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January 2007
by Worrak

For Michelle Granger

When my classmate Michelle came for a sleepover I was so happy.
Little did I know what she had in mind with me …
(gg, first lesbian, oral, anal)

Chapter 1

I was so happy, when Michelle told me that her mother had
approved of her sleepover this weekend. Michelle and I were both
big fans of the Pussycat Dolls and I wanted to show her a new
secret diary page I had found. And that was best done late at
night with enough time to share and discuss all that secret

Friday evening came and Michelle’s father dropped her at our
house. After a quick dinner with my family Michelle and I retired
to my room and switched the computer on. Thanks to the modern
times I had a computer of my own and a fast internet connection.
I typed the URL from memory and the page build up.

“Nici, what’s that”, inquired Michelle.

I had looked at Michelle and admired her sweet blonde hair, but
now I shifted my attention to the computer screen. I gasped. On
the monitor I saw a young blonde with spread legs having her muff
licked by a busty redhead with her shaved twat pointing to the
camera. This was NOT the site I wanted to show Michelle. I
checked the URL.

“Opps, sorry, wrong URL”, I apologized. I had typed
“pussycat.diaries” instead of “pussycat-dolls.diaries” and ended
up at a porn site. I started to correct the address.

“I wonder how that feels”, Michelle wondered dreamingly.


“That”, said Michelle and pointed at one of the smaller pictures
on the side. I took a closer look. A slim teen was on her back
and her lesbian lover had pushed three fingers into her clean
shaved slit.

“Hmm”, I guessed. “From her looks … great!”

I smiled at Michelle. She gave me that look and bit her lower

“Let’s check out this page some more. Nobody can see us, right”,
she suggested.

I quickly got up and locked the door. Then I sat down beside her
again. Michelle clicked the various galleries and we were amazed
by the beautiful women making love in each possible way. I felt
my whole body getting hot and Michelle radiated heat.

“Doesn’t that look good”, Michelle whispered in my ear and leaned
against me. The screen showed a close-up of an Asian teen licking
the clean labia of a blonde with the tip of her tongue. The light
touch of Michelle’s lips on my ear send shivers down my spine. My
nipples became hard in an instance and I closed my eyes. What was
Michelle doing here.

“Do you like this”, Michelle asked hoarsely and tickled my
earlobe with her tongue.

“I bet”, she said with a wicked grin, “look at your sweet

I looked at her cute face. She had a determined look on the face
and I wondered what she was up to. Michelle had turned to me and
her hand touched my belly.

“Doesn’t it make you hot to look at these pictures”, Michelle
asked as her hand slowly wandered up.

I glanced at the screen. The image had changed and showed to
teens in an intense 69.

“I guess”, was all I could say. Michelle’s fingers had reached my
breasts and started circling the round swelling. My nipples got
even harder.

“You have such a lovely body, Nici”, moaned Michelle and the
circles drew closer to my nipples. “I wanted to touch you for a
long time.”

I was a little shocked by that confession but Michelle’s fingers
were now directly on my nipples and the sensation of my titts
being caressed by another girl blanked out every other thought.
My mouth opened slightly and I moaned silently. Michelle took
that as an invitation and cupped my breast with her hand while
lips came closer and closer to mine and finally sealed them to a

I let go of any inhibitions and gave into that kiss. Michelle’s
tongue darted into my mouth and fought with mine while her hands
found their way under my t-shirt to touch my bare flesh. When
Michelle broke our kiss I was breathing heavily.

“I want all of you”, said Michelle and stood up, pulling me with
her. Standing in front of me her eyes were glued to mine while
her fingers found my belt and unbuckled it. The moment she opened
the button and pulled down the zipper I felt my juices flow like
in my horniest times. I did not resist when she pulled my t-shirt
over my head and pushed my trousers down. Kneeling down in front
of me she laid her face against my inner thighs and slowly licked
over my panty-covered slit. I shivered and parted my legs

When my panties were wet from my juices and her lapping she stood
up again and pulled me to my bed. While I laid down already she
quickly stripped out of her clothes. Her body looked so hot. She
had quite large breasts and her pubic hair was clean shaved. I
looked in awe.

“You like what you see”, she inquired as she pulled down my
panties. I nodded.

“Then have a closer look”, she said and swung her leg over my
head. Her pussy was now inches away from my face. At the same
time I felt her fingers on my bush.

“I love your sweet pussy”, Michelle whispered into the soft hair
of my mound and her fingertips explored the folds of my
pussylips. That touch felt so great. I moaned and grabbed
Michelle by the hips.

Encouraged Michelle dove for my twat and I felt her tongue
parting my slit. Her tongue danced on my clit and I was in
heaven. I felt that I had to return the favor and started to roam
my hands over Michelle’s ass and pussy.

