Treach - Part One - by The Cruiser

MANY TALES trickle down out of the blue hills of the Appalachian
Mountains that never make it into a screenplay for  "The Waltons" .
This story is one of them.

The Reverend Silas J. Treach, pastor of "The Gathering of the Holy
Brethren Incarnate, Church of God Himself", a denomination which he
himself had founded, was in a splendid mood this bright, July morning.
He puttered around his rectory, singing hymns under his breath.  He
was a happy man.  There was a wedding next week.

Reverend Treach looked forward to weddings in the small, mountain
community that had so wisely entrusted its moral and spiritual care to
him.  He prided himself in the way his followers came together in the
big, clapboard chapel to celebrate the joining of two young people in
the eyes of God Himself.  He could taste the moonshine that
traditionally flowed nonstop for days following these blessed events.
He praised God for allowing him to bless the unions of the young men
and women of his flock, and to be instrumental in helping new families
to get a start in the sparsely populated hills surrounding his
mountain home.  Mostly, though, he looked forward to the pre- marital
counseling sessions that he required each and every perspective young
couple to attend.

JAKE AND DANIELLE had known each other since they were children.  They
had both attended the small school down the road.  The two youngsters
were always seen together at church socials and had been virtually
inseparable since Danielle turned thirteen.

Jake completed the sixth grade, then, like most young men in the
community, went to work at the saw mill in Brewers Creek.  He was a
handsome, strapping, young man at eighteen, and although he was a
little slow of wit, he meant to provide a comfortable life for his
young bride-to-be.  He was a hard working, God fearing, young man
(thanks to the good Reverend), and he loved his sweet Danielle dearly.

What man wouldn't!  At fourteen, Danielle was a figure of loveliness.
She was a rare, mountain beauty with strawberry, blond hair and sky,
blue eyes.  The sweet, young girl's fair, white skin was flawless.
She had a cute band of freckles that graced her high, cheek bones and
ran in a little ribbon across the bridge of her tiny nose.  Danielle's
lovely, trim figure was just beginning to fill out, but the curves she
already possessed, caused many an eye to follow her when she walked

Being a very small community, there had always been a shortage of
available, young girls to go around.  Danielle, since the tender age
of eleven, had been taught by her mother, who had been taught by her
mother, to fend off the unasked for attentions of uncles, nephews and
other young men.  She was saving herself for Jake.

DANIELLE SPENT her days helping her mother tend the family store down
at the Crossroads.  She worked six days a week and attended Sunday
services at the Gathering regularly.  Her mother was immensely proud
of her sweet, young daughter.  "Dannie" was a good girl.

It was Saturday morning when Danielle first went to her mother to tell
her the news of her intentions to marry Jake.  

"Oh, That's wonderful, baby," her mother said.  "I remember the day
your Pa asked me.  Why I was even younger than you are, darlin'.  Your
Daddy just couldn't wait I ‘spect.  I was in his weddin' bed just two
days after my thirteenth birthday," her mother mused.

"That's what I wanted to ask you about, Ma," Danielle said innocently.
"Were you scared on your wedding night?"

"A little, baby, but it's only natural for a young bride to be nervous
on that night.  You just follow your heart and The Lord will see you
through, darlin'," Danielle's mother reassured her.

"I know He will be with me, Ma," the sweet, young girl said, smiling
brightly.  "The Reverend Treach says the very same thing, Mamma.  Jake
and I are goin' to see the Reverend this very evening to commence our

Danielle's mother swayed on her feet as she paled visibly.

"What's wrong, Mamma?" Danielle asked, as she took her mother by the
arm to help support her.  The woman looked like she was going to faint
dead away.

"Nothing, baby, nothing," the pretty, middle aged woman said weakly as
her daughter helped her to a nearby chair.  "I just got a case of the
‘woosies', that's all."  She fanned her face as the color slowly

"It's alright to see Reverend Teach, ain't it, Ma?" the young girl
asked suspiciously.  "I mean after all, Jake and I can't get hitched
without the Lord's blessing, and only the Reverend can give the Lord's
blessing.  Isn't that right, Mamma?" Danielle asked.

"That's right, darlin," her mother answered, as her otherwise proud
shoulders slumped forward.  "We all must go to see the Reverend
Treach, baby.  I did, sugar, and all the new brides-to-be on this
mountain have gone; just as you will go, baby.  You must be strong and
praise God, and you'll be fine."  A small tear trickled down her

Danielle went away somewhat disturbed by her mother's display of
unease.  She had spoken with Reverend Treach on more than one
occasion, and he had always treated her very kindly.  He made a point
to ask her about her schooling, and never missed the chance to pat her
on the head or to give her a little hug.  The Reverend was very nice
to all the young girls in his mountain parish.

‘I wonder what Mamma got all worked up about?' Danielle thought as she
went about her daily chores at the store.  "Oh well," she shrugged.
‘Maybe I'll just have to ask Reverend Treach, himself.'

Later that morning, the light of her young life strolled into the
little, back woods store.  Danielle's sweet face glowed with

She heard her mother say, "Mornin', Jake, and how are you this fine
summer mornin'?"

"Just fine and dandy, Mrs. Towler," Jake replied with a big, toothsome
grin.  "Is my little Dannie here this mornin'?"

"Here I am, Jake," Danielle said as she hurried from the back,
straightening her dress and hair.

"Hi there, Sunshine," Jake beamed at the lovely, young girl.  "Just
came by to remind you about our meetin' tonight with Reverend Treach
at the rectory."

Danielle's mother turned away.

The young girl ran to her husband-to-be and hugged him tightly around
his waist.  Danielle was a good bit shorter than Jake.  The top of her
head only came to Jake's chest.  Jake hugged her close, smelling her
sweet, fresh scent, while in his mind he dreamed of his wedding night
to come.  'He would be her first love,' Jake thought excitedly.

Jake had heard stories from his male relatives and other friends about
sex.  Most of these stories had been told in an off color manner that
suggested to Jake that it was wrong to do these things.  Jake had
decided many years ago to save himself for Danielle, and he was sure
that she had done the same for him. However, he instinctively lusted
in his mind over things he had no first hand knowledge of.  He and
Dannie would discover these mysterious wonders on their own.

"I gotta go, Sunshine," Jake said as he held his tender love at arms
length and gazed into her big, blue eyes.

Danielle smiled sweetly.   Her pretty face was slightly flushed after
their long embrace.

"I got a lot of work to finish around our place before sun down," Jake
went on.  "Remember, 8:00 PM at the rectory.  Just you and me and
Reverend Treach, OK?"

"OK, I'll be there," the young girl said looking down shyly.

"Bye, bye, Sunshine, Jake said.  He gave her a quick peck on the cheek
as he turned to leave.  "Bye, Mrs. Towler," he said waving to
Danielle's mother as he strode out of the store.

The rest of the day passed very slowly for young Danielle.  She was
both excited and at the same time slightly apprehensive about their up
coming meeting with Reverend Treach.  She wondered what they would
talk about, and what the Reverend would have them do.

AFTER SUPPER Danielle bathed in the cool spring near the house, then
put on her prettiest dress that her mother had made for her.  At 7:30
PM, she left her small, mountain cabin and started up the hill to the
big, white chapel of "The Gathering of the Holy Brethren Incarnate,
Church of God Himself."

It was a lovely, summer evening to stroll the dusty, mountain road.
The trees swayed in the gentle, evening breeze as the sky became a
burnt umber above the blues and purples of Coot's Mountain away in the

Danielle walked slowly, knowing she had plenty of time before her 8:00
meeting.  She breathed deeply, enjoying the fresh, woodland smells
that wafted on the warm breeze.  She was very much at peace except for
the wonderful tinge of excitement she felt inside as she looked
forward somewhat nervously to taking this first big step toward
marriage and a long, happy life with Jake.

As the contented, young girl rounded the next bend in the rutted, dirt
road, she spied the big, white church gleaming bright orange in the
rapidly, waning sunlight.  The tall, old building quickly changed to a
deep, almost blood red as she approached the fork in the road at the
bottom of the steep, grassy hill upon which it stood.  An unexpected
chill ran through Danielle as she paused to stare up at the crimson,
somehow foreboding structure.  She wrapped her arms around her
shoulders and shivered.  Danielle was beginning to have second
thoughts about her marital counseling session with the Reverend
Treach, when from very near by she heard a familiar voice.

"Hi, sunshine," Jake called to her from the fork in the road.  "What
are you dreaming about?  If I didn't know better, I'd say you looked
frightened there for a minute,"  the tall, young man said as he strode
toward her.

Jake's cheerful greeting broke Dannie's momentary trance.  She didn't
want to alarm her husband-to-be with her possibly, imagined
misgivings, so she replied with a smile as Jake approached, "Hi, Jake.
My Mamma told me that a young girl is supposed to be a little nervous
just before her big day."  She placed one finger to the corner of her
mouth and blushed.

"Your Mamma would surely know," Jake laughed.  "I reckon she's the
wisest woman around these parts, and I know she wouldn't steer us
wrong.  You ready, Dannie?  Let's go see the Reverend."  The happy,
young couple ascended the steep hill to the church hand in hand.

THE COUNSELING SESSIONS were to take place in the Rectory, the small
residence provided by the community for the Reverend.  The tiny
cottage was built of field stone and was very dark.   It had a few
small windows, a roof of dark, grey slate and was set back into the
green hillside just behind the main chapel building.

Darkness had settled around them by the time Jake and Danielle rounded
the big church and spotted the single, dim lantern beside the front
door of the Reverend Treach's dark, little cottage.  The two
approached the heavy, wooden door.  Jake knocked.  A moment later, he
and Danielle, heard the sound of a bolt being thrown back, then slowly
the thick, oak door opened before them allowing a warm glow to spill
out onto the stoop.

"Good evening, my children," the tall man said as he stood silhouetted
in the yellow light from the hallway.

"Good evening, Reverend," Jake responded politely.  "Danielle and I
are here for our counseling."

"Yes indeed..... Yes indeed," Treach replied, his face in the shadows.
"Come right in, won't you?"

Jake allowed Danielle to enter first, then followed as the Reverend
closed the door behind them.  The young couple heard the heavy bolt
"clunk" home.  Again, Danielle reflexively brought her hands to her
shoulders and hugged herself.  As the Reverend Treach turned from the
door to face them, both she and Jake looked up somewhat in awe.

Treach was a tall, lean man, standing over six feet.  No one knew just
how old he was, although he appeared to be in his mid to late sixties.
His face was narrow and his piercing, dark eyes were set deep in his
head below a prominent brow graced with bushy, grey eyebrows.  His
nose was long and narrow and blended with the fine point of his chin.
He wore his shoulder length, grey hair under an inch wide, black
leather, head band.  Treach had a habit of wearing nothing but black,
full length robes gathered at the waist with a dark piece of rope.  He
was an imposing figure behind the podium on Sundays as he preached
fire and brimstone down at his quaking parishioners.  

No one on the mountain knew where the Reverend came from.  He just
happened to appear one fall about thirty years ago, and over the
course of the following winter, he caused the community to erect the
big church in which he set up shop.  He took great pains to convince
the people of his fold that the many strict rules which he mandated
were in the best interest of all, decreeing that  he had been
appointed by God Himself to watch over their very souls.  Their sons
and daughters were to come to him and obey his holy commands.  "The
survival of the community as a whole rests on the shoulders of these
young people, and they need the seeds of my wisdom to ensure a bright
future." he would preach from his high lectern on Sundays.

"Come in.. Come in, children," Treach said as he took Jake by the
elbow in passing.  He steered the young man past his fiancé gently
placing a long arm around the shoulders of the pretty, young girl.
Danielle and Jake allowed themselves to be guided into the Reverend's

The room was lit by several oil lamps, and consequently smelled
strongly of kerosine.  Danielle glanced around the room nervously as
did Jake.  She noticed two prominent pieces of furniture.  One was a
large, oak desk of the roll top variety near the dark fireplace.  It
looked very old and well used.  The other piece, which seemed somehow
out of place in a study, was a large bed covered with a dark material
which appeared to be satin.  The big bed stood alone in an alcove off
one side of the room.  The alcove was lit by two big, oil lanterns
suspended from wrought iron sconces fastened to the stone walls on
either side of the bed.

"Please, sit down and make yourselves comfortable," Treach said
causing Danielle to jump.  He turned and smiled pointedly at Danielle
saying,  "There is no need for concern, my dear.  I am here to teach
you.  You must learn to trust me completely."  

Danielle felt naked as the tall man's dark eyes bored into her.  She
felt as though he knew her every desire and her every secret.  She
blushed hotly.

"That's better," Treach said as he watched the young girl like a viper
studying its prey.  "The two of you sit right down."  He motioned in
the general direction of two small, wooden chairs separated by a round
table as he turned to his big desk.

First Jake, then Danielle sat down silently as the Reverend swung his
big, leather, swivel chair around to face the young couple.  "You two
children wish to be joined as husband and wife in God's eyes?" Treach
asked sternly looking first at Danielle, and then at Jake.

"Y...yes, sir," Jake stuttered.  He squirmed under the Reverend's

"And you, young lady?" Treach asked turning his dark eyes on Danielle.

"I... I surely do, Reverend, I love Jake," the young girl said softly
as she stared intently at her feet.

"Please, my dear," Treach said in a fatherly tone.  "Look up at me
when you speak.  You are such a lovely, young girl.  You remind me
very much of your dear mother, Jodie.  How is she?"

Danielle was a little shocked to hear the Reverend refer to her mother
by her first name.  "She's just fine," Danielle replied, trying her
best to look at the Reverend as she had been instructed.

Treach noticed immediately that the young girl was attempting to
comply with his wishes and smiled as he continued, "Yes, Jodie, I mean
your mother, he corrected himself quickly, was such a beautiful, young
thing.  She was one of my most willing pupils when it came to a desire
to learn of love and the joys marriage.  I remember our sessions
together very well indeed," the Reverend went on in an almost
dreamlike voice, his eyes looking back to another time.  After a
moment, he seemed to return to the present as he said, "Do give her my
regards, my dear."

"I will," said Danielle.  She fidgeted with the seam of her dress,
glancing nervously across the small table at Jake.

Jake was about to smile back at Dannie when the Reverend asked
sharply, "And you, young man?" Jake looked quickly back to Treach.
"Do you plan to keep this young woman happy and healthy?  Can you
ensure for her a secure life so that she will be wanting of nothing?"
Treach leaned toward Jake and seemed to grow taller in his big chair
under the dim, lamp light.

"I.. I reckon, I can," Jake stammered, intimidated by the Reverend's
phraseology and imposing countenance.  "I do love Dannie dearly,
Reverend Treach, Sir," the young man went on gamely.

"Love!" the Reverend Treach thundered as he stood.  Jake and Danielle
both shrank back in their seats.

"And what do you two children know of love?" the big man asked in a
loud, commanding voice.

"Well, I....." Jake began.  

Treach cut him off.  "I have sought over the years to teach all of my
followers about God's love for man.  You have learned about God's love
for man, have you not?"  The Reverend glared harshly at Jake.

"Y.. Yes, sir," Jake replied timidly.

"Good!  That is very good," Treach went on as he once more took his
seat.  "What I intend now, he said more quietly, is to teach you two
children about a man's love for a woman.  Do either of you know about
this type of love?"  Treach stared intently first at Jake, then at

Danielle felt herself flush under the Reverend's gaze.  Treach didn't
miss a note.  He smiled to himself as he noticed the young girl's
complexion take on a definite glow.

"Young lady," Treach said.  Danielle glanced up nervously.  "Have you
been dabbling in the sins of the flesh?"  Danielle thought she would
faint.  She averted her gaze and tried to respond but Treach beat her
to the punch.

"Have you not saved yourself for your husband-to-be?" the Reverend
asked putting a spin on the question.

