Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Santa. (Sex man-woman-elves / anal / zoo sex woman-reindeer / incest sister-sister / rape / NC) It was the night before Christmas and in Santa's workshop hundreds of elves were working furiously, making toys for the children of the world. Santa was sitting in the centre of the workshop on his ornate chair, that looked more like a throne, as he watched the elves work. His hand was under his thick red tunic gently jerking off his rigid cock as he thought glumly about the work involved in delivering the gifts all over the world. Most people have the wrong impression of Santa Claus. They think of him as an elderly gentleman who lives forever and loves all children. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. A new Santa Claus is chosen every hundred years by a panel of men who have all been Santa Claus in the past. For the hundred years that the person serves as Santa, he does not age and he is given limited magical powers. The most important of these powers is the ability to create a time bubble. This is where Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and all the elves live for the hundred years and every year on Christmas Eve, at the stroke of midnight, the time bubble expands to cover the world. This stops time all over the world and allows Santa Claus to deliver all the presents to all the children in all the different countries without being seen. After all, no one could possibly believe that Santa Claus could visit every child in every country of the world in one night. When the panel had chosen this particular Santa Claus however, they had made a bit of a mistake. They didn't realise that although he liked children, he had a particular preference for little girls, and what he really liked about them, were their tight little cunts. His paedophile wife was no better and actively encouraged her husband with all his perversions. Deep in side the Arctic Circle, not far from the North Pole, was Santa's workshop, staffed by hundreds of little elves. At one end of the workshop there was a large timber chair that sat on a raised dais like a throne. This was where Santa sat, and from here he could survey the whole workshop. One of the female elves was walking past Santa's chair carrying a finished wooden train when he suddenly bent forward and grabbed her red and green dress just behind her neck. A full-grown elf stood about three feet tall and looked more like a six or seven-year-old child than an adult, and Santa had no trouble in lifting her off her feet with one hand. Her dress rode up her body exposing her little white panties that Santa ripped from her body with his other hand. She cried out as Santa lifted her high and dropped her bald cunt onto his mouth. "No. Please don't," the little elf cried as she felt Santa's tongue lap at her sex and push its way past her cunt lips and far up her hole. Her legs were wriggling frantically on either side of his head as his tongue pushed his saliva into her slit to lube her up, but her puny strength was no match for Santa and of course, the magic that all elves possessed would not work on Santa Claus. His thick spit dripped out of her front hole as he again lifted her in the air with one hand while his other hand pulled the front of his red tunic up to his waist. His throbbing cock sprang free and the little elf screamed as she looked down at the enormous fuck rod. Measuring 9 inches long and two and a half inches in diameter with a purple bulbous head that was leaking pre-cum, it was far bigger than anything that an elves cunt was designed to accommodate. "Please don't Santa," the little elf pleaded. "It's too big. I wont be able to take it." "Oh you'll take it alright," Santa growled with a sadistic grin on his face. "You'll take every last inch of it." Just to prolong her terror, he turned her so that her back was towards him and lowered her body very slowly until the tip of his prick was resting on her lubricated outer lips. He realised his grip slightly and gravity forced his shaft about three inches into the elf's hole causing her to scream again as the pain of having her sex stretched so wide, lanced through her body. Santa's huge hands now rested on her shoulders and as the tears rolled down her little cheeks, he violently pushed down and drove the entire length of his cock up her cunt. Fresh screams of agony were torn from her throat and she clenched her fists so tight that her nails cut into the tender flesh of her palms and the blood dripped from her fingers. The agony between her legs was so intense that she didn't even notice the blood on her hands as Santa gripped her hips and bounced her up and down on his cock. "Fuck that's good," Santa groaned. "You're so tight." He reached around and laughed as the elf jumped when his fingers made contact with her clit. Even with the pain radiating from her cunt, the little elf's body responded to Santa's experienced fingers as he teased and rubbed at her sensitive bud. He was suddenly conscious of the silence around him and he looked over the girl's shoulder to see all the other elves watching the action. Some of the female elves had nervously backed away in case they were to be next to be raped whilst most of the male elf's had their cocks in their hands and were jacking themselves off as they watched the girls fuck hole being stretched impossibly wide. "Get back to work you little bastards," Santa shouted. "Haven't you ever seen an elf being fucked before?" As the elves reluctantly turned back to their work, Santa resumed his assault on the girl's clit. Mrs. Claus was very pleased that her husband has been chosen to be the new Santa. She was especially pleased with the amount of elves that she had under her command and she used them as her slaves. All elves were sworn to serve Santa and Mrs. Claus for life and had do whatever was asked of them. Their cocks however were no match for Mrs. Clause's slack cunt, but their little fists were just right. She was on her hands and knees on the sofa with one of the elves standing behind her. Her dress was pulled up to her waist and the elf's fist was all the way up her cunt to the elbow. He sawed his arm in and out as fast as he could whilst another little elf jumped onto the sofa and lowered his mouth onto the woman's brown shit hole. "Oh god, that's better," Mrs. Claus gasped. "Make me cum you little bastards. Make me cream soon or I'll rip your fucking little cocks off and use them for a dildo." The elf in her cunt fisted her faster even although the muscles in his shoulder screamed in protest and his face was bathed with sweat and the other elf drove one and then two fingers up the woman's stinking asshole. "Fuck, I'm nearly there," she cried just before her body began to shudder in orgasm. Her thick cunt cream sprayed out of her front hole soaking the little elf's tunic and her shitter clenched tightly around the other elf's fingers. As she recovered, both elves pulled out and the first one massaged his shoulder and moved it around with a circular motion to try and relieve the pain. Mrs. Claus collapsed face down on the sofa breathing heavily. Her cunt was open and the area between her legs was saturated with her juices. Tiptoeing quietly, the two elf's made their way towards the door but her loud voice stopped them in their tracks. "Where the fuck do you think you two are going?" she demanded. "I'm not finished yet. I need some cock. Get Stan and Ollie up here." The two elves nodded quickly, glad for an excuse to get out of the room, and fled out the door. One of the first things that the perverted woman did when her husband was appointed the new Santa, was to line up all the male elves and view their cocks. Most were too small to be any use to her but two of the little men had pricks that measured over 6 inches long. Unfortunately they were very thin, but she knew how to get over that problem. The elves all had names of course but she never bothered to remember them and had nicknamed the two, Stan and Ollie because one was very thin whilst the other was stout. Mrs. Claus pulled her dress over her head and stood naked with legs apart and her hands on her hips as she waited for Stan and Ollie. Her foot was tapping impatiently on the floor as the door opened, and the two elves reluctantly entered the room. The sight of the woman caused them to swallow hard as they tried to mentally prepare themselves for what was about to happen. The woman was 45 years old with thick curly black hair that fell to her shoulders. She stood 5 foot 6 inches tall and was an overweight 150lbs. Her 38D tits sagged without the support of a bra and the rest of her measurements were a 30-inch waist and 36-inch hips. The two elves stared at the cunt juice that was running down the inside of her leg from her hairy front hole as she snarled, "Right you little bastards, I want cock." Stan and Ollie had been through this many times and they both pulled off their clothes. As they began pulling on their cocks to get them hard, Mrs Claus lay on the floor and opened her legs to their little tongues. Both little men were lapping at her soaking sex when she reached out and grabbed Stan behind the neck. He yelped as he was dragged up her body towards her face. His cock was only semi-erect and she eagerly sucked his prick into her mouth and expertly worked on him until he was solid. She allowed the shaft to pop out of her mouth and looked down at Ollie. His cock was standing erect and she nodded in satisfaction and said, "Right you two. On the floor." Both elves lay on their backs with their feet towards each other. They squirmed together until their legs were intertwined and their cocks were touching from root to tip. Mrs. Claus stood over them looking down at the two pricks that were now forming one thick shaft and she squatted down. She drew the outer lips of her slimy slit over the heads of their cocks a few times and then sighed contentedly as she sank down. The double shaft pushed her cunt walls apart and her hot hole swallowed every last inch of it. She stayed quite still for a few seconds, savouring the delicious feeling of having her cunt full and then started to lift her body up and down. Slowly at first and then faster and fasted she fucked herself with the two cocks. Ollie was facing her front and his fingers made contact with her burning clit just as Stan's fingers slipped into her ass crack and massaged the entrance to her shitter. The elves were not simply trying to stimulate the woman. She had made it clear exactly what she liked and what she wanted them to do as they were shafting