Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. The Fuck Club 2. (Group sex / anal / NC / zoo sex woman - dog / torture / snuff) Why is it that you're always trying to negotiate a roundabout or pull out of a side street, when the bloody phone rings thought Ron Jenks. He stabbed at the answer button and growled, "Yeah who is it?" "Is that Ron Jenks?" said a very sophisticated female voice. "Yeah. Who are you?" "This is Jane, from The Fuck Club," she answered. "The what club!?" he exclaimed. "Sorry Ron," she retorted, "The Venus Country Club." "Never heard of it," he said defensively. "Of course not," said Jane, "The code word is Genesis. Is that better?" It had been agreed a long time ago that, if anyone was to contact him about The Fuck Club, they would be in possession of the code word. "Yeah, that's better," he said pulling his car over. "What can I do for you?" "I have a special request for our next meeting. We want two girls, aged about sixteen and a pack of dogs," she replied. "Dogs! What kind of dogs?" he asked. "We understand that certain people train dogs to give pleasure to women. I'm sure that with your contacts that won't be a problem. We want five of them and as a little incentive, your envelope will contain $25,000 instead of the usual $10,000. Do we have a deal?" she asked politely. Fucking right we do thought Ron, but he managed to keep the excited greed from his voice as he replied, "Well, I'll need the dogs back unharmed." "Agreed," said Jane and the line went dead. The Venus Country Club, known to its members as The Fuck Club, was founded by ten wealthy couples about two years ago when they converted an old house on the outskirts of town. On the first Saturday of every month Ron Jenks would deliver some poor unfortunate girl and the members would rape, mutilate and eventually kill her for their sexual gratification. Ron made sure that the victims came from all over the States to prevent the local authorities becoming suspicious. Jane and Carole got to the club early on Saturday morning and went straight to one of the back rooms and opened the door. The five dogs were crowded around the entrance and surrounded the girls as they walked in. There were two black Labs, one Mastiff, one mongrel and a huge Great Dane. "Well they sure are friendly," giggled Carole as one of the Labs lifted her skirt with its nose and pressed its snout into her crotch. "You're telling me," laughed Jane. The other Lab was at her crotch and smelling her cunt through the thin material of her panties, whilst the Mastiff was nosing her ass. "Later boys," she said as she dragged Carole out of the room and closed the door. "Let's go and see what else Ron has left for us," she said. They went to the large central room and there, blindfolded and shackled to the wall, were two young girls. "Who's there?" asked one of them fearfully. Jane and Carole removed the blindfolds and the girls blinked at the harsh light. "Hello," said Jane pleasantly. "Please help us." pleaded one of the girls. "Where are we? Why are we here?" "What is your name?" asked Carole. "Helen," answered one. "Lisa," said the other when Carole looked at her. "Well," said Jane. "You both look reasonably clean so we won't have to wash you, and your clothes seem okay." "Yeah," agreed Carole. "Tee-shirts and short skirts. Just right," "Please let me go. I don't know why I'm here," sobbed Helen. "We don't normally tell people why their here," explained Jane, "but I'll make an exception in your case. We're going to come back later with some friends. They'll be about twenty of us I would think. All the men are going to rape you, and the women will probably piss and shit all over you." Helen was crying almost uncontrollably by now. "There, there," said Carole kindly. "You haven't heard the good bit yet. In the next room are five large dogs including a Great Dane. After the men are finished with you, we're going to let the dogs fuck your brains out." Helen was screaming by now, and unsuccessfully trying to pull her chains off the wall as the tears streamed over her face. Strangely Lisa made no movement and just stared at Jane and Carole as they left the room laughing. Just before eight o'clock, the other rooms of the club were starting to fill up, and most of the people began to lose their clothes. Some of them liked a quick fuck to get them in the mood for the main event, whilst others liked to watch. Susan for example, was watching her twin Claire straddle Bob's prone body, and lower her cunt over his cock, and, at the same time, slip Tony's prick into her mouth. Further over, Alice was in the throes of orgasm, as both Carole and Nikki lashed her clit with their tongues. Jane had her hands on the wall as Alan's cock fucked her asshole, and Janice was kneeling in front of her, alternatively licking her sticky slit and Alan's balls as they