Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Making of a Three Hole Slut. (Underage sex / anal / lesbian) Adam was relaxing on the couch watching some television and just chilling out, as most people would do, who had the day off work. It wasn't even his house he was relaxing in, but he had met Leonora a couple of months ago in a bar and their relationship had developed in a strange way. Neither of then had many friends and both were sexually frustrated. After their first night together, they realised that they had a slight problem. They fact was that neither of them wanted a commitment, or even a deep relationship, but the sex was awesome. The solution they both wanted, and that they eventually had the courage to admit, was that they should meet whenever they wanted to, just for sex. No ties, no commitments, no recriminations, just good fucking! Leonora was 33 years old and had a fourteen-year-old daughter called Sally. The teenager largely ignored Adam, but when they had to communicate for some reason, they did so civilly. Because Sally's mother was very loud and very vocal when she was getting fucked, although only fourteen, the young girl must have known that Adam was doing her mother whenever he stayed over. <=> Adam and Leonora had enjoyed a few drinks in a local bar last night and headed back to her home for some uncomplicated sex. The fucking was so good, that on learning that Adam had the next day off work, Leonora had suggested that he stay at her house and also spend the next night. That set the scene of why he was at the house, but his peace and tranquillity were shattered by the sound of the door slamming closed as Sally came in from school. He heard the thump of her schoolbooks being dropped on to the floor, and then her footsteps as she ran upstairs to her bedroom. The girl must have known that Adam was in the house because his car was parked right outside. About ten minutes later, he heard the footsteps again, but this time Sally was coming downstairs. When she appeared in the living room, she nodded her head once in response to his, "Hi Sally," and then she dropped the schoolbooks she was carrying onto the floor in front of the television. She was still dressed in her school uniform of white blouse and black skirt, but she had taken off her shoes somewhere and had white socks on her feet. While she looked at what was on the television, Adam took the opportunity to carefully run his eyes over the fourteen year olds body, and he liked what he saw. Standing five foot eight inches tall in her socks, Sally had an athletically toned figure from being part of the school swim team. He judged her tits to be around a 34A, maybe a B, but their best feature was definitely their shape. Firm and conical shaped, they pushed straight out from her chest without the slightest suggestion of sagging. Although he had never actually seen the girl's naked tits, he always imagined that they would be topped with puffy little nipples and whenever that image flashed into his brain, his cock would stiffen. When she wore street clothing, it was normally some form of crop top and Adam had seen her flat stomach many times. A few weeks ago, on her fourteenth birthday, Sally's mother eventually gave in to her daughter's repeated demands to have her navel pierced. The first night that Adam had been at the house after that event, Leonora told her daughter to let him see the piercing. The girl got up from the couch with a sigh and walked over to where he was sitting. Wearing a white crop top and a pair of denims that were cut so low that they were below her hips, he couldn't help but wonder how they managed to stay up and although he looked at, and admired the piercing, that wasn't where his eyes were focused. She had bought herself a sparkling strand of cut glass that hung down about an inch from the pin through her belly button. The glass caught the light well, but it was the shape of her flat stomach and the vee of her hips and pelvis that disappeared beneath the waistband of her denims that made his mouth water. Projecting the line downward in his mind, his eyes went lower and fixed on the exact point where he knew her cunt to be. Suddenly realising what he was doing, he mentally shook the image out of his head and coughed nervously to try and cover up his actions. Glancing up at her face and making some suitable comment about the jewellery, Sally responded with a strange little smile that seemed to shout, "I know what you were looking at!" As this flashed through his mind, he wished that Sally had been wearing the same outfit again, but her white blouse was tucked into the waistband of her regulation skirt and there was nothing to be seen. The girl looked away from the television, and as Adam watched, she dropped to the floor to lay on her stomach and began opening her books. Whether by accident or not, her feet were pointing straight at Adam, which he had the perfect view of the dark triangle that her skirt made as it rested on the back of her thighs. As she was completely ignoring him, he was able to slide quietly down in the couch, as he looked further up her skirt. It was just some innocent fun, as far as he was concerned, but as she became absorbed in her books and started jotting notes onto paper, her legs bent at the knee until her feet were pointed at the ceiling. This had little effect, but she seemed to find it more comfortable to spread her knees slightly, which made the bottom of her skirt slide up her thighs. Now, instead of Alan staring up her skirt and wondering what kind of panties she was wearing, he had a clear view of her white cotton underwear that covered her ass and was stretched tightly over her crotch, covering her cunt. All sorts of things went through Alan's mind as he stared between the girl's legs. Apart from the obvious one of lusting after her body, he couldn't quite make himself believe that Sally didn't know that he could see her panties. That made him think that maybe she wanted him to look at her, but he dismissed that idea as absurd. He was thirty-five and she was only fourteen! Admittedly, fourteen and jailbait, but still fourteen, and fourteen year olds didn't know how to be devious. Sally was humming quietly to herself as she worked through her homework, and Alan's cock had a mind of its own, as it hardened inside his pants. Suddenly aware of the consequences of what he was actually thinking, he sat up straight in the couch and was just on the verge of moving his seat, when something again tugged at his brain and the thought that Sally knew what she was doing came flooding back. He dismissed for a second time, but somehow, the thought just wouldn't stay away. Without and conscious thought, some words formed in his mind and he said, "Sally, you really shouldn't lay on the floor like that!" "Why not," she replied, but she didn't stop writing, or even look back at him. Alan wasn't quite sure why he had even spoken in the first place. He should have been content to stare at her school panties and think dirty thoughts, but it was too late to back down now. "Because I can see up your skirt," he replied. "Well you shouldn't be fucking looking," Sally replied. "You're a fucking pervert." Now he was certain that something wasn't quite right. For starters, even if she didn't want to move, she would surely have lowered her legs and pulled down her skirt, but Sally didn't make any attempt to cover herself up. Then there was the potty mouth thing. Adam had never heard the girl swear before, and he had a feeling that she was deliberately using the obscene language. The teenager's legs began to swing slightly in the air as she wrote, and if anything, this was spreading her knees wider. Adam watched her movements for a second and then said, "Well, if you're happy to show me your panties, I guess you won't mind me looking, will you?" "Dirty Bastard," Sally said, still not turning her head to look at him. "You're fucking disgusting." He decided not to respond to that, and he wondered if the teenager would allow the situation to die, or would want to keep it going. He didn't have long to ponder that because Sally realised that he wasn't going to say anything and she spat, "You just come here to fuck my mother." "True," he admitted, "But your mother is a great fuck!" "Eeewwww, that's gross," Sally said. "What's gross?" Adam asked. "Me fucking your mother, or you wishing it was you who was getting fucked instead if her." "In your fucking dreams," the girl snarled. "You're the fucking pedo, not me." All through their conversation, Sally had been kicking her legs harder and harder and her skirt had now risen up to her butt. Her knees were wide apart and Adam said softly, "You've got an awesome ass Sally. I guess you get that from your mother." The teenager remained silent and he continued, "Your mother loves me to rub her butt and slide my cock between her cheeks." Unseen by Adam, Sally swallowed hard, but he definitely heard a gasp, and then a groan when he said, "You do know that your Mom takes it in the ass, don't you?" He knew instinctively that Sally wasn't going to say anything, so he continued, "I'll bet you'd like me to rub your ass, wouldn't you?" "Don't you dare," Sally hissed defiantly. "Don't you fucking touch me." There was that word "fucking" again. If Sally had actually said that last sentence without the swear word, Adam might have started to think that he was on the wrong track here and that he should back off. That single cuss word however, made him think the exact opposite and he got onto his knees and crawled over to Sally's side. Since she first got onto the floor, she had never looked at him and even although she could feel his presence, she still didn't. Now that he was close enough, he could see the flawless skin that covered her thighs and his fingers reached out and gently touched her flesh. She flinched at his touch and said, "Leave me alone you fucking bastard!" but he now knew for sure that it was an act. She didn't react when he pushed her skirt a little higher until it was almost around her waist and then his palm squeezed and caressed her firm butt. He was sure that he could hear her softly moan and he allowed his hand to slide down the inside of her thigh and brush over her crotch as it came back up to her ass. If anyone tried to do that to a girl who didn't want to be touched, her automatic reaction would be to close her legs tightly together. Despite her earlier protests, Sally's knees remained wide apart and Adam's fingers were soon rubbing between her legs and he could easily feel the outline of her slit. "Does that feel good, Sally?" he asked. "Do you like me rubbing your pussy?" She had no time to respond to the question because Adam quickly continued, "Oh, I'm, sorry Sally. I shouldn't have called it your pussy, should I? A dirty and foul mouthed girl like you wouldn't call it your pussy, would you?" He bent his face close to her ear and said, "What do you call it? Is it your fuck hole? Or maybe your cunt?" Being so close to her, with their heads almost touching, he heard the soft moan she made and felt the way her crotch pressed against his fingers in response to what he had said. Smiling with satisfaction he sat back up and said, "Tell me you like me rubbing your cunt." "I don't," Sally spat back. "Leave me alone you fucking paedophile!" "Paedophile," he echoed slowly. "Do you know what a paedophile is Sally?" When she didn't respond, he continued, "A paedophile is someone who fucks underage girls. Is that what you think I am? Do you think I'm going to fuck you?" "No you're not!" she whispered, but somehow, it didn't sound very convincing. Rubbing her slightly harder, he said, "I know you like this Sally because your panties are getting wet and I can smell your fuck hole." "No you can't," she snapped, but Adam removed his fingers and brought them to his nose. The scent of her cunt was on his fingers and he moved them around to her face and hissed in her ear, "Smell your horny cunt Sally. Can you feel it dripping juice into your panties?" "That's disgusting," the teenager said, but that didn't stop her moving her nose slightly closer to his fingers and allowing her scent into her nostrils. Adam laughed as he held his fingers steady for her to smell, and he said, "Can you smell yourself Sally. That means you're a horny little slut, doesn't it?" "I'm not horny," the teenager muttered, but her body stiffened when his fingers disappeared from her face and moved back between her legs. Despite what she had just said, she moaned and her ass began to move against his fingers. Adam increased the pressure on her panty covered slit and he could feel that Sally's underwear was no longer just damp, but was now wet. Sliding his fingers further down, he very easily found the rock hard swelling of her clit. As soon as he touched her pleasure bud, Sally groaned loudly had her hips began to buck wildly. All of her pretence was instantly forgotten and she drew her knees upward to lift her hips from the floor. She was desperate for a cum and was very close to achieving it. Adam's fingers pressed hard on her clit and when he moved his fingertips in small circles right on top of her bud, the fourteen year old climaxed uncontrollably. Her head slumped down until her forehead was resting on the floor and she shuddered wildly, panting for breath. Grinning in satisfaction, Adam held the girl in climax for as long as he could, before he pulled his fingers away. Even without the direct stimulation, Sally continued to shake convulse until her exhausted body collapsed back onto the floor. She remained motionless and silent as she tried to recover and the only sound she made was her rasping breathing. Taking advantage of her unresponsive state, Adam pushed her skirt up higher until it was fully crumpled around her waist and then he pushed the material of her panties into her ass crack to reveal the creamy skin of