Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Underage and Horny. (Underage Sex / Incest brother-sister) Selina Shaw's sexual awakening certainly couldn't be considered normal. Although a healthy preteen, she had no interest in her body and was so ignorant about sex that she had no idea that the little slit between her legs could be used for anything other than peeing through. That changed forever just after her eleventh birthday! She had been friends with Janice Short for years and lately Janice had been telling her that she had started touching herself and that it gave her some wonderful feelings. Selina couldn't understand how touching her pee hole could produce nice feelings but she smiled at her friend indulgently. Despite many whispered conversations about this forbidden subject, Selina never felt the urge to copy her friend. Selina had a brother called Alan who was a year and a half older. One sunny day, the girl looked out of her first floor bedroom window and saw Alan relax in a lounger beside the pool. He had removed his tee-shirt and was dressed only in a pair of shorts. To make the most of the sun, he had positioned the lounger so that his feet were pointed straight at his sister's window and the way he was laying on his back seemed to pull the material of his shorts tight over his crotch. Selina could clearly see the outline of his cock and balls beneath the material and she couldn't help but wonder what her brother's prick would look like. At the thought, a little electric jolt seemed to fire through her body and it went straight to the little slit between her slim legs. Her eyes first opened wide at the unexpected sensation and then slowly closed as she savoured the subtle tingle. She had no idea why her pee hole was making her feel that way, but she never wanted it to stop. When her eyes fluttered open again and she focused on her brother, the young girl became aware of another new experience. A few months ago, her tits had started to develop and they were now the size of plums but shaped like little cones. As she looked down at her chest, she could see that her nipples had become hard and were pushing out the material of the thin top she was wearing. Raising her hand, she rubbed the hard teat with her thumb and was rewarded by another electric jolt. Now using both hands, she cupped her budding breasts and gasped loudly as she squeezed the firm flesh and pressed her palms against the rock hard buds. It was the first time she had ever touched her tits unless she had been showering and she loved the gorgeous feeling it gave her. It was actually the first time she had ever touched herself anywhere for pleasure and she was thrilled that stimulating her tits also seemed to increase the tingling feeling between her legs. Keeping one hand on her small tit and her eyes on her brothers crotch, she was almost unaware that her other hand was sliding down and over her flat stomach. It was as if the hand had developed a mind of its own and it actually came as a surprise to her when her palm glided down to cup her pubic mound. "Mmmmmm," she moaned softly as she felt the heat from her sex radiate through the cotton material of her white panties. She couldn't quite understand the tingling and yet numb feeling that was affecting her slit, her ass and her thighs, but it was making her feel so good that she just wanted it to continue. Moving her hand up to the waistband of her panties, she slid it inside and down to her slit. For a few seconds, she though she had wet herself because her hole was very sticky and when she looked down and lifted up the front of her skirt, she could see the wet stain in the front of her underwear. It didn't feel like pee however because it was much more slimy and she pulled her fingers out and looked at them. Smelling the sticky juice, she knew for certain that it wasn't urine and she pushed her hand back into her panties and slid her fingers up and down her slit. "Oooohhhh, that feels nice," she whispered to herself as she rubbed her virgin cunt and enjoyed the amazing little jolts of pure pleasure it produced. The tingling feeling that had been so good was now changing and lifting her senses higher and higher. The intensity increased dramatically as she continued to rub and it now spread to her butt and her thighs. Whatever was happening to her body was both unexpected and sublime. It the preteen had suddenly been given the power to stop time, this was exactly where she would have stopped it. She never wanted this feeling to fade and she didn't want anything to change. Her fingers continued to slide in and out of her cunt and for some reason, her eyes fluttered opened and focused on her brother. An icy hand gripped her heart and squeezed it tightly as she realised two things simultaneously. Firstly, she was standing in full view in front of her window with the front of her skirt pulled up and her hand inside her panties rubbing her slit. The second thing was much more devastating for the young girl, because Alan's eyes were also open and he was looking straight at his sister. Not only looking, but his hand was inside his shorts and jerking on his cock. Selina's brain screamed at her to jump away from the window and to get her hand out of her panties, but her body had other ideas and chose that very moment to reward her with her first orgasm! Her eyes opened even wider and her back arched as her body seemed to become completely rigid. She could hardly breathe, but that hardly mattered because the most wonderful feelings started to course through her flesh. All thoughts of moving away from the window were banished from her mind and she shuddered as her fingers kept sliding in and out of her hole. She was deep in climax but she managed to focus on her brother again and she couldn't help the loud groan that sprang from her lips as she saw what he was doing. He had pulled down the front of his shorts and she could clearly see his hard cock as he fisted himself. Although her eyes were locked onto the horny sight, she took a very quick glance up at his face but couldn't get eye contact. She knew exactly why that was and knew that Alan's gaze was fixed on her crotch. The intense surges of her cum had receded slightly, but she was still horny when a very wicked thought came into her head. Without trying to analyse or justify what she was about to do, she pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and let her brother see that her fingers were deep inside her cunt. His reaction was almost instantaneous and she gasped as she watched his spunk fountain out of his piss hole. It rocketed up into the air before falling back onto his bare chest and the sight propelled the young girl into her second and much more powerful cum. For the next few moments, both of them continued to stimulate themselves until Alan's balls were empty and the gorgeous sensations flowing through Selina's body faded away. They stared at each other for a long time, neither of them moving a muscle except for the rising and falling of their chests. Eventually, Selina pulled her fingers out of her cunt, which allowed her panties to slide back over her crotch and her brother pulled up the front of his shorts and picked up his tee-shirt to mop up the slime that covered his chest and glistened in the sun. Her heart was still hammering inside her chest even although her climax was receding and although she wasn't actually embarrassed with her brother watching her, it did feel kind of strange and she stepped away from the window. Her mind was in a whirl with everything that had happened and although images of Alan's cock flashed before her and the memory of it spurting spunk into the air was very vivid, the best thing by far was the feeling inside her body as she orgasmed. As she thought about it and tried to analyse everything that had happened, her fingers automatically rubbed over the wet material of her panties that was stretched over her pubic mound. Despite her recent cum, her cunt seemed to spark at her touch and suddenly she was horny again. Glancing out of the window, she saw that her brother had gone, and not sure where he was, or where her parents were, she left her room quietly and went into the bathroom. Locking the door behind her, and carefully checking that it was definitely locked, she stripped off all of her clothes and decided to turn on the shower. That made some noise that would cover up and moans or groans she made and also if anyone came looking for, the sound of the shower give her the perfect excuse for spending time in the bathroom. Satisfied with her work, Selina then lifted the mirror from the wall and propped it onto the floor, resting against the wall. Covering the floor tiles with thick fluffy towels, she lay down and opened her legs wide. Gazing down her body and over her flat stomach, the young girl could see her cunt framed in the mirror and she could feel her heart begin to race as she slowly slid her hand down between her legs. The eleven year olds cunt was puffy and swollen with lust and her skin was shining with her juices. In the mirror, she could see that her slit was slightly open and at the top of her hole was a little pink button. She sighed as she slowly and gently rubbed the little swollen bud, and the most gorgeous sensation flooded her body and brain. "Fuck," she moaned, enjoying using her favourite swear word that somehow seemed appropriate. She watched in the mirror as her finger gently caressed the swollen and slippery lump that was giving her so much pleasure. Pressing harder and moving her finger in small circles on top of her pleasure bud produced something like a massive electric spark that jolted her stomach and her cunt. "Shit!" she exclaimed loudly, snatching her hand away, and she was glad that she had turned on the masking sound of the shower. She swallowed hard and moved her hand back, but with the lightest of touches. She couldn't believe how intense that last feeling had been and as her breathing steadied, she wanted it again. Selina smeared the hot wetness from inside her cunt lips all over the rock hard little button and studied her body intently. She had never looked so closely at her body before and her eyes took in the sight of her open and aroused cunt and the dark shadow that hid her puckered little back hole. Using her other hand to open up her cheeks, she stared at her pink asshole and watched as a small drip of cunt juice oozed out of her slit and ran down to pool around her back hole. It