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They had covered the usual tourist program during the day (pyramids, camel-ride, dessert) and used the last free hours to roam the ruins on their own before returning to their ship. "Oh, look at the sunset", Jo exclaimed to her husband. "Ain't that gorgeous?" David took his wife in his arms and held her tight. Even at the age of 46 and more than 20 years of marriage their love was still strong and passionate, as their co-passengers would confirm anytime. Together they marveled the last rays of sunlight when Jo spotted something in the shadows. "Look over there", she asked her husband, "isn't that an entrance?" David's eyes followed her fingers and hidden in a corner he saw the opening in the wall. It was easily to been overlooked, just the long rays of the low-standing sun revealed it's existence. "I guess", David replied. "After all, somehow they must have entered those buildings." "Oh, come on. Let's have a look inside", Jo begged. "I don't know." David was hesitant. "You never know what's inside." "Ain't that exciting? Maybe we can find a mummy!" David was not so keen. But Jo gave him her most begging look and dragged him to the entrance. They slowly entered and let their eyes adjust to the darkness inside the chamber. It became clear that this was not part of the official tourist program, no lights, no signs, just the plain stone. When they could make out the outlines of the chamber Jo pulled her husband forward. There was a corridor in the back of the chamber and Jo was eager to see where it led to. David followed her carefully. The corridor was turning twice and let into a second, equally empty chamber. Two small lamps gave a dim illumination. Disappointed Jo and David turned to leave. "Look what we have here!" The deep voice boomed through the room and Jo and David froze in their tracks. They turned to where the corridor left the chamber and saw four huge Egyptian guards standing there. David sighted in relief. "Oh my god, you almost scared us to death!", he growled. "Thieves! Grave-Robbers! Infidels!", the head-guard shouted. "Oh no, Sir, you got it all wrong", Jo started to explain, "we are just tourists!" "Quiet", the head-guard shouted again. "You will die right here!" "But Sir", Jo said in an alarmed voice, "we are just tourists. We are Americans! We just wanted to see what's inside this chamber." "To steal our sacred national treasures", the head-guard boomed. "You sentenced yourself to death!" "But we didn't take anything", David tried to explain. "You can look" The guards looked at the two American tourists and taxed their clothing. Jo was wearing a thin white summer dress and David a T-Shirt with a thin cotton-trouser. "You, strip!", the head-guard pointed at Jo. "But .. no, I can't!", Jo protested. "I said 'strip'", the head-guard shouted and made to quick steps forward. Before David or Jo could react he had gripped the front of her dress and ripped it apart. Jo's small breast with her little nipples were exposed to the other guards. "Stop it", Jo screamed and tried to cover herself. David made a step to come to help her but suddenly he had the saber of the head-guard to his throat. He stopped. "Take of everything", the head-guard repeated to Jo. "Or this man will die!" Scared beyond believe Jo followed his orders and took of her torn dress. Nude except for her string she stood in front of the guards. The head-guard looked at her with a satisfied smile on his face. "Small titts", he stated and his huge hands grabbed Jo's left breast. "But firm", he said appraisingly. Surprisingly gentle his fingers caressed her nipple and Jo couldn't help to slightly moan once. The head-guard stepped back, his saber still pointing at David's throat. "Turn around", he commanded, "slowly!" Jo did as ordered and pivoted on the spot. All the guards had a good look at her small and firm ass-checks and gave approving comments in their mother-tongue. They seemed to like the game. "Turn your back to us and bend over", the head-guard demanded. With trembling knees Jo complied. Without much thinking she automatically spread her legs slightly when she bent over and pushed her butt out. "See if she is hiding any treasures", the head-guard ordered one of the other guards. The guy is question was quite young, about 25 and he was trembling with excitement. He approached Jo from side and let his hands roam over her back. His dark skin was a sharp contrast on her white skin and Jo's body shivered from the touch. Slowly his hands moved lower and he cupped her small titts. Despite the danger they were in her nipples had hardened at the situation and the guard gave them little tweak. Jo let out another moan and had to put her hands against the wall to prevent from falling. The guard got really into kneading her breasts when the head-guard interrupted. "Check her holes. Show us that infidel cunt!" The young guard removed his hands from Jo's breasts - very much to her disappointment - and grabbed her string. He tried to pull it of her ass but again the head-guard stopped him. "Rip them off. She won't need them anymore!" The young guard did as ordered and Jo's slip came off. Completely nude she stood bent over in front of four intimidating guards. The guard's hands grabbed the firm globes of her butt. "Show us her holes. Pull that ass apart!" The head-guard had a hoarse voice and one could feel his excitement about that slender and firm body in front of him. The fingertips of the young guard dug into her flesh as he pulled her ass-cheeks and pussy lips apart, exposing her little brown hole and the pink slit. Jo moaned again as the cool air touched her inner folds and she could feel moisture building up deep within her. "Such a fine cunt", the head-guard stated happily. "You must be a lucky man having such tender holes at your service every night", he spoke to David. "You don't mind sharing her with us, do you", he asked and applied a little pressure to his saber. Scared to death David quickly shook his head. "Good", the head-guard state, "I thought so. This