her butt. Caressing and kneading her flesh, he was thrilled at the softness of her skin and the way that her firm flesh quivered under his touch. His hard cock was uncomfortable inside his pants, and he pushed and pulled at the large bulge to try and make himself more comfortable. Giving himself a final squeeze, he then nudged Sally in the side and said, "Roll over." The teenager was slowly recovering, but she shook her head and whispered, "No!" His hands gripped her hip and her shoulder as he knelt at her side and he made to roll her onto her back. He expected resistance from the girl, but she rolled easily and for about the first time since she had entered the room, they made eye contact. The fourteen year old stared defiantly at her abuser, but Adam dismissed the look as his hand reached out to the front of her blouse. The first two buttons were already unfastened, and his fingers quickly opened the next one. Grinning down at the young girl, he said, "I think it's about time that you let me see your tits baby." He popped open another fastener, just as Sally hissed, "Fuck off you bastard. Leave me alone." It was very strange to hear the venom in Sally's words, but her arms remained at her sides and she made no move to actual stop him. Still glaring at him, she hardly blinked as his fingers opened the rest of her buttons and he pulled her blouse out of the skirt waistband. In an almost deja-vue flashback, Adam remembered a similar occurrence at a club he had frequented many years ago. The girl at that time hadn't been underage, but it was the look on both girls faces that was remarkable similar. It was a look that he had learned to recognise. Some females are naturally dominant and others are submissive. The trait only affects a small percentage of people however and most women are neither one nor the other. The girl at the club had been a submissive and enjoyed being told what to do. In a flash of realisation, he suddenly knew that Sally was exactly the same! The white blouse gaped open all the way down the front and revealed the light control cotton bra she was wearing. Just as he started to wonder if he was going to have to roll her onto her back again to get to her bra clip, his eyes lit up at the sight of a front fastener nestled between her tits. Sally seemed unable to take her eyes off his hand and she watched him grip the bra clip and twist. The fastener sprang open and Alan gently lifted the material away to expose her tits. They were every bit as delightful as he'd hoped. Conical shaped firm flesh was topped with puffy areola and nipples. Her teats were hard and tight and he swallowed hard and then said, "Jesus baby. You have gorgeous tits." Reaching out, her skin was hot to his touch and he gently cupped her breast and squeezed. She moaned softly and then arched her back off the floor when he rolled her nipple between his fingers. As long and as hard as her nipples were, Adam could feel the teat tighten even further in response to his touch and he whispered, "I think you like that Sally. Do you like me touching your tits?" The teenage shook her head, but remained silent as he kneaded her firm flesh, and then turned his attention to her other breast. Playing with her tits, he held her other nipple between his finger and thumb, but didn't squeeze. Looking at the girl's face, Sally was staring back at him and he could see the silent plea written across her face. Increasing the pressure gradually, Sally took a deep and ragged breath as the delicious pain began, and as the pressure increased, her back arched again and she groaned loudly. Adam grinned at her obvious discomfort and also at her arousal. Her nipples were bright pink and as hard as cherrystones under his fingers and even with her panties still covering her sex, he could clearly smell her bubbling hole. "You like that, don't you bitch?" Adam hissed as he increased the pressure again. He knew that he must be hurting her and although her body squirmed under his touch, she did nothing to pull away. Wanting to see how far she would go, he squeezed her nipples as hard as he could, almost flattening the hard teats, but she just stared defiantly at him. The lower half of her body betrayed her however and she couldn't prevent her butt sliding back and forth on the floor, tightening the material of her panties against her slit and getting some friction onto her throbbing clit. "I think you're a little slut," he said, as he shuffled closer and raised his other hand to squeeze both her tits at the same time. "No," Sally replied quietly. "I'm a good girl." "I'm sure you are," Adam said quickly. "And I think its time that we found out what you're good at." The teenager hardly dared to breathe as his hand left her tit and slowly slid down her flat stomach to touch the piercing in her belly button. She had been sure that his hand would continue down between her legs, but her eyes opened wider as his hand moved to his own crotch and pulled down the zip of his pants. He eyes acted as if they were glued to his crotch, but she heard him say, "I'll bet you give good head, don't you Sally?" She tried to shake her head but for some reason, she was powerless to move and she could only listen as he continued, "A little slut like you must suck lots of cock I'll bet. Is that what you're known for Sally? Do the boys call you Sally the cocksucker, or maybe Sally the blow-job queen?" Before she could make herself respond, Adam pulled his hard prick out of his pants and the teenage girl practically drooled at the sight. With a tremendous effort of will, she managed to stop herself reaching out for the hot shaft, but when Adam shuffled closer and pushed his cock into her face, her mouth opened automatically. "Good girl," he said in approval, "Now show me what you can do with that slutty mouth of yours." Sally's lips closed over the tip of his cock and her tongue slid over the surface, covering it with her saliva. As she looked into his eyes, her cheeks hollowed and her tongue stimulated the underside of his prick and probed his piss hole. Sally was so horny that she was dragging her ass back and forth on the floor, pulling her panties tightly against her wet slit and trying to get some friction onto her clit. Her eyes were looking straight at Adam's in a silent plea to touch her, but his hand wasn't moving. It rested on her flat stomach, only inches away from the fire that was burning between her legs, and it was driving her crazy. As she continued to suck on his cock, Adam knew exactly what she wanted, and he said, "Do you want me to touch you? Would you like me to slide my fingers up your little cunt?" She tried to speak and nod her head, but the prick in her throat made it difficult to move her head and the sound she made was just a muffled gurgle. Even so, if was obvious that she was screaming, "Yes!" but he teased her further and said, "I can't hear you Sally. If you want me to touch you, take your panties off and open your legs." Adam was in full charge of the situation, and it did no harm to remind the teenager of that fact. She stared at him for only a moment before her knees came up to her tits and she slid her underwear over her butt. Pulling her ankles free, she lowered her legs and opened them wide just as Adam plucked her panties out of her hand. His hips thrust his cock in and out of her mouth as he turned the garment inside out and looked at the thick slime trails that covered the crotch. "You're a horny little bitch, aren't you," he said, raising her panties to his nose and inhaling her cunt smell. There was little point in denying that, so Sally didn't even attempt to speak. She just wanted him to get his hand onto her fuck hole and if he touched her throbbing clit, she would get herself off. Adam wasn't finished with her underwear just yet however, and he moved the sticky crotch down to her nose. "Smell that," he said happily. "Do you like the smell of your hot little cunt?" The truth was that she didn't need her underwear to smell her hole. Her juices were bubbling out of her slit and she could easily smell her arousal as the scent filled up the room. She could feel the wet stain on her nose and she swirled her tongue around his piss hole as she inhaled loudly and demonstrated to him that if he was trying to gross her out, it wouldn't work. She had both smelt and tasted her cunt many times before and always enjoyed it. "Dirty bitch," he hissed, understanding the silent message she was sending him. He pulled her soiled underwear away from her face and he said, "I like sluts that dirty their panties." Pushing her panties into his pocket, he added, "I'll keep these and smell them later." Sally's head was bobbing up and down his shaft, licking and sucking as hard as she could, and her nostrils flared open as she felt his hand on her stomach, and then it went lower onto her soft pubic hair. Her butt bucked up from the floor, trying to force his fingers onto her saturated cunt, but he made her wait. He eyes stared pleadingly at him and she groaned around his cock when his hand slid down to cup her cunt. Sally's fourteen-year-old slit was like a boiling cauldron of her juices. Her crotch was soaking with her juices and all of the slime that ran out of her hole went straight between her ass cheeks. When Adam pushed his fingers lower, her butt crack was flooded with her slime and without any warning, he felt for her asshole and slid a finger into her bowels. Sally cried out at the unexpected penetration of her shit tube, but the sound was well muffled by the prick in her mouth. As he fingered her asshole, Adam grinned down at her and said, "You like that Sally? You like me fingering your tight little shit hole?" The young girl couldn't say anything, but she pulled up both of her knees until they were brushing her tits and locked her arms around her legs to hold them in that position. She knew that she was lewdly opening up both of her holes to his gaze and making then easily accessible to him. That certainly answered his question, and he muttered, "Fucking Slut," as he continued to finger her back hole. Sally's mouth had never stopped working on his cock, and although he wasn't ready to cum yet, her tongue was having an effect on him. He was staring at the teenagers bubbling cunt and he couldn't resist the temptation any longer. Jerking his finger out of her asshole, he stiffened two fingers and rammed them into the boiling hot sticky mess that was her cunt. Sally squealed in delight as his fingers easily slid inside her fuck tube, all the way to the knuckle. Without pausing for breath, he then curled his fingers and finger fucked her furiously. The young girl was in an extreme state of arousal and within seconds she was bucking and twisting under the assault of his fingers. Her eyes were wide and her butt was writhing and squirming on the floor as the familiar tingling intensified rapidly and she knew that she was about to cum. She couldn't hold back her climax, and when her body began to shudder uncontrollably, Adam pulled his prick out of her now unresponsive mouth. She was gasping and moaning as she convulsed, and her legs straightened on the floor as she thrashed about like a fish out of water. Adam's hand was thickly covered with her juice and her girl cum and he happily licked his fingers clean as he watched the girl orgasm. Long moments later when her senses started to recover, she opened her eyes and saw that Adam was kneeling between her open legs and was gently fisting his cock. She took a couple of deep breaths as the final tremors of her cum rippled through her body and then reached out for his prick and pulled it towards her open slit. When the tip was resting against her hole, she removed her hands and looked expectantly into his face. They both knew that she wanted this, and Adam thrust his hips forward and Sally cried out in pleasure as her tube stretched around his shaft and sucked him inside. Her legs came off the floor and she held them open and wide as Adam started to fuck her. There wasn't any support however and the muscles in her thighs soon began to ache with the effort. As they slowly dropped, Adam reached out to grip her ankles and draped them over his shoulders. This raised her butt up from the carpet and she gasped as the few millimetres of extra penetration it gave him caused his prick to smack against her cervix. "Oh yeah," she moaned, loving the sound of Adam's balls as they swung up and slapped rhythmically against her ass. Her butt crack was slightly open and it gave her an extra thrill when the angle of his thrusts meant that they slapped against her asshole. Her hips bucked to match his thrusts, eagerly accepting everything he had to give her. Her eyes were shining with lust as she cried, "Harder! Fuck me harder!" It was difficult to accept that the normally quiet and even demure teenager had turned into such a fuck slut. Whilst her demeanour while lying on the floor had led him to believe that she would let him feel her up, this was way beyond his wildest imaginings. He thrust rapidly into the young girl's cunt as he worked towards his climax, and Sally was doing exactly the same. Her last cum had only just finished when Adam had penetrated her and it took very little time before she felt the familiar rush build again. He gritted his teeth as he pounded the teenager and he could hear her cunt juices rasp and slurp inside her hole. She was getting very wet and because that meant less friction on his prick, he was managing to fuck her longer than he thought he would be able to. Thankfully for Sally however, the loss of friction didn't affect her. All she was interested in was that his cock was being dragged over her hard clit and that she was about to cum again. The tingling in her fuck hole had radiated out and was producing the most awesome sensations in her butt, thighs and her stomach. The feelings intensified as the nerve endings in her pleasure bud