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WARNING !!!  The following story contains descriptions of sexual
encounters of an adult nature including, but not limited to
non-consensual acts.  If you are under 18, or if descriptions of acts
of this nature offend you, then READ NO FURTHER!  This is a work of
fiction.  Any relation to real or imagined incidents or to people
still alive or now dead is purely coincidental.

Kristen - Seventeen

Young Erica, who had been watching all of this unfold with a
dumbfounded look on her pretty face, finally said, "Ohhh... my
godddd!"  She got up quickly from the couch and stood wobbling on her
feet, slightly dizzy from the rectal tranquilizer.  "I'm getting out
of here right now," Erica said as she started slowly for the hall

Kristen, who had just begun to stroke my cock, stopped and looked over
at her scared, young friend.

"Keep stroking, me Kristen, I told my young playmate, and you, Erica -
Sit back down!"

"No way!"  Erica said.  "You're nuts.  I'm getting out of here and
calling the police."  She turned again for the door.

Kristen went on with her duties as I picked up the tiny, unmarked
remote and held the "Buzz" key down firmly with my thumb.

"Ohhhh... Oh my god... Oh my god, what's happening?
OhhhJesusohhhhhh!!!!"  Sweet, young Erica's big, brown eyes shot open
wide as her hands immediately flew to her crotch.  The young girl's
knees pressed tightly together as she at first bent over slightly at
the waist, her elbows locked in front of her, then finally fell to her
knees on the carpet and rolled onto her side.  Erica began to pant
softly as she drew her knees up to her chest.  Her hands were still
pressed tightly between her thighs as her little hips began to roll
and heave.

I paid little attention to Erica and her writhing as I held my thumb
down on her "Buzz" button.  

"Mmmmmm, yes, baby," I sighed as Kristen lowered her sweet mouth onto
my hard cock and began to suck gently, moving her head up and down
slowly.  I allowed Kris to suck me for several minutes.  Occasionally
I glanced over to see Erica's young body convulse as she no doubt went
from one orgasm to the next.  Her pretty brown eyes were tightly
closed and she was drooling a bit as her little hips undulated there
on my living room rug.  I figured I had given Erica about ten full
minutes of deep, vaginal stimulation when I at last released the
button on her remote.  While she was recovering, I whispered to young

"You may fuck me now, Kristen."

Erica, in the mean time, hoisted herself up on her hands, then sat
watching as her best friend stood up in front of me, turned around to
straddle my thighs, then slowly impaled herself on my waiting cock.

"Oh, God, Kristen.  How could you?" Erica asked in a shocked and
disgusted tone of voice.

Kris stared blankly at her friend and didn't answer as she silently
went about her duties.  Up and down her tight, little vagina moved on
my throbbing cock.  Kristen was one of the best fucks I think I have
ever had.  She looked absolutely wonderful from behind with her long,
blond hair spilling down her back to almost cover her round, little

"Look back at me, baby," I said to the hot, young blond as she fucked
me.  "I want to see your pretty face, Kris."

As Kristen obeyed, I looked quickly in Erica's direction.  "I would
also like to see more of you young lady.  Stand up and strip, Erica,
right over here in front of me please."

"You're crazy if you think I'll do that," Kristen's friend said as she
struggled to her feet.  "I think you're an animal to treat Kristen the
way you do."

"Did you hear that, Kristen?" I said smiling.  Your friend thinks I
treat you badly.  I don't treat you badly do I, Kris?  You may

"N...noooo ...uhhhh... ohhhhhhhh," Kris managed to reply as she fucked
herself on my nine inch cock.

"There, you see, Erica, I'm no animal.  I take very good care of
Kristen,  just like I plan to take care of you.  Now, Erica, I will
tell you once more.  I want you to step over here in front of me and
remove your clothes.  Once you have done that I will give you further
instructions.  Do you understand me?"

"No way," the outraged, young girl said icily.  I'm outta here."

This time, before she could turn, I pressed Erica's "Pulse" key.

"Uuuugghhhh," the resisting young girl grunted deeply as she doubled
over at the waist.
"What was tha....... Uggghhhh... Ohhhhhh... Gaahh... Nnnnn...
Uugghhhh..."  Erica was once again driven to the carpet as I pressed
her "Pulse" button five times in fairly rapid succession.  When she
looked back up at me, her pretty face was pale and her brow was
glistening with perspiration.

"Erica," I said.  "You have just had a brief demonstration of both
functions of my electronic ‘leash'.  For your information, the device
has been inserted into your vagina deeply enough so that it cannot
easily be removed.  With this small remote control I can induce either
intense vibrations  or pulsed, electrical shocks to your most
sensitive areas from practically any distance away.  Kristen has a
similar device inside of her and will be happy to go over the details
of its operation with you later, but right now, I expect you to obey
me without question.  

"Strip for me, Erica," I said fixing her with a chilling stare.  I
"hit" her once more for good measure.

"Uugghhhh... noooo... stop, please," young Erica pleaded from the
floor.  "I'll do what you want, just please don't do that again."

I was having a hard time keeping my mind on the fact that while I was
trying to break in a new subject, I was also being fucked crazy by one
lovely, little girl.  Kristen really hadn't cared much about what was
happening to her little friend, Erica.  She knew by this time that
there was no use resisting and that there was certainly nothing she
could do to help Erica, so she simply contented herself to fuck her
tight, young cunt up and down on my cock.  Kristen's pussy was by this
time sopping wet as usual.  My living room was filled with the sounds
of wet pussy being plunged, mixed with Kristen's soft panting.  She
was getting very good at being quiet while she serviced me.

"Come on, Erica," I said somewhat breathlessly.  "I'm waiting."

Slowly the beautiful, sandy haired, young teenager rose from the
carpet and stood before me.  Without further prompting, she reached
behind her back and unzipped her dress.  Then she pulled it forward
over her tanned shoulders and let it drop in a pile at her feet.