bitch gives me a raging boner and it is time she takes care of it!" He said something in Egyptian to the other to guards and they came over to hold David. After that the headguard put away his saber and approached Jo. The young guard was still massaging her perfect globes and by now she was dipping wet. The head-guard stood behind her. "Let's see how your infidel American cunt can take a true Egyptian cock, a spear of the Pharaoh!" With that the head-guard opened his uniform trouser and took his dick out. David shriek in disbelief. That fat sausage was the biggest penis he had ever seen in his entire life. Long as his lower arm and thick as a baseballbat the thing was not even fully hard yet. The head-guard massaged his enormous tool with an evil grin and made sure that David got a good look at it. With an even wilder grin he set the golf ball-sized glans against Jo's opening. David wanted to scream and stop him but the two guards held him firmly. Jo was unaware of what happened behind her and had her eyes closed as she tried not to get too aroused by the massaging hands. But her eyes popped open in panic when she felt something unbelievably big trying to force it's way between her pussy lips. She tried to escape but the young guard held her firmly and the head-guard gripped her hips as he slowly lunged forward. David could see Jo's lips stretch around the huge head and watched in amazement as the fat tip of the monster cock disappeared in his wife's snatch. He even forgot to fight the other two guards. Jo screamed in horror: "Oh god, take it out, you are killing me! Take it out, you bastard!" But the head-guard kept pushing and more and more of his long pole sank into the American wife. Jo's screams turned to moaning. "Oh my god, that is so big!", she howled. The head-guard knew that he had won and took his time burying the last inches of his meat in the white pussy. David saw the fat base of the Egyptian cock firmly pressed against Jo's pussy lips and he could tell from the contractions of the head-guards buttocks that he was pumping his dick inside his wife. To his amazement his own cock was hard as the stones surrounding them. The head-guard started slowly sliding in and out of Jo and a low howl escaped her throat. She had both her hands against the wall to support her from falling as the huge man behind her plowed into her dripping hole. The young guard had returned his attention to her breasts and was pinching her nipples. "This infidel bitch gets of on good Egyptian meat", snarled the head-guard. "Give her more of it!" The young guard shot him an uncertain look but then his horniness won and he dropped his pants. His dick was in no was as huge as the head-guard's but it was nicely shaped and it was hard as rock! The young guard stepped in front of Jo and forced her head down on his cock. With no resistance she took him into her mouth and started sucking him in earnest. The young guard closed his eyes. David could not believe his eyes. Jo and him had their fair share of swinging experience but always together and in full consent. This was different, very different. The young guard and the head-guard were pumping into Jo from both ends and she moaned as loud as it was possible with a hard rod stuffed up your mouth. But the head-guard had more in store for her. He grabbed her titts and lifted her of the ground. He pressed her against his chest like a little doll and speared her from below with his huge rod. Jo's eyes were closed and her face grimaced in ecstasy. The head-guard turned and David could see his wife sinking onto the fat brown meat, stretching her pussy to the limit. The young guard stood there with his glistering erection straight into the air. But the head-guard wouldn't let him be disappointed for long. He threw Jo into the air and turned her around in the process. She was now facing him and with almost no effort he sank her on his pole again. Jo moaned and hugged him dearly. David could see her pressing her lips against his and it was her who forced the head-guard to a deep French kiss. While they were kissing the head-guard grabbed her ass cheeks and massaged them. His powerful fingers pulled her perfect globes apart and exposed her little brown hole. The young guard who had come around got the message and stroke his penis in anticipation. David was beyond objecting when the young guard stepped up behind Jo and guided his still slick dick into the tight anus. Jo had enjoyed anal sex before and she loved a nice cock up her ass but normally only after some extended foreplay including some good ass slicking. But she was past that now and the young guard wouldn't have cared. He buried his meat slowly but steadily in the tight backdoor and the sensation of that soft and tender hole was written all over his face. When both the guards were up to the hilts in Jo's body they kept still for a moment to let her adjust to having both her holes filled at the same time before they started pumping her. They must have done that before as they both quickly found their rhythm and sent Jo of into ecstasy. Not before long and Jo put her head in her back and let out a loud howl that turned into a long scream and set her off into a shuddering orgasm. Her climax was so intense that she shortly became unconscious and went limp in the head-guards arms. The head-guard held her tight with both poles deeply buried in her holes. David could see his wife's body shiver from the after climax and the two twitching cocks deep within her. Still completely engulfed in the overwhelming sensation Jo slowly started to move her hips and the two long shafts stirred inside her. Both guards let Jo do the moving and enjoyed the bolts of lust her tight gripping holes sent through their hard meat. David was still struggling with the other two guards. They all were mesmerized by the sight in front of them but one of the guards also had become very horny. He was stroking his dick through his khaki trousers while his other hand was holding David tight. David had a boner as well but this one guard obviously wanted more. "By