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Butter Face, Part 3

by wetfly6969 (wetfly6969@aol.com)


"Any news?" I asked Jessie as he slid into the passenger seat. I
always picked the guys up for school and he's the last one. Chuck
and Dale were in the back running their mouths about some shit
and giving me a headache.

"News about what?"

"About what I asked you yesterday. Don't tell me you didn't ask
your brother."

"Oh, you mean 'bout Butter Face," he said with a snicker. It was
Wednesday and I hadn't heard from her and as far as I knew, no
one has seen her since our little party.

"What's the matter, Troy; you miss your little girlfriend?" Dale
joked slapping my right shoulder.

"No, I'm just concerned about what's going on with her."

"Poor little Troy is lonely," Chuck added to the laughter of the

"Will you guys just shut the fuck up? I'm talking to Jessie."
Turning onto the street, I looked at him. "Well?"

"Yea, I asked him. She's in Special Ed you know and he's only got
PE and lunch with her but hasn't seen her lately. She hasn't been
to school this week."

"SPECIAL ED?" Chuck yelled busting out laughing.

"Oooooo, Troy's little girlfriend is a retard," Dale sputtered
not even trying to keep from laughing. Jessie too was enjoying
this and joined in, giggling like a little school girl.

"Shut the hell up, assholes. Maybe she just needs a little help
with her school work or something," I blurted out suddenly
realizing that I was defending her for some stupid reason.
"Besides, you guys had no problem fucking her the other night."

"Yea that's before I knew she was a retard," Dale said laughing.

"You'd fuck her even if you knew she was a retard," Chuck replied
punching his chest.

"Yea, you're right. I would have still fucked her. Pussy's pussy,

I shook my head, trying to tune out their childish antics while
thinking of what to do. Three days is a long time to recover from
a little sex so I was worried that she told someone about us or
what we did to her. What if we fucked her up inside and she's in
the hospital? If so, the cops may be asking a lot of questions
and my name will surely come up.

I can't just go to her apartment or call her. There'll be no way
to explain why a 17-year-old senior was looking for a
twelve-year-old girl sixth grader. The others kept talking and
joking about me and my retarded girlfriend but I paid them no
mind. I had more important things to worry about right now.

I could hardly concentrate during school and felt like I was in a
fog. The guys noticed something wrong and joked about it at
first, but when I explained my fears to them, they suddenly
became equally concerned. After all, they participate in our
little gang bang and even if we tried to argue it was consensual,
she's underage and every one of us would be hung out by our

After school the four of us waited on the wall outside of their
apartment complex. If she went to school, she'd have to walk past
us to get home. Several groups of kids made their way down the
street, but I didn't see Heather. It was Dale who first spotted
her and slapped my leg.

"There she is, man," he called out looking down the street.
Turning to watch, I saw her sluggishly making her way toward us,
her head down and her school books clutched tightly against her
chest. I waited until she was a few feet away before I jumped off
the wall.

"Hi, Heather," I said standing in her path. She stopped just
before running into me, still looking at the ground. I waited a
few seconds before lifting her chin. "Aren't you going to say

Even with her face toward mine, her eyes still looked to the
side. She couldn't or wouldn't look me in the eyes. "Let's go get
a soda so we can talk, okay?"

"I got to go home. I got a lot of homework to do."

"That can wait. I need to talk to you. Just for a little bit and
I'll take you home, okay?" She stood fidgeting unsure of what to
do. I had no idea she was a retard. Yea, she seemed a little
slow, but I just thought she was shy and nervous and not mentally
deficient. She must be border line or something because she
doesn't act like a retard.

Taking her books from her, I slammed them into Jessie's stomach.
"Hold these for her. We'll be right back," I said putting my arm
around her shoulders and guiding her back down the street toward

"You look very pretty today," I said leaning over to kiss the top
of her head. I needed to make sure she didn't tell anyone about
what happened and make sure she doesn't in the future. Her body
was stiff while we walked and I kept asking her questions about
school and talking about the weather until we ordered our drink
and found a quiet booth in the back.

"How are you feeling?" I asked. She shrugged her shoulder still
looking down at the table. "Heather, don't be like this, I missed
you and want to talk to you. Please talk to me, okay?" She kept
wringing her hands and sat stiff in the seat. I moved around to
sit with her, putting my arm around her and holding her hand.

"Let's start over. I'll ask you a question and you answer. How
are you feeling?"

