Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Those memories, I call them hard memories because it was both hard and addicting to go through those moments, are written in english, but I'm a n Italian born citizen, which explains some mistakes. Part 1. May 94- N.Y. I had met this voluptuous 5 feet tall black woman few years ago while I lived in N.Y. , in 1994, it was early May when I ran into her in a supermarket around 8pm. She was walking out of the store, carrying few heavy groceries bags and just when I arrived to where she was one of her plastic bags broke of and some water bottles fell on the floor. I helped to pick those bottles of the floor . I offered my help and walked to her car with a couple of her groceries bags in my arms. She was walking in the front of me and I noticed her very big ass under her summer dress. It was a tight blue dress, made of thin material and I could see she had a sexy underwear shaped like a mini short under her dress. She was probably over 50 years old, with a voluptuous body and a strong sex appeal. I said to myself - what's wrong with me, always looking at women's big asses in a sexual way - . She opened the trunk of her car and I placed the water bottles in it. She smiled at me, and said `' You are so sweet , how can I thank you `' `' It's nothing , it is my pleasure to help you `' `' and soo polite, my god, I did not know that they were still some sweet young man around wanting to help an old lady like me `' I was 31 yrs old and always had an attraction for older women. While we talked, I noticed she also had huge breasts and I could see her bra under the thin material of her dress. The top three buttons of that dress were open and the woman catched me looking straight into the flesh of her two huge globes, compressed in her bra. `' My name is Eliane `' she looked at me straight in the eyes and I could see she had a strong temper. `' It is very nice to meet you Eliane, my name is Marc `' `' Do you like my dress Marc ? I saw you were looking at it, so tell me , do you like what you see ? `' I could not believed she was asking me this question, but she saw me looking at her breasts and I was caught doing it in a very obvious way. The tone of her voice was a bit strong and she made me feel obliged to respond honestly. `'ohh, I'm sorry Eliane if I offended you by looking this way at you, but your dress looks so good on you, I think you look very attractive , I did not mean to be rude...'' `' Stop talking boy , it's ok with me. You actually made me feel real good to look at me this way, but yes, you are a little rude. Hmmmmm, I think you need to learn how to show respect to an ederly woman. Don't you think so my sweet boy ? `' She talked to me quietly with a very strong tone, almost as if she was a teacher wanting to teach a lesson to a bad boy. `'What do you mean ? `' `' I mean it is OK with me if you looked at my big boobs and big ass but if you want to look again, you need to learn your place with me. Do you want look again my boy ? `' `' look again at ...'' `'yes Boy, look at my big ass, but this time, you have to ask me first . You did like it, didn't you ? So don't be a whimp, ask me !! `' It was a strange and new feeling to have my cock getting hard in my pants just by hearing the commanding tone of her voice and words. `'So.... could I.'' `'No, you have to say the magic words : call me Ms Eliane and say please `' I could not believe what was going on on this parking lot. Here I was being treated like a bad boy by this older woman I just met few minutes ago. I realised it was very enjoyable for me to sense her power play on me. It was something totally new to me and I felt falling for her game. My words came so naturally out of my mouth : `' Ms Eliane, could I please look at your beautiful ass and breasts again ? please ? `' `' Hmmmm, that's it boy, you understand how you should talk to me. Yes, you can have a look at my big beautiful ass again, but what would you say if I want you to look at it in a much closer way? `' I felt falling in a totally unknown territory. This older woman had obviously a strong advantage on me . She was playing with me like a cat with a mouse, and I felt my cock getting harder in my pants. `' What do you mean by in a much clo..'' `' I mean that if you want to show me respect and show me how much you love to look at my big ass this is not the place boy ! So I say that if you are not a whimp you are gonna get into my car right now and come home with me ! `' She said it almost like an order, but with this quiet tone and strange smile on her face. I stayed silent for few seconds, not knowing what was happening to me, my cock was responding to the sound of her voice and I felt so attracted by her power attitude. `' I'm not a whimp'' `' So what