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                            Road Games
                        by:   Studs Manly

     "I don't usually pick up hitchikers, but you look safe.  Get in."
     He was young and tall, just the sort that set my pussy juicing.  I
had to have him!  I'm 38, divorced and I love to fuck, especially with
the kind of tall, gorgeous hunk that just climbed into the car beside me.
The spicey scent of his aftershave was driving me wild and that nice big
bulge in the front of his jeans was enough to make any woman quiver and
juice.  He was in his early twenties, smooth skinned, hunky and innocent
looking and he wasn't wearing a wedding band.  Not that that means much
these days.
     "Where to?" I asked.
     "The next town is fine with me," he answered with a soft drawl.  I
was wearing a skirt and it had ridden well up my thighs and this young
guy was really getting a good look.  I have great legs, if I do say so
myself, thanks to aerobics, and I wasn't wearing stockings.
     "My name is Sondra."
     "Nice to meet you, Sondra.  My name's Dick."
     He didn't smile but I sure did!  A guy with a name like that
couldn't be all bad and I was just the woman to find out how good he
really was.
     "You in a hurry...Dick?" I asked, pulling my skirt up a little
higher to show more thigh and I flashed him a bright smile.
     "Not really.  You got somethin' in mind?"
     "Well, I have to make a stop right up here at this motel.  Do you
     He chuckled, real low and sexy.  "Nope."
     And when I got out of the car to go into the office and get us a
room, he stayed put, waiting patiently.  That boy knew what was cumming!  I went back outside and walked to the passenger window,
leaned in and tossed him the keys, giving him a good look at the grand
canyon between my tits in the process.  "Just bring that luggage you're
packing between your legs and follow me," I said, giving him a promising
     While he unlocked the door, I snuggled up close and rubbed my hard
nippled tits against his arm.  There was that big sexy grin again and a
fresh flood of juices wet my panties.  The motel room was cheap but
neither of us paid any attention.
     "Show me that dick...Dick!" I said with a challenging look in my
eyes.  He accepted the challenge, grinned and slowly unzipped his jeans
and unbuckled his belt.  Still moving slowly, teasingly, he pushed his
jeans and shorts down his hairy thighs and there it was!  The biggest,
most beautiful dick I've ever seen.  Or wanted!  It was circumcised, the
head was as big as a plum and just as purple.  Beneath it hung a mighty
pair of balls that looked like they were full of the stuff wet dreams are
made of!
     I couldn't stop myself.  With a little moan I sank to my knees on
the floor and caught the pearly strand of pre-cum that oozed from his
piss slit.  It tasted good, just like I knew it would and I probed into
his little hole for more.  I stroked him with my hands, trying to coax
more of the sweet, tasty fluid into my hungry mouth.  When I got nothing
more, I planted a big sucking kiss on the end of Dick's dick and swirled
my tongue around it lazily.  Freeing his cock with a wet plop, I stood up
and said, "Take off my clothes and let's get down to business."
     There was that beautiful grin again and he reached around me,
searching for the button on my skirt.  By the time he'd found it, I had
his shirt unbuttoned and was running my hands through the crisp hair on
his chest.  He groaned when I circled his nipples with my tongue and my
skirt slid to the floor with a soft whisper.  With a low growl he yanked
my sweater off my head, threw it across the room and my bra soon followed
the sweater.
     Pushing me back onto the bed, he tugged my wet panties off, sniffed
the slimey crotch and tossed them aside, too.  My hands had been on my
tits but now they slid down my belly and held my swollen cunt lips apart.
"This is all yours, baby.  Eat up!"
     Growling like a big bear, he dove in tongue first and tried to kiss
my navel from the inside.  He had both hands up under my ass, lifting me
off the bed and I was rubbing my cunt all over his face, moaning in
delight.  Then Dick discovered my clit.  He wrapped his lips around it,
sucked hard a couple of times and flicked it with his tongue.
     "Use your fingers, too," I moaned.
     Dick did as I asked and worked three of his thick fingers into me,
one at a time.  He pumped them in and out matching the rhythm of his
tongue and I flew apart into a million pieces, returning to earth
exhausted and panting.
     "Now, it's your turn," he muttered and knee-walked up my body until
the tip of his big cock was bumping my lips.  I opened my mouth wide and
sucked in as much as possible, catching his swinging balls in my hand as
I did so.  He fucked my mouth gently for a while and I let my tongue
tickle and tease the sensitive spot right under the cockhead.  His
slightly sweaty, masculine aroma filled my head, making me dizzy.  I
relaxed my throat and let him inch forward, making both of us moan.
     There was that low chuckle again and he backed off dragging his cock
between my tits and squeezing the doughy flesh up around it.  He fucked
my tits for a few seconds and then continued moving downward until,
leaving a wet trail all the way down to my cunt, he stopped, that bulbous
knob wedged between my pussy lips.
     "I gutta fuck that pussy," he grunted.
