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  @(C) 1997 Frederick T. - Free electronic distribution is enthusiastically 
    hoped for.  If for profit, please make a contribution to the National
           Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORMAL).

Disclaimer:  The following material is intended for adults only, for example, 
people over eighteen years old in the United States.  This material consists 
of the fictional accounts of fictional character's sexual experiences that are 
obviously pure fantasy.  Any resemblance between the characters in these 
accounts and real people, either living or deceased, is purely coincidental.  
If you would be offended by the fictional sexual experiences and fantasies of 
fictional people then you should seek other entertainment. 
                                A Busy Weekend

                          A Willy Tamarack Adventure

                               by Frederick T.

        With thanks to the founding fathers and the U.S. Constitution

                               *** PROLOGUE ***

    This is the eleventh in a series of Willy Tamarack adventures.  In this 
adventure Connie, Willy's high school girl friend, pays a surprise visit to 
Las Vegas.   Willy and Connie party with his high school friend, Karen, and 
her friend Paul along with Jeff and Joyce.  The party continues the next day 
and becomes one big, fucking free for all.  I'm still stoked so I'm still 
writing.  All the stories are written to stand alone but are so much more fun 
to read together.  As always e-mail your comments to the usual.

                             *** CHAPTER ONE ***

    The sun is just coming up over the horizon.  I have been up since about 
03:30, three-thirty a.m. for you non-military types.  I had the most horrible 
nightmare.  No, it wasn't post Vietnam stress syndrome or whatever they call 
it.  A couple of weeks ago I got mixed up with a mother and daughter.  After 
fucking the mother, I ended up in the shower and later in bed with both the 
mother and daughter.  Not a bad deal you say, but the daughter was only 
twelve.  In the dream I have my hands tied above my head, you know, hanging 
from a hook in the ceiling in their front room while the daughter blindfolds 
her girl friends and has them perform fellatio on me while I watch the mother 
perform fellatio on the boys as they all sit on the couch.  I must be doing 
too much dope.  But I only smoke a little hemp once and a while - ok, almost 
everyday, but I've been doing this since I retired.  Why am I having these 
vivid dreams - shit; they're nightmares - now ??

    It may be because Debby, who used to be my steady squeeze, that is until 
her and her ex got back together last weekend.  Anyway, Debby, her girl 
friend, Jenny, and I often used a little bondage in our foreplay.  I have 
screwed a hook in my bedroom ceiling and would often tie one of them to it 
while I ravished the other.  Let me tell you the one that is tied up and 
forced to watch is hotter than hell when it's her turn.  I have often wondered 
how it would be for me to be tied up and have to watch them for a while.  I 
always imagine that I would be a wild man when I was let in on the action.

    I'm was about half way through my weight training when Karen, a local high 
school girl, bounces up on the patio.  Hey, she's a senior in high school - 
the legal age almost everywhere.  Yea, we get it on every once in awhile but 
it's mostly a dope thing.  I grow some pretty good shit and sell her some 
every now and then.  She usually gives me a heads up before coming over and 
since it's just a little after seven, this visit is a little unusual.

    "Hey, stoner, you going to impress me with your weight work ?  Not !!"  
She laughs.  I sit up on the weight bench and ask her what the fuck she is 
doing here at this hour ?  She says that today is senior ditch day and if I'll 
remember, a very difficult task for a stoner she reminds me, I promised to 
give her a large amount of dope so that she could turn all her high school 
friends on.  She goes into the condo to use the phone as I replace the weights 
and bench.  When I get into the kitchen she's popped the top on a Bud and is 
chatting with some friend of hers.  "Hey, Willy, could you buy us some beer 
also ?"  She whispers with her hand over the mouth piece.  I nod yes.

    An hour later, after a shower and a Bud for breakfast, I find myself in 
her car with two of her friends - Monica and Cara.  I fucked all three of them 
on Prom night about two weeks ago.  Well not all three of them, Cara is a 
virgin and I felt that it would be better if some guy her age popped her 
cherry.  Shit, what a night that was.  Monica is a big girl, about five-nine 
or ten with a nice set of knockers.  Long dark hair, not pretty but good 
looking.  She was an animal once she got naked.  Cara is small - maybe 
five-three or four - with short, red hair and has a nice little body, firm 
tities and a great tight ass.  She has the reddest bush and tight, I didn't 
even try to get in and I'm not what you call big in the cock department.  Too 
bad I can't talk them into coming back to my place for the day.  I have 
brought along an ounce of my home grown and am busy rolling joints in the rear 
seat with Monica.  We stopped at a convenience store and I bought a case of 
beer for them.  I've rolled several joints and we're all smoking; that is 
except Karen.  She's our designated driver.  I'm trippin' out because we're 
heading away from where I live.

    "Ah !  Karen, just where are we going ?"

    "Like I told you earlier, stoner, it's senior ditch day.  We're going to 
the lake.  We need a designated driver for the way home so I figured you 
wouldn't mind spending the day at the lake.  You can sunbathe and just 
generally hang out and then drive us home - ok ?"

