Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. The Perverted Mother Part 2: Mother & Son Written by Will Wanton ( This story contains: Hetero Fm (14); fucking; oral; anal(finger); rimming; incest (mother, son); dirty talk; hairy vagina; spitting; farting; watersports. Chapter 1 After the sexual excesses I've had with my son and daughter after I'd discovered them playing sexual games, the three of us had made it a frequent thing to indulge our perverted lusts on each other. There was practically nothing that I needed, that Tony and Angelica didn't want to take care of. Anyway, it was about three weeks later and in the afternoon. Tony had already come home from school that day and my husband was at work (he would probably be working late again, as he usually would), while my daughter Angelica was still at school. I was lying in bed, not knowing at that moment that my son had come home, and was furiously screwing my hungry cunt with my trusty vibrator. I shoved the buzzing, shaking rod in and out of my sensitive slit and with the fingers of my other hand I was hotly massaging my anus. When I opened my eyes at one point, I noticed my 14-year-old son standing there in the door opening, with a wide grin on his face and a hand rubbing his crotch. "Are you just going to stand there?" I groaned at my child, making no attempt to stop screwing myself with my fuck stick and casually sliding a finger deep into my shit pipe. It only made me hotter to behave even more whorish and perverse under my son's watchful eyes. "Or are you going to help mommy cum, with that lovely tongue or that nice, juicy cock of yours?" I spread my legs as wide as I could and pulled my knees up as far as possible. I curled my toes inward and shoved the vibrator as deep as I could into my wet, sucking trench; my finger burying deeper into my poop chute. Like a nasty slut I fucked my holes as my son watched. A horny shiver coursed through my body because of the sheer perversion of it all. I watched how Tony zipped open his pants and slowly came toward the bed. His face came close enough to my fragrant cunt to be able to inhale my hot scent. 'My own, 14-year-old son is smelling my cunt', I thought as he - undoubtedly - heard the squelching sounds of the vibrator sliding in and out of my snatch. I retracted my screwing rod from my sopping cave and rubbed it under his nose, and subsequently over his lips. "Taste mommy's cunt. Taste your mother's cunt on that vibrator," I hissed at him as I watched him with a grimace of nasty perversion on my face. Tony dragged his tongue up and down the surface of the pulsating vibrator, licking my tasty juices off. I placed the tip between his lips and pushed the rod into his mouth. As if sucking a man's cock, my son sucked the vibrator in and out of his mouth until the whole layer of cunt sauce had been cleaned off of it. I then held my ass finger, the finger I had been finger fucking my shithole with, under his nose. "Do you smell that, Tony? That your mother's butt you smell. My nasty, hot butt. Go ahead and smell that odor good." My son inhaled the anal odors from my finger, and I couldn't possibly feel any filthier and perverse than I was feeling right now. But I wouldn't stop there. I rubbed the finger over his lips and repeated the actions I made with the vibrator. I shoved the smelly finger between his lips and fucked his mouth with it. "Taste mommy's hole, sweetie. Taste your mother's nasty ass crease on that finger, Suck that butt juice right off of that finger. Hot, nasty boy. Sucking on your mother's finger like that, after I have been using it to wank my shithole." I tried emphasizing all the dirty words, arousing myself even more. Tony sucked hard on my ass finger and slurped the anal juices off of it as best he could. He smacked his lips while doing it. "Such a horny, delicious boy. Mommy is proud of you," I said and pulled his head to mine, to close my whole mouth over his and French my teenage son with a tongue covered with spit. Fast and furious, and loudly groaning I fucked his mouth with my tongue. Sloppy squelching sounds emanated from between our slippery lips. I made clear to him to open his mouth, and I then stretched my tongue out far, slowly allowing a thick drop of saliva to ooze from the tip of my tongue into his mouth. I then spat into his mouth for good measure. Tony underwent the hot, perverse excesses of his mother but I could clearly see he enjoyed every second of it. "Wanna eat mother out, baby? Want to suck out my wet, horny cunt?" I asked him. "Yes, mom," he replied short and to the point. "It's okay, baby. You can tell me what you want," I told him as I looked him in the eye. "I don't mind hearing you say filthy things. As a matter of fact, it would really turn me on if you simply said what you are thinking. Be nasty with your words, honey." "I wanna eat out your cunt, mom," my son said with a