Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. The Adventures of Cassie Daniels ====================================== by Billie Shears Chapter One, "First Offence" Years Seven and Eight had been hell for Cassie Daniels. She had been the victim of every bully, every class joker, every spiteful p.e. teacher. When she returned to school in September to start Year Nine, she was resolved that this would change. As the first week went by, she attracted little of the bullies' attention, and began to feel as if her new attitude was working. By Thursday she was feeling very confident walking down the narrow corridors of the school, and was not phased when she noticed one of her former bullies walking the opposite way. In fact, she barely acknowledged the girl at all, keeping her face impassive. Inside, she was rejoicing silently, certain that this year was a much better year than the last, and that it would remain so. Lost in these happy thoughts, Cassie didn't notice the bully's left foot veer into her path as they met, and before she could raise her hands in defense she had fallen face first onto the hard tiled floor. She heard the snigger of two girls further along the corridor, and the snort of the bully, now escaping behind her. Indignant, she drew herself up, and with only a moment's hesitation spun on her heels and sped up behind the bully. She laid a hand upon her assailant's arm and spun her around, sending her foot behind the girl and pushing her backwards over it. The bully fell flailing to the floor, landing a reasonable blow to her head but apparently ignoring it. She was up again in seconds and swinging an angry fist towards Cassie's temple. Cassie ducked, shrugging her bag off her shoulders, and emerged to deliver a blow to the bully's own head. Blows exchanged again and again, until, when the bully took a handful of Cassie's hair, Cassie's hands found her throat. "Now, now!" came a booming male voice from behind the congregated onlookers, "What's going on here?" The bully immediately relinquished her hold, and Cassie, rather more reluctantly, also let go. "The little bitch attacked me, Sir!" The bully protested, as Mr Edwards, Cassie's Year Seven English teacher, approached through the dissipating throng. "That's a lie!" Cassie defended, "She tripped me, she started it!" Mr Edwards held up a hand to quiet her. "I think it would be better if we all took a walk to my office, and continue this in private." He led the way with the bully tailing him and Cassie coming dejectedly behind. When they were all inside, he gestured the girls into two chairs facing his desk and sat down behind it. "Well?" he asked. "Cassie attacked me, Sir, she just came up behind me and pushed me over!" "She tripped me!" Cassie insisted, "I was just walking past her and she tripped me over!" "Sir, she's lying, I wouldn't do that." "Miss Reeves," Mr Edwards smiled, "That is precisely the sort of thing you would do. And Cassie does not strike me as the sort of person to go around attacking people for no reason." "That's prejudice, sir, I don't do that anymore!" Reeves protested. "Nonetheless, fighting is against the school rules, Miss Reeves. You will stay behind after school, in detention." "No, sir, please! I've got to get home..." "You are dismissed, Miss Reeves." Reeves angrily gathered her bag from her feet and stomped out, scowling. As the door closed behind her, Mr Edwards turned to Cassie. "Cassie," he sighed, "it is unacceptable to fight in school, no matter what cause you may have." "Please sir," Cassie pleaded, "I can't have detention, sir. I'm needed at home!" "I'm not going to give you a detention, Cassie." Mr Edwards informed her. He stood up and moved to the window, where he began to close the blinds. "I am aware that your record at this school so far has been exemplary. You are never in trouble, your grades are always very high - except in P.E. -" he smiled, and having finished closing the blinds came around the desk and perched on the edge of it, "but you have broken the rules, and you must be punished." "I don't understand, sir." Cassie said, puzzled. "Stand up, Cassie." Mr Edwards ordered. She did as she was told, and Mr Edwards stood up too and took a step to his right. "Come here, please." Cassie hesitantly walked the short distance to his side and looked up at him. He was easily half her own height taller than her, if not taller still. He laid a hand on her shoulder and gazed down at her sternly. "In this school we do not permit fighting, Cassie, and you are going to learn that it is not acceptable to break the rules." He removed his hand from her shoulder. "Bend over my