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 Families of Sex I

Table of Contents

Chapter I  First Contact    4
Chapter II  A Visitor    6
Chapter III Interuption    8
Chapter IV Discoveries    9
Chapter V Carrie's Friend    11
Chapter VI Older Friends    13
Chapter VII New Friends    15
Chapter VIII Confessions    16
Chapter IX The Next Morning    23
Chapter X Close Shave    29
Chapter XI Unwanted Personelle    36
Chapter XII Secrets    37
Chapter XIII Realizations    45
Chapter XIV Reprecutions    46
Chapter XV First Times   52
Chapter XVI Confrontation   56
Chapter XVII Discovered!!!   60
Chapter XVIII Mother & Daughter   64
Chapter IXX Plans   67
Chapter XX Another Story   69
Chapter XXI Wedding Plans?   72
Chapter XXII Hallways & Bathrooms   75
Chapter XXIII Delayed Plans   78
Chapter XXIV Relief   82
Chapter XXV Cured?   84
Chapter XXVI Invitations   86
Chapter XXVII Problems 90
Chapter XXVIII Flowers 92
Chapter IXXX Just Meant to be 96
Chapter XXX Animal Lust 101
Chapter XXXI Conclusions 105
Chapter XXXII The Agreement 107
Chapter XXXIII Painful or Pleasurable 110
Chapter XXXIV Consoltation 115
Chapter XXXV Arrival 117
Chapter XXXVI Options 121
Chapter XXXVII Gifts 125
Chapter XXXVIII Threesome 127
Chapter IXXXX Changed Plans 132
Chapter XXXX Trip Time 136
Chapter XXXXI House Shopping 139
Chapter XXXXII Loans 143
Chapter XXXXIII Acceptance 147
Chapter XXXXIV Another Mate? 149
Chapter XXXXV Completion 155
Chapter XXXXVI Mornings 158
Chapter XXXXVII Birthday Present 160
Chapter XXXXVIII Home Coming 163
Chapter IL Peeping Tom 166
Chapter L Dinner Plans 169
Chapter LI After Dinner 175
Chapter LII Surprises 182
Chapter LIII Breaking the News 185
Chapter LIV The Doctor 187
Chapter LV Guests 189
Chapter LVI Requests 192
Chapter LVII Appreciation 194
Chapter LVIII Changes 197
Chapter LIX Surprise Presents 203
Chapter LX Doctor's Appointment 209
Chapter LXI Wedding time 213
Chapter LXII Decisions 218
Chapter LXIII Reunion 222
Chapter LXIV Birth 224

 Chapter I
 First Contact

 Carrie and I had been going together for about six months, we never really
went past necking.  Until that faithful day in August.  I was walking her
home as usual.  Only when we went inside the house we didn't go into the
kitchen like we usual did.
 Once we were inside the door Carrie said "I have a present for you," then
she took my hand and led me up the stairs to her bedroom.  Maybe I should
stop here and describe Carrie a little.
 Carrie was, is a sweet girl, you know the kind that really would...could
not do anything wrong.  She had long has long blonde hair, sort of medium
sized breasts and a nice tight ass that seemed a little longer from her long
 Well anyway, back to my part of the story.  Without a word we entered her
bedroom.  The entire room was covered with some form of pink or another.
"You like pink?" I asked her sort of surprised because she always seemed to
prefer darker colors.
 "No, my mother does," Carrie said letting go of my hand and closing the
door.  "Wait here," she commanded and walked over to a small pink portable
radio and started playing a tape, then she came back to me and wrapped her
arms around my neck.  Slowly we began to sway with the music while we looked
into each other's eyes.
 Her sparkling blue eyes were lit with an excitement and anticipation that I
had never seen before.  Then she leaned towards me and kissed me, not soft
like most of our kisses are but hard and passionately needingly.
 Then she leaned close to my ear and whispered "I want you to fuck me; I
want you inside of me," then she leaned back and grasped my pants, quickly
starting to undo them.  At that moment I wasn't quite sure what to do.  My
pants dropped to form a puddle around my ankles while Carrie stepped back
away from me and quietly undid her own pants, revealing the lace silk
panties she wore underneath.
 I pulled my T-shirt over my head and threw it to the floor and stepped out
of my pants, knowing that this is the day I had waited for.  Carrie was
smiling wickedly at me as she undid her blouse and let it flutter to the
floor.  The bra she was wearing was a perfect match to her panties with lace
outling her mounds and pink silk covering the center of her breasts.
 Slowly not looking away from me her hands quietly slipped behind her back
and released her breasts from her bra.
 Her brown nipples stood erect pointing straight at me.  Then she hooked her
two thumbs in the waist band of her panties and pushed them down.  Revealing
her golden patch of pubic hair, and amongst the hair I could just see a
couple of drops of her own lubricant.
 Then Carrie turned around showing me her beautiful bare ass and reached
into some sort of jar and pulled something out.  When she turned around I
had dropped my briefs and she let out a small gasp.
 Well anyway she opened her hand and showed me a handful of condoms.  She
took a hold of my erect penis and guided me to the bed.  Then she knelt
beside me dropping the rest of the condoms in a pile on the bed except one.
I was amazed at her openness.  I had thought she was the kind of girl that
she just lied there during sex, boy was I wrong.
 She unrolled a green condom on my penis and when she was finished she threw
her leg over and straddled me and quietly lowered herself down onto me,
taking my entire length inside her.
 Gaining speed quickly as she rode my cock into ecstasy.  Carrie cried out
as an orgasm rippled through her and she began pulsating around my shaft,
but did not allow herself to stop as I began to thrust myself up into her.
My own moment of pleasure was quickly arriving while Carrie's moans grew
again as her second orgasm approached.
 Our brewing passion erupted almost simultaneously as we were both swept up
into our own private worlds of orgasm.
 When we had both cum Carrie slowly eased herself down and kissed me, then
whispered into my ear "I love you Jake!" and I replied by telling her that I
loved her also.  Silently she rolled off of me and I stood up bedside the
bed to take the condom off.  Then I threw it into the garbage can Carrie had
beside her bed and turned back around to face her lying spread eagle rubbing
herself on the bed then she gave me that devilish grin of hers and said "Ah,
your still wet let me help you,"
 After that she quickly sat up and took my penis in her hand and started
licking cleaning up the remaining semen that was on my penis.
 Carrie looked up at me with her blue eyes after she finished licking all of
the semen that she could off of me. I wanted her to take me into her mouth
and start sucking on me but she didn't, instead she threw the covers back
and climbed into the bed with me tagging closely behind.

 Chapter II
 A Visitor
 We laid there for a few minutes kissing and holding each other letting our
hands wander across each other's flesh.  Then somebody started to call
Carrie's name on the other side of the door and stopped when whoever she was
got through the bedroom door and saw us.
 We reacted with a start, at least I had.  Carried had uncovered her breasts
and my chest as well.  After a second I knew who the girl was.  It was
Carrie's younger sister (by about a year) Christa.
 Christa has a darker color of blonde hair.  Her face is a little more
rounded than Carries and I knew from word of mouth that she had been to bed
with more people than her sister.  Actually it didn't surprise me Christa
had fuller breasts than her sister and a more shapely ass, and she knew how
to use it.
 "Well, well, well, what will Mom say when she hears about this!" Christa
said smiling.
 Carrie didn't bother to re-cover her breasts she only softly replied, and
confidently.  "Nothing, because she won't hear about it."
 "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't snitch"
 "Close the door!" Carrie commanded.
 "Why?" Christa said disobediently.
 "So, I can tell you the reason," Carrie said a little softer.
 "Ok, but it better be damned good," and with that Christa shut the door.  I
must admit that at that point I was curious about what Carrie could possibly
offer her as an answer that would satisfy her sister.
 "Now, what's the reason?" Christa demanded
 "Because you can join us," Carrie responded before Christa's smile grew
into a grin.
 "What?" I said looking at Carrie.
 "I accept," Christa said, and I turned back to her just in time to watch
her lift her T-shirt over her head exposing her bare breasts with light pink
topped nipples to us.  "There's only one thing that I want to know Carrie,"
Christa said slipping out of her shorts."
 "What's that?" Carrie asked watching intently as she undressed.
 "What took you so long to get this guy into bed?"  Christa said smiling at
me.  Then Christa slipped out of her blue silk panties and did a little
spin.  "What do you think?" she asked me.
 "Delicious," Carrie replied with a huge grin before I got to say anything.
Christa looked at her sister then back at me.  Christa's golden patch was
right beside my chest when she repeated the question.
 "Beautiful," I replied somewhat unsure of what was truly happening around
me.  Carrie held out the handful of condoms to her sister.
 "No, thanks.  I'm wearing my diaphragm!"  Christa said and pulled the
covers right back exposing both Carried and my nakedness.  Christa mounted
me almost exactly the same way Carried had, except she did it a little
faster and with less struggling.
 Christa gripped my neck with one hand and squeezed.  Her other hand reached
down behind her and took hold of my scrotum and began to fondle me.  My
right hand reached up and cupped one of her large breasts, with my other
hand I reached over to touch Carrie, resting my hand on her stomach.  Carrie
placed her hands on top of my hand and moved it down between her legs and I
began to slowly finger her as Christa began moaning.
 My own sexual limits were approaching and I could tell by the sound of
Carrie's whimpers that she was coming close to another one of hers.
 Out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of Carries arm reaching towards
where Christa and I were joined at the pelvis.  I could just barely feel the
skimming of her hand but it was obvious who the real target was.  Christa
began to moan more loudly and move against something that I couldn't see.
 "I'm cumming!" Christa screamed throwing her head back.
 I let out a loud groan as I could feel the build up in my balls that meant
I was ready to shoot off my load.
 Visible shock waves ran through Christa's body as she came on top of me
while my penis shot deep into her warm wanting pussy.  I continued to finger
Carrie moving as fast as I could to bring about to orgasm.  She started to
hump against my fingers as Christa laid down on top of me to watch me finish
with Carrie.
 One of Carrie's hands were in her mouth, well at least two fingers of it
anyway.  Her other hand was cupping one of her breasts.  Carrie began to
scream out as Christa began to cheer her sister on with filthy words.
 Carrie cried out one last time before she shuddered and went limp.  I slid
my hand out from between her legs leaving a trail of her honey across her
bare flesh.
 I brought my fingers between Christa and my head and licked them.  "Want a
taste, she tastes pretty good," Christa shook her head almost disgusted and
rolled off of me onto the other side of Carrie where she snuggled close to
me and started kissing my side.

 Chapter III
 We all heard a car somewhere nearby, but only Carrie bothered to get up and
look.  I watched her beautiful ass sway back and forth as she made her way
to the window.
 "Shit!" Carrie screamed quickly turning around and shaking her breasts,
"it's MOM!" before she shot after her clothes on the floor.
 Christa and I looked at each other then jumped out of the bed realizing
what it would mean if we were caught with our pants down, so to speak.
 We both grabbed for our clothes and slipped into them hastily.  I managed
to lose my underwear, before I was ushered out of the room, as we tried to
make ourselves more presentable as we sped down the stairs and into the
 Calmly Carrie asked Christa and me if we wanted a can of pop.  I nodded and
Christa said, "Diet,"  We managed to pry the tabs open before their mother
walked through the door carrying a brief case in her left hand and a bag of
groceries in the other.
 Martha (their mother) was quite attractive herself, blonde-brunette, tight
face, lightly tanned skin with a nice pair of knockers and her ass was
nicely curved but a little more curved than either of her two daughters.
 "Hi, mom,"  Carrie burst out with Crista echoing it a few seconds later.
 "Hi girls," Martha said entering the kitchen.  "Oh, hi Jake what are you
still doing here?  Don't you usually have to be home before five, and its
already almost six." Martha said setting the grocery bag down on the
 "Well, I figured I should prioritize my life and, well, you know me Carrie
tops my list.  But I guess maybe I should be going," I said getting up.  I
kissed Carrie goodbye and walked out of the room saying "Goody bye," to
everyone else.
 "Bye Jake," Martha said above the voices of her daughters wishing me
something like a good trip home.

 Chapter IV
 I smiled at Carrie with the can of diet pop and said "Mom," Carrie looked
at me nervously fidgeting with her own can.  "I'm going to go have a
shower,"  I could tell Carrie let out a sigh of relief no matter how
inaudible it was.
 I walked towards the stairs at the front of the house but instead I slipped
out the front door.
 "Jake," I half cried and half whispered after closing the door.  He turned
around and looked quickly at me as I walked towards him.  He was a real hunk
with his blonde hair gently pushed back to the left side of his head.  And
the first really good lay I had had in months.  "I think you forgot these,"
I said holding out his briefs.
 "Thanks," Jake said pocketing them as quickly as he could while he looked
around for any witnesses.
 "Look," I told him "I really had fun this afternoon and I just want you to
know that, if Carrie ever doesn't want to, just call me, I'll be glad to
ease your pains any time."  I paused as he watched me while a smile slowly
spread across his face I pressed myself tighter to him and whispered in his
ear, "and if you ever want both of us again just ask, OK?"
 "Alright," he said pushing his hardening-groin closer to me.  "I'll see you
 "Wait a minute, aren't you going to kiss me good-bye too?" I whined.
 "Of course," Jake said smiling "how could I say no to you," I reasserted
myself against him and stretched my neck while he bent his head down and I
wrapped my arms around his neck, then slowly we pressed our lips together.
 Jake's hands slid down my back and cupped my bottom as he slid his tongue
into my mouth which I gently began to suck on.  the heat between us was
beginning to increase again, but longingly we broke off our contact.
 "I better go in, I think I need a nice long cold shower." I said after
biting my lip.  Then I whispered into his ear.  "I can't wait to have you
inside me again."
 He whispered back to me, "I can't wait to be inside you again," then in
silence I watched him turn around and his cute buns walking away.
 Quietly I slipped into the house and went up to the bathroom Carrie and I
shared.  I should stop here and add one point before I forget about it, when
I had turned to start back towards the house I saw the front curtain drop
down where somebody had been watching.
 Anyways when I was having my shower, I checked to make sure that my
diaphragm was in place.  When I found out that it wasn't there I think I may
have turned a shade paler, then I tried to think back to when I had put it
in, after the check I wasn't sure if I had, damn it I was thinking in a
shaky sort of way.  The first time in my life I had unprotected sex.  Worst
case scenario played itself out in my head.  Having a kid...and ruining my
 When I had finished my shower I was no longer thinking about fucking Jake,
I was just plain scared.  I checked in the drawer in the case.  The damn
diaphragm was there, I hadn't put it in at all.  I had only had sex with
Jake but still I had sex.
 After a few minutes I figured there wasn't really anything more that I
could do about it, except hope for the best.  I tied the towel around me and
left for my room.
 When I got inside I closed the door behind me and threw the towel onto the
floor before a knock came on the door.  I grabbed my robe from the back of
my desk chair (like I used it for anything else) and slipped into its silky
softness caressing my bare cool flesh.  "Come in," I said covering my
recently erected nipples which poked through the cloth while Carrie came
through the door.  I thought she was going to talk to me about kissing Jake.
 "Chris, Sandi invited the two of us over to her house to sleep over, would
you like to go.  We'll rent some movies and order in some dinner."
 "Sure why the hell not,"  I had nothing better to do other than to worry.
 "Ok, great," Carrie said smiling and closed the door behind her.  I threw
my robe back onto the chair and walked to stand in front of my full length
mirror hanging beside my door to examine myself.  I pinched my nipples,
stiffening them a little more.  My breasts are firm and young and could
stand to be a little bigger.  My ass is nice and tight felt firm when I ran
my fingers over it and the crack.  My fingers nimbly felt there way around
my small hips and ended up gingerly touching my pussy.
 As I was doing this Carrie walked through the bedroom door again, asking me
"Would you like to have chinese or pizza to....You know you really do have a
beautiful body.  Its the first time in awhile since I've seen you naked and
really today was the first time I..."  I grabbed my robe from the chair and
put it on.  "...really you don't have to cover it for me.  I kind of admire
you for it.  You've got nice big tits, bigger than mine anyway and one hell
of an ass."
 "Thank you, I think, Chinese will be fine!"
 "What...Oh yes, Ok, fine, I'll tell Sandi.  Pack a bag and get dressed,
we're going to leave soon.  By the time we get there the chinese food should
be there.  It'll be a night you'll never forget, I promise." Carrie finished
as she was walking out the door.

 Chapter V
 Carrie's Friend
 As we were leaving the house for Sandi's saying our good-byes to our mother
I kind of felt bad leaving her alone on a Friday night with no date, again.
I also felt sorry for her because all the dates that she had had since Dad
left us had been all really nerdy types.
 We drove off leaving her waving at us and me feeling even sorrier for her
because I knew all she'd probably do for the weekend was spend it in bed
with her porno's masturbating.  I realize that its one of the facts that
your not suppose to know about your mother but when she moans out so that
everyone in the house hears it, its kind of hard not to.  I remember one
time I had sneaked a boy home into my room and when we were making out down
the hall my mother was squealing in the pleasure she was giving herself.
 There was another time I remember walking in on her legs spread wide facing
the door pushing a vibrator into herself, the whole time with this look of
concentration on her face, I was around the age of thirteen that time, I had
stood at the door watching her masturbate, she never noticed me until after
she had cum, and when she did notice me she just said "Oh," then she held
out the wet vibrator and said "Honey would you like to have a try?"  I said
no and left the room.  A couple of days later I found a box in my underwear
drawer wrapped like a present, cautiously I opened it and found a new
vibrator in it and a note taped to the box that said `incase you change your
 Five days later found me spread out on my bed pushing the thing deep into
me, hotly pleasuring myself.  When I did emerge from my room my mother was
sitting in the kitchen sipping a cup of coffee smiling broadly when she eyed
me, she set her cup down and said "Did you enjoy it?  I hope you don't mind
but I peeked in on you?"
 "Are you going to sit in there all night?" Carrie asked me leaning in
through her open door, a loose T-shirt opened wildly exposing the fact
clearly that she was wearing no bra.
 "What?  Oh no," I said opening my car door and grabbing my bag.  A car was
parked beside ours that depicted the chinese food was here.  Carrie pushed
the front door open which gave us a clear view of the delivery boy's bare
ass, with his pants down around his ankles.  Two hands were spread out over
his ass pulling his ass-cheeks apart.
 "Hi Sandi," Carrie said closing the door behind us.  "Having fun?" the
delivery boy looked startled but one of the hands on the boys cute ass just
waved at us.
 As we walked around the guy we could see the top of a blonde head bobbing
back and forth against the guy giving him a blowjob and I've got to admit
that Sandi had a special style of doing it to.
 The action settled down after the delivery guy let out a long groan.  Sandi
got up off of her knees exposing the fact that she had been kneeling with
her blouse undone.  Her brown nipples erect and sliding gently across, the
silk of her blouse.
 Sandi made no attempt to cover herself actually she totally removed the
blouse and threw it onto the floor.  Then she rummaged through her purse as
the guy pulled up his trousers.  Sandi gave him two twenties and then picked
the bag up from the table by the door as she showed him out with a pat on
his ass.
 Usually I wouldn't have let him walk out without giving him another blowjob
at least, but considering how I was worried about getting pregnant, I didn't
bother with him.
 When Sandi returned to us a drop of his cum was gently sliding down her
chin.  Carrie went up to her and licked it off her face.  I thought it was
kind of strange that she'd do that, but the taste of a man is pretty good.
 "Well that certainly redefines service with a smile," I said as we sat down
to eat with Sandi still topless.  We ate a little then Carrie said to Sandi
"I sort of feel funny both of us wearing our tops while you sit there
without.  So I intend to make it a little evener," then she did something I
didn't expect, she removed her top.  It was the first time that I actually
looked at my sisters breasts.  Her brown nipples almost symmetrically placed
in the center of each tit, although they weren't overly large they really
looked firm.
 Then Carrie asked "Now that two of us are topless we might as well all eat
topless."  I wasn't sure what was happening and hesitantly I removed my own
top.  We sat and ate through dinner topless, it felt really good to be free
from my clothing (just my top anyway) and doing normal everyday things, it
was sort of exhilarating.  Other than that nothing really happened over
dinner, after, we got dressed we all piled into the car and went off for the
video store.

 Chapter VI
 Older Friends
 When I got home I ate with my folks, showered, got dressed and phoned
Carrie's house planning on taking her to a movie or something.
 "Hello?" asked Martha over the phone when it was picked up.
 "Hello, Ms. Benchino is Carrie home?"
 "No sorry Jake, she's sleeping over at friends tonight!"
 "Ok, is Christa there, then" I asked hoping that the night wouldn't be a
total waste.
 "No she went with Carrie."
 "Ok, thanks Ms Benchino," I said while disappointment filled my head.
 "Hold on Jake.  Do you think you could come over and give me a hand moving
some furniture around, and if you do I won't say anything to Carrie about
you and Christa.  Even though I really..."
 "Tell Carrie about what?" I asked innocently.
 "I saw Christa give you, your briefs, and I saw the way you two kissed,
friends just don't do that,"
 "Look you can tell Carrie all you want about what you think me and your
other daughter are doing, but if you want me to come over there and help you
I will because you are my girlfriend's mother."
 "Fine, then I'll see you in a few minutes."
 "Fine!" I said and hung the phone up.
 I went back over to Carrie's house to help her mother but I sure in the
hell didn't rush for her.  I'm not the type that follows other peoples
orders even future mother in-laws, that is if I marry either of her two
 When I got there I knocked on the door of the house and got no answer, I
rang the doorbell.  Almost instantly Martha opened the door.  She was
dressed in a pair of tight denim shorts and something like a tank top.
There were a few beads of sweat running down her brow.  Her hair was tied
back in a pony tail and I caught a whiff of the sweet perfume she was
 "It's about time you got here, come on in,"
 "I just want to stress that my being here doesn't have anything to do with
the facts of what you saw.  I strictly came to help you move furniture."
 "That's fine, will you come in already, I need you to help me move my
bedroom around its kind of old stuff so its heavy.  Come on follow me."
 I did as I was told watching the backs of Martha's tanned calves as we
walked up the stairs.  I had never really seen Martha's bedroom before and I
was kind of surprised when I saw lean studs plastered all over the walls.
The furniture was as she had said it was, old and heavy.
 Her bedroom was covered in more pink than Carrie's was but had dark stained
furniture in it.  A four poster bed was in the center of the room, a double
pair of double closets were set into one wall and an ensuite that led off
from beside the head of the bed.
 We started by pushing a dresser out of the way.  It seemed to take about
fifteen minutes per foot that we moved it.  After about an hour I had
already broken out in a sweat and Martha was drenched in her own
perspiration.  Her tank top was plastered tight to her tanned flesh and I
could feel the dampness of my own shirt.
 "Do you mind if I take off my shirt?" I asked.
 "No, not at all, that is if you don't mind if I do," she said bluntly, then
before I could say or do anything she had pulled the top over her head.  She
had large pink nipples which had stiffened while we were working.
 I closed my mouth and tried to cover it up by removing my shirt in a manner
to cover my face.
 "Would you like a drink?" Martha asked.
 "Sure, I'd love one, what do you have?" I replied watching her face trying
to keep my eyes from her breasts.
 "Well there's Pepsi, juice, and water, or we could have beer, I keep a
little hid from the girls."
 "That sounds good!"
 "Beer it is then," Martha said leaving the room.
 I took the opportunity then to slip into the ensuite to relieve myself.  As
I stood there in front of the bowl I was surprised when Martha said "I find
it fascinating that the body can use one organ for so many different
functions."  I finished up shaking myself off and replacing my penis back
into my pants.
 While I was washing my hands I asked "How long have you been standing
 "Long enough" she replied giggling.  I could feel my cheeks turning red as
I dried my hands on a towel.  "Heres your beer," she offered holding out a
can of Budwiser with a smile.  While she sat down on top of the sink counter
I put the lid of the toilet down and sat down.  We sat there for a couple of
minutes in silence neither of us saying anything.  I spent most of the time
staring down at my can of beer.
 "So what is going on between you and my daughters?" Martha asked.  "I know
your having your way with at least one of them."
 "Well," I said not sure what to say.
 "You can be truthful, I think they should be sexually active at their age
and if you are sleeping with one of them or even both of them you should
consider yourself lucky and so should they."
 "The truth?" I asked and took a swig of my beer while she just watched me
and nodded.  "There not going to get in trouble are they."
 "No don't worry about that they won't, I promise."
 "Okay, the truth," I said surprised that I was actually going to tell her,
"today when I walked Carrie home, instead of doing any homework, we went up
to her bedroom, and we did it.  Then Christa walked in on us, before I knew
what was happening she was in bed with us.  I swear it was the first time we
ever did it."
 "So that's why you didn't care if I told Carrie, heh?  She was there!"  I
nodded swallowing the last drop of my beer.  "Well we better get back to
work," Martha said dropping her empty beer can into the sink beside her.

 Chapter VII
 New Friends
 When we got to the movie store we separated, each of us looking into our
own separate sections, for a movie to rent.  I found Lethal Weapon Three and
rejoined Carrie who was looking in the comedy section and ended up picking
up Blind Date the one with Bruce Willis and Kim Basenger.
 It was an old movie one I had seen when it had come out in the theaters but
Carrie had never bothered to go see it.  Together we looked around for
Sandi, but we couldn't see her so we just walked around the store looking at
the videos.
 Then after too long of a silence, my brain was thinking back to the risky
sex I had had earlier and I had to get away from it so I broke the silence
by saying "I'm really proud of what you did today."
 "What did I do?" Carrie asked me, I would have almost thought she didn't
know what I was talking about.
 "You giving up your virginity, today to Jake."
 "I didn't"
 "Didn't what?"
 "Give up my virginity today!"
 "What do you..." I started but was cut off by Sandi's arrival.
 "Are you two ready?" Sandi asked
 "Yeah," I said and then trying to get my mind away from the curious new
problem that was just set in front of it I asked Sandi "What did you get?"
 "A surprise, you'll see."
 "You two go out to the car and I'll take care of these."  Carrie said and I
followed Sandi out to the car.
 When we got into the car Sandi said, "SO, Carrie tells me you paid her and
Jake a visit this afternoon.  What did you think?"
 "I thought it was about time she crawled into bed with him.  I'll tell you
between you and me if she hadn't done it by the end of the month I would
have.  He's damn cute!"
 "Then you think I told her to do the right thing?" Sandi asked.  I looked
at her sort of surprised.
 "You suggested it to her, well it was about time somebody did.  But Carrie
just told me it wasn't her first time!  Do you know who was her first?"  At
that moment Carrie decided to return and get into the car.
 After we arrived at Sandi's house again we went up to her room and started
watching the first two movies.  When we were watching Lethal Weapon Three
Carrie said "God, he does have nice buns, doesn't he."  This day is full of
surprises I remember thinking to myself and it was over then.

 Chapter VIII
 When we finished moving the furniture around we had only really moved two
things and put away another couple of beers each.  Martha spread out on one
side of her double bed and patted the other half to signal me to lie beside
 I slid onto the bed beside her and brushed my hair back with my hand.  I
turned onto my side to face Martha who was lying on her back.
 I had tried my hardest all night to try and ignore her bare chest and was
finding it increasingly difficult to do lying beside.  Her breasts were
larger than Christa's by about twice the size.  Martha turned her head and
looked into my eyes then her eyes began to look over my chest then quietly
she placed a hand on my side.  Quickly I slipped off the bed and grabbed my
shirt from a nearby chair sensing that her thoughts had drifted to other
 "Where are you going?" Martha asked sitting up on the edge of the bed.
 "I better go," I said feeling that I was starting to feel that I was
actually sexually attracted to her, "before we do something we are both
going to regret."
 "I won't, I've been thinking about you and this since the first day Carrie
brought you home.  I haven't been with a man since that day," Martha said
running her fingers across my chest as I stood in front of her "and every
day I've fantasized about you.  I've only been able to masturbate to the
thought of you inside me," Martha said grasping at the clasp of my jeans and
undoing them, letting them fall to the floor at my feet.
 "Please," Martha pleaded "you've made love to every other woman in this
household, now make love to me too," with this she expelled my briefs and
slid back a little onto the bed, she undid the button to her denim shorts
and slid them passed her hips and kicked them away.
 Martha had been wearing no panties under her shorts all night.  "I've
waited so long for your fingers to caress me, and and your arms to hold me,"
she said as I watched a golden dew drop emerge from between her spread legs
glittering on top of her bare folds of flesh.  "Please," she pleaded again
twisting her face into an expression that showed how desirous she was, and I
must admit that the more she pleaded with me the more I felt like climbing
on top of her "don't disappoint me by walking away."  I went to pull my
briefs back up and by chance caught a glimpse of sadness in her eyes, so
instead I placed one knee on top of the bed and her face shone with the most
brilliant smile I had ever seen on anyone before.
 "I don't have any protection," I said raising my second knee up onto the
bed as a tear drop slid down the side of her face.  I kissed it tasting the
salty mixture on my lips.
 "Don't worry about it, you don't need any," Martha said as her hands
started moving over my chest before I gently lowered myself down onto her,
her arms sliding around my chest and wrapping her arms around my waist
pulling me tight against her breasts.
 "I need you inside me," Martha whispered into my ear just before she kissed
it.  Carefully I pushed myself towards her, sliding my member into her
wanting sex.
 "Oh, yes" Martha said as her hands slid down my back and rested on my ass.
Quietly I pulled out of her and then thrust forward as Martha grabbed my ass
and pulled me towards her.  "You feel wonderful, so nice and thick, and so
very, very long.  Oh God Yes!" she cried as I pulled out and thrust deeper
into her "that's it fuck me fuck me harder," I slid out of her and thrust
myself as deep and as hard as I could into her, in response she cried out
"Yes, faster, fuck me faster!"
 I increased my tempo thrusting forward into her warm vagina and then
quickly pulling out only to thrust into her again.  Thrust.  Pull.  Thrust.
 "I'm cummming!!" Martha screamed out underneath me as I pumped her faster
than before.  I could feel her shutter and arch her back up beneath me.
 Slowly her back returned to a normal position while I slowed and eventually
stopped my fucking.
 Martha kissed me, holding me tight to her breasts, our heads nuzzled
against each others necks.  "Has my handsome young stud not cum yet?" she
asked rolling us over, placing herself on top of me.  "Well, we can't have
that can we," she said smiling at me wickedly while she got up on her knees.
"I hope you enjoy this," she reached between us and took a hold of my cock,
positioning it just right, before sliding down around me.


 After we had finished watching the second movie, we took turns going into
her bathroom and getting ready for bed and relieving ourselves of any undo
pressures.  I wore a large T-shirt and a pair of silk panties.  Carrie was
wearing a pink nightie and Sandi wore a Terry cloth robe.
 Then when we were all finished Sandi suggested that we lie on the bed
together.  Carrie lied down on the left edge of the bed without anymore
prompting.  I lied down next to her and Sandi went to start the VCR, then
while the empty space and the copy right warning passed by Sandi took off
her robe underneath she only wore a pair of cotton panties.  Her brown
nipples were large, about the size of plums.  Her breasts were a good
handful and a half each.
 "I hope you don't mind, as it is this is more that I usually sleep in?"
Sandi asked looking at me.
 This didn't bother me very much because the odd time I liked to indulge
myself with the sensations of sleeping in the nude with nothing more than my
trusty dildo.
 I shook my head and she laid down next to me pressing herself tight against
me for no real reason considering she had extra space.
 Then the video started it opened up in a college class room.  Two girls, a
red head kind of cute I suppose and a brunette were glancing at each other.
The movie carried on, the two girls met later in a bar then left for the red
heads apartment, where they then began to undress.  They took turns fondling
each others breasts and began kissing and licking each other's nipples.
Just as the brunette was placing her lips against the red heads pussy, Sandi
whispered into my ear "I was Carrie's first,"  I looked at her not sure that
I had heard right.
 "What?" I asked aloud.
 "I said I was your sisters first lay," Sandi said softly.  I turned my head
and looked at Carrie who was staring intently at the TV screen then I turned
back to see Sandi on her side.
 "You?" I said while thoughts were running through my head at about a
hundred per second.  "When?"
 I could feel a hand sliding across my ass.  I had stumbled straight into a
lesbian nest.  "Practically since the first time we met at camp," Carrie
said, "she got a letter from her boyfriend, and then we started talking
about sex.  And I said I was curious...."
 "I'll bet!" I said sarcastically.
 "Don't interrupt!" Sandi said sternly.
 "So we talked about it, but Sandi said the best thing really to do was show
me.  So that first night that we got sent to our cabin she made love to me.
It was beautiful and more sensual than you could imagine with any man.  And
we've been doing it ever since."
 "So why are you telling me this."
 "Well 'till this afternoon, I really wasn't aware of your femininity."
 "What your sister is trying to say is, that we've talked it over and
decided to invite you into our little girls only club, so to speak."
 "So this whole night was just to seduce me into bed."  The hand slipped
from my ass and up into my shirt and began to rub my back.
 "Yes and no," Sandi replied "this whole night was to invite you into bed.
Whether you want to have sex with us is your own choice"
 "But, we," Carrie said motioning at Sandy and herself after the hand
disappeared from my back, "are going to, whether you join us or not, but I'd
prefer it if you'd at least stay and watch us."  I looked towards a corner
of the room catching a glimpse of the TV and the introduction of a blonde in
to the twosome.  "That is if you don't want to join us," Carrie added then
as I watched her she silently sat up and pulled the nightie over her head.
This time I noticed for the first time how Carrie's breasts had rounded out
in there small but own way.
 I could tell both Carrie and Sandi were both watching for my reaction.  I
got up off of the bed intent on leaving the room, but I turned around and
saw Sandi's eyes were pleading with me and all I could see from Carrie was
intense burning desire.
 At that moment, I wasn't sure what I was going to do, I crossed my arms
trying to think what I should do and my hands grabbed a hold of each side of
my shirt and with a mind of their own pulled the shirt over my head.
 "You won't regret it," Carrie said as I sat on the bed, but she was already
too late, I already did.
 "Well what do we do now?" I asked.
 "Relax," Sandi said to me noticing the tension in my voice, after a pause
she said "we can start by smelling each other panties.  Here we'll start
with mine," then she slid her panties down her long legs leaving her light
golden patch exposed and tossed her panties at me.  I gingerly picked them
up looking back and forth at the two of them and slowly raised the panties
to my face and took a quick sniff.  They were sweet, and had a faint smell
of perfume.  I tossed them to Carrie who pressed them tight to her face and
took a long smell, like she was smelling a flower.
 "Guess, I'm next" Carrie replied dropping Sandi's panties to the floor
behind her.  Then slowly she slid her own panties off.  Her pussy lips were
spread wide apart with a few drops of her lubricant protruded from her slit,
she then threw her panties at me.  Carrie's were sticky and wet to the
touch.  I could smell the faint remnants of Jake, but the rest was fresh and
 After I had finished with them I threw them to Sandi who pressed them
against her face and inhaled deeply, then threw them to the floor, noticing
I was wondering what I should do with the residue from Carrie's panties on
my fingers.
 "Lick them," Sandi suggested then as if to show me she began to lick and
suck on her own freeing Carrie's stickiness from her fingers.  I raised my
fingers to my face and sheepishly ran my tongue across my index finger.  It
tasted not to sweet but a little more tangy.  Carrie and Sandi smiled at me
as I started to suck on my index finger.
 "Your turn," Carrie said looking at me.  Awkwardly I slid my panties off
and handed them to Carrie who without breaking eye contact raised them to
her nose and took three long breaths when she lowered them she was wearing a
large seductive smile and said "wonderful" then handed them to Sandi.
 Sandi took my panties and ran them across her own pussy, then she slowly
slid my panties over her tight chest then over her breasts and finally to
her face and she sniffed them.  A wicked smile spread across her face as she
threw my panties over her shoulder and then said to me "we'll be good
 "We all will be!" Carrie added.
 "What do we do next?" I asked as identical grins spread across both of
their faces.
 "Now, we have fun!" Carrie said.
 "Just lie back here and relax," Sandi said patting near the head of the
bed.  I turned around and slid back across the bed and laid down.
 "Now would you hand me one of those pillows behind you."  Sandi asked.
Carrie grabbed one of the two pillows before I could reach either of them.
 "You're going to enjoy this" Carrie told me as Sandi slid the pillow under
my ass.
 "Now spread your legs wide," Sandi said slipping a hand between my legs and
gently tugged to pull them apart.  I slowly spread my legs apart and almost
instantly two hands touched the inside of my thighs.  Sandi came up on my
right and cupped one of my breast with her hand.  Then she lowered her lips
to press lightly against my nipple.  Carrie came up on my other side and did
the same thing the whole time neither of them stopped fingering my pussy.  I
placed my hands on top of their heads and gently ran my fingers through
their hair.  I began to arch my back as I tried to get closer to their
fingers.  Sandi slipped away from me and a few seconds later the wetness of
a tongue touched my labia.
 Carrie brought her fingers, that had been in me and spread some of my
juices across my chest and began to lap at it.  I placed my hand onto
Carries back and slid it towards her ass, then stretching a little I ran my
hand across her ass and managed to find her pussy with my fingers.
 I could feel my own center almost ready to explode under the power of the
tongue.  I began crying out louder telling Sandi, "Yes, right there," and
"fuck me," Carrie kissed me.  I could taste myself on her as she stuck her
tongue into my mouth.  Her tongue began to forage and search almost as if it
were looking for something.
 When she withdrew her tongue I gasped, I was seconds away from orgasm.
Carrie kissed me again.  I tried to cry out again but Carrie's persistent
tongue got in the way.  I touched Carrie's clitoris and she pressed herself
against my hand with a shiver, releasing my cry as she broke away and gave
her own little whimper.
 Sandi kissed my entrance and lapped at my clitoris.  She was taking me past
the point at which I had cum so many other times.  Sandi was working on me
like an expert.  Carrie began playing with my breasts again and I centered
my actions on her cunt and I was bringing her quickly to her own climax.
 But before she could cum I broke off contact as my whole body shuddered and
convulsed to the biggest orgasm I had ever had, the whole time Sandi's mouth
didn't leave my pussy.  She tried to hold me down but I was bucking against
her too strongly.
 I collapsed limp onto the bed, I didn't think I even had enough energy to
roll over.  Sandi lapped at my pussy until all my cum had been taken up.
Then she got onto the bed and Carrie began to kiss and lick Sandi's lips
cleaning all remnants of my juices off of them.
 Then quietly they fell apart, Sandi laid down beside me and Carrie turned
around and laid down on top of her, so they were both facing each others
pussy's.  Carrie began to tongue and kiss ferociously at Sandi's pussy while
Sandi went slowly and just fast enough not to lose the momentum.  The last
thing I remember before falling into unconsciousness was Sandi spanking


 Martha and I laid there for almost ten minutes afterwards.  I laid quietly
not saying anything while she smoked a cigarette, then finally she broke the
silence after putting the butt in an ashtray
 "God you were better than anyone of my fantasies," she said and then rolled
onto me and kissed me before she got up on her forearms.
 "Thank you,"
 "Now why don't you tell me again about how you fucked my daughters, this
time leave nothing out."
 So, I told her not holding anything back, including what I thought Carrie
 "Damn, maybe I've been concentrating on the wrong one."  Martha said after
I told her that little assumption.
 "What?" I replied confused at where this conversation was going.
 "Ok, no secrets between us, OK?"
 "Besides were to close to hold them," Martha said grinding her pelvis
against mine.  "I've had affairs with women about once every year for as
long as I can remember except these last two.  I've been trying to induce
Christa to go to bed with me."
 "Have you got her to?" I asked surprised.
 "No, I know its against the law to molest kids, and I love my daughters too
much to do it, but if she comes to me I won't turn her away."
 "What have you done to give her an idea what you want," I asked.
 "Well first I guess I masturbated in front of her with a dildo," I gulped
some air.
 "Then what?"
 "Then I gave her a dildo, first a normal one.  I saw her doing it once,
masturbating I mean, she has such a beautiful pussy." Martha said with dazed
 "Then..." Martha's eyes focused on me.
 "Since then I've given her half a dozen other dildo's, one was shaped for
two women, and then a couple of weeks ago I gave her a strap on, I thought
for sure she'd get the idea, but noda!  I wonder what it'll take to get
through to that kid.  I'm going to try one more time, then I'll go onto her
 "What are you going to do next, give her a magazine,"
 "No, I thought of that already.  I thought I'd maybe bring home another
woman some night when only Christa will be home and in the middle of the
house we'll lie together naked, then when Christa comes along and finds us
together, the other woman will ask her to join us."
 "She doesn't deserve you," I said rolling Martha over onto her back and
then kissing her.
 "Your right," she said smiling then returned my kiss.  "I'm too good for
her," the she paused for a second allowing her smile to spread into a
beaming grin, "and you."
 "Now hold on just a second, let's not get carried away here, if I remember
correctly this was your idea," I said jokingly.
 "Your right," she said and kissed me.  I knew by now she could feel that my
penis had stiffened again, "but who's the one with the hots now," she said
as her hands found their way down my back to cup my hairy ass.  "Well what
are you waiting for don't you want to put that big boy where he wants to be"
Martha began to squeeze my ass, "in my warm wanting love spot"
 "Who's the one with the hots?" I asked sarcastically.
 "Okay, so we're both guilty, now would you just fuck me!"
 When she said that it was hard for me to resist but I got up off of her and
onto my knees between her spread thighs.
 "Now what?" Martha asked in a soft whine while leaning on one of her
elbows, her tits lopsided.
 "I don't want to fuck you,"
 "Something tells me different," she said wrapping a hand around my erect
 "I wanna taste you, and I've never..."
 "So you want to do it orally do you.  Well I hope you'll like my bare
pussy, I do!"  Before I could say anything Martha had spun around and gotten
between my knees and was leaning me forward between her spread legs.
 Before I was lying down on top of her again she had me in her mouth and was
already gently sucking on me.  I lowered my hand and pressed my lips tight
against her warm opening.
 I could taste my own dried semen on Martha's flesh as I spread her lips
with my fingers and found what I was looking for.  Her clitoris.  I knew it
was her "nerve center"  I began to kiss and slowly lick at her orifice and
blow cold air on her which visibly exited her.  I could feel her tongue on
my own head as her fingers began to fondle my testicles.  A few seconds
after I began to nibble on her clitoris, just gently pulling it away from
the rest of her fleshy area while I quietly slipped two fingers inside of
her to explore the inner reaches of her cunt.
 I could feel her gums on my cock as I drove down into her throat.  The way
she was sucking on my was bringing me to such intolerable pleasure.  I began
to lap at Martha's cunt furiously to bring her to orgasm.  I could tell she
was trying to cry out around my member as I shot rivulets of semen into her
mouth while not stopping to lap at her own cum.
 Slowly we crawled into each others arms and drifted off to sleep together.

 Chapter IX
 The Next Morning
 I drifted back from my dream to a wet feeling between my legs.  The night
with Sandi and Carrie had been one that I sure wouldn't forget soon.  When I
became conscious the wet feeling was still there.  I was lying naked on
Sandi's bed with no covers in sight.  I looked down between my spread legs
to find the top of Carrie's head looking up at me.  Behind her upraised
bottom Sandi was standing beside a video camera naked aiming it at us.
 "Well, she's awake," Sandi said "Good morning sleepy head, it took you long
enough to wake up."  Sandi got on to the bed from my side and got behind my
head and started kissing me.
 Then Sandi kissed my lips pressing her lips tight against mine pushing her
hot tongue into my mouth and began to forage in my mouth.  I touched my
tongue against hers and we slid them together for a few seconds before she
withdrew and began to kiss near my ear.  Then she whispered "I love you," to
me and nuzzled against my neck.
 "I want you," I whispered back to her.  Her head disappeared from my should
er after a kiss.  A few seconds later as I felt the pressure in my womb
building, I saw Sandi's pussy lowering its delicate flesh closer to my face.
Moments later I was buried deep in Sandi's musky warmth as my tongue
slithered out across her flower.
 Carrie's fingers pressed against me and then slid slowly into my vagina.
Slowly with her fingers she began to fuck me while still tonguing my
 Sandi's hands grasped at my breasts and began to kneed them.  I started
screaming into her cunt from the excitement that Carrie was giving to me,
because my tongue wasn't staying constant Sandi moved one of her hands from
my breasts and started rubbing her clitoris.  A few seconds later Sandi was
crying out just like me, a few moments later Sandi's body shook on top of me
as she came.   The whole time Carrie didn't ease the attention that she was
paying my pussy and she didn't stop until she had cleaned me entirely of any
of my leftover dew.
 Sandi kissed me and then quietly got up and shut the camera off saying
"Come on its time to get up, we got something to do today!"
 "What?" I asked
 "Well, Sandi and I we're going to get our pussies shave.  If you want you
can too!" Carrie said
 "It sounds ok, but I've only got about five bucks." I said trying to change
the topic.
 "That's Ok," Sandi said, "I've got some extra money, besides my dad got me
a credit card.  I'll try and make three appointments," Sandi said picking up
the phone and dialling a number.  "Yes I'd like to talk to someone who
shaves pussies!"  Pause.  "Yes I'll hold,"  Longer pause.  "Yes, do you
shave pussies," Pause.  "eighteen," another pause.  "Why you bitch," then
Sandi slammed the receiver down into the cradle of the phone.  I got up and
wrapped my arm around Sandi's waist, resting my head on her shoulder.
 "Try somewhere else," I said softly, Sandi looked through the phone book
and then dialled another number.  This time I could hear parts of the other
side of the conversation.
 "Hello, I'd like to speak to someone about getting my pussy shaved." Sandi
 "I do that," said a warm sultry voice from the other end of the line, "what
can I do for you,"
 "Well me and two of my friends would like to get our pussies shaved.
 "First time?"
 "Yes," Sandi said.
 "How old are you girls?"
 "Look, I can't do you here, the law doesn't allow us to do it because they
consider anyone under nineteen molestation."
 "Thanks for nothing," Sandi said angry.
 "Hold on, I didn't say I couldn't help you, just that I couldn't do it
here." The woman said in more of a whisper.
 "Now are you really sure you want to do it,"
 "Are you positive because I don't want to get into any trouble over it,"
 "Yes, we're sure god damn it,"
 "Alright, settle down, here's what you do..."
 I turned around to face Carrie and mouthed "She found one".  Carrie smiled
and came over to me."
 "Before we go, I want you, I want us to fuck.  I haven't seen you naked for
awhile until yesterday.  I like your body, our nipples pressed hard against
one another.  Then she kissed me and then again while her hands moved down
my back and slowly began to explore my crevice.
 "See you then," Sandi said and hung up the phone.
 Carrie pushed me over to the bed.  Her lust for me was overwhelming as she
began to caress my breasts with her hands then slowly she got up off of me
and slid one leg under mine and one slid tight against my pussy, and started
pressing herself tight and pulling away.  I could see that Sandi had turned
on the camera again but I couldn't see where she had disappeared to.  Carrie
was bucking against me ferociously.  Our pussies were sticking together
before the viscosity broke between us when she pulled away.  Carrie
repeatedly did this, it was wonderfully different from anything else I had
ever done.
 After a couple of minutes I noticed Sandi had come back into the bedroom
from out in the main hall and was carrying a jar of K-Y jelly and something
that looked like one of the dildo's my mother had given me.  Carrie stopped
to look at Sandi, she knew what Sandi was carrying and she stopped after
Sandi had coated both sides of the thing with the jelly.  Then after Sandi
was finished, with a kiss she gave it to Carrie.
 "Sit back further up on the bed." Carrie told me, "That's it now spread
your legs apart, good" then she slid her bottom between my thighs.  Then she
took the thing, and it was exactly that a two sided rubber cock.  Carrie
placed one of the heads against the outside of my pussy and slowly began to
work it into me, then once it was far enough into me and she could bed it
enough she slipped the other end into her own vagina.
 Sandi was back on the video camera focusing either on my face or my breasts
or perhaps even the small space between my sister and I.  Carrie was moving
her ass forward and back pushing my half deeper into me then pulling it back
towards her.  After slowing down on this she began to finger my clitoris
with her thumb.  I returned her fondling with the same zealous.
 We climaxed almost simultaneously to each other.  Sandi had detached the
camera from the stand and was coming towards us with it.  First she stuck it
in Carrie's face who had started sucking on her thumb that she had used on
my clitoris.  Then Sandi turned the camera on me while I ran a hand up
between her legs.  She smiled and said "Say something,"
 "Like what?" I asked.
 "Anything at all, How did you feel to make love to a woman for the first
time?  What you think about women now?  How you feel towards your sister?
How you feel towards me?"
 "In any particular order?" I said almost laughing at all her questions.
 "No, just talk, and, keep doing that," she said as I touched her clitoris.
 "Well, I think my sister is hornier than I ever would have imagined," I
said looking over at Carrie smiling with her thumb still in her mouth.  "I
think I'll be watching a few more asses than normal on the streets now,
though, now that I like both sexes.  How do I feel about you, well, I think
you have a very sexy body," I said sliding a finger into her cunt.  I think
your right about..." I withdrew my finger from her and slid it into my own
cunt and then with drew it and put it in my mouth and sucked on it for a
second.  " being good together."
 "What did you think overall of making love to women," Sandi asked as I
reinserted my finger into her.
 "I thought it was fun, and something that I could enjoy, but nothing beats
a good rock hard cock inside of you," I said thinking of the last one I had
inside me, Jake, damn it that damn diaphragm.
 "What kind of cock do you like?" she asked unknowingly to what I was
thinking about.
 "Well," I said, "trying not to be to obvious that I was thinking about
something else.  Then naturally I described Jake, "Well, it's got to be
thick and at least about seven inches long, minimum.
 "What kind of...mmmm that feels good...What kind of man do you like?"
 "Dark haired..."
 "Enough talk about men" Carrie said, "at least not right now anyway".
Sandi shut the camera off and lowered it to her side, with a look of
thoughtfulness on her face.  I watched her for a second as she slipped out
of my reach.  "We better start getting ready for tonight," Sandi said laying
the video camera down on the night table.
 "Alright," I said reluctantly, then she came within my reach.  I grabbed
hold of her hands, "but in a half an hour," then I pulled her down on top of


 I got up about half an hour before Jake did on Saturday morning.  I was
feeling better than I had in a long time.  I suppose I was glowing with
after glow from the sex I had had with Jake, sex that I hadn't exactly
planned on, the idea had came to me when he had called for Carrie and
Christa but I had been fantasizing about his firm lean body before,
especially that cute ass of his.
 When I woke up I looked him over and gave him a kiss then slipped out of
bed to go have a shower.  He is quite a good lover and was certainly better
than I had ever imagined he would be.  I was think to myself while the water
ran over my naked body.
 When I got out I put on my robe and went down stairs.  The joy he had given
me was just bubbling over as I cooked us some breakfast.  While I was
putting the food on a couple of plate I heard his bare feet padding across
the kitchen floor 'till he was behind me.
 Then he wrapped his arms around my waist and placed his head on my
shoulder, "Something smells good," he said, I could sense he was smiling and
I could tell that he was still naked because his penis was poking me in the
 "I mad eggs and bacon," I said picking  up the two plates.  "Don't you
think you should get dressed, Christa and Carrie will be home anytime"
 "So what if they are?"
 "I don't think Carrie would enjoy you and..." Saved by the bell I thought
when the phone rang.  I really didn't want him to get dressed.  I liked the
feel of him, around me.
 I picked up the phone and said "Hello," Carrie was on the line.  "Oh, hello
Carrie," I said trying to give Jake a hint to take his hands out from the
front of my robe.
 Carrie told me her and Christa were going to spend another night then in
the background I heard someone crying out in joy.  "Carrie what's going on
over there?" I asked her as Jake pulled at the sash that was holding my robe
 "Nothing, the TV's just on," Jake had opened my robe and was beginning to
finger my pussy and by accident I let out a small gasp.
 "What's going on over there?" Carrie asked me in the same authoritarian
tone that I used on her.  I knew she was smirking on the other end of the
 "Nothing," I replied trying to sound as sincere as possible.
 "Sure, whatever you say mom, but personally I think its about time you took
someone to bed with you.  At least tell me if he was good!"
 "Carrie!" I said surprised a little at her openness.
 "Well, is he?"
 "Yeah, he's good," I replied turning around to look at Jake who was
silently working my robe off while Carrie asked me "Do I know him?"
 "Well, sort of," I said hesitantly.
 "Well who is he?" Jake placed his hands on my hips and lifted me up onto
the counter.
 ""Look, I gotta go, he wants me again," then she asked something that I
never would have expected from her.
 "Can I listen?"
 "Can I listen to you fuck him?"
 "Carrie!  How could you ask such a thing?"
 "Well can I?"
 "She wants to listen, while you fuck me I whispered into Jake's ear after
he spread my legs apart.
 "Ask her what she wants to hear?"  He whispered back to me kissing my neck.
 "Carrie, what do you want to hear?"
 "I told you,"
 "No, I think what he means is how do you want him to fuck me."
 "I Don't know, where are you?"
 "We're in the kitchen, I'm sitting on top of the counter and he's standing
between my thighs."
 "Are you naked?"
 "What kind of question is that, of course we are!"
 "First why don't you tell me what he looks like a bit."
 "Well," I said looking at Jake who was now staring at me, motioning me to
hurry up.  "He's tall, he's got blonde hair, he's well muscled and he's got
the cutest little bottom you've ever seen."
 "What's he like thick or thin."
 "Are you asking what I think you're asking?"
 "What's his cock like?"
 "Carrie, well, he's nice and thick,"
 "How long is he?" Jake motioned for me to hurry up again.  I took a hold of
his penis and started gently pumping it with my hand.
 "Well once he gets going, seven or eight inches.  How does he sound?"
 "Perfect!"  Jake gave me a look that expressed his impatience fully.
 "Look, honey.  He's really getting impatient either you've got to tell me
what to tell him or I'll see you later."
 "Ok, get him to fuck you on the count...."
 "Ohhh..." I moaned into the phone, " late he's...  ...already
decided...your.....Oh god... ...right!  Oh god... Yessss..."
 "Hold the phone between your legs so I can hear!"
 "Ok...Carrie...but remember...Yeah, right there, god owe me one!"
 "Fine, fine hurry up," I let the phone drop and dangle over the counter
close to my left leg.
 "It's about time," Jake whispered into my ear, as I wrapped my arms around
his neck kissing him.  One of Jake's hands began to pinch my right nipple
while the other one fingered my pussy.  I grabbed a hold of the phone and
moved it up between my thighs and began to rub the receiver across Jake's
testicles, while he dove into me, repeatedly, increasing his speed with
every stroke.
 It had been so long since I had had a good man inside of me and Jake had
one of the best cocks I had ever had.  My moans picked up in intensity and I
could tell even that the phone was between my legs Carrie could hear every
moan from me and every grunt from her boyfriend as he fucked me.
 Jake began thrusting into me with jerks, we both were close to coming and
the fact that one of my children could hear us turned me on even more.
 Jake thrust into me one more time shooting another one of his white hot
loads deep into my center.  I embraced him full gently milking his cock with
my cunt muscles.
 Kissing Jake I grabbed the dangling phone.  Then I raised it up between us
and we could both here Carrie softly moaning as she masturbated over the
phone.  Cooing "Oh Yes," repeatedly.  We listened to her together holding
each other gently taking turns caressing each other as Carrie finished
 When her moan began to subside I asked "Did you enjoy hearing your mother
get fucked?"
 "Yes, I almost wish I was there to watch but then I probably wouldn't have
just watched."
 I chuckled softly, taking her comment quite literally perhaps more than she
had actually meant it.  I thought as I imagined her fucking Jake while
giving me head.
 "Well, I better go, we're going to be going out in a little bit and we
still got to get ready.  By the way would you kiss that guy for me and give
him my thanks."
 "Well, then we also must thank you.  You provided quite some after-maths
 "Well, thank him anyway,"
 "Ok, maybe some night maybe we could both have him.
 "That sounds," she paused, "well interesting, thanks mom, bye, oh...we'll
call you before we come home, just so we don't disturb anything, Ok."
 "Thanks," I said "Bye," then I waited till she hung up the phone before I
placed the receiver back in the cradle.  "What do you think of that?" I
asked Jake who had already begun eating his cold breakfast.
 "What?" he said as I tied my robe back up.
 "A night with me and Carrie together" I said walking over to him and
sitting in his lap.  "and maybe if we plan it right you can have me and both
my daughters," I said wrapping my arms around his neck from behind.
 "It sounds like a memorable night, but how do we plan it?"

