Seducing Mom and Dad.

(Incest mother-daughter-father / zoo sex girl-dog / preteen sex)

Susan lived on a working ranch in the Mid-West with her mother and father and she 
was well used to seeing the animals breeding.
As she leaned against the timber fence at the back of one of the barns, she held 
her breath as her mothers horse, Prince, reared up and came crashing down on the 
back of the mare. His long, thick cock had no trouble in finding the slick horse 
cunt it was looking for, and slid easily inside the mare's body. Both animals 
snorted and neighed loudly as Prince's shaft slipped in and out and Susan could 
feel her little cunt tingle and become damp beneath her denim cut-offs and cotton 
panties. The day was rapidly coming to a close and the sun was low in the sky, 
casting long shadows that made the sight of the rutting horses all the more 
erotic to the young girl.

Susan Taylor was 11 years old with a tall willowy frame and long straight blonde 
hair. She had beautiful emerald green eyes, high cheekbones and a developing, if 
slightly thin figure that measured 32A-21-26. She was darkly tanned which came 
from spending most of her life in the outdoors and was a natural extrovert, 
popular with all her school friends.
Her mother, Janice, was 33 years old and her father Brad, was a year older. 
Brad had purchased the farm just before Susan had been born. At that time it 
was a run down cattle farm with little prospect, but hard work and long hours 
had turned it into a successful and highly respected stud farm for breading 

As Susan watched Prince fuck his mare, her hand dropped to rub her crotch and 
even through the material of her panties and denims, she could feel the heat 
radiating out of her aroused sex. She was just thinking about slipping her 
hand into the waistband of her cut-offs to masturbate when she heard voices 
of some of the hired hands coming her way. She didn't want them to catch her 
watching the two animals fucking, so she quietly went around the side of the 
barn and crossed to the house.

Her father had finished his work about half an hour ago and she had seen him 
go into the house. She knew that he would have made straight for the shower 
as he always did, and Susan padded up the stairs towards her bedroom. 
As she passed her parent's bedroom she heard her fathers muffled voice and 
her mothers loud groans. She stopped and put her ear to the door that was 
slightly open and clearly heard her mother cry, "Fuck me you horny 
bastard. Fuck my hot cunt."

The preteen couldn't help herself as she reached out and quietly pushed the 
door further open until she could see the bed. Her young heart was hammering 
in her chest and her nostrils flared as her eyes took in the sight of her 
mother lying naked on the bed with her legs wide apart. Brad was on his 
hands and knees with his cock sliding in and out of the woman's cunt just 
like the horses outside in the coral.
As she watched, Janice raised her legs off the bed and curled them around 
her father's waist to dig her heels into his firm butt. She pulled his hard 
shaft further into her fuck tube and growled, "Deeper. Pound my cunt hard."

Brads course pubic hair was already mashed against his wife's pubic bone and 
he laughed throatily and said, "That's as deep as I can go baby. If you want 
anything bigger, you're going to have visit the horse stall."

"Oh God," Janice groaned loudly. "That horse cock can take all the wrinkles 
out of my cunt and put stretch marks in. If I let him fuck me again, you'll 
be ass fucking me for weeks until my cunt shrinks again."

Susan's heart leapt into her mouth at her mother's words. She couldn't 
believe her ears. She pictured the size of Prince's long cock that was 
probably still buried up the mare's cunt and she shook her head in 
disbelief as she tried to imagine her mother's body impaled on it.
Her nipples had tightened and hardened beneath her tee shirt and the 
crotch of her panties was soaking with her juices as she rubbed herself 
between her legs.
Brad was still stroking his prick in and out of Janice's fuck hole as she 
looked up and into his face. 
"What would you do if Prince stretched my cunt?" Janice said huskily. "I know 
you wouldn't be satisfied with just my asshole."

"Maybe I'll go into town at the week-ends with the men and use the hookers," he 
replied with a grin and then yelped in pain as his wife raised her legs up 
again and brought her heels hard down on his butt.

"You dare," she said with a grin, "And I'll cut your fucking balls off."

They were both laughing as they continued to fuck and Janice remarked 
slyly, "You could always try Susie. Maybe she'll put out for you!"

Janice always shortened Susan's name to Susie and the little girl almost 
orgasmed when she heard what her mother said. She had fantasised about 
fucking her father but she never really thought it could actually happen. 
The child held her breath and strained her ears to hear her father's 
response but it was her mother who spoke again.

"WOW!!" she cried suddenly. "You definitely want to fuck our daughter."

"What?" her father replied indignantly as he stopped in mid stroke.

Janice's fact was shining with lust as she stared into his face and 
said, "As soon as I mentioned fucking Susie, your cock gave a huge 
lurch. I felt it inside my cunt."

She threw her arms around his neck and pulled his face close to hers.
"You want to fuck her, don't you? You want to feel her little tight cunt 
wrapped around your prick as you pound up her hole," she said huskily and 
Brad couldn't do anything but groan loudly in agreement.

Susie's fingers were covered with her slime as her fingers pressed into 
her cunt and she shivered as her mother continued, "Pretend I'm Susie, 
Brad. Close you eyes and pretend its Susie's cunt you're in, and show me 
how you would fuck her."

The little girl watched and masturbated as her father closed his eyes and 
drove his cock in and out of Janice's cunt. Susie was also imagining that 
it was her fuck hole that her father was filling and she watched his butt 
rise and fall at a faster and faster rate. 
For the past couple of years, Susie had regularly heard her parents fucking 
and she had always wanted to join in. She loved the taste of her own cunt 
juices and was desperate to taste her mothers. As for her fathers cock, it 
was the thing she fantasised about most. Many nights she had imagined his 
prick sliding up her cunt as she lay on her bed masturbating and she was 
thrilled that both her parents were fantasising about fucking her. She 
didn't know how she could make it actually happen, but she was determined 
to do so.

Brad was pistoning in and out of Janice's cunt and Susie strained her ears 
to hear what they were saying. Her mother's eyes were closed and she heard 
her father gasp, "Would you watch me fuck her?"

"Oh God yea," Janice replied grabbing Brad's ass cheeks and pulling his 
shaft deeper into her body. "I'd love to see your big cock stretch her 
little cunt."
Brad groaned loudly at his wife's words, which served to drown Susie's 
moan from the doorway.

"I'd feed your cock into her slutty cunt and let you fuck her until she 
couldn't walk straight." Janice cried just before she shuddered and 
gasped, "Jesus, I'm going to cum."

She was writhing beneath his body as her climax approached. The tingling 
between her legs intensified steadily until she cried out as her orgasm 
exploded inside her and a few seconds later Brad's hot spunk splattered 
against her cervix.

Susie closed the door as quietly as she had opened it and she crept away 
before they could notice her. Her mind was in a whirl, her cunt was soaking 
and she knew that she had to think hard on what had just happened, but that 
would all have to wait. Right now she craved cock and there was only one 
available to her.

She went back downstairs and straight into the kitchen. There was a pile of 
old horse blankets piled in a corner of the room and Blue was lying on top of 
them. Blue was a long haired German Shepherd with a black and tan coat. He 
looked up and wagged his tail as she approached and he watched while she 
pushed her fingers inside her cut-offs and then waved them in front of the 
animal's nose. Blue knew exactly what this meant and he licked her slime 
covered fingers as he got up onto his feet. 
"Quietly," she hissed to the dog and when she turned around and walked up 
the stairs, Blue was only half a step behind.
She softly closed her bedroom door and crossed towards the bed. As she 
pulled her tee shirt over her head to reveal her bra-less tits, she looked 
beneath the dog and shivered when she saw that the pink tip of his cock was 
already out of his sheath. She pushed her hand back into her shorts and 
brought it back out to rub her cunt juices over her stiffened nipples. Blue 
jumped onto the bed as she lay down and he sniffed her breasts for a few 
seconds before his long tongue flicked out to lick at her hard teats.
Susie moaned softly at the animal's touch and she unbuttoned her shorts and 
pulled the zipper down. The dog quickly lapped up all the cunt slime she had 
smeared across her chest and his nose twitched and then lowered to press 
into her hot crotch. She was breathing heavily as she sat up on the bed and 
squirmed out of her shorts and threw them on the floor. She deliberately 
kept her panties on as she remembered the last time she had let Blue fuck 
her. She had spent hours cleaning up all the dog cum that ran out of her 
cunt and splattered onto the floor after he was finished.

