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Paula’s Plight

by zipp2


Code: (Girl and Dog, Voyeur, Masturbation, Animal Rape)                                                                                               


I sat there jacking off as I watched this big white and black pit bull dog fucked the shit out of my 14-year-old daughter.  He had a tight hold of her trim waist with both of his forepaws and was pulling her ass back to him with each hard animal thrust.  I jacked off at the back of her bedroom just outside of the door.  I could cleanly see all the action from the spot I had picked.  The mean stray had a dick that looked almost as long as his upper body was.  Its scarlet red flesh was visible from time to time as he fucked it into my young daughters wide-open cunt. 


From time to time Paula would try and move to get away from her attacker but this would just bring on a loud growl from the dog and a show of teeth.  You could tell just from looking that  Paula really didn’t want to be fucked by this dog.  She was being raped, this was against her will.  It was always against her will, she just kind of allowed it now.  She knew that she couldn’t get away until the nameless dog was done using her tight cunt like he wanted.  She just tried to make the best of and after the first minuet or so Paula lowered her head and let out a little grown.  My daughter was starting to like getting dog fucked.


How could this happen you asked?  How could I just watch this dog from off the streets and back alleys fuck my little girl?  Why was I just watching and not trying to help my daughter get free from this brut?  This are all good questions and as I watched his huge knot of his cock start to grow I will till you how this all came to be.


One evening about three weeks ago my daughter and me had been working outside in the yard the whole day.  We had been getting the yard ready for a party she wanted to have with a bunch of her friends from school.  Paula was a very good looking fourteen year old and I could not help but notice as we worked around the yard just how much of a woman she had become. 


Paula’s mother Nancy had left us about two years before that.  She had run off with some guy she had meet at work.  She was my first wife and we never had any kids.  Paula was from her first marriage and at the time we felt that we had a big enough family.   That’s about the same time that Nancy had found some other guy and had just dumped her kid and me when she ran off with him.  I kept her and found that she was really a wonderful kid, she was always eager to please and kind of shy.  She did look just like her mother though.  She had reddish blonde hair and she was very tall and athletic looking.  She was on the swimming team at her junior high school and that left her well trimmed and tanned.


As we worked to clean up around the pool I found myself looking over at Paula noticing just how grown up she was looking.  Her breast were small but well ample for her size.  Her Hair was cut just at her shoulders and she left it down most of the time.  Her soft blue eyes could look right through you and her lips we full and red.  She had a bad habit of biting on one side of her lower lip all the time.  I found it very distracting as I had caught myself looking at her as she did it thinking what it would be like to kiss her. 


As we finished up it was almost dark, there was just a little bit of daylight left and as Paula and I took out the last trash bag to the alley she asked is she could do a few laps in the pool just to cool down.  I told her sure and as she rushed over to the waters edge and pulled off her t-shirt reviling a small bikini top I turned to look.  I dropped the last bag in the alley and as I waited to steal one lustful look at her as she dropped her shorts, which was wrong of me I know I made the mistake that would change Paula’s and my life forever. 


The mistake was not looking at my underage step- daughter as she stripped by the pool, or lusting after her soft underage body.  My mistake was that when I turned around to look at her that I had left the back gate to the alley unlatched.  As I turned and walked away the back gate slowly opened to let any intruder inside. 


I walked past the pool and watched as Paula tied up her hair and was getting ready to enter the water.  I went up stairs and took a long hot shower.  It was very relaxing and as the hot water ran over my body I remembered just what Paula’s tight ass had looked like as she had pulled down her shorts.  I thought about her tanned legs and that small tan line that I could almost see at the top of her bikini bottoms.  As I thought about her my cock quickly became erect, and as I started to pull on my own dick thinking about how hot my own daughter had become I had a twisted idea.  I know how wrong it sounds but as I turned off the water I realized that enstead of just thinking about her as I jacked off.  That I could look at the real deal from my window.  I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower.  I walked into my bedroom and quickly turned off the light. 


That’s when I first heard it.  It was a sharp but soft scream for help.  It was a girls yell, and it sounded like Paula voice.  I ran to the window and pulled back the curtains and there by the faint pool light I could see Paula down on all fours on the concrete and something jumping up on her.  I could hear her yell again and the thing again jumped onto her.


As my eyes adjusted and I could see that Paula was being attacked by some strange dog that had gotten into the yard.  I quickly pulled on my shorts and stuffed my now half hard dick inside as I ran down the stairs and into the back yard.  There before me was a sight I had never ever accepted to see.  Paula was down on her hands and knees and on top of her was the meanest looking pit bull I had ever seen.  His head instantly snapped around at me as I approved.


There before me was a sight I had never ever accepted to see.  Paula was total naked, her bikini was nowhere to be seen and as I looked at my step- daughter I could help but notice that the dog had his front legs rapped around her hips and was holding on to her and his sharp nails were digging into her soft tanned flash.  I could make out small red whelps that ran along her side where the dog had scratched her.  His back legs were on the ground and as I approved the dog let out a low scary growl and gripped Paula by the back of the neck as if he was saying “Take another step this way asshole and she dies.” 


I stopped dead in my tracks not really knowing what to do as Paula let out her first of many.




I looked over at the house.  My first thought was to try and get something to knock this dog off Paula and then beat it out of the yard.  When I tried to move, the dog would bite down on Paula’s neck and she would yell out.


“OWWW!”  She cried.


“OK.”  I said to the dog putting my hands out to show that I was not going to hit him or attack him, I mean what could I do?


“OK, you win…. Now just let her go.”  I said as forceful as possible.


The dog didn’t move.  Then Paula let out a squeal.  It was a mixture of pain and alarm.