seemed natural to touch the drop of juice with her finger and she moaned softly as she played with the entrance to her asshole. It seemed very wicked and dirty to put her finger anywhere near the hole that she pooped through, but this was the day for her to make new discoveries. The fingers of her other hand left her clit and stroked the lips of her cunt before sliding inside. She could feel the heat of her flesh and the wetness inside her hole as she fingered herself and she shivered lustfully as a shocking thought entered her mind. The thought was disgusting and appalling, but she didn't understand why it excited her so much. She pushed it to the back of her mind, but it sprang forward again and this time was much more insistent. "What if," the thought said seductively, "What if you pushed a finger into your asshole! Would that feel as good as the finger inside your pee hole?" The thought was almost hypnotic and without fully realising what she was doing, she increased the pressure of her finger until her asshole relaxed and slightly opened in response to her touch. Her finger stopped moving as she took control of her brain again. She wanted to know how it would feel to have her finger inside her back hole, but was revolted at the thought of touching her own shit. "Slowly," she whispered to herself. "Do it slowly and take it out if you feel anything!" When she got her finger in to the first joint, she was surprised, and pleased, that she hadn't touched anything gross and she moved the tip of her finger around, enjoying the sensations it produced. Summoning up all of her courage, the preteen pushed her finger in and didn't stop until she had reached the knuckle. Now the sensations from her asshole weren't just good, they were awesome. She didn't really understand how her bowels could be so empty, but she certainly wasn't complaining. Wriggling her finger around to massage her shit tube was amazing and she moved the finger of her other hand at the same time and stimulated both her holes. "Oh God, that's nice," she said softly as the tingling started deep inside her body. She could see her fingers disappear into her cunt and ass as she stared into the mirror and the image excited her. Not only was her cunt opening like a flower, but her asshole was getting looser too and she fingered herself faster as the tingling became stronger. Her back arched up from the towels beneath her as she continued to finger fuck her holes. She could feel her climax bubble and boil just beneath the surface and she just needed the slightest increase in intensity to bring her off fully. She knew exactly how to do it but there was a terrible indecision in her mind. Part of her brain wanted this sensation to continue forever whilst another part screamed for the ultimate release. The warm waves of pure pleasure built in her stomach and radiated through her thighs and her sex. Her eyes had closed, now ignoring the mirror, and she couldn't see the thick drops of girl juice that flowed out of her cunt. She could feel them however as they ran over the finger in her asshole and were pushed into her bowels. Suddenly, her naked body became rigid and she felt her cunt twitch several times around her finger. It was the start of a small orgasm, but it wasn't what the preteen girl wanted. Swivelling her thumb around until it was positioned on top of her hard pleasure bud, she pressed down and rubbed as hard as she could. The result was simply devastating and her climax detonated inside her like a bomb. Air was forced out of her lungs as her back arched higher in the air and intense bright lights shone into her eyes and blinded her. Her body was so rigid that she couldn't breathe and she knew that she was going to die of suffocation. Somehow, that didn't matter to the eleven-year-old girl and she offered herself to her cum without reservation. The passage of time meant nothing to her and the fact that her back had crashed down onto the towels and her body had begum shuddering and shuddering didn't register in her brain. The only two things in the world that concerned her, was the delicious feelings flowing out of her sex and on prolonging the feeling for as long as possible. When she thought back on this moment, she was never able to decide if she had passed out or not. The only thing she knew for certain was that she recovered her senses about ten minutes later and she was lying on her back with her chest heaving and her entire body covered in a film of sweat. Lazily raising her hands to her face, she sniffed the scent of her cum from her fingers and was surprised at the smell of her asshole on her other hand. It wasn't nasty or disgusting as she had expected, and she even licked her finger and enjoyed the taste. "Fuck, that was so awesome," she whispered as she hauled herself up onto her elbows and looked down at the mirror. Her cunt was wetter than it had been before, but she was astonished that there wasn't anything else different. Her fuck hole had closed to its normal slit and her back hole looked exactly the same as it had before she had fingered it. Proud of her body and amazed at the gorgeous feelings it could give her, Selina got up slowly from the floor and decided she would have to use the shower for the purpose it was designed for. For the rest of the afternoon, Selina and Alan purposely avoided each other, but there was nothing they could do when their mother called them for dinner. As they sat around the table eating their food, Selina risked a glance at her brother only to find that he was looking at her. She gave him a small smile and was delighted when he smiled back. For some reason, those smiles seemed to say that everything was okay and they both relaxed. The following morning was Saturday and their father, John, announced that he was going to play golf with some buddies. That left Valerie, their mother, at a loose end and she told the children that she was popping next door to see her friend, warning them to behave on their own. She had only been gone for seconds when Alan opened his sister's bedroom door and poked his head around. "Can I come in?" he asked, and Selina nodded her head. She was sitting on the edge of her bed brushing her hair and she looked up at her brother to see what he wanted. Alan looked nervous, but he had carefully rehearsed what he wanted to say and he wasn't going to back out now. Summoning up his courage, he asked, "So, have you played with yourself since I saw you yesterday?" The eleven year old girl could feel herself blush, but she nodded her head and replied, "Uh huh." "Me too," Alan informed her with a grin. "I jerked off until I squirted spunk. Did you cum too?" Selina was mortified that she was blushing in front of her brother, but she nodded her head and Alan's gin became wider. He hadn't been sure if Selina would have clamed up on him and refused to talk about what they had done, or be willing to listen to his suggestion, but encouraged by her reaction so far, he decided to go for it. Taking a breath, he asked, "You want to do it again? I'm horny and want to cum." His sister opened her mouth, but it was a few seconds before her brain managed to process what he was asking. "You want to do it here?" she asked. "Sure," he replied. "Mom wont be back for hours so we have plenty of time." As the preteen absorbed that information, Alan added softly, "Besides, I'd love to see your cunt while I was jacking off!" That simple sentence had three completely different effects on the young girl in as many seconds. Firstly, her hand covered her mouth as she giggled, "You said a bad word," secondly she became aware that the slit between her legs had started to tingle and thirdly she suddenly realised that her brother was asking to see her pee hole. Before she could react to the final point, Alan shook his head and replied, "Its not a bad word. What do you call your slit?" This was all going too fast for Selina but she automatically said, "My pee hole." Her brother made a clicking noise with his tongue and informed her, "That's what babies call it. Grown ups call it a cunt!" That was news to the little girl, but she had no reason to disbelieve her brother, so she nodded her head and said, "Okay, it's my cunt!" There followed a few seconds of silence before Alan prompted, "So, you want to do it?" Selina's cunt was tingling madly by now and she desperately wanted to touch herself but she somehow resisted. She wasn't sure about showing her sex to her brother, but one thing was very sure. If she was going to do it, he was going to have to do it too. "So, you want us to watch each other jerk off?" she asked, just to be sure. When Alan nodded his head, she continued, "And you want us to be naked?" Again he nodded his head, but Selina just had to be completely clear and she finished, "Both of us naked?" The boy was grinning at his sister and he said, "Both of us. I'll bet I'll cum really hard from watching you jerk off!" Her heart was beating so loudly that she was sure that Alan must be able to hear it and her throat became dry at the thought of seeing his cock. Forcing a swallow, she looked at her brother and said, "You first!" His heart soared as he realised that his sister was actually going to do it. After years of spying on her, trying to catch a glimpse of her body, he was finally going to see it. They were both sitting on the bed, Selina with her back to the headboard and Alan facing her. Gripping the bottom of his tee-shirt, the boy dragged it over his head and threw it onto the floor. He then sat still and stared at his sister and the silent message was clear. Selina didn't think that was quite fair because boys could go bare chested at any time, but she took hold of her tee shirt with trembling fingers and pulled it over her head. Her first instinct was to cover her budding tits with her hands but she stopped when Alan whistled softly through his teeth and said, "Fuck, when did you get tits? They're gorgeous Selina." She enjoyed his praise and looked down at the plum size swellings as she lamented, "They're still pretty small." "They look great," Alan enthused. "I bet they feel great too." The girl was looking at her brother as she nodded her head, and informed him, "And my nipples get really hard when I'm horny." Alan laughed and replied, "You mean, like now!" Selina looked down and giggled as she saw that her teats had hardened and lengthened, and she agreed, "Yeah, like now." Now that his sister was topless, Alan unzipped his shorts, flopped onto his