Learning Can Be Fun.

(Underage sex / incest brother-sister)

Billy Roberts and his fourteen year old sister, Beth, had separate bedrooms, but 
with a shared bathroom between them. He was two years younger than his sister 
and they had a peculiar love/hate relationship. They went through periods where 
they couldn’t stand even being in the same room as each other, and other times 
they were quite friendly.

Recently however, they had been in a friendly phase, and that had helped Billy 
to really notice his sister’s developing body. At fourteen, her tits had grown 
into the size of oranges and they looked so good as they strained the buttons 
on her school blouse, or her sweaters moulded themselves around the swellings. 
She had also taken to wearing shorter and shorter skirts to show off her long 
and toned legs, and Billy was always hoping to catch a flash of her panties.

Sharing a bathroom took a bit of getting used to but they eventually adapted 
to it and had got into a routine that the first thing they did when entering 
the room was to lock the other door. It also had advantages however because 
Beth was always leaving her panties on the floor after she had showered and 
that gave him the perfect opportunity to smell his sisters soiled, and sometimes 
still warm, underwear as he jacked off into the wash hand basin.


Billy had got up late, as he normally did on a Saturday morning and pulled a 
pair of black boxer shorts onto his naked body and he went into the bathroom 
and locked his sister’s door. He yawned, stretched and pushed his hand into 
his underwear to scratch his balls as he looked into the mirror. He splashed 
some water onto his face and after drying off, reached for his toothbrush, 
and had just about finished cleaning his teeth when there was an urgent knocking 
from his sister’s door. Before he could react, he heard Beth’s voice 
cry, “Let me in Billy. I really need to pee!”

“I’m in here,” he replied through the locked door and trying not to spray frothy 
toothpaste out of his mouth. “Go and use another bathroom!”

“I can’t,” he heard Beth hiss urgently. “Dad is taking a shower, and you know 
that the one downstairs is out of action until he fixes it. Please let me in 
Billy. If you don’t open the door, I’m going to piss myself!”

He spat out the toothpaste and swirled some water around his mouth, purposely 
making his sister wait, until she hissed, “BILLY!” and there was genuine urgency
 in her voice.

Spitting out the water, the toothbrush was still clutched in his hand as he 
crossed the room and snapped the lock open. Beth burst through the door as 
soon as she heard the click and before he knew what was happening, she was 
sitting on the toilet with her red panties rolled down to her knees. The soft 
hiss of her piss echoed up from the toilet bowl and she closed her eyes for a 
second and sighed with relief.

“Fuck, that was close,” she said as her eyes opened again, and her brother 
grinned because for some reason he couldn’t quite explain, he loved to hear 
his sister swear. He had been alone with her often enough to know that she 
had a real potty mouth when their parents weren’t around, and sometimes his 
cock would get hard just from listening to her.

His prick was hardening now, but that was much more to do with the fact that 
his fourteen year old sister was peeing in front of him. Her knees were together 
and her skirt was at mid-thigh level, so he couldn’t actually see anything, but 
that didn’t stop him from imagining what was being hidden from his gaze.

She seemed to pee forever and there was a small smile on her face because she 
knew that her brother was watching her and also because the black boxer shorts 
he was wearing did nothing to hide the bulge in the front.

Eventually however, her bladder emptied, and as the last drips fell into the 
bowl, she took off a wad of toilet tissue and balled it in her hand. She could 
have asked her brother to turn his back to her, but it gave her a thrill to 
open her knees, pull up her skirt and carefully wipe herself clean. She knew 
that Billy would have a clear view of her slit, but that just excited her even 

Dropping the tissue into the bowl between her legs, she stood up and reached 
behind her to flush. Her skirt fell down to cover her hole, but her red panties 
were still at her knees as she looked carefully at her brother and chewed her 
lip for a few seconds.

“So Billy,” Beth said softly, “Have any of your cute little girlfriends let 
you see their cunts yet!”

His cock lurched in his pants, especially when his sister had used the 
cunt word, but he just shook his head.

“Well,” she said as she lifted up the front of her skirt, “This is what it 
looks like!”

Her panties were still rolled down to her knees and he stared at the erotic 
sight of his sister’s hole. Her mound was swollen with obvious lust and her 
slit was slightly open so that he could see into her pink tube. As if that 
wasn’t enough to make him horny, Beth’s cunt was glistening with her juices 
and the most amazing smell was rising into Billy’s nose. He had never smelt 
aroused cunt before, but on some instinctive level, he knew for certain that 
it was his sister he was smelling and it almost made him cum in his pants.

He had seen many pictures of girls in the magazines that were continually 
passed around the school and at fourteen years of age, Beth should have some 
hairs around her hole, but it was completely smooth and it took him a couple 
of seconds to realise that she must shave. He had never thought of his sister 
doing that before, and he couldn’t help but hiss huskily, “Fuck Beth, that 
looks amazing!”

He tilted his head for a better view, and his sister slowly lowered her 
skirt over her cunt again as she said, “If you want to see more, you have to 
show me yours!”

He could feel that he was rock hard inside his boxer shorts, and he had to 
decide if he wanted to expose himself to Beth, but that decision was made 
almost instantly. Throwing his toothbrush into the sink, he tugged down 
his underwear and let them fall to his ankles. Although Beth hadn’t 
expected her brother to refuse, neither had she expected to see an erect 
prick was just slightly shorter than eight inches long, about as thick as 
her first two fingers held together and with throbbing veins contouring 
the surface.