 Chapter X
 Close Shave
 About five thirty we arrived at the address that Sandi had gotten from the
lady over the phone.  Sandi knocked on the door while Carrie fidgeted beside
me while rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet.
 "Hello," a blonde woman around the age of thirty said when she opened the
 "Hi, I talked to you on the phone earlier today, while you were at work."
 "Oh, hello, come on in!" she said eyeing all of us, pausing a little longer
while she looked my sister over.
 Then she stepped aside and held the door open for us as we filed in.  "I'm
Stacey," she said looking at us.  Then Sandi introduced us.
 "Come on in and sit down," Stacey said pointing towards a room off to the
side and staring at Carrie who never broke eye contact with her.
 The three of us sat down on a couch, on the coffee table in front of us sat
a bucket with a bottle of white wine with four wine glasses around it.
Somewhere in the room a stereo was playing some soft music.
 Stacey poured us each a glass and passed them around, ending with herself.
who took it back to a chair which sat directly across from us.
 Stacey was blonde, as I said before, she was wearing a black pair of jeans
which covered a wide set of hips underneath.  She wore a white blouse which
was apparently see through to some degree because we could see clearly her
pink nipples through the cloth.
 "So you girls want your pubic hair shaved, do you?" Stacey asked straight
out watching Carrie intently.
 "Yes," Sandi replied, "but we're not sure if we have enough to pay you."
 "Well since there are three of you, I'll make you a deal, in which you
won't have to pay me a cent."
 "What do we have to do?"
 "Nothing, it's quite simple, I'll shave Carrie and one of you two repeat
what I do then Carrie will shave me and you two will switch."
 "That's all?" I asked taking a sip from my glass.
 "Yes that's all," Stacey said and gulped down the rest of her drink.
 "Does the sound agreeable to you two?" Sandi asked.
 Carrie nodded not looking away from Stacey and I said "Yes, that sounds
 "Now that, that's done with why don't you tell me a little bit about
yourselves." Stacey said while refilling her glass.
 "Like what?" I asked.
 "Like , if you've ever had your pussies shaved before, or what kind of me
you like, or women" she quickly went on "what kind of music.  Do you have
boyfriends.  Are you sleeping with anyone?  If so how long?"
 "Twenty questions is it?" I asked
 "I suppose they are a little personal but I like to know people for who
they are not what they pretend to be."
 "Well, I haven't shaved mine before, but I have seen a bare one before."
 "Who's?" Carrie asked breaking her eyes away from Stacey to look at me.
 "Mom," I replied not thinking that I should add that she was masturbating
at the time.
 "Mom?" Carrie said in disbelief.
 "I've been sleeping with someone for awhile now," Sandi said trying to
break off of the topic.
 "How long?" I asked Sandi.
 "Since, I was about thirteen.
 "Who?" I started to ask.
 But before I could finish the word I was interrupted when Stacey asked
"Carrie are you seeing or sleeping with anyone?"
 Carrie turned back to look at Stacey.  "Well I've been seeing this one boy
for awhile.  We've only had sex once but I've been having sex with Sandi for
the last three or four months.
 "Which kind do you like better sex with women or men?"
 "Well, there both equally attractive in their own way."
 We talked for another fifteen minutes then Stacey stood up and started
unbuttoning her blouse.  "Well I guess we better get started," she said as
her blouse dropped to the floor.
 With that Carrie stood up without another word and slipped the sweater she
was wearing over her head.
 Stacey's breasts seemed bigger than a pair of grapefruits as the hung in
front of her while she leaned forward to push her pants down.
 I looked over to Sandi and she gave me a small nod, then stood up and began
to remover her clothes, and I did the same.
 Before Sandi and I had a chance to finish removing our clothes Carrie
stepped away from us and took Stacey's hand and they left the room.
 "Well, are you ready?" Sandi asked me softly and I nodded while biting my
 "Nervous?" I asked her
 "Not really, you?"
 "Intensely," I said trying to smile.
 "Don't worry, I'll take good care of you," Sandi said running a hand across
my bush.
 "And I you," I said repeating her gesture.  We giggled then very seriously
Sandi kissed me.  Then we quickly left the room to find Stacey and Carrie.
 We found them in a room that looked like a little hair salon only their was
one cutting chair and at the back of the room, there was a large sort of
table with a rubber mat that covered the length of it.
 Carrie was already on her back on the table and Stacey was collecting a few
things from around the room.
 "What took you two so long?" Carrie asked when we approached the table.
 "Nothing," Sandi replied then she said to me "You lie down.  I'll do you
 "Promise," I said grinning, lying down on my back beside Carrie.
 "Ok, are we all ready to start," Stacey said returning with two pairs of
scissors.  We all replied and Stacey handed a pair of scissors to Sandi then
spread Carrie's legs, who was watching Stacey and her breasts intently.
"Ok, now with the scissors trim away as much of the pussy hair as possible".
I spread my legs for Sandi and she began clipping away at my bush.
 Stacey watched Sandi work over my bush for the last few minutes waiting for
her to catch up.  When she was finished I watched Stacey open a small
container and place it on a mobile stand between her and Sandi.
 "Now take some of this stuff and spread it around the vagina, it will
protect the sensitive tissue from the depilatory."  Sandi scooped up two
fingers worth of the stuff and began to liberally spread it around my
opening.  Gently easing her finger into me a couple of times as I watch her
face go through some wonderful expressions.  I caught a few of Stacey's
glimpses that she was giving Carrie, they were pretty damned erotic.
 Sandi rubbed the stuff into my pussy for a few minutes until Stacey told
her to "Wipe your hands, then take some of this other stuff, and rub it over
her skin but becareful not to get it onto the sensitive tissue."
 "Boy this stuff is thick," Sandi commented.
 "Not as thick as Jake, heh Carrie," I joked nudging her while Sandi began
to spread the stuff on me.
 "Oooh," Carrie cried as Stacey ran one hand across her labia.
 "Now what?" Sandi asked Stacey who just finished rubbing the depilatory on
 "Now we wait until the timer goes off," Stacey said turning on a timer.
"Who is this Jake, you two were talking about?" Stacey asked Carrie sitting
down beside her placing a hand on her right breast.
 "You remember the boy that I said I had slept with?"
 "Well that's him!" Carrie said softly.
 "First time didn't you say?"
 "Yes, for both of us!"
 "How long ago?"
 "Yesterday," I volunteered.
 "Yeah, about time too," Sandi added
 "You guys are pretty close, heh?" Stacey asked towards me and Sandi.
 "Yes we are," Carrie said trying to bring Stacey's attention back to her.
 "You know yesterday I even shared him with her," Carrie said pointing at
me.  My problem came into my thoughts again, god damn it I was thinking, I
could be pregnant.
 "Did he like that,"
 "Sure he mad bigger eyes at her than at me, but then on the second hand I
got even hotter looking at her too."  Before Carrie could go on any further
in surprising me the timer went off, and Stacey stood up.  Sandi kissed me
then followed Stacey out of the room to get a couple of cloths.
 "Look, Carrie, I'm sorry that I slept with him with you.  I didn't think
when you offered, I really didn't think you'd be as jealous as you are,
besides I know I really shouldn't have don it I didn't..."
 "Don't worry about it I'm not jealous of you and him, lately we've kind of
grown apart.  Yesterday, I was only checking if there could really be
anything between Jake and me and I really don't mind if you sleep with him.
I'll make you a deal,"
 "Isn't that what got us both into this mess."
 "What mess, look the deal is you can fuck Jake as much as you want, hell
you can have him if you want, but you got to sleep with me at least once a
 "Your going to give me Jake,"
 "Yes as long as you accept,"
 "But Carrie, you've been with him so long, he cares for you, how can you
just give him up."
 "Because I love you, and I know Jake's interested in you and your body."
 "Yeah," I said rubbing below my stomach, "my body,"
 "Christa," Carrie said turning on to her side to face me, "you can have
him, all you have to do is have a couple of hours of fun with me once a
 "What will you tell Jake, how can you break it off with him, the amount of
time that you spent with him."
 "You start spending time with him, then once he gets to enjoy your company,
I'll tell him."
 "Alright, but there is one thing that I promised Jake."
 "What did you promise him?" Carrie asked in an accusing tone.
 "That he could sleep with both of us whenever he wanted to, and that all he
had to do was ask."
 "Fine, but you have to agree to sleep with me and Sandi whenever she asks."
 "Alright, deal.  But there is one thing that I...." Interrupted from
telling her my problem again.
 "We're back," Sandi said and Carrie rolled back onto her back.  Stacey was
carrying a small clear plastic bucket that looked like it contained soapy
 Stacey took one of the face cloths that Sandi had brought in and soaked it
in the bucket and wrung it out.  Sandi repeated Stacey's actions while
Stacey began to wipe Carrie's pussy with the cloth.
 Sandi started to wipe at my cunt in the same manner.  I was right it was
warm soapy water.  Then when she was done she wiped me with a dry towel.
 Stacey went back to the other end of the room and brought back two mirrors,
giving one to Sandi and holding one up between Carrie's legs.  I heard her
let out a small gasp.  "God, I never knew how good a bare pussy looks."
 I knew she was right but I was surprised at how good my own pussy really
looked.  I had seen mom's but I was at least five feet away from her and her
fingers had been in the way.
 I wasn't sorry I had watched her, hell I didn't even regret it.  I know she
saw me using the dildo she gave me but I didn't mind, I thought it was kind
of fairplay, I watched her, she watched me.
 Well anyway we all switched places and Carrie and I cut Stacey and Sandi's
 "Wow," Carrie murmured when we were just finishing up.  I looked down at
Stacey's pussy and I could tell why Carrie had said "wow".  Stacey had one
of the biggest set of pussy lips I had ever seen on a woman, not that I had
seen very many but.  I watched Stacey as Carrie finished drying off her
pussy.   Stacey's face was lit up with pure pleasure.   Carrie bent over
Stacey and started kissing her stomach then slowly began kissing her way
down until she reached Stacey's bared cunt.
 I quickly finished drying Sandi off and was in her arms within seconds of
me finishing.  My own lust had been building up to a point that I could no
longer contain it.  I needed someone to make me cum.
 Sandi accepted me with open arms and we began kissing like lovers in the
middle of a weekend of hot passionate sex.  Both of our sense were
heightened and we both wanted each other.  I spun around on top of her, I
could feel breasts pressing against my hips as she closed her mouth around
my pussy and began to tongue and kiss me, while I ran my tongue across her
freshly shaven smooth flesh until I found her pussy lips and I started
sucking on them pulling them away from her center.
 Sometime while Sandi and I were absorbed in each other Carrie and Stacey
left the room, we only noticed that small fact when we were lying in each
others arms after we had finished feasting on each other's sex.
 "Where'd they go?" I asked Sandi after kissing her.
 "I don't know," Sandi said on top of me caressing one of my breasts then
pushing a lock of hair away from my face she asked me "Would you like to go
look for them?"
 "Well," I said rolling her over onto her back so I was leaning over her.
"How about if we leave Carrie here and go back to your house; so we can be
alone." I said kissing her.
 "Sounds good, I think Carrie will have her hands full without us anyway"
 "Well lets go get dressed and we'll tell her were going"
 "Ok," Sandi said and then kissed me.  "You know I'm glad Carrie suggested
to bring you into our club, sex with you is unbelievable, so unbelievable
that I think I may be falling in love with you,"
 "I like having sex with you too, truthfully you taste wonderful, I love
your nipples, your breasts," I said softly running a hand across her breast
and began to rub her nipple, "I love that nice ass of yours, I love the way
you taste between my lips and I love you too, only I don't know if I could
ever fall in love with a woman, at least not fully.  Come on let's get out
of here." I finished getting up and offering her my hand, she looked
disappointed a little but, it didn't overly change the way she looked at me.
 When she got to her feet she pulled me tight against her kissing me hard
and long, running her hands down my back and over my ass and my hips.  "I
still love you anyway," Sandi said letting me slip away.
 We found our way back into the room that we had undressed in and slipped
back into our clothing.
 "Wow, she certainly is a big woman isn't she," Sandi said holding up
Stacey's lace panties by its elastic stretched between her thumbs, "and
there so wet too."  Sandi raised them to her face and took a deep sniff,
"smells good too,"
 I picked up Carrie's panties off the floor, "God these are wet too.  It
seems the attraction was mutual."
 "Well lets go say our goodbyes to the love birds." I said putting Carrie's
panties into my purse, "she won't be needing them," I explained.
 "Your probably right, I think I'll take these ones as a souvenir." Sandi
said pushing Stacey's lace panties deep into her coat pocket.  "Well lets go
find them."
 A few minutes later we pushed open the door to Stacey's bedroom.  Carrie
was lying on top of Stacey with her head resting on Stacey's breasts.  Where
she was obsessively involved with one of Stacey's nipples, while Stacey ran
her fingers through my sister's hair.
 Carrie's legs were on either side of Stacey's, her ass looked better in the
light than I thought it had last night.
 We walked up beside them and I ran my hand up on the inside of her leg and
gently ran a finger over her pussy, then Carrie looked up at us wearing a
nice sly smile.  "Well, hello" she said to me.
 "Carrie, we're going to take the car and go back to Sandi's okay."
 "Is it okay if I spend the night with you," Carrie asked turning back to
Stacey who looked like she had been really enjoying Carries "company"
 "Your welcome to stay anytime you want, all of you" Stacey finished looking
at us.
 "We'd love to but we really should go."
 "If you're sure," Stacey said.
 "Yeah, we're sure," Sandi said taking hold of my hand.
 "Well," I said "Bye Carrie, I'll see you tomorrow at home,"
 "Yep," Carrie said "Oh and phone mom before you do she's got a man over."
 "She does, well its about time"
 "Remember call her first," Carrie repeated.
 "I will," I said smiling with no intention of doing so, "Bye," I repeated
as we left the room.
 When we got to the door a man was just finishing coming through the door.
He was about six foot two, brown hair, really handsome.
 "Who are you? he asked us while setting his briefcase down on the floor not
looking away from us.
 "Friends of Stacey.  Who are you?" Sandi asked defensively.
 "I'm her husband" Sandi and I looked at each other and smiled.
 "Well, have fun," Sandi said opening the door.
 "Yeah, and take good care of my sister," I said pressing myself against
 "Whose your sister?" he said raising an eyebrow at me.
 "Oh, you'll find out," I said running my fingers across his crotch.  I
realized he had one hell of a cock hidden inside his pants, before I left
him for the open door saying "I almost wish I was staying!"

 Chapter XI
 Unwanted Personnel
 I was glad I had told these girls I would help them out.  Hell I got a damn
good deal out of it.  I got my bush shaved for free and I had got Carrie for
the night, but for some reason as soon as they came through the front door
all I wanted was to be with her like this, with her head on my breasts and
more.  She was more attentive to my needs than my husband ever was.
 I knew he was coming back that night, hell I think part of me wanted Carrie
for both of us.  Anyway Carrie was a good girl and really awesome in the
sack.  She knew all the right places to touch me.
 Well we listened to Sandi and Christa go down the stairs and before we
heard the front door shut, Carrie was between my legs with her ass up in the
air, furiously lapping at my cunt.
 I watched Hawk come in, between squinted eyes he walked around to behind
Carrie.  I was running my fingers through her beautiful blonde hair and
pushing her head tight against my pussy.  I saw Hawk's shirt drop away from
his broad shoulders to the floor, he was just as handsome as the day we were
 One of the main reasons I had married him was because of the size and shape
of his cock.  It was as large as many mens hard on when it was just limp,
and when he got it hard he could fill you up to a point where you'd think
you couldn't take anymore, then he'd manage to worm the extra couple of
inches in.  Unbeknownst to Carrie she was going to get his cock from behind.
 I could tell when he put it into her, by the way she jerked her head away
from my cunt and screamed looking back over her shoulder terrified, I guess
to her it seemed like a total stranger, a total inhumanly large stranger,
who just started to slide his cock into her.
 "Carrie, this is my husband, Hawk.  He's got the biggest cock this side
of... well on this world anyway."  Carrie pulled away from him and came to
me, her eyes were just full of fright.
 "It's alright, you don't have to be scared," I said softly trying to calm
her down, "he won't bite, at least unless you want him to," I said smiling
at him.  Her eyes darted back and forth between me and Hawk.  "Look, lie
down sweetie," I told her softly.  "I won't let anything bad happen to you,"
I said running a hand down to her legs and spread them apart.  "You'll like
it," her eyes were clearing up and she was settling down a little but when
Hawk began to lower himself on her she went hysterical, so I had to hold her
hands back.
 "No," she screamed out as I pinned her arms above her head to the bed.
Hawk began as he had with all the other girls I've seen him do, slowly
easing his large cock into their pussy.  Tears were running down her cheeks
as he began thrusting into her amongst her sobs.  I'd make her feel good
once he shot his fire hose inside of her off.  "Stop," Carrie screamed out.
I bent down and told her, "Carrie, I'm sharing him with you, relax and enjoy
it."  I kissed her cheek and she turned away from me sobbing.

 Chapter XII
 At the time I was glad Christa and I left Carrie at Stacey's house.
 "You said you've been sleeping with someone since you were thirteen didn't
you?" Christa asked me while I was driving back to my house.
 "Yes, I suppose I did say that,"
 "Who?" she asked looking at me.
 "Do you love me?" I said clutching the wheel till my knuckles turned white.
 "I do in my own way, yes."
 "Then will you do something for me?"
 "Yes, I'd probably do anything for you," she told me.
 "Ok, then you've got to promise not to tell anyone else, what I'm going to
tell you.  Do you promise?"
 "Yes, I promise," she said as I turned a corner.
 "Give me your word?"
 "Why!  I've already..."
 "Just do it for me please!"
 "Ok, I give you my word I won't tell anyone.  Now what is so secretive,"
 "My father,"
 "I've been sleeping with my father since I was thirteen."
 "Do you mean figuratively or literally?"
 "When I was thirteen my mother had died years before.  I hardly even
remember her.  Anyway Bob, my dad, hadn't been with a woman since my mother
died and every night since about the age of twelve I started noticing his
magazines and I began to hear him masturbating at night in his room.  Well I
found it really kind of sad so when summer came around and we went on
vacation, to a log cabin somewhere down south from here, by a couple of
 Well on about the third night that we were there he came out of the
bathroom, naked.  I guess he had thought that I was asleep.  He walked up to
me and just before he jumped into the bunk above me.  I saw his cock soft
and limp in front of my face but the butterflies in my stomach stopped me
from doing anything."  I stopped as I drove the car into the drive way.
 "Well what did you do then?"
 "Let's go inside," I said getting out of the car,"
 I led her into the house and we sat down at the kitchen table with a couple
of cans of pop.
 "Well," Christa said trying to prompt me to continue my story.
 "Well, the next day I began to look for another chance.  I began to do
things like `accidentally' bumping my ass against his crotch and subtle
little things like that,"
 "Did he catch on?" Christa said taking a sip from her pop, not looking away
from me.
 "No, well we had done a little bit of work around the place, we hadn't been
there in years so as a result the place was filthy.  Anyway we were both
sweaty and hot.  Bob went into the bathroom to have a shower.  A couple of
minutes later I followed him into the bathroom.
 The water was running in the shower and he was in it, I could just see his
pink outline behind the curtain, so I undressed and pushed back the shower
curtain and stepped in, surprised he said `Sandi, what the hell are you
 `Well,' I told him `I'm taking a shower with you.'  Somehow he let it pass,
it was one of those bath showers so we had enough room to move around a bit.
 Well, I washed my hair while he was standing there watching me still
looking somewhat perplexed, then he said `I'm going!'  I whined `No, don't
go, look would you scrub my back for me, pleeaaassee,` while I quickly
finished rinsing the soap from my hair and turned around so he could rub my
back.  Then for the first time in years, he touched me.  His hands gently
ran across my back appyling some, but little pressure.  When he reached
close enough to me, I grabbed his hands and pulled them forward and placed
them on my breasts.
 Well immediately he asked `What are you doing?'  I spun around to look up
into his eyes while pressing myself tighter against him then I stood on my
tip toes and kissed him on his lips.  He tried to push me away, I told him
`You've been alone so long, I want to give you myself.'
 Well predictably he said `Sandi, look we can't do what you want.  Thank you
for trying but...' at that point I kissed him again this time longer and
pushing my tongue into his mouth.  He pushed me away again but I grabbed his
hands and put them on my breasts again.  `Touch them, feel them' I told him
`do they feel any different than any other woman's, do they!'
 `Sandi, come on stop this charade,'
 `Do they!' I demanded.
 `No, they don't,' he said reluctantly.  I moved closer to him, `and does my
touch feel any different,' I said touching at this point, I was really
putting up a good fight, kind of ironic eh,"
 "What do you mean?" Christa said biting her lip.
 "I mean, the child frightening an adult with sex abuse,"
 "Yeah, I suppose so.  What did he do after that?"
 "He said no the exact same way he had before, reluctantly.  Then I moved
closer and slowly kissed him then asked `is my kiss that different from any
other women?'  He repeated the same answer again, by then I had him backed
against the wall of the shower, he had nowhere else to go.  `If I feel the
same as any other woman what is the problem?' I asked hotly in his ear.
 `Your, my daughter...' he whispered back to me.
 `Are you saying that just because I'm your daughter, this' I cupped his
balls and fingered them while stroking his cock with my other hand.
`wouldn't feel the same as another woman attempting to pleasure you,'  I
asked softly breathing on his neck.  Well his cock was stiff and poking my
by then, but I still had to get him past his morals, I knew his was
weakening but still not there.  I moved his hands from my back down to my
ass.  `Do I not have the same type of ass that most women do, if not better
than most'
 `Yes,' he said almost inaudibly.
 `So does that mean I'm any different because I'm just as hot as any other
woman that looks at you.  The only real difference between them and me is
that I'm here with you now and they're not.  Do you understand what I'm
saying,' I said getting close to him again while he nodded.  `Then tell me,"
I demanded.
 `You want me to...' he paused looking at me as I pressed myself tight
against him, my breasts pressing tightly against his chest,' I thought for
sure he could feel the heat I was radiating, `...fuck you' he finished.
 `Yes,' I said `and now what do you want' his hands cupped my ass trying to
pull me up.  Then he lowered his head and kissed me, warm, and passionately,
then looking into my eyes he finally said, softly, `I want...'
 `Yes?' I asked interrupting him.
 `I want...'
 `What do you want,'
 `I want you!' he said then kissed me again, harder and more needing.
 Good I thought, we'd be here all night,' I said.
 `Oh don't count on not being," he said to me smiling, he turned me around
so I faced the front wall, the shower beat down on my back while I waited
expectantly for his cock to slide into me from behind me."
 "Was he good?"
 "No, the son of a bitch slipped out of the shower while I had my back
turned.  Well when I noticed he had gone, I jumped out of the tub leaving
the water running and went after him.  He had managed to get into my panties
and was running to the door, but I got there before he could open it.
`Don't run from me, I want you' I told him.
 `But your my daughter,'
 `Well then, what else could I do to change your mind,'
 `Nothing' he said firmly.
 `Fine then could I have my panties back, there the only pair I have left!
I've cum in the rest of them watching you,'
 `He looked down and looked genuinely surprised that he was wearing them.
`I guess but you better not try anything more,'
 I nodded at him and waited with my hand out while he took them off."
 "You didn't give up did you?" Christa asked me.
 "No, after all that I wasn't ready to give up my prize.  `Here,' he said
holding them out to me watching ever move I made.
 I took my panties from his hand and let them drop to the floor while
holding onto his hand, `Come on Sandi enough of this,' Bob demanded.
 `Enough of what, the rest of you know its a good thing,' I said rubbing his
cock.  `Maybe I should just talk to that part,' I finished, kneeling in
front of him.
 `No, Sandi don't' before he finished I had taken him in my mouth and
started licking and sucking on him.  Not too long after that he lowered me
onto the floor and made love to me, and he's been doing it ever since."
 "Wow, that's one of the best stories I've ever heard.  It also made me very
hot, let's go up stairs."
 "Why?" I asked standing up, starting to undress, "we have the entire house
to ourselves and besides if my father did come home he wouldn't be upset," I
was pushing my pants down when Christa began to undress.  "Besides you know
the video I was making earlier," she nodded, "Well Carrie and I have made
tons of them and he's seen ever one, we watch them while we make love.
Hell, he buys the tapes.  Now come here and kiss me," naked Christa came
towards me and wrapped her arms around my waist and squeezed my ass with her
hands, then she kissed me.
 "Maybe your right, we'd be more comfortable upstairs, besides that where
all my toys are,"
 "Toys?" Christa asked.
 "Yeah, have you ever used a strap on,"
 "A what?"
 "A dildo with an elastic that one girl wears around the waste,"
 "I've got one, I'm not sure why my mother gave it to me."
 "I turned on her, "Your mother gave you one, what else has she done?" I
asked and started guiding her to the master bedroom.
 "Well, she's given me a regular dildo, after I saw her using one herself."
 "That's when you noticed she had a bear pussy," I asked.
 "Yes, then I'm pretty sure she watched me masturbate once.  Then the last
time she gave me the strap on,"
 "You let her watch you masturbate?"
 "Yes, I thought it was fairplay,"
 "Have you ever thought that maybe she wanted you to join her in bed."
 "No, I don... actually now that I think about she did ask me if I wanted to
move the dildo for her when she masturbated but I declined."
 "Why, I would have done it for her,"
 "But she's my mother,"
 "So my story meant nothing to you."
 "Of course it did," she looked around the master bedroom noticing the rack
of VHS tapes in the corner.
 "Wow, are those all the videos," she asked pointing at the rack.
 "Yes," I replied, fifteen tapes worth of me and Carrie and twenty tapes of
me and Bob,"
 "Can we watch one while we make love?"
 "Sure," I replied " anything you want,"
 "Lets watch one of you and Bob, with the strap on."
 "Ok, but do you mean you want us to use the strap on or watch a video of me
and Bob with the strap on"
 "You and Bob,"
 "He likes it every once and awhile,"
 "I don't care I just want to watch you and Bob make love while we work with
the strap-on,"
 "Any particular style, or specific room," I asked and she looked at me sort
of surprised as I turned back to her from the closet.
 "What is there?" she said looking at the tapes.
 "Well any stile you want, we've done it all, and in every room of this
house and even some motel rooms."
 "Did Carrie and your dad make any videos,"
 "No," I said half disappointed, "she didn't and she doesn't know anything
about me and Bob.  You're the only one I've ever told even though he told me
not to tell anyone,"
 "Thank you for trusting me," she said as I walked towards where she was
standing beside the rack of videos, I threw the strap-on on to the bed and
when I turned back to Christa she placed a hand on my hip and kissed me,
long and passionately.
 "I love you, how can I not," I replied then returned her kiss.  "Now have
you made your choice," I said motioning towards the video tapes.
 "Do you have any favourites?" Christa asked me looking at the videos.
 "Well," I said pausing, "I have a few.  There's the first time with your
 "No, I want to see you and your dad."
 "Ok, well there's the time we went down to Banff, or there's the time
when... Yes, that'll be perfect," I said pulling one of the videos out.
 "Is it good?" Christa asked looking at me with her blue eyes.
 "Yes, I think this one is my most favourite, but we don't go to bed
together in this one till a few minutes in."
 "Awww..." Christa complained.
 "Don't worry," I said putting the video into the VCR at the foot of the
bed. against the wall, "its not devoid of action."  I turned on the Tv and
returned to Christa who had sprawled out on the bed.  I got on my hands and
knees and crawled over her and kissed her lips.  "Who gets the strap on
first?  You or me?"
 "It's up to you," she said as I lowered myself so my nipples just skimmed
across her chest.
 "No, you're my guest you decide," I whispered and kissed her neck.
 "Alright, you can use it first, but could we watch a few minutes first."  I
slipped on the dildo and nudged Christa.
 "What do you think, am I enough man?" I said.
 "Yeah, your lots of man," Christa said grasping the latex coated dildo and
we both chuckled.  Christa didn't release the dildo but I started the video
and we began to cuddle each other.
 The tape opened up with Bob undressing for me while I held the camera on
 "So, that's your dad, huh?" Christa asked.
 "Yep, do you think I made the right decision about him,"
 "Wow," Christa said while the tape showed Bob dropping his pants.  "with a
cock like that.  Hell I'd even want a piece of him," Christa turned to me
and then finish "You definitely made the right decision if you get that
thing when ever you want.  Hell he's looks bigger than Stacey's husband
felt.  I'll bet Carrie's enjoying herself with them."


 Hawk had spent himself inside Carrie with all the viciousness of a true
champion.  Carrie hadn't stopped screaming until Hawk pulled out of her and
rolled off.  I moved around to beside her and put an arm across her so she
couldn't go anywhere.
 Her tears were still running over her cheeks and dampening the blankets.
My breasts pressed against hers as I kissed one of her tears.  She struck
out at me pounding a fist against my back.
 Hawk went to hold her hands back but I told him, "no don't, I deserved it."
 "Why?" Carrie sobbed, "Why me?  Why did you let him?"
 "Because your very attractive," I said trying to comfort her while I ran my
hand through her golden hair, "and what I have, I've got to share with my
husband.  Besides I thought you'd like him."
 "Not when somebody, I don't know sticks there...  ...while I'm not
watching.  I stayed for you not him, I trusted you and you broke that
trust," Carrie said wiping her eyes with the back of her arm.
 "I'm sorry Carrie, I didn't mean for you to feel this way.  I guess Hawk
thought , that you'd like it the same way I do, rough and hard,"
 "Is that what you call rape!" she said pushing me off of her and getting
 "Carrie, please, understand we didn't mean any harm, please don't leave," I
begged her as she left the room slamming the door behind her.  Hawk went to
go after her but I grabbed his arm and held him as a tear dropped from my
face to my leg.  "No, let her go, she is right we shouldn't have done it,
its just that I wanted to do it because..."
 "I know honey, maybe I should go down and talk to her,"
 "No, you've already done enough for her tonight," I told him "she was right
about you sneaking up on her, but I'm glad you did what I told you too, but
now I'm not sure it was the right thing," I said getting up.  "Wait for us,"
I finished as I walked out the bedroom door.
 "Carrie, wait, let me explain," I told her when I found her dressing in the
same room that she had stripped in.  She really did have nice breasts I
noticed as she bent over to pick up her bra.
 "There is nothing to explain, you took advantage of me," she screamed.
 "Yes, I know please let me explain."
 "Damn it where are my panties," she complained looking around the floor in
her sweater and miniskirt wiping away another stream of tears.
 "Look, Carrie, let me explain why he's so rough, and why he does it that
way, please just give me two minutes, and you'll understand me and
everything a little better.
 "Fine two minutes, but no more, I want to get the hell away from here."
 "That's exactly the way I felt, when I was sixteen, my uncle walked in on
me and my boyfriend in bed, at the time he was really drunk, before my
boyfriend could even get dressed he tore him from my arms, and dragged him
down stairs and tossed him out, leaving me in my room, weeping and still
just as naked.
 A few minutes later he returned to my room, and took off his belt and
started whipping it across my bare ass.  I couldn't do anything to stop him
and he whipped my ass until it was covered in welts.
 The whole time I was screaming and crying into my pillow.  Then when I
thought it was all over, he took off his pants and rolled me over, so that
he could fuck me, and the whole time he did it he repeated `Be a good little
girl,' six months later I couldn't take looking at him and fearing his moods
when he came home from the bar expecting me to be his `good little girl,' so
I left home and I've gotten into a good life with Hawk."
 "Then why do the same thing to me that your uncle did to you."
 "Because surprisingly enough, part of me enjoyed it, the screams the
brutality and the forcefulness of it.  I even enjoyed the whippings he gave
me almost once a week.  I enjoyed the spankings I got from him, and I missed
all of it, so after Hawk and I got married I started asking him to do some
of those type of things, now he does them almost all the time for me, short
of striking me for his own personal feelings, but he never hurts me, and
today he just brought it over to you, I'm really sorry, he doesn't realize
that everyone doesn't like that kind of sex, I know it would have been
better if you were introduced to him properly first, I truly am sorry.  I
know its hard to understand, but please don't go.  I do want you to stay,
and this time I'll get Hawk to make love to you properly."
 "No," I'm not sure what I should think about all of this, look I think it
would be better if I just went home and thought it all through."
 "Well at least let me get Hawk to drive you home,"
 "No, its okay really,"
 "I insist," I said then shouted "Hawk could you get dressed and take Carrie
 "Okay," he shouted back to us."
 "Look Carrie, I really am sorry, but please don't judge us,"
 "How can I not judge you on it, he raped me and you helped him do it!"
 "Carrie," I said and then touched my pussy getting some of the drying cum
on my finger.  "taste this and remember why you went up their in the first
 Carrie looked at me, then my finger then turned and went for the door,
leaving me behind.
 Hawk came down the stairs a few seconds later, dressed in sweat pants and a
T-shirt.  "She's out there," I said pointing towards the door.  "Take care
of her," I followed him outside in the raw.  I saw the guy across the street
turn his binoculars and start watching me.  The whole fucking neighbourhood
was littered with such peeping toms.  I even knew some of the Jane's.
 "Carrie, believe me I'm truly sorry"  I told her before she got into Hawks
car, then she was gone, but before I went in I decided to give the peepers a
hardy goodnight by bending over with my ass to the street to pick up a small
piece of insignificant garbage.


 We watched Sandi's father rub his cock with vaseline and masturbate.  "I
bet it must have been hard not to go to him," I said to Sandi as her fathers
cock shot its load up into the empty air.
 "It was harder for him," Sandi replied than almost on cue the camera cut
and focused on Sandi who didn't bother taking off her clothes, but just
hiked her miniskirt up and pulled off her panties, throwing them towards the
camera giggling and quickly moved her hands to her blonde muff.  The camera
zoomed in on her pussy as she slid her fingers into her cunt.
 "You make me so hot, Bob, can't you tell how bad I want you" the younger
Sandi on the screen said to the camera.  "You make me so hot, I want to feel
your mouth on my nipples while your wet tongue runs across my flesh.  I want
your nice big cock inside me, Bob, I want you to fuck me" Sandi said quickly
moving her hands in and out of her pussy.  Then letting out a wonderful loud
 "This is where..." Sandi started to say to me.
 "Enough," I said getting up on my hands and knees.  "I can't stand anymore.
Please fuck me," I said turning around so my nice ass was in her face.
 "Are you sure?" Sandi said jokingly, getting up and running a finger across
my bare pussy lips.
 "Yes," I said "I'm sure," I said letting out a large smile.  "fuck me," I
finished when Sandi got behind me.  I could feel her running the head of the
dildo across my pussy, then with a little grunt from her, the dildo slipped
inside of me and I cried out.  "God,"
 With one hand she began to rub the underside of my pussy and continued to
push and pull on the dildo.  The thickness of it was new, most of the boys I
had slept with weren't overly that big yet the only one that came close to
the size was Jake.
 Sandi continued fucking me with the dildo.  I slipped my hand between my
legs and touched Sandi's hand and began to rub it caressingly as the
excitement in my womb built to a point where I had a hard time not
screaming.  I laid my chest on the bed keeping my ass in the air."
 "Cum for me," Sandi pleaded to me as she thrust the large dildo into me
again, pushing my breasts deeper into the blankets on the bed.
 My moans reverberated off of the walls as Sandi pushed the dildo into me
one last time as I collapsed onto the bed writhing in pleasure as I

 Chapter XIII
 As I laid there in Sandi's arms after she had brought me to a magnificent
climax.  I thought of the strap on my mother gave me and all the other
things that she had done lately.  All of them I figured were come ons and I
told Sandi about my thoughts of her actions.
 "Do you think she wants to sleep with you?" Sandi asked.
 "I'm not sure," I replied hesitantly, "I think she does though.  By the
things she's done lately.  I'm actually pretty sure of it, but I think she
wants me to make the first move.  What do you think I should do?"
 "Well, personally.  I think I would take her up on her offer, that is, if
it is a real offer."
 "I think your right, I think I should just make sure, there's no harm in
being careful."
 "No, none at all," Sandi said then kissed me.  "So what do you think of
him," Sandi said motioning towards the TV set.
 "I think you're one lucky girl," I said returning her kiss while gently
caressing one of her breasts.  Sandi looked at me seriously as if she was
deciding on something important then she looked at the TV screen and watched
a few seconds of her father fucking her doggy-style.  She looked back at me
totally serious and asked.
 "Were you serious before about him?"
 "About what?" I asked in return looking at her curiously.
 "Were you serious about wanting a piece of him,"
 "Yes," I replied hesitantly.  "I suppose I was."
 "Well," Sandi said and then paused, "would you like to..." she broke off
and bit her lip "join us sometime, I mean me and him."
 "Yes," I said a little excited, "I'd love to be with you both."
 "But its got to be a surprise!  Ok?"

 Chapter XIV
 "Mom," I heard Carrie cry out and I jumped out of bed and grabbed my robe.
It wasn't the right time I thought, looking across the bed where Jake was
quickly getting dressed.
 "Mom," I heard Carrie cry out again this time coming up the stairs.
 "Quick," I whispered to Jake stepping out into the hall closing the door
behind me.  Just in time to find Carrie at the top of the stairs.
 "Mom," she cried out again, flinging herself in to my open arms pressing
her head against my covered breasts.  I could tell she was upset.  I even
noticed a few tear stains in the corners of her eyes.
 "What's wrong?" I asked her as she brought her head away from my chest
loosening my robe so a little bit of my breasts were exposed.
 I led her down to the kitchen and made some tea for her.  She settled down
into one of the kitchen chairs as I quickly prepared it for her.  Then she
told me about Stacey and someone named Hawk.  How do you console your
daughter on being raped.  But when I picked up the phone she asked me "who
are you calling?"
 "The police," I said saddened that her first experience, with a woman and
she had to be abused, such a damn shame.  Then surprisingly she said "No
 "But Carrie," I tried to plead with her.
 "Please mom No," she said with a sob," I'm just not sure how I feel about
it all,"
 "Why don't you go and have a nice hot shower," I suggested when she had
finished her tea and dried her eyes.  The whole time I was watching the
stairs for Jake but I never saw him pass by.
 "That's sounds good," Carrie said.
 "Would you like to sleep in my bed with me tonight?" I asked her," (as a
mother not a lover).
 "Yes, please if thats...Oh mom I'm sorry I hope I didn't interrupt
anything, I forgot about your man friend,"
 "No its alright you go and have your shower," I told her and she started to
climb the stairs a little more cheerfully halfway up she turned around and
looked at me.
 "Is it true what Christa said," she asked.
 "I don't know what did Christa say,"
 "That you shave your..."
 "Pussy," I finished and she nodded.  "Yes," I said loosening my robe and
opening the front baring myself to her.  I watched her quickly look over me
pretending that she wasn't then I tightened my robe and tied it as she
turned around and walked up the stairs.
 When I heard the shower running Jake appeared at the top of the stairs and
came down.  I walked him to the front door and kissed him while he slid his
hands under my robe.  "I'll call you later," I whispered into his ear.
 After Jake left I returned to my bedroom and changed the sweaty sheets on
the bed to fresh silk ones.  I slipped out of my robe and into bed and
covered myself to the waist.  Then I began to read a library book that I was
trying to get through.
 When Carrie came into the room, I put the book away.  I think she was
surprised that I was lying in bed naked.  "Maybe, I should sleep in my own
 "Nonsense, we're both grown women," I said throwing back the covers to a
point that uncovered my entire top half.  Carrie stood there for a minute in
her bra and panties deciding whether or not to lie down beside me.
 Eventually she did and she gave me a hug.  I could feel her breasts
underneath the thin cloth of her bra, touch against my own breasts.  I
looked at her eyes, she was getting back to her old self, I could see some
of the life returning to her.
 I shut the light off beside the bed which left us in the darkness.  She
moved closer to me and laid her head on my breasts.  With as much skill as
she had done when she was three.
 Only when she was three and had done it my pussy hadn't stirred.  We laid
there together for the rest of the night alone in our thoughts but so close
 The next morning I awoke before she did and found that her bra had slipped
off during the night.  Her brown nipples were perfect little nubs and had a
little more effect on me than I would have thought they would.  I got up and
went down stairs in my robe and phoned Jake's house.  I told him not to
implement our plan until I thought it was the right time.  Just as I was
saying "I love you," into the phone Carrie came into the kitchen dressed in
a pair of blue jeans and a skimpy bikini top, just barely covering her
nipples, I estimated.
 "Feeling better?" I asked tightening my robe.
 "Yes, much," Carrie said sitting down at the table with a box of cereal.
 "Have you figured out about last night?  I mean Hawk and Stacey?  My god, I
almost forgot what about your sister, she didn't stay with those two, did
she ?"
 "No, she went back to Sandi's house after they got...  ...shaved."
 "Christa and Sandi..." I paused to think, "...are they?" I asked hesitantly
feeling butterflies return.
 "Mom!" Carrie said annoyed as I sat down across from her.
 "Come on, tell me, you've told me everything else," then I added, "don't
worry I wouldn't tell, it's just between you and me."
 "Well..." she started
 "Come on, I know she's been with enough boys already and Jake seems to be
one of them," I said and she looked up at me surprised at the last little
piece of information.  "Look I really don't mind you two being sexually
active, as long as your careful about it."
 "How did you know she's been with Jake," she said trying to pretend she was
 "I just know," I said and then added "Well are they spending any `quality'
time together."
 Carrie looked down into her bowl of cereal and pushed it around with her
spoon before she looked back up at me and nodded.  Accidentally I let out
part of a smile.
 "And what about you," I said seriously again, "you've already said you
spent time alone with Stacey, what about Sandi."
 "Yes," Carrie said guiltily, "I have"
 "Well," I said looking at her hard then betting up into a smile, "that's
good, I always think a girl should keep her options open,"
 Surprised Carrie looked at me a little different and asked "You've been
intimate with other women haven't you."
 "Yes," I replied pouring myself a bowl of cereal, "and probably more times
than you'd believe,"
 "Who was your first," she asked me a little more excited, "I mean woman
 "Well," I said thinking, "I suppose my first was, um, Susan ... Susan
Schroter, we were high school chums.  We had known each other for years but
it wasn't until our senior year in high school that we became close.  We'd
even gone to camp together a couple of times, anyway one day we went to her
house, she had been telling me all day about a magazine of her fathers that
she had found.
 After school I went to her house to look at the magazine.  I had seen dirty
magazines before, your grandfather had kept a stock in the basement, well
that another story in itself.
 When we got to Susan's bedroom, she pulled a shoe box out from underneath
her bed.  In it was the magazine, I forget what the name of it actually was
but it had about four different layouts of women.  There was one with a
woman that was by herself, touching and masturbating herself.  That didn't
interest us that much because we both knew what it looked like and we also
knew what it felt like.
 There was two layouts of couples, both women and one layout of three.
 We looked through the group of three who were either touching one another
with fingers or tongues or they were kissing."  I looked at Carrie who was
fidgeting on her chair, but not losing her attention on my story.  "well
when Susan got to the first couple, we were both getting pretty hot, like we
are now."  I added loosening my robe, "and little Susan began to undo her
blouse, letting me look at one of her small breasts before she cupped it
with a hand.  With her other hand she turned the page again, this time she
turned to me and asked "want to try some of these things?"  I think I
managed to weakly say "Yes, I guess," before she took off her panties.
 I could smell her arousal from the couple of feet away where I was sitting.
I undid my blouse and threw it to the floor and stripped the rest of the way
while Susan got the magazine and spread out on the bed with it.  I lied down
beside her on the bed and she pointed at the picture which was a sixty-nine
position," Carrie's eyes had become glazed over from my story and I could
tell under the table she was probably rubbing herself through her jeans.
"Well we got into it, with her on bottom and me on top.  Cautiously we began
to push forward.  Gently flicking our tongues at each other, then pushing
fingers in and pulling them out of each other, just basically experimenting.
 Well after that first day we went to either her house or mine and we
continued to experiment, we looked through magazines and other sorts of
things, to find anything that we could on lesbian love making.  That's
pretty well the first experience I had with a woman," I said while I watched
her fidget a little more on her chair.  As I watched her I knew my robe had
fallen open, but I just ignored it.
 "What about, your first boyfriend?" she asked me trying to pretend not to
notice my swelling breasts.
 "Well, I never had a first boyfriend in the sense you mean it.  Actually I
had my first cock in Susan's bedroom too."
 "Her brother?" Carrie asked me with a look of anticipation on her face.
 "No, not exactly."
 "Who was it then?"
 "Well, the two of us had returned to her house to presume our normal after
school activities, well we were in the thick of it and as far as we'd know
no one else was in the house, nor were there supposed to be until a few
hours later, anyway, the door opened and I didn't know anyone else was in
the room until Susan let out a yelp.
 At the time she was on the bottom and I was between her thighs.  When I
looked up it was almost too late, her father was bearing down on us
screaming at us that we were `pansies and sluts and everything else he could
think of.
 I froze on my hands and knees not knowing really what else to do.  As he
pulled his belt off.  Susan scuttled off to the corner of her bed and curled
up, pulling her knees tight to her chest and sobbing.
 I watched him as he flung the end of his leather belt across my bare ass.
I heard the leather whap my skin, sending tingles across my flesh.  I don't
know why or how but I found it pleasurable and when he did it again I
enjoyed it a little more, as the belt stung my flesh.  I remember looking
into his furious eyes and then shouting at him `Again' that took him a bit
by surprise."
 "I'll bet," Carrie said watching me.
 "Well anyway, he didn't respond right away, so I shook my ass in his face.
Well he didn't like that and he whipped me harder, and I only replied saying
`Again,' and shaking my ass.  I could feel the welt's growing but the
pleasure was more than the pain was so I continued.
 After about the fifth stroke he dropped the belt in turn for his hand, I
guess he thought it would hurt more.  So he began spanking me with his large
hand and I just edged him on either by saying `harder' or `again'.  By this
time Susan was beginning to realize what was going on and she ran towards
the closed door, but her father wrapped his arm around her waist and threw
her back onto the bed and told her that he'd deal with her in a moment.
 I told Susan it was alright and that I was having full, well that made him
furious and he turned on me again.  Well, all the whippings and spankings
had really turned me on and my juices were just flowing.  Are you sure you
really want to hear this?" I asked Carrie.
 "Yes, you've never really talked like this or even on this subject, please
keep going."
 "Alright, if your sure," I said looking at her and she nodded.  "Ok, then,
well his spankings continued for a few more minutes then he began to cry in
defeat.  I had never seen a man cry before that.  He just sat down on the
edge of the bed and just started sobbing, I'm telling you it was really
 I wrapped an arm around his neck and tried to comfort him a little at least
enough to get him to shut up.  Susan stood in front of us not sure what to
 Then after his sobs let up, he leaned over to me and kissed me right on the
lips really sadlike, then he kissed me again, this time running a hand
across one of my breasts.
 "I pulled his head tight to my chest and he let out a last couple of sobs
then licked one of my nipples with his tongue.
 Susan got up as if to leave and I told her not to.  I told her something
like her father needed us now after what we had done to him.  She wasn't
liking the idea very much when I started unbuttoning his shirt, but by the
time I had taken off his pants, she had got back up on to the bed and had
started kissing his face and neck.
 Well for the first cock I had ever seen I thought he was gigantic, I know
now it wasn't that overly big.  But, anyway I mounted him and after a couple
of minutes I managed to get him entirely into me.  I began to ride him
pretty soon after I managed to get him in me.
 He started thrusting himself at me when I came down and his hands started
fondling my breasts.  God he had a wonderful touch," I said as Carrie bit
her lip.  She was obviously getting excited over my stories so I decided to
 "Well, Susan was getting interested and stopped kissing her father and
started coming and kissing me.  I whispered to her not to kiss me and to
help me with her father.
 She backed away from me and looked at both of us.  Then she went back to
where she was before only this time she dangled her small tits in front of
his face which he started to suck on.  Then she began to finger herself with
one hand while I continued to slowly ride him.  I could feel his manhood
inside of me increasing in size.
 Susan began to moan a little so she stopped fingering herself and backed
away from him and looked him in the eyes.  "Come on," I told her rubbing my
own stomach where I could feel his enthusiastic member playing on my
insides.  With my other hand I began stroking his testicles behind my back.
Then I looked down at my breasts for a second and when my gaze returned,
Susan had planted her cunt on his face and with the palms of her hands she
began to rub my breasts.
 Eventually he brought Susan to a screaming climax, then shot off inside of
me.  His white hot semen ran down my walls with such radiating warmth.
 Well after that for the next few months he visited us frequently, sometimes
just to watch, others to join in and I'm pretty sure Susan spent some
weekends alone with him.  Actually I did spend some time with her brother,
but that was a little later.  I need a cold shower now," I said standing up
letting my robe fall the rest of the way open.  I'm pretty sure she noticed
the couple of droplets of my juices running down the insides of my legs.
 "Yeah, I could use one too, I think," she said looking up expectantly at me
then after a few seconds said, "do you think I could... that we could, well,
shower together, there really is no sense wasting water,"  I looked at her,
her eyes were twinkling away, just watching me,"
 "If you want?" I said, "are you sure that's what you want to do?"  She
nodded biting her lip and I turned and started towards the stairs.
 "Mom," she said and I turned around to find her bare breasted.  "Mom, I
really don't want to have a shower," she said moving towards me.
 "What do you want?" I asked looking her in the eyes.  I could see it there,
sexual desire.  She wanted me and all I had to do was tell her a couple of
dirty stories.
 She smiled and ran a hand across my side, down to my thigh.  "I want you
to..." then she turned a little less sure then finished, "spank me,"
 "I looked at her seriously and asked her "Are you sure?"
 "Yes..." she replied.
 I smiled at her and pulled her close to me and gave her a hug.  I looked
down the few centimetres to here eyes, it was still there, she was serious.
I took her hand and led her upstairs.

 Chapter XV
 First Times
 "Yesss..." I said meekly then she smiled at me and gave me a hug pressing
her large breasts tight against me.  I knew exactly what I was getting into,
I had just told my mother in as few words as possible that I wanted to sleep
with her and that I wanted to have sex with her.
 I had almost completely forgot about Stacey and her husband.  I even felt a
little better about it after mom told me her two stories.
 She led me up to her bedroom.  When we got to the door she turned and
looked at me and asked, "Are you absolutely, positively sure you want to do
 "Yes," I said placing a hand on her breast under her robe, "I'm sure!"
 "You realize that as soon as we go through this door we are no longer just
mother and daughter," she said watching me.
 "I know," I said looking at the door frame.
 "We don't have to, if you don't want to.  I won't think badly against you
if you don't want to."
 "Yes, we do," I said unbuttoning my jeans and letting them drop in a pile
around my feet.  "We're both really horny, and I don't think we should part
just to go into our own respective rooms and pleasure ourselves.  The point
is, we are two fully matured women and we know each other is hot and wet.  I
for one certainly don't want to go have a shower or go into my room and
masturbate to myself while I listen to you in your room do exactly the same
 When I had finished saying this she let her robe drop to the floor then
said, "It's your choice, we forget about what's happened or you step through
the doorway and we are no longer mother and daughter, we become lovers.
It's your choice, but remember there's no way back with the one."
 I looked at her and she leaned back against the doorframe, halfway-in and
halfway-out.  My hands fell on her flesh to explore as I looked into my
mothers eyes for the last time, then I leaned up and kissed her, just a
small kiss but somehow different from before.  Then silently I stepped
through the portal into a new future, a future I would never have predicted.