back so he could wriggle out of them and then sat up. His underwear was a pair of cotton boxers that clung to his skin and showed every ridge of his hard cock beneath. Selina couldn't take her eyes off the erotic sight as she slid the elasticated waistband of her skirt over her hips and kicked it off. Both of them were staring at the crotch of the other, trying to picture their hidden sex and Selina could feel that her slit was wet and sticky again. Desperate to see his sister's cunt, Alan gripped the waistband of his boxers and looked up at her face. When she returned his gaze, he said, "Together," and the young girl nodded her agreement. When they were both naked, their eyes drank in the sight of the others sex and Selina even opened her legs so that her brother could get a better look. As horny as she already was, being naked increased the feeling tenfold and the young girl could feel the inside of her fuck tube really juice up. "Fuck, that's nice," Alan said softly, never taking his eyes from his sister's cunt, and Selina smiled happily at the praise. His mouth was dry, but his cock was as hard as an iron bar and already leaking pre-cum. He looked up at his sister and whispered, "Do it. Let me see you jerk off!" Selina relaxed back against the headboard as she slid her hand between her legs. She could feel her wetness and the heat that radiated out of her cunt as she slid her fingers gently up and down her outer lips. After a few seconds stimulation, her fuck hole began to open like a flower and Alan could see inside her pink tube. He couldn't resist taking his cock in his fist, but he stroked it gently and lightly, afraid that he would cum too soon. He watched as his eleven year old sister's fingers dipped into her cunt as it opened and two fingers were soon sliding effortlessly in and out. The young girl could smell her arousal by now and was suddenly scared that Alan would also be able to smell her and not like it. As if reading her mind, the boy glanced up at her face and said, "Fuck, I never knew what a cunt smelt like. I love the smell of your cunt Selina." The girl smiled her pleasure and she could feel the tingling feeling in her hole intensify wildly. She bit her bottom lip as she focused on Alan's fist that was beginning to slide faster up and down his shaft and she whispered, "I'm going to cum soon." Her swollen clit was rock hard and her fingers were lightly rubbing the tip as she fingered herself. Increasing the pressure was enough to take her over the top as she gasped loudly as she started to shudder uncontrollably. Alan watched his sister climax and pulled his hand away from his cock. It was just in time and he managed to pant away his own orgasm as he watched his sister's naked body writhe on the bed as her fingers continued to flash in and out of her cunt, holding the preteen in climax. After what seemed like hours, Selina dropped her hand from her cunt and slowly hauled her body back into a sitting position. Alan could see that her crotch was glistening with her juices and the smell of her hole was making him light headed. Pre-cum was flowing from his piss hole like a river and once she had recovered her senses, Selina looked at him and asked, "Did you cum?" "Not yet," he said with a shake of his head, and Selina grinned at him as she said, "Do it now." He knew that it wouldn't take long and he gripped his cock and started to fist it. He was delighted when Selina crawled closer to him and watched his hand move up and down his shaft. He could feel his balls tighten and the familiar rush radiate through his flesh as he hissed, "I'm going to shoot." A second later, the first spurt of thick spunk jetted into the air and Selina couldn't believe how high it went before it splattered down onto her bedcovers. Before that happened however, a second and third spurt erupted from Alan's prick and arced out in the same trajectory as the first. The last few spurts were nowhere near as powerful and the last just oozed out of his piss hole and ran down the surface of his shaft. He was breathing heavily as he came and Selina's eyes were sparkling with lust. She suddenly had an uncontrollable desire to know what sperm tasted like and without thinking what she was doing, she drew her fingertip up his shaft to scoop up some slime and popped it into her mouth. Alan was speechless at the wanton display of his sister but before he could say anything, they both heard the front door open and they hissed together, "Mom!" Jumping up from the bed, they frantically pulled on their clothes and Alan slipped out of his sister's bedroom. If he had been able to see through walls, he would have been astounded to watch the preteen bend her face onto the bedcovers and lick up all of the sperm she could find. As their mother busied herself downstairs with chores, Selina and Alan were lying on top of their beds in their own rooms, each thinking about what had happened between them. Despite his cum, Alan's cock was rock hard again as he pictured his sister's wet and sticky cunt in his mind. As erotic and arousing as the image was, he was fixated on the fact that she had tasted his cum. He cursed his mother for coming home just at that time and he gently took hold of his prick and began masturbating again. In her own room, Selina was equally as occupied with thinking about her brother. She had pulled her panties back on and she could feel that they were now covered with her sticky juices and were plastered to her slit. There was also a strange and indescribable taste in her mouth that was almost metallic. It was the most exquisite flavour she had ever savoured and she knew that she wanted more. Just then, an image flashed into her mind that suddenly made sense. Not long after the start of school term, Becky Clarkston had brought in a magazine that she had stolen from her brother's porn collection. Selina remembered a picture of a teenage brunette taking a mans cock into her mouth. When she had first seen the image, the preteen thought it was gross to even think about putting her mouth where a boy peed from, but now she new better. The girl in the picture wasn't after his urine, she was sucking to get his cum! Now it all made sense and the thought of sucking her brothers cock and being able to swallow all of his thick load made her cunt drool so much that her already flooded panties couldn't absorb any more and her slime began staining the bedcovers beneath her butt. Her fingers automatically moved towards her sex again but her intentions were interrupted by her mother shouting for her and her brother to come downstairs. Their father had returned early from his golf game and their parents had decided to take the children out for the day. Any other time and Selina and Alan would have welcomed the treat, but today it was so frustrating because all they wanted to do was to masturbate again. It was late evening before they returned home and everyone was tired. They had eaten when they were out, so there was little to do but get ready for bed. Lying on top of the bed in a long and baggy tee-shirt that doubled for a nightdress, Selina's fingers slid in and out of her dripping cunt. She had already made herself cum, but she was still horny and she knew the reason why. She vividly remembered the taste and texture of her brother's spunk and she wanted more. She lay quiet for about another half an hour until she was sure that her parents were asleep before swinging her legs onto the floor and rising to her feet. As quietly as possible, she opened her bedroom door, closed it behind her and crossed the hallway to her brother's room. She had expected him to be asleep but from the moonlight streaming through his window, she could see that his eyes were wide open and that his fist was wrapped around his erect cock. She smiled at the sight and saw Alan's white teeth sparkle when he smiled back. "I thought you might be asleep," she whispered. "I can't sleep," he replied in an equally low voice. "Every time I close my eyes I see your little cunt and I get horny again." Selina giggled and she lifted up the front of her tee-shirt and opened her legs like a seasoned whore as she asked innocently, "You mean this little cunt?" "Oh fuck, that's the one," he confirmed with a loud groan as his eyes feasted on her hairless hole. The young girls crotch was covered with her juices and Alan's nose twitched when the scent of her aroused sex reached his nostrils. "I've been playing with myself," the young girl said unnecessarily, "But I wanted to taste more of your cum!" Alan's throat became dry and he swallowed hard and he said, "Okay. You want me to jerk off for you." Nervously chewing on her bottom lip, Selina shook her head and climbed onto her brother's bed. Looking into his face she whispered, "Let me do it." His brain had just started processing her bombshell when her hot fingers wrapped around his cock and she gently began to move her hand up and down. "Is this right," she asked, and she almost let go of his prick when he groaned so loudly that she was afraid that he parents would hear. With his eyes firmly locked on her hand on his shaft, he hissed, "Don't stop Selina! Please don't ever stop." Pleased that her brother didn't mind her touching his cock, the eleven year olds hand moved slightly faster until she thought that it was about the speed that she had seen Alan use on himself. The boy couldn't believe that his sister would jerk him off and his eyes closed as he savoured the gorgeous sensation. He knew that he wouldn't be able to last very long, but he also knew that his cum was going to be a big one. Selina's hand continued to jerk the rock hard shaft and she moved her face closer to the tip. She saw a thick drop of pre-cum bubble out of her brothers piss hole and it seemed perfectly natural for her to dip her head forward and lick the slime into her mouth. The taste exploded on her tongue, but she was completely unprepared for Alan's reaction. His eyes snapped open and he groaned, "Fuck! You licked my cock!" Licking her lips, Selina looked at him and asked, "You like it?" "Fuck yeah!" he exclaimed. "I fucking love it." "You want me to do it again?" she replied with a giggle. Not trusting himself to speak, he looked at his sister with the most pleading eyes she had ever seen and nodded his head vigorously. The little girl hadn't realised that a male cock had a smell, but the scent flooded her brain as she bent her head forward again and licked the tip of her brother's shaft. His whispered cry