"Okay," she mumbled after a long pause.

"Why haven't you called me?" That response took a lot longer.

"Why were you so mean to me?" she asked still not making eye

"What do you mean?"

"The other night. You were mean to me. I asked you not to do it
no more but you kept doing it. I asked you to stop because you
were hurting me but you didn't."

I sighed. I can't believe she still thinks it was only me.
Fifteen guys fucked her nonstop for over six hours and she has no
clue what happened. She can't possibly be that naïve to really
believe one guy could fuck that much. I looked at her and saw the
tears streaming down her face.

"I'm sorry, Babe, it's just you were so sexy that night. You made
me so hot for you that I couldn't help myself. If you think about
it, that's a good thing because that means you've got something
your man wants and no one else can satisfy me like you can," I
said waiting for a response.

"I really care about you and love you more than anything and I
don't want you to be mad at me any more, okay? I'm sorry I hurt
you but it's kinda your fault too because you were so freakin'
sexy that night that I couldn't stop even after you suggested

"It still burns when I pee and there was blood in my poo all day
Sunday. My dad was mad at me 'cause I was too sick to go to
church and I couldn't go to school for two days because of what
you did to me."

"Heather, Baby, I'm really, really sorry and it won't ever happen
again, I promise. I didn't know I was hurting you and if I did, I
would have stopped."

"I told you lots of times but you wouldn't stop!" she finally got
bold and raised her voice.

"I know and I'm sorry for that. I don't know what to say except
that you're too sexy for me I guess. I just can't control myself
when I'm around you and I can't even look at another girl after
being with you. You're very special, Heather, very, very

She stopped crying, dried her eyes and wiped her nose on her
sleeve, smearing a little mucus on her cheek. "You really think
so?" she asked smiling for the first time.

"No, I don't think so, I KNOW so. You're my special little girl
and I don't ever want to hurt you again. Will you forgive me?"

After a couple of sniffles, she smiled enough to show her braces
and nodded. "Great, Babe, you're the best," I said leaning over
to kiss her cheek. I'm still steering away from those fuckin'
death blades inside of her mouth and will have to see about
getting those damn things taken out. Hugging her tightly against
me, I rubbed her arm, letting the tips of my fingers brush
against her nipple.

"You haven't told anyone about us, have you, Babe?"

She pulled slightly away and looked up at me. "NO! My dad would
kill me if he knew about you!" I smiled.

"Not even your best friend?"

"Not exactly. I told her there was a boy I liked but I didn't
tell her a lot about you."

"Good, keep it that way. You need to keep what we do a secret. If
anyone finds out about us, they'll make us stay away from each
other and I don't want that. You don't want that either, do you?"
She shook her head. "I didn't think so."

Looking around I noticed it was a slow time for the restaurant as
only a few people were inside. I'd been as horny as hell these
past few days and really wanted to get a nut off. Kissing her
forehead, I took her by the hand, pulling her from the seat.
"Come with me, I want to show you something," I said guiding her
toward the restrooms.

"Where are we going?" she asked just before reaching our

"You'll see," I said swinging the men's room door open. She
stopped suddenly, pulling free from my grasp. "What are you

"Th...that's the boys bathroom," she said looking at the sign
next to my head.

"Yea, so?"

"I'm a girl, I can't go in there!"

"You can if it's only the two of us. No one will know. Come on,
we don't have a lotta time," I said grasping her wrist. Her feet
wouldn't move as I tugged her closer and she almost fell over,
putting her free hand out to grab the door frame.

"Troy, please, don't make me go in there, I'm not allowed to."

"Who says? You can go in if it's only the two of us. Come on so I
can get you home before your momma starts worrying about you."
Her feet were still firmly planted and her right hand still
clutched the frame as if holding on for dear life. "HEATHER!" I
sternly growled giving her wrist another jerk. Swallowing hard,
she released the frame, allowing me to pull her inside.

Normally I would have wanted her to give me a blowjob but I
wasn't about to stick my most prized organ into the deathtrap of
steel and risk injury. Bolting the door locked, I pushed her
toward the sink, unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans before lifting
her onto the counter. It all happened so quickly she didn't have
time to react and only after her ass was on the cold counter top,
did she object.

"I'll be fast," I panted unzipping my own pants.

"Troy, we can't do it in here! What if someone catches us?" she
asked trying to scoot off. I stayed between her legs, keeping her
in place while pulling my pants down and pushing her backwards
against the mirror. She futilely resisted but didn't struggle
much against me.