 "When's your dad suppose to be home?" Christa asked holding me close to her
after we had finished making love for the second time that morning.
 "Bob's suppose to be home tonight, and if you can stay over one more time
we'll put our plan into action." I said before she kissed me.
 "I can't wait.  You know, I think your one of the most generous person I've
ever met." she told me.
 "Why thank you!" I said and kissed her.
 "I should go home and talk to my mother and see how much is true about her.
I should also pick up my diaphragm too."
 "You don't really have to, he's fixed,"
 "You mean," she motioned with her fingers like a pair of scissors.
 "Well, I still don't want to take another..."
 "Another what?"
 "Risky chance!"
 "What was the first one?"
 "Well, I...." she said hesitantly, with a look of confusion on her face.
 "Come, on you'll feel better to get it off your chest,"
 "Well, alright...your probably right...I'm sure its nothing.  Well remember
Friday, when Carrie took Jake to bed."
 "Yes!" I replied trying to imagine what really happened over there.
 "Well, you know we share him," I nodded and she continued, "well, Carrie
was using condoms with him, and well I thought I had my diaphragm in,"
 "So you didn't use the condoms, yes,"
 "Well when I checked later I found out that I hadn't had it in," she said
 "Your diaphragm?" I questioned.
 "Yeah," she said solemnly.
 "When did you have your last period?"
 "A couple of weeks ago,"
 "How often do you ovulate?"
 "Usually once a month, but there has been times that I've had two in a
 "I'm sure there's nothing to be worried about," I said trying to comfort
her with a kiss.  "But maybe you'd like to post-pone the night with Bob till
 "No," Christa said looking up at me, "I'll just be a lot more careful,
besides I can't start worrying about becoming pregnant, I'm only seventeen
for gods sake,"
 "When I was seventeen, I wanted to become pregnant," I told her slipping an
arm under her trying to comfort her closer to me, while she turned and
looked at me surprised.
 "I wanted to have Bob's child, I suppose its not exactly common that a
daughter wants to have her fathers child but I did," I explained.  "I longed
for it, I sabotaged condoms, I didn't wear my diaphragm, I fed us seafood, I
did anything I could think of to bear his child, but for the whole two weeks
before he found out what I was doing and what I wanted, I never became
pregnant, and I wanted to, so you see, you don't want to become pregnant and
I did and I still didn't get what I wanted, so you probably have less of a
chance of it than I did,"
 "But he was fixed,"
 "No he wasn't, after he found out he had the vasectomy, I pleaded with him
not to, but he wouldn't hear of me having his child."
 "Sandi, I'm sorry,"
 "Don't be, look I've accepted it, he doesn't want us to have children and
that's just the way it is.  Do you want me to go with you?" I asked and for
a minute she wasn't sure what I was talking about, then she caught on.
 "No, its alright.  I think I'll find out how Carrie made out.  That is if
she got back home." she said getting up and putting on a shirt.
 "Christa," I said and waited for her to look at me, "I love you, never
forget that, no matter what happens."
 "Your a good friend," she said sliding onto the bed and kissing my lips,
"and a good lover," she said as I slid my hands up the outsides of her legs.
 "One more time," I pleaded, then kissed her sliding my tongue into her warm
 "Sandi, I really should...  ...Oh all right," she said and kissed me, "once
more then I really got to go," then she straightened up and pulled the shirt
over her head.
 Lying down on top of me we kissed again.  Christa wriggled down between my
spread thighs running her tongue across my flesh on her way down until she
finally reached my center and placed her lips tight against my lower ones.
 I squirmed a little as she drove her tongue into my hot flesh pushing me
closer and closer to the edge of ecstasy.  For a beginner she really knew
how to use her tongue in combination with her fingers, she was almost
already an expert.
 The sensation in my womb grew as Christa continued to lick my labia.
Building my orgasm to a wonderful height considering she had already got me
off twice that morning.  I suppose it probably had something to do with the
excitement I was feeling towards that night.  Christa started pushing her
fingers faster into me.  I could feel she knew I was on the verge of orgasm.
As her tongue flicked across my clit one last time and her fingers took one
last plunge, with a scream I could feel my womb melt and as waves of
pleasure swept began to flow again.
 While Christa lapped at my pussy I ran my fingers through her hair pulling
her tighter against my pussy.  As the last convulsions subsided Christa
slithered back up my torso and kissed me.
 I could taste myself on her tongue as our tongues slid together in one last
kiss.  Then she got off of me and started getting dressed again.
 "What about you, you need relaxing more than I do?" I asked wanting to
relieve some of the stress she was feeling about the possibility of carrying
Jake's child.  I suppose part of me at the time actually hoped she was
pregnant, but the rest of me knew that wasn't what she wanted.  That was
something I had wanted, and I guess I was carrying it over to her a little.
 "I've really got to go, if I'm going to be back in time for Bob's home
coming.  But remember I will be back later."
 "Yeah, but you'll want to spend most of it with Bob,"
 "I know, but what can I do to make it up to you," Christa asked with a
smile on her face.
 "You could come back here," I suggested smiling at her showing her my
 "You know I can't stay any longer!"
 "I know," I said pouting a little.
 "Awww, come on Sandi, you know I've got to go," she said almost whining.
 "I know," I reassured her.
 "Look, come on, I do have to go, besides I want to see how Carrie made out,
and I want to see if I'm right about how my mother has been thinking about
 "Your not going to anything about it today, are you?  If you do, you won't
be back before Bob gets back and our plans will be ruined."
 "No I...say that gives me an idea.  If what we think is true, maybe the two
of us could get together with her.  It is only fair, you share your father
with me and I'll share my mother with you.  That is if you would like to.
You've seen her before haven't you?"
 "Yeah, she is quite an attractive woman," I said thinking, "Ok, sure, that
sounds fair."
 "Besides, maybe it will make up a little for me leaving you to clean up by
yourself," Christa said slipping into a pair of my father's boxer shorts.
"Can, I borrow a pair of jeans?"
 "Sure, go ahead, top drawer over there.  I keep some of my stuff in here.
There is quite a few times Bob and I get up together in here.  Usually not
until we have had a good morning work out that it," I said grinning at her.
 "Thanks," Christa said slipping into a pair of my jeans.  "There a little
short but, they'll do!" Christa finished heading out the bedroom door.
 "Christa," I called out and she peeped back in the door.  "forgetting
something aren't you?  Come and give me a kiss goodbye," I said holding my
arms wide open.
 "Oh, I'm sorry," Christa said sincerely coming back to me with her arms
open then kissing me.  "I love you," she said running a hand over one of my
 "I love you too," I replied.  This time when she left I called out "Don't
be late, I'll be waiting for you,"
 "I won't Christa promised on her way down the stairs.  After I heard the
door slam shut I flopped back onto the bed and resigned myself to a short

 Chapter XVI
 "Mom," Christa cried up the stairs towards us.  My mother pushed me away
from between her spread legs and my position at her center.  "Carrie, is
anyone home,"
 "Up here, hon," Martha called to her then whispered to me "Quick, get in
the closet, she better not find us together, at least not yet," as I stood
up naked and confused in front of her, she continued "hurry, and don't
forget about your clothes."  I grabbed whatever I could find and slipped
into her closet as quickly as I could.
 Through the slitted closet doors I watched my sister come into the room,
unabashed from our mothers nudity and her masturbating, that she had started
since I had turned my back.
 "Having some fun, heh?" Christa asked not moving from her spot five feet
away from Martha.
 "Yeah, a little, it'd be more fun if someone joined me."  I touched my
pussy as Martha said that.  We had been in bed for the last couple of hours
and she was already trying to seduce my sister too.
 "Have you seen Carrie?" Christa asked softly with a hint of concern in her
 "No, not for a few minutes, she left to go get something.  We've got a few
minutes before she'll be back, why don't you come over here and take off
your clothes and we can masturbate together, or if you want we could do
something else."
 I could tell Christa was trying to hold back a smile, then she surprised me
by saying "I would love to do something else with you, but I can't right
now.  I'm going back to Sandi's and spending the night again.  I really just
came to get a couple of things."  Christa finished heading for the door.  I
watched Martha get up and go towards her.
 "Christa," she said and watched Christa turn around.  I could tell she was
trying not to look at Martha's body.  Somehow she was managing to evade the
sight of her wonderfully large, beautiful breasts.  "I have a pretty good
idea what you two are doing over there.  You know I'm willing to do them for
you too.  I suppose even your sister is."  Martha said passing a quick
non-suspicious glance towards where I was hiding.
 "Mom, I'm really not sure what your talking about?"
 "Sure you do!" Martha said rubbing a nipple.
 "Mom, I really..."
 "Don't play coy with me, missy"
 "Mom, I...." Christa said looking at one of Martha's breasts.  I could tell
by the way she was biting her lip she was thinking about what she should do.
 The last few hours that I had spent with Martha I had learned more than
Sandi and I had ever really figured out.  But I also knew how tempting Sandi
could be ever since we had started to "discover" each other after that I had
a hard time concentrating on school work whenever we were in a class
 I had watched the boys in our mutual classes staring at her legs, the legs
that came out from under a really short skirt.  And I probably stared at the
with a similar kind of lust.
 Once and awhile especially when she had made sure I knew about the times
that she hadn't worn panties to school, we were like animals in heat and we
couldn't stand not being able to touch each others bodies.  When we
encountered times like these, where we couldn't help ourselves, we locked
ourselves in a school bathroom and made out on the hard concrete floor.
 I knew Sandi could attract someone with less than a blink of her eye and
Christa was just starting with Sandi.
 "Mom, I really can't."
 "Sure you can all you have to do is ask, and I'll do it, even if its
to...well I'll leave it to your imagination."
 "Mom, really I can't not today, I've got other plans."
 "Break them and spend a night in with your mother, and maybe Carrie would
like to join us too."
 "Mom, maybe another time but I...Whose are these?" Christa said picking
something up from behind Martha.
 "Their...Their mine!  Do you like them."
 "No, there not, for one things there a little to small for you and another
I bought these for Carrie last week for her Birthday.  Where is she?"
Christa said scanning the bedroom.  Then she looked into the bathroom and
obviously didn't find me.
 "She came home last night," Martha said trying to explain to Christa.  "You
and Sandi were in so big of a lust for each other, you left Carrie at
Stacey's and when she was there she a man named Hawk."
 Christa stopped outside the bathroom looking at Martha in shock.  "My god,
is she all right, I never thought...."
 "Yes fortunately, but you..."
 "Hold on, don't try blaming it on me, she stayed there with Stacey, why
didn't she help her fight him off."
 "Because she was holding your sister down,"
 "Well, you certainly didn't help her by getting into her pants," Christa
said shaking my panties at her like a whip.
 "Enough," I shouted pushing the closet door open.  "would you two stop
bickering over me."
 "Carrie," they both shouted at me, Christa in surprise and Martha a little
on the harsh side.
 "For one thing," I said directly at Martha, "I told you I wasn't sure if it
was rape and another thing," I said staring daggers at Christa, "I came home
last night very distraught and mom comforted me very professionally as a
mother.  This morning we were talking together on a matter we both got very
excited over and I suggested that we come up here.  And one more thing," I
said snatching my panties from Christa, "she is the best lover I have had
yet," I said motioning at Martha "and you should be honoured that she wants
you too."
 Christa looked stunned from my attack and even Martha was bit taken back by
it.  "Now, I want to go back to bed with her, and unless you want to join
us, get out!" I said pointing to the door.  Martha stepped out of the way as
Christa looked at me broken down a bit.  "What ever you choose there is
still a place for you in both our beds!" Martha looked at both of us a
little surprised.
 "You two?"
 "Yes, mother us two," Christa said annoyed but not turning away from me.
 "Since when?" Martha demanded.
 "Friday I replied not taking my eyes off of Christa.
 "At Sandi's?
 "Yes!" Christa said, "they initiated me before I even got their!"
 "What else has gone on over there?" Martha asked looking between the both
of us.
 "Nothing really else," I replied and Martha turned on Christa.
 "This weekend was my first time over there!" Christa said obviously hiding
something.  I could tell just by the way she was fidgeting but Martha either
ignored it or didn't see it, which I found hard to believe.
 "Look, why don't we all just settle down a little first."
 "I've got to go," Christa said turning for the door.
 "Not until you tell us why you have to go and what's so important about
 "Sandi and I have just made plans that's all and if I don't hurry up I'm
going to be late."
 "Your not going anywhere until you tell us what those plans are?" Martha
said taking the tone of a mother.
 "I can't, I promised Sandi that I wouldn't"
 "Either you tell us or your not going!"
 "Let me call Sandi and ask her then,"
 "Ok, go ahead," Christa went to leave the room but Martha pointed to her
personal line and said "use that one,"
 "Alright," Christa said timidly and picked up the receiver.  "Carrie do you
know the number."
 I nodded and recited the number to her as she dialled.
 "Hello, Sandi...I know, I know, but I've run into a slight snag.  You
remember what I was thinking about my mother..." Martha took a step towards
the phone and flipped on the speaker.
 "Hello Sandi," Martha said towards the phone.
 "Hello Ms Benchino."
 "Go on Christa," Martha said
 "Well what I was thinking about my mother was true, only when I got home.
I interrupted her and Carrie in the middle of it, it seems.  Carrie hid in
the closet and well my mother wanted me to join her, and I didn't want to,
at least not right now because of our plans and now she won't let me leave
until I tell her what they are,"
 "So you phoned to ask my permission to disclose our secret.  Well Ms.
Benchino if you swear to keep it a secret...Is Carrie there now."
 "Hi Sandi," I said toward the phone.
 "Ok, then you've got to promise to."
 "We promise," Martha and I said together.
 "I shouldn't really do this, but to save Christa's and my plan."
 "Sandi don't," Christa said, "It's not worth it, we can just do it another
 "No, I might as well tell them or they'll never let you come over again."
Then Sandi told us the story behind her and her father.  I was shocked, I
didn't think she was holding that big of a secret from me.
 "Sandi what are you and Christa planning to do?" Martha asked after she
picked up the hand unit.  "Yes..yes...that's generous, whose idea...was it,"
Martha said looking at Christa surprised.  "Well what if we make a few

 Chapter XVII
 "Bob!" I cried jumping into his arms kissing him, "I've missed you so
 "How's my little angel?" he asked me.
 "Wonderful, now that your home, would you like me to make you something to
eat or would you just like desert?"
 "Desert!" Bob said kissing me.
 "I thought that's what you'd want." I told him letting a wide grin out as
Bob set me down on to the floor to give my ass a little squeeze.
 He pulled my top over my head before I started leading him to wards the
stairs telling him "I've got a surprise for you,"
 "What is it?" he asked me as I dropped my shorts on the stairs.
 "A surprise," I said turning around to look at him.  Almost instinctively
his hands fell to my breasts.  "Are you still dressed?" I asked him trying
to get him to take his clothes off before we reached the bedroom.
 His hands left my tits and started undoing his shirt while I worked on
undoing his pants.  By the time he had got his shirt off I had gotten him
out of his pants and his boxers and I was already stroking an almost gorged
purple headed penis, caused by lack of attention.
 "I want you," he said full of lust and eagerness to touch me when we made
it to the outside of the bedroom door.
 I pressed myself tight against him and kissed him, but I stopped there and
whispered.  "Go and lie down so I can give you your surprise."
 "I don't want a surprise I just want you," he whispered back to me.
 "Go and lie down I've got something to tell you," I said a little harshly.
 I think a little frightened he did just that.  This was it, from here on in
Bob would no longer be just mine.
 "Bob," I said solemnly "I told about you and me,"
 "You what?" Bob said angrily sitting up.
 "It's alright, I fixed it though."
 "What did you do Sandi?"
 "Do you remember Carrie from the videos?" I asked as Carrie stepped out of
one of the closets, naked.  Bob looked perplexed and his anger was bleeding
away as he watched the naked women appearing in front of him.
 "And this is Carrie's sister Christa!"  The other closet door opened and
Christa emerged in the same fashion as Carrie had.
 "And this," I said motioning towards the bathroom is "Martha, Carrie and
Christa's mother."  Bob looked back and forth between all four of us.  Then
his eyes came back to me.
 "When they heard about you..." I started trying to explain moving closer to
him.  "They all wanted....Well you." I said climbing onto the bed.
 He scanned all four of our faces before I laid across his body and kissed
his lips.
 "We all want you to make love to us Bob." I said getting up on my forearms
on his chest.
 "Yeah, Bob," Martha said and a few seconds later her two daughters repeated
the affirmation.
 "Do you think you can handle all of us Bob?" Bob looked at Martha after she
had asked then he reached out and touched the side of her face with the back
of his hand.
 "What do you think, Bob?" Martha asked as his hand slid across her breast.
 "Very nice," he said calmly.
 "No, silly," Martha said slapping his hand, "Do you think you can handel us
all or are we too much for one man?"
 "Well, I don't know, but I know one thing I'll at least die trying.  Thank
you my little angel," Bob said kissing my forehead.  "This is a wonderful
surprise.  So who rides the wild Bob first.  How about you Martha?" Bob
asked totally ignoring the fact that I was already on top of him and almost
already in the right position.
 "Do you mind Sandi?" Martha asked me.
 "No," I said relinquishing my dominant position over Bob with a kiss from
 I moved forward and centered myself over his face and gently lowered myself
down onto Bob's open mouth.
 When I was a few centimetres away I felt his familiar tongue flick out at
my clitoris.  I watched behind me as first Carrie positioned herself on top
of one of Bob's hands and then Christa positioned herself on top of the
other one.  I could tell from the way they were moving Bob was working his
fingers into them like he had done so many times before to me, when it had
just been the two of us.
 I suppose I was feeling sort of sorry for myself that I had lost three
quarters of Bob's attention, but he was happy and that all that counted.
 It didn't take long for Bob to get Martha moaning as she rode his nice long
thick shaft.  I was feeling jealous of her and the feeling of a full cunt
that Bob was giving her.  I even longed to feel his burst of semenless cum
on my insides.
 When he was inside me like he was in Martha, I didn't want anything except
to give him pleasure.  But now Martha was giving it to him and he was trying
to please all of us, and not just me alone.
 Martha began moaning bringing me back to reality.  Actually all of us had
started moaning but me.  Bob was really doing a good job getting everyone
off including himself.
 I ran my hands through his hair and slowly began to arch my back in order
to get more of his tongue.  I got back far enough for Martha to start
kissing me and fondling my breasts.  A few seconds later I was moaning right
along with them.
 It wasn't long after that Martha let out a wild scream behind me.  She was
climaxing around my father's...Bob's shaft.  Soon we were all cumming on top
of Bob.
 I could feel his intermediate screams of pleasure on my cunt as he quickly
approached an orgasm while my own pussy secreted into his open mouth, as I
rubbed myself back and forth across his lower face.
 "Come on Bob, give it to her," I told him getting off of his face.  He
thrust himself up towards Martha letting out a large moan as he shot his
empty load into her awaiting cunt.
 "Oh yes!" Martha cooed rubbing her hands over Bob's stomach.  I began to
lick my left over cum off of his lips.  His tongue slipped out and we began
to twirl them together then we slipped into a kiss.  I opened my eyes as we
broke away.
 His face had the look of pure pleasure on it when I looked down the length
of his body I found both Carrie and Martha were taking turns licking and
sucking on his penis.
 When I looked back into his face I felt a pair of hands gliding across my
ass, then they slowly moved down towards my opening.  As I looked back at
Christa who was trying to bring me a little bit of pleasure.  She smiled at
me and then without looking down slipped her fingers into my asshole.
 "Oh God," I cried out and she looked down surprised at her small mistake
and began to withdraw her fingers.  "God no, don't keep them in," I screamed
at her and she slid her two fingers in deeper this time moving the other two
into my cunt and with her thumb she began to rub my clitoris as her four
fingers kept moving in and out of my two orifices.  It was the first time
anyone had ever penetrated my ass and in a different sense it gave me a
sense of being full.
 Her other hand began rubbing my pussy lips as I let out another scream in
Bob;s face.  He smiled at me, and then gave me another kiss as Christa drove
her fingers back into me from behind, while the slurping noises increased
from Martha and Carrie's direction.
 One of Bob's hands came up and began to caress one of my dangling breasts
before he brought it towards his mouth.  His tongue began sliding across my
nipple, intermittently between blowing long and cold breaths on my nipple,
as Christa continued to slid her fingers in and out of me at an ever
increasing rate.
 I could tell Bob was ready to cum again by his low guttural moans at the
same time, Christa's tongue slid across my labia in a nice gentle stroke.
 Then her tongue slid across one of my asscheeks as she reinserted her
fingers inside of me, as her other hand soundly smacked my wet asscheek
forcing a long deep moan emanating almost directly from my womb.
 During my out break Bob's tongue switched to my other nit nipping at it,
then he let out a long groan as he shot his load into Martha's face which
Carrie almost immediately began to lick off.  Meanwhile Christa took me over
the edge with one last deep thrust from her fingers, which pushed me forward
to collapse on top of Bob's chest while he ran his fingers through my hair
chanting me on as Christa's tongue found its way inside of me, scooping away
at the flow of my nectar.
 While this was happening Carrie and Christa had broken away from Bob and
were gently playing with each other at the bottom of the bed.  I slid down
enough to alter my angle and start to revive his cock with a little more
oral recussatation.
 I slowly started fondling his hairy testicles as I accepted his cock deep
into my throat.  I could feel Christa's hands moving up my body as her
tongue slid away from my cunt.
 Christa came up beside me and kissed my back as I let Bob's saliva wet
cock, slip out of my mouth.
 "I promised you, you could have him," I told Christa as I pointed Bob's
penis towards her smiling face, "here you go." I said releasing Bob's cock
to her hand in exchange for a kiss.
 "Thank you," Christa said as she stratled Bob, kissing me again.  "I love
you," she whispered as she slipped down around Bob's hard on while wrapping
her arms around my neck to give me a hug.
 "I love you too," I replied just before she released me.  When she did I
leaned forward and whispered into Bob's ear.  "Fuck her good Bob, remember
that I love her!  And if you don't please her, no sex for you for a week.
Do you understand?"  Bob nodded and I kissed him as he cupped one of my tits
 "Just remember Sandi, I love you too, and you know I'd do anything you
asked, you've given me everything I've asked for."
 "I know," I said slipping from his arms.  Bob began thrusting himself up to
meet Christa's downward strokes.  Her screams increased quickly till they
could be heard throughout the house.  Bob was playing with her tits and
really giving her a good run, I just sat beside them watching Bob make love
to my lover.
 Martha was kneeling behind Carrie who had her ass up in the air as her
mother played with her clit while her moans built up.
 Christa let out one last scream before she collapsed forward onto Bob's
chest with his cock still inside her.  I helped her off of Bob and gave her
a kiss lying her out neatly on the bed covering her as she slipped into
unconsciousness.  But before she fell asleep she ran her hand across my
pussy and with smile she said "Thank you,"
 I went back to Bob and kissed him a few times.  "Thank you I told him and
he pulled me close to him and kissed me again more passionately than he had
in awhile.
 "God I love you," he told me before he kissed me again.
 "I love you too," I replied letting out a smile and whispered into his ear,
"got enough energy to how me how much."
 "For you, always, hop on," he said with a large grin.  He was really
looking worn.  I moved around to mount him but before I could quite get far
enough down Carrie had already quickly mounted him and started bucking
against him.  He looked at me giving me a sorry glance then turned his
attention to Carrie who was kissing his cheek as she moved on his penis.

 Chapter XVIII
 Mother & Daughter
 "Let her, It'll be good for her," Martha whispered to me placing her hands
from behind on my hips.  "they raped her, and the faster she gets back in
the saddle the better."  Martha finished by putting her head on my shoulder,
while her hands swept up my front and cupped my breasts.  "I see you wore
Christa out, she said looking at Christa who was turning over in her sleep.
"Look," Martha said turning me around to look at her.  "I'm glad you showed
both of them how to love another woman, I mean it, if I couldn't have done
it I'm glad it was you.  I hope they at least told you how beautiful you
really are."
 "They've both mentioned it acouple of times," I said sitting down on the
bed letting out a little smile.
 "Good, I'm glad.  You haven't really had a mother have you?"
 "No, she died when I was really young."
 "So you tried to fill her shoes, heh!" Martha said motioning towards Bob.
 "I suppose, a little, but I really enjoy his company."
 "Would you have seduced your mother too if she had of lived?"
 "I don't know, probably not, I probably wouldn't have even seduced Bob, but
I'm glad I did because of it I've become quite free in my sexuality."
 "I understand but do you think you'd do it now."
 "I'm not sure, I might."
 "Well, I couldn't take her place but if you want, you can think of me as
your mother.  My girls are certainly as close to you as any sister ever
could be?  You don't have to but you can...."
 "Ok," I paused to think it over for a second and then finished by saying
 Martha smiled at me and raised her hands up in a jesture.  "Well would you
like to seduce me," she grienned at me and then said, "daughter."
 "I don't really think I have to do much," I said touching one of her
breasts.  Then Carrie and Bob both let out one last moan as they came
 We both turned and watched them until Carrie climbed off of Bob's
unconcsious body and cuddled up into her sister's arms.  Christa awoke for a
second and the two of them kissed, then fell asleep together.
 "Well," Martha said quietly, "looks like you and me are the only ones left,
maybe we can help each other get to sleep,"
 "Maybe," I said moving a little closer to her smiling, "we can,"  When I
finished I pressed my body tight against hers.  She kissed my forehead, then
each of my cheeks, then she looked me in the eyes.  We stared at each other
for a few seconds then we pressed our lips tight toghether in a surprisingly
passionate kiss, "and maybe we shouldn't go to sleep at all." I suggested
grinning at her wickedly as I ran my hand across her pussy.
 "You might have something there," Martha said as she began to pet my own
pussy the whole time she was smiling at me and lowering me onto my back.
After kissing her way down my body she gently spread my thighs wider apart
and raised my knees up and began stroking my bare pussy lips.
 "How do you like having your pussy shaved?" she said watching my reaction.
 "I like it," I said without hesitating, "so much better to feel a tongue
with.  How about you?"
 "I love it, I've kept mine shaved ever since I was eighteen, a friend
shaved me and I shaved her, we had both seen a picture of another womans
bare cunt and we thought it looked, well, interesting, interesting enough to
try anyway." She said while her eyes began to glaze over, absently still
stroking me.  "We didn't do very good jobs the first time, but as we got
more and more experienced, the cleaner our pussies got," then her eyes
seemed to focus back on my face which was wrinkled up into a look of
pleasure, as her fingers continued fingering me.
 "You know, not just women do it, I mean shave their sexual areas, men do it
to, I remeber boys from the swim team they did it because it affected their
swimming or something to that effect and others do it just for the pleasure
of it, Carrie and Christa's father kept his pubic hair shaved, he said he
did it for me, but I think he enjoyed it too."
 When I moaned her attention seemed to focuse back on me once again, she
looked down at her fingers to where they were burried almost halfway into my
pussy, and lowered herself closer to it.  Then looking up between my legs
she said "You know you have a very beautiful pussy, such small lips and such
a pink center, your picture perfect.  Was it your idea to get all of your
pussies shaved or was it one of my other daughters?"
 "It was mine," I told her, trying to hold back another moan as her tongue
slid across my clitoris.
 "I'm glad that one of you had the idea.  I think a womans pussy is a very
beautiful thing and it should be exposed, not covered up." Martha said
looking up into my eyes.  Then just before she lowered her lips to my cunt
she asked "Are my daughters good lovers to you?"
 "Yes, you thin...Oh god yes..." I cried out softly as Martha lightly sank
her teeth into my labia.  "Oh yes, Oh god yes," I continued crying as she
shook me between her teeth.  "No one else has ever..." Martha pushed and
pulled her fingers in and out of me as fast as she could at the same time
trying to raise my hips to get a better course so that she could get her
mouth tighter around my cunt to suck on my pussy.
 "God, I'm going to cum," I moaned at Martha.
 "Cum for me my darling daughter, cum for mommy," Martha said, then as she
kissed my raised pussy the dam broke.
 Wave after wave of intense pleasure rippled throughout my body until I
finally collapsed onto the bed.  The whole time Martha's lips hand't left my
pussy and her tongue hadn't stopped scooping at my nectar.
 When she parted from my neither lips she came up to my face, I opened my
mouth and flicked my tongue out, until I felt hers sliding together against
mine transferring saliva and cum from one to another.  Then quietly she
pulled away from me, only to kiss my cheek.  Finally she helped maneuver my
limp body up beside her other two daughters.
 "Good night," Martha whispered to me.
 "But what about you?" I meekly complained.
 "They'll be other times."
 "I love you mom,"
 "I love you too," she replied seconds before I drifted off to sleep
cuddling up to Christa's back.

 Chapter IXX
 When I woke up the next morning, I had an arm wrapped around Carrie and
someone had an arm around me.  I pulled my own arm back from Carrie and
tried to roll over without waking whoever was beside me.  When I got onto my
other side Sandi's eye's blinked open at me, "Good morning," she said after
I kissed her.
 "Good morning to yourself," I replied pullind a hand on her hip under the
covers while she pushed a lock of my hair away from my eyes.  "He's
wonderful, you trully are lucky in having him, thank you for sharing him
with us I know it must have been hard on you,"
 "Yeah, but it made me realize somethin,"
 "What?" I asked.
 "Not here, later."
 "God, I feel wonderful," I said trying to stretch out a little.
 "Me to, I really am glad it all happened."
 I felt Carrie's hand slip over my waist as her breasts pressed against my
back then I felt her lips press against my cheek in a morning kiss.  "Good
morning you two.  Thank you Sandi your father is certaily better than you
 "Your welcome, and thank you," Sandi replied back.
 "What time is it?" Carrie asked nervously, at the same time as she cupped
one of my breasts with her hand.
 The two of us looked in the direction of Sandi had turned to look at, and
the three of us saw MArtha and Bob in a mutual embrace.
 "They look good together don't they?" Sandi asked.
 "Yeah," I replied, thinking it was about time that mom, got with a good
man, in every respect.
 "I don't," complained Carrie, "let's get them apart,"
 "No you don't," Sandi said glaring at her, both of them got up onto their
knees ready to fight over top of me.
 "Cut it out the two of you.  Let them be or your going to wake them."
 They both settled down enough to sit down on their hauches, but not enough
to stop glaring at one another.  Then in a gruff tone Carrie asked again,
"What time is it?"
 Since neither of them was going to turn and look I did.  "Ten o'clock," I
told her and her face turned pale.
 "God, damn, we're all late,"
 "For what," Sandi and I both asked as she scrambled off the bed for the
pile where we had all left our clothes.
 "Don't you remember what today is, it's monday and we all have school."
 "So," I said running a finger over one of Sandi's nipples.
 "So we're also ambasadores for the school, remember thos sport teams are
 "Oh, shit!" Sandi cursed following Carrie's lead off the bed.
 I slowly got out of bed not really giving a damn.  I wanted more of Sandi
and now I couldn't get it.
 "What do we do about them?" I asked motioning towards our two respective
parents after pulling my pants on.
 "Leave'em alone," Sandi said pulling a T-shirt on, "when they wake up they
can enjoy each other's company a little more, lets go"
 I pulled on a T-shirt that was in one of the closets and followed them down
the stairs out into the car.


 "I want to do something for Bob and I'm going to your consent and maybe
your help."
 "What is it?" I asked her as she weaved in and out of traffic.
 "I can't stay with my father for the rest of my life no matter how much I
would like to be.  I realized that last night.  What he needs is a wife, and
he's already told me that he won't marry me, besides with him I won't be
able to have any children, because of his operation.  What I want to do is
to get my father to marry your mother!  They both seem to get along together
and we all love them, both or have made love to both anyway.  I think we
should try to get them together on that kind of a basis.  What do you two
think, will you help me?"
 "I will," I told her "they do both sort of fit together nicely, besiedes
I've sort of always wanted a father."
 "What about you Carrie?" Sandi asked looking through the rearview mirror at
 "I don't like it,"
 "Come on Carrie," I pleaded with her, "quit thinking about yourself for
once and think about mom.  Hell your the one she made love too, not me, you
should have more generosity towards her, she's given you quite alot of
herself.  Give some of yourself to her.  Besides you no how long she's been
without a real man, don't you think she deserves a husband?" I finished as
Sandi parked the car in the crowded parking lot.
 "Come on Carrie, without you we can't go on with this." Sandi said turning
around after shutting the car off.
 "Think of it this way, we'll all be closer to one another including Sandi's
father.  So instead of family outings, we could have family fuckings, and
you and mom can still get together.  Come on, you know how mom lipes around
when she has time off.  We can love her but we can't love her like a man
can, this is just what she needs.  Come on help us, please." I begged.
 "Ok, alright you won't get any interference from me, but, you won't get any
help either."
 "Come on Carrie..." I started but was cut off by Sandi.
 "No, that's fine, but just know you might miss out on any persuasion we use
on both of them."
 Carrie got out of the car and slammed the door shut behind her.
 "God I want you," I cooed in Sandi's ear.
 "Later, later...."

 Chapter XX
 Another Story
 "God, what smells so good," I said as I went into my kitchen.
 "Ham and Eggs," said the nude woman (except for an apron) infront of the
stove.  "I hope you like it,"
 "I'm sure I will," I said sitting down feeling a little overdressed in my
suit.  "Your," I said taking a moment to think, "Martha right!"
 "Yes," she said setting a plate of food infront of me and another across
from me and sat in the chair infront of it.
 "This is really good," I said after taking a bite.
 "So were you," Martha said looking at me, "last night I mean"
 "Oh..." I said and took a bite, "so were you."
 "It's really not her fault," Martha said after swallowing a mouthful of
food.  She was really an attractive woman.  I really hadn't gotten a very
good look at her last night but now she looked even more beautiful in the
 "Not who's fault?" I asked not sure what she meant.
 "Sandi's.  It really wasn't her fault.  She was going to share you with
Christa, but I wouldn't let her go until Sandi told me about you.  Look, I'm
really sorry..."
 "Don't worry about it, I would never punish her anyway.  She's got me so
tightly wrapped around her little finger that I couldn't do anything bad to
her.  She thinks she's in love with... Christa you know?"
 "No," Martha replied calmly, "she is in love with her.  I saw the way she
was acting with Christa, but I'm not really sure if Christa fully returns
the feeling."
 "Doesn't it bother you?" I asked her.
 "No, not really.  I think a person should be able to love anyone they want,
no matter what their sex.  Why doesn't bother you, most men are homophobes?"
 "Well, I've watched Sandi fuck your daughter so many times I guess I'm used
to females loving one another."
 "You watched them," Martha asked me surprised, "they let you stand there
and watch."
 "No, I would have just interupted them.  Besides your daughter Carrie never
knew about Sandi and me.  Wll at least until yesterday.  Sandi taped a
number of their rendevous.
 "With a video camera?"
 "Yes," I said finishing the last mouthful on my plate.
 "I'm surprised Carrie would allow herself to be taped."
 "Well Sandi told her they were for her to watch when Carrie wasn't around.
We've got tapes of the two of them in almost every room in this house.  In
the kitchen here Carrie ate Sandi out on this table," Martha looked at the
table and ran her fingers over its surface.
 "What about you and Sandi?  I only heard a little bit about her and you."
 "Well, I suppose, you'd know that we first made love out at the cabin."
 "YEah, she said she seduced you there,"
 "Well that not exactly true we were out at the cabin, but we were down by
the stream after doing cleaning for about six hours we were out both dirty
and sweaty from the work.  I had caught her watching me every once and
awhile and she even rubbed herself up against me every chance she got.
 Anyway we had gone down to the stream to clean up and I knew nobody was
around for miles.  So what I decided to do was test her as to what her
glances meant.  So I stripped on the small piece of Sandy beach right
infront of her.  Only after she had scoped out every inch of my front side
did she ask `What are you doing?'
 I told her I was going to go skinny dipping, and I hadn't done it in years,
then I told her if she wanted to she could do it to.
 Well she stripped down to her bra and panties and then waded into the
water.  Once she got in deep enough she threw her bra and panties onto the
shore making sure she never went too high in the water to show off her
parts.  Then she swam out closer to me, but out of arms length.  At the time
she was only thirteen and, quite shy I might add."
 "What a change, now she can't wait to get out of her underwear for you,"
Martha commented.
 "Yeah, I suppose so," I said, "well the water was quite a bit murky so we
really coun't see each other very much.  She started treading water where
she was and told me `this is exquisite.  Why haven't we done this before?'
I told her I wasn't sure if she would have enjoyed it.
 She splashed water at me raising her right breast out of the water
accidentally, for me to see.  `silly, why would I not enjoy this' she asked
me as I splashed water back at her.
 She came towards me, splashing a little more and I spashed her right back.
Then to escape the water that I was sending her way she dove under the
water, a moment later I thought I could feel something touch my, well,
testicles, then a second later she surfaced infront of me and let out a
small giggle, I replied by laughing softly, what we were joking about I
didn't know, then we ending up stopping as our eyes made contact, then we
leaned together and we kissed, like two adults, mutually.
 Then she pushed off of me and let out a small laugh, pretending that she
hadn't felt the little bit of energy that had passed between us.  We played
around in the water for a while longer.  Not coming into contact again.
 The sun was starting to set so I told her `let's get out and watch the
 So seperately we walked out of the water, only this time Sandi was a little
less timid about me seeing her naked.  Actually she didn't really even seem
to care that I was staring at her body.
 When we got to shore she dried herself off with her clothes and layed down
in the sand.  I followed her lead and layed down a couple of feet beside
her, and by then as you would guess the air was affecting my groin and my
penis was reaching up for the large ball of fire in the sky.
 The whole sky turned orange, and as it did Sandi stepped infront of my
view.  She was standing there a foot away from my feet and I said, `Honney
could you move, I can't see the sunset' but she didn't she just stood there,
with her face in almost complete darkness as the orangle in the firey sky
reflected of her golden hair and skin, just enough to silouhette her out,
then she said `Dad, I've decided something,' of course I asked her what it
was, while I tried to cover my eyes to see her better.
 She stepped forward one foot on either side of me until she was standing
over my groing, which was more errect than it had been in years, and it was
pointing straight up between her thighs.
 `I've decided' she said `I've decide, I want to make love to you.'
 I had suspected thats what she was planning on doing almost from the
begining of our vacation there, so I din't bother asking her to repeat the
question so I just asked her if she had been with any other boys in the way
she was talking about being with me.
 `No,' she replied immediately almost disgusted that I had asked it.  Then I
asked her `Wouldn't you prefer to save yourself for one of them?'  Although
I wouln't turn her away, but I wasn't going to let her do it on a whim,"
 "That's exactly the way I felt about my daughters,"
 I looked at her surprised, "they sleep with you too,"
 "Only Carrie right now, but I've been working on the other one, anyway,
continue with your story.  I find it quite interesting," Martha said as she
finished clearing our plates.
 "If your sure," I said and she replied with a nod as she sat back down.
"Well she got off of me and sat in the sand beside me, I could see that the
sand had stuck to her backside when she whined that I didn't like her body.
I told her sitting up that I did but she had to be absolutely poitive about
what she wanted.  She looked at me and wiped a tear out of her eye with the
back of her hand.
 `I absolutely, positively want to make love to you,' she said moving closer
to me.  I put my arm around her shoulder comforting her but her hand slid
down and began to fondel me with her cold fingers.  I didn't bother to stop
her since her intentions were quite clear.
 It wasn't long before she was lying on her back and I was feeding myself
into her.  Her screams started as soon as I managed to slip the head of my
penis into her, immediately I pulled myself out and she glared up at me and
told me firmly not to stop.  So I placed myself back at her opening and slid
forward again.
 Well suffice it to say after a few dozen more tries we made love for the
first time, so you can see no matter what she says, or thinks it wasn't
entirely her."

 Chapter XXI
 Wedding Plans?
 "Kids really exagerate don't they?" Martha asked me as I stood up.
 "Yes, I suppose they do," I replied to her pushing my chair into the table.
"I should be getting to work I'm already four hours late."
 "Well, if your that late why don't you just phone in sick and the two of us
can spend the day toegether.  What good will it do to go in for another four
 "Alot, I've already phoned in sick quite a few times with Sandi and my boss
doesn't like it very much."
 "So what's his number," Martha said picking up the phone.
 "I'll explain to him why his big strong employee's got to stay home and
have his desert."
 "What desert?" I asked looking at her.
 Martha replaced the phone on its hook and said, "Why me of course," while
dropping her apron.  "You sure can't leave me alone after telling me that
story.  Besides I've phoned in sick for the day intending to find out what
your like and that's exactly what I'm going to do," Martha said waling up to
me and kissing me.
 Then we kissed again this time together.  Her hands ran across my back and
my hands shifted towards her bottom.
 Martha's hands slipped between us and undid my zipper.  Then she slipped a
hand into my pants to retrieve my penis,"
 "I'm not sure if my batteries are fully recharged," I said hotly grabbing
her by the ass and lifting her up.
 "Let me be the judge of that," she whispered. just before kissing my neck.
I lowered her down while she positioned me at her enterance.  I held her up
by her ass as she began bucking agianst me.  I managed to back her against a
wall as she let out a small gasp.
 Her large breasts pressed against my chest as I began to help hwith her
motion by thrusting myself towards her on every down stroke she gave.
 "Oh, god yes," she cried out as I let out a small grunt while thrusting
myself deeper into her.  "Make me cum, Bobby, make me cum," she pleaded.
 A matter of seconds later and she had changed her cries to, "I'm cumming,
I'm cumming"  She shook in my arms as I pushed her past her peak, while
still thrusting myself into her.
 Then I released a loud moan of my own which had built up as I broke past my
own climactic point, shooting rivulets of my own cum into her hot spot.
 A few moments later we were both leaning against the while and Martha was
whispering "God, that was wonderful," into my ear between kisses.  "You
really are good at it, Sandi must have gotten a lot of practice with you."
 "Yes, I she has," I whispered back to her with my head nuzzled close to her
neck.  The smell of sweat intermingled with perfume softend my sense.
 "You smell wonderful," I told her as I lowered her to her feet.
 "Thank you," she replied, "now why don`t you phone into work so you can
tell me how I taste."
 "Alright," I said giving in while walking over to the phone.  As I began
talking Martha began to take my clothes off and wass soon fondeling and
kissing me as I was talking on the phone with my boss.
 Then before I could stop her she had knelt down infront of me and taken me
in her mouth.
 When her tongue made its first contact a small gasp escaped from my lips
and was transfered for miles until it came to the large ears of my boss.
 He started to chew me out telling me that fucking was no excuse for not
coming to work, then he made a bad joke about constantly staying in bed with
his four hundred pound wife.
 It shriveled me right there in Martha's mouth, the thought of what he must
go home to, then Martha looked up at me, probably wondering what could cause
such a drastic change in my errection.
 "I'll be coming in, I'm leaving right now,"
 Martha got up and grabbed the phone from me and began talking like she had
known the man for years.  "Look, I'm sorry about Bob not coming in,"
 "Who is this?" I could hear my boss bellowing through the phone.
 "But," Martha continued, ignoring his question.  "Last night Bob proposed
to me,"  I looked at her shocked, I didn't remember talking about marriage
last night, but the word kept coming from her lips "and being the
nymphomaniac that I am, I can't say yes enough.  So if you wouldn't mind
letting him stay and play with me, I would be really, really, really,
 "...isn't a very good reason." I heard James (my boss) say while pressing
my ear to the phone.  "But if you invite me to the wedding, and maybe dinner
one night this week, I could see him staying home, by the way, when is it?"
 "We've been a little to busy to decide on a date," Martha said gigling
pressing herself tight against my chest.
 "I understand, how about if I come home tommorow night with Bob, for
 "No, that's not good for me," Martha said without missing a beat, but how
about Tuesday next week, that is unless your going to keep Bob at work
late." Martha said looking into my eyes.
 "Tuesday it is then,"
 "Will it be you and your wife, or just big old you," Martha said giggling
into the phone like a teenager.
 "Just me," he said "and if this is a joke, tell Bob, he's fired!"
 "Well, I'll see you then, I can't wait to meet you." Martha said then
dropped the phone in its craddle and wrapped her arms around my neck kissing
 "Well, hubby what are our wedding plans,"
 "Don't you think we should date first?"
 "What for, we already know a fair bit about each other," she said running a
finger across my chest. "But your probably right, we can go out nights
starting, maybe day after tommorow, I know I'm not going to feel like going
out tommorow,"
 "That's suppose to be my line isn't it?" I said smiling before she kissed
me again.
 "Besides what else is there to know.  You're a great lover, you enjoy your
daughters company, and your handsome."
 I looked at her with a look of shock (pretend) and she laughed.  "Well
would you like to celebrate our engagement?"
 "What did you have in mind?"
 "Oh, we'll figure something out," Martha said taking my hand leading me
back upstairs.

 Chapter XXII
 Hallways & Bathrooms
 "Hi, Jake" I said as I met him in the hall at the break before last class.
 "Hi, Christa," he said walking towards me.  "I phoned you guys Friday
night, where'd you go."
 "You wouldn't believe me if I told you," I said pushing my hair back with
my hand as I leaned up against the wall.
 "Try me," he said smiling, showing two small dimples I had never noticed
 "Its really not that important, so what'd a lonely guy like you do Friday
 "Moved Furniture," he said with a smile as the bell rang, "listen would you
and Carrie like to do something afterschool tommorow?"
 "I don't know, I'll talk to Carrie, but I'd like to, actually," I said
pushing myself away from the wall and wrapping my arms around him.  "I'd
like to do something right now with you," I ginished, as we stretched and
kissed.  "How about you?"
 "I think it sounds like a food idea," he said running his hands over my
ass.  "Where should we go?" he asked and I looked back and forth down the
hallway biting my lip.
 "Right there," I said pulling his hand leading him down the hall.
 "Where, you mean the girls bathroom?"
 "Why not?" I said pulling him into the small cooridor behind me, after we
had checked that no one was around.  We went through the second door kissing
and groping each other.
 "Christa," a voice said from behind me, and instantly we released each
other to look in the direction of the voice.
 "Jake," Carrie said standing infront of the sinks beside Sandi.  They had
obviously been fixing their makeup, but I could see a few drops of
persperation on each of their foreheads.  "What are you two doing in here?"
 "The same thing you two, have been doing," Jake looked at both of the and
then at me, uncertainly, he probably didn't know what we were talking about.
 "What have we been doing?" Carrie asked defensively.  I walked over to her
and kissed her, sliding my tongue into her mouth, then I broke away.
 "The proof is in the lips isn't it," I said at her, "now don't try to deny
it.  I've caught you."
 "Yes you have, and we can't deny that," Sandi said "but Carrie was nervouse
and we both needed a little bit of relaxing so..."
 "So you two came in here to fuck each other," I finished for her turning my
back on them to look at Jake's stunned face.  "Oh, grow up, haven't you ever
seen a Bi before."
 "I figured Carrie was..." Jake stuttered not looking away from me, "but not
all three of you, especially when you didn't want a taste of Carrie Friday
 "Why shouldn't we be? Sandi asked coming froward "You like the taste of a
pussy don't you, why shouldn't we?"
 "There's nothing wrong with it,"
 "There isn't," I said watching Jake.  I moved closer to him with the sudden
urge to kiss him.  "You two, if your finished, would you mind..." something
was passing between Jake and I, we moved closer to each other as if nothing
else existed, like we had been transported to an entirely different planet.
"...lock the door." I said almost in a whisper as Jake and I embraced, in a
long sloppy kiss.
 Jake's hands fell to my breasts and lifted my T-shirt over my head,
exposing my bare breasts to the air.  I almost tore at his shirt to feel his
bare chest pressed against mine.  I longed for him, a feeling that I'd never
had at least not at the intensity that I was feeling it.
 We pressed ourselves tight against each other, not caring really who was
watching.  Then as if by magic we were on the floor and Jake was ontop of
me, we had both lost our pants and he was pushing himself deep into me.
 When he first pushed into me I could hardly feel him, because I was so wet.
His hands were planted on either side of me, which he used to lift himself
off of me.  Somehow he was only touching me on the inside with his hard
 I ran my hands across his bare and slightly hairy chest, feeling the tensed
muscles under his skin.  As he thrust into me again, and again until finally
he had me moaning almost crying out, and when he did get some sound out of
me, he started to speed up.
 With each thrust from him I could feel my own climax building.  I slid my
hand down and started rubbing the lower part of his stomache.  As he
continued thrusting, each thrust began to be accompanied by a grunt from
between his lips.
 Then I passed through the barrier, convulsing on the floor underneath him,
under the pressure of the most intense orgasm I had ever had.  I was so
sensitized that I could even feel my fingernails scraping across Jakes chest
scratching him.  In one spot the gashes went so deep that I drew blood, but
he didn't stop.
 He kept fucking me, ignoring the claw marks I had made on him, and with
even more vigor he thrust deeper and deeper into me while his cock seemed to
double in size inside of me and with every knew thrust it kept growing
bigger, to such a point that I thought I could no longer contain him inside
me anymore.
 But he didn't stop, his face was dripping sweat onto me and with one final
thrust that seemed to reach higher than where I had my diaphram placed, I
broke out into another orgasm, while his cock exploded semen, spewing it out
with such furociousness that it seemed like I had a fire hose washing my
insides out, at the same time a moan errupted from both of our lips, that
would have beat the fat lady out anytime.
 He collapsed on top of me falling straight into unconscious, I just barely
managed to roll him over, keeping his monsterous cock inside of me.  I was
ontop of him.  I ran my fingers over his chest and found absolutely none of
my scratches on him.
 Carrie and Sandi were looking at us in surprise.  I could feel his cock
shriveling up inside of me, and I slipped off of him.  He had left no signs
of the giant cock I had, had inside of me.
 "Wow, now that's what you call putting everything into it," Sandi said
looking at Jake.  I tried to stand up, but my legs felt week and wobbley,
and my pussy was aching, with such intensity, that I thought I would die for
sure.  Sandi came to me and supported me a little and I think I managed to
mumble, "God, I feel so stretched," before I feel into unconciousness in her

 Chapter XXIII
 Delayed Plans
 I awoke on my bed with Sandi running her fingers thorugh my hair.
 "How?" I asked before Sandi shushed me quiet.
 "Take your time, there's no hurry,"
 "How did I get here?" I said pushing myself up into a halway sitting
poistion, every movement just seemed to create pain in my vagina.
 "Carrie and I managed to get you and Jake dressed.  Then she dropped you
and me here and said she was going to drop Jake off and go see Stacey, she
said she needed to talk to her.  I begged her not to go, I didn't think she
should since your mother told me they raped her."
 "How could you let her go?" I said raising my voice, feeling the effects
through out me.
 "She was quite intent on going.  I don't think I would have been able to
stop her nor could you have.  Your mother's still not home and it's already
after five."
 "Is it really that late?"
 "Yes, Jake really fucked the energy out of you."
 "Jake, yes, I rember now, the school bathroom.  His just...seemed
to double in size every second.  Right after I..." I raised the covers off
of me, enough so that I could see the middle of my chest, Sandi had been
caring enough to strip me before she put me to bed.  Right in the center of
my stomache I found three to six drops of dried blood.  The spot was exactly
below where I had made the scratches.  "...scratched him." I said softly
half to myself.
 "You couldn't have he never had a scratch on him.
 "But this is his blood," I argued quietly.
 "Well, it's defintely blood, but it can't be his," Sandi said looking at me
with pity in her eyes.  "He had a smaller penis than Bob's got when he
 "Then explain to me why I feel so sore and stretched."
 "The angle, or he could have used his fingers,"
 "Uh, Uh...I've been around a little, and he sure wasn't the first boy I've
slept with, and he seemed bigger than the first time I had had him in
Carrie's bedroom."
 "I don't know then, but you'll be able to find out tommorow."
 "God, no I can't not tommorow, I can hardly move I'm so sore, and I feel so
damned tired." I said rubbing my womb.
 "Would it help if I rubbed it?" Sandi asked with twinkling eyes.
 "God, no, I don't know if I'm even going to be able to pee."
 "What a shame?" Sandi said sulking, "well then I guess we should figure out
what we should do to get our parents together, if your not in the mood."
 "That sounds Ok, I'm sorry though but I'm just so sore!"
 "Forget it!" Sandi said and kissed my lips.  "I think I know how we can do
 "Do what?" I asked absent mindedly.
 "Get our parents to go out!" Sandi said resting a hand on my stomach.
 "Ow..." I said and she pulled her hand away, "Thanks, How?"
 "Well the two of us can sleep with them until we arrange a date between
 "I can't at least not for a few days," I said rubbing myself in slow
circular motions.
 "Well today's Monday, what about, if your feeling better, we'll start on
your mother Friday."
 "Ok, as long as Jake doesn't want me before then, if he does I'm afraid I
won't be able to go through with it,"
 "Alright, then I'll just have to keep Jake away from you for the next few
 "Would you like to go down stairs and get something to eat?"
 "I'm starving but I don't feel like I can make it all the way down stairs
and back again."
 "Would you like me to go make you something and then bring it up for you?"
 "Would you?"


 I got home from Bob's around seven o'clock and found Sandi in the kitchen
making some soup and sandwhichs.  I opened the fridge and got out a bottle
of seltser water before I collapsed into a kitchen chair to nurse the small
glass bottle.
 "Where is everyone?" I asked Sandi, who stopped to come over to kiss me a
moment earlier.
 "Christa's up in bed, exhausted and sore, and Carrie's out talking to
 "When did she go?" I asked suddenly frightened for Carrie's safety."
 "Right after school, she said she had called ahead and need to talk to
Stacey alone."
 "I guess she figure out what to do I mumbled, "Did she say when she'd be
 "She said she'd be back around nine,"
 "Alright, by the way why are you making dinner?"
 "Carrie's not here, and Christa's hungry,"
 "Well why doesn't she come down and make it herself,"
 "Because she can hardly move,"
 "What from?"
 "She's just really sore from today, that's all,"
 "What happened Sandi?"
 "Would you like some soup?"
 "Yes please and I'd also like an answer," I told her as she poured a bowl
of chicken noodle soup.
 "Well, Jake and Christa sort of, well they..."
 "Had sex,"
 "No, it was more...more sensual than that, and I'd have to say they went
well beyond just making love.  It was almost mystical, that they sort of
went at it, for no better way of defining it, and now she so sore because of
it, she aches just to talk."
 "That good was it,"
 "This went beyond good," Sandi said putting a bowl infront of me, "Christa
thinks he doubled in size every minute they were at it, and they were at it
for a good hour,"
 "I don't think, I've ever been fucked into pain before, not by anyone that
I can remember anyway." I informed Sandi.
 "Well, when Bob and I go at it, its always a bit painful for me, he says
I've got a small tight pussy, I think thats only part of the reason, the
other being that he's so large."
 "How long does it usually last?"
 "Oh, its gone within a few minutes after he's worked himself into me, but
he still thinks I'm as tight as the day he first had me.  You've seen my
pussy, do you think I have a small cunt?"
 "Well..." I said taking a spoonful of soup, "you do have a sort of small
enterance, but your father does have a very large penis," I said remebering
when Bob really got himself worked up after eating me out.
 "Besides I think a small cunt is really good when your with a man, because
no matter how small they are, or how big they are, you always feel full,
whether slightly or extremly full."
 "I better take this soup up to Christa," Sandi said just as I was finishing
off my last mouthful of soup.
 "I'll go up with you, I better take a look at her."


 When Christa say me she tried to pull the covers over her breasts, but she
was obviously exactly like Sandi had described her because she failed to be
able to even reach the covers.
 I sat on the edge and Sandi maneuvered her way up to Christa's head to give
her, her soup.  "I hear you and Jake went at it together pretty good today,"
 Christa didn't say anything, she only nodded.  "Feel sore, heh, well all
you need is a few days rest, and a good number of warm bubble baths."
 "Christa, I know I'm being a nagging mother, but..." I waited for her to
swallow the fresh spoonful of soup Sandi gave, "...did you"
 Christa nodded, and quietly said "I was wearing my diaphram, I still had it
in from last night."
 "That's good," I said trying to hold back a sigh of relief.  "May I look,"
I asked holding onto the blankets that covered her bottom half.  Sandi fed
her another spoonful of soup, and Christa nodded.
 I lifted the blankets up and threw them to the other side, slowly Christa
spread her legs for me.  Her pussy, the whole area was red, her vulva was
almost scarlet with bruises, and her clitoris was swollen to an amazing
size.  "My god," I muttered.  Sandi set the bowl of soup down and came over
to see the same thing I was looking at.  "Jake did this to you," I said
looking up at her nodding head.
 "That must have been one hell of a fuck," I said almost for lack of better
words.  I didn't know really what else to say.  I had never seen a pussy
look like that, ever.  I covered her back up, and gently patted her leg, it
was obvious she felt every tap through out her entire body.
 "Christa, when I said you needed to rest for a couple of days, well, honey
I was wrong, you probably won't be going anywhere for a good two weeks at
least.  You should maybe even go to the hospital."
 "No, hospital," Christa pleaded, "I would never be able to go out in public
again if anyone got word of me in the hospital, because my pussy was sore."
 "Honey, I..."
 "No, I'll be alright trust me,"
 I left her room for mine leaving Sandi there to finish feeding her.
 A few minutes later, when I was laying on my bed, sprawled out, trying to
think about what I should do for Christa, Sandi came in and sat down beside
me, together we stayed like that for a few minutes in utter silence.
 "How is she?" I ended up asking Sandi.
 "Asleep," came a weak reply.  "Is she going to be alright?" Sandi asked me.
 "I don't know, I've never seen anything like that, I know I'm no doctor but
there is no way that can be normal.  What about Jake, what happened to him?"
 "Carrie took him home, he was out like a rock, just like Christa was!  He
probably isn't even awake yet!"
 "I don't understand it, he doesn't have that big of a penis, even when he's
 "How do you know that?"
 "Because I've had him too, and he sure never did that to me,"
 "You slept with him too,"
 "Yes, Friday night," I said absently.  "If she doesn't feel a little better
in the morning, we'll take her to the hospital," I said thinking aloud.
 "Can I stay tonight Ms. Benchino,"
 "Of course Sandi, your welcome here anytime, even if it is under as
unfortunate circumstance as tonight.  Just call your dad and tell him."
 "Thank you."

 Chapter XXIV
 "It's alright with Bob, he doesn't need me tonight, I don't think I could
have taken him inside me tonight any...What's wrong Martha?" Sandi asked me
when she saw I was crying.
 "I'm scared," I said stiffling a sniffle, "for Christa, its hard to see her
in so much pain, I just looked in on her."
 "It'll be alright," she told me wrapping her arms around me and kissing my
cheek.  "Why don't you lie back on the bed, and I'll make you feel better,"
she suggested to me.  I did as she suggested and she was soon at my side
undoing the bottons to my blouse, to undress me.
 Slowly and carefully she worked, when she got my blouse off she gently
kissed each nipple, and masaged each of my breasts individually, taking her
time, not rushing at all.  And all I could think of was the pleasure that
she was giving me.
 Then just as slowly and deliberately she removed my belt, and my pants,
then slowly and carresingly she removed my black lace panties, and finally
my socks.
 Then gently she eased my legs apart, and kissed me, soft, gentle and sweet.
She licked every square milimeter at least half a dozen times before she
penetrated me with her fingers, her strokes were slow and rythmatic, easing
me into an almost dream like state, of pleasure.  An hour passed and she
still hadn't brought me off, she only did enough to keep me interested.
Then at the end of the second hour, I finally pleaded and begged her to take
me all the way, her tongue slid into me and her fingers quickly moved across
my flesh enterance, finding exactly where to touch me with precision
accuracy, never missing a button or a drop of my juices.
 Finally after the end of a lingering twenty-minutes wave after wave of
energy pulsed through me, as my orgasm swept through me, bleeding off all my
remaining energy out of my pussy.  The pussy that Sandi had her lips wrapped
over in a kiss.
 With one last cry, I felt unconciousness overtaking me.  Sandi came up
beside me and kissed my lips, my scent was all over her, as she licked at my
lips, trying to get my mouth to open so she can share some with my tongue.
I opened my mouth and let her in, her tongue swirled around inside my mouth,
spreading my juices all around.
 When she withdrew her tongue, I saw her hair hang roughly around her
shoulders and down around her head through hazy eyes, and managed to say,
"Thank you,"
 "Your welcome, mom," I heard her say just before I was swept away by the
tides of sleep.