of "Yes!" as her tongue touched his hot flesh was all the encouragement she needed and she sucked the head into her mouth and suckled on it. Her hand still jacked the base of his prick and Alan was twisting and writhing on the bed as he tried to control his release. It was a hopeless cause however and his butt left the bed as his body arched high in the air. He barely had the time to hiss, "I'm going to cum sis," before his thick spunk jetted up his piss tube. Selina had no intention of pulling her face away from the shaft that was jerking and jumping in her mouth. Her sole purpose in coming into her brother's bedroom was to drink his spunk, and her lips formed a perfect seal around the head of his prick. The first powerful spurt was like a fire hose erupting in her throat, but the preteen just sucked even harder and swallowed everything that Alan had to give her. Even in the middle of his orgasm, Alan could feel the powerful suction of his sister's mouth and it seemed to siphon the slime straight out of his balls. By the time he was empty, he felt like a rag doll and he crashed back onto his bed with his chest heaving. As he savoured the afterglow of his climax, he could feel Selina's tongue gently lick his shaft clean until she had captured every last drop. "Fuck, Selina," he said in a soft voice, once his breathing had steadied. "That was awesome. You sucked me off!" She chuckled as she nodded her head and made to get off the bed. As she stood up, Alan could see her sticky juices between her legs glisten in the moonlight. Despite his cum, his mouth watered at the sight and he looked straight into the young girl's face as he whispered, "Now, I want to taste your cum!" Selina grinned as she replied, "That won't be a problem. My cunts full of it." As she spoke, she slid her index finger into her hole and when she pulled it out, it was thickly covered with her slime. Taking a couple of steps forward to where Alan was still lying on his back on the bed, she held out her finger, allowing him to sniff it before he sucked it into her mouth. Her taste was both indescribable and incredible! Nothing could have prepared the young boy for the explosion of taste in his mouth and he licked her finger until all trace of her juice was gone. When she pulled her finger out of his mouth, she smiled down at him as she asked, "More?" Instead of answering, he got onto his knees and then said, "Lie down on the bed. I want to lick your cunt like you did to my cock!" The very thought of it sent tingles through her immature fuck hole, and Selina happily got onto her back and opened her legs wide. Her little cunt was so aroused that her sex mound had puffed up causing her hole to open. The smell coming out of her fuck tube was so exciting to her brother that he eagerly pushed his face between her legs and slid his stiffened tongue into her body. The preteen girl shuddered at his touch and she couldn't believe how good his mouth felt on her hole. She opened her legs as wide as possible to give him better access and the eleven year old was soon panting for breath. Like his sister, Alan had no experience with oral sex, but he seemed to know instinctively what to do. His tongue pushed as far up her cunt as he could get it and he was completely unaware that he was licking around her little pee hole and almost driving her crazy with desire. The by now familiar rush was intensifying wildly between her open legs and she bucked her hips up at his mouth, grinding her hard clit against his nose. That was more than enough to take her over the top and the wailed like a tortured cat as she orgasmed. This was the most powerful yet for the preteen and she shuddered uncontrollably and her head thrashed from side to side as she climaxed. It took a long time for her to recover and she slowly hauled her body up into a sitting position. She focused on her brother who was sitting with his back against the headboard and she flashed him a grin and said, "We have got to do that again. That was the best ever!" Alan nodded his agreement and replied slyly, "There's a lot of other cool things we can do as well." "What things?" she asked curiously. "Wait and see," he teased. "Next time mom and dad are out, we can watch some of his porno films and you'll see what I mean!" Selina's little cunt twitched at the thought of watching porno with her brother and for a fleeting moment she wondered if she could get him horny again and swallow more of his spunk. Just at that moment however, there was a sound from their parent's bedroom that startled them and made them both hold their breath. A few seconds later they realised that it was just someone changing position in bed, but it was enough to make the young girl get up from the bed and prepare to go back to her own room. On impulse, she bent down and kissed her brother, tasting her own cunt on his breath and the boy responded happily. Their tongues danced together for a few seconds, mixing their saliva until Selina pulled her head back. They smiled at each other before she left the bedroom, pulling the door quietly closed behind her. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, Selina became an expert and bringing herself off with her fingers and bringing her brother off with her mouth. She would also happily open her legs for Alan's tongue every chance she got and most nights they would quietly sneak into each other's bedrooms once their parents were asleep. When their father announced that he was going to be away for a few days on business, that left their mother to look after them alone and she was committed to attending a PTA meeting at the school. After warning the children to behave and assuring them that she'd only be gone a few hours, their mother got into her car and drove off. As soon as the car was out of sight, Alan bounced to his feet and smiled at his sister as he said, "Playtime!" The young girl thought that he wanted her body and she slid her hands under her skirt to remove her panties, but Alan shook his head and said, "Later. Follow me!" He led her upstairs and into their parent's bedroom. Selina watched as he opened the door to the wardrobe and then said, "What are you doing?" "Dad's always got some porno stashed in here," he replied with his voice muffled from being inside the wardrobe. Before Selina could say anything else, her brother cried, "Yes!" and turned towards her clutching some DVD's in his hand. They had no boxes or covers, but the boy seemed confident that he had found what he was looking for, and that confidence was borne out when read out some of the titles. "What do you fancy?" he asked as he flicked through the discs. "You can have Pool Party, Gang Bang Queen, Teenage Sluts, Wet And...." He didn't get a chance to finish the list because Selina interrupted him and said, "I like the sound of Teenage Sluts!" Their parents had their own television in the bedroom with a DVD player built in. As Alan placed the disc inside, Selina made herself comfortable on the king-sized bed and said, "So, do these films really show people doing it?" Alan grinned as he hopped onto the bed beside her and enthused, "Do they ever. You even get close up shots of them fucking!" Even thinking about the film they were going to watch was making Selina horny and she thought about suggesting that they get naked so that they could play with each other. She was completely at ease being naked with her brother but the thought of her mother coming back unexpectedly stopped her. Instead, she stared at the television screen as Alan pressed the play button. He fast-forwarded the first few minutes that seemed to consist of a guy stopping his car to ask a girl for directions. The next scene was them together in an apartment sitting on a couch. When he unfastened her blouse and started sucking on one of her nipples, Alan switched back to normal play. They watched in silence for a few moments and Selina was studying the girl's tits, hoping that hers would some day be like that. On screen, the girl's hands were unfastening the belt of the guy's denims and he got to his feet and pushed his pants down to his ankles. The front of his boxers were bulging and Selina stared as the girl eased his hard cock out and immediately slurped it into her mouth. "I can do that," Selina said excitedly. "She sucks cock like I do. That's cool!" "Yeah," Alan agreed, "And I like it just as much as he does!" The guy had thrown his head back and was moaning softly as the girl sucked on his cock and then the camera zoomed closer as she slowly swallowed his shaft. "God!" Selina gasped. "How can she do that without choking?" Alan shook his head in reply and they both watched as the teenage girl showed off her cock sucking skills. After a few moments, the girl allowed the cock to slide from her lips and she stood up and began to remove her clothes. As she flopped down onto the couch with her legs open, Selina stared at the image of the girl's aroused cunt and mentally compared it to her own. Although the girls outer lips were longer and more crinkly, it generally looked the same and Selina smiled with pleasure. It was the only cunt she had ever seen except for her own and she was delighted that her body was developing normally. She didn't get very long to look at the girl's slit however because the camera was suddenly blocked by the back of the man's head. When the cameraman moved around to a better angle, they could see that his fingers had pulled the girl's hole open and his tongue was deep in her fuck tube. Selina pressed her thighs together and moaned softly because she knew how good that must feel. If she hadn't been so eager to see the rest of the film, she would happily have asked her brother to do it to her. Alan was also watching the film intently, but he was more interested in the guy's technique. Within a few seconds however, he saw that the man was doing exactly what he would have done and he looked around at his sister. They both smiled and nodded their heads at the unspoken conversation they were having that said, "We can do that just as good as they can!" Lifting his head from between the girl legs, the guy crawled up her body and then remained still as she gripped his cock and guided it towards her cunt. "What's she doing?" Selina asked curiously, but before her brother could answer, she hissed "Shit!" as she saw the guy's cock slide into the girls cunt. Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open and it seemed as if a light came on inside her head. She had never even considered taking Alan's prick into her cunt, but after seeing it on the film, it just looked right. The girl was moaning and writhing on the couch as she was being pounded by the guy's cock and Selina's hands were between her legs squeezing and rubbing at her pubic mound. Her eyes sparkled as she looked at her brother and found that he was returning her gaze. "We've got to try that Alan," she gasped. "We've got to fuck!" His cock was rock hard inside his pants, but it gave a massive jerk at his sister's words. This was exactly what he had hoped for and he was breathless as he replied, "Yeah, lets do it!" Selina looked around the room quickly and asked, "You want to do it here?" The boy shook his head and replied, "Mom might come back. Lets do it in your room." They quickly stopped the DVD and put everything back the way they found it. They practically ran to Selina's bedroom and Alan couldn't believe how quickly his sister got naked. One minute she was fully clothed and the next she was on her back on the bed with her legs open. Her discarded clothes were in a pile on the floor and he could see thick slime trails in the crotch of her panties. He looked between her legs as he struggled out of his own clothes and he could see that her slit was open and oozing with juice. He could smell her arousal as he got onto the bed and crawled between her legs. Getting up on her elbows, Selina watched intently as Alan nudged the head of his cock against her cunt and slowly pushed forward. The first two inches slid inside easily but he then felt her tube narrow and tighten. Although Selina felt the first pangs of pain as her brother's cock stretched her tube open, the picture of the girl in the film filled her mind and she desperately wanted fucked. Thrusting her hips up at him, she hissed, "Deeper!" and then cried out when he lunged forward and buried his prick into her cunt. She grabbed his butt cheeks with both hands to hold him still as she panted frantically. The pains were lancing through her body, but the sensation of having her cunt filled by Alan's hot shaft was awesome. Still panting, she managed to look at him and gasp, "Hold still for a minute. Shit, that feels so big inside me!" Gradually, the pains faded away and left the delicious feeling that only a well-filled cunt could produce. Grinning up at him she said softly, "Fuck me!" With careful slowness, Alan began to slid his cock in and out of his sister's cunt. Her hot flesh gripped him tightly and he could feel that this was going to bring him off quicker than jerking off had. He smoothly increased the speed of his thrusts and watched the preteen girl writhe beneath him. Selina was in pure ecstasy as the shaft pounded her and now she knew how the girl in the film felt. This was so much better than fingers could ever be and she moaned loudly and thrust her hips upwards to match Alan's thrusts. The boy's cock was stimulating her everywhere at once and the now familiar rush told her she was about to cum. Her cervix was being pounded with every lunge and the shaft was rasping over her hard clit and driving her crazy. Never in her wildest dreams had Selina even considered that her body was capable of experiencing so much pleasure. She moaned continually and her head trashed from side to side as she was fucked, but she spread her legs open as far as she could, like a seasoned whore, and took everything her brother could give her. When her climax exploded deep inside her, her body became rigid for a few seconds and a ragged scream was torn from her throat. Alan was relieved that his mother was out of the house because a scream like that would have made her come running, and he continued to pound Selina's fuck hole as he worked towards his own orgasm. The preteen started convulsing and shuddering beneath him and he could feel her hot slime pour out of her cunt and bathe his balls. That was enough to take him over the top and he closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as his spunk boiled out of his balls and raced up his shaft. Selina was shuddering wildly and completely lost in the force of her cum. She was mumbling incoherently but her eyes suddenly shot open when she felt Alan's hot spunk spurt into her cunt. The thought of his erupting prick blasting his load into her hole made the young girl cry out in ecstasy and her body jerked and pulsed with every spurt that filled her up. When he was finished cumming, Alan rolled from his sister's body and they lay side by side with their chests heaving. There was no need for words and they were content to stare quietly at the ceiling and bask in the afterglow of their orgasms. Just as their breathing was dropping back to normal, they both jumped at the unexpected ringing of the telephone. There was an extension in the corridor outside Selina's room and she rolled from the bed and padded out into the hall. "Hello," she said as she lifted the receiver. "Hi honey," the voice said, "Is everything alright over there?" "Yeah Mom," the preteen replied, recognising her mothers voice. She had a slight panic attack as she continued, "Why do you ask?" Selina was relived when her mother answered, "I just wanted to make sure you were both okay. I'm going to be a bit longer here than I thought. Will the two of you be okay for another couple of hours?" While her mother was explaining the reason for the phone call, Selina could feel Alan's spunk ooze out of her cunt and run down the inside of her leg. She scooped it up with her finger as she listened to what her mother was saying and sucked it into her mouth. She loved the taste of her cunt and of her brothers cum, but tasting them both together was so exquisite that she forgot to answer her mother and the woman had to say, "Selina, did you hear what I said?" "Yeah, sorry Mom," the girl quickly replied after swallowing the slime. "That's okay. You enjoy yourself. We're fine here!" After hanging up the telephone, she went back into her bedroom and explained the conversation. As she spoke to her brother, her eyes focused on his soft cock that was glistening with her cunt juices. As she watched, a small drop of spunk oozed out of his piss hole and she couldn't resist crawling between his legs and sucking his shaft into her mouth. Alan's cock was still very sensitive, and he jumped at her touch and gasped, "Easy Selina!" He needn't have worried however, because his sister's mouth was very gentle and she licked the surface of his shaft, savouring the taste of her own hole. By the time she had it clean, Alan was stiffening up again and she was able to suckle on the head until he was rock hard. He grinned at Selina and asked, "You want to fuck again?" Although she nodded her head, she also said, "In a while. I want to see the rest of that film first!" Having learned how to fuck from the film, Selina now found out that there were many different positions and she and Alan experimented with them all. When she took her brothers next load of cum into her cunt, she was on her back on the bed with her legs straight and her ankles around his ears! They were both very careful not to arouse the suspicions of their parents, but that didn't prevent Alan spraying two or three loads of cum into his eleven-year-old sister's cunt every day. The morning was always a good time for them and with their parents both occupied with getting ready for work, Alan and Selina could find a few minutes for a quick fuck. The preteen girl had become so used to sitting in the school bus with her brothers cum oozing out of her cunt and into the crotch of her panties that she would have felt odd if it didn't happen. After school and in the early evening was much more problematic for them. With other social commitments and never being sure where their parents were or what they were doing, sometimes they managed to have a fuck and sometimes they didn't. During the night however was their special time. One of them would sneak into the others bedroom when their parents were asleep and they could quietly fuck their brains out. They spent hours exploring every inch of each other's bodies with their eyes, tongues and fingers. Although Selina was still too young to take a cock up her asshole, she proudly informed her brother that she loved being fingered in her back hole and she also found out that Alan didn't mind her finger up his ass when she was sucking him off. They had a different routine for the weekends because they had more time to themselves and every Sunday night, after their fuck, Alan's cock would be red and sore and his eleven year old sisters cunt would be bruised and battered from all the fucking over the two days. Not that they minded the discomfort, and they would eagerly fuck again if the opportunity presented itself. One Saturday, their father was at the golf course as usual and the children knew that their mother would soon be going shopping at the store for some provisions. They would be alone in the house and Selina was looking forward to watching some more porn before getting well fucked. It came as a bitter disappointment when their mother announced that she didn't want to leave them in the house alone and that they had to accompany her. "I want to stay here and fuck," Selina hissed to her brother, even although their mother had already shouted them downstairs. "Well, so do I," he replied, "But it doesn't look like its going to happen. Mom's pissed about something and she's determined that we're going shopping with her!" "God, I'm so horny," the young girl moaned, pushing her hand inside the front of her panties and rubbing her slit. She pushed her underwear down her thighs and lifted up the front of her skirt as she pleaded, "Bring me off Alan. I really need a quick cum!" The sight of her swollen and sticky cunt always aroused the boy and this time was no different. He had only taken half a step towards his sister however when their mother's voice roared from the bottom of the stairs, "Alan, Selina, I wont tell you again. Get down here now!" As the car pulled out of the driveway, their mother had two sullen and angry children in the back of her Jeep when she drove off. The children were in the rear seat, Selina behind her mother, and Alan in the passenger side. As soon as they were underway, the young girl opened her legs wide and pushed her hand into her panties. As she masturbated, she turned towards her brother so that he could see her and grinned at him. He could see the outline of her fingers as she rubbed at her slit and then the more