grin. "I wanna stick my tongue deep into your cunt and suck on your wet cunt." "That's more like it," i said contently as i lay back with my legs spread. With borh hand I pulled my labia wide apart, waiting for my son's mouth. "Push your mouth on this horny mothercunt of mine. Eat that cleft really for mommy." My son then wildly buried his face in my crotch and started running the flat of his tongue through my hungry snatch, from bottom to top. His tongue started at my shitter and lapped upward where it ended on my sensitive clit. He used different techniques. So aside from licking upward through my crotch, he would also tongue fuck slippery slit and the entrance of my twat. Also, he would suck and slurp for some time on my swollen clit. My sticky juices were slurped into his mouth as all of this was being done by him, and he would let my nectar slide down his throat. Meanwhile, I had laid my legs over his shoulders and kept his head trapped between my thighs; It was so hot how I could use my legs this way to pull his young face tightly against my soaking wet cunt. With the exception of my little threesome with my boy and my girl, I had never felt this turned on in my life, with my son's tongue in my scorching hot cunt. God, how I had come to love incest. "How would you feel about shoving that tongue of yours nice and deep up my horny butt hole?" I told Tony with crazed lust in my eyes. The words left my throat almost with a croak and my heart was pounding. A tremor of tremendous perversion coursed through my body, excited as I was to spew words like that at my own child. "Would you like to use that nice tongue to drill it into mommy's nasty shithole? To fuck that tongue into my tight, sucking ass slit and fill your mouth up with the taste of my butt?" I was actually dripping merely from the thought of my son putting his mouth to my anus. Nothing was hotter and filthier to me than that, and that was why I wanted it so bad. To have a 14-year-old boy, my very own son, shove his tongue up my dirty hole and fill up his mouth with the taste of my ass. "Would you like that, mom? Would you like my tongue in your ass?" "Absolutely honey. I want you to taste me there," I groaned while pulling my knees up to my chest and spreading them as wide as I could. I reached my arms around my hips and spread my globes apart as wide as possible. The crack of my ass stretched out and I felt deliciously openly and hotly exposed to my own kid. I relaxed my crapper and then squeezed it tight, making my asshole spread and then pucker up, pulling the wrinkled, dark tissue up into a ring of anal muscles. I loved making my shitter pulsate under his watchful eyes. Impatiently I put my hand on the back of Tony's head and pulled his face to my musty crack, feeling his hot breath glide over my butt hole. And then, suddenly, my son started lapping at my turd hole. His soft tong slipped and slid like velvet over my sensitive, fragrant dirthole and i felt his warm saliva run down along my crack. I was aware that my young son could smell as well as taste me down there, and I reveled in that knowledge. Oh, how I enjoyed acting like a perverted, incestuous slut for my own child. But I wanted more. I liked his lapping, but I wanted his tongue inside my butt. I wanted Tony to push his tongue in my dirt cave so I could squeeze my ass channel around it; that he could me inside. When I would tongue kiss him later I wanted to be able to taste my own ass on his mouth. "Stick your tongue in, Tony. In deep. Deep in your mother's shithole." I put my fingertips right next to my anal opening and tried pulling my meaty dark star open as far as I could, and subsequently felt my son force his tongue into my ass crevice as hard as he could. "That's it, baby. Screw that butt with your tongue. Drill it deeply into my shit pit," I cooed, trying to keep my anal muscles as relaxed as possible to give him maximum entrance. Bit by bit I could feel his tongue slip deeper into my stink hole. With both of my hands now on the back of his head, and two feet in the air, i pulled his face hard between my butt cheeks, and rotated my ass from left to right. His tongue was sliding in and out, screwing my ass with his tongue this way. I milked his tongue with my shit pipe, pushing it out and leaving the taste and anal juice from the inner walls of my poop chute on his tongue. "That's it, son. Fuck your mother's nasty, horny butt with your tongue. Eat that filthy shitter of mine. Do you feel my shitter sucking your tongue? How my shithole is trying to draw your tongue inside? Don't you just love having your tongue nice and deep in your own mother's farthole, huh?" For minutes his tongue slid in and out of my increasingly slippery asshole. My cunt juices were running out of my cleft and down onto my son's tongue insofar as it wasn't entrenched in my anus, so he could use my juices as a lubricant to tongue