Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. The air was cool and refreshing, a welcome change from the heat of the day. The summer was nearing it's end, but temperatures still soared. I hummed to myself as I walked along the quiet suburban street in the still light evening, scanning the house numbers to double-check where I was going. 17 - I found it. I turned down the short drive and knocked on the door. I watched through the frosted glass as a female figure bounced gracefully towards me, then reached out to undo the latch and pull the door open. It only took the young teen one look to know who I was, and why I was here. "Mum, Billy's here!" she called up the stairs, turning away from me and heading down the hall to the dining room. I couldn't help but watch as her tight ass swung in her jeans, following her perfectly round hips. "Take a seat in the living room, Billy," came her mother's call from upstairs, "Dan and I will be ready in a minute!" I obligingly entered the house and closed the door quietly behind me. I took a few steps down the hall and turned right through the open door to the living room. I had never been in this house before, but the layout was so similar to my house that I felt as if I knew where everything was. Sure enough, this room featured a TV, armchair, and sofa - complete with sprawling eight-year-old in hot pants. "Hi, Tammy." I greeted her, sitting at the end of the sofa, where there was just enough space. I tickled her feet, and she giggled and pulled them up, granting me a little more room. I sat and watched whatever rubbish she had put on and waited for her parents to come and give me further instruction. They were downstairs fairly soon, and I stood to greet them in the hall. Dan insisted on shaking my hand, identifying that he acknowledged my maturity and that I was responsible enough to look after his little girls. "We'll be back quite late," his wife, Jean, said, her eyes on the mirror, "so if you get tired there's a sleeping bag in the cupboard under the stairs, you can sleep on the sofa." "Bye, girls!" Dan called. "Bye!" their eldest daughter Katy - the vision who had greeted me - called nonchalantly from the living room. Tammy appeared from the living room at high speed to hug her dad tightly around the waist, and steal a kiss from her mum. "Bye!" she squeaked, then returned to the living room. "Tammy's bedtime is half past eight," Jean informed me, "and Katy usually goes at about ten." I nodded, taking it in. As they were leaving, the door half open and Jean already through, Dan turned to me confidentially and gave me the ultimate babysitter's privilege: "If you get any trouble out of them, a good smack should sort them out." He clapped me on the shoulder and turned, closing the door behind him. I stood motionless as the car pulled away, bemused and delighted by the power I had received. This wasn't my first babysitting gig, but it was the first time I'd been given directions like that. I calmed down, and returned to the living room to watch whatever it was that Tammy refused to turn off. It was about half six when the program finished and Tammy announced that we would watch a DVD. After some discussion we agreed on a reasonably plot-driven romantic comedy, which I had seen before on a date and did not entirely object to watching again, given the memories it was likely to inspire. Tammy handed it to me to put on while she went to get some refreshments. She even courteously offered to get me a drink. I told her lemonade would be great, and off she went. I put the DVD in and navigated the menus until I was ready to hit "play". Tammy returned with a bag of popcorn and two drinks; mine a lemonade and hers a cola. She sat next to me and gave me my drink, opening the popcorn and setting it between us. We watched the film silently, sharing the popcorn and sipping our drinks to make them last. When the sad part of the film came, Tammy leaned on my shoulder, and as the happy resolution began she was snuggled happily at my side. Just as the credits began, the door opened and in strode Katy, dropping into the armchair and glaring at Tammy. "Big Brother's starting." She announced. Tammy obediently turned the DVD off with the remote and switched to the right channel. We had watched about ten minutes of the program, when I looked at the clock. It was ten past eight. "What time does this finish?" I asked the girls, having my suspicions that it might be at least an hour long program. "Nine." Katy replied immediately, in a tone that indicated I should shut up and let her watch. "Past your bedtime," I commented, poking Tammy - who was equally engrossed - in the stomach. Her head snapped up and she looked at me with soulful eyes. "Please, can't I watch it?" she whimpered. "If you change for bed in the next break," I promised. She grinned and hugged me, then turned back to watch the TV. When the break came, she jumped up and ran out of the room to get changed, while Katy sauntered into the dining room to check her e-mail or something. As the program was about to start, Tammy came thundering down the stairs and into the room dressed in a medium length yellow nightie, and jumped into her previous position, resting her head on my chest with my arm cradling her. "The break's over, Katy!" I called, and Katy strolled back in and sat in the armchair. When the program had finished Katy got up and left the room, just as she had done during every break. I patted Tammy playfully on the bottom, and said "Right, missy - time for bed!" She sighed and stood up, squeezing her eyes tight and stretching her arms, so that her nightie was pulled