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(This is part 1 of 2, the second part has been posted at the same time.  Also, 
this is the first story I've ever posted.  Feedback appreciated!  Send mail to 
dmn1@netrail.net, a temporary account.)

This story contains noncensensual hetero sex acts between multiple male and
female teenagers.   This is a work of fiction, and should be treated as such.  
In other words, the authors do not endorse the following acts.  Also, if reading
or copying this story is prohibited by your local laws, then stop right now.

This is part of the Dan Morann saga, a series of tales following the master
sexual strategist Dan Morann throughout his teenage and adult life.  All contain
nonconsexual hetero sex acts.  If you like this story, read them all!  You may
also freely distribute this work, but please don’t make any changes.


Teenage Jealousy
Story one in the Dan Morann Saga

When Maggie told me she wanted to speak with me in private after school, I knew
something was up.  Maggie was in eleventh grade, and I was in tenth.  This
doesn’t seem like a big deal, but trust me, there’s a big gap there.  I didn’t
really know her that well either.  Our only connection was that she had dated a
friend of mine, Rich, for a few months, and then they had broken up.

The day was kindof a strange day anyway.   We had an assembly where some crack
addict stood up in front of the whole school and told us stories about how he 
broken into houses, gone to jail, had two heart attacks, and generally ruined 
life because of crack.  And because of this, we weren’t supposed to drink a beer
or smoke a joint, or we’d fuck up our lives too.  They ended the assembly by
passing out “Just say no” buttons.

Outside the assembly, Maggie and I ducked into an empty classroom.  Maggie was
pretty attractive, by the way, even if she wasn’t as popular as some of the 
girls in the school.  She had shoulder length brown hair, a big brown eyes, and
and a tight little body.  Her breasts were nice little B cups, and her legs were
long and lean.   She was a little shorter than me, about 5’ 6” or so.

“Dan”, she said, “do you know much about my breakup with Rich?”  I shook my 
though I had an idea.  I had the feeling that opportunities were presenting

“Well, the main reason we broke up was that he slept with Tanya.”  Her voice had
become very quiet, and she started looking around.

I had actually talked to Rich about this a few weeks ago, and his story was a
little different.  Maggie, he said, was a nice girl, but she just didn’t “give 
up”.  Let’s just say that when he rounded second base heading for third, he was
called out.  After a couple of innings, he went to play on another field.  And
since then, he had even moved on to another girl in school.  I guess Maggie
wasn’t taking it well.

“I’ve been trying to think of a way to get back at Tanya”, she continued.  “And 
think I have an idea.  Have you read that story that’s been going around?”

“Story?”, I said.  I couldn’t help smiling a little though, because I had a
pretty good idea what story she was talking about.

“Ummm...” she started to blush a little.  “There’s this story someone showed me
about a bunch of guys who teach this really stuck up girl a lesson.  They hold 
down and make her fuck and suck them, and...”

“Yeah, I know the story.”  I grinned.  I was the guy who wrote it.

“Well Dan, Tanya’s having this party this friday.  Her parents are going out of
town this weekend.  I was thinking that maybe you and your friends could 
well, teach that bitch a lesson for stealing Rich away from me.”  Her eyes
narrowed, and I could see black jealousy smouldering within.

Well, there it was.  That’s what she wanted.  In some ways I was sortof
flattered.  Among my circle of friends I had a reputation for being “the
planner”.  I could recognize potential opportunities, and develop and execute
complicated schemes almost instantly.  I was glad to see that more and more
people were becoming aware of my talents.

I thought for a couple of seconds, and almost instantly a plan appeared in my

“No problem”, I said.  “But I’ll need your help.”  She started to speak, but I
cut her off.  “I need you to bring a box of condoms.”

She looked shocked.  “Condoms?  Where will I get condoms?”

It was a funny question, but I didn’t smile.  “Howabout the gas station near
school.  Bring at least six, and have them in a purse.  Success depends on it. 
Next, I need directions to the party by thursday.  Handwritten, in my locker. 
Also, is she an only child?”

Maggie nodded.  This was probably moving way too fast for her.

“Excellent.  I’ll also need a pocket knife and a hankerchief, but I can arrange
those.   You need to stay on Tanya's good side this week, if you can.   Don’t 
any fights with her.  And don’t bring any cameras or recording equipment, or 
anyone whats going to happen.  Failure to follow those rules will definately
result in expulsion and maybe criminal prosecution.  Understand?”