Once my jeans were around my knees, I looked down between her
legs and got a huge surprise. The entire area was green and
purple, swollen much larger than I remembered and was slightly
chapped. Damn, those guys really did a number on her pussy. I
guess if you want to fuck someone up, turn loose 14 horny
teenagers on her and see what happens.

She was dry as I rubbed the tip of my cock along her crack.
Fortunately there was a sink within reach and I ran some water
into my palm, dumping it onto both of us. This helped some, but
not really enough as she was still too tight for my size. It took
a few stabs to enter her, but once I did, she took me as far as
she could.

Several times I had to add more water as it dried up and became
painful for me. She grunted and moaned while I fucked her and
occasionally she tensed up, squeezing me even tighter. Twice
someone tried the door only to discover it was locked and I knew
we were running out of time. Doubling my strokes, I began
shooting my cum into her after about five or six minutes.

As quickly as it started, it ended and I withdrew as soon as the
spasms subsided. One last pea-sized droplet of cum bubbled out as
it flopped from her swollen hole and I scooped it off with my
finger, bringing it to her mouth. "Lick it off," I instructed
rubbing it against her lips. Her tongue slowly emerged, taking it
off before disappearing back inside of her mouth. I smiled as I
pulled my pants up.

"Get dressed, you need to get home," I said walking toward the
door. Hopping down, she struggled to get her jeans back on just
as I turned the bolt, unlocking the door. Instantly it swung open
and an older, gray-haired man rushed in, nearly hitting me with
the door.

"Sorry," he apologized to me before stepping in to see Heather
still pulling her jeans up. He stopped, his mouth dropped open
and his eyes bulges slightly.

"Come on, Heather," I urged swinging the door wider. She was
still zipping her pants as she brushed by him, his eyes following
her out with me close behind smiling. That gave the old fart a
cheap thrill, I thought catching up to her. She was red-faced as
we hurried out into the parking lot.

"That was wild, wasn't it?" I said putting my arm around her
shoulder as we quickly walked away. She was quite as we turned
the corner toward her apartment complex. "Babe that was the
greatest thing ever! You were awesome!" Bending down, I kissed
her cheek and told her again how glad I was she was my 'woman'.
We didn't talk during the two block walk and I could tell she was
upset by what happened, but didn't know what to do or say about
it. I was her boyfriend and wanted to do it and she didn't have a
choice in the matter.

Jessie had placed her books next to him on the wall and I grabbed
them as we passed. "Babe, I want you to keep my cum in you until
you take a bath tonight," I said loud enough for them to hear and
she blushed again.

"Some is already leaking out," she whispered as if telling a
dirty secret.

"Yea, some will, but don't clean it out until later. I want to be
part of you as long as I can. With my cum inside of you, it's
like we're still together even if I'm not there. Do you know what
I mean?" She slowly nodded. "Good, 'cause I want to be with you
forever and ever," I added smiling. Handing the books to her I
said, "Call me tonight after your parents go to bed, okay?" She
nodded and I watched as she disappeared between the buildings on
her way home.

I was smiling when I returned to the guys. "We're back on," I
said giving them the high-five. "She fell for it hook, line and
sinker." They were grinning and slapping at each other with
delight. "She hasn't told anyone and I've convinced her to keep
us a secret."

"Great! Let's gang-fuck her again this Friday," Dale suggested
hopping from the wall.

"And Saturday too," Chuck added with a smile.

"And Sunday," Jessie said punching Chuck in the chest nearly
knocking him off the wall.

"We'll have time for that, but for now, I want something a little
more intimate. Just between the four of us," I said moving closer
to explain my plan.


It was 10:16 when my cell phone rang. Heather was right on time.
"Hey, Babe, I said answering.

"Hi, Troy."

"How ya feelin'?"

"Okay, I guess."

"Great, I'm glad. You know, I'm right outside your window."

"You are?"

"Yea, open your blinds and you'll see me." Slowly the verticals
parted and I saw her standing there holding the phone to her ear.
"Hang up and open your window."

She quickly turned and looked away. "I can't. My dad might know."

"He won't know, Babe, and I really want to see you again. I can't
stop thinking about you and that sexy body of yours."

"I'm not sexy," she mumbled looking back at me.

"Oh, hell, yes you are, Babe. Come outside and I'll show you
exactly how sexy you really are!"