“Jesus Billy, I’m going to have to stop calling you my little brother,” she 
croaked. “Have you grown up! Where the fuck did you get that?”

It was a question that didn’t need an answer and he grinned at the 
compliment she was paying him.

Her eyes were riveted onto the erotic sight of the shaft sticking out from 
her brother’s body, and she added, “With a cock like that, you should 
be getting all the action you want little brother. Who’s your girlfriend 
just now?”

 “Hannah Farrer,” he answered, and although Beth didn’t know the girl, she 
nodded her head and said, “And where do the two of you go when you’re out?”

Billy shrugged his shoulders as he replied, “Movies, hanging out in the 
diner, that kind of thing.”

“Shit Billy,” Beth spat. “No wonder you’re not getting any. 

His eyes opened wide in surprise and his sister continued, “Take her somewhere 
quiet. When I was your age, I used the garage.”

“Our garage,” he gasped, and Beth giggled as she nodded her head and 
said, “Mom and Dad never go in there unless they’re tidying up the yard or 
cutting the grass, and they don’t do that at night.

Billy silently agreed with that, and listened as she said, “Get some wine 
into her and that will loosen her out of her panties. Make her cum and 
she’ll let you fuck her, and after you squeeze that cock of yours up her cunt, 
she’ll want it again and again!”

Billy loved the way his sister was talking to him, and he cleared his throat 
and said, “Lift up your skirt again!”

Instead of obeying, Beth reached around her back and unzipped her skirt, 
letting it fall to her ankles. She pushed her panties down over her knees 
to let gravity take them down to the floor and while she still stared at 
her brother’s cock, she used her fingers to pull her hole open until he 
could see inside her fuck tube. She was clearly wet and the overhead light 
made her sticky juices glisten invitingly. The lewd behaviour made a drop 
of pre-cum ooze out of his piss hole and Beth licked her lips as she saw 
the effect her body was having on her brother.

He was slightly disappointed when Beth slowly walked closer to him because 
it wasn’t the best angle for him to look between her legs, but nothing 
prepared him for her hand slowly reaching out to touch his prick. Her 
fingers felt both hot and soft as they curled around his shaft and he 
couldn’t stop a soft moan of pleasure escaping his lips.

It was the first time somebody else had touched his cock and Beth clearly knew 
what she was doing as she started to pump it. She was standing very close to 
him and he could smell her fresh breath as she said softly, “You like that 

Although he couldn’t see her cunt anymore, he was very conscious that his 
cock could only be millimetres away from her slit, and he gasped, “Yes!”

She was chewing on her bottom lip as her hand jacked him faster and she could 
already see the colour rising into his cheeks and hear his breathing become 
heavier. The signs were unmistakable and she whispered, “You going to cum for 
me Billy?”

His eyes were wide open and all he could see was his sister’s face as he 
nodded vigorously and hissed, “Gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!”

He could do nothing as she took another half a step closer and suddenly he 
could feel the heat of her cunt as his cock pressed on the entrance to her 
hole. He wasn’t inside her, but the fact that his prick was touching his 
sister’s naked cunt was enough to take him over the top and he gasped loudly 
as his spunk sprayed out of his cock and splattered onto Beth’s slit.

He was still breathing heavily as she released her hold of his shaft and 
stepped back. There was a pool of his slime on the floor where she had been 
stranding and a thick trickle was running down the inside of one of her legs 
as she laughed softly and said, “You can clean up!”

Without saying anything else, she walked slowly out of the bathroom, 
closing her door behind her and leaving her crumpled skirt and panties 
on the floor.

Billy turned around to stare into the mirror, and he tried to work out 
exactly what had just happened. Although he was reliving every second of 
the experience again, he still couldn’t quite believe that it had happened. 
His legs felt like they were made of rubber as he walked back to his bed 
and lay down with his eyes shut. There was no danger of him sleeping 
however and he could feel that his cock was rock hard again as he pictured 
Beth’s hairless cunt. He was also thinking about what she had said, and he 
got up from the bed and got dressed.

He had something to say to his sister, and  it simply wouldn’t wait. Whatever 
had made the fourteen year old girl act the way she had may not last, and he 
simply couldn’t risk that happening. 

Not wanting to go through the shared bathroom, he went into the corridor and 
softly knocked on Beth’s door. It was as if she had been waiting on him 
because the door opened immediately, and there was a little smile on her 
lips as she looked at him. On some level, he noted that she was now wearing 
the same tee-shirt, but with denims, and he wondered what had happened to 
the spunk that had been running down her leg. He had something much more 
important on his mind however, and his mouth was very dry, but he managed 
to croak, “Please teach me!”

Beth’s forehead furrowed slightly, and she replied, “Teach you what?”

“Teach me how to make a girl cum,” he said in a low voice as if he didn’t like 
to admit it. “I don’t know how to touch a girl.”

“Haven’t you ever felt up one of your girlfriends?” his sister asked incredulously.

“Of course I have,” he said defensively, but then lamented, “But sticking my 
fingers up a girl’s cunt doesn’t always make her cum!”

He didn’t want to admit that he seldom got that far and when he did, he didn’t 
get the reaction he was hoping for.

Beth hissed, “Jesus Billy, you have a lot to learn. Ramming your fingers up a
 girl’s cunt isn’t going to make her cum, it’s going to hurt!”

