ABOUT wetfly6969: (wetfly6969@aol.com)
I'm a middle aged father of three who enjoys writing erotica.
Over the past few years I've written several stories dealing with
drugs, underage sex, incest, sluts, gang bangs, prostitution and
"coercive intercourse".  I have written some water sports and
animal sex stories but don't do scat, torture or snuff stories at
all. Unfortunately last year my computer crashed and I lost all
my work.  Recently I began the daunting task of rewriting some of
my favorites.  Below are a few of the stories from my lost library 
and a summary of what they're about.  Feel free to brows the list
and read the finished stories and if there's any not completed
and you think you'd be interested in reading them, let me know
and I'll rewrite them in the order of people's requests.  If
there are no requests for a particular story, I may not bother
and just move on.  Thanks for your interest and any feedback.

Second Chances (Mg, mg, m+g, M+g, prost, viol, incest, drugs)~~~
Doctor David Brenner is a research scientist in neurology.  While
working on research for Alzheimer's and dementia-related
illnesses, he discovers a way to imprint the mental functions of
one subject onto another, thus rewriting the brain of the host
with the secondary subject's thoughts, behaviors and emotions. It
has promise in rats and primates, but hasn't been tested on
humans. Dr. Brenner comes from a troubled past.  His father was
emotionally and physically abusive towards him and his younger
sister.  Their mother received the blunt of the abuse driving her
to commit suicide when he was 14-year-old.  Their father's rage
soon worsened towards the siblings and shortly after their
mother's death, he began to sexually abuse David's nine-year-old
sister.  He was powerless to protect her. Upon graduation, he's
awarded a full scholarship to MIT and quickly leaves his brutal
home life, making a promise to his little sister that he'll
return for her as soon as he can.  She can't wait and runs away
from home within months of his departure.  He loses touch with
her for 15 years until a late night call from their father
informs him that she's dying and she wants to see him.   He
rushes to her and is shocked to see his little sister in such a
condition.  AIDS ravished her body and every major organ were on
the verge of collapse.  15 years of hard living and street
prostitution has taken its toll.   Dr. Brenner knows what he must
do to make it up to her.  There isn't much time to find a
suitable host, but he's got to try to give her back the childhood
stolen by their father.


Unity (MMg, M+g, drugs)~~~ Work is nearly complete on the
international Space Station Unity.  The Russians have sent their
last rocket of supplies and manpower with the Americans soon to
follow.  The platform is designed to house over 500 scientists
and support staff.  It's been two weeks since the Russian's
rocket of supplies, workers and scientists working on a secret
project docked.  They have developed a mind- control serum to
restore the Motherland to greatness.  Preliminary research finds
that when the serum is created in zero gravity, its effectiveness
increases five fold.  10-year-old Miranda Cabana sat idle
watching her father running about the control room.  He was the
director for Kennedy Space Center and, as always, brought Miranda
along to watch the latest launch.  This is the 13th mission this
year and she was sitting alone in the corner watching the
monitor.  It would be nearly two hours before it takes off and
she was bored.  Very bored.  Everyone in the control room was
busy and wouldn't notice if she stepped out for a bit.  She'd be
back before the launch and no one would even know she had left.
Miranda decides to sneak into the cargo bay as she's hadn't seen
it before.  She'll just take a peek and sneak. It's alive with
activity and several people are near her.  She's worried her
father will be mad if she's caught and decides to hide. Squeezing
her four and a half foot, 65 pound body into a storage crate, she
closes the lid and waits for them to leave. Minutes pass before
she hears silence.  Trying the latch, she realizes she's locked
in just as the crate starts to move. Unable to call out for help,
she is loaded onto the shuttle, sealing Miranda's fate.  Lots of
adventures await young Miranda on the Space Station Unity.~~~

Aboriginal Sin (Mg, M+g, prost, incest, drugs)~~~ Lowanna is an
Australian indigenous girl who had been abused by the boys and
men of her small community for years.  At the age of eight she's
taken away from her family and sent to a foster home where she
quickly resumes her sexual activity with the new white family.
Many boys and men in the new neighborhood find her exotic look
and "easy" disposition appealing and soon they're standing in
line to partake in her generous nature.   Two years later, a
death in the family has her returning home to the uncle that
first molested her.   He wants her to remain "with her people"
and petitions the courts to keep her.   They agree moving her
back to where it all began.~~~