 When I got home it was roughly about quarter to ten, I knew I was
fourty-five minutes late, but I ened up staying and getting into a
sixty-nine with Stacey before I left.  I figured, I enjoyed the sex that her
and her husband had given me more than I had disliked it and I went back and
told her so, and made a date with her and her husband later on in the month.
 I quietly made my way up the stairs, through Christa's closed door, I could
hear her moaning away, more than likely from flashbacks about Jake.  I
wasn't sure I was letting her have him, partially because I guess I figured
there really wasn't anything there for us in a realationship.  I quietly
pushed open moms bedroom door and found her fast asleep in bed lying beside
a fully dressed Sandi who had fallen asleep before she had gotten undressed,
I suspected.
 There was really nothing else for me to do than to go to bed.  So that's
exactly what I did.
 About four hours later, Sandi came into my room and woke me up.  She had
now dispersed of her clothes and had come to me for pleasure.  Pleading with
me for it, I told her I was tired and wanted to go to sleep, but she
wouldn't hear of it and planted herself on my face.
 She was dripping wet, it wasn't long before I was fully awak and lapping
readily at her flowing honey pot.  She cooed and rubbed herself against me
as she layed down ontop of me with her face in my pussy, although she didn't
bother to try and get me off.  Soon she was moaning softly into my bare
pussy, which had had Stacey's thick, strong tongue in it only a few hours
 She came and slipped into sleep quickly, not even bothering to get off of
me, and she was too sturdily based for me to push her off, and I was too
tired to do anything more, so I fell asleep with Sandi's pussy in my face,
and that's the way we slept.

 Chapter XXV
 When I woke up the next morning, I was feeling alot better, and I was no
longer sore, except for when I touched my pussy directly.  I got to my feet
and went to see my Martha, to tell her I was feeling better.
 Through Carrie's open door I saw that Sandi had found a place to sleep,
right on top of Carrie and between her legs.  I silently closed the door for
them, believing they probably wouldn't want to be disturbed.
 Mom was lying in her bed, in a gentle state of sleep.  Her breasts were
hanging out just over the covers and her hair was laying limp on her pillow.
 "Mom," I started whispering after I closed the door behind me, I moved
closer till I was sitting on the bed.  I ran my fingers through her hair and
startled she sprang to life.
 "Christa!" She said excited as soon as she saw me leaning over her.
 "Yes, mom, it's me."
 "How are you feeling honey?" she asked me sitting up in bed, not ashamed of
her nakedness infront of me.
 "I'm not sore anymore, at least as long as I don't touch myself."
 "That's good, may I look."
 "If you want," I told her, she was trying to take care of me, I knew that
and she couldn't do it without being able to see.  But I not only felt
better, but incredibly horny.  I threw one leg over my mothers legs and left
the one closest to the edge of the bed where it was, spreading my legs as
far apart as I could.
 She examined me closely, and then gingerly fingered the outer rims of my
hole, it didn't hurt like it had a minute ago when I had touched it myself,
then she moved closer towards my hole, gently proding every where she could,
then she gently spread my lips apart to see the inner rim of my pussy.
 "You seem to have healed completely," she said pulling away a very sticky
finger.  "How do you feel?"
 "Full of energy," I said wanting to just fuck and fuck and fuck, "and..."
 "Yes?" she asked me watching every move I made.
 "and...extremly.....horny." I said giggling.
 "Horny, heh..." she said looking at my sticky pussy again.  "Having you
being playing with yourself already."
 "No!, but I feel wonderful." I said flipping over onto my stomache so I was
laying ontop of her.  "You've wanted to make love to me for quite a while
haven't you?" I asked Martha, not looking away from the sheets.
 "Yes, I guess I have,"
 "Well, will you make love to me now, I know its probably not the right
time, but I'm just so...horny." I said gigling again.
 "Are you sure, your no longer sore?  Your still a little bruised, but most
of it has gone, how I don't know."
 "All that is left is horniness, whether you satisfy it or not, I will fuck
someone, but I need it."
 "Well, if your absolutely sure,"
 "Either fuck me now, or I'll go find someone else, even if I have to go out
into the street as I am,"
 "No, its alright, if thats what you want, that's what you can have, remeber
I won't..." She started but before she got a chance to finish I spun around
and placed my cunt in her face, where I almost instantly started rubbing it
across her lips.
 Finally after an eternity of waiting I felt her tongue dart out and gently
glide across my pussy.  Almost instantly I was screaming in pleasure, not
holding anything back I might add.
 My screams ripped through the house not leaving a single room exempt from
my shrieks.  In a matter of moments both Carrie and Sandi were watching me.
Pleasure, utter pleasure, that's all I felt, whether it was do to Martha or
from what had happened yesterday, or just my extreme libido.
 I couldn't help the screams they continued to pour out from between my lips
not heeding to anything.  Martha kissed me, quickly altering between kisses
and driving either her tongue or her fingers into me.  I didn't move from
the position I had originally assumed when I had first placed my treasure
infront of her.
 Carrie and Sandi both started rubbing their hands across my flesh, even
though I paid them no attention, all I was interested in was Martha's
tongue, and how quickly it got me off.
 I was writhing in pleasure, from all the attention, then when I finally did
reach orgasm, it suddenly swept through me, with the speed of a wild fire,
with such an intensity, that I started shaking, uncontrollably, both Carrie
and Sandi tried to hold me down, but they couldn't I was just jerking around
too fast and to strongly for them even to get a handle of me.
 Finally when I stopped shaking I was lying beside Martha on the bed, I felt
weaker than I had ever felt in my life, I had never, ever had that kind of
experience before, and all my sexual lust melted away.
 Just before I lost all sense of time, and conciousness, Martha stroked my
pussy, bringing on one last uncontrollable shudder before I slipped into

 Chapter XXVI
 "What was that about?" Carrie asked me.
 "I'm not really sure," I replied almost instantly.  "She just came in here,
feeling nothing but horny, and there was almost no sign of the bruises from
 "There had to be," Sandi argued.
 "There was some, but not enough to make anyone believe what we saw
 "Would somebody like to tell me what's going on?" Carrie asked, knowing she
had missed something in our conversation.
 Sandi then attempted to explain to Carrie what we had seen, the night
 "But, if what you say is true, that's impossible,"
 "Just look," I told her, trying to get somebody else to tell me that I
hadn't seen wrong.  Sandi gently eased Christa's legs apart, and began to
examine her sleeping form.  Then she reached out a just barely skimmed her
finger across Christa's bare flesh, when Christa's whole body shuddered.
Sandi quickly withdrew her hand and then experimentaly, touched Christa
again, creating another shudder in my unconcious daughter.
 "That's enough," I told her "just let her rest, she should probably sleep
for the rest of today, I'll stay home with her.  But you two better get
ready and get to school." with that the two girls left my room.


 "Hello, is Jake there," I asked his mother at about nine o'clock that
morning.  Christa was still sleeping and not likely to wake up for a while,
Sandi and Carrie had gone off to school with very little resistance.
 "Yes, but..." His mother started hesitantly and then slowly continued,
"...he came home sick yesterday afternoon...from school...and he hasn't
woken up yet...would you like me to get him to call him, when he does wake
 "No, thats all right," I said just before hanging up the phone.  So it was
fully mutual! and they were both paying for it.  I couldn't actually say
that I blamed them, actually I probably felt that it was good that they were
so sexaully active, and I probably felt a little jealous that she had
managed to get herself, into such a pleasurable state, that I had never
gotten into before, or probably ever would.
 After I called Jake's house, I had a shower and got dressed.  Then I
started cleaning the house, when I get nervous or worried about something I
have a terrible impulse to clean.
 Every once and awhile I looked in on Christa, her facial expresions changed
from pain to joy and back again in a matter of seconds.  I felt so helpless,
that I couldn't ease her troubles, or even help her with them.  A couple of
times when she needed it I covered her back up.
 After I checked on her at about noon, I decided to call Bob.  I figured
he'd probably be able to cheer me up, but he was also the only person that I
could really call.  Besides we had both figured that since we were getting
"married" the people at his office should hear my voice at least a couple of
times, but I wasn't calling for their benifit, I was calling for my own
 "Hello," a female voice greeted me, I thought it was a real person at first
and started to talk but, heedless to my speach, it continued on, "Welcome to
Baschom and Oyster Design incorporated, if you would like to speak to Mr.
Baschom, press one, if you would like to speak to Mr. Oyster press two, if
you would like to speak to Mrs. Oliveta press three, if you wish to speak to
Mr. Davis press four," that was it so I pressed four.
 "Hello Mr. Davis's office," another woman's voice greeted me, "how can I
help you?"
 "May I speak to Bob?" I asked.
 "Who may I say is calling?"
 "His future wife," I added gigling to myself.
 "Ms. Benchino, isn't it?"
 "Yes," I replied surprised that they had already heard of me, that must be
one good gossip vine over there.
 "All of us here, at least the women would like to congratulate you on
picking one of the best eligible men, at the company, and probably the best
looking," she added unconciously.
 I felt warm from the compliment, it was so sincere.  It almost made me feel
giddy.  "Thank you," I replied then added, "call me Martha!"
 "Ok, Martha, I'll tell Bob your on the line," she then put me on hold and a
matter of seconds later Bob picked up the phone.
 "Hello Martha," he said cheerfully into the phone.
 "Hello Bobby,"
 "What may I do for you?"
 "Just talk to me," I told him, "I'm home today, with a sick dayghter,
Christa, right now she upstairs sleeping and I'm feeling a little lonely,"
 "Is she alright?  What's wrong with her?"
 "Well, she just overworked," I said "at least that's the way she looked
yesterday, but today I'm not so sure I was right,"
 "Can I do anything?"
 "No, not right now anyway, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to make our
date tommorow!"
 "Don't worry about it, if you can't we'll go out the next night, and if
she's stil not feeling better, we can go out the next night, or what I could
do is bring dinner over their tommorow night and all five of us can eat
 "That sounds good but I'd rather the two of us just went out together,"
 "We'll we can do it either way, but just incase I'll make reservations for
us tommorow night for Doveau's."
 "Bob, that's the most expensive restaurant in town, you don't really have
to do that..."
 "Nonsense...I want you to have the best."
 "Bob, that's so sweet but...."
 "But nothing, don't worry about it, you just take good care of that
daughter of yours so that you can go out."
 No one had ever taken me to Doveau's before, the most I got was maybe a
dinner at a cozy restaurant and a good fuck afterwards, but there was never
any romance.  It was just the same old deal, I got something to eat and was
expected to put out for it.
 But Doveau's was one of the most expensive restaurant in town, nothing was
under twenty dollars, including the water, and I had even heard someone say
that even an appetizer salad cost twenty-five and Bob was going to take me
to it, I couldn't believe it.  It was so generous, so sweet, if he had of
asked me to marry him for real right over the phone, I thought for sure I'd
 "Now, I've got somehting else to ask you?"
 "Yes?" I asked, expecting him to ask me the question.
 "Somebody, gave me two tickets, for the theater Saturday night, Phantom of
the Opera, I believe the play is, I was wondering if you'd like to go with
 "Yes," I said excitedly.
 "There's only one problem," he said a little softer.
 "What is it?"
 "Well, the theater that's holding the show isn't even in this province,"
 "Where is it?" I said getting anxious.
 "Well, its in BC, we'd have to leave early Saturday morning, and we'd
probably have to stay overnight in a hotel, you can still decline if you
 "No, the answer is still yes," I said almost wanting to jump off my chair
and go through the phone and kiss him.  Then on a down note I asked, "but
what about the girls?"
 "What about them, they'll be alright for the weekend."
 "How do we tell them?"
 "I'll figure that out later," he said confidently, "I'll call you later and
we'll work something out alright, but right now I've got to go and do some
things, I'll talk to you later, alright?"
 "Alright!" I replied a little sadly then with resumed excitement in my
voice I added, "I can't wait Bob,"
 "Well then, goodbye," then he paused for a second leaving empty air between
us then finished by saying "I love you!" and before I had a chance to answer
the phone went dead.
 "I've got to get a dress," I said aloud to myself while I put the phone
back into its cradle.
 "What for?" Christa's groggy voice asked from the stairs.
 "Somebody invited me to the theater this weekend," I said watching her pink
robed figure pad down the stairs.  "How do you feel?"
 "Tired," she replied flopping down into one of the kitchen chairs.  "But
otherwise better,"
 "Would you like something to eat?" I asked her watching her from the across
the table.
 "Yes, please, I'm starving,"
 "What would you like?" I said starting to look through the cupboards.
 "Something heavy," she replied.
 "Well," I said finishing my search through the fridge, "it doesn't appear
that we have anything to that order, but if you want to get dressed, and go
out for lunch, we can, then you can help me pick out a couple of dresses.
 "Ok," she agreed, getting up off of her chair.
 "Christa, now that we're in a bit better lighting would you let me look at
you again, I just want to check again how much you've healed.
 "Alright," she said and came closer to me again, "where do you want
to...inspect me."
 "Right here will be fine," I told her.  She turned the mobile chair side
ways so that she was facing me and perpinduclar to the table while she
opened her robe and let my eyes wander over her bare flesh, then she raised
one of her legs and set it up ontop of the table.  While she moved her other
leg as far away from the other as she could resting it on the floor.
 I knelt down infront of her and gawked at her pussy, it was dry this time
and with the evaporation of her juices, the bruises had disappeared
entirely.  "How do I look?" she asked watching me.
 "Normal, if this is what you looked like before?"
 "No, I mean how do I look,"
 "Your beautiful," I replied looking up between her thighs.  Then quietly I
moved back away from her not wanting to distract myself from what we were
going to do.  "You better go get dressed," I told her.
 "Do I have to?" she asked me obviously her horniness had come back.
 "You do if you want to go," I said trying to pretend I hadn't just noticed
a fresh drop of lubricant seeping from her vagina.
 "Alright," she said getting up pouting, closing her robe.  "I'll be down in
a minute."
 True to her word three minutes later she came down, dressed in a pair of
tighter than average shorts, that were really short and were cunt level to
the bottom of her crotch.  She was wearing a bathing suit top, that tightly
held her breasts close to her, exposing the full rapture of them.
 "Well, you'll certainly catch a few eyes in that," I mentioned as we got
into the car.
 "All I care about is keeping your eyes, on me."
 "Well, I don't think that will be a problem," I said backing out of the

 Chapter XXVII
 "So who are you going to the theater with?" I asked Martha chewing on a
thick french-fry.
 "Well, I'll tell you when I tell your sister,"
 "You said two dresses didn't you?  If your using one for this theater
excursion, what's the other for?"
 "Well, I..." she started and then finished, "alright I'll tell you, but
this is a secret all right,"
 "Well, I've been asked to go out,"
 "By who?" I asked worried that she'd ruin Sandi and our plans, but she
ignored my question.
 "and, well he said he was taking me to...Doveau's"
 "Doveau's, that fancy plance on fith and thirty-first,"
 "That's the one,"
 Damn it, that couldn't be Bob, he couldn't afford that place, there was no
 "When are you going out with this guy?" I asked her.
 "Tommorow, right now he's trying to figure out how we should tell you
 "Then why are you telling me now?"
 "I'm excited can't you tell, he's the first man to ever be so generous to
 "So your ready to jump into bed with him just because, he's giving you an
expensive meal, and taking you to the theater."
 "No, I think I'm falling in love with him, and I think he feels the same
 "Where did you two meet?"
 "That's not important is it,"
 "Sure it is?" I said trying to get more information out of her, to see how
far he had already pulled her in.
 "You'll meet him tommorow, although you already have, you'll know who he is
tommorow," then she whispered to me across the table, "God I'm getting hot
just thinking about him, hurry up and lets get out of here and get the those
dresses bought."
 I can't say that I rushed too much to do what she wanted, knowing that she
almost seemed like she was ready to marry this mysterious guy without even
showing him to Carrie or me, and denying Sandi's plans for her father at the
same time.
 We bought her two gowns, they were both beautiful gowns, but I wasn't sure
if I wanted her wearing them and impressing this guy.  When we got home the
phone was already ringing.
 "Hello," I said picking the phone up, before Martha got to it.
 "Hello, Christa is that you?"
 "Yeah, Carrie it's me." I said turning around to find my mother stripping
off her clothes.
 "How are you feeling, sore anymore?"
 "Nope, what do you want?"
 "Well tell mom I'm going to stay at Sandi's for a couple of hours then I'll
be home."
 "What are you two doing?"
 "Were going to plant roses in the front flower bed,"
 "Sure you are," I said intending for her to pick up that fact that I
thought they'd be fucking probably until Sandi's father got home.
 "Honest!"  Carrie said.  "Just tell mom, Ok?"
 "Alright," I said to Carrie as Martha held out her panties for me, when I
took them I found they were soaked all the way through.  "Tell, Sandi we may
have a problem,"
 "Fine, bye."  Then she hung up.

 Chapter XXVIII
 "Are you sure that's what she said," I asked Carrie, "are you sure she said
we had a problem,"
 "Positive," Carrie said sitting straight up on her knees.
 "Damn it, I wonder what possibly could go wrong, are you sure she didn't
say anything else,"
 "No that's all she said," Carrie assured me picking up another one of the
little red flowers.
 "I'll go back home with you in a couple of minutes, we just have to wait
for Bob so I can tell him where I'll be."
 "Write him a note,"
 "No I should tell him in person, when he came home from work yesterday, he
came home to an empty house and I don't want him to have to come home to the
same thing again tonight."
 "Hello Carrie, I'm glad you two called me this afternoon to tell me you'd
both be here," Bob said from behind us, we both turned to see him coming up
the sidewalk towards us.


 Martha came over to me after I had hung up the phone, and started to paw
me, telling me that we should get me out of my clothes.
 Her lips pressed against mine, in a really hard passionate kiss, I wasn't
really sure that I wanted to be used as a sex toy by her, but luckily I
didn't have to make the decision.  Just after she managed to push my top
down, the doorbell rang.
 I hefted my top back into place and said "I'll get it," and before she
could say anything I slipped away from her, and made it to the front door
with no problem.
 In the door a guy no older than twenty five stood holding two bouqetes of
flowers, one red roses and the other pink.  He handed me the red one which I
smelt, then he said "Sign here please!"
 I signed where he showed me, and just as I was finishing returning his pen,
I knew my mother was standing behind me, when I looked I saw I was right,
only she hadn't bothered to get dressed, and stood infront of both me and
the delivery guy in all her nakedness.
 Almost out of habit I looked down and saw the guys crotch was swelling,
from the sight of her.  After a second he managed to regain control, but not
over his crotch and handed me the pink bouqete.  He backed away but not
after taking one last look at Martha, then he was gone.
 "Who are they from?" Martha asked me.
 "I don't know!" I said handing her the red ones.  Then I looked at the card
in the massive pink bundle.  "These ones are for me, there from...Bob."
 "So are mine," Martha said "Isn't he sweet," she said inhaling the aroma of
the flowers.
 "Yeah," I replied solemnly knowing that she was going out with another man
the next night.


 "These are for you," Bob said holding out a bouqete of pink roses for me,
"and these are for you," he said handing the another boqete to Carrie.
 "What are these for?" I asked.
 "No, reason," he said "I'm just overly happy, I've fallen in love,"  I
looked at him almost in shock.
 "With who?" I said rather harshly.
 "Well you see that's a secret, we are going to dinner with her and her, now
you two girls go get dressed, while I make a phone call,"
 "You mean your going to take me too?" Carrie asked.
 "Yes, of course,"
 "I better call home then,"
 "No don't bother, we'll drop by and you can tell your mother in person,"
then he went in through the front door.
 "God, we do have a problem don't we!" I said aloud to no one in particular.


 Martha had stopped trying to get me between her legs, after the flowers
came, but she did go into her room with the flowers, and from what I could
hear she masterbated for a good hour.
 While she was involved with that I decided to call Jake, to see how he was
feeling and talk about our experience in the bathroom.  I dialed his number
in my bedroom and after a few boring minutes talking to his mother, he
picked up the phone.
 "Hello loverboy," I said into the phone more cheerfully than I was feeling.
 "Christa, is that you," he responded but he sounded half awake.
 "Of course its me silly who would you think it was.
 "I don't know, I guess I'm not totally awake yet,"
 "How long have you been sleeping?"
 "Ever since Carrie brought me home, how are you feeling?"
 "Better, but my mom says after that afternoon, my pussy was all bruised, I
suppose she was probably right, I felt super sensitive, I could hardly
 "Yeah, my whole pussy, but now she says there gone entirely, you know you
really know how to show a girl a good time."
 "Did you wake"
 "As a toad," I replied without hesitating.
 "That's exactly how I'm feeling now, other than a little tired, and
my...penis is sore a little."
 "When you touch it right?"
 "Yeah, how did..."
 "That's exactly how I felt, it'll pass quite quickly, listen no sense
wasting that energy, why don't you come over here and I'll help alliviate
your pain."
 "But what about your sister and mother,"
 "Let them find their own men, your mine, especially if sex between us is
that great, now get your buns over here."
 "Alright I'm coming, even if I have to slip out,"
 "Not yet your not wait till you get over here and inside me."
 "Alright Christa," he said, I could tell on the other side of the line he
was grinning from my rude comment.
 "Jake," I said feeling that I wanted to keep him on the line a little
longer, then from no where the words "I love you," sprang out.
 Jake took a second after he heard that and then said "I love you too," with
that I hung up.
 A few minutes after I hung up, over my mothers screams I could just barely
hear her phone ring, her screams stopped suddenly and a minute later she was
in my doorway.
 "Get dressed in something nice, we've been invited out for dinner.  He
wants to tell you's tonight, so get ready."
 "But, mom"
 "But nothing, young lady get dressed,"
 "Mom, Jake's coming over, he's feeling exactly like I was this morning and
I told him I would give him his cure, just like you gave me mine,"
 "Look, we'll wait for him and he can come along, all right!"
 "Fine, but Carrie isn't even home yet, she's still at Sandi's"
 "Don't worry about her, just get dressed and go wait for Jake, and your
 Sisters, I thought and then decided her tongue had just slipped.  I got
dressed in a long cotton skirt, without panties, for easy access at dinner
for Jake, and anyone else who cared.  I put on a nice pink laced blouse, and
went down stairs, hoping that Jake was wearing something decent, but I was
also sort of sorry that I couldn't help Jake immediately upon his arrival,
or maybe I could.
 On my second trip to the front street I saw Jake coming, in a small blue
ford car.  He pulled into the driveway.  As soon as he got out of the car, I
could feel my pussy stirring just at the sight of him and I practically
leaped into his arms when he got out of the car crying out his name.
 His kissed me and cradled me in his arms, carrying me up the sidewalk to
the front door and through it.  Martha was just standing inside the door,
wearing lipstick and look as good as she could, when Jake saw her he set me
down on to my feet on the floor.
 "Are they here yet?"
 "No," then I looked at "Jake go and lie down on the couch in the living
room, and I'll be there in a minute,"
 Martha looked at me, worried that I was going to ruin her night as Jake
went and did as I had told him to, "look mom, you go outside and wait for
them, we'll be there out in a couple of minutes, alright?"
 She nodded and then said "Promise?"
 "I promise," I told her, "Jake needs me right now, and now that he's mine,
I intend to be there for him,"
 "All right," she said still worried and kissed my forehead, "have fun
honey, but don't take to long," with that she turned and went out the front
door closing it behind her.


 "Jake?" I said as I went into the living room.
 "Is she gone?" Jake asked watching me move across the room to him.
 "We've got to be quick we've got to go with her, she's going to introduce
the guy she's fallen in love with tonight." I said kissing his lips.
 "Come and lie down on the floor," I told him pulling him off the couch,
"but take off your pants first," I added.  He obeyed me and layed down with
his cock wavering in the air infront of me.
 "I've got a present for you," I said hiking up my skirt for him to see
 "It's beautiful, just what I've always wanted," he said grinning up at me.
 I stradled him and lowered myself down onto his already hard cock, as soon
as I had him all the way into me I told him, "You feel so good, you know
we're so good together, we compliment each other perfectly," I said starting
to quickly slid up and down on his cock.
 "I know I feel it too, it's like we're made for each other, a perfect
match."  He moaned.  "We're perfect together," he said as I lowered myself
down for us to kiss, not stopping our impulsive motions.
 "I love you," we both cried simutaneously as orgasm swept over both of us,
as if we were one, like we were merging, somehow knowing what each other was
thinking but not saying it, then as it subsided we became our individuals.
Holding onto each other tightly, kissing, not wanting to seperate, not
wanting to bear the feeling of being apart.
 "Come on, you two," Martha said smiling, breaking the fantasy of our own
world.  "There here and their waiting," she said leaving us alone again.
 I got off of Jake, yet not wanting to leave him.  We had been one person in
every sense of the word, and I could tell just by looking at his eyes that
he had felt the exact same things that I had.  I helped him up, and he
pulled on his pants, and did them up.

 Chapter IXXX
 Meant to be?
 "Here they come," Martha called getting into the car as Jake and I came
down the front sidewalk, it was Bob in the car, Bob, Sandi, and Carrie, all
of them, the mystery man must have been Bob, the whole time I had thought it
was somebody else.  I was wrong.
 "You two follow us all right Bob said from behind the steering whell,
there's not enough room for all of us in here,"
 "Ok, Jake," called after him, as he was backing off the drive way.  He
helped me into the passenger side of his car, and then he got in himself.
He started the car and we started off towards the restaurant.
 After we had already driven a couple of blocks I asked Jake "When we made
love at the house did we were..."
 "One," he finished for me.
 "Yeah, I've never..."
 "...felt like that before."
 "How did you know,"
 "what I (you) was going to say?" we both said together.
 "I can..."
 "...just feel the words." I finished surprising myself.  "Jake, jesus...we
really must be meant for one another, heh!"
 "Christa, I..." he started and stopped as he turned a corner, "...I think
your probably right!  Christa somehow, we did more than just make love at
your house.  I know everything about you, I know about your mother and you
and, damn it, it's gone."
 "What do you rember about me?" he asked me.
 "I know about you and my mother, Friday night, was it, she called you over can't remember anymore."
 "Move furniture," popped into my head just an instant before he said it.
 "Jake what's,"
 "Don't say it, just think it,"
 `Jake what's happening to us?' I thought in my head.
 `I don't know, but its wonderous' I heard Jake say inside my head.
 "Did we just?"
 "I think so, you asked me what was happening to us didn't you?"
 "Yes, god Jake, we should probably tell my mother,"
 "No, you know how special this night is to her, we shouldn't tell her this,
besides if this got out, somebody would probably pull up to our house and
haul us away to be disected."
 "Jake, you've watched too many sci-fi movies," I said as we parked into one
of the stalls outside an Earls restaurant.
 `Look all we know is that this' Jake said in my head and then finished
aloud "is very special, and its between you and me, maybe what we should do
is try and see what our range is within one another, when we go inside, go
to the bathroom and try to tell me something, if I hear you I'll touch your
leg when you get back to the table."
 "Alright, Jake," then we kissed before we got out of the car.  `I love you'
I added mentally.
 "I love you too," he said escorting me up to the front door, where the rest
of our group had already disappeared.


 "Well, girls," Bob said watching all of us trying to contain himslef.  "Did
you like the flowers?" he asked watching only for Martha's response.
 "I loved them," she said and we the three of us repeated similar thanks.
 "Well lets order, what do you's want,"
 Jake order for me after I told him what I wanted mentally, nobody seemed to
notice that we hadn't said a word to each other inside the restaurant, all
though we each moved in response to the others needs or desires.
 Bob order for the rest of the table consulting them all first, and then to
finish it all off he order two bottles of wine.
 When the waiter returned with the two bottles, he started pouring, either
red or white to whatever the people around the table desired, it didn't seem
like he was really worried about age requirements.  Then when he got to me I
said red but Jake held his hand over my glass preventing him from pouring.
 "She won't be having any!" he said firmly.
 `Why not?' I asked him privately staring at him sternly.
 `I don't know, it just feels wrong, I can't explain it, look I won't have
any either, just don't have any all right!  For me!'
 `Ok, Jake'
 "He won't be having any either," I told the waiter when he got to Jake's.
 "We'll just have a couple of coke's, thanks."
 "Come on you two, have a glass it won't kill you, tonights a night to
celebrate." Bob said looking at the two of us.
 "No, its alright," I told him.
 `Let's try it now, excuse yourself and go to the bathroom,' Jake told me.
 `Alright,' I told Jake at the same time I excused myself.
 Carrie and Sandi, excused themselves behind me and they followed me into
the washroom.
 "We didn't even have to do anything!" Sandi said to me as she reapplied her
 "They probably spent that entire day together," Carrie complained washing
her hands.
 `Jake when I get you home, your not going to get a minute of sleep,' I
thought as I checked my hair in the mirror.
 "Your awefully quite tonight, Christa!" Carrie said watching me, ruffle my
 "I'm saying all I want to say,"
 "Well that ain't too much," Sandi complained.
 "Well, Jake and I have been a little to busy under the table," I lied.
 "That certainly explains it," Sandi said as we went out into the hall.
 When we got back to the table I slid back into my chair beside Jake,
waiting for him to give the sign.  What I didn't expect was him to slip his
hand up my skirt, running his hand across my leg and then finally touching
my bare pussy.  I accidentally let out a tiny gasp into my coke, hoping it
wouldn't be noticed by anyone, they didn't.
 `We've been too busy under the table' Jake explained removing his hand from
under my skirt.
 `You heard me,'
 `Every thought, beautiful including what you want to do after this, party'
 `Good, I was hoping I wouldn't have to repeat it,' then I kissed his cheek.
 Everyone at the table looked at us for a second and then went back to their
own conversations.  We ate our meals and then ordered desert, Jake and I
continued our mental conversation and didn't verbally speak a single word to
one another the whole time, then we ordered desert, a couple of pies, which
were quickly digested, and then Bob started looking funny, like he was
holding back something, like he wanted to say something but didn't know how
to say it.
 Then suddenly after all conversations had stopped, he got down on his knee
beside Martha.
 `He's going to propose to her!' Jake said excitedly to me.  Bob opened a
small little velvet box infront of Martha and then asked her "Martha, will
you marry me?"
 He did it right there in the restaurant, no fore warning nothing.  The
whole room turned silent, nobody said a word and all the eyes in the whole
place were on Martha, waiting for an answer.  My mother's eyes glazed over
like she was ready to cry and with an unexpected burst of energy that nobody
had expected she said "YES" a little too loudly.
 The whole room burst into clapping, to congratualte the newly engaged
couple.  Another bottle of wine was presented by the manager of the
restaurant as a gift from the entire staff.
 `God, it worked out better than Sandi had ever planed it' I told Jake, as
he wiped a tear off my cheek.  Then we kissed, and for a fleeting moment we
both knew something, then it was gone, it was important, important to both
of us.
 Everybody else at the table, were in too chipper of spirits when it came
time to go home, everybody but me and Jake.
 "You drive Carrie and Sandi home, in Bob's car, I'll take the new couple,
we'll meet at your house ok?" Jake told me infront of everyone.
 I got Carrie and Sandi into the back of Bob's car and took his keys from
him, before helping Jake get Bob and my mother into his back seat.  He got
his ford started before I managed to get Bob's car started.
 `Remember, I'll be with you' Jake said and then addeed `my love'
 `I love you too Jake,' I told him backing the car out to follow him home.
 Halfway home Jake said `Well the new couple is already making out,'
 `So are Carrie and Sandi' I told him `that wine must have went straight to
their sex drives, and you wouldn't let me have any,'
 `Mabe so, but think of it this way, when their passed out, we'll still be
going strong,'
 `Your right, my beloveded'
 `Where are all these names coming from?' Jake asked as we pulled into my
driveway.  We had called each other so many different names over the fifteen
minute drive, I couldn't have even imagined counting them.
 `Who should we take in first?' I asked Jake ignoring his question as I shut
the engine off.
 `How far undressed are, Carrie and Sandi?'
 `There fully dressed except for a few loose buttons,'
 `Then let's take Martha and Bob in, their both trying to take each others
clothes off.'
 `All right' I said getting out of the car.
 We managed to get the first couple into my mothers bedroom, and when we
went back for the second, Carrie and Sandi were both fully naked and kissing
and licking each other.
 "What do we do now?" I asked Jake aloud trying to disturb Sandi and Carrie,
it did but they began slipping their hands up my skirt, trying to touch my
pussy.  Jake pulled me back away from them, and told them that they couldn't
stay in the car and that we were home, and that they could go and get into a
warm bed together.  They didn't listen to him, but they did try for his
pant's zipper.
 "Enough, is enough," Jake said to them `Is anyone watching' he asked me.
 `No,' I replied `everyone seems to be inside.
 Then he grabbed Sandi's arm because she was ontop and pulled her out of the
car.  Then he threw her overtop of his shoulder and carried her into the
house, when Carrie noticed that he was taking off with her current lover,
she got out of the car and ran after him, only after failing to talk me into
getting into the car with her I might add.
 When she was gone, I locked and closed slammed the car door.  Then I
followed them all into the house, locking the front door behind me, planning
not to open it until the next morning.
 When I got up the stairs I found, Jake watching Sandi and Carrie lapping at
each other's pussies in a frenzied state, then together we looked in on Bob
and Martha, Bob was ontop of her pushing himself into my mother over and
 `That was me once' I caught Jake thinking.
 `and you were probably better than he is to,' I added for him.
 Before we got to my door, everyone behind us was screaming out or moaning
or making some other sort of noise.  `Rowdy bunch' Jake said.
 "Wait'ill they hear us," I told Jake pulling him into my room backwards.
With one hand he closed the door behind us, as I started undoing his pants.
As soon as he had the door shut his hands fell to the bottons on my blouse
and started undoing them.   `Rip it off' I told him to anxious to wait for
him to undo the bottons, and he did he tore the blouse right off of me, I
quickly undid his shirt, and he let it drop to the floor, then he undid my
bra.  I stepped away from him for a second and unzipped the back of my
skirt, letting it drop to the floor.
 `You never did comment on my shaved pussy, what do you think, do you like
it better than when I had hair?'
 `I think it's beautiful, I prefer it, it makes you look so much
more...feminine.  I want you,'
 `Then come and get me, all you have to do is take me,' Jake moved towards
me and kissed me, then he gently lowered me to the bed.

 Chapter XXX
 Animal Lust
 "Jake, let me up for a second," I told him getting an incredible urge to do
something, almost the second I had layed down on the bed.
 "What is it?" he said helping me up to my feet.
 "I'm going to take out my diaphram,"
 `What?  Are you sure that's what you want to do?  Christa, you were worried
about the first time we made love, when you had forgotten, that you didn't
have it in,'
 "How did you know that?"
 `I remember it, from before.'
 "Jake talk to me, I like your voice,"
 `Why, this is more efficent?'
 "Who cares about efficientcy," I said lifting a leg up onto the bed.
 "Christa, are you sure about this,"
 "Thank you, yes I'm positive..." I said reaching inside for the diaphram,
but failed to find any sign of the center, where I ususally pulled on it to
take it out, gently I probed and managed to find a piece of the rubber, and
removed it.
 When I had it out we could both see that it was already made ineffective,
it appeared that there had been holes burned through it somehow.
 "How did this happen?" I questioned aloud.
 "I...I don't know, what have you done, lately?" Jake questioned me.
 "Well, we all slept with Bob, the other night, and then you and me
yesterday, and my mother this morning..."
 "Well, I don't think your mother could have done it, and it was intact
after you had spent the night with...Bob, right, so that means it could have
only happened yesterday, when we," he motioned between us.
 "Jake when we were together, in the bathroom, did you feel like it was
different, in some way?"
 "Yeah, a little, it felt like you kept getting tighter and then you eased
up and then you got tight again."
 "Did you feel like you were getting bigger, because I'd swear you did,
after I scratched you,"
 "That's right you did," he said feeling where the scratches had been, but
there was no sign of them.  He ran his fingers over the spot and raised his
fingers, and scratched himself, "Oww...god that hurts," he cried as blood
came to the surface of his new wound.
 "Nothing," I said watching his penis.  I watched him cover his scratches
and rub the blood into his skin.  I stood there thinking for a minute.
 "It wasn't you that caused the scratches it was me, maybe your mate has to
do it," I said out of nowhere.
 "Do it!" he told me lowering his hand.  I placed my fingers on his skin and
moved closer to kiss him, as we kissed I scratched him, as deep as I could
and as long as I could.  He didn't say anything and we parted, we both stood
there for a second watching him.
 "Still nothing," I said giving up, but just as I had finished the words his
penis started expanding.  It grew longer and thickened, inches long, and his penis was about five
inches in circumference.  Underneath hung a pair of testicles, almost the
size of tangerines.  His legs became more muscular, any sign of fat
disappeared and his arms swelled until the flesh was almost ready to
explode.  The ideal man.
 "By god look at you," I told him shocked, he looked down at himself with
such a look of surprise, the wounds that I had made on his solid chest had
disappeared entirely, but the one he had made, remained.
 I touched his gigantic rock hard cock, then I cupped it in both hands,
`that's what was in me, no wonder I was bruised' it stirred, and grew about
another inch pressing itself deeper in to my stomache.
 `God Christa, I feel horny...I don't know if I can hold off very
long...I need you!' he said mentally moving forward towards me.
 `Jake, listen to me, there's no one I can hold you, hell I can't even get
you into my mouth...if we are mates Jake, what you have to do is scratch me,
then if I grow too, we can...'
 He moved forward and wrapped his muscular arms around me, his hands touched
my bare ass, and he kissed my lips, as we kissed he moved his fingers up my
back, he was scratching me, and I could hardly feel it, large cock was
squeezed tightly between us, then he slipped away from me, not looking away
from my eyes, I could just barely feel it, a tingle, it started at my toe's
and gently crept up my body, until I could feel every single hair on my
 `Beautiful,' he told me, I spun to look in my bedroom mirror, hanging on
the wall.
 My legs had become tight with muscles, my arms the same, my flesh was
strainging to contain my expanding muscles, I could feel the muscles in my
vagina were strengthened, my hips had expanded, my breasts were monsterous,
bigger than any woman's I had ever seen before.  My stomache was taught, and
an identical urge of that Jake had just expressed grew withing me.  I took
one last quick look at myself, my eyes had grown wider and I could see more
around me.
 My senses were all hightened, I could even smell better, I could hear
better and my mouth had seemed to be able to open wider and every single
golden hair, on my scalp shone with brilliance.
 I turned back to Jake, he had moved right up beside me and he was almost
touching me.  When our eyes met we kissed, and without another passing
second, we were both sprawled out on my bed making wild and passionate love,
like a pair of lust filled animals.
 The bed creaked and groaned at our forcefullness as we made love
continuously, lapping and kissing and pawing and biting each other, leaving
no space untouched, by the other.  Time passed quickly, hours turned into
minutes.  The entire time, we knew clarity, we knew what each other was
thinking, we knew the lives we had each lived, we knew everything about each
 In the middle of the night, we broke from our passion to look in on the
other two couples and grab a snack.  Carrie and Sandi were cuddled in each
others arms under the blankets.  Bob had fallen asleep on top of Martha, and
probably inside her I joked with Jake, as our shapes began to return to
 In the door way I told him `I love you beloveded.'
 `I love you too, my love, without you I would no longer be whole,' he told
me before he kissed me long and hard.
 Then we made our way down to the kitchen, where we ate almost all of the
contents in the fridge.
 `Come with me,' Jake said standing up and holding his hand out to me.  I
took it instantly, his comforting grip was warm and felt almost like my hand
belonged in his.  He led me to the backdoor, and threw it open, without any
hesitation, and together we stepped out into the back yard, fully exposed to
the world.
 `Let's make love under the stars,' he explained.  Overhead the stars
sparkled with promise of distant life.  I felt free for the first time, we
laughed as we walked through the grass, which tickled our feet, underneath,
holding and kissing each other, until in the middle of the lawn, Jake
lowered me down to the grass, following me all the way down, before my back
was even down on the grass he was in me, I laughed enjoying my new freedom,
as Jake pushed into me, over and over, just like he had in the bathroom,
that day.  `So many light years away', I said recalling one of his favorite
sayings.  Then as in the bathroom, I scratched him, he stopped for a second.
 `Shall I scratch you my love,'
 `No,' I told him `I want you to fill me up.' and without another word he
began again, his penis growing inside me again, this time I knew what was
happening to him, and I relished in it, I could feel his buttocks tightening
under my hands as he continued driving himself into my small pussy.  I could
feel him all the way inside of me, filling up every available square inch.
In the moonlight I could see the sweat glistening off of his muscular
shoulders.  He pushed himself deeper into me, sliding me back across the
grass, his testicles were bouncing off the sides of my legs and the flesh
around my pussy, hitting me like stones.
 Before he finally sprayed my insides with his searing hot semen, for about
the eigth time so far that night, he had pushed me four feet across the lawn
with his thrusts.
 When Jake finished, shooting another load of his semen inside me, I rolled
him over and got up off of him, weak but still hungry for his body.
 When I got down to his waist he was still larger than life, and hadn't
begun to return to his normal size so all I could do was kiss, and lick at
the head of his penis while with one hand rubbing his hard testicles.  After
awhile I started kissing his testicles, and pumping his cock with both
 He cried out one time, just before he shot his ninth load off for the
night, this time I wasn't in the way to interfere with his shot, it went up
in the air a good five feet before it came down showering us.
 After it all came down, I slithered up his wet body and kissed his cum
covered lips.  He smiled at me when our lips parted and said `See wasn't
this worth not drinking the wine,' as his fingers ran down my back and held
my ass.
 `Yes,' I replied and he scraped my ass and my back with his fingernails
again, I could feel the change again only this time it was quicker, and
rushed through my body like a wave disipating on a beach.  He rolled me back
onto my back and made love to me again.

 Chapter XXXI
 After we had made love outside a good half dozen times, light finally began
to break in the open sky above us.  We figured we'd go in and sleep for a
couple of ours, and wait for somebody to wake us up, or not it didn't really
matter, neither of us were overly tired, exhausted and weak yes, but not
tired.  God forgive me I still wanted more of him.
 When we got upstairs, we were both back to "normal" and when we heard moans
coming from my mothers bedroom we decided that we'd just look in on the two
love birds.  As we had figured they were strong at it.  Martha was on her
knees hunched over Bob's cock with her ass facing us.
 `Would you like to join them?' Bob asked me, lustfully, he wanted to have
Martha one last time, I could just feel it.
 `Go ahead,' I told him, and he readily got behind her and was pumping
himself into her long before she ever turned back to look and see who it
was.  I watched the three of them going at it for a couple minutes before I
finally joined in too, to make it a foursome.
 When I did join them, I walked to the front of them and kissed Bob on the
forehead, then I quickly stratled his head and with true skill he started
lapping anxiously at my pussy.
 A second after he inserted his tongue into my vagina he threw me off of
him, screaming slipping out from under Martha.  I landed on my ass sitting
up, with my knees raised and my pussy spread wide open.  As soon as Bob
moved away from her Martha pulled away from Jake, following Bob into the
bathroom, asking "What's wrong honey?" while he had his head under the flow
of tap water.
 "What the hell have you had up inside of you girl?" he demanded staring at
 "What's wrong Bob?"  He stuck out his tongue for his future bride.
 "God it's burnt!"
 "Tasted like acid, now damn it Christa what have you had up your cunt.  I
inserted a finger into my cunt as Jake watched me worried.  When I withdrew
my finger, I placed it immediately into my mouth.
 `It's just your cum,' I told Jake.
 "Now what have you two been fooling with," Bob demanded again.
 "Nothing," I told him.
 "Nothing my ass," Bob said loudly getting angry.
 "Settle down, Bob there's no reason to get upset,"
 "Your daughter has acid up her cunt,"
 "Bob if she did don't you think it would be bothering her more right now,"
 "I suppose, but that still...." he said rubbing his tongue.
 "Don't worry, I'll fix it," then Martha looked at the two of us and
finished, "you two, out" motioning with her thumb towards the door.  We left
closing the door behind us solemnly and almost before we had the door
closed, moans had began ripping through the air originating from Bob.
 `Jake, if you are acidic, think what would have happened if you had of come
inside of her, your cum would have eaten her inside out,'
 `and what about you,'
 `I must be exempt to you,' I told him smiling.  `But you fucked her the
other night, and nothing happened to her,'
 `Maybe its not me, maybe its me after the change, you know you do have a
fair bit of that cum inside of you,'
 `That's it, I'll bet,'
 `Maybe, you know, maybe your not just exempt, if we are mates, maybe you
neutralize me,'
 `I wonder if theirs any chance we can change for anyone else,'
 `I don't know we should find out though, maybe we can get together with
your two sisters some time,'
 `Our mating hasn't changed your views towards other women I see,'
 `It has, but...'
 `It doesn't matter, I know you love me, I can feel that, besides no other
women will know, what your truly...god your right now I have two sisters,
all right I'll get both of them for you,' I said leading him towards my
bedroom.  `But you've got to promise, that with anyone else, you practise
extremely safe sex, and if they can't change either of us, we don't change
infront of anyone else, understood,'
 "Alright my love," Jake told me as I closed the bedroom door behind us.
 "From this moment in, we have sex with no one else unless otherwise agreed
upon, mutually, and we must becareful about your toxic cum.  From either of
 "Well, it shouldn't be to hard for me, but you, it will be difficult," Jake
said to me.
 `I'll just have to rinse heavily, I guess...Jake,' I said looking up into
his eyes, "I love you,"
 "I love you too," he replied as I let out a yawn.
 `I'm sorry, suddenly I just feel so tired,"
 "That's all right my love, we'll just go to sleep," Jake said picking me up
in his arms, "it's been a long night," he finished setting me down on the
bed, then climbing overtop of me to the other side finally when he nuzzled
close to me he kissed me, softly he whispered into my ear "besides, we have
the rest of our lives!"

 Chapter XXXII
 The Agreement
 When I woke up the sunlight was poring in through my bedroom window and I
was tightly entwined with Sandi, from what I could remember from the night
before, Sandi and I had really pleasured each other thouroughly.  I squirmed
a little trying to adjust myself in to a slightly more comfortable position
waking Sandi in the process, her eyes blinked open and a smile spread across
her face when she saw me looking at her.
 "Good morning," she said and kissed me sensually.
 "Good morning," I replied kissing her again as we heard a moan errupt from
the other side of the hall.  "Sounds like the engaged couple are still at
 "Yep," Sandi said moving closer to me, "sounds like they are,"
 I looked over my shoulder at my clock, six thirty, "Well we have an hour
and a half before school, what would you like to do," I asked her, grinning.
 "Well, we could go look in on everyone else and then we can come back here
and enjoy each other till its time to go or maybe your sisters up for some
time with us?"
 "All right," I said sliding out of her arms, "let's go."
 First we looked in on Bob and Martha, and found Martha was on top of Bob,
riding him, while she was bent over and they were kissing, repeatedly.  I
went to go into the room and tell them we were awake but Sandi pulled me
back and silently shut the door behind us.
 Then she pulled me towards Christa's room, I could tell she was wanting to
get into bed with her again, it almost seemed a shame that I figured she had
spent the night with Jake, when she opened the door we saw that they were
both their cuddling close to each other, they looked beautiful together, it
was this time that I had to stop Sandi from going in and waking them up.
 When I closed the door behind us, she said "But Jake's your boyfriend why
should she be sleeping with him,"
 "Because he's not," I explained to her, "he's hers I gave him to her,
whether he knows it or not, he is hers and she can do anything she wants
with him.
 "Your not serious?" she whined.
 "Yes, I am, she likes him, and he likes her, it was obvious at dinner
wasn't it, the way they were looking at each other, and what they were doing
under the table."
 "I never...."
 "It doesn't matter now, why don't we go back to bed?"
 "All...right!" Sandi said really not wanting to go without Christa.
 "Come on, I'll make you forget all about her," I told Sandi cupping one of
her breasts in my hand.
 "I already have," she said kissing me, pushing me back towards my own


 "Bob, what do we do now, that we're engaged," I asked Bob as he held me
tight to him, after I had made him feel better after Christa, and Jake's
interuption.  I knew I'd have to talk to Jake about him and me but then
wasn't the time.
 "Well, maybe we should set a date, Mrs. Martha Davis,"
 "That has a wonderful ring to it, when do you want to do it,"
 "Well, I would like to get it done right away, but my first marriage was
done like that, and this time I want to do it right with you, so maybe in a
couple of months, maybe in December, what's your lucky number?"
 "Why?" I asked him.
 "Just what is it?"
 "Eighteen," I told him not sure why he would bother asking me.
 "Well mine's seven so that means there are eleven numbers in between, we'll
subtract one, that means ten divide by two, and add that to seven.  Twelve!
Then we'll get married on the twelfth of December, how's that sound?"
 "But what if that's during the week," I asked not really sure what day the
twelth was.
 "It doesn't matter, as long as we're together,"
 "I love you," I told him and then kissed his smiling lips.
 "I love you too," he said, "I don't mean to ruin the mood or anything but,
I've got to be getting to work, and I think you should be too, they'll be
wondering where you've been."
 "Well, I'll just have to tell them I was in bed with my future husband," I
told him as he started putting on his clothes.
 When he was finished getting dressed he came back to the bed and kissed me.
"I'll pick you up at eight tonight,"
 "Eight?" I asked.
 "We're going to Doveau's remember,"
 "How could I forget," I said almost beating myself over the head.  "Why
don't you come straight here after work, and then we'll go,"
 "No, I've got to talk to Sandi, first,"
 "Bob, about Sandi, I know what she's done for you over the last few years,
and well, I don't want her feeling that I'm pushing her out, so I don't mind
if you two, well sleep together, every once and awhile, and if you ever want
to you can invite her to bed with us,"
 "Martha, I realize what she's done for me, but times change and now we are
 "Bob, come and sit down for a minute, let's talk about this before you go
off to work,"
 "Martha..." he started and I patted the bed infront of where I was sitting,
reluctantly he sat down on the edge of the bed.
 "Bob, for her its gone past just pleasure, she loves you deeply, even from
both of your stories, she still was a virgin when she gave herself to you, I
would like to but, I can't just rip you out of her arms, Bob, you've become
part of her and you just can't tell her, I'm fucking someone else I don't
need you anymore, its not right, especially to her.
 Pleasing you means everything to her, and basically you've been her entire
sex life as she has been yours.  What's happened between you and me has
happened almost too quickly, and she is going to have a hard time adjusting.
I want to be your wife, but she is already filling the role in her mind and
I can't fully take you away from her at least not right away, so even when
we are marrie you must still take her to bed.
 Look, what we can do is do it equally for all of them if you don't want to
show any favoritism, between our daughters, god knows you deserve to but,
remember this is just a suggestion,"
 "Alright, let's hear it,"
 "Well, what we can do is have group sessions, maybe once every couple of
weeks to start off with, then slowly we'll tapper off until we only do it
maybe once a year at least until their all married."
 "Martha, that is entirely unacceptable, its you and me remember, that's
what marriage is,"
 "Bob, I have just been able to start sleeping with my daughters, we haven't
even had time to all get in bed at once, Bob, I don't want to lose that, its
taken me eighteen years to get that far...."
 "Alright if its that important to you, we will do it, but only until they
bring home boyfriends,"
 "Alright steady-boyfriends, with the exception of Jake,"
 "Christa's boyfriend, why what's special about him,"
 "Well, Bob, I've kinda slept with him too,"
 "You?  When?"
 "Friday," I said solemnly, but not regretting it.
 "Do you still like him?" Bob asked quietly.
 "Yes, I like him as a lover, but not over you Bob, and I certainly don't
love him like I do you,"
 "Do you still want to sleep with him?"
 "You do so want to sleep with that kid, alright look this is the way it
will be, he can join one of the group sessions that you talked about, but he
wears protection,"
 "All right," I said sadly, "but I would prefer it if he didn't have to,"
 "That's it take it or leave it,"
 "Alright, I'll take it,"
 "And you can't sleep with him at any other times, understood,"

 Chapter XXXIII
 Painful, or Pleasurable
 "Sandi?" I shouted as soon as I got home from work.  I was hoping she would
I wasn't sure if she heard me or not when I told her in Carrie's bedroom
that I wanted her to come straight home afterschool and alone.
 There was no reply, good I thought, thinking it was a good idea to get off
early so that I could get home before she did to make some tea for us.  I
knew it wasn't necessary, really, but I thought it would be good to make
before hand.
 I really hadn't had trouble getting off work easily, telling my boss that I
had to talk to my daughter, about getting married, my boss had been poking
fun at me ever since I got back to work from the day that he heard me and
Martha together, at least now the excuse was legit.
 "Sandi," I called as I heard the front door with her key.  "I'm in the
 "Bob, is that you," she said as she moved towards the kitchen then when she
got to the entrance she exclaimed "What are you doing home?"
 "I came home to talk to you remember," I said pouring the water into the
tea-kettle.  She smiled and sat down into a kitchen chair.
 "What did you want to talk about?" she asked, watching me move into a chair
across from her.
 "You and me," I replied reaching across for her hands, "First what do you
think of Martha?"
 "I think she's great, and she'll make a great wife for you,"
 "Yeah, but you've always been concerned about what I think first, what I
want to know is what you feel,"
 "I think she'll be a great mother for me, she's caring, she takes good care
of her kids, she's giving, she's wonderful dad, really,"
 "You know though, things between you and me will...have to...change," I
said hesitantly, then I went on, "You have been everything to me up to now,
my daughter, my lover, my friend, my...wife.  Sandi, I love you with all my
heart, you know that don't you," I said and she nodded watching me intently,
"but Martha, is a wonderful woman and she's beautiful, she's great to be
with and sex with her is...I love her greatly Sandi, I know the change is
going to be hard for you and me, it'll mean no more long nights in bed, no
more erotic weekends at the cabin, no more vacations in the sack, I don't
even no about the trips to the nudist camps that you like so much..." I
paused for a second disbeliving the long list I had just given, while Sandi
watched a look of doubt crossing my face "...god I'm giving up so much of
you, I don't know if I can do that, I can't, I'll call off the wedding and
we'll do what you've always wanted, we'll make a trip down to vegas and the
two of us will get married,"
 "Bob, you know how much I have longed to do that, you know what it means to
me to become your wife, but Bob we can't do that, I love you, but you also
love Martha, you know how many times I've tried to talk to you about
marriage between you and me, and you know how strongly you've disagreed
about it, you know I would gladly spend eternity in bed with you but Bob, I
can't let just pleasure interfere between you and her, I want you to marry
her, before you even asked her to marry you, we, meaning me and her girls
wanted you two to get together.
 Bob, that night we all spent in bed together forced me to realize, even
though, I love you deeply, and would stay with you and make love with you,
for the rest of my life, that we can't.
 Someday, I'll want children.  Before you got your vasectomy I wanted to
have children, your children, but you wouldn't hear of it and even though I
would enjoy making love to you every day I would still miss that
opportunity, you need Martha, and I need someone to be with that can give me
that chance to be a mother."
 "Sandi, I never...If I had of known how much you wanted that I would have
never gotten that operation,"
 " matter what you say now, you knew, you knew how
honored I would have been to carry your child...even your children, and you
knew then what I know now that it could never have happened, we were father
and daughter once before, then we were lovers, but we have always been
friends and companions, as a friend and as your daughter I want you to be
happy with Martha, you are right for each other, and belong together, with
 "Sandi, I love you," I said moving closer to hug her.  When we seperated
and I calmed down a little I asked "and what about the lover?"
 "She's still hot for you," Sandi said grinning, "and she wants you to know,
she's always ready for you to fill her up,"
 "Well," I said getting up and pouring two cups of well steeped tea.  Martha
has proposed something for us, for all of us I guess I should say."
 "What is it?" Sandi said watching me and accepting the cup I handed her.  I
then explained what Martha and I had discussed earlier.  Sandi went through
nothing more than a smile on her face that grew.
 "You mean ontop of these `group sessions' that she has suggested, she'll
let you and me endulge ourselves with each other, even when she's present?"
I nodded as I finished my cup of tea.  "Bob now all of me wants you to marry
her, even the lover, Bob she's wonderful, nobody else would have understood
about you and me, and she does thats fantastic, we can still be lovers
occasionally but still lovers and Bob I don't mind having her with us, Bob
take her without a doubt in your mind," Sandi said getting off her chair and
sitting down on my lap with her arms around my neck.
 "Sandi, I love you," I said and kissed her gently.
 "I love you too Bob, with all my heart, but I have one request," she
finished seriously.
 "And what is that?"
 "That you take me to the cabin occasionally, alone, and we make love
ravishly, like we used to for the rest of our lives, even when...I'm
married, even when I have kids I still want to make love with you, we can
live each others wildest fantasies, even ones that we wouldn't dare tell
anyone else about, alright?"
 "But Sandi, that's a big commitment,"
 "Alright?" she pleaded.
 "Alright," I said softly, and she kissed me hard.
 "Thank you," she said softly.  "Now I have one more request, if its not too
 "What is it?" I groaned.
 "Nothing much, you don't have to if you don't want to!"
 "What is it?" I said calmly as she started fiddling with my top shirt
button like she always did when she wanted something.
 "Well, we both know what you and Martha are going to do after you take her
to that fancy restaraunt, what I want to know is...if from between now and
then...if you could make love to me...before you go?"
 "Where?" I asked.
 "To the one spot that nobody else has taken you before,"
 "You mean..." I started and was interupted.
 "Yes...our little torture room."
 When we opened the door, we both peered in like it was our first time, it
was a magnificent room to see and it wasn't exactly what she called it, it
was more of a sex room.  The walls, the ceilings were covered in mirrors,
and the whole room was filled with sex toys, their were racks of sex
leingere for both of us, a bed with shackles for bondage that we both
enjoyed being strung up on, small whips made from belts, blindfolds, dildo's
that we both used frequently, ribbons for tying around each other, anything
you could imagine for erotic, exotic love making.  It was a torture room all
right, a torture room of pleasure.
 In a corner of the room we kept a small fridge, to keep whip cream, grapes
for me to eat out of her pussy, a bottle of wine and a few other treats that
we kept readily stocked.
 It was the one room in the house that we kept locked, and showed to no one,
including Sandi's other lovers, it was especially for us, across the hall we
kept a shower and the hot tub, both were exposed to bare basement and quite
cool to go across when in bare feet.
 We both took off our shoes and songs and the long shaggy carpet creept up
between our toes.  As I shut the door so that the mirrors reflected us off
it.  Sandi turned on the red and blue lights that we had positioned all
around the room, making it even more exotic.
 Then she started a tape, soft slow music began to pour out of the small
speakers of the player behind her.  Slowly as we moved closer together we
undressed, until we were as bare as babies.
 Her soft supple young flesh pressed againt my tough skin as we embraced and
kissed, sliding our tongues vicously together.  I raised her buttocks gently
lifting her off the ground and lowering her down on to my already stiff
 "How?" I panted hotly in her ear.
 "The bed," she replied as if it was some eighteenth century torture device.
It was her favorite attaction in the place she always liked being tied down
to it while I slowly and methodically, pleasured her, till she couldn't bear
it.  I walked over to the bed still in her and gently lowered her down on to
it, gently slipping out of her I moved to open a shackle to put her in leg
 "No," she said harshly, grinning as I looked at her, "you!"  It was odd,
she never had before belted me in so to say but I was willing and obliged
her lying down on the bed.  She quickly worked and got the shackles on me.
Then after she made sure I couldn't move any of my limbs she sat ontop of my
stomache.  She leaned forward and kissed me hard.
 "Now," she said firmly but calmly, "I'm going to give it too you so good
that you'll have to come back to me so you can have me again!"
 Then she kissed me again and got up onto her feet and moved forward so that
she was standing over top of my head.  Then she squated but too far out of
my tongues range and started masturbating, I couldn't believe it, her pussy
was so close that I could smell her and nothing else.  Her scent was
overpowering me, lust built up and up, as she continued to finger her
clitoris and slowly insert her fingers.  I shook, I jumped with my back
muscles, as high as I could just to run my tongue across her wet pussy, but
she continued to keep herself out of touch.
 Her moans drove me into a wild frenzie as I struggled with all my strenth
to free myself, to get at her.  My cock was throbbing to push into her pussy
as I begged and pleaded with her to fuck me.  She moaned again and again
until she was finally visibly shaking in orgasm above my head.
 Somehow she managed to keep herself up, even under the strenth of her
powerful orgasm.  Then when her moans subsided she looked down between her
large supple breasts at me and slowly and ever cautiously lowered herself
down, just long enough to run my tongue across her budded flower just once
before, she stood up.
 Sandi then sat back down on my stomache where she had been before, and
leaned forward and kissed me again.  "Are you all hot and horny?" she asked
running a hand across my abandoned cock, when she sat up.
 "Yes, fuck me please?" I begged.
 "No!" she said sharply, and lowered her breasts down to my mouth, instantly
when one came within range I began sucking it, and biting it all over.  At
the same time she was rubbing her wet pussy across my chest getting herself
off again.  This time she began screaming, as orgasm swept through her body
jerking away her breast from me.
 When she finished she turned around, I was sure she was going to take me
into her mouth, but all she did was kiss the head of my penis.  She turned
around once more and kissed my lips, raising her bottom up in the air.
 This time when she lowered herself, she quitely, and slowly took me inside
of her, warm firm vagina telling me that she was going to fuck me nice and
slowly.  I was screaming at her wanting her to take me all the way quickly,
but she made slow gentle strokes on my penis, not giving me the chance to
move any faster.
 She lowered herself and kissed me continuing the rytmatic strokes.
 "Hurry," I cried, but she ignored me and for a good two minutes that lasted
an eternity she carried it on.  Until finally I broke past the point of no
return, with one last strong down thrust from her, I shot off inside of her,
wave after wave of my cum sprayed her insides.

