Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. The Adventures of Cassie Daniels ====================================== by Billy Shears Chapter 2, "A Sound Second Round" The week after her run in with the bully, the elusive Miss Reeves, and her subsequent first punishment from Mr Edwards, Cassie was in the school canteen, buying lunch. She had picked up a packet of crisps and a bottle of fruit juice, and was reaching up to the top shelf of the cooler to retrieve a cheese and tomato baguette when someone knocked into her forcefully on their way past. The baguette - which she had just managed to grasp - and crisps flew out of her hands onto the floor, and her drink was knocked over into the cooler. She reached into the cooler to pick it up when she was pushed again. Looking up, she saw the very bully who had got her into trouble almost a week ago. "You're in for it, you little brat!" she hissed, "You couldn't just leave it, could you? You had to come after me and get me into trouble, didn't you? Well you wait - I'll be following you. And when you're alone..." Suddenly the girl stopped and straightened up, and Cassie followed her line of sight to Mr Edwards, who had appeared behind her. "Not causing trouble, Miss Reeves?" he enquired. "No, sir." Reeves's voice dripped with resentment. "Hello, Cassie." Mr Edwards smiled, looking down at her. He then addressed the bully again. "Don't forget detention tonight, Miss Reeves." Again? Cassie thought. She must get in trouble an awful lot... "No, sir." The bully repeated. Mr Edwards smiled again, and browsed the cooler for his lunch. Miss Reeves slipped away silently to the tills. "Is this yours, Cassie?" He asked, picking out the bottle of juice. "Yes, thanks, sir." she said, taking it from him. She knelt on the floor and picked up the other items she had dropped, putting her crisps in her pocket so she could carry the bottle and baguette in either hand. She stood up, smiled at Mr Edwards, and joined the queue for the tills. Once she had paid, she surveyed the canteen, and, seeing nobody she knew well enough to sit with, decided to eat her lunch outside. As she left the canteen, walking down the connecting lobby that led outside, Mr Edwards called after her. "Hold it right there, Miss Daniels." Cassie froze, and looked back to see him striding towards him, his own sandwich in his hand. She turned to face him and he looked down disapprovingly. "Come with me." He instructed her, and walked on. Filled with fear and memories of their last encounter, Cassie followed him to the place she had dreaded he was leading her - his office. Once he had closed the door behind her, Mr Edwards put his sandwich down on his desk and removed his jacket. Cassie glanced at the window, but the blinds were drawn. "I did not expect to have to talk to you again, Cassie," he said, "after our last meeting. But you have evidently not learned your lesson." "What have I done, sir?" She asked in innocence, honestly confused. "I saw you with my own eyes, Cassie. Stealing is not only against school rules, it is also against the law." "Stealing? Sir, I didn't..." "Empty your pockets." Still confused, Cassie reached into her right blazer pocket and pulled out a few pieces of folded paper, and then reached into her left pocket... ...and pulled out the packet of crisps she had dropped on the floor. She realised in terror that she had not taken them out of her pocket to pay for them. "I...I forgot!" She insisted. "I won't hear excuses, Cassie." said Mr Edwards, and as she looked up at him she knew it was true. She was doomed. "Blazer off." he instructed, taking the chair that faced his desk and turning it around. He sat down as Cassie obediently removed her blazer and held it hesitantly. "Give it to me." He offered, holding out his hand. She stepped towards him and handed him her blazer, which he put on his desk next to his own jacket. Now Cassie was standing just in front of him, and her hands had met in front of her, where they fidgeted nervously. Mr Edwards took them in his own hands and squeezed gently. "It is unfortunate that I must resort to this again," he said, "but I will continue to do so until you learn obedience." He dropped his hands to his lap, and looked despairingly into Cassie's eyes. "Come here," he told her, indicating his right side. Cassie shuffled around and looked straight ahead, her lip already quivering. "Bend over my lap, Cassie." Cassie slowly bent forwards, lowering her knees, over Mr Edward's lap. With his left hand he took hers and helped her down, so that she lay helplessly across his thighs. With both hands he lifted up her skirt and lay it flat against her back. Then he took the seams of her knickers and pulled them tight, smoothing the fabric against her bottom and brushing the skin of her thighs with his rough fingers. Then he laid his left hand on her waist, and let his right hand rest across her bottom. "Do you understand why I must spank you, Cassie?" he asked gently. Cassie replied with a sniff, trying to hold back tears. Mr Edwards sighed. "This is for your own good, young lady." He said. "You'll thank me one day." The next moment was the longest, as his hand left her bottom and she inhaled deeply, tensing in anticipation. This only served to hurt her more, as his hand reconnected with her right cheek. He spanked her again, on her left cheek, and she gasped. Before she had time to register the initial sting of the first spanks, he had spanked her again, and kept up a series of spanks to left cheek, then right cheek, which built the stinging to a constant throb. Now her