    I guess it has to be.  We are about half way to Lake Mead now and I'm 
figuring that I get to spend the whole day watching high school girls run 
around in their bathing suits.  It could be a lot worse and if I play my cards 
right, I might talk one of these horny young ladies into fucking my eyes out - 
ah, the life of an optimistic stoner.

                             *** CHAPTER TWO ***

    We arrive back at my place late in the afternoon.  No, I didn't get laid.  
Yea, I drove home but I was about as stoned as the girls.  I had dropped 
Monica and Cara off at Monica's house.  Upon driving into my driveway I notice 
a floor covering truck parked in front of my condo and the front door is open.  
Being a bit stoned, I find this is disconcerting.  Karen bounds out of the car 
and heads for the front door.  I follow.  As I enter the front room I notice 
that Connie, my long ago high school girl friend, is talking with some greasy 
looking guy in an ill fitting suit.  She turns, notices us and rushes across 
the room, scolding Karen for bringing me back so early and then throws her 
arms around me and gives me a big kiss.  Connie leads us to the bathroom, 
which in my condo is quite large with a huge sunken tub in the center.  The 
bathroom floor is now covered with a thick foam covering from wall to wall.  
It's real soft but firm at the same time and Connie says it's water proof.  
Karen giggles and asks if it's cum proof.  We all laugh.  The workmen are 
cleaning up loose scrapes and Connie tells Karen to entertain me while she 
settles up with the honcho.

    Several minutes later, Karen splits and leaves me alone in the bathroom.  
God, it really does look great; I have taken off my shoes and it feels great 
too.  I wander out to look for Connie and can't find her anywhere.  I notice 
the door to the growing room is open a bit and since I'm the paranoid type 
casually walk over there to make sure everything is safe.  It's really my 
second bedroom and office but I keep the growing contraption in the closet.  
As I approach the open door I hear Connie talking with somebody, "Well, 
what'll it be stud ?  You want to stick your dick in this freshly shaved, 
juicy wet pussy or a blow job ?"  I peak through the door and see them in the 
mirrors that line the closets.  Connie has her skirt hiked up above her waist 
and is fingering herself.  The greasy looking guy is standing in front of her.  
"Like I said earlier, hot pants, I want the blow job."  Without batting an 
eye, Connie drops to her knees and yanks the guys zipper down.  She is fishing 
in his crotch saying, "You'd last longer in my cunt, stud."  "Just suck my 
cock, ok ?"  And that she does.  He's about my size and she soon has him 
leaning back against the wall, pumping his hips.

    One of the workmen calls me from across the room.  I turn to find him 
needing help getting something that looks like a carpet cleaner out of the 
bathroom.  I go over and help him take it out to the truck.  By the time I 
arrive back in the front room the greasy looking guy is heading toward the 
door, as he passes me he says, "You got some hot pussy there, Mister."  I 
laugh like I don't know what he is talking about and go looking for Connie. 
She's not in the growing room but when I enter the bathroom I find her 
gargling with Scope.  After spitting and rinsing with water, Connie tells me 
to fire up a joint.  She meets me out in the kitchen and we share the joint in 
silence.  I'm dying to ask her about the greasy looking guy but don't have the 
nerve to hear her answer.  Seems lately that Connie needs a lot more than just 
my cock but what can I say; I've been getting plenty myself lately.  Aw, well 
I'll wait until I'm not so stoned to talk to her.  Yea, and when will that
be ??

                            *** CHAPTER THREE ***

    I'm really ripped, as is Connie, and don't remember having dinner at all 
but see the sink is full of dirty dishes.  I start to rinse them and put them 
in the dishwasher when the doorbell rings.  Connie answers it and I soon see 
Karen and Paul sitting at the bar, Connie is standing between them with an arm 
around each of their shoulders.  "Well, stoner, ready to party ?"  Karen asks.  
I laugh, saying that I got a lot of rest today.  "Only because I told the 
girls to keep their hands off of you.  Monica is really hot for you after last 
weekend."  Connie wants to know all about last weekend.  I notice that Paul is 
rather silent and figure that he knows something about last weekend with 
Connie that he doesn't want me to know.  But that thought quickly leaves my 
mind as I inhale a deep lung full of maryjane.  Connie comes around the bar 
and throws her arms around my shoulders.  "Oh !  Willy, you just love the 
young girls don't you.  Thank God you're not hung like my husband or you'd 
ruin them for everyone else."

    She leaves the kitchen to change and the drift I get from the disjointed 
conversation going on in the kitchen is that Jeff and Joyce are coming over 
with, of all people, Jack and Terry.  From what I figure we'll be doing, Jack 
and especially Terry will be in way over their heads.  Connie comes back in a 
few minutes wearing nothing but a very flimsy shift that is damn near 
transparent.  I can see her nipples clearly, large and dark and if she hadn't 
shaved I'm sure I would be able to see her bush.  I ask her about Jack and 
Terry.  She says it was Joyce who invited them, said that they were kind of 
newbies.  Connie thought it would be fun.  I looked at Karen and wondered if 
she knew what she was getting into.  Jeff, Joyce's husband, is hung like a 
stallion - about eight or nine inches and as big around as your arm, well, I'm 
exaggerating a bit but you get the picture.  And Joyce was going to eat Paul 
alive, she loves young guys from the stories the two of them had told me.  The 
doorbell brought me back to reality.  I went to answer it.