 Chapter XXXIV
 "Sandi, does this tie go with this suit," Bob asked me nervously, as I
watched him dress lying on the bed exactly the opposite.
 "It looks fine," I told him, "don't worry she's already said yes, don't be
so nervous,"
 "I can't help it, I feel like a teenager again, is this straight," he asked
holding his tie out for me to look at.
 "Here let me help you," I said getting up to straighten his tie.  "Dad,
calm down, you've got it better than any man should, you've got a daughter
who loves you very much and would do anything for you, a new wife on the
way, and her two daughters that would love to have you tuck them in to bed,
and spend the night with them, all you have to do is remember one thing,"
 "What's that?"
 "No matter what you do, you'll always have me" I said wrapping my arms
around his neck and hugging him.
 "I love you Sandi," he said leaning over and kissing my forehead.  When we
parted I straightened his tie again and he turned to examine himself in the
 When he was finished he turned and looked at me, "You better get dressed
don't you think?"
 "Your going to go over to Martha's and stay with her girls,"
 "Dad, I'd rather just stay home and watch some of our tapes.
 "Sandi, I know everything is changing for both of us, but I still would
like you to call me by my first name," Bob said grasping my hands, "besides,
I want you to go over to their house, I'll probably bring Martha back here
for a nightcap and then maybe bed, and I kind of want to spend some time
alone with her,"
 "I get the idea," I told him kissing his cheek.
 "Good," he said and pulled me close to him again and then he kissed me on
the lips while instinctively placing a hand on one of my breasts.  "Now,
don't wait up," he said grinning.
 "Don't worry, I won't," I added grinning right back at him.
 "Your such a beautiful young woman, I don't know why I'm giving you up,"
 "You do so, besides your not giving me up, at least not until you can't get
this up," I said stroking his crotch, "and when you can't...well will just
have to see when it comes to that,"
 "Don't worry, if it means I lose you, I'll keep the flag pole raised to
hold your flag."
 "That's so sweet," I said and kissed him.
 "Go get dressed you," he said and spanked my bottom.
 "Don't do that!  You know how it makes me feel,"
 "Get going," he said pointing towards the door smiling at me cooly.
 "Alright, alright," I said and went to get dressed.


 "Are you still nervous," I asked Bob as we started the drive towards
Carrie's and Christa's house.
 "Do you want me to help," I added stroking his inner thigh.
 "No, that's all right Sandi," he told me when we stopped at the red light.
"I better conserve all I have left,"
 "Bob, I want you to be happy,"
 "I know you do, honey"
 "You've made me so happy over the last couple of years, I really don't know
what to say," I said as my eyes started to water, "You've made me feel like
a real woman,"
 "You are sweetie, you are,"
 "I know Bob, what I mean is...I'm glad...we went to the cabin that
weekend...I'm glad we spent the time that we did together...all of it...even
the were there when ever I needed you...and you always made
love to me like every time was our first...Bob...I love you so much" I
finished by breaking into tears trying to lean against his shoulder.
 He pulled off to the side of the road and shut the car off.
 "Sandi, I love you too, very very much, but your right it is time we moved
on, both of us, you need to find a husband and I need...a've been
there for me to long already, I've kept you back from dating other
guys...from there...beds, but I'll never regret the time we spent together
or the time that we may still spend together, we'll always have the cabin,
that's our place no matter what, we'll go there like you suggested and I'll
make love to you, for the first time again, and again.
 Sandi you've got to understand that's what its like for me when I'm with
you, no matter how many times we go to bed together, it's always like the
first for me, your always a virgin, with no past sins, the time we spend
together is eternity, and when it does end, it feels like you've left me!"
he finished almost near tears himself.
 "Bob, I'll always be there for you, you don't have to worry, I'll never
leave you, no matter what, I'll always be there for you, and no matter who
I've been to bed with you'll always be my first,"
 "I love you Sandi, you've always been so good to me, putting my needs above
your own, Sandi, I owe you so much,"
 "You don't owe me anything Bob, at first I chose you seemed
so alone and I couldn't stand seeing you so sad all the time, sleeping with
those magazines and never having the touch of a woman, so I was going to
give myself to you, just so that you, could get off inside of me, but when
we went swimming I knew I wanted you, not for pleasing you Bob, but for
pleasing myself, I felt a longing that was so insatiable and so intense,
that I really can't describe what it felt like with any accuaracy, and the
only way to quench it I knew was by taking you inside of me and having all
of you,"
 "Sandi, I..."
 "I love you Bob, never doubt that, or that I will always be willing to take
you inside of me,"
 "I love you too Sandi, and never doubt that either," he mimicked, "nor
doubt that when ever you need me, I'll be there, for you too," He said and
then kissed me, before starting the car up and taking off again.

 Chapter XXXV
 "Mom, your going to be late," Carrie cried as soon as I got in the front
door, I had spent till quarter after seven just trying to catch up from the
two days worth of work, that I had missed, on top of that I had to tell
everyone in
the office I was getting married.
 "I know, will you lay my black new dress out, while I take a shower," I
told her climbing the stairs.
 "Alright," Carrie told me as I flipped on my bedroom light.
 "Where's your sister," I asked Carrie turning around to face her.
 "She's in her bedroom...with Jake, as soon as they got home from school,
they went straight into her room, and they've been screwing ever since, they
won't even let me watch."
 "She's in her room, with your boyfriend and she won't even let you watch?"
I asked sarcastically, almost in to much of a hurry to really care.
 "Jake's hers, I gave him to her," Carrie said looking through my closet for
my dress as I went into the bathroom.
 "Why'd you do that?" I said peeling off my clothes.
 "Well, I don't seem to feel the same way towards him that I used to before
we had sex," she said above the running water, "besides I think, I prefer
girls more,"
 "Carrie, please don't become a lesbian, they have part of the right idea,
but not all of it," I shouted rubbing the soap into my hair.
 "Here let me help," Carrie said as two sets of fingers probed through my
scalp.  I turned around and found Carrie undressed and smiling at me.
 "Thanks," I said turning forward again as her fingers began rubbing the
soap into my hair.
 "Carrie, I really mean it, don't go straight girl, its not totally full
filling.  It may seem that its more pleasurable, and granted it may, because
another woman knows exactly where to touch you," Carrie's hands began to
wander from my head and down my body and over my chest until eventually she
was rubbing my breasts.  "But only a man can penetrate you, like a man, even
though you can have two women working with a dildo," I said rinsing the soap
out of my hair, "its still not the same, and you don't get the feeling of a
wet slippery cock with a dildo and a dildo certainly can't warm you insides
up with a good shot of semen can," I finished.
 Then I turned around to face her, "Do you understand what I'm saying?" I
asked her.  She nodded and then kissed me.
 "I want you!" she whispered.
 "Carrie," I said softly, "not now!" I tried to explain but she kissed my
lips again, this time cupping my breasts with both of her hands.  "Haven't
you heard a word I've said?"
 "Yes, you want me not to give up..." she started and kissed my left breast,
"fucking boys," then she kissed my right one.
 "Carrie, I don't have time for this right now, Bob's coming you know that,"
I told her gently pushing her back a foot.
 "I know and he'll fuck you, but nobody fucks me and I'm so hot and wet,"
she said rubbing her pussy with both hands, "Bob will please you, Jake is
pleasing Christa and probably will be all night, and I get stuck in my room
playing with myself for the entire night,"
 "Poor baby," I said sympathetically, trying to pull her close enough to me
to hug.  "I'll tell you what, I'll talk to Christa and tell her to share,
all right, and you can all use my bed, even the X-rated movies."
 "But none of that's you,"
 "Carrie, there's nothing I can do about that..."
 "Sure there is, you can make love to me," she said with her arms wrapped
around my waist looking up at me.
 "Carrie, it's been a long day, and I think I should save my strength for
the rest of the night with Bob.  Maybe he'll bring Sandi here, then you
don't have to spend your time with Christa and Jake, or alone..."
 "But its still not you,"
 "Pleassseee!" Carrie begged backing away from me so I could see her whole
face.  "Just finger me if you want, but make me cum," she demanded while
guiding one of my hands to her sopping wet cunt, it might have been because
of the now cold water, but I doubted it.
 "Carrie, honey please don't do this to me," I told her as she started
moving my fingers around her pussy.
 "Make love to me mom," she pleaded while I pulled her tight against me
 "Carrie, not now, later, sometime when its just you and me and we don't
have to rush for any reason, I promise, we'll make love until we both fall
asleep, and then we'll make love again for the whole next day, just not
right now!" I begged her half whispering into her ear.
 "Please Carrie, not right now!  I'll make sure you have pleasure tonight
even if I have to phone ever one in the city, please Carrie just don't ask
me to do this, not right now,"
 "Mom...alright...alright...but I do want you so,"
 "Thank you Carrie," I said pulling her close against me in a tight embrace,
"I promise we'll spend a whole weekend together, just the two of us, no one
else, we'll go away just the two of us, but right now, I've got to get
dressed and fast," I said looking at my watch, "god, it's five to eight,"
 "Martha, just one thing," Carrie said, "kiss me once, just once," Carrie
said backing against the back wall and lifting one leg up onto the edge of
the tub, spreading her legs as wide as she could, her pussy was just
glimmering with the little bit of light that was in the shower.
 "Alright, just one," I said a little more calm shutting the water off.
 I knelt down infront of her placing each hand on the inside of her legs,
and with my thumb's I uneccesarily pulled her vulva wider apart, tilting my
head a little to the side I pressed my lips against her, and began a slow,
long kiss, sliding my tongue against her delicate flower until I found her
opening and for a second I slid it into her, she was as she had said really
wet, and when my lips parted away from her pussy, my whole lower face was
covered in her juices.
 "One more!" she begged as I looked up at her licking my lips.
 "No, one that's it, but you'll get as many as you want later," I told her
as I stood up, and she lowered her leg.  We kissed, then I pushed the shower
curtain back as the door bell rang.
 "Shit!" I cursed, "he's here,"
 "I'll get it, while you get dressed,"
 "Wear a robe, Carrie!" I told her but she walked off heedless to my
command, allowing me to admire her backside for a second before I started
getting dressed.


 I opened the door for Bob and Sandi to my surprise, I hadn't known that she
was coming and I don't think my mother did either.
 I knew it wasn't very good of me to try to coax my mother into bed just to
pleasure me, tonight of all nights, but after listening to Christa and Jake
make love for a good four hours straight, it was really hard to control
 Even when I was opening the door I could feel the stickiness between my
 "Hello, Carrie," Bob said smiling at my nakedness, looking handsome in his
 "Hi," Sandi said grinning as she was looking at me.
 "Hurry up and get in here you two its cold out there."  They both stepped
through the door as quickly as they could, as soon as they were in I slammed
the door behind them.
 "Now, time to say hello properly hello Bob," I said pressing myself tight
against him and kissing his lips, "I guess I should say hello Dad," I
 "What about me?" Sandi asked pouting at me.
 "What about you," I said then added, "just kidding!" moving so that I was
standing infront of her, and I kissed her longer and harder than I had Bob.
 "Mom will be down in a couple minutes, she's getting dressed right now,"
 "That's all right Carrie, I'm here now," Martha said from behind me
surprising me.  "Good Evening Bob," Martha said before she kissed him.  When
they parted she let out a small gasp and then looked at Sandi and said "Good
Evening to you too Sandi,"
 The dress that she had picked out looked fabulous on her, clearly defining
her body's shape.  "You look wonderful," Bob told her as she stepped back to
let him appraise her.
 "And you look," she replied, "Delicous,"
 "Mom, have you told Christa she's got to share yet," I asked Martha.
 "Give me a minute Ok Bob, I just got to deal with something and then we can
 "All right but hurry back," Bob said smiling at her.  I grabbed Sandi's
hand and pulled her into the kitchen leaving Bob all alone in the doorway.
 "Mom's going upstairs to tell Christa she got to share, then we'll start to
have some real fun," I told Sandi as she pressed herself tight against me
and started fondeling my breasts.
 "Share what?" Sandi asked hotly in my ear.
 "Jake," I replied and she took a step back away from me to look at me.
 "You mean, share him with us,"  I nodded.  She smiled.

 Chapter XXXVI
 "Get out!" I screamed when I heard the door open again as Jake thrust into
 "Christa," I heard Martha cry, then Jake rolled off of me, so I could see
my mother.
 "What do you want?" I complained.
 "To talk to you," she said sitting down beside Jake.
 "What about?" I asked as she started stroking Jake's penis.
 "Well, Bob and I are just about to go, and well your sisters are both here
and they kind of would like you to share and I told Carrie that you would,"
she said bending over and kissing the head of Jake's penis.
 "Mom!" I cried feeling a little displaced, because of her forced intrusion.
 "You's can use my bed, and my video's in the bookshelf."
 "Mom, I don't..." I started intent on telling her to go to hell.
 "No that's all right," Jake interupted me, "tell them to come up,"
 "Thank you," Martha said looking up at Jake, and then kissing his lips.
Martha then leaned over me and kissed my lips and then whispered "don't
worry, you'll have him back again soon," in my ear.  Then she left only
looking back at us once and smiling.
 "Why did you agree?" I demanded from Jake.
 `Because its the perfect chance to test out if they can change us,'
 "But Jake, I don't want to share with them, I want you all for myself
 `Christa, my love, please this is the perfect opportunity we can't just let
it go past,'
 "Jake, I don't know,"
 "Look, what I'll call a couple of friends for them, and they can pleasure
your sisters, but we'll keep them occupied until they get here, how does
that sound,"
 "I don't know Jake I don't know if I want to put them in the hands of
 "You can help pick out the applicants,"
 "All right then, lets do it," I said and kissed him.
 `We've got one problem though,'
 `What?' I asked him sardonically.
 `Well, we've got to go to my house to get my phone book,'
 "We'll tell Carrie and Sandi that they can stay here and we'll be back in a
couple of minutes, we shouldn't be to long,"
 `It's a good thing we didn't change,' Jake said as Carrie and Sandi
appeared in my doorway.
 "Are they gone?" I asked as Jake cuddled closer to me.
 "Yes," Sandi replied.
 "Well, you two go get started Jake and I have to go to his house for a
couple minutes, then we'll be back,"
 "What for?" Carrie asked sourly.
 "We've got a surprise for you both!"
 "What," Carrie said as they both came further into my room blocking the
door, "could possibly be better than going to bed with everyone else here,"
 "Its a surprise," I told them as they climbed onto the bed.  Carrie sat
down on my stomache and held me down as Sandi did the same to Jake and
started kissing his lips.  I was furious.  Then she took off her shirt for
Jake to feel her breasts.
 `Christa don't' Jake said as I was thinking of throwing Carrie off of me.
`But you better hurry and get us out of here or they won't let us go at
 "Carrie, trust me, you'll enjoy it, its a present one for both of you but I
won't say anything else, you've got to trust us, all you've got to do is..."
I was distracted by Sandi slipping further down Jake's torso, her kisses
were on his stomache.  "...please all you've got to do is go into mom's room
and in less than half an hour we'll join you."  When I finished I felt a
spurt of pain jolt through my body as I felt Sandi's lips go around Jake's
cock, as she slowly started sucking on him.  "Please, Carrie" I begged
 "All right, but you've got only half an hour, understood,"
 "Deal," I said quickly trying to get her and Sandi away from my Jake.
Carrie got off of me, slowly, and gently pawed Sandi off of Jake, who
reluctantly left.
 `Did you enjoy that?' I asked Jake when they were gone.
 `You were jealous,'
 "No, I wasn't" I said angrly.
 `You were so, remember you can't hide anything from me,'
 `Your right I was jealous, your mine I don't like them around you,'
 `I love you Christa,' he said before he kissed me.
 `Lets hurry up and get out of here before they change their minds,' I
pleaded with him but he moved slower than molases in january to get dressed.
 A few minutes later we were finally tearing out of the driveway in his blue
ford destined for his house.  When we pulled up to the front curb his mother
was outside working in the flower garden.  She was a small brunette woman
some how managing to haul the garbage out to the curb in a blue flower print
 Jake grabbed the second can, and I grabbed the third one.  "Where's
Carrie?" I heard her ask him, before I got to the curb where they were
 "At home," he replied, "Mom this is Christa," he finished as I set the
garbage can down beside the other two, "Christa this is my mother,"
 "They broke up," I told her.
 "Why?" she asked to both of us.
 "Well," I said, "actually I'm not really sure why she did, she never told
 "Is she a friend of yours," she asked me straight out.
 "Sister," I replied.
 "Come on Christa we better go, we got to be back in less than fifteen
 "Where are you two rushing off to," she asked as we headed for the front
 "We're planning a party for my mother, she's getting married,"
 `Good one,' Jake said.
 "Well tell her congragulations," his mother said as we went in the front
 "Where's this phone book," I asked, as we weaved our way through his house.
 "Down stairs in my room,"
 `Do you have a lock on your door,'
 "Yes," he replied as we clammered down the stairs.  `Any suggestions at who
we should call,'
 "No, none," I said as we passed into his room, it was fairly big for a
bedroom, panneled walls, car posters were hanging all about on the walls, in
one corner their was a desk, in another corner his bed was made with a
couple of teddy bears in the center.
 Jake picked up a small book off of a night table, and started flipping
through it.  "How about Mathew Albert?"
 "No, too fat,"
 "Brad Bean,"
 "Too stinky,"
 "Ian Kemp,"
 "He's kind of cute, we'll call him possible,"
 "Lester Milton,"
 "Too boring,"
 "Nestor Morgan,"
 "All right, Sandi will like him, he's got a big crotch,"
 "Now we need to pick somebody really, really special for Carrie, somebody
tall, somebody really built, somebody intellectual, somebody..."
 "Ian Kemp,"
 "No, do you have...Harry...Harry...Simon's number,"
 "Well copy out Nestor's and Harry's number," I said moving towards the
 "Already done,"
 "Good," I said locking the door and turning around.  "Now that we're alone,
and we have that great big bed sitting right there,"
 "But my parents are just upstairs,"
 "So we'll be quite," I said dropping my skirt, glad that I was getting used
to not wearing panties, `now take off your pants.' Obediently he took off
his pants while I climbed onto the bed.  A second later Jake was pushing
into me from behind, gently pushing me forward on the bed, and then letting
me rock back onto his semi-rigid cock.
 Then Jake began rubbing my clitoris with one hand while his other hand that
was placed on my hip pulling me back towards him.  I raised one leg and
moved it to the edge of the bed while lowering myself down a little closer
towards the bed.
 Ten minutes later we were writhing in pleasure together flat on the bed
with me on top of him.  As I sat up on top of his pelvis we both heard a
knock on his bedroom door and a second later his mother was asking whether
we wanted a snack or something.  We giggled to each other after Jake replied
"No, we've already had one."

 Chapter XXXVII
 After a kiss we got up and got dressed then kissed again.
 "How much money do you have?" I asked Jake.
 "Twenty bucks, why?" Jake asked me.
 `Well we better buy condoms before we go back to my house, for Harry and
Nestor, and for you before they get to the house.'
 "All right, we'll go to the drug store first but your buying them,"
 "Ok but you've got to be there too," I told him kissing him on the cheek.
 "Let's go then before it closes,"


 Half an hour later we pulled up into the drive way of my house.  As soon as
we opened the front door we were assaulted by the sounds of Carrie and Sandi
loudly making love.  The screams of pleasure were nearly loud enough to
shatter glass.
 `Maybe we should just leave them alone,' Jake suggested.
 `No, beloveded lets make the phone calls and then we can join them for a
little while,' I told him.  He made the calls and a few minutes later we
were climbing the stairs to my mothers bedroom.
 When we went through the door we found Carrie licking and kissing Sandi's
breasts bringing her closer and closer to an orgasm, personally I knew, very
few people who could bring me to an orgasm just by my breast but there were
a few, and it appeared that my sister had the talent to do it.
 But before Carrie could finsish exciting Sandi, Sandi squeeled out "There
here,"  Carrie turned around and looked at us for a second, before she got
off of the bed with Sandi right beside her.
 After they reached us they took turns kissing each of us and then started
tearing at our clothes like a pack of wild animals.  Sandi got to Jake
before Carrie could and had already taken him in her mouth and started to
play his pipe.  Carrie didn't seem to interested in Jake but she was kissing
and rubbing me all over.
 She pushed me towards the bed until I had fallen backwards onto it.  Almost
instantly she was between my thighs lapping at my exposed labia while pawing
with one hand at my stomache.  Her lust was surprisingly strong and I just
layed down and let go to her needs.
 Meanwhile Sandi had managed to guide Jake to the bed while continuing to
keep her oral manipulation up.  As soon as she got him to the bed she jumped
him, taking his entire length inside her with one good swoop.
 As soon as she had taken him inside of her warm pussy, he let out a wild
moan a moan that I had only heard a few times, only the times when he had
been extremely excited and I mean extremely excited.
 Carrie, seperated herself from my lower lips after I had stopped convulsing
from the orgasm she had brought me to.  Then she began kissing and licking
her way up to my breasts until she was alternating sucking on my nipples,
and kissing my lips.  I began fiddeling with her hair and rubbing her back,
down to her shapely ass.
 Jake broke into a series of continuous groans as Sandi rode him at a everly
increasing speed, driving him closer and closer to orgasm.  Sandi squeeled
and leaned over and kissed Jake's lips.
 `Jake,' I cried as Carrie started licking one of my earlobes.  `get her to
scratch you.'
 `Not until she cum's my love,'
 "Make me cum," Carrie begged in a whisper before kissing my ear.  Then she
got up onto her knees and stradled her way across me until her pussy was in
my face.  Slowly I began to lick her clitoris and her vulva.  Carrie's legs
clamped around my head squeezing me tight between her thighs.
 `The doorbell,' I heard Jake say, but I couldn't hear it or anything else
for that matter from my position underneath Carrie.  `You get it, I'll get
her off'
 A second later Carrie released me from her grasp, and moved over and
planted herself ontop of Jake's mouth facing Sandi.  I got up off of the bed
and grabbed my mothers robe out of the closet and proceeded down the stairs.
Standing under the front porch light was two dark figures talking to each
other.  I grabbed the small bag of condoms that were on the kitchen table
and took them to the door with me, loosening the robe.

 Chapter XXXVIII
 "Hello Boys," I said opening the door.
 "Hi," Nestor said looking at my face smiling, "your Christa right,"
 "I've seen you at school," Gentlemanly I thought turning towards Harry who
was openly staring at the bare skin between the V of my robe.
 "Come on in," I said pushing the door back wider standing off to the side
so they could come in.  Once they were in I closed the door.  Harry was
still watching for any flesh he could see.  I set the bag down on the
railing and watched them both.
 "Our parents are gone, and Jake and I thought we would surprise Carrie and
Sandi, with you two," I said opening the bag.  Harry was still staring
intently at me.  "I'm only here to meet you Harry, I'm afraid I'm not on
your menu, but I suppose there is no harm in you looking," I finished
removing the robe and throwing it over the rail.  Both of them even Nestor
looked over me, Harry looked a little more thouroghly though.  The looks on
their faces were irreplaceable.  "I suppose if you want you can touch, but
not too much we've got to get you two upstairs,"  Harry approached me first,
but Nestor wasn't too far behind.  Predictably Harry went straight for my
breasts cupping one in each hand.  I could see him licking his lips and
hesitating to take either of my nipples in his mouth, so I reassured him by
saying "you can use your mouth too if you wish, but be quick," almost
instantly Harry's lips were sucking on my left nipple.  Nestor moved forward
and I offered him my right breast, but he declined and kissed my cheek.
 "I've always loved you," Nestor whispered before kissing my earlobe.  "Ever
since I first saw you, but you never noticed me, I want you so bad, I lie
awake thinking of you every night,"
 I didn't know what to say, I was taken back by his confession.  He was
right though I had never noticed him too much before.  He rubbed his large
crotch up against my leg, while licking the side of my neck.
 "Nestor," I whispered back hotly because of Harry's tongue work on my
breasts.  "I never knew that you felt that way about me," I said before he
kissed my lips and interupted me, "if you had of told me before I would have
dated you and probably went all the way, but I'm a different girl now, I'm
Jake's and he's mine," I said interupted this time by Harry slipping away
from my breasts and reasserting his tongue between the wetspot between my
 "God Harry, stop that," I told Harry softly, leaning against Nestor trying
to hold myself up while trying to spread my legs wider apart.  "Nestor..." I
breathed, as Harry pushed me over the top into orgasm, wave after wave of
intense pleasure.  I'd never done it with two guys before and I was highly
tempted to take one in my pussy and the other in my mouth, but they were
Carrie and Sandi's, and Nestor was already preparing to take me, he had
already removed his shirt and was in the process of taking off his pants.
 "No," I cried regaining enough strength to move away from the two of them,
"you both have a girl each to ease your tensions," I said taking Nestors
hard penis in my hand, and for the first time I noticed that Harry was also
bottomless, and errect, I took him in my other hand and pulled them towards
the stairs.  "Oh, I almost forgot," I said letting go of them and going back
to the railing for the bag.  I handed them each a box of condoms that Jake
and I had bought together.  "Use them in good health, and if I see either of
you without one on, I'll cut your dicks off while you sleep, now let's go,"
I said grabbing them again with my hands and guiding them up the stairs.  On
the way up Harry ran his fingers over my ass and then slipped a couple of
fingers into my vagina.  I stopped and he withdrew his fingers but I turned
around letting go of them.  "Harry, don't do that again, or I'll toss you
out just as you are, understood,"  He nodded but after I turned around I
felt the fingers on my ass again.  But they didn't go any lower, so I
ignored them and guided the two men into my mothers bedroom.
 Carrie was lying on her back and Sandi was licking at her clit while Jake
pushed into her from behind.  I let go of the two penis's that I was holding
whispering for the two attatached "wait here," then I got behind Jake and
rubbed my hands over his ass.  He withdrew from Sandi almost immediately
upon my touch, curious Sandi broke away from my sisters exposed tresure box
to look to see what was going on.
 "Sandi, this is Nestor, Jake and my surprise to you,"  Carrie's eyes
blinked open and she looked at me, "Carrie, this is Harry, he's yours," she
almost looked disappointed.  But Harry had taken up Sandi's spot and was
licking at my sisters pussy and she closed her eyes with contentment.
 "Hi," Nestor said watching Sandi get off the bed and move towards him.  She
circled around him as if inspecting him for damage.  She knelt behind him
and kissed one of his buttocks, then moved around to his front, cupping his
balls with her hand and petting his cock with her other hand.  She let go of
him and pressed herself tight against him stretching up and kissing his lips
surprisingly long and passionately.
 "He'll do," Sandi said smiling mischeveously at Jake and me.  She took his
hand and nearly skipped to the bed where she helped him open the condom box,
and kneel down infront of him to put it on.  Carrie had tears running down
her cheek from the pleasure that Harry was giving her with his tongue
between her legs.
 Jake and I looked at each other proud of what we had gotten off and kissed.
When we got to the door we looked back for one last quick look and found
Nestor already pumping into Sandi who was lying on her back squeeling in
 Jake and I went back to my bedroom and layed down ontop of him, quietly
sliding down onto his rigid shaft while not breaking our eye contact.
 `I love you Jake,'
 `I love you too beloved,' Jake said pushing some of my hair back that was
bothering me.  `What would you like to do?'
 `Take a guess," I told him while wiggling my hips.
 `They both scratched me,' Jake said as I sat up on him.
 `Did anything happen,' I asked gently starting to ride him.
 `Nothing, and I don't think they left a place unscratched, their like a
pair of fully clawed cats in bed.'
 `And what about me my love,' I said holding up my hands to examine my
 `Not tonight,'
 `Why not?' I said disappointed as his hands found their way to my breasts,
finding a little saliva on my nipples.  But he didn't say anything.
 `Just because,' he said and rolled me over onto my back so that I was
 `You devil,' I said knowing that I had been tricked out of my dominant
position.  He smiled down at me and I returned his jesture before he bent
down and kissed my lips.
 In the same slow rythm that I had maintained he started fucking me.  A few
minutes of sexual stimulation he withdrew from me and told me to raise my
legs.  I brought them up as he told me to do and he layed down ontop of my
legs pushing my knees to my chest taking his weight on his hands while
driving himself into me with faster stronger strokes, diving deeper into my
insides until he was hitting the back wall of my vagina.
 He was going to take us both to climax and quickly and we both knew it.  I
was screaming out in pleasure as Jakes groans continued to build until he
was finally spurting inside of me as my own barrier broke and we both
slipped into a warm state of bliss in each others arms.  Sleep was creeping
over both of us.  I pulled the covers over top of us and Jake held me tight.
 Before I fell asleep, I heard Carrie's far off cries of pleasure.


 Sandi had fallen asleep on me after four , she was great, and I really
could have enjoyed myself alot with her if I hadn't of been thinking of
Christa for most of the time I had been inside of Sandi.  I covered her with
some of the covers.
 "Would you like to join us?" Harry asked me noticing that Sandi had fallen
asleep, he and Carrie had been going at it straight, and weren't showing any
sign of wear.  Carrie watched me waiting for my answer ready to accept me
into their group.  Carrie even seemed anxious for me to join them, but I
wanted to check on Christa first, and maybe even ask her again if she would
like me to please her.  I shook my head, and Harry turned back to Carrie and
they started up again throwing aside their eighth condom for the nineth, and
quickly started up again.  They had got changing condoms down to an art.
 I left the room to go looking for Christa, I figured she'd probably be up
this level probably in one of the other bedrooms.  The first bedroom I
checked, it was covered in pink but there was no sign of Jake or Christa.
 The second bedroom, Christa was asleep in Jake's arms.  I snuck up beside
her and kissed her forehead and whispered her name.  For a second I thought
Jake was going to wake up to but he only stirred and turned over removing
his arm off of her.
 "Christa," I whispered closer to her ear.
 Her eyes blinked open and asked "Jake?" softly.
 "No, its me Nestor,"
 "Nestor?....Oh Nestor, what do you want, where's Jake?"
 "What he got, and he's beside you,"
 "What?" Christa said waking up a little more.
 "I said he's beside you," she rolled over slightly to look at Jake.
 "He wouldn't have taken his arm off of me did you move it?"
 "No, he turned over a second ago, I swear," After I had said that she
turned back to me.
 "What did you want?" she said getting up on an elbow.
 "Nestor, what are you doing, I'm in bed with the man I love and your trying
to get me to make love to you."
 "So what do you say?"
 "Come on, it'll be exciting the two of us making love beside your lover,
wouldn't you find it exciting,"
 "Christa, come on I'm already wearing the protection, and your so beautiful
I want to make love to you, even when I was in the other room with Sandi I
couldn't help thinking about you, come on..." I said running a hand under
the blanket, she didn't resist when my fingers cupped her pussy.
 "Nestor, you shouldn't be doing this," she said as I pushed back the covers
to expose her entire length.
 "I want to, even if he pounds me and throws me out of here," I said and
then went down her body and kissed her pubis bone.
 "Nestor please I really don't....all right come on," she said surprising me
hanging a leg over the edge of the bed leaving room between her legs, she
took a hold of my rubber covered cock and guided me up onto the bed until I
was on top of her.
 Then with one swift motion I pushed myself deep into her.  "God you feel
wonderful," I whispered to her.
 "Am, I better than your fantasies,"
 "Make violent love to me, Jake did me softly, I want to be fucked hard, can
you do that?"
 "If I go to hard, we'll shake the bed and wake him up,"
 "So, I thought you said the punishment was worth the reward."
 "Lets go into the other room and I'll make love to you anyway you want,"
 "No, if you want me, you've got to take me here, now,"
 "Alright, hard right?"
 "And fast,"
 "and fast, all right," I started fucking her like her lover wasn't in bed
with us, with the visciousness that I had always imagined, she cried and she
squeeled and Jake never woke up, the bed was shaking and rocking and I was
afraid that it wouldn't hold all of our weight.  I slipped my hands under
her ass and raised her up, she began to arch her back the whole time I
continued thrusting into her.
 "Stop, stop," Christa cried.  I lowered her down to the bed again and
withdrew from her.
 "What?" I asked her.
 "Take me from behind, doggie style," she said rolling over and getting up
onto her hands and knees.  I pushed myself back into her, rubbing my hand up
her back as I pulled away from her and then pulling her back towards me by
her hips when I dove forward.
 A few seconds after we started I heard someone say "What are you two
doing?"  I looked to the side and Jake was lying on his side wide awake
watching as I turned startled quickly withdrawing myself from Christa's
pussy in order to fend off any offense he might take.
 "Don't stop she enjoys it," Jake said watching me while Christa turned back
and looked at me smiling.
 "Come on don't stop," she pleaded with me, before turning towards Jake and
saying "Thank you,"
 Jake moved from where he lay to where she held her head up, as soon as he
moved close enough she took him in her mouth and started sucking on him,
since it appeared to be safe I reinserted myself into Christa.  She moaned
as soon as I inserted myself and Jake and I began to create a rythm between
us with her.
 When she took me in she released Jake and vice versa, until finally the
buildup in my balls couldn't hold on for much longer.  Seconds later the
three of us errupted into blissful orgasm.

 Chapter XXXIX
 Changed Plans
 On Friday evening Bob and Sandi came over, so that we could get up and go
the next morning, at least me and Bob anyway, Sandi was going to stay at our
house with my daughters.
 But tonight we were all going to have a nice steak dinner together, while
Bob was barbequeing I made the baked potatoes and Carrie made a salad, Sandi
heated some vegetables and Christa was busy making a chocolate cake.
 Jake was planning on coming over later, but he had to call and cancel
fifteen minutes earlier, he had said his mother and parents wanted to take
him to some dinner or something, he didn't want to go Christa said but it
sounded like he didn't have much of a choice.
 A half hour later we were all sitting around the table eating, it felt
homey just like when I was a kid, with my big family, everyone around the
table asking for this or that, pass the salt and all that other stuff.
 The kids asked questions like where we were staying what we were going to
do, and we were perfectly frank with them telling them that we would
probably spend most of the weekend in bed.  They smiled at us and said they
probably would too.
 Near the end of dinner I felt Carrie's hand slip up between my leg and
begin to finger my center.  I tried to ignore her but it became increasinly
difficult, she stopped when the three of them got up to clear the table.
 While Carrie and Sandi finished cleaning up the table Christa got desert,
she had put candels on the cake and everything.
 "I thought we'd celebrate early because of the trip,"
 "Celebrate what?" I asked her.
 "My birthday silly, its Sunday remember,"
 "How could I forget that,"
 "It's all right you've had a lot on your mind," I said motioning towards
 "But your birthday, how could I forget that, it was seven hours of the most
intense pain I've ever gone through, and it was all worth it I might add.
What would you like?"
 "I don't know, you'll think of something, just please don't get me anymore
dildo's!"  Everybody went silent for a moment when she finished then we all
burst out in laughter.


 Before we went to bed I contemplating on telling Bob to go make love to
her, but I didn't think anybody was really wanting to make tonight.
Everybody turned in earlier than normal.  I suppose it was a long week, with
Christa getting sick and all, and all the new avenues that had opened for
them and me, sexual wise I mean.
 As I undressed Bob asked me, "What are we going to do Tuesday about James,"
 "What about him?" I asked throwing my blouse into the clothes hamper.
 "What will we have for dinner?"
 "Well, how about roast duck," I said stepping out of my jeans.
 "What about desert?"
 "How about me?" I said removing my bra.
 "No, seriously what should we have for desert,"
 "Upside down cake," I suggested stepping out of my panties climbing onto
the bed.
 "That sounds fine," Bob said stepping out of the bathroom fully naked.  He
really is a handsome man, broad shoulders, hair cut neatly, genitals nice
and large, beuatiful for working in bed.  Well muscled legs and tanned all
 "Where will we have it," Bob said raising the covers and slipping under the
 "Your house, your boss already knows where it is,"
 "I've been thinking about that, it seems to becoming a slight incovenience,
we're apart too many evenings,"
 "Do you have a solution for that," I asked him putting my arm over his
 "Well, we're going to have to ask the girls but, what about selling both
houses, and buying one of our own, suited for us and the girls."
 "Bob, I don't know," I said pulling my arm back.  "Carrie and Christa have
grown up in this house, its all they've ever known,"
 "Well we'll ask them, see what they think, but think of it, a house that's
meant for us, not one that we just have to settle for, even the girls can
help pick it out,"
 "Bob, I couldn't sell this house, at least not until we were married, its
too big a step for me,"
 "Martha...all right, look its too far till December to wait that long and I
love you so much, I don't think I could stand to be apart from you for that
long so what if we move the wedding date up."
 "To when?  Bob you said you didn't want to rush into it,"
 "It doesn't matter, I love you more than I thought I could ever love anyone
again.  What if we move the wedding day up to next month, same day."
 "October twelfth, Bob, I don't know there's a lot to do before then."
 "Well then we better get to it, but that means we have to put the houses up
on the market now,"
 "Well, we'll have to ask the girls,"
 "Alright," he said and kissed me, then turned towards the open door, and
cried out "Carrie, Christa, Sandi, could you come here please,"
 "Now Bob,"
 "Why not, they can have the weekend to think about it,"
 "Bob, I don't..." I started but stopped when Sandi appeared in the doorway
naked, followed by Carrie who was wearing a night shirt, then finally
Christa who appeared in only a pair of panties.  It was amazing such a short
time and they were all walking around without worrying about being seen by
anyone naked.
 Bob motioned them to come closer and they all moved in till they were
sitting on the foot of the bed watching us.  I think they were thinking that
we were calling them into bed with us, and they were anxious to get started.
 "We have something to ask you," I said to all of them.
 "What is it?" Carrie asked slipping her hands down to grasp the tailend of
the nightee, ready to pull it off.
 "Well, its about the houses," Bob started watching each of them for any
reaction.  "We've realized that we can't keep both of them, and you's can
see that too right," all three of them nodded.
 "Bob and I have decided, that is if you agree, to sell both of them, and
buy a new house that will be best for us, and you.  We want you to help..."
 " can't be serious," Sandi shouted, "you want to sell the could you..."
 " know that we have a small house, we've only got two
bedrooms...we all couldn't possibly live there...even if we wanted
would just be too cramped...especially with three young women...don't you
see that..."
 "I...I guess, your right," she said looking convinced.
 "We'll want your help...."
 "Mom, why can't we live here, its big enough, we have that spare bedroom
downstairs." Carrie burst out.
 "Carrie...honey and who would take the room downstairs, heh, none of you
would want to be apart or seperated from the rest of us would you."
 "Well then, me and Sandi can share a room,"
 "Carrie," Bob broke in, "that won't work because you are women, and besides
I would rather see you all with rooms that you could call your own.  Sharing
a room isn't that great an experience I should know, I spent sixteen years
of my life sharing my room with my younger brother, its not fun, that's one
of the reasons I left home, I couldn't take living with him, and we both
want you to feel that you'll always have a place to go, to be alone,"
 "All right,"
 "What about you, Christa?" I said as she moved closer to me, I expected her
to have the same sort of rebuttle that her sisters had taken.
 She kissed my cheek then softly said "I just want you to be happy, you have
my permission, if you need it,"
 "All right then," Bob said relieved that it had gone over so easy.
 "We'll need you to help pick out the new house so keep your eyes open all
 "All right, mom" they all said, only Christa was a little more enthusiastic
than the other two.
 "Oh and we have one more thing to tell you," Bob said "we've moved the
wedding date up,"
 "What?" Carrie and Sandi said in unison.
 "When is it now?" Christa asked in the same soft accepting tone.
 "The twelfth of October," I offered happily.
 "NEXT MONTH!" Carrie cried.
 "Would you like it to be this month," I said sarcastically.
 "No, next month will be fine, there's just so much to do, invitations,
caterer, gifts, location..."
 "Settle down Carrie, we'll just take it one step at a time, all right,"
 "You three, are so great," I said as a tear slid down my cheek, "I'm proud
that your my daughters, ever one of you," I said making sure I looked at
Sandi too.  She smiled when she saw me looking at her.
 "We love you too," Sandi said standing up on the floor, moving around to
her father's side of the bed.  Then she leaned over him and kissed my cheek.
When she got up again she kissed her fathers lips and whispered something in
his ear, and then left the room.  Carrie repeated Sandi's movements and
followed Sandi out of the room.  Christa sat on the bed and just watched us
for a second after Carrie had left, then she rolled over me so that she was
in the center of the bed.
 She stretched her neck and kissed Bob's lips and then said in a whisper
that I could hear.  "I love you Dad," he smiled proudly and kissed her cheek
and turned onto his side to face her. I turned onto my side and kissed her
cheek, and whispered into her ear so that Bob couldn't hear.
 "Thank you,"
 "For what?" she asked looking me in the eyes.
 I kissed her again and then asked "Would you like to sleep here tonight
with us,"
 "No, you two probably want to be alone," she said getting up.  I didn't
really want her to go, but she got off of the bed and went to the door.
 "Christa," I called after her
 "Yes," she said turning around.
 "Happy Birthday," I told her and she smiled closing the door behind her.

 Chapter XXXX
 Trip Time
 "Martha, wake up, its time," I said gently shaking her.
 "What time is it," she said groggily turning to look at me, with a smile.
 "Can I sleep just a little while longer?"
 "I'm afraid not, we've got a fair little trip to make,"
 "All right," I said slowly getting out of bed.
 "Come on, its not that early,"
 "Sure it is,"
 "Would it have helped if I had of woken you with some nice slow gentle
intercourse, an hour ago."
 "Yes!" she cried.
 "Keep it down the girls are still asleep and there's no sense waking them
up.  I promise I'll remember for next time."  I finished and then kissed her
 "Alright if you promise, have you showered yet,"
 "Lets take one together Ok,"
 "We don't have time, I'm sorry, but we got to go right away, we can shower
and clean up when we get to the motel, we'll have more time there."
 "Can't we take a short shower."
 "Come on the sooner we go the sooner we get there,"
 I took her hand and helped her up onto her feet and held her up in my arms.
We kissed again, and she went to her closet to get her clothes out.
 "You know something," I asked her.
 "You look beautiful in the mornings when you get up,"
 "Thank you," she said looking back over her shoulder as I sat down to pull
on my socks.
 "What do you think of this, I'm going to wear it tonight?" Martha asked me.
When I looked up she was holding up a black strapless high cut evening
 "It looks wonderful on you,"
 "What about underneath," she asked moving the dress aside to show her flesh
 "Gorgeous," I replied smiling at her.  "I'm going to go check on the girls
while you finish getting dressed ok,"
 "All right,"
 I left the room, first checking in Christa's room, she was sleeping
peacefully hugging a teddy bear tight to her.  Other than the teddy she was
alone. After that I looked in Carrie's room, both her and Sandi.  Carrie was
still wearing her T-shirt that she was wearing the night before, and Sandi's
was apparently in her normal bed dress nothing.  I think she didn't wear
anything to bed for me, at least she started by that, I think she figured
that she should be ready for me, when ever I wanted her.
 Her right breast hung over the top of the covers and she was just like an
angel when she slept.  There had been some nights I remember that I had
stayed awake or woken up in the night and spent hours just watching her body
 I moved closer to them and kissed Sandi on her forehead.  She smelt just as
good as always.  She stirred a little but didn't wake up and I turned around
to leave.
 "Bob," I was wrong I had waken her.
 "I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you," I said softly turning around to
watch Sandi's eyes blink.  I moved closer to her and knelt beside the bed.
 "It's all right, are you going now,"
 "Yeah, in a couple of minutes, you should try to go back to sleep,"
 "Bob, I'm sorry for the way I acted last night, your right it would have
been difficult to live in our house or even this one, its just that that's
were we lived when mom was still..."
 "...with us, I know honey, but that's also another reason for us to get
into a new house, to have a fresh start, I won't forget your mother and
neither will you, we'll both always love her but were about to start a new
life, a life with Martha and Carrie and Christa."
 "I'm happy for you Dad, I'm glad you found someone else, you know I've
always tried to make you happy, and if this makes you happy, I'm behind
 "Thank you, Sandi,"
 "Can I do anything for you, before you go,"
 "No, nothing Sandi, but if you like you and your sisters can start looking
at houses while were gone, maybe even find one house that will work for us
you's know what we need."
 "All right, we'll look, but Bob what about our little torture room,"
 "We'll make it into a family fun area in the new house for all of us, Ok,
Everyone should enjoy it, I know we have,"
 "Bob, I'm ready," Martha said from the doorway in a tight pair of jean
shorts and a tank top, "Oh, good morning Sandi,"
 "Goodmorning," Sandi replied sitting up on the bed letting the blankets
fall away from her chest.  "I hope you have a good time tonight,"
 "Thanks, I hope you have a good time this weekend too, but be careful, and
try not to have too much fun, your welcome to anything in the fridge, or
anywhere else in the house, and if you want I have some X-rated movies in
the bottom drawer of my dresser if you want them, try not to wear them out,
and if you invite any boys over make sure to play it safe,"
 "I think we better go, before Martha starts trying to give you lessons
which you don't need, we'll see you Sunday night honey," I said and kissed
her, "I love you,"
 "Can I see you two out,"
 "If you want," I said getting off of the bed and moving towards Martha.
She slipped out from under the covers unashamed of her beauty as she was
last night and followed us down the stairs.
 I set Martha's suitcase (which I had brought down) beside mine in the
hallway and turned to Sandi to say goodbye one more time.
 Sandi kissed Martha's lips and said "I hope you have fun this weekend, I
know you enjoy him, just take good care of him, he needs all the love you
can give him."
 Then she turned to me and kissed me, pressing herself tightly against me
like she had to Martha and whispered to me "I love you, so take care, I'll
be waiting, and I'll look for a house, I promise, but do one thing for me,"
 "What?" I whispered back to her holding our embrace.
 "Make love to her every chance you get, and take her into the bathroom
during intermission for a quicke, I know I enjoyed that time we did it, I'll
never forget it, it was the most exhilirating experience that we ever had."
 "I will," I said as she slipped away from the embrace.  "Martha, will you
head out, I'll be there in a minute I want to talk to Sandi for a second,
don't worry about the bags,"  Silently Martha left through the front door
leaving us alone.
 "Do you have your cards?"
 "Yeah, in my purse,"
 "Do you need any cash?"
 "No, I'll be allright Dad, you just go and enjoy yourself,"
 "Ok," I said grabbing the bags.  "I love you," I told her as I stepped
through the front door.
 "I love you too," she said before closing the door behind me.

 Chapter XXXXI
 House shopping
 After I had closed the door behind Bob, I decided that I probably wouldn't
be able to go back to sleep so I snuck up to Carrie's bedroom and got a pair
of jeans and a blouse.  I only bothered to retrieve my panties because I
couldn't find a pair of Carrie's.  I decided not to bother with a bra, so I
went down to the kitchen and made myself a breakfast of toast and jam and a
glass of juice.
 When I was just finishing I heard the paper boy put the newspaper in the
mailbox slot.  I wiped my face and hands on a towel and went to the door
hoping that I could catch him and put him through a morning excercise
session, but by the time I got to the door he was already gone.
 I got the paper from the mailbox and took it to the kitchen table deciding
to see what kind of housing listing they had in it.  I spread it out over
the kitchen table closely going through every single house ad, cricling the
ones that I thought were appropriate.
 I was three quarters done when I heard a knock on the door.  I looked at
the clock wondering what anybody would be doing at quarter to seven in the
morning but was surprised when I found that it was nearly eight o'clock.  I
got up and went to answer the door, and found Jake on the other side of the
 Quietly I opened the door and let him in explaining "Carrie and Christa are
still asleep,"  He followed me into the kitchen without a word and sat down
the chair opposite of where I was sitting before.
 "Would you like some juice," I asked him going for the fridge.
 "Yes, please" I got out the juice and poured him a glass.
 "A little earlier for you to be up isn't it," I asked him sitting down in
my warm chair.
 "Well, I thought I should get out of the house before my parents found some
chore for me to do.  Where's Bob and Martha?"
 "There gone for the weekend, a trip to BC to go to Phantom of the Opera."
 "What are you doing up?"
 "I saw them out and decided to stay up, I guess for the last hour and a
half I've been going through the paper here looking for a house."
 "Moving out are you,"
 "No, we're selling mine and my fathers house and this one and going to buy
a new one.  Did you have any breakfast, if you haven't you should have some
Christa's going to keep you busy all weekend.  It's her Birthday tommorow,
you know,"
 "Yeah, I know, and I've decided that we should spend it together exactly
the way she spent her very first birthday."
 "Yeah, how did she spend it,"
 "In her birthday suit of course, the only difference is I'll be there with
 "Then don't you think you should be taking today easy, save yourself up and
that sort of thing,"
 "Yeah, I suppose, but I missed her the last couple of nights.
 "Ah poor baby, if you want the two of us can go upstairs, there's a bedroom
that's empty up there,"
 "What happened to I should reserve my strength today?"
 "Well if you want to spend it, there's no reason you couldn't spend some on
 "No, I think your right, I should probably hold back today, what kind of
house are you looking for?" he said trying to change the subject.
 "Four or Five bedroom, ample space, nice view, that sort of thing, two or
three bathrooms, I've found a few but I don't know if I want to go look at
them by myself, say would you go with me, at least that will keep you away
from Christa for awhile."
 "If you would like me to, sure, when?"
 "How about right now?"
 "Sure, why not,"
 "Just let me grab my purse," I said folding up the need pages of the paper.
 "Here, hold these while I go get it," I said standing up and handing him
the pages.  I eventually found my purse stuffed into the couch of the living
 I returned to the kitchen got Jake, on our way past the stairs we could
both hear the cries of pleasure coming from upstairs, it would seem, that
one of them climbed in bed with the other, it was probably Carrie I thought
that went looking.
 "Let's go," I said pulling on Jake's arm.
 "Maybe, I should go up and say good morning to Christa,"
 "No come on lets go or we'll never get out of here,"
 "Sandi, I don't know if I should go without talking to Christa,"
 "It'll be all right, lets just go, besides if thats what you want I'll give
you a blow job in the car when we're on our way," I said forwardly, he
looked at me a little surprised.
 "All right lets go, but a blow job won't be necessary,"
 "Well if you change your mind all you have to do is ask," I said as I
closed the front door behind us.