Lying back on the bed, she pulled her briefs to the side and opened her 
legs to the dog's tongue. Blue's furry snout pressed into her crotch and 
delved into her fuck tube. She stiffened at his first touch and moaned 
softly as his long tongue thrashed about inside her body. The animal's 
thick red cock was getting longer and Susie's heart was hammering in her 
chest as she watched it lengthen and thicken. Blue was still standing on 
the bed and she reached out to touch the hot shaft and began trembling as 
she imagined it pounding in and out of her hot cunt.
She let Blue lick her for another few minutes and then pushed his snout 
away. She slithered off the bed and got onto her knees on the floor with 
her head resting on the bedcovers. The dog immediately jumped onto the 
floor and spent the next few moments licking her from her hard clit all 
the way around to her asshole.

Turning her head to the side she commanded," Blue. Up!"

The dog reared up and wrapped his front paws around her slender waist 
and Susie made sure that her panties were pulled well to the side as she 
pushed her butt backwards. After a coupe of unsuccessful thrusts, Blue 
speared her cunt and she gasped loudly as he lunged inside her body and 
slid all the way up to her cervix.  
The animal's hindquarters began thrusting like a machine gun, driving his 
prick in and out of the preteen's body and whipping her cunt juices up 
into a thick cream.

"Oh God," Susie moaned with her face buried in the bed covers. "Fuck me 
hard you bastard."

She could feel the beginning of the dog's knot begin to form and her tight 
cunt walls were getting pushed further apart with every thrust. 
"Shit, I'm going to cum," she gasped, as the intensity of the tingling 
between her legs became almost unbearable. Her cunt hole was convulsing 
and tightly grabbing at Blue's cock trying to milk the cum out of the animal. 
Just before Susie's climax overtook her, she was aware that Blue's long and 
fast thrusts had changed to short sharp jabs that drove his prick deeper into 
her body. 
She screamed loudly as she orgasmed, pushing her face deep into the bedcovers 
to muffle the sound, and shuddered uncontrollably as Blue stood still and his 
knot swelled bigger to plug her cunt. Even with her body being consumed by 
her cunt, she could feel the hot watery dog spunk jet into her fuck tube and 
start to fill up her sex. Spurt after spurt shot into her hole causing her to 
convulse again and her eyes closed as she slumped against the bed and groaned.
It took a few minutes for her to come down from her sexual high and about a 
further 10 minutes before Blue's knot started to go down and his cock pull 
free from her open cunt. She moaned loudly as it came free with a loud plop 
and quickly reached between her legs to pull her panties back over her slit.
Still shaking, she got unsteadily to her feet and waddled across the room to 
her bathroom. The dog cum was poring out of her fuck hole and most of it was 
being caught in the crotch of her panties but thin trickles of the slime were 
running down the inside of both her legs. Blue had lain down in the corner of 
the room to lick his cock clean as Susie stepped into the shower and pulled off 
her saturated underwear. Throwing them onto the floor, she turned on the shower 
and let the hot water cascade over her body for a while before she took hold 
of the showerhead and directed the water onto her cunt. As the water washed 
away the spunk and stimulated her clit, she closed her eyes and replayed her 
parent's words in her mind over and over again. 

Later that night as she was lying in bed, visions of what she had seen and 
heard were still going through her head. She had thought about waiting until 
the next time her parents were fucking and just stripping off hr clothes and 
walking in to the bedroom. The idea excited her but her common sense warned 
her that it wouldn't work. 
After careful consideration, she decided that she was going to have to take 
it one step at a time. She didn't think that she could ever get her father to 
fuck her without her mother being involved but she thought that maybe, just 
maybe, she could seduce her mother.

Susie woke up the next morning with sex on her mind and she resolved to put 
her plan into action. She kicked off the bed covers and slid her fingers down 
between her legs to her already damp cunt. She got much wetter as she opened 
her outer lips and gently rubbed at her clit before sliding two fingers up her 
fuck tube. Within minutes, she was writhing around on the bed as the first 
orgasm of the day raced through her body. As her thumping heart began to return 
to normal, she slid every finger of each hand into her cunt, one by one, until 
they were thickly covered with her slime. She then spread as much of her cum 
juices around her sex as possible and stretched out on the bed with her eyes 
lightly closed and let the slime dry on her body.
After about 15 minutes, she got up and opened her wardrobe. She chose a white 
Reebok tee shirt that was a size to small for her and pulled it on. She studied 
the outline of her tiny tits closely in the mirror and smiled at the sight of 
her hard nipples almost pushing through the thin material. Next was the shortest 
skirt she possessed. She pulled on the pleated black skirt without any underwear 
and gazed at her refection. Turning her back to the mirror, she bent over as if 
to pick up something from the floor and was pleased at the way the skirt slid up 
her thighs completely exposing her cunt and asshole. Susie finished her dressing 
by slipping her bare feet into a pair of sneakers and she smelt her hands to make 
sure they still smelled strongly of cunt before she went downstairs for breakfast.

Her father always rose early and she knew that it would be just her mother and 
her who sat down at the table and as she walked into the kitchen Janice was 
making pancakes.

"Want some pancakes Susie," her mother asked with a smile.

"Yes please mom," the preteen replied, "I'm really horny."

"What did you say?" Janice asked turning around sharply.

"I said I'm really hungry mom. Why? What did you think I said?" Susie replied 
in an innocent voice.
"I ....." her mother began, but then shook her head and said, "Never mind 
darling. Will you get me some plates out?"

Susie hopped from her seat and crossed to the crockery cupboard and got out 
some plates.
"Will these do?" she asked coming to stand beside her mother.
Just as Janice was about reply, the powerful smell of cunt invaded her nostrils 
and she could only nod her head in response.

"God," she thought. "Susie stinks of cunt. What the hell has she been doing?"

Susie put the plates on the table and asked, "Will I get some syrup?"
Her mother was still deep in thought and she nodded and her eyes followed her 
daughter as the child crossed to another floor standing cupboard. As she 
opened the door, Susie knew that her mother was watching her and she stood 
with her legs apart and straight and bent over from the waist to reach into 
the cupboard. She heard her mother's sharp intake of breath as she held that 
position and pretended to look for the syrup. Her swollen cunt and puckered 
little asshole were clearly exposed and Janice swallowed hard as her fuck hole 
flooded and she stared between the girl's open legs. Being only 11 years old, 
not a single hair marred the perfect vision of her glistening cunt lips and 
virgin asshole and her mother's legs almost turned to jelly at the erotic sight.

Janice quickly turned back to the stove as Susie straightened up and she was 
shocked that her daughter's body could arouse her so much. She had been aware 
for the last few months that Suzie's body was developing quickly but it had 
never made her own sex respond like this before. They ate their breakfast in 
silence with Janice's mind spinning. She was ashamed of lusting after her own 
daughter but at the same time, she couldn't deny that she was highly aroused. 
When the meal was over, Susie announced that she was going outside to find 
her father and Janice began clearing the table.
She suddenly had a thought and she left the dishes in the sink and made her 
way to Susie's bedroom. 
The room stank of sex and she quickly found the pair of panties that Susie 
had purposely left on the bathroom floor. As she picked then up, the crotch 
was still wet and sticky and she brought it to her nose.
Janice had spent her entire life on a farm and she knew exactly what dog cum 
smelt and tasted like. Her tongue licked over the material and confirmed what 
her nose had told her. Her heart rate increased as she realised that her little 
daughter was letting Blue fuck her. The crotch of her own panties was getting 
wet as she raked in Susie's laundry basket and pulled out her dirty underwear. 
Every pair was stained with dried cunt cream that indicated how horny her 
daughter was. 
She still had a pair of Susie's dirty panties in her hand as she went back 
into the bedroom and sat on the bed. Her mind was in a daze and she wasn't 
even conscious of smelling the stain whilst her other hand was up her skirt 
rubbing her own underwear over her very wet cunt. 
It came to her suddenly that Susie was trying to seduce her and her cunt 
flooded again at the thought. She played back everything in her mind and no 
other explanation made any sense. The smell of cunt juice that the little 
slut must have smeared all over her body, not wearing any underwear and 
flashing her sex. She was also sure of it that she figured that the panties, 
covered in dog cum, had been deliberately left where she would find them. 
Her heart was beating fast at the lustful thoughts filling her brain. She 
remembered so vividly the sight of Susie's bare cunt when she bent over 
and the longing to touch and taste the child's slit.