"Mmmm," you look lovely, Erica," I said to the blushing, young girl as
she stood in front of me in her pretty, satin panties and small, lacy
bra.  Erica looked uneasily at her friend, Kris, who was bouncing
mindlessly up and down in my lap.

"Keep going, Erica.  Don't stop now.  You'll be doing what Kris is
doing soon enough," I told her.

Erica stared at me in disbelief, but none the less, she unfastened the
catch between the lacy, little cups of her bra and allowed the small,
satin garment to fall open, exposing her firm, little titties.
Erica's breasts were slightly larger than Kristen's, about the size of
big, Florida oranges.  Where Kris' nipples were a light, strawberry
pink, Erica's nipples were a darker brown and a bit more pronounced.
They looked like they would be very nice to suck on, particularly once
they were nice and hard.  Erica wiggled her bra off her shoulders; it
joined the pile at her feet.

"Now the panties," I prompted the flushed, young teenager standing
before me.

Erica looked away as she hooked her thumbs in the waist band of her
little, satin panties then started to pull them down.  She stopped
just as I saw the first hint of her light brown bush showing above the
rolled waist band.

"Why are you stopping?" Erica I inquired.

The teenage girl finally broke down. "Oh, please don't make me do
this," Kristen's little friend cried."  If you'll let me stop now and
not make me go through with this, I promise I won't tell a soul.  I'll
leave right now and you won't ever see me again," the frightened girl
went on.

I gave young Erica a cunning smile as asked her, "Have you forgotten
so soon about the little toy that I have placed up inside you, Erica?
What are you planning to do about that?"

The teenager paled visibly.  "I.. I don't know... Can't I take it
out?" she asked timidly.

I said nothing for a moment, then I leaned forward and whispered to my
sweet Kristen who was still attempting to please me, "That will be
fine for now, Kris.  You may dismount, and thank you."  I kissed the
young blond on her shoulder.

Once Kristen had disengaged herself, I got up and stood in front of
her semi-naked, little friend.  I smiled benignly at Erica as she
stood trembling before me, turned and said to Kristen, "Kris I think I
am going to need your help with Erica."

Kris who had been standing, dutifully  waiting for instructions gave
me a worried look and said, "What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to step behind your little friend here and hold her for

Erica, who was still holding the waistband of her partially lowered
panties gave me a nervous look and said in a more worried tone,
"What're you going to do to me?"

"Don't worry, baby," I said as Kris stepped behind her friend.  As she
did, I reached out and took little Erica by her soft shoulders.
"Kristen and I are just going to get to know you a little better,
that's all."

Young Erica, sensing the hopelessness of her situation, gave me a
pleading look and said, "Please don't hurt me."

"Honey, we wouldn't dream of hurting you," I tried to assure the
shaken, young girl.  Kris why don't play with Erica's little tits for
awhile for me.  Rub them gently and show your friend how nice you can
be.  I want to see her little pussy."

I heard Kristen whisper, "I'm sorry, Erie," as she reached under her
friends arms and cupped her perfect, young breasts.

"Be still, now, Kris," I warned as I heard Erica give a soft gasp.

Kristen began to slowly massage her young friend's firm titties as I
squatted down.  Erica's breathing rate had already begun to increase
as she leaned her head back against Kristen's cheek, her eyes closed.
Young Erie had since released her hold on her panties and had placed
her hands over Kris' on her tender breasts as she gradually relented
to Kristen's ministrations.  I put my thumbs under the partially
rolled waist band and drew the silky little garment down to Erica's
ankles in one motion, displaying the young teen's nearly perfect pussy
directly in front of my nose.  I couldn't resist.  I brought my hands
up behind Erica's firm buttox, then pushed my face against her sweet
pussy, inhaling the sweet scent of the young girl's arousal.  Erica
squealed, dropped her hands to the back of my head and grabbed my

"Easy, Erie, honey," I whispered against her pussy.  "Don't fight us,
baby."  I kissed her puffy vulva, then pushed my tongue slowly between
them, tasting her salty little slit as I gently kneaded her firm ass

"Ohhhhhh," Erica moaned as a result of Kris' and my combined
attentions.  I licked her a few times then placed a hand on one of her
warm inner thighs and pushed.  Erica quickly got the message and
spread her feet a little.  Then I cupped her sweet sex in my hand and
began to squeeze and fondle.  Erica was very wet, I noticed as I
dipped a finger into her tight slit.

"Ohhhhhh.. Nnnnnnnno," the young teenager whined as she began to
struggle a little.

"What is it, baby? I cooed up at her.  "Don't you like what we're
doing?  Doesn't this feel nice?" I said as I slowly moved my searching
finger farther back between Erica's thighs and deeper into her warm,
wet pussy slit.

"Uuuuugghhh....yeah...mmmm...but," I've never done anything like this
before," the young girl said breathlessly as Kristen continued to
squeeze her tender, little breasts.

I stopped and looked up at her.  "What?  You mean with two people or
with another woman or what, baby?"

I held my finger still as Erica explained, "No, I mean with anybody!"
She looked down at me with her big, hazy, brown eyes.

"But, Erie, honey, I know you're not a virgin," I said as I began to
move my finger in her wet slit once more, gently tickling over her
vaginal opening.  "I found that out when I pushed my "leash" up into
you while you were passed out earlier.  I felt around inside you very
carefully for your cherry before hand, and it was gone, I can assure
you.  So how can you say you've never done this before?"  I said
giving her a sly smile.

"Ohhhh," Erica whimpered, both out of embarrassment and because Kris
and I were still working on her.

"What, baby?  Tell me, honey?"

"Ohhhhh..." she hesitated briefly then, "I did it myself by accident,"
she sobbed.

"What?" I said almost laughing.  "You did what?  How, Erica?"

"Promise you won't tell?" the sweet teen asked pitifully.

"Sure, baby, I promise, now tell me what happened," I said giving her
tender, warm cunt a little squeeze.  "Wait a second, why don't we sit
down," I suggested helpfully as I removed my hand from between Erica's
warm thighs.  "Kristen you may stop now and sit over there," I nodded
to the other section of the big, modular couch.  She obeyed.