Maggie nodded again.  A wide grin had broken out on her face.  This good girl 
crossing the line.

“We won’t talk again until saturday.  I’ll see you at the party.”

*	*	*

I’m always suprised when parents leave a $300,000 house in the hands of a 
year old for a weekend.  “No parties”, they always say.  Sure, mom, no parties. 
I swear.

I and two of my most loyal friends, Chuck and Todd, showed up to the party about
ten thirty.  Chuck and I lived next door to each other, and had known each other
for years.  Todd was a more recent friend of mine  from school.  Both had a lot
of respect for me, and for my ability to make a plan come together.

It was a pretty good party.  Everybody we knew was there.  Maggie pulled me 
almost immediately.  “Just the three of you?  Is that enough guys?”, she said.

“It’s enough.  Stay cool, and wait for my signal.”  Maggie looked pretty cute
tonight.  Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and she was wearing some 
tight jean shorts, and a her softball team jersey.

But Tanya looked even better.  Tanya had long red hair, green eyes, and was
wearing a pair of jean shorts as well, and a low cut white lacy shirt that 
a black bra underneath.  Her C cup tits were practically exploding from the 
She also wore a tasteful set of jewelry, including a pair of topaz earings and a
matching necklace.

The party, like most good parties, had a neverending supply of alcohol and pot. 
I cautioned Chuck and Todd not to drink or smoke to much.  Tanya and Maggie were
definately partying more than they could handle.

At about one in the morning, the party was thinning out, and there were maybe
eight or nine people left, mostly girls and couples.  When Tanya went to the
bathroom, I took Maggie aside and told her, “We need to get these people out of

“How?”, she said.

“Take the girls with boyfriends aside, and tell them that Tanya’s had a little
too much to drink and is talking about giving it up for every guy here.  If they
want to keep their guys, they better take off.  For the girls without 
just tell them that Tanya’s looking for a little privacy with these guys. 
They’ll understand.  Talk to everybody right away, and get back to me as soon as
you can.”

Maggie nodded, and went  to start talking to people.  By the time Tanya was 
the only people left were Maggie, Tanya, and me and my two friends, Chuck and
Todd.  We were all standing in her basement in a group.

Tanya looked around.  “Where is everybody?”

“They took off”, I said.  “It’s just us.”

Tanya looked a little nervous.  “Well, you all better get going.  I’ve got a lot
of cleaning up to do.”  She was standing close enough to me that I could smell
the alcohol on her breath.

“We’ll leave, but first we need to take care of one more thing”, I said.

“What?”  Tanya looked frightened.

“Your pussy.”  I started laughing.  Everybody but Tanya joined the laughter.  
eyes opened wide, and she started looking around nervously, perhaps trying to 
away from all of us.  But we were all between her and the stairs, and there was
nowhere she could go.

Chuck grabbed her from behind, and Maggie helped drag her to the floor.  She
struggled against them, but Chuck was on the weightlifting team and Maggie was
one of the better athletes in the school.  Soon she was laying on her back,
staring up at me.  I straddled her, sitting on her pelvis.  Maggie continued to
hold her hands tightly against the floor.

“Get the fuck off me!”  Tanya screamed.  “Maggie!  What’s going on?”

“Maybe you better tell her, Maggie”, I said.  “And keep her hands held down.”

“This is payback, you bitch!”  Maggie yelled.  “Payback for stealing my
boyfriend!  You act like a slut, and we’ll treat you like one!”

“Who, Rich?” Tanya said.  “You guys were dating?”

“Hell yeah, we were dating, you whore!”

I slipped my hand up under Tanya’s shirt and bra, and cupped one of her tits in
my hand.  It felt warm to the touch.  I gave it a good squeeze.

“Get off me, you pervert!”  she screamed.   Tanya struggled, but Maggie did a
good job holding her hands down.  Tanya looked up at me with hate in her eyes.  
gave her tit another squeeze.  “Maybe you guys will fuck me, but as soon as
you’re gone, I’m calling the police!”, she yelled.

I laughed.  “You can call them, but they won’t do anything.”  I removed my hand
from her tit, and slid back down her legs, until I was sitting right on her
knees.  I reached up and undid the button on her jean shorts, and pulled down 
zipper, exposing her black lacy underwear.  I started pulling off her jean

“They’ll put you all in jail for twenty years, you sickos!”  She started trying
to kick her legs, but with me sitting on them it was impossible.  Actually, it
made taking off her shorts a lot easier.  When I had her shorts off, I sat on 
of her again, and leaned down on top of her, with me face two inches from hers. 
I spoke very slowly.