fuck easier and deeper. "Tony, sweetie, let's do a different position," I told my son, who retracted his tongue from my slowly closing hole. "Lay down on your back. I'll squat over your face facing your feet. That way you can have your face deep between my ass cheeks, and suck on mommy's shitter, while I finger fuck my cunt until I cum." I knew exactly why I wanted it this way, and I couldn't wait until it happened. With my son on his back, I climbed over his head in a crouching position. Slowly I lowered my butt until I had pushed my odorous butt crack against his nose and lips. God, how horny it made me to know that my son could smell my bunghole so well, not to mention my oozing cunt. As I slowly put more of my weight on his face, I told him to suck my anal crevice. "Take that brown pucker in your mouth," I told him, referring to the swollen ring of anal muscles as I squeezed them into a bundle. "Now take it into your mouth and suck really hard on mommy's fleshy dirt ring." The smacking of his lips on my pouting anus permeated the room, and I started frigging my needy snatch fast and hard, trying to get myself off quickly. "Suck that butt hole. Suck your mother's nasty butt hole," I yelled as my fingers flew into my cunt and I swayed my ass, rubbing the crack of my ass back and forth across my son's face. It was so filthy, so nasty, and I felt delicious as hell as a 34-year-old mother riding her naked ass over the face of her 14-year-old son, leaving her stink on his face. Chapter 2: Minutes of ass sucking had passed, and I was now bouncing my asshole up and down onto my son's outstretched tongue, which slid again and again into my hole. His chin was dripping with my vaginal juices as a result of my hot slit constantly sliding up against it. Squeezing my asshole with his tongue inside it, I firmly nestled my butt atop his face. Nothing had given me more pleasure than which I was now experiencing; my 14-year-old son's mouth on my ass and his tongue wedged deeply inside my shitter. It was so Goddamn hot, so filthy, so nasty. If there is a hell, I would burn in it for the incestuous, perverted filthiness to which I subjected myself and my son. So it wouldn't matter if I added some more to it. "Jesus..." I uttered, knowing what was to come, and squeezing my anal muscles around my child's penetrating tongue. "Oh damn. Pull your tongue from my shit slit, son, and hold your face near it. Like that, yeah, like that. I'm gonna blow out a gigantic fart, right in your fucking face." Internally I pushed on my guts and a loud, long lasting fart crackled hard from my shithole into my son's face. "Rakakakakakakakak..." it sounded loudly as if a Gatling gun was being shot as I released my ass gas into my son's face. "Holy fuck, so hot. So fucking nasty," I whined as my body shook of perverse pleasure, thinking about the fact that I just ripped a hard, filthy fart in the face of my 14-year-old son. I could smell it myself and it was a fragrant one. But what made my cum on the spot, was that Tony stuck his nose right up against my spit wet fart box and proceeded to inhale its odor loudly and forcefully. "Oh God," I stammered as I pushed my butt back against my son's nose. "Smell that filthy odor, Tony. Sniff that fart into your lungs. Smell mommy's nasty fart." A thread of cunt slime slowly descended from my trench, down to Tony's neck. "Ooohh... You make your mother so hot, Tony. I could eat you alive. I wanna lick you, baby. Let mommy lick you." I got my ass up from his face and kneeled at the foot end of the bed. I looked at my young son from this position and enjoyed the view immensely. I felt my cunt lips slip and slide along each other with each small movement I made with my lower body. Starting at his delicious toes, I licked along his foot and leg, upward until my face had reached his crotch, where I could smell his young cock and balls. I pressed my face into his clammy, soft ball sac and rotated my face into it. My cheeks, my lips and my nose rubbed along the soft skin of his scrotum, as I simultaneously inhaled his scent. "Mmmmmm..." I moaned, "your sack feels so good on my face, and your scent makes your mother soooo hot. I want to have that cock-and-balls odor all over my face." I inhaled his scent and tried getting it all over my face, rotating my face up and down against his cock and balls. Then, as I looked into his eyes, I grabbed him under the knees, and pushed his legs up far. His shitter was now exposed to me as a pinkish star, virgin-like and clean. "Ooh, what a beautiful butt hole, son," I quivered as I watched Tony contract his anus. I forced my face between his butt cheeks and planted my nose firmly against his hole. As I looked into his eyes over his cock and balls, I sniffed the horny ass odors of my 14-year-old son into my lungs, shaking with excitement. Like a cocaine-addicted junky I inhaled his butt fumes again and