came towards her. Susan's fingers were busy in her cunt as she went forward to help her twin, by sticking a finger up Claire's ass. All around her, there were cries and moans, as cock's pumped spunk into various holes, and cunts spasmed in orgasm. Jane was standing in the centre of the room with sperm still dripping from her asshole and she shouted, "All right, that's enough. Let's get to the main show." She turned, unlocked the middle room and entered, followed by her friends. Both Helen and Lisa were still chained to the wall and Helen started to cry as Jane walked over to her. "What's the matter honey. Don't you want to get fucked?" she asked. As the others laughed she lifted up the front of Helens skirt and said, "Oh look everyone, she's pissed herself. Are you frightened of something." Jane grinned as she turned to Lisa, lifted up her skirt and pointed to the dark stain on her panties. "Lisa's pissed herself too" she announced. "No I haven't," said Lisa defiantly looking straight into Jane's eyes. "It's cunt juice. I'm horny. Get me some cock or bring on the dogs." They continued staring at each other as Jane ran her finger along the outline of Lisa's sex and brought it to her nose. "Well fuck me," she said. "We have a horny bitch here. Now what are we going to do with you?" "Well, you could start by bring him over here," said Lisa nodding to Tony. Jane beckoned him over as Lisa continued, "If you could just unfasten my legs and pull my panties to the side I could get that lovely looking cock into my cunt." Jane told Carole to unfasten Lisa's feet, and, as Tony stood in front of her, she grabbed her wrist chains and jumped up wrap her legs around his waist. Lisa smiled at Jane and said, "I'm afraid I'm a bit tied up at the moment. Could you stick it in for me?" Jane laughed as she reached between them, pulled the sodden gusset of Lisa's underwear aside and fed Tony's cock into the horny teenager. "Oh yeah, that's better," panted Lisa as she locked her eyes with Tony. "Fuck me hard. Rub your big cock over my clit. Oh yeah harder, faster. Oh fuck." As some of the other members were preparing the table for their victims, Jane and Carole were rubbing their slits as they watched Tony's cock ram into Lisa's dripping cunt. Lisa was well into her orgasm and mouthing every obscenity she could think of when Tony emptied his balls into her. As she lowered herself off his fuck rod, the spunk was already starting to ooze out of her. Janice whispered into Jane's ear, "We're ready." Jane and Carole moved so Helen and Lisa could see the table in the centre of the room that had just been uncovered. Helen began sobbing hysterically whilst Lisa turned to Jane and said, "Come on. No way you're going to tie me that. I want to be fucked just as much as you people want to fuck me, and we'll all get much more pleasure if I have my hands free. After all, it's not as if I could escape even if I wanted to, is it." Jane looked at her friends standing around the table and most nodded whilst others just shrugged. "Okay Carole," she said, "Unfasten her." As Lisa stood rubbing her numb wrists, Helen sobbed, "How can you let them do that to you. You're disgusting." Lisa's fist lashed out and landed firmly on Helen's tit. As she screamed in agony Lisa struck again. Same tit, only harder. She grinned at Jane as she said, "What she really needed was a few good punches on her cunt, but I figured you wouldn't want me to ruin her just yet." "You know what Lisa? I'm beginning to like you," Jane replied. "Get her on the table," she said to the others. They took Helen to the edge of the table, stripped her, bent her over and tied her wrists and arms at full stretch. Her legs were spread and her ankles tied to shackles in the floor. A tube of KY jelly was applied to both holes, and, as Carole slipped two fingers into Helen's virgin ass to loosen her up she asked, "Who's first." Tom started the line up and brutally slammed his prick into Helens cunt. At the same time, Carole got a large plastic dildo, and, as Tom moved his body to the side, she rammed it into the poor girls shit hole with a single push. As the others cheered, Helen screamed her agony, as her whole body went rigid in pain. Whilst Helen was in agony, Lisa's cunt was dripping with lust and the sight of someone in such pain turned her on ever further. She took Alan by the hand, got him to lie down on the table and squatted on top of him. As his prick slipped into her, she looked over her shoulder and said, "I've got another hole, any takers?" She spread some pussy juice over her ass just as Mark got on the table and filled her asshole. She loved the feeling of two cocks inside her and adored the screams coming from Helen as she was brutally raped. Helen's blood and shit were covering the dildo that Carole was two handed ramming into her asshole. As Mark spurted