her, and both of them knew that she would be very unhappy if they failed her. They were also well aware that if she was unhappy, she could make their lives a misery. Stan slid two fingers up her shitter as she bounced up and down causing her breathing rate to increase as she approached her climax. "Come on you little fuckers," she cried. "Make me cum." Her tits were bouncing and slapping against her chest as she rode the little men faster and faster. Her head tossed from side to side as Ollie's fingers closed tightly over her clit and twisted savagely. Her scream echoed around the room as her orgasm exploded inside her and she drove the full length of the double cock up her cunt and her body convulsed and shuddered. She collapsed forward and Stan managed to pull his fingers out of her shit hole and gradually work his cock out of her saturated cunt. Ollie wasn't so lucky and he was almost smothered by the womans body on top of her small frame. It took Stan many minutes to manoeuvre the woman's spasming body off the top of his friend and by the time he had finished, Mrs. Claus was beginning to recover her senses. She sat up as the two elves came to stand beside her. Their cocks were just at her face level and she sucked Stan into her mouth and grabbed Ollie's cock with her hand and began jacking him off. As her tongue teased Stan's piss hole, her fist flew up and down Ollie's shaft and she soon felt him stiffen. She didn't take Stan's prick out of her mouth, but her eyes focused on Ollie's piss hole that was only inches away from her face. The little elf suddenly gasped and his thick spunk jetted up his cock and splattered onto her face. The first spurt splashed onto her cheek, the second on the bridge of her nose between her eyes and the third just below her right eye. She milked the last drops into her hand and turned her attention back to Stan. Her finger pushed between the tight cheeks of his butt and the elf stiffened. Her finger was in proportion to a thick cock to the little man and he cried out as it was forced deep into his shitter. Mrs. Claus smiled to herself at his cries and her tongue flicked over the sensitive head of his cock forcing him to cum. Despite the agony in his asshole, the elf blasted a full load of thick white semen into her mouth and she eagerly swallowed it all. She finally lay down on the floor and closed her eyes. The elves gazed down at her bloated body for a few minutes noting her dripping and open cunt and the spunk that covered most of her face. They both shook their heads and quietly left the room. Santa lifted the little girl elf off of his cock. She was very tight and he didn't want to cum just yet. The elf was nearly unconscious and her head lolled from side to side as he turned her around to face him. Her cunt was wide open and her swollen outer lips were almost pressed into her thighs. He dropped her back onto his cock and she gave out a piercing scream as she was penetrated again. Making sure that his entire length was buried up her fuck tube, he growled, "Let's see your tits." His big hands gripped her tunic and easily ripped it open. The buttons flew through the air and bounced onto the floor as she was exposed. Elves didn't wear bras and her small mounds jutted proudly from her body. She moaned loudly as he rolled her sensitive teats between his fingers and thumbs and she then gasped as his arms encircled her little body and held her tightly to his chest in a bear hug. His throne was surrounded with finished toys that were waiting to be wrapped up, and he reached out for a set of skipping ropes that were close by. The wooden handles were brightly painted and the ends were about 1/2 an inch in diameter and rapidly flared out to about three times that size. The little elf's head sagged against Santa's shoulder as he bounced her tight cunt up and down his cock. She was close to unconsciousness as his shaft stretched her hole wide open and her sensitive nipples rubbed over his course tunic. She didn't even feel the handle of the skipping ropes being pushed between her ass cheeks, but she screamed loudly when he rammed it into her shit hole. Her body stiffened and her eyes shot open as her asshole was stretched and Santa laughed at her pain. He plunged the wooden dildo in and out her shitter with the same furious rhythm as his prick pounding up her cunt and his spunk began to bubble deep in his balls. "Fuck, I'm going to cum," he gasped, ramming his cock up her front hole. The little elf squirmed and bucked as she was double fucked and she cried out as her cunt was suddenly full of thick, hot spunk. He blasted four powerful spurts of semen against her little cervix before pulling her firmly down and letting the rest of his cum ooze out of his twitching shaft. The elf gasped as the thick wooden handle was pulled out of her back hole and Santa lifted it to his nose and inhaled heavily. "Aaahhh," he sighed appreciatively, "I like the smell of your shitter. The next time I feel horny, I'm going to fuck you in the ass." The elf looked horrified as he gripped the neck of her tunic and lifted her off his cock with a loud plop. The spunk ran out of her open hole as he dropped her onto the floor, where she squirmed and moaned. A few brave elves rushed over to her and their hands rubbed gently over her sex. Elves are born with limited magic powers and one of the most potent is that of healing. As their hands passed over her prone body, a soft orange glow radiated out of their palms soothing and healing. Ripped and bleeding tissue was miraculously restored and she was helped to her feet. They couldn't do anything about the ache radiating out of both her holes and for the next week at least, they would be a constant reminder of her rape. Santa watched then administer to her needs for a few moments and then clapped his hands and bellowed, "Right you little fuckers, time to get back to work. We only have a few more hours before we have to leave and you'd better have everything ready in time." All the elves turned to go back to work but Santa reached out and grabbed another of the females by the arm. Her name was Holly and she looked horrified, as he said, "Not you." She swallowed hard and her eyes were wide open in terror as the man pointed to his cock that was covered with his spunk and the first elf's cunt juice and blood. "Clean me up," he commanded. There was a huge knot of fear in the girl's stomach as she reached over to a bench and lifted a cloth. The fear proved to be justified when Santa growled, "Not with that. Use your mouth." Holly dropped the cloth and her nose wrinkled in disgust as she bent forward and tentatively touched his prick with her tongue. Santa sighed his anger and he reached out and took hold of a wooden baseball bat that was destined for a boy in New York. He grabbed Holly by the hair and she squealed as he pulled her face up to his. Waving the baseball bat in front of her face he hissed, "Listen to me you little fuck toy. If you don't do this properly, I promise you that I'm going to ram the thick end of this bat up your cunt." He didn't think that it would be possible for the elf's eyes to open any wider, but he was wrong. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head as they focused on the baseball bat and she nodded hard when Santa asked, "Understand?" He allowed her to drop back onto her feet and smiled as her mouth opened wide to suck him inside and her tongue licked at his slimy shaft. He could feel his cock soften in her mouth and he bent down and whispered in her ear, "I'm going to piss now honey and if you don't swallow every drop, you wont be able to walk straight for a week." Holly could only groan in alarm before the first spurt of his salty urine jetted into her throat. She had never swallowed so much or so quickly in her life and Santa roared with laughter as she tried to drink down all his piss. Movement outside the window suddenly caught his attention and he saw a party of his elves pull the sleigh up to the door and some others were leading the reindeers over to hitch them up. "Shit," he muttered, as he realised that he was going to have to do some work and he cuffed Holly on the side of the head and growled, "That's enough." She stepped back gratefully rubbing at the side of her head and then at the trickle of piss that was running down from the corner of her mouth. Giving him a last fearful glance, she turned and raced back to her bench and began working. He heaved himself out of his throne and crossed the massive toy room and entered his living area. He clicked his tongue when he saw his wife lying on the floor with her face crusted in dried spunk. Her hairy cunt was still slightly open and the hairs were wet with her cum. He drew back his foot and kicked her on the hip. Her eyes flew open but before she could say anything he said, "Get up you fat slut. We have work to do." She curled her fist and extended her middle finger, but before he could kick her again, she rolled onto her stomach, climbed to her feet and staggered off to clean herself up. At one minute to midnight on Christmas Eve, Santa and Mrs. Claus together with the two male elves that would accompany them on the sleigh were standing outside. Santa was looking at his watch and on the stroke of midnight he waved his hands and spoke the sacred spell. The time bubble they were living in expanded instantly to cover the world and for everyone in the world, except these four and the other elves, time stopped. They all climbed into the loaded sleigh and Santa took up the reigns and made a loud clicking noise with his tongue. Rudolph, as the lead deer started them of and within a few bounds, they were airborne. The elves cheered as the sleigh disappeared into the night. Their hard work was almost finished for another year and everyone was looking forward to a break. Stig and Thrum shared a room, and, as they were making their way towards it, Thrum turned to his friend and said, "Did you see Santa fuck that young elf? What's her name?" "Berry I think." Stig replied, "And yea it was fucking awesome. Her cunt really had to stretch." "Yea," his friend agreed, "And it made me horny. So horny in fact that I think we should invite some girls around for a party of out own. "What do you say?" "Great idea," Stig responded. "Who will we ask. That Holly has a great looking body." "Yea, but I don't want to spend the next few hours trying to persuade her to put out for us. What we need is a sure thing. Let's invite the twins." Twins are a very rare occurrence in the Elven race and female twins are even rarer. Summer and Sunset's parents died not long