again. "Do you like to have mommy smell your hot little ass, Tony?" I groaned, my voice quivering. "You make your mother so hot when she's got her face between those horny fucking buttocks of yours and smelling your nasty shithole. Pull my face up against your shitter, son. Grab mother by the back of the head and pull me up against your ass crevice." Tony didn't need to be told twice and with both hands on the back of my head he pulled it against the fragrant crack of his ass, flattening my nose against his twitching pooper. He firmly rotated his butt against my face and I wallowed in the perversion of the act. If someone would have seen a 14-year-old boy with his mother's face in the crack of his naked ass, forcing her nose up and down his rectum, they would have locked both of us up and would have thrown away the key. Riding his anus up and down against my face, my nose, cheeks and chin became wet, as I was sticking out my spit-wet tongue. As Tony twisted and turned his butt, my tongue covered with saliva slid against his buttocks, his ass crack and his anus. The somewhat bitter taste of his pucker made my mouth water when my tongue slithered past it, and threads of spit connected various spots on my face with various spots of his ass. "Keep your cheeks apart, honey. I want to fuck your butt with my tongue, " I said with wet, sticky cheeks and chin. Tony, with knees almost up against his chest, pulled apart the cheeks of his ass as wide as he could get them, and immediately I drilled my wet tongue as deep and as hard into his asshole as I could. The saliva made it so that squelching noises were audible right away, each time my tongue penetrated into his hole. Groaning loudly, I screwed my wet tongue in and out of his ass. "Nnnnnhhhh... You like that, baby?" I asked him with my voice rasping. "Do you like feeling mommy's hot, wet, drooling tongue up your tight shit tunnel? Having your own mother's tong up that fucking dirt hole?" But my son was enjoying himself too much to participate in a filthy dialogue. So as I grabbed his feet in my hands, I went on licking and sucking his rear opening. I my thoughts I fantasized that someone was filming this, so I could look back at it whenever the mood hit me. "Mmmmm... Your mother is going to suck your fucking cock. How do you like that, sweetheart?" I groaned unlike any mother would to any son, after I retracted my wet tongue from his dripping anus and looked into my son's eyes over his cock and balls. I stuck out my tongue and dragged it over his warm, soft nut sack, and then over his hard prick and finally over his mushroom shaped prick head, which also happened to taste somewhat like mushrooms. I grabbed his dick and twisted my tongue around his slimy, purple helmet and then retracted my tongue again, pulling a thread of combined precum and saliva with it, connecting my tongue with the head of his cock. God, it turned me on so fucking much to be a nasty horny slut for my son, to not just have sex with him, but nasty sex, perverted sex. With my husband I could never be who I really was, sexually, because his preferences and kinks were too ordinary, where he had them at all. But ever since I'd discovered my teenage son and daughter fooling around I could finally be and act as I really was and acted in my fantasies, as I'd always wanted to be with my husband but couldn't. Never could I have dreamed that I could finally be that horny, depraved whore I'd always wanted to be during sex, with my own 14-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter of all people; which even made it better: incest. Nasty, perverted, incest. I thought back to that first time; the time I discovered my kids, and what had proceeded from there. Thinking back it was still kind of surreal. I had made my son fuck my cunt and ass, had my son eat my cunt and my daughter rim my asshole; I had even pissed into my daughter's mouth as I came, and then farted my son's spunk from my shithole directly into my daughter's mouth. Thinking about it and realizing fully what I had done, an orgasmic tremor coursed through my body. I had cum simply by thinking back at what I had done with Tony and Angelica. With my son's cock in my mouth I sat still until my orgasm had passed, and I decided to keep enjoying my new situation and that of my kids for as long as I could, and for as long as they were willing and enjoyed it. Let my husband fuck my cunt, empty his balls in me and fall asleep if he wants, and I'll find my own pleasure on other times and in other places, with other people, among them our son and daughter. Having decided for myself, once again, to fully embrace the true, perverse "me" I looked my son in the eyes, with his pecker in my sucking mouth, and went down on him harder and faster. My head bobbed swiftly and wildly up and down and my mouth slurped loudly. A hot moan emanated from my boy's throat and I surrendered