his cum into Lisa's tight asshole she felt someone take his place. She didn't look round to see who it was, it didn't matter her. Jane stood on the table and offered her pussy to the young slut. Lisa eagerly licked the sweet juices and flicked her tongue over Jane's erect clit. By this time, the seventh cock, belonging to David, was raping Helen, and the sperm was running out her cunt and pooling on the floor beneath her. "Swap you," grinned Carole. David smiled back at her as he pulled his prick out of Helens cunt and drove it into her already ravaged asshole. Carole sat on the floor and gently rubbed the stinking dildo over Helen's pussy lips before ramming it home in a single thrust. The force of the thrust would have lifted Helen off the ground had she not been tied down. Her screams echoed around the room, again brining another cheer from the lust crazed crowd. Another man silenced the scream by forcing her head to the side and pushing his cock down her throat. The cock had just been in Claire's asshole and was covered in her shit. "Lick me clean." he growled. Helen gagged as she tasted the foul smelling prick and tried to pull her mouth away. He held on to her hair with one hand and reached under her to savagely twist her tit with the other. Her cries were abruptly silenced, as the rancid cock was forced back down her throat. "Suck it," he commanded again. Helen had no option but to suck the putrid shit and force it down into her stomach. Lisa climaxed as the second man jetted his spunk into her asshole and Alan responded by filling her cunt with his seed. At the same tine she clamped her mouth around Jane's engorged clit and tongued her to orgasm. "Oh you little bitch," moaned Jane. "I'm going to cream all over your face." Her body shuddered and her cunt juices ran into Lisa's waiting mouth. As Lisa jumped dawn from the table, the spunk flowed from both holes, and she turned to Jane and said, "I thought you said something about dogs?" Jane nodded, "Yeah I think is about time. Let's get her into position," she said nodding at Helen. Helen had lost count of the number of cocks that had violated her, and would have slumped to the floor had the men not held her up as they unshackled her. There was a river of cum running down the inside of her legs from her pussy and her asshole was leaking sperm mixed with blood and shit. As Jane and Lisa approached her, she was crying and gasping for breath as she hyperventilated. "Cheer up," said Lisa with a smile. "It's the dogs now." This caused her to scream even louder. "She's really getting on my tits," said Lisa. "You or me?" she asked Jane. "Oh I'll leave it to you Lisa," Jane replied. Lisa bunched her fist, and, measuring the distance with her eye, she smashed her fist into Helens mouth. There was a loud crack as the cheekbone broke, both lips burst and sprayed blood everywhere, and two of her front teeth were knocked out. Helen was so shocked that she could only blubber, and blow blood bubbles from her mouth. "That's better," said Lisa as the crowd applauded. Even Jane was impressed and laughed as she rubbed her swollen clit. Tom stepped over, gently stroked Lisa's tits and said, "I like the way you work baby." Lisa turned and kissed him deeply, forcing her tongue past his teeth. At the same time she lifted one leg, reached down and fed his throbbing cock into her cunt. "Show me how much you like me," she growled. They continued kissing as Tom fucked her, and with every stroke, his prick was rubbing on her clit. Lisa shouted her cum into Tom's throat as she ground her lips against his, and her whole body trembled in ecstasy. Tom took no notice of her cum and kept driving his cock into her. Her burning clit was sending wave after of pleasure through her young body and as she came again she felt Tom's spunk fill her hole. As Lisa recovered, and saw that preparations were being made to tie Helen to the floor, she slipped Tom's prick out of her body, mouthed a silent, "Thank you," to him and went to help. The girls forced Helen onto her hands and knees and tied her wrists to shackles in the floor. A wooden padded stool was placed under her stomach, and her ankles were also tied. Finally, ropes were tied around her legs, just above the knees, and pulled apart. In this position her cunt and asshole were raised, and her ass cheeks held open. The door opened and the five dogs were led in. They had been trained for pleasure and the strong smell of sex in the room was already arousing them. They moved freely around the room sniffing and licking pussy and cock, and Jane led one of the Labs over to where Helen was held down. It knew exactly what to do and began licking her cunt and ass. Lisa reached underneath the dog and rubbed its sheath until the 8-inch prick was fully extended. Carole was sitting on the edge of the table watching the proceedings