"No... I mean, Yes... I mean...," Danielle said, hopelessly
intimidated and confused.

"Look at me when you speak, young lady," came the Reverend's harsh

Danielle raised her head, but could not bring herself to meet Treach's
dark stare.  "I have saved myself for Jake," she said in a tiny voice.
Treach sensed something lacking in her answer.

"So you have been with no man, is that correct?" Treach pressed.

Panic flared in the young girl's blue eyes as she finally was able to
look directly at the imposing figure seated across from her.  "Yes,
I..." she started and then gave a worried look in Jake's direction.
Jake didn't appear to have picked up on any of this.  He just smiled
reassuringly at his sweet Dannie as she squirmed quite uncomfortably
before the Reverend Silas J. Treach.  "Yes, I..." Danielle began again
when the Reverend broke in.

"That's very good, Danielle," he said as he gave the anxious, young
girl a knowing smile.  Danielle looked away immediately.

"Jake," the Reverend said in a softer voice, tearing the young man's
attention from his fiancé.  "Have you experienced any of the forbidden
fruits?  Have you saved your virtues for your bride-to-be?"  

Jake's handsome face reddened slightly as he said, "Reverend Treach,
Sir, since I was a young boy, I have only had eyes for my darlin',
Dannie.  Why I hardly looked at another girl since I can't remember
when," the young man went on proudly.  He smiled warmly at Danielle.
Danielle smiled back with just a hint of uncertainty.  Jake missed it
completely.  Treach, on the other hand, didn't!

"And the Lord loves you for it, boy," the Reverend said in his most
benevolent voice.  "You are a God fearing, young man, and I see that
you have learned much from my weekly sermons," Treach went on, taking
a good deal of the credit for Jake's strong moral fiber.  "Our
counseling sessions should be brief and easy," he told the young
couple as he stood.  "I would like to see you both again Monday
evening at this same time.

Jake and Danielle started up from their seats.

"Danielle, my dear girl," the Reverend said, shifting again to a
fatherly tone of voice.  "I would, however, like for you to come here
tomorrow after the Evening Prayer service."

"Beg pardon, Reverend?" the young girl said somewhat apprehensively.

"Please come alone tomorrow night for some additional counseling,
young lady," Treach responded flatly.

"Is there anything wrong?" Jake asked, as he noticed for the first
time the uneasy look on Danielle's pretty face.

"No, son, there is nothing wrong at all," the Reverend reassured the
young man.  "I routinely counsel the perspective bride alone since it
will be her job to raise a family.  I feel it is my duty to the
community to ensure that we have experienced mothers-to-be among us."
Treach smiled warmly at the young couple.  Danielle didn't care for
the way the Reverend emphasized the word "experienced", but since Jake
didn't react at all, she assumed it was just her nervousness that was
causing her to feel so ill at ease.

As the Reverend put his arms around the happy, young couple and
escorted them to the door, Danielle felt the man's hand slip
innocently from her shoulder and slide softly down her back, where it
came to rest briefly against her warm bottom.

Danielle didn't want to say anything for fear of upsetting Jake, but
she did look quickly up at the tall man standing between them.  Had
she only imagined it, or had the Reverend given her a sly smile and
little squeeze before removing his hand and opening the door for them?

"Go with the Lord, my children," the Reverend Treach said as he waved
to the departing young couple.  "And, Danielle," he called after them.
"You be sure to tell your mother that you might be a trifle late after
counseling tomorrow and please give her my best.  I know she will

SUNDAY MORNING DAWNED bright and clear.   The early, morning mists
clung to the tree tops down in the deep, green valleys surrounding the
remote, mountain community.  It was a cool morning for July.  The air
was particularly clean and fresh as the gentle breeze blew through the
deep, mountain woods picking up the scent of pine and hemlock.  

Danielle awoke to the sound of the gently, flowing stream that issued
from the spring house below her bedroom window and babbled off down
the narrow, stoney creek.  She stretched lazily in her bed and smiled,
dreaming of her up-coming wedding.  ‘Only three more days,' she
thought.  ‘Only three days and Jake and I will begin a new life
together.'  Her thoughts became unexpectedly lustful as she remembered
her mother's reference to her wedding night with her father.
Danielle's hand wandered slowly down her tummy as she dreamed
absentmindedly about her sweet Jake.  ‘What would he be like?' she
wondered as her hand unconsciously caressed her lower abdomen.  ‘What
would sex be like?'

Danielle's reverie was suddenly broken when she heard her mother call
to her from the hall.

"Dannie, time's a wastin', young lady.  Church starts in thirty
minutes, and you know the Reverend won't abide tardiness."

Danielle's sweet brow furrowed as her previously sunny mood quickly
clouded over with mild apprehension.  ‘Why was she so worried about
meeting with the Reverend Treach alone?'  The young girl couldn't seem
to put her finger on the source of her concern.  ‘Better ask Mamma,'
she thought as she clambered out of her warm bed.

"Comin' Mamma," she called back.

Danielle walked into the big kitchen to find her father just getting
up from the breakfast table. "Mornin', baby," he said smiling warmly
at his pretty, little daughter as he tossed a napkin onto the corner
of the big, wooden table.  "Aren't you the sleepy head this mornin'.
You should get to bed earlier so you can get your rest.  After all,
your big day is gettin' mighty close."

"I know, Daddy," Danielle said as she moved around the table to give
her dad a big hug.  He kissed her on the forehead.   "I have to be
late again tonight, though, ‘cause the Reverend Treach wants to see me
by myself for more counseling," Danielle continued.

"Well, darlin', you just go ahead and do what ever the Reverend tells
you.  After all, he knows what's best for a young couple.  Ain't that
right, Ma?" Russ Towler said addressing his wife.

Dannie's mother, who had been about to say something else, glanced
down at the floor and muttered softly, "That's right, Sugar."  She
looked back up, searching her young daughter's face.  Her eyes were
moist as she went on, "You go on to the Reverend tonight and you do
whatever it is he wants you to do.  It may be hard for you to
understand at first, but all of us women folk went through the same
thing when we was your age.  You'll be fine, baby, and remember, you
can always come to your Mamma and tell me all about it.  I been there,
child, and I understand."

"Thanks, Mamma," Danielle replied.  "I guess I'm just nervous, that's
all."  She smiled timidly.

"You'd best get yourself ready, Darlin'," her father said.  "We're off
to the Gatherin', in two shakes."  Danielle hurried out of the kitchen
to get ready for Church.

The Towler family walked together to church on that bright Sunday
morning, arriving just as the last of the parishioners were walking
into the door.

"Good morning, good morning," the Reverend Silas J. Treach positively
beamed from the front steps of his big, white chapel as he extended a
lean hand to Mr. Towler.

"Mornin' to you, Reverend," Russ Towler replied taking Treach's
offered hand.

"And how is your lovely family on God's fine morning?" the Reverend
asked directing his dark smile toward Danielle and her mother.  "Good
morning Mrs. Towler, you are looking radiant as always," Treach
commented brightly.

"Good mornin', Reverend," Danielle's mother replied flatly, as she
followed her husband up the church steps.  Jodie avoided the
Reverend's touch by walking rapidly to catch up with her husband, who
was just entering the Church.

"Well, here's our lovely Danielle," the tall preacher continued.  He
put his long arm around the young girl, holding her back as she
attempted to follow her parents into the big church.

Looking back, Danielle's mother noticed her daughter with Treach.
Trying to conceal the loathing in her voice she said, "We'll see you
inside, baby."  She then turned reluctantly and walked into the big

"OK, Mamma," Danielle said to her mother's back as she felt the
Reverend hug her closer to himself.  She put a hand to his chest and
turned her face away from him as Treach leaned closer and whispered,

"I am looking forward to our meeting this evening, Danielle."

" too, sir," the sweet bride-to-be stammered.  Danielle trembled
involuntarily.  She had never known the Reverend to hug her so closely
before.  She could feel his warm breath on her neck.  She glanced
quickly back over her shoulder to see if any of her neighbors might be
nearby.  Danielle felt almost relieved to find she was alone with
Treach for the moment on the sunlit, church steps.

"I want you to arrive promptly at 9:00, my dear.  We have a lot of
ground to cover tonight.  Does your mother, Jodie, know you will be
late getting home?"

"Y..yes, sir," Danielle replied.  She tried her best not to react too
strongly when the Reverend's clandestinely exploring hand began to
descend down her back.  She started to get quite alarmed, however,
when she felt the big man begin to squeeze her hips and to pass his
hand across her round, little butt.

"I should join my folks," Danielle said quickly as she twisted from
Treach's embrace and scurried into the church.

"Until later then, my dear girl," Treach said to no one in particular.
He smiled lecherously to himself, then strode proudly into his church,
his dark robes rustling as he walked.

TWILIGHT CAME all to quickly for Danielle's liking that day.  After
dinner Danielle retired to her room to get ready for her late night
counseling session.  After several minutes of silent debate, Danielle
decided that she should wear a dress suitable for church, since she
was going to see the Reverend.  The barefooted, young girl was a true
figure of innocence to behold as she donned a pretty, blue and white,
checked dress then puttered around her room, waiting for the final,
few minutes to pass before she had to leave for the rectory.  

At 8:45, Danielle said goodbye to her mother and father, walked out of
the small cabin and up the road to meet with Reverend Treach.  Even
though it was a warm evening, Danielle felt herself begin to shiver
slightly as she approached the dark, little cottage where the Reverend
Treach resided.  The young girl somehow sensed impending
unpleasantness and came very close to turning around at the head of
the path to Treach's door and going straight home, but then she
thought of her commitment to Jake.  Danielle took a deep breath,
squared her little shoulders and approached the dark doorway with a
determined look on her pretty face.

She knocked lightly on the heavy, oak door.

Treach must have been waiting just inside, because the door opened

"Ohh!" Danielle gasped, startled by the dark man now standing before
her in the open doorway.

"Good evening, Danielle," the Reverend said softly.  "It is good of
you to be on time.  Do come right in," he said, as he reached to hug
the young girl.

Danielle shrank back slightly, and in a trembling voice said, "Good
evening to you R..Reverend Treach."

"Please come in, Dannie," Treach went on.  "Do you mind if I call you
Dannie?" he asked.  "I have heard Jake refer to you as Dannie."

"N..No, I mean, well, I guess so," Danielle stammered.

"Thank you, my dear.  As I was saying, please don't be afraid.  I am
your teacher, and I am here to help you."  Treach caught Danielle
around the waist, pushing himself against her warm, young body as he
closed the heavy door.  He could smell her sweet, fresh scent, and
feel her squirm nervously against himself.

The tall preacher stepped away from the young girl and took her by the
shoulders.  Danielle felt a shudder go through her body as her eyes
were involuntarily captured by Treach's almost hypnotic gaze.  The old
man said, "You are looking quite lovely tonight, my dear young girl.
You do so much resemble your dear mother, Jodie.  Please, let me help
you get more comfortable."

Without further comment, Treach placed a strong arm around the
trembling, young girl and guided her down the dark hallway and into
his study.  "Here we are," the Reverend said as they entered the dimly
lit room.  The only lamps providing light to the musty smelling room
were the green shaded lamp on the big, roll top desk and the two
lanterns on either side of the big bed in the alcove.  In contrast to
the dim light from the desk lamp, the bright lights in the alcove
caused the bed's satin cover to glow ominously.

Treach - Part Two - by The Cruiser

"Please, do sit down Dannie, my dear," Treach intoned as he forced her
to sit in one of the two small, wooden chairs near his big desk.
"Please relax for a moment, won't you, while I fetch us something to
drink, then we'll begin our session."  Treach turned and quickly
disappeared through a small, curtain covered door at the back of the

Danielle rubbed her knees nervously as she took in her gloomy
surroundings.  The shaded lamp illuminated only a very small area
around the desk.  The rest of the stone walled room was deep in
shadows with the exception of the big bed in the corner.  Danielle
eyed it suspiciously.

"It was very nice to see you and your family at The Gathering today,
my dear," the Reverend Treach said, startling Danielle once again as
he walked quietly into the room.  "Please, drink this, it will help
you to relax. " Treach offered Danielle a large, ornately engraved,
silver chalice.

"What is it?" Danielle asked as she sniffed at the big cup.

"The chalice contains Holy wine mixed with some special herbs.  It is
part of the ritual you must follow in your ascension toward
womanhood," Treach told the young girl, as he smiled warmly.

"But I'm really not old enough to drink," said Danielle timidly.  She
was ever so slightly curious, however, about this 'Ascension toward
womanhood' thing the Reverend had just mentioned.

"Don't worry Danielle, tonight you are in my care," Treach reassured
her.  "Everything you say and do will be blessed in the Lord's sight,
so long as you are in my house.  These counseling sessions are meant
to be enjoyable," he went on.

Danielle brought the engraved cup to her lips and took a tentative sip
as she watched the dark preacher over the rim.  Treach leaned back in
his big, swivel chair and smiled warmly at the sweet, young girl
across from him.

"Drink it all down, Dannie," Treach insisted as Danielle started to
place the chalice on the small table beside her chair.  Danielle
brought the big cup back to her mouth and tipped it up.  Treach
watched patiently as the young girl consumed the last of its contents.
"That's very good, my dear," he said as he reached for the chalice.
Danielle handed it to him and sat back in her seat.  She shook her
pretty head slightly and brought a hand to her cheek.

"I feel kinda funny," the young girl said.

Treach saw the telltale rise of color in Danielle's pretty, young
face.  His concoction of mild sedatives and stimulants mixed with the
cheap, sweet, fortified wine would serve to relax his young subject as
well as to lower her resistance and inhibitions.

"Just relax, Danielle.  Sit back and close your eyes for a moment and
think peaceful thoughts.  Think of starting your new life with Jake.
Relax and rest your tired eyes," Treach droned on in a slow, soothing

Danielle soon dozed peacefully in her seat as the Reverend reached
over to his desk and pressed the "Record" button on his small,
concealed cam-corder.  "I want to ask you a few questions.  Can you
hear me alright, Dannie?"

"Uh huh," Danielle nodded slowly, completely under Treach's spell.

"Good, that's very good.  You don't mind answering a few questions do

"No, Sir," Danielle answered softly, her eyes closed, her breathing
slow and regular.

"That's a good girl, Dannie.  The other evening when you and Jake were
here, I asked you if you had ever had any experiences with boys, or if
you were indeed saving yourself for Jake.  Do you remember that, my
dear?" the Reverend questioned in a soft, even voice.

"Uh huh," the young girl replied, her brow suddenly furrowed with
concern as she squirmed in her seat.

"You seemed worried or concerned, the other night, Dannie.  Why was
that?  Have you been with a man before, Danielle?"  Treach's last
question was delivered in a far more interrogative tone.

"No, I...  Well, I uh.. My uncle Jim, he.... Ohhhhhhh.." Danielle

The young girl rapidly became agitated.   "That's OK, Dannie, we'll
discuss that part later, perhaps.  Just relax and think deep, peaceful
thoughts.  Deep, quiet thoughts, my dear."

Danielle's sweet face became more tranquil almost at once as her
breathing again became slow and regular.

"That's very, very good, my dear.  Danielle, it's time for you to put
on the ceremonial gown.  Would you like to do that for me now, my

"I.. I guess so," the sleepy, young girl replied.

"Good, Danielle, that's very nice.  When I count to three, you may
open your eyes, but before you do, I want you to remember the phrase,
'Country road take me home'.  Will you repeat that for me please

"Country road take me home," Danielle droned in a monotone response.

"That's just right, Danielle.  Whenever you hear this phrase, you will
again fall into a deep sleep.  A very relaxed, deep and peaceful
sleep, do you understand, Danielle?"

"Yes, Reverend Treach, I understand."

