Black cum-crusted pizza for my drunken wife

One weekend my wife and I were in a very chatty mood. We were started
chatting about how we met, about the places we visited together, our
friends and all interesting things we had ever done together. Since we
have been married for about eight years, we had a lot to talk. We
started at 5.30pm and before we realized it was already past 9.30pm...
and all this while we had been drinking wine. In the four hours that
passed by, we finished about five bottle of wine and the effect of all
that alcohol on my wife was not very nice.

She cant take alcohol very well and she intended to drink just a few
glasses to prep her for a good night of fucking but now she started
looking like jelly. She was talking gibberish (yes, she was still
talking - she is a woman after all) and her voice was slurred and she
was slumped on the couch like she would never get up from there at

By 10pm she could have been dead. All amounts of cajoling and even
shouting and slapping didn't wake her up for a nice fuck for me. And
to top it all, I wasn't in a perfect position myself and I was getting
hungry. So I decided to call for pizza. I dialed Canadian Pizza joint
and asked them for a pepperoni pizza with some chicken wings and a
large coke bottle.

"In 30 minutes sir," I was told. And in exactly 35 minutes the
doorbell rang and I opened the door to see a retiree holding my pizza.
Wow, the man looked like he had just got up from a sewer and had to be
hired to replace the last deliveryman in town. He was 65 or more, with
a unruly mop of grey hair on top of his head, gnarled hands that
looked more like bear paws, a huge beer belly dangling above the
uniform of Canadian Pizza. He was also extremely tall - like 6.2ft and
of course before I forget to tell you - he was jet black. His name, as
his name tag said was Nathan.

I took the packet from his hands and went indoors to get the payment.
I realized I didn't have enough to cover my order....just a fiver short
of the amount. Forgot to draw some money from the ATM! I returned to
explain the situation to Dirty Nathan. I was surprised to see that
Nathan had conveniently moved in the living room and was sitting just
inches away from my 32-year-old wife spread-eagled on the couch.

She was quite a sight for sex-sore eyes. The short summer dress she
was wearing had risen above her thighs to reveal her white cotton
panties. Some of her dark pussy hair was peeking from the side of the
panty. Both her arms were behind her head and this had exposed one of
her massive creamy breast outside the spaghetti straps of her dress.
The dark, large nipple was hard.

Nathan's big, bony fingers were stretching the side seams of her
panties. It was the most erotic sight of my life - his nearly blue
black hands on her creamy satin like skin....and the fact that her pussy
hair, was brushing his fingers each time he slid them...was just to
intolerable for me. But I stood there transfixed. Nathan was
completely at home. Slowly he eased the panties to one side to view
the magnificent pussy of my wife. Her hard pussy lips were hanging on
both sides of Nathan's fingers and the pink tunnel of love was
slightly visible.

Nathan slowly started sliding his thick and bony finger along the
pussy lips. My wife squirmed in her sleep but didn't move. Nathan took
some moisture from her pussy and sniffed it like a bull sniffing a
cow's pussy. His big nostrils flared and he smacked his thick nigger
lips. He returned his fingers to my wife's pussy and started inserting
them inside - first the index finger and then slowly the middle
finger. Now he started finger-fucking her big pussy steadily. My wife
squirmed some more but never opened her eyes. I too, continued to
stand behind Nathan watching his every move and feeling my seven-inch
cock come to life and harden.

With his other hand, Nathan started sqeezing my wife's exposed ample
breast. After a few minutes of rubbing, he moved his head to her tits
and started sucking her hard nipples like a baby suckling his mother.
His fingers were still darting in and out of my wife's hairy pussy.

Then he got up and turned around. He saw me and smiled an apologetic
smile. "Sorry, I got carried away Mister...but your wife's ripe pussy is
waiting to be fingered."

"It's all right, Nathan," I was surprised to hear these words from my
mouth, "go ahead feel her pussy some more, if you like."

"Oh no, thanks, I have had enough of fingering her pussy Mister," he
said as he moved positioning himself towards her face. He grabbed his
crotch and pulled at the lump visible from outside. Then he called me,
"I have some problem with this zipper, can you please help me

I walked to him like a dog, wagging my dick. I opened the zipper of
his pants in one smooth motion and pulled his pants down followed by
his tented boxers. A blackest, meanest and smelliest cock  hit my wife
on her face, leaving a sticky trail of precum. The string remained
attached to her lips and his cock. I gently wiped the precum from her
face and held that old nigger's throbbing giant cock and rubbed its
foreskinned head on her sweet lips, slightly parted to conveniently
let the stinky precum slide in.

I gingerly held Nathan's cock. It was very heavy and still little bit
soft but it was already more than nine inches long and thicker than my
wrist which makes it about 5 inches. The purple head was peeking from
behind the loose folds of foreskin and a steady flow of precum was
leaking from its peephole which was as big as a pilot pen's
circumference. Another thick glob of clear precum seeped out of
Nathan's peephole and slowly glided inside my wife's mouth.
Instinctively, she licked her lips and swallowed the nectar of life.