I stood up, put my arm around young Erica's warm shoulders and helped
her over to the big, soft sofa.  She sat facing me with her knees
locked tightly together as she explained.

"Well," she said, "One afternoon when I was twelve and both of my
parents were still at work, I was in their bathroom looking for a
Band-Aid.  I went through all the drawers and cabinets, then in one
bottom drawer, I found a long, white thing that looked like a plastic
candle with a little switch on the blunt end.  I had a pretty good
idea what it was since I had heard about vibrators and dildos by that
time, so I took it out of the drawer and tried the switch.   It
startled me when it started to vibrate, and I almost dropped it.
Anyway, I took it back to my room, took off my clothes and got up on
my bed.  Then I turned it on and touched it to my...." She paused.

"To your pussy?" I coaxed.

"Yeah," Erica said blushing hotly.  "The next thing I knew I was in
another world.  I'm not really sure what happened exactly after that,
but I do remember kneeling over the vibrator as I held it up against
me.  I guess my knees gave out, because suddenly I dropped down hard
on top of it shoving it almost all the way up into me.  It hurt like
hell, and I started to bleed.  I was scared silly as I slowly pulled
it out, thinking I was going to bleed to death.  Anyway, the bleeding
stopped before my parents got home.  I washed off the vibrator and
returned to the drawer in my folk's bathroom, and I have never put
anything up there again; it hurts too much.  I was sore down there for
a week."

Erica gave a big sigh as she finished her tale.

"Well, Erica," I said after a moment.  "That certainly is a first in
my book.  I ‘m sorry that you had to lose your cherry that way.  I can
assure you, it is much nicer with a man.  I took Kristen's virginity,
and although she doesn't act like it at times, I know she's grateful.
Aren't you baby?"

Kris nodded her head, her eyes downcast.

"So, Erica, here we are then," I said as I slid off the sofa and knelt
in front of the sweet, young girl and placed a hand on each of her
warm thighs.  She shivered a little and pressed her knees together
tightly.  "I think it's high time you had a man in your life and I
think that man should be me," I said as I slowly moved my hands up her
thighs toward her hips.  What do you think about that prospect,

"I don't know," Erica said shyly.  "You're pretty mean to Kris," she
continued as my hands moved slowly up toward my target between her
legs.  My hands were on top of the young teenager's thighs so that my
thumbs were first to make contact with Erica's soft, curly, brown,
pubic hair.  Immediately she brought her hands over mine to prevent my
further exploration.

"Kristen," I said.  "Come over here please.  I need your help again."
I looked Erica straight in the eye as Kris got up and came over to us.
"Please pick up Erica's remote there on the table and depress the
button marked ‘Buzz'.  Hold it down until I tell you to release it."

Young Erica didn't realize yet what that meant until Kris depressed
her "Buzz" button as instructed.

"Ohhhhh...  Ohhh God...  Ohhh Nnnnno... Uugghhh" Erica groaned as she
jerked her knees up to her chest and rolled onto her side on the
couch, her little body curling instinctively into a tight, fetal ball
around the source of the stimulations.  I placed a hand to her face as
Erica trembled all over, whimpering softly.  I stroked her soft cheek
as I murmured to her, "That's my little girl.  Let my toy get you all
worked up inside.  Just let go, Erie, and let your body flow with it.
Here, honey, let me help you," I said to the helpless young, girl as
her hips began to roll rhythmically.  I crawled onto the couch and
knelt beside the squirming teenager.  Then I looked up at Kristen and
said, "Just keep her going, Kris.  Once I get my cock into her, you
can release her, but not until.  Understand?"  Kristen stood beside
the couch looking nervously down at her young friend who lay helpless
to prevent my further advances.  "Don't worry, Kristen.  Little Erica
will be just fine.  Soon you will have a new partner to help you with
your duties," I said smiling up at her from the couch.

I leaned down and took Erica by the knees, rolled her onto her back
and spread her legs, then maneuvered myself between them.  The young
girl had no idea what was happening to her.  She was in another world
filled with tingling pleasure radiating from a bright star deep in her
belly.  Erica's eyes were closed and her eyelids fluttered as her head
rolled slowly from side to side in time with the slight humping motion
of her adolescent hips.  Erica unconsciously closed her soft, warm
thighs tightly against my hips as I slowly lowered myself onto her
prone, little body.

I grasped my rock hard cock in one hand, leaned forward supporting
myself with my other hand beside her shoulder on the couch, and gently
touched the swollen head against Erica's soft pussy.  Slowly I moved
the tip of my prick up and down in the squirming teenager's wet slit
coating the head with the juices that were flowing freely from her.
When I did this, Erica opened her eyes, but I could detect no signs
that she was aware of what was about to happen to her.  I placed the
head of my cock against Erica's tight, entrance, then nodded to Kris.

"OK, Kristen, you may release her now," I said.  As soon as I saw Kris
release Erica's "Buzz" key I pushed into the helpless, young girl.

"Ohhhhhhhhh... oooooooooo," Erica moaned softly as she accepted her
first cock.

Jesus, she was tight.  As my cock slowly made its way into the sweet
teen, her little hands instinctively came up to my biceps and held on
tightly.  I could actually feel her tight vaginal opening travel up
the length of my shaft as I progressed into Erica's warm, moist

Erica's eyes were now open, gazing up at me in wonder as she gasped in
a big breath.  She was truly a beautiful, young girl.  I looked down
to see her firm flat tummy bulge out as I intruded into her.

"That's it, baby.  You're so pretty, Erie, honey and your little pussy
feels so nice and warm around my big cock.," I whispered down to her.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh," Erica moaned aloud as her little back arched causing
her perfect, young breasts to stand up below me.  I halted my progress
into her as I reached down with my free hand and massaged first one
and then the other, squeezing her firm flesh and toying with each
hard, little, brown nipple.  Then I lowered my body down onto hers.
Erica felt incredibly soft and warm under me as I slowly bent my face
close to hers.  