"Very well, then when I count to three, you will wake up, but you will
still be in a hypnotic state.  One.. Two.. Three.  Open your eyes,

Danielle's blue eyes opened.  She stared straight ahead, a blank
expression on her face.

"I want you to look to your right, my dear.  Do you see the big,
green, partition screen standing there?" Treach pointed with a long,
bony finger to an area near the dark fireplace a few feet away.  There
was nothing there.

In her mind's eye, Danielle saw a big, three piece partition standing
between the fireplace and the Reverend Treach.  "Uh Huh," she
answered, nodding her head.

"Good.  Very, very good, Danielle."  Do you see the golden chest
containing the Holy Ceremonial Gown sitting on the seat of the other
chair beside you?"  

Danielle looked at the small, wooden chair, then back to Treach and

"When I tell you to, I want you to stand up, remove the gown from the
golden chest and step behind the screen.  You may then change into the
Holy Gown.  Once you have changed, you may hang your clothes over the
wooden chair, and then return to your seat.  Do you understand me,
Danielle?"  Treach went on softly and evenly.

"Uh huh," the young virgin replied once more.

The Reverend Silas J. Treach smiled as he said, "OK, Danielle, go
ahead."  Then he sat back to watch the show.

Danielle rose from her seat and stepped to the other small, wooden
chair a few feet away where she leaned down and carefully opened the
cardboard box marked "Frederick's of Hollywood."  With a look of
absolute wonder on her sweet, innocent face, Danielle withdrew the
very "slinky", almost transparently shear, negligee.  

Danielle couldn't take her eyes off of the exquisite, full length gown
woven of golden thread and very tastefully ornamented with pearls.
Without a doubt it was the most beautiful thing the young, mountain
girl had ever seen.  "I'm allowed to wear this?" she asked the
Reverend, a sparkle of excitement in her blue eyes.

Treach smiled grandly at Danielle and replied, "It is for you to wear
when you are under my roof.  You may come here as often as you like,
Dannie.  Even after you are married if you wish, and always you may
wear the Holy Ceremonial Gown."

Danielle was overjoyed.  "Oh thank you, Reverend Treach.  It's so

"Go ahead, Dannie," Treach said.  "Step behind the screen and try it

Danielle looked once more at the beautiful garment in her hands, then
back to the Reverend.  She then looked to her right and again saw in
her mind the tall, privacy screen.  She stepped behind it and laid the
golden gown over a nearby oak chest.

The Reverend Silas J. Treach leaned back in his big, leather chair and
stretched his long legs out in front him.  His hand strayed to his
crotch as he watched the innocent, young girl reach behind her back
and begin to unzip her sun dress right before his staring eyes.

Danielle was very excited.  She couldn't wait to get out of her home
made dress and into the beautiful gown the Reverend had given her to
wear.  Quickly, the young girl unzipped the zipper that ran down the
back of her dress.  She removed her arms from the sleeves and tugged
the old dress down over her hips, letting it fall to the floor.

Treach almost salivated as the young girl's dress slipped down her
slender thighs to form a puddle of cloth at her feet.  Now only a
plain white bra and cotton panties screened her nubile body from the
lecherous gaze of the old man.  He watched the smooth muscles of her
body move as she bent to retrieve the gown, then held it at arms
length to inspect it, while unconsciously kicking her old dress away
from her feet.

Danielle's figure was lovely for a girl of fourteen.  She had
flawless, white skin with the exception of a small band of freckles
that crossed her chest just below her collar bones.  Below that, her
small, but seemingly well shaped, young breasts swelled as she
breathed excitedly.

Treach's eyes scanned slowly down Danielle's perfect body then came to
rest at the juncture of her thighs.  The old man began to muse,
wondering what Danielle would be like when he was finally able to have
his way with her.  Would she be as good as her mother?

"Can you hear me back there, Danielle?" the Reverend called,
attempting to reinforce Danielle's belief that she was screened from
his view.

"Yes, Reverend Treach.  I can hear you," Danielle replied.

"You must remove all of your clothing before putting on the gown,
Dannie.  The Lord, God wants all of his young girls to be as naked as
Eve in the Garden when they wear his Holy Robe.  Do you understand?"

"Yes, Reverend, but why is that?"  the semi-naked, young girl asked as
she stared at the inside of the imaginary privacy screen.

"Never you mind, Danielle.  Please do as you are told," Treach replied

"Alright," Danielle answered as she reached behind her back to
unfasten the snaps of her bra.

Treach's eyes widened and his mouth began to water as the two perfect,
white cones of Danielle's untouched, young breasts came into view.
Each were topped with delicate, dark, pink nipples surrounded by
silky, pink areolae.

"Is everything OK, Dannie?" the Reverend croaked as he struggled to
maintain his composure.

"Yes, Reverend Treach, I'm almost dressed,"  Danielle replied
innocently as she hooked her thumbs under the waist band of her cotton
panties then slowly drew them down.

Treach's knuckles grew white as he clutched  the arms of his big
leather chair.  Danielle stood before him naked and lovely as she
kicked her panties into the pile of clothing at her feet.  The yellow
lamp light from Treach's desk caused the soft, golden hair on the
young virgin's pussy to glow in the dim room.  Her firm, white thighs
were strong and smooth and her pert, little ass was magnificent to
behold.  Treach tried to speak but found he was completely breathless
for the moment, so he contented himself to simply gaze at the lovely,
mountain virgin before him.  Treach noted that the young girl's soft,
pubic hair was such that her pussy slit was plainly visibly through
the thin covering of blond down.

Treach's reverie was finally broken when Danielle leaned over, picked
up the flimsy negligee, raised her arms high above her head and
allowed thin garment to float gracefully down her firm, young body.
Treach gulped as Danielle's firm breasts stretched when she raised her
arms high, her nipples pointing at him invitingly.

"I'm ready now, Reverend," the young girl said as she stepped from
behind the imagined screen, her sweet young face aglow with delight.

Treach was aglow as well, but not exactly with same kind of delight as
his young victim.  "You look lovely, my dear," Treach said in a
rasping whisper.  "Turn around so I can see all of you in your golden

Danielle smiled innocently as she slowly turned in a circle before the
Reverend.  Treach could see every soft curve of the sweet virgin's
body beneath the shear nightie.  Danielle made one complete revolution
then stopped, and looked at the Reverend expectantly.

"You are very pleasing to the Lord's eye, my sweet," the Reverend
Treach purred as he slowly got to his feet and moved close to the
young girl.  He placed two fingers beneath Danielle's chin and raised
her pretty face saying, "I want you to do exactly as I say from this
point onward.  Do you understand, Danielle?"

"Yes, Reverend," came the young virgin's trance like reply.

"Everything I do and say is God's will, my dear.  Is that clear?"

"Yes, Reverend Treach."

"Good, very good.  Now, Danielle, do not be afraid.  I want you to
tell me exactly what your Uncle Jim did to you when you were younger.
Only the Lord and I will ever know."

"Well.. I," the young girl hesitated, tried to look down, but Treach
held her chin causing Danielle to look directly into his dark eyes.
Treach placed his other hand on Danielle's shoulder and squeezed

"That's right, Dannie, you can tell me.  You trust me completely,
don't you Dannie."

"Yes.. I...  I do trust you, Reverend," Danielle chanted.

"Very good, Danielle.  Tell me, did your Uncle Jim ever touch you?"

"Yes, he..."

"Go on, Danielle.  Where did your Uncle Jim touch you?"  Treach slowly
moved his hand over the young girl's shoulder and down her arm.

"Where, Danielle?"

"He touched me... you know...," she shivered.  "You know, down there.
Danielle lowered her blue eyes.

Treach's hand had by now come to rest on the young virgin's warm hip.
"Look up at me, Danielle," Treach said somewhat sternly.  Her gaze
quickly returned to meet his.  "We are in God's house and we can now
speak openly of such things.  Did he touch your pussy, Danielle?"  the
Reverend Silas J. Treach asked the trembling, young virgin standing
before him.

A tear formed in one of Danielle's blue eyes as she sobbed gently.
"Yes he did, Reverend.  I didn't want him to, but he was a grownup,
and he said I should do as I was told or I would become a bad, little

Treach gazed into Danielle's lovely, blue eyes and smiled saying,
"It's alright, my dear.  I am here to listen and to heal."  Treach
moved his hand to Danielle's cheek and wiped away a tear as he gently
stroked her soft skin.  She nuzzled her face against his warm hand.  

Suddenly the Reverend's gaze became harder as he moved his hand behind
Danielle's small neck and held her.  "Look at me now, Danielle, and
hear me.  Although it was not entirely of your doing, you have
non-the-less sinned before your maker.  You must be cleansed by the
laying on of hands.  I will heal you now," Treach said in a commanding
voice as without warning he quickly moved his hand from Danielle's hip
to firmly cup her virgin pussy through the thin material of the
"Ceremonial Gown".

"God be praised!" Treach cried as he pulled the startled, young girl
closer, meanwhile his hand was busy between Danielle's firm thighs as
he reveled in the feel of her soft, warm, little cunt.  'The first
touch was always the best,' Treach thought, feeling the soft rasping
of Dannie's fine pubic hair against the thin nylon as he rubbed.

Danielle was too startled to cry out.  Although she was under Treach's
spell, and also affected by the drug mixture he had administered in
the cheap wine, the young girl instinctively tried to pull away from
the tall man, but the Reverend had dropped an arm around her
shoulders, and now held her tightly against him as he fondled her at
will.  Finally Danielle found her voice and squealed, "Reverend
Treach, no!  Oh please stop, Reverend Treach!"

The Reverend gave her one final squeeze, then removed his hand from
between Danielle thighs.  Much to her surprise, he then grabbed her
not too gently by her jaw and cheeks.  Treach glared down at the
frightened girl and said authoritatively, "You will submit and be
healed, young lady!  You wouldn't want your husband-to-be to find out
that his bride has been sullied by the hand of a sinner, would you,
Danielle?"  A sly tone had crept into the Reverend's voice.

"Why no, Reverend, but..."

"Very well, then." Treach went on, cutting her off.  "We must explore
further the depths of your defilement.  We shall probe deep into your
very being in order to root out the evil hidden within and replace it
with seeds of virtue.  This endeavor will require courage and
fortitude, my child.  Are you ready to be purged, my sweet, Danielle?"
Treach cried aloud throwing his head back.  He returned his dark gaze
to the now trembling, young girl before him, taking her sweet face
between his two hands.  "Are you ready?" the tall man said again, more
ominously this time.

"I.. I guess so," Danielle answered timidly her blue eyes blinking
back the tears.

"Do not be frightened, my child," Treach continued more tenderly.
"You shall not be harmed.  Before this night is through, you will find
yourself transformed from a little girl into a woman," Treach said as
he looked upon the sweet innocence of the young girl's face clasped
between his large hands.  He leaned forward and kissed Danielle gently
on the forehead.

"Reverend, I," Danielle started, but before she could finish her plea,
the Reverend Silas J. Treach placed his lips over Danielle's tender,
young mouth and quickly slipped his tongue inside.

"Mmm.. Mmm," the young virgin whined through her nose as she fought to
pull back from Treach, but the tall man had her face held firmly
between his hands and would not release her.  Danielle began to
struggle weakly as she felt the Reverend's tongue dart around inside
her mouth.  Her Uncle Jimmy had kissed her on several occasions, but
never like this.

"Do not resist me, Danielle," Treach commanded as he pulled away
briefly and shook the young girl by her shoulders.

Young Danielle was practically in shock as she opened her mouth to
protest but immediately found the Reverend's long tongue back inside
probing at the back of her throat and dancing over the inside of her
teeth.  She trembled in the big man's embrace as he held her tightly
to himself with one long arm around her shoulders and one hand behind
her head.

After several fervent moments Treach felt the young girl begin to
slowly relax in his embrace.  Danielle's sweet, warm mouth yielded to
his intrusion reluctantly, and although she did not know how to
respond properly, she allowed herself to be kissed deeply and
passionately for several long minutes.  As he kissed her, Treach
thrilled to the fresh scent of the young, mountain virgin trembling in
his arms.  'Soon,' he thought to himself gleefully, 'I'll smell her

When finally he released her, Treach noticed that Danielle's pretty
face and neck had taken on a definite glow.  He held her firmly by the
shoulders and gazed upon her as she stood slightly dazed and blinking.
"You are indeed a sweet child, my dear Danielle.  You certainly remind
me of your dear mother, Jodie, only I do believe that you shine even
brighter with the Lord's holy light, my child.  It is going to be a
pleasure to prepare you for your husband."

Danielle looked up at the tall Reverend questioningly but did not

"Now tell me, my child.  What else did your wicked Uncle Jim do to
you?  You need not be embarrassed or shy in God's house.  Please tell
me every detail.  Did he try to kiss you, Danielle?"

"Yes, Reverend.  Uncle Jimmy kissed me a lot, but never like you just
did, with your tongue and all."  She blushed.

"I understand, my dear," Treach said smiling.  "You see, I must use
whatever means I have at my disposal to probe into you to seek out the
evil left within from your incestuous encounters.  I will use my
mouth, my hands, other instruments or whatever is necessary to search
your every opening to find what may lie hidden and festering.  You
must be strong and brave, Danielle.  This process may take several
sessions.  I will also meet with you and Jake together, but what we do
in these private sessions will remain a secret, strictly confidential
between the two of us.  Is that understood?"

"Uh huh," Danielle replied nervously.

"Before we are through, my child, you will be an empty vessel waiting
to be filled, and I shall fill you.  Fear not my sweet Danielle."

Danielle stood entranced before the tall, dark preacher.

"Come over here and stand before me, Danielle," Treach instructed as
he returned to his big swivel chair.  He led the young girl by the
hand and sat facing her.  "What else did your uncle do?  Is there more
you should tell me, Danielle?  When he touched your pussy?" Treach
started to ask, but the young girl turned away blushing hotly, her
hands instinctively covering herself even though Treach's hypnotic
suggestion told her that the gown she wore was opaque.  

"Do not turn away!" Treach commanded in a loud voice startling the
young girl.  Then in a gentler tone he continued, "You must not be shy
or embarrassed in front of your teacher, my child.  You must open
yourself up to me, both to my eyes and to my touch if you are to be
cleansed.  Do not be disturbed by my referrals to your anatomy.
Remember, you are in God's house.  You are a woman, Danielle and as
such your body parts shall be referred to correctly here - your
thighs, your belly, your little titties - look at me Danielle," Treach

The young girl reluctantly brought her big, blue eyes back to look at
the Reverend seated before her.  "Your warm, little mouth," Treach
stared hard at the blushing, young virgin briefly then allowed his
gaze to once again slip down Danielle's young body.  "Your firm,
little ass and of course your sweet, warm pussy.  As we progress in
our sessions, I might also refer to it as your cunt.  Now, when your
uncle touched your pussy, how did he do it, Danielle?"

Even in her mild hypnotic state, Danielle squirmed in embarrassment.
She had a vivid mental picture of her Uncle Jimmy as he leaned over
her in her bedroom.  From as early as she could remember up until her
twelfth birthday, Uncle Jimmy liked for her to lie down when they
played the 'touching game'.  He would then rub his hand up one of her
little thighs until his hand found her soft, young sex which he would
begin to rub her through her little, cotton panties.   

Danielle hated Uncle Jimmy at first for what he made her do, but as
the years went by, she found, much to her great consternation, that
she began to almost like the way his hand felt down there.  This
caused a great deal of turbulence to arise in the young girl's mind,
but the 'games' continued none the less.  After several minutes of
rubbing her through her panties, her uncle would usually lean down to
her and kiss her on the lips then mumble something like, "I love you,
little Darlin'."  Danielle remembered the smell of stale moonshine on
his breath as her uncle then  moved his hand beneath the waistband of
her panties.   Uncle Jimmy would use his other hand to spread her
little thighs as he slowly pushed his finger over the outer lips of
her young pussy and down into the warm slit between.  