is it then ? you afraid of me ? you have something better to do ? come on boy, get in my car `' As she spoke, she moved along the side of her car and opened the passenger door. `' Thank you Ms Eliane `' I could not believe I said thank you as she opened the passenger door , as I entered the car I felt her hand pressing on my back, almost pushing me inside her car. We arrived at her place in less than ten minutes. Eliane lived in an apartments building, on the 6th floor. During the drive, almost nothing was said, but I felt Eliane was breathing a bit faster than before. I could see she was sweating and the smell of her body odor, a mixture of her swet and heavy perfume, was floating in the car. I realised the strong smell of her swet had a direcy effect on my cock which got really hard in my pants. It was the first time I ever felt such a overwhelming sexual attraction, she had an afro hair cut with thick curly black hair and her nails were painted red. I knew I was getting into something sexual with this woman, but I had yet no idea of what was coming to me. She opened the trunk and told me to pick up all the bags and bottles. I followed her in the entrance of the building. The elevator was small and I felt Eliane body pressing on mine while I was breathing her addicting body odor . `' Listen to me boy, it is clear that once you enter my flat, you will obey all my rules. If you agree, say it, say : Yes Ms Eliane , I promess to obey all your rules. Say it before we get in ! `' Again, my cock got so hard while she was talking to me in the elevator . Eliane puts her hand on my crotch and feels my hard cock, she presses it hard and whispers to my face `' Say it now ! `' `' Yes Ms Eliane , I promess to obey all your rules `' `' Good boy , hmmmm, I'll make sure you keep that promess `' A soon as the door was closed behind us , Eliane turns around and presses her voluptuous body against me, pushes me against the wall, kisses me with her tongue in my mouth. We kiss like that for a couple of minutes and I'm totally under her spell. `'Hmmmmm, now you are all mine. First I want you to take all your clothes off `' She unzip my pants while kissing me, she pulls my pants and underwear down my legs. She grabs my hard cock in her hand and starts a firm but sweet massage on it while exploring my mouth with her tongue. My pants and underwear are soon on the floor as I step out of my shoes. I take of my shirt. `' You'r gonna show me how much you love my big fat ass, don't you little boy, there is no turning back now `' She keeps pumping my hard cock with her hand while talking to me. `' Yes Eliane `' `' Yes who ? `' `'Yes Ms Eliane , I know...'' `' You are all mine, understood ? and tonight is your first lesson `' As she speaks she pulls me by my hard cock and leads me through a small hallway into her bedroom. Eliane enters her bedroom still pulling me by my hard cock compressed in her hand. She then pushes me on her bed. `' See my boy, I was not expecting anyone tonight, as a matter of fact, it has been quite some time since I had a guest in my house. So lay down here and don't move while I get ready for you . Lay down , now ! `' I end up flat on my back. Eliane's bed is a queen size bed, with a bed frame made of iron bars at top and bottom of the matress. Eliane comes back in the bedroom a minute later with a plastic bag, she is barefoot and clims on the bed, she puts one knee on each side of my body and sits on my chest, facing me. `' hmmmm, let me tell you about your first lesson my boy, you wanted to see my big ass again and you are gonna see plenty of it, oh yes, tonight you are going to learn how to breathe through my big ass covering your face, and because this is your first training, I have to tie you up, just to make sure you're not gonna whimp out on me and run away. You'r going to have a very smelly evening with me. You gonna learn everything about smothering and domination `' I really have no idea about the meaning of what she is saying . As she speaks she spulls a rope out of her bag and starts to tie my wrists together above my head. She is leaning forward to reach my wrists above my head and again her body odor invades my nostrils, she smells even stronger under her armpits and the flesh of her huge breasts is covered with swet . Once my wrists are tied up together she uses a second rope to attach the first rope to the bed frame above my head. Few minutes later my ankles are tied up to the bed frame. Eliane gets a piece of tape and covers my mouth, so I can only breathe through my nose. `'Are you ready my boy ? Hmmmm, this gonna be soo good `' Eliane pulls down her mini short-panties and crawls back on her bed, her short blue dress still on. She turns around so her big black sexy ass is right above my face. As she