Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. You have to read my Hard Memories part 1 and part 2 to understand how I lost control of my life and ended up moving in with this sex starved black older woman as her full time sex-slut slave. End of June to mid-July 94 - N.Y. This part 3 is going back to more details of what happened after I moved in with Eliane. Only six weeks before that I had a normal life, I had absolutely no idea that a black woman would soon turn me into her slut-slave, for real. I did end up thinking that this black woman was a superior woman and that I was naturally made to belong to such a woman, as her private sexual slut. I'd like to go back to end of June, when Eliane ordered me to move in with her, as her full time sex slave, her permanent ass licking slut.This is when Eliane decided to push me harder with the help of her girlfriend Claire. Claire was just there to watch me while Eliane was gone, it was almost a relief to be abused by Claire whith out Eliane around since it was the only time I did not have to endure ass feeding . When I moved in with her, Eliane kept her promess to feed me from her ass every morning. Under her rules it became a mandatory duty for me to swallow all her brown caviar she pushed in my mouth every morning, straight from her ass, while she smothered my face under her big assglobes. I was not allowed to eat anything else until lunch, same for my drinking needs, I was not allowed to drink anything else than her urine until lunch time. She forced me to drink plenty of it during the night and every morning. First I started to throw up every morning after swallowing the long brown turds Eliane unloaded in my mouth, but that did not stop her to maintain my dayly training and push her loads of brown cviar in my mouth every morning. After a week or so I did not throw up as much, I started to chew longer before swallowing, just like Eliane was instructing me to do so. Claire used my mouth to pee everytime she had to go while she stayed in Eliane's apartment, but that was it, no solid waste in my mouth and throaht when Eliane was not home. Claire barely spoke to me the first time we met, did not say hello or goodbye, just said few words when using me as her sex slave. I remember when Eliane left me tied up on her bed that Monday morning. She had already told me few days before that she had to go away for a week and her girlfriend Claire was gonna stay with me. As she was restraining me on her bed the proper way, Eliane spoke to me : `' I'll be back in a week but don't worry , my friend Claire is gonna take care of you while I'm gone. I want you to be a good boy with her, you gonna show her how well I trained you to lick a dirty juicy pussy all night long. I told her it's ok to teach you a lesson if she don't like the way you behave, so you better be a good slut, Claire can be a real bitch ! Eliane open one of her draws and takes out a roll of large black masking tape. She cuts a piece and before I realise it she places the tape on my mout hand press it tight . `' Here we go, I don't want to take any chance with you, you've been locked in my place for more than 2 weeks and maybe you feel like taking a walk outside, but not today my boy, not today ! Anyway Claire is gonna teach you new things, you'll be an ever better slut when I come back , believe me !! She'll come to say hello during her lunch break, and she'll be back again after work''. Eliane left the room and I heard the key turning in the lock after the she closed the door behind her. It was already two weeks since I moved in with Eliane and I was exhausted from the physical and mental training I was enduring every day, every night, 7 days a week. Not only I was smothered under Eliane's big ass globes few hours a night, with very little air to breathe while licking her ass and pussy, but also Eliane did not provide me with enough food to maintain my physical condition. After two weeks of daily training, my mandatory morning meal was still a rough moment to go through, I was still throwing up quite often. Eliane always sat on my face in the same position, facing my feet, spreading her ass globes wide open so my mouth and her warm asshole were joined tightly. Then I would hear almost the same words every morning : `' Here we go baby, open your mouth , open it well my litle slut, that's it baby, just like that, hmmmm ! you are such a slut ! I feel it coming, open your mouth, breakfeast time ! `' But this morning Eliane had to get ready for her trip and for the first time in two weeks I did not have to open my mouth to recieve her nasty ass feeding. I look at the clock on Eliane's dresser, it's 7.45 am and I quickly fall asleep thinking it's such a good feeling to be left alone. The noise of a key turning in the lock, the sound of the front door opening and closing wake me up. I see this black woman entering the bed room. She puts down a blue suitcase on the floor. She looks at me with out saying a word. She has short curly gray hair, she is taller than Eliane, older , not as round and curvy, but I can see she has very wide hips and a very large ass under her black summer dress. She unzip her dress from the side and takes it off her body, her flesh is not as black as Eliane's but very wrinkled. Her body is quite hairy, her arm pits are not shaved, and when she takes off her black panties I see her large and thick hairy bush. With out saying a word still, she