She started to move around and I saw the dog once again bite down he the back of her neck with so much force that I was sure his teeth were now in her skin.  She tried to move away again and I could see the bulldog biting down harder.


“’ARRRRRRRRR!”  Paula let out and for the first time her head came up.  Her eyes were full of fear and pain at the same time.


“Don’t move Paula, he will bite you, his got your neck and if he bites down!”  I told her in a soft tone trying to calm her.


“DAD, I. It’s not his teeth.  OH MY G…” Paula’s voice tried away into a squeal.


I for the first time, I really looked at Paula, so far my attention had been all on the dog but now I looked, I really looked at my daughter.  She was naked and the dog had mounted her.  He had hold of her neck with his teeth but on the other end.  The end I darn not look at he also had hold of her.  I moved around slowly as the dog followed me with his eyes, all the while holding my daughter down by her neck.


I moved towards Paula’s back and I could see that the dogs big swollen red dick was buried halfway inside of Paula’s unprotected pussy.  For the first time I could see that the dog was hunching up on my daughters ass and pushing his swollen dick into her wide-open cunt.  I watched the dog hunch up again and push forward with so much force that Paula’s legs almost went out from under her.”


“AWWWWWWWW!!!  His tearing me apart inside dad, stop him!!”  She said but as she raised her voice the dog bite down again and grabbed her side again racking large scrapes on her side.


“I can’t move or he could really hurt you.”  I explained.

“Ouch!”  Paula said again as the dog all of the sudden let out with a dozen or so fast humps.  His dick became a fast blur as it pump in and out of Paula’s cunt.


I looked down not really believing what I was seeing.  The Dogs dick was now more than half way in and it was sawing back and forth.  In the dimming light I could see my daughters pussy lips moving back and forth on the red hot dog dick.  I was so afraid for her but I also found it very exciting.  This big stray dog was raping her and there was nothing I could do to stop it.  I was sure that if the dog bites down hard enough he could break her neck.


I watched as the dog humped.  His large dick that was as big as mine, twice as fat and was half inside of her and with each push it would go I farther and I knew it would not be long before the dog had all of his dick pushed up inside of my daughters slowly yielding cunt.  That’s when I found myself getting mad at of all things, my daughter.  Why was she Naked?  Why was she Naked out here in the back yard?  Why was she naked at all where anyone could have looked over the fence and seen her.


Now was not the time to asked her, after all she was being raped?   The dog kept pushing his dick in and out of her young tender cunt.  Paula collapsed at that point her arms were weak and she let them bend at the elbows, with all that dogs weight on her.  That’s when the dog loosened the hold he had on Paul’s neck and when he was sure that my daughter was not trying to get away let go slowly.  Long lines of drool ran down her neck and the dog let his tongue hang out of its mouth loosely as he kept humping towards her ass ramming his cock in and out of her cunt over and over again.


That’s when I felt it.  My dick was calling to me and it was as hard as a rock inside of my short as I was forced to keep watching this perverted act.  Here I was watching my daughter getting raped by a strange dog and I had a hard- on.  It had been a long time sense I had sex, and this was more than I could stand.

I looked down her at her shapely legs and could see her muscle working under the dogs assault. 


I knew I had to put a stop to this and now that the dog didn’t have hold of Paula with his teeth I decided to make my move.  Just as I was thinking about running to get my cell phone or my gun the dog looked over at me and growled with a low threading sounds.  He let me know that he was watching me and that if I didn’t want Paula to pay, I would stay right where I was.


I tried not to look down but found that my eyes were drawn to the big veined red dogs dick that was still sawing in and out of my young daughters cunt with wild abandoned.  I watched as the dog picked up speed and I also noticed that Paula’s young tits were bouncing this way and that under her.  She still had her head down on the hard concrete where the dog had forced it and the dog continued to fuck away at her up turned pussy.


The pit bulls strokes were now much longer and I couldn’t help but look at my daughter’s sexy legs and the dog fought to ride her ass.


“Ouch!!  Awwww… God. Eeeckkk!!  Ouch Yeewwww.  Don't…. not SO HARD. OH my! DAD It’s that’s Getting Bigger… So. Fu…. DEEP.  DAM STUPID ASS DOG!!!”  Was continuously coming out of Paula’s mouth as the dog kept violently fucking her.


I looked down and noticed that Paula was right, the dogs dick now had a super large knot at the base end of it and he was now trying to force it into my daughter little tight never used before pussy.  I had heard that dog’s balls were in the shaft of their cocks but had never really paid it any mind until now.  I had heard that some illegal movies that show things like that but I never had seen one.  Now here I was watching my fourteen-year-old daughter getting raped by a really big ugly dog that had a cock bigger than mine.


The Strays tongue was hanging out and was so long it sometimes lay on Paula’s bare back big wet smears of dog spit were forming all over her back as the dog fucked her.  There was no mistake now the dog was making my little innocent daughter his bitch.  His dick was so far into her that there was no way to get him out now.  The knot was about half the way in and I could see poor little Paula pussy trying to open up and let the biggest part of the dog’s balls inside of her. 


That’s when I did it.  She was looking in the other direction, after all with the dog fucking the shit out of her like he was, she would never notice me.  I reached into my shorts and at first just used one hand to pull on just the head of my dick.  I looked down at the tan lines I had always wondered about on display there before me.  I could see them clearly, her skin was white as milk her hips had two nice dimples that showed off the nice muscle she had in her trim well-exercised butt.  As the dog rode her I couldn’t help but pull down my shorts right there in the back yard and start to really jack off to this perverted show.  I moved a little closer, the big dog growled a bit but I think now he was sure he was the dominate dog and that I was not going to stop him from breeding this human bitch he had found. 