myself again to the depravity of the moment. Now and then I stopped blowing him and squeezed the root of his prick, to suppress an upcoming orgasm of my son, nastily spitting at his cock in the meanwhile to give him a show. "Don't cum yet, honey. That nice juicy prick of yours has to do more for mommy," I oozed at him with a smile. Giving him some more time I slowly crawled up to him so my full tits were dangling over his face. "Why don't you suck on mommy's hot fucking tit, baby? Take that stiff fucking nipple of mine in your mouth and suck it while we give your dick a bit of rest?" I grabbed hold of one of my tits, squeezing it so my thimble sized nipple stuck out even more, and stuffed my tit into his hungry mouth. Tony sucked in as much tit flesh as he could get into his mouth and slurped hard. His hot drool ran down my boob as his mouth sucked hard on my swollen nipple. I reveled in feeling his sliding, licking tongue and how it slithered all over my areola. "Yeah, like that," I said with my eyes closed in enjoyment. "Suck that juicy fat tit. Slurp on that hot fucking nipple of mine. That nipple is yours, son. Whenever your father isn't around, you just take that tit of your mother's and pull it out whenever you want to, to suck on it; you and your little sister, whenever you feel like it." I could just feel my cunt sauce run down my thigh, I was that wet, and made myself more so with the ideas running through my mind and that I made clear to my kid. The idea that, where ever I happened to be in the house, whatever I was doing, my son and daughter could just take me if they pleased; just whip out my tits to suck on, or just life up my skirt, pull my panties to the side and just do whatever they wanted with my cunt and ass. "I want you in my fuckhole, honey. Mommy wants that juicy cock of yours in her hot, dripping cunt. I want to fuck my son hard. Just lay there, and let me climb on top and ride you with my hot mothersnatch." With my tit barely out of his mouth, I swung a leg over his hips and with one hand I took hold of his prick, and slid it up and down my slimy cleft, lubricating him with his mother's abundantly available cunt juice. I then stuffed the head of his cock between my labia against my entrance, and lowered myself down along my son's upturned shaft, until I had my butt cheeks resting on his hips and my cunt was fully impaled on his fuck stick. My tit came from his sucking mouth with a plop as I lifted up my upper body and put my hands on his chest. With my ass on his hips and his prick stuffed up my pussy, I whispered to him, with my eyes squinting of lust. "You want to fuck your mother hard, honey? You want me to ride your cock with my dripping wet, sucking cunt slit?" "Oh yeah, mom," was all he seemed to be able to utter as he looked up at me with his cheeks turned red, not of embarrassment, but of scorching lust. "Say it, Tony. Say what you want, as nasty as you can. Talk dirty to your mother. You can say anything. I am your whore. Whenever we have sex, I'm your whore; your hot fucking mother whore." "Uhh... FUCK me, mom. Fuck me with your hot cunt. Go up and down on my stiff prick with your hairy, wet cunt. Fuck your son like a horny slut. Like... Like a mother whore. Fuck my son-cock with your hot fucking mother-cunt." Contracting my cunt around my son's prick, I started bouncing my ass up and down, riding my son's body, and fucking him hotly with my hot fucking mother-cunt. Chapter 3: Quickly I moved my hips back and forth, riding my son. With my hands on his hairless chest I lewdly slid myself over his dick. We looked each other in the eyes and discovered nothing but pure, incestuous lust. My tits swung from left to right and my pubes rubbed along his small, still developing bush. "Grab my ass, son," I moaned. "Grab my ass while I'm fucking you." Tony took a tight hold of my buttocks with his warm hands as I swallowed his prick with my slit time and time again. I contracted my cunt around his hard pecker as I slid my fuck box up and down it. Even the idea of my moist, full bush rubbing up against his turned me on to no end. My tits danced around from the motions of my body as I rode my son hard and fast. I intensely enjoyed the fact that my nipples were rock hard and stiff and that my son could see them up close. I looked down into his eyes, and milked his shaft with my sucking peach, leaking profusely like juice running from the bite out of a real peach. I could feel my own juices as they matted our mashing bushes and covered his balls as they slapped my ass. If I concentrated I could hear the sticky, sloppy sounds my cunt made. At a certain point I held my upper body as still as I could while making riding motions with my hips. My ass moved backward so my back arched, only to move my ass forward, dimples forming in the flesh of my buttocks. My butt cheeks weren't large but large enough to quiver and