Caycee Dugas: Abduction of Innocence, part 1

by wetfly6969 (


The blond-hair, blue-eyed, bucktoothed school girl, sashayed her
way past stepfather, Carlton, working on the car in the garage.
It was just past 8 am on Monday of the last week of school and he
looked up from under the hood to watch her walk by.

"Damn, she has such a sweet little ass," he thought smiling. 
Even after fucking late last night and then again after waking
her for school this morning, he wanted her again.  That little
bald slit is so juicy and tight.  Carlton's cock swelled as he
watched her ass swinging to and fro while she climbed the hill
wearing the pink windbreaker and tight blue jeans.

Caycee turned and noticed him watching her.  He's always staring
at her.  She smiled and waved back to him mumbling under her
breath.  "He's such a lousy fuck," she whispered with a slight
giggle.  "But he lets me do whatever I want and gives me spending
money when I need it, so I guess its okay." Turning her back to
him she continued on her route, thinking of Randy, the boy she
was skipping school to hook up with this morning.  He's a senior
and is so fine, she thought and smiled remembering how hard he
fucked her after school yesterday.

Randy's cock is so much bigger than Carlton's.  She laughed
again.  Most of the guys she fucks have bigger cocks than Carlton
and she wondered how her mother puts up with such a short-dick
man.  Add the fact he cums in like three minutes and you've got a
really lame screw.  Almost not even worth the effort.  Almost. 
She DOES get something from him, just not pleasure.

Carlton noticed the dark-gray two-door Ford passing Caycee as it
slowed down to make a U-turn before starting back up the hill. 
He could easily see two people in the front seat of the car and
shook his head.  There weren't many houses around them and not
much traffic so he figured it was probably a couple of high
school jocks looking for his little trampy stepdaughter.  He
didn't care who fucked her as long as he got some too.

Instead, the car went past her few yards, and then made a sharp
left across the road to cut off Caycee.  A woman leapt from the
car, grabbing Caycee and shoving her inside.  Carlton screamed,
chasing after them but he was too far away.   Tears welled in his
eyes as they faded from his view.  They were taking his little
cock-pocket away from him!


Philip Garrison smiled looking down at the young struggling
blond.  He first noticed her the day before walking home from
school but didn't have a chance to snatch her.  She was walking
with three high school boys and knew it would be impossible to
get her away from them.  He figured there would be another
opportunity and decided to wait for her.

He only kidnaps prostitutes, whores and sluts and normally would
have pass up such a young school girl, but there was something
about her he liked and the fact they boys kept taking liberties
with her swaying little ass told him she was just what he was
looking for.

His wife, Nancy, kept the girl in a bear hug until they made it
several miles down the road and he pulled over.  "Drive," he
instructed getting out of the car and going to the passenger's
side.  Swinging the door open, he grabbed Caycee, allowing Nancy
to slide over behind the wheel.  Pushing the girl into the back,
he climbed in after her as the car sped away.

She screamed and fought to get out.  He held her tightly,
covering her mouth with his huge hand and pushed her hard against
the seat.  He's had fighters before and this little whore is no
match for his larger size.  He shook her violently but she still
fought back.

The first slap across her face was to silence her.  The second
was to keep her from struggling and the third was to show her who
was in control.  She began sobbing as he ripped her polyester
jacket open and grabbed her budding breasts, twisting them
through her shirt.  She let out another cry and he slapped her
once again.

"Shut the fuck up, you little cunt!" he shouted just inches from
her face, spraying her cheeks with flakes of spittle.  Pinching
her nipples once again, he squeezed and twisted them until she
cried out in pain.  "Do what I tell you and you won't be hurt no
more!" he growled slamming his knee into her crotch.