That was news to him and he had a startled and surprised look on his face as 
he absorbed that information. He suddenly realised that his sister was right 
and that he did have a lot to learn. He also knew that if she didn’t teach 
him, nobody else would.  He had a depressed expression on his face, and after 
a quick glance along the corridor to make sure that her parents weren’t about, 
she ushered him into her bedroom and closed the door behind him.

Beth sat down on the edge of her bed, leaving her brother standing self 
consciously in the middle of the room, as she said, “Okay, you tell me 
what you know and I’ll fill in the blanks.”

He opened and closed his mouth a couple of times, and then tried to sound 
knowledgeable as he said, “Well, my cock goes up her cunt, and then I slide 
it in and out!”

Beth tried not to laugh as she replied, “Do you remember that I told you 
that ramming your fingers up your girlfriend’s cunt would hurt?”

When he nodded his head, she added, “Well, ramming your cock up her is 
going to hurt even more!”

This discussion was not going according to plan, and Billy thought about 
storming out of the bedroom to try and maintain at least a shred of his 
dignity, but that wouldn’t solve his problem. He decided that the best 
thing he could do was keep quiet, and he just nodded his understanding.

Beth let the silence drift on for a while, before she said, “Okay Billy, 
can I take it that you don’t really know your way around a girls cunt?”

The boy hung his head dejectedly, but was honest enough to admit, “I hadn’t 
even seen a cunt until you showed me yours.”

“But you’ve seen then in magazines and in movies, right? she asked.

“Yeah,” he replied, “But they just show the guys sticking their cocks in them, 
and you say that’s not right.”

Beth took a breath, and blew it out slowly as she stared at her brother, but 
then her expression hardened, and she said, “This better not be some ruse just 
to see my cunt again!”

Billy’s eyebrows shot up because that thought genuinely hadn’t entered his head. 
He had thought that Beth would describe what technique he should use on his 
girlfriend, and it hadn’t occurred to him that she would let him see her naked 
again. He didn’t really have to reply to Beth’s question because she could see 
that he was very surprised at what she had said, and she took pity on him as 
she said softly, “Okay Billy, okay.”

She stood up from the bed and Billy’s swallowed hard as she unfastened her 
denims and pushed then down to her ankles. He was surprised to see that she 
wasn’t wearing any panties, and he could only watch as his prick hardened again 
as she got back onto the bed and lay back, naked from the waist down. 

“Right,” she began, “I assume that it’s this girl Hannah that you are hoping 
to fuck?”

He nodded his head, and Beth then asked, “Is she a virgin?”

He could only shrug his shoulders, and then he said, “I think so. None of the 
guys at school have done her yet, so I guess she’s still a virgin.”

“Well,” Beth said, “You have to find out.”

She didn’t wait for the inevitable question of how he would know as she pulled 
her cunt open with the fingers and looked up at her brother. She stiffened a 
finger and pushed it up her cunt and at the same time she said, “If your 
finger can slide into her hole like mine is, she doesn’t have her hymen intact.”

She could tell from his expression that he had never even heard that word before, 
so she explained, “A hymen is a thin membrane of skin that almost seals a 
virgin’s cunt tube. Even if she’s a virgin however, she could easily have 
broken her hymen by doing sports, or when she masturbates.”

Billy nodded his head, thinking that this was all becoming much more 
complicated that he had anticipated, and seeing the dejected look, Beth 
said, “Look, if you get your finger inside her cunt, she’s not cherry, 
and if you feel a barrier, just force your finger through it. There might 
be a little pain for her, but it won’t last long, okay?”

“Okay,” he replied.

She waved him closer and then indicated for him to lie down beside her.

“Okay,” she said. “We’ll take this slow Billy.”

She took his hand and could feel it tremble as she placed it between her 
legs. “Now you can feel my cunt, right?”

He nodded his head and she continued, “Now, rub your fingers up and down 
my slit, but don’t press hard.”

He did as instructed and she closed her eyes as she enjoyed the sensation 
and after a few moments, she said, “That’s good Billy. Now, as you rub, 
press just a little harder with your middle finger until it slips into my 
cunt, but don’t push it deep.” 

She could feel her sex lips open to admit his finger, and she said, “Can 
you feel that I’m wet inside.”

“Yeah,” her brother breathed. “Wet and really hot.”

Beth giggled and instructed, “Do that with your girlfriend, and if she 
feels wet, you can think about making her cum. If she’s still dry, go back 
to rubbing her until she juices up, okay?”

“Got it,” Billy said, and then his heart rate increased when Beth 
said, “Right, stop rubbing me and slide your finger into my hole.”

He eagerly obeyed, and her tight slit seemed to suck his stiffened finger 
inside her body, as she hissed, “All the way up me Billy. As deep as you 
can get it.”

Once his finger was fully inside Beth’s cunt, she said, “Now you have to 
get another finger up me, but you have to take it slowly in case your 
girlfriend isn’t used to taking two fingers.”

He carefully added a second finger, and Beth moaned happily as her fuck 
tube stretched to accept it. When he had both fingers up her cunt, she 
said, “Slide them in and out of me Billy. Nice and slowly.”

The sensation inside her body was wonderful and she had to steady her 
breathing as she instructed, “Okay Billy, this is the important bit. Curl 
your fingertips upwards slightly and press them into the roof of my cunt.”

