Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Mom`s our family Whore By Burndock pedo/m/f f/f beast/piss/ F/f M/f Adults only should read this story 21 years in age I just finished showering and was in need of some hot wet cunt so I went to my parents bedroom and climbed in bed with my parents. Mom was awake so I reach between her legs and spread her legs apart. She did`t resist in fact she loves my hard cock and let me enter her cunt willingly. Mom`s the family whore and loves cock. Mom`s cunt was still wet with cum from last nights fucking with dad when I shoved my cock in her wet cunt. I was just about to start ramming mom`s cunt hole for an early morning fuck to satisfy my hard neglect cock. I was real horny and needed some pussy. I hadn`t any fucking for three days with mom or any of my sisters. Dawn is eight and Ann is five. Both are excellent cock whores and suck dick very well of course they were trained by mom who is a great all around sex slut. Any way just as I started to ram mom`s cunt I felt something cool and wet in the crack of my ass. Dad was awake and lubing my ass crack while I laid with my cock deep in mom`s cunt. Mom still had a pillow under ass which lifted my ass in the air also, for deep cunt fucking of mom. Mom wrapped her arm`s around my upper body holding me and kissing my neck her hot breathe turn me on something like a kid after candy. Mom`s cunt felt so good around my cock all I wanted to do was fuck mom but, dad was interrupting us. Mom whispered in my ear saying dad wanted his annual anal ass fuck from me and I should let him do it so we could get back to our morning fucking without any interruptions. With my cock in mom`s cunt I moved my legs forward exposing my ass to dad. I`m not gay nor is dad he just once a year likes to fuck my asshole just to brag to other relatives that he can have sex with all his family. You got to love a man that thinks of his family and puts them first in his sex life. Dad was gentle with me and within minutes shot a load of cum in my asshole filling my bowels.After he climaxed he thank me for the fuck and left me and mom to continue or fuck fest saying he would make breakfast for the family. Dad made mom a whore when she was thirteen. I`m prove of that gang bang fuck orgy. My sister Dawn heard the three of us in the bedroom and came in to see what was all the moaning and talking about along with little Ann. Ann saw my bare ass in the air and quickly jump up on the bed behind me. "Brad can I" "Yes. ' I interrupted my five year old Ann`s question. Ann place her face in my ass crack and began to suck all of dad`s cum from my asshole sticking her tongue deep in my asshole to lick all the cum from within she lick my ass clean even kissed my ass. Ann jump down from the bed gave mom a quick kiss on the mouth leaving some of dad`s cum in mom`s mouth then ran out of the bedroom thanking me for letting her lick the cum from my asshole. Mom smiled at me. "I trained the little sweetheart very well did`t I honey." She`s going to be a great whore for the family." "Yes mom your the best sex teacher I know you taught us all well. Now I`m going to fuck you my sweet mother spread your fucking legs and let`s fuck." Mom`s only twenty six with three kids. With a pair of thirty six c`s for tits and nice long legs and a tight ass. Her stomach shows just a few stretch marks and a round belly. I call it a baby belly. Her cunt is very wet most of the time and her pussy lips hang out some from all the fucking and having three kids. Mom has taught all us kids along with dad everything about sex from the time we were born. The older we got the more perverted we became. Mom really likes perverted sex that's why she tells me I fuck her better then dad. I love mom or maybe its just the sex but, fuck I don`t care I love fucking her. We are a totally incest family. Dad has fuck his daughters Dawn and small Ann from the time he could get his cock in there tight cunts. He never penetrated them deep enough to to brake there hem but, I know it won`t be long and Dawn will loss her cherry she loves fucking and wants cock deep in her cunt and she begs mom to let her loose her cherry. Mom thinks Dawn is old enough to lose her cherry but wants to film the happening to show all the relatives. Mom told Dawn on her ninth birthday she could fuck a family member and lose her cherry and she would be the star on film. Mom asked Dawn to think about who she wanted to be the hero that would brake her sweet little cherry. Ann we think will be a dog slut whore, she just loves uncle Jack`s big lab. Mom of course was fucking me from the time I was old enough to get an erection and sucking my cock from my day of birth. She told me she gave me my first blow job when I was one year old and thinks I may even