obvious movements as she slit two fingers into her hole. Her panties bulged out and then relaxed rhythmically as she slid her fingers in and out and she closed her eyes to thin slits and allowed her head to slump back against the headrest. Although almost closed, her eyes were focused on her mother's rear-view mirror. Being a careful driver, Valerie kept her eyes on the road ahead and any time she looked into the mirror was to check on the vehicles behind her. When she turned sharp right into the Mall parking lot, Selina pulled her fingers out of her cunt and brought her knees together. Licking at the slime that covered her fingers, the young girl grinned at her brother and dropped her eyes to his bulging crotch. As the car came to a stop, Valerie killed the engine and turned around to look at her children. "I'll only be a few minutes to get some provisions, "Are you coming with me or staying here?" Still angry with their mother for dragging them out of the house, both Alan and Selina scowled at her and replied in unison, "Staying." Alan was very horny and desperately wanted his sisters cunt. His hard prick strained at the confines of his pants and even although his mother was about to leave them alone, he couldn't see that he could do anything about. Firstly, she had said that she was only going to be gone for a few moments, and much more importantly, she had parked up right in the middle of the parking lot with other cars all around and people continually walking back and forth. As soon as Valerie had got out of the car however, Selina raised both her knees in the air and then flopped them open, he could see that her cotton panties were wet with her juices and she rubbed her hand over her crotch and gasped, "If I don't get fucked soon, I'm going to scream!" "We cant fuck here!" her brother exclaimed, nervously glancing around to see if anyone had noticed his sisters lewd behaviour. "There are too many people about!" "Doesn't matter how many people there are," Selina replied, "As long as they cant see what we're doing." Reaching beneath her skirt, the young girl dropped her panties to her ankles and skimmed them off. She made sure that her brother got a good look at her fuck hole as she straightened up and he could see her slime glistening on her sex lips. He could also smell her arousal now that her underwear was balled into one of her fists but before he could say anything, she threw one leg over his lap and straddled his crotch. Grinning at him, Selina's fingers jerked his zip down and then her hand delved inside his pants. As her fingers wrapped around his hard prick, she giggled and said, "Now that's what I need!" Carefully easing the shaft out, her eyes feasted on the gorgeous site of his oozing piss hole and she rubbed her thumb over the tip and then sucked it into her mouth. "Stick it up my cunt, Alan," she hissed, "And I'll keep a watch out for Mom coming back." She had a clear view out the rear window of the car and her skirt had fanned out over his lap to cover their actions. She could see her mother's back as she disappeared into the Mall, and she shivered slightly as she felt the wonderful sensation of the tip of his prick brush against the aroused and sticky lips of her hole. Moving her eyes so that she was staring directly at her brother, Selina's face became a mask of pure lust and she hissed, "God I need this! I need to feel your cock stretching my cunt and fucking me until I cum!" Without touching his shaft with her hands, she tilted her hips like an experienced whore until her hole was angled just right, and they both moaned loudly as she sat down on it and sucked it into her fuck tube. "Oooohhh," she groaned happily as her cunt stretched wide around her brother's cock and she kept on lowering herself. She could feel her hot, sticky juices run out of her hole as she was filled and she looked expectantly at her brother as he muttered, "Fuck. Oh fuck." He was almost panting for breath and he stared at her and gasped, "Your cunt juice is running down my balls. Fuck, that feels so good!" People and cars were everywhere as she settled fully down onto his lap and wriggled her butt to capture every millimetre of his shaft. Some of the people passed the car within a foot of the fucking teenagers, but they were completely unaware of what was happening. Encouraged by their reaction, Selina began to slowly lift her cunt up and down her brother's prick and they both giggled at the loud slurping noises that came out of her slit. It was a good job all the car windows were firmly closed or someone would have identified the sounds. Increasing the speed of her movements, Selina could feel the familiar tingling inside her sex and she closed her eyes as she waited for her cum. She had been desperate for this for hours and her mouth opened as she whispered, "Nearly there Alan. Oh fuck I'm nearly there." The young boy watched his sister's face as it contorted with lust and he waited for her to climax. She was doing all the work and he was happy to let her. He wasn't ready to cum yet and he waited for Selina to orgasm, knowing that it would be his turn next. Her head rolled from aside to side and her dirty blonde hair brushed the sides of his face as she fucked him. Her tight cunt made even louder slurping noises around his rock hard prick as she bounced up and down the shaft. She humped up and down harder and faster as her breath came in short gasps and she hissed, "I'm going to cum Alan. I'm going to cum so fucking hard!" At the same instant, she slammed her cunt down onto his cock, jamming the tip against her cervix and shuddered wildly. Wild spasms blasted through her body and she groaned continually as her rippling cunt tube gripped her brother's prick like a vice. She was convulsing and shuddering on his lap and Alan pushed his hand between their bodies and felt her clenching cunt. It was dripping with girl cum and his fingers were quickly coated with her sticky secretions. Pulling his hand away, he sniffed appreciatively at her juices and when Selina recovered enough to open her eyes, she watched him lick her cum from his fingers. Smiling at him, she said softly, "Your turn now. Cum inside me!" Still keeping Alan's cock imprisoned in her cunt, Selina got onto her knees and took her weight from her brother's lap. As soon as she did so, the boy started thrusting upwards and fucking her dripping cunt as fast as he could. "Yes," she hissed into his ear. "Fuck me hard Alan. I want to feel your hot spunk inside my hole." She slid her knees open a bit further and just as she was enjoying the sensation of his shaft sliding up and down her pink tube, her heart sank as she saw her mother come out of the Mall. She didn't say anything to Alan, who was pounding her as fast as he could, but she knew that it wasn't going to work. As she mentally worked out how many seconds it would take her mother to reach the car, she was certain that there was nowhere enough time for them to finish their fuck. Just when she had opened her mouth to alert Alan, someone approached their mother in the parking lot and they began to speak. "Thank you God," she said silently as she recognised Mrs. Henderson who lived half a block away from them. Resting her head on her brother's shoulder, she positioned her mouth to his ear and at the same time riveted her eyes onto her mother. "Do it Alan," she whispered. "Fill my cunt with your cum. I need to feel your hot load spurt inside me." Alan could only offer a grunt as a reply and he gripped her bare butt cheeks under her skirt and flashed his shaft in and out of her body. Her was very close and she did everything she could think of to encourage him. "Cum inside me Alan," she urged. "Spray your spunk up my cunt." Having no idea that danger was so close, Alan's teeth were gritted and the tendons in his neck were like knotted cords as he tried to delay his climax and prolong the wonderful feeling that was radiating out of his crotch. Selina's tight cunt was making that very difficult however and he was fighting what he knew was a loosing battle. He groaned loudly as he surrendered to the inevitable and then gasped as his cum rocketed out of his balls and up his piss hole. Gulping air into his lungs, Alan cried out, "Here it comes. I'm spurting!" It was music to the young girl's ears, but her eyes weren't quite so happy. In the parking lot, she could see that her mother was finishing off her conversation and was about to resume her return to the vehicle. In the couple of seconds it took for her brain to register what was happening, Alan pushed his cock deep inside her and she shivered as she felt his hot cum jet into her hole. Her mother had started walking towards the car and they only had a few seconds but the horny teenager was determined to take her brothers full load. Her eyes darted between her mother and her brother's face and as soon as she saw him relax, she knew that he was finished spurting. Slapping her hand down on the button to lower the power window, she hissed, "Mom's coming back," and climbed off his lap. She stabbed the power window button on her own side of the car and hoped that the wind blowing through the car would remove any obvious smells. Alan was frantically pushing his softening cock back into his pants and Selina grabbed her discarded panties from the seat. A quick glance over her shoulder revealed that her mother was almost at the car and the young girl realised that she didn't have time to put her panties back on. That left her with a major problem. Going without panties would not normally have worried her but she could already feel Alan's spunk start to ooze out of her hole. By the time she got home, the back of her skirt would be soaked and so would the car seat beneath her butt. If that wasn't enough, she knew that the smell of her used cunt would fill up the car as soon as the windows were closed and that her mother would have to recognise the scent. With so little time remaining, the teenager opened her legs wide and rammed her balled up underwear into her cunt. Stiffening two fingers, she jabbed twice until only a small loop of waistband was hanging out from her body and snapped her legs closed. At that very moment, their mother opened the driver's door and climbed into the car. Driving home, Selina could feel her panties soak of the slime in her cunt tube like a sponge and she heaved a sigh of relief Selina was lying on her bed reading a teen magazine when she heard her bedroom door open. She raised her eyes when