after their birth and they practically raised themselves with the aid of some relations. They had the reputation of being easy lays and, not surprisingly, were very popular with all the males. Stig and Thrum made their way back to the toy room and found the twins clearing up their workbench. "Hi girls," Stig said. "We've been looking for you." "Really," Sunset replied glancing at her sister. "Why are you looking for us?" "We were wondering if you'd like to help us celebrate," said Thrum. "Its Christmas, our work is nearly finished and we figure that we're due some relaxation time." Before either of the girls could respond, Stig chipped in and said, "And we've got a full bottle of Zart in our room. Zart was the name of an Elven liquor that was made from a plant of the same name. Once refined it turned into pure alcohol that gave a vicious kick as it went down the throat. "Sooooo," Summer said slowly. "You just want us to come to your bedroom to help you celebrate and you're going to share a full bottle of Zart with us." "That it," Thrum agreed, nodding his head. "Just some good drink and some good conversation." He paused for a few seconds and then continued, "Oh, and we want to fuck your brains out." Sunset looked him straight in the eye and replied, "Yea, we had already figured that one out." She turned to her sister who nodded her agreement before she turned back to the boys and said, "Okay, let's get drunk and fuck." The bedroom consisted of two single beds two chairs, a mirror and some shelves. An en-suite bathroom was off to the side and the first thing Stig did when he entered the room was to push the two beds together. Sunset smiled and sat down on the bed while her sister sat on one of the chairs. Summer and Sunset were identical. They had the typical Elven features of an oval face, pointed ears and straight black hair. They were both 3 foot 1 inch tall and had firm upturned tits that didn't need any support from a bra and long sensitive nipples. To a human they looked to be no older than 8 or 9. Thrum unscrewed the stopper from the Zart and poured out four glasses. The traditional way to drink Zart was in a single swallow from a shot glass but most females cut the fiery drink with water. He wasn't giving the girl's the option and he handed the full glasses around. He nodded his approval when both Summer and Sunset threw the liquor back and held out their glasses for a refill. He placed the bottle on the floor within everyone's reach and indicated that they should help themselves. Both the girls were wearing the simple green work tunic and as Thrum sat on the floor he could see up Summer's short skirt and the crotch of the white panties. Summer knew that he was looking but she didn't care. They were half way through the bottle when Sunset crawled off the bed saying, "I need to take a pee." Stig indicated the bathroom and with a slight stagger she walked over and pushed the door open. Much to the boy's surprise and delight, Sunset left the door open and they had a clear view of her reaching below her skirt, pulling her panties down and sitting down. The boy's eyes were riveted to Sunset's shaven cunt as she opened her legs and let her piss flow. Summer giggled at her sister's wanton display and then moaned as she crossed her legs and said, "Shit. She's making me want to go now." Thrum was still sitting on the floor and he said, "Oh please don't cross your legs. I was enjoying looking at your panties and trying to imagine what was below them." Summer smiled at him as she uncrossed her legs and replied, "You don't have to imagine." She pulled her panties to the side and he looked straight into her hairless cunt. His head swivelled for a quick look at Sunset who was still pissing and them back to Summer. "Fuck," he said in surprise. "Even your cunts look the same." Summer laughed throatily and said, "But we taste different," and she let her panties go. The material didn't spring back enough to cover her sex and one of her swollen cunt lips hung out the side as she lazed back in the seat and took another drink of Zart. Both Stig and Thrum had full erections by this time and Stig unzipped his shorts and pulled his cock out as he watched Sunset stand up from the toilet. She didn't bother to clean herself with any paper but just pulled her panties back over her sex and let the last few drops of her piss drip into the crotch. As she walked back into the room, she saw Stig's fist wrapped around his cock and she licked her lips and grinned. "I hope that's for me," she said. "I get hungry when I've had a drink." "And horny," her twin added. "I'm always horny," Sunset replied throwing her sister a knowing smile. Stig laughed as he gripped his cock and waved it at her. Sunset got onto the foot of the bed and slowly crawled towards him. Stig held his breath as she got closer and closer and he groaned when he felt her hot breath wash over the head of his prick. She gently knocked his hand away and replaced it with her own and slowly jacked her fist up and down the shaft. "Oh fuck," Stig gasped as her experienced hand played with his sensitive flesh. "That feels so good." Sunset looked up into his eyes and without breaking contact, she lowered her open mouth over his cock. Stig groaned louder and his butt cheeks clenched tightly together as her dancing tongue swirled around his little piss hole. Thrum rubbed his hard cock through his shorts and then got onto his knees and crawled towards Summer. The little elf watched him closely and as he got nearer, she lifted both feet from the floor and draped both legs over the arms of the chair. Thrum could see her wetness on her cotton panties and the smell of aroused cunt entered his nose. His heart was beating furiously as he reached out and his fingertips lightly traced the outline of her swollen cunt lips beneath the material. Summer's eyes were fixed onto Thrum's fingers and she silently willed him to push her panties to the side and finger fuck her. Her hot cunt was begging for a lot more attention that just being lightly stroked and her butt squirmed in the chair and pushed forward towards his hand. Her breathing rate had also increased and she desperately wished that she had pulled off her underwear when Thrum had started to crawl towards her. His fingers were now pressing harder into the material and were moving slowly upwards towards her hard clit. She gasped softly when he made contact and started to move his finger in small circles directly above her throbbing pleasure bud. Thrum could see the wet stain in the crotch of her panties get bigger and bigger and he held his breath as her stopped rubbing her and pulled her panties to the side. His mouth went dry and he swallowed hard as he gazed at her gorgeous fuck hole. The outer lips of her bald cunt were swollen up and her pink slit was slightly open. As he watched, a thin trickle of cunt juice ran out of the bottom of her hole and slid down between her butt cheeks. He breathed in deeply, savouring the smell of her aroused sex and then bent his head forward and swiped his tongue across her slit. "God, yes," Summer gasped as she spread her legs further apart. "Lick my cunt baby. Suck the slime out of me." Thrum's tongue pushed easily between the girl's cunt lips releasing a torrent of her juices that quickly soaked his chin and the chair that she was sitting on. Her hard clit had pushed fully out of its sheath and his lips fastened onto it and suckled it like a nipple. At the same time, he slid one and then two fingers deep into her fuck tube. Summer's back arched and her butt was almost of the chair as he stimulated her. "Uh-huh," she moaned as he eyes closed. "Just like that baby. Keep doing it just like that and I'll spray cunt cream all over your face. Thrum sucked harder on Summer's clit and his fingers flashed in and out of her hole as she arched her back higher. "Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh," she cried. "I'm nearly there baby. Uh-huh, keep doing me, I'm going to cum. Shit. Shit Ssssshit !!" She screamed loudly as her body convulsed and shuddered. Her hot girl cum splattered out of her cunt and soaked Thrum's face even more. His hand was covered with her slime and he spat out her clit with a loud plop and sat back onto his ankles and watched her spasm and shudder on the chair. Stig was watching Summer orgasm while he savoured Sunset's expert mouth on his cock. He was suddenly aware that his thick spunk was beginning to boil deep in his balls and he reached down and gently pulled the girl's face away from his cock. She instantly realised why he had stopped her and she sat up and smiled when he said, "Your turn." Sunset bounced to her feet and reached behind her to pull down the zip of her working tunic. She shrugged it from her shoulders and then pushed her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them. Completely naked, she stood with her hands on her hips and let Stig feast his eyes on her. Her small and firm tits were topped with long hard nipples and her hairless cunt was almost identical to her sisters. She hopped onto the bed and lay on her back beside him with her legs open. She glanced over to where her twin was still flopping about on the chair and then turned towards Stig. "Make me cream like that baby." she pleaded. "Lick me out until I cum." Sunset was lying across the two single beds and Stig knelt between her legs and stroked her glistening cunt lips for a few moments before he bent his head forward and licked her slit. The girl closed her eyes in satisfaction at his touch and she uttered a soft, "Yes." Summer was recovering from her climax and she smiled at Thrum when her eyes eventually fluttered open. "God, I needed that," she said. "Thanks baby. That was a good cum." Thrum smiled back at her as he got to his feet and dropped his shorts and underwear to the floor. His hard cock sprang free and Summer raised her eyebrows in approval at the sight. She got to her feet as he pulled off his tee shirt and they stood together and kissed deeply. She could feel his prick press into her stomach as their tongues danced together and his fingers found her tunic zip and pulled it all the way down. Her arms had been around his neck, but she dropped then to her sides as he pulled the tunic off her shoulders and let it drop around her ankles. Like her twin, Summer had no need to wear a bra and her hard nipples pressed into Thrum's chest. He moaned into her mouth as her hot hand pushed between their bodies and gripped his shaft. Pushing it gently downwards, she lifted one foot from the floor and positioned his cock between her legs. Her