“I know you’re drunk, but you should still be able to grasp the situation.  
say you call the police when we’re gone.   They send a couple of officers.”

I continued.  “Number one:  These officers find all of your alcohol and pot 
and your parents gone.  Obviously, you’re having a party.  And at least twenty
people saw you drunk and stodned tonight.  Two: Maggie told everyone at the end
of the party that you wanted them to leave so you could get laid.”

“Three: Maggie and all of us here will testify that the sex was consensual. 
Four:  Your parents find out all of this, and you’re grounded for the rest of
your life.  Five:  The cops find the drugs upstairs, and you get in some serious
trouble.  Now do you understand?”

Tanya’s mouth dropped and her eyes widened.  She stopped struggling.  But I
didn’t think she was ready to surrender yet.  So I sweetened the deal for her.

“Look, I’m not going to fuck you, at least not if you play nice.  We’re just
going to strip you, and maybe feel you up a bit.  Maybe you’ll suck on my dick a
little.  All right?  Now quit struggling, or we’re going to have to hurt you. 
And trust me, I can hurt you and not leave a mark.”

Maggie, Chuck, and Todd all broke into wide grins.  I think they would have like
to see things get a little rough.

After that, I asked Maggie to help me roll her over, and I undid her bra and
pulled it off.  We took her shirt, and pulled it over her head.  We positioned
Tanya face-up again, and I grabbed a fistful of her black panties, and pulled
them off quickly, exposing curly red hair underneath.

There I was, with Tanya lying naked underneath me, staring into my eyes.  A
combination of the alcohol, excitement, and plain fear had paralyzed her, and I
knew she’d go along with anything I suggested.

I told Chuck and Todd to strip, and I started to myself, taking off my shirt and
jeans.  I think everyone was suprised that I wasn’t wearing underwear.  The
struggling with Tanya had made my eight inch cock rock hard, and I actually had
to be a little careful taking off my jeans.  (If you guys have ever gotten 
in a zipper, you’ll know what I mean.)

I had a nice lean body, after all I was on the track team.  I was a little on 
short side, but well muscled.  Todd was a defensive end on the football team, 
was almost six feet tall.  He was strong, but his muscles weren’t very defined,
so he looked like a mountain of man.  Chuck was also tall, but very skinny.  He
was your typical high school nerd, only trading in his thick glasses for 
a few months ago.  Both of them had their manhood standing straight at 
They were all turned on by the sight of Tanya naked on the floor, held down by
Maggie and I.

Maggie was the only one who still had any clothing on.  In fact, she had
everything on.  She was still holding down Tanya’s hands, and there was a wild
look in her eyes.

I moved over to Tanya’s head, and kneeled next to her.  My dick practically 
her in the nose.

“Lie on your stomach and suck on it”, I said.

Tanya got up a little and rolled over, exposing her tiny ass to us.  She looked
up into my eyes, and I could see the fear and hate there.  Then she leaned over
to take my dick in her pouty lips.

“Wait”, I said.  “I just want to get one more thing clear.”  I reached over to
where my jeans lay, and pulled out my pocket knife.  I handed it to Chuck.  “If 
feel just one tooth on my dick, we’ll slit your throat.  This knife may not look
like much, but I sharpened it this morning.  Understand?”

She nodded, looking pathetic, and focused her attention on my dick again.  She
touched it cautiously with her tongue, sending chills down my spine.  Then
she went down on it, taking all of in in her hot mouth.  I felt her stiffen as
the head of my cock tickled the back of her throat.

Everybody in the room remained silent as she bobbed her head up and down my
penis, making quiet slurping noises.  All eyes were on her beautiful red hair, 
her tight little ass which she moved around occasionally as she tried to get 
better position.

She started out slowly, but then moved faster and faster.  My dick slid up and
down her throat, held tightly in her young, sixteen year old mouth.  Her
beautiful red hair kept falling in her face, so I told Maggie to help hold it
back.  Maggie complied by holding her hair in a tight ponytail so it
wouldn’t get fall down again.

When I knew I was getting close to shooting my load in her mouth, I told her
“Tanya, when I come, you better swallow every drop.”  She didn’t stop, but I 
she heard me.