breathing was sharp, punctuated by each smack, and she had lost all tension, focusing only on ignoring the pain. After what felt like an hour, but must have been little more than a minute, when Cassie's gasps were becoming moans and grunts, Mr Edwards paused, his hand clasping her right cheek. "Do you have anything to say, Cassie?" he asked. She couldn't bring herself to apologise, and knowing what this would mean for her she let a sob escape her throat. "Very well," said Mr Edwards, and his hand left her cheek again. SMACK! his hand whipped through the air and landed a harder spank on her left cheek, SMACK! down it came again on her right cheek, SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! he spanked her, cheek by cheek. SMACK! SMACK! "Ohh..." Cassie moaned - SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! - "Owww!" - SMACK! Cassie's cries became sobs as the tears finally spilled down her cheeks - SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! she cried vocally, stilted as her body jerked with each spank - SMACK! SMACK! "Oh, sir..." she cried - SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! - "Oh, I'm sorry, sir!" - SMACK! SMACK! - "I'm sorry!" - SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! - "Please, sir, I'm sorry!" Cassie repeated again and again as his hand rained down on her bottom, which stung with such intensity now that she could no longer ignore the pain. After a few more spanks, Mr Edwards stopped again. "It's good to know that you are learning your lesson, Cassie," he said, though there was no smile in his voice, "but I'm afraid it is not learnt yet." She felt his hands slide into the top of her knickers and threw her right arm back, trying to grab the waistband and stop him from revealing her sore, pink bottom. "No, sir, please - I've learned my lesson, sir, I have!" She cried, "I'm sorry, sir, I'm sorry!" The last 'sorry' descended into sobs, as Mr Edwards took her hand with his left, and twisted it behind her back. His right hand slid under the waistband of her knickers and pulled them firmly down, just far enough to reveal her reddened cheeks. Cassie cried out as his fingers brushed against the inside of her thighs, squeezing her legs tightly closed to minimize contact. Mr Edwards arranged her knickers properly around the top of her thighs and began to spank her again, just as hard. Cassie thought it could hurt no more, that the thin cotton of her knickers had not provided her any protection, but as his hand made contact with her bare bottom she realised she had thought wrongly. The sting was now so much more real that it rode above all previous pain and began a fresh burning pain, much greater than before. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Cassie had almost lost faith in crying out, as it seemed to do her little good. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Spank after spank fell on her tender cheeks, and now sometimes Mr Edwards would linger on one cheek at a time, catching up with himself later, so: SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He would spank her left cheek, and then, SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! her right cheek would receive the same treatment. It was not long before Cassie lay limp over Mr Edwards lap, accepting spank after spank on her poor bottom, offering barely the faintest of protests. Not long after she ceased to protest, Mr Edwards slowed his onslaught down, before finally delivering two monumental spanks - SMACK! SMACK! - each causing Cassie to buck her head up and gape in a noiseless scream. Then all contact ceased. She felt her right hand released, and allowed it do drift slowly to the floor, a foot away from her left hand. She lay still, breathing heavily, and became slowly aware of pressure against her stomach that hadn't been there before her punishment had begun. Realisation dawned and her breathing slowed even more, terrified of what he might do if he found out she had guessed. After an indeterminate number of deep breaths, she felt Mr Edward's hand graze her right thigh. She quivered, but made no noise, and soon felt him slide his hand up the back of her legs to her aching cheeks, where he stroked her gently, stirring the sting back but somehow calming her. Then his arms slid up her side, over her shirt and under her arms. He helped her to her feet, and led her, limping, to the corner of his office. There he pulled her skirt up again to reveal her bottom and tucked it up into the waistband. "You will stand here for the rest of Lunch," he instructed. "At least that will give some time for your bottom to calm down." There was a smile in his voice again, and Cassie felt absolved, forgetting that she had done no real wrong. Then Mr Edwards walked back to his desk and sat down. For fifteen minutes Cassie stood there, her red bottom on full display for his eyes only, and each moment she felt sure his eyes were on her. She kept thinking of the pressure on her stomach, and of how smooth his rough hands felt after a spanking. She quelled such thoughts instantly, but when Mr Edwards pulled her knickers back into place, untucked her skirt, returned her blazer and sent her on her way to the next lesson, there were butterflies churning in her stomach. Confusing thoughts plagued her the entire rest of the day, so that she gave no thought at all to the raging pain every time she sat down. This time as Cassie walked slowly up the drive, she looked back, and saw Mr Edwards standing at his office window, jacket off, hands in his pockets. He smiled at her, and watched her go.