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Laniee’s Dog Lust

By zipp2


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Please remember that this is a work of fiction and that there are no real people in my stories.  The stories are for your enjoyment and if sex between a woman and a god offends you in anyway please stop reading now.  On the other hand if you like the idea of the darker side of what sex can bring read on.  Thank you.


I was just about to cum as I watched my wife’s face twist with wanton lust under the large Mastiff as he fucked into her wide open cunt with animal abandoned.  The huge dog had her from behind and his massive weight pinned her tiny body down to the bed in front of me.  His large head was over her shoulder and from time to time the large dog would lick my wife’s sweaty face and open mouth with his larger slobber covered tongue.  I had to stop jacking off as I watched my wife lick back at the dogs tongue with her own.  Large lines drooled down from the corners of the dogs mouth onto her neck and back.  My wife Laniee was so nasty when she was getting nailed good and hard by a dog.  From the look on Laniee’s face I could tell that the Mastiff had his knot now securely lodged deep within her petite cunt.

How had this all come to happen you asked?  How had I turned my wife into a willing dog slut?  A human slut for any dog I wanted to see her with?  How could any man be turned on by such a nasty, vile and perverted act?  Well, let me explain how it started and maybe you will understand how I have set my wife up to service over 200 dogs at my last count.  How I had manage to get my wife to suck me off many times as she was a willing bitch to some strange dog.

Last year we were just your average couple.  Laniee and I had been married for over 7 years.  I had met her in college where I was studding to be a veterinarian.  She was stunning 20 year old, just barley five feet tall with curly black hair and clear blue eyes and a bright smile.  I was attracted to her the first time I saw her.  She worked as a waitress in a small restaurant I like to go to.  I would see her when I went in late at night to have coffee and study for my test.  I got up the courage and asked her out.  She was shocked that an educated man like me could find her interesting. 

We hit it off right away, we were the perfect match, she was shy and reserved and I was outgoing and demanding...  It was not long after that we were married and we quickly settled down into married life.  I finished school and started my own veterinary clinic.  Because of the income I made Laniee did not have to work and could stay home.  We had no kids and a nice home and everything about our lives was normal.  Until the night I had to bring my work home with me. 

That night I had a rich older women bring in her Newt her German Sheppard.  There was nothing wrong with the dog but the women wanted me to watch him for her while she was away.  I normal didn’t do things like that but she was very incessant.  She told me that the dog was prone to anxiety and that he would tear up her home if she left him alone.  So I reluctantly took her dog and put him into my office kennel next to a nice collie that was in heat and the owner wanted her put up until she was out of season to keep her from unwanted puppies. 

That night I never really thought about the effect this arrangement would have on the male German Sheppard.  The whole day they were in the cages next to each other and he was pacing back and forth as he tried to get to the female in season in the cage next to him.  When I finished for the night, I let Newt out and as I had agreed took him home with me.  Laniee was happy about me bringing the dog home.

That night Newt would not lay down, he keep pacing all around the bedroom.

“What’s wrong with him?”  She asked me.

“I don’t know. I sure wish he would lie down and let me get some sleep.”  I told her as I looked over at the dog.

“You’re the vet.”  She said with a clever smile.  “Why don’t you find out what his problem is.

I rolled over and turned on the lamp next to the bed.  Newt was walking back and forth and it only took me a second to see his large swollen red penis hanging down below his belly.  Newt would turn around and lick it for a moment and then start walking again.  That’s when I remembered that I had put him in the kennel with that bitch that was in heat and he had been there all day.  He was in heat and needed relish himself. 

“Nothing I can do.”  I told my wife as she looked over my shoulder. 

“Wow!”  Laniee said as she looked down at Newt’s swollen dog dick.

“I’ve never seen dogs dick all the way out like that before.  What has him so turned on.  She asked.

“Don’t know.”  I heard myself say as I wondered why my wife would notice his dick at all.

“I got to get some sleep.”  I said as I turned off the light again.

We lay there in the darkness for a long time as Newt keep pacing and his from time to time the sounds of him licking his swollen penis filled the room.  I was just about to get up and put him into the bathroom or something when Laniee got up.

“I can’t take it anymore, can’t you do something.”  She said as she slipped out of the bed next to me. 

“I can’t give him what he needs.” I answered her flatly.