Kiss of Life (Mg, M+g, prost, viol)~~~ 11-year-old Ha Anh was
from a poor family of eight in the Southern region of Vietnam.
They lived in a small, three room shack just off the Mekong River
and like most families in the area, they are famers.  A friendly,
well dressed woman comes to their small village with the promise
of a good job for young Ha Anh working in a cafe in Ho Chi Minh.
The 100,000 Dong per day the girl will earn would greatly help
her family.  The woman offers an advanced payment of 500,000 Dong
(about $28 US) to the family.  This was several months' income
for the family and they accept the offer.  Ha Anh soon finds
herself first in the Cambodian red light district of Phnom Penh
where her virginity is auctioned off for $200 US to a German
pedophile.  Her price quickly drops and soon she is servicing a
countless number of customers every day.  She's sold to another
brothel after six months and then another before finding herself
in a brothel in Bangkok, Thailand.  Whenever she feels despair,
she keeps repeating the last thing her father told her before she
left.  "You are the kiss of life for our family..." ~~~

Borgasms (M+F+, M+g, incest, viol, nanos)~~~ The Borg long-range
tactical vessel sustained extensive damage from its encounter
with the Mortonian.  Trans-warping from the region with a damaged
navigational system left them in uncharted space and without
communications with the hive.  Nearly half of the 1300 drones on
board were destroyed or taken off-line.  Most of them continue
with their last instructions and begin to make repairs the ship.
Others seem confused and wonder about aimlessly.  Sensors detect
a cargo ship two light years away and they lay in an intercept
course...  They need to rebuild their collective and find a way
to return to Borg space. ~~~  The prison transport vessel from
Placentia Colony was taking 182 prisoners into exile.  They are
violet and ruthless criminals and were sentenced to life in the
mining camps of Sealian 3.  The Borg easily captures the vessel
and assimilates all on board.  The violent tendencies of the
criminals add to the confusion on board.  Unknown emotions
introduced into the collective are that of rape and sexuality.
Once integrated into the Borg consciousness these new emotions
take over the drones and they began to seek out the females
drones to explore this new sensation...  The males meet
resistance and all but eleven of the females on board are killed
or are severely injured.  With so few outlets for this new
feeling, the males fight over them desperately trying to
experience more of this addictive emotion.  After three days of
relentless assault, the female drones began to self-terminate
until all have shut down... ~~~ Regal was angry at himself.  His
wife had a science symposium to attend and he decided to take
along his 14-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter to do a quick
transport job.  They would be gone for twenty-one days but the
pay was excellent.  After developing engine trouble, they are
forced to make a crash landing on an L class moon orbiting a gas
giant.  He activates the distress beacon and hopes for the
best... The Borg vessel detects the signal and set a course to
investigate.  Scans indicated there were two human males and one
human female on the moon.  Two drones are beamed down to
assimilate the males and capture the female.  They don't want to
give her the ability to self-terminate by assimilating her.
Moriah is frightened as she witnesses her father and brother
becoming one of those monsters.  She's even more terrified as
they seize her and she is taken onto the Borg ship where hundreds
of similar creatures await. She is carried to a huge room with
even more of the monsters and she struggles as they rip her
clothes off.  The collective discovered earlier that if the
female were to experience pleasure through sex, then she would
crave it as much as the males.  Their semen contains nanoprobes
each programmed to stimulate her into orgasm and with each
ejaculation; more nanoprobes are introduced into her system...