I looked at her back and where scratches did not irritate it it was soft and inviting.  I looked down again and could see the dog almost had his whole knotted red dick stuck up my daughter’s soft baby tunnel.  I dared to move closer.  I watched as that large knot hit Paula’s pussy over and over again. 


Paula had calmed down a bit but she as still complaining up a storm as the animal fucked away at her open cunt. 


“Shit… Oyyeeewww,!!! God Dame.. I mean do you ha…have to push so fuc… king.. I’m sorry DAD!!! Ouch! Friking stop that.  Get the fuc…. I Mean get off my ass.. your. Hurting me.. I can’t help.. but Oouch!!! Ughh Ughhh… Ughhh.. Ouch.  So Deep inside my … errrr.. Ouch!”  Paula complained as the stray fucked her relentlessly.


I looked down at her cunt full of dog cock and leaned closer to the breeding couple.  I found that I could just see the small thin whips of blonde hair above her pussy now that the dogs knot was no longer in the way. 

I stopped jacking off at that point.  I was so close to Cumming myself.  I had made a heavy batch of precum and it covered my dick.  I took the time to rub it all around the exposed head of my cock as over and over against my own step- daughter squealed and moaned in front of me. 


The dog was giving her hell now that was for sure.  Paula’s pussy was now letting more than half of the dogs knot inside as the dog just kept fucking into her now so fast that I was sure he was not far from Cumming.  Suddenly as I had just started to jack off again looking at my own daughters ass the dog finally forced his knot into Paula’s protesting cunt.

“uffffffgy… shit..I’m feeling kind of.. funny… Push it in there you basted. Fuck…DAD His fucking me… really deep now and Ohhhh.  I can feel him like trapped inside.  It’s like a baseball bat DAD….Fuuuckkkkkk!!!!!”  Paula cried out as the dog knotted her.


The dog stopped fucking Paula as his knot was now firmly stuck fast inside of his human bitches cunt.  His tail pointed straight out from his body and I could see the last little red part of his cock jerking this way and that.  I knew that the pit bull was dropping a load into my daughters waiting cunt.  Wave after wave of dog seed flooded into her warm un-used womb.  I couldn’t take it any longer as I watched him left one leg up over and over again as he kept cock lodged inside of Paula I shot off myself.  I stood there looking at my daughter behind with a dog on it and pumped out a huge heavy load myself.  It shot out with such force I was afraid for just a second that it would land on her, but it didn’t I missed by inches.


I quickly put my dick away and circled back towards Paul’s head.  She was covered with sweat.  Her face was red and glowing but the tears in her eyes still showed the torment of the ordeal she had just endured.  The dog seemed to loose interest and after just a few more seconds dismounted my daughter. 


“SHIT….Ouggkk..  No stay still fucks!!”  Paula let out as he forcefully pulled the swollen knot from her cunt with a loud wet pop. 


She collapsed onto the concrete.  The dog quickly ran off and as a show of some dominants I yelled at him as he disappeared out the gate.


“Get out of her you BASTERED!”  I yelled after him. 


He disappeared into the darkness of the alley and was gone.  I went back to Paula was I took into my arms.  She was scared and bleeding from scratches and small hole all over here sides and legs and on the back of her neck.  She was naked and crying and I felt like a real jerk as I held her that I had been excited by what had just happened that I had just jacked off looking at her, but I still found myself looking at her used slit and was surprised that it had closed up again so fast after having something so big in it for so long.  I could see a thick stream of what I knew was dog cum running from inside of her pussy. 




Chapter 2


After the dog was done with Paula I had quickly carried her inside and called the police.  I didn’t really know what to tell them so I reported that a stray dog in our back yard had attacked my 14-year-old daughter.  It was true for the most part and I didn’t think they would really believe what had really happened.  HELL!  I knew that I didn’t really believe it. 


After they arrived they made a small effort to look in the alley but no dog was found.  Paula for her part played along with what I had reported.  She certainly didn’t want the police or anyone else to know that a dog had just taken her virginity.  When the police suggested that was taking her to the hospital that I became a little nervous that our secret would be out. 


The doctor examined her and gave her a tenses shot and for the most part bought the story that was had been telling.  He gave her a cream for the scratches and told her to keep them clean.  We finally got home after midnight.  We were both so tired we didn’t talk.  I didn’t really know what to say and Paula being shy anyways just drifted off to her bedroom.


Paula got better quickly the marks for the most part were small and not very deep.  It was me that I was worried about, I couldn’t help but relive in my mind what had happened.  Every time I slowed down I would see her tiny naked form under that dog with that big nasty dog dick buried deep inside of her.  I knew this is twisted and sick but I couldn’t help it.  The picture of her tight blonde pussy-leaking dog cum as I looked down at her was more than I could stand and I had jacked off to that image more than once in the last few days.


It had been three days and Paula had not talked to me about it again.  The only thing we did talk about was why she was naked.  She confessed that sometimes when it was dark she would take off her swimming suite and swim in the nude.  Now I understood how the dog had such easy access to her private parts.  How he had been able to fuck Paula so quickly after I had heard her scream.


About a week and a half after Paula’s dog rape in the back yard I was sitting reading a book at the table by the pool watching Paula do laps in the pool when I saw something moving by the back gate.  I looked closer over the top of my book and I could see that it was the big form of the same black and white pit bull that had fucked Paula the week before that BASTERED was still hanging out around our home in the alley. 


When I saw him stop for just a second as the gate and paw at it just a bit I was shocked at how fast a twisted thought crossed my mind.  I had been jacking off every night for a week thinking about how I had loved to watch the lewd sight of my own Daughter getting fuck by that same dog had been.