comes down on me, I just have time to see her hairy pussy and hairy asscrack before my whole face just disappears into the soft warmth of her huge ass-cheeks globes. The strong smell of her sweaty pussy and ass crack invades my nostrils, I smell it for only a moment before her weight cuts of my breath entirely. << How do you like that, boy ? Do you enjoy the view ? and the smell ? I'm just gonna rub this very big ass in your face and there's nothing you can do about it ! >> After a minute of ass smothering , I start to panic as I feel my lungs burning inside my chest, it seems like an eternity before she decides to lift her ass up a couple of inches above my face, letting me gasp for air. She only let me breathe for a few seconds, and then she sitst down on my face again. `' What do you think about my big fat ass now, slut, do you like the way it smells ? I was sweating in my panties all day and now it is all for you, hmmmm ! `' I can feel her massive ass-cheeks pressing down on my face as she cuts of the air going to my lungs again. I start to see flashes of light in my closed eyes. I `m ready to pass out when she lifts her ass off my face again, I'm desperately gasping for air but before I can begin to catch my breath I watch Eliane's big ass coming down on my face again. Her hairy pussy is dripping wet and she starts to rub it all over my face for a while. Her body's movements allows me to breathe more. Suddenly I feel her body shaking on me as my nose and face becomes covered by her cum juices. Eliane is moaning and riding my face like crazy, she smashes her hairy dripping wet pussy on my face and keeps cumming strong. After she calms down, she spreads her ass cheeks wide open with her hands and pushes her asshole right on my nose, she smells real strong and I can feel the tip of my nose inside her wet smelly hole. `' Smell this slut !, you better get used to my dirty smelly ass on your face `' She speaks to me and rubs her dirty sweaty ass crack all over my face. `'Hmmmm, I'm making you mine boy, your face belongs burried in my big ass `' After a while she decides to get of me. She goes out of the bedroom and comes back with a fresh bottle of water. Eliane is still in her blue dress, now soaking wet from her own swet. After drinking she takes of her dress and her bra. She is now naked and I can't believe how sexy she looks . Her breasts are huge and firm, she has thick brown nipples and an evil smile on her face. `' Hmmm, poor little you, you must be soo thirsty....but you'll have to wait a little longer before you can drink, first i'm gonna put you to work with your tongue, do you hear me boy, I want your tongue in my ass and pussy `' Eliane comes back on the bed. She climbs on my chest and sits on it facing me. She moves forward slowly until her hairy pussy is right above my face. Suddenly she takes the tape of my mouth, I'm taking a big breath of this hot and humid air, with Eliane's smelly wet hairy pussy right above my mout hand nose. `' Ms Eliane, could you please untie my hands, it really hurts now `' `' Listen to me boy, the rule is that you stay tied up until I say so ! I'm just starting with you, you better stop complaining, I want your full obediance, I want you to pay attention to my demands ! `' My cock is hard since she started to play with me more than one hour ago. I realise I was face sitted for all this time, and Eliane is ready to start another face sitting marathon on my face. Eliane knows I'm ready to cum and moves down until her pussy meets my hard cock. She grabs it in her hand and holds it steady while her dripping wet pussy comes down on it. Soon my hard cock is deep inside her wet hole and Eliane starts to moans as she rides my cock in a slow motion. Her heavy breasts are rubbing my chest and her tongue is inside my mouth. `' ooooh this is sooo good, you are a very good boy, hmmm, open your mouth, open your mouth now, you are thirsty so take this `' Eliane starts to let go a large dose of her saliva in my mouth, she wants me to swallow it all. She spits in my mouth a couple of times and orders me to swallow all her fluids. `' Oh Eliane, you are sooo sexy, I can't resist anymore, I'm cumming now `' I never experienced such an erotic game and I start to cum real strong while Eliane talks to me : `' You are my slut, do you hear me boy ? you are my ass licking slut ! I'm not finished with you tonight , this is only the beginning my boy ! `' I can't believe how strong is my orgasm. For the next few hours I end up with my face smothered under her big sweaty ass, licking and sucking her ass crack and dripping wet pussy, swallowing her cum juices to the last drop, over and over. It is very hard to breathe during all this time, when I start to pass out Eliane lets up slightly so I can inhale