Craigslist Entrepreneurs (Mg, M+g, prost, incest, drugs)~~~ A
young prostitute plies her trade on the internet meeting men
using Craigslist.  To save money she often meets with the men at
her apartment where she lives with her nine-year-old daughter.
When one of the men expresses an interest in the girl, she works
out a deal and soon has a thriving mother-daughter tag team

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary (Mg, M+g, prost, viol, incest,
drugs)~~~ Mary lives in the New England area with her
eight-year-old daughter and 12-year-old autistic son.  She's a
drug addict and finds a valuable commodity between the legs of
her youngest offspring.  Numerous men throw money, drugs and
liquor at the mother as she passes the young girl around like a
party platter.~~~

Young Sacrifices (Mg, M+g, prost, incest, drugs)~~~ Gloria Young
is a single mother obsessed with her seven-year-old daughter's
beauty.  She's sure she can become a model or movie star but
she's not sure how to start.  Talking to several men on the
internet give her ideas on how she can break into the business.
One man, a pornographer, is more than willing to help out the
desperate mother, but she's got to be willing to make sacrifices.

Erotic Arena (Mg, M+g, prost, viol, incest, drugs)~~~ She was
13-years-old when her stepfather first began taking her with a
fake id to the Erotic Arena, the one-stop shop for all things
sexual.  They had been having a sexual relationship for about two
years and he often supplemented his income by prostituting her to
a few friends.  Claiming she was his girlfriend, he'd take her in
the Arena twice a week and watch while as many as 30 men a night
had sex with his young stepdaughter. Afterwards, he'd take his
turn then have her home before her mother got off from work.
There were many other encounters outside of the Arena but none as

It Takes A Village (Mg, M+g, prost, incest, drugs)~~~ 37-year-old
barman, Pascal, lives in the Belgian village of Bastogne and
began having sex with his daughter when she was seven-years-old.
He integrates her into sex by allowing a few close friends and
relatives to have sex with the girl as well.  When she turns 10,
he starts her into prostitution.  He is helped by his second
wife, Murielle, who works as a prostitute and initiates the girl
into the trade.  The barman sets up shop for his daughter in the
store room behind the bar and often sends her out to work the
street of Bastogne with her stepmother.~~~

The Perfect Storm (MMg, M+g, prost)~~~ Will Baker starts a chat
room on the subject of pedophilia in early 2004.  By the end of
the year he has two dozen members from all around the world who
trade stories, pictures and videos of their interest.  They plan
to take sex tour to Thailand to partake in the sweet nectar of
the local young offerings.  Landing Christmas eve, 2004, they
meet in the hotel lobby where they will be staying for the next
two weeks. They are shocked to learn that their German member,
Hans, was arrested the day before after he brought a
nine-year-old boy into his room.  The authorities were called and
they were going to make an example of him to discourage any others
from doing the same.  The other members no longer want to take
the chance of being arrested and scramble for other ideas.  They
all agree to stay the night in Bangkok and look for other options
in the morning. Will learns of a village a few hours drive where
foreigners are more than welcome to spend their money and local
law enforcement turns a blind eye.  Most of the members don't
want to risk asking for under aged girls for fear of arrest but
agree to go along to see what happens.    Just hours after they
arrive, the Indonesia Tsunami devastates the area causing mass
casualties, destruction and chaos.  After the storm, two members
venture outside to see the damage and notice a young girl dazed
and confused sitting in a thicket of downed trees.  She is
muddied and wearing only a pair of wet, soggy panties.  They
offer her aid and guide the young girl back to their motel room
where they explore her treasures before notifying the other
members.  All agree that as bad as it was, this was truly the
perfect storm.~~~