desk, Cassie." All at once Cassie was a little girl again, fully understanding what Mr Edwards planned, but not willing to accept it. "Wh-what?" She stammered, eyes wide. "You will do as you are told, young lady, if you know what's good for you. I won't tell you again." Cassie hesitantly turned and lowered herself over his desk, flattening herself onto its cold, hard surface. She felt his hand press down on her lower back. "I will teach you the virtues of obedience, Cassie, and I do not hope to hear any objection. I am going to spank you ten times, and I want you to count each one. Do you understand?" Cassie was speechless, her mouth gaping and her lip quivering. Mr Edwards delivered a sharp slap to her thigh, visible below the line of her pleated skirt. "Do you understand?" he repeated. "Yes, sir!" she squeaked, as the sting in her leg shot up her spine. "Very good." said Mr Edwards, proceeding to lift her skirt and lay it across her lower back. Cassie was paralysed with fear as he took the hems of her knickers and smoothed them out over her bottom. She waited silently for the first stroke, and soon it came, his entire hand cupping her left cheek and stinging her so thoroughly that she nearly forgot to cry out: "One, sir!" His hand was gone and the cool air embraced her bottom, encouraging the now fading sting. Soon again his hand returned to deliver a spank to her right cheek, equal at least in force to the first. His hand delayed as she squealed, "Ah! Two, sir!", and was gone, returning quickly for a second spank to her left cheek, which had almost stopped stinging. This new blow stung harder than the first, stirring up the initial sting and increasing its intensity. "Three, sir!" she breathed, though his hand was already in the air and shortly whisking back to deliver a smack to her right cheek. "Ohh, four, sir!" Cassie moaned, as Mr Edwards' hand parted briefly with her bottom. On the fifth stroke, the third to Cassie's left cheek, she bucked and flung a hand behind her to protect her poor cheeks. "P-Please, n-no more, sir!" she stammered, rubbing her burning bottom. Mr Edwards unsympathetically grabbed both hands and pulled them behind her back. "How many?" he asked, patiently. "Please sir, it hurts, sir!" A barrage of smacks landed on Cassie's thighs so that she cried out in pain. "How many?" Mr Edwards asked again. "Fuh-Five, sir." Cassie whined. She could feel tears welling up in her eyes, and when the sixth spank landed, harder than all those before it, on her right cheek, she felt one spill over and trickle down her cheek. "Six, sir..." she whimpered. The next spank was delivered almost immediately, giving her very little time to squeeze out another tear before she must groan, "Seven, sir". As the eighth smack landed on her right cheek she could hold it in no longer and tears began flowing freely down both cheeks while the stinging in her rear neither abated nor decreased. "Eight, sir," she sobbed. Before the ninth spank, Mr Edwards slid his hand across from right cheek to left and cupped it around the stinging orb. He pressed gently, brushing the opposite cheek with his fingertips as he did so, and causing Cassie to quiver, then pulled his arm away and delivered a sound smack that made a sound much like clapping, and doubled the sting in that cheek. "Nine, sir!" Cassie gasped through her tears. He rubbed her there for a moment, and slid across to her right cheek, where he paused again, pressing in gently before delivering another mammoth smack and sending Cassie over the edge, so that her tears churned forth in currents and she cried openly. "Ten, sir!" she wailed, slumped against the desk. He left her there for a moment, long enough that she became uncomfortable and sniffed away the last of her tears. "Stand up, Cassie." His voice was calm and soothing. Cassie straightened up, leaning against the desk for support, and wincing as her skirt slid over her tender bottom. She looked up at him with doe eyes, and he produced a tissue from a box on his desk. She took it gratefully and wiped away the tears still staining her face. He crouched in front of her. "Now, Cassie. I hope you will remember the rules in future, and that I never hear of your misdemeanor again. You're a bright student, and it would be a shame to waste that." She nodded, still sniffing, and he smiled and stood up. "Off you go, then." She picked up her bag and slipped out of his office. Cassie spent the rest of the day keeping her head down, and trying not to wince too obviously when she sat down. As she left the school grounds that afternoon she glanced at Mr Edwards' office, but the blinds were drawn.