some air for a brief moment. At one point I stop to lick her pussy while I was gasping thin air coming through the very thin space left between my face and her massive ass-cheeks. Eliane starts to yell at me : `' Lick it! Lick it if you ever want to breathe again, you little slut ! `' I quickly goes back to licking and slurping at her dripping wet pussy. Eliane keeps her weight down on my face, just barely allowing me to breathe, and again i feel her cum juices covering my tongue. Like a good slut I keep licking her pussy and I swallow all her cum juices. `'Hmmm, you are such a good boy, lets take a little break `' Eliane goes out of the bedroom . I'm now totally exhausted, I feel pain all over my arms, I'm so thirsty and Eliane tells me it is only a little break ! I start to panic a little, wondering what is coming next. I also realise that I'm really turned on by all the abuse I'm enduring since Eliane tied me up to her bed. My cock is still so hard that it is almost painful. I look at the table clock on the side of the bed, it is almost 3am ! I can't believe I have been face sitted, smelling and licking her ass and pussy for almost six hours. Eliane comes back in the bedroom with few towels. She gets on the bed and sits on my chest facing me. She lifts up my head and puts a towel under it. I wonder why is she doing that. `' Your face smells like my pussy, hmmm, I like my slut to smell like my cunt. Now listen to me, I'm gonna pee in your mouth and you my boy, gonna learn how to drink all my delicious urine, I don't want any waste ! `' As she speaks Eliane moves up on her knees until her wet pussy is right above my mouth. I say to myself this is impossible, I start to protest and Eliane cuts me right of. `' shut up and slide your tongue inside my pussy, lick it good and be ready to drink my pee ! If you don't behave like a good slut I'm gonna squeeze your balls really bad ! here we go, suck me good , hmmmm, ooohyes keep licking your mistress, hmmmm that's it. If you are a good boy and drink all my pee I will untie your hands, hmmmmm, keep licking, don't stop licking your black queen's pussy, ooooohh this is really good, here you go boy, here it comes.'' Suddenly I feel her warm salty urine covering my tongue and invading my mouth, Eliane is controlling herself and holds back her urine flow once my mouth is filled up with her warm pee. For a second I have a strong reject reaction but my brain tells me it is a very erotic taste and my cock is now hard as a rock as I swallow my first mouthfull. `'Good boy, hmmmm, drink it , drink your mistress delicious champagne , that's it , you are a good slut, keep drinking, hmmmmyes ! `' I drink a second mouthfull, and this time Eliane orders me to drink it faster as she pees again in my mouth while I swallow in the same time . I try to keep up with her , but soon her urine is dripping out of my mouth, down on my face, down on the towels under my head. `' Did I tell you not to waste any !! drink it faster you little slut ! `' I obey and I start to drink her warm urine faster, as she pees harder in my open mouth. I keep drinking and drinking, it seems like she will never stop, but at last I feel her flow getting lighter. I end up drinking all of it I can't believe I'm such a slut in the hands of this dirty older Black woman. She keeps her promess and unties my hands. She starts to ride my cock again and kisses me , she tells me how much she loves the taste of her pee inside my mouth while she fucks my cock, she wants my hands on her ass-cheeks while she rides my cock until she cums real strong on me. She moans while cumming and tells me I belong to her now, I'm her sex slave, from now on she will use my mouth as her toilet everytime she needs to pee. Daylight is coming through the curtains and we both fall asleep, exhausted. I suddenly wake up, I almost can't breathe, everything comes back to my mind in a split second. My face is smothered under Eliane's big ass and her hairy pussy is covering my mouth. `'Wake up boy, toilet time, open your mouth ! `' Again, I start to drink her warm pee like the slut-slave she wants me to be, I have no energy to even think of not doing what she wants, this time it is a lot harder to drink all her urine, it seems like she is peeing a very long time in my mouth. She goes back to sleep right after, so am I. We started to spend 2 or 3 nights a week, sometimes she would keep me tied up in her bed until noon the next day. This is how Eliane trained me to be her sex slave. I had to lick her asshole and pussy for few hours during the night, she kept her promess and urinated in my mouth few times a night,. Soon enough she started to spank me with her bare hands while I would be tied up on my belly. After that, she initiated me to her long and heavy