     Holding my cunt lips apart with one hand, I guided him to my
bubbling hole with the other.  He pushed my legs high and wide, exposing
me lewdly.  We both watched as he inched his way inside me, then pulled
out.  His cock glistened wetly and my pussy, wondering why it felt so
empty, pulsed and fluttered around what was left inside.  Then he was
back inside me again, filling me to the rim, his balls slapping my
upturned ass wetly.
     "That's it, baby!  Fuck me good!" I wailed, humping upward, meeting
his deep thrusts more than halfway.
     Both of us were right on the edge and as we exploded, I wrapped my
arms and legs around him, hanging on for dear life.  Dick stiffened,
howled, and his thick hot streams of jism filled my box to capacity,
running out of my stuffed quim and soaking the sheets of the rented bed.
     "Thanks, Aunt Sondra," Dick whispered, kissing my mouth tenderly.
     "You're very welcome, young man.  I don't know where you learned it
but you can sure fuck your aunt good," I told him and wiggled out from
under him and headed for the shower.
     "I'd like to spend the night with you but I've got classes in the
morning," Gerry, my nephew, said, following me into the bathroom.
     "I know.  Maybe next time," I promised.
     After a quick shower filled with much laughter and childish play, I
drove Gerry back to the dorm and let him out.  But not before we made
plans for our next road game.
     Yes, Gerry is my nephew.  His mother, my older sister, asked me to
keep an eye on him while he attended the small college in the town I live
in.  Given his good looks, that was not a difficult task.  Actually, we
got started on his first visit to my house.
     "I know Mom wants you to look out for me, Aunt Sondra," Gerry said
as we finished our dinner.
     "Sondra just wants you to stay out of trouble and not get any girls
in trouble."
     "Why, whatever do you mean, Aunt Sondra?" he asked with a lewd
smirk.  He stood up to take his plate and glass to the kitchen and I saw
the long, thick ridge of his cock running down the leg of his pants.  My
pussy started creaming like mad.  I hadn't had any cock in so
     "Aunt Sondra?"  I looked up into Gerry's brown eyes and I blushed,
knowing he was reading my thoughts.  "Do you think this will get me into
trouble, Aunt Sondra?"  His hand slowly rubbed the length of his bulge
and it seemed to grow even longer.  He was too old to scold.  He was too
serious to be joking.  I was too horny to let a good-looking fuck go by,
nephew or not.  I brushed aside his hand and laid mine on that ridge.
     "Let's go to the bedroom for dessert," I said.
     Gerry may have been only twenty, but he had learned to eat pussy
better than men twice his age.  In my bedroom, he insisted on eating me
even before we took our clothes off.  I wasn't about to argue.  With his
tongue wiggling in my cunt and his finger rimming my anus, I just knew
that Gerry and I would get along just fine.
     And when I got a look at that truncheon he carried, I thought I'd
died and gone to heaven.  Not only was it long and thick, it was
circumcised and was perfectly shaped.  It could very well inspire
sculptors and artists.  It inspired the devout cocksucking artist in me
to plant a kiss on the ripe head and open my lips to let his bone inside.
He spurted a glob of pre-cum onto my tongue and I groaned, giving his
balls a loving squeeze.
     One thing about Gerry, he's no Minuteman.  I gave him my best
blowjob, using skills that have brought many a man to a ball-blasting
orgasm within three minutes.  But my nephew held off for ten minutes
before he arched his back and sent volley after volley of thick, tangy
syrup into my mouth and down my throat.  Best tasting cum I'd ever had,
     Gerry turned out to be an experienced and acrobatic fucker as well.
By the time we'd removed our clothes, his prick was standing tall again
and I just laid back and welcomed him.  Gerry held my left leg high as he
skewered my raw pussy meat with that steely shaft of his.  Ooh, it was
damn good the way that thick pole stretched me and opened me up.  "Yeah,
fuck your aunt, Gerry," I urged (not that he needed coaxing.)  "Give me
all of that cock."
     "I've wanted to fuck you for years, Aunt Sondra."  I could feel each
pulsing vein of that cock as it burrowed into me, stretching me.  "I
jerked off hundreds of times imagining you sucking my cock or me fucking
you like this."
     "Well, you've got me now, Gerry.  Give me all you've got!"  I felt
his hairy balls against my ass as he pushed the entire length of that
beautiful prick of his deep into my cunt, further by far than either of
my ex-husbands had ever been.  Virgin territory.
     "Shit, Aunt Sondra, your pussy's tight," Gerry said, sweat already
beading on his forehead and running off his nose.  I licked a clear drop,
salty and hot, off his chin.
     "Why, thank you for the compliment, Gerry.  That's the nicest thing
a nephew could say to his aunt."  And my nephew fucked me deep and long.
I had two climaxes before he shot his load of cum into me.  And we've
been fucking ever since.
     Gerry is a drama major and we fell into a great habit where,
whenever he's studying for a role, he screws me while he's "in
character."  You can only imagine what went on when I got fucked by
Hamlet or some other character Gerry played.  Once in awhile, I get to
call the role.  Like in our road game.