“What is that?”  She asked as she turned on the light crawled down on the floor to pet the dog.  Newt quickly rolled over and exposed his swollen red cock to my wife’s curious eyes, she pet him soothingly. 

“He needs a female dog.” I told her. 

“Look at the size of his thingy.  I mean it’s huge, bigger than yours.”  Laniee said as she looked at the dog cock closer.  My wife was right, Newts dick was longer and fatter than mine.  I would guess it was a good 8 inches long and at its thickest point more than my wife’s fingers could wrap around.  Laniee pet the dog one last time and put both of her elbows on the bed facing me. 

“I wish we could do something.”  She started to say.   I don’t know if it was the fact that my wife was now on her knees with her hind end pushed up into the air or what but Newt jumped up on my wife and quickie mounted her.  The dog let his lush rush over him as he stated to hump away at her behind.

Laniee Laughed “Crazy dog.” She said as she tried to push him off but he held her tight and keep humping her leg like crazy.  Laniee had on a short night gown and as I rolled over to help her I could make out the dogs big red dick rubbing on her soft up turned ass. 

“Come here Newt.”  I said as I got hold of his collar.

“Thanks.”  Laniee told me as I pulled the dog off her.  “That was a mistake I could feel his thing rubbing against me.”  She looked down at the dog as he paced next to her. 

“Ya, another minuet and he might have had his way with you.”  I said again as the dog walked around the bed.

“You think he would?”  My wife asked as she lowered her eyes, she was always very shy and she did that sometimes when I knew she wanted something.

“I think that he would if I didn’t stop him.  His in heat and all his little dog brain is thinking about is getting off.  Look at him.”  I said pointing down to his red dick which was hanging down below his belly as he paced around.

“I was just wondering if.. He would, you know mount a human women.  Like me.”  She said quietly.

I was shocked!  Had Laniee just said what I think she had?

“Yes, I think he would.”  I stammered.  “Why would you ask?”

“Well.”  My wife began as she looked down at Newt’s rock hard scarlet cock.  “I kind of feel sorry for him, I mean look at him, there must be a bitch in heat someplace nearby and he looks like his in pain.”  She looked up at me her blue eyes had a strange sparkle that I had never seen before.  She looked somehow sexy and excited. 

“I feel sorry for him to.”  I said as I noticed that my wife’s nipples were now poking out from under her silk nightgown.   “But how could we help?”  I questioned.

“You’re a vet, you tell me.”  Laniee looked away shyly again. 

My mind was racing as I looked at the affect this dog was having on my wife.  I had never thought about anything like this before.  Not in my wildest fantasy.  I had wondered what it would be like to see my wife with another man but I never even played with the idea of her with an animal.  Then it happened, before I even knew what I was saying it came rushing out.

“You could let him mount you.   I guess, you wouldn’t even have to let him get inside you.  Just kind of let him rub around on your skin would do it, I think.  Then he will quite down and we can all get some sleep.”  I looked down at her and for the first time in our marriage, I didn’t recognize my wife. 

She pulled up her night gown and slipped off her silk panties.  I stood there in silents and shock as my wife bunched her night gown under her arms and lowered her knees back down onto the floor. 

“When I was a girl, I sometimes helped our dog… I mean with this same problem.  Not that I liked it, but I felt I just had to.”  Laniee said as her knees hit the carpeted floor at the foot of our bed.

Newt didn’t even hesitate he jumped up on my wife’s exposed ass and grabbed her with both of his front paws.  Newt quickly started to hump; I could see his red cock rubbing against my wife’s unprotected ass again. 

“Kind of help him, when there was a bitch dog around and he needed help to get his cock to go down.”  Laniee said as she reached behind herself and forcefully grabbed his flaying cock in her tiny hand.  She gilded it to the opening of her cunt. 

I was in shock at just how quickly my wife had dropped to the ground.  How quickly she had let the dog mount her and how she seemed to know just how to hold he hips at just the right angle to let Newts cock line up to her open cunt.  I was sure not ready for what was happening.  Laniee had Newts cock poised at her wide open cunt and he did the rest.  His hips hunched forward and more than half of his cock disappeared into my wife’s cunt.