“Oh yeah, honey, that’s it”, Michelle moaned. “Don’t be shy, go
for it!”

And she pressed her pussy down on my lips. Hesitating only
shortly I darted my tongue out and licked her sweet nectar for
the first time. It tasted so good!

Michelle had pushed two fingers deep into my wet hole and found
my g-spot. That sent me over the edge in no-time. I came
screaming, my cries muffled by Michelle’s dripping slit on my

Later, as we lay side by side on my bed, I let my hand roam over
her back and kissed her deeply.

“You know, there is one thing I am really curious about”, I said
as my fingers reached her ass cheeks.

“What’s that”, Michelle inquired and pushed her bum out a little

“I wonder how it feels to lick you right there”, and my index
finger gently touched her tender anus.

“Well, why don’t you try”, grinned Michelle and parted her legs.

With a smile I did …

Chapter 2

I was thrilled by that invitation. I thought she would consider
this gross or so. I started to kiss her back and worked my way
down her spine. Her skin was smooth and soft and I could feel her
shiver under my touch.

I reached her cheeks and my fingers caressed her beautiful
globes. Michelle had a perfect shaped ass, well rounded and firm.
I kissed the her flesh and teased her by circling her crack but
never really going for it. Michelle squirmed under me and tried
to move her butt so I would touch her most sensitive part.

Finally I gave in and my lips met the sweet parting of her
cheeks. I planted kisses down her crack and was rewarded with a
deep moan. By now I was so hot for her undiscovered land that I
gently parted her cheeks with my hands and revealed her secret

Her tight round muscle lay before my eyes, inviting and very
tender. I admired the sight and the excitement of having her ass
licked let Michelle twitch her pucker. I inhaled her smell, pussy
juice mixed with a herb note. Michelle’s moaning grew frustrated
as I teased her. Slowly I pushed out my tongue and the tip
touched her wrinkled hole for the first time.

It was exciting to lick her there and my tongue circled the tight
opening. She tasted fresh and clean I was eager lapping at her
brown ring. Slowly I pulled her cheeks further apart and the tiny
hole opened a bit. Michelle relaxed as much as possible and I
pushed my tongue in a little bit.

Michelle howled and let out a low moan. I pushed a little deeper
and her moaning got more intense. Her ass was so tasty and juicy,
my own pussy twitched and itched like hell. By now my tongue was
darting into her dark opening and I tried to drill her asshole.
Pulling her cheeks apart as much as possible I opened her
backdoor quite a bit and ate out her ass in the truest sense of
the word.

Michelle pushed her butt into my face in the attempt to get my
tongue deeper into her hole. I teased her by only licking the
tiny opening gently, before I drove my tongue home with all it
was worth. I could sense that Michelle was on her way to her next

I wondered, what her ass might feel like to touch. Her asshole
was loose and slippery with my saliva as I gently touched her
butt with my index finger. It felt smooth and warm and moist. My
finger circled her ring tickled her butt hole. Michelle moaned
and twitched. I enjoyed giving her pleasure like this.

Finally I probed her tight anus with my finger. I felt no
resistance, Michelle even pushed back at the invader. Slowly the
first digit of my finger pushed past her tight muscle. It felt
hot and soft and tender yet very tight. I pushed further and soon
hand my finger completely inside her butt.

The sensation of having her ass-muscle squeezing the upper end of
my finger was overwhelming. I tried to push my finger even
further and Michelle went crazy. The pressure on her asshole sent
spasms through her body and when I wiggled my finger she went

I slid my finger in and out and her hole loosened up even
further. Michelle pushed her rump out and her pussy opened
obscenely. I pulled my index finger from her ass and replaced it
with my middle finger. Index finger and ring finger went into her
dropping wet pussy and when I crooked my fingers to massage her
G-Spot Michelle had a screaming orgasm.

I pushed my fingers as deep as possible into her holes and
Michelle climaxed again. She was in an orgasmic frenzy and I
could see her hands digging into the sheets. Her tight anal ring
contracted around my finger each time a wave washed over her body
and I pushed her higher and higher by putting my thumb on her
little clit. Her little bud was hyper-sensitive and she screamed
like a banshee, her cries only muffled by a pillow, otherwise my
parents might have burst into the room.

With one last spasm her body went limp and she panted heavily. I
stopped my movement, my fingers still deep inside her body.

“Jesus”, she panted. “That was … great!”

I smiled and idly slid my fingers forth and back ever so gently.
Michelle just enjoyed the sensation.

“I would have never imagined that it feels so good up the ass!”
Michelle was genuinely surprised.

“And it was so hot to lick and finger your butt”, I replied.

“You are a natural talent”, Michelle confirmed. “Mind, if I give
it a try?”

Just what I had hoped for. With a big smile I pulled my fingers
from her butt and turned around.

To be continued?

Copyright Worrak, 2007