Girl Scout Camp Adventures:

Chapter Index and Dramatis Personae

This is a listing of all the chapters and characters in the "Girl Scout
Camp Adventures" series of stories.  A zip file containing all the
stories and an updated version of this file is posted to on or near the first of every month.  The files are
posted individually in text format to on or near the
first of every even numbered month.  Currently there are no known WWW
or archive sites.

A listing of keywords used is at the end of this document.


Chapter 1 - "How it all began" 
Keywords:  Pedo, Voy 
Our hero arrives at camp, gets an unexpected view on the bus.

Chapter 2 - "On the fourth day..." 
Keywords: Pedo, Voy 
Our hero checks out the facilities.

Chapter 3 - "On the ropes" 
Keywords:  ff (cons), pedo 
At the camp dance, and a dream sequence afterwards

Chapter 4 - "Did someone call for Roto Rooter?" 
Keywords:  teen, voy
Our hero fixes the shower, and gets a show.

Chapter 5 - "And on the sixth day..." 
Keywords:  teen, voy, MF (cons)
Our hero overhears a conversation, has a discussion, and finds a
missing counselor.

Chapter 6 - "" 
Keywords: Mf (cons), teen, voy, pedo 
A new counselor arrives, the cook takes a break, and our hero plays Doctor.

Chapter 7 - "Rainy Days and Wednesdays" 
Keywords: teen, pedo, voy, exhib 
Our hero goes on a hike, watches a volleyball game, and has an
unexpected visitor.

Dramatis Personae:

Dave (our hero)    				Age:  27 
5'9", skiny, blond hair, blue eyes 
First Appeared: Chapter 1

Andy						Age: 13 
4'8", 90 lbs, long black hair 
First Appeared: Chapter 2

Bethany						Age: 17 
5'2", skinny, long dark brown hair,hazel eyes, full breasts 
First Appeared: Chapter 3

Robin						Age: 16 
5'2", slim, light brown short hair, coltish legs
First Appeared: Chapter 3

Jackie						Age: 
6'2", blonde hair, large breasted
First Appeared: Chapter 5

Nikki						Age: 
Blue eyes 
First Appeared: Chapter 5

Joy						Age: 8 
tall, brown hair, brown eyes 
First Appeared: Chapter 7

Holly						Age: 10 
blond hair, hazel eyes 
First Appeared: Chapter 7

Linda						Age: 12 
4'11", black hair, green eyes
First Appeared: Chapter 7

Dana						Age: 12 
brown hair, hazel eyes, under 4'11"
First Appeared: Chapter 7

Randi						Age: 15 
almost 5'9", blond hair, blue eyes
First Appeared: Chapter 7

Denise					Age: 20 
First Appeared: Chapter 7

(Character listing is based on first appearances.  Descriptions of more
personal parts are found in the stories)

Keywords Used:

All applicable keywords are used to describe a story, regardless of the
level of their inclusion.

Pedo 			Involves participants under age 13 
Teen			Involves participantsage 13-17 
Voy				Voyeurism (either knowing or unknowing subjects)
Cons			Consensual Sexual Activity 
NC				Non-consentual Sexual Activity 
Bond			Bondage 
Beast			Bestiality 
Spank			Spanking, Mild S/M 
Exhib			Exhibitionism 
M/F, f/f, etc.	Sexual Contact. Lower case indicates under age 18 
Group			Group Sex (more than 2 participants) 
Inc				Incest