Newt felt his cock hit home and stared to fuck like crazy.  In less than a minute he had driving his cock into my wife’s cunt more than thirty times.  Laniee grabbed hold of the bed as his crimson cock assaulted her.  She gripped the bedspread with her free hand and was bit her lower lip as Newt worked her over.  I looked down and noticed that the dog had already managed to work his whole cock as deep as she would let him into her.   She kept a grip on his cock right below the knot that had started to form there.  At least Laniee was not going to let this dog tight her up.  I was thinking.

“ This is…. The….. Best… Part?”  She said between stabs of Newts large meaty dick.  She let go of the dogs dick altogether and I knew that he was trying to push his swollen knot up into my wife’s tight cunt.  She lowered her head and I just had to look down and see for myself.  The dogs cock was pushing against her cunt, it was starting to open wider.  With each push the larger part of the dogs cock was disappearing into my wife’s pussy.  Half of the knot was logged into her already and I was watched he started to hump her more quickly.  The large dog knot finally worked its way into my wife’s cunt and I could no longer see it.  All of us knew she was knotted well when she started to talk back to Newt.

“That’s it…. You……. Bastard give It to me…. Give it all to me!”  Laniee hissed between storks.

Laniee was grunting away with the dog’s lewd fucking motions behind her.  Each time Newt pushed into her she would let how a lust filled grunt.  Sweat was now dripping down her brow.  I had never seen her like this before.  Her hair was all messed; her face was twisted in lust.

“Well…..”  She said with a struggle.  “Give me your cock.  That’s it. You fucker.”  Laniee pointed at my dick.  She waved me towards her face.

I froze, she never like to suck dick.  Oral sex was something that I only got on special days like my birthday and anniversary.  I willed my mind to pull down my shorts and my dick, which to my surprise was harder than it had ever been, plopped out and was bobbing up and down with the rhythm of my pulse. 

Laniee grabbed it with the same forcefulness she had just used on the dogs dick.  She grabbed me like she really didn’t care what I wanted.  She pulled me towards her mouth and started to suck on my dick.  I couldn’t help but look down and watch Newts cock as it worked away into my wife’s cunt.  It had already been a few minutes.  I didn’t know how long it would take him to unload his sperm but I knew I was not far away from my own orgasm.

“He is… Really something…Ugh…get my pussy… get it boy… Get it NEWT..Take it.. That’s right.. my pussy is all yours right now...”  My wife said around the head of my dick.  “Teach me a …God.. A lesson.”  Newt leaned down and rested his head on Laniee’s shoulder.  His tongue licked out and licked the side of my wife’s face.  She turned his way and opened her mouth letting the dog lick away.  My wife was making out with this dog, she was sucking his tongue and at times would open her mouth wide and the dog would lick all around inside. 

“God …. Newt.. You’re great…”  My wife got out as the dog keep fucking and licking her.

Laniee went back to work on my dick, pulling it with jerky motions caused by the big powerful dog’s onslaught on my wife’s cunt.  She looked back towards the dog, he kept his head low as Laniee started to orgasm. 

“Give it to me Newt…”  She yelled out so loud I was worried one of the neighborhoods next door might hear her.  “Give me that ….. Cock.. THAT DOG COCK…Ohhhh.”  

Laniee gripped my cock hard as she came on the dogs cock.  I couldn’t help it.  I started to cum.  I shot off all over her face, and Laniee didn’t turn away as she usually did.  She quickly grabbed my cock and sucked it into her mouth as I finished unloading. 

Laniee turned her cum filled mouth toward the dog and was rewarded as Newt started to lick at her open mouth again.  I watched as the dog cleaned off my wife’s face as they fucked.  Newt suddenly whimpered and I could tell that my wife was getting a large of well earned load of dog cum. 

“That’s it Newt.”  Laniee said in reassuring tones as the dog finally slowed down on top of her.  “That’s it.. Good boy... you’re doing fine…”  Laniee said softly.

“I’m going to be stuck her for a bit.”  Laniee said as she relaxed under the big dog. 

That had fucked for at least half an hour and I knew that it would be another few minutes before the big dogs knot would let them part.  When he did let her go, we didn’t talk about what had just happened.  Laniee just took a shower and I drifted off to bed.  It was like I was in another world.

The next morning I took Newt back to the kennel and gave him back to his owner.  If only she knew what her dog had been doing back at my house.  I went home that day not really knowing what to say to Laniee.  How can you bring up a subject like this in casual conversation?