had a orgasm. Mom loves being a perverted whore and gets turn on when us kids tell her she the best mother fucker around. Dad always encourages us kids to have sex with mom. Mom taught the two girls how to suck cock and do anal fucking making them as mom says next in line to be whores for the community of our family. I`m the oldest at thirteen and I can never get enough of moms cunt. Fucking mom is a great delight for me. She never stops me from fucking her any time or place. That's why I`m in bed with her getting an early morning fuck from my dear sweet mom. Her cunt hole is wet and sloppy from dad`s cum from last night and now I `m slamming my hard cock deep in her cunt. Mom is moaning she`s cumming thrashing around talking dirty. "OH BABY, fuck me honey fill my cunt with your hot cum. Tell me I`m a good whore. I am a good whore for you? Tell me I`m a good whore baby." "Yes, Mom your a good fucking whore I love fucking you and sucking your cunt. Mom I want to knock you up. I want to watch your cunt spread and pop my child out of your womb." Mom did`t say no in fact she surprised me by saying she would talk to dad about having another child. Dawn heard the loud climax between mom and I and came into the bedroom just as I rolled off mom trying to catch my breathe from the hot fuck I just had, Dawn the cum loving slut jump in bed lifted mom`s legs over her shoulders and dove right into her cum filled cunt and ate mom`s cunt hole just as if it were a fine gourmet dinner. Sucking all mine and dad`s cum from her cunt then sharing the last with a hot kiss on mom`s mouth thanking mom for making her a cum slut. I was hungry from all this sex and the hot fuck with mom. I could smell dad`s breakfast cooking in the kitchen and suggested we go eat. Mom and I along with Dawn went naked to the kitchen for dad`s breakfast which was smelling oh so good, nothing like a good fuck to make a guy hungry or girl. The family gathered at the table naked having breakfast when dad said he had an announcement to make. The one he made concerned a bachelor party for a friend at work. The man running the party had two girls lined up for the party but, wanted another hot babe for the party. They of course had to be able to handle a least fifty to sixty guys that were invited and wanted nothing more then whores for sucking and fucking age was not important. Dad told them it was three hundred dollars a piece and all the cock they could stuff up their cunts and in there hot mouths. Dawn and mom were really thrilled when dad said he had already offer their services for the party. Ann, of course was very upset that she could`t go to help out begging and saying she loved to suck hard cock just like Dawn and mom. Dad promised Ann he would stay home with her and have uncle Jack bring his dog Rex over so she could play with Rex`s cock and maybe she could even try sucking some dog cock. Dad promised to take some pictures of Ann to show mom. Well Ann was very excited and promised she would please mom and Dawn by showing pictures of her with Rex`s cock in her mouth. Mom gave Ann a sweet kiss and hug saying. "Ann I want you to be very good to uncle Jack if he wants you suck his cock make sure you swallow his cum. Promise me you will honey. And don`t bite Rex`s cock when you suck him. Be real nice to the dog." . "I promise mom I will be a good little whore and make you proud of me." Was Ann`s reply. Ann was happy and mom was thrilled because uncle Jack just loved little Ann. Jack had an eight inch cock and about inch and a half thick. Little Ann could take about four inches of Jack`s hard cock in her mouth she had trouble swallowing his huge load of cum but she was getting better at cock sucking and mom of course was always encouraging her to do better. part two. When dad told the guys he had a mother daughter team lined up for the party and they were his eight year old daughter and wife. The guys went wild. Having a couple more fuck whores sucking and fucking cock for free would be really a hit with all the perverts. They were told no one could penetrate his eight year old daughter that she a special prize for some perverted family member on her ninth birthday. but she would suck cock and let them piss on her if they wanted some wet sex with her. Of course they were thrilled with that idea. That afternoon when every one was going about there duties my mind wonder and I begin thinking of the sex I had with mom that morning. A thirteen year old fucking his mother is one perverted thing but, the thought of actually fucking her and getting her knock up and having a baby was beyond reality. I was leaning against the kitchen counter thinking about mom being pregnant the more I thought about it the hornier I became my cock was hard and standing straight in front