She groaned from the pain, staring up, wide-eyed at the menacing
man pulling her jacket from her.  Grabbing her blouse with both
hands, he jerked it opened, sending buttons flying throughout the
car and exposing her small, naked breasts.  She began to sob as
he looked down at her full of lust.  Her puffy little titties
were just beginning to develop and were not much more than
nipples with very little breast meat.  He licked his lips. 

Screwing her eyes closed, she silently prayed as he began
struggling with the button on her jeans and tried to pull down
the zipper.  He had to pull her flat against the seat to get her
pants unzipped but quickly had them down below her knees,
exposing her sexy little pink thong.  The strings were so small
and fragile that they snapped off with the slightest pull,
leaving her pussy exposed to the demented rapist.

Once again he licked his lips.  He really struck pay dirt this
time.  "How old are you, whore?" he barked out startling her. 
Slowly her eyes opened and she became frightened all over again.
"I asked you a question!" he said swinging the palm of his hand
to make contact with her reddened cheek.

"E...el...eleven," she muttered out between sobs. He looked down
at her swollen, hairless pussy, and pinched the pronounced
clitoris.  She squealed, stiffening her body and sending out a
glob of juice.  Phillip noticed the clear gel and scooped some
between his fingers, rubbing them together.  It was slick, sticky
and had a musky odor.   Immediately he knew what it was.

Caycee noticed him examining something from her pussy and also
knew what it was.  Carlton's cum from his morning fuck.  She
swallowed hard.  So much for her plan to convince him she was an
innocent little virgin hoping to stop him from raping her.  He
returned his hand to her pussy and pushed a finger deep into her
hole, followed by a second and then a third.

"Just what I thought, you're a little whore, aren't you?"  She
said nothing, shutting her eyes once again.  "That's okay, I love
just little whores!"  The car slowed as they began to merge onto
the highway.  It was time to mark his prey.

She heard his zipper and slowly opened her eyes to see him
pulling down his pants.  She swallowed hard as he moved between
her legs and lined his hard cock to her slippery hole.  With
little effort he slid deep inside her soft cavern, reaching the
end of his cock before the end of her tunnel.  She was still a
tight, but not like he expected.  She must have been fucking a
long time and often.

"Is she a virgin?" Nancy asked positioning the rear-view mirror
downward so that she could watch.

"No, just like I said yesterday, she's a little slut," he replied
stroking up and down on top of her, slowly building his pace. 
"That's why I picked her.  I don't need no pansy little crybaby."
 In the reflection he could see she was smirking and he smiled. 
She's a good whore too, but she too old and it's time to replace
her as his main cum dumpster.

As the car sped along the highway, he pounded repeatedly into
Caycee's greasy used hole.  He came once but didn't stop or slow
down and continued thrusting hard into her.  It wasn't until the
second load was pumped deep into her that he slowed to a stop,
sweating and gasping for air.

Looking around the inside of the car Caycee felt strange.  How
many times has she been in this situation?  Getting fucked in the
back seat of a car by some guy she just met?  She sighed as he
withdrew from her and sat hard next to the opposite side.

"Get over here and clean my cock, whore!" he yelled grabbing her
wrist and pulling her forward.  She groaned but flipped around
and leaned her face over his lap, taking his slime-coated prick
inside of her mouth.  Tasting cum isn't anything new for her and
with little effort, she had his flaccid dick clean from the tip
to the balls.  She lifted her head but it was quickly pushed back
down again.  "Not `til I tell you to stop!"

For the longest time she sucked and nursed on it, cringing as she
felt it slowly returning to life.  She knew what would happen if
he got hard again and swallowed hard.  His hand remained on the
back of her head, slowly bouncing her mouth up and down his cock.
 She briefly thought of her Uncle Charley.  He used to do the
same thing years ago, when she was first learning to suck.

It grew hard, gagging her as he forced more and more inside
mouth.  She knew what to do and with ease controlled her gagging
reflexes, allowing the head to slide into the opening of her
throat.  Guys are amazed when she deep-throats them and it's one
of her most requested acts to perform.  Feeling the tightness of
her throat, he pushed harder, sending the last inch of his
seven-inch cock past her lips.