Chapter 2

Afterwards I noticed, that for the first few days Laniee seemed more shy then usual.  She never talk about what had happened that night.  She acted like she had not fucked that dog in front of me.  She never mentioned it again, but I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  At night as I lay there beside her all I could think of was watching her fucking that dog.  I could still see her spread out willingly in front of that animal.  It excited me and I wanted more of it. 

The next night as I pulled her towards me I tried to bring up what had happened.  I wanted to talk about it.  I kissed at her neck and roughly pulled her panties down.  I pushed my dick up inside of her and wanted to see her act as she did when she was twisted in lust with that dog.  It had been such an unexpected turn on to see her shake with orgasm after orgasm on an inhuman cock.   I worked my cock away inside of her pussy, the same tight pussy that had been locked over a dog’s dick the other day.  The same tight pussy that had welcomed the dog’s sperm was now mine to use.

“Did you like it?”  I asked as I fucked her hard.  “Did you like fucking that dog’s dick?”  

I was instantly rewarded with the feeling of a warm rush from her pussy.  I relived the experience with her as we fucked.  I told her what it had looked like seeing her impaled upon his big red hot dog cock.  I told her how much it had excited me to watch her service that German Sheppard.  Soon her cunt was so wet that we were both soaked her pussy had never been this wet before that I could remember.

“Please.”  She said.  “I only did it to help that Dog.  I didn’t like it, I was just helping him.”  She added as I worked out my own load into her cunt.

I knew that my wife liked fucking that dog.  I knew that she enjoyed it and would do it again I just had to set up the right kind of situation.  He body told me all I needed to know.  So the very next day I waited until everyone had gone home for the night from the clinic and I pulled out a nice looking boxer named Duke.  I felt a flutter of excitement as I put a leach on him and helped him into my car.  I was sure that once I got Duke home that Laniee would once again “help him” as she had put it.  Help him like she had helped Newt.

That night however, Laniee acted the same as she always did.  She was nice to the dog and asked why I had brought him home.  I told her that he needed to be watched which of course was a lie.  How do you tell your wife that you brought home a dog hoping that she would let him fuck her silly?  I remained silent and as the night passed and Duke found a soft place for the night I knew that Laniee was not going to do anything with the dog. 

I was so disappointed.  Maybe Laniee would never do it again.  I took Duke back the next day and thought about what my wife had not liked about this dog.  Why had she let a German Sheppard mount her and not even really paid any attention to the boxer?

My day at work went on but in the back of my mind I went over every little detail of what had happened that night, the night I wanted to repeat.  Maybe it was only German Sheppard’s that my wife would let fuck her.  Maybe she only liked that kind of dog.  She could have had that breed of dog when she was a girl and that is what had triggered that one night of animal lust.  Laniee had not been shy with Newt that night. 

I called her parents that night and to try and find out if that was the case I told her parents that I was thinking about getting Laniee a dog for around the house.  I asked what kind of dog she had when she was a child.  They told me that they had a few dogs around all the time when she was a girl.  As I hung up the phone I knew that the bred of the dog had nothing to do with her reaction that night. 

So if not the bred of dog then what, what had caused my wife to noticed the dog.  I remembered that Laniee had noticed the dog’s erection that night.  That’s what she had noticed.  That dog had been worked up because I had him caged next to a bitch dog in heat before I had taken him home.  He was already so excited from being next to that female dog that he had been pacing the floor and licking himself all night.  That’s what my wife had to have noticed to, the dog had been all over that night licked his dick and as I thought about it, he had laid in the living room right in front of my wife all night.  That had to be it.

I went into the back; we always had a lot of dogs in the overnight kennel because city life made it easier to just have the dog put up in a nice safe place than have them out when their owners were away on vacation or working.  We kept the female dogs in heat in the back of the kennel by my office.

I went into the back and found that we had two bitches in season kenneled in the back. I then went and looked at the dogs we were going to have all night.  It was strange, my two young offices assistance noticed that I was looking at the dogs and asked if they could be of any help and I politely told them I was just checking on the size of the cages as I was think of adding more.  They had no idea I was picking a dog to take home to try and entice my wife into fucking.

It was a strange thing, walking past the dogs and thinking about which one to take home.  I wanted to make sure Laniee would not feel like the dog was a threat and also I admit, which kind of dog had the largest dick.  I found a nice Labrador named of all things Lucky.  I was sure hoping that the name would be an Oman as I moved Lucky into the cage next to the in season bitch.