comes on the bed and climbs on me, facing me, her sweaty thighs are on each side of my face. With one hand she pulls the tape covering mouth. She roughly grabs my hair with her two hands and pulls my face in her crotch as she pushes down her thick hairy pussy in my mouth. `' Suck my pussy, suck it well my boy ! `' are her first words to me. I start to lick and suck her smelly pussy like the well trained oral slut I'm, her strong taste and smell are new to me and my tongue is quickly covered with thick juices. My cock is hard as a rock since I started to smell her dirty pussy on my face, it makes me think again I'm such a slut, Eliane was right to make me her full time ass licking sex/slut slave. `' That's it, suck my fucking pussy, suc kit clean, just like that, suck it ! You gonna eat my fucking pussy like the good white slut you are ! `' Claire starts to cum only after a few minutes of pussy licking , as I keep slurping her cum juices bursting out of her cunt . `' Ohhhhhmmmmyes ! Keep licking my fucking pussy, hmmmm, you fucking pussy licking slut ! ooohhhh yes, just like that , keep sucking, hmmmmmyes ! `' Claire is now rubbing her wet cumming pussy on my lips, her bush is so thick that my mouth is filled with its wet hair. Suddenly I feel her warm urine invading my mouth, all the way down to my throat . `' That's it , just like that, drink my pee you fucking slut ! Drink it all, hmmmmm I luv that ! Eliane did'nt lie about you, you are a such a whore !! `' Claire pees in my mouth for a long time, she holds her flow each time my mouth is full of her warm golden urine, she's looking down and sees the top of my face in betwen her thighs, my mouth is burried under her pussy, my nose is covered by the thickness of her black hairy bush. She pays attention because as soon as my mouth is empty she pees again until I have a mouth full again, I keep swallowing her salty urine . `' Don't you waste any of my precious nectar, you little slut ! hear me ? you better not drop any out of your mouth or I'll get real mad, hmmmmm yes, just like that, drink it all ! `' I'm concentrating real hard on swallowing each full mouth of her urine with out choking, I don't think Eliane ever urinated so much at once in my mouth. Finally I feel her flow slowing down, and after a few more sprays, there is no more urine to drink from her pussy. Claire gets up. She's opening her suitace on the floor, she pulls out a some kind of black shorts. `' See my biking shorts , I'm gonna wear those especially for you today, it will keep my ass and pussy real humid for you, it's a really hot summer out there and I'm gonna swet like a pig in those. When I come back I want you to lick my asscrack real clean before I shove my smelly pussy in your mouth! `' Her large ass looks enormous in her tight biking shorts on. She comes back to the bed. She unties my ankles from the bed frame, then my hands. `' I give you five minutes to eat something in the kitchen and use the bathroom . Hurry up, you know the rule, you gonna be tied up like a dog and wait for me to come home baby ! `' Five minutes later Claire is all dressed and ready to go back to her office. I'm still in the kitchen finishing a bowl of yogurt and cereals. Her voice is not friendly at all : `' Come here now ! Don't make me wait ! `' She ties me up back to the bed frame, it is easy since the thick leather handcuffs are already in place on each side of the the bed frame , both for my ankles and wrists. Claire places a new piece of tape on my mouth and walks out of the apartment with out saying a word. I hear the usual noise of the key locking the door. This how my week with Claire started. She made sure to never wash her asscrack and her pussy in the shower so I had to clean the most intimate parts of her body with my tongue twice a day. Claire made sure not to wipe her ass or pusssy every time she had to use the toilet during her working hours, so she could smother my face under her smelly dirty ass crack and her urine impregnated hairy bush every everytime she came back home. I drunk her urine and swallowed her cum juices everyday during her lunch break, between 12.15pm and 1.15pm. It was a humid hot summer in N.Y. and thick swet was always covering her skin all over. While she was riding my cock during the evening, she enjoyed holding my face under her humid and smelly arm pits, ordering me to inhale her strong scents before I had to lick the swet off of it. I was so turned on by Claire's heavy scents, it made my cock big and hard everytime, deep inside her soaking wet pussy, it made her cumm real strong, over and over. Claire's major turn on was to be real smelly and dirty on me. She also made me clean her dirty feet with my tongue every night, it made her real horny everytime she made me do it and she had to ride my cock right after each of this dirty feet cleaning sessions. While she fucked my cock she always had me lay down on my back, on the carpeted floor or on the bed, when I was not tied up she wanted my hands on her ass cheeks so I could feel the motion of her big butt sliding up and down my hard cock. Her large bush kept the mixed scents of her urine and pussy juices in its thick and curly black hair, and Claire made sure to whipe her thick wet bush all over my face everytime she smothered me under her big fat ass. Because my cock was so hard everytime she burried my face under her heavy large ass, she started to slap it ! I was already