He did exactly what she told him, but as he had stopped moving, she 
hissed, “Keep sliding them in and out at the same time.”

The familiar rush was building up nicely between her legs and as Billy was 
almost sitting up at her side so he could see exactly what he was doing, she 
had to finish her instruction, and she knew she didn’t have long before she 
climaxed. Moving her hand down between her legs, she pointed at the top of 
her slit and hissed, “Can you see my clit Billy? That hard little pink swelling?”

“I see it,” he replied, and Beth gasped, “Keep doing what you’re doing, but 
rub my clit with your thumb at the same time.”

Getting a girl off was more complicated than he had thought, but after a few 
seconds he was able to finger her and stimulate her clit at the same time and 
he had a huge grin on his face when Beth suddenly cried out and started to 
shudder and convulse on the bed. Her head thrashed from side to side and her 
back was arched up from the bed as she orgasmed wildly.

As the last few ripples of her cum was still flowing through her flesh, her 
hand clamped tightly onto Billy’s wrist and pulled his hand from between her 
legs. She waited until her breathing had steadied before she said, “Last 
instruction is that when you’ve made her cum, stop fingering her!”

Billy was ecstatic that he had got his sister off and that he now knew what 
he was doing. As she relaxed back on the bed, her eyes fluttered shut and 
she didn’t see her brother smell his finger and then lick her juices. When 
her eyes opened again, she could see him staring at her hole, and he had 
bent his head forward to capture as much of her aroused scent in his nose 
as he could.

It took a long time for a girl to fully recover from her cum, and Beth could 
still feel the small electrical surges between her legs. It was as if she 
could read her brother’s mind, and she whispered, “Taste it if you want to!”

He grinned appreciatively at her as he slipped off the bed and knelt on the 
floor between her legs. The first swipe of his tongue pulled the sweet girl 
cum into his mouth, and Billy thought it was the most wonderful flavour he 
had ever tasted. She moaned at his touch, and Billy moaned at exactly the 
same time at the indescribable smell and taste of her aroused cunt.

She let him lick for a while, enjoying the feeling, and then she said, “Push 
your tongue inside Billy.”

He eagerly obeyed her instruction and Beth sighed happily at the sensation. Her 
hands gently stroked the hair on the back of her brother’s head, but when 
the familiar rush started between her legs again, she needed to cum. She 
eased back on the bed slightly, and then used her fingers to open up her 
cunt to her brother’s gaze. She knew her own slit very well and she didn’t 
need to see what she was describing as she said, “Can you see my little 
piss hole Billy?”

He stared at the small pink opening in front of his eyes and when he 
replied, “Uh huh,” she continued, “Lick me around my piss hole. That always 
gets me going.”

Bending his head forward again, he lapped at the little hole and Beth groaned 
softly and hissed, “That’s it Billy. That feels so fucking good.”

The tingling sensation was intensifying rapidly but Beth was still in teaching 
mode and she said, “Suck my clit into your mouth Billy and lick it hard.”

As he moved to comply, Beth hissed, “No teeth! Don’t bite!”

His tongue lashed her hard pleasure bud and there was nothing Beth could do 
but to lie back on her bed and savour the tingling sensation that was intensifying 
rapidly. The fuzzy feeling was amazing and she cried out as she climaxed again 
and Billy sucked as much of her girl cum into his mouth as he could. She was 
shaking and shuddering, and after a few moments, her brother pulled his head 
back and let her recover.

When she eventually opened her eyes again, she grinned at Billy and said, “And 
that, little brother, is how you make a girl cream!”


The very next night, Billy had arranged to meet Hannah, and when he suggested 
that they sneak into his parents garage because there was some wine hidden 
there, she only hesitated for a few moments before agreeing. He had 
already unlocked the side door and Beth had managed to get him the wine 
so all was ready. The garage was piled high with all sorts of junk that 
his parents hadn’t got round to throwing out yet, and his sister had 
even shown him that there was a pile of old sacks in one corner of the 

“It won’t be as comfortable as a bed,” she said, “But I always found 
it more comfortable that doing it on the concrete floor!”

Thankfully for Billy and Hannah, it was an almost full moon because there 
was no way he could have the lights on to attract attention, and there 
was a lot of giggling as he carefully steered the preteen girl through 
the junk towards the sacks. He easily found the wine bottle and the 
plastic cups where he had stashed them, and he filled up their glasses. 
At least, he filled up Hannah’s, and only half filled his!

They made a lot of small talk as they drank, and after her second glass, 
he bent forward to kiss her. She responded happily and didn’t mind him 
opening the buttons on the front of her little floral dress. Billy 
knew that he was on pretty safe ground here because Hannah didn’t seem 
to mind him feeling up her budding tits. Although they were just about 
the size of an apple, the girl’s mother insisted that she must wear a 
bra, but Billy simply pushed it up to expose her breasts. 

“God Hannah,” he said, “You have gorgeous tits.”

She beamed at the compliment and it didn’t seem to bother her that her 
breasts were exposed as she let him refill her glass. The twelve year 
old girl wasn’t used to drinking, and she was already feeling lightheaded 

After suckling on then for a while, Hannah’s nipples were hard and she was 
making soft mewing noises that he hoped indicated her pleasure. His heart 
was beating rapidly when he moved his hand onto her knee and slowly slid 
it under her dress. 