    Jeff, Joyce, Jack and Terry were all at the door.  I lead them to the 
front room and made introductions.  Connie was fixing drinks.  As I figured, 
Jeff immediately moved in on Karen and Joyce was all over Paul.  I could hear 
her telling him that she had heard so much about him.  I laughed, Jeff was 
using the same line on Karen.  I put on some music and found Jack helping 
Connie with the drinks; he couldn't keep his eyes off of her almost naked 
body, openly staring at it.  I corralled Terry and asked her if she was ready 
for this ?  "I'm not sure but I let Joyce talk me into it."  In a few minutes 
Jack was over bugging me about how old Karen was.  Ask her was my reply.  He 
next asked me if I had fucked her; I gave him the same answer.  The room was 
filling with the sweet smell of hemp and the music was mellow - a little Dave 
Matthews Band.  Paul and Joyce were dancing.  Connie was talking with Terry 
and Jeff and Jack were monopolizing Karen.  Connie announced that the 
unveiling of the spa would be in about ten minutes so everyone better get a 
refill.  Terry was over talking with Jack and he soon made his way across the 
room - not a happy camper.

    "Sorry, Willy, but Terry wants to leave.  I'm really pissed.  Would it be 
ok if I came back later, by myself ?"

    "How are you going to do that without Terry cutting your balls off ?"

    "You're right but, boy, would I die to get back here tonight.  Hey, thanks 
for taking care of Terry last weekend.  She said that the party at Jeff and 
Joyce's was really getting wild."

    If only he knew about the party at his place after Jeff and Joyce's.  Did 
I feel guilty, maybe....but I got over it, when after they left, I entered the 
bathroom/spa and everyone was not only naked but starting to heat up !  It 
appeared that pairings had already been established.  Karen was sucking on 
Jeff's rapidly expanding cock while Connie necked with him and Joyce was going 
down on Paul.  I quickly stripped off my clothes and sat at the edge of the 
tub.  A joint was making the rounds, the lights were low and the water 
temperature was perfect.  I just watched as Jeff handed me the joint.  Connie 
was now sucking on Jeff's cock as Karen squatted over his face getting her 
shaved cunt licked.  My cock was growing in leaps and bounds.  I put the joint 
in the ashtray; and slid down into the water.  I moved to where Joyce was on 
her knees and rubbed my cock on her ass.  I lifted her to her feet and really 
began to work my hard dick up and down the crack of her ass.  I rubbed the 
head of my dick between her lips and pushed into her.  Her mouth never came 
off of Paul's cock.  I started fucking her.

    I was really getting into it when Paul startled me with, "Ah...Willy, you 
want to change places ?"

    I was really fucked up and really fucking the shit out of her.  God, I 
loved fucking Joyce doggie style.  She had such a great ass, with every thrust 
it jiggled a little.  Paul next tapped me on the shoulder as if we were on the 
dance floor and he wanted to cut in and dance with the girl I was with.  I 
pulled out and he quickly took my place.  I moved to where Joyce had her hands 
on the edge of the tub and presented her my cock; she gobbled it up as Paul 
fucked the shit out of her.  I looked across the tub and saw Karen bouncing up 
and down on Jeff's cock.  God, was he hung.  Karen is really ridding him and 
it was a while until I notice that Connie is sitting on Jeff's face.  I came 
back to our threesome when Paul screamed out his orgasm.  He immediately 
slowed his thrusts.  I hopped off the edge of the tub and pulled him out of 
Joyce.  I grabbed both of her hips and filled her in one stroke.  She was 
slimy and warm.  I started fucking for all I was worth.  "Here, I come, 
Joyce."  I screamed.  Slap, slap, slap, slap.  Our bodies continued to move as 
I injected my seed into her sloppy, wet cunt.  I dropped back into the hot tub 
and sat up on the edge away from everyone.  Connie, Karen and Jeff were no 
where to be seen.  I wondered where they went ?

    I lit the roach and wandered down the hall toward the front room.  The ice 
box door was open and Karen was bent over getting something out.  In the dim 
light of the front room I could see the wetness between the cheeks of her ass 
and thighs.  Jeff had really pumped a load into her; his seamen was rolling 
down her thighs.  "Where's Connie and Jeff ?"  Karen is startled and jumps 
before turning to look at me.  She's really stoned and just stands there 
looking at me.  I repeat the question and she shrugs.  Well, they didn't walk 
over to Thirstbusters for a drink, their clothes were still in the bathroom.  
I wander back down the hall and look in my bedroom - no.  I reach the end of 
the hall and the growing room, the door is closed.  I open it very slowly and 
peak in.  It's dark but I can hear voices, "That's it baby, suck my big cock.  
You like big cocks...don't you ?"  There is no immediate reply, then a 
breathless voice answers, "The bigger the better, honey."  I open the door 
wider and spy them over on the bed.  Connie is sitting on the edge and Jeff is 
standing in front of her.  He is rocking back and forth as his half hard cock 
is sliding in and out of Connie's mouth.  She pushes him away and says, "Don't 
tell me that little girl tired you out, lover."  "Just getting my second wind; 
keep sucking."  Connie goes back to swallowing his cock.  I'm amazed she can 
get so much of it in her mouth.  "Yea, that's it, baby, swallow all of it."  
He's getting harder by the moment and so am I.  He's grabs her by the head and 
is really fucking her mouth.