And then I couldn’t hold back any longer.  I grabbed her head, grabbing Maggie’s
hand at the same time, and pushed it down on my cock, choking her in the 
She gagged as wave after wave of cum spewed from my dick and up into her throat.
But she managed to swallow most of it, though a little bit leaked out of her

After I come, I usually feel a great sense of calm.  I broke out into a wide
smile, and looked around at Maggie, Chuck, and Todd.  They were all smiling too,
even Maggie.  I looked down, and realized I was still holding Maggie’s hand, so 
let it go.

Tanya looked up at me, tears welling up in her eyes.  A little dab of jizz
remained on her face.  “Okay?  I did what you asked.  I won’t call the police. 
Will you leave now?”

“Leave!”  I started laughing.  “Why would we leave?  Look at Chuck and Todd! 
Their dicks are hard as rocks!  You wouldn’t send them home like that, would

Chuck and Todd were rock hard.  I think it was all they could do to keep from
jacking off right in front of everyone.  Both of them had their fists around
their cocks, and were looking back and forth to Tanya’s pussy lips and 

“Todd, you’re next.”  Tanya started to sob as Todd took my place in front of her
face.  Like I said, Todd’s a big guy, and his meaty hands pushed her head down
onto his cock.  Her lips parted to receive it, and the head of his dick must 
choked off her sobs.  I could still see tears streaming down her face though.

Again, Maggie held Tanya’s hair back so it didn’t fall into her face.  Todd was 
lot rougher though, and practically face fucked her.  With every thrust, you
could hear Tanya gurgling as the cock slammed into the back of her throat. 
Within no more than a dozen thrusts, he shot his load into her too.  This time,
she lost most of the cum that entered her mouth, though she did frantically try
to swallow it.  The cum spilled out of her mouth, and onto the floor.

“Lick it up, bitch!” Todd said, and pushed her face to the floor ontop of the
cum.  She lapped it up, like a cat drinking out of a water dish.

When she was done, I rolled her face-up again, and forced her legs apart.  I 
Maggie to hold down her hands again, and positioned myself on top of Tanya’s
beautiful naked body, with my cock just barely scraping the lips of her hairy

“Stop!”, she screamed.  “What are you doing?”

“What do you think I’m doing?” I said.  I pushed my dick just slightly into her
pussy lips, and both of us felt them part to receive my cock.  She was at least 
little wet.

“No...  Don’t fuck me...”, she said, crying hysterically.  “Please don’t...”

I paused, with the tip of my penis resting just inside the valley of her wide
open cunt.  “Why not?”  I said.

“I don’t want to get pregnant...  Please don’t...  or wear a rubber or pull out
or something...”  Tanya’s mind was racing...  She knew she was going to get
fucked, but she was trying to think of some way not to get pregnant at the same

I looked down at her cum-covered face, and she was looking up at me, begging and
pleading with her eyes.  “Please, Dan, please don’t...”

I looked at her, and then at Maggie.  Finally, I said, “Okay, Maggie, it’s up to
you.  If you think Tanya’s been punished enough, then we’ll stop right now. 
Chuck still needs to get his hard-on taken care of, but you’ll suck it dry, 

Tanya looked over at Chuck’s flagpole, standing straight at attention, and then
looked back at me.  She nodded.

“Alright, Maggie, it’s up to you.  What do you say?”

Maggie didn’t waste a second.  “Fuck that whore.  Fuck her and knock her up.  No
condoms, no pulling out.  Fuck her and make her pregnant.”

Tanya looked back up at me.  “Please, Dan, No....”

I reached over to my pants, which were still lying beside her, and fished my
handkerchief out of the pocket.  “Hold her down, Maggie”.  I commanded.  Maggie
held her hands down to the floor again.

Tanya started to scream, but I stuffed the handkerchief into her mouth.

I reached my left hand around her, and grabbed her ass.  With my right hand, I
positioned my dick right on the entrance of her pussy.   Brutally, I plunged my
dick into her, and pulled her ass up into me at the same time.  The force of the
thrust stiffened her entire body, and her eyes shot wide open.  The rag in her
mouth muffled her scream.

I pulled my dick all of the way out of her pussy with my right hand, and then
again plunged it back in, at the same time bringing her ass into my pelvis,
burying all eight of my inches into her wet pussy again.

Tanya tried to scream again, gagging on the rag.  Her firm breasts and hard
nipples were jiggling from the force of the thrust.  Her eyes rolled back into
her head, as her pussy took more punishment then it could take.