 The first house wasn't bad, but it wasn't in a very good location, the
second one had bad exposure, the third one was holding an open house, and
the family was all out, Jake and I took our time looking through it.  There
were four bedrooms on the one level, three of them of about equal size.  The
fourth one was the masterbedroom and was quite large and had an ensuite, but
it didn't feel right, there was no room for a new torture room, no room for
any real movement, and the whole place seemed to give the feeling of
crowding in.
 We stopped and had a quick lunch around noon.  When we got going again it
was almost half after one.  The fourth house seemed a little to small, so
was the fifth one, the sixth one had a really ugly kitchen, and there was
only three bedrooms.
 The seventh one was an older house but was really nice.  It had two
fireplaces one in the living room, and the other was in the masterbedroom
just perfect for those cold winter nights.  There were three other seperate
bedrooms, two had a linking door.  We asked about the possibility of putting
in a linking door between the third bedroom and the other, the agent said he
didn't see any reason why there couldn't be another door put in.
 The kitchen was nice, but it could be renevated a little.  There was a nice
room that could act like a sitting room.  The basement had another bedroom
in it, and there was the possibility of putting in another bathroom.  There
was a Sauna in one corner of the basement.  It seemed almost too good.  It
seemed perfect.  I ask the agent if he thought the house was going to sell
any time soon.
 He said he wasn't sure.  I told him that we might be interested, but we'd
have to talk about it.  He gave me a sheet with the picture of the house and
a whole write up on it.  He smiled his "You're getting a real deal," smile
and said "You two will enjoy it, there's lots of room, the neighbohrs aren't
too old, and theres lots of room for kids,"
 "Oh no we," Jake said motioning between him and me, "we're not married, we
aren't even a couple, we're looking for her father, he's going to be getting
married, next month didn't you say Sandi,"
 "Yeah, next month, the twelfth."
 "Well you get your Dad to call me, here's my number." He said handing me
his buisness card.
 "Thank you," I replied heading towards the door.
 "Bye, hopefully I'll see you later," he said as Jake and I left the house.
 "Why do you think?" Jake asked me when we were back inside his car.
 "It's perfect, absolutely perfect,"
 "What do you want to do now?"
 "Well, its almost six o'clock," I said looking at my watch, "how about if I
buy you dinner, for the use of your time,"
 "Sounds fine, but I really should be getting over to see Christa, she'll be
wondering where I've been."
 "Would, you like to go and pick her and Carrie up," I asked knowing that I
wouldn't have any peace if we didn't.
 "Ok, how about if I just take a raincheck right now on that dinner, and
we'll eat at the house."
 "All right," I said solemnly, "but how about fucking me, I've felt so horny
being around you all day,"
 "Sandi!" Jake complained heading back towards the house.
 "Come on, just a quicke, just pull over to the side of the road and fuck
me, please!" I begged leaning towards him.
 "Sandi, I can't, not without Christa,"
 "Why are you wearing a chasity belt and she only has the key," I said
 "In a sense,"
 "Oh come on she'll never know you screwed me on the shoulder of the road,"
 "Sandi, please, you are very beautiful and very sexy, but you've got to
understand, Christa and I are made for each other, if she's with us and she
agrees with my desires, I'll fuck you with no resolve and I won't stop until
your satisfied,"
 "Do you promise," Sandi said pouting at me.
 "I promise!"

 Chapter XXXXII
 I had tried to call Jake a couple times all day but I kept getting the same
answer that he had gone out early that morning and that they didn't know
when to expect him back.
 This morning when Carrie had been so anxious to get into bed with me, I had
figured it was going to be a really good day.  But as soon as she got the
call from Stacey she forgot about me, practically mid-orgasm too, and rushed
off to Stacey's, she didn't even bother to invite me.
 After she left I made myself some breakfast not bothering to dress.  I
didn't think there'd be any sense since Jake should have been over at any
minute, but he never showed, around two o'clock I decided to go have a
shower, wash my hair and relax until somebody showed up.
 I took a long hot shower, and soaped myself all over, taking my time.
After I had finished my shower and brushed my hair there was still no sign
of anybody and it was nearing three o'clock.
 Sandi hadn't even bothered to say where she was going either.  I tried her
house a couple of times and nearly called Nestor at four o'clock.
 At four thirty, I got a snack and then went up to my mothers bedroom and
decided to watch some TV.  Fifteen minutes of flipping channels, I knew
there was nothing on, then I thought of her X-rated videos, I knew where
they were and she had said we could use them.
 I selected one and started watching it, for the first few minutes I just
watched, then after I started slowly masturbating, just gently and in no
rush.  For an hour I continued my slow self pleasuring, and when two girls
got in a sixtynine position, I couldn't contain myself any longer, my womb
erupted in an earth shattering orgasm, making me convulse on the bed for a
good five minutes afterwards.
 The feeling of warm pleasure, spreading through out my body, making me feel
more comfortable than I had ever been in a long time, last thing I remember
is slipping into unconciousness while the second video tape continued


 When we got to the house it was quiet, and no one met us at the door I
thought for sure Carrie or Christa would have.  I really was horny, and
being beside Jake all day only increased my lust.  I wanted to be filled up
and soon, I needed a cock between my legs.
 Jake took my hand and guided me upstairs, I guess he was thinking maybe the
two of them were still at it, or asleep in each others arms, thats what I
expected them to be.
 But all we found was Christa spread out naked on Martha's bed sleeping,
while on the TV a soft porno movie was running.
 "Poor thing masturbated herself to sleep," I said to Jake who knelt down
beside her on the bed to wake her up.  I set my purse down and moved between
her legs to lap up any leftovers.  "It's fresh," I added and then returned
to the treasure I had found.
 Christa stirred and then let out a soft moan, just before one of her hands
found the way to the top of my head.  "JAKE, is that you,"
 "Yes, my love,"
 "Where have you been?"
 "With Sandi!" He said motioning down towards me.  I watched and listened to
their discussion, not stopping the cleanup duty I had assigned myself.
"We've been house hunting," Jake said softly running his fingers through her
silky hair.
 "Why didn't you call me,"
 "Well we thought we'd leave you alone, you seemed to be doing fine with
Carrie, by the way where is she,"
 "She went to Stacey's," I had got all that I could so I decided to join
into the conversation.
 "Why did she go there," I said coming up on her other side.  She looked at
me and smiled and then ran a hand over my blouse covered breasts.
 "Stacey called her and she couldn't get out of her fast enough,"
 "Well it seems you did ok by yourself,"
 "Did you two?" Christa asked looking at Jake.
 "No we didn't, but she did offer,"
 "You did, did you," Christa said looking at me putting a hand on the back
of my neck.  "Well, that's all right, I can understand why," she said
glancing at Jake, then she pulled me down to her and kissed my lips, with
her free hand she began undoing the bottons on my blouse.
 "I know its no fun, to spend time all by yourself, while two people are
busy fucking, while your close enough to hear them, and yet you aren't
allowed in, but your my sister," she said pushing the blouse off of my left
shoulder, "and sisters should share, so if you want, you can spend tonight
with me and Jake if you want," Christa offered pulling my blouse all the way
 "I want to," I pleaded, and no sooner than I had said it than someone was
tugging at my jeans trying to pull them down.  I looked back and found Jake
fully naked and trying to get my jeans off by brute force.  "Let me..." I
started and undid the botton on the jeans, he pulled them and they slipped
away with little effort at all.
 He didn't bother trying to take my panties off, instead he tore them off.
As soon as he got them off he kissed my right buttocks.  Then he raised
himself up onto his knees getting ready to penetrate me when Christa cried
"Jake, protection"
 "He doesn't need to, not with me," I told Christa meaning it.
 "Yes he does, over there in the first drawer," Christa said pointing to a
dresser.  He obeyed her and he retrieved a partial box of condoms which he
emptied on to the bed.  I quickly helped him put it on in order for him to
get inside of me faster, and then I returned back to my hands and knees.
 "Both of you have to give me a kiss first,"
 Christa was delaying this out as much as possible, I don't think she really
liked the idea of Jake making love to me.  I don't think she ever liked the
idea of Jake making love to anybody but her, since they got together.  I
kissed her lips quickly, but Jake kissed her long and passionate as always,
only for a second I would swear they were talking, but not saying a word.
 Jake got behind me again and pushed himself deep into me, he felt better
than then other night.  He has a beautiful penis, one that I could definetly
get used to.  Christa got up and moved closer towards my head.  When she
reached me she leaned down and kissed my lips again, in the same style that
she and Jake used and then said "I'll leave you two alone, but call me when
your ready for me,"  She kissed me again and then left the room.
 That surprised the hell out of me but I was grateful, very grateful that
she was leaving me alone with him, I'd have to pay her back, but not now,
now I was just going to enjoy him.
 I lowered my chest to the bed so he could get deeper into me, almost
instantly I could feel his penis touch my deepest spot, he had a very
wonderful penis, the type every woman should have at least once.  So long
and thick.
 My thoughts were disrupted at the first sound of the rude noise that came
along with the position, but Jake didn't seem to be bothered and continued
his long luscious strokes.
 "I want to see you," I cried out, "I want to see your face when I come,"
 Jake withdrew and I crawled further onto the bed and turned over spreading
my legs and raising my knees.  Jake moved on me and lowered himself down
onto his hands, pushing himself into me again as I squeeled and wrapped my
legs around his back and buttocks.
 He lowered himself down and kissed me, whispering "Your so beautiful,"
something that he had left out Wednesday night when he was making love to
me.  I had him more or less to myself for those few precious minutes that
Carrie and I had been alone with him, she didn't want him, she only wanted
my tongue on her.
 "You have such a beautiful body," he said raising himself up against the
force of my legs trying to pull him down into me again.  When he came down
again I pulled him close to me with my hands and arms, and kissed him.
"Come for me," he cried.  I wanted to so badly, I let go of any holdbacks
and released myself to full orgasm, shaking beneath his weight.
 "That's it," he screamed raising his chest off of me, "Come for me," he
said while violently pumping into me.  He lowered himself down again and
kissed me.  I lowered my legs and spread them as wide as I could get them,
slipping my arms under his so I could hold his back while he continued
pumping deeply into me, as another wave of orgasm shook through me.  He
moved his knee closer to me increasing the pressure to the tempo and the
depth of his thrusts.
 It was beautiful, he took me through orgasm after orgasm until he pushed
himself off of of my chest and with one last deep thrust and a grunt, he
screamed "I'm cumming,"
 "Jake, take the condom off, quickly before you come, I want your come
inside of me, please, please take it off before you come.  If you like me at
all take it off,"  He quickly withdrew from my pussy, and tore the condom
off, and reinserted himself.  We resumed our position before he withdrew and
a second later he collapsed on top of me, leaving his penis still inside me,
he was heavy, but the moment was so precious, so warm so intimate.
 I didn't really want to get out from beneath him, but when I tried and
found out that I couldn't get him off of me or even roll him over, I
panicked and started screaming Christa's name.
 She arrived in less than a second and was kneeling beside me on the bed.
She knew what was wrong and she whispered, "It's all right, calm down, I'll
help you,"  Then she kissed me again and disappeared for a second from my
view.  Then I felt her hand between our legs, she was pulling Jake's penis
out of me.
 Then with a simple little push she rolled him off of me.  "Thank you," I
 "Satisfied," she said coming up and kissing my lips again.
 "Definitely, your so lucky to have him," I said and kissed her back.
 "Sisters share," she said running a hand over one of my breasts.
 "I know, Thank you for sharing," I said and kissed her again.
 "While you two were busy Carrie phoned, she said she'd been spending the
night at Stacey's house, so that means we've got the house to ourselves, if
you'd like to call Nestor, I think we could have a foursome if you'd like.
I know Nestor wouldn't mind and I don't think Jake would mind making love to
you again, nor would I for that matter," she said kissing me again.
 "Would you like to make a movie of it," I asked her.
 "That's a great idea, we'd enjoy the footage for years, the only thing is
we don't have a camera,"
 "No but my Dad and I do," I said running a hand through her hair.
 "Well lets go get it, but first we better clean up Jake, would you like to
help me give him a tongue bath." Christa said removing the condom off of
Jake's dissipating errection.
 "Sure," I replied.

 Chapter XXXXIII
 When I got to Stacey's I was feeling so horny I couldn't really believe it.
When she had called saying that she had the day off and her husband wouldn't
be home till around eight o'clock, I jumped at the offer to spend time with
 I was heavily attracted to her during our first meeting, I don't know why I
just was, and it carried over to this meeting.  We had agreed to spend her
day off together during our second meeting but Hawk was going to be home so
we didn't do anything other than some heavy petting.
 I didn't want him around when we were together, what he did scared me, but
somehow it was enjoyable, I had even told Stacey that and all she said was
that it was addictive.
 After we had spent the better part of the day in bed together she asked me
if I would like to spend the night with her and Hawk.  I wasn't really
wanting a cock but I did want more of Stacey so I decided to stay.  I phoned
home and told Christa that I was going to stay.
 She was concerned but she accepted my judgement.  When I turned back to
where Stacey had been and she was gone.  Naked I decided to go hunting for
her.  During my search I got time to examine some of the other rooms in the
house, at least on the top floor.
 When I went downstairs I heard noises in the kitchen, so I went to see what
she was doing.  When I entered the kitchen I found her sitting ontop of the
counter, with Hawk standing between her legs pumping into her.  Her arms
were rapped around his neck and her head was resting on his shoulder.
 When she saw me she said, "Carrie!" I moved closer to them, Hawk's pants
were around his ankles and his tie was hanging down over his back overtop of
his shirt.
 When Stacey called my name, Hawk stopped and turned and looked at me.  He
turned his whole body to me exposing the fact that he had indeed been in the
middle of fucking Stacey.
 "Would you like to finish him off," Stacey asked me softly.  I didn't say
anything I just looked at him, then slowly I looked over his body.  Then
without saying a word I nodded.  He took me in his arms and kissed my cheek,
then my eyelids and then finally my lips.  He gently lifted me up and then
lowered me onto his errect shaft.  He then carried me and over to the
counter and set me down beside Stacey pumping into me.  I wrapped my arms
around his neck while Stacey pushed my hair away from my neck and started
kissing it.
 I was glad that she had shared her and Hawk's sexual history with me on the
last visit, even the cards of the bloodtests, it made the sex so clean, so
unworrying, so beautiful as orgasm swept between the two of us.
 At that moment I was glad even proud that I had decided to stay and even
come back to them.  The previous sex with Hawk didn't seem as scary, or as
frightening, just natural, it was the sex style that Stacey and Hawk had
developed together, and my presence only meant that a new style had to be
created, a style that could benefit all three of us.
 I know that sounds pretty pshcological, but that's how it seems to me.  It
was only the second time that I had gotten semen inside me and it felt nice,
warm, it felt like Hawk gave something to me for the second time, and it was
a gift, a beautiful wonderful gift.
 "Let's go to bed," Stacey suggested taking both of our hands and leading us
towards the stairs.

 Chapter XXXXIV
 Another mate?
 I called Nestor from Sandi's house while she and Jake gathered up all the
camera equipment that we'd need.  They had just started up the stairs when I
got an answer on the phone.
 "Hello Nestor?"
 "No, just a minute I'll get him,"
 "Yes, who is this,"
 "It's me, your wednesday night party girl,"
 "No, silly, it's me Christa,"
 "Oh, hello Christa," he said surprised.
 "Are you that surprised to hear from me,"
 "Well, frankly yes, I thought you were just, know,"
 "Just fucking you,"
 "Well, in a way I guess I was, I was wondering if you'd like to do it
 "You mean me spending time with Sandi while Jake and you go off,"
 "Well, I would like you to spend time with Sandi, but Jake and I will be
there too, we're going to make it a foursome, that is if you're up to it,
otherwise it will just be me, Sandi and Jake, what do you think can you
manage it,"
 "If you and I can...uh...spend some time together, sure,"
 "Well...I guess, how about doing me first, will that be alright,"
 "That'll be great,"
 "How many condoms do you have left,"
 "Well we'll get some more, we'll meet you at my house in about an hour,"
 "That sounds great,"
 "Oh, there's one more thing," I said seeing Sandi, and Jake coming down the
stairs with the video camera and some tapes.
 "There is one condition,"
 "We're going to make a movie of it, if you want out you can, but if your
in, it'll be unbelievable, I guarantee it, if it's not," I caught Jake's eye
and I smiled at him, "I'll be your love slave for a week, I'll make love to
you where ever and when ever you want, even infront of your parents, for a
whole week think of what you could do with me."
 "Make it a month and you got a deal,"
 "A week," I said and then looked at Sandi, who was watching Jake, bring
down the rest of the gear.  "and Sandi will share in the promise, you can
have us both for a week,"
 "What?" Sandi said looking at me.
 `Kiss her,' I told Jake.  He set down the gear and took her in his arms and
kissed her passionately.
 "Do we have a deal?" I asked Nestor.
 "Well with that guarentee, it's a deal, I'll see you there in an hour,"
Nestor said hanging up the phone.
 They were still kissing when I hung up the phone and Sandi was starting to
grope Jake.
 "Stop that you two," I told them and hesitantly they seperated.  "You
should be saving your strength till later, because well, we're going to make
us a movie,"  Jake smiled at me.
 `Your getting off on this aren't you?' Jake asked me.
 `A little,' I replied.
 "Did you just ask her if she was getting off on this," Sandi asked turning
to Jake.
 "Why?" I asked her.
 "I heard it,"
 "I don't know, I just heard him,"
 "Did you hear her reply?" Jake asked her.
 "I heard something, it wasn't too clear though,"
 "Think something," Jake told her.
 `I love Bob,' I heard another voice inside my head say, a feminine one.
"Did you hear what I said," Sandi asked excited.
 `By god Jake, she's becoming one of us,'
 `I know, did you hear her too,'
 "You did hear me didn't you, What is it?"
 "We don't know," Jake said, "it's just happened,"
 "When?" Sandi asked.
 "That night we went to dinner and your dad proposed to mom, just before we
left, that was the first time,"
 "Jake, scratch her," I told him, he moved forward holding up his hands
ready to scratch her cheek.
 "Hold on, what are you two doing,"
 "Jake, she's right if it doesn't work she doesn't need scars on her face.
Sandi take off your shorts.
 "Tell me why first,"
 "Just do it, please," I told her.  She unbottoned her shorts and let them
fall to the floor.  "Your panties too," I told her, she looked at me with a
look on her face that showed pure distrust.  "Trust me," I begged, "if this
works...Just trust me."
 `Jake, kiss her the same way you kissed me that night and rake her bottom.'
 "Hold on now, just..." before she could finish she was in the middle of a
long hot kiss and I could see Jake's hands go down to her buttocks, and pass
across the flesh, then he raised the tip up and sunk them into her flesh,
and dragged up.
 She broke away from Jake and screamed, on her backside blood was coming out
of the lacerations Jake had just opened and there was no sign of them
healing over.
 "Maybe its too early,"
 "Too early for what," Sandi screamed at me rubbing her ass.
 "Come here and let me help you," I said getting a cloth and wetting it.  I
sat down on one of the kitchen chairs and she turned her bottom to me so I
could wipe it.  Slowly I rubbed a cloth over one of the scratches.  Then out
of some weird desire I set the cloth down on the table and ran my tongue
over one of the scratches.
 The blood sizzled, and caught Sandi's attention, "What the hell are you
doing now," she demanded.  The wound that had been under the blood had
disappeared, and I wiped away the remaining dried blood off with the cloth.
 "Jake come here," I said and he moved closer to us, he looked sorry, he
knew he had caused Sandi pain and he was really feeling bad about it.  "Come
on, come here, quit feeling sorry for her,"
 "Thanks alot," Sandi said looking down at me.
 "Jake, I think she may be one of us, or changing, one or the other,"
 "One of what,"
 "Jake, lick one of the scratches.
 "What?" Sandi cried.  Jake knelt down beside me and did as he was told.  It
had the same effect.  The blood sizzled and then the wound was gone.
 "I'm going to call Nestor and tell him we can't tonight," I said aloud,
wiping the second streak of dried blood away.  "Jake you finish cleaning her
up," before I had even finished he was licking her wounds.
 I dialed Nestor's number again, this time he picked up.
 "Hi, Nestor, listen it's me again Christa, look tonight won't work,
something really important has come up, we'll make it up to you, but we just
can't tonight." I said.
 "What's so important," he asked, he was right he deserved an answer just
not the right one.
 "Our parents came home, we can't do it with them here, I'll tell you what
you think of a plot or something, that we can do for the film and we'll do
it, when the time is right, Ok.  You can even make yourself the main
charachter, all right,"
 "Ok, but when will we do this,"
 "I don't know but not right now, all right,"
 "Ok, I'll see you then, my little love slave,"
 "Not yet, I'm not," I said giggling.
 "You will be, you will be," he said chuckling.
 "Bye," I said and then hung up the phone.  When I turned around and looked
across the table Jake was licking at the last scratch.  Then he wiped the
left over away, and then pulled Sandi down onto his lap.  She went down
laughing and turned back and kissed him.  Then suddenly I remembered what
happened the first time Jake and I had been telepathically linked, we had
unprotected sex, full and complete, I had taken him in me, all of him, and
the diaphram had been burned through so it could get in me.
 I came around the table so that I was looking straight on at them.  I had
to ask.  "Did you two, do it with out a condom after I told you not to," I
asked seriously.
 "I asked him to take it off, earlier, and he did," she said and then kissed
him again.
 "That's the key Jake,"
 "What is?"
 "Those prescious jewels in your lap,"
 "Thanks," Sandi said.
 "Not you, its him, Jake remember I'm your first mate, and she's your
second, always remember that,"
 "What are you talking about?" Sandi asked watching me.
 "You stepped in something you shouldn't have,"
 "What?" she said seriously.
 "Him," I said motioning at Jake, by this time both of their smiles had
disappeared.  "Jake, you have to take her all the way, that means you have
to do her again, only she should scratch you,"
 "What's all this talk about scratching?" Sandi asked.
 Jake looked at me sceptically, I was jealous, and really sore over it he
was going to take another mate, and I was encouraging him to do it.
 "You have to," I told him.
 "Are you sure about this," Jake asked me.
 "Sure about what?" Sandi said trying to look over her shoulder at Jake.
 "I'm sure,"
 "Maybe we should try mating her to both of us,"
 "MATING WHO?  ME?  NO WAY!" Sandi said.
 "How?" I asked.
 "I don't know, I've heard of a move where two girls slide their pussies
together, maybe that'll work"
 "It's worth a try, I guess, she has to be taken the whole way, its the only
way she'll understand, and she'll have to scratch us both, that's the only
way that we can know for sure that it'll be safe."
 "What do you mean, safe?" Sandi questioned as I pulled her up on to her
 "Come on it's bed time," I told her leading her up the stairs to her
father's bedroom with Jake in tow.
 "How do we do this?" I asked him as he closed the door behind us.
 "You straddle each other I think, and then rock back and forth while
holding onto each other." he said while I was taking off my clothes.
 "What are you doing?" Sandi asked.
 "Sandi, trust me, what we give you will be so wonderful, its a gift, just
trust us, we're each just going to have sex with you, we won't scratch you,
but you'll scratch us.  Come on, take off your top,"  Reluctantly she
obeyed.  "It'll be the same as when you initiated me, remember, only this
time theres a small purpose.  You do want to go the rest of the way don't
you and feel what we've been talking about, if you don't, well we'll stop
and we won't bring it up again, and from now on Jake will keep protected,
because if he doesn't," I said looking at him, "I'll castrate him," he knew
I was entirely serious with my statement.
 "I know the position,"
 "What?" I asked Sandi.
 "I know the position was talking about, Carrie and I have done it before."
she said spreading her legs.  "Come on, before I change my mind, I don't
like the undertone you two have been talking with, but, just come here
 I moved over to her and onto the bed and spread my legs, following her
motions on how to "assume" the position.  I'd have to say it was really
unique.  I pressed myself tight against Sandi's pussy spreading our
respective lips and then pressing ourselves tight against each other.  Jake
move to beside us so he could see better, and then we grasped each others
hands and just simply began rocking back and forth, pulling each other
towards whose ever turn it was to go forward.
 Jake moved closer in and began fingering our clitorises simutaneously.  We
were both crying out a matter of minutes later.  Jake stopped us rocking and
looked at Sandi, and simply said "scratch her," I offered her my arm after
he had finished and she looked at it and then in to my eyes.
 "Do it," I told her, "and no matter what happens don't be afraid, keep up
the fucking."  Hesitantly she took my arm and held it with one hand and then
brought her other hand over and scratched me.  I could feel the change it
was happening, she'd done it.  I interlocked my fingers with hers again and
we started the motions again.
 She gasped when I felt the tingling pass over my breasts, they had
obviously changed and were waiting to be caressed.  The lust was already at
work in full force and I was trying to hump Sandi to while we continued our
 Finally, I could feel the metamorphosis was complete, I was my full self
again.  Sandi was stunned at my appearance but never stopped the motions,
she kept it up.  She screamed as orgasm overcame her, a second later I could
feel the same thing exploding from inside me, as orgasm swept through me, I
felt like I was releasing fluid from my urethra as I came, it was like
pissing in a way, but I knew, I knew it was my cum passing to Sandi.
 With our vagina's still pressed tight against each other I held her tight
against my chest.  The same thing that had happened to me and Jake was
happening between me and Sandi, we were sharing our lives.  I saw her for
the first time making love to Bob.  The fight over her wanting to bear his
child, their sex room, all the videos that they had posed for, even the
 I knew she was seeing me and experiencing every boy I made out with, the
genital kisses that my mother gave me when I was a baby that I didn't know
about, until the moment that she saw it.  I even saw my mother making love
to my father.  Then they took me into bed with them afterwards.  It was more
intimate than it had been with Jake, I felt how she had when her mother had
died, and she knew the loss I had felt when my father left us.
 It had only lasted seconds but we had shared every moment of our lives with
each other.  And during our merging, I had shrunk back to my normal form.
 `We are now mates,' I told her staring into her eyes, which now shone
briliantly.  `Prepare yourself for another mating,'  I said moving away from
her, to allow Jake access to her.  Quietly he lowered her down on to the
bed, and climbed ontop of her.
 "Jake, she's got to be on top, you'll crush her when she scratches you,"
 `I didn't crush you beloved,' he said as he penetrated her.  First with a
slow rythm, gradually increasing speed and depth.  I saw her raise her hands
this time without hesitation, Jake never noticed it, but she dug her nails
into his back and scraped him.
 I watched the transformation slowly take over him, as it moved up through
his body quickly expanding whatever area it was covering till it was nearly
bursting with muscles.  As soon as the effect past his waste Sandi began
screaming, she was feeling the effects of his enlarged member inside of her,
I knew exactly what she was feeling, in a way I was jealous of her, he was
mine and she was getting him.  She was getting the penis that she'd never
find on anyone else, ever in her life.
 His shoulders broadened and she began rubbing her hands over them,
screaming in ecstasy and pain, as Jake's sweat dripped from his forehead
onto her face.  Her own hair was matted down to her head by this time, by
the combination of taking both of us at one time.  I suppose we should have
considered taking her seperately and at different times, but we were both
just too excited, now she would suffer for it.
 Jake let loose a howl just as Sandi's screams went higher in pitch.  A
second later, they both errupted into orgasm, Jake had done her quickly, he
had taken his time with me, but the results we're the same.  They merged, I
could tell, I couldn't read either of their minds, the thought were passing
between them so quickly.  It must have been the same way with Sandi and me
for Jake.
   When he had ejaculated the changes reverted until he returned to his
"normal" form.  Finally when they came out of it, Jake collapsed on top of
Sandi forcing a little whimper out of her.  I managed to push him off of
her, before she fell into unconciousness whispering to me, "I feel
so...stretched,"  Exactly the same as I had felt.
 I found a blanket in the closet and covered all of us taking my place on
the other side of Jake, before I let sleep over take me too.

 Chapter XXXXV
 I awoke to Sandi screaming about two in the morning.  Jake was still
sleeping soundly beside me and seemed unbothered by her screams.  I arouse
and quickly walked around the bed to kneel beside her.
 "Shhhh..." I told her running my hands through her hair, "Everything will
be all right,"
 "I feel so sore," Sandi whined.
 "I know you do," I said comforting her, "it'll pass don't worry."
 "But it hurts so much,"
 "Let me see," I said, throwing the blanket up.  "I'm going to turn on the
light, ok," I said reaching for the lamp on the night table.
 "All right," Sandi said softly.  When I turned it on, she blinked, and her
pupils quickly contracted adjusting to the new light source.
 "Now, spread your legs," I told her and slowly she moved her outermost leg
to the edge of the bed softly whimpering to herself, until she had it draped
over the side of the bed.  Her inner thighs were all black and blue, even
her vulva was a purplish color.
 "Ow," she cried when I just barely touched her pussy, "that hurts,"
 "I don't know what I can do for you beloveed," I felt helpless, but I also
knew she had to go through it, then suddenly I was hit by the thought that
we had fused her wounds earlier and healed them, maybe I could do the same
for the bruises.
 Carefully I climbed up onto the bed and got on my hands and knees just
below her pussy.  "I'm going to try licking your wounds ok, tell me if it
hurts and I'll stop,"
 I lowered my head down to her pussy and gently touched her clit with my
tongue as a result she screamed in agony.  When I looked at the spot I had
touched I found that it had lightened a bit but not very much, I hadn't had
long enough contact.
 "All right, I'll start further out," I said backing away so I was further
down between her legs to the first sign of bruises.  I began lapping at the
color changed skin, this time she didn't scream she only whimpered a little.
 Her flesh was very sensitive but slowly I worked away at her thighs,
alternating so I was keeping them both basically level.
 After about an hour, I had managed to "clean" all of the flesh up to her
immediate genital area, but my mouth was so dry I had to take a break.
I moved up beside her and kissed her lips and she smiled at me, saying "I
feel better all ready,"
 "Well, your not fully healed yet, I'm going to go get a glass of water then
I'll be right back, and I'll finish up, Ok,"  She nodded and I quickly left
the room and returned with the glass of water.
 "Not a very good way to spend your birthday, taking care of me," she said
 "My birthday's not for another twelve hours, you've got plenty of time to
get well," I said taking a sip of water, before setting the glass down on
the night table.
 "How long have you two been changing,"
 "Since about the same time we've been talking to each other," I said
getting between her legs again.
 "How long before I change,"
 "It depends," I said before taking my first lick.
 "On what?"
 "Well we've got to figure out who has to scratch you, it may be me, or it
may be our master, over there," I said motioning towards Jake, "or it might
have to be both of us," I finished and then resumed "cleaning" her cunt.
 "Can we change with others," Sandi asked immediately taking my attention
away from my duties.
 "Absolutely not,"
 "Why not?"
 "We tried with Martha and Bob, Jake was occupying Martha, and Bob was
giving me cunnilingus and Jake and I had had sex in the other form, his cum
was inside me and it acted like acid on your fathers tongue and it burned
him ever since we've been very careful, Jake can't have sex with anyone
after we have changed and he's come, and I can't have sex with anyone if I
have any of his come close to my entrance.
 Do you understand what it would mean if he was in his big form and took on
a woman that wasn't protected from him, the way we are.  It would eat her
from the inside out, it can never happen and that means we have to be
careful too,"
 "I understand,"
 "I mean anyone Sandi, even Bob,"
 "I said I understood, all right, now when do I get to change,"
 "Tommorow, ok, tommorow, when we're all fresh, I'm going to leave the rest
for you to heal by yourself, just go to sleep and when you wake up it should
be gone,"
 "All right," she said.
 "Good night," I told her kissing her lips before I shut the light out.
"Oh, and Sandi,"
 "You know, you'll be extremely horny, so don't let me sleep through it, I
want to enjoy it too,"
 "All right, I promise," she said as I covered her again with the blanket.
 "Good night, my love," I said lying down on my side of the bed.
 "Good night, my mate," came Sandi's reply as I slumped into unconciousness.


 I was woken the nicest way I could ever have imagined, by a nice soft slow
kiss on my lips.  When I opened my eyes I found Sandi on her hands and knees
over top of me.
 "You were right," she said and started kissing me furiously all over my
face, "I feel so horny, I need pleasuring now," she said and then kissed my
lips again this time while she was rubbing her clit across my thigh.  It was
then that I noticed that she must have pulled the blanket right off of the
 "Wake Jake up," I told her.
 "I don't want Jake, I want you," she said before kissing me again.  Then
she moved her hips further up until she was kneeling over top of my face,
slowly lowering herself down to meet my lips.  I kissed her lower lips as
her hands started sifting through my hair.
 Sandi began humping my face to meet my lips in kiss after kiss.  I wrapped
my arms around her legs so that I could use my fingers to play with her
clitoris.  Her pussy was already well lubricated, and it didn't take much to
start her moaning, and not long after that she was screaming out, telling me
that she was cumming.
 When orgasm did come to her, she seemed to convulse over top of me, for a
good five minutes, the entire time her body shook violently, rubbing her
moist pussy all across my face until finally she collapsed forward onto me
so that her stomache was lying ontop of my head.  I wrapped my arms around
her waist and rolled her over so that she was on her back and I was out from
under her.
 She had a look of peace on her face and she had already gone back to sleep,
just like I had when Martha finished me off, when it was my turn.
 I knew she wouldn't be awake for a couple of ours and Jake still showed no
sign of waking.  I kissed them both gently and cuddled up to Jake deciding
to go back to sleep, I felt exhausted, Sandi had kept me up all night, and
now had woken me up early in the morning, I needed more sleep, especially if
we were going to continue our threesome.  `What a marvelous way to spend my
birthday,' I thought `naked, and making love all day long, to my mates.'
Then I fell into a deep hazy sleep.

 Chapter XXXXVI
 When I awoke, Stacey and Hawk were gently making love beside me on the bed.
We had, had a beautiful night together.  Hawk had alternated between making
love to me and Stacey until about quarter after one when he finally
 After Hawk had fell asleep Stacey and I pleasured each other to one final
orgasm until we fell asleep too, in each others arms.
 Hawk was ontop of Stacey and they were going at it slowly in a
missionary-style.  I watched them go at it while fingering myself, I wanted
to get into the action but I held myself off, as Hawk brought Stacey to
orgasm.  When her orgasm subsided, she sighed deeply in content.
 When he was finsihed he layed down ontop of her and they kissed.
 "Good morning," I said softly while stretching trying to pretend that I
hadn't woken up a few minutes before.  They broke their second kiss and
looked at me smiling.
 "Hello Carrie," Stacey said watching me.
 "Afternoon," Hawk said softly smiling at me.
 "You mean its afternoon already?" I asked, they smiled and laughed a little
and then nodded.
 "I should probably get going," I said.
 "Why?  You just got here," Stacey whined.
 "Why don't you stay the night," Hawk suggested withdrawing his penis from
 "I don't know if I should stay, my sisters are probably waiting for me and
my mother is coming home tonight from a weekend with her boyfried, I should
probably meet her,"
 "Stay the day at least," Stacey pleaded as Hawk moved closer to me.
 "Come on," Hawk said kneeling between my legs with his errect penis
pointing towards me.  I cupped him in one hand and began stroking his shaft
with my other hand.
 "I don't know," I said continuing stroking him while Stacey moved a little
closer till she was lying on her side right next to me.
 "Well," I said rolling my eyes, "all right, but I want what she just got,"
Without another word, I released his penis spreading my legs at the same
time.  Then he lowered himself down until Stacey took hold of his shaft and
just began to guide him in to me.
 It felt good, but not as good as Stacey's tongue on me, I loved it when she
pleasured me.  When it was Hawk it was more or less just all right, except
when he shot his seed into me, I loved that feeling of warmth I got from it.
If it wasn't for that I would love just to be with girls, but that feeling
gave meaning to sex, it was indescribable.
 Stacey slipped a hand between Hawk and I and started to jiggle and rub my
clitoris, as Hawk continued to slowly pump into me.
 I started milking his cock with my vaginal muscles, trying to get his come
out faster and into me.  Last night he had only come inside of me three
times and only two of those times had he come inside my pussy the third one
was when I had performed oral sex on him.  I wanted more, I couldn't get
enough of his essence.  I wanted my pussy to be covered in his come.  Every
square inch.
 I couldn't wait any longer, I grabbed his buttocks and started pulling him
towards me.  "Faster," I screamed at him.  Quickly Stacey withdrew her hand
from between us, instantly Hawk increased his speed, driving himself hard
against me, trying to delve deeper into my pussy.  I started pulling him
down harder onto me.  I wrapped my legs around his waist and started pulling
him down quicker.
 He began to perspire, sweat dripping down become a sort of glue between our
flesh, sticking us together.  With each new thrust a grunt escaped from
between his lips driving him harder.   I cried out "Faster," one more time,
and Hawk looked down at me, then thrusted himself into me clamping his eyes
shut and letting out a scream.
 A second later his throbbing cock, pulsated and began spurting inside of
me, drenching my insides with a fresh coating of his cum.  I milked him for
everything he had.
 Stacey started kissing us both as we layed there, holding each other.
After a few minutes of glorious excstasy, I said to Stacey, "I should call
home, they'll be worrying about me,"
 "All right, Hawk come on, get off of her," but Hawk only responding with a
snore, he had fallen asleep ontop of me.
 "Don't worry I'll get him off,"
 "I'm not, look why don't we let him be and you can ohone my house for me,"
 "What should I say," Stacey asked me.
 "That I'm in the throes of passion and won't be home till late," I said
smiling.  Stacey kissed me, and turned towards the phone.  I moved my hands
down Hawks back until I cupped his ass in my hands.  He was a lovely
creature, he even fell asleep in such a way that he was halfway supporting
 "Hello," I heard Stacey say into the reciever beside the bed.

 Birthday Present
 The phone rang and I leapt out of bed to get it, but the nearest connection
of it was in Carrie's room.  Before it was the finished the second ring, I
picked it up off the hook cutting the ring off.
 "Hello," I heard a soft voice say through the phone as I looked at the
digital clock read out.
 "Hello," I replied surprised that it was already after three o'clock.  I
usually never slept this late.
 "Hi, this is Stacey,"
 "Oh, hi, Carrie's not here, do you want to leave a message."
 "I know that, I just called to tell you that Carrie was going to stay here
for the rest of the day.  I wonder could you tell me if you know what time
her mothers supposed to get home."
 "Our mothers supposed to be home by seven," I replied.
 "Thanks," and then without another word she hung up.
 "Well that's a fine how-do-you-do," I said aloud hanging up the phone.  `I
guess I'll make some breakfast,' I thought when I found that Jake and Sandi
were still cuddled up sound asleep together.
 About forty-five minutes later, I was carrying a large tray full of toast,
eggs, ham, and three tall glasses of orange juice into my mothers bedroom.
Jake and Sandi were still asleep so I set the tray down on a dresser.  In
the middle of the sheets I could see something sticking up a good four or
five inches.  I started by pulling off all of the covers off of the bed and
found that it had been Jake's penis forming a tent in the covers.  He was
still hard and errect and at the base Sandi's hand was wrapped around his
 I crawled over top of them and kissed Jake hard, intent on waking him up.
"Jake," I whispered in his ear.  "Come on honey, time to get up,"  He
growled and his hands slid up my legs till they were resting on my ass.
"Jake, come on I made breakfast for us.  Come on you have to eat and gather
your strength so you can make love to me when my birthday comes, its only in
another half-hour, and I want to celebrate it with you inside of me."  When
I finished a smile broke out across his face, and his eyes blinked open.
Then he raised his head and kissed my lips.  The same sense of knowing
something that was important passed between us, but disappeared after a
 "Alright, my love," He said trying to raise but was blocked until I moved
off of him onto Sandi.  I kissed her lips and her eyes slowly opened.  At
the same time a grin spread across her face.
 "Come on, I made us some breakfast, and we've only got about three hours
before Mom and Dad come home, besides I'll be seventeen in less than half an
hour and I want to celebrate it with a bang, so come on and get up,"
 `All right, my mate' Sandi said, her smiling not deviating.
 The three of us ate, trying to keep as much of the crumbs off the bed as
possible, while we ate we talked about what we were going to do to each
other after we were finished breakfast, and about the house that Sandi and
Jake had found.  It sounded almost perfect, and I was starting to get the
feeling that I couldn't wait until I saw it.
 Then about ten minutes till my birthday we all got rid of our plates and
cleaned up.  Seven minutes to, we were all kneeling around in a triangular
shape.  Sandi looked gorgeous with her back to the window as sunshine poured
in through the window lighting up her golden hair.  We all held an arm of
each other and prepared to scratch.
 "What will it be like," Sandi asked trying to delay the transfer.
 "Don't worry," I told her.
 "Don't worry, trust me," I told her this time pulling my hand away from her
arm scratching her.  Her nails just caught the end of my flesh as she pulled
away.  Jake repeated the same movements, and I pulled away my second arm
away from him, scratching him all the way.  It was all over in a second.
 Sandi screamed at the expectation of pain when she saw a drooplet of blood
ooze from both of her wounds.  Then I could tell she noticed that there was
no pain.  I could feel the process taking hold starting from my toes and
working its way up to my vagina, then to my breasts at the same time I
watched Jake grow in size as he had before.
 Sandi widened out, just like I was, her hips gently eased out a little
wider her stomache became a pinch tighter, her breasts swelled to an
enormous side, her eyes opened wider.  Her nipples stood out, her arms had
fully expanded to there newly muscular form, the whole time she was looking
observantly back and forth between Jake and me, finally realizing what we
had said was fully true.  She was one of us.
 "God you were right," Sandi said in a deepened voice.  "This is
exhilirating!"  We smiled at her and told her to go look at herself in the
bathroom.  With pure curiosity she left us and disappeared into the
 `Five minutes to,' I said seeing the clock to Jake.  He looked at me and
then walked over closer to me on his knees.  When he reached me, he wrapped
his arm around my neck and kissed me, sliding his tongue deep down my
throat.  I moved towards him a little closer and then stradled his penis
while he was still on his knees.  He reached under my back and lifted me up,
turning me around so that my head was reaching for the top of the bed.  Then
he lowered me down onto my back and followed me down so that he was spread
out on top of me and before I even landed on the bed he had alread started
thrusting himself into me.
 I had been watching the clock for the last half-hour longing for this and
now that I was getting what I wanted I felt like I was in heaven.
Continuosuly Jake and I were kissing passionately.  It seemed like we were
constantly lip locked, and every time we kissed that same sense of knowing
something was there then it was gone.  Time seemed to disappear as our
motions became more, and more ferocious.
 Finally, we both exploded into orgasm, locking in the deepest kiss we had
ever had.  Wave after wave of pleasure brought that hidden knowledge further
out into the light, until we both knew exactly what it was.
 Jake held himself off of me while leaving himself inside of me, he looked
down into my face, our eyes locked for an eternity, it was true and we both
knew it, neither of us were ready to state it aloud, then in a barely
audible whisper I said it, "I'm pregnant!"
 "What?" a voice said beside us, I turned and Sandi was looking down at us
playing with herself.
 "I'm pregnant," I said in a slightly louder voice.
 "Your pregnant, how...never mind," Sandi said moving her fingers away from
herself and kneeling beside us.  "Well..."
 "I love you," Jake said still ontop of me, I turned back to him, it was
obvious he hadn't turned away from looking at me.  He lowered himself down
and kissed me again and again.  Sandi started rubbing my breasts and kissing
the other side of my face.  She was obviously happy for me.  And Jake was
just proud of me, and happy, overjoyously happy.
 I myself, well I was just astonished, it was unbelieveable, but I was
happy, I was glowing with enthusiasm.  I knew it was Jake's child, it
couldn't be anyone elses, and I was proud of what we had done, I didn't feel
any sense of remorse or regret, I was his mate, and that's all there was to
 Jake moved to my other side and kept kissing me.  I ran my hands over my
womb trying to feel, the new life inside of me.  "I'm pregnant," I said
softly to myself.  I turned and looked at the digital clock beside the bed
it was two minutes after.  `What a birthday present!' I thought more to
myself.  `I'm pregnant!'

 Home Coming
 "Welcome home," the three of us cried when Martha and Bob walked through
the front door.  Bob set down Martha's two suitcases in the front doorway.
 "I've missed you," Martha said coming towards us and embracing us all in a
hug.  Sandi took accepted her embrace but as soon as she got the chance she
slipped away from us and went to Bob wrapping an arm around his chest and
kissing his lips.
 He looked absolutely exhausted, they'd probably been at it the whole
weekend I thought just like us.  Carrie's day with Stacey and Hawk, also
appeared to wipe her out but she was trying to look her best for Mom, and
not throw the night off.  I wasn't going to tell her either that I was
pregnant because all she'd do was worry.  I hadn't even told Carrie yet, it
was only Sandi, me and Jake, and he said he was going to tell his parents
when he got home.  But I couldn't hide my excitement either.
 When Martha kissed me it was exactly like she had kissed the rest of us
warm and passionate, only I was the only one that returned her kiss with the
same affection.  In response in the least visible way she tried to touch my
pussy through my pair of jeans.
 Everybody looked exhausted, even Sandi, she'd spent most of the afternoon
with Jake after I found out.  He was proud of being a father, and it showed
in the way he made love to Sandi all day, with lust and vigor, probably
trying to start another life, but I tried to ignore that possibility.
 After she kissed me she turned and watched Bob talk softly to Sandi, then
he said allowed, "It's about time for us to be going."  Martha moved away
from us and moved towards Bob kissing him deeply and passionately when she
reached him.  They had had a busy weekend.
 "We'll see you all later," Sandi said helping to guide her father out the
door he looked like he was on the verge of falling asleep.
 "Take care of him," Martha said just before she closed the door behind
them.  Then she turned to us, catching me rubbing my stomache.  Instantly, I
moved my hand away.  "So how was your weekends," Martha said smiling
 "Exhausting," Carrie said, "I'm going to go up to bed, I need to get some
sleep, we've got school tommorow."  After she was finsihed she headed
towards the stairs and disappeared from my view.
 "What about you?" she said looking at me, waiting for me to dart off away
from her too, but I moved deeper into the kitchen and she followed me.
 "Well, it was definitely exhausting, but I've felt so high since this
afternoon, that I can hardly think about it."
 "Why?  Is something wrong?"
 "No," I told her getting out the bread, I was starving and needed something
to eat.  "I'm feeling great,"
 "You haven't been doing drugs have you?" she asked me seriously as I spread
the penut butter on the bread.
 "No, you know after that one time, I'd never do it again,"  I said scooping
out some jam onto the bread.
 "So then what's wrong,"
 "Nothing," I said hunting through the refridgerator for pickles.  "Sandi
went hunting for house yesterday," I said trying to change the subject.
 "Yeah, what did she find," Martha said sitting down into a chair.
 "A house that sounds almost perfect,"
 "What's it like?"
 "I don't know, only Jake and Sandi..."
 "Jake went with her did he?" she asked.
 "Yeah, he came I guess a couple hours after you left, and Sandi was the
only one awake, and she was going through the papers, and they left before I
woke up."
 "What's Carrie been up to?"
 "Oh, she's been over at...Stacey's, for most of the weekend."
 "Has she?"
 "Yeah, it sounds like she had a good time!  How was your weekend." I asked
her and she smiled softly.
 "Well, we started out early Saturday morning as you know, and after about
noon, we were both feeling quite excited, so we stopped at the first motel
we came across, we we're only going to rent a room for about an hour, but
that hour didn't seem to end.   We never made it to the play, actually we
never even really made it to B.C. we just stayed in the motel room, and kept
ourselves busy.
 The only time we stopped was to eat and we only ordered room service, and
neither of us bothered to get dressed when we answered the door.  It was
exhilirating and we sent a good number of people away hot.  Bob's perfect,
he's not ashamed of his sexuality, in fact he even told me that Sandi and
him had made a number of trips to nudist camps before.
 Did you keep her entertained over the weekend?  I know you said Jake was
here but did she bring anyone home,"
 "Well, she didn't bring anyone home, but we kept her entertained.  Actually
I decided to share Jake with her today, so suffice it to say she was
 "Well, thats good, as long as she enjoyed herself."
 "Oh, she did!"
 "I'm going to go upstairs and have a nice long soak and then I'm going to
go to bed.  You're welcome to join me if you want," she said as I took the
last bite of sandwich in my mouth.
 "No, I think, I'll just have another sandwhich and go to bed, thanks
anyway,"  She looked a little disappointed at my response so I added.  "But
if you want you can tuck me in later."  She smiled and moved over off of her
chair and kissed me while fondeling my breast for a second.  Then she went
towards the stairs.
 "Mom," I called after her and she turned around to look at me, "I love
 "I love you too, sweety!"


 "Did you have fun this weekend?" I asked Bob as I pulled off his socks
while he was lying on his bed.
 "Yeah," he said smiling up at me.  "She's an extrodinary woman, Sandi"
 "I know honey," I told him helping him off with his shirt.
 "She'll make a wonderful mother for you,"
 "Bob, if that's why you're doing this, for me don't, I don't want that on
my conscience."  I said undoing his belt buckle.
 "No, I'm not she's a wonderful woman, and I love her alot, I didn't think
it was possible to love anyone again as much as I love her now."
 "As long as your marrying her for you Bob, that's all I ask," I said taking
off his pants and underwear in one pull.
 "Bob," I said taking off my top trying to get his attention away from the
clock beside the bed.
 "What honey?" he asked as I slipped out of my shorts.  I climbed onto the
bed and pulled the sheet up over us.
 "I love you," I told him snuggling up to him.  He leaned down and kissed my
 "I love you too honey!"  I slid a cupped hand up and rested it on his
penis.  "Ow, please honey, don't touch me there, not tonight,"
 "You have had a full weekend," I told him sliding my hand up over his
 "Yep," was all he said before he fell asleep.  I moved a leg over his legs
and pulled myself tighter against him.  I was losing him, he was no longer
just my man, but I was glad that I was losing him to someone that I loved

 Chapter IL
 Peeping Tom
 About two o'clock I walked into Bob's office, on Tuesday afternoon, I had
managed to get away from work early and I wanted to see what his office
looked like, besides we hadn't seen each other in two days, although we had
spent hours on the phone like a teenaged couple.
 I found that his office was on the second floor on one of the directories
and took the elevator up.  The elevator opened up on a hallway that extended
about thirty yards down and on either side of the hall there were office
doors.  I followed the hall down till I came across the right office and
went in.
 Inside the door was a small waiting room, and a secretary at her desk, dark
wavey haired, fairly attractive, (even beautiful in a sort of wholesome
look) woman.  Presuamably the one that had congratulated me earlier on my
 Behind the desk was a glass wall, and I could see Bob sitting at his desk
talking to someone on the phone, he waved at me and I headed towards the
door, but the woman stopped me but standing infront of me.
 "I'm sorry, do you have an appointment with Mr. Davis,"
 "In a way, I suppose," I said smiling at her, she hadn't picked up that it
was me by my voice.
 "Well, either you do or you don't which is it,"
 "Look, maybe you should calm down and..."
 "Do you or do you not have an appointment?"
 "Hello Martha, what are you doing here?" Bob's voice said from behind her
standing at the door.
 In a surprised look the secretary looked at me and then said, "Ms.
Benchino,"  I nodded.   "God, I'm so sorry, for give me, I didn't know..."
 "That's all right, don't worry about it,"
 "Come on in Martha," Bob said and his secretary stepped aside to let me
 I went through the door and Bob closed it behind us.
 "I really must apologize for Irina, she's a little over protective of me
 "So that's her name," I said sitting down from across his desk.  The room
wasn't overly spacious, there was enough room for a couple of tall filing
cabinets a desk a couple chairs and a drawing table, and racks of blue
 "So what do I owe this unexpected pleasure,"
 "Well, I got off early from work and just decided to swing around.  What
are you up to?"
 "Not much, just finishing up here,"
 "Are you feeling better, Sandi said that you were feeling quite sore
yesterday from our weekend."
 "Yeah, I was but I'm feeling a better now,"
 "We did have fun though didn't we,"
 "Lots," he replied smiling.
 "Why don't you let your secretary go for the day," I suggested, watching
him trying to show my intent from just eye contact.  He smiled, and then let
out a little chuckle.
 "Haven't had enough have you,"
 "Nope, as long as its you I've always got an appetite.
 "Irina..." Bob said into the phone intercom.


 "Irina..." I heard come through the intercom.
 "Yes, Mr. Davis," I replied, with the same warm enthusiasm I had shown
since the first time I served under him.
 "Irina...I won't be requiring your you can go home now,"
 "Thank you, Mr. Davis," I said getting up from my desk, pulling my purse
out from underneath.
 "and Irina, will you lock up please,"
 "Yes, Mr. Davis," I said into the intercom.
 I moved toward the door, took a quick look around.  They were still talking
in his office but they had moved their chairs closer together.  They did
make a cute couple I thought closing the office door.
 When I got down to my car I found out that I had left my keys in the
office.  I kept the office key on a different ring and it was still in my
purse, but I kept my car keys in my desk.
 I went back up to the office and quietly let myself in closing the door
behind me.  When I turned around from the door, I saw Bob and Martha through
the glass, both of them were naked and Martha was spread out on his desk and
he was making love to her, they were grunting and groaning, and having what
looked like awesome sex.  I quietly made my way around to my desk and got
the keys out.  Then when I turned around I couldn't help but seeing them
through the glass again.
 Contrary to what I was thinking I stayed and watched them until they were
both swept away by orgasm.  At one point I had even considered going in to
the office and joining them.  I wanted to, I've wanted to make love with Bob
almost since my first day, I got close once at an office party but his
daughter Sandi was there and was tagging around the whole place with him.
 After they were finished, as quietly as I could I left the office only when
I shut the door this time, I think I shut it a little too loudly.
 When I reached my car in the underground basement I couldn't help myself.
I pushed the seat back and slipped my panties out from under my skirt and
started pleasuring myself.  I felt so hot, I couldn't help bringing myself
to orgasm, first one then a second.  Seeing Bob make love to someone was
just such a turn on for me.  I hadn't wanted to stay and watch them but I
 When I was finished, I wiped my fingers on my already damp panties, after
sniffing them like I usually, I had never gotten up the nerve to taste
myself, I had heard of girls that had, but I alway dislike the idea.
Actually it sounded to much like lesbianism and that repulsed me entirely,
what I wanted was like what every woman wants, a husband that can fill her
up and satisfy her.
 After I straightened myself and the car up, I started the engine and went
to leave the building.  At the edge of the door I saw Bob and Martha,
walking out of the office enterance, smiling and laughing arms wrapped
around each other.  `That's what I want,' I thought.

 Chapter L
 Dinner Plans
 I met Jake at lunch at his locker.  We were going to go for a walk during
the lunch hour and discuss our parents.  Jake took my hand and we started
out of the school.  When were a good half block away from the school, our
conversation began.
 `I've talked to my parents,'
 `And what did they say,'
 `Well, my Dad called you a tramp first,'
 `There's a compliment you couldn't beat,'
 `Yeah, well after he'd finished my mother called us both sluts.'
 `I was wrong,'
 `You're right, and that was just the start,'
 `How long'd it last,' I asked feeling sorry for him.
 `Oh, 'bout two hours,'
 `That long,'
 `Yeah, the first hour was the worst, the whole time they yelled.  The
second hour they were both growing horse, so I got to talk the most.'
 `How did it end,'
 `Well, I told them that I really didn't care what they thought,'
 `What did they say?'
 `I have to be out before the end of the week!'
 `Oh, Jake, did it really have to go that far,'
 `My love, I didn't know what else to do, they didn't think I was old enough
to marry you,'
 `Marry me,'
 `You are my friend, my lover, my mate.  And the mother of my child and I
know he will not grow up to be a bastard, that I would never ever permit, so
will you marry me, I know the ring won't be a rock, I don't know even if I
can afford one, but, together we are meant for each other, you and I both
know that, will you marry me?'
 `Jake, the ring can be the size of a speck of dust, the answer would still
be, YES, but we need my mothers permission.'
 `We'll tell her together, about both, tonight,'
 `We can't not tonight, she's throwing a dinner party with Bob,'
 `What should I do about my stuff,'
 `I'll tell you what, tonight when my mother's gone we'll go back to your
house, we'll take Carrie and Sandi with us, and we'll get as much stuff as
we can and you can move in with me, my mother shouldn't mind to much, I
don't think my mother will explode like your parents did, at least I hope.'


 I had decided to take the afternoon off to plan for the dinner party, but I
was having a real problem with the idea of only three people.  It didn't
seem even enough.
 For my second visit to Bob's office it was easier.  The secretary knew
exactly who I was this time and she didn't squable over me going straight
into Bob's office.  The only thing that seemed odd was the way she blushed
when I first came in.  I didn't know what it meant, but after a second I
forgot about it.
 "Hello Bob," I said getting his attention away from the drafting board.
 "Martha, well are you ready for tonight."
 "As ready as I'll ever be, what do you think I should make,"
 "Other than yourself,"
 "Silly," I said smacking his arm giggling a little.  Then seriously I said,
"I'm for desert, not dinner,"
 "Beg your pardon, madam,"
 "Well what should I make, Chicken, Turkey, Roast Beef, or is your boss a
vegetarian, god I don't know what I'll do if he is,"
 "Calm down, you've got nothing to worry about, just be yourself and you can
make Roast Beef, I think he'll enjoy that,"
 "Bob, I don't know if I like the numbers they just don't seem to add up
right in my head, we should invite somebody else make it an even four, I
don't like the sound of three, at least not for dinner."
 "Well, who can we invite at such short notice, well you find someone and
invite them, ok, honey.  But right now I'm kind of busy so..."
 "Alright I'll go, but I'll see you later, Ok," I said kissing his lips.
 "Count on it," he said smiling at me.
 I left his office and closed the door behind me.
 "Ms. Benchino, I'm really sorry about yesterday,"
 "It's all right Irina, it's not your fault, you never saw me before
 "I know, but the amount that Bob...I mean Mr. Davis has carried on about
you I feel that I should have known it was you,"
 "Irina...say what are you doing tonight,"
 "Nothing much, probably just watch some TV and fall asleep," I turned
around and walked back into Bob's office.
 "Bob, can you afford to give Irina the rest of the afternoon off,"
 "What?" Bob said turning around in his stool to face me again.  "What are
you talking about?"
 "I'm going to steal your secretary and get her to help me cook dinner, that
is if its all right,"
 "Well, I guess I can,"
 "Great!" I said turning around and closing his office door behind me again.
"Irina get your purse,"
 "Why what's going on?" she asked me.
 "Your going to be going to a dinner party tonight, and we've got to get
ready for it,"
 "Me, where?"
 "At Bob's house, it's going to be you, me, Bob, and James, I think his last
name is Oyster,"
 "Our boss, why is he going to be there,"
 "Well that day I kept Bob home, we had to invite him to dinner to keep him
from firing Bob, at first I don't think he believed we were getting
 "But I should stay here, I've got to work,"
 "I talked to Bob already, you've got the afternoon off, come on we've got
to buy you a dress, a roast and then we got to start cooking, you can cook
 "Well, a little,"
 "Good, because the only really cooking lessons that I've had was reading
the directions on the side of a box, that is for the last ten years or so,"
 "Are you sure this is all right with Mr. Davis,"
 "Yes, honey, I'm sure, now lets go,"


 "You look absolutely stunning," Martha told me as I stood infront of a full
length mirror, admiring the sleek sexy dress I had bought today.  "Now all
we have to do is add the odd little touch.   Here just sit down," she told
me pulling a chair away from a makeup table.
 "I think you'll look good with your hair up," she said looking at my hair
fiddeling with it, until finally she went to work.
 "I'm really surprised you invited me," I told her as she started brushing
my hair.
 "I don't know, not to many people ask me out to social occasions,"
 "Well, thats a surprise, such a beautiful young woman like yourself, I'm
surprised you didn't have men beating down your door!"
 "Well, I'm not that popular,"
 "Your probably just shy, I never had that problem, actually a couple times
I actually wish I had, if I hadn't of jumped into some relationships, I
would have been a lot better off,"
 "Like what?"
 "Well, one guy I met after my marriage fell apart, infected me with some
sort of disease, I don't recall what it was, it was such a long time ago,
the doctors cured me of course but they also said that I could no longer
have kids they said that what ever it was made me sterile.
 At the time I nearly jumped at the guy, I was drunk, it was late and I was
away from my girls, and well it just happened, and I can't help thinking
that if I had of been a little more shy I never would have met that guy, but
then again, if I had been shy with Bob, I never would have met him,"
 "How did you two meet anyway," I asked her a look of uncomfort spread
across her face.
 "If you don't want to talk about it, it's all right, I can understand,"
 "Thanks.  There how does that look." Martha said finishing coning my hair,
leaving one strand to hand down over my forehead.
 "That looks great,"
 "Now all you have to do is add some makeup, can you do that while I
 "Yeah," then without really trying to cover herself she undressed behind
me.  I know it was her bedroom and all but.  She dropped and kicked her
panties away towards the closet and moved towards a plastic wrapped package
hanging in the closet.
 "I bought this, for last weekend," she explained unwrapping the dress.
"For when Bob, took me to the theater, but I never got the chance to wear
it, what do you think," she said holding it up against her.
 "It looks beautiful," I told her, she lowered the dress and exposed her
bare breasts, which she wasn't embarrassed about me seeing.  Then she
lowered the dress even further and exposed me to the fact that all her pubic
hair was shaved off.
 "I'm sorry, is my nudity bothering you," she said seeing my look of
discomfort.  "I really don't bother to think some times, its just that I'm
comfortable with my appearance and I don't mind people seeing it.  I'm
sorry!" she said slipping in to the dress.  It was low cut at the top and
high cut at the bottom.  "Will you zip me up please." she said turning
around.  The zipper in the dress nearly went all the way down to her bottom.
Hesitantly I moved toward her and touched the zipper and slid it up touching
her warm flesh at the top.  "My daughter helped me pick this dress out, when
she was home sick from school last Tuesday, she thought I looked sexy in it,
what do you think?"
 "I think she was probably right," I said sitting down again.  Martha moved
so that she was standing beside me and started applying make up.
 "Don't you think you should wear some underwear tonight,"
 "Why?" she said seriously to me.
 "Well, won't it be uncomfortable sitting there with two men, and sort
 "That makes it all the better, then anyone who wants to can reach out and
just touch me, besides a woman's pussy is like a flower that secrets honey
and smells just as sweet.
 And men are just like bees, they flock to a flower for the sweet taste of
nectar.  Besides its also in a way exhilirating, being exposed like that to
anyone who dares to look.
 Although nobody really seems to bother, men look basically at tits and ass,
thats the way they are.  Women look at the face and occassionally the body.
 Nobody really goes out of the way to look up a womans dress, and if
somebody happens to look between your legs at your pussy when your out, it
just makes you feel all that more attractive, and it also makes you horny as
hell," she said finishing with laughter.
 "Have you done it often," I said somewhat squemishly.
 "Every once and awhile, not to often of late though.  Listen, why don't you
try it tonight, if you don't like it you can alway excuse yourself to go to
the ladies room and put your panties back on."
 "I don't know, thats really not my style,"
 "Oh, come on, just try it, it really isn't that bad."
 "I just don't know about that, it doesn't seem right,"
 "Look, why don't you take them off now, and just see how it feels with only
me here, if you don't like it you can put them on,"
 "Come on," she pleaded.
 "Allright, I guess it wouldn't hurt to try it right now, with only you
here,"  She smiled at me.
 "That'a girl," she said watching me expectantly.
 "Would you turn around please,"
 "All right," she said turning around.  Quietly I slipped my panties off,
out from underneath my dress, I was glad I had finished my period the week
before.  I could feel my pubic hair rustling against the inside of my dress.
It did feel sort of exciting.
 "Done," I said and she turned around.
 "How does that feel,"
 "Kind of drafty," I replied.
 "You'll get used to that, lets go check on dinner.  It should be nearly
 We went down to the kitchen and started checking the contents in the pots.
The potatoes and the peas were done, all that was left was the carrots and
the beef.  Then we both heard the key turning in the lock at the front door.
 "There here," Martha said looking at me.  "How do I look,"
 "Great, what about me?"
 We moved in to the hallway and waited for the door to open, when it did
Martha moved towards the two men.  Bob was as handsome as ever, and the
large form of James Oyster appeared behind him.  Martha kissed Bob
passionately, while James looked uncomfortable being squeezed against the
door.  Then she did something I hadn't expected she kissed Oyster, right on
the lips, not as passionately as she had kissed Bob, but more than a
friendly peck.  He looked surprised to at his surprisingly warm welcome.
 Martha then kissed Bob one more time and then whispered something in his
ear.  He looked at her and then turned and looked at me and smiled.
 "Come on in and sit down, dinner's just about ready, Mr. Oyster you know
Irina, don't you, Bob's secretary." she said introducing me to him properly.
He was quite pudgy, more so at night it seemed.
 We all moved toward the dinning room and sat down at the small round table,
it was just big enough to seat all four of us.  I felt awkward, as Martha
excused herself so she could go back into the kitchen.  I excused myself and
followed her in.  Both men returned to talking softly amongst themselves.
 "Martha, I don't like this, I feel like I don't belong here."
 "Sure you do, look do you want to know a secret, this is how I get passed
those awkward dinner moments, especially when I'm not wearing...what I do is
I simply touch myself under the table.  Any problems will just seem to
disappear, but becareful not to touch yourself to much." she said lifting
the carrots.  "One time, when I went for dinner with my ex-husbands parents,
I felt so uncomfortable, I actually brought myself to orgasm.  I kept quiet,
but everybody saw my change in attitude and I think they knew what I did."
 "But what about the juices,"
 "What about them,"
 "Where do I wipe them,"
 "What are you talking about, you don't wipe them off, if you wipe them
anywhere it should be on your food.  Don't you think the queen bee drinks
from the flower too,"
 I looked at her shocked.  "But it's disgusting,"
 "No it's not, trust me, now go out there and talk to them," she said and
then kissed my lips, "there's two bees out there."  I staggered out into the
dinning room now really confused.
 "Is something wrong," Bob asked me.
 "No nothing," then I noticed that the men had changed their seats so that
us women had to sit between both of them.  I sat on the seat farthest from
the kitchen thinking that it would be easier for Martha to sit down and get
up, so Bob was on my right.
 "So how do you find working for Bobby here," James asked me.
 "I like it very much Mr. Oyster, he's a good person to work for,"
 "Hell, call me Jim would you there's no need to be formal."
 "Alright, Jim," I said trying out the name.
 "And you know you can call me Bob outside of the office,"
 Martha then brought out the first few bowls of food, quickly returning for
the another set, then finally bringing out the roast and setting it infront
of Bob to cut.  Then finally she sat down across from me and tried to
reassure me by smiling.

 Chapter LI
 After Dinner
 "Why were you kicked out," Carrie asked Jake, sitting on her bed.
 "You haven't told her yet," he asked me and I shook my head.
 "Well, to bluntly put it, Christa's pregnant, and were going to get
married, and my parents don't like it,"
 "What?" Carrie shouted jumping up off of her bed.  "You porked my sister
and got her pregnant."
 "Carrie, that's not important," I said trying to intercede.
 "What the hell do you mean it's not important, its an unwanted pregnancy,"
 "Carrie, it is wanted,"
 "You lousy self-centered piece of shit," Carrie said proding Jake in the
chest.  "How the hell could you,"
 "Carrie, calm down," I tried to tell her but she was to flared up, she
probably wasn't even hearing me.
 "How the hell could you, first you sleep with me, then you sleep with my
sister, and on top of that you get her pregnant, what's next my mother,"
 "Already done," I told her not thinking.
 "What?  You slept with my mother too, you lousy shit,"
 "Carrie, you didn't mind it too much when you were on the recieving end,"
 "What the hells that got to do with it,"
 "Look, Carrie arguing about it won't change the facts, we love each other,
I'm pregnant, a pregnancy that is wanted, and we are getting married."
 "At your age, what about your goals, what about working, remember you
wanted to have a job out in the work force so bad.  For gods sakes Christa
your only just seventeen."
 "Carrie listen to me would you, you gave him to me, remember, I could do
anything I wanted with him, right, well so we're going to have a baby
together Carrie.  There's nothing greater than that.  Carrie, I'm going to
be a mother, you should at least be happy for me."
 "I suppose I am, but damn it Christa, your only seventeen."
 "If you were pregnant instead of me, would I come down on you like you are
on me.  Carrie don't you understand this is what I want, this means more to
me than anything.  Carrie, I want your help.  The least you can do is help
gather some stuff and bring it here.  After that you don't have to do
anything.  I won't even ask you to babysit, ever."
 "Christa, its just that you have your whole life a head of you and you want
to get married and have a kid."
 "Don't call it that please, I hate the word kid, I alway have."
 "Fine, you want to get married and have a baby, what's that going to do to
your life."
 "Carrie it doesn't matter, I'll take it one day at a time, as life should
be taken, but will you help us tonight.  Please, do it for me."
 "Christa, you know I've always been behind whatever you've wanted.  If you
want this, I'll help.  I'll even babysit my neice or nephew."
 "Thank you Carrie," I said hugging her tightly.  "Thank you,"
 "It's all right, lets get going, Jake you go get Sandi, I she should be in
the kitchen making me a snack."
 "Are you sure about this," Carrie asked wrapping an arm around me when Jake
 "Positive," I replied and then kissed her.


 "...and don't you ever come back," Jake's father shouted at all of us, but
mostly toward Jake as we stowed the last bit of luggage into the car.
 "Don't worry Dad I won't, you bastard," Jake shouted in reply as he got
behind the steering wheel.  With a screech of tires Jake backed out of the
driveway and his old home was gone out of sight.
 "Jake," I said trying to comfort him, he was mad I could tell and upset, it
hurt my heart to see him like that but all I could say was "I love you!"
For the rest of the ride no one spoke a word.  The silence was almost
unbearable, each minute that passed tore at my heart more and more.


 "Just a small piece for me, please," Irina said as Bob was passing out the
roast beef.
 "Oh go on, have a good piece," Jim prompted her.
 "I'm trying to watch my figure," Irina said "just a small piece please,"
and Bob obliged her.
 "Honey from where I'm sitting you don't have to worry about your figure,
your figure looks great," Jim said rudely.  Irina looked shocked from his
attitude and I think half way surprised at the compliment, but I did notice
her hand disappear from the table for a second.
 "Are you satisfied that we're getting married yet," I asked Bob when he was
nearing finishing his dinner.  His hand disappeared from the table and I
could feel his pudgy fingers on the inside of my legs, then he slowly slid
them up, eventually running a finger over my bare pussy lips.  I didn't
squirm or fight him, actually what I did was open my legs a little.
 "Not quite yet," Jim replied smiling at me as he withdrew his fingers from
my pussy, although not taking them off my thigh.  I continued eating,
letting him decide wether or not to remove his hand.  After a second or two
he pulled his hand away, and started eating again.
 When everyone was finished, I started to gather up the dishes to take them
to the kitchen.  Irina picked up some more and followed me in.
 "Did he do what I think he did,"
 "Touch me," I asked and she nodded, "yeah, I think Bob bragged that I
wasn't wearing panties."
 "You told him,"
 "Yeah, I also told him you weren't, I'm surprised he didn't feel you up."
 "Well, he tried to, but I stopped him,"
 "Why?  I told Bob to."
 "You what?"
 "I knew that you were feeling a little out of place and I thought that if
Bob touched you a little it would help you feel a little better."
 "Well, next time why don't you ask first,"
 "All right, I will," I said taking out one of the ice cream pies we had
bought for desert setting it out on the counter.  "Damn this things got to
sit for a little while,"
 "What do we do,"
 "How do you feel about black lace,"
 "Ok, why?"
 "Well what if we serve them desert in bra's and panties, it means we'll
have time to change, check our make up, and when we're finished the pies
will be ready," I said taking out the second pie and putting it on the
counter.  "They probably both know we're not wearing panties, and bra and
panties aren't that much different from a swimsuit, just a little sexier."
 "I hadn't planned on making an exhibitionist of myself tonight."
 "Come on, we do that and Jim will end up leaving with a hard-on, it'll be
fun, its better than having him paw at our bare pussies, and when he's gone
if you want you can stay here overnight with me and Bob.  I know you like
him, and it was probably you yesterday at the office that watched us."
Irina's face twisted into a look of shock.
 "You knew,"
 "Well, I kind of guessed, all I heard was the door close,"
 "Look, I didn't mind you watching, but I think you probably would prefer to
join in, Bob's a really good lover, and if you want you can stay, but if you
don't well we'll just go back in there and let them play with us, either way
you want it, its up to you,"
 "Or I could just leave," she said.
 "Come on, your going to leave me alone with two men to amuse...I suppose I
could do a strip tease, but then I'd probably have to take them both to
bed...and then I'd be really sore, come on all you've got to do is wear a
black bra, a pair of panties, and maybe even a pair of stockings.  It won't
be that bad, and then you can spend the night with us."
 "Ok, fine, I'll do it, but lets hurry up and change before I change my
mind." Irina said.
 "You head up, I'll tell the boys were going up to fix our makeup."
 "No, I'll do it, last time you told them, I got something I wasn't
expecting, this way I'll know what's told to them.
 I waited for her in the kitchen and two seconds after she had disappeared
into the dinning room she reemerged.  "Let's go," she told me.
 We went upstairs and I dumped out the bag I had brought with me from home
on the bed.  "Pick anything but the teddie," I told her locking the door
behind us, "it covers too much skin."
 Irina started rummaging through the underwear, looking for something to
wear.  "I love black," I explained to her.  "Especially lingere."
 "What do you think of these," Irina asked holding up a big pair of panties,
with lighter pieces of lace covering small stips infront where the pubic
patch was supposed to be.
 "They'll look good on you," I told her and she slipped them up under her
dress.  "What do you think of this?" I asked her holding up a skimpy
 "Not enough cloth,"
 "Your probably right," I said and found something that would cover the
front and slip up into my ass cheeks at back.  I slipped out of my dress and
into the panties and then went searching for a bra to wear with it.  This
time, Irina seemed less interested in my bare breasts as she pulled up a
pair of stockings attatching them to the panties she had already had on
under her dress.
 "Take the dress off," I told her picking up a bra that was just silky
enough yet clearly showed the outlines of my nipples when it was on.
 Cautiously Irina slipped the dress of and set it hanging over the back of
the makeup chair.  I could see that she had brown nipples when she finally
got up enough courage to turn around and face me, her breasts were nicely
round and enough to cup one in each hand.  She was an extrodinary creature,
but I didn't bother to comment on the line that I might scare her away.  She
quickly found a bra that covered her breasts so that there was no sign of
her nipples.
 "How do I look," she asked quietly.
 "Great, but there's just one more thing you need," I said picking up my
black high heels, "try these on."  She slipped into them and I whispered,
"they fit perfectly.  Now all you need is a trenchcoat and you'll look like
your going to meet your lover, although that's not far from the truth.  How
do I look?" I asked spinning around.
 "Well, it certainly is revealing,"
 "All right when we get downstairs lets tell them to meet us in the living
room and to leave the lights off.  We won't have any desert we'll just feed
it to them, you can take one, and feed Bob.  I'll feed Jim.  Just sit in his
lap and feed it to him, ok" I told her, and she nodded.
 "Ready," I asked.
 "Yeah," came a week reply.
 "Let's go, I'll tell them to meet us in the living room you get the pies
and two forks."
 We went down the stairs and I shouted into the dinning room the mens orders
and made sure they didn't see me.  When I turned aroun Irina was standing
infront of me with a pie in each hand, and a fork in each pie.  I took one
from her and gave her a kiss, explaining "for good luck,"  I went out first
after shuting the kitchen light out, there was still enough light to see
around and see us, it was more like the light at early dusk.
 Bob smiled when he first saw me come out, and looked sort of sad when I
veered towards the couch where Jim was sitting, whistling at us.  But when
Bob saw Irina he stopped his sulking and smiled again.  I sat down on what
there was of Jims lap so that I was facing Bob and Irina and Irina sat down
so that she was facing me.  I wiggled my ass on Jim's crotch like a daughter
does to her father to get his attention.  Then I kissed Jim gently, then I
started shoveling.
 With each forkful he took I kissed him and wiggled a little.  I could feel
his stiff cock underneath me straining to get out of its barrier and into
me.  It was nice he didn't do anything he just sat there and let me work
over him, at least until he unclasped my bra and threw it across the floor.
 "Hey, you," I said when he did it, more for emphasize than for anything
else, I really didn't mind the extra freedom.  Then he tried to get me to
spread my legs a little so he could get his fingers down to touch me.  I
obliged a little and he started petting me through my panties as I continued
feeding him.  I looked over towards Bob and Irina, she was still feeding him
and all her clothes were intact.
 "What about your wife?" I whispered to Jim.
 "What about her," was his only reply.
 Then on purpose, I accidently let the pie slip and fall onto my breasts.
"Oops," I said when I did it, "there goes your desert, well, its still
intact why don't you eat it off of me."  Jim looked at me anxiously and then
at my breasts.
 "Can I?"
 "Go ahead," I told him and he lowered me down on to the couch so that I was
lying on my back.  He slipped out from underneath me and moved so that he
was ontop of me lying between my legs, his tongue first started at my belly
button, slowly moving it further up my chest cleaning off the pie.
 One of his hands fell on my inner thigh, quietly slipping into my panties
and slipping into my already drenching hole.  After he had done that and I
hadn't resisted his tongue moved quicker over my flesh, trying to get to my
 I looked at Bob and Irina at that point and Bob had taken her bra off and
was gently playing with her nipples, the pie had been totally set aside and
they were kissing each other.  I smiled when Irina got up and started
undoing Bob's pants, thinking `Good for her,' then I realized that Jim had
already surpassed my breasts and was looking into my face.
 When I turned back to him, he lowered his head and kissed me and I whisper,
"Make love to me," hotly.  He slid back off of me, pulling my panties off
with him, smiling when he saw my bare target.
 "Come on big boy," I said scurring back on the couch so I could set my head
on the armrest.  "Come and fuck me,"  I said as he unbottoned his shirt.  By
that time Irina was already sitting on Bob's lap and riding his shaft,
occasionally turning toward each other and kissing.
 When Jim started climbing overtop of me, I kind of lost sight of them,
especially when he inserted his thick rod inside of me.  He was surprisingly
agile for a man of his size.
 His first thrust, was hard and rocked me a little in my spot rocking back
only to be greeted by another thrust of the same magnitude, it felt like
waves breaking on rocks, as Jim continued to fuck me.
 As Jim rocked me for about the seventh time, I could hear Irina squeeling
in pleasure.  When I heard her scream all I wanted to do was see how Bob was
doing her.  So I got Jim to switch places with me so that I was ontop facing
away from him.
 Bob had Irina's hands on the back of the chair and pushing into her from
behind.  With soft luscious strokes.  I rode Jim, faster and faster until I
had him moaning, and the more Bob fucked Irina, the faster I moved on Jim,
and the louder he seemed to scream, and the faster Bob fucked.
 With a resounding groan Jim started spurting his load inside of me.  I held
him inside of me milking him with my vaginal muscles, squeezing every drop
out of him.  As Irina squeeled in pleasure again, I took one quick glance at
them and spun around so I could look down into Jim's face.
 He wasn't too bad looking, but he was on the fat side.  I leaned over him
and kissed his lips while pushing my hair back out of my way.  He pulled me
down tight to his chest, and held me.  It was amazingly sensitive, the
feeling of his embrace I mean, not too many men, held women after sex.  But
this time I didn't want to be held, I wanted to be fucked, he may have
gotten his rocks off, but I still hadn't been satisfied, and it didn't look
like fat boy had the energy to do the job.
 "Your wife will be worried about you," I told him trying to break his hug.
He groaned in response.  "Why don't you go home and show her what you showed
me, that you still have life in you,"  His arms loosened around me but
didn't let go.  "Come on, you look like your ready for your own bed as it
is, why don't you take her and show her some pleasure tonight?  I'll bet she
really likes it when you do!"  His arms slipped off of me enough so that I
could see the grin that was spreading across his face.
 "Go see her, she's ready for you, all hot and lust bothered, are you going
to let her get off by just using a battery operated gadget, or are you going
to give her the real thing,"
 He kissed me and pushed me off of him, going for his clothes.  When he was
finished dressing he kissed me again, where I was sitting.  Then he moved
over toward where Bob and Irina were still going at it, and petted her bush
and whispered "beautiful,"  She only gave him a quick glance from where she
was spraled out on the chair wildly sucking on Bob's penis and fingering his
 A moment later I heard the front door slam shut.  When he was gone I got up
from where I was sitting and moved towards Bob and Irina.  Bob's fingers
were gently tracing out her swollen vulva as she sucked on his cock.  I
knelt between her legs and moved Bob's fingers aside and kissed her neither
 She stopped for a second, withdrawing Bob's saliva covered cock from her
mouth, then after just a moment, she decided it was all right and returned
back to her duties, as I began slipping my tongue into her already wet
 It didn't take long for her to start squirming away from my touch, but I
kept up my persistence, as she brought Bob closer and closer to cumming down
her throat.  Bob started running his fingers through our hair simutaneously,
trying to do something for us while Irina pleasured him, until he groaned
and his expression changed to one which I knew well, he was climaxing,
seeing this made me work quicker on Irina.
 After Bob moved away to sit down on the couch and watch us, Irina started
running her own fingers through my hair as she continued screaming.  Then
with one last luscious lick, she began to convulse in intense orgasm.  When
she had settled down enough, I seperated my lips from her pussy and moved to
her face to kiss her and share her own juices with her.
 When she saw me overtop of her, she smiled and her tongue darted out
lapping away at my lips.  When we kissed our tongues broke out into war,
trying to get the better of the other.  I started rubbing my pussy against
her thigh, trying to hump myself to orgasm.  The whole time we continued
 Then against our wishes, Bob sepreated us saying "Let's go to bed," before
kissing me.  He took one of each of our hands and led us up to his bedroom.
 I got onto the bed first and spread my legs, the first one to reach me was
Irina, she had her lips pressed against me almost before I had even opened
my legs.  Bob layed down beside us and watched Irina work overtop of me,
prompting her on with phrases like `Lick that clit,', `Suck my wife hard,'
and `Kiss her,' each time he prompted her she followed through with his
commands, but eventually going back to her own unique rythm, of sucking,
kissing and licking.
 She was good, especially for her first time, which I suspected it was.  Bob
leaned over and kissed me while rubbing one of my nipples telling me, "I
love you,"
 But before I could answer with any sort of response, Irina pushed me passed
my limit.  I shuddered, trying to hold her tight against my pussy with my
thighs.  When I finally did ease off she got up on all fours and looked at
me, her lips were dripping in my juices, and she was wearing the biggest
smile I had ever seen.  She moved up me and then kissed my lips.  Smearing
my own juices all over my face and lips.
 Bob kissed her trying to taste my juices from her lips.  He got some and
smiled down at me.  That night we fell asleep in a spoon position with me in
the middle.

 Chapter LII
 "We've got to tell her today," Jake told me Friday afterschool, just before
my mother was due home.
 "Jake, I don't know,"
 "Christa, I've told my parents, and you told me your mother wouldn't act as
harsh.  We've got to tell her, before she notices that your starting to
swell into a beautiful luscious mother,"
 "Christa, either you tell her or I will, but remember I'll be here with
 "Ja..." I started to say but was interupted.
 "Hello, is anyone home," Martha shouting into the house closing the garage
 "In here," Jake cried out.  "Tell her," Jake whispered.
 "All right, all right, just not right now,"
 "Yes, no..."
 "Hello Jake, Christa, what are you two whispering about.
 "We've got something to tell you, Martha," Jake told her.
 "Sounds serious, what is it?"
 "You better sit down," I told her.  She sat down in one of the kitchen
chairs beside where we were standing setting down her briefcase besides her.
Jake sat down in a chair beside her, and motioned me to sit.  I hesitated.
 `Sit down,' he told me firmly, and quietly I slunked into one of the
 "What is it?" Martha said definitely worried.
 "Mom, I...we...I'm..."
 "Well, what is it?"
 "Mom, I'm....I'm pregnant."
 "I'm pregnant,"
 "You," she said looking at Jake and he responded with a nod.
 "What did I tell you about practicing safe sex,"
 "Mom I know,"
 "Do you?"
 "Yes, and we did, but it didn't do any good, it was just meant to be,"
 "Are you sure your even pregnant, did you go see a doctor,"
 "Take one of those home-pregnancy tests,"
 "Then how do you know,"
 "We just know," I replied at the same moment that Jake said it.
 "All right, then I'll take you to the doctor, and if it is true, what do
you want to do?"
 "Jake's already told his parents,"
 "You mean I'm the last to know,"
 "What happened with you parents," Martha asked Jake.
 "They kicked me out, they didn't agree with me marrying Christa,"
 "Yes," I told her, "but we will need your permission,"
 "But you've only known each other for a little while don't you think this
might be a little too fast,"
 "No, we know more about each other than you might think," I told her
 "Well, if that's what you two want to do, I'll agree to it, but first lets
check and see if you are pregnant, ok,"
 "Ok," I said and she got up and leaned over and kissed me, on her way up to
her room, I called after her.
 "I kinda told Jake that he could move in,"
 "So that's why his stuff is here, all right, but move him down to the spare
bedroom, at least for now."
 "Yes Christa?" she said a little anoyed.
 "I love you," I said.
 "I love you too, honey," then she turned and left for her room closing the
door behind her.
 "Well that wasn't too bad was it," Jake said.


 When I awoke the next morning, I felt sick to my stomache.  I quickly ran
to the bathroom my stomache errupted spewing its undigested remnants into
the toilet.
 After cleaning myself up with a shower, I got dressed in a pair of shorts
and went down to the kitchen where Carrie and Martha were talking and
enjoying a cup of coffee together, talking about someone named Susan.
 When they heard me they looked like I had interupted some private moment
that I shouldn't have.  Carrie tried to reinitiate the conversation but,
Martha didn't want to talk about it anymore.
 "Is Jake still sleeping?" I asked both of them.
 "I don't know," Carrie said spitefully.
 "He left this morning around nine, said he would be back around two."
 "Did he say where he was going?"
 "Just said he was going to the mall to pick something up.  What do you two
have planed for this weekend?" Martha asked both of us.
 "Nothing particular," I said.
 "I'm going over to Stacey's,"
 "Don't wind up like your sister, you understand, I don't want you getting
pregnant too,"
 "I know, don't worry I won't," Carrie said looking sternly at me, still
showing her disaproval.
 "What are you doing tonight?" I asked Martha trying to get them off of
crusifying me and Jake and our child.
 "Bob, and I are going out,"
 "Is Sandi going to be coming over,"
 "I don't know, I think so why?"
 "Just curious,"


 "Christa," I cried when I got through the front door.  She came down the
stairs taking them two at a time until she was wrapped in my arms holding me
close to her, as she kissed me.
 "I love you too," I replied.  "Where is everybody?"
 "They've all gone out, Martha's gone with Bob, and Carrie's gone over to
Stacey's, and Sandi will be around somewhere around nine when she gets off
work.  Now, where have you been,"
 "Out," I told her not wanting to give away her surprise.
 "Out where?" she asked me pouting.
 "Come here, you," I told her, she moved closer to me and I picked her up
and cradled her in my arms.  She wrapped her own arms around my neck to help
keep herself up.
 "What do I owe this pleasure to," she asked as I carried her into the
kitchen.  Then I set her down gently in a chair, kneeling on one knee
infront of her.
 "Christa, we both know what the doctors going to say, and well, with what
money I could get together...I want to do this properly," I said fishing out
the box and getting the ring out, "Christa, will you marry me?" I asked
putting the ring on her ring finger.
 "Oh, Jake, you already know my answer, YES, YES, I'll marry you, but you
really didn't have to buy me this,"
 "Yes, I did, I can't have you going around with out my ring, guys will
think you're still available,"
 "Ah, Jake, you know the only other guys I'll sleep with will be with you
there, you don't have to worry about losing me, I'll be by your side for
eternity and beyond, or on top of you or underneath you, where ever you want
me, I'll be right there loving every moment we spend together,"
 "Christa, I love you so much," I said getting up and hugging her.
 "Jake, make love to me," she said after we kissed.  I picked her up like I
had before and carried her down to my new room intent on obeying her every
wish for the rest of our lives.

 Chapter LIII
 Breaking the News
 "My little girls' pregnant," Martha said over our freshly served dinner.
 "Carrie," I asked not sure if she meant either of her two or mine.
 "No, Christa, her and Jake..."
 "What do they want to do?"
 "Get married," she said and I started chocking on my first bite of food in
surprise.  I got the meatball from my throat and spit it out into a napkin.
 "Married, are you serious,"
 "Well, they definitely are?  What am I going to do?"
 "What have you told them so far?"
 "I told them I'd agree if she really was pregnant?"
 "You mean she's not sure,"
 "Then maybe she won't be,"
 "No, she is, I heard her upstairs this morning, she had morning sickness,
god I can't believe it, I would never have suspected that she would have
done something this foolish."
 "The question is does she think its foolish," I asked taking a sip of wine.
 "No, I don't think she does,"
 "Well then you can't really say that can you, she knew what she was getting
into when she first went to bed with a guy,"
 "Did she?"
 "Martha, come on honey, you know she did, with all those sex ed. classes
that they teach in the schools now adays.  It would be hard for her not to
know the consequences."
 "Bob, I've got something of my own that I've got to tell you before we do
get married, its about kids,"
 "Martha, I..." I started to try to tell her of my vasectomy but she didn't
give me a chance.
 "No, Bob hear me out please, if you want more children, you're going to
have to find someone else, I'm sorry but I can't have anymore.  I'm sterile.
Bob, if you want to call off the wedding that's fine, I'll understand.  No
never mind, I'm calling it off, right now." she said standing up and
throwing her napkin down on the table
 "Martha, hold on," I broke in, but she turned around and started walking
away from the table crying.  I ran after her and grabbed her hand.
 "Martha, come on, lets have dinner, and we can talk, or at least let me
talk to you for a couple of minutes," I pleaded with her trying to pull her
back to the table.
 "Bob, please let me go,"
 "No, lets go back to the table, please I don't want to call off the
 "Really?" she said almost astonished.
 "Martha, please, lets just go back to the table," I said tugging on her
hand, this time she followed me back with little more resistance.
 "Martha, don't worry about it, I don't mind, I love you, besides, your not
the only one that's sterile.  Martha, I had a vasectomy a couple years ago,
not to long after Sandi and I started going to bed together, I didn't want
to risk getting her pregnant.  She fought me tooth and nail over it but in
the end, I had it, do you understand what've said,"
 "You had a vasectomy," Martha said starting to smile again, while wiping
her tears away with a napkin.
 "Martha, I don't want anymore kids, three girls will be more than enough
for me, considering I'm marrying one of their sisters."
 "Oh, Bob,"
 "I love you Martha, nothing will change that," I told her and then leaned
over the table and kissed her lips.  "Now what do you really think about
Christa being pregnant?" I asked her sitting down.  "With out thinking that
its outrageous, and remebering that it's what she wants,"
 "I guess, I'm happy for her, but I don't know how the two of them will
last, and with a child too, it will become a hard life for them, especially
now adays,"
 "Well, we'll do what we can for them and they'll have to learn to cope and
leave down their decisions."
 "Your right, I guess, I already told them that Jake could move in, after
they asked."
 "Well, thats a first step,"
 "But, I told them they had to stay apart,"
 "Why'd you do that?"
 "I don't know, but now it seems meaningless especially since she is
 "Where'd you put him,"
 "Down stairs in the spare bedroom,"
 "Why don't you let Christa move down with him, then they can have a little
privacy together,"
 "All right, I will, as soon as I get home."
 "Well don't be in too big of a rush to leave me,"
 "I'm not," Martha said smiling at me, her eyes twinkling again.  The waiter
came by again, and we ordered desert and another bottle of wine.
 "If they're going to move down stairs.  What if Sandi and I sell our house
and move in until we buy the new one.  Sandi can take Christa's old room and
well, I'll sleep with you every night."
 "I don't know, it depends,"
 "On what?"
 "Whether you make love to me every night or not?" I leaned over the table
and kissed her again.
 "Well, with those options, I think I'll take the every night,"
 "Then we'll talk to Christa and see if that's all right!"
 "Let's get out of here," I told Martha.
 "Why, what do you have in mind,"
 "Oh, a lifetime of bedroom music,"
 "Oh, Bob!"

 Chapter LIV
 The Doctor
 Two weeks after my first visit to the obstetrician, and confrimation of my
pregnancy for my mother, we were once again waiting in the waiting room.
Martha was flipping through a back-issue of life magazine and I was
impatient to leave, I hate doctors office's almost as much as I hate
hospitals, being proked and proded like a piece of meat is not my favourite
activity, especially if the doctors working around my private areas, but I
suppose the fact that my mother took me to a female doctor helped a little,
but not much.
 When the doctor was finally ready she ushered us into the examining room,
setting her clipboard down on the table inside the door.
 Angela Evans was a fairly attractive woman, sort of dark red hair, tiny
lips, sharp nose, firm breasts and a fairly decent figure.  Occasionally, I
thought that she was touching me in a more sexual manner, but my mother
never said anything so I just chalked it up as my imagination.
 "The child looks healthy so far, you won't have to come in till about a
month from now, you should be about eight weeks by then." Angela said
patting the inside of my thigh.
 "Can I change now,"
 "Yes, there's a little cubicle in the corner over there, take as long as
you need," I went in the direction she pointed, I wouldn't have actually
called the damn thing a cubicle more like a broom closet.  I pulled the
curtain tight and got dressed.  I guess I opened the curtain a little too
quietly, because when I spread it wide, I saw my Martha kissing Angela.
Martha said "Thanks,"
 "No, problem," Angela replied leaving her hand on one of my mothers
breasts.  They kissed again, and then quickly seperated preparing for my
enterance, which I had already taken unbeknownst to them.
 "Ready?" Martha asked thinking that I hadn't seen there embraces.
 "Yep," I replied trying to keep my cool.


 "Have you slept with her too," I asked when we were safely in the car.
 "Have you been to bed with my doctor,"
 "Only once or twice, but that was months ago,"
 "Jesus, is there anyone you haven't slept with,"
 "Christa, I went in for an appointment with her in December.  Her touches
sort of excited me and well it went on from there, we had fun that was all,"
 "That's why you took me to her, to have fun while I was changing,"
 "Christa, come on,"
 "Mom, it was wrong, you shouldn't have done it, she's probably been feeling
me up, and all you could do was watch how much her breasts jiggled."
 "Christa, she did not feel you up, and I was not watching how much her
breasts jiggled.  Look if you want to go to a different doctor, fine we'll
make an appointment somewhere else,"
 "What so you can pass me around to another one of your ex-lovers,"
 "Fine you make the appointment then,"
 "Fine, I will,"
 "Fine!" Martha said, and that was the last we spoke the entire journey
home.  I tried to say I was sorry by running my hand up her skirt but she
stopped me before I could even get passed the first inch of cloth.

 Chapter LV
 That Saturday evening I found me back at Stacey's and Hawk's, something
that was becoming a weekly occurence.  I was armed with my usual, weaponry,
a freshly showered and (fully) shaved body, perfume dabbed in certain
strategic areas, and a full box of unopened condoms.  I didn't enjoy having
to restrain Hawk's semen from entering me, but I didn't want to end up like
Christa, just starting out in to the real world and cut up by being
pregnant, and Hawk and Stacey understood my reasoning, thankfully.
 "Hello Carrie," Stacey greeted me at the door, wearing a pair of tight
blue-jeans and a work shirt and had a slight bit of perspiration running
down between the bow-tie she had tied her shirt in around her breasts.
 "These are for you," I said pleasantly handing over the box of condoms, we
both knew she'd never use them only me, but it made me feel a little less
 "Thanks," she said smiling at me, "Hawk's out back barbequeing some steak,
why don't you go out and say hi to him,"
 "Are you sure I can't help you with anything,"
 "No, its all right, I've got everything under control in here, you just go
out and enjoy yourself."
 I went out towards the patio, and wrapped my arms around Hawk from behind,
he was just outside the door, when he turned around he was sort of surprised
to see me.
 "Carrie!  Hi!," then before he said anything more he stepped to the side
exposing the fact that there was a couple sitting out in lawn chairs behind
the barbeque.
 "Carrie, this is Sam Johnson, and his wife Marge, they've come up to
surprise us for Stacey and my wedding anniversary." Hawk tried to explain.
 I accpeted giving him a kiss on the cheek instead of my usual warm
reception, after whispering into his ear, "Stacey never told me you had
company, maybe I should go,"
 "No, stay," he said loud enough for the couple to hear.  "Besides," he
whispered, "they'll be gone in a couple of hours,"
 Those couple of hours turned into six, and the three of us had injested
enough wine, to entirely thow our sex drives off, so instead of making love
we went straight to sleep from our groggy state.


 `It was nice of your mother to give us this room to ourselves,' I said
leaning over Christa minutes after making love just before kissing her.
 `No, there was no nicety to it, she just wanted to get Bob into her bed
 `Is she stil mad at you for talking about her and that doctor.' I asked
detecting the bitterness in her mind.
 `A little,' she said depressingly.
 `You two, have got to get this sorted out, I don't like you two fighting,
it impedes on us,"
 "You mean our love making," Christa said giggling.
 `That too,' I told her careful, not to further upset her.  She smiled and
 `You always make me laugh,' she said solemnly almost on the verge of tears.
 "Oh, come on, don't cry,"
 `I can't help it,' she replied as the first tear slid down across her
cheek.  With a finger I wiped it away.
 "We'll solve it tomorrow alright," I said trying to reassure her, then
after softly kissing her.
 `All right,' she said as another tear drop slipped down over her cheek.  I
kissed the droplet licking it off Christa's flesh.  `I love you,' she said
as I rubbed a hand over her womb, trying to feel the life our love had
created with little result.
 `I love you too,' I told her `both of you,' pressing myself tight against
her.  She smiled and curled up against me on her side.  I wrapped my arm
over her waist and tried to pull her a little closer to me.
 `Will you still love me, when I'm big and fat?' Christa asked holding my
hand, and pulling it down closer to the bed.
 `I'll love you even more,' I told her.


 "Don't you have a date tonight," I asked Sandi who was flipping through the
channels on the Television.
 "So, everyone else has deserted you have they,"
 "Yeah, looks that way,"
 "Why don't you call that boy that was here a couple of weeks ago, what was
his name..."
 "Yeah, that's the one, he's a sweet boy,"
 "He's going camping with his parents, what have you two got planned for
tonight," she asked me before I got the chance to ask another question.
 "Well, we thought we'd just spend it here, you can..."  I started and she
looked up at me with a comical expression on her face.  "...Would you like
to spend some time with your father and me," I asked her.
 "YES," she said excitedly moving closer to me.  "I would love to spend some
time with my parents,"
 "Why don't you go up, your dad's already in bed, I'll be up in a minute," I
told her.  She kissed me and then darted up the stairs.  I was going to wait
a little while and let them spend some time alone together, Sandi deserved
some time alone with her father, she was putting up with so much change.
 A few minutes after she had gone up, I could hear the grunting and groaning
of their reunion.  When Sandi started screaming that was when I went up the
stairs.  When I could see into the room I found that Sandi was lying flat on
her stomache and Bob was spanking her bare ass with hard resounding slaps.
 I almost broke up their rough housing until I heard Sandi scream harder.
But instead Bob pulled her thighs slightly apart, and slipped into her from
behind.  She squealed and Bob started humping her.  I stood there and
watched the two of them going at it for a good ten minutes, then I couldn't
hold back a second longer, I moved towards them and climbed onto the bed.
 I started rubbing Sandi's back where she was sitting on Bob, and raising
and lowering herself onto Bob's thrusting motions.  She turned to look at me
and then kissed me.  I moved around to the other side and stradled Bob's
face, in a way that I was facing Sandi.  I started rubbing Sandi's breasts
and in return she started rubbing mine.
 She really loved her father, it was evident in the style she made love to
him, the style of experience, and I had gathered from him that he was the
only one that she'd spent time with till lately.
 I kissed her and tried to pull her close to my breasts to hold her close to
me.  She never stopped riding her father while we played on top of him that
night.  She was really a wonderful young woman, beautiful, giving sensitive,
and usually very horny Bob had said one night when we were in bed together

 Chapter LVI
 Three weeks after Stacey and my aniversary and the proper celebration we
had with Carrie on that warm blissful Sunday morning, we had decided to ask
her, we had come to the conclusion together, almost after the first time the
three of us had spent together, but we had waited because of what she told
Stacey was happening in her life.  But today was the day that I was to ask
 The previous night we had fallen purposely asleep on either side of her so
when she woke up we would have her surrounded.  Stacey moved close to her
first cuddling up to her then I followed suit and curled up against her
lithe young form.  Silently she stirred and opened her eyes slowly
stretching her arms above her head, stretching her breasts till they were
fully firm and her ribs showed a little.  When she saw us both she smiled
and first kissed Stacey then me saying "Goodmorning," seductively.
 "Carrie, we have something to ask you," Stacey started.  Carrie smiled in
response and looked between the both of us.
 "You two make me feel so needed,"
 "That's right," Stacey said picking up quickly in response, "we need you,"
 "Carrie, what Stacey's trying to say," I said softly into her ear, "is
that, well, we need you, we realize that, and we were wondering if you'd
like to...move in with us, we can set up your own room, when you want to be
alone, and you can spend as many of your nights in here with us," she looked
 "Carrie, we've been thinking about this for awhile," Stacey said while I
sensed her hand moving towards Carrie's crotch.
 "...and we really want you here," I continued, "you can go to school, do
whatever you want, but we want you with us, Carrie, we both like you very
much, actually I could hazard to say that we both have fallen in love with
you, and we would miss you, we miss you when your gone for the week,"
 "You want me to stay with you's?"
 "Yes," Stacey said anxiously.
 "Yes," I replied when Carrie looked at me.
 "Your sure,"
 "Carrie we've never been so sure of something before," Stacey said before
kissing her.
 "I don't know what to say,"
 "How about yes," Stacey said.
 "I don't know," Carrie said her smile fading a little, "I'm going to have
to think about it for awhile."  I felt let down a little but ubviously as
much as Stacey was, I think she was really in love with her.  Myself, I
wasn't in love with her so to say, but I did enjoy her company, and she
obviously enjoyed ours.
 "When do you think you'll know," Stacey asked her tossing her beautiful
golden hair back over her bare shoulder.
 "I know now, but,"
 "Well then whats the answer,"
 "I'll be happy to move in with you two, I don't even need my own room, but
I've got to find a way to tell my mother.  Her weddings coming up soon,
 "I understand," Stacey said softly before kissing her again, this time
running a hand visibly over one of Carrie's naked breasts.  Carrie turned
and kissed my lips trying not to leave me out.  I reached for another one of
the foil packets on the nighttable and tore it open.  Carrie smiled at me
and spread her legs apart a little as Stacey kissed her lips, while throwing
back the covers to expose my already rubber covered penis, and Stacey's
probing fingers in Carrie's pussy.
 I got up and maneuvered around so that I was on my knees infront of Carrie,
her hands ran across my chest as I slowly lowered myself onto her lust
filled body.  With a gentle moan from Carrie, I slid into her warm pussy,
slowly pushing my way deeper inside her.  She cooed as I slowly started
humping her, running her hands over my back and my ass.
 She whimpered, as I thrust into her full force, driving myself against her,
forcing her to rock on the bed.  Her whimpering soon became screams, as my
violent thrusts quickly brought her excitement level up.
 Stacey kissed her, and I pumped again, harder than ever, driving my cock
into her pussy, probably with enough force to bruise her inner thighs.
 The two of them kissed again.  Stacey was trying to keep Carrie's screams
down, by forcing her to think of her.  I grunted delving into her again,
moving myself closer and closer to orgasm.
 I liked Carrie, I liked her alot, her golden hair, her cheek bones, the way
she applied her makeup, the way she walked.  The way she made love to both
me and Stacey.  As she screamed again, I knew we couldn't let her get away,
she had become to much a part of our lives.
 True, she was nearly young enough to be my daughter, but, love knows no
bounds.  Carrie's small little lips seperated and a scream ripped through
the air, before she started convulsing in orgasm beneath me, raising her
hips at the same time.
 I increased my tempo, inside her beautiful pussy, until I pushed myself
beyond the limits of my sex, inside the condom I could feel my penis
shooting out rivuelts of cum, cum that should have been Carrie's, would be
wasted by throwing into the garbage.
 Stacey kissed Carrie again, helping her down from orgasm, occasionally
giving me a kiss as I helped lower Carrie back down to the bed.
 When Carrie finally sunk into the bed I kissed her lips, and whispered to
her that she was beautiful, before I carefully removed my penis from inside
of her.

 Chapter LVII
 "Bob, and I have discussed it, if you two want to get married with us, and
have a double ceremony, we'll agree," I told Christa across the table, when
just the four of us where home, "and will pay the entire bill, but the two
of you have to help with the arrangements and everything else, what do you's
think?" I asked Jake and Christa, as I squeezed Bob's hand around the
kitchen table.
 The two of them looked at each other, and appeared to be talking to one
another with out saying a word, and then they kissed.
 "All right," Jake said.
 "Thank you, mom"
 "Don't thank me, it was Bob's idea,"
 "Thanks Dad," Christa said getting up and sitting down ontop of his lap to
kiss his cheek and hug him.  She had really adapted to his presence quickly,
more quickly than Sandi, or Carrie, had accepted the two of us.  Christa
rubbed her ass across his crotch, I didn't mind too much, but it was enough
for me to give her a good cold stare.
 She never even noticed it, even after she had gotten off him and climbed
into Jake's lap while his arms welcomed her.  Then they kissed again.  It
was warm and passionate, it was so intense that I started feeling lonely
from just where I was sitting so I moved to Bob's lap to kiss him too.
 When they broke their embrace, Christa looked at Jake strangely, then stood
up nodding.
 "Jake and I want to show our appriciation,"
 "That's not necessary," Bob told her holding me tight to his chest.
 "We want to, we want to entertain you," Christa said reaching up her skirt
to pull down her panties.  I figured they were going to try to initiate a
foursome, but when I noticed that Jake had rolled his chair out into view I
was getting a distinctly different impression.
 Christa leaned over him and unzipped his pants, and he slunk down into the
chair.  Then she gently tugged his pants off.  Bob, and I were taking back a
little by their forwardness, but we didn't interupt.
 Then Christa quietly lifted her skirt, exposing a freshly shaved bush.
Then with a soft moan she slipped down onto Jake's all-ready errect shaft.
The whole time she kept her skirt lifted up so that we could see what was
happening between them.  She smiled at us, more towards me I think though,
then she rolled her eyes, as she moved up and down on Jake's shaft.
 I could feel Bob, shifting underneath me uneasily, as his penis stiffened
under my ass.  I knew exactly how he felt my insides were feeling the same
 We watched them for a couple minutes before Jake let out a grunt, and
Christa moaned softly leaning back against Jake.  After a few seconds
Christa got up and turned herself so she was sitting in Jake's lap, and they
kissed, and then they laughed and looked at us.
 We smiled back at them, and then I stood up, and unclasped my jeans and let
them fall to the floor.  I wanted Bob inside of me, and I wanted him as fast
as I could get him.  I stepped out of my panties.  Christa, and Jake smiled
at me and then turned and kissed each other again, as he wrapped his arms
around her.
 When I turned around I found out Bob had known exactly what I wanted and
had undid his pants and slid them down.  I leaned over and kissed Bob before
I sat down on his lap and started repeating what Christa had done moments
 They smiled and watched us as we made love, but they held and kissed each
other more than they payed attention to us, even as Bob and I came they only
took slight interests in our pleasure.
 I didn't want it to end, all four of us sitting their making love infront
of each other.  It was stimulating, brought back some very old memories.
Memories that had me in bed with Susan and our two boyfriends.
 As Bob and I began embracing in our newly created warmth.  Jake picked
Christa up, he had already put his pants back on, on the other hand Christa
had lost the rest of her clothes.
 "We're going down stairs," Christa said giggling, then she kissed Jake
 "Are you..." I started to ask if they were sure they wouldn't want to go
upstairs with us, but before I could finish my sentence Bob stopped me by
putting his hand on my chin and turning my head to kiss my lips.  I wiggled
my hips in response stimulating him a little more.  I didn't want to go to
bed yet.
 "Good night," Bob told them smiling, and without another word Jake carried
Christa off to their bedroom, and with another kiss they were gone.
 "Now, what would you like to do?" Bob asked me.
 "I don't know," I said squirming on purpose, "its a little to early for
bed, don't you think?" I replied as we started hearing gentle moans come up
through the floor boards.  We looked at each other and laughed, then Bob got
me to stand up, so he could get up himself.
 Then he picked me up, exactly how Jake had picked up Christa only, his
destination was our room.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him.
Then with gentle persistence Bob carried me up the stairs, and threw me onto
the bed.
 For the first time in a long time, I knew what it was like to be happy
again, truly blissfully happy, as Bob lowered himself onto the bed and
started kissing me, sliding his hand into my blouse to cup one of my
breasts.  I grabbed at his shirt and tore the bottons off with one swift
motion exposing his warm hairy chest.  I ran my fingers through its silky
 Wrapping my arms around him I pulled him close to me and he slowly started
undoing my buttons.  He knew exactly how I felt and was purposely putting me
through agony as he carefully undid the bottons to my blouse.
 When he finally did part the cloth to my shirt, I knew I was going to
regret wearing a bra that day, because he carefully, through the cloth
started kissing my nipples.  Slowly and methodically, he removed the rest of
my already negligable amount of clothes.  I was so hot for him, I could
harldy contain myself from pulling him down ontop of me.
 But he didn't want to do that, he started by rubbing me, first my breasts,
then down to my stomache and finally he started rubbing my vulva,
occassionally slipping a finger into my already sopping cunt.
 When he removed his finger from me he brought it up to his lips and just
touched it with his tongue, and mumbled to himself, "I wonder...."
 "Wonder what?" I asked as he moved his finger to my lips.  Then hungrily I
started sucking on it imagining that it was his cock.
 "Oh, nothing," he said and kissed my forehead, and then with a simple
elegance, he quietly pulled his finger away from me and eased my legs apart,
which I was only to gladly to oblige.
 "You're going to lead me on like that and not tell me what you were
thinking," I said as he got between my legs.
 "Why you," I said laughing and grabbing out at him to wrap my arm around
his neck and pull him down so I could kiss him.  When I let him go he got up
onto his hands and slowly eased himself into me.  His wonderful fullness
filled me up, expanding to reach every part of my vagina.
 His slow gentle strokes built up into solid strong thrusts, accompanied by
the odd grunt, as he tried to reach deeper into me.  I wrapped my legs
around his waist pulling him closer to me, forcing him deeper into me.  I
pulled him down onto me by wrapping my arms around his neck.  At the same
time my own moans were building up into screams.  The louder my screams got
the more I wanted of him, and I started to buck against him, driving him
even further into me, until after what seemed like an eternity, I began to
writhe in orgasm at the same time Bob continued pumping into me groaning,
until he gave one final large thrust and grunt and sprayed his cum all over
my inside walls, going limp on top of me.  I started kissing his forehead as
my own climax began to subsided, then he kissed my lips and told me he loved

 Chapter LVIII

 The following three days found most of us writing up invitations, deciding
who to invite, and who would take part, as bridesmaids, best men.
 As each day passed I fell deeper and deeper in love with Jake, and it
looked like the same thing was happening to mom and Bob.  Sandi was finding
other interests since she lost making love to her father.  Nestor seemed to
be the one she was dating but it seemed more like that she was only dating
him so she could go to bed with him.  Her lust for sex had only increased
since she became one of us, and she only chose to make love with us every
once in awhile, and when she did she only wanted to when we were all
 The baby seemed to grow by leaps and jumps every day to, I was even
starting to feel it kicking, and the extra weight that I was carrying around
was even starting to show, which Doctor Evans found strange, considering
that I wasn't due for another seven months.  But I was glad to find out that
she was no longer trying to feel me up.
 Carrie was spending as much of her free time as she could with Hawk and
Stacey.  The three of them where going through at least two boxes of condoms
a week.  I even caught Carrie and Hawk going at it in her bedroom, I hadn't
told anyone other than Jake about it.  I only looked in on them, they hadn't
even noticed that I had seen them.  I joked about it with Carrie afterwards
but she snapped at me demanding what I was doing looking in on her.  It took
Sandi half an hour to calm her down afterwards.
 That evening we (Martha, Bob, Sandi, Nestor, Jake, and me) went out to see
a movie.  Nestor sat between me and Sandi, and Jake sat on my otherside and
beside him Martha, and Bob.  Half way through the movie I started massaging
Jake's bulge, and I'm pretty sure that Nestor was feeling Sandi up beside
me, because when she left for the bathroom he followed her, and then when
they came back, she kissed my lips and I could just faintly make out the
taste of Nestor's cum.  When Sandi pulled away from me she smiled knowingly,
and then sat back down on the other side of Nestor.
 I leaned closer to Jake and rested my head on his shoulder.  He adjusted
his position to make me a little more comfortable and I mentally thanked
him.  I wasn't feeling to full of energy lately, I think because of the
pregnancy, all I could really do was get to school, make it through the
first class, sleep through the second, eat lunch, talk with Jake, maybe give
him a blowjob in one of the bathrooms, then two more classes after lunch,
home, a nap, then dinner, some TV and an occasional evening in bed with
 The weekends were a little different we mostly just ate and fucked, but
even doing just that was draining for me, and I wasn't sure if I could keep
up with that pace till the baby was born.  But the only good thing was that
the changes seemed to be easier to go through, less and less noticeable.
 I guess I should tell you about the experiment that Jake and I did, about a
week before I found out I was pregnant, Jake and I both changed, but instead
of going to bed we tried to find out how much we could lift on his weights.
We put everything on, it totaled somewhere around two hundred pounds, and we
could each do it with just our pinky fingers, it was quite exhilarting and
the fucking we did afterwards was mindblowing.


 "Hawk, will you bring out the pepper with you," Stacey called into the
house, before she turned back to the barbeque to flip the smoking steaks.
 "So, when are you's planning on heading out," I asked Cynthia and Mario
trying not to seem to anxious to get them out of the way.  They had come a
few days earlier, to spend some time with Stacey and Hawk, when they first
saw me, they accepted the explanation that I was a friend of Stacey's.
 "Well, we're not quite sure yet, we had planned on leaving in about a
 `Oh, great,' I thought figuring that they'd interfere with our love making,
which they had already done, for the previous two days, and it had been even
longer since the three of us had been in bed together, there was always
something drawing one of us away.
 "But, I think we'll be heading out tommorow, we've kind of changed our
travel plans, we're going to go down and spend a few days in Calgary before
we dip down to California."
 "So soon," Hawk said pushing back the patio door, handing the pepper to
 "Yeah, time flies so fast, heh" Mario said clasping Cynthia's hand tighter.
 "Well, we'll have to go out tonight and have a few drinks," Stacey said as
she shook pepper out on the steak; her favourite way of preparing it.
 "Well not too many, we've got to be up early and we can't really afford a
hangover on the road."  Cynthia said looking over at Mario, I have sworn
that they were newly weds by the way they acted but when I asked they had
laughed and said no and that they had been married for a little over five
 Hawk sat down beside me, taking a sip of his beer, inconspicously I hoped,
I gently placed my hand on his crotch, he looked at me for less than a
second, smiled, and then went back to talking with the couple.
 About a minute later Stacey said "Carrie could you give me a hand in side
for a second," I looked over at Stacey and was found that she had taken off
the apron and threw it over a chair.  On our way in Stacey told Hawk, "Watch
the steak, Hawk!"
 When we were inside we went up to the kitchen and started gathering up the
salad and the dishes.  "Carrie!" Stacey said a little on the downside
setting the Salad that she had carried from the counter onto the table.
 "Yes?" I asked her setting down the plates beside the salad when I saw that
she wanted to talk about something important.
 "Carrie, I..."
 "You don't want me to go tonight do you,"
 "No, where did you get an idea like that,"
 "I don't know, its just that nobody seems to want me around right now."
 "Oh, Carrie that's not true, we do want you here, Hawk and me are both in
love with you, we want you here as long as you want to be here,"
 "Then what did you want to talk to me about,"
 "Well, it is about tonight," Stacey said trying to approach the subject
 "What about it,"
 "Well, are you sure your mother won't mind you going to a bar,"
 "STACEY, how old do you think I am, I don't need her permission to go where
I want, nor do I need her permission to sleep with whoever I want," I
pressing myself upgainst her.
 "Your right, I'm sorry," Stacey said wrapping her arms around my waist in
response to me doing it.  "What can I do to make it up to you,"
 "We'll think of something," I said and kissed her.
 Just at that moment, somebody cleared their throat from just at the foot of
the three kitchen steps.  Almost instantly we parted and turned to see that
it was Cynthia.  She looked at us and then smiled and asked "Is there
anything I can do to help?"
 "No, we pretty well got it," Stacey replied picking up the salad again, and
headed towards the patio door, leaving me behind in the kitchen.  Then
Stacey got someone to open the door and turned back, "but we could have a
few more beers, would you mind, there in the fridge?"
 "No, we'll be there in a second," Cynthia said opening the fridge as Stacey
closed the screen door behind her.  "So how good of friends are you and
Stacey?" Cynthia asked me as I got the glasses out of the cupboard.
 "Pretty good," I said setting them down on the table starting to feel a
little uncomfortable, as I went back to the drawer underneath the cupboard
to get the silverware.
 "Your sleeping with both of them aren't you!" she said matter-of-factly
before taking a sip of the fresh beer that she had just opened.
 "I don't see what buisness..."
 "Oh, come on honey, you can be honest with me, I've slept with both of
them, their both quite good heh, and Stacey tastes, absolutely out of this
world.  So you see you can be honest with me,"
 "Fine, yes, alright, I have slept with both of them, are you happy,"
 "Not yet, but I'll tell you when I am," Cynthia said pressing up against
me, running a hand over one of my breasts.
 "Would you leave me alone," I told her.
 "Could I just have a little peek, please, your so shapely, there aren't too
many like you around, pleaseee!!!"
 "Would you just leave me alone," I said trying to push her away from me.
 "Oh, come on, I'll show you mine if you show me yours," I was kind of
curious at what she looked like underneath the shapely clothes but I tried
to gather up the stuff to take outside.  "Look if you want I'll even go
first."  Cynthia said lowering her top, exposing a neat pair of pink
 "No, I told you already, just leave me alone,"
 "Come on just a peek," she said moving towards me again, just at that
moment Hawk came in and asked "is everything alright in here,"
 "Yeah," Cynthia said, turning towards Hawk after quickly doing up her top.
I turned and looked at him too, but more in a pleading way.
 I asked him to help me carry out a few dishes, and he came up towards the
kitchen at the same time as Cynthia went down.  Then suddenly she turned
around and looked at me and said "you'll enjoy tonight I think," then just
as quickly turned back to heading outside smiled at Hawk and was gone, with
the beers.
 When she was gone and Hawk was standing beside me I asked him "What's she
talking about, what about tonight,"
 "Carrie, see that's what Stacey was trying to talk to you about."
 "About going to the bar I thought we cleared that up already."
 "Carrie, listen, this isn't about going to the bar, since Cynthia and Mario
have been paying their visits anually, since about their second visit we've
always had this tradition when they leave,"
 "What tradition, you mean going to the bar and celebrating?"
 "Partly," Hawk said feeling uncomfortable.
 "What do you mean partly?"
 "Well, this is the part that Stacey and I want to make sure your
comfortable with and you might want to go home when you hear it,"
 "What is it,"
 "Look why don't we sit down for a minute," Hawk told me holding out a chair
for me to sit in which I did before he continued he sat down in another
chair and brought it so we were sitting face to face to each other.  "Well,
Carrie, about three years ago the four of us had gone out for drinks the
night before they left, we had a little too much to drink, and we drove
around for about thirty minutes taking turns mooning people, then when we
got back here, we all felt wired so I pulled out another bottle of wine from
down stairs, and we started drinking it infront of the fire.
 "About ten minutes later Cynthia and Stacey started feeling hot, because it
was thirty degrees plus outside and we were sitting inside with a hot
blazing fire so they stripped down to their bra and panties, which were
drenched in sweat so as a result were plastered tightly to their skins.
Stacey started coming onto me, and by that time Mario and I had also
stripped down to our shorts.
 "Cynthia said aloud that she wanted me to `fuck her' and Stacey of course
wanted just to be fucked, it didn't matter to her who did it at the time, so
we swapped.  We ended up making love to both of our wives, and they even
managed to make love to each other a few times before they fell asleep.
 "So in a nutshell, the tradition is going out to the bar, have a few drinks
then come back here hornier than hell and just have a fucking session.
That's what Stacey and I aren't sure about you doing, we don't want you to
feel comprimised and we won't feel any differently towards you you want to
go home before then, or even now if you want."
 "So what were you planning on doing just letting the night happen until it
came time, and I was just to accept it."
 "Carrie, that's why we've been trying to tell you, so that you would know,
and that you went into it on your own doing."
 "Hawk, why do you have to sleep with them at all, there not very good
 "Hey, watch it, there still mine and Stacey's friends."
 "...granted, but why do you have to sleep with them, Cynthia isn't that
great looking and her breasts certainly aren't that big,"
 "She showed you them, hey"
 "Yeah, just before you came in,"
 "She did the same to me the other night, trying to get me in to bed behind
everyone's back."
 "Did she succeed."
 "No, we did it standing up, come on Carrie, you know I wouldn't cheat on my
wife, at least not behind her back, besides your right she's not that great
of a lay, just once a year is enough for me."
 "Do I have to screw Mario," I asked Hawk softly, disgusted of even the
thought of having Mario inside of me.
 "Carrie, you don't have to do anything you don't want to, you know that..."
he told me moving closer to me and running his fingers through my hair.
"...and if you don't want to fuck him then that's his loss, you don't even
have to amuse Cynthia, god knows she can do it herself well enough.  As long
as your there right, that's what counts, and maybe next year you just might
want to join in,"
 "Next year?"
 "Carrie, we're serious, we want you to move in here with us, we've been
thinking about it for awhile, you know that, and last time we asked you said
you needed time, and we'll..."
 "Hawk...not yet, I'm just not ready for that...not yet, I've got something
to do for my mother first, and then I've got to tell her, and then it'll be
the three of us in bed for as long as you want me, every night!" I said
 "Oh, Carrie that's great," Hawk said a little too loudly and quickly kissed
me before picking me up and twirling the both of us around.
 "What's great," Stacey asked poking her head inside past the screen door.
 "Carrie's decided to move in," Hawk said excitedly, Stacey smiled and
looked at me.
 "I knew she would,"
 "Not yet, in a little while," I said trying to solemn the mood a little.
 "Well thats great," Stacey said brimming, her features lit up in the
biggest smile I had ever seen on her.  After what seemed like a couple of
minutes Stacey said "Dinner's ready!"

 Chapter LIX

 At about eleven o'clock the next morning I woke up with a bad taste in my
mouth, and the biggest hangover I had ever had in my life.  I felt dirty and
like I hadn't had a shower in a month and worst of all I was sprawled out in
the middle of the living room floor, naked.
 I went upstairs and took a nice cold shower scrubing every inch of my body.
When I got out I made a quick check to make sure the diaphram that Stacey
and I had gone to get was still in place, it was so I just went out into the
bedroom to get into my clothes that were mixed in with Stacey's closet.
 I knew what I was going to do that day, or at least what I was planning on
doing, I was going to do it for my mother.  I thought for my wedding present
to her I'd find Susan Schroter, and all I had to start on was a maiden name.
 Hoping for the best, I looked in the white pages, there was about fourteen
listings for a S. Schroter, so I just started dialing.  The first few calls
were the most difficult, but after that I got the hang of it, after about
the sixth call, Stacey and Hawk came through the front door, arms linked and
 "Where have you two been?" I asked them.
 "We went out to breakfast with Mario and Cynthia, and we thought that you'd
given them a fair enough send off last night.  What are you doing?"
 I told her my plan to invite Susan to my mothers wedding and she thought it
was a great idea, then they said that they'd be out back and left me with a
kiss from each of them.
 I phoned another four and just when I thought I'd never find her, I dialed
the eleventh number and a woman answered, excitement built up when I asked
her if she knew a Martha Benchino and she replied, yes, years ago.
 I asked her if they were friends and she replied yes, at that point I was
almost excstatic, my chances in find her were slim at best but I had done
it.  I then told her who I was and wanted to talk to her.
 She said sure, and we set five o'clock on Monday to meet, at her house.


 Monday at five o'clock I found myself standing out infront of Susan's
house, it wasn't overly shabby, but it was far from a mansion.  I hadn't had
too hard of a time getting away from the house, but mom wanted to know where
I was going, and I sure in the hell wasn't going to tell her.
 When I knocked on the door, a boy around my age, her son I figured, opened
the door wearing a bath robe.  He greeted me warmly and said I was expected
and led me into the living room where he then sat down across from me saying
"Susan will be down in a minute," and then he went on to mentally undress
me, I could tell he was doing it, it was obvious just by the way he was
looking at me.
 I tried my best to cover up my areas, but it was already probably too late,
he was probably already fucking me in some other world in his mind.
 Susan came down in a pair of very tight shorts, and what looked like a
bikini top covered her still small breasts.  "I'm sorry I'm late, its just
that Kevin and I had the weekend all alone, my daughter Sydney is spending
some time with her grandparents and is supposed to be home around six, so
Kevin and I were just trying to spend as much quality time together that we
could." Susan said sitting down next to Kevin, allowing him to put his arm
around her.
 "My mothers getting married in a couple of weeks and I was hoping that you
could come!" I said as I watched Kevin begin to fondel one of Susans
 "When is it?" she asked ignoring Kevin.
 "October 12th," I replied softly as Kevin's hand slipped under the small
piece of fabric.
 "That soon, thats only in a couple of weeks,"
 "I know," I said "but I think mom would really enjoy it if you were there,
she's talked fondly of you."  I finished as Kevin flipped the bikini top
right off of Susan's breast exposing a trying to ignore Kevin's hand
slipping into her top, pushing it down right off of her breasts exposing a
neat little brown nipple.
 "Kevin, knock it off why don't you go get us some tea or something heh,"
Susan said not overly annoyed at his actions, covering her breast back up,
"come on we have a guest, where are your manners."
 "All right," Kevin said and got up and left towards what looked like the
 When he was gone I turned back to Susan and quietly said "he's a little
young for you isn't he?"
 "I was only twenty when I gave birth to him!"
 "You mean he is your son?"
 "Of course, when he was young I saw him playing with himself, and well I
couldn't help myself I started sucking on him, and I did so until he was
five, George never knew, thats my ex-husband.  When he was thirteen I was
his first, and we've been lovers ever since, he likes fucking me and I enjoy
him so much I just didn't want to give him up, he gives the best sex I've
ever had.  See I trained him, right from the start, and he's everything that
I've ever wanted in a lover and more."
 "What happened to your husband,"
 "Well, it seemed that he didn't like Kevin and me sleeping together, and
one time when Kevin and I got careless, George found Kevin's semen in me,
and he just exploded, he ran out of the house, I figured he was running out
to drink himself into a hole, so I took Kevin to bed, but George had only
gone out for a walk and when he came back in, I think he was ready to
forgive me, but I was on the floor nude between Kevin's legs in the middle
of sucking him off.
 I tried to get George to join us, I was only too willing to take them both
into bed, but he wouldn't hear of it.  He tried to get ahold of Kevin and
throttle him but either Kevin was too fast for him or I was running offense
or something, anyway George ended up packing, two months later we were
devorced, and Kevin would have moved straight into my bed, if Sydney wasn't
around.  But you probably don't want to hear this, I'm sorry!"
 "No that's all right," I told her.  "So was it worth it?"
 "Oh definitely, Kevin is..."
 "Here's the tea!" Kevin said pushing the swinging door open.
 "Will it be all right if Kevin and Sydney come to the wedding too,"
 "Sure, that'll be fine," I replied after taking a second to figure out what
she was talking about.
 "Then we'll be there," Susan said as I was trying to imagine what Kevin
would be like in bed fucking her.  Kevin handed me a cup of tea leaning over
to expose his half harry chest.  He turned and handed a second cup to Susan,
and I guess I must have taken a quick glance at his ass and I think Susan
saw me do it.
 "Kevin, would you do something for me?" Susan asked Kevin as he sat down
beside her again.
 "What now?"
 "Oh, don't sound so disappointed I want you to do something you like,"
 "What?" he asked softer.
 "Just stand up and undress for our guest, she likes your body, why don't
you show it to her."
 He smiled at me, and I blushed, actually I was blushing right after she had
said it.  He stood up, still smiling at me looked at Susan, and with a nod
from her his robe dropped, before I could even say anything.  He was
enormous, his cock was limp but it was giganticly thick, and extended a good
five or six inches.
 "See what I mean," she said reaching out and stroking his member which
rapidly grew flacid.  "Sydney's going to be home soon, but if you'd like to
go upstairs with him by yourself, you're welcome to, I know he wouldn't mind
fucking some one else, especially someone as good looking as you, or you
could come back another time and spend some quality time with both of us
upstairs."  Kevin moved closer to me nearly sticking his cock right in my
 "Well," I said taking his cock in my hands and fingering it, "he is really
nice, I'm flattered really that you'd offer, but I'm afraid I like girls
more, no offense."
 "None taken," Kevin said "but I could probably change your mind,"
 "He could," Susan said nodding and grinning.  "You could even have him take
you quickly right here if you want, I'll even help, I've got some condoms
out in the kitchen, I'll go get them."
 "Ms. Schroter, please don't bother, maybe another time, ok, I really should
be going."
 "Well if you really have to go I suppose I could entertain him some more
tonight, I know he likes that," Susan said pulling Kevin down into her lap.
"If your sure?"
 "Yeah, I'm sure, but maybe another time," I said looking straight at her
she was beautiful for her age, there wasn't any signs of gray in her hair,
her breasts and hips were firm, and it appeared that Kevin gave her lots of
 "Alright, give us a call when with the information about the wedding, or if
you just want to talk or something, but don't be a stranger all right!"
 "Thanks," I said getting up onto my feet.
 "Get up Kevin, and go get dressed," Susan told Kevin after giving his cock
a good pump and kissing him.  Kevin left the room and went up the stairs.
"Are you sure you can't stay and talk just for a little while, maybe until
Sydney comes home?"
 "Well, I should be going?"
 "Oh come on just give me a few minutes, I haven't talked to anyone that
could resist my son since before he started fucking me."
 "Well, I guess I can stay a few more minutes," I replied sitting back down
on the chair.
 "So you like girls eh,"
 "Yeah, I think they know my body more than any man could,"
 "Do you like my body?"
 "You've got a beautiful body,"
 "That's not what I asked, do you like my body,"
 "Well, yes, I suppose,"
 "Did your mother teach you,"
 "No, but if your asking me if I've slept with my mother your answer is
 "Does she still taste just as sweet,"
 "Well, she is sweet,"
 "Has she passed that taste on,"
 "I'm not sure," I said feeling a twinge of interest in my pussy.
 "Well, I'd like to find out some time!"
 "You would?" I asked winded a little.
 "Yes, I would" Susan said sliding closer to me.  "Are you involved with
anyone right now?"
 "Well, I am involved with a couple," I said not hesitating.
 "A couple, boy you are really active for your age aren't you,"
 "I don't mean two women, I mean a woman and her husband, they've asked me
to move in with them,"
 "Have you accepted,"
 "Yeah, I like them and they love me too,"
 "I thought you said you didn't like men,"
 "Well I kinda accept Hawk more because he's married to Stacey."
 "What are they like?"
 "There really nice, and when we're together we basically spend most of the
time in bed,"
 "Well its not to good to spend too much time in bed without knowing the
people inside the bodies."
 "I know them, they are nice people, not only just in bed,"
 "But how much time do you actually spend with them out of bed,"
 "Well, I suppose not that much, but I like sleeping with them,"
 "How long do you think that will last, someone at your age should be free
to sleep with who ever she wants."
 "My sister, she's getting married with mom, and she's a year younger than
 "Christa's getting married at the wedding too,"
 "And your mother's agreed to this,"
 "She couldn't stop her even if she wanted too, besides she's pregnant too,"
 "and she's only...seventeen is that right,"
 "Yes, so why shouldn't I be able to settle in with Stacey and Hawk,"
 "Well, I can't answer that, but you shouldn't think with your hormones,"
 "Then what about you and Kevin isn't that the same thing,"
 "No, its not,"
 "How isn't it, he's your son, you said yourself you couldn't resist sucking
on his five year old cock, and now you can't resist his eighteen year old
cock filling you up."
 "Don't talk about him anymore your getting me hot,"
 "See case and point, aren't you thinking with your hormones right now when
I say Kevin pushes his rock hard thick cock into your warm cunt spraying
your insides with his searing white cum,"
 "Stop it," Susan begged hotly running her hand down to her crotch and
rubbing the crotch of the jeans.
 "Well isn't that thinking with your hormones, thinking of fucking your son
wanting to fuck both your son and your husband at once, to have one of their
big cocks filling you up from behind while the other one is stuffing your
mouth full of his manhood."
 "Please, stop," Susan said nearily inaudiubly as she rubbed her crotch, and
starting to play with one of her nipples through the fabric.
 "Well isn't it, you want everyman in your life by the same thinking, Kevin,
George, your father,"
 "You know about my father," Susan moaned.
 "My mother told me how you liked to fuck him with her, having his thick
little cock fucking your little pussies, filling your cunts with his warm
loving jism while your mother was out, and then you liked him fucking you
all alone on vacation, just you and him steaming up the windows in every
room you's went in, as you two fucked in every room, and every room he fucks
you until you both cum, and you accept his warm loving cum every chance you
could get, and you loved every minute of his naked hot body pressing against
your young firm body, as he licked and kissed your nipples, as he drove deep
into your pussy and you screamed and screamed with the joy of having your
father love you so much, proving it to you when ever he had the chance,
warming your pussy up."
 "Ahhhhh..." Susan moaned as her body convulsed in orgasm.  I was amazed I'd
brought her to an orgasm just by talking her in to it.  Her and her father
must have really fucked alot, and she must have really loved the time they
had spent together.
 I moved closer to her to try and coax her down from her orgasm, but when I
got within range of her as her body still shook her hand reached straight
out and stroked my crotch excting me as she petted me through the fabric of
my jeans.  My legs buckled a little the second she touched me.
 "And what about you fucking that couple, your mother and probably even
seducing your sister," Susan said still petting me with her small delicate
hand.  Just at that moment the doorbell rang.  "That'll be Sydney," Susan
said standing up, then giving me a small little kiss, she left me dazed and
went to the front door.  A second later I followed the path that Susan had
just taken, just before I reached the corner to the hallway the front door
 At the door was a young short haired blonde girl maybe around seven or
eight, she was wearing a pair of tight jeans and a T-shirt that showed the
fact that she was still not "fully" developed in the breast area, but
otherwise she was quite cute.  Sydney kissed Susan's cheek, and Susan kissed
her back then she noticed me standing in the hallway.
 "Carrie, this is Sydney, Sydney this is Carrie," Susan said turning Sydney
to face me.  "She came over to invite us to her mothers wedding, isn't that
 "Yes," Sydney mumbled softly which made her appear shy and anxious to get
out of the conversation.
 "You go up and put your bag away," Susan told Sydney giving her a little
pat on the shoulders.  Sydney, relieved disembarked as fast as she could.
 "Well, I better get going," I said heading towards the door.
 "Are you sure that you don't want to have him fuck you, I can take Sydney
out if you'd like to be alone with him," Susan asked me as I got closer to
 "I'm sure, but maybe another time all right,"
 "Ok," Susan said opening the door for me, "I'll see you later then,"
 "Bye!" Susan said softly as she watched me walk out.

 Chapter LX

 "Jake you really don't have to go I can go myself,"
 "Your mine, when you need me I'll be there and I want to be with you."
 "Well, Jake I don't know if I really want you there,"
 "I just feel like it wouldn't be right, at least not right now,"
 "Look, you can wait out in the waiting room alright,"


 "Hi, I'm here to see Dr. Evans," I told the receptionist that was sitting
at the large desk at the front of the office.
 "Do you have an appointment,"
 "Yes, for four-thirty,"
 "Is your name Christa Benchino," she asked and I replied with a nod.
"Fine, please sit down the doctor will be with you in a few minutes."
 The few minutes turned into half an hour, at five-oh-one I got through into
her inner office, with little more than a sqeeze of my hand from Jake.
 I stripped down and put on my simpy paper thing, and spread out on the
table, you feel so weak and vulnerable on the thing, its kind of scary.  She
started poking and proding me with her cold hands and stethescope, is it a
law or something that doctors are supposed to have cold hands.
 Then she did the ultra sound, thats when she asked "Have you been taking
any kind of drugs or anything of the such,"
 "No, I don't do anything like that,"
 "Are you sure?"
 "Why?  Is there something wrong?"
 "Well, not exactly, your sure you haven't been taking anything to promote
 "Yes, I'm sure, now would you tell me why your asking?"
 "Well, your son..."
 "My son?" I asked surprised she hadn't told me before what sex my baby was.
 "Yes, he appears to be about four months but you've only been pregnant for
a little over two months, right?"
 "Also, his genital area seems to be enlarged,"
 "Is he going to be alright,"
 "He'll be fine, his penis will probably be normalized before its his time
to come out,"
 "But he will be all right?"
 "Yes, he looks to be very healthy, you can get dressed now," she said
pulling the equipment away from me and pulling the paper dress back down.


 "How'd it go?" Jake asked me when we'd started back home in his car.
 "Jake, we're going to have a boy," I said after cuddling up close to him.
 "A boy?" he asked looking at me for a second before his eyes turned back to
the road.
 "Yes," I replied excitedly.
 "A boy...a son..." Jake mumbled excitedly.  "Is he all right?"
 "Well, the doctor said he was but..." then I told him what the Angela had
asked and what she had said.  Jake looked concerned, about the baby, and me,
and he was also thinking wildly about it, different scenario's were playing
out in his thoughts, me dying, our child dying, both of us dying, he was
 `Jake, don't worry we'll be all right!' I told him trying to calm him down,
"besides, the worst thing that could happen is he could be born early with a
large cock, he's taking after his old man already," I said stroking Jake's
crotch.  He smiled, he wasn't feeling as bad.
 "When we get home, why don't we have dinner, and then go to bed early, I
know I wouldn't mind seeing that big cock of yours inside me again today.
It makes me feel complete."
 Jake smiled even more and then leaned over and kissed me.  I continued
stroking his crotch until we got home and he was fully aroused by then.  We
spent a little while in the car petting and kissing each other hotly before
we did finally go in.
 Mom was lying on the couch when I asked her what was wrong she said she had
a bad headache and we should just make our own dinner.
 When we got to the kitchen we found Bob on the telephone.  While Sandi was
sitting at the kitchen table eating a sandwhich and watching Bob like a
vulture, and I couldn't see any sign of Carrie, I just quickly dismissed her
absence as her being out in Stacey and Hawk's bed.  I gave Sandi a little
kiss and fondled one of her breasts, trying to keep her mind off of Bob.
She turned to watch us for a second before saying "Well?  How's the baby"
 "Its a boy," I replied quickly getting excited again.
 "That's wonderful,"
 "Sandi, if you's are going to make this much noise, would you hang the
phone up when I tell you to," Bob said looking annoyed at us.  She moved
over to the phone, and waited till Bob was out of the room before she
started moaning into the phone, after a second she stopped and hung up the
 "Can I kiss the parents," Sandi asked moving towards us.
 "Of course," I told her, and she moved towards me first and kissed me.
Then she moved to Jake and pressed her body tight against his and kissed
him, while running a hand over his already aroused cock.
 `What have you two been up to,' she asked stepping back a little to watch
us both.
 `Nothing yet,' I told her.
 `Can I join you's?' she asked nearly pouting.
 `Yes,' Jake told her softly and she melted into his arms hugging and
kissing him, then after a moment she repeated the whole thing on me.
 The whole time I could feel the sticky spot between my legs growing.  The
only part of me that was hungry was my pussy and it was yearning for some
big studly meat.
 "Let's go," I told Jake who took both of our hands and pulled us behind him
to Jake's and my bedroom.  I wanted him inside me quickly but I still wanted
to do it right, so when we got into the bedroom and closed the door behind
us we sat Jake down on the bed like usual, and slowly started to undress
each other (Sandi and me).  First we'd take each other's tops off, then
pants, then bra's where we'd stop for a little to suck on a nipple or two,
then finally we'd move onto each others panties.
 I felt really big compared to her, our boy was growing quite large and it
felt like as time went on Sandi was doing more and more of the work.
 We kissed and slowly went to work on undressing Jake, taking turns sucking
on his big cock after we had gotten him undressed.  But I wanted him to take
me first so I told him I wanted him to fuck me while lying out flat on my
 Jake moved so that he was ontop of me and Sandi moved behind him so she
could suck on his testicles which she liked to do, she enjoyed taking men
into her mouth whether it was just a testicle or both or his testicles and
penis all at once it made no difference.
 Jake slowly started out by teasing me by pressing his cock against my clit,
and rubbing it up and down, until slowly he pushed himself in only about
half an inch deeper each time, until he was finally sliding in and out of me
pushing himself up and forward to rub against my clitoris.
 Sandi slipped a couple of fingers into my sopping cunt, as Jake continued
to push himself into me, while I moaned aloud, until finally the warm
feeling of orgasm overswept me, wave after wave cascaded throughout my body,
driving me further and further back from consciousness, into a light haze as
Jake continued to dive into me up to the point of where I could feel his hot
cum hitting my back walls, as his I accepted his new warmth I fell into a
deep sleep.


 Jake turned on me, as big as ever, his huge cock just wavering in the air.
At the last second just before he'd cum inside of Christa, I had scratched
him, a really deep thourough scratch.  He yelped a little at first but when
he turned to look at me his eyes were filled with nothing but lust, he
reached out and faster than my eye could see he clawed me right across my
stomach.  As I stood there on my knees I could feel the tingling quickly
shoot through my body, until I had gone completely through the
transformation into a luscious beautiful body.
 Then he grabbed me around the waist and threw me down onto the bed, and
then quickly drove into me, pumping me hard, harder than anyone had ever
done before, it hurt, and I howled, but I bore it as he continued to fuck
me, faster and faster, at an ever increasing speed he pumped into me.
 I writhed and moaned, as the friction between my legs built up into such an
intense heat that I was sure I was on fire.  Then as I released another moan
my whole body shook, it was like an earthquake as I shook, I shook the whole
bed, and it almost seemed like the whole house shook, at the same time Jake
continued to pound into me, until his cock just exploded inside of me, like
a gushed filling me up, dousing the flame, and driving me mad with cum lust.
 I wanted to taste his cum so bad, that when he did withdraw from me, I
quickly spun around and took his large member inside my mouth and began to
suck on it hard and fast, scraping my teeth against him as I pulled back and
slithering my tongue over him as I went down.  I cupped his stone like
testicles with my hand and began to carress them.
 When he finally came, I was in heaven, wave after wave of intense pleasure
pulsated through my own body, as I accepted his excited cum into me, it was
like drinking liter after liter of warm tasty milk straight from the utter,
but without needing to take a breath of air.
 He quickly deflated when he was finished, and when I looked up at him, he
had fallen into sleep, with a grin so large it was amazing that it fit on
his face.  I curled up against his legs, and then took his soft cock in my
mouth like a baby fell asleep with a soother in my mouth.

 Chapter LXI

 "Do you feel as nervous as I do," I asked Christa who was fidgeting around
in her white wedding dress.
 "More so I think," Christa replied, "I look fat in this dress don't I?" she
said turning so that I could see her from the side.
 "Don't worry about it, your pregnant what do you expect to be?"
 "Thin, unpregnant, and out fucking some young stud!"
 "Now you don't mean that, your just nervous, or don't you want to marry
Jake, if your having second thoughts you should have them now rather than
 "No, I want him,"
 "Besides," I said placing my hand on her bloated stomach.  "You two are so
in love over one another I've never seen two people want a child so much.
Did he just kick?"
 "Yeah," Christa replied placing one of her own hands on the top of her
stomach, "he's been kicking for almost a week,"
 "He shouldn't be kicking yet, at least not for another month anyway.  I'm
really getting tired of calling him he, have you and Jake decided on a name
 "Yeah we have, we've decided on Dick,"
 "Are you sure you want to call him that,"
 "Yes, we've discussed it, spent a good couple of weeks doing it."
 "What are you two talking about?" Carrie and Sandi said slipping into the
room, dressed in pink dresses.
 "Nothing much," Christa replied.
 "What's it like out there?" I asked them.
 "Busy, everyone seems to be having a hard time trying to sit down," Sandi
 "Is the minister here yet,"
 "Yeah, he just arrived," Carrie replied.
 "Well girls," I said opening my arms to take them all into a hug, "after
this we're all going to be one big family,"
 "Yeah, one big joyfully incestuous family," Sandi said.  I don't think any
of us had thought about that term applying to us before, but now that she
had said it we were all quiet, and it looked like she was sorry she said it.
 "Yep," I said after a minute to break the silence.  We all nervously
laughed for a second.  I had a feeling that after this all our lives would
 "Go tell them we're ready," I told Carrie and Sandi, and they quickly left
the room.
 "Well this is it," Christa said squeezing the hands that I offered her.
 "Yeah, I guess so, ready to become man and wife,"
 "Yeah, Mom..."
 "Yes," I asked her.
 "I love you,"
 "I love you too honey," I replied and then gave her a kiss on the cheek.
"Let's go," I said moving us towards the door before slipping apart.
 When I opened the door my father was standing there waiting for us, he was
going to take us both down the aisle, the long red carpeted aisle that
brought woman and man together.  I took his left arm and Christa took his
right, and slowly as the wedding march played we made our way down the isle,
more people than I knew stood there and watched us go down it, then just out
of the corner of my eye I spotted someone from my past, Susan was standing
in the middle of the seats on the left side smiling broadly.  Then quickly
she licked her lips, knowing that I would know that she always did that
after we had had sex, and it got the same response now that it did then, my
pussy stirred.
 When we got down to the end of the aisle I was still trying to push her out
of my thoughts.  I released Dad's arm and took Bob's, as Christa did for
Jake.  I was glad we had decided to have the wedding indoors, it seemed more
 Then the minister started only after making a long speech at how the ring
was eternal.  "Do you Martha Benchino take Bob Davis to be your lawfully
wedded husband, to love and to hold through sickness and health to death do
you part?"
 "I do," I replied.
 Then he asked the same thing of Christa and she replied the same way.
 "And do you Bob Davis take Martha Benchino to love and to hold through
sickness and health to death do you part?"
 Bob turned and looked at me, and without turning away said "I do,"
 Then he asked Jake, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach quickly
rising to the top of my stomach.
 "The rings please," each of them (Bob and Jake) took the ring they had
bought from their best men, (Bob's brother, and Nestor, who was also
doubling as Sandi's date).  Bob put the ring on my finger and then waited
anxiously for the minister to finish.
 "Now with the power vested in me, I pronounce you man and wife, you may
kiss the brides."
 With that Bob raised my veil and kissed me hard, and passionately.  Then
after a moment the four of us were rushing outside to the awaiting limo.
Getting covered in not only rice but the fresh early snow that was falling.
When we got the door closed we could finally relax a little.
 But before I could get settled in my seat Bob was kissing my lips again,
and I could tell that across from us Jake and Christa were doing the same
thing.  We were married both me and my daughter, married to men we loved
very, very much.
 After we had all calmed down a little, a few blocks from the hotel, Bob
asked Jake if he could kiss the bride.  "Only if I can," Jake replied,
smiling and glancing at me.
 Bob leaned forward and kissed Christa's waiting lips, she wrapped her arm
around his neck and kissed him passionately, if Bob didn't mean to do it
that way he didn't argue with her when she did it.
 Then Jake leaned forwards towards me and kissed me in the same manner
Christa had kissed Bob, only Jake's kiss was more passionate and heated than
any man had ever kissed me, any woman either.
 Then they kissed each other again, but longer than either of them had
kissed us, they really were in love, stronger than I could have thought
possible between two so young.
 When we got to the hotel, we went up to our rooms.  Bob had got them so
that they were attaching he thought it would be nice, so that we could all
have breakfast together or something.  Bob order us up a quick snack from
room service while I got changed into the clothes that I was going to wear
to the wedding party.  It wasn't long after that before we both heard moans
coming from Jake and Christa's room, they'd already started their
matrimonial consummation.
 Actually I was surprised that it took them as long as it did to get into
bed, considering the way they were in the limo.  I would have enjoyed doing
the same thing, but Susan's presence at the wedding still had me curious, I
didn't know that I had invited her, hell I didn't even know where she'd gone
to after we'd lost contact five or six years back.
 Now that the butterflies had faded from my stomach I realized I was hungry.
Bob changed while we were waiting for the food to come up.
 "Mom," Christa called from the other side of the door, after the groaning
had stopped for a few minutes. "are you decent?"
 "Yes, honey"
 "Could you come here and help me,"
 "Whats wrong?" I asked looking at Bob surprised.
 "I'm stuck," Christa replied and Bob raised an eyebrow up.
 "All right are you going to come in here or should I go in their"
 "In here please," Christa replied.
 Hesitantly I unlocked the door, and went into their room closing the door
behind me.  They were on the bed and Christa was sitting on top of Jake
looking back at me.  Both of them were still in their wedding clothes.
Christa had her dress hiked up and Jake had just pulled his pants down just
 "My dress is caught in his zipper," she said embarrassed.
 "That's why your supposed to get undressed for bed," I said giggling.
 "It's not funny," she said pouting.
 "I know, I know, I'm sorry," I apologized slipping my hand between them to
unhook them, accidentally touching Jake's scrotum.
 "Thank you," Jake said to me as Christa got off of him, exposing his wet
limp cock.
 "Bob's order some food, would you two like to join us," I said not taking
my eyes off of Jake.
 "No, not right now," Christa said climbing back on top of Jake only this
time fully naked.  "Thanks mom,"
 "Better take his clothes off first before you do anything more honey."
 "All right Mom, Bye," Christa said dismissing me before she took Jake's
cock into her mouth.
 "Bye Mrs. Davis," Jake said before closing his eyes in contentment.
 "Remember we've got to go to the wedding party yet, and we've got to be
there at least before five." I said trying to stall my way so that I could
look at my daughters upturned pussy which was swaying in the air and
dripping with Jake's cum.
 Christa raised her foot up a little in the air, I think to acknowledge what
I said and to dismiss me once and for all.
 When I got back to my own room, Bob was waiting for me at the small table
that was in the room with some dishes of steaming food on the table.  "Did
you solve their problem?"
 "Yes," I said sitting down on his lap.
 "What was it?" he asked kissing me.
 "She got her dress stuck in his zipper,"  I said before returning his kiss.
"What do you say we put the food up for a little while, I've got a different
kind of hunger right now," I told him kissing him harder.  "One that only
you can satisfy." I finished shifting on his lap.
 "I think I'd be happy to," he said picking me up while standing up and
knocking the chair out from behind his legs.  I smiled and wrapped my arms
around his neck before I kissed him.
 Then he set me down on our bed and kissed me again, while I undid his
pants, letting them drop to the floor with his underwear.  "I want you so
bad," I told him as I undid his shirt throwing it on to the floor.
 "I love you so much," he said climbing onto the bed overtop of me to kiss
my lips, before he started undoing my blouse, to expose the black teddy that
I had bought for that evening fixed tightly to my breasts.
 "My skirt," I said hotly wanting him to take it off, but all he did was
throw my blouse aside and pull the teddy down uncovering my breasts.  He
quickly started licking my breasts everywhere kissing them sucking
everywhere, but my nipples, finally after forever he kissed my left nipple
wetting it with his saliva.  I wanted him inside of me, but he wouldn't even
go near me, he only played with my breasts until finally I'd had an orgasm
just from him playing with my tits.
 Then he told me that he was going to "fuck me like no man had."
 All I could say in response was "Do it!"
 He backed away from me for a second, I thought he was going to pull my
skirt off, but all he did was throw my skirt up onto my stomach, quietly he
undid the straps to the bottom of the teddy with his teeth and then after
kissing me a few dozen times, he finally moved up and slid into me.  I was
so hungry for him, I immediately started bucking against him trying to speed
him up, so that he came inside of me.  But he held back and only moved into
me a little at a time, quickly withdrawing when ever he thought I was going
to cum, and then when I had settled down again he reinserted himself, until
all my self control was gone and I wrapped my legs around his back so that
he couldn't take himself out of me.
 "Give it to me," I panted in his ear as I pulled him down to kiss his neck.
Over and over he pushed himself into me until finally neither of us couldn't
hold back any longer and in a wave of total ecstasy we both erupted into
orgasm, I milked his cock with my cunt till I had every last drop inside of
me then finally we collapsed into each others arms totally entwined in each
other before we dozed off.


 "Come on you two wake up," I told Mom and Dad who were so melted together
that it was hard to tell them apart.  Mom was the first to wake up and
looked groggily at me.  "And you thought we'd forget, come on, it's quarter
to five."
 "What?" she replied quickly, and then quickly tried to disentangle herself,
before she resigned to waking up Bob.  I kissed Jake who was standing beside
me with his arms around my waist, we watched them wake up and trip over each
other, until they were finally standing on either side of the bed quickly
scampering into their clothes.


 Finally when we were in the limo I asked Mom, "Is there going to be any
food left, I'm ravished." I asked before kissing Jake again, my husband.
 "There should be, Christa, did you invite Susan,"
 "Who?" I replied not recognizing the name.
 "Never mind!"

 Chapter LXII

 I had thought about what Susan had said for two weeks, and I had decided
that she was right, I was moving in with Stacey and Hawk only for the reason
that we had good sex together and that wasn't enough for me, I knew it had
been lacking in something but I had never been sure as to what it actually
was, and even though it was the wedding party I was pressed into telling
them because they asked me when I was moving in, I hadn't bothered to tell
mom about doing it because after Susan's talk I wasn't sure, and now they
brought it out that I wasn't going to move in.
 They were shocked, they even took a couple of steps back, I didn't want to
hurt them, and I even thought that I had said it with enough good intentions
and a warm enough voice but they were hurt, they were hurt enough to make a
scene infront of everyone and started shouting at me, telling me how much
they loved me.  I tried to explain.  But they never gave me the chance.
After they had, had their say Stacey ran out crying, and Hawk followed after
his wife only after giving me one of the worst looks I had ever been given
in my life.
 I started to run after them, with tears of my own running down my face but
Susan stopped me at the door before I could go out, it was like she just
appeared their.
 "Don't go after them, you had to do it," Susan said accepting me into her
 "Oh Susan?" I sobbed against her chest in response, "did I really have to
do it, why couldn't I have just stayed with them,"
 "Carrie, if you had for the rest of your life you'd feel like you were
missing something, did you really want that kind of a life, hoping each day
that the next one would be better and yet knowing that it never would.
 I knew it was like that with my husband, every time we'd go to bed and he
was fill horny, he'd expect me to put up anything I was doing, and it was
always the same nothing different, and we never really ever did anything
that was based around sex, we married because I had gotten pregnant, that
was the only reason he married me, and we both ended up regretting it.
 You need to be able to settle in with one person, to give them
unconditional love, and who ever they are returning it, everyone needs that
in their life, they'll get over you, and you'll get over them, but not until
you realize that what you did was the right thing for you thats what's
 "Did I really have to do it though,"
 "Carrie, you know you had to, it could have only lasted for so long anyway,
its better that you finished it now, before you got to deep into it,"
 "But they loved me,"
 "Carrie, you think they loved you, and maybe even they did, but you can't
love someone just because the sex is good, not real love anyway.  You should
know real love, your young you shouldn't be settling down now, you should be
living life, teasing men and women, occasionally sleeping with some, and
enjoying others.  You can't limit yourself, not when your so young, you've
got your whole life ahead of you, and they'll be others on the way, but
you've got to keep going.  Let's go get you cleaned up your mother and
sister's going to be here soon, and you want to look your best for them."
Susan said guiding me towards the bathroom.


 "Everybody has problems with love," Susan said while wiping my face with a
wet cloth to clean up my make up.  "My second boyfriend, Chuck, I thought I
was so in love with him, I fantasized about him, doodled our names together
like a married couples, you know how girls can get, thinking about who their
going to marry,"
 "Yeah, I've done that a couple of times,"
 "Well, I was sure he was the one that I wanted to spend the rest of my life
 "The problem was that I couldn't get him to notice me, so your mother told
him that a girl would be waiting for him out by our old kissing tree, near
the school," she started saying as she applied some fresh make-up to my
face.  "Well, when the time came near, I wasn't sure that I could go through
with it so I told your mom to go and tell him that I couldn't come,"
 "So what happened?" I asked curious.
 "Well, your mother went to wait for him at the tree and when he got their
he kissed her thinking that she was me, they saw each other a few times, she
didn't think at the time, and by bad timing on their part I guess, I caught
them kissing, with his hand on her breast."
 "Your joking,"
 "No, I'm not your mother was embarrassed and ashamed, and I was mad as hell
with her, but after awhile we finally got back together, we decided no one was worth our friendship, so we both didn't see him again, you
see your not the only one that has problems with finding love,"
 "I suppose,"
 "Are you ready to go back out,"
 "I guess," I said getting off of the counter that I was sitting on.
"Thanks," I said after giving her a little kiss on her cheek.
 "No problem, just remember if you ever need someone to talk to or anything,
you can always come to me, I'll be happy to help,"
 "All right," I told her as we went out the door of the bathroom, as we went
through my eyes immediately fell to the front door where a commotion was
building up, "I guess there here," I said aloud.
 "Don't tell Martha I'm here, I want to surprise her on my own in a few
seconds ok,"
 "All right," I said moving away from her towards the crowd that had
gathered at the front.  I slipped through the people making my way to the
front, and they were there, Christa looked happy smiling from ear to ear on
Jake's arm.  I never would have pictured that my ex-boyfriend would be
marryied to my sister, at least not so soon after our "break up" I guess it
could be deemed, but they were happy, and their happiness had brewed over to
form a whole other person.
 Mom, and Bob looked good together too, she was happier than I had seen her
in a long time, and if Bob did it for her, who am I to complain right,
besides I'd probably still be able to get the odd fuck out of them, greedy
way of thinking about it but I couldn't help it I wasn't in the best mood
for people but, what could I do right, but I had to try and keep from
screwing up their evening.
 Sandi was just finishing kissing her father's cheek when I grabbed hold of
her hand greeting her with the words that she'd used earlier, "Heh Sis,"
 "Hello yourself," she said giving me a quick kiss.  "Where's Hawk and
 "The...they're gone!"
 "That's too bad," she said squeezing my hand while glancing back at the
newly weds.  Sandi was always beautiful, but the light that caught her now
just looked somewhat better, reducing my dark thoughts about Stacey and
Hawk, making me realize that Susan was right, if I wanted to I could have
anyone in the place, I was too young to settle down into one bed.
 "Evening honey," Mom said before kissing my cheek.  I smiled at her trying
to keep anything back that might ruin her night out of my face, "why don't
you give my new husband a kiss," she suggested giving the hand that she
still held onto Bob with a little tug, and he moved forward smiling.  I
stretched up and gave him a little kiss on his lips.  He smiled and backed
away back into the mob with his new wife still on his arm.
 "Carrie," I heard Christa say turning back to face forward.  "I never did
ask you if you wouldn't mind me marrying Jake, I probably should ha..."
 "Don't worry," I told her patting her arm.  "As long as your happy,"
 "I am, oh I am," she said dreamily.
 "Would you like to be the first to kiss the bride," Jake asked me as he
came from talking to Sandi.  "I've been saving her," Jake finished as
Christa smiled first at him then me.
 "I'd love to," I said moving closer to her, giving her a kiss on the
 "Oh come on, pretend like its before and you want to get into bed with me,
give me a real kiss," Christa whispered to me, and we kissed again, this
time like we were in the middle of making love.
 "I still expect you to keep your promise," I whispered back in her ear.
 "What promise?" she asked smiling nervously.
 "Remember when I gave Jake to you, I told you that you could have him as
long as you wanted as long as you occassionally slept with me,"
 "I won't as long as you remember your part of the bargain to that deal,
you'd sleep with both of us when ever we ask."
 "All right, I'll remember that," I replied in good jest aloud.  "Just don't
forget about me,"
 "How could we," Jake asked rhetorically, as he leaned over and gave me a
small kiss.

 Chapter LXIII

 Bob and I were making our way through the crowd trying to mingle with
everyone, when we got stopped by James, the man who had invited himself for
dinner and wound up with me for desert.
 At first when he saw us he smiled at me a little more than I would have
thought was warranted, then he asked Bob if he could kiss me, Bob readily
agreed and James kissed me, not as hard as I think he would have wanted to
because his wife was present but, it was still a decent kiss.  We talked for
a few seconds before mostly out of the corner of my eye I recognized someone
from the past, the woman that had been haunting my thoughts for the last few
hours was standing with a young man, and a teenaged girl sipping punch.
 I excused myself from them saying that I had to go talk to someone, and
then made my way over to Susan.  She looked as good as she had five years
ago, barely looking a day older, only I could see no sign of her husband.
The last time we had met was only in the food store and that was only for a
 When she saw me coming towards her she smiled at me and then said something
to what I think were her two kids, and they went off to the buffet table.
 "I was wondering when you'd get to me," Susan said smiling at me a second
before we hugged each other, she still felt as warm as ever.
 "Where have you been?" I asked her.
 "Oh here and there but mostly here," she replied grinning.
 "Excuse my rudeness but who invited you?"
 "Well, someone came to my door a week or so ago and told me of your wedding
and invited me,"
 "Well, lets just say a little bird,"
 "Well, its great to see you, you look wonderful," I said backing away so
she was just within arms reach.
 "So do you," she said still smilling then in a slightly softer voice said
"you still have the best breasts I've ever seen."
 "Thanks, you always did like them the most didn't you,"
 "I suppose so,"
 "Was that Kevin and Sydney,"
 "Yeah, they've grown a lot since you saw them last,"
 "Yes they have, where's that handsome husband of yours,"
 "We were divorced a few years back,"
 "I'm sorry,"
 "Don't be, he was a rotten man, besides Kevin fills his shoes a lot
 "You remember when he was young, what I used to do for him,"
 " mean him asking you to suck,"
 "Yeah, I think he let you do it once too, didn't he,"
 "Once," I replied remembering sucking on his little penis and testicles and
how much joy he got out of it.
 "Well, I took him to bed when he was fifteen, actually thats why George
left, and when Sydney's not around, for the last three years, he's
been...well wonderful.  I hear you've taken a liking to your kids too,"
 "Well, yeah, who invited you?"
 "Carrie," Susan replied simply smiling as Bob slipped his arm under mine
and linked arms with me.
 After a second I introduced each of them to the other.  After awhile Bob
got tired of listening to our old memories, most of which we pussy footed
around, not being able to talk about the real things around him, and when he
did leave her kids took his place.  We exchanged phone numbers before I
became immensely rude to the guests, I hadn't even talked to my parents yet.
But before I left I asked one more question, "How's your dad?"
 "He hadn't been the same since mom died, but he died a couple of years
ago," then she leaned forward and whispered in my ear, "he died the way he
wanted to, in the sack, I thought he deserved that I fullfill that request,"
 "I'd like to hear more about it," I said smiling in acknowledgement, before
I departed her with a kiss on her cheek.
 I saw Carrie in the crowd after I had left Susan with her kids, and called
to her, when she finally came to me I said "Thank you," and then kissed her
 "For what?"
 "For inviting Susan," I told her and she smiled and blushed a little.  I
took her blushing to mean that she had slept with her when she invited her,
I didn't mind actually I kind of felt glad that she had been able to enjoy
someone that I had loved for years.

 Chapter XLIV
 Five o'clock in the morning on March 12 Christa nudged me awake with her
elbow.  I knew what she meant by it, I could tell, she was thinking that it
was time.  She was not due for another two months, but somehow we both knew
that it would happen long before that.  Dick had grown faster than any other
child Dr. Evans had seen in her whole career and Christa and I knew that he
wouldn't wait the whole nine months, truthfully we had been ready two months
 I helped her up off of the bed, kissing her lips when she was on her feet.
We had both decided that she should start wearing a nightgown so that she
would be already dressed when the time came rather than nude like we usually
were after we were married.
 I called Sandi in my mind as loud as I could, too loud from Christa's
expression.  Thoughts of Carrie's body were still in her head, as she awoke
from her sleep.  She knew what to do on her end.
 I gathered all the stuff that we had set out to take, and helped her up the
stairs to the mainfloor (Martha and Bob decided they didn't need to buy a
new house, since Christa and I were still sleeping on the bottom floor
together).  When we got up we were met by Sandi and Carrie, who were both
sloppily dressed.
 "Mom says they'll be right behind us," Carrie said helping Christa into the
backseat of my car.
 "I'll drive," Sandi offered and tried to push me into the backseat beside
 "Fine, but do up your shirt better," I told her and she quickly tried to
redo the buttons as she got into the front seat behind the wheel.
 Carrie got in beside Sandi and we started off to the hospital.  I kissed
Christa a few times and held her close to me, while she softly rubbed her
 When we got to the hospital they quickly got Christa into a room.  Carrie
and Sandi said they'd fill out the papers so that I could go in with her.
 I took her hand and held it as people came in and out checking her over,
until after a couple hours Dr. Evans came in.  She felt Christa's stomach,
used her stethescope for a second and then smiled up at us reasuringly.
 A few minutes later they wheeled her into another room, this time the room
where she was to deliver our child.  I stood at her side through the whole
four hours letting her crush my hand when she felt like it, and trying to
keep the drops of sweat off of her forehead.  She was the most beautiful
woman I had ever seen in my life and she was mine.
 "Oh my," I heard one of the nurses say as our baby was came out.
 "What?" I asked a second before he started to cry.  "What's wrong?"  I
wanted to know if there was something wrong with him.
 "Nothing's wrong," Dr Evans said coming up on Christa's otherside and
patting her arm.  "You did good, that was the quickest delivery, I've had
pleasure to do, they'll clean him up and you can have him in a second."
 True to her word, they delivered him into her arms a second later.  Christa
was crying too almost as much as our little man, crying in joy.  I kissed
her forehead and ran my finger across his forehead.  `I love you two so
much,' I told them in their heads without realizing it.  Christa replied
softly whispering in the same manner that she loved her little man.
 Then suddenly, almost like a light was being switched on, I could hear, no
feel, an intense radiation of warmth and joy coming straight from our son.
I was pretty sure that Christa could feel him too, just by the way she
shifted her weight under him.
 After a few minutes Dr. Evans said "The nurses will have to finish cleaning
him up, then they'll bring him up to your room.  I told the mob that was
waiting out in the lobby for you that you're all right.  I would like to
talk to you's for a minute though.  Would it be all right if we talked while
I pushed you up to your room."
 "Yeah, I suppose," Christa said reluctantly giving up Dick to a nurse.
 "Well I just wanted to discuss the two abnormalities about your son, there
nothing big, one the fact that he's only a little over five months old, and
he's already the size of a ten month old, you told me before that you
weren't taking any stimulants, is that the same for you?" Dr Evans asked
looking at me.
 "I don't like drugs, I only take them when its utterly necessary," she
looked at me like I hadn't given her an answer, "No, I didn't take anything
like that,"
 "Have either of you taking a growth stimulate before, ever?"
 "No," Christa replied disgusted and I repeated her answer.
 "All right, the other thing was..." she stopped for a second as she pushed
Christa's bed into a room up against a hospital bed.  "Can you slid over by
yourself or should I get an orderly?"  I picked Christa up off of the bed
and Dr Evans slid out the mobile one from under Christa and then I set her
down on her new bed.
 "What was the other thing,"
 "Well, you'll notice it sooner or later, I have no better way to say it but
straight out your son has an abnormal sized phallace, as well abnormally
sized testicles.
 "What do you mean?" I asked her.
 "Well, you remember how I told you he was larger than most babies in the
womb, well, it seems that he's grown a lot more.  I don't know how its
possible but your son, has the reproductive organs of a male just before
puberty, roughly around the age of ten to twelve.  You never had anything
like this on your side of the family have you?" she asked me.  I replied by
shaking my head.
 "Well, I thought I should just check, he is a fine boy.  Well it looks like
you've got some visitors, don't be too long you should get some sleep."  Dr.
Evans said looking at what could be quite well classified as a small mob
before leaving.  In accompanyment was Carrie, Christa, Martha, Bob, Susan
and her kids (Martha had gotten quite friendly with her and her brood after
we all got back from our honeymoon and Susan had befriended the rest of the
family pretty quickly).
 They all came in curious, and well wishers, each having to give Christa a
hug or a kiss, sometimes even both.  They stayed for awhile basically until
after ten minutes after they had brought in Dick.  Christa took him in her
arms again, but I could tell she was starting to feel the events that had
already happened and was growing tired.
 I managed to get everybody to go so that she could rest on her own.  When
we were finally alone with our son, I sat on the bed beside Christa so that
I could be as close as I could.
 `Jake, what do you think he actually looks like,'
 `Does it matter, we'll have the next ten years to find out.'
 `But, I'm curious, how big could he actually be.' Christa said pulling back
part of the blanket.
 `Christa, he'll catch cold,' I told her.
 `Not after just a quick peek,' she responded pushing back another fold of
the cloth.
 `Christa!' I said trying to keep her from exposing him to the cold air.
 `Fine, I'll just slip my hand under the blanket,'
 `Christa,' I said as she slipped her hand into the blanket.  Dick smiled
and I could feel him sending off waves of pleasure and content as his mother
fondeled him.  `Jake, he's huge,' she said withdrawing her hand, and his
emotions went back to just plain peace, so much so that I could barely read
him.  `He definitely takes after you in that department,'
	`Yes,' she said looking up at me smiling softly.
	"I love you," I told her before kissing her lips.


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