Primal Urges (Mg, M+g+, incest, drugs)~~~ Dexter Pharmaceuticals
has been working for years on the newest drug to revolutionize
the sex industry, Urges, the female version of Viagra.  They
developed, redeveloped, reformulated and adjusted the compounds
countless times with only limited success.  Their target market
would be post menopausal women who have lost the urge for sex due
to hormonal imbalances.  The latest formula had shown great
promise, but like the hundreds before, it failed to elicit the
proper responses in the test subjects.~~~  Mike Johnson, owner of
Johnson Disposal Incorporated, picked up the two barrels of the
latest failure from DP and headed for the incinerator just as
he'd done countless times before.  The incinerator fees were too
high to make any money so as usual; he drove to his brother's
farm and dumped the discarded chemicals into the river.  For what
he charged them for disposing, he was making a killing. ~~~ It
was the men who first noticed their increased sex drive.  Most
wanted sex several times a day and many were spending hours at a
time masturbating or having sex with random strangers.
Inhibitions were lowered and desires were spiked off the chart. 
No one could explain it.  Young girls began to display signs of
the new "illness" spreading around Clarksville.  Local doctors
found that whatever it was, it only affected people with low
levels of estradiol estrogen and no females past puberty was
effected to any noticeable degree.  The CDC was called out to
investigate the bizarre occurrences and quarantined Clarksville,
separating the males from the females.  Mandatory evacuations for
all Clarksville women and children were ordered.  The National
Guard was called out to contain and control the citizens.~~~ Otis
Johnson couldn't explain his uncontrollable urges towards his
10-year-old daughter, Julia.  He had always been very protective
of his only daughter and would have killed anyone remotely
thinking what he was.  When he opens her bedroom door and sees
his two sons having sex with her, he's stunned but soon joins in.
 His brother, Mike, three nephews, Will the farm hand and Doug
from the neighboring farm are all waiting for their next turn
with her.  Word spreads of the last remaining female in
Clarksville and several men make their way towards the Johnson's
farm. ~~~ The National Guards have completed doing their house by
house search to rescue any remaining women and children and
report in.  There are no women or children left in
Clarksville.  The hot July summer has them dehydrated and
drinking more water.  Many are filling their canteens from
spigots and fountains they encounter in town.  It isn't long
before the primal urge takes them over as they began to seek
sexual relief but can't find any females available.  Just then
the crackling of the radio relays the news of the girl at Johnson's 

Tootsie Pop (Mg, M+g, prost, viol, drugs, hypno)~~~ George Benton
didn't know what else to do.  His nine-year-old daughter's
phobias and anxieties were making her more depressed and
withdrawn.  She had no friends, refused to be out of his or her
mother's sight for more than a minute, had to have all the lights
on in the house and would never enter a room without one of them
present.  They tried psychologists, councilors, therapists, and
medications but with little success. When a coworker explained
how, after 28 years of chain smoking, he was able to kick the
habit with hypnosis, George listened carefully.  He's desperate
and is willing to try anything, after all, the man guarantees his
work and will refund the money if he's not satisfied.  The
hypnotist suggests a back door command to put her into a trance
to relieve her of any anxiety she may have in the future.  The
key word is Tootsie Pop and to bring her out, all he needs to say
is lollipop. The hypnosis is successful and soon Amanda is acting
like any normal nine-year-old girl.  She's making friends,
sleeping with only a night light and once even spent the night at
a cousin's slumber party.  George and Helen are pleased and
thankful that they finally have cured their daughter.~~~ Rafael
Ramirez was on the hunt.  Being an illegal, he's under the radar
of most law enforcement agencies and has raped and molested
dozens of young girls throughout the southern states, staying
just long enough not to be caught.  When he saw the pretty, young
girl in the toy department of Wal-Mart, he watched carefully.  No
adults near by and she was distracted by all the dolls and
accessories.  She never noticed when he walked behind her,
standing ever so close. "That's a pretty dolly," he whispers to
her.  She's startled and quickly turns to see the menacing man
leering down at her.  "But not nearly as pretty as you are," he
added with a smile.  She turns to leave but he grabs her arm. She
knows not to talk to strangers and struggles to get free. "Wait,
little girl, I have candy, here," he said digging inside his
jacket, "have a tootsie pop."  Amanda stops struggling and stands
glass-eyed before Rafael.  He's taken aback by this and looks
down at the girl standing as if in a trance before him. People
are coming down the isle and he knows he's got to get her out of
the store as quickly as possible.  "Come with me," he says taking
her by the hand.  Amanda follows without resistance.  She is
completely under the perverted and sadistic rapist's control as
they walk hand-in-hand towards his $19-a-night flea-bag motel.

