Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. My wife gets a tattoo By My wife asked me if she could have a tattoo. "I will feel and look so sexy. Right?" when I heard my rather conservative wife remark that, I made up my mind to get a tattoo for her. I looked up the yellow pages to find a nice tattoo parlor. Alas, there were only four names listed and when I called them one after another, I found out that they had closed down. I was disappointed. But fortune shone my way that evening in the gym locker room. I spotted a young black guy with a sexy tattoo of a spade on his inner thigh. I noticed it while sitting in the steam room. I must have been staring, because next I heard his chuckle, "Dude, wanna take a close look?" Indeed it was very misty because of all the steam inside and I did bend down on my knees to take a closer look. I was really engrossed in taking in the details when I realized that the dude's limp uncut cock was flexing and getting interested in me. I laughed out loud and got up, "Sorry mate, for sending the wrong signal...actually I was only interested in the tattoo you got there...I want one for my wife and wanted to know where you got it from." He laughed, "Oh that! And I thought you were a faggot or something. Actually my father tattooed it on me...he used to be a tattoo artist in his heydays but has retired now..." I perked up when he added, "...but I can ask him if he is interested in making one for your wife..." I gave him my cell phone number in case his old man agreed. Later that night, he called me to say his father has agreed. Goodie, I almost screamed in joy and told my jubilant wife that she could get one too. Next day was Saturday and Chad, the black dude from the gym, confirmed that his father was free. We drove in frenzy and reached his father's house. His father was a wiry old black man with peppered crinkly hair and a slight stoop. He welcomed us in and took us to the tattoo studio. It was just as I had heard or seen on TV - dark, full of sketches and pictures of tattoos and people who got tattooed by him. He asked my wife, if she had something in mind and when she drew a blank, he laughed and said, "Anyway, first you tell me where on your body do you want the tattoo and then I will show you some stuff." My wife smiled, looked at me, and pointed to her midriff, just below her naval, "Here. I want it here." Absentmindedly, he handed her an album of his works. My wife and I flipped through excitedly as page after page of sexy tattoos on different parts of people's midriff passed by. Halfway through the album my wife stopped at one said "großen schwarzen hahn, dies ist der weg zu meiner liebe tunnel ... kommen sie in..." and just below it was an arrow pointing southwards. The tattoo was in a very sexy, very gothic style and really made you wonder what it meant. The wispy curls of a blond pussy were barely visible at the tip of the arrow. The old black man squinted his eyes and tried to read - "Oh this one...a blond once came in and asked for it...means something about how much I love you..." My wife said she would keep this aside as one option and flipped through more pages. We came across several intimate tattoos...and although not a single face was visible in the pictures, the pictures were getting hotter and hotter. There were roses on meaty pussy lips, devils on plump buttocks, spears heading towards pussies and assholes; one even had some dribbling droplets tattooed to resemble a cream-pie. Just as she finished the album, Chad Sr. handed her another album, "This is a little more intimate but you better see this one too just in case you want one for your husband." There were tattooed cocks all over - names of lovers, spears, arrows, cocks (yeah, cocks tattooed on cocks), and all kinds of gothic stuff. I don't know about my wife but I was getting turned on with all the pictures of cocks and cunts. My wife was absorbed in the album, but I could see her ears getting red - a sure shot sign of her getting aroused. Chad Sr. had been sitting idle nursing a drink. In between albums, he offered us two drinks as well and indeed the drinks calmed us down, at least me, to say a bit. There were about 13 albums and my wife was so excited, she flipped through every single one. And Chad Sr. was good with refilling the drinks. Soon I was feeling no pain at all. And my wife had loosened her tightly-buttoned shirt a little bit. Once she was through with all the albums, my wife looked up with blood-shot eyes and smiled at me. Though she had forgotten all about selecting a few designs for herself. She had chosen one for me. "See this one darling," she showed me a picture, "Isn't this nice? Short and sweet...initials of your loved one." The picture was that of a black uncut cock with the words "VOA" visible slightly over its wrinkled skin. "Why don't you show your love for me by getting a tattoo of my initials?" "Err...but I thought we are here to get you a tattoo?" I mumbled. "Sure. I will get the one I chose already and you will get this...okay?" I nodded hesitatingly. Seeing my hesitation, Chad Sr. walked over to see her choice. Seeing the picture, he howled with amusement. "This one, that you chose, my dear, is a tattoo I did on myself by myself...for my late wife." My wife melted at the old black man's love for his late wife and looked at me accusingly. "Tell him," she asked him agitatedly, "To get one for me." "It's up to him to decide my dear...but