shake from swift, rough movements. "Do you like it, Tony? Do you like the way your mother is fucking you? How I'm sucking that juicy cock of yours into my horny, dripping, sopping cunt? Do you like the feeling of my hot gash around your prick? That filthy mother's gash? Look at it, son. Look at that cunt on your rod. That thick bush of pubic hair up against yours, those fleshy snatch flaps and the pink crease in between. Look at how your dick disappears and reappears with a fresh layer of my sauce. You were born from that cunt. That's the cunt that squeezed you out when I gave birth to you, this hot, hairy cunt. And now you're back inside, with your fucking dick. Had I known then how much pleasure you'd end up giving me, I might have cum right then and there as I was pushing your tiny body out of my snatch. As I was lying there with my feet in the stirrups, my legs spread wide, and my shithole bulging out by the pressure I was putting on my insides. Thinking back to that moment, I get the feeling that my cunt and my kids have always been connected. That you and your kid sister have always been destined to get back into my cunt, with your fingers, your tongues, your dick. With any body part you can get into it. Fuck that fucking cunt, son. That cunt is yours. It belongs to you. To you and your sister. This cunt has always been yours, from the moment you were born, from the moment I squeezed you and your sister out. You and your sister have more right to your mother's cunt than your father does. As far as I'm concerned, it's your birth right to play with your mother's cunt, to finger it, to lick it, and to screw it. "But my butt I give to you too. My hot hole you can take too, whenever you feel like it. Whenever you or your sister want to play with my shitter, go right ahead. My cunt and my asshole, they are yours and your sister's. Take them, play with them, fuck them, lick them, suck them. As long as nobody else sees it, they are yours to take." "Oh shit, mom. That's so nasty. I would have liked to play with your cunt and ass a lot sooner. I've been trying to take a peek of your tits for years. I've been smelling your dirty panties for years too. I've even smelled that buzz stick that's in your bedside cabinet." "Vibrator. It's called a vibrator. And from now on you can smell that thing whenever you want. I'll fuck my wet snatch with it and then you can smell the fresh juice on it whenever you want. Suck it into your mouth too, sweetheart. When you take my vibrator from my bedside cabinet, and smell fresh cunt on it, stick it into your mouth and suck it clean for mommy. And my panties too. I'll leave any dirty panties on top of the hamper for you to find and take to your bedroom, so you can smell them and suck them into your mouth. You can suck those filthy fucking panties clean for me. I'll make them nice and wet with my love juice before taking them off and leaving them on top of the hamper. Enjoy those panties, baby. Smell your mother's cunt and her shithole on those panties and suck any stains out of them that I leave. Suck them out for mommy. Suck those cunt stains out, and the piss stains and brown fart stains. GODDAMN... This is so nasty. So fucking hot and perverted. Suck mommy's PISS and SHIT from her filthy fucking panties, son. OOHH... OHHHH... AAHH... SHHSH... I...I...I... I'M... CU... CU... CUMMIIIIIIIIIIING!" And came I did. I didn't assume things ever getting that dirty in the future, but the idea of it forced itself into my sick mind at the height of my perverted lust and the idea of saying these filthy, nasty things to my 14-year-old son brought out a thundering, body twisting orgasm. Leaning back a little bit, my body made wild, shocking movements that made my tits bounce and quiver. I whined with a high pitched voice from the pit of my throat, and my eyes rolled up in their sockets. And just as my daughter had to find out the hard way, I relaxed my bladder whenever my orgasm was great enough. Sitting on top of my son, my ass globes pressed flat on top of his hips and thighs, I started pissing involuntarily. Yellow, warm water sprayed loudly hissing from the little hole right above the big one that was stuffed by my son's cock. With an arch it came and splattered over my son's pubic hair and, most of it, over his stomach. Underneath my half closed eyelids I saw my piss splash against his skin and running down in little streams to the bed on both sides of his torso. Our crotches, our pubes, the insides of our thighs; everything felt warm and wet as piss hissed out in waves, simultaneously with me contracting my vaginal muscles that I did from my orgasm. Meanwhile I thought I heard my son utter the words "piss on my prick", but in my orgasmic semi consciousness the ringing in my ears I couldn't be sure. Finally I panted from the experience, after I had finally ceased whizzing over my son, and had my hands planted