At her then tender age, Danielle's mind reeled with a confused array
of thoughts, as strange sensations were transmitted from between her
legs.  Uncle Jimmy would rub his finger up and down in her pussy for
several minutes, then he would remove his hand from her pants briefly
to smell his finger.  Again he would kiss her and tell her how sweet
she smelled.  Then he would lick his finger and return it between her

As the years passed, Danielle's mind began to sort out the strange
sensations and found them to be more and more pleasurable, even though
she knew in her soul that what Uncle Jimmy was doing was wrong.  She
had wanted to tell her mother on several occasions but then stopped
herself for some reason, knowing that Uncle Jimmy was coming to visit
the next day.  

As Danielle aged, her body also began to respond instinctively to her
uncle's manipulations.  She found herself getting wet down there
without the aid of her uncle's moistened finger.  She found her legs
spreading for her uncle without his having to coax.  At times she
noticed herself getting damp just thinking about her uncle's exploring
hands.  All of these feelings combined to form a big quandary in her
young mind that left Danielle feeling dirty and humiliated.  As a
result, she never discovered masturbation, and once her uncle ceased
to visit, she became utterly celibate in the strictest sense of the
word.  She never spoke of these "touching games" to anyone.

Until now.

"He would use his finger to kinda, you know..." Danielle said as she
returned to the present.  Her knees were locked tightly together, and
her young body twisted one way and then the other as she blushed

"I'm not quite sure I follow you, Danielle, but we must get to the
bottom of this if you are to be cleansed.  To do this I will have to
touch you once more."

"But," Danielle said in a worried, little voice.

"Do not interrupt, my child," Treach said flatly, then continued.
"When I touch you, you must guide me so that I touch you exactly like
your uncle did.  This is just the beginning, Danielle.  This
particular session may run late into the night.  You must resign
yourself to my touch if you are to be healed.  You must be cleansed
before I can prepare you for your husband by planting God's Holy

Quickly the Reverend placed his hand on one of Danielle's soft, inner
thighs.  Slowly he moved upward as the young girl closed her eyes and
trembled slightly.  With his other hand, Treach gently coaxed
Danielle's legs apart.

"Ohhhhhh," Danielle moaned softly as the preacher's hand moved up
under the hem of the 'Ceremonial Gown'.

Treach smiled as he watched the mixture of expressions cross
Danielle's sweet face.  As his hand moved farther up toward its
target, Treach felt the familiar warm, female moisture radiating down
from above.  'A heavenly warmth,' he thought to himself.

Danielle reflexively grabbed hold of his wrist and  jerked her hips
back away from Treach's exploring hand as he made contact with her
most sensitive area once more.  Although he could have easily placed
Danielle back into a deep trance, the Reverend preferred to use verbal
persuasion and mild intimidation to bend the young virgin to his

"Please take your hands away, Danielle and stand up straight.  If you
will not allow me to proceed with this cleansing process, Jake might
have to be told that his bride-to-be is unclean in God's eyes.  You
wouldn't want that, would you, my dear?"

"Well, no but.." Danielle replied, slightly perplexed.

"Then stand still and tell me once again exactly how your Uncle Jim
touched you."  Treach once again slid his hand up the young girl's
thigh.  This time as he edge of his index finger touched Danielle's
soft pussy, she stood still looking down at his arm where it
disappeared  beneath the 'Golden Gown'.

"Ohhhh.. Gosh, I.. Ohhhh," Danielle moaned as Treach began to rub her
soft pussy while applying a slight rotational pressure against her
clitoral area.  The preacher took great care not to slip his hand
between her pussy lips as he gazed up at the troubled, young virgin
while massaging her full, little pussy slowly and rhythmically.

"Is this how your uncle touched you, my dear?" Treach asked softly.

"Uh huh," Danielle replied.

"Then what did he do?"

"Well he... he pushed his finger into my... into my..." Danielle
stammered as her little hips slowly moved to the preacher's rubbing

"Into your wet, little, cunt slit," Treach finished her sentence for
Danielle as he rotated his hand between her thighs then applied gentle
pressure with his middle finger at the back of her tight pussy slit
just in front of her vaginal opening.

"Uh huh... Ohhhh... nnnnooo," the young virgin cried softly as she
felt the dark priest's finger slip between her puffy vulva and slowly
draw forward over the tender petals of her labia.

Treach couldn't believe what he felt as his finger dipped into
Danielle's hot, little trench.   The temperature of Danielle's virgin
cunt was well above normal.  'This is one hot, little virgin,' Treach
thought as he also felt the moisture begin to seep from inside the
young girl to surround his probing finger.

"Is this how he touched you, Dannie, my dear?" Treach again asked the
young girl.

"Yes... ohhhh... God!  Please, Reverend Treach, will you stop now.

"You wish me to stop the healing so soon, Danielle?" Treach asked as
he continued to move his finger back and forth in Danielle's rapidly
dampening pussy, slowly rubbing from one end of her tight slit to the
other, pausing to push gently at her virgin openings and to slowly rub
her tiny, budding clitoris.  "My dear child," Treach cooed, "Working
through me, the Lord is sharing his healing touch with you.  I can
feel your body beginning to respond.  As your warm, little pussy gets
hotter and wetter, the pain and guilt of your past will drain from you
and onto my healing hand.  You must allow me to continue, Danielle,
for your own salvation."

"I know, but.."

"What is it, my child?" Treach asked gently as he applied a bit more
pressure against Danielle's tight anus.

"Ahhhuuhh," Danielle gasped as the tip of the Reverend's finger popped
inside.  Her little ass squirmed against his hand between her thighs.

"What, my dear?" Treach again asked as he smiled up at the young girl.

"It feels so... It feels so... so strange," Danielle said huskily as
Treach began to gently finger fuck her tight, little ass.  "I feel
dirty, Reverend, like with Uncle Jimmy," the young virgin whined

"Bless you, my child," the Reverend Treach chuckled.  "Have I not told
you that you are in God's hands?  When I touch you, The Lord touches
you.  It is the Lord God's finger you feel inside your tight, young
ass right now."

"Uuugghhh," Danielle grunted softly as Treach pushed his finger deeper
into her.  "Yes, Reverend, if you say so, but I still feel funny doing
this.  Ohhhh.. Ughh," she grunted once again as the Reverend felt
around inside her virgin rectum.

"Together, we will discover all of your openings, my dear child and
the Lord will cleanse your soul."  Treach had not only been busy with
his finger, but had also been steadily rubbing Danielle's budding,
little clit causing it to push out from inside its tiny sheath.  The
young virgin's little pussy was virtually pumping sweet girl juice,
covering his hand with sticky moisture.  Treach longed to taste his
young subject, but that phase would come later.

Danielle's breathing rate had increased dramatically as her hips
humped rhythmically back and forth.  Suddenly her big, blue eyes
opened wide as she panted breathlessly, "Oh God, Reverend Treach!  I
feel kinda funny.. I.. Ohhh golly it feels like... Oh Reverend, I'm
scared.  What am I feeling?"  Dannie bent her knees and clamped her
thighs together tightly on Treach's hand.  As the young girl started
to tremble, Treach pushed his finger deep into her spasming little
anus and began to rub her little love bud in a quick circular motion
with his thumb.

"It's OK, Dannie, my child.  Let yourself go.  Feel God's love pour
over you like a warm glow."

Treach - Part Three - by The Cruiser

Ohhh... nnnnnnn... ohhhhh... ggggggdddd," Danielle cried as she began
to cum for the very first time.  Treach put his other arm around the
young girl and guided her to a sitting position on his knees as she
fell forward into his lap.  He continued to work on her little clit
with his thumb and never removed his probing finger from her tight,
virgin ass.  Danielle leaned back against the big man, helpless in the
throws of her first orgasm.  Treach delighted in the warmth of her
young body against his and the scent of her arousal that rose from
between her legs.

Finally Danielle's little hips jerked twice, then she lay still
against the preacher panting heavily.

"Mmmmm," Danielle moaned as the Reverend carefully withdrew his finger
from her ass.  Treach's hand was completely covered with sweet, sticky
juice.  'She's as wet as her mother,' Treach thought smiling.  He
slowly rubbed his hand up over Danielle's pubic mound and over her
tender belly, spreading her juices over her smooth skin as he went.

As the Reverend's hand moved farther up under the "Ceremonial Gown",
Danielle opened her beautiful, blue eyes and gazed muzzily at the
priest.  Treach's hand reached one small, firm breast and proceeded to
knead it gently, rolling the tiny, erect nipple between finger and
thumb.  Dannie opened her mouth to protest, but Treach quickly covered
her mouth with his and kissed her deeply once again.

"Mmmm.. mmmmo," Danielle breathed through her nose as Treach pinched
one small nipple, then the other, his tongue darted in and out of her
mouth.  She began to struggle weakly with the big man as he continued
to handle her small breasts and to kiss her passionately.

"Please stop, Reverend," Danielle gasped as Treach finally withdrew
his hungry mouth from her's.

"What is it, my dear, sweet child?" Treach breathed.  He nuzzled her
little neck and kissed her behind the ear, smelling the clean scent of
her young body.

"I have to go, Reverend Treach.  You know, to the bathroom," the young
girl replied shyly.

"Ah, very good, my child.  That is the Lord's work.  He is purging
your young body of sin.  You will need my help."

"What?" Danielle asked, slightly shocked.  "What do you mean,

"I will have to help you on the toilet for awhile as we go about
cleansing your body, my dear.  Once we have completed this first step,
we will cleanse your nether opening and then I believe our session
will be complete for this evening.  Now come along, my dear girl."  

Treach took Danielle by the hand and led her to a dark curtain beside
the alcove containing the big bed.  As he pulled back the heavy
curtain and flipped on the bright, florescent light, Danielle gaped at
the stark, white tiled, little room in front of her.  Against the back
wall was a glass doored cabinet filled with several strange looking
devices and lots of jars and jugs containing unknown fluids.  In the
center of the room stood a very odd looking device that turned out to
be a combination toilet and bidet.  Danielle stood stunned as the
Reverend proceeded her into the small room.  Without Danielle
noticing, Treach flipped a concealed switch that activated another of
his hidden cam-corders.

"Come in, come in, my dear girl," Treach said smiling encouragingly at
the lovely, young virgin.

"What do you want me to do?" Danielle asked confused.

"Please step over the toilet, straddle it and face the door," Treach
instructed as he took her by the hand and pulled her into the small
room.  Danielle gave him a very concerned look, but slowly complied.
As she straddled the strange looking commode, the Reverend stepped up
behind her and raised the hem of the 'Golden Gown' up to her waist.

"No, don't!" Danielle cried as her hands flew to his wrists.

"My dear, you must allow me to assist you.  This is no time for
modesty.  You must become accustomed to being touched by me if we are
to continue with the healing process."  Treach instructed.  "Please
take hold of the gown and hold it up.  Then I want you to squat down
over the center, chrome nozzle.  Once I am ready, I will instruct you
further.  Please go ahead now, Danielle."

Danielle glanced over her shoulder at the tall man behind her, then
slowly squatted down as instructed.

"Please look straight ahead, Danielle," the Reverend said flatly.  As
she obeyed, she heard the cabinet door open behind her.  Danielle was
very tempted to look back, but did not want to anger the Reverend, so
she continued to stare out into the dim living room.  

Treach applied a liberal amount of K/Y Jelly to his middle finger,
then set the big tube down on the narrow counter in front of the glass
doors of the tall equipment cabinet.  He stepped behind the squatting
young girl.

"I really have to go, Reverend," Danielle pleaded.

She jumped slightly as Treach placed a hand on one of her warm hips.
"Just hold still, Dannie and in one minute you may urinate."

"This is awfully embarrassing, Reverend Treach.  I don't know if I can
go with you standing here.  I'm not too.... Ohhhhh.. Godddddd!"
Danielle groaned loudly as Treach unexpectedly pushed his long,
lubricated, middle finger all the way up into her tight anus, the palm
of his big hand coming to rest against the cheeks of her ass.
Danielle's legs began to shake so violently, that she was forced to
drop her hands to the sides of the porcelain bowl for support as the
Reverend quickly fucked his long finger in and out of her several
times in rapid succession.

"Ugghh.. Ugghh.. Ugghh.. Ugghh," the young girl grunted as the wet,
squishing sounds of her tight, virgin ass hole being repeatedly probed
reverberated off the tiled walls of the small room.  Danielle gasped
for air as Treach paused briefly.  The Reverend watched the young
girl's rib cage swell and contract as she gasped in several ragged
breaths.  When he felt her tight, little anus contract on his finger,
Treach again began to quick fuck Danielle, his palm slapping against
her firm ass cheeks with each stroke.

"Ohh.. Ohh.. Ohh.. Ohh.. God.. ddd.. ddd.. ddd, Reverend," Danielle cried.

Treach grinned broadly behind the young girl as this time he felt her
lean back against his fucking hand.  With one final loud slap, his
hand came to rest against Danielle's quivering ass cheeks.  Treach
then began to move his long finger around inside the young girl,
feeling her tight, anal muscles adjust to the intrusion.  Danielle
dropped her head below her shoulders and exhaled a long shuddering

"You may begin to urinate now, my child," Treach whispered as he
leaned close to Danielle's ear.

"I can't, Sir," Danielle whined helplessly.

"You must try, Danielle," Treach insisted as he moved his other hand
around between her thighs and cupped her tender pussy.  With one
finger he began once again to rub her small clitoris bringing the
tiny, sensitive organ back to full erection within seconds.

"Ohhhhhhhh," Danielle moaned feebly.

"Push, Dannie," the Reverend prompted as he moved his finger in her
ass.  "Push, my child. That's my girl."

Treach felt Danielle's anal muscles clamp down on his finger.  He
moved the finger in her little pussy back over her urethral area to
feel a slight bulge form there.  The Reverend leaned down to see the
young girls' tummy bulge out as she bore down hard.

"Push my sweet Danielle," Treach breathed into the struggling, young
girl's ear.  Treach moved his finger in and out of Dannie's ass very
slowly as he continued to gently rub her erect clit with the other
hand.  Suddenly he heard a small trickle fall into the porcelain bowl.
Danielle shuddered, then exhaled a long, slow breath as Treach felt
her anal muscles relax slightly around his slowly, fucking finger.

"That's my sweet girl," Treach cooed next to Dannie's ear as he
quickly cupped his hand under the hot stream of her urine.  The
Reverend then pushed his finger deep up into Dannie's ass as
simultaneously he rubbed a handful of hot urine onto Danielle's soft
pussy and firm, inner thighs.

"Ohh.. Goddd.. Nooo, Reverend!" Danielle cried unhappily.  "Please
stop, sir."  She was unable, however, to curb the flow of her urine as
she sensed Treach return his cupped hand to her stream.
"Noooooooooo," the young virgin again moaned as she felt the next
handful of hot urine being rubbed over her pussy and thighs.

It seemed like hours passed for the unhappy, young girl as the dark
Reverend continued to massage her urine onto her pussy.  His
constantly, moving finger never left her ass as he kissed her neck and
breathed her name over and over into her ear.  

When the last drop fell from Danielle, Treach finally removed his
hands and stood beside her.  "That was an excellent purge, my dear
girl.  We will be doing that several times over the next week."
Treach smiled down at the distressed young girl.  "It is now time to
cleanse your nether area, Danielle."

"Do you have any toilet paper?" the young girl inquired innocently.

"Be patient, my dear," Treach answered as he left the small room to
return shortly carrying an oddly shaped, padded ottoman.  While
Danielle watched curiously, he placed it on the tile floor in front of
the bidet, then dropped a small cushion on the floor in front of the
elevated side of the device.  

"Please stand up, Danielle, walk over hear and kneel on the small
cushion," the Reverend instructed.