He could feel her panties stretched tightly over her cunt like a grape 
skin, and also feel the heat from her crotch. His fingers lightly stroked 
up and down the outline of Hannah’s covered slit and because she was more 
used to boys trying to push inside her panties, she slowly allowed her 
legs to open and enjoy the lovely sensations

Billy wanted inside her underwear just as much as anyone else, but he 
patiently licked her hard nipples while he continued to rub her covered 
slit. He was pleased that Hannah’s little noises of pleasure had developed 
into louder groans and he decided that now was the time to go for broke, 
and he raised his hand up to the waistband of her panties and pushed it 
inside. The movement was so quick that it gave Hannah no time to object 
before his fingers were again rubbing her cunt, but now without the barrier 
of her panties.

She did actually think about stopping him, but she loved the sensation of 
his mouth on her cherrystone nipples, and the sensation from his fingers 
was amazing. She kept her knees open for him, and although Billy was fully 
caught up in the girl’s body, he was calm enough to remember everything 
that Beth had taught him.

He gradually increased the pressure of his index finger, hoping that Hannah 
would be getting wet, but when his fingertip penetrated her hole, it was 
like dipping it into a cauldron of molten lava. She was soaking wet and as 
soon as her slit was open, the slippery juices oozed out to stain her 
panties and to let him spread the fuck sauce all around her hole.

Her body stiffened when he slipped one finger into her cunt and two things 
became very clear. The first was that she didn’t have her hymen intact, and 
the second was that she was much tighter than his sister had been. 

This was much further than Hanna had been intending to go, and she knew 
that she should stop it going any further. Although some of her friends 
were already fucking, Hannah was still a virgin and she wasn’t sure if she 
wanted Billy to be the one to take it. He was well liked at school, but 
wasn’t part of the “in” crowd that she tried to hang about with, and she 
was kind of hoping that when she eventually got fucked, it would be with 
somebody really special. 

She had just made up her mind to stop, when he started to finger her. She 
was well used to having her own fingers inside her cunt when she masturbated, 
but it didn’t feel like this. She wasn’t aware that his finger was perfectly 
curled onto the roof of her fuck tube, and the thought of stopping him slowly 
vanished from her mind. The sensations inside her hole were wonderful and 
even the slight pain of being stretched when he slid a second finger up 
her cunt didn’t bother her.

Now that he had his two fingers inside her cunt and correctly positioned, he 
fingered her rapidly and she immediately gasped as the fuzzy feeling between 
her legs escalated uncontrollably. She was going to cum, and now there was 
nothing she wanted more.

The tingling sensation had reached a level where she should be in orgasm 
by now, but instead it just got stronger and stronger. She was panting 
loudly, trying to pull air into her lungs as she moaned continually and 
her hips bucked her cunt against his fingers as she tried frantically to 

Finally, her body relented and let her have what she desired. It was like 
a dam breaking somewhere inside her, and she instinctively knew that 
whatever was about to happen would be big!

She tried to warn him that she was about to cum. The words formed easily in 
her brain, but somehow they couldn’t reach her mouth. Her mouth was opening 
and closing like a fish out of water and she suddenly screamed loudly as a 
massive orgasm detonated inside her twelve year old body. 

Not only had she never cum so hard before, but she hadn’t realised that it 
was possible to feel this much pleasure. On top of the ecstatic feelings 
flowing through her body, jolts of heavenly bliss shot through her flesh and 
overwhelmed every other sense she possessed. She felt like she was in 
paradise and had no conception that her body was convulsing uncontrollably 
on the sacks and that her head was thrashing from side to side.

Remembering his sister’s advice, Billy happily pulled his fingers out of 
Hannah’s spasming fuck hole and licked the juices from them. She was still 
deep in climax with her eyes screwed shut as he got up and knelt on the 
floor between her legs. The twelve year girl was so out of it that she 
didn’t feel him tug down her panties until they were rolled down at her knees. 

Hannah’s mind was in a whirl as she fought to recover from one of the most 
intense orgasm’s she had ever had. The twelve year old girl hadn’t intended 
to let things go this far. She knew that when Billy had suggested spending 
some time in the garage, he would try and feel her up, and as she liked him, 
she was happy to let him touch her. 

When his hand had pushed under her skirt, she had figured that she would let 
him touch her cunt for a few moments, and then stop him going and further, 
but whatever he had done to her had felt amazing. He had got her really wet 
and when he had fingered her, she thought the top of her head would explode 
from the feelings he was giving her.

She didn’t remember him pulling down her panties, but she could feel them 
down at her knees and she thought that she should probably open her eyes soon 
and pull them up again. She didn’t really want to move however as she basked 
in the afterglow of her cum, and she was only dimly aware that Billy was 
kissing her flat stomach and swirling his tongue around her little belly 
button. The sensation of his lips lightly brushing her skin was incredible 
and if anything it made her relax even more. 

Her mind was floating as Billy’s kisses went lower and his eyes were wide 
open as he focused on the gorgeous slit that was between Hannah’s legs. It 
wasn’t just his eyes that were wide open because his nostrils were flared 
as he pulled the scent of her arousal into his nose. The smell of her hole
 was very similar to his sisters, but somehow subtle different. It made his 
mouth water at the thought of how Hannah’s cunt would taste and he moved his 
mouth lower and onto the twelve year olds swollen sex mound.