of me out as played the scene in my mind of her spreading her legs wide and popping a baby from her cunt. I was lost in thought when a voice broke the silence. "Honey, your cock is very hard. What are you thinking about sweetheart? Do you what mommy to suck you off sweetheart, or do want to fuck me?" "No, mom, I mean yes. I want to fuck you. I want to get you pregnant.I want to see your cunt spread open and deliver my child. Mom your a whore who would cares if I got you pregnant." I said hurrying my statement. OH honey, That`s a beautiful thing to say to your mother but,we have to talk about this with the family. If they agree. Yes, I`ll let you knock me up and have your whore child for all the family to see." She was smiling and some what laughing with her answer. "Why do we have to get the family's permission for you to become pregnant." "Because you know how perverted this family is they will want to film the fuck session with you and I." My cock was dripping pre cum just from imagining me and mom fucking or brains in bed just to have my lust and desire for this perverted sex to make her pregnant. "Honey, I know your lost in sexual desires for me but, don`t waste a good hard cock let me suck your cock. Cum in my mouth. Please honey. " Mom was pleading for cock. That`s my perverted whorish mother always ready to please and loves cock. "Okay mom suck my cock. I`ll fill your throat with hot cum you fucking whore." Mom drop to her knees with a smile on her face and took my cock in her hot mouth. Sucking and drooling saliva from around her mouth with loud sucking noises she made me cum I shot a load of cum down her throat.She swallowed every drop just like the sweet whore she is and again saying how much she loves cock. "Mom your a great cock sucker. But, I still want you to have my baby you cunt." Looking in her beautiful blue eyes. "Honey, All I can say is we will wait and see. Okay?" That was her reply. Part Three The day of the bachelor party arrived mom and Dawn were all excited. Mom had never been involved in a massive fuck orgy of tnis magnitude before and of course Dawn being only eight years old had no idea what was going to happen to her tight little asshole. Never the less mom and Dawn made themselves up to look like sluts and mom gave Dawn final instructions no one was allowed to fuck her cunt. Asshole fucking and blow jobs was all she was allowed to perform. Dad was going film all the action at the party. Later it would be edited and the films would be sold by uncle Jack. Uncle Jack was into some heavy porn along with his Asian wife Jill. Mom had painted Dawn`s finger nails and toe nails a bright red with red lipstick and some makeup and hair in little pig tails Dawn looked just like a little whore. Mom was very proud of Dawn`s looks and she herself looked younger then twenty six. The two whores wore short leather skirts and a small tube top. Mom even put her hair in pig tails trying to look like Dawn. When I saw mom my cock throbbed and became erect. I was lusting for her cunt and wanted to fuck her before all those other cocks would have mom`s beautiful wet whore hole. Before the girls and dad left for the party I took mom aside and again told her I wanted to fuck her and get her pregnant and I was going to tell Uncle Jack about my idea. "Honey, Talk to Jack I think he has some great ideas and connections how to handle my pregnancy." You know your mom`s a perverted whore. I`ll do anything he wants she said. I didn`t know what she meant but, I soon found out when uncle Jack and his wife Jill came over that night to replace dad because he was filming the bachelor party. Uncle Jack arrived along with his wife and he brought Rex his black lab dog along for little Ann to play with. Ann was really excited and immediately took Rex and hugged the large dog telling uncle Jack he had to take pictures of her sucking dog cock so she could show mom. I told Uncle Jack I wanted to talk to him about a desire I have and needed his advice how to handle my problem. He agreed he would help me after he fuck little Ann and took pictures of Ann sucking Rex`s cock along with Jill fucking and sucking with Little Ann. Uncle Jack had Ann and Jill get naked. Jill then took Rex`s cock in her hand and began to stroke Rex`s cock while Ann watched intently waiting with her little mouth wide open in anticipation of the red cock of Rex`s to appear from with in its sheath. When Jill had Rex`s cock completely out of its sheath Jill laid the dog on his side and told Ann to go ahead and suck the dogs cock. Ann when down on the dogs cock and slowly took the huge member in her tiny mouth and Begin to suck like it was a Popsicle. Jill encourage Ann to take the dogs cock deep in her little mouth and suck hard if she did the dog would give her