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Adrian MMMm non cons 1 of 2

Disclaimer: The story is a work of amatory fiction. If you are
underage, or offended by material of this nature, please do not read
this story. Although a killing is discussed by characters in this
story it is not a snuff. It is a short story about three guys raping a
	As always, your comments, criticisms, flames, questions,
requests for stories tailored to your kink or requests for missing
installments are welcomed by the author at:

       ADRIAN	Part 1 of 2

        The three of us were lying in wait for Adrian. He came along
the old Camp Road without seeing where we were hidden in the rough
ground. He wasn't expecting the attack. I guess that's what made it so
easy. When we pounced, he struggled for a moment, but it only took
seconds with three against one. And maybe he didn't realise how much
trouble he was in. If he had known, he would have fought like there
were devils after him. But he only whirled around and
tried to wrench free, and in a moment more it was too late.

	We got Adrian by the arms and pinned him. He glanced about
swiftly and peripherally and stopped struggling. I had his right arm.
The other two were both gripping him by the left. 
        "How about it, guys?" I said.

	"What?" Bradley asked me.

	"You know." I said. "How about we fuck him, first?"

	"I'm going to fuck him, alright." said Joey. "I'm going to
fucking split his head open like a watermelon."

	"No, I really mean it." I said. "I want to fuck his ass."

	"You're kidding, right?" said Adrian. It was the first thing
he said.

	"You mean like, rape him?" Joey was surprised.

	Bradley started to laugh. He was holding Adrian's left
arm."Sure!" Bradley said. "I want to see this!"

	"Okay, then help me." I said. Slowly I let go of Adrian's arm.
Bradley took over for me. Adrian wasn't fighting at all now. When I
stood in front of him, I saw that he had an offended look on his face.
He wasn't looking real scared. He probably still wasn't processing
what was happening to him yet.

	"You suck cock?" I demanded.

	Adrian opened his mouth and paused with a wary expression."You
going to make me?" He really meant it as a question, not a challenge.
The shape of his beautiful mouth was making an ache in my balls.

	"I'm going to hurt you bad, if you don't do it." I said
seriously. I brought my knee up between his legs. His legs were spread
for balance so I got it in, easy. But I didn't smash it up. I slid it
up his thigh. He jerked. It was a threat and a caress at the same
time. "I'll break these, if you don't." I said.

	There was fear and fascination on Adrian's face. He didn't say
anything. I reached up and took his shirt. It had buttons down the
front, but I didn't bother unbuttoning it. I just pulled until the
buttons let go, coming through or popping off. Then I took his belt
off. I couldn't resist. I doubled it into a short length and slashed
him across the front of the body with it.

	Adrian jerked hard and drew a sharp breath. He didn't yelp. It
left a pink line just below the bottom of his ribs. His breath coming
swiftly, made his belly suck in and out. His voice was low though.
"Why are you doing this?"

	"Because you're shit." I said.

	"Why am I shit?"

	"Because you're going to tell where we got the crib. And I
like to do it."

	"Are you threatening me? I mean, you want me to promise I
won't tell where the crib is? Or else you'll do something to me like

	"No, fuck." I said. "You're going to die."

	He put his lips together and just watched me as I tugged open
his pants. He had something of the hurt silent face of a small boy
with his lips pressed together like that.

	I had to drop his belt to get my hands free to undo his pants.
I got them pulled to his knees. He had clean white jockey shorts
underneath. There was a nice bulge in the front.

	I put my teeth together half in a glare and half into a smile
and took that bulge into my hands. His eyes clenched shut and his face
tightened as I squeezed. It took a couple of seconds of tightening
before he screamed.

	"Uuahhh!" He jerked and staggered and the guys had to stagger
with him. Adrian's legs had buckled. They toppled him onto his back. I
came in and dragged the clothes off. Adrian kicked instinctively
trying to bring his knees up to protect his balls.

	"God!...Oh God!"

	Bradley was laughing again. "Stomp on them!"