Two things then happened at exactly the same time. The first was that Hannah’s 
eyes snapped open and her body stiffened as she suddenly realised what Billy 
was doing and that he could see her cunt. Letting him finger her off was one 
thing, but she had never intended that he should actually see her fuck hole. 
The second thing was that Billy’s flattened tongue slid over her open slit, 
parting her outer lips and letting her juice wash over his taste buds.

Hannah jumped as she was licked out for the first time in her life, and a 
long, “Ooooooohhhhh,” was drawn from her throat. This was not going according 
to her plan at all, but she couldn’t believe how good it felt, and she closed
 her eyes again to savour the sensation.

Remembering everything he had been taught, Billy started slowly with long 
strokes of his tongue that pulled the preteen girls slippery juices into his 
mouth. She tasted wonderful, and as soon as she started to moan softly, he 
eased the tip of his tongue into her cunt and Hannah immediately gasped in 
pleasure, and then she moaned loudly and tilted her hips up towards his face. 

Pushing his tongue deeper, he watched Hannah’s clit swell and the protective 
sheath was pulled back to let it stand out from her body. He almost grinned 
at the erotic sight because he was now certain that he could make the girl 
cum any time he wanted, but first, he wanted more of her intoxicating juices.

As he flicked his tongue around inside her fuck tube, Hannah’s hands clamped 
onto the back of his head, pulling his face tightly against her now soaking 
wet cunt as she hissed, “Don’t stop Billy. Whatever you’re doing to me, don’t 
ever stop!”

Billy’s tongue moved up to the top of her slit and flicked onto her pleasure 
bud. The young girl’s clit was incredibly sensitive after her recent cum, 
and her body jerked as she cried  out loudly.

As he kept lapping up and down her slit and sucking the juice out of her, 
the preteen girl was rocking her hips back and forth as she held his mouth 
hard against her hole. Her legs were spread as wide as she could get them, 
and then she opened her knees to either side and rested her ankles on his 
back, effectively trapping his head between her legs. 

Her back arched up from the sacks and her breathing changed to short sharp 
gasps as she waited for her climax. The tingling sensation between her legs 
was almost unbearable, but wonderful at the same time, and Billy chose that 
particular moment to move his mouth slightly and such Hannah’s now rock hard 
clit into his mouth.

A ragged scream erupted from her throat, but he paid it little attention 
as his tongue started to lash her pleasure bud as she shook and shuddered. 
Her nerveless fingers slipped away from the back of his head, but Billy’s 
fingers were tightly gripping the preteens upturned ass and holding her 
crotch against his face.

In a few seconds, she was bucking about on the sacks like an unbroken 
horse at a rodeo and the boy held her in climax for a while before he 
spat out her throbbing clit and concentrated on slurping and licking up 
her girl cum.

After two orgasms, Hannah was wiped out and she lay on the old sacks with her 
chest heaving and her eyes tightly closed. Billy wiped the back of his hand 
over his chin to clean away the girl’s cunt juice as he stared down between 
her legs. Her cunt was still open and her sex mound was swollen to almost 
twice its normal size, indicating her arousal. 

As she basked in the afterglow of her cum, Billy reached out to pull her 
panties further down and remove them completely. He dropped then onto the 
floor as he stood up and kicked off his denims, followed quickly by his 
boxer shorts. His cock was harder than he could ever remember and it was 
starting to ache as he got onto his knees between Hannah’s legs.

He rubbed the tip of his prick up and down the girl’s slippery slit for a 
few moments, and Hannah moaned softly as she felt her sex lips open up 
again. Her eyes fluttered open and she gulped at the sight of her boyfriend’s 
cock touching her cunt.  She had thought it was his fingers that were 
rubbing her slit, and there was a moment of fear that she was so close to 
losing her virginity.

She knew that she only had seconds to refuse and she stared intro Billy’s 
face as she struggled with the decision. Before he had made her cum for 
the first time, she had no intention of letting their sexual adventure go 
so far. Letting him lick her out was something that would have made her 
cringe only an hour ago, but now she knew that she would have happily let 
him eat her cunt again if he had wanted to. 

She could now see that Billy had other things on his mind however and 
although it only took a few seconds for this to flash through her mind, 
the pressure of his cock against her open hole was increasing.

She looked down at his shaft and shivered at the thought of it stretching 
her fuck tube, and despite the fact that her stomach was churning, she was 
now aware that she wanted this as much as Billy obviously did.

Looking into his face, she gasped softly, “Go slow Billy!”

Those three simple words made his heart rate almost double, because they 
clearly said that Hannah was ready to take his cock and let him fuck her. 
It took a lot of self restrain not to lunge forward, but his sisters voice 
echoed in his mind, reminding him that his hard prick could cause pain as well 
as pleasure.

He eased his hips forward and watched as Hannah’s hole opened up to welcome 
him into her body and then closed around his shaft as if to hold him inside. 
The heat of her cunt felt incredible on the head of his shaft, but then he 
felt the resistance of her tight tube and stopped moving.

Hannah opened her legs wide and she threw her arms around his neck, pulling 
his lips down onto hers. She could taste her cunt on his breath, but she had 
tasted and enjoyed that flavour many times before, and she slid her tongue 
into his mouth for a moment, and then pulled her head back and hissed, “Push 
it deeper!”

Before he could move, her mouth was back on his, and he let her explore his 
mouth with her tongue as he tensed his thigh muscles and slid his cock 
deeper into her cunt. She groaned into his mouth as she was penetrated, and 
he had managed to get just over half of his shaft into her fuck tube when 
she jerked her head back and cried, “Wait! Wait!”