"Troy, I'm still, uh, sore. Can we not do nothing?"

"That's fine, Babe, just come outside and we'll only talk. I
really miss you."

"You do?"

"Yes. Do you miss me too?"


"Then what are you waiting for. Come outside so we can be
together." There was a pregnant pause before she agreed and hung
up. I removed her screen and helped her crawl out, being careful
not to make any noise. Holding her hand, I pulled her away from
her apartment and toward Jessie's.

"You know my best friend lives here too. You met him at the
party, remember?" I felt her cringe when I mentioned the party.
"Let's go to his place so we can be alone and talk."

She swallowed hard and slowed her pace. "Just to talk, right?"

"Yes, of course. I just want to be with you, even if it's only to
talk." Just before we reached his place, I called his cell.
"We're here, open your window." Seconds later he was pulling his
blinds aside and opening his window.

The three of us sat on his bed and I couldn't help but smile at
what she was wearing. It had been too dark and I was in too much
of a hurry to get her to Jessie's to really notice what she had
on and rolled my eyes. The knee-long Hello Kitty nightshirt and
matching ankle socks would have been comical on an older girl,
but it seemed almost fitting on her.

I kissed her, putting one arm around her shoulder and my other
hand on her knee. She tensed slightly uncomfortable with me doing
that in front of my friend. "It's okay, Babe, just relax."

"Your friend is here," she whispered looking down at the floor.

"It's okay, really, he don't mind. He knows we want to be
together," I said leaning her backwards on the bed. She struggled
to sit up, but I held her down. "Don't fight it, Babe, I know you
want it as much as I do."

"Troy, you said we wasn't going to do it."

"We're not, Babe, I just want to touch you, that's all. I can't
get enough of your fine little body," I added slipping my hand
under the hem of her nightshirt to touch her panties. She jumped,
putting her hand over mine and holding it. "Heather, don't be
like that. I just want to feel what's mine."

"I'm still sore."

"I know, I'll be easy, I promise." Slowly she released her grip
and I proceeded to run my fingers along her pussy, making a
crease along the crack. I kissed her and stroked her hair while
Jessie reached over to rub her nipples. It took her a while to
realize that there were four hands touching her body and she
struggled to sit up.

"What are you doing?!" she blurted out at Jessie almost raising
her voice too much.

"Babe, relax. He just wants to touch you a little. It's no big
deal. We're best friends and best friends share things."

"I don't like it," she said struggling one more time to sit up
but with my hand under her neck and holding her shoulder, she
couldn't. "Heather, you know I love you and wouldn't ask you to
do it if I didn't really want you to. He's my best friend and I
want you to be nice to him, okay?" I asked gently pushing he back
down. "Maybe it will be easier if you take these off," I added
removing her glasses.

For the next ten minutes the two of us touched and fondled every
part of her slender young body and without know which one was
doing what, she didn't resist for fear of upsetting me. Finally I
sat her up and tugged on her nightshirt, lifting it to her chest.
She wouldn't raise her arms for me to remove it. "HEATHER," I
warned and she lifted her hand, allowing me to slide it over her

She sat there nervously wearing only her Hello Kitty socks and a
pair of pink panties with blue bubbles. I winked at Jessie before
laying her back down and sucking her right nipple into my mouth.
Jessie followed suit on the other as we both fought over control
of her pussy. He was the first to slip his finger under the leg
band and touch her, causing her to jerk with surprise. My finger
wormed its way from the other side, finding her opening and
sinking in just past the nail.

She grunted and began wiggling her hips. "Troy, please don't.
That hurts," she moaned. I wasn't sure if she meant how hard I
was sucking on her nipple of the fact that Jessie was now
attempting to get his finger in along with mine. Either way I
didn't care.

Her hands quickly reached between her legs and held our wrists.
Pulling my mouth free of her tit, I growled, "HEATHER!" Slowly
her grip loosened and we resumed fingering her until it was time
for our party to start. Grabbing her waist band together, we
pulled her panties off and heard her yelp as her pussy was

"TROY! I don't want him to see me naked!" she cried out trying to
cover herself with her hands. I slapped the hand on top hard,
turning it instantly red. She jerked them away as the stinging
shocked her.

"Heather, don't make me mad! He's my friend and you're going to
do what I tell you or I'll get very upset with you. It's no big
deal if he sees you naked."

"Troy, please..."