    "Now, I'm going to fuck your ass, baby.  Get on your knees, Connie."  He 
pushes her off of his dick.  Jesus, it's huge.  I've seen Jeff with a hardon 
plenty of times but I know I've never seen him this big.  Connie slowly rolls 
over and wiggles her ass at him.  "You gona fuck me in the ass, stud ?  Huh ?"  
Jeff scrambles up onto the bed and pulls Connie to her knees.  She pulls away 
from him.  He pulls her to her knees again and again she pulls away.  He gets 
her to her knees again and then pulls her by the hair until he has turned her 
face toward him.  "That's right, Connie, I'm going to fuck you in the ass like 
Willy never could and you're going to love it, baby."  With that he slaps her 
on the rear and tells her to spread her cheeks.  She complies and he wastes no 
time forcing his cock head into her anus.  Connie moans a little and then 
screams as he grabs her hips and forces himself all the way into her.  "Willy, 
ever fill you like this ?"

    "God, no; only my husband has filled me like this.  You gona fuck me like 
my husband does ?"  Jeff asks how he fucks her and she answers, "He fucks me 
as hard and fast as he can until he cums and if I don't get off before he's 
through he has me suck him until he's hard and then fucks me again."  I'm not 
sure that Jeff is up for this kind of fucking but he gives it the ol' college 
try.  He lasts about three minutes or so, pounding away at her ass, until he 
throws his head back and grunts out his orgasm.  He backs out of her and 
Connie is all over him.  He's on his back and Connie has swallowed his cock, 
sucking him voraciously.  I'm dying to go over and fuck Connie but realize 
that if I do they'll know I was watching and listening.  I'm not ready for 
that and back out of the room into the hall.

    Back in the bathroom, Paul is smoking a joint while watching Joyce and 
Karen doing 69.  Karen is on top, her ass stuck up in the air.  I've still got 
a hardon from watching Jeff and Connie.  I drop to my knees and straddle 
Joyce's face.  I take a hold of Karen's hips and pull her ass to my cock.  
"Put me in, Joyce."  Joyce reaches up and directs my cock toward Karen's cunt.  
"No, Joyce, her ass.  I want to fuck her in the ass, Joyce."  I was almost 
sure that Jeff told me he had never had his dick in Joyce's ass but he was 
down the hall fucking the shit out of Connie's ass at this very moment.  I 
really wanted to fuck Joyce in the ass but.....soon.  Karen's asshole accepted 
about half of my cock and I pulled out a little then fed her some more.  Karen 
still had her head buried in Joyce's cunt as I threw caution to the winds and 
pushed all the way in; beginning to fuck her immediately.  I wasn't going to 
last long.  "Lick my balls, Joyce."  I commanded and shortly feel Joyce's 
tongue licking behind my balls.  Oh, shit, here it comes.  Two, maybe three 
spurts of jizzim into her asshole.  I kept pumping.  Paul is hard again and 
pushing us off of Joyce.  He's on her, fucking her brains out.  Connie and 
Jeff enter the room.  Jeff's cock is a piece of dead meat, dangling between 
his legs.  The evening doesn't stop though.  More fucking and sucking; sucking 
and fucking.....

                             *** CHAPTER FOUR ***

    Fuck, it can't be.  My watch says it's 1745.  It can't be this late.  I 
roll over onto my back on the bed.  I'm in the office/growing room.  What the 
fuck am I doing here ?  As I walk down the hall I see that no one is in my 
bedroom but someone has stripped the sheets from the bed.  I'm sipping a 
bloody mary and smoking a joint; for medicinal purpose, mind you, when the 
front door bursts open and Connie, Joyce and Karen waltz in.  "Ah..the dead 
has risen."  One of them shouts across the room.

    "Hey, stoner, it's customary to wear clothes when you're in the presence 
of ladies," Karen says.  I'm still bare ass naked just as I was the evening 
before but then last night so were these ladies.  Connie comes over to me and 
throws her arms around my neck.  "Hope you're ready for another big night, 
lover."  I haven't said a word yet.  Every time I form a thought, the subject 
changes before I can voice it.  Connie gives me a big kiss and tells me to 
shower and shave.  Off I go.  When I come out of the shower after shaving, I'm 
met by all three of them and escorted to my bedroom.  Before I know it I'm 
chained to the hook that I screwed into the ceiling several months ago.  "That 
was easy," Joyce said as Connie held a joint up to my lips.  I took a huge 
drag figuring that I had nothing to lose.  I trusted all three of these women; 
they weren't going to fuck me over, right ?