trained by Eliane to eat, suck and lick a black woman's smelly ass and pussy all night long, to drink her warm urine anytime of the day or night. Then Eliane teached me which what I thought was the hardest and ultimate act to perform as her sex slut-slave when she forced me to eat her shit straight from her asshole and swallow to the last crumb. She did have to hurt me few times, squeezing my balls real hard and suffocating me under her big ass until I would pass out, to make sure I would learn my lessons. Her daily assfeeding finally paid off for her, after I gradually became addicted to the feeling of her solid waste entering my mouth, falling down my throat, her thick brown turds breaking in pieces under the bite of my teeths, My mouth became her personal full toilet as I became her ultimate slut, her full time sexual white slave. But I was not ready to endure cock slapping, face slapping or any kind of beating. I had no idea yet that Claire would actually help me to become a better slut/sex slave by severely whipping my ass, slapping my face with the intention to humiliate me, slapping my cock just to inflict me pain. Eliane knew Claire enjoyed smothering me under her dirty body but also knew that Claire would enjoy inflicting me long lasting painful whipping sessions. That's why Eliane told me, right before she left, that I would learn something new from Claire, I would become a better slut. The face slapping started during my first night with Claire, while she rided my cock with my hands tied up above my head. later that night she ties me up on my belly, wrists and ankles locked in leathers handcuffs and I recieve my first serious ass whipping. She hits me hard with her bare hands for a while : `' I'm gonna teach you a lesson think I'm gonna let you suck my pussy with out paying the price ? You have to learn your place with me my boy ! `' I carefully choose my words to speak to Claire, hoping she will appreciate my attitude and stop her hard spanking. `' Yes Claire, I want to be a good slave for you, just like Eliane told me `' `' This is just a little warm up , hmmmmm, your ass is sooo red already, poor little boy ! `' As she speaks, she suddenly hits me harder, her bare hands are slapping my ass in a steady rhythm and I can't take it anymore ! `'Please Claire, please stop it , I promess to be a.. !'' `'Shut up you little slut, who do you think you are ! this is only the beginning my boy and you better get used to it! Tonite is your first night under my care and I'm gonna whip your ass real bad my boy, you hear me ! You are a white slut, you belong to black superior women like me and Eliane ! I'm gonna have to hurt you so you'll know this is not a game, you are here to stay my boy, this is for real ! As she speaks Claire goes to her suitcase and pulls out a long and heavy leather whip. `'Hmmmm, look at this beautiful whip, I bought it especially for you. When Eliane told me she needed me to watch her white slut for a week it made my cunt real wet, hmmmm, see my boy, I was out of the scene for quite a while and the idea of spending all this time with a well trained ass licking slut like you sounded soooo good. So here I'm boy, tonite you gonna learn your place with me ! hmmm, this whip feels so good in my hand. First I'm gonna whip your ass 20 times and I want you to count after each blow, understood ? `' Yes....'' I hear the noise of the whip fending the air before it lands on my ass. I can't believe how strong Claire hits me, the weight and speed of the whip hitting my flesh is a very painful moment `' One.....'' that same air fending noise again and `' Two ! Claire, please , it really hurts ! please can you..`'. Whhhaaack ! the distinctive noise of the whip hitting the flesh of my ass tells me Claire has no intention to stop her vicious whipping. `' Three ! `' Whhhaaaaack ! `' Four `' Whhhhhaaack ! `' You feel the pain ? ooooohyes ! Whhhaaaaack ! this is sooo exciting, hmmmmmm, Whhhaaaaack ! I'm gonna whip your white ass sooo bad ! Whhhaaaaack ! Whhhaaaaack ! what ? what did you say ? eight ? here comes nine ! Whhhaaaaack ! After the third blow I started to yell a little, to absorb the impact, but after eight blows this is it for me, I can't help screaming every time . Whhhaaaaack ! `'ouuuch ! Claire pleeease stop it ! please ! `' `' Don't you speak to me boy, all I asked you to do was to count to twenty ! hmmm, I guess I'm gonna have to shut your mouth off ! Claire stops her whipping for a minute , she goes back to her suitcase and pulls out something I never saw before. Suddenly she gags me by shoving one rubber ball in my mouth and locks the attached leather belt in the back of my head. She then cuts a piece of masking tape and seals my mouth over the rubber ball. `' You can scream all you want now , nobody is gonna hear you ! `' She grabs the whip and gets in position along the bed. So here we go again, ready my boy ? I told you that was not a game, I'm here to teach you a lesson and you gonna learn it the hard way! So where was I ? nine ? or ten ? hmmmm you know what ? since I have to count myself we start from one again but we go to thirty !'' I can't believe what she is saying, oh no ! I don't think I'l be able to take it, but before my brain tells me to get ready I hear the whip fending the air .... Whhhaaaaack ! `' One `' Whhhaaaaack ! `'two `' Whhhaaaaack ! `'three `' I'm in such a pain ! I yell through the masking tape everytime she hits me but only a weak moaning comes out .... `' Yes ! this is so much better - Whhhaaaaack !