Nathan was standing with his hands on his hips and I was trying
desperately to push the purple hooded head of his massive cock in my
wife's pretty mouth. When she refused to open her mouth any more,
Nathan got frustrated and pushed my head down on his cock, "Mister,
make me hard and wet for your wife." I complied like a puppy dog and
placing my nose at the tip of his very wet cock, inhaled the manly
aroma of his musky and gamey cock. As I pushed the foreskin up I saw
white granules sticking to the ridge of his massive cockhead. I
instinctively swiped my tongue across the grainy particles and felt
like I was tasting ripe chedder cheese. I licked and licked and ate
the cock cheese till his purple cock head was sparkling clean. Then I
started sucking his massive cock. His girth was so much that the cock
head jammed inside my mouth and locked my jaws. But he took over and
started thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth. My mouth felt like
a nubile small pussy straining to accommodating that giant dick. Soon
I was impaled with more than half of his cock inside my mouth, a few
inches choking my gullet. I was gagging and coughing but he held the
base of my neck and continued to ram his cock in my mouth. After what
seemed like a lifetime but was only ten minutes he loosened the vice-
like grip on my head and pulled his cock out with a sound of plop. I
felt like a part of my body had gone missing. I hungrily engulfed his
cock with my wet mouth again and sucked a few more times before he
pulled out again.

"Take out her panties," he commanded and I pulled the panties off my
helpless and drunk wife. Now my wife, so far fucked by only my cock,
was lying spread eagle, one leg dangling on the edge of our
comfortable and huge sofa and the other leg slung over the back of the
sofa. This wide angle pulled her hairy pussy lips apart obscenely and
seemed very inviting.

"Lick her pussy and prepare it for me," he ordered again and I dived
headlong in her snatch. I licked her pussy lips, and the pink love
tunnel lovingly, as if preparing a goat for slaughter. I licked till
it was shiny with my saliva and till the administrations started her
pussy juices flowing. Her movements indicated that she was getting
aroused in her drunk state and was enjoying my pussy licking. She
would have been shocked to see my eating her pussy as I never went
down on her and she never went down on me ever.

While I was sucking and eating my wife's pussy, Nathan had pulled my
shorts down and was busy fingering my ass. I hadn't noticed anything
till I felt a cold and wet finger wriggle its way in my virgin
asshole. Its sliding in and out massaged my prostate and I felt
shivers of pleasure run down my spine. Soon he had two of his thick
and long fingers inside me and then I felt the head of his giant cock
probe my asshole insisting to enter my tight ass-pussy. Suddenly I
felt it enter my ass and I shrieked in agony. My ass was on fire like
a hot iron rod had entered it. He forced the entire ten inches of his
hot and hard meat inside me and I saw stars dancing in front of my

Luckily for me, he didn't stay inside for long and pulled out his cock
after a few thrusts. Pulling me up by my shoulders he shouted, "Lick
my dirty cock clean of your shit hole, you faggot."

I inhaled the aroma of my shit mixed with his cock musk and sweat and
urine from his hairy wiry pubic hair and dirt smeared balls and
started licking my shit particles off his massive throbbing and veiny
uncut cock. Once it was wet and shiny with my saliva, he asked, "now
put my cock on your slut wife's pussy."

I grabbed hold of his massive horse cock with both my hands and rubbed
it up and down the length of my wife's hairy and leaking pussy. Her
pussy was winking in anticipation and the swollen pussy lips were
quivering with the thought of getting a cock pounding. Slowly I eased
the apple-sized angry purple head of his cock inside my sweet and
unwillingly participating wife's pussy. Because of all my licking and
her own pussy juices, the cock slid in easily but jammed in the tight
pussy used to my two-inch thick cock.

Nathan pushed me aside and took matters in his own capable hands and
gave a big push as the cock inched its way in the deep folds of my
lovely helpless wife's warm and moist pussy. As the cock entered its
eighth inch inside, my wife spasmed in arousal. Never before had her
pussy being fucked so deep and with such massive and thick cock. With
another thrust old pussy fucker Nathan was all the way inside. A moan
escaped my wife's mouth and her legs widened to give him easier

All obstacles removed, now Dirty Nathan started pounding my wife's
helpless but eager pussy with big thrusts. He would pull out his cock
all the way till the tip and push it inside again in the waiting and
gaping hole of my wife's pussy. Soon, his big black veiny thick cock
was a blur as he pounded my wife with an energy that defied his age
and grey hair. His steel rod fucked my wife relentlessly right in
front of my eyes and my hardon stayed rock hard and my precum stained
my shorts like I had peed right there.

After fucking her pussy for nearly 25 minutes, Nathan looked like his
face was going to explode but it didn't instead his giant cock started
spewed potent baby-making batter inside my wife's fertile pussy.
Probably right at the entrance of her womb as tiny sperm jostled to
reach inside to mate with her egg to make Nathan's baby inside her.

Nathan must have cum for about three minutes before he pulled his
shrinking but still impressive horse cock with a plop from her
battered pussy. Immediately a stream of thick cum started spurting out
of her pussy. While I was looking at my wife's creampied pussy in
wonder, Nathan pushed my head from behind bringing it to my wife's cum
drenched pussy. My mouth took in the mushroomy smell of their combined
fuck juices an my head swirled with pleasure. I dove in her delicious
pussy filled with warm sperms and started licking the dirty old man's
stale cum from her pussy hole.

I licked and licked and drank all of Nathan's stinky and smelly cum
from my wife's pussy till there was nothing else to lap up. When I
finished I saw Nathan had finished off my pizza all by himself and was
gulping the coke down. After he had finished, he got up lazily and
remarked, taking out his mobile phone, "I am sorry mister but I think
I forgot your chicken wings. But don't worry, I will call two more
deliverymen to come up right away. And yeah, they are as black and as
old and as dirty as I am. One of them has a cock slightly more bigger
than mine. But I am sure your slut will handle them very well."

Hearing this I spluttered my holed up cum inside my shorts without
even touching my cock. Then, to my surprise, I heard my wife's voice,
"Ask them to come fast, my pussy can't wait too long."

The End.