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A case of mistaken identity of cocks under the table.txt 14K11-Nov-2008 06:44
A fainting spell in Jacuzzi.txt 12K21-May-2008 06:23
A field day with workers.txt 721730-Nov-2007 20:33
A lesson for me and my inexperienced wife.txt 20K26-May-2008 08:42
A letter from my friend after he sneaked his cock into my wife.txt 705129-Nov-2007 02:27
A servant to care for my sick wife.txt 10K29-Nov-2007 04:51
A slut for my fathers bachelor party.txt 13K29-Jul-2008 06:45
A tribal surprise for my wife.txt 13K08-Apr-2008 05:14
A trucker and mechanic repair my wife and my car.txt 16K11-Dec-2007 08:52
A wonderful creamy gift thanks to my car alarm.txt 569717-Jun-2009 03:41
Aftermath of childbirth tightened by Doc Martin.txt 11K11-Dec-2007 14:35
An unintentional birthday surprise for my wife.txt 11K29-Jul-2008 04:05
Barbecued sausages for my wife.txt 14K10-Jul-2008 09:22
Beggars take my wife and my life.txt 15K14-Apr-2008 04:18
Big black bouncers and my wife at an Elton John concert.txt 12K05-Jun-2008 09:15
Black co-workers raid my wife on a company-paid ski-resort holiday.txt 27K11-May-2009 03:15
Black cum-crusted pizza for my drunken wife.txt 12K27-Sep-2007 03:00
Buddy, his brother-in-law and father-in-law at my flop BBQ party.txt 18K30-Sep-2008 04:22
Chat with me and fuck my wife.txt 518628-Sep-2007 04:52
Chocolate and cream in my wifes pussy.txt 11K29-May-2008 09:52
Cucumbers, carrots, corn, dildos and finally real black cocks for my wife.txt 24K31-Jul-2008 08:00
Daga, Mahesh, Jake and Marcus help me teach my wife a lesson.txt 781323-Sep-2008 06:48
Dirty beggars warm my cold wife's pussy.txt 994428-Sep-2007 09:55
Doctor cures my wifes itchy pussy.txt 10K03-Oct-2007 09:08
Doctors help inducing labor in my pregnant wife.txt 11K18-Jun-2008 06:13
Dr Slammer hypnotizes my wife.txt 14K18-Jun-2008 04:42
Fuckfest on a busride to Badrinath.txt 14K27-Sep-2007 03:02
Fulfilling uncles fantasy of a creampie.txt 721022-Mar-2008 17:55
Garage janitors also know how to service cars and wives.txt 14K02-Oct-2008 06:35
Gentlemanly security guards help clean my wife's messy hole.txt 13K27-Sep-2007 03:05
Glorious spermy fucking in the pool.txt 15K13-Jun-2008 04:18
Helpful insurance agent conducts some tests on my wife.txt 23K25-Apr-2008 20:46
How my wife started modeling for used underwear.txt 18K21-Jul-2008 05:07
Is it her pussy or a party platter for all cocks.txt 12K10-Nov-2008 04:17
Is there no cure to my sleepwalking wife.txt 11K08-Aug-2008 04:11
Lights camera action.txt 14K17-Jun-2008 05:24
Male grooming coaching classes.txt 14K27-May-2008 09:22
Males nurses and a cleaner douse the fire in my horny wife's pussy.txt 13K27-Sep-2007 02:59
My buddy Jim comes home for good.txt 13K12-Oct-2007 04:41
My drunk wife in the commuter train.txt 873501-Oct-2007 02:39
My drunk wife in the male restroom during halftime.txt 12K30-Oct-2008 09:52
My friends come home to watch a cricket match.txt 18K19-Oct-2007 10:29
My gay friend his photographer and the garbage collector give my wife a new hair style.txt 14K14-Jul-2008 04:04
My racist wife and three black men in an elevator.txt 15K09-Jul-2009 03:57
My wife and I go to see a movie.txt 16K17-May-2008 17:43
My wife and I in a not so empty train .txt 794530-Sep-2007 15:52
My wife gets a tattoo.txt 16K07-Aug-2008 06:35
My wife gets vaccinated at home.txt 12K12-Mar-2008 04:31
My wife joins a gym.txt 15K28-Sep-2007 04:22
My wife learns to pluck coconuts.txt 886129-Mar-2009 09:44
My wife spots for my buddy and servant.txt 970616-Jun-2008 04:45
My wife starts working part-time.txt 12K19-Nov-2007 10:09
My wife volunteers as sex education teacher.txt 16K20-May-2008 10:20
My wife's pussy - a party for all cocks.txt 878127-Sep-2007 03:01
My wife, five Indian male dancers and her faggot teacher.txt 15K27-Sep-2007 03:03
My wifes photography club has a bonfire.txt 15K16-Oct-2007 09:48
Mystery of the sleeping bag.txt 15K16-Jul-2008 07:15
Nigerian and Sri Lankan car park attendants warm my wifes cold body.txt 14K07-Oct-2008 06:37
Oh what a job to be a priest listening to confessions.txt 18K11-Aug-2008 04:35
Old man cures my wife's hiccups.txt 12K21-Nov-2007 06:18
On my way to the sloppy seconds heaven.txt 13K29-Oct-2008 08:40
Our successful careers as urologists.txt 15K23-Feb-2009 04:45
Pakistani men enjoy a countdown party in my wifes love tunnel.txt 707612-Mar-2008 05:13
Paul and his father with my wife under the blanket.txt 17K08-Jul-2008 10:20
Post-marathon warm-up for my wifes cold body.txt 11K03-Jun-2008 04:25
Pregnancy testers.txt 10K17-May-2008 19:05
Protecting my wife from police.txt 17K21-Jan-2009 08:34
Room service.txt 728017-Jun-2008 08:55
Sixty dollars worth of massage.txt 11K30-Nov-2007 20:33
Sold my wife for 350.txt 10K01-Jun-2009 07:55
Something fishy in my numb wifes pussy.txt 16K04-Oct-2007 07:27
Sri Lankan window cleaners mess up my wifes pussy.txt 10K12-Dec-2007 16:48
The gift of camera.txt 13K24-May-2008 19:10
The paint job a thick coat of paint in my innocent wifes pussy.txt 20K08-Oct-2007 00:39
The smelly and secret ingredients of my happy marriage.txt 15K28-May-2008 07:07
Tucker, me and my wife.txt 434518-Aug-2008 04:11
Ugly doctor helps my constipated wife.txt 12K28-Mar-2008 19:43
Unplanned camping with my Sikh friend.txt 13K01-Jun-2009 06:52
Wife and I help an injured old Sri Lankan worker (part II).txt 16K03-Mar-2009 02:07
Wife and I help an injured old Sri Lankan worker.txt 681320-Oct-2008 10:29
Wife and I watch elephants on parade in Kerala.txt 891629-Apr-2008 17:20
Wife conceives with a little help from Xavier and Blake.txt 11K27-Apr-2009 03:12
Wine, blue film, my wife and Santosh, my colleague from Odissa.txt 15K27-Sep-2007 03:06