"Right," she said aloud. "If the little slut wants to play games, lets see 
how far she'll go."

Janice went back into her daughter's bathroom and put all the dirty panties 
into the laundry basket. She then skimmed off her own panties and looked at 
them closely. They were a pair of light pink cotton briefs that had been 
clean on this morning but the crotch was now saturated and almost transparent 
with her cunt slime and the powerful smell invaded her nostrils. She smiled as 
she dropped them onto the floor and made a point of moving around some of her 
daughter's things on the dressing table before she left the bedroom.

Susie played around the farm for a few hours before coming back to the house 
and doing her chores, so it was mid afternoon before she got back to her bedroom. 
She knew immediately that her mother had been in her room because her dressing 
table was just too tidy. She smiled and crossed to the bathroom hoping that her 
cum filled panties had been moved and stopped in the doorway at the sight of 
the unfamiliar underwear on the floor. Two things registered simultaneously 
in her mind. Firstly, her own panties had been moved and secondly, the panties 
on the floor belonged to her Mom. Her hand was trembling as she bent down to 
pick them up and before they got anywhere near her face, she could smell the 
cunt juice. The crotch was still wet and her heart hammered in her chest as 
she inhaled deeply and slowly stuck out her tongue. For the first time in her 
young life, she tasted cunt juice that wasn't her own. She felt light headed 
at the exquisite flavour of her mother's sex and she went to sit on the bed 
and spent the next 15 minutes sucking the stain out of the material until 
only the taste of her saliva remained. Only then did she lay back on the bed 
and try to think what the next move in the game should be, and who should 
make it.
She could hear her mother downstairs as she went into her parent's bedroom 
and threw her mothers panties on their bathroom floor.

For the rest of the day, whenever Susie and her mother were in the same room 
together, there was a charged atmosphere between them that even Brad noticed.
"Have you two been arguing?" he asked when they were sitting around the dinner 
Janice raised her eyes at the question and looked across the table at Susie. 
They both smiled and shook their heads and Brad shrugged his shoulders but he 
was sure that something was going on.
Later that night, Janice was surprised to find her panties on the floor of her 
bathroom and she could feel the dampness in the crotch as she picked them up. 
She initially thought that Susie had simply dumped them there but her heart 
skipped a beat as she brought them to her nose. There wasn't even the slightest 
trace of her cunt juice and the only smell was of her daughter's saliva.
"Fuck, she's sucked them clean," she muttered to herself as she felt her hole 
moisten, and she dropped her underwear into the laundry basket.

She couldn't get Susie out of her mind and even when she was lying on the bed 
with Brad's cock stuffed up her fuck hole, it was the sight of her daughter's 
bald and swollen cunt that filled her head.

The next morning, Janice was siting at the breakfast eating some cereal when 
Susie came into the room. The preteen was again dressed provocatively in a crop 
top and a very short skirt and she smiled at her mother as she sat down at the 
table. They made the normal pleasant conversation until Janice took up an 
orange and started to peel it. She only got half the fruit skinned before it 
slipped out of her fingers and rolled beneath the table.
Susie watched it fall and she pushed her seat back. 
"I'll get it," she volunteered.

Ducking beneath the table, she grasped the fruit and looked up to stare at her 
mother's legs. Janice wasn't wearing any panties and she was sitting with her 
knees apart and her red and swollen cunt had that just fucked look. Most of her 
sex was shaven but there was a triangle of brown hair just above her slit that 
was matted with slime and plastered to her skin. Susie was mesmerised at the 
sight and she gave herself a mental shake when she heard her mother ask, "Can 
you see it Susie?"

She jumped so much that she nearly banged her head on the table as she answered 
hoarsely, "See what?"

"The orange silly," Janice replied. "What else would you be looking for under 

Susie got back in her seat and handed the fruit to her mother. Their hands 
touched as Janice took the orange from her and Susie said, "Yea, I saw it okay."

By the time they had finished their breakfast, they could both smell cunt juice 
but neither of them was sure if it was their own or the others.

It was shortly after mid morning when Susie came running into the kitchen. 
Janice was sitting at the table doing some sowing and looked up as her 
daughter hurried in.

"Mom," she cried, "I've cut myself on some glass. Look."

She turned her right leg to let her mother see the inside of her thigh and 
there was a thin trickle of blood. Janice jumped up and put down her sowing, 
telling Susie to sit down.
Janice got on her knees in front of her daughter and said, "Let me see."

When the preteen lifted up her leg and put her ankle in the edge of the 
table, Janice could see that it was a very small cut and had almost stopped 
bleeding. She could also see that Susie wasn't wearing any panties.
When her fingers examined the cut, they were only about an inch away from 
Susie's cunt that was swollen and wet. She licked her dry lips and swallowed 
hard but before she could say anything, Susie said, "Please make sure that 
there isn't any glass still in the cut mom."
 As she spoke, she spread her other leg wide apart and Janice moved her 
face closer to the injury. The smell of the little girl's sex was very strong 
and she cleared her throat nervously and said, "Susie, you really should wear 

"Why?" the girl replied. "You're not!"

Janice couldn't think of an immediate reply and Susie continued, "Besides, if 
I wear panties I can't do this." 

The little slut drew her index finger over her sex lips, covering it with her 
slime and popped it into her mouth and sucked it clean. Janice could only watch 
helplessly as the preteen repeated her action and offered the juice to her 
Janice knew that she should stand up and walk away but her lust was in control 
of her body and her mouth opened as her head came forward. She shivered as the 
delicious flavour of her daughter's cunt cream exploded in her mouth and she 
moaned, "God Susie, you taste so sweet."

Susie was breathing rapidly and her small chest was heaving as she dropped both 
hands to her sex and pulled her slit open.
"More?" she asked as she exposed her pink fuck tube to her mothers gaze and 
Janice bent forward as her mouth was drawn to the child's cunt like a magnet.  
The first touches of her tongue were feather light, brushing around the entrance 
of her daughter's hole and savouring the exquisite taste. Janice switched off 
every sense she had except taste and smell and they were both full of Susie's 
cunt. She began to lick faster and faster and then glued her mouth over the 
preteen's hole and pushed her tongue as far up her fuck tube as she could. Susie 
was moaning continually as her mother's tongue pulled the sweet nectar out of 
her sex and greedily swallowed it down. The child was just starting to feel the 
familiar rush when Janice pulled her face away..

"Let's do this properly baby," Janice said sweeping her sowing onto the floor 
and patting the top of the table. "Get that beautiful butt of yours onto the 

Susie jumped to her feet and skimmed off her skirt as she got onto the table 
and lay back with her legs open. She closed her eyes with a satisfied groan as 
Janice's mouth began sucking her out again and her little clit was rock hard 
and had pushed through its sheath. Her mothers tongue snaked in and out of her 
body drinking down all her juices and the girl could feel the start of her 
orgasm deep inside her body. She raised her knees up to her chest and shuddered 
as Janice's finger rubbed at the pool of cunt juice and saliva that clung to 
her back hole. Janice's thumb rubbed gently over Susie's clit as she 
straightened up slightly and said in a low voice. "Do you want to cum baby? Do 
you want me to bring you off?"

Susie's tight butt cheeks were squirming around on the table and she 
gasped, "Fuck yea Mom, I really need to cum."