I continued to thrust my pelvis into her again and again, burying my cock into
her as deep as it could go.  My left hand started to get a little raw from the
carpet, so I grabbed her tits and squeezed them as I pumped.  Her eyes were wide
open again, and she looked around the room widely.  Everywhere she looked, she
saw faces grinning back at her as I repeatedly savaged her teenage pussy.  
was flushed, and Todd lay back with a look of contentment in his eyes.  Chuck
still had his rock hard penis in his hand, ready to find a willing hole.

I had just come a few minutes ago, but her sweating body lying under me receving
my punishment made me as horny as ever.  I drove my cock into her again and
again, and everyone in the room listened to her muffled cries as I fucked her
pussy raw.  Maggie was still holding her hands down, even though she wasn’t
struggling anymore.  She just lay, defeated, as my dick plunged into her again
and again.

When I was ready to come,  I didn’t say anything, just put my hand in back of 
ass again, and shot my load into her with a grim determination.  When she felt 
coming inside her, she tried to pull away but my hand in back of her held her
tightly against me.  My sperm shot into her pussy as deeply as it could go.

As I got up from her sweaty body, she didn’t even try to close her legs.  She
just lay on the floor, defeated, and everyone in the room watched my semen leak
out of her pussy.

There was no relief for Tanya though.  As soon as I got up, Chuck was right on
top of her.  He looked at me and grinned.  “So you left me sloppy seconds, huh?”
Without waiting for a reply, he manuevered his rock hard cock into Tanya’s wet,
cum-soaked cunt hole.   Tanya just grunted, accepting the new punishment of
Chuck’s cock tearing into her aching pussy again and again.

Chuck may have looked a little nerdy, but there was no mercy in his thrusts. 
Maybe he remembered the way other girls in school had treated him when he asked
them out on dates or to a dance.   Tanya’s body took the torment for all of 
girls as Chuck’s penis plunged into her over and over.

Tanya had been through a lot that night, but Chuck had waited a long time for
satisfaction.  When she closed her eyes tightly, and turned her head away, he
struck her viciously.  “Look at me when I’m fucking you, bitch!”  From that 
on, their eyes remained locked.  He gazed at her like an animal cornering his
prey, and she looked back at him like a caged beast.

I looked around at the rest of the group, and the smiles were gone.  I think
Maggie had finally realized that this was unprotected sex, and Tanya could 
get pregnant from either Chuck’s sperm, or mine.  Todd wasn’t upset or anything,
but he did understand the significance of what we were doing.  Gang raping a 
in your school in her own house and maybe getting her pregnant was serious

But Chuck was still having a great time as he brutalized Tanya’s limp, yielding
body as we all watched.   Chuck was the oldest of us, eighteen, an when he 
he showed it.  As he came close to coming, he started grunting.  His eyes were
still locked with Tanya.  Finally he released his load.  “Take it in, slut”, he
said, as he shot his wad into her open unwilling pussy.  She didn’t even back
away.  She just kept staring up into his eyes as his cock disgorged shot after
shot of sperm into her overflowing pussy.

Chuck looked around, grinning.  “That was great!”  he said.   “I bet that’s one
of the best pieces of ass in the whole school!”  He got off of Tanya, and she
just lay there, looking away.  Her body was flushed and sweaty, and cum spilled
out of her pussy onto the carpet.

Chuck was enthusiastic.  I could understand, this was probably only the fifth or
sixth time he’d ever come inside a girl, and Tanya was probably the hottest girl
he’d ever fucked.  Anyway, Chuck would probably still be a virgin, if not for me
and my schemes.

All of us were still sitting around naked, except for Maggie, who was still 
clothed, and wearing her softball jersey and jean shorts.  She fidgeted

“Tanya, c’mon get up.”  I took the rag out of her mouth and helped her sit up. I
put my arm around her naked body.  “C’mon, you’ll be okay.”  Tanya nodded,

I looked around.  “Look, folks, we still have some things to discuss.  But we’ll
wait until Tanya’s feeling a little better.”  Tonya nodded, and choked back her
sobs.  Her red hair fell around her swollen breasts, and she wiped what was left
of the cum off of her face.

“What’s to discuss?” Maggie said.

“Well, we have to make sure nobody talks about this night.  We have to be
absolutely clear on this.”  I said.  “First of all, Chuck, Todd, and I aren’t
going to say a word to anybody, because it’s our asses on the line if we get
caught.  We’ll all probably be tried as adults and spend our twenties in
prison.” Chuck and Todd nodded.