fired directly into her brain and she felt like she was floating in the air. She could still feel the shaft fucking her and it suddenly felt like her head exploded and her body was consumed with waves of ecstasy. She experienced everything that her senses could throw at her and she saw the coloured and flashing lights, the roaring in her ears and sensation of flying in the air. As the massive orgasm continued to erupt inside her body, Sally screamed and her head was thrashing from side to side on the floor. If her cunt juice had lessened the friction on Adam's cock, they way her fuck hole was spasming increased it dramatically. He suddenly felt like his shaft was gripped in a vice and the rippling action of Sally's contractions were milking the spunk right out of his balls. He gasped through gritted teeth, but nothing on Earth would have been able to prevent his cum spurting deep into the teenager's cunt. He stared down at where they were joined and he could do nothing but watch his cock twitch rhythmically as his slime pumped into her tube. After he was finished, he pulled out of her hole with a groan and collapsed onto the floor beside her and stared up at the ceiling with his chest heaving. When they had both got their breath back, Sally rolled onto her side and then got to her feet. Adam wasn't sure whether it was a deliberate act or not, but the young girl had her back to him as she bent forward at the waist to lift her school books from the floor. It gave him the perfect view of her freshly fucked cunt together with her tight little asshole, and he watched a large drop of his cum oozed out of her hole and start to slide down the inside of her thigh. Straightening up, Sally made no attempt to recover her panties, and she stared down at his softening prick for a few moments, before turning on her heel and walking out of the room. He could hear her feet on the stairs, and about five minutes later, he heard the sound of her shower running. <=> Later that day, Leonora had returned from her office and was preparing the evening meal. As he relaxed back on the couch in the living room, Adam's mind churned with what had happened earlier in the day, and his prick stiffened as he pictured Sally's tight body. When Leonora had come back to the house, she had greeted him with a lovely kiss that was both wet and sloppy. It hinted strongly of what would follow later that night, but before he could say anything, Sally came downstairs and greeted her mother. Adam's heart was beating wildly as she watched the teenagers face closely, trying to work out her intentions, but Sally was very good at hiding her emotions. If she was going to tell her mother what had happened however, he had no doubt that this would be the time and he found that he was chewing nervously on his bottom lip. Sally had showered and dried her hair, so she no longer smelt like a slut. He had no doubt that her body would still show evidence of their fuck however and if she decided to inform her mother, he was sure that her bruised nipples and her recently fucked cunt would back up her story. Despite his concerns, Sally just smiled at her mother as she informed her that she was going back upstairs to continue her schoolwork. As this all replayed through his mind, the unavoidable conclusion was that not only was Sally willing to keep their fuck secret from her mother, but she might be available for more of the same The thought made him horny again, and he slipped upstairs and into the bedroom that he often shared with Leonora. He had previously stashed Sally's panties under his pillow and he removed them now and held them to his nose. The crotch was still wet and the scent was still strong as he inhaled deeply and slid his hand into his pants to jack on his cock. With what he now considered to be two available cunts in the house, he wasn't about to waste his spunk of just a hand job and he stopped short of spurting his load. Replacing the soiled underwear under his pillow, he retraced his steps and as he walked back out into the corridor, Sally opened her bedroom and struck a seductive pose in the doorway. The girl was wearing a crop-top and a pair of denim pants that only just came up to her hips. Her feet were bare and she licked her lips suggestively and after a quick glance along the corridor to confirm that her mother wasn't about, she said, "Hi Adam. You want to fuck me again?" He looked her up and down, and the girl arched her back slightly to display her tits to the best advantage, thinking that this would somehow make her irresistible. While his eyes drank in the gorgeous body, he reminded himself that he always had to be in charge when dealing with a submissive. They would happily accept instructions and even humiliation, but would quickly loose interest if the male in their life wasn't dominant. She was devastated when Adam returned his eyes to her face and replied, "I don't think so Sally." "Why not," she blurted out, still not sure that she had heard him right. He stepped closer so he could keep his voice low and said, "Because I have your mother, and she's a great fuck. I don't need you Sally." The truth was that he had lusted after Sally's ripe and firm body from the very first time he had seen her, and fucking her once was never going to be enough. He got hard just thinking about getting into her hot little panties again, but before he did so, the natural submissive had to know her position! Sally's mind was whirling and she had never even considered that Adam would refuse her. In a desperate gamble, she hissed, "Well, if you don't fuck me, I'll tell Mom what we did." "Go ahead," he snarled. "You go and tell her right now, and we'll see who she believes." That effectively called the teenager's bluff, and her mouth snapped shut. She had complained to her mother so many times about Adam and about the time he was spending in the house that she knew her mother would think that it was just another of her schemes to get rid of her boyfriend. Her mind was thinking hard, frantically trying to think of a way to win this argument, but nothing came to her. Sensing the inner turmoil, Adam remained silent and waited for her to finish. Now that he had fucked her, and fucked her well, even if he said so himself, he could see that Sally wanted more of the same. He knew from her mother that she was a popular girl at school with many friends, but she was also very aware of her reputation and she didn't want to be known as an easy lay. That meant that fucking somebody from her school wasn't an option. Fucking Adam was the perfect solution to Sally's horny cunt, and she didn't want to let the opportunity slip away. She was beaten. They both knew that and the expression on her face confirmed it to him. Swallowing her pride Sally looked pleadingly at him and whispered, "Please." She had given in totally and Adam enjoyed humiliating her further as he said, "Please what?" "Please fuck me!" the teenager replied without hesitation. He took a step towards her, which meant that their noses were almost touching, and he said quietly, "The only way I'm going to fuck you is if you become my three hole slut. Do you know what that means?" It wasn't an expression that Sally was familiar with, but it didn't take much intelligence to work out its meaning, so she nodded her head. "You do?" Adam said. "Tell what it means then." "It means that you want to fuck me up the ass," the teenager replied. "Good girl," he said with a dark smile. "That's exactly what it means. It means that I get to fuck your mouth, your cunt and your tight little asshole whenever I want to. Are you okay with that?" Again, Sally nodded her head, and Adam commanded, "Say it!" "I'm okay with it," the fourteen year old said. "You can fuck me in all three of my holes!" Now it was Adams turn to nod his head, and then he said, "Prove it." Sally's face reflected her confusion, and she asked, "How?" "Stick your finger up your ass," he instructed her with a cruel smile. Sally's eyes opened wide, but apart from that reaction, she didn't move. "Do it now," he said. "Get your finger into your asshole!" The young girl moved her hand around her back, but her denim's were so tight that it was hard to get a finger into the waistband, never mind her hand. Popping open the fastening stud on the waistband, she then pushed her hand down her back and into her panties. She bit her bottom lip, and then stopped moving and just looked at him. "Is it in?" Adam asked. When Sally answered, "Yes," he hissed, "Deeper!" Raising one knee into the air, Sally gasped quietly and then held that position, waiting for further instructions. After a few seconds, Adam whispered, "Let me smell your finger." Pulling her hand out of her pants, she held her finger up to his nose and he could immediately tell that it had been deep inside her ass. He savoured the earthy scent, and the power he now had over the girl, and he looked into her eyes and said, "Suck it clean!" Without breaking their eye contact, Sally pushed her finger into her mouth and licked the taste of her shit hole from her finger. "Good girl," Adam praised her, as he turned around to walk away. He had only taken a single step when Sally asked, "When will you fuck me again?" He stared at her for a few seconds, noting the way her hard nipples were nearly pushing through the material of her crop top and the way the waistband of her denims was still open and that her zipper had come halfway down. He could see that she was wearing pink panties and he would have bet every cent that he owned that her cunt would be dripping wet. "That's up to you," he said at last. "You gave to create an opportunity for a fuck and your mother has to be well out of the way." Sally immediately replied, "I'll tell her I'm sick so I can stay home from school tomorrow. When she goes to work, you can fuck me!" He thought that over for a few seconds and then nodded his head as he replied, "That would work." Stepping back towards her he said, "Do you remember when I told you that I liked your dirty panties?" The fourteen year old nodded, and he continued, "When you want me to fuck you tomorrow, I want you to be wearing dirty panties. Very dirty panties. If I don't think that they're stained enough, you don't get fucked! Understand?" "Yes," she said meekly, and she then straightened her shoulders and said, "I'll make sure that you'll like them." As he walked back downstairs, his cock was rock hard, and he quickly sat down in a chair so that Leonora wouldn't see the bulge in his pants. <=> Sally came downstairs for her meal later that evening but spent the rest of her time in her bedroom. That was unusual, but it gave Adam and Leonora some time together and neither of them were complaining. After watching some television and drinking a bottle of wine, Adam and Leonora went to bed, and as soon as they had slid under the covers, she kissed him deeply and reached for his cock. He was wearing a pair of boxer shorts to bed and Leonora growled, "You don't need those," as she tugged them down. She was naked under the sheets and she waited impatiently as he kicked them off and dropped them onto the floor. "Better," she said softly as she melted into his arms and gently stroked his prick. She kissed him open mouthed, nibbling on his lips and sucking on his tongue before inching her way down the bed. Her tongue danced around his nipple for a moment before she went lower. His belly button was her next stop and then her tongue left a thin trail of saliva over his stomach before she reached his cock. Standing erect and proud, she stared at it for a few seconds with her mouth watering, and then sucked him into her throat. Adam jerked slightly and moaned at the same time as her lips closed around his shaft and he closed his eyes as her tongue swirled around his sensitive piss hole. Pulling her head back, Leonora licked up and down his prick, covering it with her throat slime before taking it back into her mouth. She swallowed his cock until it was at the back of her throat, and with practised ease, she suppressed her gag reaction and let him slide deeper into her throat. "Fuck," he whispered softly as Leonora treated him to her party piece. He had no idea how she was able to stimulate him like this, but her throat was like a tight cunt and her tongue was licking and pressing the rest of his shaft. The sensation was amazing, but he knew that he wasn't going to be able to stand this for very long. His mind was still flooded with the images of fucking Sally's teenage body, and he was too aroused to be able to take what Leonora was giving him. She pulled her head back to take a couple of deep breaths and then began to deep throat him again. This time her head bobbed up and down the shaft and Adam was suddenly aware that he was very close to his cum. With a loud groan, he gripped Leonora's head in his hands and gently lifted it away from his prick, as he said, "Too much baby. You nearly had a mouthful of cum there." Leonora giggled as she slid back up his body and he could smell his cock on her breath as she replied, "That sounds nice, but I'd rather have your cum in my cunt." As she lay down beside him, Adam rolled onto his side and then got onto his knees between her legs. The bedcovers were in a wrinkled heap at the bottom of the bed as he stared down at the sight of her gorgeous cunt. Freshly shaven and slightly open, her outer lips were pink and swollen with lust as her little pink clit poked out of its sheath. "Don't bother eating me," she hissed. "I'm soaking wet and I just want to feel your cock inside me!" She pulled gently on his shoulders to get his prick closer to her waiting slit and then groaned loudly with pleasure when she felt the tip touch the entrance of her hole. "Get it in me baby," she pleaded. "Ram it in as hard as you like and fuck my brains out!" Pushing forward, Leonora hissed, "YES!" as she felt him slide his thick cock into her hole, inch by delicious fucking inch! Her legs were wide open and her hips were tilted to just the right angle as she lifted her butt off of the bed and took every last millimetre up her hole. She could feel her juices move about inside her fuck tube as she was stretched open and she loved the feeling of his hairy balls resting against the bottom of her slit. As wonderful as the sensations were, this wasn't what she wanted, and she stared into his face as she snarled, "Come on you bastard. Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" She felt his prick throb inside her hole and then he started to pound in and out of her body. Her clit began to tingle instantly and the horny woman's hips gyrated in circles as she was fucked. Leonora's cunt opened like a flower as Adam's cock slid faster and deeper and she planted her feet flat on the bed and arched her back high in the air. His thick cock pumped furiously into her clutching fuck hole as she threw her cunt up at it and her lust filled brain demanded that she took everything he could give. Sweat poured from her naked body as she writhed and squirmed under the assault of his shaft and the intensity of the tingling between her legs was driving her insane. She was totally consumed with desire as his prick jack-hammered into her body and her head thrashed from side to side on the bed. She was so very close, but the sensations flowing out of her cunt refused to bring her to climax, and instead, they just kept on intensifying. Never had she been so frantic for a man's cock as she was now, and she prayed to every God she had ever heard of not to let him cum first! Her throbbing clit fired jolts of ecstasy through her spasming cunt and every time Adam's shaft rasped over her erect pleasure bud, it felt like an electric shock. Leonora wailed and writhed beneath his thrusting shaft and her thick cum covered his cock and was whipped up to a white foam that dripped from his balls onto the already stained bedcovers. She cried out as her hands savagely squeezed and twisted her firm tits and the pain as she sank her nails into her hard nipples only added to her pleasure. She thrashed around on the bed and although it was very obvious that she was suddenly in climax, she still screamed, "I'm cumming, you bastard. Oh fuck, fuck, I'm cumming!" It did cross Adam's mind that Lenora was being so loud as she orgasmed, that her daughter couldn't help but hear her, but he had much more important things on his mind. He wasn't paying any attention to Leonora's cum now and was solely concentrating on working towards his own release. Leonora's cunt was making the most obscene squishing and sucking sounds as Adam's prick rammed in and out of her spasming hole. The pounding of her heart filled her ears and she felt like she was floating as she opened her legs as wide as possible and let him pound her cunt wildly. She could smell her own cum as the sticky slime was squeezed out of her soaking hole around his stabbing shaft and she felt like she couldn't take much more of this stimulation. Adam rammed his thick cock into her squelching cunt harder and faster as he felt his cum start to bubble inside his balls. His shaft rasped across her over stimulated clit on every inward stroke and Lenora was almost delirious with pleasure. She could feel every vein and ridge on his prick as it pounded her, and she cried out loudly when he jammed it fully up her cunt and smashed the tip against her cervix. Before she could react further, another ragged cry was torn from her throat as she felt his hot load spray inside her and coat her cunt walls. The sensation made Leonora start to shudder all over again and she sighed as she fell into an exhausted state of pure bliss. Even in her almost unconscious state, her cunt muscles continued to ripple and squeeze his cock to milk every drop of cum out of his body. <=> Adam didn't have to be at work the following day until mid-morning, so he was happy to roll over and go back to sleep when the alarm went off in the morning. Lenora wasn't so lucky however and she slapped the alarm off, and dozed for a few moments before she yawned loudly and swung her legs out of the bed with a heavy sigh. Adam had drifted back to sleep and he had no idea how much time had passed when he felt the bed move and a warm body press into his. His brain forced itself into wakefulness and the first thought he had was that Sally was in the bed beside him. He smiled even before he opened his eyes and was startled to find Leonora smiling back at him. She smelt of fresh soap and her hair was still damp as she slithered on top of him and straddled his hips. He had a questioning look on his face, and she whispered huskily, "I got showered and suddenly realised that I didn't want to go to the office all nice and clean. I wanted to be dirty and to feel your cum oozing out of my cunt all day." He could feel the heat of her crotch against his skin and he laughed at her suggestion, as his cock began to harden. "Dirty bitch," he hissed as her hips began to slide over his stomach, and he could feel that she was leaving wet slime trails on his skin. "Very dirty," Leonora whispered seductively and she chuckled as she felt his prick lengthen and stiffen. She lifted her hips, and some automatic reaction made Adam move his hand down to grip his shaft. He was going to position it at the entrance to her fuck hole, but Leonora's lips whispered in his ear, "I've been playing with myself in the shower and I'm soaking wet. You don't need to do anything. It'll go in!" Releasing his grip on his cock, he let her manoeuvre her hips until her dripping slit was directly over his prick, and the hot and wet hole seemed to suck him inside. As she was penetrated, she moaned softly and sank down until her was fully inside her fuck tube. "Yes," she hissed. "Oh fuck yes. This is what I need." As soon as she had taken all of his shaft, she collapse onto his chest and hardly moved a single muscle, except for her hips. Slowly at first, and then with increasing speed, she began sliding her cunt up and down his cock as she whispered into his ear, "I don't need to cum baby. I just need your spunk inside me. Do it baby. Fill my hole with your slime!" He had nothing to do but to relax back on the bed and let Leonora do all the work. Indeed, that seemed to be exactly what she wanted and her body weight was draped over his chest as she worked her cunt over his cock. Even although she was soaking wet, her hole was still tight and the friction was beginning to have the desired effect on him as she whispered, "Tell me when you're going to spurt baby. I want to make sure that I get it all inside me!" "Soon Leonora," he replied. "Oh God, soon!" She bounced her hips faster and faster, and even although she could feel the familiar tingle begin inside her body, she pushed it to the back of her mind and clenched her cunt muscles even tighter around his cock. She wanted him to spurt and she could see that he was very close. "Tell me when baby," she gasped again. "Tell me when you're going to do it!" His eyes were screwed shut and he released the pressure on his clenched teeth for a second to gasp, "Here it fucking comes," as the thick slime raced up his piss hole. Leonora jammed her cunt hard down onto his shaft and took him as deep as she could. She could feel Adam's cock lurch inside her and them she could feel his hot cum spray into her fuck tube. As he gasped for breath, Leonora rhythmically clenched and then relaxed her sex muscles and she milked every drop of delicious spunk from his balls. When she could feel that he was empty, she glanced at the clock on the bedside table and knew that she was going to be late. Climbing from his body, his prick made a loud plopping noise as it came free of her cunt, and she lithely jumped down from the bed. Adam relaxed back on the bed and watched Leonora cross the room to where she had already laid out her clothes. She stepped into a pair of black cotton panties and began to pull them up her legs, she had just reached her thighs when she moaned softly and looked over at him as she said, "I can feel the first drip coming." She pulled out the waistband of her underwear, stretching the material tightly around her thighs and watched excitedly for a few seconds until a drip of fresh spunk dropped into the crotch of her panties. "Mmmmmmmm," she said with a smile. "By the time I get to the office my panties are going to be soaked with your cum and I'm going to stink like an overworked hooker!" Pulling on the rest of her clothes she then kissed him on the lips and whispered, "See you tonight!" She was about to turn away, but then added, "Oh, just to let you know. Sally's not feeling well so she's going to stay home today. I'll phone the school secretary when I get to office and let her know." As she left the room, Adam smiled as he lay on the bed with his thoughts turned to the teenager in the next bedroom and although he had just orgasmed, his prick twitched slightly as he remembered her body. He listened intently and over the next five minutes or so, he heard Leonora unlock the front door and shut it behind her before he heard the sound of her car starting. The tyres crunched on the loose gravel as she backed out of the driveway and then the sound faded as she drove away. The house was then completely silent until soft footsteps told him that Sally was awake and moving around. Within a few minutes, he listened to her bedroom door open, and then his own door opened. Sally was dressed in a thin housecoat that came half way down her thighs. As soon as she was inside the room, she untied the belt and shrugged the garment from her shoulders. Naked except for a pair of black panties, she stood motionless and let Adam's eyes wander over her firm tits topped with hard nipples, her hard stomach and her toned and tanned legs. Eventually, he concentrated his gaze between her legs and even from where he was lying in the bed, he could see that there was an oval wet patch in the crotch of Sally's underwear. Wanting to remind the girl that he was in charge, he asked sharply, "What do you want?" His tone almost made her look down at the floor, but somehow she found the willpower to keep her eyes focused on his face as she replied, "I want you to fuck me." He waited for a few moments and the silence was driving Sally so crazy that she has started shuffling nervously from foot to foot. Eventually Adam responded and said, "Come here." The teenager obediently walked forward to stand at the edge of the bed and she watched his hand come up and squeeze her firm tit. Kneading the sensitive flesh until she moaned, he then squeezed very hard. She cried out in pain, but he could actually see her already hard nipples lengthen and tighten further. He laughed at her reaction and then asked, "Do you remember the deal we had." Sally nodded her head as she replied, "Yeah, I've made my panties really dirty for you." He was still squeezing her tit, but now he caught her nipple in his fingers and twisted it savagely until she screamed loudly. Her eyes flew wide open and she was panting loudly at the unexpected agony that her abused teat produced, and Adam growled, "Not that deal, you stupid bitch. The deal we had was that you would be my three hole slut. Now, do you agree or not?" Sally chewed on her bottom lip, but she also nodded her head slowly. "Good slut," he said. "Well, you can start my using your mouth on my cock!" He threw back the covers and while Sally crawled onto the bed, he added, "It's still sticky with your mother's cunt juice. She was so wet when I was doing her this morning that her slime was dripping from my balls!" That statement stopped the girl in her tracks and when her eyes studied his shaft, she could see that he was telling the truth. The teenager had never tasted another woman's cunt before and certainly not her mothers. As she moved a bit closer, she could smell her mother's arousal from Adam's hardening prick, and she knew that this was a test. At least she liked the taste of her own cunt juice and she held that thought in her mind as she lowered her head and took his cock into her mouth. Sally had given head before and she was comfortable with taking a cock into her mouth. The thick fuck sauce that covered Adam's shaft was something else however and she hesitantly licked at it with her tongue and waited for her taste buds to respond. When they did, she discovered that her mother's cunt juice tasted slightly spicier than her own, but apart from that, it wasn't too different. She took another lick, just to confirm the flavour, but Adam growled, "Deeper slut! I want to feel your throat around my fucking cock!" Sally's mouth was filled with the taste of her mother's sauce and also the last few drops of his spunk that Leonora hadn't managed to capture, and she happily lowered her head, taking more of his shaft into her mouth. In that position, her tits hung down and jiggled delightfully whenever she moved. As her head bobbed up and down on his shaft, her tits danced erotically and he couldn't resist cupping one in his hand and playing with her erect nipple. Remembering that she enjoyed pain, he twisted one of her nipples hard and she moaned loudly around his shaft in her throat. It produced a delightful vibration down the length of his cock and a familiar sensation washed through his crotch. He was going to cum soon and he wondered if he should teach Sally a real lesson in submission and blow his load into her mouth and then sending her away without fucking her. The though appealed on one level, but he also knew how hot and tight the teenagers fuck tube was, and he wanted his prick back in it. When he started to feel his spunk froth inside his ball sack, he nudged the fourteen year old and said, "That's enough for now." Raising her head and allowing his cock to slide out of her mouth with a loud plop, she stood up and waited obediently for more