The Golden Opportunity (Mg, M+g, prost, viol, drugs)~~~ Rebecca
Martin was ecstatic about the trip.  All year long her class had
been having bake sales, cookie drives, car washes, marathon runs
and garage sales to pay for some of it.  Even after all that,
each child's parent also had to buy the plane ticket to Peru. Her
history class studied the Inca and they would be traveling to see
Machu Picchu.  It was a once-in-a-life time opportunity. Becky
would be turning 12 that summer and it would be her birthday
gift. Once there, she meets a native boy who claims to be 15 at
the hotel and they hit it off right away.  He shows her around
and invites her to meet his uncle.  The boy talks to his uncle
and another man and is given some money.  Becky's not sure what
they are saying as she didn't speak the language.  When the boy
turns to leave, she tries to follow but is grabbed by the uncle.
A rag is placed over her face and soon she drifts to sleep. She
wakes later tied to a table and is partially nude. She doesn't
remember what happened and looks around to see several
rough-looking men sitting around.  From the rocking motion and
low humming sounds of a motor, she knows she's on a boat.  The
journey lasts three days and soon they stop at a large gold
mining camp in Brazil deep inside the Amazon region.  Becky is a
virgin and with her red hair, green-eyes and fair skin, will
fetch a high price at the auction.  Afterward she'll be a very
popular attraction in one of the many brothels the camp provides.

Sunset in Somalia (Mg, M+g, prost, viol)~~~ Charles Michelson
takes his family on a trip around the world on his new 60 foot
sailing yacht, The Sunset.  Their course takes them through
Indonesia around South Africa and over to the Panama Canal before
heading back to Los Angeles.  In the Indian Ocean they encounter
a storm that pushes The Sunset miles far off course into the
waters of the Arabian Sea. Charles decides rather than trek
around the southern tip of Africa as planned; they would take a
short cut through the Suez Canal and sail towards the Gulf of
Aden.  They encounter three small pirate boats who try to
commandeer their ship and he tries to out run them. Charles is
shot before the pirates' board.  13-year-old Jason finds his
father's gun and returns fire only to be killed himself.  The
pirates board the ship and Christine futilely tries to fight them
off with a knife.  11-year-old Meghan is hiding below deck in a
storage locker afraid for her life.~~~ Abasi was pleased with
this capture.  Not only was it a fine ship and would fetch a
large sum of money for him, but there was a beautiful white woman
on board that after his men were finished with her, could be sold
into white slavery in Tel Aviv.  Most of the women they capture
only last a few months in his camps as they get a lot of use. 
Two of his men grab the woman and throw her onto the deck.  She
sees Charles' gun lying next to her dead son and reaches for it.
The first shot misses its mark and the men struggle with
Christine for control but it discharges, striking her in the
stomach. Abasi watches as the woman dies and is not pleased. He
wanted to reward his men with the woman but that would not be
possible now.  It had been many weeks since they captured a whore
and his men were getting temperamental.  All is not lost, as they
still have the yacht.  A loud shriek from below deck sends Abasi
down to investigate.  The wiry young girl was struggling in the
arms of one of his men.  He smiles.  His men will be able to
celebrate after all.~~~

Pleasant Hill (Mg, mg, bg, M+g, prost, incest, drugs)~~~ Ed
Johnson is the manager of a crappy, rundown trailer park in
California and hated every minute of it.  The only reason he
stayed was the free rent and utilities and the meager bi-weekly
pay check he received.  It was a family park with 82 homes and
over 100 bratty kids.  They were the worst part of the job.
Disrespectful and unruly, they seemed to take over everything and
the older boys even formed a loose-knit gang to further torment
him and the other residents. Big Ed, as everyone called him, had
had enough and was about to give a notice when Jack Hill came to
see him about buying one of the trailers.  It was a 35-year-old
coach that had seen better days and was a fixer-upper in every
possible way.  The single wide only had one bedroom and one
bathroom and was located right across from his home.  It wasn't
so much Jack that caught Big Ed's eye, but his eight-year-old
daughter, Pleasant. She was an elfin, waif-like girl who stayed
glued to her father's leg as the two men spoke. Pleasant was
wearing a pair of Daisy Duke-type shorts with a thin,
spaghetti-string top that was short enough to expose her navel.
Her face and bare feet were dirty, her hair unkempt.  If you ever
need a poster child for trailer park trash, this girl was it.
Jack buys the home and moves in with his brother, Paul, and
Pleasant.  Right away Pleasant seems to get along very well with
the other children, especially the older boys.   Jack often gets
late night visits from different men and Big Ed suspects he may
be a drug dealer.  It isn't long before Big Ed suspects it's
something else going on in the small coach and investigates.  He
is shocked to discover what it is.