	"Not yet." I said. "I want to fuck him first." I dragged his
pants, jockeys, shoes and one sock off of him. The other sock stayed
and I left it. Then I put my knee onto Adrian's belly and exclaimed,
"Get his shirt off, Joe."

	Joey and Bradley pulled Adrian's shirt off. Adrian struggled a
bit, not effectively fighting but we kept him pinned easily enough. He
lay on his back, eyes very big.

	"You do what Rollie says, huh." Joey told Adrian. "You don't
get hurt so much. You just fucking give in and we'll be quick."

	Adrian was scared. I liked to see him scared. Still kneeling
on his chest I unzipped my pants and took my prick out. It was stiff.
I waggled my boner at him. "You going to open your mouth?"

	"Yes." His voice was strangled. He was having trouble
breathing with me kneeling on him like that.

	"How about you guys?" I looked up. "You want him to suck you
first, before I do it?"

	"Yeah.." said Bradley slowly.

	"You heard him." I told Adrian. I pulled him about. I pulled
him, pushed him over, got him turned around on his knees. When I
pulled his arms behind his back, I held his wrists. I couldn't see his
face any more.

	Bradley moved in front of Adrian and took out his prick. He
lowered his pants a bit and I craned my neck to look around Adrian and
see it. Bradley worked his prick a bit to get it really stiff,
squeezing the head between his finger and thumb. Joey was kneeling
beside Bradley, laughing.

	I wanted my hands free so I could use them. So I thought I'd
better get Adrian tied up. I looked about and picked up his shirt. It
was a thin, long sleeved, cotton one. I used that. I tied it about his
wrists tying them together. Adrian started twisting about to look over
his shoulder and see what I was doing. Adrian wasn't in the right
place for Bradley because I let go of him for this. But when I had his
wrists tied I brought him back.

	"If you suck my friend real nice," I said. "Then maybe I won't
kick your balls up into your belly, after I'm through fucking you. How
about it? Going to make a nice pussy-mouth and suck him?" I pushed
down on the back of his head and forced his face into Bradley's prick.

	Adrian didn't say if he would suck Bradley. He opened his
mouth. He made a mumbling sound as it went in. Then he gagged loudly
because we'd put it in deep. I clutched him by the hair and started
sliding his head back and forth.

	"Ooooh, fuck!" Bradley groaned. "Yeah, fuck." A kind of
reluctant smile got plastered across Bradley's face. Joey leaned
forward eagerly, craning his neck to see.

	"Yeah, suck his dick, Pussy-boy. My dick is going in your ass
in a minute." Joey hissed. "How you like that?

	Adrian was glorping and gulping. He sounded like he was
retching pretty badly. Bradley looked like he was in heaven and Adrian
sounded like he was going to puke for sure. But I didn't let up on
Adrian at all and the retching got a kind of steady rhythm to it, like
the deep thrusts. Bradley was fucking Adrian's mouth, right to the
full depth.

	After a bit Bradley grabbed Adrian's head away from me. He
started to guide the stroke. Joey was leaning up close to see it and
laughing softly. Joey's shoulders were shaking with laughter. I backed
up a bit.

	First thing I saw of course was Adrian's bare ass. He had a
gorgeous round tight ass. I couldn't resist it. I grabbed him and
pried his ass cheeks open. I think Adrian made a muffled noise because
of what I did, but I can't be sure. He had his mouth wedged full of
hot, hard cock.

	I found his asshole. "Nnnmmmg! Nnmg!" Adrian was definitely
trying to say something to me and what he was saying sounded like no.
I stuck my fingers into his cleft, my forefinger hard up against the
hole. It sank in through the resistance.

	"Oh man." I breathed. I finger-fucked Adrian. His ass was a
virgin. I shoved my finger into his tight muscle, repeatedly stabbing
him, driving it to the last knuckle. I kept one leg between his knees
to keep him open and drove into him again and again. My cock was
butting up against the back of his naked thigh. That felt good. I
loved the look of what I was doing.