Janice bent forward again and licked around the girl's burning clit as she 
pushed her finger harder against her asshole. The slime on her finger allowed 
her to penetrate her daughter's bowels easily and Susie gasped as her virgin 
shit hole was invaded. The feeling of having something up her butt was awesome 
and Janice slid her finger all the way in to her palm and then sucked hard on 
the girl's clit. Susie cried out and her body arched from the table as her 
orgasm exploded inside her and her sticky and slimy cum sprayed out of her 
front hole and all over the lower half of her mothers face. Janice continued 
working on the child's clit for a few minutes, holding the girl in climax 
before finally releasing her and letting her body crash back down onto the 
It took a few moments for Susie to recover and when her eyes fluttered open 
she could see her mother smiling down at her with her face glistening wet 
with the girl's cunt juices. She pulled her finger out of her daughters 
shit hole and brought it to her nose inhaling deeply,
"Mmmmm, your asshole smells as good as your cunt baby," she said and looked 
down at Susie and asked, "Did you have a good cum?"

"God, it was awesome mom," Susie replied.
She lifted her body up to a sitting position and then asked, "Did it get you 
hot watching me cream?"

Janice's eyes sparkled and she took a step backwards and lifted up the front 
of her skirt.
Her crotch was sticky and gooey and as Susie watched, a large drop of slime 
oozed out of her mother's hole and spiralled lazily down to the floor.
"I am so fucking wet Susie. If I had been wearing panties you would be thinking 
that I'd pissed in them," she said.

"That I would like to see," Susie said with a smile as she climbed off the 

"Honey, if you're going to let your horny mother use that beautiful little 
cunt of yours, you can see whatever you want," Janice replied as she watched 
her daughter kneel between her legs and slide her fingers up to her mothers 
open hole. 
She let the slime ooze over her fingers and then sucked them into 
her mouth before she moved her head forward and licked Janice's cunt from the 
bottom all the way up to her burning clit.
Her mother closed her eyes and moaned at the touch of her daughter's tongue 
on her soaking sex and she moved her feet further apart and lowered her hips 
for better access.
Suzie spread the lips of her mother's cunt, breathing in deeply and savouring 
the smell and began to roll her clit between two fingers. The hard and 
slippery bud felt good and she looked up at her mother's face and said in 
a whisper, "I want to make you cum." 

Janice groaned and opened her eyes to look down at her daughter and 
replied, "That wont be hard baby. You've already made me so fucking horny."

A smile of satisfaction crossed Janice's face as her young lover slid her 
fingers back into her soaking fuck hole and she moaned again as Suzie 
reached in deep and let her fingers circle around the inside of her tube.

"God, that's nice," Janice said as she threw back her head and closed her 
eyes. She raised her hands and cupped her tits, feeling her hard nipples 
beneath the material of her clothes and she gripped the teats and squeezed 

Suzie bunched all four fingers together and slid them into her mother's hole 
as she rubbed her thumb over her throbbing clit. Janice arched her back and 
pumped her hips back and forth to meet her daughter's thrusts as the familiar 
rush built up between her legs.

"Fuck me, honey. Fuck me hard," Janice moaned. "Make me cum on your hand."

Suzie kept her hand pumping in and out of the dripping hole and at the same 
time, spat on the fingers of her other hand. Janice was almost squatting on 
her daughter's fingers in an effort to take more of her thrusting hand and 
Suzie had no trouble in pushing the saliva covered fingers of her other hand 
between her mother's ass cheeks and into her shit hole.

"Oh my God, don't stop," Janice cried. "I'm nearly there. Fuck me hard."
As a powerful orgasm ripped through her, Janice's muscles clamped onto Suzie's 
hand, holding it deep inside her and her anal muscles clenched around her 
fingers trapping them up her shitter.

Her breath sputtered and she gasped, "Don't move. Don't move your fucking hands."

As her cunt spasmed, hot girl cum ran out of Janice's front hole and Suzie's 
eyes were shining with lust as she watched the slime run down her arm and drip 
off her elbow.
When they Janice recovered, they pulled a couple of seats out from the table 
and sat down. The room stank of cunt and once Janice's breathing had returned 
to normal, she asked, "Well, are you happy now that you've managed to seduce 
your mother, you horny little slut?"

Susie laughed throatily and nodded her head. "God, I've wanted to do that for 
ages," she said. "Now all you've got to do is persuade Dad to fuck me."

Janice looked at her daughter for a long moment and then said, "Fuck. You're 
serious, aren't you?"

"God yea," Susie responded. "I'd love to fell his cock stretch my little 

Her mother began shaking her head but Susie interrupted her by saying, "You 
know he wants to do me. I heard the two of you talking about it."

At her mothers questioning look, the preteen recounted listening to her 
parents fucking as she stood at the bedroom door and finished by saying, "You 
even said yourself that he got really hot thinking about fucking me."

"Susie," her mother began slowly. "That was just fantasy. Actually getting 
him to do it will be a lot harder."

The little girl just smiled and shrugged her shoulders, "You can do it mom," she 
said confidently. "I know you can."

"Besides," she continued, after thinking for a few seconds. "Its not fair that 
you get all the cock."

"Well, not all baby," her mother replied with a small smile. "You've always got 

They both glanced over at the empty dog basket. The animal was outside on the 
farm somewhere and Susie looked guiltily back at her mother and replied, "I was 
kinda wondering if you'd worked that one out."

Janice pursed her lips and nodded her head. 
"It wasn't hard to work out when your panties were full of dog cum," she 
said. "Does he always shoot as much as that?"

"Yea, he usually shoots a bucketful," Susie replied. "But probably not as 
much as the horse cock you had inside your cunt."

Janice opened her mouth and then closed it again. Her face flushed and she 
said in a quiet voice, "You heard us talking about that as well, didn't you?"
Suzie smiled as she nodded her head.

"How did it feel?" the young girl asked. As her mother looked at her, she 
continued, "Having it inside you I mean."

"Big!" Janice replied with a grin. "He really stretched me and my cunt stayed 
open for days. Your poor father had to use my asshole for about a week because 
my cunt was so big."

They were both giggling and then Janice asked, "How long have you been fucking 
with Blue?"

Suzie shrugged her shoulders and replied, "Don't know. About a year I guess."

Janice was beginning to get horny again and her fingers rubbed lightly over her 
cunt as she asked, "How do you do it?"

Suzie watched her mother's fingers for a few seconds before she replied, "Mostly 
I get onto my hands and knees, but sometimes I like to lie on my back on the 
bed with my feet on the floor and my butt at the edge of the bed. Blue gets 
between my legs with his front paws on the bed beside me. He really pounds me 
that way."

Janice groaned at her daughter's words and Suzie leaned forward and looked 
at her mother's fingers as she asked, "Would you like me to do that for you?"

Janice glanced at the clock on the wall and moaned in frustration. "I love 
you to baby, but we don't have time. Your father will be home any minute 
and letting him catch you fingering my cunt would not be the best way to 
get him to fuck you."

She stood up and smoothed down her skirt and said, "You'd better scoot and 
get some panties on while I get dinner ready."

As the preteen was just about to stand up, her mother looked at her and 
asked, "By the way, how did you actually manage to cut your leg?"

"With a knife I found in the barn," Susie answered honestly.

Janice grimaced at the thought of her daughter cutting into her flesh, but 
the child shrugged her shouldres and smiled at her. 
"Dont worry Mom," she said. "It was well worth it." 

Susie skipped off the seat and smoothed down what little there was of her 
skirt and as she made to go upstairs, she turned back to her mother and 
asked, "Does this mean that I don't have to sneak into your bedroom any 
more to borrow any of those sex toys of yours?"

Janice chuckled and replied, "You little slut. You can use any of my dildos 
or vibrators that you want, but make sure that you return them unwashed. 
I want to smell your cunt and asshole on them when I use them"

Susie had showered and was dressed normally as she sat around the table 
to have dinner with her parents. Brad talked continually about his day and 
Janice and Suzie chipped in occasionally. As soon as he had finished his 
coffee, Brad stood up and said, "I still have to take a mare over to 
Holsten's Farm. I'd better do it now. I should be back in about an hour."

As he left, Suzie helped her mother to clear up and asked, "How are you going 
to get Dad to fuck me?"