and holding her cunt lips apart to allow the Mastiff to get its tongue even deeper into her dripping pussy. Three of the girls were sharing the Great Dane. Its enormous tongue was lashing Claire's cunt, and Susan and Janice were sucking on its cock that kept getting bigger and bigger. Lisa sucked on the Labs cock and then encouraged it onto Helens back. As it wrapped its front paws around her waist, List gripped its thrusting cock and pointed it at Helens cunt.. The Lab lunged and sunk its prick into her. Helen was sobbing uncontrollably and her body was rigid as she felt the animal piston in and out of her. Nikki had Alan lying on the floor, and was sitting on top of him with his cock buried in her shit hole. The other Lab was licking at her exposed cunt and bringing her to orgasm. The mongrel was fucking Alice's cunt as she knelt on the floor, and at the same time sucked greedily on Marks prick. With Helens crying still echoing around the room, Lisa quickly pulled the Labs cock out and positioned at Helen's asshole. "Oh please no," she begged. "Not that." As far as a dog is concerned, one hole is as good as another, and the Lab drove into her bowels and continued fucking her. Lisa watched the cock sliding into Helen's shitter as she jammed three fingers into her own cunt. This was really turning her on. The dog gave one final push and lodged its knot fully into her bowels. Helens cries increased as she felt the dogs knot in her ass and start to swell. Jet after jet of hot dog cum blasted into her and Lisa stuck her fingers into Helen's cunt to feel the dogs cock spurting through the thin membrane that separated them. As Helen was still locked on to the dog, Jane took hold of its collar and brutally pulled the Lab out of her. She was rewarded with Helen's scream as the cock was torn out of her asshole. The dog cum poured out of her as Carole led the Mastiff over. "This ones next," she said. The Mastiff needed no encouragement and after a swift sniff at the Labs cum, mounted Helen and thrust straight into her shit hole. The Mastiff's cock was no longer than the Labs but much thicker, and Helen groaned at this new torment. "Fuck I'm horny," said Lisa as she and Jane watched Helen being dog raped. "So am I," replied Jane. "Let's find some cock." They left Helen impaled on the Mastiff's cock and joined a group in the corner of the room. A young redhead, who Jane identified as Sally, was being fucked in the pussy and ass by two guys as a number of men stood stroking their pricks and waited their turn. "I need fucked," Lisa announced. As one of the men got down on the floor, Lisa sank her hot cunt over his prick. "I want another cock" she said and a second man moved in behind her to oblige. As he placed his cock at her asshole she said, "No. Stick it in my cunt too." As he squeezed his prick in beside his friend, Lisa groaned and pushed back until they were both inside her. They quickly got into a rhythm and pounded her stretched hole. Jane had never seen someone being double fucked in the same hole before, and she moaned as she ground three fingers into the cunt. She called two of the men over to her and stood upright as they pushed their cocks into both her holes. Carole had gone over to help Nikki. She still had Alan's prick in her ass but was trying to hold the second Labs face away from her cunt. She had cum so much on the dog's tongue that her clit couldn't take any more. Carole took the dog's collar and pushed its snout into her own dripping slit. "Thanks Carole," she moaned as she began to slide her ass up and down Alan's cock, "I thought that dog was never going to stop." "I hope he doesn't," said Carole as the dogs tongue gave brought her to her first cum. The Mastiff was still ramming Helen's asshole, as its tongue lolled out of its mouth and dripped drool on her back. She screamed again when she felt the dog lunge forward because she knew what was going to happen. As the huge knot was forced inside her the pain was excruciating. She almost passed out in agony but as her head started to droop, Nikki, who had now taken Alan's spunk deep in her shit hole, kicked her brutally in her exposed tits and the new wave of pain snapped her head up and kept her conscious. Lisa was well through her second cum and was concentrating on bringing off the two men fucking her cunt. Her cunt cream was running out of her as she tightened her muscles around their cocks, and was soon rewarded with two helpings of hot spunk inside her. As they came, one of the men drove his fingers into her asshole and this brought her to a third orgasm just as she heard Helen's fresh screams. As Jane and Lisa went back to Helen they passed the Alice whose body was jerking in one continual climax as the Mongrel still pumped into her cunt. As the Mastiff released his bitch, the girls brought over the Great Dane. "Look at