Danielle obeyed and soon found herself leaning down over the sloped
top of the ottoman, her round, little ass poking up in the air, her
head and arms draped down the other side.  Treach moved behind her and
gently tugged her gown up around her waist, allowing it to fall on her
back.  Danielle heard the Reverend's knees crack as he knelt behind
her.  Next she felt his hands on her thighs as he pulled them apart.
The young girl did not resist although she was mildly apprehensive
about what the Reverend had planned.  After silently inspecting her
back there for several minutes, Danielle heard the Reverend rise and
move quietly to the back of the tiled room.

With her head down behind the bidet, Danielle could not see what the
Reverend was preparing, but she listened as he busied himself near the
cabinet.  She heard a couple of jars being opened and some gurgling
noises, then something metal being dragged across the tile floor
behind her.  Treach began to hum what sounded like "Onward Christian
Soldiers" as he moved behind the young girl.

"Ohhhhhhhh.... owwwwww!" Danielle cried as the seven inch long, half
inch diameter, hard plastic nozzle traveled deep into her already
lubricated rectum.  She tried to rise.

"Please hold very still, my dear," Treach commanded as he restrained
her with a hand in the center of her back.

"But it hurts," Danielle whined pitifully.

"Your rectum will become accustomed to the device very soon.  Just
relax your muscles and try not to move," the Reverend instructed as he
stood and unfastened the clamp on the hose leading from the big enema
bag suspended from the metal, hanging rack.

As the bag began to drain its contents into her, Danielle asked, "What
are you doing to me?"  She felt the warm fluid begin to fill her

"Be still, my child."  Treach placed a hand on Danielle's hip and with
the other began to slowly move the long thin applicator tip in and out
of the young girl's ass.  He was pleased to see that Danielle's young
sphincter muscles were tight enough that none of the fluid leaked from
around the plastic nozzle.  He moved his hand from her hip down under
Dannie's tummy which was starting to bulge nicely as she filled with
the cleansing fluid.

"Ohhhh.. Godddd," I feel so full," Danielle whimpered as Treach
massaged her bulging belly.

"We're almost finished, Danielle," Treach assured her.  As the last of
the contents of the big enema bag drained into the young virgin, the
Reverend pushed the nozzle all the way into her and started rotating
it in small circles.  Danielle moaned softly.

The Reverend Treach next removed the plastic nozzle quickly from
Danielle's ass.  As he did, he placed his thumb over her anus to
prevent any fluid from leaking out.  He then reached for the hard,
rubber, butt plug lying close by.

"Ugggghhhhh," Danielle grunted when Treach pushed the plug into her.
She felt her anal ring snap into place holding the plug inside.

"You may stand now, my dear and come back into the living room.  We
need to go over our plans for tomorrow evening's session."

"But, Reverend Treach," Danielle pleaded pitifully.  "I feel like I'm
going to pop I have to go so bad," the young girl whined as she stood,
her hands on her bulging tummy.

"All in good time, my dear, all in good time.  Now follow me please.
We have much to discuss"

Danielle waddled after the tall preacher into the dimly lit room and
back to her seat, her knees locked tightly together, her hands still
holding her tummy.  The young girl almost looked pregnant.  Treach
smiled inwardly when she winced as she sat on the butt plug.

"I want you to return at the same time tomorrow evening, my dear."
the Reverend said as Danielle squirmed in her seat.

"I don't know Reverend Treach," Danielle replied nervously not knowing
how the big man might respond.  "This session has been kinda strange,
and I'm not sure at all that I want another."

"Country road take me home," Treach chanted softly.

Danielle's blue eyes closed immediately as her breathing slowed.  Her
hands fell away from her tummy, and she sank back against the chair
back in a deep trance.

"You will return tomorrow evening at precisely the same time,
Danielle, and you will be happy about doing so.  Do you understand?"
The Reverend Treach commanded the young girl.

"Yes Reverend Treach," Danielle replied flatly.

"Good, on three then.  One.. Two.. Three."  Danielle opened her eyes.

"You will be back tomorrow then, Danielle?"  Treach asked, testing his
young subject.

"Yes, Reverend, I'll be here right on time,"  the young girl said with
a little smile.

"Very well, Danielle.  Let's go empty that little belly of yours

Danielle took the preacher's offered hand and waddled back to the
bright, tiled room.  As instructed, she squatted over the toilet while
Treach stepped behind her.  The contents of her distended belly
sprayed into the bowl when the Reverend removed the rubber plug from
her anus.

"Mmmmmmm," Danielle moaned as the last of the fluid dripped into the
bowl below her.

"Here, my dear.  Let me help you to clean up," Treach offered as he
knelt beside her and turned on the warm water flow.  The fountain of
warm water felt wonderful as it sprayed against her bottom.  At first
Danielle started as the Reverend casually reached between her thighs
and began to rub the warm water over her tender pussy and ass.  Soon
though, she relaxed and allowed the big man to handle her at will.
Once she was sufficiently clean, Treach had her stand while he toweled
her dry.  Danielle steadied herself with a hand on the big man's
shoulder.  Slowly she was becoming accustomed to being touched by
Reverend Treach.  For some unknown reason, Danielle found the thought
of returning for further sessions with the dark minister to be mildly

"Please bend at the waist, Danielle and place your hands on your
knees," came the Reverend's unexpected request.  With no more than a
quizzical glance at the dark man, Danielle obeyed.  Treach smiled to
himself as he once more picked up the hard rubber butt plug and coated
it with K/Y Jelly.  This time when she felt his hand on her hip,
Danielle looked back at Reverend Treach.  Her eyes grew wide when she
saw the plug.

"But Reverend, I thought..... Uuggghhhhh... mmmmmm," Dannie's protest
was cut short as Treach pushed the knurled device into her.  Once
again, she felt her strong sphincter muscle snap into the recessed
groove designed to hold the plug snugly in place.

"I expect you to keep this inside you until tomorrow night, Danielle.
If you remove it, the Lord will be displeased.  Do you understand me,
my child?"

"Yes but, what if I have to go?" Danielle asked, an uncomfortable
wince graced her pretty face.

"You should be alright until tomorrow evening when we shall once more
purge you."  Treach responded matter of factly.

"Oh," Danielle replied dejectedly, but gave no other signs of protest.

With no further ceremony, the Reverend Silas J. Treach said, "You may
stand now Danielle."  His newest subject walked a bit bow legged as he
then escorted her back into his dimly lit, living area and allowed her
to dress.

"Please place the 'Ceremonial Gown' back into its 'golden chest',
Danielle, where it shall be waiting for you tomorrow," Treach said
smiling warmly.

"Yes, Reverend Treach," Danielle replied as she handled the beautiful
gown carefully.  It was so lovely.

When Danielle was dressed, the Reverend led her to the door.  "I'll
look forward to our session tomorrow, Danielle,"  the Reverend said as
the sweet girl stepped out into the night.

"So will I," Danielle said smiling as she walked away, her little hand
strayed to the back of her summer dress several times before she
disappeared from sight.

DANIELLE WAS UNCUSTOMARILY QUIET at the country store the next day.
Her mother said nothing of it, but knew all too well why her young
daughter appeared to be walking a little bow legged.  Jake came by to
visit at lunch time, but did not stay long.  He asked Dannie briefly
how her session with the Reverend had gone.  Danielle's mother looked
the other way, and a tear ran down her cheek as she heard her
innocent, young daughter reply, "Oh just fine, I guess.  He wants me
to come back again tonight."

"That's wonderful, Sunshine," Jake replied in blissful ignorance.
"You do just what the good Reverend tells you to do.  After all, he
knows what's best for us."

As Jake hugged her goodbye, Danielle could feel the hard, rubber plug
in her tight, virgin ass.  She thought about the evening to come.

AS THE SUN SLOWLY DESCENDED over Coot's Mountain, Danielle began her
walk to the Reverend Treach's dark cottage.  Once again the tall, dark
minister was there waiting for her just behind his heavy, oaken door.

"Do come in, my child," Treach said smiling down at his sweet,
mountain virgin.  "And how are you feeling tonight, Danielle?"

"Fine," Danielle replied monosyllabically.

As she moved past him in the hallway, the Reverend stopped her briefly
with a hand on her shoulder.  Quickly he reached behind the startled,
young girl and felt for the telltale flange of the butt plug he had
installed in her the previous evening.  Danielle stared at her feet,
humiliated as the tall priest smiled down at her.

"I see you have obeyed me, Danielle," Treach said in a fatherly voice.
"That is good.  I am very pleased.  Let us go into my study where you
should once again don the 'Ceremonial Gown'.  Then we will get down to

Again Danielle was placed in a hypnotic state as she changed into the
slinky negligee in front of Reverend Treach.  Once she was "properly
attired", the Reverend again led her to his bathroom area.

As she squatted over the all too familiar toilet, Treach deftly
removed the butt plug and quickly replaced it with his long finger.
He then helped her to urinate once again while steadily finger fucking
her sweet ass.  The young, mountain beauty submitted to his
ministrations practically without comment.  

During Danielle's second enema, the Reverend busied himself with her
little clitoris, swirling his finger deftly over the erect, little
nub, sending intense feelings of excitement into the very depths of
Danielle's being.  In no time at all, he succeeded in arousing the
young girl fully.  Treach felt under Danielle's gown to find her tiny
nipples firm and hard.   Reverend Treach was quite pleased.  Danielle
was ready to move on.

"The first half of your cleansing is practically complete," the
Reverend said smiling warmly as he towel dried Danielle's pussy.  Only
one final test to be sure that you have been properly cleaned, my
dear, then we can begin to process of administering the Lord's Holy

Danielle was quite apprehensive as Treach led her out of the bathroom
and into the alcove containing the big, satin covered bed.  "It is
time for you to remove the 'Ceremonial Gown', my child.  For this and
all successive phases of your healing, you must stand naked before the

"But, Reverend, I...."

"Allow me to help you, Danielle," Treach said without pause.  He knelt
down, took the hem of the flimsy nightie in his hands and quickly drew
the thin garment up over Danielle's head.  Danielle was too stunned to
resist as she even raised her arms to facilitate her undressing.

Danielle now stood naked and blushing before the tall man.  Without
comment, the Reverend reached for her and pulled her young body close
to his.  She felt his hands move down her back and over her firm
bottom where they paused to squeeze gently.  As Danielle looked up
questioningly into his dark eyes, Treach leaned down and planted his
mouth over hers.  Once again Danielle felt the man's tongue force
entry into her mouth, its tip danced over her smooth, white teeth,
then ventured deeper into her mouth and throat.  Treach held the
trembling, mountain girl tightly as he kissed her fervently for
several minutes.

When at last he withdrew, Dannie was left flushed and breathing hard.
She hadn't noticed that her arms had encircled the dark priest's waist
while he probed her mouth with his long tongue.  Danielle was one very
confused little girl at this point.  This was precisely what Treach
wanted - to keep her off balance.

"Why must you kiss me like that, Reverend?"  the flustered, young
Danielle asked.

Treach smiled and replied, "The final phase of your cleansing involves
taste, my child.  I have just tasted your sweet mouth to determine the
degree of cleanliness therein.  Now I shall taste you elsewhere."

"What do you mean?" Danielle responded in an alarmed voice.

Without replying to her question, the Reverend placed a large bolster
on top of the satin bed cover and said, "Please get up on the bed,
Danielle and lie on your tummy with your hips over this bolster.  If
you would like a pillow for your head, one can be provided."

"But Reverend Treach," Danielle whined sensing something odd was about
to happen to her.

"Do it now, Danielle," The Reverend Treach said darkly.  "Do not try
my patience at this crucial time in your training."

"My training?" Danielle replied in a frightened voice.  "But, Reverend
Treach, you said.."

"Now, Danielle!"  Treach commanded as he pointed to the big bed.

Reluctantly the young girl did as she was told.  Treach's mouth began
to water as Danielle draped her firm, young body over the big bolster
on the high bed causing her little ass to poke up lewdly, her firm
legs off the edge of the mattress from her knees down.  Danielle
hugged a pillow to her chest as she lay staring to the side at one
wall of the stone alcove.

Without hesitation, Treach took Danielle by her ankles and spread her
legs wide as he quickly stepped between them.  As Danielle tried to
rise from her prone position, the Reverend restrained her with one
hand between her shoulder blades while with the moistened, middle
finger of his other he once again entered the young girl's rectal
canal.  His entry was more forceful this time, causing Dannie to grunt

As his knuckles made contact with Danielle's ass cheeks, Treach smiled
and began to rotate his finger in the young girl as he plunged it in
and out fairly rapidly.  Danielle's soft groans were immediately
accompanied by the sticky sounds of her tight, little ass being probed
by Treach's long finger.

"Oh, Reverend Treach," Dannie whined.  "I thought you were finished
with me back there.  Uugghh.. Uugghh.. Ohhhh.. Uugghh"

"No, my dear," Treach whispered as he worked.  This is only the
preparation phase for the placement of the Lord's Seeds.  Soon you
will be ready to be filled, my child.  Treach felt Danielle's tiny
anus begin to relax around his steadily plunging digit.  'She was
responding perfectly,' Treach thought to himself.  When he felt her
strong shoulders go limp in submission, the Reverend brought his other
hand between the young virgin's spread legs.  He moved all four of his
finger tips slowly back and forth in Danielle's rapidly dampening,
little, cunt slit.

"Owwww," Dannie whined as Treach carefully pushed one finger tip into
her tight, vaginal entrance.

"Hush my child," Treach whispered as he hooked the long finger in
Danielle's rectum down to begin massaging her vagina from within her
anal canal.  He moved his finger tip slowly back and forth massaging
the young virgin's insides while ever so slowly his other finger, he
ventured a little deeper into her vagina. 

"Owwww!" Danielle cried a bit louder as Treach's finger tip pressed
against the her intact hymen.

"There we are, my dear child," the Reverend murmured as he continued
to move his long finger in Danielle's ass.  "I have found what I was
seeking.  I have located the barrier inside you that will prevent you
from receiving God's seeds of goodness.  Where you now feel pain, soon
you will know great pleasure.  I will do both you and Jake a great
service later by removing this barrier for you, my dear," Treach said
in a humble voice.  Once again he pushed against Dannie's cherry
testing its elasticity and strength.

"Ohhhh... please stop, Reverend.  You're hurting me,"  cried the young

"Yes, my child, I will stop for now as it is time for 'The Tasting'."

Before Danielle knew what was happening, the Reverend Treach removed
both his fingers from within her, knelt between her outstretched
thighs, spread her firm ass cheeks wide with his hands and placed his
hungry mouth directly over Danielle's wet pussy.

"Ohhh my God!" Danielle gasped as she felt the man's stiff tongue
wiggle into her vaginal opening.  "What are you doing, Reverend?
Ohhhh.. Nnnnnn.. Mmmmmm.. Godddd!"  Danielle raised her torso up on
her elbows as her head fell between her shoulders.  The young girl's
firm ass cheeks flexed around the Reverend's face as he lapped her
hungrily, sucking her sweet juices from her virgin opening.
Danielle's little hips began to buck rapidly as the preachers tongue
licked her wet slit from one end to the other pausing to swirl over
her hard, little, love button.

Treach began to make loud, slurping noises as he thrilled to the sweet
taste of the young girl.  He was ecstatic to find that Danielle was
one of those girl's who have extremely active lubrication glands.  Her
tasty pussy was worked into a lather in minutes.

Suddenly Dannie felt the same exciting but frightening feeling in her
belly that she had felt the day before.  "Oh.. Oh God.. Oh God!" she
panted as her hips raised up to meet the Reverend's lapping tongue.

Treach, sensing her impending orgasm, quickly spread Danielle's ass
cheeks wide and plunged the tip of his stiff tongue into her quivering
anus.  He then proceeded to flick it in and out and side to side
rapidly as his young, mountain virgin arced into a blazing orgasm.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... nnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooo... Godddddddddddd," Danielle
wailed as she came repeatedly for several minutes.  Treach took one
final, long lick of her pussy, then once again plunged his finger deep
into Dannie's ass.

