke and
play with Yasmine's breasts.

I know, I know, this kind of thing is enough for any man. But I'm not just
any man, am I? 

Yasmine was a perfect plaything on the outside - beautiful, attentive,
submissive and aroused. But I had left her real personality intact, if
submerged. I began the process of coaxing the real Yasmine out, granting
her the humiliation of remembering the degrading things done to her.

Before her real persona could be freed, I had some work to do. Reluctantly
but forcefully, I lifted Celeste off my cock, and pushed Yasmine off of my
face. I winked and nodded to Celeste, transmitting commands to her.

"Yas my dear, are you ready for a nice fucking?"

"Oh!!" she cried in happiness. "Oh yess please Master.... a ff-fucking?"
her last words carried just a faint taste of trepidation. The real Yasmine
was coming out sooner that I'd expected. "You're g-going to ff-f-uck me?"
she asked again.

Celeste's golden body glistened with water, and she gently grabbed Yasmine
and guided her into the tub.

"Oh yes. And you'll be getting it just the way you love it.. I'm going to
fuck you in your gorgeous ass"

"I love it in my ass." she preened. Celeste positioned Yasmine in the
shallow part of the spa on all fours. Her Baywatch bum rose out of the
water like a cushy Gibraltar, and her breasts dangled in the water.

"Mmmy Ass?" she said again. I could feel the real Yasmine coming out even
faster. Despite her inviting posterior, the actress had never liked anal
sex in the real world, and felt more and more distress at the idea now.

Celeste continued to prepare Yasmine, binding the actress's wrists to rings
on the walls of the spa. Yasmine's knees were locked in place by so her ass
would always be out of the water, inviting me. Celeste squatted before
Yasmine with her legs wide open, her hairless plump pussy just an inch
before Yasmine's face. She pulled Yasmine's hair, forcing her head
backwards and too the side.

I could feel more panic rising in Yasmine, and did nothing to stop it. I
spanked her ass as hard as I could, forcing her forward into Celeste's
pussy. The flesh of her tush jiggled enticingly, and the mark of my hand
reddened on her right cheek.

"Ungmmm" was she sound she first made from Celeste's pussy. "Whaat.., " was
the second when she pulled back from it.

Instantly, Yasmine was aware. Memories flooded her mind of the things I had
done to her. How I kept her tied up in the basement until she begged to me
fucked by me. How she helped my capture and rape two underage cheerleaders
from her old high school, and how I left her behind to be gang-raped by the
football team and coaches. She remembered how I forced her to wander my
household with nothing but coat of baby oil and a ball gag. Most of all,
Yasmine remembered being used by me. She recalled every time I fucked her
mouth, fucked her pussy and fucked her ass. She remembered eating Celeste's
pussy while I plowed her from behind. She could still taste the come that I
sprayed her with. She could still feel the sting of my whip on her tender

And now, she could feel her wrists bound and her ass in the air, being
spanked by someone. She was able to get her head away from Celeste's pussy
for an instant, looking over her shoulder to see me grinning with my cock
swaying, aimed at her voluptuous behind. Her scream was most satisfying.

I rubbed the head of my cock at Yasmine's tight backdoor. She kept
screaming, muffled only a little by Celeste's young pussy. The moment I
shoved my cock in her ass, Yasmine gave a little yip and was silenced by
the sudden pain of my invasion. 

Yasmine trashed and splashed, pulling at her bonds in vain. I pulled out of
her ass very slowly, enjoying the beautiful friction on my cock. When only
the head of my cock remained inside her bum, I grabbed a fistful of
assflesh with each hand and drove myself into her ass again. Yasmine
continued to scream and begged me to stop the rape, but of course I didn't
heed her.

Every stroke of my cock in and out of her perfect ass was snug, warm
heaven. Every squeal of panic that came from her mouth and the waves of
terror broadcast from her mind were almost as good. My hands moved away
from her ass cheeks and up her body. I was completely bent over her now.
Celeste moved behind us now, so she could nibble on Yasmine's tender pussy
and fondle my balls as I jammed Yas's bum. 

My hands moved forward while I fucked, until they reached Yasmine's slender
neck. When I'm fucking a beautiful woman like this, I'm always trying to
get a little more arch out of her back. That way there's as little more
altitude to her ass, and my penetration goes just that much further.
Getting that extra arch is tough in a bathtub, but I knew Yasmine could do
it for me.

My hands gripped her neck tightly, and I was rewarded with a stifled cry
and choked off gasp. The combination of her neck held tightly in my hands
and my cock ramming her tight ass was an incredible turn on. I recommend
you try it. But I still hadn't gotten that perfect arch yet.

To get it was simple. My upper body, already hanging over her back, came
down with full force. My hands, still had a strangle hold on Yasmine, and
her head disappeared from view, into the turbulent waters of the bath.

Ahh.... perfect... her ass was taking the full length of my cock now, with
out hindrance. She struggled more than before, now desperate for air. My
mind toyed with hers now, she now felt the cock invading her was four times
the girth of anything stuck in her before. The pain shot through her body
and the fear took over her mind... she lost consciousness.

I came in her ass then, driving my dick into her sleeping body for the last
time. Celeste had already alerted the staff, and two women unhooked Yasmine
from her bonds and took her away for immediate care.

Exhausted again, I slumped into the tub. Little Celeste joined me, and
popped my shrinking cock into her eager mouth for a proper cleaning.


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