Janice shook her head and replied, "I'm not sure. We're going to have to take 
it slowly."

"Why don't I just seduce him with my womanly charms?" Susie said with a 
smile as she lifted up the front of her skirt to let her mother see her dusky 
blue cotton panties with a thin wet stain on them from her hot cunt. 
"After all," she continued. "It worked on you."

Her mother chuckled but then shook her head. "That won't work baby. The only 
chance we've got is to make sure that your father knows that I approve of 
what you want him to do."

Suzie opened her mouth but her mother interrupted her and said, "And before 
you say anything, I can't just announce that I want him to fuck his very 
slutty and very horny dog fucking daughter."

They were both laughing by the time Janice had finished speaking and Suzie 
decided that she'd just have to be patient.

When Brad got home, they all settled down in front of the television. Her 
parents were on the settee and Susie curled up on the chair. 
Janice was wearing a blouse and she unbuttoned the top three fasteners 
before she sat down beside Brad with her legs drawn up beneath her. They 
had been watching the television for about half an hour when Janice whispered 
in her husband's ear. "I'm horny."

Brad turned and smiled at her and she opened her mouth and pulled his lips 
onto hers. Her tongue darted into his mouth and danced with his as she 
looked over his shoulder and winked at Suzie who was watching them closely. 
As they kissed, Janice took his hand and pushed it inside her blouse and 
onto her tit. She was wearing a half cup bra and her hard nipple pressed 
into his palm as her kneaded the firm flesh.
Satisfied that his hand would remain on her breast, Janice dropped her hand 
into his lap and was pleased to feel the hard bulge in his trousers.

Brad drew his face back for a moment and whispered, "We can't baby. Suzie 
will see us. Let's go upstairs."
His hand was still massaging her tit and she groaned, "In a little while 
honey, but I'm feeling so good sitting here. Just keep playing with my 

She pulled his mouth back onto hers and continued the kiss. Her hand was 
now kneading and squeezing at his cock and she moved it upwards and pushed 
it into the elasticated waistband of his work trousers. It took her only a 
second to wrap her fist around his solid cock and she slowly jacked him off.
He tried to pull his face back and Janice knew that her was going to protest 
that they were going to far in front of their daughter but she pulled his 
lips even tighter onto hers and continued the kiss.
Janice's eyes were wide open as she stared over her shoulder at her daughter 
and Suzie's eyes were riveted onto her fathers lap where she could clearly 
see the outline of her mothers hand jacking him off. She raised one knee 
and rubbed at her hairless cunt beneath her panties and her breathing became 
heavy. She wondered how far her mother would take her seduction of her father 
but Janice knew that she was very close to the limit.

Brad eventually managed to free his mouth from his wife's sucking lips and 
he gasped quietly, "Jesus Janice, if you don't stop what you're doing, I'm 
going to jump you right here."

He had no way of knowing that that was exactly what the horny woman wanted 
and her cunt dripped its juices into the crotch of her panties as he spoke. 
Even although he had said what she wanted to here, she knew deep down inside 
that he would never do it. That didn't stop her encouraging him and she 
leaned her mouth close to his ear and said, "Go on. I dare you."

"Do you want me to fuck you while Suzie's in the room?" he asked.

"Maybe," Janice said slyly. "She might want to join in and you could fuck 
her as well."
Yet again, his cock twitched in her hand at the mention of fucking Suzie 
and she laughed quietly and throatily at his reaction.
This time he knew that the reaction of his prick had betrayed him and he 
groaned as she squeezed his shaft with her hot hand.

Suzie was unable to make out what her parents were saying as they whispered 
to each other but she was nevertheless sure that they were talking about her. 
Her little cunt was on fire and she desperately needed to cum. The sight of her 
mother's hand jerking on her father's cock was driving her nuts and the crotch 
of her panties was soaking wet.

"Let's go upstairs baby," Brad muttered. "I need to fuck."

With mixed emotions, Janice nodded her head and took her hand out from 
his trousers. She was disappointed that she wasn't going to see her 
daughter getting fucked tonight, but was looking forward to getting Brad's 
cock inside her.

"Okay," she said. "You go first and I'll follow you in a few minutes.
Suzie hurriedly dropped her knee to hide her panties and pretended that 
she was absorbed in the television programme as her father got up and 
left the room. She couldn't resist a quick glance out of the corner of 
her eye as he went past and she smiled at the sight of the bulge in his 
As soon as her father had left the room, Suzie said to her mother, "I 
want to watch you fuck."

Janice nodded her head and replied, I'll leave the bedroom door 
unlatched. Just make sure that he doesn't see you."

Going up the stairs behind her horny daughter, Janice's eyes were focused on 
her sexy butt and she couldn't resist the temptation to slip her hand over 
her ass and under the preteens skirt. Suzie stopped immediately and stood 
with her legs apart as her mother felt the wet material of her panties and 
pushed the cloth up into her hole with her fingers.

"Fuck," she said into her daughter's ear. "If I had a cock I'd do you right 

Her daughter groaned and turned her head over her shoulder as she replied, "If 
you had a cock I'd let you."

Janice's fingers pushed into the leg hole of Suzie's panties and she was 
amazed at how wet her daughter was. Two fingers slid easily up the child's 
hole and Suzie moaned and swivelled her hips around her mother's fingers
She grabbed her mother's hand that a few minutes earlier had been wrapped 
around Brad's cock and pressed it to her nose. She breathed in deeply, 
smelling the scent of his prick and she shivered at the thought of it in 
her cunt.

Janice reluctantly let go of her daughter and made her away to her bedroom. 
Brad met her at the door and he was obviously in no mood for foreplay. He was 
naked and his hard cock was oozing pre cum as he grabbed her and pinned her 
to the wall. His hands almost ripped her blouse open and the front clasp of 
her bra quickly followed.

"What's made you so horny," she said throatily
"You have," he replied as he took her hand and directed it to his 
cock. "You were the one that was horny downstairs."

"True," she confirmed as she rubbed the fingers of her other hand together 
feeling the thick slime that she had just pulled out of her daughter's cunt. 
She raised her hand to his face and said, "That's how horny I am."

Brad smelled her fingers and opened his mouth and sucked them inside. As he 
moaned his approval of the taste, Janice's legs nearly turned to jelly. She 
had to bite her tongue to avoid telling him that he was swallowing his 
daughter's cunt sauce and her own cunt flooded her panties.
After he had licked her fingers clean he looked into her eyes and said 
throatily, "Get on the bed."

As Janice made her way across the room, she made sure that the door was 
unlatched and she switched on the bedside light to be sure that her horny 
daughter would be able to see everything.

Susie gave then about 10 minutes before silently opening her bedroom 
door and tiptoeing into the corridor. She was wearing only her panties 
and the crotch area was already soaking. 
Standing outside her parent's door, she could clearly hear the moans and 
the creaks from the bed as they fucked and she pushed the door open. 
Her father was on his back on the bed with Janice on top of him in the 
classic 69 position. Her mother's thighs on either side of his head 
meant that he couldn't see his daughter standing in the doorway and 
Susie's eyes were locked onto her mother's mouth as she bobbed her head 
up and down his thick prick.
Janice never broke her rhythm but her eyes looked up and stared intently 
at her daughter as the young slut pushed her hand inside her panties and 
began masturbating.
She was aware of her mother watching and she pushed her panties down to 
her knees so that Janice could see her fingers go into her cunt. As her 
mother's head bobbed rapidly up and down on Brad's shaft, Suzie opened 
her mouth and her own head bobbed up and down at the same rate. She was 
obviously imagining that she was sucking on her father's cock and the 
depravity of the situation suddenly forced Janice over the edge. She 
gasped loudly and raised her head, trailing thick ropes of her throat 
slime from her mouth as her cunt spasmed in climax.

Brad was surprised that wife had orgasmed so soon, but he let her 
recover for a few seconds before Suzie heard his voice say to her 
mother, "Move around baby. I want to fuck you."

Susie quickly stepped to the side and out of sight in the corridor 
and Janice made sure that her daughter was hidden before she swung 
herself around and rolled onto her back with her legs wide open.
"Help yourself honey," she said huskily. "Nail my horny butt to the 

"Fuck," Brad said with a smile. "I don't know what's got you so hot and 
I don't care. I just hope it keeps up."