Sharing (MF, Mg, MMg, M+g, incest)~~~ Twins Jerry and Terry Lutz
have always shared everything.  Even after Jerry got married,
they shared his wife without her knowledge.  It only stood to
reason that after the birth of his daughter, Jerry would share
her with his brother as well.  They enjoyed watching as each of
them molested the girl and often took pictures.  They had a
fantasy of allowing other men to molest her as well for their
amusement but couldn't find anyone "safe". There's a knock at
Terry's door from a protester wanting him to sign a petition to
have the half-way house next door to him shut down.  There was a
cluster of child rapists and molesters housed in "their"
neighborhood and they needed his help to chase them out.  Terry
refuses to sign the petition and watches from the window as the
protester walks away.  He immediately calls his brother to share
the good news.~~~

McMurdo Station (Mg, M+g, incest, rape)~~~ Wanting a fresh start
at life, Frank Carlson accepts a job as a cook at the McMurdo
Station in Antarctica.  He's notified that his 11-year-old
daughter wants to see him and arranges for her to spend her
summer with him at the station.  Being isolated for months has
been really hard on the men and several have become mentally
unbalanced because of it.   A few of these men take a special
notice of the newly arrived guest as they haven't seen a woman in
a very long time.  Winter storms pound the station for days,
trapping everyone inside and making the prolonged incarceration
unbearable.  Frank's daughter wonders into the wrong part of the
station one night and has a surprise waiting for her.

Phreaky Pheromones (g, mg, m+g, Mg, incest)~~~ 14-year-old Donny
inadvertently finds his 10-year-old sister masturbating with her
stuffed animal.  He thinks it's amusing until she experiences an
orgasm releasing a pheromone which greatly affects Donny.  He's
not sure why, but he knows it has something to do with her
orgasmic juices and decides to test his theory by using a
vibrator he finds in their mother's drawer.  He is amazed by what
he learns. Being a typical boy, he tells his two best friends
about this discovery and soon a plan is hatched to make money
selling this "love potion".  A problem arises as demand quickly
out paces supplies and the boys scramble for ways to increase
production and begin milking his little sister like a dairy cow
for her juices. When their father discovers their little capital
adventure, he's furious and demands the boys quit abusing the
young girl immediately.  Not wanting to lose their highly
profitable business, the boys use the pheromone on Donny's father
and hide in the closet to video camera to tape what happens. 
Even though her father doesn't want to do it, the desire is too
strong to resist and he succumbs to the pheromone.~~~

Comforts of Iwo Jima (M+gg, incest, drugs, prost)~~~ Throughout
1944 there is a massive military buildup on Iwo Jima, in
anticipation of an American invasion. Its civilian population is
forcibly evacuated, leaving behind an old man and his two young
granddaughters who refuse to leave. Hiding in an underground
tunnel they are discovered by the Japanese forces and the two
young girls are forced to serve as comfort woman for the army.
After the Americans invade the island, the girls are relieved
that their ordeal is over until they are once again put into
service for the liberators.~~~


Anna 2.0 (robot, "incest" prost)~~~ Robotic engineer loses his
daughter to a tragic accident and devotes his lifetime to
recreating her as an artificial life form.  The android is
perfect in every detail and is schooled in arts, music and
literature.  Failing in health, he contacts a nephew, his only
known living relative, requesting that he care for "his
daughter".  The man agrees and soon discovers that not only is
she perfect in every way, she's also anatomically correct.