up and I saw the pink knickers that covered her bottom. "Okay then." she conceded, once the yawn was over. She plodded towards the door. "Would you like me to tuck you in?" I asked. "I'm not a baby!" she called from the hall. I smiled to myself; my own little sister could often be just as insistent of her maturity. I watched TV for another hour, just to pass the time, before I got bored. I turned off the TV and was greeted by eerie silence - no sounds even next door, where Katy was still using the computer. But wait - I listened closer and could her voices from upstairs. Curious, I stood and entered the hall, where the voices were much louder. As I climbed the stairs it became evident that the noise was coming from a TV, and glancing at the small room at the end of the landing I saw that the door was ajar, and from the crack came the glow of the TV. I hadn't thought to check if Tammy had a TV in her room - but this gave me the perfect opportunity to exercise my privilege. I stalked quietly towards Tammy's room and took a deep breath to prepare myself. Then I opened the door suddenly causing Tammy, who was sitting up in bed with the remote in her hand, to jump in shock, throwing the remote into the air, so that it landed at my feet. "Pick that up." I commanded, and Tammy scrambled out of bed, still in her yellow nightie, and scurried to where I stood, bending down to pick up the remote. As she stood I snatched it from her, and flicked off the TV immediately. I knew I appeared angry, because Tammy's little eyes were wide with worry. "I told you to go to bed." I said, taking her shoulder and turning her around, marching her further into her room as I closed the door behind me. Tammy was silent, entirely aware that she had disobeyed me, and waiting for the scolding to end. She was soon to find out it was far from over, as I let go of her shoulder and strode to her bed, where I sat down and looked at her with what I hoped was disappointment. "We had a nice time tonight, Tammy," I began, "and you've been a very good girl - aren't you grateful that I let you stay up to watch the end of Big Brother?" "Yes," she said, not meeting my eyes - I had found the right look, then. "And yet you felt the need to disobey me, and watch more TV when you should be fast asleep?" Tammy nodded; she had no excuses. "Do you have anything to say for yourself?" "No, Billy." "Well then I think there's only one thing that I can do." I said. "Your dad told me if I get any trouble out of you that I should smack your bottom. And - " "Please don't!" She interrupted me. "And that is precisely what I intend to do." I finished. "Come here, Tammy." I gestured to my right, beckoning her. "No, I'm sorry, I'll be good, I'll go straight to bed!" she protested, but didn't move from the spot where she stood. "Come here right now." I ordered. Her eyes were wide with fright now, but she obeyed me and walked shakily to my right side. "Good girl. Now bend over my knee." Her breathing was heavy now, interrupted by the occasional sniff as she fought back tears. She hesitated, fiddling with the hem of her nightie. I grabbed her arm and pulled her over my lap. "You should learn to do as you are told, young lady." I snapped, as I held onto her waist to prevent her wriggling away. She was sobbing now, perhaps already realising her wrong-doing, and as I pulled up the back of nightie the protests resumed. "No, please, I'll be good! I'll be good!" "You should have thought of the consequences of your disobedience, Tammy. You've earned this spanking, and now you're going to get it!" And with that, I raised my hand high and smacked her little bottom, my hand nearly covering both cheeks. "Ow!" She cried, bucking under my hand. I smacked her again. "Oww!" she began to wriggle, so I increased the frequency of my smacks: SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! her bottom jiggled beautifully as each blow landed, and she began to cry out; "Ow, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Ohhh!" I was into the swing of it by now, and her pleas were not going to stop me mid-flow, so the spanking continued. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "Oww...!" SMACK! SMACK! "Ohh!" SMACK! "Nooo!" SMACK! By now Tammy's cries had become sobs. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I spotted a rosewood hairbrush on her desk, and made a quick decision. The spanking stopped, and I let Tammy catch her breath. "Stand up, Tammy." I said, in soothing tones. She got shakily to her feet and stood in front of me, tears still rolling down her face. I did my best to hide the hard-on her spanking was giving me. "Your punishment isn't finished quite yet," I informed her. "No-oh-oh!" she sobbed, "I'll be good, I promise!" "You disobeyed me, Tammy, and you are going to get your full punishment." I told her sternly. "Now, take off your knickers." Tammy sniffed back her tears. "Why?" A quick reach-around spank had her cry out and begin crying again. "Don't question me, do as you're told!" I barked. She lifted up her nightie and pulled down the pink knickers without a word, and left them on the floor. "Now, fetch me that hairbrush on your desk." She wailed an unintelligible word of protest, but did as she was told, presenting the hairbrush to me without looking me in the eyes. "Now, lie down over my lap." I told her, and this time she obeyed without hesitation. I lifted the back of her nightie once again and laid a hand on her back. Then I raised the hairbrush into the air and brought it down on her right cheek, lifting it quickly to leave a sting. She cried out in pain and tried to fling a hand back to protect herself, but I caught it swiftly and pulled it up to the centre of her back, immobilising her. Up it went again and down it came, on her left cheek this time. She cried out again and kicked her legs. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The hairbrush went, as I spanked her alternating cheeks, bringing blood to the surface and giving her bottom a rosy glow. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I spanked again and again, making sure her whole bottom was a bright red, before I put the hair brush aside and released her hand. It slowly sank to her side, hanging over the edge of the bed. I stroked her leg to soothe her, and eventually she pushed herself up, wincing as her nightie slid over her sore bottom. I drew her into a hug, and whispered "There, there" and "Good girl" as she cried into my shoulder. When she had calmed down and pulled away, I smiled. "You took your punishment, Tammy. Will you misbehave and watch TV when you're supposed to be in bed again?" "No." she sniffed, shaking her head. "Good girl." I stood up. "Now, back to bed, and straight to sleep this time, okay?" She nodded and climbed into bed, suppressing wincing from the pain as she put pressure on her bottom. I picked up her knickers and put them into the laundry basket in the corner, then returned to her bed and kissed her on the forehead. "Night night, Tammy." I whispered. "Night night." she replied. I left the room and closed the door behind me, then headed downstairs again. There was still no noise from Katy. I checked in the living room, but she must still be in the dining room, on the computer. I walked casually in and pushed open the door, which was slightly ajar. All I could see was the back of Katy's head gazing intently at the computer screen, watching the climax of a porn film, large headphones blocking out the noise around her. My still hard cock stiffened immediately as she began to moan, and I knew she was touching herself. For a split second I wondered what to do, but I knew this was something Katy would certainly not be allowed to do, and warranted punishment. I strode over to the chair and placed a hand on the back of it, spinning it around so that she faced me. The headphones came flying off and she squealed. Her jeans were unbuttoned and her hand inside her knickers. She quickly removed it and tried to stand up, but I pushed her back into the chair. Her eyes darted to my hard-on, visible through my jeans, and widened. "What do you think you're doing?" I demanded, but she was too much in shock to answer. "I don't think your parents would be pleased to find you watching adult films." "I - I - I..." she stammered, unable to explain herself. "Stand up." I ordered her. She stood quickly. "Take those jeans off right now." She almost regained her composure, and began to stutter a protest. "Take them off, or I'll take them off for you!" I snapped. She slid them down her long, teenage legs - she was only two years younger than me, and I could feel my cock getting harder still as I saw those beautiful stalks. "Stay here." I ordered, heading to the kitchen. I pulled open a drawer at random and found what I was looking for. Snatching it up, I returned to the dining room. She gasped as she saw the wooden spoon in my hand. I carried on the angry facade I had already begun and took hold of her arm, bending her over the dining table. Then, twisting her arm around behind her back, I spanked her hard with the wooden spoon, and she shrieked in pain. I smacked the other cheek before she had even begun to struggle away, which she now tried to do. I pulled her close to me and held on around her waist, rubbing my hard cock against her hips, as I continued to spank her. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! She cried out, but made no vocal protests. After a moment or two I let her go and she sprung upwards, backing away from me. "You like porn, do you?" I growled. "Take those clothes off." She was shaking as she pulled her tshirt off - her bra was already on the floor, and her firm round tits sprang out. She was crying as she pulled down her knickers and revealed a clean-shaven virgin pussy. "Get on your knees." I demanded, and she dropped immediately in front of me. I pulled out my stiff cock and put my right hand on the back of her head, pulling her towards me. She barely had time to open her mouth, and her moist lips slid over the head of my cock. I pushed her as far as she would go before I saw the tell-tale look in her eyes that she was going to gag. I pulled back, and forced it in again, repeating this process until she could take my whole cock down her throat. Now I took her head in both hands and started moving it up and down over my cock faster and faster, fucking her beautiful face. When I came, I rammed my cock right down her throat, and she gagged and flapped her hands as my cum squirted down the back of her neck. I shot my whole load in her mouth, then pulled out. She fell to the floor breathless, while I put my cock back in my jeans. Then I took her by her ear and pulled her upright. My hand shot out and grabbed her pussy, and she squealed in surprise and discomfort. "Get to bed." I told her. She gathered her clothes, and with a stinging smack on her ass on the way past she headed to her room at high speed. When Dan and Jean arrived home, I recounted Tammy's misdeeds. "I hope you gave her a good smack." Dan commented, and I shyly fumbled around an affirmative response. "Was Katy any trouble?" My eyes flickered up to the top of the stairs, where I could make out Katy spying. I hesitated for her benefit. "No. None at all." I said.