"Heather, I'm not going to tell you again. If you love me you'll
do this. If you don't, I'll still love you but I don't want to
ever see you again." She began to softly cry, tears rolling down
the sides of her face as her chest began to heave. I looked to
Jessie and nodded.

"We're going to make love now," I said taking the bottle of baby
oil from Jessie.

"Troy, you promised we wouldn't."

"Heather stop being such a baby, you're embarrassing me in front
of my friend. I told you before you need to act more mature. Do
you really think an older girl would be doing this shit? Hell no,
she'd be wanting to please her man and do what he wants because
she loves him, not fighting him and pushing him away! If you want
to be my girlfriend, you'll do this; otherwise, get the fuck away
from me and I don't ever want to see you again!"

She began crying harder. She truly didn't want to fuck,
especially in front of my friend, but she was torn about losing
me as her boyfriend. I gave her an option and waited for her to
choose. If she got dressed and left, I knew where she stood and
if she spread her legs for me, I knew I had her right where I
wanted her.

"Well? I'm waiting..." I pushed for her to answer. She kept
crying and didn't move. That was a good sign. Standing, I began
to undress, tossing my clothes on the floor by the bed. She still
hadn't responded or attempted to move. Her silence was her
acceptance of the situation. Coating my cock, I parted her legs
and moved between them, running my cock up and down her crack.
She winced, but didn't try to resist. I pushed forward, sinking
several inches into her as she gasped.

Jessie began undressing and Chuck and Dale came out of the closet
partially nude. They knew to stay quiet and out of the way until
I gave them the okay. Jessie knelt on the bed next to her head.
"Heather, I want you to suck his cock."

Her eyes and mouth simultaneously flew open with a shocked
expression. "WHAT?! Troy, I can't do that!"

"Sure you can. It ain't no big deal. Just open your mouth and

"Troy, please, don't make me do that."

"I ain't making you do shit. You're doing everything on your
own," I said punctuating my words with hard thrusts. "Either
you're a baby and you go home, or you're my woman and stay here
with us. The choice is yours,"

I knew she didn't really have a choice, especially since I was on
top of her plunging in and out of her tight hole. She had come
this far, the next step should be easy. "Open your fuckin' mouth
and suck his cock, Heather! I'm not saying it again!" Slowly she
parted her lips, exposing her rows of barbed wire. Her mouth is
too small for the large metal braces and like me, he was afraid
she would nick his manhood, but this was something we needed to
do. I'll have to work on getting those damn things off.

He grunted as she sucked his head past her lips and I wasn't sure
if it was from pleasure of if it scraped against the wire. I
picked up my speed, slamming harder against her tiny body,
pushing her hard into the mattress with every thrust. Jessie held
her hands over his cock, stroking them back and forth over the
part not inside of her mouth.

I didn't want to cum too soon and pulled away from her quickly,
almost taking her breath away. She slurped once on his cock
before taking it out of her mouth. "Are you finished?" she asked
trying to locate me with her poor vision.

"No, not yet," I replied nodding to Dale. Crawling between her
legs, he slipped inside of her with a grunt and began fucking her
hard as she cried out. "Stop acting like a baby, Heather," I

Moving around to her head opposite of Jessie, I began rubbing my
cock against her cheek. Not wanting to be left out, Chuck got
next to me and began sucking and playing with her swollen
nipples. It took about a minute before she realized there were
too many things going on to be only Jessie and I.

"Troy, is... is there someone else here?" she asked pulling
Jessie's cock from her mouth. I smiled at her stupid question and
motioned to Jessie with my head to get her glasses. He snickered
once he realized what I had in mind.

"This should help," I said pushing her thick glasses over her
eyes. Slowly her lids parted, bringing her bright blue eyes into
view and her look of confusion quickly turned to that of horror
as she saw the four of us on her. Dale never slowed down and kept
hammering at her as if trying to fuck her under the bed and Chuck
began twisting her nipple harder.

"Troy who are they?" she cried out trying to sit up.

"I told you. They're my friends and you're going to be nice to my
friends," I replied taking advantage of her vacant oral cavity to
get my cock sucked. She gagged slightly as I pushed it a little
too far in.

Dale's thrusts became erratic and we all knew his time was close.
A few more thrusts sent his cock deep and his cum deeper. He
bellowed out, grunting and growling like a speared water buffalo.
A couple of minutes passed before he roll off of her and Chuck
moved to get take his place.

"Hold on, asshole," Jessie called out moving away from her face.
"I'm next. Wait your turn!"