Daze of Harlem Knights (M+g, prost, drugs)~~~ Mi-Niu had just
finished her routine and was exhausted.  For two straight days
the Chinese gymnastic team had been competing in New York City
and as expected, they were leading in the rankings. She scored
almost perfect points on the floor exercises and she couldn't
wait to get back to the hotel and soak in a hot tub. Her
documents state that she is 13-years-old, but as the Chinese are
known for misstating the ages of their athletes, many suspected
she was younger.~~~ Her coach was busy with the last few girls
and she didn't want to disturb him while he worked.  She knew
where the hotel was and could walk there alone.  Quietly she
leaves from the side exit.  The big city can be so confusing
especially when you don't speak the language and all the words
are foreign.  When she noticed the sign with the familiar letters
she took out a pen and scribbled down the name, just to be sure.
Smiling she followed the arrow and knew she was heading in the
right direction.  The further she walked the more everything
seemed different.  The Hotel Harlequin should be just a little
more, of that she was sure.  Looking back at the paper she wrote
the name on she reread the letters.  H-A-R-L-E-M.  It had to be
right.~~~~ Easy E and his homies of the Harlem Knights were out
cruising the streets looking to make a fast buck when they
noticed the tiny Asian girl wondering aimlessly as if lost.  He
had most of his boys hang back and only a few approached her as
he didn't want to scare her off.  She was wearing some funky
little bathing suit-looking outfit and tights with crazy legging
shit drooping over her ankles.  He sees she's crying and is
shaking from either the chill in the air or she's scared
shitless.  Either way it didn't matter.~~~ "You lost?" he asks
her with no reply.  She didn't know what he was saying and only
cried harder.  Leaning down, he put his arm around her to make
her feel better.  She stops crying but he feels she's still
shaking. "Come with me," he says guiding while her still holding
her in his arm as they walk.  The others smile as they know what
Easy's got in mind.  They fall back but follow as he guides her
further into blighted community they control.~~~ Mi-Nui isn't
sure what's happening but where she's from when someone needs
help, others are there to help and she was sure he was going to
help her.  Maybe he would take her to the Chinese Embassy or to
someone who could speak Chinese.  She looked up at the tall,
dark-skinned man helping her and felt better when she saw him
smiling down at her.  He was going to help her and everything was
going to be alright.  Soon she'll be back to her hotel and can
enjoy that hot bath she was looking forward to. ~~~


Alcatraz (M+g, prost)~~~ Laws relating to convicted pedophiles
are getting harsher everyday.  Not only are they regulated on
where they can live and work, but they are also restricted on who
they can socialize with and where they can go.  No one wants a
child molester living in their neighborhood and most cities,
counties and states have passed strict laws keeping them out. The
few convicts who do manage to blend in are usually discovered due
to Meghan's Law and are quickly chastised, threatened or
assaulted until they voluntarily leave.  Both sides petition the
government to do something about this major problem.  The
solution, convert the old federal prison on Alcatraz into a penal
colony where dormitory-style housing will be constructed to house
the thousands of convicts who wish to reside there. Several
companies build small businesses, a police force, fire
protection, medical personal, entertainers and support staff are
hired and all are convicted molesters.  They will be isolated
from society making it the idea solution for both sides. It's
quickly dubbed "Ped Island" by the media.~~~~ Cathy and her
family are enjoying a day out on the boat in the San Francisco
harbor when a big wave knocks her overboard.  In his haste to
rescue his daughter, Stan turns hard and fails to notice the huge
rock jutting from the water.  The boat flipped just before
crashing into the object scattering debris for a quarter of a
mile.  Cathy, wearing a life preserver, floats throughout the
night and eventually looses consciousness.~~~ Vincent and Marco
were doing coastal cleanup when they noticed the bright orange
object floating just off shore.  Wading out chest deep, they pull
the young girl out of the water to the beach.  She's breathing,
but they can't revive her.  Marco removes the life vest while
Vincent administers CPR.  She comes around looking up at the two
men gawking down at her.  Marco wants to take her to the
infirmary but Vincent smiles, he has other ideas.  A twist on an
old proverb applies: "In the land of the horny, the one with the
pussy is king" SPECIAL NOTE: I have been getting requests to
write stories with man-boy themes along the same lines as my
other stories.  This would be the perfect story for it and if I
get requests for it, I'll write it as a boy instead.  A
compromise could be a brother and sister fall over board and hang
on to each other until they're found providing both genders for
the men to enjoy; Just let me know which way you'd like to see
this one go. 

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