I must tell you it's a bit painful...but when she saw the enlarged version, my wife became absolutely devoted to me..." "Enlarged? What do you mean, Chad?" my wife asked, curiosity twinkling in her big brown limpid pools of eyes. "Of course, honey, a dick gets big when it is aroused," he chuckled. "...ahem...I am sorry, I didn't mean to intrude but how different can it be from what it looks like without its...hardn...err...without being enlarged," I mumbled too. "It's not what it looks like at the first glance," Chad Sr. looked amused. "Show us," I was surprised to hear these words from my wife. Chad Sr. was surprised too but he obliged. He unzipped his zipper and pulled out his soft cock. The way he pulled it out, his black hairy balls also fell out through his zipper. His cock was jet black, and in the dim light it was difficult to make out the black tattoo. He was sitting on a lounge chair, so my wife had to really bend down on her knees to scrutinize the tattoo. Mixed feelings were swarming my head to see my beautiful wife of 10 years, one her knees in between the spread legs of a black old man as he flashed his uncut black cock to her - just a few inches away from her mouth. I saw my wife was hit by the smell of his old cock, the way she inhaled deeply. She turned her head this way and that way to have a good look but it was too dark. Chad Sr. was holding my wife's drink while she looked and both his hands were occupied, which is why it was not surprising when he said, "Am sorry I can't do it for you as my hands are not free but if you turn it towards the window, you will get a better look." My wife, poker faced at the comment, picked up the old black man's cock with her fingertips. It must have been heavy because just the fingers were not strong enough to hold it up and it fell down like deflated thick salami. No choice, my wife had to hold it with her entire hand from the centre, ad its tip drooped down like a drunken man. His floppy black cock was not hard at all but it was pure meat -about eight inches long and four inches around. "Chad, it seems the same as the picture to me," my innocent wife exclaimed after inspecting his black equipment for a couple of minutes. Chad Sr. laughed, "Of course my dear. I did mention enlarged, didn't I? I am not a young man, you know, and I can't get it up easily anymore...not like I used if you want to see the enlarged version, you gotta help me get it hard." "How?" my wife asked, and even I could have told her the answer but Chad Sr. responded before I did, "Come on, you are not a little girl! You know how to make a cock hard...stroke it, rub it, and caress it...whatever..." My wife looked at me and I nodded in encouragement, "Go on, and stroke the old man's cock. Let's see if he was merely fibbing or was saying the truth." Then I winked at Chad Sr. My wife started stroking Chad Sr.'s cock slowly, she rubbed it along its length and width but it didn't stir at all. "Sorry dear, maybe it will help if you played with my balls a little bit," Chad Sr. snorted. My wife cupped his big black hairy balls in both her hands and squeezed them a bit, a moan escaped the old man's mouth but his cock remained limp. A few minutes later, it was the same. "Just...just give it a peck...just kiss its uncut tip with your lips and maybe it will wake up..." My wife puckered her mouth and planted a kiss on the wrinkled tip of Chad Sr. cock. The cock didn't harden still but a dollop of clear liquid seeped out and smeared all over my wife's pouty lips. She licked her lips, rolled her eyes as if in ecstasy and give his cocks head another, fuller, longer kiss. This time, the cock flexed. My wife looked triumphant and gave it another kiss...her tongue flicked out and lapped at his cock. Her mouth was slightly parted and the purple head of his lengthening cock entered her wet mouth. She looked surprised and with the wide cock head still inside her mouth she turned to look at me. I feigned indifference. A few licks and cockhead sucks later, Chad Sr.'s cock was at full mast and it was impressive at 11 inches long and a really fat six inches wide. Then she exclaimed, "Oh my god, BL, come here look at this..." I bent down along my wife and saw. The VOA was now distinctly visible and it had enlarged to VERONICA. Oh fuck that was awesome. My wife, visibly aroused at handling a strange old man's cock with her hands and mouth, got up reluctantly. Chad Sr. sighed and said, "That felt good. It was in years that I had felt a mouth on my old cock...since my poor good wife died. What a pity it didn't last long enough for me to have a long forgotten release." "Oh my poor dear," my wife uttered sympathetically, and looked at me, "Maybe I could finish what I started?" It was more a statement than a question. She sat down dutifully and restarted what she had abandoned and this time it wasn't to inspect his tattoo. She peeled his full foreskin back and gobbled his fat cock in her slutty mouth. Slowly she started sucking him full time and I know - she has sucked me to many a fruitful releases - she is damn good at blowjobs. She was sucking his big black cock and slurping on the precum he was brewing at an alarming speed. With one hand, she cupped and squeezed his old black balls to enhance his blowjob and with one hand she squeezed the root of his cock to keep his hardness and keep him from cumming too soon. "My dear man," Chad Sr. addressed me, "If you could help me hold these drinks, I