instructions. Strands of her throat slime clung to the corners of her mouth and she wiped them away with the back of her hand as Adam said, "Let me see those dirty panties of yours!" She got off the bed to stand right in front of his face and carefully rolled her underwear down to her knees. Standing with her feet apart, Sally flattened out the crotch and looked at him expectantly. He had asked for dirty panties and that was exactly what he had got! The smell of her aroused hole was strong and he inhaled her scent, both from her cunt and from the wet stain in her panties. What really impressed him was the thick white crust of dried girl cum that covered the crotch. Some of the crust had softened again when it had been soaked in fresh slime, but most of it was stuck to the material and had even soaked right through. Nodding his head in approval, he said, "You're a dirty slut, aren't you?" "Uh huh," she replied with a smile, pleased that her liked her soiled underwear. She had spent hours masturbating last night and sopping up her slime with her panties, and if he was now going to fuck her, Sally was quite happy. As he stared at the wet slit between her legs, Adam said, "Open your cunt." Releasing her grip on her underwear, Sally obediently placed the fingers of both hands on the skin on both sides of her hole. Stretching the skin tight opened up her slit and she then manoeuvred her fingers into her cunt and pulled herself wide open. Raising his hand, Adam pushed his stiffened forefinger into the fourteen year olds fuck tube and Sally giggled as she felt it wriggle about inside her. Pulling his finger back out, he raised it up to the girl's face and she knew what was expected of her. The taste of her mother's cunt was still in her mouth as she looked at the slime covered finger, and then sucked it past her lips. She was very familiar with the taste of her own fuck juice and she licked and sucked on the finger until it was clean. Only when she was satisfied that she had captured every drop, did she raise her head and let the finger slip out of her mouth. Waiting patiently for more instructions, she eagerly obeyed when Adam said, "Take your panties off!" She was now naked as she stood beside him and watched as he pressed the saturated crotch of her underwear to his nose and inhaled loudly. The act should have grossed her out, but somehow it only increased how horny she felt. The only scent that her panties contained came from her cunt and it made her body tingle knowing that was the smell that would fill his nostrils. If he had wanted to push his nose into her hole, she would have happy to let him. After a few moments of inhaling her heady fragrance, he pointed to his hard cock and hissed, "Sit your cunt on top of it!" Sally's sprits soared as soon as she heard those words. She was going to get his prick up her again and she was going to get fucked! She swung her leg across his hips but stopped when her shouted, "Not like that slut. I don't want to see your ugly face when I'm fucking you. I want to see your asshole!" The teenager swivelled around and again threw a leg across his hips, but now she was facing his feet. Straddling his crotch, she got her balance and then squatted down until his prick was nudging against the entrance to her cunt. Holding onto the base of his prick with one hand, Sally sighed in satisfaction as she lowered her hips and allowed the shaft to penetrate her. Maintaining the downward pressure, she took the entire length of his cock up her cunt until their pubic hair was mashed together. Leaning forwards, she got her knees onto the bed on either side of his hips and then gripped both of his ankles. She knew that this position would open up her ass crack and give him the best view of her cunt wrapped around his cock, and also her tightly closed asshole. Her heart lurched and her stomach churned every time he mentioned fucking her up the ass, but she was sure that he would actually do it and although the thought definitely worried her, it also thrilled her that she would actually be able to take a cock into all three of her holes. Adam's eyes feasted on the erotic sight of a fourteen year old cunt clinging tightly to his prick. Sally's slit bulged out every time she pushed down onto his shaft, and when she lifted up it was like her flesh changed into an elastic band and gripped him like a vice. The young girl was dripping with cunt juice and the tightness of her fuck tube pushed her cream down to the root of Adam's prick and it was soon dripping from his balls. Sally had got herself into a nice rhythm and she had tilted her hips to brush her burning clit up and down Adam's cock. She had been praying for this all night long and especially when she was lying in her bed next door and listening to her mother fuck on the other side of the wall. She had started off hating the amount of time that Adam spent in the house, but now she found herself being jealous of the amount of time her mother monopolised his cock. "That bitch is going to have to learn to share," she snarled as she had masturbated, and now that she had managed to get Adam's prick up her cunt, she was determined to get his thick cum into her body. Her eyes were closed as she basked in the blissful sensations radiating out from between her legs, and then her body stiffened and her rhythm broke apart. The reason for the abrupt change was because she felt Adam's finger probe at her virgin asshole. Although she had experimented with taking a few things up her back hole, her finger was probably the thickest, and she almost too afraid to imagine what it would feel like to be stretched by a cock. She was all too well aware that she was going to have to offer her shit hole to Adam at some point, but she thought that she would get a few fucks up her cunt first. That didn't seem to be his plan however and she held her body still and turned her head to look over her shoulder as his finger slid deep into her asshole. He didn't stop pushing until his knuckle forced him to. His full finger was inside her bowels and Sally gasped softly as he started to finger her. Raising his other hand, he brought it down on her ass with a loud slap, and hard enough to leave a red handprint, as he hissed, "Did I tell you to stop? Keep fucking me slut!" Sally's butt immediately started moving again and she gasped in happiness when his hand crashed down again on exactly the same spot as another pain lanced through her flesh. Adam had no specific plan in mind and although he wanted to get his cock into her asshole, her hot and tight cunt felt amazing. She had to get used to having her back hole stretched however, and as his finger slid in and out, he also moved it around in circles to being loosening her up. The teenager bounced her cunt over Adam's cock and she was getting the feeling again. If he wanted to use her asshole then so be it, but the girl desperately wanted to get herself off first and she was close. Sliding her slit faster and faster, she no longer cared that his finger was deep inside her shit tube, stretching her painfully open. If anything, she welcomed the pain. She wanted to shout at him to do it harder and to get another finger inside her. She also wanted him to slap her ass again and to keep doing it until she was bruised and bleeding. The shout never materialised however because at that moment her orgasm exploded inside her cunt and she screamed as she shuddered uncontrollably and collapsed on top of his legs, still convulsing. If Adam had been thinking clearly, he might have jerked his cock out of her fuck tube and thought about taking her up the ass after she had recovered. It's hard to think coherently when your cock is in control of your body though, and her spasming cunt rippled up and down the length of his shaft until he groaned loudly and came inside her. The bedroom seemed very quiet as they slowly recovered. The only sounds were their heavy breathing and after a few moments, Sally rolled to the side, letting Adam's prick slip out of her cunt and his finger pull out of her asshole. She stood up and just when he thought she was about to disappear out of the bedroom, she surprised him by kneeling down on the floor and gently licking his softening cock until it was shining clean. Only then did she get up and leave. <=> A few hours later, Adam was downstairs and he had phoned into his office claiming that he had a stomach upset. It had been a spur of the moment decision because he had now fully recovered from fucking Sally and he was determined to take her anal cherry today. He was relaxing on the sofa, reading a newspaper when Sally came into the room and turned on the television. She was dressed in a thin tee-shirt that made it obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra, and a clean pair of light pink cotton panties. Her feet were bare and she tucked then under her butt as she sat down on a chair opposite. Adam put down the paper and let his eyes drift up and down her body. She could see him looking at her, and she smiled when his eyes came to rest on her underwear. Raising one knee in the air, she could feel that the crotch of her panties was stretched tightly over her sex mound and she knew that he would be able to see the outline of her slit. "You're a dirty slut, aren't you?" he said. "I'll be as dirty as you want me to be," the teenager answered as her fingers dropped between he legs and rubbed across the outline of her slit. Adam pulled down the zipper on his pants and Sally's eyes shone excitedly as she watched him take out his hardening prick. She could see that the shaft still had streaks of her dried cunt juice on the surface, but she didn't hesitate when he beckoned her over and pointed at his cock. Just as she slurped the tip into her mouth however, the phone began to ring loudly. She sat back onto her heels as Adam got to his feet and as he answered the telephone, she crawled across the floor and sucked him into her throat again. It was Leonora phoning from her office to ask if her daughter was feeling any better. She had no idea of the double meaning when Adam assured her that the teenager was feeling much better and that he had just got her something to eat. Leonora had another reason for phoning however. She was feeling very horny and wanted a little phone sex. While the daughter suckled on his prick, Adam was only too pleased to talk dirty to Leonora and arouse her further. In her office, Leonora listened to her lover describe in very graphic detail what he wanted to do to her and her fingers had just slipped into her panties and onto her wet cunt, when there was a knock on her office door and her boss walked in without waiting for an invitation. The woman quickly composed herself and finished the call while her fuck hole continued to drool into her underwear. The meeting with her boss didn't last very long, but she was reluctant to bother Adam again, even although she was desperate for a cum. She thought about heading into the restroom, but a quick glance at her watch told her that it was lunch time and if she was going to masturbate, she would rather do it on office time and not her own time. <=> Adam watched the young girl work on his cock after he had replaced the receiver and after she had slobbered over him for a few more minutes, he pulled his shaft out of her mouth and went back to his seat and sat down. Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, Sally stayed exactly where she was and Adam licked his dry lips and felt his cock twitch as he imagined what was waiting for him between the teenager's legs. Looking up into her eyes, he commanded, "Come here!" Without having to think, the young girl stood up and as she approached, he could actually see Sally's nipples stiffen beneath her tee-shirt. She walked very seductively, placing one foot directly in front of the other and always maintaining eye contact. The girl's heart was beating rapidly and little butterflies were flitting about inside her stomach. She had no idea what Adam would want, but she was absolutely certain that it would be something sexual. When she had reached the sofa, she watched his face carefully as she stood motionless. She didn't have to wait for long, and Adam instructed, "Turn around and bend over!" Sally bit gently into her bottom lip, but she obeyed the instruction and she felt her panties being stretched tightly over her firm butt as she bent at the waist and gripped her ankles. The young girl held her breath as she felt his hands ease the waistband of her underwear over her ass and halfway down her thighs. The crotch of her panties was still covering her cunt, but she knew that her back hole would be displayed to his gaze. When his hands pulled her cheeks apart, she moaned softly and then jumped when she felt his tongue touch the entrance to her tightly closed little shit hole. She had been expecting his finger to penetrate her bowels, and it never entered her head that he would lick her asshole. After the initial shock, Sally moaned loudly at the wonderful sensation of a wet tongue rimming her asshole and gently pressing on the centre. When a girl isn't used to having her asshole stimulated, it is a natural reaction for her anal muscle to clench closed when it is touched. Sally was no different, but the gently licking of Adam's tongue quickly made her relax and she cried out in surprise and delight when his stiffened tongue was able to penetrate her shit tube and worm its way inside. "Oh fuck," she moaned with her eyes wide open. "Fuck that's nice!" If this was what anal sex was all about, Sally was sure that she was going to love it, and all of her worries vanished as she moved her hands up to grip her own ass cheeks and pull them further apart. Adam's tongue was inside her asshole, tasting her back tube and coating it with his saliva. His cock was hard inside his pants and he couldn't wait to get it into the teenager's body. Pulling his