Alan came into the room and she pressed her thighs together when her cunt tingled. Even although she knew that nothing was going to happen between then because their parents were in the house somewhere, the eleven year old couldn't stop her body responding. She could feel her nipples tighten and harden as her fuck hole started to lubricate when Alan came and sat on the bed beside her. "You're not going to believe what I just saw!" he said in obvious excitement. Selina put down the magazine and smiled at her brothers flushed face as she shook her head. "I was going past the toilet and I saw Dad sniffing your panties," he said. "His eyes were closed and I could see that he had a hard-on from the bulge in his pants." The girl's eyes grew wide and she stared at her brother for a few seconds before she shook her head and said, "No way. I don't believe you." "Honest Selina," her brother replied, "It was the little black panties with the red bow on the front." "Fuck," she said softly. "I wore those yesterday." Before Alan could say anything else, his sister sat up on the bed and hissed, "Shit! I came in those panties. I was feeling horny at school and I rubbed myself off at the morning break." "No wonder he liked the smell," Alan laughed. "You cum buckets when you cream!" Selina could only stare at him in shock with her eyes and mouth open. She was astonished at what he was telling her, but slowly her brain tried to sort through his words and she shook her head in disbelief. "You're kidding me," she eventually said. "There's no way Daddy would do that!" No matter what he said, Alan couldn't get his sister to believe him, and he took that as a personal challenge! Over the following two days, the boy carefully thought through, and then set up his plan. Finally he was ready, and the only other thing he needed, was his disbelieving sister! Quietly opening Selina's bedroom door, he held a single finger to his lips to tell her to be quiet, and then crossed over to her bed. By now, she was well used to her brother fucking her whenever he felt horny and could do it without attracting their parents attention, and her little slit tingled when he reached under her skirt to her panties. She had just finished masturbating, but the thought of a hard fucking instantly made her horny again and she could feel her nipples swell and push out the tee-shirt she was wearing. Lifting her butt in the air, she allowed him to pull her underwear down to her ankles and then raised her feet so he could remove them completely. He could feel that the crotch of her panties was damp, but that didn't surprise him because she seemed to be continually masturbating, and he stuffed her underwear in his pocket. Selina opened her legs wide, lewdly displaying her open and puffy cunt to his gaze, but she frowned and looked puzzled when he turned on his heel and left her room without a single word. When he returned less than a minute later, his sister was still lying with her legs open like a whore in heat, but he raised one finger in the air and crooked it to indicate that he wanted her to follow him. Curiosity was written all over the preteen's face as she trailed her brother out of her bedroom and into his room. Still motioning her to be very quiet, he switched on his computer and made a few quick passes over the screen with the mouse. Within a few seconds, a steady picture was displayed on the monitor. Selina stared at the image because she had definitely seen it before and it took all of three seconds for her brain to tell her that it was the inside of the family bathroom. She whirled around to her brother, but he covered her mouth with his hand and bent forward to whisper in her ear. "I'm going to show you that Dad loves your panties. He'll be home in a few minutes and I've put my camera and microphone in the bathroom and connected it to the computer." The young girl stared at her brother and she was both frightened and excited that they were going to spy on their father. The bathroom backed onto Alan's bedroom and he kept whispering in her ear, "To rig up the camera I've had to crack the bathroom window open and also leave my window open for the cable. Keep very quiet or anyone in the bathroom will be able to hear us talking in here!" The young girl nodded her head to signify that she understood and Alan took his hand away from her mouth. She was just about to whisper something to him when they both heard the banging of the front door. Grinning widely, Alan looked at his sister and whispered, "Daddy's home!" They heard the distant noises of him moving about downstairs and the muffled sound of voices as he greeted their mother. A few moments later however, they heard his footsteps on the stair. Alan plugged a small pair of personal earphones into the computer socket and as he pushed one into his left ear, he pushed the other into his sister's right ear so they could hear every sound that came from the bathroom. Although Selina was holding her breath in anticipation, she actually didn't expect her father to enter the toilet. Then she saw the door open, her heart leapt into her throat and she stared closely at the monitor. Although the image from the camera wasn't top quality, they could easily see what was happening in the bathroom, and the speakers amplified every sound that was made. John knew exactly what he was looking for and Selina's heart skipped a beat when he crossed the room to the laundry basket. Alan had made sure that his father wouldn't have to rake around in the dirty laundry to find what he was looking for. He had placed his sisters soiled panties on the top of the pile and even folded them in such a way as to draw attention to the white cum stains in the crotch. As his father lifted the sticky panties to his nose, Alan grinned widely at his sister and whispered, "Told you!" Selina's face clearly registered her shock. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was open as she watched her father sniff her dirty panties. With all of her attention focused on her father, she wasn't aware that the juices were running out of her cunt, and as she wasn't wearing any panties, her thick girl slime lazily ran down the inside of her legs. "You were right," the young girl whispered, almost in a trance. "He's sniffing my panties! He likes the smell of my cunt!" Before Alan could respond, his sister gave a sharp intake of breath as she saw her father's hand drop to his crotch and rub at the growing bulge in his pants. "Maybe he'll jack off thinking about your cunt!" he said softly, and he tried to keep quiet as his sister grabbed his arm and squeezed so tightly that the fingernails nearly pierced his skin. From the earphones, they could actually hear John's heavy breathing as he inhaled the scent of his daughter's hole. The more he sniffed, the harder he was rubbing the front of his pants and Selina and Alan's eyes were fixed on their father, each silently willing him to pull out his cock. They were completely absorbed in watching their father and they gave as much of a frightened jump as John did when their mother's voice came through the earphones and she walked through the bathroom door. "What the fuck are you up to?" she demanded as she crossed the room to confront her husband. In the bedroom next door, Alan hissed, "Shit!" while Selina's face drained of colour and she opened her mouth, but no sound came out. All sorts of thoughts raced through Selina and Alan's brains, but the one thing would both agree on was that their parents were about to have a massive argument They watched dumbstruck as their mother walked up to their father and took the panties from his hand. "You dirty bastard," Valerie hissed. "Do you like smelling your daughters soiled panties?" She brought the underwear to her nose and continued, "God, she really greased these up, didn't she. They stink of her cunt!" Selina gave a sharp intake of breath when she heard what her mother had said, but she was totally speechless when she heard her continue, "Is that what you were thinking about, you dirty bastard? Were you picturing her hot little cunt dripping into her panties?" Both Alan and his sister stared incredulously at the monitor while their mother reached out her hand to rub at the bulge in the front of John's pants. "Has thinking about our little girl got you all hard baby?" Valerie asked huskily. As she spoke, she deftly unzipped him to pull out his prick and expertly slid her hand up and down the shaft. John had remained silent since his wife had entered the bathroom, but his face broke into a grin as he replied, "Hard as a fucking rock baby. Our little girl's hole smells like a skunk and tastes like honey. Taste it!" Valeria still held her daughters panties up at her nose and without hesitation, she pushed her tongue into the sticky crotch of the material. "NO! NO! This was wrong," a voice cried inside Selina's head. "Oh God, I've cum in those and Mom's licking my slime!" "Fuck, that's nice," Valerie said, licking her lips and then swiping her tongue over the panties again. "She tastes so sweet. I would love to have her sit of my face so I could get my tongue into her cunt!" "Fucking slut," John laughed. "I'll bet you would also like Alan's cock up you!" "Shit, now you're making me wet," their mother replied huskily. "I would love to eat my daughter's tight little cunt while my son fucked my brains out!" To Selina and Alan, it was as if they had been transported to the Twilight World! Not only did their mother know that her husband was sniffing Selina's dirty panties, but she actually didn't seam to mind. Although the to children were taking every opportunity they could find to fuck like rabbits, they had never thought of their parents being sexually active. The thought excited them both and Alan's cock was rock hard inside his pants, and because Selina wasn't wearing any underwear, her juices had already soaked the inside of her thighs. Alan tore his eyes away from the monitor and hissed at his sister, "They're talking about fucking you!" "And you," Selina giggled. "Mom wants your cock up her cunt while I sit on her face!" The both laughed quietly until Alan asked, "Would you let Dad fuck you?" Selina's eyes shifted back to the screen and focused on her father's hard cock. Her brother was well endowed for his age with a six-inch long prick that was around two inches in circumference. It seemed custom built for her cunt and she loved the full feeling it gave her when it was buried up her fuck tube. Her father's