"I didn't see a ticket machine giving numbers," he said getting
the tip of his cock into her before Jessie jerked him back out.

"I was here first. You go after me." The two of them began
struggling, pushing each other back and forth and I smiled. It's
good that they're fighting over her. Moving around, I crawled
between her legs and slipped inside of her drawing out a soft

I wasn't going to hold back this time and pounded into her hard,
knocking the breath out of her with every strike. Jessie and
Chuck stopped fighting and Dale moved to her face to get his cock
sucked. I was getting close and whispered that into her ear. "I'm
going to cum inside you, fill you with my sperm..." I moaned as
my cock began jerking wildly, sending jets of cum to the back of
her pussy.

I rolled over to make room for the next guy when she squeaked,
"Troy, no more, please. You said you didn't want to hurt me and
would stop if I asked you to. Please stop."

I looked at her and the disappointment on the guy's faces and
knew what I had to do to keep her as our fuck meat. "You heard
her guys, not more fucking her pussy. She's sore right now." Her
face seemed to brighten a little and started to pull herself to
sit up. "What are you doing?"

"I thought you were finished."

"No, not by a long shot. Turn over on you hands and knees, we're
going to start fucking your ass."

"WHAT?! Troy, no! That's sore too!"

"Well decide then. Where shall we fuck you? Your pussy or your
ass?" She stared at me for the longest time before turning toward
the guys with a pained expression.

"I say we fuck 'er in both holes," Jessie said stepping closer.

"Yea, at the same time," Chuck added with a smile. She suddenly
got this weird look on her face as if she was about to be sick.

"Decide or we'll decide for you," I said watching as Dale slowly
stroked his cock to firmness once again.

"Do I have to?"

"Yes you do. You've go five seconds to decide or we're doing what
Chuck suggested. Glancing at Chuck, she swallowed hard as I began
counting down from five. When I got to one, she finally yelled

"Okay, I'll decide!"

"Too late. We're deciding for you," I growl pushing her backward
on the bed. Chuck and Jessie descended upon her like jackals,
pulling and pushing at her while Jessie flopped onto his back.
Dale and Chuck lifted her feather-light body and dropped her onto
his stomach while he searched for her pussy with his cock. Jessie
grabbed the baby oil and knelt behind her, greasing them both
before moving forward. She was already grunting from Jessie's
cock slipping back and forth between her tender labia.

"Suck my cock, bitch," Dale groaned, pushing his new erect cock
against her lips. She turned to me with a pained expression while
I turned to sit in the corner chair. She needed to be broken in
and this is the only way to do it. Slowly I massaged my cock,
reviving it slowly watching as my three best friends battered
Heather like sailors on shore leave. She was grunting and moaning
the entire time and I couldn't wait for a spot to open up.

We had all night to fuck this little whore and the possibilities
were endless. Watching her being ravaged gave me a great idea. I
knew it would be hard to pull off, but with help from the gang
and a little cooperation from Heather, it could be done. Hell, I
really didn't need her to cooperate, just keep her mouth shut and
let us take care of business.

Chuck began grunting as he cock blasted off inside of her bowels.
He was shuddering and panting hard while his hips slowed to a
stop. Standing up, I went over and waited for him to move away.
I'll be fucking her ass next.

Heather remained accommodating throughout the ordeal and only
occasionally cried out or asked us to stop. We simply laughed at
her and continued using her body for our pleasure. I was glad
there was only four of us as the turn around time was a lot
quicker. By 2:30 we were pretty much finished with her as none of
us could get hard again.

"Alright, Heather, you can go home now. You need to go to bed
'cause you've got school tomorrow," I said collapsing next to her
on the bed. She hardly moved. "What are you waiting for? You want
us to fuck you some more?"

She groaned and tried to sit up. "I've got a lot more friends I
could call to come over, I'm sure they'd love to fuck you too!"
She let out a squeak before pulling herself to a sitting
position. I gave her back a shove, sending her off the bed and
onto the floor. Her legs were too weak to stand so we helped her
dress, feeling and touching her as we did. Carrying her to the
window, I simply slid her out and onto the ground, making her
drop with a thud.

The others laughed watching as she struggled to stand and walk
the short distance home. I briefly wondered how long it would be
before she called me again and turned to the guys once she was
out of ear shot. "Hey guys, I've got a great plan for Heather but
I'll need your help to pull it off..."

~ the end of part 3