The day went by slowly and I was so excited when I went into the back that I already had an erection.  I let Lucky out of his cage and sure enough he was already sporting a nice hard on.  I could see the red tip hanging out of its sheath.  I looked back over at Lucky in the passenger seat on the long drive home.  He was all excited, he was licking himself and to make sure he didn’t lose any of his interest in sex I had brought along the blanked that was used in the bitch dogs’ cage.  I laid it next to him and watch as he rolled and rubbed his nose around on it.  When we drove into the driveway I was almost too hard to walk.

Laniee meet us at the door.  I told him I was going to have to keep Lucky for the night.  It was hard, I knew but I had to bring my work home with me again.  Laniee seemed to change right away.  She got down on her knees and petted Lucky all over; the big black lab was quick to lick my wife all over her face. I also noticed that he hit her lips and she didn’t seem to try and push him away to fast.

After that my wife seemed to act normal.  We watched TV and when we went to bed I was hoping that she would bring up the fact that Lucky had an erection.  I had even laid the blanket that had been in the bitches’ cage to help get Lucky aroused.  He had rolled around on it and never seemed to stop licking his swollen member.  I was very frustrated and disappointed as I slowly feel asleep without Laniee ever even looking in Lucky direction.

I woke from a deep sleep.  It was a cool night and I rolled over in bed and noticed that Laniee was gone.  I looked over at the alarm clock and it read 3:10.  That’s when I heard it.  It was a strange grunting sound.  I got up and slowly worked my way out into the hallway to find out what had made that sound.  I looked out into the living room and in the dim light that came in from the street light outside trough the window I could just make out the faint shapes of my wife getting bred by Lucky.  He was on top of her and was fucking into her with quick powerful strokes.  The dog was even trying to climb upon to her back.  I could hear my wife’s sweet voice under the dog.  She was talking dirtier than she had when I had been present the last time.

“Ohhhh Lucky, that’s it ride my naughty little pussy with that big prick of yours.” She was talking in lusty hushed tones but every once in awhile she would let out an unexpected cry.

“That’s….. It’s... deeper.  I know that’s what you want... I know your dick is bigger than that.. Push you bastard.. Push… I can take it… Ohhh Ya push that knot deeper... Ohh God!”  She was rocking back towards him as he fucked into her pussy.

I .. Know that…. Tom.. Brought you home… Ohh UGG..”  She shook with the orgasm that hit her.

I used this moment to move closer to them.  I pulled out my cock and stood just behind the mating pair as they crawled around a bit on the carpet.  I was now able to hear the sound the dog’s dick was making in my wife’s wet cunt.

I .. Know he brought you home… to fuck me.”  Laniee almost spit out the last words.

“Well… Fuck me then...That’s it... Fuck my slut pussy!”  Lucky picked up speed as she talked to him.

“Give me that red hot cock… spit cum into me.. ARRRR.”  She cried.

“Darn you long… you bastard.. FUCK ME.”  Laniee crawled forwards towards the couch. 

“I know.. Tom’s been trying to see me… looking at that cock of yours all night.”  My wife said it a louder voice.

“Ya… Just like THAT Lucky… Well I tried not to look…I tried.. Not to see your!”  She grunted out between the dogs strokes.

“You’re…. Wonderful …Big RED hot cock.  Fuck!”  She cried as another orgasm hit her and the dog yelped as she grunted under him, Laniee pussy must have gripped the dogs cock so tight it hurt him.

Lucky started to dance around on my wife’s ass, he’s head hung low over her shoulder and I knew that he was unloading a long overdue amount of dog cum into my wife.  I was transfixed as I stood there jacking off to the sight of my wife and the dog.  Lucky stood still and then turned and tried to dismount Laniee’s ass.  His knot however held him fast and I could see my wife’s hand reaching down underneath the dog holding him still.

“I’m not done with you yet…you wonderful animal.”  She said as I saw her pull the blanket I had brought from the clinic out from under her and she held it toward the dog’s nose.  This made Lucky start to quiver as he was held fast by his human bitch.  The female dog’s odor seemed to make him stand still.  Laniee on the other hand started to rock back and forth on the dog’s dick.  She was using the dogs spent hardness to work herself off to yet another orgasm.  I watched as she grunted again and this time she let Lucky slip out of her well fucked cunt with a pop.  The Lab rolled over and quickly started to lick himself again. 