panties were almost transparent with her wetness and were only covering one of her sex lips as she brought her foot back to the floor. Her cunt slime quickly covered his prick and as they maintained their kissing, she rocked her hips backwards and forwards to jack him off. Sunset's hands kneaded and squeezed her tits as Stig ate out her front hole. She rolled her hard nipples between her thumbs and forefingers as his tongue pushed deeper up her fuck hole. The juices were streaming out of her body and running down between the cheeks of her butt to soak into the bedcovers as a very familiar rush started to build between her legs. Summer broke their kiss and her eyes shone with lust as she gasped, "I need fucked baby." She skimmed off her panties and then took Thrum's hand and led him over to the bed. She climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees with her knees straddling her sister's face and her hands straddling her hips. She watched closely the horny sight of Stig's tongue disappearing into Sunset's body and raised her hips higher when she felt Thrum grasp her sides. She was so wet that that his cock slid easily into her cunt and he continued to penetrate her until his entire length was inside her tube. Sunset's face was only inches away from her twin's sex and she watched mesmerised as Thrum's prick pushed Summer's cunt lips apart and inch by inch slid up her fuck hole. As he drew back and then started fucking the girl, the first drops of cunt juice and girl cum began to drip out of Summer's hole and Sunset opened her mouth wide to make sure that she drank down every drop. Sunset was very close and her body arched off the bed as Stig's mouth concentrated on her burning clit. Drawing it into his mouth, his tongue thrashed over the sensitive bud and the girl suddenly cried out as a massive climax ripped through her. Her body arched higher until only her feet and the back on her head were in contact with the bed and her eyes closed as her head thrashed from side to side. All her senses were concentrated on her cum and Summer's cunt juices continued to flow out of her cunt and cover Sunset's face and hair. Sunset's body shuddered violently and every muscle was strained. Her skin was drawn so tight across her arched chest that her tits had almost disappeared as they were pulled flat. Stig sat up from between Sunset's legs just as her body crashed back down on the bed to convulse and shake. He hadn't realised that Summer's face was so close and he got up onto his knees and pulled her mouth towards his prick. She only had time for a quick smile before she sucked his prick into her throat and tasted the pre-cum that was oozing out of his piss hole. The loud slurps from Summer's mouth were matched with the noise of the juices sloshing about inside her cunt as Thrum fucked her. Sunset quickly recovered from her orgasm and she up at the prick stretching her sister's cunt lips apart and then down her body to where Stig's cock was fucking Summer's face and she grinned happily. Her twin loved taking it from both ends at the same time and she wriggled her body out from under the rutting trio and got onto her knees beside Thrum. He kept thrusting into Summer's hole as Sunset pulled his face to hers and their tongues danced together. She could still taste her sister's cunt juices in Thrum's mouth and she longed for more. Breaking the kiss, she looked into Thrum's eyes and said, "I want to taste her cunt." He was initially unsure what the girl meant, but he soon found out when she jerked his cock out of her twin's cunt and slurped it into her mouth. She bobbed her head rapidly, pulling all of her sister's slime into her throat before she positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to her cunt and waited for him to push it back inside. "Mmmmmm," she said, licking her lips. "I love the taste of her cunt." She smiled shyly at Thrum as she asked, "You wanna taste me? Yow wanna taste my cum?" When he nodded eagerly, she pushed two fingers up her cunt and wriggled them around before pulling them back out. They were thickly coated with her sticky cream and she sniffed them and then offered them to the elf. Thrum didn't hesitate to open his mouth and he sucked them inside and licked them clean. Stig was watching Thrum and Sunset as he gripped the back of Summer's head and fucked her throat. The girl was moaning around his shaft and long ribbons of her throat slime ran out the corners of her mouth and lazily spiralled down to the bedcovers. She had been working up nicely to another climax but her rhythm had been spoiled by her sister pulling Thrum's shaft out of her hole for a few seconds but she couldn't voice her disappointment because of the prick down her throat. Now that he was back inside her cunt, she thrust back at him to encourage him to stay there and her body stiffened when she felt her little asshole being touched. She knew that it either had to be Thrum's finger or her twins but the gently and very familiar probing soon convinced her that it was her sister. As Thrum pounded on her cunt, Sunset spat on her sister's shitter and gently wormed her finger inside. She slid it in all the way to her palm before pulling it back out. She let Thrum smell it before inhaling the fragrance herself and licking it clean. She spat again and continued working her finger in and out until Summers shit hole was lubed up with her saliva. With her eyes shining, she looked at Thrum and said, "Fuck her in the ass." He grinned at her as he pulled out his prick and rose to his feet. As he pressed his cock against Summers puckered brown hole, Sunset lay down on the bed behind him and slithered forward, on her back until her face was immediately below her twins cunt. As Thrum drove his cock into Summer's shit hole, she was pushed forward and down until her dripping cunt was pressed hard against her sisters mouth. While Thrum began pounding her asshole, Sunset gripped her sister's clit with her teeth and pulled it into her mouth. With so much stimulation between her legs, Summer's mouth hung slack and Stig pulled his shaft out of her throat. He watched the action for a few seconds before walking around the bed. Kneeling between Sunset's legs, he slid his cock up her cunt and she immediately raised her legs and locked her ankles around his waist. Both female elves were close to their orgasm and Sunset wanted to bring her sister off before she climaxed. She could feel the warm tingling radiate out from her sex so she knew that she didn't have much time. She lashed Summer's clit with her tongue and she could feel the regular movement of her soaking cunt across her face caused by Thrum's thrusting cock. The sensitive bud seemed to swell a little in her mouth and Summer's moans increased in volume at the same time, so Sunset nipped her sisters clit with her teeth a few times before savagely biting down on it and grinding her teeth together. The effect was immediate and Summer cried out as a massive orgasm was triggered deep inside her cunt. Waves of rapture shot through her body and she shuddered uncontrollably. Her cunt muscles went into spasm and girl cum sprayed all over her sister's face as her asshole tightened its grip on Thrum's cock. Sunset had every intention of keeping her sister in climax but Stig's prick was rasping over her clit with every stroke and it suddenly pushed her over the top. There was a muffled cry as she screamed into Summer's cunt and then her body began jerking and twitching. The muscles down the inside of her thighs rippled and her fuck hole clenched around Stig's shaft just before it was bathed in her hot cream. The fuck sauce ran down his balls to drip on the bedcovers and both he and Thrum gritted their teeth and closed their eyes. Summer was the first to recover and she looked over shoulder at Thrum and gasped, "Cum in my mouth. I want to drink your spunk." She was just in time because the elf was about to shoot his load and he jerked his cock out of her asshole as she rolled over onto her back with her mouth open. Stig saw what was happening and he looked down as Sunset who was still quivering in orgasm. Pulling his prick free, he joined Thrum on the other side of Summer's head and they both jacked off furiously. They both had the same expression on their faces with their teeth tightly clenched and Summer's head rolled rapidly from side to side because she couldn't decide who would cum first. With a loud gasp, Stig hissed, "Fuck. Here it comes." Her face swivelled just in time to catch the first spurt straight in the back of her throat and her eyes were riveted onto his piss hole as it opened for every spurt. He squeezed the last few drops of his spunk into her mouth before Thrum pulled her head around and pushed the head of his shaft into her mouth. She could feel the pumping action of his balls as he filled up her moth with his spunk and she remained still until every last drop was safely captured. When he withdrew, Summer got onto her knees and crawled over to her twin whose eyes were fluttering open. She opened her sister's mouth with her fingers and then let all the spunk trickle between her lips. Some of her saliva was mixed in with the cum and Sunset took it all and swirled it around her mouth before she to got to her knees. Summer lay down and opened her mouth. There was even more slime now that Sunset had added her saliva to the mix and the twins kept this up until there was so much slime that it was too much for their mouths. At that point, they took around half each and swallowed it into their stomachs. The sleigh flew faster that any fighter pilot could even imagine and they quickly reached the first town and set down on a roof. "Right," Santa said without any enjoyment. "The quicker we work, the sooner we finish." Santa had rapidly organised everyone into a routine. The two elves would look out the correct presents and hand them to Santa and Mrs. Claus. Santa would close his eyes and nod his head once to activate his magic and the two of them would be instantly transported to the correct bedroom or family room to leave the presents. They were about half way through the town and they had just transported into little Tommy Smith's bedroom and piled up his presents when Santa stretched his back with a loud groan. "Fucking hell," he moaned. "My backs killing me already." "This will help," Mrs. Claus said sadistically and pointing to the bedside table. "Look. Little Tommy has left you some milk and a biscuit." Santa had already drunk enough milk and eaten enough biscuits and mince-pies to last him a lifetime and he muttered, "Yea, fuck