"Uuuggghhhhhh," Danielle grunted as her strong anal muscles pulsed and
quivered around the preacher's long finger.  Immediately the young
girl hurtled into another orgasm as she shook inside and out.

After several intense minutes, Danielle finally lay spent and
shivering, Treach's ever present finger still deep inside her.

"That was very nice, Danielle," the Reverend whispered as he slowly
extracted his long finger from Dannie's clinging anus.  "I believe you
are now fully cleansed and are consequently ready for filling."

"I don't understand, Reverend," Danielle said in a perplexed tone.
"How will the Lord fill me, and fill me with what?" she asked

"My dear young girl," Treach chuckled.  "The Lord, God has given to me
a great gift which I intend to share with you.  He has endowed me with
a wondrous cream that contains his most Holy Seeds.  All that is
required is that I now place some of this virtuous cream up inside
your young body.  At the same time I will do as I have promised and
remove the barrier inside of you so that your and your husband-to-be
can have a happy, pain free union at the proper time.  Do you
understand, what I am telling you, Danielle?"

"I guess so, Reverend," she replied dubiously.

"Good then let's get started shall we.  Dannie, do you see the cross
carved into the center of the headboard of the bed?"

"Yes, Reverend."

"I want you to look directly at the cross.  Do not take your eyes away
from it no matter what happens.  If you do, all we have accomplished
will be for naught.  Do you understand?"

"Yes, Reverend, but.."

"But, what, Danielle?" Treach replied in a slightly exasperated tone
of voice.

"What are you going to do?"  the young girl asked in a frightened

"The Lord's Work," the Reverend Silas J. Treach said smiling warmly at
his young subject on the bed before him.  "Now look at the cross,
Danielle and do not interrupt me again until I tell you that you may
speak," Treach said sternly.

Danielle did as she was told and stared intently at the big, carved
cross on the headboard.  She heard the bed springs groan softly as the
Reverend knelt on the mattress between her widely spread legs.  Next
she heard the rustling of robes then out of the corner of her eye, she
saw Treach place his hand on the bed beside her elbow.  She sensed his
large body suspended over her much smaller frame.  It took every ounce
of her will power not to look away from the oaken cross.

Danielle gasped in a breath quickly as the next thing she felt was
something hot touch her between her legs in her most sensitive area.

"Just relax, my child," she heard the Reverend whisper from above.
Treach gazed down at his soon to be ex-virgin subject as she followed
his orders and stared fixedly at the headboard of the big bed.  Slowly
he crawled up onto the bed between the young girl's thighs.  He pulled
back his dark robe exposing his cock.  

Treach felt that he was endowed with the best possible tool for the
deflowering of young girls.  His now rock hard cock was about eight
inches long from his overly large gonads to its rather pointed tip.
It was not particularly large in diameter and could therefore be more
easily inserted into the uninitiated cunts of the young girls who were
his prey.  

Over the years, the Reverend Treach had deflowered countless numbers
of unsuspecting, mountain women in these parts.  On the side, he ran a
small business in an old hotel several miles away, but that was
something to think about later.  Right now he had work to do.  He was
about to add the lovely, young Danielle Towler to his carnal list.

Treach - Part Four - by The Cruiser

Treach placed one hand on the satin covered mattress beside Dannie's
shoulder and leaned over the unsuspecting, young girl.  He gazed down
at her firm, round ass cheeks as he guided the head of his tool toward
its target.  Treach always enjoyed the varying reactions of his
victims as they accepted their very first cock.  Danielle, as
expected, was particularly thrilling.  Her hot, wet, little vaginal
opening would easily accept the tip of his prick.  Treach felt Dannie
jump slightly beneath him as the tip of his cock first touched her
soft labia, as he began to push forward with his hips.  Treach was
instantly rewarded with the sweet sound of the young girl's wail of
surprise and pain as he forced the head of his cock into her.  The
Reverend restrained the struggling, young Danielle against the big
bolster beneath her narrow hips with his other hand as he slowly
pushed his cock into her tight, virgin cunt.  When he felt the head of
his prick meet with the barrier of her hymen, Treach paused
momentarily while the young girl sobbed beneath him.  Then he pushed
harder.  Danielle's virgin membrane was quite tough, but no matter.
He had punctured stronger ones in his day.

"Owwwwwwwwwwwwww... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... goddddd... owwwwwwwwwwww!"
Danielle cried aloud as the next thing she felt was an intense
stinging pain that emanated from between her legs and rapidly spread
up into her belly.  Through the red haze of her pain, Danielle vaguely
sensed something hot and hard being relentlessly forced inside her.
She tried desperately to pull her hips away from the hot source of her
pain, but the big man over her had her pinned beneath his large body.
Danielle thought she would pass out as the unknown object suddenly
stopped its progress into her. Danielle had never felt such pain.
Whatever it was that the Reverend was pushing into her felt as if it
would tear her asunder.  The pressure inside her increased.  Something
was blocking the passage of this huge, invading engine.  'The Reverend
had mentioned a barrier,' she mused, when suddenly Danielle's thoughts
raced to her belly as she felt a slight tearing sensation deep inside,
followed by a brief searing pain.

"Owwww... goddddddd," the young girl cried out again, as next she felt
a hot, hard fullness move up into her heaving tummy.

"Ohhhhhhh... yessssssss, my sweet Dannie," Silas Treach groaned as he
felt the young girl's hymen let go causing her to cry out once more.
Music to the Reverend's ears.  Without pause, Treach plunged his long
cock into Danielle's quivering, young pussy.  Her strong muscles
surrounded his meat like a hot, wet glove.

"Uugghhh!" Danielle grunted as the head of Treach's cock reached the
very end of her vaginal canal.  The pain was gradually subsiding only
to be replaced with a mildly uncomfortable feeling of fullness.
'Could this be what the Reverend meant by filling her?' she thought

Treach looked down to see at that at least two inches of his cock
shaft remained outside the young ex-virgin as he felt the head push
hard against the end of her tight tube.  He held perfectly still for
several moments as he thought, 'As she get's older, she will take
more.'  Treach smiled his wicked smile.

"You are a dear, dear child," Treach whispered gruffly next to
Danielle's ear as he bent to kiss her on her shoulders and neck.  "Are
you OK, Dannie?"

"I... I guess so," Danielle replied hoarsely as she gently moved her
ass from side to side.  'Funny,' she thought, 'I think I feel the
Reverends legs against my behind.'

Treach interrupted her train of thought by saying, "Danielle, I want
you to raise up on your hands and knees for me now.  I will help you."

Alright , Reverend Treach," Danielle half grunted in response.  She
was still unable to identify the source of the very full feeling in
her belly.  It was like nothing she had ever experienced before.  She
was no longer in a lot of pain as the warmth inside her began to feel
almost pleasurable.

Danielle felt the big preacher's hands grasp her by her hips and pull
back as she slowly got to her hands and knees.  She continued to stare
at the cross.  Treach leaned over Dannie, once more kissing her softly
on the shoulder as he pulled the big bolster from under her.

Danielle felt the Reverend's weight shift on the bed between her legs
and the full feeling inside of her increased slightly as he gently
pulled her back with his hands.  Suddenly she felt the fullness
withdraw.  Whatever it was slowly began to exit her tummy the way it
had entered.  With it returned the pain.

"Owww, Reverend," Danielle whined.  "Whatever it is you are using, you
are hurting me again.  Please stop, Reverend Treach."

As Danielle felt the strange fullness leave her almost completely the
Reverend Treach replied, "You may look back at me now, Danielle.  You
may look back and gaze at how it is that I intend to fill you with the
Lord's Holy Seed."

Treach held perfectly still once more, the head of his cock poised
against Danielle's tight, vaginal opening, the long, wet shaft of his
cock glistened in the light from the two big lamps on the stone walls
as it protruded from between the young beauty's white, ass cheeks.

The first thing Danielle noticed when she slowly looked back over her
shoulder were the Reverend's large hands holding her by her hips.
Next her eyes traveled up his strong arms and fixed on his
benevolently, smiling face.  It wasn't until the Reverent Treach
dropped his eyes to her little ass that Danielle followed his gaze to
realized that his dark robes were thrown back exposing the priest from
the waist down.  The next thing the young girl noticed brought a chill
to her heart.  With dread she saw the Reverend Treach's gleaming penis
jutting out from behind her butt.  The Reverend, noticing her shocked
stare, grinned broadly then wiggled his hips quickly, causing the head
of his cock to move into Danielle's pussy opening.

Danielle opened her mouth to scream in protest, but all that came out
was a deep, guttural grunt as Treach slammed his hips forward driving
his throbbing cock deep into the stunned, young girl.

"Uugghhhh," Dannie again grunted as Treach followed his initial thrust
with another of equal or greater force.  Danielle felt herself
propelled forward from the shear power of the Reverend's assault only
to be drawn back helplessly by the hips onto his impaling organ.

" Reverend," Dannie cried
as the big man began to plunge his long, thin cock into her tender
pussy with ever increasing frequency.

Danielle dropped her head between her arms as she endured her first
serious fucking.  Feelings of shame flooded over her as she thought
about her sweet Jake and what he would think if he could see her now.
All these years she saved herself for Jake only to have her greatest
treasure ripped away by the dark priest now groaning rhythmically
behind her.  She sobbed softly between involuntary grunts and groans
as the Reverend Silas J. Treach's cock pumped in and out of her young,
quivering vagina.  As the fucking continued unabated, to her dismay
Danielle found herself fighting off waves of unexpected pleasure as
she felt the hard mass of the Treach's cock repeatedly try to
rearrange her interior.  She was thoroughly mortified.

"Ohhh, yes, my sweet, young child," Treach cried as the little alcove
filled with the wet sounds of their love making.  "You are such a hot,
young thing and your little pussy is so tight," Treach continued with
unaccustomed vulgarity.  He slowed his pace slightly, now ramming the
young girl with long, hard strokes, repeatedly driving the pointed
head of his cock into Danielle's defenseless cervix.

The fucking continued.  On and on and in and out Treach hammered away
at the young girl.  Danielle's vision began to blur as time stood
still for her.  All she knew was the rhythmic plunging of the big cock
as it moved ceaselessly in and out of her belly.  Her sweet juices
flowed unabated now, down her tender thighs and down Treach's engorged
testicles.  Although the young girl's heart and mind weren't in it,
her body was reacting with the intensity of a mature woman.
Unfamiliar waves of profound pleasure began to wash over Danielle more
and more frequently as her hips slowly rolled from side to side in
time with Treach's ever pistoning shaft.  Her gasps of pain mixed with
moans of pleasure as the sweet girl unconsciously arched her little
back increasing the friction on the big cock that moved inside her.

The Reverend Treach leaned forward over Danielle once more and this
time brought his hand up under her chest.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh..." Danielle moaned as the big man began to squeeze and
kneed her small, firm breasts, pinching her hard, little nipples and
rolling them between his fingers and thumb.  

Treach allowed his hand to stray down to Dannie's soft, warm belly
which he felt was heaving nicely in time to his fucking.  He smelled
her moist, musky scent as it steamed from the hot, young girl.  The
Reverend felt his big balls begin to contract and knew that he was
getting close to cumming.  Just one more manipulation should send the
sweet beauty beneath him over the edge as well.  Quickly he moved his
exploring hand down Dannie's heaving belly and over her pubic arch
until he felt the very top of her tight, pussy slit.  It felt to
Treach as if he had dipped his finger into a hot jar of mayonnaise as
he slipped deftly between the outer lips of Dannie's dripping cunt to
find her hard, little clit.  Treach felt immediate waves of vaginal
spasms pass along the shaft of his cock as he rubbed Danielle
furiously.  Suddenly the young girl stiffened beneath him.

"Oh.. Oh God.. Oh God.. I.. It's happening agai.. I.. Oh God.. Oh..
Ohh.. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!"  

Treach's cock was forced to a stand still as Danielle's once virgin
pussy clamped down on him with a steely, soft grip.  The young girl
shuddered then cried out loudly, "Ohhhhhhhh.. Godddddd!" as she
reached her climax.  Her back arched as Danielle threw her head back,
showering the Reverend with her long, fragrant hair.  Treach grabbed
the young girl by her hip bones and shoved his cock deep into her,
gradually overpowering Danielle's twitching, vaginal muscles.

As the instinctive milking action of Dannie's young muscles began, the
Reverend Treach's balls exploded.

"Accept the seed of the Lord, my sweet Danielle," Treach shouted as
the first wave of sticky semen pulsed into the shivering, young girl
impaled on his cock.  "For the Lord will make thee full of his
goodness," Treach preached on as the second pulse of cum fired deep
into young Dannie.

"Ohhhhhhh... nooooooooo," Danielle cried as her eyes opened wide
feeling the hot cum fill her tender belly.  Although the warm filling
feeling felt very good to the inexperienced girl, she instinctively
knew that something was not right about this, but was powerless to do
anything about it at this point.

"Take it all inside, my young child," Treach moaned.  "Take all of my
cream of virtue into your warm, tender tummy, Dannie."  Treach moved
his hand back to her belly and began to gently massage over her
uterus.  He could feel Danielle's continued vaginal contractions both
through the shaft of his impaled cock as well as through the soft skin
of her warm tummy.  

 "That's my girl," the Reverend cooed near Dannie's ear.  "Milk my big
cock dry with your tight, young cunt.  That's my sweet Dannie."

The Reverend finally fell forward, his weight pushing Danielle down to
the mattress beneath him.  The big man's breathing slowed as he dozed
on top of her.  Eventually, Dannie too dropped off into a fitful
sleep, the Reverend's flaccid cock still inside of her.  She had a
brief terrible dream about a dingy, hotel room.  Her Uncle Jimmy was
there.  He was laughing at her.  She awoke, still beneath the
Reverend, about thirty minutes later.  She had been moaning Jake's
name softly in her sleep.

Shortly thereafter, Treach awakened.  He nuzzled his face into
Dannie's soft, fragrant hair and whispered to her,  "You have made me
very happy, Danielle and for this you shall be rewarded."

"Please let me up, Reverend Treach," Danielle pleaded from beneath the
heavy adult.  "I think you have lied to me and I want to go home."

"What ever do you mean, my child?"

"You said you were here to help Jake and me, when all you wanted to do
was to put your thingy in me and squirt. 

"Country road take me home," the Reverend whispered to the distraught,
young girl.

As Danielle quickly slipped into a deep sleep, Treach mused over his
most recent conquest.  'She was definitely one hot, little girl,' he
thought.  'A much better fuck than her mother, but her conditioning
was obviously not complete.'  Treach didn't want to use the video
tapes that he had been recording just yet.  He preferred to reserve
them for later to persuade the young girl to attend his monthly
"prayer meetings" at his private establishment down the road in the
small town of Bethell.  

Some of his wealthier clients from the city would welcome some fresh,
young meat and would pay handsomely for an evening with sweet
Danielle.  Many of his "harem" were getting older even though these
mountain women tended to marry quite young.  Danielle's mother, Jodie,
for example, was only thirty- two and was still a pretty good fuck
with the proper enticement.  

Treach had had her most recently just a few weeks ago.  'Well," Treach
thought, 'I'll just have to deal with that as it comes.  Right now I
have young Danielle to finish breaking in.'  Treach grinned wickedly
as he turned to the sleeping young girl on the bed.

"We must complete your filling, now Danielle," the Reverend spoke
softly to the young girl.  "You will not resist me as we continue.  Do
you understand, my dear?"

"Yes, Reverend Treach."

"I don't want to hear any more of this 'lying' or 'going home'
business tonight.  Do I make myself clear, Danielle?"

"Yes, Reverend Treach."

"On the count of three, you may again open your eyes, Danielle.  Then
we will continued with your training.  One.. Two.. Three."

Dannie shook her pretty head once or twice to clear the cobwebs.  She
was not accustomed to the muzzy, just fucked feeling and was having a
difficult time focusing. "Please climb down off the bed, Danielle, go
to the bathroom and return with the big blue and white tube marked K/Y
Jelly.  Will you do that for me please?"

"Alright, Reverend," she replied slowly.

"If you need to use the toilet, please do so at this time.  Do you
wish me to help?"

"If you would like to, Reverend Treach," Danielle replied meekly.

Treach smiled at his submissive, little, mountain beauty and said,
"No, you go ahead this time, Dannie.  I'll help you again when we are
through tonight."

Danielle padded off to the bathroom.  After a few minutes she returned
with the big tube of lubricant and handed it to the tall preacher.

"Thank you, Danielle now, if you would please turn and place your
hands on the end of the bed."

Dannie looked askance at Treach, but did as she was told.  The
Reverend then stepped behind her.  "Please move your feet back farther
from the bed, Danielle, and spread your legs more for me."

"Are you going to put your 'thingy' back into me, Reverend Treach?"
Danielle asked fearfully as she moved to comply with the tall man's

"Not just yet, my dear, and for your information, that 'thingy' is
called a cock or a dick.  Please see that you refer to it correctly
from this point onward.  Right now, however, we must explore and
prepare again.  Please face the cross on the headboard and be silent,

"Reverend, please don't put your 'thing..' your cock in me again.  It
kinda hurt."

"Silence, Danielle!" Treach commanded slapping her on her bottom.

"Oww!" Dannie squeeled in surprise, then whined softly,
"Ohhhhhhhhhh..," as she faced the other end of the big bed.

Without further ado, the Reverend Treach squeezed a liberal amount of
Jelly onto his middle finger, stepped up just behind Danielle's heals
then pushed his finger deep into her tight, little anus.

"Mmmmmmmmm," Danielle moaned softly.  By now she had become used to
Treach's long finger being inside her ass.  It felt almost good to
her.  The Reverend didn't hesitate but immediately began to move his
finger in and out of Dannie's clinging rectum, smiling as soon he
noticed the young girl's narrow hips fall into time with his

"That's my girl, Danielle.  You like my finger up your ass, don't
you?"  Treach began to rotate his finger as he moved in and out.
"Don't you, Dannie?" he cooed.

"Mmmmmmm," Danielle sighed.

After a minute or two more, Treach pulled his finger out of the young
girl and replaced it with his thumb.

"Uhhhhhh," Dannie groaned as Treach then slipped his long finger into
her vagina.  Placing his other hand on her hip to steady her, the
Reverend began to finger fuck both of Danielle's openings, at times
simultaneously, at times he would alternate strokes.   His hot,
little, mountain beauty immediately began to moan and pant as her
sweet ass moved in time.  Sticky, wet sounds came from between the
young girl's legs as Treach worked.

When he felt that Danielle was sufficiently warmed up, Treach leaned
close to the young girl's ear and whispered, "I am now going to fill
the second of your openings, my dear."  Danielle's hypnotic
conditioning held.  She did not protest as Treach removed his hand
from between the her thighs.

Danielle had begun to relax and enjoy the feeling of the steadily
fucking fingers moving in and out of both her tight openings.  When
they were unexpectedly withdrawn, she looked back over her shoulder
with a questioning look on her pretty face.  Her blue eyes went wide
when she saw the tall priest remove his dark robe, take his long dick
in one hand and guide it between her spread legs.  Danielle braced
herself for the fullness to begin within her, but to her surprise,
Reverend Treach began to push the pointed tip of his prick against her
little bottom.

"No, Reverend Treach, that's my butt," she whined as she tried to
squirm away.

"Hold still, Danielle!" Treach commanded.

"But," she began to protest.  "Ohhhhhh... Godddddd... Nnnnnn...
Uugghh... Reverend Treach... Ohhh it hurrrrrtsssss!" Danielle cried as
the Reverend forced the tip of his prick into her tight, little ass.

A burning sensation spread from Danielle's rectal area down her thighs
and up her back.  The pain was not nearly as severe as when he had
forced his way into her other hole.  The young girl's trepidation
arose more from the totally unexpected nature of Treach's assault.
'Actually, this new feeling inside was not all that uncomfortable,'
Danielle thought as she heard the big man grunting behind her from his

The Reverend held her by the hips again for better leverage as he
slowly worked his cock into Danielle's rectum.  Like most girls,
Danielle's ass was far tighter than her virgin pussy had been, so
Treach had to really work to get into her.  Slowly, however, aided by
the film of K/Y Jelly which lubricated her insides, Treach's long cock
forced aside Dannie's strong, rectal muscles as it eased deeper and
deeper into the sweet, mountain girl.

"Oh Danielle, my sweet girl," Treach groaned.  "What a wonderful,
tight, little ass you have.  Feel me, my child, as I fill you."

"Ohhhhhhhh..  Reverend Treach..  Ohhhhhhhh," Danielle moaned as her
insides adjusted to the slow invasion of hard, hot flesh.  Farther and
farther the Reverend's long cock moved into her, until at last she
felt the dark priest's thighs press hard against her quivering ass

"Ohhhhhhh..  Yessssssss, my lovely child.  You have taken all of me.
We are one, my dear," the Reverend Treach said softly as he leaned
over Danielle's trembling back to whisper in her ear.  "Can you feel
my presence deep inside of you Dannie, my child?  Can you feel the
fullness in your very soul?"

"Ye... yes, Reverend," Danielle gasped in a trembling voice.  "But it
kinda hurts.  Will you take it out now, please, Sir?"

"Soon, my child, soon, but first I must pass to you my gift once more.
I must give to you the seeds of the Lord."

"But Reverend Treach, you just did that, didn't you?  Danielle whined.
She shivered once as her young body adjusted to the hot meat up her

"Yes, my dear, but we must be sure that you are filled in all of your
openings.  Be patient, my child.  Soon you will come to enjoy our
sessions, then later, Danielle, if you are worthy, like your dear
mother Jodie, you will become instrumental in spreading the Lord's
happiness to many of his flock.  But enough talk of what may or may
not come to pass.  For now, my child, you must content yourself to be
a vessel for God's love.  Be still now, my sweet Danielle, and allow
me to fill that vessel."

Treach rose to his knees behind the young girl, took her narrow hips
in his large hands once more and slowly extracted his throbbing cock
from Danielle's tight ass, watching closely as her sphincter bulged
outward as it clung tightly to his shaft.  When only the tip still
remained inside the young girl, Treach squared his shoulders and said
in a loud, commanding voice, "Prepare yourself, my child, to receive
His holy grace.  Let the filling begin!"

Danielle had just enough time to glance back over her shoulder at the
tall man kneeling behind her, when suddenly, his hips shot forward.
Danielle actually heard the Reverend's thighs smack into her ass
cheeks before the intense sensations of pain and bloating pressure
arrived in her brain.  At the same time, she was propelled forward so
violently that she had to move one hand forward on the bed to keep
from being thrown onto her face.

"Ohhh... Goddd!!" Danielle shrieked, before the wind was knocked out
of her.  

Before she could catch a breath, the huge invading member inside her
tender ass was withdraw and rammed home once more with equal force.
Again Danielle was thrown forward.  The next hammering blow followed
only seconds later, then the next, and the next, and the next as the
young girl was driven down onto the mattress.

Danielle's jaw hung slack and a thin stream of spital fell from her
lower lip as her peripheral vision began to darken and small bright
specks swam crazily before her eyes.  The incredible plunging of her
anal canal continued with such relentless speed and intensity, that
she could not breathe.  The last thing she remembered before
consciousness faded was hearing, seemingly far in the distance,
"Receive the Lord's gift!  Receive his wondrous love!" followed by a
warmth which spread from between her legs up deep inside her.  Then
she knew no more.

First came the moaning sounds, then the feeling of something large and
warm being pushed into her mouth.  Danielle tried to cry out but was
only able to utter a muffled "Mmpphh!" around whatever it was that was
lodged between her teeth, stretching her lips taught and pressing her
tongue down.  She gagged and opened her eyes.  As her vision slowly
cleared, what had just been a flesh colored blur, Danielle now
recognized to be a person's stomach.  'It was Treach's stomach!'
Danielle realized as recent memories flooded back, and what's more it
was the Reverend's long, hard cock that she now followed with her eyes
extending from his tuft of dark pubic hair into her mouth.

"Awwwppp..  Gawwkkk!" Danielle croaked in horror as she tried
desperately to pull her head back, but immediately realized that the
tall Reverend had one restraining hand behind her head and one on her
shoulder as she lay helplessly on her side at the edge of the big,
satin covered bed.

Danielle's staring eyes moved up the tall man's body to lock onto his
dark gaze.  Treach smiled benevolently down at the strickened, young
girl and said, "I am glad you are back with us, my dear.  You are
young, my child and were consequently unable to withstand the
tremendous power associated with the delivery of God's grace into your
second opening.  Do not worry yourself.  Rest assured that you have
been properly filled.  I give you my word as a man of God that this
last phase of your preparation will be much gentler in nature.  For in
this phase we shall fill your third and final opening.  You shall
drink deeply of the Lord's Cream of Goodness and be filled, my child."

Without further comment, the Reverend Treach began to push forward
with his hips.  Danielle's eyes became ever more wide and staring as
she felt the hard mass of flesh press first against the back of her
soft pallet, then slip around the corner and into her throat.  She
began to struggle as her air was cut off.

"Be still, my child," Treach ordered.  He moved his hand from
Danielle's shoulder to her throat where he pressed his thumb against
her larynx.  He began to massage her throat gently as he felt the hard
mass of his cock penetrate beneath the young girl's soft skin.  "I
will allow you to breath momentarily, Danielle.  Soon I will be fully
inside you once more, then and only then will I withdraw, at which
time you should breathe.  We will proceed slowly with this phase, my
dear, so you should have no trouble getting the rhythm.  Do you
understand me?" Treach asked staring hard at his young subject.

Danielle stared up at him in shock.

The sweet girl felt her throat muscles spasm and contract and her
stomach heave as her gag reflexes went into overdrive.  She couldn't
believe this was happening to her.  Of all of the things Reverend
Treach had done to her, this had to be the worst.  ''What would Jake
think?" she thought once again as her nose was pressed into the soft,
dark matt of the Reverend's pubic bush.  'His long dick was all the
way in, probably extending into my esophagus,' she thought..

"Ohhh, my sweet child.  You are a wondrous creature indeed.  I am sure
that you shall be a very special giver of the Lord's love at our
prayer meetings."  Danielle's eyes closed and her chest and tummy
heaved as her breathing reflex struggled against a totally blocked
airway.  "A thousand pardons, my dear," Treach said smiling wickedly
as he slowly pulled his long dick back enough so Dannie could get air.

Danielle puffed heavily through her nose, breathing deeply around
Treach's cock for several seconds.  A tear formed in one of her big,
blue eyes as the Reverend again pushed forward, sending the head of
his cock deep into her throat.  Treach soon started a slow, rocking
rhythm with his hips sending his long cock deep into Dannie's throat
with each thrust.  Danielle did her best to breathe when she had the
chance, and soon the panicky feeling of being unable to get air slowly
ebbed.  Treach continued to massage the young girl's throat as he
fucked her sweet mouth, and the slow, steady, plunging thrusts

Suddenly, after what seemed to Danielle like hours, she felt the end
of the Reverend's long cock swell even larger in her mouth.  Treach
snapped his head back with a long guttural wail,
"Aaaahhhhhuuuuuuuhhh," as at the same time, he pushed his hips forward
forcefully driving his long dick deep into Danielle's throat.  As he
brought his head back down to gaze at his lovely prize, Treach saw her
lovely, blue eyes blink several times then fly open wide as his gusher

Danielle began to struggle violently as the hot cum began pumping down
her spasming throat.  Treach had to use all of his strength to
restrain the young girl as his big balls pulsed load after load of
sticky semen down into Danielle's tummy.

"Yess, my child.  And you shall be filled, saith the Lord."

Treach could feel the muscles in young Danielle's throat work around
his pulsing prick as she swallowed the copious amounts of fluid
steadily flowing into her.  Soon the flow diminished and with a wet
sucking sound, the Reverend Treach extracted his cock from her mouth,
leaving Dannie to gag and choke for several minutes on the residue of
his passion.

The Reverend smiled as he surveyed his work.  A line of sticky, white
cum flowed out of the sweet girl's mouth and down one cheek.  Danielle
closed her eyes, then moaning softly she rolled over onto her back and
lay there weak and spent.  Treach reached quickly between her limp
thighs and slipped a finger between Danielle's pussy lips then up into
her vagina.  He fucked his finger slowly in and out of her several
times before he withdrew, then pushed the same sticky finger up the
young girl's ass.  Feeling the same sticky wetness therein, Treach
smiled as he removed his finger and began to rub Dannie's cum soaked,
young pussy, his juices mixed with hers oozing slowly from all of her

"You are indeed now filled with the seed, my child," Treach murmured
softly to the spent young girl.

The Reverend allowed his young conquest to sleep for an hour or so
before he roused her and treated Danielle to yet another enema
followed by a vaginal douche.  She was then allowed to dress and leave
after promising to return with Jake the following night.

THEIR JOINT SESSION the following evening was brief.  The Reverend
Treach talked to the young couple about things such as love, and
respect, and monogamy.  Danielle sat squirming through the lecture,
glancing sheepishly at Jake from time to time.  Her sweet face would
break into a hot blush each time the Reverend would mention some
intimate act.  When he did, he made sure that he stared directly at
the uncomfortable, young girl.

Two days later they were married at the big, white, clapboard church
of "The Gathering of the Holy Brethren Incarnate, Church of God
Himself", the Reverend Silas J. Treach presiding.  As the newlyweds
turned to smile down at their friends in the congregation below,
Treach stepped behind the young couple smiling broadly as he
clandestinely placed one hand on the glowing, young bride's round,
little ass and gave it a firm squeeze.

Later at the reception at the Towler's small farm where the moonshine
and bluegrass music flowed, Treach sought out Danielle as she stood in
a circle of her young friends.  The Reverend smiled warmly as he
stepped closer and asked, "May I have the honor of kissing the bride?"

Danielle's father standing nearby heard the request and turned to
smile warmly at his sweet daughter.  Danielle, on the other hand,
paled visibly as did several of her married female friends.  Treach
took it all in stride as he moved close to Danielle and took her by
the waist.  He pulled her close, gave her one innocent peck on the
lips, then he leaned near Dannie's ear and whispered, "We'll be seeing
each other again very soon, my sweet."

Danielle tried to smile as she looked nervously to her father and
friends.  'Had they heard?' she thought to herself.  Then Jake
strolled up grinning like a opossum.

"Jake, my fine young man," Treach said grandly to the young man as he
released Danielle to turn and extend a long hand.  Jake never stopped
grinning as he gladly took the Reverend's offered hand.  "You are one
lucky fellow," Treach said winking at Jake.

"Oh, I know, Reverend Treach, Sir.  I do know indeed."  The happy
young man smiled warmly at his blushing bride.

"You will let me know if there is anything I can do to help make
either of you two children happier, now won't you."

"Why sure, Reverend, but Dannie and I will be just fine and dandy, I
reckon, thanks to you Reverend Treach," Jake replied gratefully.  The
young man really had no idea.

Danielle, however knew all too well just how much "help" the Reverend
had been.  Although the dark preacher had left her with an imbedded,
hypnotic trigger as well as a few deep, subliminal suggestions, he had
allowed Danielle to retain full recollection of their private sessions
together, and he had promised in no uncertain terms that there would
be more to follow.  As the two young lovers consummated their marriage
that night, Danielle experienced no discomfort what so ever, and Jake
no difficulty as he entered his sweet Danielle for the very first
time.  Also thanks to the Reverend Silas J. Treach.

SEVERAL WEEKS PASSED and Danielle had been almost successful in
putting her experiences with the dark Reverend behind her as her new
life with Jake blossomed into a thing of joy and bliss.  Then one day
a small envelope arrived in the mail.  In the area reserved for the
return address, below a small, gold cross, were the initials S.J.T..
Jake had long since gone to work as Danielle stood on the porch of the
small cabin that he had secretly built for them over the past year.
It had been his wedding present to his sweet Dannie.  The young girl's
hands shook as she quickly opened the ominous feeling letter.

In a flowery, looping hand was written, 

"My dearest Danielle, 

Please accept this invitation to join our regular, monthly, prayer
retreats, the next one being this coming Thursday.  The bus will leave
from the Crossroads at 3:00 PM for Bethell.  You may ask your dear
mother for details, but please understand that the retreat will
continue all afternoon and into the evening so please pack for an
overnight stay.  Your accommodations and meals have been arranged for,
as has everything else necessary for your comfort and enjoyment.

Yours in God,

Silas J. Treach"

The letter looked innocent enough.  So why was Danielle filled
suddenly with a dark, foreboding feeling?  She had heard her mother
mention the prayer meetings she attended regularly, but she never went
into any great detail.  Danielle only knew that her mother left on the
big bus early on a Thursday afternoon once each month and returned in
the late morning the following day.  As she recalled, her mom was
always a bit quiet and withdrawn on those Fridays following the
retreats, but Danielle had always assumed this was due to a residual,
meditative state resulting from prolonged periods of prayer.

When Jodie Towler got the news that her daughter had been invited to
attend Treach's retreats, her heart sank, but like many of Treach's
fold, who happened to be of the female gender, she was forced to
resign herself to the inevitable.  The Reverend only selected the
prettiest of his flock for the "honor" of attending these "retreats",
and Danielle was indeed a rare beauty.  She would be well received by
"The Brethren".  Jodie shivered at the thought.

With a goodly amount of apprehension, Danielle kissed her sweet Jake
goodby, met her mother and several other local women at the Crossroads
and boarded the big church bus bound for the nearby town of Bethell.
The bus made several stops along the way.  At each it was boarded by
one or two young women, some no older than Danielle although, in
glancing around, Dannie quickly determined that she was one of the
youngest.  All of the faces on the bus reflected a uniform, nervous
anxiety.  All eyes were downcast.

The bus rumbled down the rutted, dirt road for a long while it seemed.
Danielle had never before left her small, mountain community, so for
her, this trip represented somewhat of an adventure.  Her little heart
pounded in her chest as the old bus eventually lumbered into the dusty
town of Bethell.

The women began to silently crowd off the rusty, old bus once it
pulled to a stop in front of the old, brick building.  As Danielle
stepped down to the dirt street, she stared up at the big sign over
the door of the Hotel Bethell.  Below the name of the hotel the sign
read, "Praise the Lord".  They had arrived.

THE REVEREND SILAS J. TREACH appeared in the doorway, spreading his
arms magnanimously as he said, "Welcome, my children!  Do come inside
now.  Hurry now, my dear ladies.  The Lord awaits."  Treach stepped
aside, allowing the young women to file into the door.  "Good morning,
Danielle," Treach beamed.  "How nice it is to have you join us.  Good
morning, Jodie," Treach nodded, again addressing Danielle's mother by
her given name.  

As they all entered the big, dimly lit lobby of the old hotel, Dannie
noticed an unpleasant, but somehow familiar, musky odor in the air.
She cast her gaze nervously about to see approximately fifteen women
of varying ages also looking about worriedly.

"Ladies, please allow me to extend my personal welcome to you," Treach
intoned from the front of the big room.  Soon you will be shown to
your respective rooms, but first let us all raise up our voices and
our hearts in song.  The Reverend proceeded to lead the small group in
a chorus of "Onward Christian Soldiers", after which a couple of
serious looking men dressed in long robes similar to Reverend
Treach's, escorted most of the women off to their rooms.  Before they
all left the room, however, Treach asked that Danielle and two other
new girls accompany him to a private meeting room off the main lobby
for "orientation".

"Please be seated, girl's," the Reverend said to the three young
ladies as they entered the small room.  Danielle looked anxiously at
her two companions and noticed that she didn't know either of them,
but that they were both very young like herself.  The three girls sat
in a row and stared apprehensively up at the Reverend Treach who stood
before them with one arm resting on top of a big television set.

"The reason I have asked you to join me here ladies, is so that I can
familiarize you all with some of the fundamental rules which you will
be expected to follow while you are here at this retreat.  The primary
rule is that you will always do exactly what is requested of you
whenever you are addressed by a member of the Brethren.  They will be
easily identifiable by the robes they wear, very similar to my own.
Am I making myself clear so far?"  The three young women nodded in

"I have come to know each of you girls rather well I would say,"
Treach said as he smiled knowingly at them.  All three faces flushed
red.  "Now I would like for you to get to know each other a little
better.  Let's start with you, Molly, my dear," Treach said addressing
the dark haired, young girl sitting to Danielle's left.  None of the
inexperienced, mountain girls had ever seen video equipment before, so
when the Reverend picked up one of the three cassettes he had stacked
beside the big TV and popped it into the VCR below, they had no idea
what was about to happen.

Instantly the big screen came alive with a scene of Molly as she knelt
on the satin cover of the all too familiar, large bed in the Reverend
Treach's cottage.  As the three girls watched in horror, the small
meeting room filled with the cries and gasps of the young, dark-haired
Molly as Silas Treach forcefully took her doggie style, her large,
round breasts swaying in time beneath her.  Molly watched as the
disturbing scene unfolded for several minutes, then fainted dead away
in her seat.  Fortunately, Danielle grabbed the strickened girl and
pulled her over into her lap, or she would have fallen to the floor.  

The girl named Anna to Danielle's right was next.  Treach grinned
broadly as the sweet, innocent girl burst into tears as they all
watched her gulp down copious amounts of the Reverend's cum as he
unloaded down her throat.

"And now for my sweet Danielle," Treach said smiling at his stunned
audience.  Danielle thought she would surely die as she saw herself
heaving back and forth, the Reverend Treach's long cock plunging in
and out of her ass.  The wet, sucking sounds resulting from her
intense fucking were plainly audible on the big, stereo television
set.  The scene continued to unfold showing Dannie slowly lose
consciousness and fall forward on the big bed.  Treach fell with her,
and continued to plunge her helpless ass until suddenly he arched his
back, ramming his long, thin member into his unconscious victim to the
hilt while he howled ecstatically as he filled Dannie's little ass
full of his spunk.

When the scene finally ended, Treach switched off the TV and stood
gazing down at the three shocked young girls.  "Let's get one thing
perfectly clear," Treach began.  "From the evidence on these tapes, it
should be obvious to you that each is not only sexually experienced,
but far more so than any one of you would care to admit to anyone
outside of our little 'prayer' group.  Isn't that right ladies?
Danielle, am I right?" Treach asked pointedly staring at the young

"Ye..  Yes, Reverend," Danielle acquiesced painfully.

"Good, well, I can safely assume then that none of you would care to
have these tapes viewed by say, your husbands?" Treach said smiling
wickedly at his three captives.

The three girls exchanged looks of dread with one another then almost
in unison looked back at the tall, menacing figure of the Reverend
Treach standing before them.

"From the looks on your lovely faces," Treach said, "I would have to
say that I have hit pretty close to the mark.  So my ultimatum to you
young ladies is this.  You will do as you are told this evening and
every evening when you are called.  If I hear about any resistance or
disobedience of any kind on your part, you will be dealt with quite
severely.  Do I make myself clear?"

The young girls did not answer.

"I'll take that as a 'yes', then," Treach said smiling.  "Now then,
you will soon be shown to your rooms where you should clean yourselves
up.  Dinner will be served to you there.  Soon thereafter you may
expect your first visitor for the evening.  Do exactly as he or she
tells you and there will be no repercussions.  Disobey and I will know
about it.  Depending on the demand, you may receive several visitors
this evening or perhaps one will be content to keep you for the entire
night.  That remains to be seen.  Go now," Treach said flatly.

The three girls turned when they heard the door open.  In the open
doorway stood two tall men dressed alike in long robes.

"Danielle will be remaining here with me.  The other two, you may take
to their rooms," Treach ordered.

"Very well, Reverend," one large man replied as the two entered the
room and led the sobbing Anna and Molly away.

When the door closed behind the others, Treach turned to Danielle and
said, "There is one more thing I would like for you to see, my dear."
The Reverend switched the television on once again, then rotated a
numbered dial on another black box on the shelf below.  As he turned
the dial, views of several rooms clicked by.  Each was occupied by at
least one person.  The frames went by so fast that Danielle couldn't
see for sure what was happening in any one of them.  

Suddenly, though, her blood froze as Treach stopped on number 17.
There on the big TV was her mother lying naked on her back on a small
bed, her head hanging back over one side.  Jodie Towler's shapely
thighs were spread wide as a large man held himself over her, his cock
hammering in and out of her pussy at a furious pace.  At her head
stood another man.  His long dick was, at the moment, buried to the
hilt in Jodie's mouth.  As her helpless body rocked to and fro from
the thrusts of the man on top of her, Jodie's mouth was forced on and
off the other's impaling member.  Danielle watched in speechless
horror as the two large men dressed in dark robes fucked her mother,
when suddenly both cocks were pulled from her as fountains of hot,
sticky cum spewed over Jodie's sweat covered body.  Once the monsoon
of semen had subsided, Jodie was forced to lick the two large cocks
clean as the two big men chuckled together, smiling in satisfaction.

Danielle broke down into sobs of sorrow and disgust as the TV was
finally turned off.  "As you can see, Danielle, we are all one, big,
happy family here," Treach chuckled.  "Now come kneel before me, my
dear.  I have need of your services."

"What?" Danielle said softly, still in shock.

"I said come over here and kneel," the dark priest ordered as he began
to pull back his long robes.

When the young girl saw Treach's long cock spring from beneath his
robes and stand erect in front of him, Danielle looked around
hurriedly for a place to run, but before she could move, he was on
her.  Treach dragged the struggling young, mountain girl from her seat
and forced her down to her knees.

"Open your mouth, Danielle," Treach commanded.

"But Reverend, I..."

"I said, open your mouth!"  The Reverend took the frightened young
girl by her cheeks and squeezed, forcing her lips to part and her
sweet mouth to open wide.

"Gaawwkk," the young girl was just able to gag once before Treach's
long cock slid down her throat, cutting off her air.  The Reverend
wasted no time, as he immediately began to fuck the young girl's mouth
with abandon.

"Yes, my sweet child.  Of all my flock I shall hold you the most dear.
We shall spend many happy hours together you and I."  Treach pumped
his hips furiously sending his cock deeper into Danielle's throat with
each thrust.  "Remove your clothes, Danielle," Treach ordered without
breaking stride.  "I expect you to be completely naked by the time I

"Mmmm... gummmm... awwwk..." Danielle gagged as the tears began to
flow.  As she had been instructed, the sweet beauty began to unbutton
her blouse.  Treach continued to fuck her mouth relentlessly.  

Danielle had never before experienced the degree of shame and
humiliation that she now felt.  As the tall preacher's long dick
pistoned in and out of her widely stretched mouth she once more
thought of her sweet Jake.  'Where was he now?  Would she ever be set
free from this torment?'  

While these thoughts passed through her beleaguered mind, Danielle
continued with great difficulty, to remove her clothing.  Soon,
however, as the Reverend had ordered, she knelt naked and helpless
before him while he had his way with her young mouth.  She had little
choice in the matter.

After what seemed like hours, Dannie felt the head of Treach's cock
begin to swell in her throat.  A hot eruption of cum followed shortly
thereafter.  Danielle had learned from her earlier experiences that
she must try to swallow the fluid or choke.  Her tight throat muscles
worked furiously, milking the preacher's pulsing prick as what seemed
like gallons of the warm, sticky fluid pumped down her throat and into
her belly.

"Ohhhh... Godddd... Yesss, my child," The Reverend Treach cried.  He
rammed his cock deep into Danielle, delighting in the gurgling sounds
that came from her mouth and nose as his cum spewed into her.

As the contractions in his swollen testicles slowly waned, Treach once
more began to move his softening cock in and out of Dannie's mouth and
throat.  He looked down to see the anguish in the young girl's eyes as
cum dribbled from the corners of her mouth.  She was lovely.

"That was most gratifying, my child," Treach murmured, stroking
Danielle's hair as he smiled down at her.  "And now I have a very
special surprise for you.  Someone you know but whom you have not seen
much of lately."  

Treach hadn't yet removed his cock from Danielle's mouth, so she was
unable to see who had just come into the room.  Waves of humiliation
swept over the young girl as she knelt before the preacher - to think
that another person was watching as Treach moved his softening cock
slowly in and out of her mouth.

Then Danielle felt a pair of hands take her by the hips and slowly
pull her little butt up so that she was forced down to hands and
knees.  Treach helped facilitate matters by kneeling in front of
Dannie.  He held her by her head in order to keep his cock in her
mouth.  Danielle could not see much more than the Reverend's stomach,
so she had no idea what was going on behind her.  Suddenly Danielle
felt the hot tip of the other man's cock push up against her young

"Gmmmmmmmooooo," she squealed around the flaccid cock filling her
mouth as hot, hard meat entered her forcefully.  The cock that now
pushed into Danielle was much larger in diameter than the Reverend's,
consequently the young girl experienced a good bit of pain as the
invading member forced her tight vagina to stretch more than ever
before.  Even though Danielle had unusually active lubrication glands,
her vaginal canal was fairly dry and therefore caused the man behind
her to grunt with exertion.  Danielle thought she would surely burst
if any more meat was forced inside her when finally, she felt a warm,
hairy pair of thighs press against her quivering ass cheeks.  Whoever
was taking her, was now all the way inside.

"Uugghhmmpphh," Dannie grunted through her nose as the man who had her
shifted his hips from side to side grinding his big dick deeper into
her young cunt, battering at the end of her birth canal.

"Well, I guess she's all yours, James," Treach said with a chuckle as
he pulled his limp dick out of Danielle's mouth.  "Treat her well and
be sure to clean her up when you're through with her.  I think I
should like to fuck her once or twice as well before the night is
through.  You realize that I am giving you a rare gift, my friend.
Other than myself and that dim wit husband of hers, you are the only
other man to fuck her so far.  "Isn't that right Danielle, my dear?"
Treach said to the strickened, young girl as he grabbed her by her
hair and forced her to look up at him.  Before she could answer the
man behind her pulled out, then rammed her once more.

"Uhhhhgggg," Danielle grunted in pain.  Tears streamed down her pretty

"Fuck him well, my dear, and remember, I expect you to cooperate
fully.  No resistance and no arguments.  Treach released Dannie's hair
letting her head fall between her arms.

As the Reverend strode for the door, he glanced back when he heard his
friend say, "That's it baby, fuck me Danielle.  You have such a nice,
tight pussy, baby.  I've been wanting to put my meat in you for years,
Darlin' Dannie."  The wet sounds of young Danielle Towler being fucked
filled the room.

Danielle, thinking she recognized the voice of the man behind her,
raised her head and looked back over her shoulder.

The last thing the Reverend Silas J. Treach heard as he closed the
door behind him was Danielle's horrified wail as her Uncle Jimmy
laughed out loud, then began to fuck her in earnest.

OUTSIDE, THE SUN HAD SET on the dusty town of Bethell.  The old neon
sign above the hotel entrance hummed and spat as it flashed
irregularly in broken and faded red letters.

"HOTEL - - - HELL"

End - tC

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