I looked down at my wife’s gapping cunt with only the streetlight outside for illumination.  I could see she was wet with dog cum all the way down to her knees.  Laniee had just kind of collapsed down onto the floor.  Her ass was still sticking up in a lewd display, and in the dim light I could see the smile on her face. 

I kneeled down and grabbed her by the hips.  My petite wife head popped up with a start and her head spun around.  Before she could say anything I was already balls deep into her gapping dog fucked cunt.  With the help of Lucky sperm I slipped in balls deep. 

“What… are you doing?”  Laniee protested.

“I’m going to fuck you… I’m so turned on right now.”  I said as I drove back into her pussy which was hot from the dogs cum and stretched out beyond anything I could do.  I fucked into her; it was so exciting to know I was still pushing the dogs cum back into her womb.

“Is that it…? TOM.”  Laniee said as she looked at me over her shoulder.

“Does it turn you on… to watch your wife getting dog fucked.”  She said in a lust filled voice.

“Hell yes, Laniee more than anything.”  I said as I contented to fuck into her used cunt.  I quickly found that with her cunt so loose and lubed with dog cum I could fuck her much faster and for a longer period of time.

“My Husband likes to watch, go figure… My Husband likes to watch!… I was hoping you would not be mad.”  She said as she started to crawl towards Lucky still lying on the bitches’ blanket.

“I’m not mad.  I was hoping that you would fuck this dog.”  I managed to say as I watch her stop and grab Lucky spent dick in her hand.

“Then you’ll love this Tom.”  Laniee said as she started to lick Lucky dick along with him.  She was soon sucking on Lucky dick with wild abandon.  When Lucky would lick she would lick if he stopped she would quickly stuff his now growing dog dick into her lips, all the while I kept fucking into her.  I pushed in as deep as I could but I knew I was nowhere close to as deep as Lucky had been. 

“That’s it TOM … Give me that load.. So we can give Lucky another turn.”  She said as she looked up with the dog licking at her face.

“This blanket you brought was a great Idea.  I can use it all night.” 

I couldn’t help myself I shot a great load of my own cum into my wife’s used cunt as she said that.  Just the idea of her fucking this dog all night was more than I could take.  I fell out of her well fucked cunt more than pulled out.  As soon as I did my wife stood up and moved over to the sofa and laid her back on the soft sit she left her hips hanging over the edge.  I watched as she held the blanket up to Lucky and he quickly jumped up between my wife’s outstretched legs. 

“Tom!  Don't just stand there, guild him inside of me.”  I kind of froze when I heard her words.

“If you want me to do this you have to help.  You just can’t stand there and watch.”  She scolded me.

I dropped down and grabbed the dog’s hips and pushed him forward as he started humping towards my wife’s offered pussy.  He was jerking wildly and the blanket that Laniee was holding up under his nose didn’t seem to help he was really worked up.

“Grab his cock and get it in between my pussy lips Tom.”  My normally shy wife ordered. 

I did as she asked.  I reached down and grabbed hold of his wildly stabbing dick and was shocked at just how big it was.  It was about 10 inch long and was so big around that my fingers couldn’t touch.  I didn’t know how she could take something this long and thick into her cunt.  I grabbed hold of the hot dog meat and pointed it at my wife’s cunt.  With his next lunge I felt it sink deep into my wife’s open pussy.  I felt the dog cock starting to move with rapid jabbing movements.  There was no way I could ever fuck as fast as this dog was. 

“Get your hand out of the way TOM!”  She said.

She was laying under the dog now and had lowered the blanket behind her head.  This made Lucky reach down and I watched in wonder as my wife grabbed his neck with both hands and held her tongue out to the dog which he started to lick almost immediately.

“TOM… get your hand back so he can….”  I move my hand and all of his dog meat sunk into Laniee’s cunt “FUCK!”  She yelled.

She wrapped her legs around the dog and opened her mouth to him.  His big wet tongue was quickly licking into her open mouth as he was fucking into her wildly. 

aAAAWWW” Laniee wailed.

I watched as I could see Lucky dick pounding away into my wife again for the second time that night.  I got up and ran into the kitchen and quickly found the flashlight I was looking for.  I quickly took up my position again next to my wife and the ferociously fucking dog.  I turned on the light and focused it on the thing that I really wanted to see.  The dog’s dick was a blur as it worked in and out of my wife’s open cunt.  I could see the ball knot as it started to grow.  It was soon hitting the opening of my wife’s pussy.  Her soft pussy lips were being pulled in and out, in and out.