     "Can I help?"  The face was unshaven, his manner a bit uncouth, but
my car was not running, I was stranded in the middle of nowhere, and this
young man was offering to help.  I really wasn't in the position to say
     He pulled his sportscar in front of my car and as he got out he took
a swig of beer from a can, crushed the can and tossed it into the
backseat of his car.  Yes, he was definitely a rough sort.  As he
approached me, his eyes freely scanned my body, seeming to X-ray my silk
     "What seems to be the problem, ma'am?"  He looked under the hood of
the car a few seconds, moved some wires, and started the car with no
difficulty.  "Loose distributor.  No problem."
     "What do I owe you?" I asked, looking into my purse.
     "Well, how 'bout some head?" he asked.  He was leering at me, his
upper lip lifted, his eyebrow arched.  His eyes were sparkling with his
animal lust and his hands slowly massaged the obscene bulge in his dirty,
ripped jeans.  We were on a side road and there was no chance anyone
would come along.
     He walked towards me, leering, his tongue licking his lips.  His
hands suddenly reached out, one grabbing my arm, the other roughly
clutching my breast.  He pulled me close and pressed his lips to mine,
slobbering as he did so.  His rough, bearded face scratched my soft flesh
and his sweaty odor burned my nostrils as his wiggly, slimey tongue
pushed its way between my lips and  into my mouth.  He tasted of beer and
onions and cheap roadside diner food.
     "I've always wanted to have one of you rich, classy, high society
bitches suck my crank," he breathed into my face.  He leaned against my
car and pushed me to my knees while he freed his engorged penis from his
filthy jeans.  The odor of sweat and urine and musk were overwhelming.
His erection sprang out and slapped my cheek wetly, a strand of clear,
sticky pre-cum whipping across my lips.=20
     "Suck it, you hot shit bitch," he snapped in a voice that was
commanding.  "Show me that you know how to suck."  My heart pounded in my
chest and my face burned as he hurriedly shoved his erection into my
mouth.  I thought only briefly of the picture we'd make; me kneeling
before this tough young man, silk dress  grinding the dirt beneath my
knees.  He grabbed my hair and shoved his turgid member in and out of my
mouth.   "That's it, bitch!  Suck it!  It's better than the wimp pricks
you usually get, isn't it?  Isn't it?"
     I nodded and managed to choke out a muffled, "Yes," and then he
pulled out and pulled me to my feet.  "You're a good cocksucker, bitch.
Is that how you got rich?  Sucking cock?  Fucking?"  He opened the car
door and threw me face down onto the front seat.  "Let me find out."
     He ripped my dress off, uncovering my pantied butt.  His grimy hands
grabbed the waistband of the panties and tore them off.  His hands poked
my tender flesh and explored my folds with his fingers.  Suddenly, with
no warning, he plunged a long, thick finger deep into my rectum.  "Think
I'll fuck your ass, bitch," he said.  I could picture his eyes twinkling
and that curled lip as his hands mauled my quivering ass cheeks.
     "No, please, I've never...." I tried to plead as I felt him rub
saliva onto my sphincter.
     "You'll love it, bitch.  Just relax.  I'm good at this.  Your ass is
about to get screwed by the best and biggest bun buster in three
     By then, I was sweating like crazy and my pussy felt as though it
was on fire.  Still, I had a role to play, so I squirmed, pleaded, even
tried to get away, but he was determined to have his way with me in that
most lust-filled, depraved, exciting way.  He was about to impale my ass
on his long, thick, steel-hard spike.
     He didn't try to be gentle.  It wasn't part of the character.  My
asshole gave way to that hulking intruder and I screamed with pleasure;
of course, the man sodomizing me was elated.  "Aw, does it hurt, bitch?
You rich snobs have been fucking people like me in the ass for years.
How does it feel to be fucked instead of doing the fucking, bitch?"
     He fucked me deep and hard, with such force the car rocked and I
actually thought an impression of my face would be imprinted into the
leather upholstery of my car.  He ripped my dress again, reached under me
and roughly grabbed and mauled my  tits.  Ah, Lord, but that nephew of
mine can really throw himself into a part, and he was into this one all
the way.  His teeth nipped my neck and I felt his saliva running down my
nape.  Like a couple of animals we were locked together, his teeth
holding my neck, his pistoning cock moving in and out of my back passage.
     With a loud roar, he pounded into me and I felt his scalding spunk
spray into my bowels.  He made noises, a combination of grunts, whines
and hisses and finally collapsed, exhausted and out of breath, on my
     "I love you, Aunt Sondra," Gerry whispered in my ear while his cock
slowly shrank in my ass.  I felt his cum running out onto my thighs and
onto the Corinthian leather.  "I can stay over tonight, if you want."
     Hmm, I did want.  I was looking forward to a relaxing bath and
Gerry's warm body next to me in bed.  Or over me.  Or under me.  Besides,
I wanted to suggest that the next time we portray discipliarian teacher
(me) and disrespectful student (him).
     "But first," he said, the sneer returning to his voice.  He stood,
his cock pulling out of my ravaged asshole, and he turned me around so I
was face-to-cock with his cum-covered, filthy butt fucker of a cock.
"Lick me clean!  Bitch!"
     I smiled even as my tongue sought out his manhood.  "Next time." I
thought.  "Next time!"


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