head back, Sally's shit tube remained slightly open and he stared in delight at the horny sight. Sally wasn't happy that he had stopped stimulating her and she cried, "Don't stop Adam. Keep licking my asshole." She wasn't able to see him shake his head sadly, or able to read his mind as the thought, "She takes orders, not gives them!" went through his brain. As a punishment, his hand fell hard onto her ass cheek and he watched her asshole snap shut as she hissed, "You bastard." Despite her words, Sally hadn't moved, and she cried out when he repeated the action and snarled, "Don't tell me what to do slut!" The red imprint of his hand was clearly visible on her butt, and he said, "I'm going to smack you again, and it's going to be hard! Hold still." The teenager grimaced at the prospect and she looked back over her shoulder as he raised his hand in the air. Her ass was still stinging from the previous slap and she closed her eyes and waited for the next blow. The pain was even worse than she had expected, mainly because her ass was still very sore. She could feel the tears form in her eyes, but she was also aware that her cunt was getting wet. The more pain her body experienced, the more horny she seemed to get, so although she sniffed loudly after she was smacked and the tears started to roll down her cheeks, she kept her butt pointed at Adam, and refused to move. He thought about slapping her a fourth time, but her skin was very red and even looked like it would eventually bruise. Deciding that she had learned her lesson, he snapped, "Stand up slut." As Sally obeyed, Adam noticed that although the back of her panties were still rolled down to the top of the thighs, the front was pulled up and covering her slit. The teenager rubbed at her tender ass to try and soothe the pain, but she made no attempt to pull up the back of her underwear. He walked to the door of the living room and crooked his finger at her, indicating that she was to follow. When they got into the entrance hall, he led her to the side of the stairs and made her stand with her back to the wooden banister that sloped upwards. "Stay here," he said, as he opened the front door and left the house. Sally had no idea where he was going, but she was sure that she heard him open up his car. A few moments later, he returned carrying a thick rope that had been in the trunk. The teenager's eyes widened when she saw the rope and she just stared at him as he said, "Hold up your wrists!" "What are you going to do with that?" Sally asked in a tone that indicated she was dreading the answer. "I said," he shouted, "Hold up your wrists!" The teenager's face clearly showed her fear, but she meekly held up both wrists as if ready to be handcuffed. She watched as he tied the thick rope around her wrists, binding then tightly together and then threw the other end of the rope up in the air and over the top of the sloping banister. Climbing the stair, he hauled on the rope, pulled Sally's arms into the air and then just a little bit further before he tied off the rope. Sally's heels were raised off the floor and just the balls of her feet could take her weight. She half struggled just to test the knots, but she found them secure and she stopped her struggles and stared at Adam as he came back to stand in front of her. This wasn't going anything like the girl had hoped. When Adam had fingered up the ass, she had thought it safe to assume that she was about to get ass fucked. She enjoyed the sensations from Adam's tongue and finger and, although still slightly afraid of it, she was starting to look forward to having her shit hole stretched open by his prick. Now she was tied up and helpless, and she had no idea what he had in mind for her. Adam ran his hand over her tits and within seconds both of Sally's nipples were stiff again and pushing out the material of her round necked tee-shirt. Pulling the front of the garment down and to side allowed her breast to be exposed and she jumped when his fingers twisted the hard teat. She almost cried out because any movement caused the rope to dig into the skin around her wrists, and that hurt more than her nipple did. She managed to remain quiet however and she watched Adam's head bent forward and suck her nipple into his mouth. As he gripped it with his teeth, Sally wriggled about helplessly and groaned at the pain that was now lancing through her tit and her wrists. Spitting out the nipple, Adam straightened up and grinned at the flushed expression on her face and knew that she was horny. Submissive girls usually enjoyed being tied up while they were abused and it looked like Sally was no different. "You like that slut, don't you?" he asked. There was little point on denying it and the young girl nodded her head. He smiled again and said, "Let's see if we can make it more exciting!" She had no idea why he left her and went into the kitchen, and she couldn't see that he had carried on into the small utility room where the laundry was done. He rummaged around and very quickly found what he was looking for. The wooden peg was used for hanging up wet laundry and had a small but powerful spring that held the jaws closed. He was smiling as he returned to the teenager and Sally's eyes grew wide in shock when she saw what he was holding. It was immediately obvious what he was intending to do, and Sally shook her head vigorously and tugged against the unresponsive rope. "No!" she cried as she felt the wooden peg touch her skin and she couldn't help looking down. Adam was holding the peg open and had placed it so that her nipple was between the jaws. Allowing it to close slightly until it was exerting a slight pressure on her sensitive teat, he hissed, "This is going to hurt slut!" Sally held her breath as he teased her for a couple of seconds and then she screamed loudly as he released the jaws and the peg clamped onto her nipple, almost flattening it completely. As she screamed, her feet danced on the floor and her knees jerked up, one after the other, as she tried to withstand the pain. It took almost two minutes, and the tears were rolling down her cheeks, before she could nearly stand still. She still pranced slightly and Adam was grinning from ear to ear as he watched her. Stepping closer, he recognised that the scoop neck of the tee-shirt was too tight to allow him to expose the other tit without pulling the peg from the nipple. Lifting the front of the tee-shirt up, he cupped and squeezed Sally's other breast and loved how the girl's skin was stretched by her arms being in the air and he could count every rib. He played with her tit as the girl watched and then her head thrashed from side to side and she cried, "No! No!" as he pulled another peg from the pocket in his pants. She was powerless to resist and her body again danced like a demented string puppet when he attached the peg onto her other nipple. Her eyes were screwed closed as the most intense agony exploded in her tits and she never heard, or saw him leave. If she possessed x-ray eyes, and been able to focus through her tears, she would have seen him sit down at the kitchen table and pour himself a beer from a can he had taken from the refrigerator. <=> Leonora had grabbed a quick sandwich from a vending machine, but threw it into the trash after a couple of bites. It wasn't that there was anything wrong with the snack, it was just that she was so horny that she couldn't sit still to eat it. She decided to kill the rest of her lunch break by going for a walk. This was something she hadn't often done before and consequently, the neighbourhood wasn't familiar to her. Her office block looked out over the river, but as she walked down the side streets, they were much darker, dirtier and less frequented. She was very surprised when she was less than half a block away from her office and found an adult book shop. This was the exact opposite to what she needed in her horny state, but it was that very state that made her push the door open and go inside. There were a few people browsing the shelves and she found it reassuring to find that the sales person was female. She spent half an hour inside the store and although she didn't but anything, her underwear was absolutely soaked. She genuinely thought about phoning in to the office, claiming she was ill, and going back to her house so that Adam could fuck her brains out. She groaned as she remembered the task that he boss had given her only an hour or so ago and he had told her that he need the information that afternoon. There was no way she could get the rest of the afternoon off and she trudged back to her office. She was aware that she could smell her arousal and that she would have to wash her hot hole when she got back, and probably throw her panties into the trash. It wasn't just her own cunt juices that were making her stink like an overused hooker, but as the juice mixed with Adam's stale spunk inside her underwear, the smell got stronger and stronger. Leonora was dripping wet by the time she got back to the office block and she squeezed into a very crowded elevator. It took a few moments for the elevator to get up to the thirtieth floor where she worked, because it seemed to stop at every floor, and by the time it reached her stop, everyone could smell her horny cunt and they were all glancing at each other trying to work out where it was coming from. The other females in the elevator knew exactly what the scent was, but they too were unsure whose cunt they were smelling. It took all of her willpower not to laugh out loud and give the game away. After a quick trip to her desk to check for any messages or emails, Leonora went into the restroom to clean up. Wetting a few paper towels, she chose the end stall and stripped off her wet panties. She had just started to clean her juices from around her cunt with the wet towels when she heard someone enter the next stall and close the door. While she cleaned herself, she heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down and the soft creak that told her that whoever was using the toilet had just sat down. Throwing the used paper towels into the bowl, Leonora silently pulled on her panties and was just about to flush when she heard moans coming from the adjacent stall. Standing quietly, she continued to listen and the moans got louder and more frequent. "Shit," she thought. "Someone's stroking the kitty!" Leonora listened for a few minutes and as she got hornier, she tried to imagine who it was. Certainly not anyone in her department because she was the youngest, by a long way. The closest to her was Edna Cuthbert who was fat and about fifty-five years old. She didn't want to even think about how Edna would look naked and she decided that she really had to find out who it was. Silently she raised one foot onto the toilet bowl and then supported herself by placing the flat of her hands on opposite walls of the cubicle. She took her weight on her hands and when she placed her other foot on the other side of the bowl, there was a sharp creak. Leonora froze, but the person in the stall beside her was concentrating on her enjoyment far too much to be interrupted by the sound. Pressing her hands tightly against the walls, Leonora pulled herself upwards and decided that if it was someone like Edna, she would climb down from the toilet bowl as quietly as she had climbed up. Slowly raising her body up until her eyes were level with the top of the cubicle wall, Leonora took a deep breath and looked over. It certainly wasn't Edna, or anyone like Edna, because the body she stared down at was young and athletic. The girl was hunched over as she watched her fingers slide in and out of her cunt and about all Leonora could see was the top of her head and her completely shaven cunt. Although the slight sound she had made climbing up on the toilet bowel hadn't disturbed the masturbating girl, Leonora's head moved in front of the light and cast a shadow in to the cubicle. That did get the girl's attention and she looked up, straight into Leonora's eyes. "JESUS Leonora!" the girl exclaimed, "You scared the fucking shit out of me!" It was only then that Leonora recognised Kristy Stevens, a nineteen year old who worked in the Billing Department. Although they didn't know each other very well, they had chatted a few times and occasionally had a coffee together. "Hi Kristy," Leonora said with a smile. "You enjoying yourself?" The girl had almost frozen in fright and then she saw that her fingers were still inside her cunt. Blushing, and looking very guilty, she pulled her fingers out. Her breathing was deep and fast, and she said quietly, "I didn't think there was anyone else in here." "So I see," Leonora replied with a grin, "What's got you so horny?" "Sushhhh," Kristy said. "Are you sure there's no one else in here?" "Relax," Leonora laughed, glancing at the other two stalls and seeing that both doors were open. "We're alone." Leonora climbed down from the toilet and knocked softly on the door of Kristy's stall. "Open up," she hissed. Kristy's black coloured panties were still down at her ankles as she reached forward to unlatch the door, and she was surprised when Leonora stepped in beside her and locked the door behind her. "So?" Leonora asked. "Are you going to tell me or not?" "Tell you what?" the girl asked. "Tell me what, or who, has made you so hot that you had to come in here and stroke that gorgeous little cunt of yours," Leonora said. As she spoke Kristy could see that Leonora was looking between her legs, but she didn't try to cover herself up. She licked her lips and then lowered her voice and whispered, "I was in the elevator a few minutes ago." That was all she had to say, and Leonora's eyes opened wide because she suddenly knew what the girl was going to say. Kristy hadn't noticed her reaction, so she continued, "It was really crowded and I don't know who it was, but someone was in heat" Leonora