that. I need a real drink." He opened the bedroom door and clumped downstairs to the family room and quickly found the drinks cabinet. Pulling it open, he smiled and said, "Bingo," when his eyes fell on the bottle of Jack Daniels. He had just raised the bottle to his lips when his wife came into the room demanding that he share. In the next five minutes they managed to consume half the bottle and Santa licked his lips and said, "That's better," as he screwed the stopper back on. Mrs. Clause nodded her agreement and they went back up the stair. They were passing the master bedroom and she couldn't resist opening the door and peeking inside. She beckoned her husband over and said to min, "Now these guys really know how to celebrate Christmas." The woman was naked and on her hands and knees on the bed. Her butt was high in the air and the man was kneeling behind her with his hard cock half way up her cunt. Santa entered the room with his wife and they stood looking at the fucking couple who were frozen in time. The mans cock was in mid stroke, halfway in the girl's hole, and Mrs. Claus reached over and pulled it out and her finger ran over the surface of his shaft that was covered with the woman's slime and she sucked her finger into her mouth. "Nice tasting cunt," she remarked and then smiled as her husband copied her action and nodded his agreement. While his wife took another fingerful of slime, Santa rubbed at his hard cock and said, "Come on. We've still got a lot of work to do." Mrs. Clause reached up and pulled a sharp hairgrip out of her hair and pushed it into the girl's cunt. As she placed the man's cock back into the woman's fuck hole, she smiled up at her husband and said, "Now she's really going to feel the prick." She laughed loudly when Santa shook his head and replied, "You're an evil bitch." They transported back to the sleigh and worked without a break until they were finished in the town and moved onto the next. They had just started delivering the presents and materialised in Rosie and Mary Chapman's bedroom. The twin girls were 9 years old and shared a large double bed. It was so warm that they had kicked off the bed covers and were lying in their long nightdresses. Both little girls were blonde with soft wavy hair that came down to their shoulders. At the moment, the hair was draped over their pillows framing their innocent faces. "Beautiful," Santa murmured staring down at the little girls. Mrs. Claus looked down at the sleeping girls and then at the bulge that was forming beneath his red tunic and shook her head ruefully. "What's beautiful?" she asked. "Is it this angelic face," she continued pointing down to Rosie, "Or this?" As she asked the last question, she lifted up the little girl's nightdress and exposed her preteen cunt. Santa groaned at the site and rubbed at his crotch. "Fuck, that's gorgeous," he said, leaning forward for a closer look. "Turn her over baby. Let me see her butt. His wife made a clicking noise with her tongue but she let go of Rosie's nightdress, rolled her onto her stomach and them pulled the nightdress up to the child's waist. "God," Santa moaned as his fingers reached out and caressed the little girl's firm ass. Mrs. Claus pulled Rosie's legs apart and used both her hands to spread the preteen's butt cheeks apart. Her cunt and asshole were wantonly displayed and Santa gazed at the little girl's holes with longing. He watched as his wife slid one of her hands between Rosie's legs and over her cunt lips. Moving her hand back to her face, Mrs. Claus spat on her first two fingers and then rubbed her saliva into the girl's sex. "Fuck, she's really tight," she said, teasing her horny husband. Her finger pushed in another half an inch until she felt the thin membrane that closed off the rest of Rosie's fuck tube. "And she's still a virgin," she announced. She drew out her finger and looked up into Santa's face, "You want to pop her cherry?" she asked with a leer. His hand was almost trembling as he gasped, "Fuck yea," and reached out to touch the preteen cunt. His thick finger wormed its way into Rosie's cunt and pressed against her hymen. Looking deep into his wife's shining eyes, he took a deep breath and lunged forward. The flesh ripped and his finger was buried knuckle deep in the child's fuck hole. He wriggled it about for a few seconds before pulling it out and bringing it to his nose. As he inhaled her cunt smell, his eyes closed and a picture formed in his mind of the child screaming in agony as he drove his cock into her fuck hole. "Fucking pervert," his wife said watching him carefully. "I bet you'd really love to fuck her, wouldn't you?" Santa's lips were dry and he licked them before he nodded. "Can I honey?" he pleaded. "Please let me do her. We can magic her into our time bubble and have some fun with her." His cock was fully erect and he pulled up his tunic and wrapped his fist around the shaft. Mrs. Claus sighed deeply and shook her head ruefully, "And how are you going to explain to all the other ex-Santa's that you raped a little girl? Do you think they'll just shrug their shoulders and pat you on the head and tell you not to do it again?" "I not going to tell them," Santa replied as he started to sulk. "How can they find out?" "Listen, you stupid bastard," his wife began, "Once time reverts back to normal this little girl is going to scream her little heart out telling everyone that Santa raped her." "Who'll believe her?" Santa spat back. "Oh, I would think that quite a few people will believe that she was raped," she replied, "Especially when her little cunt will be bruised and bloody and filled with your spunk!" He was about to come back with a reply when he reluctantly realised that she was right. "Shit," he spat shaking his head. Mrs. Claus cast her eyes heavenward and then nodded to his wilting prick. "Put that fucking thing away and get back to work." As he turned away and began pulling presents out of his sack, Mrs. Claus smiled evilly and rolled Rosie and Mary onto their sides until they were facing each other. She took hold of Mary's hand and raised one of her sister's legs into the air. She stifled a giggle as she pushed Mary's finger deep into Rosie's cunt and lowered the little girl's leg. As she pulled their nightdresses back down, she wondered what would happen when the little girls woke up. They worked like crazy for hours after that and had finished four towns before Santa got restless again. He had delivered the presents to little Tommy Oliver's house and he sat down heavily on the bed. "God, I'm fucked," he said. "I need a drink." "Good idea," his wife replied wearily. "Lets find out if Tommy's dads got any decent booze." They went down stairs and into the kitchen but didn't find anything so they tried the living room. As he walked into the room, Santa whistled and stood aside to left his wife take a look. Tommy's parents were just about to have sex. His mother was sprawled naked on the sofa with her legs open whilst his father was on his knees with a huge grin on his face as he stared between his wife's legs. He had been frozen in time just as he was about to eat her and Mrs. Claus smiled sadistically as an evil thought went through her mind. Tommy's mother was 25 years old and a real looker. Her body was thin and her cunt shaven, just the way Santa liked his women and she looked at his crotch and wasn't surprised to see the bulge. "You want to fuck her?" she asked, although she already knew the answer. "Yea," he replied as he rubbed his cock. "I do." His wife pulled the woman around on the sofa and watched as her husband stepped out of his tunic and worked his prick into her cunt. "She's wet," he said happily and then groaned as he pressed forward and continued, "And tight." Once he was fully in, he began pounding on her fuck hole while Mrs. Clause found the drink cupboard and opened the bottle of Jack Daniels. She took a long swallow and then offered it to Santa who gulped down about quarter of the bottle without altering the speed of his thrusts. He could feel the warm glow spread in his stomach and he gasped, "I'm going to cum." As he handed the bottle back to his wife, he groaned as his spunk spurted into the woman's cunt. While he was putting his clothes back on, Mrs. Clause pulled Tommy's mother back into the position she'd been in before she was fucked, and she smiled down at the scene. She nodded at Tommy's father and said, "I wonder if he'll still be smiling when he opens up her cunt and finds it full of spunk?" They were both laughing as Santa closed his eyes and transported them back to the sledge. They finished the town and also the next three on the list before they had to return to the North Pole for a new load of presents. By the time the sleigh touched down at the North Pole, Santa was horny again and he rubbed at his erect cock beneath his tunic and looked forward to prowling the cabin and corridors in search of a young female elf. Hi wife saw him rubbing himself and recognised the lecherous look on his face. She was feeling horny herself and she sighed and said, "Why can't I find any elves with decent sized cocks." Santa grinned as he replied, "Why couldn't I have married someone with a smaller cunt!" The grin quickly vanished however when Mrs. Claus punched him so hard in the ribs that he nearly fell out of the sleigh. As soon as the runners touched the ice, Santa bounded out and left his wife with the two male elves. The reindeer and sleigh were led into the huge stables, which was deserted apart from a young female elf who was mucking out. The two elves jumped down from the sleigh and nodded to the girl, who was called Willow, before they unhitched the reindeer under Mrs. Claus watchful eye and they led them to their stalls. The woman was really horny and if her husband was going to rape some little elf, she was damn sure that she was going to get some action to. After the reindeer had been fed and watered, she grabbed one of the elves and pulled him towards her. He yelped as she hauled down the pants of his green tunic and took hold of his small, soft cock. "Shit," she said ruefully. "That's no fucking good to me." Before she could say any more there was a loud thump when one of the reindeer kicked out at the door of his stall and Mrs. Claus face lit up in a grin as she said, "Rudolph! Bring Rudolph to me." The elf scrambled away to do as she asked and pulled up his pants as he ran. A few moments later, the two male elves returned leading a snorting Reindeer between then. As they approached, Mrs Claus looked under the animal at the long furry sheath and tried to