the size if its cock" grinned Susan. "It's enormous." It's wedged shaped cock was over twelve inches in length and as thick as a man's wrist. Lisa led the horny dog up to Helen and lifted her head by her hair. "Look at this cock," she said. "I'm going to ram this into your asshole and when the knot swells inside you, its going to split you apart." "No, please," begged Helen. "I've had enough. No more." As the girls laughed, Lisa pulled the huge dog round to Helen's ass. It began to lick the Mastiff's cum as it ran out of her, and then mounted poor Helen as she tried to wriggle out of her bounds. It took both hands for Lisa to grab the dogs thrusting cock and aim it towards Helens waiting ass. The `Dane blasted its cock into her shit hole and began thrusting like a machine gun. Helen screamed until her throat was raw at this latest violation, and, as the blood started to ooze out around the dogs cock, the watching girls were cheering and shoving their fingers into their holes and rubbing their erect clits. The `Dane hammered in and out of Helens ass totally uncaring of the damage it was doing to her insides. She was his bitch now, and his instincts took over. As the girls all gathered round to watch the spectacle, the men stood behind and pushed their pricks between their legs, to rub against their cunts or push against their assholes. All around, the girls were making small movements to line up their preferred holes with the cocks, and to push back and impale themselves on the fuck rods. The obvious agony in Helen's body was turning them on, and they held their breath as the dog gave a final lunge to drive its knot deep in her shit hole. Helen's body spasmed as the swelling knot ruptured her bowels and the blood and dog cum sprayed out around the knot. As her body writhed in excruciating pain, the men were pumping their spunk into the girl's cunts and assholes. As the Great Dane pulled his cock from Helens body, the men pulled their pricks from the girls fuck holes, and, as the blood and dog come ran down Helens legs, so the cum dripped out of the watching girls. Lisa, breathing hard, asked Jane, "Have you decided what to do with me yet?" "What do mean?" she responded. "Well," reasoned Lisa. "When I got here, none of you were wearing a mask, so we could identify you if you let us go. Therefore it was obvious that you were going to kill us after you were finished with us". Now, I don't mind you killing this bitch," she said slapping Helen on the ass, "but personally I'd like to stay alive. In fact I'd like to join this horny group of yours." Jane smiled as she ran her hand over Lisa's tits "I really like you Lisa, and I think you'll be fun to have around. We'll keep you with us for now" she grinned. "Come on girls," she said as she led them out the door. "You come with me Lisa. We'll need to find you a pair of shoes." As Lisa followed them out, she thought - What the fuck do I need shoes for? By the time the girls returned, and things had been explained to Lisa, the men had rounded up the dogs and put them back in their room. Lisa noticed that Alice was still lying on the floor and was almost unconscious from the constant orgasm she had experienced. That Mongrel may not have had the biggest cock she thought, but it certainly knew how to use it. The women gathered around Helen's still shackled body, and Jane offered Lisa the first kick. Lisa stood behind Helen, drew back her foot and with all her strength kicked her straight in the cunt. Before the first scream left Helens mouth, she pulled her foot back again and kicked her in her ruined asshole. Helen lost control of her bladder, and, as the piss and blood flowed from her cunt, the girls moved in to join Lisa in kicking her body. As she was still in her bound position, her breasts were hanging down and the girls on both sides kicked her tits until they were bloody and cut open. The other girls were paying the same attention to the area between her legs which was now a bloody mess. "Untie her and turn her over," suggested Lisa. "Now hold her face steady and open her mouth." Helen was almost unconscious as Lisa squatted over her and shit a six inch turd into her open mouth. Lisa quickly stood up, kicked off one of her shoes and clamped her bare foot over Helens mouth. As Helen gagged, her body vomited, but, with the weight of Lisa's foot on her mouth and all the hands preventing her head moving, she was forced to try to swallow the sickness and shit, and, at the same time, use her nose to breath. The body cannot use the throat to do three things at once. Helen died from suffocating in her own vomit and Lisa's shit. "Fuck, I'm really going to like this place," said Lisa, as she wiped her shit from her foot on Helens ruined tits. --- The End -- If you would like more stories from The Fuck Club - let me know and perhaps suggest a story line.