“That’s it Lucky. Fuck your Bitch!”  Laniee said under the dog as it fucked her.

“Is that what you wanted TOM… TO SEE HIM Fuck me!!  ...” She grunted.

“ITS soooo GOOD.  Keep it up... AGGGG.”  Laniee groaned. 

I looked down and it the bright light of the flashlight I could see the large knot of the Lab dick was starting to force its way inside of Laniee’s cunt.  Laniee’s pussy was already well fucked but the size of the knot was close to the size of my wife’s fist.  It was just about in and suddenly it was gone.  It had worked it was into Laniee’s cunt.  All I could see was a small bit of swollen read dog dick.  I knew that all ten inches was buried deep in my wife’s pussy.  It was bumping her womb and the dog never slowed.  When Laniee cried out or howled the dog never slowed.  He didn’t seem to care about this human bitches welfare, all the dog wanted was to unload again deep into her womb.

“It’s inside … TOM…Now... It’s deep inside of me and I can feel him spitting his hot seed.”  She was looking at me from under the dog as she held on for dear life. 

“I can feel it swelling up inside of me… I forgot how good this feels.”  She said in spurts.

“That’s it Lucky...awwwWWW!”  She wailed as another orgasm hit her.

“Thank god... His done!!!His unloaded his sperm deep inside of me!”  I looked down but all I could see was his cock knotted deep inside of her cunt.  “It’s a big load this time… I’m really full.  I can’t tell you how fucking good this is TOM.”  She said as she looked up at me.

“Now you got what you wanted…your wife fucked another dog for you.  I used to do this all the time when I was a girl.  I would fuck all the family dogs when they needed it.  I got used to looking for the sign that there was a female dog nearby that was in heat.”  Laniee said as she whipped the sweat away from her face the dog was still stuck tight.

“Sometimes I would not go to school just so that I could fuck the family dog.  Now you know Tom.  That’s my dirty little secret.” 

I watched as Lucky finally pulled out of my wife and I watched with amazement as a rush of dog cum washed out of her insides. 

“Have you done it since then, have you done it since we have been married.”  I asked.

“Yes, I have done it whenever I have a chance.  Remember Mr. Gibson’s dog he left that mixed dog for use to watch while he was on vacation.  I fucked him whenever you were at work.”  She confessed.

I looked at my wife.  The women I thought I knew and my dick started to get hard again.  I moved close to her.

“Ohh no you don’t TOM…. You’ve seen me fuck Lucky twice now.  I let you fuck me… Now you go to bed and let me and Lucky have some alone time.  I only have one night with him, and Tom I am going to fuck him all night long.” Laniee said in a commanding tone. 

I started to protest.

“If you don’t go to bed, I’ll never do it again where you can see.”

I walked off to bed as I looked over my shoulder I saw Laniee getting onto her hands and knees and Lucky jumping onto her back again.  I laid in bed jacking off to the sounds of her yelling out and crying for him to fuck her.

I awoke in the morning and Laniee was next to me asleep Lucky was between us and looked worn out.  I got up and got ready for work, I couldn’t believe how my plan had worked out.  I was excited about watching again.  I wanted to watch her fuck all the dogs she wanted.  I walked out of the bathroom and found Lucky on top of my wife again fucking her on our bed no less.

“Ohhh One last time before… you got to go… you horny dog… give me that dick Lucky...Shit fuck out of me!”  She wailed aloud.

I stepped towards the bed but she warned me off as Lucky took his sweet time fucking her for the last time.  It took about twenty five minutes for Lucky to unload and slip off my petite wife.  I put him on his leash and put him in the car.  I drove to work in silents and Put Lucky back into his cage.  One of the young women that worked for me called me to the phone. 

“It’s your wife.” 

“Hello.”  I said

“Are you mad at me Tom?”  Laniee said is a soft sweet voice... not the voice she had used on me this morning.  “If you are I can understand.  I can’t promise you I will never do it again but I can promise you that I will never let you find out.”  She said.

“I’m not mad at you honey.”  I said feeling my dick start to harden.  “I’m not mad at all.”

“Then bring home a pit bull tonight.”  Laniee said


The end… for now.


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