Laughing, Janice replied, "I hope you can keep it up too!"

When Suzie moved back into the doorway, Janice was on her back with 
Brad's thick cock flashing in and out of her cunt. Her legs were wide 
open and juice was pouring out of her hole and trickling down over her 
asshole. As he pounded on her cunt, Janice looked down her body and 
watched her daughter finger herself off. Just before Brad spurted his 
load inside her, Janice saw Suzie cum. The preteen's legs turned to 
jelly and her eyes rolled up into her head as she climaxed. Janice 
gasped loudly, which drowned out the groan from the doorway, because 
for one frightening moment, she thought that her daughter was going 
to collapse in a heap on the floor.
It was a close thing, but the girl managed to retain her senses and 
she pulled her fingers out of her hole and staggered back to her 
bedroom, still with her panties around her knees. 
By the time she got back to her room, Brad was shooting his cum up 
his wife's cunt and he collapsed onto the bed beside her. They hugged 
for a few moments before Brad rolled onto his side and within minutes, 
his heavy breathing indicated that he was fast asleep.

Suzie was horny again. She had never been this aroused before and even her 
cum hadn't helped. She reached under her pillow for her mother's plastic 
dildo that she kept there and lay down on the bed after taking off her 
panties. The fuck toy slid easily up her saturated hole and she slowly 
pushed it in and out as she listened to the final creaking of her parents 
bed in the room next door.

Her eyes closed and she lost track of the time as she masturbated lazily and 
replayed the images of her parents fucking in her mind. The click of her 
bedroom door made her open her eyes and she smiled as she watched her mother 
come over to the bed. Without saying a word, her mother raised one foot from 
the floor and placed it onto the pillow beside her head. The child looked 
straight up at Janice's freshly fucked cunt that was very slightly open and 
framed with red and swollen sex lips. Her mother pulled her cunt wide open 
with both hands and, as a large clump of spunk fell out, Suzie opened her 
mouth. The first taste of her father's semen was like an electric shock 
through her body. She climaxed instantly and groaned loudly as the slime 
slid down her throat. Even as she orgasmed, her mouth stayed open and she 
greedily drank down all the slime that dripped from her mother's hole. Janice 
squeezed out the last few clumps, blowing spunk bubbles with her cunt before 
she lowered her butt and let Suzie lick her out. 

Suzie slept late the next morning and it was after nine by the time she 
made it to the breakfast table.  Her parents had been up for hours and she 
was surprised that they were both in the kitchen.

"'Morning sleepyhead," her father said with a grin.

"Hi Dad," she replied as she tried to stifle a yawn. "Are you not working 

"We need supplies honey," her mother answered. "Your Dad and I are going to 
the hyper-market."

As Suzie turned to her Mother, a look flashed between them that said a 
thousand words in a fraction of a second. The look said that neither of 
them regretted what had happened yesterday and that the plans that they 
had made were still in place.

"It means we'll be leaving you alone for a few hours," Brad said to Suzie, 
interrupting her thoughts. "Will you be okay?"

"Dad!" she said, sticking out her developing chest more that she had 
to, "I'm a big girl now. I'll be fine"

Brad couldn't help but look at her tits beneath the tight material of her 
crop top as she spoke and Suzie felt a slight tingle in her cunt at his gaze.
Brad nodded his head and told Janice that her was going to bring the car 

When her left the room, Suzie stood up from the table and hugged her mother.
"Be good," Janice said to her with a smile.

"Good," Suzie echoed. "I'm going to be great. I'm going to find Blue and 
let him fuck my brains out. When he's filled my hole with his spunk I'm 
going to suck his cock clean."

"Oh God," Janice groaned as she pressed her hand between her legs. "How 
can you make me so wet with just your voice."

Before Suzie replied, the sound of a car horn told Janice that her impatient 
husband was waiting.
As Janice climbed into the car, Suzie came to the door and gave a piercing 
whistle. An answering bark came from the back of the barn and Blue suddenly 
appeared moving like a rocket straight to the girl.

Brad watched the dog and turned to his wife and said, "Suzie sure does love 
that dog."

Janice was looking out the car window straight at her daughter's crotch. She 
imagined the animal's cock pounding Suzie's cunt as she replied, "Yea, she 
sure does."

Janice had been feeling particularly horny when she got up this morning. 
Unfortunately, Brad had got up early to leave instructions for the farm 
hands so she lay in her bed and masturbated with her fingers as she replayed 
the previous nights events in her head. She dressed in a light weight 
summer dress without a bra and a pair of her briefest thong panties that 
just covered her slit with a string back that was pulled deep into her ass 
She had reckoned without her horny daughter however and her cunt was 
flooding as she sat in the passenger seat of the car and imagined what 
she was about to get up to. Her fuck hole was drooling and the small scrap 
of material over her sex could never cope with the amount of juice she was 

As soon as Blue came bounding into the house, Suzie closed the door and 
pulled the animal's head under her skirt. She wasn't wearing any panties 
and the smell of her hole was in instant attraction to the dog.
"You want some cunt boy?" she asked, talking to the dog as if it were a 
person. "I'm horny Blue and I need to fuck."

The dog actually didn't understand a word his mistress said, but he knew 
what to do with a wet cunt and his tongue swiped through her slime and his 
prick started to push out of his sheath.
She let him lick her sex for a few seconds before she pushed him away and 
turned towards the stairs. The dog knew the routine well and he ran past 
her and bounded upstairs three at a time. By the time Suzie got to the top 
of the stairs, Blue was prancing impatiently outside her bedroom door 
waiting for her. 
Opening the door, Blue jumped onto the bed and watched his mistress strip 
off her clothes. She rubbed her slit as she watched her pet's cock lengthen 
and thicken until it was fully erect and she lifted her mother's dildo that 
was lying on the floor beside her bed. She put it in her mouth, tasting 
her stale cunt juices on it and covered it with her saliva. As she took 
it out of her mouth, she spat on the tip and squatted down. Blue watched 
the girl intently with his head cocked to the side. This was something 
new to him and for Suzie as well as she pushed the fuck toy up her asshole.
The most she'd ever taken before in her back hole was a finger and she 
groaned as her shit tube was stretched. As she stood up, she tensed her 
anal muscles to hold it in place and walked slowly over to the bed. She 
sat down on the edge, which pushed even more of the dildo up her back hole.
As soon as she sat down, Blue jumped off the bed and trotted around in 
front of her, and, as she lay back, the dog's nose pushed into her crotch, 
nuzzling her legs apart to get to her ripe cunt. 

Suzie groaned and squirmed as Blue's tongue began to lick her sex and the 
pressure in her bowels was sending waves of both pain and pleasure through 
her body. She realised that she probably should have taken a shit before 
plugging up her asshole but there was no way that she was going to stop 
the horny animal now. Her fingers kneaded her little tits and pulled at 
her nipples as Blue pushed his tongue inside her cunt and thrashed it 
around. Her butt rose from the bed in response as she thrust her crotch 
into the animal's mouth and she could feel the dildo begin to slide out 
of her ass. She dropped back onto the bed, driving it back up her shit tube 
and cried out and the delicious sensation it gave her. She continued doing 
this until Blue grew tired of just licking and he jumped onto the bed with 
his front paws. She looked down between their bodies at the thick red cock 
and slid slightly to the side to line it up with her cunt. As the droll 
dripped from Blue's tongue onto her tits, the animal lunged forward and 
drove his prick up her fuck tube in a single thrust.

Not only could Janice feel the juice run out of her hole, but she could 
now smell it too. She tried to think of anything but sex but the image of 
her teenage daughter getting fucked by her dog just wouldn't go away. 
The track from the ranch to the main road was about 5 miles long and 
normally deserted. She looked backwards through the rear window and then 
through the front and there was nothing in sight.

"Jesus Brad," she said. "You'll need to stop!"

Her husband looked at her in alarm thinking that something was wrong and he 
took his foot of the gas.
"I'm horny," she explained. "I need you to fuck me."