She was just getting out of the pool and drying off as I let my twisted mind get the better of me.  I felt a tingle of excitement as I called out to Paula.


“Paula, I have to take out the trash.”  I said as I got out of my chair.


I quickly walked inside to the kitchen and got some trash together.  I walked out towards the alley.  I was wondering and hoping the big brut of a dog was still nosing around.  When I opened the gate I quickly saw him down at the corner of the yard he was digging away trying to make a hole under the fence.  I became really excited as I realized that his need to breed my young daughter was that strong inside of him.  I dropped the trash and walked back into the yard.  I gulped just a bit as I turned and left the gate open just a few inches on purpose. 


I walked past Paula who was now lying out on a towel sunning herself.  I felt a pain of regret for just a second as I looked down on her hot body.  I could stop this.  I could quickly run back and close the gate but my half hard dick made up my mind for me.


“I’m going in for a bit.”  I called out.


With that I went inside, my heart was racing as I half ran towards the living room window it was the best place to see he back yard.  It had a nice big heavy set of curtains and it was only a few feet from where Paula lay on her towel.  I cracked the window and could easily see my daughter laying in the bright sunlight just a few feet away.  I pulled my dick out of my shorts and quickly started to jack off just looking at how hot she was, how nice her legs were, just how perfect her breast were to her size.  That’s not really what I wanted I realized.  I had a much more twisted idea in mind.


Then I saw the dog push open the gate.  He ran right in the yard like he owned the place.  He ran right up to my daughter and put his had down in a threatening growl at her.  She had not seen him enter the yard and jumped up with a start.


“Not again. NO.. PLEase…. DAD!!”  I heard her yell and I did nothing.


Paula didn’t know I was already watching what her.  I stood there and watched as the dog circled her.  He was biting at the air and growling and Paula put up both hands as if to warn the dog away.


“Ok,,, now you don’t need to bite.  No… Nice doggie.”  She said in a soft tone. 


The Pit bull just growled louder and moved closer to her grabbed the towel on the ground and bites it and shook it from side to side.


“Don’t hurt me… DAD..DAD!!  Crap what do you want.”  She begged as she started to circle in the other direction.   That’s when the Pit Bull jumped up and knocked poor Paula to the ground not five feet from my hidden place.


The dog had his head down low and was growling and snapping at her.  I watched as Paula rolled onto her hands and knees she tried to get up and the dog growled at her menacingly and she froze.  He moved around her, I looked below his belly and could see that his huge red dick was hanging out and ready for business. 


Paula saw his big dick at about the same time and I saw her start at its crimson length.  She looked around her and made one small effort to call out again but the dog’s low angry growl stopped her.  This dog knew just hot to make her do what he wanted.  I wondered where he had learned something like that.  I wondered if this is the way hat dog’s mate and I had just never paid attention. 


The big Pit Bull jumped up onto her back again.  He worked himself back in to the same position he had been in a week before but this time my daughter was not naked.  This time she had on her bikini bottoms.  That didn’t stop the dog he started to stab his cock flesh wildly at her with no success.  He stopped at that point.  I was wondering if he smart enough to figure out what to do next.  I was thinking that my idea was a bust and that this would end in Paula just getting hurt when suddenly he dog started to growl and bark at Paula. 


The big dog bit at her back with little pinching nips.  His teeth looked like they hurt her as he bit down.  She yelled out in pain.


“Stop it…  Don’t bite, ok OK! I know what you want.”  I heard Paula say as she hooked a finger in her bikini bottoms and pulled down on them until they where halfway down her legs. 


This was all the opening the big dog needed.  I could see his hard red dick darting around trying to find Paula’s sweet spot.  I could see Paula’s sweet pussy from my vantage point at the window.  It was so small and tight looking, it showed off just the right amount of blond pussy hair that almost glistened in the sunlight.  I moved about as watched as the big dog started to hump forward again as if he could sense that now his human bitch was ready for him once more. 


I was so excited.  I watched as the huge dog started to try and enter my daughter’s cunt for the second time.  I felt guilty for setting it up a bit and for leaving the alley gate open when I knew this is what might happen but I wanted to see it happen again so badly that I didn’t care so much at the time.  I just hoped he would fuck her good.  I wanted him to fuck my daughter like he did the last week.  This time it would be in the daylight and I had the perfect view.  I just hoped he didn’t hurt her to badly.  I did notice that for all the growling and barking and snapping that I couldn’t see any scratches on Paula yet and even where he had snapped at her butt only looked red.  I could see no blood.


“OK… Just don’t bite me again.  Slow….AGGGGGG!!!”  I heard her let out a sigh as the big ugly dog’s red hot poker found its mark and forced it’s way inside.  I couldn’t believe it.  Shit, I quickly got up and grabbed the video camera and sit down on the table and pointing right at Paula and the dog as she was first getting penetrated.  She was moving her ass around I don’t know if it was from the pain or from the force that he was using to get his cock at the right angle to fuck her waiting cunt. 


I had a good view of Paula as she braced herself firmly for the hard fucking she knew was to come.   Last week she had been unprepared for the beast but today she knew what the big dog wanted, she also knew what she had to do to keep from getting hurt.   Her movements had the dog worked up now and he was fucking her so hard that she was letting out little sounds with each thrust.


“Puff..ack.ACccckkkK..aaaaAAaak.Shittt you ASSHOLE!.. Ouch not so GOD DAMN HARD.  Ophh..OpppH….Slow down my…Ouch!!! Dads not out here now…  you can take your time… OUCH!!”  She turned her head around and looked right in my direction but the tinted glass protected me.