on the wet bed on both sides of his body. I felt my son moving against me and realized he tried fucking himself into my cunt to reach his own climax. "Come, Tony," I panted and made him come up with his upper body. This way I was sitting in his lap, with my pussy impaled on his cock, as his chest pressed against my tits. Our piss wet bellies pressed against each other, as I put a hand on the back of his head and forced his mouth onto mine. With me twisting and turning my ass on top of his lap we necked loudly, wetly and with smacking and slurping lips. Our tongues dripping with spit we fought a fierce tongue duel between and each other's mouths. "Stick your finger up my asshole," I moaned into his mouth, looking into his eyes from up close and breathing hotly into his face. "Stick your finger up mommy's butt. Finger my shithole hard and deep while I fuck you, baby, and empty your balls up your mother's tight cunt." I licked hotly over his lips, starting from his chin and ending at his nose, leaving a trail of saliva as I did and repeated my wish: "Drill a finger in my shit pipe, son. Stir mother's turd hole with your finger." I then felt his fingers finding their way between my buttocks, the tips of them rubbing over my wrinkled rim. Without any carefulness my son slid a finger hard and deep up my poop chute. A stinging pain made me squeal a bit, as a response to a finger that wormed invaded and stretched my anus without any lubrication. "Make your finger wet a bit, honey. Make it wet by rubbing it through my slit and getting some of my juices and piss on it, and then stick it back up my ass. It won't hurt me as much then." Tony then rubbed his finger along several parts of my hairy peach, moistening it with the present cunt sauce and remnants of piss, and then proceeded to slide his wet finger back up my rear end, without causing me any sharp pain this time. "That's it. Finger that filthy shitter with your piss wet finger. Use your mother's piss to finger her ass." "Ohhhhnn... I think I'm gonna cum, mom," my son groaned with flushed cheeks. Since we had taken this position I hadn't stopped moving my butt around and fucking him that way, and it finally seemed to take its toll on my boy. "Here, baby. Suck on my tit while you play with my ass, and shoot your spunk up my cunt. Shoot it full of your hot seed. Empty those hot fucking balls of yours in my snatch, son. Cum up your mother's wet, juicy cunt." Slurping, Tony took a nipple and a large part of my tit in his mouth as I felt his finger move around swiftly and roughly in my ass tunnel. Meanwhile I continued riding on top of his lap, and milking his inserted prick with my pussy muscles. My 14-year-old son groaned with my tit in his mouth and I felt his finger stretch out my asshole by pulling it forcefully to one side. And at that point I felt something warm fill me up. His hips made thrusting, fucking motions against my ass and I knew he was busy shooting his seed up me. With my arms wrapped around him I allowed my son to use my cunt as a spunk receptacle. The scent of sex, sweat and piss hung in the room like an invisible cloud, and again I realized that this was exactly what I wanted. To be a sexually depraved slut; more specifically to be one for my own children. To me this was a dream come true, although I couldn't be sure at which point exactly it had initially become my dream. It seemed as if my son and me remained still in this position for an eternity, with my tit in his mouth, his finger up my butt, his deflating cock still up my cunt, and with my arms around him. It should be obvious that we ended up taking a long shower, opened the windows of the bedroom, replaced the piss-and-sweat-drenched sheets with clean ones, and went back to being an 'ordinary' mother and son to all who would see us, even though in the privacy of our home we would regularly exchange sloppy kisses and playfully squeezed each other's crotches and asses. We felt no shame; the three of us (my daughter Angelica included) knew that this was what we wanted, and that I was still their mother whom ultimately was still in charge, and the kids knew perfectly well why their dad could never find out what was taking place behind his workaholic back. My kids had their 'play mate' and I had mine; our blood relation only making it better, and hotter. I, my son and my daughter had already experienced some hot moments, but we would experience many more. As long as all of us consented, there were no limits. I knew who I was, sexually, and my son and daughter almost seemed to have my genes in that regard. What I didn't know right then and there, was that it wouldn't be limited to merely the three of us, and that some unexpected outsiders would end up being very interested in our hidden life style. 'The more, the merrier,' a saying goes. If only I knew how applicable it would end up being. But I was soon to find out.