cock looked to be a bit longer than Alan's was, but the most striking difference was the thickness! The thought of that monster stretching her little cunt sent a message of fear to her brain, but made her fuck hole drool in response. Glancing back at her brother, Selina steadied her breathing and replied, "God, yeah!" Alan nodded his understanding and as he began to form a mental picture of fucking his mother, he caught a movement on the monitor that attracted his attention. His mother was walking back towards the door and for a second he thought she was about to leave the bathroom. He quickly saw that he was wrong when Valerie locked the door and went back to her husband. Pressing Selina's soiled panties into his nose, she let him smell them as she dropped to her knees and sucked his cock into her mouth. Just like the girl in the porno film they had watched, Valerie took almost his entire length into her throat and sucked him off while his nose remained buried in the damp crotch of his daughter's underwear. "Ooooohh, that's nice baby," John moaned. "So fucking nice!" His head was filled with the gorgeous smell of his daughter's dirty panties and Valerie's expert mouth was sucking him like a vacuum. Her tongue swirled around the throbbing tip of his prick before she bobbed her head forward again and her hot throat closed around his shaft like a vice. Selina's eyes were riveted onto the monitor and a look of amazement was on her face as she whispered, "Jesus, she's good at that." Glancing at her brother, she grinned and continued, "Mom gives good head." Alan nodded his agreement and he could see that his sister was very horny by the look on her face. If his eyes didn't tell him that she was aroused, his nose certainly did. Although his father was inhaling the smell of the young girl's fuck hole, his son's nose was getting it straight from the source and he moved his hand onto Selina's back. As they watched the screen, his hand went lower until he was able to caress and knead he firm ass cheeks. Moaning softly and opening her legs, Selina kept her eyes glued to the monitor, but hissed, "Touch me!" His fingers pressed into the crack of her ass and caressed her little puckered back hole. Selina moaned softly in encouragement and then held her breath as his fingers moved that extra inch and touched her cunt. The young girl's slit was dripping wet and radiating an incredible heat. Sliding his fingers over her slippery hole for a few seconds had his sister's heart racing and she hissed, "Yes!" when he pushed two stiffened fingers up her fuck tube. While he finger fucked his young sister, both he and Selina had their eyes glued to the screen showing their mother giving head. She was very good at what she was doing and what amazed Selina was how far into her throat her mother could take her fathers cock. "She's got it all in her mouth," Selina gasped incredulously as she watched her mothers nose press into her fathers pubic hair. "How does she do that?" Alan just shook his head in answer and he wondered what it would feel like to have his mother swallow his prick. Valerie's blowjob was very noisy. It was a noise that John loved however and he savoured every second of it as his wife sucked and slobbered over his cock. He was unsure if she would suck him off into her mouth or want to fuck, and was happy to let her decide. She better decide soon however because her hot throat was gripping him like a cunt and bringing him very close. Valerie's fist was now wrapped around the base of his hard shaft and her head was bobbing furiously. Saliva was dripping from the corners of her mouth and running down her chin as she worked on his prick and she swivelled her eyes up to look at his face. That single glance was enough to tell her that John was close and she reluctantly pulled her face back and released his cock with a loud plop. Wiping her mouth and chin with the back of her hand, she said huskily, "You don't get off that easily. Now its my turn." John grinned at her as she reached beneath her skirt and skimmed off her panties. Placing them in his hand she said, "You want these, or is it just little girl's dirty panties you like?" "I like all dirty panties," he replied as he pressed his nose into the crotch and inhaled loudly. He loved the smell of aroused cunt and he also loved the heat and wetness that was in the material. Still holding them to his face, he waited until Valerie had bent over the wash hand basin and dragged her skirt up around her waist. She wriggled her ass at him and the message was clear, even to the two children who were watching closely. "They're going to fuck," Alan said excitedly, and his sister's eyes were shining with lust as she nodded her head. John stepped forward and nudged the tip of his cock against Valerie's cunt. He could feel the heat of her hole and she was so wet that he easily slipped inside. Keeping up the pressure, he slowly and steadily slid all the way up her tube until she had taken everything he had. "Oooohhhh," Valerie moaned as she was penetrated. "Nice baby. So fucking nice!" John smiled and then pulled back until just the tip of his prick was left inside her hole. Lunging forward, he drove his cock back in and Valerie cried out loudly and then looked over her shoulder and hissed, "Bastard!" The look of lust was clear on her face however and she groaned when he did it again. Alan and Selina were enthralled with what was happening before their eyes. They both stared at their father's thick cock as it vanished completely in their mothers fuck hole. When he pulled back, his shaft was drenched with girl slime that shone in the reflected light. He fucked into her again and again and Valerie was moaning and groaning with every thrust. Thin ribbons of cunt juice were forced out of her hole by the pistoning cock and they obscenely ran down the inside of her thighs. Alan was still fingering Selina's cunt that was now wetter than he could ever remember, but it wasn't enough for the horny preteen girl. Turning her head to look at her brother she gasped, "I need fucked Alan. Stick your cock in me and fuck me just like Daddy!" She bent over slightly at the waist and opened her legs wide. Her cunt felt very empty for a few seconds when Alan pulled his fingers out, but she moaned excitedly when the finger was replaced with the tip of his cock. Alan was able to watch the computer over Selina's shoulder and he quickly got into the same rhythm as his father and matched his thrusts. For a few moments, the children copied their parents, but Alan was much less experienced than his father. He was also incredibly horny and he could already feel his cum froth and boil in his balls. In the bathroom, John speeded up his thrusts, making Valerie moan louder and her butt moved around in little circles as the familiar rush built between her legs. Alan couldn't match his father's rapid thrusts or he would explode into his sister's cunt. Instead he began to slow down to try and stave off his cum, but Selina humped back at him, completely overwhelmed by her lust. He was glad that the preteen girl was so wet because if her cunt had been as tight as it normally was, he would have spurted by now. Valerie closed her eyes and waited for her orgasm. It was buzzing just below the surface, but every second, it got stronger and stronger. She knew that it was going to be a big one and she gripped the basin tightly and gritted her teeth. John pounded her hole mercilessly and her girl juice was rasping inside her hole and spraying out to coat the inside of her thighs. He could tell from the way her muscles were tensed that his wife was very close and that thought spurred him on. The sensations coursing through Valerie's body were now at an incredible level and she was almost at the stage where she couldn't take any more. The feelings couldn't possibly get more intense, but they did. They just kept on escalating until it was like a massive dam bursting. Her head snapped up and she screamed loudly as she climaxed and her body became as hard as granite for a few seconds before she started convulsing uncontrollably. A few times before, Alan and Selina had heard their mother scream like that. It was always late at night and when they asked her about it in the morning, Valerie would explain it away as a nightmare. With a sudden flash of insight, both of them realised that the screams they had heard were nothing to do with nightmares, but were their horny mother getting fucked to a cum. The sight of his mother shuddering and shaking in climax were more that Alan could cope with and his cock gave a huge lurch inside Selina's cunt as it sprayed out his load. When the first spurt hit her cervix, the preteen girl groaned loudly and shuddered as her cum took control of her body. The only person still active was John and his prick was driving in and out of Valerie's spasming hole. The effect was like milking his cock with a wet velvet glove and he groaned as his slime jetted up his piss hole and blasted into his wife's tube. All four were panting heavily and their hearts were hammering inside their chests. Slowly, they began to recover and Valerie straightened up and dislodged John's shaft from her hole. Turning around, she dropped to her knees and gently sucked his cock into her mouth. John jerked and moaned at her touch, but she wasn't trying to stimulate. Licking gently, she savoured the mixture of spunk and her own juices that flowed over her taste buds. Not to be outdone, Selina copied her mother's example and she pulled her brothers prick into her hot mouth. After making sure that John's softening cock was completely clean, Valerie rose smoothly to her feet and took her panties out of his hand. Using the material to sop up the slime from her cunt and inner thighs, she tossed them into the laundry hamper and drew his mouth onto hers. Kissing him deeply and lovingly, she eventually pulled her head back and said, "Good fuck! Thanks honey!" As he tucked his prick back in his pants, John turned and followed his wife out of the bathroom. In Alan's bedroom, Selina had just finished licking her brother's cock clean, but her face was still shinning with lust when she stood up and asked, "So, how are we going to do it!" "Do what?" he replied in confusion. "Get Mom and Dad to fuck us," she said, as if he should have known what she was talking about. "I can't wait to feel Daddy's cock up my cunt!" o0o The End o0o As usual, you comments and suggestions are always welcome. You can contact me at