Paula could not see that I was watching everything that was going on.  I watched as she lowered her body a bit under the dog so that he had a better angle at her pussy.  This attack was starting to look less and less like the attack the week before.  That had been a rape, there was no drought about that.  This time however.  Paula looked more like she was trying to help the pit bull get to what he wanted.  I was now not feeling so bad that I left the gate open when I knew that big dog was out there waiting to get at my little girls pussy.


Paula lowered her stomach and raised her butt up higher.  The site of my daughter fantastic body lewdly starched out that was with the dog with his dick buried deep in her cunt fucking away was almost more than I could take.  I had to stop jacking off, I relished my hard dick and let it boob up and down in front of me as I watched my daughter fuck the dog. 


Ouch!!!  I told you to slow… ack .. NOT FASTER… Ac. Ack..Ack… fucking shit.!!!”  Paula let out as the dog kept picking up speed as he fucked his red purple veined cock into her now raised cunt.


“Fuck!! That’s good…. Fucking A… huff. Huff. Huff.. HUFF!”  Paula said as the dog worked over her cunt good.


I grabbed my rock hard cock again and started to slowly stroke it.  I used my hand to rub the large amount of precum around on it.  My had was making wet smacking noises as I worked over the whole length of my cock.  I didn’t care I couldn’t believe the fucking my daughter was getting just on the other side of the glass from me.  The dog was holding onto her trim waist with both of his front legs and was humping forward with such force he was rocking Paula’s whole body. 


“That’s.…Off… It, Keep doing it deep just like that you bantered… SHIT… don’t stop now, my dads not here … Finish fucking me boy… GOOD BOY!!!Huff oHHPPPFF.. OHHHHH!”  Paula wailed.


Paula for her part was now looking back at the dog that was forcefully fucking her from behind.  I could see her face, which was now twisted with lust as she look at the nasty animal that was fucking her so hard.  I watched from my hiding place as she licked her lips and then bit the lower one for a few seconds.  I saw her stomach rise up forcing the big dog impaled inside of her up into the air.  By the look on her face I was sure she was having an orgasm.  I was watching my daughter having an orgasm on a dog’s dick.  I new that a nasty, dirty, smelly stray dog was fucking my girl to ecstasy.  I knew that by now the big brute’s knot would be forced deep inside of her tight pussy.  I’m sure she was squeezing the dog’s cock in two as the force of her orgasm ripped through her body.


“OHHH SHIT here … I… Cummmm!!! OPPHHFF!!!.. Give it to me boy.  Fuck my pussy just like that.  OHHHH SHIT ….!!!”


Paula twisted under the dog as her young body responded to the hard fucking he was giving to her.  Just at the moment I heard the pit bull yelp and I knew that he was Cumming inside of Paula’s squeezing cunt.  He was doing it again, making my little girl his bitch.  She was Cumming on his nasty red cock and loving every second of it.


I couldn’t take it any more.  My hand was flying over my own dick as I watch my daughter twist, turn and grown on the big pit bulls dick.  I felt the cum gates open and I shot my cum out in strong jets, like when I was a much younger man.  Shot after shot flu from my spent dick and speared all over the living room glass door.


“Ohh my!! That’s so much better then with my fingers.  Ohhh.”  I saw the dog stop and I could see my daughter breathing slower.  Her face was red now and covered with sweat her blond hair was stuck to her face.


“That was So.. O good boy!  I have never felt anything like that before, you’re so big.  Easy!! Stay there doesn’t move..”  Paula said as he reached back and patted the big pit bulls scar covered forehead. 


“EASY!  That’s right.  Opphff your thing is so big right now.  It stuck so tight, please don’t pull out yet…” Paula remained very still patting the dog that had just filled her cunt with his seed.


“Good boy… That’s right.. See I feel your thingy getting smaller already.. Your red thing sure feels a lot better than my fingers ever did.”  She reached back and as she did the big dog licked her, his tongue going right into her open mouth.


“Stop that… Silly… I don’t even kiss boys yet.”  Paula complained. 


The big dog didn’t listen to her he kept licking around her face each time she looked back to pet him.  She moved her head this way and that but he was still able to lick her square in the mouth a few times and if she stopped patting him he would start trying to get off and she had learned that if he pulled that large dog knot of his out of her cunt when it was full size that it hurt like crazy.


“OK… if kissing will just make you hold still.  I’ll give you just a few.”  Paula said as she looked back at the big ugly dog and let him start licking her face where every he wanted.  His big tongue lapped at her chin and eyes and neck.  It didn’t take the dog any time to find her young red lips and he started to lap and lap at her mouth.  When she tired to talk he would stick his big sloppy tongue right inside.  Paula would turn her head away and shake it as if in protest but the big dog would start to dismount her so she once again let him lick away at her unprotected face.  Soon he was licking at her lips away, this time Paula didn’t turn away she just opened her mouth wide and let the dogs tongue dart back and forth inside.


I couldn’t believe it.  She was letting that dog lick as deep as he wanted into her open mouth.  He was France kissing her.  I could see her cheeks budge out as his tongue probed the depths of her open mouth.  I couldn’t help it I started to get a hard on again as I watch my cute daughter with this dogs cock still stuck in her cunt let him lick deep inside of her mouth.


The dog slipped out of her at that moment and a river of dog cum flowed from her open pussy down her tan legs.  I thought the show was over just as I was starting to get hard again but Paula was now making all kinds of growing noises and when the dog moved around she used one of her hands and pulled the dog towards her and opened her mouth even wider inviting the dog to have his way with her. 