Brad laughed as he put his foot back onto the gas pedal and replied, "You'll 
just have to wait until we get back to the house."

"I'm serious Brad," Janice said. "Fuck me. NOW!"

He noticed the change in her voice and stopped the car and pulled on the 
parking brake. As soon as the wheels had stopped, Janice jumped out of the 
car and ran around to the driver's side. As Bard climbed out, Janice bent 
over the hood, pulled her dress up to her waist and dragged her thong to 
the side.
"Get your cock in me," she snarled.

Brad had never seen his wife act like this but he couldn't deny that it turned 
him on. He unzipped his denims and slammed his shaft up her cunt in one thrust. 
She gasped at the suddenness of his penetration and he sighed as her very wet 
and very hot flesh engulfed him.
As he started pounding her hole, she pushed back, matching his thrusts and 
urging him to deeper and faster.
It was pure sex and they rutted like animals, each desperate for their own 
cum. Janice orgasmed first which was no surprise because she was almost 
creaming herself sitting in the car, and Brad gushed his load into her a few 
seconds later.

They were both breathing heavily and Brad kept his cock inside her until it 
had softened so much that it slid out of her body on its own. They both got 
back in the car and rested their heads on the headrests and closed their eyes. 
Neither of them had bothered to cover up yet and Brads prick was still exposed 
through his fly and Janice's dress was bunched up around her waist.

"Fucking hell baby," Brad said once he had fully recovered. "What the hell 
turned you on so much."

She was about to give some non-committal reply when a devious plan sprang 
into her mind.
She chewed on her bottom lip as if trying to make up her mind about something 
and Brad watched her, sensing that she was struggling with what she wanted to 
He gave her time and she turned to look at him.
"I caught Suzie masturbating this morning in her bedroom," she lied.

Brad's mouth dropped open and he eventually replied, "Suzie. Shit, you're 
kidding. She's only 11."

Janice shook her head and continued, "Yea, well she's an eleven year old 
with a horny cunt. She looked so sexy. She was naked and she had the handle of 
her hairbrush up her cunt."
She glanced down at Brad's lap and was thrilled to see that his prick was 
rapidly hardening.
He was so engrossed in her story that he wasn't even aware that her hand had 
encircled his shaft and was gently jacking him off.
"She didn't see me standing in the doorway," Janice went on, "And I could see 
her cunt juices running out of her. Her cunt lips were all swollen and red and 
her nipples were sticking out about half an inch from her little tits."

Brad was just staring at her, unable to say anything and she went on 
speaking, "Her tight butt was thrusting upward every time she pushed the 
hairbrush into her cunt and I could hear her slime sloshing inside her hole. 
She cried out as she came and her little body shuddered as the cunt cream 
sprayed out of her hole and soaked the bedclothes."

Just as she finished talking, she felt the hot wetness on her hand and she 
looked down to see the spunk spurt out of Brad's cock. He had been so aroused 
by her story, but so caught up in it that he hadn't realised that he was 
going to cum until he actually ejaculated.
"Wow," Janice said slyly as she licked his cream from her hand. "That really 
got you going again didn't it."

There was absolutely no point in denying it and he nodded his head.

Back in Suzie's bedroom, the preteen slut had her legs wide apart as Blue 
pounded her cunt. The dog was driving into the girl, his thick cock digging 
deeper with each thrust. He began to whimper and tremble as his balls filled 
with more and more thin fluid waiting to erupt. Every stroke into the girl 
would release another heavy dribble of pre cum that his prick whipped up into 
a thick froth and his long tongue continually dripped drool onto her body beneath 
him.   The slime dripped onto her small tits and then ran down to pool on her 
stomach as he continued to rut into the girl. 

Suzie's mind was going blank, sparkles of light danced behind her eyes as she 
felt her hips shudder. A gush of thin cream sprayed out of her hole soaking 
Blue's prick as she climaxed. Her cunt cream was spraying down the side of 
the dogs pulsing cock as she shuddered and convulsed.
"Fuck, I'm creaming," she gasped as her cunt drooled and splayed open around 
the thrusting shaft 

Letting out a howl, Blue began spurting his thin cum up her cunt in steady 
bursts. Time and again heavy sprays of boiling hot spunk rocketed from his 
tip sloshing into her body. Each heavy shot urging more of Suzie's own cum to 
wash over his prick and she could feel the huge balls that were resting against 
her ass pulse as they continued to jet out the boiling load. 
Eventually Blue begun to slow his thrusts as the last sprays rippled up his 
cock and his balls were empty.  

"I haven't told you the best bit yet," Janice said to Brad.

"Shit, there's more?" her husband asked.

"Oh yes," Janice replied. "Picture your little girl lying naked on the bed 
with her eyes closed and her hairbrush pounding in and out of her cunt."

Brad nodded his head and his wife continued, "She was moaning, fuck me 
Daddy. Fuck your cock into my cunt."

Brad moaned loudly and closed his eyes as he sat back in the seat.
Janice gave him a couple of moments to digest this latest piece of information 
and her heart pounded in her chest as she said, "You want to fuck her, don't 

"God no," Brad replied, a little too quickly. "I'd never do that. She's our 
daughter for Gods sake."
"Brad," Janice said quietly. "I'm sitting here with your spunk dripping out 
of my cunt and five minutes after that you shot another load over my hand 
as I told you about Suzie masturbating."

He was looking at her now as she continued, "Look at your cock Brad."

He looked down at his lap and then buried his face in his hands when he 
realised that he was rock hard again.
"Jesus, I must be sick," he muttered.

"No baby," Janice replied. "You're not sick, you're horny, and that's 
much, much better."

He took his hands away from his face and looked at her and she said 
mysteriously, "Drive Brad. We've still got supplies to get. We'll sort this 
out later."
As Brad started up the engine and put the car in gear, Janice raised her hand 
to her face and licked off the thick spunk the was sticking to her flesh.

As Blue pulled his cock out of Suzie's cunt and released a river of dog 
spunk that soaked into the bedclothes, the girl dropped to her knees. Blue 
lay down on the floor, as he always did and raised one of his back legs 
in the air to expose his cock. Before her could bent his head to lick it 
clean, Susie bent forward and sucked the shaft into her mouth. As she 
worked her tongue over the surface, tasting the animals cum and her own 
cunt juices, she shit the dildo out of her ass to fall on the floor with 
a loud thump. After every trace of slime was washed from Blue's prick she 
let the shaft fall out of her mouth and lay on her bed to recover.
It was about a couple of hours later that her parents returned from their 
shopping trip and as Brad put away the car, Janice rushed upstairs and into 
Suzie's bedroom. The child was still lying exhausted on the bed with a 
freshly fucked cunt, but Blue had long since gone back outside in search 
of more fun. Most of the dog cum had run out of her hole by now and there 
was a huge wet stain on the bedcovers beneath her butt.

"God, you look so slutty baby," Janice said as she stared at her daughter.
Suzie smiled and opener her legs wide as her mother asked, "Did you suck 
him clean."

When her daughter nodded, Janice bent forward and kissed her deeply, tasting 
the dog's cock and spunk. As she drew back, she licked her lips and nodded 
approvingly before her face grew serious.

Suzie could see from her mothers flushed expression that she had something to 
say and she sat up on the bed as her mother sat down beside her.
"Listen," her mother said, "I don't have much time because I don't want your 
Dad to know I'm talking to you." As Suzie looked confused Janice 
continued, "I'm sure that I can get your father to fuck you."

Suzie's face broke into a huge grin and she asked, "How?"

"Well, I need a couple of things from you," her mother replied. "Firstly 
you've got to get me a pair of your soiled panties that you've cum in. And 
remember that it's got to be girl cum. I don't want a pair that's full of 
dog cum. Your Dad's not ready for that revelation yet."

"No problem," Suzie replied, glancing at all the unwashed panties that were 
lying about on the floor. "Pick what ever ones you want. I've cum in them 

Janice smiled and said, "Okay. Give me the black ones so he can really see 
the stain, and before you give them to me, swipe them over your cunt to make 
sure that they still smell."