could even enjoy a grope of your lovely wife's tits...have almost forgotten how they feel like under my hands." I quietly took the glasses from him and finished their drinks while he put his hands inside my wife's blouse and mauled her big creamy white breasts with his black hands. "Sweetie, you have seen my cock do you mind if I see your breasts once...haven't seen them sugar dumplings for a long time," he muttered and my wife removed her blouse altogether. She was not wearing a bra and her big breasts spilled all over her chest and Chad Sr. was all over them in a big way - like a horny old man. A few minutes of mauling breasts and sucking cock passed by and Chad Sr. pulled his backside up and removed his trousers all together. Then he sighed, "Honey, now be a sweetheart and show me your pussy...haven't seen them love tunnels for a long time. I have almost forgotten what they look like." My wife cooed and raised her ass up, while continuing her sucking of Chad's big black meat. With the cock still in her mouth, she maneuvered and pulled her long skirt off her shapely legs. Then she got up, her panty covered pussy straight in Chad's face. "Go ahead and take them off yourself...if you feel like," she said, her voice dripping with lust. Chad Sr. stuck two black fingers in the either side of her white panties and pulled them off down to her ankles. Her puffy pussy lips glistening with prefuck juices. I was surprised to see that she had shaved her pussy bald in preparation for the tattoo and it looked like a fresh young muffin ready to be eaten. Which is exactly what Chad Sr. did. First he sniffed her pussy with flared black wide nostrils like a breeding bull sniffing a cow's pussy and then he tentatively licked her meaty pussy lips, all along her slick slit. She raised her heels and groaned in pleasure. She also thrust her pussy in Chad's face burying his big black nose in her pussy crack. He peeled her pussy lips apart with his fingers and started lapping up her tangy pussy juice like a thirsty traveler in desert. Even from a distance I could distinctly see her engorged clit, flailing like a miniature cock at his administrations. She was highly aroused especially because I never eat her pussy. Then Chad Sr. defied his age and picked my wife up like a rag doll in his big black arms. He hobbled (his pants were still lying at his ankles) to the day couch at the end of the studio and lay my wife there. Kicking his trousers completely off and pulling his shirt off too, he looked at my naked wife squirming her ass on his leather couch and said melodramatically, "It's ages since I felt a tight scorching pussy wrapped around my cock. Do you mind, my dear, if I make some honey inside your love tunnel?" I was shocked to hear my wife's response, "Go on, bastard. Fuck me with that big black cock of yours and make a baby in my tummy...fuck me...cum on you old stud." Chad Sr. looked at me for a fleeting glance and rubbed the purple head of his uncut cock at my wife's slick pussy. He rubbed it long enough to make my impatient and horny wife scream, "Stick it in...asshole, fuck me." He laughed lewdly and pushed his fat black cock in. It was so wet that it slid its extraordinarily fat cock inside easily. It was only halfway in, same depth as my full cock has reached ever, when my wife screamed in pain and pleasure, "Deeper, deeper...fuck me." Chad Sr. obliged again and plunged the rest of his fat meat in my wife's sloshy pussy in one hard shove. His kinky grey pubic hair mashed into my wife's baby soft pussy mound and she shuddered in a long deep orgasm. Chad Sr. took his time in fucking my wife even as I stood by their side watching this erotic union of an old black tattoo artist and my wife. They fucked hard, my wife pushed up to each of his thrusts and Chad Sr. continued mauling my wife's breasts until they were bruised red. And finally after 30 minutes of solid fucking - during which my wife came at least five times - Chad Sr. slumped all over my quivering wife - chest to chest - and emptied his big black balls deep inside my wife's fertile cunt. They lay there for at least ten panting minutes before Chad Sr. got up and pulled his still long black cock out of my wife's battered pussy. But she was still not done and gestured to me, "Your turn honey. Come here, my dear husband and have a got at your wife's freshly fucked pussy." When I started unzipping myself, she stopped me, "Oh no, not with that, darling, after my pussy has been stretched so wide by such a manly cock, your dick won't feel a I want you to make love to my pussy with your mouth...cum on, sweetie..." I moved towards her pussy like a bee towards flower...and in similar fashion I sucked all the nectar from her cream pied pussy - her sweet pussy juice as well as Chad Sr.'s bitter stale sperm. Of course, Chad Sr. gave her a tattoo that she wanted for free. But only after he had fucked her a few more times - once when she went for a sketch, once when he wanted to finalize the area of tattoo and once before the tattoo was done and once after the tattoo was done and of course there were the monthly visits to check the tattoo for any unwanted growths or infection. And each time she went there, with me in a tow, there just happened to be one or more of Chad Sr.'s friends or clients around who also helped themselves with my wife's growing oral and vaginal talents. They never bothered to clean up. After all what was I there for? The End.