I could smell her sweet breath as I whispered, softy, "Does it feel
good, baby?  Do you like my cock inside you, Erie?"

Erica's hazy, brown eyes opened and she stared deeply into mine, then
she nodded her pretty head and sighed, "Uh.. Huh."

When I felt the tip of my cock contact the small object inside Erica's
tender vagina, I continued to push as the broad head of my cock,
slowly easing the hard plastic cylinder deeper and deeper into the
softly moaning young girl.  

"Ohhhhhhh....mmmmmm....uugghh," Erica moaned, then grunted as the
"leash" finally lodged itself firmly against her cervix.  Then I
slowly pulled out of her until the head of my cock popped out and
rested at her entrance once more.  I lowered my hungry mouth onto hers
and pushed my tongue into her partially open mouth.  At the same time
I re-entered her tight, young pussy.

"Mmmmmm," Erica exhaled through her nose as my dick slowly traveled
back into her, her vaginal muscles alternately contracting and
relaxing around my invading cock meat.  When the tip of my prick again
arrived deep inside Erica to touch the end of her "leash" I held still
and let her young pussy milk me for awhile as I kissed her tenderly.

I quickly discovered that although young Erica had an outgoing,
effervescent personality, she was a very reserved and tender lover.
As I gradually picked up a rhythm, pistoning my swollen cock in and
out of her wonderful pussy in long, even strokes, Erica locked her
heals behind my thighs and held me tightly as she softly fucked me
back.   Erica was very quiet as she went about her fucking.  ‘She will
become very adept at servicing,' I thought as she panted softly
beneath me.

It wasn't long before Erica suddenly gave three or four little gasps
in rapid succession.  

"Uhh..huh, uhh..huh, uhh..huh."  She hugged me tightly around my waist
and locked her ankles behind my ass, practically crushing my pelvis in
the grip of her muscular, young thighs as Erica shivered all over.
She was cumming.

Erica's young pussy then did something that I had never experienced
before.  It was almost a sequential thing as her tight vaginal muscles
rippled from one end of my cock shaft to the other and back several
times.  I held still inside the young girl and reveled in this new
sensation, imagining what a milking machine might feel like.  The
phenomenon went on for over a minute, and it was all I could do to
keep from cumming too soon.  Erica's strong, young body gave two quick
shivers and it was over, with no more than a quiet whimper.

When I felt the young girl's body finally relax, I rested my full
weight on top of her and kissed her murmuring,  "Mmmmmm, what a pretty
baby you are, Erie.  We are going to have a really good time together
this summer."

"Hmmm, what?" Erica sighed, gradually coming back to the present.
"Wait a minute," she said finally grasping the implications of what I
had just told her.  "I let you have your way with me this time, but
that doesn't mean I want more," the young teen beneath me said in all

"But Erie, honey, I'm nowhere near finished with you yet," I said
smiling wickedly as I suddenly jerked my hips, shoving my still rock
hard cock deep into her, slamming the rounded end of her "leash" hard
against her tender cervix.

"Uuuugghhhh... ggnnnoooo... owwwww," Erica cried out as her little
head flew back against the seat of the couch causing her back to arch

Again I rammed her, and again a deep grunt issued from her gut.  Then
I held still once more as Erica's arched little body fell back to the
couch.  Her eyes stared at me in shock as she opened her mouth to say
something, but before she could speak I rammed her five times quickly
with short, hard strokes.

"Ohh..ohh..ohh..ahh..ahh," Erica wailed, then I paused once more.

As she again opened her brown eyes and stared up at me gasping for
air, I gave her five more of the same hard, short, pounding strokes,
each one hammering mercilessly at her cervix.  This time as the young
girl's back arched high off the sofa, her little hands once again
grasped my biceps and held on.

"Ohhhhh...myyyy...godddddd," young Erica cried as once again I paused
just long enough for her to catch her breath before I pummeled her
tender, young vagina again.  This time, however, I didn't stop after
five strokes, but kept up with my quick time, jack hammer fucking for
a full minute or more.

Erica totally lost it.  Her head rolled from side to side and bounced
up and down on the couch seat in time to my fucking as she wailed

"ahh..ahh..ahh..ahh..ahh..ahh..nnn..nnn..noooooooo..goddddddddd," I
felt her clamp down inside as Erica launched into a noisy orgasm.

When she did, I felt the sting in my groin.  "Kristen," I grunted as I
grabbed my cock at the hilt and pulled out of young Erica.  "Come over
here and help instruct your little friend in the fine art of cock

Erica groaned as I crawled from between her legs.

"Come on, baby sit up here so Kristen can show you her newly acquired
talent."  I held a hand out to Erica and pulled her up.  "Climb off
the sofa and kneel on the floor with Kris," I commanded.  Erica moved
to obey, still not completely sure what was happening.  I sat back
down on the couch and spread my thighs.  "OK, you two, do your stuff."

Kristen crawled between my thighs with no further coaxing, but Erica
hung back looking puzzled and worried.

"Come on, Erie, baby.  Move up closer; there's room enough for both of

Hesitantly the sweet, sandy haired beauty moved forward and placed a
warm hand my right thigh.  Kristen moved to one side a little to make
room for her.  I gazed down happily at the two nubile, young girls
kneeling between my thighs, their warm, tender bodies against my skin,
then said to Kris, "You may begin, Kristen.  Go slowly, please, so
Erica can see how you do it."

"Do what?" Erica asked innocently.

"You just watch Kristen, honey and you'll see.  Go ahead Kris."

"Ohhhhh... gross!" Erica said disgustedly as Kristen, without
hesitation, leaned down and placed her warm, wet mouth over the head
of my erect penis.  I noticed that Kris' young friend didn't try to
move away, but rather she sat and watched transfixed as Kris'
beautiful, blond head began to bob up and down in my lap.  Wet,
slurping noises rose from between my legs as Kristen moved her hot
mouth on me, swallowing me deep into her tight throat each time she
came down on me.  Fortunately, during the brief break between when I
pulled my cock out of young Erica and now, I had cooled off a bit,
because Kris was doing her usual unbelievable job at orally driving me
nuts.  I leaned forward with a groan of pleasure and placed a hand on
Erica's sweet face.  I rubbed her cheek as I gazed into her brown
eyes.  Erica looked away as I played my thumb over her soft lips.  

"You have a very pretty mouth, Erie," I said smiling at the young
girl.  She blushed hotly, then with a startled look, moved her hand
quickly to mine when I unexpectedly pushed the tip of my thumb between
her teeth and into her warm mouth.  Her big, brown eyes stared
questioningly into mine as her lips closed around my penetrating
digit.  I smiled benevolently down at the sweet girl, slowly moving my
thumb in and out of her mouth while Erica instinctively sucked on it.

"Ohhhh.... man," I groaned suddenly as Kristen's chin met my balls, my
cock extending all the way down her tight throat.  Quickly she pulled
her head up, then went down again slowly until her little nose nestled
into my pubic hair.  She looked up at me, her big, blue eyes shining.
"That's wonderful, Kris, but let's give your friend a crack at it,

"Mmmm...hmmm," Kris hummed as she slowly raised her mouth off me.

Erica got a very concerned look on her pretty face as I turned to her
and said, "Ok Erie, honey, let's see what you can do."

"I don't think so," the young girl said nervously backing away.

"Come back her, Erica," I said sharply.  She froze, staring at me in
mild shock.  "We need to get something straight between us," I
continued.  "When I ask or tell you to do something, I expect you to
comply without question.  I will go over the rest of my rules for you
later, but for now, you must understand that you will do as you are
told, or you will be punished.  Do I make myself clear?"

"But this isn't fair," Erica whined.  "I don't have to take orders
from you, and I won't let you make me do anything else today or ever.
I don't know about Kris, but I won't stand for this abuse," she said
angrily as she gave me her best withering stare.

Without reply, I took Erica's remote from Kristen, who was staring at
her best friend with a frightened look, and pressed the "Pulse" key.
With a grunt, Erica doubled over, her forehead touching the rug.  As
she tried to get back to her knees, I zapped her again.

"Ohhhhhh...uugghhhh," Erica groaned from her doubled over position at
my feet.

"Get up here, Erica and suck my cock," I commanded.

She looked up with tears in her brown eyes, then silently put a hand
on my knee to help boost herself back to a kneeling position.  Erica
moved her warm, young body between my thighs.

"Since you've never done this before, I will let Kristen tell to you
how to go about this, Erica," I said.  "Kris, please explain to Erica
what I expect her to do."

Kristen looked thoroughly mortified as she said to her best friend,
"Take his dick in one hand, Erie, then lean down and put it in your

Erica looked at her friend and then at me with an uncertain stare.
The said, "I don't think I can.  It'll make me throw up, I think."

"I thought the same thing my first time," Kristen said to her, "but I
didn't.  It isn't as bad as it looks," Kris went on.

"Go ahead, Erica," I coaxed.  "You'll like it eventually, I promise,

"OK," the reluctant young girl said as she took my stiff cock in one
hand.  Erica crawled forward a little more, leaned down and placed her
slightly parted lips over the head of my dick.

"Mmmmm, baby," I moaned softly.  "Your little mouth is so warm, Erie.
Tell her what to do, Kris."

"Open your mouth wider, Erie, " Kristen said to her young friend, "and
slide your mouth down over it.  If it makes you gag, just pull back a
little and breath through your nose," Kristen instructed.

Erica did as Kristen suggested and lowered her warm, wet mouth further
onto my throbbing cock.  God!  I loved the feel of a virgin mouth on
me.  As the head of my cock made contact with the back of Erica's
mouth, I felt her throat muscles contract in a gag.  Her little
shoulders convulsed once or twice as she fought for control.  Suddenly
she pulled her mouth off me and sat back on her haunches gasping.

"I just can't," Erica cried giving me a pitiful look.  "It's too big
and it makes me sick."

"I have a better idea," I said as I got up from the couch.  "Kris, why
don't you help Erica up to her knees and then stand behind her."  Kris
did as she was told and after helping Erica up, she stood behind her
friend with her hands resting on Erica's narrow shoulders.  Erica, I
want you to open really wide for me and then I am going to fuck your
mouth for you.  I'll do all the work so all you have to do is hold
still and don't bite.  I will have the control to your ‘leash' in my
hand in case you do.  Understand?"

"Yeah.. But...," Erica said in extreme agitation.

"No buts," Erica, now open that hot, little mouth of yours," I said as
I stepped forward, placed one hand on her head and pushed the tip of
my cock up to her lips.  Erica leaned back against Kristen's thighs
and tummy, trying to escape, but there was nowhere for her to go.  I
moved the head of my cock back and forth across her smooth teeth
saying, "Open up Erica.  Open wide for me, baby."  The frightened
young girl shook her head.  I grabbed a handful of her thick, sandy
hair and yanked her head back against Kris' tummy so that Erica was
staring up at me.

"Oww," she cried at first, then "ummppphh.. awwkk," as I took
advantage of her open mouth and shoved my cock inside.

"Hold her still, Kristen," I said as I pushed my hips forward driving
my cock deeper into Erica's mouth.  Erica's hands began to scrabble at
my thighs, trying to push me away as I pushed farther forward with my
hips.  I felt the head of my cock hit the back of the struggling young
girl's mouth and round the corner into her tight, virgin throat.

"That's it, baby," I groaned.  Erica's eyes grew very wide and
staring; her struggling lessened as my cock made its way down her
tight throat.  Placing my hands on either side of her sweet face, I
gave one final shove.  "Mmmmm...yeah, Erie, baby," I moaned as my
balls met her chin.  I held still for a minute feeling her tight
throat spasm delightfully around my shaft.  When I noticed that
Erica's big brown eyes were fluttering and her chest and tummy were
heaving convulsively, I pulled out enough for her to catch her breath.
Erica gasped in several ragged breaths through her nose.

"It's all in the timing, Erica," I told the distressed teenager who
was again looking up at me, my cock shaft protruding from between her
tightly stretched lips and tears forming in her brown eyes.  "You must
breathe when I pull out and hold your breath when I go in.  Don't
worry, you'll get the hang of it.  Won't she Kris?"

"Uhh..huh," Kristen answered softly, not at all comfortable with the
situation her little friend was in.

"You see, Erie, honey,.  Before she and I got together Kristen had
never had a cock in her mouth either, and now she sucks cock with the
best of them.  So just relax and go with the flow."  

Without further delay, I pushed my hips forward once more, driving my
hard shaft back down the young girl's tight throat.  Again, Erica's
hands grabbed onto my thighs but she didn't have the panicked look on
her pretty face as she accepted my cock into her throat.  Young
Erica's head bounced back on Kristen's soft tummy as I began to get up
a rhythm.  I leaned forward and kissed Kristen tenderly.  I was in
heaven as I pushed my throbbing cock deep into Erica's young throat
and my tongue deep into Kristen's.  ‘I think I'm going to like having
two teenage girls around the house,' I mused.

It was only seconds later that I felt my cum begin to rise.  Slowly,
so as not to alarm her, I placed my hands on either side of Erica's
head to hold her.  As my nuts began to constrict I gave one good hard
shove, driving deep into Erica as I groaned, "I'm gonna cum in you now

Erica's big, brown eyes flew open wide as she felt the head of my cock
swell in her throat.  She began to struggle as she tried desperately
to pull back, but Kristen was right behind her, restraining her.
Erica's struggles increased.  She began shake her head from side to
side when the first load of cum fired from my cock directly into her
esophagus.  I pulled back long enough for her to choke in one ragged
breath before ramming home once more.  When I felt the young girl try
to bite, I snatched her remote from my shirt pocket, hit her "Buzz"
button and held it.  Instantly Erica's young body began to tremble all
over as the "leash" took possession of her.

"Hold her up, Kris," I said excitedly as my second salvo fired into
Erica.  Kris held Erica under her arms as her young friend's body
tried to curl into the fetal position.  I continued to hold young
Erica by her head as I steadily fucked my pulsing cock in and out of
her spasming throat.  I imagined myself to be a gas pump as I filled
the young teenager full with "Hi-Test".  ‘Check under the hood, baby?'
I thought, chuckling to myself.

When at last I was spent, I instructed Kristen to release her young
friend.  Erica slumped to the floor causing my flaccid cock to pop
from her mouth with a wet, slurping sound.  Erica immediately curled
around her tummy and lay there coughing and moaning softly, her narrow
hips rocking in a slow, steady motion.  She was somewhere else
entirely.  A couple of minutes later I released her "leash" and sat
down to wait for her to rally.

After several minutes, Erica finally sat up, wiping the cum from her
chin and glared at Kristen and me with an icy look.  "I hate you two,"
she said.  Kris looked down, ashamed.  I put my arm around my tender,
blond teenager and told her not to worry.  Then to Erica I said, "Kris
felt the same way when we first began her conditioning.  In time,
however, she has come to accept her situation here.  You will do the
same Erica, I can assure you."

I could feel the palpable rage radiating from young Erica as she
started to get up.

"Where do you think you are going, Erica?" I said coldly returning her
hard stare.

"I have to go to the bathroom.  Is that OK with you?" the young
teenager asked sharply.

"Not just yet," I said noting her surprise.  "Come over here and stand
in front of me.  I am going to go over the rules regarding your
behavior while you are here this summer."

"The rules?" Erica said in disbelief.  "You expect me to follow

"Yes, Erica, I do indeed, and unless you get over here in the next
second, I am going to get the master remote to my little ‘leash'
that's buried in your sweet cunt and I'm going to give you the ‘full
treatment', after which, if you can still talk, you will be most
cooperative.  Trust me on this, Erica."  I fixed her with a granite

"You'd better do as he says," Kristen added unbidden.

"Thank you, Kris.  Listen to Kris, Erie, honey and come over here," I
said a little more gently.

Erica slowly came and stood in front of me.

"Closer," I said.

She moved forward slightly until her knees touched mine.

"Spread your legs a little," I told her.

"What?" Erica said giving me a nasty look.

"I said spread your legs, Erica," as I leaned forward and rubbed her

Erica jerked her hips back, pulling herself away from my groping hand.

"Erica, I want you to move your pussy back against my hand."  I locked
eyes with the reluctant teenager and held my hand perfectly still.

"Ohhh.. but," she whined.  I continued to stare at her without making
a sound.

Slowly Erica moved her hips forward until once again my hand touched
her.  She shivered.

"That's my girl," I said smiling up at her as I gently stroked her
soft pubic hair.  "Now spread your legs a little so I can see how
you're doing through all of this."  As the young girl complied, I
placed one hand behind her warm thigh just below the curve of her ass,
then I slipped my finger up between her moist vulva.

"Nnnnnnoo," Erica whined as she grabbed my wrist.

"Let go, Erica," I said sternly.


"Let go, Erica," I repeated without raising my voice.

Her hand fell away and I was free to probe her warm, moist, little
pussy at will.

"It feels to me like cock sucking turns you on, Erie.  You're very wet
down here, baby," I said softly as I wiggled my finger over her
clitoral area.  Erica's knees instinctively locked together on my
hand.  "Spread your legs, Erie.  I'm not finished yet," I said to her
as she moaned softly.

"My first rule is this," I said as I rubbed and probed.  "You are to
do anything and everything I tell you to do immediately and without
question.  In return, I promise that I will not ever hurt you.  Is
that clear, Erica?"

"I guess," she replied softly, looking down at my hand between her

"Good.  My second rule is that I expect you to be naked whenever you
are here.  As soon as you arrive here each day, you may shower if you
wish, but then you should remain unclothed.  To change the subject
slightly, Erica, I want you to convince your father that you should
move in with Kristen for the summer.  You may explain to him that you
have gotten a part time job with the same company that Kris works for
so you will be paying your own way.  Kristen will fill you in on the
details.  I will actually be paying your rent as I pay Kristen's, and
you will be spending most of your summer here in my service.  Do you
understand what I am telling you, Erica?"

"Yeah, but.." the stunned teenager replied weakly.

"But what, Erica?"

"But what about my friends?" she said, her little hips moving slowly.

"Your friends?" I said.  "What friends, Erica?  Do you mean

"Well, yeah, I...." she stammered.  "I've been kinda going with a guy
in school and I.... ohhhhh.." she moaned softly as she shivered again.

"What?" I asked the distressed young girl.

"Your hand," she whined softly.  "I can't think straight.  Do you have
to do that?" she asked plaintively.

"Yes, Erie, I do.  I want you to get used to being touched which leads
me to rule number three.  I want you always to look at me when I touch
you.  Kristen had a lot of trouble with this rule at first but she is
getting much better."  I smiled over at young Kris who stood watching
us emotionlessly.  "Do you understand this rule Erie?"  She looked at
me with her big, brown eyes and nodded.  She was really getting wet.

"Now, back to your boyfriend.  Since you have told me, Erica, that you
have never been touched by a man before me, I hardly want you to start
now, so I will expect you to tell your boyfriend, whatever his name
is, that you will be unable to see him for the rest of the summer.
Tell him that you will be working long hours.  Tell him whatever you
want, but stop seeing him.  Do I make myself perfectly clear?"

Erica's eyes dropped to my hand again as she nodded her pretty head in

"Look at me Erica," I said as I pushed my finger up into her tight

"Uuuhhhhhh," she gasped as she tried to stand on her tip toes.  Her
eyes slowly met mine.  I could see a fine sheen of perspiration on her
forehead as I began to slowly finger fuck the young girl.

"Yes, Erica, that feels pretty good, doesn't it, baby?  Doesn't it

She nodded, still looking at me with her marvelous brown eyes.

"Well, I think that about covers the basics for now," I said as I
removed my hand from between Erica's warm thighs.  "I suggest you go
home tonight Erica and start working on your father about moving in
with Kristen.  I want to know something by Monday afternoon.  That
should give you enough time."

"OK Erica," said quietly.  "I'll try."  She started to back away as
she looked around for her clothes.

As she was leaning down to pick up her sun dress from the floor I
said, "I haven't dismissed you yet, Erica."  She straightened and
turned toward me.  "I think I should fuck you once more before you
leave.  Don't you think that would be nice?" I asked the startled,
young teen, a wicked smile crossed my face.

"No.. I, well.. but, ohhhh.  Do we have to?" she whined pitifully.

"Yes, baby we do," I said standing.  I took Erica by her warm
shoulders and led the trembling young girl over to the wide table in
front of the big mirror on the wall.  "Bend over, put your hands on
the table and spread those sweet legs, Erie.  I'm going to show you
how good it feels to do it doggie style, honey."

Erica gave me a shattered look, but turned as did as she was told.  I
moved up behind here and placed a hand on her warm hip.  "Look into
the mirror, baby, so I can see your face when I push my big cock into
you."  A tear ran down the young teenager's cheek as she looked up at
me [and the cameras].

"Ohhhhhhhh...nnnnnnnnoooo," Erica cried softly as I first rubbed the
head of my rock hard dick up and down a few times in her wet trough,
then slowly pushed inside.  Her tender young thighs quivered as my
cock made its way up into her tight, warm interior.  Erica's little
pussy trembled inside as my cock head forced aside her vaginal walls
and eventually came to rest against the outer end of her "leash".

"Uggghh," she grunted when I gave a little jerk with my hips, forcing
her "leash" against her tender cervix.  I rubbed my hand up and down
her smooth strong back as I said, "Look at me Erie.  Yeah, baby, your
little pussy is so tight and wonderful."  I reached around under her
and pinched one of her tight nipples causing the young girl to squeal
and her pussy to grip me harder.  ‘Ahhh,' I thought, ‘I think I'm onto
something here,' as I pinched her again.  Once again Erica's tight,
little cunt clamped down on me.

"Kristen come here and get down on the floor between our legs."  My
young blond came right over and crawled between our legs without
hesitation.  "Kris, I want you to lick your little friend's pussy
while I fuck her.  Will you do that for me?"

"Uh..huh," Kristen replied as Erica gave me a shocked look in the

"Ohhhhh... goddddd," Erica groaned when Kristen's little tongue
touched her pussy just below my protruding cock shaft.

"I think you hit the spot, Kris." I said smiling as I took Erica by
her hips with both hands and slowly extracted my nine inch fuck
machine out to the tip.  I heard Erica take a long ragged breath as I
pushed back inside.  Her head dropped between her shoulder blades.
"Look at me, Erica.  I want to see how pretty you look while you're
being fucked, baby."  I took her by her hair and gently pulled her
head back as I moved into a more rapid tempo.

"Ahhhh..goddd," Erica groaned arching her young back, thereby
increasing the pressure her pussy exerted on my pistoning cock.

I looked down over my pistoning shaft to see Kris' little tongue
lapping away at her best friends clitoral area.  Kristen was driving
her wild.  Young Erica was vibrating all over as suddenly her back
arched and she began her now familiar, rapid, orgasmic gasps,
"Uhh..huh, uhh..huh, uhh..huh."