some sweet cream. Very obedient Ann did as she was told. Ann stop only to ask Jill. "Jill will Rex give me cream like daddy gives me and Brad? The kind that comes out of there cocks?" "Yes, Ann you will love it. Keep sucking you little fuck whore." Ann just smiled and went back to sucking Rex`s big red cock. This of course aroused Jill and she started rubbing her cunt clit watching Ann closely waiting for Rex to try and knot Ann`s mouth. Just as Rex tried to knot Ann`s mouth Jill stop the intrusion and and let Rex blow his full load of cum in Ann`s mouth. Ann wasn`t ready for the big explosion of dog cum and when it arrived in her tiny mouth she gagged and choked before she swallowed the the load of cum. All this time uncle Jack was taken pictures and filming the sex scene with with Annie. After Ann took the load of sperm in her mouth Jill quickly drop her head down on Rex`s cock and cleaned the remainder of cum from his still hard cock savoring the taste and sharing the remainder with Ann`s mouth. Swapping cum with the little whore. Jill quickly spread her legs and now invited me to fuck her. "Jack let him fuck me and piss in my fucking cunt. Ann can taste some hot Asian cunt juices mixed with piss I know she will love it." Jill said as she spread her legs wide in anticipation of my now very hard cock. I wasted no time as Jill laying on her back on the floor with her cunt exposed to me quickly I shoved my cock in her cunt and pushed as deep as I could. "Yes,Oh yes fuck this Asian whore. Fuck me Brad fuck me hard come in my cunt. Piss in my cunt so Annie can taste the juices." Jill looked over at Ann smiling then asked. "Ann you want to taste my cunt mixed with Bradspiss don`t you. Will take pictures of you to show your mother she will be proud of you Ann." Ann was so excited that she was part of this fuck show she told me to hurry and fuck Jill and piss in her cunt so she could suck Jill`s cunt all this was coming from my five old little sister trained by her and my fucking whore mother I was really pleased to have her as my sister. Now I looked down in Jill`s eyes and thought of my mother thinking I was fucking mom instead of Jill. "You fucking whore take my cock in your cunt I`m going to fuck over and over till I get you pregnant. I want you have my kid you cunt. Fuck me. Fuck me. Spread your fucking legs wide fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck you cunt fuck." I was in lust and sick with passion as fucked Jill. I came in Jill`s cunt then quickly move to the bathroom and in the tub pissed in Jill's spread wide open cunt. Ann jump in the tub and licked and suck on Jill`s cunt while Jack took pictures of the two whores so we could show mom. Part four. I told uncle Jack about my desire to fuck mom and make her pregnant. Jack thought it was a good idea. If mom didn`t want the kid he knew people that would take the child these were people would couldn`t have children of there own and would pay to have a child. Jill agreed with my idea saying she already had been a mule, her version of carrying a child and then giving it up to other less fortunate people. We were all sitting naked when my mom, dad and Dawn came home from there bachelor party fuck session. Mom was a total fucking mess as was Dawn. Dawn was naked her hair was sticky and full of cum her face and eyes lids were cover with cum and crusted over she smelled from piss and she said her little asshole was sore. Mom to was full of cum. Her tits were red and she to smelled from piss her inner cunt lips were hanging out. Mom`s cunt was totally abused as was her asshole. Dawn the little abused girl was so excited to tell everyone she done twenty five blow jobs and had ten cocks up her asshole and was pissed on fifteen different times. Smiling and happy she asked Uncle Jack at this time if he would break her cherry on her ninth birthday. What a little whore. I looked at mom and she noticed my perverted lust for her I smiled at her winked then said. "Mom You look like like a pig. I never fucked a pig lets fuck you whore." Mom smiled and laid on the carpeted floor spread her legs and put her fingers in sloppy sore red cunt pulled her cunt lips apart. "Come on guys this whore still wants some big hard cocks." Dad, Jack and I fucked mom for about half an hour cumming in her face and on her tits. when we were done we let the girls take shower. Jill,mom and Dawn all shower together. The next day Uncle Jack set the wheels in motion Mom was to get pregnant by me Jill would be pregnant by dad Uncle Jack would fuck mom`s sister Carol and several other women relatives would be included as mules for baby delivery and In three months Uncle Jack would fuck Dawn and break her cherry. When Dawn woke up this morning all she could talk about was the hot fucking