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                      THE BASKETBALL TEAM #4
                      by   PARKER / PALADIN

   The door gave way with a loud crack, ripping off its hinges and
crashing to the floor as Larry slammed his bulk against it. Inside
he found Lucy desperately waving a straight razor, trying to keep
Tiny at bay. Frank was kneeling behind a sobbing Synthia, doing his
level best to fuck his black snake into a very tight  white ass

   Keeping her eye on Tiny, Lucy yelled to the gym coach: "Bastard
going to ruin her. You know none of my girls let that fool put his
snake in their ass holes. He too fuckin' big. And this dainty slim
little old white pussy be totally out of shape 'fore I get's to
prep it for Rover. He be ruining it for us'n."

   Angry, Larry strode over to the straining Frank and grabbed his
shoulder. Tiny tried to go to his boss's aid, but Lucy's flashing
razor held his attention. Larry pulled, and Frank's snake withdrew,
spitting a thick stream of cum as it left it's former host.

   Frank looked up from his position on his knees. "What for you
does that Larry? Me and this sweet bitch getting it on just fine.
Just fine. Lucy there don't know what she be talking about. You
said I should  'entertain' the bitch." Frank looked over at where
Synthia lay curled up on the floor, gasping and crying while a
thick wad of cum dribbling out of her strained asshole. He'd
finally found a bitch could take him in the ass! And what an ass,
all round and smooth and like an granny smith apple.... Frank's
smiled radiated like midnight in the room. He was truly a satisfied
man. That hole done had his attention..... but there was business.

   Seeing his boss smiling, Tiny stopped his attempts to intervene.
His boss had his cum and they were talking. He'd watch and wait.

   Larry growled: "Now Frank, you knows that you is too big for
that shit. Specially with a thin new white un like this. You ruin
her, you bought her man!!" 

   Frank laughed. "Oh shit! Man, I likes this un fine. I take her
offen your hands now..." 

   "No!" Lucy shouted, slipping her razor back into her bag. "We
got a deal. She got a video to make for Marty." If there was no
bitch hear when Marty arrived and Wanda done left her crib, Lucy
had visions of herself with that great dane in *her* black ass. 

   She kept one hand in her bag, fingering her razor. No way, that
was gonna happen. No fuckin' way...

   Frank and Larry looked at each other for a moment. There was a
moment of tension and Tiny looked like he was ready to jump. Then
Frank shrugged and turned away. <He'd see about gettin' his hand on
this white bitch later.>

   "Look man we talk bout this later, mano on mano. You dig?" Larry 
offered, hoping to quell the tension.

   Lucy sighed and took her hand off the razor. She walked over to
Larry and the two of them closely inspected the shivering Synthia's
brutalized holes. To their delight, there was no permanent damage;
her asshole was stretched open and leaking cum, but it appeared to
be shrinking back just fine. It would never be as small and as
tight as before Frank's cock, but it be good enough for a ghetto

   And good enough for the great dane! Besides, what a dog know
bout tight pussy. Sure he be a fucking fool but he probably do her 
anyway. Maybe have to put in a little dog food to get um started 
but he a good dog. Experienced too! He done a job on Wanda last 
week. Mut be a sex maniac. Just like this fool Frank here. White 

   Satisfied, Larry turned to Frank. He winked and mouthed the word
'later', and then said: "Frank get on out here! You've got stuff to
do, and I'm going to let this pussy go when we win the game and I
get my cut of the increased business you give me." 

   "What?" The bookie looked confused for a moment before
understanding dawned on his ugly face. "Oh... yea! Right. Lots to
do." He leaned down and, with a hard pat on the ass he'd just
vacated, he said: "but I really wants to have this un... but I
guess you'll be lettin' her go after the game. If she behaves 

   Larry nodded. "Yea... thass right. She's goin free if she does
what she be told."

   Frank nodded back. They had a deal. In his mind, the bookie
raised Larry's cut of the betting profit to 10% from the 5% he was
going to give him after a day or two of haggling... Hmmm... maybe
best make that 7 1/2%... Yea, by then with a dog in her an  all....
Well forget that; 5% was good enough after all. Smiling broadly,
the bookie left the room, followed closely by his bodyguard.

   "You should let me cut his dick off," Lucy snarled as the bookie
left the room. "Teach him put that dam fat old fucker in any old
place. Why I bet he fuck a black snake 'cept he not sure where he
end and the snake begin. Asshole's ruined more than one a' my
girls... jus' too fuckin' big. He so much dick he lose  business
when that snake go up... Take all the blood from his  head. I cut
it off for him he be a foot shorter..." 


   Synthia was frozen in place on the ground while Larry tried to
calm the black woman. The basketball coach shivered as another
dollup of cum dribbled out of her abused asshole; the bookie had
been so BIG! She shook her head, moaning in pain. This could not be
real; it just couldn't. She got up this morning, just like any
other morning. She had bribed and fucked her way here, almost to
the top, and now she was reduced to ass fucking a niggar and
swallowing another niggar's cock. What had become of her? She
groaned as she felt her innards shifting back to their normal
positions. She was certain that that fat fuck stick had shifted
internal organs. He was so BIG! She did not care what these fuckers
said or did, her ass would never be the same. She'd never fuck a
man back there again. She'd...

   Her thoughts of self-pity were interrupted when a short, balding
man sauntered into the room like he owned the place. He puffed on
a stinky cigar. He looked around and his gaze fixed on Lucy. The
naked white woman on the ground did not phase him. He was in show
business. The bizarre was normal to him.

   Lucy fell silent as the newcomer started to speak in a loud,
obnoxious voice: "Lucy... baby... Swell tip you gave me. That drag
thing with the naked bitches was great. Fuckin' great. I got Walt
with the hand held following the whole thing. I just hope he don't
get mugged in this neighbourhood. That's an expensive camera. Be
great footage for an orgy pic I got in mind. Fuckin' great!"

   He paused for a moment and then turned to Synthia. Grinning
around his cigar, he framed the crouching brunette with his fingers
and thumbs moving from close and wide angles. 

   He continued speaking as he studied her: "So this the little
bitch wants to be in pics with Rover. Not bad... kinda pasty
looking, but not bad... little lighting and we correct that... not
bad... makeup would be too expensive, but a little lighting, and
it'll be great. Fuckin' great." 

   He dropped his hands and turned to Lucy. "You want we do it
right here?? Oh..." He looked at Larry as if seeing him for the
first time. "Lucy, who's this bastard? He wanna be in the movie?"

   Larry's face darkened. "I'm the reason you's here, asshole."

   Lucy stepped forward to get in between them, but Marty just
laughed and turned away, totally oblivious to any threat. "Ah,
that's great... owe y'one... big one. Now that we got that out of
the way..." The balding man looked around the room. "Do we do the
film here or in the auditorm?" Lucy shrugged. "Come on..." he
checked his watch "...time is money, money is time. I only got the
cameras rented till six. After that it costs double and when Walt
gets back I wanna be all set up." 

   Larry sniffed, his anger draining away at the thought of what
was going to be happening to his captive. "That be a good idea. We
take her down to the auditorium and you have your people set up
there." Still a bit miffed, he gestured at the producer's cigar.
"Hey, this place is a fire trap asshole; put out that fucking'

   "Yea.. Yea..." Blowing a large smoke ring, Marty grabbed
Synthia's arm and lead her out of the office and down the hall. She
sobbed quietly, but didn't try to break away. There was nowhere to
go, what with Larry and Lucy following close behind. And naked, cum
dripping from her ass hole, sore throat.. what more could happen to
her? In a few moments, they all entered the old gym, where, minutes
before, the ten girls from the basketball team had been impaled on
the dildo bench. The phalluses still stood there, some glistening
in the dim light.

   A small film crew, two men, a camera and some lights, was
waiting. Accustomed to strange sights, they didn't blink when their
boss, dragging a naked woman, walked across the gym shouting orders
and directions.

   Dazed and confused, Synthia felt she had been transported to an
alien world. First those black teens, then the bookie with his
massive cock, and now a group of people with all this equipment..
what were they doing? What was going on? Didn't they see she was
naked and needed help. How could they...

   "GRRRRR GRRRR." Synthia started, looking over towards the
growling that was coming out of a darkened corner of the gym. A
black kid, the earfucker, broke cover and started run across the
gym floor chased by a... a massive great dane!

   Marty chuckled. "Looks like we got company." He turned to Larry.
"One a' yours? Sorry bout that. Rover don't like spooks, but he
ain't never eaten a whole one before..." He turned to one of his
crew. "Tommy get out the dog biscuits and bring um back 'fore he
gets sick. I don't usually feed him dark meat." The producer
chomped on his cigar and laughed as Tommy went chasing off down the
hall after the dog and the black teen.

   <Larry thought:"Oh lordie what has I done? I just wants to get
my girls the silver cup and fix that white bitch. Now I get this
little asshole and his troop. Can't a poor black man catch a break
in this white world?">

   Still laughing, Marty took the bewildered Synthia and dragged
her into the center of the gym. "Set up here and hurry up," he
ordered the remaining crew member. "I want to catch this before we
lose the fuckin' light."

   He waited impatiently as the man quickly set up the lights. In
a few minutes, everything was ready: Synthia cowered in the middle
of a blinding pool of light. "OK... OK... where the fuck... " Marty
paced back and forth, puffing his cigar and dropping his ashes all
over the place as he waited for Tommy to get back with the dog.
Finally, they came back into the gym, the great dane slavering and
pulling on its chain. The dog had a patch of cloth held proudly in
his mouth.

   "Ahh... shit, you didn't let him eat that spook did ya?" Marty
glanced at Larry, grinning. "It might make him sick and then we
have to do this scene over." Before Tommy could answer, the
earfucker lurched through the door into the gym. His hands were
locked behind his ass,  covering what the patch of cloth had  once
been there but was now Rover's proud possession. Marty laughed.

   "Good... good... fuckin' great." He turned to Larry. "See? The
spook is OK; nothing vital missing." 

   Then it was back to business. "Now, where is that fuckin' Walt.
I bet he got mugged or somethin'. This is some neighbourhood you'se
got here spook." Larry winced and turned away. The coach was angry,
but he was also beginning to understand that the man didn't mean or
even really know what he was saying. It was just his way of

   <Might jus' get him into trouble, someday, Larry thought to

   Smiling, Lucy went to her pocket book and removed her compact.
She walked into the pool of light and approached the cowering
Synthia. Grabbing hold of her the woman's hair with her free hand,
she began powdering her tits and face. "Best look your best dear.
This is one pic you is going to remember for your whole life."
Synthia moaned, but didn't say anything.

   The earfucker stood against the wall and let the cool stone
sooth his bit ass. All he wanted was to do was fuck the white bitch

   then the dog done fucked him up. His snake wouldn't get hard no 
matter what. He was so scared the dog get the idea it was a  black
bone and tear it off. His fucker be hiding longs at that  wolf be
here. He just wait the wolf out. He be in love with the  white
bitch. He do anything to fuck her... 

   Anything that didn't involve the fuckin' wolf...