Suzie had no idea where her mother was going with this, but if it led to 
her getting her father's cock up her cunt, she didn't care.
"Oh, and one last thing," Janice said as she got up from the bed. "Have you 
got a long handled hairbrush?"

"Yea, somewhere," Suzie replied looking around the room.

"Well find it," her mother said, "And make sure the handle's been up your 
cunt. I want that to smell like your sweet little fuck hole as well."

Suzie nodded her head slowly and Janice got up from the bed and walked to the 
door. When she got to the doorway she turned and said, "Remember last night 
when you sucked your fathers cum out of my cunt?"
"Yea," Suzie said.

"Well, with a bit of luck tonight," her mother replied, "I'll be sucking it out of 

With that, she left the room and Suzie shivered and lay down on the bed to 
masturbate to the image of Brad's prick sliding into her body.

There was a subdued atmosphere at dinner that evening and a few times Suzie caught 
her father staring at her. She was still unaware of what her mother had planned 
and decided that the best thing she could do was to stay quiet and only speak if 
someone spoke to her.
After dinner, they watched some television before going to bed.
While Brad was in the toilet, Janice went into Suzie's room and took the panties 
and the hairbrush that the little girl had ready for her. She smelled the handle 
of the brush and the crotch of the panties and was pleased at the powerful smell 
of cunt from them. The panties also had a very obvious stain of Suzie's cunt cum 
and the material felt damp to her touch.

"Perfect," she said. "Okay, I need you to be out in the corridor naked and stand 
beside our door so you can hear what's being said. You'll know when to come in."

"God, I'm really horny Mom," she said.

"I know baby," her mother replied as she bent down and gave her a quick kiss on 
the lips. "I can smell your cunt from here."

Brad had been nursing a hard-on all day. Every time he thought about his daughter, 
his cock betrayed his lust. He was lying naked on the bed and Janice was lying 
beside him.

"Do you remember that story I told you about Suzie?" she asked.

He turned his head to look at her and nodded his head.
"Well," she continued. "I got this from her room."

She reached down the side of the bed and lifted the hairbrush. Brad's eyes went 
wide and he had to swallow hard before he said, "I that the brush that she 
used? I mean was it....."

"Up her cunt?" Janice said, helpfully finishing his sentence.

Her husband nodded again and she placed it under his nose and said, "You tell

The powerful smell was unmistakable and he groaned and closed his eyes.
"Taste it," Janice said quietly.

He opened his eyes again and found that he just had to stick out his tongue. At 
the first taste, he took the brush out of her hands and licked every inch on 
the plastic. As he was doing this, Janice looked down and smiled at the sight 
of his solid cock that was already leaking pre-cum.

"If you like that," she said huskily, "You're going to love these."

She reached down again and brought up the black panties. She turned them inside 
out and stretched the crotch over the back of her hand so that the white stain 
was unmistakable.

"Fuck," Brad gasped. "Is that her cum stain."

She didn't answer but placed the garment into his hand and he brought it to his 
nose. He inhaled deeply and then ran his fingers over the material.
"They're still damp," he said in awe.
"Yea," Janice replied. "Her little hairless cunt has been against them all 
day. I don't know when she came in them but it couldn't have been long ago."

Brad groaned and his cock felt like it was going to burst. While he continued 
smelling his daughters soiled panties, Janice reached down and gripped his cock 
but he put his hand over hers and stopped her jacking him.

"Jesus baby, I'm so close to spurting," he said as he restrained her 
hand. "If you jack me I'll cum in seconds."

Janice smiled as she removed her hand and said huskily, "Will I suck you 

"God, yea," he replied. "Suck the cum out of my balls before they explode."

She took Suzie's panties out of his hands and put them over his face with 
the damp crotch against his nose. She made sure that the panties covered his 
eyes and bent her head close to his ear. "Can you see?" she asked
"No," he replied and shook his head she whispered, "I'm going to suck your 
cock and you pretend that its Suzie who's doing it. Imagine her hot mouth 
around your prick and her pretty little face bobbing up and down on your cock."
Susie was standing outside her parent's bedroom door listening to what they 
were saying. Her fingers were inside her cunt and her juices were running 
down the inside of her legs as they talked about fucking her. When she heard 
her father say that he couldn't see, she took that as her cue and gently pushed 
the door open. Janice's eyes fell on her daughter's naked body and as she was 
telling Brad to pretend that Susie was giving him head, she waved the child 
into the room.  
Janice got off the bed and Susie climbed on. Her little heart was hammering 
in her chest and she glanced once at her mother before reaching out to take 
her fathers hard cock in her hand and slurp it into her mouth. Her head 
bobbed up and down as she took it into her throat just like she had seen her 
mother do and she sucked noisily on the shaft.
Brad wasn't lying when he said that he was very close, and he groaned and 
gritted his teeth in an effort to hold back. It was a complete waste of 
time as his spunk was boiling in his balls before Suzie's mouth had even 
touched him.

"Fuck, I'm going to cum," he gasped. "Nearly. Nearly. Oh fuck, here it 

As soon as he had said that, Janice reached out and grabbed the panties off 
his face. Brad's eyes flew open at the very instant his cock exploded and 
he watched his daughter swallow his load. He couldn't believe his eyes and 
he could only moan as she jacked his shaft and milked the last few drops 
of spunk out of him, before she raised her head and looked at him. A thin 
trickle of cum was running out of the corner of her mouth and her eyes were 
shining as she said, "Hi Daddy."

"God Suzie," he moaned. "Oh God Suzie."

He looked to Janice and then back to Suzie and then back to his wife.
Janice was smiling and she shrugged her shoulders and said brightly, "Surprise."

Suzie was still holding her fathers cock in her hands and it hadn't gone 
soft. She swung her leg over his body to straddle his hips and raised herself 
up to rub the head of his prick up and down her slimy cunt lips. 
She took about half an inch of the shaft inside her hole and Brad moaned and 
shook his head as he cried, "Oh God. Suzie we can't. You're my daughter."
The little girl nodded her head in understanding and removed her hand from 
his cock. The tip stayed in her cunt and she began to move her hips slowly 
back an forth. Every movement took another few millimetres of the shaft into 
her hole and Brad's eyes were glued to the horny sight of his prick slowly 
being swallowed by his daughter's cunt. Her fuck tube was tight and 
incredibly hot and she kept up her movements until she could feel his 
course pubic hair mash into her bald sex lips.
Brad glanced at his wife but Janice had three fingers up her cunt and 
was gazing intently at where they were joined. As he turned back to look 
at his daughter, she began raising and lowering her hips and bouncing 
her wet cunt up and down his shaft.

"I want you to cum up me Daddy," she gasped. "I want a cunt full of your 

Brad could only groan and keep his eyes riveted onto her cunt as it was 
stretched by his cock. As she rose up, he could see her cunt slime glisten 
on his prick and the smell of her overheated sex was strong. She was 
bouncing faster and faster as her own climax bubbled just below the surface 
and she looked into his eyes as she said, "I'm going to cum Daddy. I'm 
going to cum over your cock." 

It was all too much for Brad and although he had squirted his load down 
Suzie's throat only a few moments ago, a second load jetted out of his 
piss hole and splattered into her cunt. The feeling of her father's spunk 
hitting her cervix took Suzie over the top and she came with him as she 
shuddered and shook.

Brad woke first the next morning as usual. As he turned over he saw his naked 
wife and equally naked daughter sleeping peacefully beside him and the images 
of the previous night flashed through his brain.
After he had cum up Suzie's cunt, he had watched his wife suck his spunk out 
of the child and then Suzie had brought Janice off to a massive orgasm with 
two dildos, one up her ass and the other in her cunt.
Just before they all fell asleep, he had taken Suzie again and this time he 
had a much more active role. The little girl was on her hands and knees 
sucking on her mother's cunt while Brad pounded on her fuck hole.
As the images ran through his head, his cock hardened and he reached out to 
slide his hand over Suzie's flat stomach and down to her sex. At his touch, 
the child opened her eyes and smiled at him as she raised her knee in the 
air to allow him full access.

                             o0o The End o0o

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