	"Fuck!!" Bradley made Adrian swallow his cum. He shot with his
prick rammed in full depth. Adrian was pinned there between the two of
us, impaled by my finger in his ass and Bradley's cock in his mouth.
His warm-skinned body was tense with pain, all his muscles contracted.

	Bradley pulled out and let Adrian go. The man was panting
hard. He was bowed over his knees. He let his head sag.

	"Cunt." Bradley punched Adrian in the head. He gave a jerk and
stayed as he was.

	I looked up at Joe. "You want to fuck him now?"

	Joe nodded hard. "You don't want to?"

	"I'll go last." I said. I pulled my finger out. I held the two
ass cheeks open. Joe started to come around to get into position and I
spat on Adrian's asshole. I rubbed it in and moved away. Joey got into

	Joey started to laugh. "You're a fucking faggot boy! We can
fuck you! You're nothing but a faggot. You deserve this shit!"

	I got around to Adrian's face in time to see the look on his
face as Joey's cock went in. It was a mask of pain. He was looking
real scared. Joey started humping him.

	I started to beat off. I held my dick near to Adrian and knelt
there, beating off where I could watch it clearly, the stunned,
hurting expression on Adrian's face and the two bodies hunching and
bumping together. I pumped hard. I wanted Adrian to see just how
turned on it made me to see his ass fucked. 

	Joey was pretty horny because he didn't last long. Maybe
thirty strokes and he was starting to grunt tautly. He pushed Adrian
so far forward that he fell off of his knees.

	"You getting horny, Adrian?" I breathed.

	"No." Adrian was short of breath from the pounding up the ass
that he was taking but he answered me clearly.

	"Why not, Adrian?"

	"This is not my idea of a good time." he gasped.

	I reached over and began to run one hand over the side of his
face, touching him while I pumped myself. "You don't want to be
fucked, do you, Adrian?" I said. "Tell me, come on, tell me you don't
like to be fucked."

	"This hurts." He said. Then, suddenly in a rush he gasped. "I
don't like to be fucked! It hurts! I don't like it! I don't! Oh God,
He's hurting me!"

	"He's in your ass, Adrian." I said. "Tell me he's in your

	"He's in my ass. His cock is in my ass and it hurts." His
voice was tight with pain.

	"Tell me some more." I ordered.

	"His cock is in my ass. He's fucking me. Your friend is
fucking my ass and God, it hurts." Adrian said for me.

	But Joey wasn't fucking Adrian's ass. He was cumming. He was
bent right over Adrian's back and grunting low. Adrian, with his wide
eyes pressed nearly into the dirt looked like he was cringing. I
stopped pulling at my prick and caressed Adrian's face with two hands.

	"I'm going to fuck you. Yes, I'm going to fuck you next. Are
you ready for me, Adrian?"

	"Jesus..." Adrian said shakily.

	Joey dragged up and out. I got around. I put Adrian back on
his knees. I knelt behind them. I wrapped my hands around his front,
taking his pectoral muscles into my palms. My cock was butted firmly
into his cleft but not into his hole.

	"Hey, Adrian." I said. "I thought of something. You want me to
fuck you, or would you rather give me a blow job?"

	He didn't answer right off. "My mouth. It's not as bad..."

	"You want the choice?" I offered. "I'll give you the choice
where I fuck you, if you can tell me a joke and make me laugh."

	There was a long pause then. Joey and Bradley were both
grinning but Bradley was looking confused. I took Adrian's nipples,
one in each finger and thumb and started to pinch them. They were
small, so it was difficult. I tried to pinch as hard as I could.

	"How many necrophiliacs does it take to change a light bulb?"
said Adrian at last.

	"How many?" I used my fingernails to pinch.

	"One, but he just uses the same light bulb because he likes to
screw something dead in the dark..."

	I didn't laugh. "Not funny. You lose. I fuck you." I took my
hands down and pried his cheeks open again. I found the place, wet a
fingertip and poked again. I eased the head of my prick into position.
The shirt tying his wrists held Adrian's curled fingers up against my
belly as I placed my prick.

	"Uhhh." His voice was soft, almost a whisper.

        End of Part 1 of 2	

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