    I must have waited in the bedroom for what seemed like hours but was 
probably more like 45 minutes or so.  Every once in a while one of the women 
would come in and feed me some horsdoeuvres and give me a couple of tokes of a 
joint.  Occasionally the door bell would ring.  I could hear more and more 
voices from the front room.  It sounded like quite a crowd was forming.  The 
stereo was playing some old Rolling Stones and the fragrance of marijuana 
would drift into the room every once and a while.  I was not facing the door 
although I could have if I had wanted too but right now I just wanted to stand 
there and not know who was watching me; as I'm sure the "guests" were 
wandering down the hall to see me chained to the ceiling.  The music changed 
to something I'm sure I didn't have in my collection.  Kind of like church 
music, lots of organs and flutes and other instruments that I wasn't familiar 
with.  The sound of people's voices disappeared.

    Joyce and Connie enter my vision and begin to make the bed, just a single 
white bottom sheet.  I didn't own any white sheets ?  Joyce left and Connie 
approached me. "You're going to love this, Willy  Trust me.  No shit; you're 
going to really get off on this, lover."  With that she left.  Very shortly a 
nude Karen and Monica led and equally nude Cara to the bed and helped her up 
onto it as she was blindfolded.  They laid her down and began to massage her 
body.  What a contrast between their body shapes and colors.  Karen: tall, 
slim, dark hair with streaks of the Summer sun in it already, her small 
breasts, topped with the best nipples I've ever sucked on, her cunt shaved.  
Monica: dark hair without the Summer sun streaks, as tall as Karen but 
heavier, her breasts were large with big round areolae and nipples the size of 
grapes, a thick pelt of pubic hair covering her lower stomach and mons.  And 
finally; Cara: the shortest of the three and slim like Karen but with more 
prominent breasts, the tops covered with thousands of freckles, the areolae 
almost invisible in color with a small nipple in the center of each.  Her mons 
is lightly covered with a sparse patch of fiery red pubic hair, the same color 
as her thick head of hair.

    Karen is kissing her as Monica rubs her stomach.  Monica looks at me and 
smiles; gets up off of the bed and begins to rub her body against me.  She is 
beside me and lazily rubbing my stomach as she grinds against my side.  I'm 
starting to get hard.  She holds a joint to my lips.  As I take a drag she is 
licking my neck and biting on my ear lobe.  Karen is working her mouth down 
Cara's body; she has reached her breasts and is sucking on them.  Her hand is 
between Cara's legs rubbing her cunt and occasionally sticking a finger into 
her.  Cara is starting to moan and move her hips, grinding them into the 
finger giving her so much pleasure.  I'm harder than steel.  I can feel the 
blood pumping into my dick.  I look down and see that my cock is sticking 
straight up toward my belly button.  I turn and start frenching with Monica.  
I wish she'd grab my cock and start pumping it.  I ask her to.  She smiles and 
shakes her head back and forth.

    I go back to watching Karen and Cara.  Karen is now between her legs 
eating her.  Cara's hips are wild; either trying to escape from the hungry 
mouth between her legs or trying to capture it.  I can't be sure as I take 
another toke off an offered joint.  For the first time I notice that here are 
other sounds in the room and glance behind me.  The room is full of people.  
Jeff and Joyce, with Tom and Jenny standing just behind them.  Paul is with 
two guys I've never met before and over in the corner is Debby and Gill with 
Connie standing right next to them.  The loud scream of Cara's orgasm snaps my 
head forward.  Karen is still eating her but Cara's hips have slowed down to 
an occasional hump and grind.  Connie appears at my other side.  She is still 
dressed as are the rest of the guests.  "Wow, Willy, that's an impressive 
hardon you've got there.  Do you want to fuck, Cara ?"  I just nod my head.  
"Fuck her as hard and fast as you can...until you come, lover."

    I'm unchained and led to the bed.  My cock is throbbing.  Monica jumps up 
on the bed and with Karen each take one of Cara's legs and pull them up in the 
air while spreading them.  Connie leads me to the juncture of Cara's spread 
thighs.  I lean over Cara and Connie guides my cock to her cunt.  The hard 
slap on my ass drives my cock deep into Cara's virgin vagina.  Her scream is 
loud but shortly drown out by the clapping I hear from behind me.  Someone is 
yelling, "Fuck her, Willy."  It was a woman.  The men start to cheer when I 
begin pumping my cock in and out of her as fast as I can.  She is tighter than 
shit and not very wet but her cunt is like an oven.  I'm fucking like there is 
no tomorrow when somebody runs a vibrator down the crack of my ass.  When it 
nestles in between the cheeks of my ass and rubs against my asshole then runs 
into the back of my balls; I explode like I haven't since I was eighteen and 
fucking Connie in the back seat of her mom's car.  Four, maybe five, powerful 
spurts of seamen fill Cara's, no longer virgin, cunt.  I keep pumping.  It 
seems I'm going to come again and I do.  Another two or three spurts and now 
Cara is coming, bucking up to meet my thrusts.  Screaming, "Yea....Yea..... 
Yea....Cummming."  I eventually roll off of her.  Everyone is staring at my 
cock.  I look down at it and see that there are streaks of red all up and down 
the shaft; my pubic hair matted with blood and seamen.  My cock's wilting 
fast.  I glance over at Cara but the girls are already leading her to the 
bathroom.  I get up and follow.