I was behind her and now that the dog had moved I could clearly see my daughter open well-fucked pussy   Dog cum was flowing out of it was a once of the most shocking things I have ever seen.  Paula pussy had was red and puffy from the fucking the dog had put to her and her young tender pussy had already snapped closed.  There was so much dog cum in her womb that from time to time when she would move a large rush would flow forth.  It was running down both of her shapely legs to a large wet dog cum stain on the concrete. 


The pit bull was busy lapping at my beautiful face, his tongue was dancing over here lips and deep into her open mouth.  I could hear her groaning and now that I had the perfect view of my naked step daughter I was now quickly pull on my cock thinking about what it would be like to get inside of her pussy myself.  I watched as Paula reached down with her fingers and started to play with her sloppy wet pussy.  I jacked off now as I watched her use the dog cum as a lube for her own fingers.  She was rubbing hard and quick on her displayed pussy as she rubbed herself faster and faster.  I was just about to cum when the pit bull pulled away from Paula’s hand and used a paw to pull her around towards him. 


It was clear that the kissing was having an effect on the dog as well.  His cock was once again hard and he quickly mounted her.  This time however he had her faced turned towards my hidden place.  I jumped back behind the curtains, the glass was tinted but I didn’t want to ruin he show that they were giving me.  I was transfixed as the big pit pull started to ride my daughter again.  He started out fucking her as fast as he could this time.  I guess that Paula’s pussy was so wet and stretched out that he had no problem sinking his red shining cock up the his knot in his new human fuck toy.  I was jacking off faster than I had done in years and as Paula shook her head from side to side under the powerful animal I heard her yell.


“Fuck me you bastered.. Awwww… Deeper I’m Cumming again!!!! That’s it faster you son of a bitch show me how those other girl dogs like it.  FUCK ME!!”  She yelled out.


I watched Paula’s face twist in an expression of lust this time.  There was no pain in it as she looked up to where I was hidden and her eyes were wide and her mouth was twisted in a silent yell.  That’s all I needed, I started to shoot my cum all over the glass door.  For just a second I worried that Paula might see the sperm running down the glass door.  I was beyond caring as I pulled off all of my load watching my daughter Cumming on the dog’s dick again.  I had never had an orgasm that intense in my life.  It felt like my balls would never again cum out of my body they were drawn up so tightly. 


I stood there holding my spent dick, I had cum twice now and my daughter and the dog were still fucking.  I looked at the video camera and noticed the forty-nine minuets had gone by.  The dog had been in Paula’s cunt for a good forty-five minuets and I watched him jump off of her for the last time.  He lapped at her cunt just for a second almost like he was making sure had had done a good job of breeding her and then turned around and ran out the gate. 


“Come back Boy!!”  I heard Paula yell after him as h slipped out the gate and was gone. 


I cleaned myself up and put my camera away.  I didn’t know how I was going to handle going back outside but I knew I had to.  I pulled a couple of cans of pop out of the fridge and went outside.  Paula was lying back in her sunning chair, her bikini was back on and nothing looked out of place.  I guess that as I had cleaned off so had she.  I offered her a coke.


“Thought that maybe you might be thirsty.”  She took the pop and quickly drank from it.

“I’m sorry I got caught up watching the football game inside.”  I made a lame excuses and I took a drink of pop.


I looked down at her and noticed that she had put her bikini back in place perfectly but in her inexperience she didn’t realize that faster taking that much cum in her pussy that it would contentious to leak out of her pussy.  Her crotch had a nice big wet spot already forming and I could clearly see the dog cum leaning out of on of the leg holes.  I looked down and noticed that both of her knees had fresh scrap marks from being under the dog on the hard concrete for so long. 


“Anything interesting going on that I missed?”  I asked her looking up from her wet bikini bottoms. 


“No.  Just sunning, still trying to get that perfect tan.”  She said as she looked down at her stomach.


“I think I need to clean off….Errrr you know kind of get wet don’t want to burn up in this sun.”  She said as she got up in front of me. 


“Go ahead.”  I said as I took her place in the chair. 


I watched her dive into the water.  She had to have seen the big cum stain that was forming on her bikini bottoms or maybe it was the small drops of blood that were on her knees where she had taken the pounding from the large dog on the concrete.  All I knew, was that I had left the back yard gate open after seeing the same dog that had raped her and that he had just fucked her young tight pussy for an hour and she was not saying a word about it.  That meant only one thing to me.  Paula liked it!  She liked fucking that big ugly stray dog.  My cock tingled.  I would make sure it happened again.


Chapter 3


I knew what I wanted to do but was just not sure how to go about it.  For the next three days I did not see the big black and white stray dog.  I even put out some food for him at the back gate but nothing.  I found myself looking down the alley all the time hoping I would see him again.  I had watched the video of my daughter getting fucked by the dog so many times that It was burned into my minds eye.


Paula for the most part seemed normal but I did notice that from time to time when she would go out to the pool she sure seemed to be looking at the alley gate a lot.  It was the night of the forth day when I looked outside it was almost eleven when I heard a scratching at the back door.  It was late and I was watching the Television.  I was thinking that it was my imagination.  I turned down the volume and I heard it again.  Scratch, SCRACH. 


I got up and followed the sound, which was after a moment I found was coming from the back door.  How Odd I thought to myself as I opened the curtain and looked out.  There in the moonlight I could see that darn black and white pit bull.  He would walk in a circle for a bit then turn around and scratch at our back door.  I couldn’t believe it.  The damn dog wanted inside and I was sure that was not all he wanted.  He wanted at Paula pussy again but how could I make this happen.  \


I turned around and walked down the hallway to my stepdaughter’s bedroom door.  It was shut as always I reached out and slowly gripped the knob.  I turned it just a bit and opened the door just a crack.  I could see no light inside but I could hear her breathing.  I ran back down the hallway and looked outside.  The big dumb fucker was still there.  I reached for the back door knob and was rewarded with a loud Scratch.  I turned the knob and looked outside into the eyes of my daughter’s dog rapist.  He looked like he wanted me to hurry up and let him inside.  I consciously opened the screen door and he was in like a flash. 