She expected that.  Most guys do the exact same thing and she
simply positioned her neck lower to allow it to go down further.
"GOD DAMNIT!" he muttered too loudly, startling her.  "This
little bitch can deep-throat!" he exclaimed out of breath toward

"Good," Nancy said pushing her over-sized glassed back up her
nose.  "That should come in handy later."  Phillip nodded in
agreement and looked down at the young blond pumping her mouth up
and down on his cock.  He no longer had to force her to do it as
it had become second nature.  As much as he wanted to fuck her
little pussy again, he was enjoying her oral skills too much to
stop her and simply leaned his head back while the head of his
cock repeatedly entered and exited her throat.

He couldn't move and laid taut in the seat, his legs crumpled on
the floorboard as the first wad of cum shot hard from his cock,
filling her windpipe.  Quickly she gulped it down expecting
another one at any second.  She wasn't disappointed as his cock
swelled once again before releasing another glob which stuck in
her throat.  She swallowed hard two times trying to get the thick
mucus washed down but the third and then the forth twitch sent
even more cum filling her throat.

Phillip held the back of her head firmly as the jerking of his
cock slowly diminished, leaving only traces of cum drooling from
the tip.  He finally exhaled, having held his breath for at least
a minute while she drained him.  Pull her head up by her hair; he
looked into her blue eyes.  "Where in the hell did you learn to
suck like that?" he asked.  He had to know.  Over the years he's
fucked countless prostitutes and raped many sluts and whores, but
none had been able to do to him what this 11-year-old girl just
did.  She wouldn't answer so he dropped her face back to his lap.

"Keep sucking," he said pushing the angry-red cock back inside of
her mouth.  She resumed her administering to his dick without
delay.  This isn't the first time she sucked one cock after doing
one so it's no big deal.  She just didn't like being `forced' to
do it.

"Nanc, can you pull over at the next station?  I gotta make a
call," he said stroking Caycee's hair as she made little sucking
noise.  She sucked for about 10 more minutes before she felt the
car slowing down and pulling over.  Raising her head, she noticed
they were turning into a Shell gas station and parked next to the
air/water station by the phones.  Phillip got out.  "Watch `er,"
he ordered slamming the door.

Caycee lay trembling in the backseat as the older, scarier woman
scowled at her.  Reaching for her torn jacket, Nancy reached
between the seats and slapped her hand.  "Stay the fuckin' way
you are `til someone tells you different!" she growled.

The door swinging opened startled her and she turned to see her
rapist getting into the back seat with her again.  "Don't go
home," he said shutting the door.  "Go to Bill's house," he added
looking down at the frightened girl.  "I told him all about my
new whore and he's dying to fuck her.  He can't wait to see how
good you deep throat too! He said smiling at her.

Nancy put the car in reverse and backed away, aiming the car
toward home.  It was still three hours away and they'd have
plenty of time to both play with her.  She looked over her
shoulder at the girl moving her mouth back over her husband's
lifeless cock.  It won't be long before the little tart will have
him hard once again.

"Honey," she asked watching his face in the mirror.  "Can I have
a little time with her before we get to Bill's?  You guys are
always so rough on them that there ain't much left over for me. 
I don't want much, just have her suck my pussy for a while."

"I want her to keep sucking me for a while.  Once we get to
Sacramento, I'll drive and you can do whatever you want to her. 
She's got a great mouth and I think you'll really enjoy her."

Nancy smiled at her husband's generosity.  They always share in
the spoils and today won't be any different.  Reading the
approaching sign she smiled.  It indicated that Sacramento was
only 47 more miles ahead.  Pressing a little harder on the gas,
she accelerated quickly.  With any luck, they'll be there in
about 40 minutes and the little whore will be all hers until they
reach Oakland.

~ the end of part 1

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