raised a questioning eyebrow, and Kristy said, "I mean it Leonora. All you could smell was hot cunt. It got me so horny that I had to come in here." Kristy obviously hadn't seen that Leonora was in the same elevator, and she also lowered her voice and said, "I didn't know that you were such a cunt hound. I thought you were straight." "I am," Kristy said, but then hesitated before she admitted, "But I also like cunt, so I guess that makes me bi." Leonora absorbed that information happily, as she was also aware that Kristy had made no move to cover up her sex. In fact, her knees appeared to be splayed even wider and they were almost touching the walls of the cubicle. The girl's cunt was sticky with her juices and in the confines of the stall, the smell of her arousal was very strong. There was a small smile on Leonora's face as she nodded her head and then said, "So, I suppose this is really my fault." Kristy's face showed her confusion as she asked, "Why is it your fault?" By way of an answer, Leonora lifted up the front of her skirt, showing the girl her soaking panties. "It was me you were smelling in the elevator," she admitted, "And that's why I was in here. I was cleaning my hot little hole so I could sit at my desk and not have to worry about anybody smelling me." Kristy was surprised, but delighted at the revelation and she stared at Leonora's cunt for a few moments before asking, "What did you use to clean it?" "Paper towels," Leonora replied, and then she smiled when the girl said, "Pity. If I had known what you were doing, I would have offered to clean it for you." Looking up at Leonora's face, she added, "With my tongue!" "I'm glad you said that, "Leonora said huskily, "Because it's getting wet again." Just to illustrate her point, Leonora rolled her panties down her thighs and pulled her hole open. Kristy stared into the pink fuck tube that was oozing with juice and she could also see that the slime inside the crotch of Leonora's underwear wasn't all girl juice. Leaning forward and drawing her finger across the crotch of the woman's underwear, she sucked it into her mouth and a few seconds later she said, "You've been fucked! I can taste spunk." Leonora grinned as she confirmed, "This morning. Nothing like a good fuck to start the day right." "You still got more cum inside you?" Kristy asked huskily. Allowing her panties to drop to her ankles and stepping out of them, Leonora gazed down at her new friend, as she answered, "Why don't you find out for yourself!" The younger girl's face seemed to be drawn to the hot slit like a magnet, and Leonora opened her legs and tilted her hips upwards. Reaching out with one hand to cup the back of the girl's head, Leonora hissed, "Stop teasing," as she pulled Kristy's head between her legs and ground her cunt onto her mouth. Leonora may have cleaned the outside of her cunt, but her pink tube was soaking wet and her panties were in the same condition. The powerful scent of her aroused hole filled Kristy's head and she groaned softly as she slid her tongue between Leonora's sex lips. Worming it inside, the cunt juice was every bit as sweet and succulent as she hoped it would be, and she eagerly slurped it into her mouth. A good cum was exactly what Leonora needed and craved by now. Pulling Kristy's face tighter into her fuck hole, she ground her clit onto the girl's nose as she savoured the sensation of a hot tongue deep inside her. Kristy eagerly slurped as much of the woman's juices into her mouth as she could get, but due to Leonora's continual squirming, she was finding it very difficult to keep her tongue inside the soaking slit. Wanting to maintain her control of the situation, Kristy eventually jerked her head back and quickly replaced her tongue with two stiffened fingers. Leonora gasped loudly as the fingers slid deep inside her hole, but the gasp turned into a cry of pleasure as Kristy lips fastened onto her burning clit and sucked it into her mouth. As she finger fucked the woman, Kristy's tongue whipped against her hard clit and the familiar rush she had been experiencing suddenly increased a thousand fold. Jolts of pure pleasure fired through her body as she climaxed and although she started to shudder and convulse, the nineteen year old girl's fingers and mouth continued to hold her in orgasm. Leonora had no idea how long her cum had lasted, but eventually her senses began to return and she took a staggering step back and pulled Kristy's mouth and fingers from between her legs. "Shit!" Leonora spat as her chest heaved and she leaned back against the wall of the cubicle for support. Her legs felt weak and wobbly and she would have liked nothing better than to sink to the floor, but there simply wasn't enough room. She smiled down at Kristy and licked her lips while she took a few deep breaths to recover. She could see that the lower half of the younger girl's face was covered with girl cum, and as her breathing rate returned to a more normal level, she watched Kristy scrape the slime from her chin and slide it into her mouth. "Fucking slut!" Leonora hissed, and she then grinned when the teenage girl locked eyes with her and said, "You've no idea how much of a slut I can be!" As she spoke, the teenager stood up and her lover asked, "Then tell me. Tell me how slutty you are and what you like done to you." Without any hesitation, Kristy replied, "I like to be hurt. Pain makes me cum!" "Really," Leonora said, but her tone indicated that she wasn't impressed. "I've heard girls say that to me before, but I've yet to meet one who was telling the truth." "Well, now you've met one," the young girl replied defiantly. "Mmm, maybe," Leonora mused as she reached out her hand to Kristy's blouse and cupped her tit. She could tell that the bra the girl was wearing was light control and she was probably only wearing it because she didn't want to walk about the office braless. She squeezed the firm flesh and they both locked their gaze onto each other's face as the woman gradually increased the pressure. The teenager swallowed hard as the pressure increased, but she made no attempt to pull away, and Leonora squeezed harder. The woman's knuckles was white as she grasped Kristy's tit as hard as she could and all the teenager did was to close her eyes, tilt her head up to the ceiling and moan. The woman was about to release the pressure when a powerful scent entered her nose and as she looked down between Kristy's legs, there was a thin trickle of pure cunt juice running out of her hole and dripping into the toilet. "Fuck!" she gasped, realising that the young girl had been telling the truth, and a second later, Kristy made a deep growl in the back of her throat and started to shudder. Her orgasm wasn't massive, but it certainly proved what she had said and Leonora released Kristy's breast and pushed her foot between the girl's ankles and kicked her legs apart. She kicked again, and again until they were spread from one wall of the toilet cubicle to the other. Kristy was still breathing hard from her small cum, but her eyes were open and she was carefully watching what the older woman was doing. Her nineteen year old cunt was completely exposed in the position she was in, and Leonora pulled the teenagers ass to the edge of the toilet before she lowered her hand and slapped the girl right on her cunt! Kristy gasped and moaned at the same time, but her feet remained where they were and she watched as the next slap fell with slightly more force onto her hole. The slap echoed around the toilet, not just with the skin to skin contact, but also with wet slurping noise from the juices that were running out of her open slit. Leonora loved the reaction of Kristy's body and she could feel that her own cunt was dripping wet. Even although she was enjoying herself, she was still holding back slightly, not wanting to injure the teenager. That wasn't what Kristy wanted however, and she growled, "Harder! Slap my cunt harder!" "Oooohhhh, you're a dirty girl, aren't you?" Leonora replied happily, as she brought her hand down in a stinging slap, right on the girls dripping slit. Kristy jerked and moaned loudly before looked into Leonora's face and said, "Very dirty. I can be as dirty as you want me to be." Locking her eyes with her new lover Kristy's face changed into a snarl and she hissed, "Now stop fucking about and slap my fucking cunt hard. Really hard!" Leonora raised her hand in the air and brought it down as hard as she could on the girl's sex. The slap echoed through the restroom and both of them were too far gone to know, or care, if anyone else was in the room. Before Kristy could recover from the blow, Leonora slapped her hole again. Hard! As Kristy screamed and bucked her hips, she also shuddered and thick girl cum started to bubble out of her cunt. Moaning with desire, Leonora immediately bent her head forward and sucked up as much of the sweet slime as she could get. As she sucked, she also rubbed her fingers hard against Kristy's throbbing clit and held her in climax to force even more fuck sauce out of her spasming hole. It was a good thing that the walls of the stall were so close together or Kristy would have fallen off the toilet. As it was, she slid to the side as she continued to jerk about in climax, until her head was resting against the wall. Eventually, Kristy was completely wasted and she groaned loudly as she pushed Leonora's back and hissed, "No more. I need a break!" Knocking the hand away, Leonora hissed, "Nasty sluts like you don't get to take a break!" She grabbed the teenager's upper arm and as she dragged her back into a sitting position, Kristy gave a groan of protest. The young girl's mind was in such a whirl that she didn't protest as Lenora dropped to the knees and lifted Kristy's ankles over her shoulders. The teenager's cunt was now right in front of her face and Leonora could see the sticky girl cum that was oozing out of the open slit and the scent of Kristy's hole filled her senses. The last ripples of her climax were still flowing though Kristy's body as Leonora pushed her face between the young girl's legs and started to lick her cunt. The teenager was moaning continually as her orgasm began to build up again and the familiar rush began deep inside her fuck tube. Leonora however was more interested in sucking the girl's delicious tasting juices into her mouth and she drank down as much as she could. By the time she had eaten all of Kristy's cum the teenager was squirming on the toilet seat and she cried out when Lenora pushed two fingers into her cunt. Her second cry was even louder and it was caused by the index finger of the woman's other hand ramming into the nineteen year olds asshole. Sitting back on her heels, Leonora fingered both of Kristy's fuck holes and the younger girl was soon writhing under the assault. The teenager's body was as limp as a rag doll and she was unable to prevent her burning clit taking complete control of her body. Her eyes were wide open as she gazed down over her flat stomach and watched the fingers sliding in and out of her body and despite being exhausted, her rock hard pleasure bud was screaming for attention. Kristy knew that she was going to cum again, and it was going to be massive. Neither of them gave a second thought to what they were doing in the office toilet. At first they had tried to be quiet in case anybody wanted to use the restroom, but now they were inflamed with lust and each were lost in their own little world. For the nineteen year old, her world consisted entirely of her clit and dripping cunt hole. In the past few minutes, that world had expanded slightly to include her buttery asshole and she concentrated everything on the indescribable feelings produced by both of her holes. She moaned and groaned and her butt squirmed on the toilet seat as Leonora's fingers thrust faster and faster. The tingling sensations deep inside her cunt had radiated out to take in her back hole and her thighs and that entire area of her body somehow felt numb but she was able to feel and savour every touch and movement of Leonora's fingers. She was so very close to her orgasm, but still the sensations just kept on getting stronger and stronger. They also seemed to go deeper into her body and still they kept on building up and getting higher and more intensive until she thought she was going to explode. She couldn't take any more, nobody could. She wanted the feelings to stop, and at the same time, to never end! Her head was tossed from side to side and her whole body was quivering and shaking as everything threatened to overwhelm her, when suddenly it happened. Like the snapping of a rubber band, stretched to breaking point, her body became as stiff as a board and her mouth opened wide. She thought she was screaming, but not a single sound came from her vocal chords that were clenched as tightly as the rest of her body. Time lost all meaning as vivid colours flashed in front of her eyes and the image of the toilet stall blurred. She could hear the most sublime music as some form of angelic choir performed just for her and the feelings that enveloped her body were nothing short of miraculous! When time did snap back for her, Kristy cried out and shuddered uncontrollably as her climax detonated inside her. She writhed on the seat, as her toes clawed the air and her hands curled into fists. Her eyes rolled back in her head as the massive spasms shot through her and it felt like somebody was jabbing her with a cattle prod. A gorgeous fucking cattle prod that made her body convulse wildly and forced a ragged scream out of her throat. Her asshole clenched tightly around Leonora's finger, dragging it deeper into the teenagers body and holding it like a vice while thick girl cum bubbled out of her cunt and ran down between the cheeks of her butt. Every part of her lower body seemed to be firing pleasure jolts directly into her brain and eventually