He totally ignored me and he ran through the house.  His nose led him right down the hallway, which he pushed open, and in darted inside.  I waited.  I could hear the bed squeaking and I heard Paula wake with a start.  Then the sounds changed.  As I stood out in the darkened hallway I could hear my daughter talking to the dog. 


“You scared me, Laugh, don’t lick… Ok, ok,,, here ohhhhhh… that feels so good.   You’re the best kisser I’ve ever met.  Easy,mmmmmm..” 


I heard more noises that I couldn’t make out.  I listened closer.


“Buster how did you get inside the house?”  Paula said in a soft voice.  “Oh wow, I just felt your thing! Hold still let me get a look at it.” 


I stood still and took my own cock out of my pajamas as I listened in the darkness outside of my daughter’s bedroom.


“Wow, I have never had a real dick in my hand before.  It’s so big and hard, well I knew it was big because you keep making me let you put it inside of me but WOW!  It feels so nice and hot.”  Paula’s voice trailed off again as I heard them moving around on the bed.


It was only a moment before I heard Paula’s voice again. 


“Hold still!!! Come on Buster I just want to taste it.. Just.. A bit.  Hold still.. Ok, let me get a good hold on it.  Hehehehe you like that don’t you boy.  Suck, Smack…Suck..Suck Suck!”  He wet smacking noises filled the hallway.


Shit, Paula was sucking on the dogs cock.  I had to see that I just had to.  I reached inside the room and turned on the light switch.  There was my little girl, her head under the dogs belly, her small hand holding onto the big dogs crimson cock and at just a quick glace I could see she had half the dogs dick in her mouth.  Her cheeks budged with the effort as her head bobbed up and down on the dog meat.  Even when the lights came on Paula didn’t stop sucking on the dogs cock she finished sucking on its swollen length five more times. 


“Dad!”  She said as she raised her head up half-heartedly from the dogs red hard dick.  I couldn’t help but notice the line of spit that stretched from her lower lip to the tip of the dogs cock.  She never even seemed to notice that I as sporting a big hard on that I was trying to hid in my pajama bottoms.


“I know this looks wrong Dad but I really love this dog.”  She said still holding onto the big dogs cock by the base.  I swear there were a good eight inches sticking out.


“I mean, I know that the first night he kind of raped me and but not really.”  Paula said as she started to explain the dog begin to growl at her.


“Hold on Buster, I’m talking to my Dad!”  The big dog growled again and Paula jerked his dick up and down in her small hand.

“We don’t want him to get pissed off.”  I watched as my cute blonde daughter opened her mouth and started to suck on the dogs cock again with loud sucking sounds.  She kept working it into her mouth and soon half of it was stuffed inside of her mouth until she gagged and pulled the red monster out again.


“I mean… Sorry dad but it’s best to keep him happy or sometimes he bites me.”  She said as she played with the end of the dogs cock with her tongue.


“Anyways, That evening I was nude because I’ve been letting him inside after he raped me the first time.”  She sucked the dog’s dick again a few more times before she continued.


“I had been letting him lick my pussy that night, he really likes to lick pussy Dad. Anyways he was licking my pussy when all of the sudden he wanted to rape me again.  You saw the rest.  It was really my fault.”  Paula said around the huge dog cock that was now inside of her mouth. 


I watched as she sucked the dog right in front of me.  I was so hard that my cock was jumping out of my pajamas.  I watched as my little girl slobbered all over the dog’s dick in her hand.


“I’ve never done this to him before he seems to really like it and it’s really sweet.”  She said to me as she pulled her head back a bit and I saw a fine spray of dog cum shot out of the dogs cock.  It hit Paula Square in the mouth and she drank it down and then sucked the dog’s dick down again.


“So, dad.”  She said as she let go of the dogs cock and turned around right in front of me and pulled down her panties and I watched as the dog mounted her.  The big dog wasted no time in finding her little pussy and Paula groaned loudly as his cock hit home.


“I know that… I shouldn’t have let him…going to use a word here…. YOU!! Ouch..Ophhh … sorry sometimes it hurts….but in a great way.  Anyways.. You do not like…. me to. But…. Sorry, Buster slow down I is trying to talk to DAD HERE!! There that’s better.  Good Boy!  I know that I shouldn’t have let me lick me those first few times or let him fuck me like I did.  You see that night was not the first time Buster had fucked me.  We were doing it all the time.  That night I tired to stop him because you where home and I told him that Fucking now was not a good time because I didn’t want you to find out, but he bites me if I don’t let him fuck me whenever he wants.”  Paula said between wild fucking movements by the dog.


“SO!! Ouch slowly Busters… Shit…So dad that night I tired to stop him and he got kind of out of control.  It was really not his fault you see.  I have been letting him fuck me for a month now.  Sometimes…oOHh!!! Sometimes three times a day.”  Paula finally got out, the big dog buster was paying her no mind he looked like he was trying to fuck her faster each time she tired to talk.  He was behind her with his big pink tongue hanging out as he used my daughter’s tight pussy.