    Somebody hands me a joint and after taking a drag I pass it to Cara.  She 
accepts it and smiles.  Karen and Monica get in the hot tub with us.  After 
washing myself and taking another couple of drags, I get out of the tub and go 
join the crowd.  They are all still hanging out in the bedroom like it's 
intermission at a show.  Well, maybe it is.  I wander out to the kitchen and 
get a beer.  When I return it is decidedly warmer in the room.  Connie is 
nude, helping Gill out of his pants while Paul is removing Debby's blouse.  
Joyce is with Paul's friends.  She is really being mauled as one of them is 
pulling off her "T" shirt while the other is pulling off her jeans.  Jenny 
walks by me and heads for Debby and Paul.  Paul is busy sucking on Debby's 
humongous tits but that doesn't stop Jenny from stripping his shorts off.  
Jeff and Tom drift over towards Connie and she is soon helping them out of 
their clothes.

    Joyce and her young men leave the bedroom followed shortly by Connie and 
the older gentlemen.  I'm left with Debby and Jenny down on their knees taking 
turns sucking on Paul's hard cock.  He pulls away from them and gets on the 
bed; they follow.  Debby squatting over his erect penis and making it 
disappear in her large cunt.  Jenny squatting over his face, rubbing her wet 
cunt all over his lips and mouth.  This isn't for me.  I go looking for what ?  
At the moment I really don't know.

                             *** CHAPTER FIVE ***

    Connie is sitting on the front room couch with all three men standing in 
front of her.  She is sucking each of their of their cocks in turn; from one 
to the next, to the next, taking turns, sucking on all of them.  All three 
cocks are hard.  Jeff and Gill, both with over eight inches and Tom with a 
dick closer to my size.  There is no doubt that Connie is going to fuck them 
all, probably at the same time although one of them will have to settle for a 
blow job.  I wander down the hall, find the office/growing room door open and 
hear the wet sounds of sex coming from the room.  I enter and find Joyce on 
her back with her legs wrapped around the waist of one of Paul's friends.  He 
is pounding his cock in and out of her at quite an amazing speed.  His friend, 
just sitting on the side of the bed stroking a nice long dick, waiting his 
turn.  There is sweat running off of his friend's back as he fucks the living 
shit out of Joyce.  She is egging him on, begging him to fuck her faster.  He 
tenses, stops fucking then starts again, then stops again.  He quickly rolls 
off of her and his friend climbs aboard.  I get a glimpse of her dark haired 
twat, reddish, pink cunt lips visible in the cum drenched curls.  I'm starting 
to get hard; watching the second guy fuck her as fast and as hard as his 
friend.  His ass lifting and falling between her upraised legs.  I start 
stroking myself.  I want thirds and it comes to me.....I'm going to fuck her 
in the ass.  I'm finally going to fuck Joyce in the ass.  God, I've been 
dreaming about this since the first time I fucked her.

    The second guy can't last much longer, I think.  I'm getting a real 
reltne, thinking about getting two virgins in one night.  Cara's cunt and now 
Joyce's asshole.  I now remember asking Jeff if he had ever fucked Joyce in 
the ass and he said, "Shit, she won't let me near it....Won't even let me 
stick a finger in it."  The second guy's orgasm brings me back to the present.  
He was louder than his friend and still pumping his cock in and out of her.  
"Oh !!  Here it comes.  Yea.....some more and....yea, some more."  He slowly 
rolled off of her and her legs fell to the bed.  Now I really got a good look 
at her well fucked pussy; her dark pubic hair, matted with seamen; her cunt 
lips spread and slick with their juices.  I had a real throbber in my hand.  
"Hey, guys that blond with the huge tits is taking on all comers in the other 
bedroom."  Both of them looked over at me then moved toward the door.  I lit a 
roach and moved over to offer it to Joyce.  "Having fun ?"  I ask.

    "Oh, Willy, I don't think I've every been fucked that fast or hard for so 
long.  It was fucking great."

    "Mind ?"  I ask as I stroke my throbbing dick.

    She smiles and spreads her legs a little farther, rubbing her lower 
stomach with one hand and pinching one of her nipples with the other.  I toss 
the joint into an ashtray and climb onto the bed.  "Let's do it doggie style, 
Joyce."  She rolls to her stomach and is up on her knees, wiggling her ass at 
me.  I can see her slick, spread cunt lips in the cum soaked curls.  I line my 
dick up and pound it home.  God, is she slimy; really reamed out.  Our 
coupling makes a squishy sound.  I drive her down onto her stomach and begin 
to fuck her like crazy.  After a short spurt of energy - slap...slap...slap -  
I pull her to her knees and pull her ass onto my cock.  I spank her real hard, 
her head comes up off of the mattress.  "Come on.....Joyce, fuck me."  She 
starts pumping her ass on my dick as I lean back on both arms to force my dick 
up to meet her thrusts.

    Her tempo slows so I spank her again, harder.  The sound of the slap fills 
the room.  "Faster, Joyce....fuck me faster."  She's really moving her ass 
now.  I can see the sweat forming on her back.  I lean forward and spread the 
cheeks of her ass.  I can see her puckering asshole clearly now, nestled 
between the plump cheeks of her ass and surrounded by a light sprinkling of 
short dark hair.  I wet a thumb and press it against her asshole.  "Come on, 
faster, Joyce.  Really fuck me; come on get me off, Joyce."  With each of her 
thrusts, my thumb is driven deeper into her asshole.  She's beyond caring, so 
intent on getting me off.  The sweat rolling off of her back.  She's now 
taking all of my thumb on each thrust.  I slow her pumping and begin to hear 
her ragged breath.  I pull my cock out of her.  It is slimy with the juices of 
her previous lovers.  I rub the head around her asshole for a few seconds and 
them pull her hips back towards me to cause our coupling.  She tries to pull 
away from me but I am able to keep my dick firmly in her asshole.  "Hold still 
Joyce,  I'm going to fuck your brains out."  I slap her ass again, real hard 
and her asshole tightens around my throbbing cock.  Boy, is she nice and 
tight.  I don't remember Cara being this tight a fit.  "Now, fuck me, Joyce."

    When she doesn't immediately start fucking me, I slap her again, harder.  
Her movement almost pulls me out of her clenching asshole.  I pull her back 
and start fucking her as fast as I can.  Her head is buried in the mattress 
but I can hear the moaning and short intakes of breath as I drive my cock in 
and out of her.  I slap her ass again.  "Fuck me back, Joyce, don't just kneel 
there....come on fuck me."  She's now on her hands and knees, her head no 
longer buried in the mattress.  "You like it, don't you, Joyce."  Her head 
bobs up and down, her breath still ragged; the sweat starting to roll off her 
back again.  I pull her by the hair until she is looking in my face.  "Tell 
me, Joyce."  A ragged "yea" explodes out of her mouth.  "Come on, Joyce, start 
fucking."  She's now moving her hips back to meet my cock with every thrust.  
"Come on, Joyce, tell me how much you like it."  She's grunting with very 
thrust and then I start to hear her.  She's chanting, "Fuck....fuck.....fuck." 
I'm blind with lust, pounding my cock in and out of her.  I've spread her 
cheeks and can see my cock fucking in and out of her.  Her asshole clinging to 
my cock as I pull out and then totally disappearing as I drive it back into 
her.  She's becoming more vocal with every thrust.  "Fuck me" is now her 
favorite phrase.  "Faster" and "Harder" are next and I can feel the sweat 
rolling off of me.  I can't believe I've lasted this long, but I'm getting 
real close.  "Play with yourself, Joyce."  I can feel her hand search her 
cunt; feel her fingers explore her vagina as if to confirm that I'm buried 
deep in her asshole.  I pull all the way out and just stare at her asshole for 
a moment.  It is really reamed out, three fingers would just be tight.  I ram 
my cock home again, driving her down to the mattress.  Pounding, driving and 
then cuming....cuming....cuming.  No shit another unbelievable orgasm.  My 
dick is shrinking but I'm still fucking her.  She's cuming, "Oh !!  My, God, 
fuck my ass, Willy.  I'mmmmm.....cuming.  Oh ! Shit....Yes....fuck....fuck my 

    She's on top of me, her head on my chest.  We are both still a bit short 
of breath.  "You promise ?"  She pleads.  She has just tried to explain why I 
can't tell her husband.  I'm thinking that this won't be the last time I get 
to fuck her in the ass.  I can fuck her in the ass any time I want to by just 
mentioning that I might forget our promise.  "I promise."  This won't be the 
last time she hears of this promise.  I can see her point though, Jeff is hung 
like a horse.  I don't think I'd want his cock in my ass but then Connie 
really got off on it ??

    We both wandered into the bathroom to find Connie, along with Jeff and 
Gill, lounging in the tub.  The young girls were still hanging about.  Gill 
has his eye on Monica.  Jeff was intent on Connie.  I smiled, thinking of the 
ass fucking I just gave his wife.  Joyce and I sit down with our feet in the 
water when Tom bursts in from the bedroom, practically screaming, "Shit, Gill, 
you got to see your wife.  She's fucking two of those young the 
same time."  Gill was up in a flash and heading toward the bedroom.  Connie 
was quickly up after him, sensing trouble, as I was.  We all arrived about the 
same time and there, in the middle of the king size bed, was Debby; straddling 
one of them with the other behind, fucking the shit out of her.  She was 
chanting, "Yea...yea...yea...yea."  As Gill moved toward the bed, Connie said, 
"Remember, just had me that the ass."  He just knelt on 
the edge of the bed and I figured that the problem was avoided.  Joyce moved 
in behind me and said, "He acted that way last week at our place when Jeff 
fucked the shit out of her in the hot tub.  Shit, he had just fucked the shit 
out of me and then he's pissed if she gets a little.  What an asshole."  I 
nodded my agreement and turned back to the bathroom; Monica would be all 

    After sharing a joint with the girls; I took Monica's hand and lead her 
out into the hall.  The sounds of fucking and sucking, coming from the 
bedroom, retreated behind us.  I wanted to keep this girl happy as she was 
staying in town and going to UNLV next year.  I moved her to the edge of the 
bed in the growing room and got to my knees.  She sat down and impishly spread 
her legs, exposing her thickly haired twat.  I reached a couple of fingers 
into her bush and began to explore.  Finding her cunt wet; I filled it with 
both fingers.  She looked surprised but moved her hips to meet my finger 
fucking.  I spread the lips of her cunt and moved as much of the hair away as 
possible, then licked her from asshole to clitoris.  Then again and again and 
again.  She made her need obvious, "Come on, Willy, fuck me."  I laughed.  I 
was going to need a lot of help for this one.

    I stand in front of her; she needs no prompting, sucking my soft penis 
into her mouth.  She's got me rocking back and forth in just a few minutes.  I 
wrap my hands in her thick head of hair and hold her still; pumping my growing 
cock in and out of her mouth.  Keeping one hand in her hair I reach down with 
the other and start pinching and rolling her nipples in my fingers.  I pull my 
dick out of her mouth and begin to slap my dick on her cheek.  I'm getting 
harder.  Back in her mouth.  I stand still.  She's fucking me with her mouth.  
God, does her mouth feel good.  I'm hard enough to fuck her.  I'm down on my 
knees licking her cunt again.  I push her thighs up to her chest and tell her 
to hold on to them.  While tongue fucking her, I slide a finger into her anus.  
I'm now fucking both holes.  I stand and force my cock into her cunt.  It has 
lost a little of it's hardness and I really have to be careful or it'll fall 
out.  Short, little thrusts; now, it's getting there.  Oh !  Yea, it's getting 
harder.  I lengthen my strokes.  I'm supporting myself with my arms her ankles 
around my neck.  I pull out of her and tell her to get to her knees.  Her ass 
is presented to me and I waste no time burying my cock in her cunt.  Slap, 
slap, slap, slap.  I pound myself into her.  I'm teasing her asshole with one 
of my fingers.  I push it in.  She tenses.  I keep fucking her.

    "I'm going to fuck your asshole, Monica."  She just grunts, pushing her 
cunt back against my thrusting groin.  Out of her cunt I come.  I place my 
cock head right on her anus and push.  The head of my cock pops right in.  
Nice and tight.  She grunts louder as I push more of my cock in her asshole.  
I start pumping.  Oh !  Shit, I can't believe three virgins in one night.  
Monica starts fucking back.  She's going wild.  She loves it.  She's got an 
ass like Joyce's only a little wider with bigger cheeks.  I spread them apart 
an watch my cock disappear into her asshole.  I keep her cheeks spread and 
force more of my dick into her.  "Come on fuck me, Willy !"  She almost 
screams and I start fucking the shit out of her.  "Yea !  Fuck my ass, Willy."  
This time it is a scream.  I'm fucking her like crazy.  I realize she is still 
screaming; a loud piercing scream.  I reach forward and put my hand over her 
mouth.  She bites my hand.  I pull it back and slap her ass as hard as I can.  
She starts cuming.  "Ahhhh !  Yeaaaaa !!!!  Faster, Willy, I'm commmmmmming.  
Oh !  Fuck me.......Ahhh.....Faster !!  Again....Ugh, Ugh, Ugh....Coming, 
again."  I slap her ass again and her sphincter damn near cuts my dick off.  
Here comes my load.  Two, three good ejaculations.  Her anal passage becomes 
real slippery.  I increase the cadence as my cock slowly deflates.  I finally 
fall back on my ass, finished, done, destroyed.

    I wake up in the office/growing room again.  I'm confused.  I roll toward 
the other side of the bed and run into Monica.  She moans and rolls over, 
opening her eyes as she does.  Her tits are uncovered by her movement.  The 
large round brown areolae, with cherry size nipples beginning to get hard in 
the cooler air.  I'm trying to remember where we left off last night.  Her 
girls friends joined us after I fucked her in the ass and we partied like we 
did on Prom night.  I was shot but my tongue lasted another hour or so.  I 
almost got hard watching Cara fuck Monica with the biggest dildo I've ever 
seen.  I measured it - a foot long and ten inches around.  It disappeared in 
Monica before Cara gave up and fell exhausted to the bed.  I push her onto her 
back and begin feasting on her nipples and tit flesh.  I've got a morning hard 
on and it hurts after all the fucking last night.  Her hand has captured my 
cock; now I'm on my back and she is sucking me.  She's actually swallowing me 
and I'm gona cum.  She pushes a finger into my asshole and I'm spurting.  Her 
mouth comes off of my dick and the second spurt hits her on the cheek just 
below the eye.  Her mouth captures my cock again and just wraps her lips 
around the head.  Her hand grasps the shaft and starts pumping.  Shit, here 
comes another load.  She doesn't stop pumping or sucking until I pull her head 
off of my cock and cover her mouth with mine.  When we roll apart, she asks, 
"Willy, can I spend the night tonight ?"

    Jesus Christ, she'll fuck me to death.  Ah ! But what a way to go.

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