Allah", he growled, "why should I use my hand when we have another infidel mouth?" With that he turned David around and pushed him down to his knees. The other guard stepped behind David and held David's arms tight behind his back. Thus constrained David had helpless to watch as the horny guard stood before him and slowly opened his trouser. A fat brown sausage with plump heat appeared and the guard slowly stroke his half hard meat. A big grin was on his face as he brought the bulbous glans to David's lips. David kept his mouth shut and his lips pressed together. But the guard didn't hesitate a moment and slapped him hard in the face. Two quick strokes and David howled in pain. "Open up, you infidel bitch, and suck my dick!" David obeyed with tears in his eyes. The guard held his head between his two big hands and started pumping his cock in and out of his prisoners mouth. Behind him David could hear Jo moan in ecstasy and the slapping sound told him that the two other guards were fucking his wife seriously now. The pole is his mouth kept swelling and David worked hard not to gag. All the time the guard was insulting him in Egyptian while pushing his cock deeper and deeper into David's throat. After some time David got accustomed to the dick in his mouth and started to actually enjoy the cock sucking. The guard could feel that his resistance was broken and loosened his grip, now only guiding David's speed and the depth of penetration. The second guard had released his arms and David could hear a zipper being pulled down behind him. He almost knew what was about to happen. The second guard pulled him around and another hard cock was waiting for him. This time David took his time to savor the this beautiful shaft and licked around the glans before engulfing the tip. The guard moaned. Facing Jo and the other two guards now David could see that they were about to change position again. The young guard pulled his stiff dick from Jo's well-used asshole and sat down on a stone against the wall. His rigid brown pole stood straight up into the air. The head-guard broke his kiss with Jo and lowered her onto the floor. He turned her around and she sank to her knees. On all fours she crawled towards the younger guard, lust in her eyes and her firm ass waving invitingly from side to side. The head-guard massaged his monster-cock with a satisfied grin as he watched Jo approach the younger guard like a cat and - after a slow lick up the entire length - swallowing the slimy pole in one smooth motion down to the root. Jo was sucking the younger guard and had spread her legs apart so the head-guard could get a good look at her holes. She pushed her ass out and her one hand wandered down to her firm asscheeks to massage her tender brown hole while her other hand massaged the younger guards balls. The head-guard understood the invitation and got behind her. This all David saw while sucking on his second Egyptian cock. And as the head-guard was getting in position and pressed his bulbous glans against the tight backdoor of his wife David felt himself being pulled to a standing position. The guard he was sucking kept his head down and on his cock while the other guard reached around and unbuckled David's trouser. The head-guard kept pushing and Jo's tight sphincter was stretched inside but wouldn't give way. David's trouser was pushed down to his ankles and his briefs followed. With an audible 'plop' the anus yielded to the invading force and the big head sunk into Jo's dark passage. That moment David felt a glob of spit hitting his own virgin asshole and then a hard cock was pressed against his own tight muscle. Every muscle in his body tensed up. In the meanwhile the head-guard kept pushing his long rod into the tight rectal channel and grunted with joy. Jo's anal muscle was stretched to the limit but the pain was equaled by the lust of having her ass fucked by such a big dick. David was about to experience the same. The guard behind him had gripped his hips and kept pushing. Tears shot into David's eyes as with a stabbing pain his muscle ring gave way to the invading shaft. The guard did not have mercy and buried his cock up to the hilt in David's bowels. The guard in front silenced his moans by stuffing his dick down his throat. Thus being speared from both ends David was helpless to watch as the headguard bottomed out in Jo's ass and she howled in lust. All four guards started now plowing into the holes they had squeezed their dicks in and the helpless American couple was sandwiched between them. The sound and smell of inhibited sex filled the chamber. David's pain had seized and had been replaced by a tingling sensation of having his ass fucked for the first time, while sucking on an Arabian cock. The head-guard was the first to climax. It had been clear that Jo's tight rear entrance would have a sensational effect on his fat prick and so it didn't take long and he flooded her tight ass with his white semen. The guard in David's ass was next and David could feel the hot spurts shooting deep inside of him. The two guards who were getting blowjobs came together and while David coughed as the hot liquid filled his mouth, swallowed Jo every drop of the cream as if it was to precious to waste. Jo and David were completely exhausted and collapsed onto the floor when the guards let go of them. They barely realized that the guards dressed up and left. It was quite some time later when David managed to crawl next to Jo and hold her in his arms. Jo was shaking but it was not clear whether from shock, exhaustion or afterlust. When Jo and David finally got dressed and left the building it was pitch dark. They stumbled their way back to the road and hurried down to the harbor. But their ship was gone and they had nothing but their clothes on them. Jo was about to cry when they saw the head-guard, now in civilian clothes, leaning relaxed against the now deserted gangway. When he was sure that they had fully understood their hopeless situation he approached them to make them his offer. The End Copyright Worrak, 2007