she got last night and all the piss she drank she said she swallowed so much cum she wasn`t hungry. Instead of food she wanted more cock to suck so dad gave her an early morning cocksicle and she swallowed the full load of hot cum without choking or losing a drip of the precious sperm. Mom of course was just as horny as ever and was looking forward to becoming pregnant by me she email all perverted relatives and told them the news. The replies were rapid with comments as hey good whore, happy fucking you cunt, take it deep in your cunt whore, all with big smileys attached. For the next few weeks mom Dawn and I slept in mom`s bed while dad slept with little Ann. Every morning before leaving for school I fuck mom trying to impregnate her and Dawn my cum loving sister would eat the excess cum from mom`s cunt. Then at night the three of us would have a fuck session sometimes it would last for an hour or more these evening sessions were the hot ones were dawn and I would interact taking turns with each other. I would fuck Dawn in her asshole while she would eat mom`s stretched cunt hole bringing mom to a hot climax. Mom would suck my cock always keeping me hard along with Dawn helping out. This eight year old slut really knows how to suck cock.Then as always i would fill mom`s cunt with all the sperm i could produce and Dawn would continuing eat and licking mom`s cunt taking all the excess sperm and swallowing the juices as if it were nectar. Mom was really thrilled with the attention Dawn and I were giving her and before we would leave for school she would kiss and hugs telling us how much she loved being a whore for us and wanted nothing more then to be pregnant by me. I think the day she became pregnant was the day she had I and Dawn stay home from school and spend an all day fuck session with her. I fucked mom seven times in her cunt and three times in her asshole. I ate Dawn`s cunt several times and suck her asshole to give her an orgasm.Dawn wanted mom to let her fuck my cock and break her cherry but, mom said she had to wait till her ninth birthday and Uncle Jack would deflower her beautiful little fuck hole. Part Five. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my cunt make me a fuck whore like mom. Fuck my cunt. Fill my cunt with cum. Fuck my cunt deep uncle Jack." Dawn was getting her cherry popped and was loving her first hard cock in her tiny cunt. Mom was standing next to Dawn rubbing Dawn`s clit to make her have a hard orgasm. Dawn was laying on the kitchen table making it easy for Jack`s cock to enter her cunt. Dad was next in line to fuck Dawn and I was third. Little Ann now was six years old and was sitting on her sister`s face having her cunt suck by Dawn, Mom was four mouths pregnant and watching her daughter getting fuck. She was so excited to see her daughter loose her cherry she pissed on the floor. Rex the dog was licking her cunt as she pissed. Mom asked Jill. "Jill jack off the dog please I want to fuck that big purple cock." Jill did what was ask of her and this was the first time I saw mom fuck a big dog cock. She took that dog cock up her cunt and even let the dog knot her cunt. Mom screaming loudly "FUCK ME REX FUCK MY CUNT FILL ME WITH YOUR DOG CUM I`M A FUCK WHORE. FUCK,FUCK,FUCK OOOOOHHHHH FUCK I`M CUMMING FILL MY WHORISH CUNT WITH CUM. I never heard mom be so vocal before but, it sure was exciting to hear mom talk so fucking dirty. She was truly a fuck whore and the family loved her. Dad fuck Dawn when Jack was done and then I got into her cunt and fuck her hard. Dawn just smiled all the time i fuck her she knew she was a nine year old whore and loved being fucked. Their was several other family members there and yes Grandpa fucked her also as grandma praised her granddaughter and even gave Dawn a hot wet cunt kiss as she wished her a happy birthday. Months later mom was in her ninth month and still fucking with just a week to her delivery date. Dad and I would take turns fucking Dawn mom and letting Ann suck our cocks. We all were waiting for mom to go into labor while we still fucked her asshole and cunt. I was fucking mom in the ass when I told mom after she has the baby I wanted her to do more dog fucking because I wanted her to be a real pig fucking whore mother. She smiled and agreed saying she was here to please the family. Uncle Jack wants Dawn to fuck his new bought donkey but, first she has to suck his cock and take on Rex`s cock a few more times. Mom just gave birth to a baby boy and the family that received the child were very happy and pleased, Mom said she would it again only if she could be gang fucked at a orgy with another sixty guys. Dad agreed she could. Dad, Jill, Dawn, Jack, Ann and I send our love to mom. The best fucking whore in the family!!!!!! The end