I rammed my cock into her hard and waited for her sweet pussy to begin
its milking routine.  "Lick my asshole, Kristen," I grunted to my
young blond.  Erica's vaginal muscles began their rhythmic, sequential
clutching at the same time as Kris touched her warm tongue to my anus.
I exploded like a cum bomb.  Then I pulled my pulsing cock back four
or five inches and rammed young Erica again.  She raised up on her tip
toes, shivering violently as I sprayed cum deep into her once virgin
belly.  "Lick my balls, Kris," I cried as I felt a mixture of cum and
hot pussy juice run out of Erica and down my balls.  "Oh yeah, baby,"
I moaned as Kris' little tongue went to work on my scrotum.  I then
gave young Erica four or five rapid thrusts before falling forward
onto her sweaty, young back.  I kissed her shoulders and neck as I
whispered, "I'm really going to enjoy having you this summer, Erica."
Erica sighed softly as she dropped to her elbows on the table top, her
head down between her arms, my cock slowly softening within her.

Later, Erica, Kristen and I took a long, leisurely shower together,
after which it was time for Erica to leave.  While Erica was getting
ready to go, I went to my concealed room to check my equipment.  While
I was there, I quickly downloaded a couple of frames off the video of
our afternoon delights into my PC, converted them to JPEG's and
produced two high quality prints; one of sweet young Erica taking my
cock deep into her throat and another of her lovely face, shining with
a look of unadulterated passion as I rode her to orgasm in front of
the all seeing mirror.  I gave them to the young girl as we walked to
the front door.

"I thought you might like to have these, Erie, to keep as a memento of
your first time," I said smiling as I handed the 8 ½ x 11 prints to

Erica stopped dead in her tracks, her mouth fell open as she looked up
at me in horror then back at the pictures.  "Where?... How?... I can't
believe this!" she cried.

"I have plenty more, I can assure you, and I will not hesitate to
spread them around if you don't live up to your side of our agreement,
Erica.  And don't forget, you still have my "leash" up inside that
tight, little pussy of yours.  Don't try to remove it either.  If you
do, it will set off an alarm on my control, and I will punish you."

"I just can't believe this is happening!"  Erica said in a shattered
voice, still staring fixedly at the prints in her trembling hands.

"Believe it, baby.  You're mine now, Erica for the rest of the summer
at the very least.  I'll expect to hear from you on Monday.  In the
mean time, make arrangements to move in with Kris and get rid of that
boyfriend of yours.  You and Kristen and I are going to be much too
busy for you to have time for him."  Kristen had, in the mean time,
come up beside me.  I held out my arm, hugging her close as she
slipped next to me.  She was warm and fragrant.  "Do I make myself
clear, Erica?" I asked the distraught, young girl.

"Yeah, I guess so," she replied meekly, her head down.

"Look at me when you speak, Erica," I instructed her as I placed two
fingers beneath her chin and raised her sweet face.  Then I leaned
forward and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips and said, " See you on
Monday, Erie."  She turned nervously away, then let herself out.

Erica managed to talk her father into allowing her to move in with
Kristen for the summer.  I continued with Erie's conditioning until
she became as submissive as Kristen.  It was quite enjoyable having
two naked teenage girls around the house every day.  I allowed the
girls to take turns servicing me on most days, but on others, we would
practice "group therapy".  There were times that I lent Erica out to a
friend.  As well trained as she was, Erie was not at all happy the
first couple of times I did this, but soon she complied.  I had very
few male friends and only one or two did I allow to fuck my "private
stock".  Only occasionally did I let Lynn have Kris for a day or two,
otherwise I kept her to myself.  I was determined that no other man
should have her.  I very rarely had to use the "leashes" anymore for
discipline.  Never with Kristen and only once or twice in the early
phases of Erica's training.  From time to time, I would use them for
our mutual pleasure.  I attached a fine lanyard to Kristen's "leash"
so that it could be more easily removed.  At some point in time, I
planned to do the same for Erica, but not for awhile.  For all intents
and purposes, life in my little menage a trois moved along quite
uneventfully, until one morning late in the summer, Kristen came to me
with a concerned look on her pretty face.

"What is it, baby?" I asked.  I was seated at the kitchen table, where
Erica had just served breakfast.  I held out my arm to the young,
naked blond and she came and sat in my lap.  Kris wiggled her little
ass and snuggled against me, her natural, sweet perfume causing my
head to swim as she leaned her head against my shoulder.

"I missed my period," she whispered.

"Oops," I said, grinning.  "Well, I guess we had better check this
out.  What do you think?"

"I guess so," Kris replied sheepishly.  "How do we do that?"

"Kris, baby, we're living in the age of micro computers, liquid
plumber and best of all - home pregnancy tests.  Come on in the
bathroom and let's see what we've got here."

Kris hopped off my lap as I stood and led her by the hand to the
bathroom.  I rummaged around in the cabinet below the sink and found
what I was looking for.  "Let's see here," I muttered to myself as I
pulled the plastic device out of the box and read the instructions.
"It looks to me like all you have to do is pee on the thing and if the
little blue indicator line shows up, you're preggers," I said smiling
at my young, blond teenager.  "Have a seat, Kris and let's see if this
thing works."  I remembered the first time I had made Kristen urinate
in front of me.  ‘We had come a long way since then,' I though to
myself as the young girl squatted on the throne without hesitation,
her firm thighs spread wide.  "I hope you have to go," I said as I
looked up and smiled at her once more.

"I think I can," Kris replied as she bore down, her tummy bulging
slightly with her effort.

When I saw the first few drops of her urine stream start, I placed the
small spoon shaped device into her flow, making sure it got thoroughly
dampened.  Then I placed it on the vanity and returned my hand between
Kristen's sweet thighs.  I cupped my hand in her stream, then rubbed
her puffy, young pussy, gently tickling a finger between her lips to
find her urethral meatus.  I reveled in the feel of her warm piss as
it trickled between my fingers.

When Kris had finished peeing, I washed my hands and picked up the
pregnancy tester.

"What's it say?" Kris asked, apprehension clear in her voice.

"Well, my dear young Kristen," I said.  "It appears we will need to
convert the guest room into a nursery.  I smiled broadly at the
shocked, young girl.

"Oh no!  What are we gonna do?" Kris cried as she stared at me with
her beautiful, blue eyes.

"Kristen, baby," I said.  "Let's just hope it a girl!"

End tC
Regards... The Cruiser