imagine the size of cock it contained. Looking around, she spied Willow who was trying to finish her work quietly so she could sneak back to the comparative safety of the cabin. The little female jumped and dropped her brush when the woman shouted, "YOU. COME HERE!" Willow came forward hesitantly and when she was within reach, Mrs. Claus grabbed her and pushed her towards the two males. "Strip her," she commanded. The two elves looked at each other and grinned as they griped Willow's arms and started to take her clothes off. The girl began to struggle to free herself from their grip but stopped when Mrs. Clause shouted, "Stand still you little bitch." All the elves had sworn a solemn oath to strictly follow all instructions from Santa and Mrs. Clause and although it had never been envisaged that either of them would want to rape or molest an elf, the oath had to be obeyed. Willow could do nothing not but remain motionless and let the two male elves undress her. The jacket of her tunic was quickly pulled from her shoulders and dropped onto the floor, but they took more time in pulling her white satin top over her head. As her little pointed tits were revealed, both males took a feel of the soft flesh, making sure that Mrs. Claus didn't see them. One of them unzipped the back of her skirt and let it fall, and then they both got to their knees with their faces only inches away from her white panties. They each gripped one side of the waistband and slowly pulled it down with their eyes riveted to her crotch. The male elf nearest Mrs. Clause licked his dry lips as Willow's bald cunt was revealed and the other elf couldn't resist the temptation to reach out with his fingers and lightly draw them over her slit. "Enough," Mrs. Clause roared. She was solely interested in her own satisfaction and Willow yelped painfully as she gripped her with one hand around the back of her neck and easily lifted her from the ground. Rudolph snorted as the woman pushed Willow's cunt into the reindeer's face and the animal sniffed the fuck hole for a few seconds before swiping it with his tongue. Willow gasped at his touch and cried out when Rudolph decided that her liked the taste and wormed his long tongue into the elf's cunt. Mrs. Clause nodded her satisfaction and let the reindeer lick out Willows fuck hole until her arm grew sore with holding the elf in the air. She pulled Willow free and set her back down on her unsteady legs and pushed her back towards the reindeer. "Get him hard for me," she instructed. "I need fucked." Willow had heard stories and rumours of the sexual appetites of Santa and his wife, but this was the first time she had become involved. She looked at the reindeer, then at Mrs. Clause and then back to the reindeer in confusion. Surely Mrs. Clause didn't want to have sex with Rudolph. That would be s.... The back of Mrs. Claus hand striking her cheek with a loud crack rudely interrupted the rest of her thoughts and she was almost knocked to the ground. "Hurry up you stupid bitch," she woman snarled as she pushed the little elf under the reindeers body. Willow's body was shaking but she got down on her hands and knees and crawled under the animal as the other two elves held Rudolph steady. She reached up and ran her fingers over the sheath but was unsure how to stimulate a reindeer. She was about to say something when Mrs. Clause kicked her on the butt and hissed, "Stop wasting time. Suck on that cock, and do it before I get good and mad and send you to Santa. I'll bet you've heard what he does to naughty elves." Willow swallowed hard as she remembered the vivid stories she'd heard about Santa raping the female elves, and it was only a few seconds later that she focused her thoughts on what the woman had said about sucking. "Oh God," the girl thought. "She wants me to blow a reindeer!" The girl had little alternative but to obey, and she grabbed for the animal's cock and brought her mouth closer and closer to the tip. Her tongue flicked out and at the first touch, Rudolph snorted and almost lifted the two male elves off their feet as they held onto his reigns when he tossed his head around. As she licked, the animal's red cock began to appear and she took as much of the shaft into her mouth as she was able. The two elves holding the reindeer couldn't take their eyes off of what was happening as the girl sucked more of Rudolph's cock in her mouth. Mrs. Claus could hear the loud sucking noises the girl was making and she was satisfied that Willow was doing a good job. She reached beneath her skirt and pulled her stained panties down to her ankles and gave her soaking cunt a good rub in preparation for her fuck. She masturbated as she watched the elf suck harder and harder on the reindeer and she cried "That's it, suck on that cock just as hard as you can. Really get that meat in your mouth and suck on it. Make those juices flow." Santa's wife could see the reindeers cock pushing out the sides of the Willow's mouth and the girl's eyes were opened wide and the facial muscles were contorted in pain as she tried valiantly to take more of the hard shaft into her throat. Rudolph was getting restless and excited as the girl on the ground mouthed him harder and Mrs. Clause could feel herself getting wetter between her legs the more she watched. She desperately wanted that long, thick prick up her cunt and was just about to tell Willow to fuck off when the unthinkable happened. Willow was moving her mouth back and forth on the huge cock and got no warning as it began to shoot out its sticky life giving fluid. Rudolph bellowed loudly and the cum just poured out in gushes, and it ran down the girl's chin, down her neck, and all over her tits. She quickly pulled her face away as Mrs. Claus cried out her frustration and within seconds Willow's whole body was covered with spunk and it seemed like the reindeer was never going to stop. "Shit. SHIT!" Mrs. Claus shouted. "You fucking stupid little elf. You were supposed to stop before he fucking spurted." Willow was crawling out from beneath the animal with spunk dripping from her body and she had to swerve quickly to avoid the toe of the woman's booted foot that lashed out. The elf stood and looked down at the ground as the woman ranted and she expected to beaten at any second. She was wrong however and Mrs. Clause began to calm down when she realised that there were more reindeer. Rudolph's cock had softened and shrunk back into its sheath and she looked up at the two males and snarled, "Bring me another one." They put Rudolph back in his stall and returned leading Blitzen, who stood with his nostrils flared as the powerful smell of Rudolph's spunk reached him. He pawed the ground as Santa's wife looked at Willow and snarled, "Try again bitch, and if you fuck up again, Santa's cock will feel like piece of straw compared with what I'll stuff up your cunt." Willow swallowed hard as she crawled under Blitzen and reached for his prick. The scent of reindeer spunk had done most of her work for her and Blitzen's shaft had already dropped as she gently started to suck on it. Within a couple of minutes, it was rock hard, and Willow spat it out and got out from beneath the animal. "He's hard," she said in a quiet voice. Mrs. Claus just nodded and pulled her fingers out of her sopping cunt. After she had licked her juices from then, she told the two males to bring Blitzen over to the end of the stables where there was a ranch style fence dividing a storage area from the main bay. She hitched her skirt up to her waist and bent over the fence with her butt high in the air. The two elves gasped at the size of the woman's cunt, which was massive in comparison to their small bodies, but they both looked doubtful when they looked under the reindeer at the size of his prick. It was just over a foot long and the main shaft was around three inches in diameter, which flared out at the tip and was topped with a vertical piss hole that was open and leaking a clear slime. When Blitzen caught the smell of the woman's aroused cunt, the elves had to let him go and he reared up and draped his two front hooves over the top fence rail, one on either side of the woman's body. His long cock sprang up and slapped into her stomach and Mrs. Claus pulled forward to position herself so that it slid between her legs and then she pressed her cunt lips right into it. She then grabbed the fence for support and pushed herself back so that she was pressed right against the under side of the animal and she could feel the head of his cock right at the entrance to her fuck hole. The woman pressed back further and she felt the huge cock begin to ease into her but Blitzen was moving also and he drove his prick right into the depths of her cunt and she cried out as her hole expanded to accommodate the thick shaft. Now that Blitzen was fully occupied with Mrs. Claus, the two male elves had nothing to do and they turned to look at Willow. The girl had her back to them and she had picked up her panties from the floor but she was far to wet and sticky to wear them comfortably. She was trying to decide it she could get to the closest shower without putting her clothes back on, when she felt their eyes bore into her back. She turned around and covered her cunt with her panties while her other arm covered her tits, but she knew from the look on their faces that she was in trouble. She glanced around, but both males were between her and the door, and she sighed in resignation. She was either going to get raped or enjoy herself and she decided on the latter The blankets that were used to cover the reindeer at night were piled up in the corner and she dropped her panties on the ground and threw herself onto the blankets. Looking at the two males, she smiled and said, "Come and get it boys." Santa's wife felt more and more of Blitzen's cock sliding up her cunt and she began to rotate her hips in a circular motion and hump back and forth on the thick shaft. It was sliding in and out of her now, and every time it went back in, she could feel her feet being nearly lifted of the ground as the cock filled her completely. Her cunt muscles closed tightly around the thrusting prick and the outer lips of her sex had been drawn out to just a thin line as the elasticity of her cunt was stretched to the limit. She could feel his cock starting to throb already and she began to grind into him just as hard as she could and she moaned loudly. "Fuck me you big bastard," she cried in delight at having her cunt so well filled. "Fuck me hard." She could feel the tingling deep in her fuck hole intensify and she cried out