- when I can do what I have to do -Whhhaaaaack ! - with out you complaining about it ! - Whhhaaaaack ! - where are we ? six ? hmmmmm, I'm not sure, I lost track , I tell you what , let's start from one again ! I promess to concentrate ! Whhhaaaaack ! `' One `' Whhhaaaaack ! `'two `' Whhhaaaaack ! `'three `' Whhhaaaaack ! `' four `' Whhhaaaaack ! `'five `' Whhhaaaaack ! `'six `' Claire decided to hurt me, she wants me to suffer from her vicious beating and she does a great job at it . I loose the counting after 5 or 6 blows because it hurts so much ! I keep yelling through the masking tape and I have tears coming down my cheeks. By the time I recieve her 30th hard blow the flesh on my ass and back thighs is burning like hell. At this precise moment in time, I do think I'm a white slave belonging to this superior black woman, Claire broke me, she took me to another level into slavery, my mind tells me this beating was necessary for me to become a better slut. I feel like a drug addict who just recieved a strong dose. Later that night I end up suffocating under Claire's big ass but it seems such a relief after the long and vicious ass whipping I recieved earlier. When she decides to ride my cock around 4am, I'm tied up ankles and wrists to the bed frame, I have a thick pillow under my back so I'm half sitting up while Claire rides my hard cock, we end up kissing for the first time, my cock is now soo hard , sliding in and out of Claire's dripping wet pussy, I can't help saying : `' Ohh Claire, you are soo good to me, thank you , thank you for whipping me hard, I needed to learn my place with you, I really understand why you whipped me, you are a superior balck woman and I'm your white slave now, I belong to you as much as I belong to Eliane `' `' Ohhhh my god, you are such a good boy, hmmmmmm and your cock is hmmmm sooo yummy, yes boy, you do hmmmm belong to me hmmmm I'm gonna cum hmmmm oooohyes hmmmmm, you feel my hmmmmwet pussy ! OOOHHHmmmmmYes baby ! `' Suddenly Claire's body starts to shake from her legs to her shoulders, she is having the strongest orgasm while kissing me hard. She spits in my mouth and tells me how much she wants me to become hers.. `' Oooohhh baby, Yes, you gonna be a very good boy, I'm gonna have to keep beating your white ass everyday, you know that do you ? hmmmmm this is absolutely necessary if you want to become mine, hmmmmmm, you do want to be mine do you ? `' I love the way Claire speaks to me, my cock is ready to explode in her cunt , yes I do want to become the best white slave for this demanding black superior woman..I swallow all the saliva she spits in my mouth `' Yes Claire, I'm ready for you, I will say thank you everytime you beat me, I know there is no other way , I have to learn my lessons with you , oohhh Claire, your pussy feels sooo good on my cock hmmm, please can I cum ? `' `' I'm afraid not, hear me boy, who said you could cum ! `' Claire is on me, she's riding my cock very slowly, she moves her hips down and stops her movement, my cock is now deep inside her pulsing pussy. Her face is one inch above mine. She speaks softly with a very serious tone in her voice.. `' Listen to me carefully, I'm not in a mood for your cum in my pussy right now, so you better not cum ! I order you not to cum, understood ? If you disobbey my order I will severely punish you ! Now I'm just gonna keep riding your cock until I cum again, and again, understood ? so don't disapoint me ! `' As she speaks, I can feel her hips moving up very slowly and move down again very slowly, I see this sadistic look in Claire eyes, she knows that there is no way I will be able to hold myself anymore, she is living me no other choice to dissobey her so she can enjoy punishing me. Because I'm such a slut, I'm so turned on by this new situation, my cock is now ready to explode for good. `' Hmmmm, don't cum before I cum, hmmmmmyes, your cock is sooo fucking good, hmmmm, you fucking slut ! `' This is too much for me, I feel this huge orgasm coming on me... `' Ohh please Claire, please stop, you make me cum hmmmm, I can't stop, I'm cumming, ooohhh Claire ! I'm sorry, hmmmmmm !'' `' You fucking slut ! you gonna regret this ! - slaaap ! Claire slaps my face real hard - slaaap ! slaaap ! She is now real mad, my cock is still shooting sperm in her pussy when she starts to slap my face back and forth with her right hand. `' You think you can cum in my pussy like I'm some kind of a whore ?- slaaap ! do you ? - slaaap ! slaaap ! This is how I learned to endure face slapping, serious ass whipping or bare hands spanking, Claire did use her hands and whip every night on me , she gradually went from 40 blows per whipping session to 100 in one week. The next day I'm asleep when Claire comes back from her office. It is almost 6pm when she opens the door. One minute later, she is naked and climbing on the bed. Her biking shorts are on the floor, and the smell of her dirty pussy is floating in the bedroom. Claire had been sweating like a pig in her tight biking shorts for few hours and now her soaking wet pussy is smelling real strong, the scents of urine and pussy juices are invading my nostrils when she turns around above my head and smothers my face under her big ass. My nose in right in her asscrack , breathing through the smell of her stinky asshole. Another night just started. End of part 3.