She was panting wildly as she tried to adjust to the lancing pains that were 
shooting out of her stretched cunt, and for a moment she wondered if this 
was normal. Gradually however the pains dissipated and although there was 
still a dull ache in her hole, she was pleased that she was able to keep going.

She showed that pleasure by smiling up at Billy as she said, “Deeper!”

Tensing his muscles again, they both looked down at where they were joined 
and watched as millimetre after of millimetre of his prick was swallowed 
up by Hannah’s fuck tube. They both sighed together when he was fully 
inside her body and then Billy started to fuck her slowly. 

He could feel the wet tightness of her cunt grip and massage his cock as 
he slid in and out, and the girl started to moan and groan loudly. For 
some reason, he thought she was in pain and he stopped moving as he 
looked into her face and asked, “Are you okay?”

Her mouth and eyes were both wide open and she nodded her head before 
she hissed, “Your cock feels amazing inside my cunt. Fuck me faster 
Billy and make me cum again!”

He started to fuck her again, increasing the speed of his thrusts and the 
twelve year old girl was soon moaning and groaning beneath him. This time 
however, he knew the noises were of pleasure and he could see that her eyes 
were riveted on the sight of his cock pumping in and out of her hole.

Hannah’s hips were humping in time to his thrusts and as she speeded up, so 
did Billy. Her moans were getting louder and suddenly she snapped her head up 
and her eyes were almost bulging out of her head as she stared at him and 
gasped, “I’m going to cum!”

A massive orgasm erupted deep inside her body and the most incredible 
sensations fired through her body like electrical shocks. She convulsed 
uncontrollably on the sacks beneath her and Billy would actually have 
been worried at her reaction if he hadn’t seen his sister react in much 
the same way. 

He could feel his cum boil and froth inside his balls and he simply 
couldn’t hold back any longer. He pounded Hannah’s cunt as hard and as 
fast as he could as he worked towards his own release and he gasped as 
his hot load rocketed up his piss tube and jetted into the preteen girl’s 
fuck tube.

Even while she was in orgasm, Hannah felt the spunk spray into her body 
and her legs tightened around his waist and her hands were under his 
tee-shirt and digging into his skin. When the first jet of cum fired 
into her cunt, her nails raked down his back, leaving long trails that 
were oozing blood. His whole body trembled as he emptied his balls before 
he collapsed exhausted on top of the girl and they lay panting for breath 
as they tried to recover from their exertions.

After a while, he could feel his prick start to soften and he rolled 
from Hannah’s body, pulling his cock out of her cunt, and lay at her 
side. Now that the fuck was finished, he hoped and prayed that she didn’t 
regret letting him fuck her, but his worries were dispelled then she 
rolled onto her side, facing him, and kissed him lightly on the lips 
before snuggling into his arms.


Billy walked Hannah home and when he kissed her goodnight at her front 
door, she slid her tongue into his mouth and gently squeezed his crotch, 
making his cock harden instantly. Giggling into his mouth at the bulge 
growing in her hand, she pulled back her face, and said, “I’ll see you 
at school tomorrow.”

He nodded his head, and then she added, “And then you can fuck my brains out 
again tomorrow night!”

She giggled again when his mouth dropped open and then skipped to her front 
door and opened it up. Billy raised his hand in a final wave and turned around 
to walk away, just as he heard Hannah hiss, “God Billy, I’m sorry. I didn’t 
mean to hurt you!”

She rushed over to him and the expression on his face clearly indicated that 
he had no idea what she was talking about. 

“What? What?” he stuttered, and she was suddenly in his arms and kissing 
him again. Little kisses, and in between she whispered, “I’m sorry! I’m 

This was making absolutely no sense to him and he eventually took a step 
back and held Hannah at arm’s length as he said, “What are you talking about?”

“You’re bleeding,” she said. “My nails have cut your back!”

Now it was making a bit more sense and he had already felt the stinging 
sensation on his back as he walked the girl home. He knew that she had 
scratched him, but not that she had drawn blood, but it didn’t matter. 
All that mattered was that she had let him fuck her, and was going to let 
him do it again.

Giving her one last kiss, he reassured his girlfriend as he grinned at her 
and said, “It was definitely worth it!”


Later that night, Billy was getting ready for bed. Still wearing his denims, his 
bloody tee-shirt had been dumped in the laundry, and he had just finished 
cleaning his teeth when Beth came through her door. Seeing her brother, 
she said, “How did it go with Hannah?”

Before he could answer, she whistled through her teeth and added, “Never 
mind. I can see that you fucked her!”

She was looking at the parallel scratches on his back, and he grinned as 
he said, “The bitch has nails!”

“You must have made her cum good for her to do that to you,” Beth 
mused. “Way to go little brother, you just lost your virginity!”

“Thanks to you,” he admitted.

Beth shrugged her shoulders and replied, “It was going to happen one 
day soon. I just speeded things up a bit.”

She was standing beside him and looking into the mirror as she used 
some wipes to remove the make-up she was wearing, and Billy asked, “How 
was your night?”

She stared at his reflection for a few moments before she replied, “Pretty 
shitty. I found out that Andy had cheated on me, so I dumped him!”

“Fucking idiot,” Billy snapped. “Why would anybody cheat on you? You’re 
the hottest girl around here!”