as her orgasm started and her cunt filled up with her cum. Her body convulsed and shuddered and she humped wildly backward until she felt the throbbing cock shooting off into her and filling her with hot cream. She yelled out at the top of her lungs, "Fill me you big fucker. Fill me full." She kept grinding her cunt into the prick as Blitzen emptied his balls into her body. Every spurt of molten spunk produced another wave of ecstasy from her sex and the reindeer seemed to shoot gallons of slime before her was finished and pulled out of her hole with a loud plop. A torrent of cum gushed out of her cunt as Mrs. Claus slumped to the floor with her eyes closed and gasping for breath. The two male elves pulled off their clothes before throwing themselves on top of Willow. The first one jammed his erect cock down her throat while the second pushed his face between her legs to lick at her cunt. He quickly changed his mind however when he saw that it was covered with reindeer spunk and her got onto his knees and slid his cock up her fuck hole. Santa had no fixed destination in mind as he walked the corridors of his complex. He knew that it would take the elves a few hours to load the sleigh again and he wanted some action. Sky was walking down the corridor with her daughter Jade as they made their way back to their room. Sky was just under three foot tall with the typical Elven features of jet-black hair and pointed ears, whilst her daughter Jade was only 7 years old. As soon as Santa saw then, he knew he had found what he was looking for. Sky watched him warily was he approached because she'd heard stories about him, and she was upset that Jade was with her. Her fears heightened when Santa stopped in front of her daughter and squatted down. "Hello," he said to the child. "Who are you?" Jade was much too young to be afraid and she smiled at him and replied, "Jade." "Jade," he repeated, "That's a nice name. And who's this with you?" "It's my mommy," the little girl replied with a giggle that Santa found delightful and at the same time arousing. "Your mommy," he echoed, as he looked over at Sky who was still shorted that him even when he was kneeling down. "How interesting. I've never done a mother and daughter before." He stood up and said, "You and your mother come with me." "Please Santa," Sky began, "Not my daughter. Please let her go and I'll come with you." "Both of you," he commanded. "Now." The elves had no choice but to obey and they followed him back to his room. Willow was now on her hands and knees and she gurgled and made loud slurping noised as one of the elves fucked her throat like a cunt. His companion was pounding in and out of her fuck hole and he had one of his thumbs all the way in her shitter. The girl knew that he wouldn't be content with just his finger in her back hole but she couldn't say anything, or even look around because of the shaft in her mouth. The two males speared her relentlessly from both ends and Willow's cunt responded by giving her one massive orgasm and then seemed to hold her there while she was pounded. She would have cried out for some rest, but the shaft in her throat smothered any noise or words she tried to make, and she just had to bear the continual stimulation of her sex and clit. Santa closed his door behind them and then knelt down in front of the child again. "Let's see what you've got for Santa," he said to Jade as he held up the front of her skirt and pulled out the waistband of her little panties so he could look inside. The child's sex was barely formed and her cunt was just a deep slit between her legs. Her outer lips hadn't formed yet and she looked questioningly at her mother as Santa bent his head forward until his nose touched the waistband and he breathed in deeply. He could see the small yellow stain of dried piss in the crotch and also smell it, but it was the underlying aroma of cunt that made him get hard. He let go of Jade and stood up to pull off his tunic. Sky had been standing quietly as he molested her daughter, but she gasped loudly at the sight of his purple cock that was over 9 inches long. She would never be able to take anything like that inside her, she thought and it was too horrific for to even imagine it going inside her 7-year-old daughter. He sat down on his chair and slowly jacked his prick as he said, "Take her clothes off." "Please Santa," Sky pleaded. "OFF, I SAID," he roared, and her mother began undressing her child. When the little girl was naked, he licked his lips and said, "Now you" Resigned to her fate, Sky shed her clothes and they both stood naked in front of the aroused man. She was extremely afraid of what was going to happen, but Jade had no such thoughts, and although she was fascinated with the sight of her first cock, she was quite at ease with everyone being naked. In a parody of what thousands of fake Santa's regularly said to thousands of adoring children all over the world, the man leaned forward and smiled at Jade as he said, "Would you like a present from Santa?" Sky dreaded her daughters answer, and, sure enough, the innocent child replied, "Yes please Santa." Holding his prick with one hand, he looked at Sky and said, "Lift her on." Her mothers body was shaking as she picked Jade up by taking her under the arms and held her above Santa's glistening cock. He took over her hold on the child and Sky stepped back until he said, "Lube her up." Sky looked around the room for some suitable gel or similar but she couldn't see anything. When she looked back at him, he smiled and said, "Use you mouth." Sky couldn't make eye contact her daughter as she knelt down in front of her and slid her tongue over the little girl's sex . Jade giggled at her touch as Santa effortlessly held her in the air and she asked, "What are you doing mummy? Why are you licking my pee pee?" Sky didn't answer her daughter, she just stiffened her tongue and pushed it inside Jade's cunt. The preteen wriggled in Santa's arms as Sky's tongue penetrated. The feeling coming from between her legs felt very strange to the child. There was no actual pain, but Jade couldn't understand why her mother was licking at the place where she peed, even although the feeling it produced was kinda nice. Sky's tongue was fully inside her daughter's cunt and she could feel the barrier of the little girl's hymen. She knew that she was powerless to stop Santa raping her daughter, but she wad going to deny him the pleasure of ripping Jade's virgin membrane. She tried to poke it with her tongue, but she couldn't get enough force behind it and she drew her face back. Inserting one finger into her daughter's now slippery cunt, she easily found her hymen and whispered to herself, "I'm sorry baby," as she drove her finger through the barrier. Jade cried out as a sharp pain lanced through her cunt and her mother immediately withdrew her finger and replaced it with her moth. She spent the next few moments using her tongue to push as much saliva into Jade's cunt as she could, and she could also taste the sweet coppery taste of her daughters hymen blood in her mouth. Eventually satisfied that Jade was as wet as she could make her, Sky climbed back to her feet and looked into her daughters accusing eyes. "That was sore mommy," Jade said angrily. "You hurt my little pee pee." "I'm sorry darling," Sky replied, with tears in her eyes, and she could only watch helplessly as Santa grinned and slowly lowered the child's cunt onto his cock. Jade giggled at the first touch of a hard prick against her immature fuck hole, but it quickly vanished from her face as the man continued to pull her downwards. She grimaced and then cried out as the first waves of pain registered in her brain. "No stop," she cried. "Mommy, make him stop. He's hurting me." The tears were running freely down Sky face but she couldn't pull her eyes away from the site of the man's huge cock trying to force its way into such a small hole. Jade was struggling wildly in Santa's arms but her strength was no match for him and she suddenly became stiff as a shrill scream was ripped from her throat. His cock had finally penetrated the child and two inches had slid inside her body. The skin around Jade's sex was stretched so tight that Sky was sure that it would rip, but Santa paid no attention to either of them. He let the weight of the child rest on his prick as he took a few deep breaths and Sky saw his fingers dig into her child's flesh as he took a tighter grip. She knew what was coming but it was still a shock when he jerked the child down with all his strength and forced the whole length of his cock into Jade's cunt. It battered through her underdeveloped cervix and over four inches of Santa's shaft was inside the girl's womb. Jade screamed insanely at the agony and her mother couldn't block out the sound even although she had her hands clasped tightly over her ears. The screams just kept coming as he bounced her on his lap and pulled his cock in and out of her ruined hole. He knew that she would be very tight but his cock felt like it was in a vice and that someone was tightening the handle. The little girl's screams added to his enjoyment and he smiled pleasantly at her frantic mother as he raped her. Suddenly the screaming stopped and Sky slowly took her hands away from her ears as Santa looked down at the child who was now limp in his arms. At first, he thought that her had killed her, but when he saw her chest rising and falling, he realised that she had just passed out. "Shit," he said, as he lifted the child off his prick. "Its no fun if they don't scream." Although she was delighted that Santa's cock was no longer up her daughter's cunt, Sky mouth dropped open in horror at the sight of Jade's sex. The normally closed slit was a huge round hole with blood dripping from the rim and running down the insides of both legs. As she watched, Santa dropped the child onto the floor where she lay in a crumpled heap like a rag doll. Willow gasped for breath as the cock in her throat was removed and she eagerly gulped the air into her lungs. The other elf was still pounding her cunt and she was impressed that the two of them had lasted so long in spite of her best efforts to bring them off, but she really needed a break. "Jesus, give me a rest guys," she gasped. "I'm wasted." The elf in her fuck hole laughed as he pulled out and all three sat on the pile of blankets, breathing heavily. They looked over at Mrs. Clause who was still slumped on the floor and one of the males said, "Fuck. She really got stuffed." Willow rubbed her palm over her open cunt and smiled as she replied, "I know