“I know you watched….!!!! Fuck Buster, take It EASY!!… His cock is so hard today…Dad I think he likes you watching.. He sure…is!!! Deep in there!!  I feel him hitting the back of my pussy.  I feel him hitting the very end Dad!!.”  She said in a low wanton tone.  “I saw you watching Buster and me the other day by the pool.  …. Fuck…Ohhpp!  Oh, oh, oh, Just like that…Good BOY, BUSTER!!...I saw you there jacking off, as you watched us from the window.”  She said as she looked up at me with her hair swaying back and forth with the dogs fucking motions.


“So, Dad… What do you think…OGOD…Fuck!  That big thing is starting to push inside of me again… I LOVE THAT PART OF BUSTER The BEST!!!”  She squealed. 


I tried to talk but couldn’t make anything but a horse sound.  My daughter had watched me jacking off to her and buster the other day.  I had hoped that she couldn’t see me. 


“Think of what.”  I managed to say as I watched my daughter being breed by a dog.


“Can… Ioooohhf…Keep….HIM!”  She said as her head snapped up with a grin that looked out of place on her face with a dog humping her. “SO DEEP DAD, HIS pushing… THAT BIG THING OF HIS INSIDE OF ME AGAIN.”


I couldn’t believe what I was seeing or hearing.  I looked at Paula’s face as she took the huge dogs knot for what I thought was the third time but now I knew she had been letting the dog fuck her for some time.  Who knows how often she had let the dog have her?  As much as three times a day!  I hesitated.  I didn’t know what to say.  I loved to watch the lewd sex act my daughter was engaging in and had to admit that I fantasized about it almost none stop for the past few weeks.


I loved to jack off to as I watched my daughter fucking this big stray dog she now called Buster but to let her keep him.  I mean he would be fucking her teenage pussy all the time.  Bestiality in my house all the time, I would go nuts. 


“OK… DAD.. His almost done, His Thing, can I say COCK in front of you?”  She asked almost innocently.


I nodded my head dumbly.


“His COCK is ALL SWOLLEN he will finish soon.”  She said in a rush as I realized that she herself was having another orgasm riding back and forth on the dogs none stop cock as it was now lodged deep inside of her cunt.


“I really want him.  Please!!”  Paula begged.  I remained silent.



I walked closer towards her bed the dog growled at me.  I stopped but Paula beckoned me forward.  I moved closer and when I reached the edge of the bed she reached for my pajama bottoms and with a fast pull my cock flipped out of its hidden place and hit her smack in the forehead.  She looked up with a laugh.


“If you let Me Keep BUSTER.. I’ll let you watch and .. If it’s ok with Buster joins in.” 


I was in a fog now as Paula reached out with her small hand and grabbing my cock from base sucked in more than half of it in one movement.  I could feel the back of her mouth as she kept pushing more of it in.  I had fantasized about this for so long.  I looked down and was confronted by the dogs face.  He was still busy pumping his cum into Paula’s waiting cunt.  He was stuck fast, I ignored him and looked down at my lovely stepdaughter as her cheeks bulged and she sucked me with the same wet sucking noises that she had done with the dogs cock before. 


Her mouth was sweet and hot.  I could feel her tongue darting around the head of my dick and in a way I was surprised how much this blowjob reminded me of her mother.  She pulled off my cock with a chocking sound. 


“So.  If you let me keep Buster I will let you watch whenever you want.  I will suck you like this whenever you want and you can even fuck me.  After Buster is done… If its ok with him.” 


With that she went back to work on my cock.  Her small hand was flying over the shaft of my cock as I stared into Busters eyes.  I looked down and could for the first time clearly see just how deep he had managed to bury his knotted dog cock into my daughter cunt.  I could only see the smallest part of his red dick and from how still he was standing I knew that he had already filled her tight blonde cunt with his cum.  As I realized that Paula pussy was stuffed full of dog cock and that her womb was floating in dog seed at this moment I felt my own cum start to boil deep inside of my balls. 


Paula seemed to know just how close I was as her hungry mouth slurped harder on my dick.  I looked down as she continued to force my cock deep into her mouth.  I was just about to cum when her small hand came off my cock and she pulled her mouth back with a wet smack.


“So?”  She asked looking up with an evil little grin on her lips that I swear I had never seen before. 


“Can I keep him?”  She asked holding her shinny lips just barley touching my bobbing cock head.


What could I say, she had me, and I wanted this.  I wanted to see her sexy young tan body nude.  I wanted to see her naked all the time.  I wanted to watch that big ugly dog breed her until she became tired of it.  I wanted the change to get turn at her young fourteen-year-old pussy, before or after Buster had finished with her.  I wanted it too.

“Yes, Paula, You can keep him.”  I said as grab hold of her blonde hair with both hands and pulled his red lips back onto my cock. 


Paula’s hand started to pull on my shaft and her hungry mouth worked like crazy on the swollen head of my cock.  Just as then Buster pulled out his spent dick from Paula’s pussy.  Busters dick was still huge but and was even redder than it had been before when Paula was sucking on it.  He pulled out of her with a pop and that was all I needed.  I could see Paula ass stuck up in the air, her tan lines so vivid and sex at the dimples of her ass.


I didn’t warn her I just started to cum.  I shot off right in my little girl’s mouth.  I knew it was wrong but I didn’t care.  I felt my wave after wave of cum shot into Paula’s warm sucking mouth and she never stopped sucking.  She sucked me until I was finished and then played with my limb dick just for good measure. Paula was naked before me my cum on her lips and the dogs cum in her belly.  I was sure this was just the start of something that was going to end up badly but I couldn’t help myself.


Paula rolled over and started to play hard with Buster on the bed.


“Did you hear that boy you can stay? You’re my dog now Buster and we got to give you a bath.”  She coxed the dog off the bed and down the hall towards the bathroom. 









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