Perfect Match by Dafney Dewitt

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behavior, rape, sodomy, bondage, bestiality, and incest. If
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"Promiscuous girls use men to make up for what
they lack in mentality" -  Written on wall of  Men's 
bathroom at Stanford University Library.

"Good cowgirls keep their calves together." - a
Texas Bumper Sticker.

Perfect Match 
Dafney C. Dewitt

Fuller was browsing the popular fiction section at the
Stanford University Bookstore when she made the

"Excuse me.  Could you scratch my back?"

Fuller turned toward her.  An attractive looking red-headed 
woman with freckles smiled.   She was conservatively dressed
in a white long sleeved blouse and pleated black skirt.  She
looked about 28 years old, a good 5 years older then Fuller.
She him motioned with her hands.

"It's in the middle of my back.  I can't quite reach it."
Fuller obligingly touched the middle of her back.
"No, higher." 
Fuller moved his fingers up until they reached her bra strap.
"That's it.  Right there."
He rubbed lightly feeling the bra strap through the silkiness
of her thin blouse.
"Harder.  Rub harder."
Fuller rubbed harder.  The woman gave out a moan of relief.
"Aah, that's better."
"It was my pleasure."

The woman raised the book she was holding like a sign. 
It was titled, "Girls Who Say Yes".

"My name is Donna."
"I'm Fuller.  Glad I could help."
"There's nothing worse then having a itch you can't scratch."

Fuller made no comment.  It was a come-on.  She was trying
to pick him up, but he was set to get married.  He was taken.
Fuller was eternally polite.  He was trying to think of a kind
way to turn down this attractive young lady.  He was in love
with another woman, but Fuller also had an insatiable appetite
for illicit adventures.  

"I agree, but right now I have a fraternity party to attend."
"I'll go with you," she offered, taking his hand.

On the way to the Gamma, Gamma, Gamma Fraternity House,
Fuller quizzed the woman about her strong arm pickup tactics.

"You come on a little strong."
"I liked you as soon as I saw you."
"You can't have everything you like."
"Oh, but I can."

Fuller gave her a puzzled look.  Donna looked at her wristwatch.

"You have exactly 1 hour to lay me."
"I what?"
"You heard me."
"What makes you think I'll take you to bed in less than 1 hour?"
"You think I'm attractive don't you?"
"You're not gay or anything are you?"
"Well, that's it."
"That's what?"
"An attractive woman like myself can get laid by any man she 
wants, and I chose you..."
"I see."
"...but you only have 1 hour to make your move."
"What happens after 1 hour?"
"You loose."
"I loose?"
"Don't worry.  We're a perfect match.  No one will loose."

At the door to Gamma, Gamma, Gamma, Donna checked 
her watch again.

"Just 40 minutes left."

Inside, it was so crowded, Donna offered to sit on him.  She
teasingly ground her behind into his lap.  Fuller responded
favorably.  Donna had him aroused.

Donna moved a chair in front of Fuller and sat down while he
drank his beer.  She seductively crossed and uncrossed her
legs giving him tantalizing glimpses into the nether regions 
beyond her dangerously white thighs.

"Only 25 minutes left."

Fuller politely excused himself to go the upstairs rest room.
Inside the bathroom, he explained his predicament to a
fellow fraternity brother who suggested they use the guest
bedroom.  It was just down the hall from the bathroom with
a hotel type plastic sign hanging from the doorknob.  On
his way back downstairs, Fuller checked the sign.  It had
two sides 'COME IN'  and 'OCCUPIED'.  The room was
empty.  Fuller flipped the sign over to 'COME IN'.

"Feel better?" Donna asked when Fuller returned.
"How long do I have?"
"Just 20 minutes to go."

Fuller seemed nervous and unsure of himself.

"Is this some kind of fraternity prank?"
"Would you tell me if it was?"
"Probably not."
"How did you happen to pick me?"
"Do you mean did I see something special in you?"
"Pure whim.  You were the man I chose."
"So I'm just any man?"
"That's right."

Donna checked her watch.

"In 15 minutes I leave."

"Have you done this before?"
"Do you always win?"
"Yes.  I have a perfect record."

Fuller appeared to consider Donna's perfect score carefully
before answering.

"Just 10 minutes to go."  Donna increased the pressure.

"OK, you win, but you should know I have some kinks."  
"Yes, like in kinky sex."

For the first time since meeting her, Donna displayed hesitation.

"What kind of kinks?"
"I like primal love making."
"What's that mean?"
"No talking."
"None at all?"
"Absolutely none."
"Anything primal is OK."
"Like what?"
"Moaning, screaming, biting, scratching.  None of it bothers me."
"That doesn't sound too bad," she said sounding relieved.
"Oh, and one more kink."
"What?"  the wariness returned to her voice.
"I like it dark.  Absolutely dark."
"You like what dark?"
"The room."
"You like it with the lights out?"

Donna shrugged.  She had won.  All Fuller was trying to do 
was come up with excuses.  He wanted her to turn him down.  
She was not going to ruin her record.  She listened to Fuller 
ramble on.  She thought his hesitation was touching.
"I go to the bathroom a lot when I have sex, but I always
return.  Will you wait for me?"
"Yes, you can have bathroom breaks."
"But I have endurance.  I always come back."
"You cum and cum again?"
"That's right."

At last, Donna thought.  This guy might be a real keeper.  
Most of her conquests were over in a matter of minutes. 
Conquering Fuller had taken more effort then she had
expected, but it might end up paying off if he made up for
it in endurance.  Who would have thought that bedding
any man would be so involved?  Impatient to hurry things
up, she looked at her watch.

"Five minute warning," Donna announced.
"OK, you go first and don't forget to flip the sign to 'OCCUPIED'."
"I won't."

She headed for the stairs and half turned back toward him 
with her leg extended on the step to display her thigh.  She 
echoed her last statement out loud in a stage whisper for the 
benefit of the other fraternity brothers.

"I won't" she said with a pout before heading up the stairs.

The other fraternity brothers and even the women thought 
it was just another turn down.  A rejection.  Sexual consent 
was a big issue on college campuses.  No one was surprised 
when Fuller failed to follow her upstairs.  

Several hours later, Fuller went to the rest room before leaving.  
Two men were waiting in the hallway.  When he left the 
bathroom, there were 5 men waiting in front of the door with 
the 'OCCUPIED' sign.  Fuller hoped Donna was happy.  She 
was looking for any man, and the fraternity brothers were 
looking for any woman.  It was a perfect match.

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