leather whip , it was really hard to endure her strong blows on my ass, my legs and my back. She told me that the hard whipping was part of my training, she wanted to break me so I would become a better sex slave. Almost a month had passed since I became Eliane's sex slave. It is early June, Sunday morning.... I'm laying on my back, tied up to the bedframe , and my face is plastered to Eliane's big black ass. She just finished to pee in my mouth after waking up, she is now pushing her asshole in my mouth. I'm her obeidient slut and I start to lickt it real good . `' Hmmmmm, yes boy, keep licking my tasty hole, just like that . Don't you wanna know why you are still tied up this morning ? , hmmmmm, don't you want to know ? slide your tongue deeper, deeper ! `' Eliane grabs her ass-cheeks with her hands and spreads them apart so she can push her ass wide open in my mouth. I slide my tongue deep in her asshole and I feel she is pushing strong inside my mouth. I have now her strong ass taste on my tongue. I'm used to lick her tasty asshole this way and I have my tongue deep in, she already made me clean her dirty asshole many times, but this time her asshole is really opening wide inside my mouth. I behave like a good slut and I push my tongue inside her open asshole. Suddenly I feel something at the tip of my tongue, something soft. I realise Eliane is pushing her shit in my mouth ! I turn my head away from her ass and shake my tied up body . Instantly , I feel Eliane's strong hand squeezing my balls real hard. I'm breathless and the pain is killing me. `' Listen to me boy, I'm not kidding around here, it's time for you to learn the real thing. I'm gonna shit straight in your mouth and you gonna learn to say thank you each time I decide to feed you from my ass. You have no choice, I'm gonna hurt you real bad if you dare to resist me like that ! I'm gonna shit in your mouth and I want you to eat it all ! `' In the same time she squeezes my balls real strong again and I can't help screaming in pain . I hear myself saying : `' Ok, Ok, please stop !! I promess to do what you want, but please don't do this again.. I'll do what ever you want ! `' Few seconds later, Eliane is pushing her asshole wide open in my mouth and I know I better behave, so I slide my tongue as deep as possible. This time Eliane don't waste any time and I feel her shit covering my tongue right away. The taste is so strong and repulsive that I think I'm gonna throw up as her shit invades my mouth. Eliane's hand is squeezing my balls gently and I know she will punish me in a split second if I start to resist or complain. To avoid shoking on her shit filling my mouth, I swallow just a little, but more is coming out of her ass, not as soft but harder little pieces, my mouth is quickly full. Like a machine I start to bite the pieces, they brake inside my mouth, I feel I'm gonna throw up again, but I manage to control myself. I slowly start to swallow, and it takes me at least ten minutes to barely eat my first mouthfull, I start to see the end of this torture...Eliane's ass is few inches above my face. Her hand is around my balls, squeezing them lightly, just to remind me I better finish swallowing her shit. `'hmmmm, that's it, you are a good boy now, hmmmm, eat it all ! Are you almost finished ? `' Yes Eliane, almost `' I fell like a good boy who accomplished his difficult task, and I feel relieved that it is finished. `' See, that was not so hard after all, and you a good learner, so here we go again boy, open your mouth, I have a lot more for you!! `' I remember that Sunday like maybe the hardest day I ever spent with Eliane. She kept me restrained on her bed all day. She left me alone in her bedroom and came back few times during the day only to pee and shit in my mouth. Everytime she made sure I finished her caviar to the last crumb. After that day it became mandatory for me to recieve her assfeeding for breakfeast, everytime I would spend the night over. In the early days of learning to swallow Eliane's assfeeding, I threw up few times, but that never changed Eliane's plans. Spending two nights in a row at her place did happen quite often. In the beginning I always anticipated with anxiety the moment Eliane would decide to assfeed me and force me to swallow. She still had to hurt me few times during her never ending assfeeding sessions until I gradually became her perfect slut/sex slave. On one occasion I ended up spending three days locked up in her place, it was really hard. She forced me to only eat and drink from her body for two days in a row, she fed me breakfeast, lunch and dinner straight from her ass. I had no idea that Eliane could one day turn me into such a depraved slut , and I had certainly no idea of what was next. Next on Part 2 .