how she feels." All three of them laughed and then one of the males jerked on his still hard cock and said, "Breaks over." With a sigh, Willow climbed to her feet and looked down at her two lovers. "So, how do you want me this time?" she asked. The elf who had been fucking her throat said, "I want some of the tight little cunt of yours," and he watched Willow squat over him and her soaking fuck hole easily devoured his shaft. She wriggled her butt to make sure that he was fully inside her and looked at the other elf who was now standing up. "You want me to suck you?" she asked. When he shook his head, she knew exactly what he wanted and she moved forward to lie on top of the elf below her and raised her butt. She felt the tip of his cock press against her asshole and she relaxed as much as possible as the pressure increased. She gnawed on her bottom lip and gave a loud gasp when he popped past the resistance of her anal ring and slid into her shit hole. The pain from having both holes stretched so quickly soon vanished and Willow started to feel the push/pull pleasure of having both holes filled at the same time. "Yes," she groaned. "Just like that. Keep doing me just like that. The males picked up their speed in response to her encouragement and Willow closed her eyes as she felt the familiar rush begin deep inside her cunt. None of them saw Mrs. Claus stir as her senses returned and she heaved herself into a sitting position. She raised both knees and looked down between her legs and grinned at the sight. Her cunt was gaping open and the back of her skirt was soaking with reindeer spunk. The slime also coated the inside of her legs and there was a very pleasant ache in her pubic bone that indicated that she had been well fucked. Blitzen had wandered off, probably to find something to eat but Mrs, Clause made a mental note of his name. As she looked around the stables at all the reindeer stalls, she knew that she was going to be a regular visitor here. The moans and groans coming from the corner attracted her attention and she watched the three elves fucking their brains out for a few minutes before muttering, "Dirty little fuckers," and getting to her feet. They all became aware of the woman's presence when she stepped onto the blankets and Willow opened her eyes to find herself looking straight into Mrs. Claus open cunt. She raised her eyes to look at the woman who smiled down at her and pulled her face into her sticky hole. Willow's face was instantly covered with reindeer cum and she pushed her tongue into the woman's body. As soon as Jade hit the ground, her mother was already moving forward with the orange healing glow radiating out from her hands. She had only taken a couple of steps however when Santa roared, "STOP!" Sky instantly became motionless and only her eyes moved as the looked up at the man who had just raped her daughter. "Me first," he said quietly, pointing to his cock that was still as hard as an iron bar and covered with streaks if the little girls blood. Sky looked longingly at her daughter but she had to obey Santa and she walked woodenly towards him. It was a strange fact that although all elves had the power of healing, they couldn't use it to heal themselves and although Jade was beginning to stir on the floor, she would be able to do nothing to stop the agony that would explode from her cunt once her senses fully returned. As she came closer, Sky rubbed furiously at her cunt, trying to stimulate her natural lubrication. She also spat repeatedly onto her fingers and pushed the saliva into her cunt and around her outer lips. Santa watched her actions with obvious enjoyment an laughed loudly at Sky's startled expression when he said quietly, "I want to fuck you in the ass." Her mouth dropped open but before she could say or do anything, he pulled her onto his lap. Whirling her around until her back was towards him, he lifted her into the air and pressed his lips to her ear. "Hold your ass open," he commanded. Sky's heart was pounding in her chest as she was gripped by the most intense fear she's ever known, but her hands seemed to move of their own accord as they gripped her butt cheeks and pulled them apart. Her daughter had begun to moan and roll around on the ground as she returned to consciousness and she pressed both her hands between her legs to try and stop the pain. She quickly realised her mistake as the slightest touch on her battered cunt sent fresh waves of agony through her young body. She sobbed and screamed just as Santa was lowering her mother's shit hole onto his cock and both mother and daughter screamed together as his thick shaft ripped past her anal muscle and stretched her bowels to the limit. Once he had the first couple of inches of his prick embedded in her asshole, Santa moved his hands to change his grip. He took hold of both of Sky's conical tits and used them to pull her all the way down into his lap. It took almost 15 seconds of constant pressure in her shitter and constant pulling on her tits before Santa was satisfied, and it seemed like 15 hours of torture to the elf. By the time he eased up, Sky's throat was ragged and sore from continual screaming and her daughter was flopping about on the floor like a fish out of water as the full agony racked her body. Santa encircled her waist with one massive arm and began bouncing her bloody asshole over his cock while his other hand pushed down between her legs and felt for her saliva soaked cunt. A normal elf's cock was about the same size as one of Santa's callused fingers and Sky began screaming again as he worked two fingers up her cunt hole and continued his pounding on her shitter. Her asshole was as tight as her daughter's cunt had been and Santa grunted with the effort of fucking her and also trying to stave of his climax. Sky's screams were music to his ears and he could feel his spunk beginning to boil in his balls. His fingers were pressed against Sky's cervix and he drove through and into the space of her womb just as he exploded inside her shit tube. Spurt after spurt of his thick cum splattered into her bowels and he held her still until he had finished. "Yea," he said to himself as he nodded his head. "Good fuck. I needed that." He let go of Sky's waist and the elf fell forward and his cock pulled out of her asshole with a loud plop. She toppled to the floor and lay still for a while but was brought back to her senses by her daughter's plaintive cries. Crawling slowly forwards, she managed to reach out and placed her glowing hand over Jade's cunt. The child flinched at the touch, but her ragged breathing slowly returned to normal as most of the pain was taken away. With a sigh, Jade closed her eyes and her brain gratefully shut down leaving her mother to lie on the floor in excruciating agony until another elf could heal her. Santa pulled his tunic back on and stepped over Sky's body as he made his way back to the stables to see if the next load of presents war ready. "This Santa thing really isn't that bad a deal," he thought to himself as he walked through the complex whistling happily. Willow's stomach was already full of reindeer spunk from sucking Rudolph off, and now she was eating more of the slime from Mrs. Claus's cunt. She pushed her tongue as far up her hole as she could as the woman pulled her cunt lips further apart and let the animal cum dribble into her mouth. Once her mouth was full, she swallowed the load and went back for more. Her orgasm was building nicely and it wouldn't be long before she came, so she hoped that the two males would last out. They were flashing their cocks in and out of both her holes and she could hear them moan and groan. Her asshole was naturally tight and the cock inside it pressed against the prick in her cunt through the thin membrane that separated them, and made her front hole even tighter than it normal was. The additional friction was having an effect and both males were gritting their teeth as they worked towards their release. Willow had managed to clean all the cum out of Mrs. Clause's cunt and she turned her attention to the woman's clit that was only slightly smaller than an elf's prick. She slurped it into her mouth and suckled on it happily causing the woman's body to stiffen. She had orgasmed wildly with the reindeer's cock, but now this little elf's mouth was going to bring her off again. Willows tongue lashed the sensitive clit and as she raked her teeth over the flesh Mrs. Clause shouted loudly and climaxed. Cunt cum sprayed out of her hole soaking Willow's face and she convulsed and shuddered. The elf's teeth were still biting down on her clit and Santa's wife thrashed her head from side to side and gasped for air as an incredible wave of ecstasy shot through her body. Willow would have loved to hold the woman there but her own climax suddenly erupted inside her. She opened her mouth to scream her release and, at the same time, Mrs. Claus slumped down onto the blankets quivering and shaking. Willow's cum took position of her body and propelled her senses upward until she felt like she was soaring. The thrusting cocks in her holes kept her in orgasm and the ripples of pure bliss carried her higher and higher until stars danced in front of her eyes and there was a rushing sound in her ears. She knew that she was screaming, but she couldn't hear herself and she wanted this moment to last forever. The elf in her shit hole finally had to give in to his climax. He couldn't hold back any longer and he groaned loudly as he splattered his spunk into her asshole. The male in her cunt could feel his friends prick twitch as it pumped out its load and he gave a final powerful thrust into the girl's cunt and let his shaft spray out the contents of his full balls. By the time Santa strode into the stables, the two male elves were getting dressed and his wife was lying on her stomach on the blankets, sucking the spunk out of both of Willow's holes. His cock twitched and started to get hard again but at that very moment, a party of elves pulled the sleight into the stables and it was laden with toys of all descriptions. "Shit," he muttered as he realised that he didn't have time to fuck another elf. He kicked his wife in the ass and as she whirled around, he pointed towards the sleigh. She glowered at him but reluctantly left Willow' sticky holes and stood up. "Come on you dirty cow," he said, giving her a push towards the sleigh. "The sooner we get this lot delivered, the sooner we can get back here for some fun." o0o The End o0o As usual, you comments and suggestions are always welcome. You can contact me at