“Now, Tanya, you have to be clear on this.  Why can’t you tell anyone what

She looked around, speaking softly.  “Well, the party and the alcohol and pot, 
course.  My parents would kill me.  And you guys told everyone at the party that
I wanted to... to get fucked...  so noone would believe a rape charge.   And
Maggie will tell everyone it was consensual anyway.  So I can’t really tell on
you without hurting myself.”  She was starting to feel a little better, it 
like.  I bet her pussy still ached though.

I nodded.  “That’s right.  And Maggie, why can’t you tell?”

Maggie looked a little shocked that I’d ask her something like that.  But she
answered anyway.  “Well, it was really my idea, so I can’t tell.  I also brought
the condoms, which we never used, by the way.  And I probably shouldn’t be 
at a party with drugs and alcohol.  Hell, I held Tanya down through half of

I nodded again.  “That’s true.  And there are a couple other things.  It was 
idea to fuck her unprotected, right?  And I still have your piece of paper with
directions in your handwriting.  And, a lot of the girls at the party remember
you saying that Tanya was looking to get laid tonight.   And I bet you lied to
your parents to about where you were staying tonight.“

She stuttered.  “Yep, that’s right, so I can’t really talk about tonight.  I’m 
this as deep as you guys.”

I grinned.  “So why are you the only one here with your clothes on?”  Everybody
in the room laughed, even Maggie and Tanya.  Maggie’s laugh seemed a little
forced though.

I continued.  “Well, guys, believe it or not, its only a little after two right
now, so we still have all night.  What do we want to do?”

Maggie said softly, “You know I really have to get home”.  But she didn’t dare

I looked at Tanya.  “Why don’t I leave it up to you, Tanya.   But let me make 
a proposal.”

I looked her dead in the eye.  “We raped you tonight.  We held you down and gang
banged you.  Two of us came in your mouth, and two of us came in your pussy.  I
bet you can still taste the cream in your mouth, and I know I can still see the
sperm leaking out of your pussy.  For all you know, you might even be pregnant,
especially with all the semen we put in your cunt.”

Then I looked directly at Maggie, who looked shocked.  “Now, this wasn’t our 
to do this.  Sure, we had a good time, but this was really Maggie’s idea.  
told us about the party, and Maggie gave us directions here.  She cleared
everybody out, so we could gang rape you, and she helped us hold you down and
fuck you.  And if all this wasn’t enough, she suggested we drop our sperm
directly into your pussy.  Even though she had condoms in her purse, she 
that we fuck your pussy skin to skin, taking the risk of getting you pregnant.”

“You’re already fucked, and we’re all going to get away with it.  But, if you
like, if you help us hold Maggie down the way she held you down, at least you 
get the satisfaction that she’s going to get fucked the way you did.”

Maggie tried to jump up, but Todd was too fast for her.  He and Chuck grabbed 
by the arms, and pulled her to the floor.  I got on top of her, and straddled
her, the same way I had straddle Tanya an hour ago.  Only this time I was naked.

Maggie shook her head.  “No, Dan, please...  Please don’t...”


Read part two!  I posted it at the same time!  -dmn1

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Subject: Jealousy 2/2 NC teen MMFF DanMorann


This is part two!  Go read part one!


Maggie shook her head.  “No, Dan, please...  Please don’t...”

I looked at Tanya.  “Your choice, Tanya.”

Tanya stood up, and walked right next to Maggie, who was still lying on the 
with me on top of her.  Her naked body was still flushed from her earlier
punishment.  Her nipples will still erect, and cum drops still speckled her
auburn pubic hair.

“Maggie”, Tanya said.  “If you lick this cum out of my pussy, I’ll tell these
guys to let you go.”  She straddled Maggie just like I was doing, only her pussy
was on top of Maggie’s mouth.

Naked fear appeared in Maggie’s face for the first time this night.  “No, 
Tanya, please...”

But Tanya just pushed her pussy into Maggie’s mouth, and Maggie surrendered.  
tongue darted out, and she lapped at the white flecks of cum still glistening on
Tanya’s golden brown pubes.  I was still sitting on Maggie behind Tanya, so I
leaned around Tanya to get a better view.  Sure enough, her tongue was buried in
Tanya’s pussy, tasting a mix of semen and slit juice.

“Now my clit, you little cunt.”  Tanya positioned herself so her clit was right
in Maggie’s mouth.   As Maggie licked her clit, Tanya put a couple of fingers
into her pussy, stroking in and out.  Maggie’s eyes were closed tightly, but
Tanya was moaning and arching her back.  Since I was right behind her, I figured
I’d help her out by grabbing her tits.