it simply became too much, and she slumped down on the toilet seat. Despite being unresponsive, her flesh still rippled and twitched as her climax continued. Kristy's eyes were closed and her chin rested on her chest as Lenora pulled her fingers out of the teenager's body and stood up. As she licked her fingers, her ears strained to catch the slightest noise that would indicate that they weren't alone, but the only sound was the teenager's deep breathing and the occasional groan. Leonora pulled a wad of toilet tissue from the dispenser and was cleaning her cunt with it just as the nineteen year olds eyes fluttered open and started to focus. With a loud groan, she shifted her body into a more comfortable position and looked into Leonora's face with a smile as she too pulled off some toilet tissue to clean herself. "That was amazing," Kristy said softly, and almost shyly. "I came so fucking hard!" "I noticed," Leonora replied with a grin, and they both laughed quietly. While the older woman smoothed down the front of her skirt, Kristy pulled on her panties and also checked her clothing. As Leonora turned to unlock the stall door, Kristy whispered, "We'll do this again, right?" "Right," Leonora conformed as she turned back to brush her lips against the teenagers, "But next time, I think we'll go somewhere a little more private!" <=> It took about ten minutes for Adam to leisurely finish his beer, and he stood up from the table and went back into the hall. As soon as she saw him, Sally stared venomously at him, but hissed, "Fuck me you bastard! Fuck me hard!" He grinned as he walked towards her and when he got within a few feet of her body, he could smell her arousal. He glanced down at her pink cotton panties and saw that the crotch was soaking wet. Pushing his hand inside the waistband and down to her cunt, he couldn't believe how wet she was. Her fuck hole was saturated with her juices and as soon as his fingers touched her slit, the teenager bucked her hips against his hand, desperate for any kind of friction that would get her off. Not only was her hole very hot and very wet, but her clit was longer and stiffer than he had ever felt it before. "Jesus, you're fucking soaked," he gasped as he pulled his hand out of her panties and looked at his creamy fingers. Sally moaned in frustration and she snarled again into his face, "Fuck me you bastard!" He laughed as he reached around with one hand and he gripped both the front and the back of her underwear. Bunching the material tightly in his hands, he pulled the back into her ass crack and pulled the front between her sex lips and into her cunt. The material brushed against her throbbing clit and the teenager immediately bucked her hips and tried to rub her pleasure bud against it. He wasn't going to let her cum as quickly as that however and she again growled her frustration when he let go of her panties. The pain in her tits had receded back to a dull ache by now and she was completely unprepared for what would happen when he opened one of the pegs. As the blood rushed back into her nipple to swell it hard, the pain that accompanied it was even more intense than when the peg had been clamped on. She cried out and danced about from foot to foot and her jerking became more violent when Adam released the other nipple. The pain was so acute that Sally almost orgasmed and for a few seconds she held her breath and though that it would happen. The slightest touch would definitely have taken her over the top, but she screamed her disappointment when the tingling feeling died back. She had never been so desperate for a cum in her life before and if her hands had been free she would have eagerly masturbated in from of him until she climaxed. Because she couldn't touch herself, her cunt was drooling its juices into her panties and it was adding to her frustration. She could smell her own arousal and her eyes suddenly lit up as she watched Adam pull down the zipper of his pants and pull out his cock. When he started to jerk on the hard shaft however, Sally looked on panic stricken. She knew that he was enjoying making her horny, but she couldn't believe that he would be cruel enough to jack himself off when her fuck hole was only inches away and dripping with her arousal. "Fuck me," she whispered to him. "Please fuck me." She tried to throw her hips up at his cock, but the rope prevented her and she growled deep in her throat with desire and frustration as she gazed at the tip of his cock and at the small drop of pre-cum that had oozed out of his piss hole. She breathed slightly easier when he stopped fisting his prick and started to remove his pants. When he was naked below the waist, he moved between Sally's legs and pulled her soaking panties to the side to expose her cunt. Her sex mound was red and swollen with her lust and her cunt was slightly open and overflowing with slime. The strands of her juices oozed out of her slit and lazily spiralled down to the floor between her legs. One of the strands actually managed to reach the floor while the other end was still attached to the teenagers fuck tube, and Adam pushed his cock into the mass of strands and loved the feeling of her hot fuck sauce against her skin. Sally was practically panting with lust by now. Adam's cock was less than two inches away from her burning cunt but she couldn't lower her hole any closer because of the rope. She knew that pleading and begging was useless, but the words forced their way out of her mouth and she whispered, "Please put it in me Adam. I need it! I really need your cock inside me!" She could hardly believe her luck when he actually rubbed his prick up and down her sticky slit and she jerked with excitement when it touched her throbbing clit. She watched breathlessly as he lowered his hips and lined up the tip of his cock with her hole and she rose up on her tiptoes and then opened her knees as wide as she could, The penetration of her fuck hole made her tremble violently because she had been made to wait for so long. She cried out in delight as he pushed deep inside her and her hips bucked frantically as she fucked him. Reaching around, he gripped both of her butt cheeks and then slid his hands down the back of her thighs. Sally was fucking his shaft as much as she could considering that the rope was keeping her body vertical. She was aware that his hands were on her thighs, but she really didn't care where his hands were as long as his cock was inside her! She suddenly gasped however when her jerked her legs into the air and then screamed as her entire weight was transferred to the rope around her wrists. The wooden banister creaked alarmingly, but held fast as Adam continued to lift up the girl's legs until she was folded in half and her toes were pointed to the ceiling. The muscles in her upper arms and shoulders spasmed in agony in this new position, but Adam started to fuck her rapidly and his shaft was rasping over her hard clit. Despite her body's muscles crying out in protest and the rope cutting into the skin around her wrists, Sally could feel her orgasm build and intensify. Within another few seconds, the cum she had so desperately craved exploded inside her like a neutron bomb and she convulsed and shuddered uncontrollably. Adam kept fucking the fourteen year old until his spunk started to froth inside his balls and he then jerked his prick out of her body and let her feet drop back to the floor. Sally was so deep in her cum that she hung limp on the rope, but her muscles spasmed and shuddered until her climax began to recede. There was a large pool of her girl cum between her feet and when she began to recover, she groaned loudly and stood up on unsteady legs to take the weight from her wrists. She swallowed a few times to get rid of her dry throat as she stared at Adam and fought to steady her breathing. Glancing down, she could see that his prick and balls were dripping with her slime, but his shaft was still rock hard and he obviously hadn't spurted his load yet. Her legs were trembling and shaking after one of the most powerful orgasms she had ever experienced and the teenager would have given anything to sink down onto a nice soft bed, or at least a sofa. Her eyes locked onto his in a silent plea to release her, but Adam growled, "I'm not finished with you yet slut!" He spun her around so that she was facing the stair banister and she felt his hands on her butt and then his fingers were probing her asshole. That snapped her brain back into focus and she groaned loudly as she felt his index finger enter her bowels and slide deep into her shit tube. She was going to loose her anal cherry and they both new it. Thankfully for the fourteen year old, her cunt had leaked so much juice that some of it had covered her back hole and was providing lubrication for Adam's finger. Just as she was getting used to the finger in her ass, she cried out at the stinging pain that lanced through her hole when he rammed a second finger up her shit tube. He was pressing her into the banister, crushing her tits against the railings as he whispered into her ear, "You're about to become my three hole slut baby! I'm going to stick my cock into your ass and fuck the shit out of you!" Sally was no longer afraid of anything he could do to her. She now knew that she loved pain and that the more she had, the stronger her cum would be. Looking back over shoulder she hissed, "Do it. Get your cock up my asshole and fuck me. Do me hard you bastard and fill my shit hole with your cum!" As she spoke, she pushed her hips backwards and started fucking his fingers rapidly. She was consumed with pure lust and she cried out in pleasure as she felt his fingers jerk out of her back hole and the tip of his cock press against the entrance to her shit tube. As he pressed forwards, Sally pushed back, and the combined effort together with the slippery cunt juice that covered his shaft overcame the resistance of her anal muscle. She screamed in pleasure when she felt him pop inside her asshole and then the scream became a gargled cry as he rammed deep into her shitter and the most intense pain erupted inside her back tube. As well as the searing pain from having her shit tube violently opened up, there was the dull, but intense, ache of having her bowels pressured by Adam's shaft and that pressure seemed to go all the way up to her stomach. Despite the hurt, Sally pushed her butt back into Adam's crotch and gasped loudly as he gripped her hips and started to fuck her. His prick was easily the largest thing that she had ever taken up her shit hole. Apart from a finger, the only other object that she had pushed into her asshole was her mother's toothbrush! That had been a couple of years ago and they were having a blazing row about something. That night as she was showering, Sally had had held the toothbrush in her ass the whole time she was washing herself and then dropped it unwashed back into its holder. Adam pistoned his cock in and out of the teenagers asshole while she thrust back at him as much as the rope around her wrists would allow. He could feel his cum bubble and fizz inside his balls and he moved one of his hands around to Sally's stomach and slid it down between her legs. He immediately found her hard pleasure bud and the teenager cried, "Yes! YES!" as he started to rub it. His mouth pressed into her ear and he whispered, "I'm going to cum soon slut. I'm going to spray my cum into your asshole." "Do it," she gasped in reply as her hips humped against his fingers. "Pound my fucking shit hole!" His fingers were rubbing furiously over her burning clit and his cock was flashing in and out of her back hole as he worked towards his release. When Sally suddenly cried out and her body began to convulse in climax, Adam groaned and savoured the delicious sensation of his hot cum rocketing up his piss hole and spraying into the fourteen year olds asshole. When his balls were empty, he stood still with his prick still inside her back hole and his chest heaving. He moved his fingers away from Sally's spasming cunt and closed his eyes for a few moments. When he opened them again, Sally's head was flopped forward and resting against the banister and she made a long and throaty moan as he gradually pulled his cock out of her ass. When he stepped back, the girl's shit hole was wide open and rimmed with red and sore flesh. It was a gorgeous sight, made even more so when a trickle of his cum started to run out of it and down the inside of her leg. Sally hadn't moved and he went halfway up the stairs and untied the rope. As soon as she felt it go slack, she slowly slid down until she was crumpled onto the floor and lying in a pool of her own juice. Her body was covered with sweat, her hair was plastered to her forehead and her wrists had rope burns on them as he removed the bindings. She gradually rolled onto her side and Adam eyes drank in the sight of her bruised nipples, her swollen sex mound and the gaping opening that used to be a tightly closed asshole. She looked every inch a three hole slut and as he watched, she opened her eyes and looked up at him. With great effort, she struggled to her knees, almost slipping on the sticky juice that covered the floor, and then crawled towards him. Her eyes were on the cock that had been so recently buried in her asshole and the small bead of spunk that clung to Adam's piss hole. Opening her mouth, Sally slurped the prick into her mouth and very gently washed it clean with her tongue. After allowing it to slide back out, she looked up into his face and said, "Thanks Adam. That was awesome." She got shakily to her feet and added, "You can fuck me any time you want, in whatever hole you want." With that, she slowly climbed up the stairs and headed for the shower. o0o The End o0o As usual, your comments and feedback are always welcome, and please let me know if you enjoyed this story. You can contact me at: