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---------------------- STORY BEGINS ----------------------

Minding My Own Business (mc, mf, nc, teen, celeb, spank, anal, facial)

By Fitzhemingway


The ability to manipulate minds came to me with difficulty. Years of
self-discipline and experimentation passed before I had the first hint of
control, but after I knew I was on the right track, the advances came at
significantly faster rate.

My passion for control started at age 12. Yes, for the obvious reasons. I
desperately wanted the body of Kerri Phipps, the girl who sat in  front of
me in 7th Grade History. I remember her tight gray stretch pants very well.
She didn't have much for a chest (as far as I could tell - baggy
sweatshirts were too fashionable back then), but her calves were strong,
her legs were just a little plump, and Christ was her little ass round. 

To this day, I can't remember her face. I'm sure it was young and clean,
and I remember her hair was strawberry blonde and pageboy short. My
clearest memory was the way she slept through every class. She rested her
head on her arms and books and thrust her ass through the open space
between the seat and back of her chair. I can't tell you how many times I
dropped a pen, book or anything, just to crouch under and get a good look.
I could even occasionally cop a quick feel, as if my knee had accidentally
brushed against her.

When I wasn't acting like a 12-year old pervert, I was definitely thinking
like one. I thought maybe, just maybe if I concentrated hard enough, I
could mentally "suggest" she stick her ass out just a little bit farther.
By coincidence, once in a great while she'd do as I "suggested." Not often
enough for me to think I was really controlling her, but enough that my
appetite was whetted.

Junior High passed, as did High School with about as much sexual adventure
as your average Teenage Male. I had been practicing, concentrating, and
studying my craft daily, but with little to show for it. The incidence of
minor victories - a cheerleader "accidentally" dropping a book and bending
over a little to far for modesty; the class goddess suddenly deciding to do
the breast stroke when she knew I was right behind her doing the much
faster Australian crawl; and the suddenly numb butts in a crowed locker
hallway - happened rarely, but I knew I had something going.

It was just before High School graduation day when it fell into place. I
was not going to graduate. My classic bitch English teacher wasn't going to
pass me. I walked into her room at lunch, and talked with her briefly,
acting like any other student begging for his life. All the while I ran off
at the mouth and she graded our final papers. When I saw she came to mine,
I bent all my will on her mind to give me an A. I could feel her will budge
but her hand started to mark a C on my paper. A C wouldn't have let me
graduate, and in a rage I concentrated on her pen. Slowly, her hand stopped
the curve of a C and make the sharp lines of an A.

Mind Control was mine - but now with a bonus. I had telekinesis.  It took
more work and experimentation, but in two years, full power was mine and I
could have whatever I wanted.

I had no desire yet to lock myself away in a castle with a harem of
mind-slaves. I wanted to experience the fun of my charmed life in the real
world first. So I built a life for myself in the movie industry. The money
was great, the political contacts good, and of course the women were
plenty.  All the result of those years of discipline.


Can you imagine the life I've led? Can you imagine the satisfaction of
going to the movies on a Friday Night with my power? Just last weekend I
went to a 10:00 showing of the latest Jim Carey flick. I had snagged
Jennifer Tilly for a few nights of depravity and wanted to see her again as
a blonde. 

In the parking lot, I spotted a very toothsome little piece, and mentally
suggested she and her party buy tickets for my movie. No problem.

In the theater, a moderate crowd moved mostly to the front by my suggestion
and I stayed buried in darkness in the back. 

I watched for my prey. There she was. A sweet little beach bunny came in
with her mother and slightly older brother. She couldn't have been more
than 14 and tight as could be. Her legs were tanned, curvy and firm, and
her ass was struggling with white shorts she'd probably had since she was
9. Her tits were the cutest ripe little cones perking out of a light blue
tank top. A very edible girl.

This was easy. Five minutes into the film I reached across ten rows with my
mind and ever so gently began tickling her pussy and pinching her nipples.
Just light pressure... not enough that she'd notice at first.  I worked her
up slowly, even putting the faintest rub on her tight little asshole.  In
few minutes I was having fun seeing her silhouette squirm in her seat, but
soon was time for the real show.

For the first time, I entered her mind. 

Carrie was her name... A virgin... Oh God.... she was just 13 and ready to
cream her shorts! I probed memories at found her pretty sexually innocent.
At the moment she was embarrassed at her sudden horniness and a little
scared. What was happening to her? She felt so gooood... but her mom was
starting to look at her funny. 

I could sense her brother start to notice Carrie's aroused squirming too. I
liked him already. He had quite an imagination concerning all the things he
wanted to do to his little sister. 

Not just yet Sonny!, I thought and commanded to him. But when she's home
tonight, she'll be your private little plaything. I just need to break her
in first.. 

I called to Carrie's mind.... Come sit in the back... Your mom won't notice. 

Indeed she wouldn't. With my help, Mom would forget she even had a daughter
until I got through with the nubile 13 year old. Carrie followed my command
and quickly came to sit next to me.

I had made sure no one would disturb us. Jim Carey would be particularly
watchable tonight. Anybody who had to, would piss in their seats before
they went to the bathroom.

Carrie was practically out of breath from arousal. My eyes had adjusted
well to the dark, and I looked down at her thighs rubbing against each
other in sexual agony. My telekinesis was basically on autopilot now, and
she was pretty close to cumming. 

How did a 13 year old ever get legs that shapely? She was already shaving
them too. Her little face was an angel's... bright blue eyes and a button
nose, and  delicious overbite. I ran my hands over her smooth thighs and
she gasped. She hadn't noticed me yet.

"What are you doooing?" she asked dreamily. My hands had spread her legs
far apart now, each one draped over an armrest. Very firm, very smooth,
very young!

"Why, I'm just going to play with you for a while little honey." I said. My
own breathing was ragged as I pulled her little tank top over her head. No
bra. Tanlines. The pinkest little nipples and the taste of butter. Carrie
was frozen, but her mind was still a little self aware.

"My Mom wouldn't.... this... whatareyou.... nooo....."

"Shut up little thing. You're mine for a while." I stood up and faced her.
I'm a tall guy, but this little teen was just the right height as sat in
the movie chair. My hands grabbed either side of her head, I opened her
mouth with my mind, and slipped the head of my cock into her warm, wet
mouth. She sucked and bobbed as best she could, but I wanted more. I
suppressed her gag reflex and stroked her little ass with a dose of the TK.
With handfulls of sun-bleached blonde hair, I thrust my cock all the way
down her throat and forced her nose into my abdomen.

Ohh... this was fantastic! My cock had completely disappeared into Carrie's
little angel face. I tilted her head a bit so I could see her throat
engorge as my cock raped her mouth, in and out. Her eyes looked up at me as
a slave trying desperately to please her master, but at the same time
scared to death, because part of her was aware what was happening to her. I
wish I could say I fucked that underage mouth for hours, but she was too
much for me after just a few dozen trusts.

For the last time, I pulled my cock out of her mouth, ever so slowly. The
saliva glistened in the dark as I grabbed my cock with my right hand, and
held her head pulled back fast with my left. Her chin thrust up toward me,
and her lips were parted open as I stroked my tool faster. With grunts of
my own, the first rope of come splashed the little blonde on the cheek and
ran into her eye. More cum shot into a nostril, over her tongue, down her
throat and even more splashed all over her lips. This thirteen year old sex
toy had been blessed with the best face bath I'd managed all week. She
involuntarily moved to wipe her face off, but I stopped her before she
could ruin the image. 

This scared, pretty face gleamed with cum reflecting the light from the
move screen. Even in the dark, I could see the peach-golden skin of her
young face blush with the shame and heat of the act. It looked so good, but
now I had to upset the image myself. You see, I was still as hard as
Gibraltar, and had not yet used this girl for the purpose I drew her to.

It was that ass, you see. Those tight, short white shorts had caught my
attention in the parking lot and was the whole reason I had drawn her to
me.  Cum still dripping off her face, I pulled her up and traded places
with her. Now I sat in the chair and ran my hands over her cotton-clad ass.

"Take your shorts off you little cock-tease," I commanded.

Her hands moved to her waistband and started to unbutton, but she paused.
"What are.... what... nooo...," she whimpered.

"Are you scared little Carrie?," I cooed as my finger moved under her
shorts, caressing the sweetest thing in this world.

"Uh huh"

"Good dear. Now SHUT UP, take off your shorts and bend over the seat in
front of you." A mental command reinforced with a verbal command reinforced
with a TK push was too much for this girl's last vain resistance. The
shorts went down, and she buried her head in the seat in front, so far that
her feet no longer touched the ground. 

This poor girl was putty to me. I'd have to remember to give some semblance
of self control back to her. Boy, was her older brother in for a treat when
the family got home tonight!

Faced with spread pink rose petals of 13 year old pussy, and a puckered
pinkish-brown asshole. I did what had to be done and buried my face in the
teen's glory. Each hand massaged a globe of ass flesh as I fucked Carrie
with my tongue - first gently in her pussy, and then roughly around the
ring of her asshole. I wished I had another set of hands to rub up and down
the inside of her soft young thighs, but I just had to concentrate on that
peachy ass!

My tongue and mental commands had loosened the girl's asshole (I didn't
want to damage her too much, I wanted to leave some fun for her brother)
enough for the final round of fun. I stood up, cock at the ready, and
slipped that meat into the young girl's ass. Her ass almost hurt my cock,
it was so tight.

This was one of those tight asses you see bouncing along the beach in
summertime. A little thirteen-year-old slut in training who knows she's
driving the old guys nuts, but doesn't know the depravity they're really
considering. This underage beach bunny, Carrie, had just found out. 

There I was, banging a beach-bunny cock tease in her tight little virgin
ass, in the back of a crowded movie theater.  I had started slowly, but she
had loosened up just enough that I picked up the pace. Those globes of tush
sucked my cock in tight. It was a struggle just to pull out far enough so I
could be sucked back into that virgin ass. I kept up the raping ream, and
decided to have a little more fun. I removed the last SHUT UP command I had
given the girl.

"Uhhhhuhhhh... ohhh. huh...huh.. hellp.. god....." she kept whimpering.
"buhhh... my butttt....... what are you......  my aaaassssssss....." I kept
up the pace, fucking that little butt as it would never be fucked again -
for the first time. Carrie kept up the cries, and I decided to turn up the
pleasure for her. I entered her mind again, and threw a few switches. I set
her on the road to a shuddering orgasm, with a twist - she'd never be able
to come again without a dick up her tight backdoor.

"My  AAASSSSSS!!!! Oh God You're fucking my ASSSSSS. I'm just a little
girl, and you're fucking my butt!!!!" (OK, so I implanted a few words.) Not
one member of the audience turned around, but I'm sure I inspired a few wet
dreams for later. Carrie was trashing around on her own now. "Oh God please
fuck it.... don't stop raping my little ass!" Carrie was rubbing her face
now, groping for any of my cum that hadn't yet dried up, and shoving it
into her mouth.

I needed more room to fuck this little girl. I reached an arm around her
and picked her up, my cock still ensconced in her rump.

"No!!!!!" she screamed, "please..... don't stop fucking my little ass!!"

I carried her into the aisle and obliged her. I tossed her face down on the
floor, so she could taste the milk-duds, and rode her ass like a little
pony. Carrie banged her fists and kicked her feet as I rammed into her
butt. The 13-year old screamed a final time in massive orgasms as I shot my
load deep in to her rectum. 

Panting, I stood up on weak legs and commanded Carrie to clean off my cock
with her mouth. I wiped off the saliva first on her hair, and then on her
cute little tits. After a quick little spank, I commanded her to get her
clothes and clean herself up. I dressed myself, released my restraining
command on the audience and walked out of the theater. 

Thankfully, I had remembered to grab Carrie's address from her mind. I
would visit her again someday. Now that she was so pliable, I was curious
what fun her brother would have.

Chapter 3: CINDY

Like I said, I used my talent to make a name for myself in Hollywood. I
found my desired power and money as an influential Producer and
opportunities were everywhere.

Just like I broke the will of that hot little girl in the theater, I had
broken the will of several stars and starlets, careful to return them to
work in one piece. I was on well my way to a good size stable of ready

For five days now, Yasmine Bleeth has been chained up in my basement. Yeah,
you heard she's on vacation, but you know better now. 

Samantha Mathis is down there too, keeping Yasmine company.  On my strict
orders, Samantha is oiling up Miss Bleeth. She knows to get the Baywatch
star's pussy's shaved and licked clean, and to make sure her asshole is
well lubed. Samantha can force the brunette to eat her plump pussy, and she
can use her gorgeous lips in return only as long as Yasmine never achieves
orgasm. Until I come home of course, tonight's a special night.

Yasmine was a little difficult for me. It took two solid days of work
before I could convince her that running around my mansion with only a
light sheen of baby oil and a butt plug was perfectly natural. 

The first time I came on her face was different. That sexy brunette had
enough will of her own left to give me the slightest look of disgust.
Revenge was simple - I had enough control of her mind enough that
banishment to my basement dungeon was little punishment. The torture she
had to endure was not having my cock in her ass for five days. Tonight was
supposed to be the night I broke her fast and gave her what she so
desperately needed. 

The idea of shoving my cock down Samantha's throat before I stuck it in
Yasmine's ass was enough to keep me smiling all afternoon. I evened turned
down a lunch with Natalie Portman, not wanting to tempt myself and be too
drained for the evening.

At least that was the plan. Things soon went to hell in another production
department and the Studio had decided to switch features on us. It was
4:00, my secretary told me, and I now had a meeting with the the star of my
new project.

When I glanced at the production notes, my eye's bugged when I saw the
star. This was a piece of ass I had always angled for, but never got close
enough to. She was gorgeous. She was unobtainable. She was classy. She was
Cindy Crawford. I couldn't wait to have her.

"Debbie," I paged my secretary, "Call the house staff and tell them to
prepare for a guest."

"Yes, Sir." Debbie replied sharply. She was one of mine too, and pouting
today because I denied her a quick load of cum on her afternoon coffee
break. She escorted Ms. Crawford into the room and gave me a sour look. She
new I had a new toy and was jealous.

"Hello, Ms. Crawford," I said, ignoring Debbie. The slinky asian quickly
left the office. 

"It's very nice to meet you Cindy." I continued, "I'm afraid I have an
emergency at the home office, would you mind coming with me in the car? We
can discuss the project over dinner" I was a little eager, but she went for
the command.

"Oh... uh...," Cindy stammered as her thoughts fell in line the way I
wanted them. "Sure, I'd be happy to. Thanks. I'd love the chance to get to
know you better." Not bad, Cindy was pretty pliant.

Before we left, I wanted just a little fun. Cindy (just off the set) was
wearing a dark blue cocktail dress, cut several inches above the knee. The
heels were high, and her face and hair were made up perfectly. Subtle
commands were already at work on her, and the super model's body language
became more open and sexy. He lips were pouting and moist. This was going
to be perfect.

"Cindy," I asked innocently. "Why don't you come over here. Bend over my
desk, will you?"

"Mm? Oh, Sure!" she complied like a dream. Cindy bent over my low desk,
resting on her elbows and cradling her face in her hands. I looked into
those beautiful eyes and lips and got lost for a second. 

"What did you have in mind?" she asked seductively. I could see her ass
waving slightly from over her shoulder, and reached out with telekinesis to
put some pressure on her clit. "MMmmm...," she moaned slightly, lost in my
mind control.

"Cindy, Cindy," I tsked. "you are a slut aren't you?," my question also
implanted the command. I eased out of my chair, and made my way around her.

"Unhh...I'm.. Cindy's a... a slut... Cindy's a SLUT!" Her last word was
almost a squeal. I love making them talk in third person. Her ass swayed to
the left and right, and started bucking a bit towards me. I was almost
going to fast, Cindy didn't take much work at all.

Cindy was sucking on her fingers now.  I freed that last inhibition, and
one finely manicured hand shot between her legs and rubbed furiously. 

"UNNNhhhh," she cried. "God.. I'm a slut... I need a..." Quickly I
corrected her. "Cindy... needs... a cock! Cindy's a... SLUT!!" Each word
was pout.

Delicately, I pushed her skirt over her ass. Even on the Set, Crawford had
been wearing a satin thong. The purple of the thong was a sight to behold
between the golden globes of her ass. I'd heard she's put on a little
weight, but it must have only been a pound or two, and it went just to the
right place!

I crouched there for a moment, basking in Cindy Crawford's luxuriant ass. I
rubbed cheek to cheek for a while and buried my nose in her ass crack. Her
fingers were working her pussy with abandon, and I gently bit at her plump
vulva through the fabric of her panties.

"GAWD! Eat my pussy.... Lick Cindy's Pussy! Rim Cindy's Asshole!" she
begged. I figured it was time to change things.

I rose, and went to the large easy chair in the corner of my office.

"Cindy!," I barked.

"Yessss...." She straightened herself up and smoothed out her cocktail
dress. Her eyes smoldered and she thrust her lower lip out as she pleaded
to me. "Will you please fuck Cindy now?"

I paused and let her stew. My mind implanted new commands of youth and
apprehension. "Cindy has not been a nice young lady, has she?" Her face
dropped. "Cindy shouldn't be asking strangers to lick her pussy and suck
her asshole, should she?" Cindy shook her head. I started turning the
apprehension in to fear.

"Cindy. Come to me dear." She slowly made her way towards me. "Take of
those heels. Nice girls don't wear heels." She slipped out of them. God,
even her feet were sexy. "Now, Cindy, climb up on my lap."

Too eagerly, she threw herself in my arms, with a hopeful smile. In a
slightly huskier voice, she practically oozed, "you gonna fuck Cindy now?"

"No Cindy, You know you've been bad, it's time for a spanking." Her eyes
widened with fear. She had the emotions of a preteen for the moment, and
scared of a big male hand on her backside.

"Nooo," she pleaded.

"You'll take your spanking Cindy, you might even like it." Before she could
protest, I whipped her around and shoved her face down and off to one side.
Her knees rested over the other edge of the chair and her ass started to
arch toward my face with my silent command. With a blast of telekinesis, I
shredded Cindy's cocktail dress and blew it across the room.

Arguably the most desired woman in the world was now squirming naked in my
lap, afraid of (and at my newest command) desiring a good spanking. I ran
my hand over her smooth, toned haunches, pinching and rubbing sensitive
flesh. Goose flesh rose for a moment, giving me my cue. SMACK SMACK. Two
quick slaps on the right cheek left it jiggling slightly. SMACK SMACK
SMACK. Two again on the right and one on the left. I wanted to keep the
rhythm as random as possible. I rubbed her glorious tush for a moment,
soothing any pain (Hell, I don't know if it really soothed, it just feels
good to me)

SMACK. SMACK. SMACKSMACKSMACK. I continued as Cindy began moaning. I was
slapping on the backside of her long thighs too. Two hands were needed now,
one to spank and one to smooth. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK SMACK. Her cries were
squeals of delight now. I had turned up her pleasure for the moment.

As I spanked, slapped and rubbed, I started paying special attention to
Cindy's pussy. SMACK. The heat was in my face now. SMACK. SMACK. She
smelled honey-sweet and dripping so much that each spank spread a little
moisture. I was slowing down the spanks now and just played with Cindy's
sex for a while.

She started begging again, "Would you Fuck Cindy? Fuck Cindy like a bitch.
Fuck Cindy's pussy. Fuck CINDY's FACE!" The last must have carried outside
to my secretary's office

Who could refuse such a request?  I sent a few commands out to my secretary
and she burst through the door, in full asian bitch mode. Debbie was the
cool elegant asian in many beer commercials that caught my eye. It took
quite a bit of work too turn her mouth into my favorite daily sperm
receptacle, and a little bit less to make her a class cat-fighter.

Debbie stormed towards me and Cindy (still squirming on my lap) and reached
for a mess of Cindy's hair. The look on my secretary's face scared ME. I'd
have to tone her jealousy down a bit, but this was kind of fun to watch.

"Get off him Bitch... You a cocksucker? You want to suck his cock?," Debbie
screamed at Cindy as she pulled her to my desk by her hair.

Debbie cleared the desk with one hand, and pulled Crawford up with the
other. After a little wresting, Debbie had the naked Cindy pinned to my
desk almost spread eagled. "C'mon Boss, Give this slut what she wants. Fuck
her face!" Debbie's voice was really a command to me, and Cindy's fear was
growing of it's own accord. Confident in Debbie, I knew my supermodel
wasn't going anywhere.

I decided to give Cindy her self-awareness again, with a full memory of
every thing that had happened. She was pinned on her back with her head
dangling off the edge of the desk. Upside down, she saw me coming, cock at
the ready. 

Cindy's mouth was an O of fear and shock. Just as she started to scream...
"AAAAHHrmmphhh" I rammed my dick down her throat. Her head was thrown back
against the side of the desk as I raped Cindy Crawford's gorgeous smile. I
fucked the terrified model's mouth just like I rode that thirteen-year-old
girl's ass. 

I wrapped my hands around her neck as I rode her. Not to strangle (Although
it crossed my mind for a moment) but to just feel her neck swell as my cock
drove in and out. 

"Fuck the bitch's Face Boss. Fuck it as hard as you fuck mine" Debbie was
looking me in the eye with a face that made me wish I had two cocks. 

But I kept riding Cindy's warm, wet throat until I knew I was close to
spent. It didn't take me long, but before I did, I took mercy on her. I
flipped some mental switches, and she was Cindy Slut again, with her whole
mouth and throat a very sensitive erogenous zone. My five last strokes were
all it took before Cindy was bucking so hard in orgasm, that Debbie fell
off her. Grabbing her throat quickly, was able to keep her head pinned as I
shot wad after wad into her mouth and face.  Cum was dripped of her mouth,
but Cindy was quick to recover it with her fingers and it disappeared with
a lick and a smile.

The sight was the answer to a long dream. Cindy Crawford spread on my desk,
spent from a massive orgasm, licking up bits of my come from her face. 

Now I had to get this latest, greatest toy home. Yasmine would just have to
wait a few more days, or maybe I could find a way to use her with Cindy.

Crawford's clothes were shredded, but I've come across that problem before.
Rummaging through a drawer, all I could find were a pair of thin white
cotton shorts and an un-matching bikini top. I tossed them to Cindy and
told her to get dressed.

Awwww... those shorts were really to tight, and with that tan and no
panties, well... Jeeze... Cindy was still as wet as Splash Mountain too.
That bikini top didn't cover much either. I think it was only three square
inches of fabric up front! At least her high heels are in one piece.

Cindy, still looking horny, rubbed her throat and pouted a bit.

"What dear?," I asked. "Oh you can't say anything? I guess I did abuse your
throat a bit. It'll clear up. C'mon Cindy Slut, gimmie a little smooch."
She did, and her tongue leapt into my mouth.

"That's enough, Cindy Slut." I reluctantly pulled away from her eager,
freshly fucked mouth. "I need to take you home now."

Ready to go, Cindy and I walked out of my office and through the still
crowded studio office building. She was all over me, running her hand over
my chest and sticking her tongue in my ear. Cindy was oblivious to the
crowds staring at her as we make our way out the door. I chuckle when I
think of the paparazzi and the eye full they're in for. Just before the
outer door, I run a quick hand over her ass, give her a little tongue and
pinch a nipple. 

"You'll never guess what I've got in store for you tonight."  

Just for a brief second, my mind lets real the Cindy free and I take a
little pleasure in the horror in her eyes.


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