She shrieked, and at first I thought I was hurting her, but then I realized she
was climaxing.  She moved her pussy back and forth against Maggie’s tongue,
gasping as her body wracked with pleasure.  I squeezed her tits harder, and she
leaned back against me, pressing her naked body against mine.

Tanya practically collapsed against me as the orgasm finished.  Then she stood
up, and walked around all of us.   The three of us were rock hard again after
watching Tanya explode with pleasure.  We were all ready to fuck again, and both
the girls knew it.  It was just a matter of who and how.

Tanya smiled.  “I think little Maggie needs to get fucked too.”   Tanya then sat
down at Maggie’s head, and helped me take off her baseball jersey.  At the same
time, I undid the buttons and zipper on Maggie’s pants, and pulled them down 
her legs.  Maggie struggled, but everyone helped, some of us holding her down,
others taking off her clothing.

Underneath, Maggie had a white cloth bra and panties.  Tanya took off the bra,
reavaling a small but firm pair of breasts with erect nipples.  They bounced out
of the bra and pointed straight up in the air.  I pulled down her panties,
avoiding her kicking legs and uncovering a clump of dark brown hair covering a
wide open pair of pussy lips.  As I took off the panties, I realized they were
soaking wet.  Her body was begging us to fuck it.

Only, she was begging me not to.  Tanya held down her hands, and I forced her
legs apart, and held my dick in my hand  an inch from her pussy.  She looked 
at my ready cock, and looked back up at me, with tears in her eyes.  “Please,
Dan, please don’t fuck me like this.”  Maggie begged.  “Please, get a condom,

She started crying.  “Look, I’ll suck your dicks all night, or let you all fuck
me all night with a condom.  But please, I don’t want to get pregnant, and I
don’t want any diseases.  Please, Dan, please...”

I grabbed my dick, and calmly put its head in her pink pussy lips as everyone in
the room watched.

“No!  Dan...  I’m a virgin...”

I stopped.  “A virgin?”

She was crying.  “I’ve never fucked a guy...  Never sucked a dick...  Tonight 
the first time I even saw someone else’s penis.  Please...  don’t let this be my
first time...”

I looked back at Tanya.  “What should I do to this virgin?”

Tanya looked at her coldly.  She was still holding Maggie down, as tightly as 
could.  “Pop her cherry and fill her full of cum.”

Maggie screamed in pain as I pushed my cock into her waiting pussy.  I held onto
her ass tightly, as I knew her first impulse would be to back away.  But the
sooner I broke her cherry, the better.  Her entire fifteen-year old body was
spasming with a mix of pain and pleasure.  She made short gasping noises as I
pressed my cock harder and harder into her virgin pussy.  She struggled, as if
trying to escape, but I held her ass tightly, and Tanya had her arms pinned to
the floor.

“No, no, no”, she whimpered, but it was much too late.  Her pussy held my cock
tightly inside, and I had to fight for every half-inch of depth.  She gasped in
shock with every movement as I plunged my organ deeper and deeper inside her.

Everybody stared at us intently.  I think this was the first time they had ever
seen a virgin broken this closely, and they were fascinated by Maggie’s gasps of
pain and shock.  Her body was suddenly dripping with sweat, and tears were
streaming down her face.  Every movement of mine was agony for her, as I
penetrated deeper and deeper into her virgin cunt with my eight inch member.

It seemed to take forever, but I finally reached some kind of barrier within 
I gave a short push, and then a sharp thrust.  She screamed as I broke her
cherry, and her eyes darted around the room like a wild animal.  Here I was,
deflowering her in a room full of people, and there was nothing she could do. 
Tanya still held her hands down fiercely, and I gripped her tight little ass
as hard as I could.

I pulled my rock-hard cock out of her slit, and it was dripping wet with the
blood of her virgin pussy.  “There goes your cherry, Maggie.”  As I showed my
red-soaked organ to everyone in the room, they applauded.  “Good job, Dan”, 

Tanya leaned down over Maggie’s head and  laughed.  “Hope that hurt.”

Now it was time to finish the job.  I mounted Maggie again, and plunged my cock
into her wet, blood soaked cunt.  She gasped, and struggled against Tanya’s
vice grip on her hands, as I fed all eight inches into her trembling pussy.  
Again, I grabbed her ass to keep her from pulling away.

My thrusts were quick and deep, tearing into her cunt, and her virgin body was
actually shaking as she lay gasping for air.  Her breaths were short and 
shallow, and
she whimpered in pain as I ravaged her beautiful teenage body with my
blood-stained cock.  I just held onto her ass, and crushed it against me and my
pelvis with every thrust.

I wanted to keep going, but her pussy was rough and there was a lot of friction
inside her.  So before I knew it, my cock was spasming with orgasm.  Shot after
shot of sticky sperm I slammed into her virgin, fifteen-year old cunt, and with
every twitch of my cock she gasped in shock and struggled against me and Tanya. 
But we held her tightly, and all we heard were her feeble protests as my semen
filled her cunt.

I pulled my cock out of her, and it was covered with cum, blood, and pussy 
I grabbed Maggie’s softball jersey and wiped the mess off my dick.  Todd took my
place  between Maggie’s legs, and stuffed his thick organ into her cunt.  “God
Damn she’s tight!”  he said.

Maggie’s pussy endured more punishment at Todd’s hands, as his dick plunged into
her body again and again.  She just lay on the floor whimpering, the will to
fight gone.   Todd wrapped his meaty hands around her breasts, and each one
cupped a tit perfectly.  Tanya looked on, smiling as always and holding Maggie’s
hands tightly on the ground.

Before Todd was even finished, Chuck moved up next to Maggie’s head and grabbed
her hair.   He wrapped a fist around his dick and poked her lips with it.  “Open
up, bitch”, he said.  No sooner had she opened her mouth an inch, he forced her
head down on his cock, choking her in the process.

Chuck fucked her throat like he would a cunt, penetrating her again and again.  
With each stroke, she gagged on his cock as it hit the back of her throat.  At
the same time, Todd was banging her tight pussy with his rock hard dick, and
squeezing her tits.  I just watched Maggie’s double-penetrated teenage body
struggle with the rythms of both partners, still held in Tanya’s awesome grip.

Todd was first to come, grunting savagely and thrusting harder and harder as he
spewed his sperm into her ravaged fuck-hole.  Maggie hardly noticed the new cock
depositing semen into her hole, as busy as she was gagging on Chuck’s invading

When Todd got up from Maggie’s sweaty, flushed body, Chuck must have decided he
preferred a cunt, because he moved to take the empty place between her legs.  I
can’t blame him.  Virgins usually have very tight pussies, but can’t suck cock
worth a damn. As Chuck’s dick left Maggie’s mouth, she coughed and gasped for
air.  Chuck’s dick slid into her pussy easily, because of the combination of
saliva, semen, and pussy juice.  He finished up in her cunt, slamming his cock
into her body again and again.  And with every thrust, Maggie gave a muffled cry
as her aching cunt was penetrated over and over.

When he finally came, Maggie’s cum-soaked pussy could barely contain all of the
semen pumped into her that night.  As Chuck backed away from the teen’s aching,
cum-ridden body, a narrow ribbon of sperm trailed from his pecker to her pussy. 
Gobs of sticky cum lined the edges of her cunt, and covered her pubic hair.

Chuck grinned widely again.  “Sloppy thirds, I guess.”  Everybody in the room
chuckled, except for Maggie, who was laying on the floor looking away.  I tossed
Chuck Maggie’s softball jersey, and he too wiped his cock with it.

“Let’s get dressed”, I said.  Chuck, Todd, and I found our clothes, and got
dressed in silence.   Tanya too, started looking for her underwear.  But Maggie
just lay on the floor in the fetal position with tears in her eyes.

After all the guys were dressed, I found Maggie’s underwear, and gave it to her.
She half-heartedly grabbed it, but still lay in the floor crying.  I sat down
next to her.  “Maggie.  Listen to me.”  She looked up into my eyes. I spoke to
her sternly.  “Noone speaks about this, allright?”  She nodded.

“You’ll be okay, Maggie.  You’ll be fine.  Now get dressed.  We need to get out
of here.”

Maggie nodded, and started putting on her clothes, even her cum and blood soaked

Tanya walked us all to the door.  “I won’t tell”, she said.

“I know”, I said.  And we all walked outside.

Maggie needed a ride to her friend’s house, where she was supposedly spending 
night, according to her parents.  We all drove there in silence, with Chuck and
Todd in the front, and Maggie and I in the back.  For the last part of the 
Maggie leaned her head on my shoulder.

As we got to her friend’s house, when it was time for her to go, she leaned over
and kissed me.  We dated for a year after that.


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