There was a small smile on Beth’s face as she lent to the side to kiss him 
gently on his cheek. Using her thumb to wipe away a trace of lipstick from 
his face, she whispered, “You always know the right things to say, little 
brother,” before she went back into her bedroom and closed the door behind her.


Billy had no idea what time it was, or what had woke him up. It was still 
pitch black outside, although the large moon provided a bit of light into 
the room. He didn’t have a clock in his room, and just used the alarm function 
on his cell phone to wake him up for school. Knowing that it wasn’t time to 
get up yet, he closed his eyes again, but they suddenly snapped open when 
the bed moved and he heard his sister hiss, “Move over!”

“What’s going on?” he stupidly asked as she got into the bed and he could 
immediately feel that she was naked. As he didn’t wear anything to bed either, 
their skin was touching from her firm tits almost down to their toes, as she 
said quietly, “I’m horny. I thought I was going to get some tonight but had 
to dump my bastard of an ex-boyfriend instead.”

Even before she had spoken, Billy’s cock was hardening, and thinking that he 
knew what she wanted, he whispered, “You want me to eat your cunt and make you 

She kissed him on the mouth, letting her tongue slide into his mouth before 
she pulled back and answered, “No, little brother, I want you to get this 
gorgeous cock of yours up my cunt and fuck the shit out of me!”

Her hands were already stroking his prick, and he gasped, “You want me to fuck 

Beth took hold of one of his hands and pulled it between her legs as she 
hissed, “Does that answer your question?”

His sister was soaking wet and her slime had already coated the inside of her 
thighs. He couldn’t resist sliding two stiffened fingers into her hole, and 
her back arched up from the bed as he started to finger fuck her. His fingers 
curled perfectly to hit the correct pleasure spot, as he had been taught, but 
while they flashed in and out of her cunt, the sloshing noises were like a 
child kicking their way through a puddle. He hadn’t known that a girl could 
get this wet, and Beth was about to get wetter because she hissed, “You 
bastard. I’m going to cum!”

She wanted to scream her release! She needed to scream her release, but 
with her parents only a few feet away, that was not a good idea. She buried 
her face into her brother’s neck as she climaxed, and she had no idea why 
she bit him, but her teeth clamped down onto his shoulder, and now it was 
Billy who was trying not to make any noise as the pain in his shoulder 

Not until her orgasm subsided did the pressure from her teeth let up, and 
her brother jerked his shoulder away and rubbed the area. He could feel 
the indentation of her teeth and Beth thought she could detect a slight 
metallic taste in her mouth from her brother’s blood  

“That was fucking sore,” he hissed at her, and she immediately whispered 
back, “It would have been worse if I had screamed and Mom and Dad rushed 
through the door to investigate!”

That made sense, and he laughed quietly as he agreed, “Yeah, I guess that 
would have been worse.”

Beth’s hand was still on his hard cock and she was just thinking about slithering 
her body on top of her brother, when she suddenly thought of something and she 
asked, “Have you showered since your fuck?”

There was enough moonlight coming through the window to see him shake his 
head, and she whispered into his ear, “Good. I want to taste the slut!”

She wormed her way under the covers, but she needn’t have bothered because 
Billy kicked them off the bed to watch his sister suck his cock into her mouth. 
Beth wasn’t trying to suck him off so she concentrated on licking the dried 
cunt juice from the surface of his prick before she came back up to lie beside 
him and said, “Your little fuck toy tastes sweet!” 

When she kissed him, he could taste cunt on her breath and their tongues 
danced together as she slid on top of him with her knees on either side of 
his hips. Her drooling fuck hole seemed to draw him inside like a magnet and 
she sighed into his mouth as she sat down on his cock and took it up her cunt 
all the way to his balls.

Despite being so aroused, she was tight enough to grip him firmly and she was 
still kissing him as her hips lifted and fell on his shaft. He was happy to 
let her do all of the work and after his exertions in the garage with Hannah, 
he was confident that he would be able to last out for a while.

Beth had no such intentions however. Her body was still strumming from her 
last cum and now that she had a cock in her cunt, the familiar rush was 
building up nicely. Her hips were tilted so that her burning clit was being 
dragged over the veined surface of her brothers prick and she bounced her hole 
faster as she worked towards her climax.

Their mouths were locked together as they shared saliva and their tongues 
danced together like swords fighting a duel. They were both moaning, but 
Beth’s were the loudest, and a shiver of excitement flashed through her 
body when Billy’s hands cupped her butt cheeks and pulled them open. She 
could feel the cool air on her tightly closed little asshole, and the 
thrill of knowing that her brother’s fingertip was literally a few 
millimetres from her back hole was exquisite. Even in the middle of their 
fuck, Beth made a mental note to introduce her brother to the delights of 
licking and fingering each other’s assholes.

That was for a later date however, and she bounced faster and faster as 
the tingling sensation intensified and made the hairs on the back of her n
eck stand up and her toes curl into little fists.

Billy’s tongue was still fencing with his sister’s, but Beth’s movements 
slowed down and she suddenly screamed into his mouth. He could feel the 
breath being forced out of her lungs and because their lips were sealed, 
his cheeks blew out with the pressure.    

She shuddered and writhed on his cock, and he took a tighter grip of her 
ass and pistoned his prick in and out of her drenched cunt for a few 
moments to maximise the jolts of ecstasy she was experiencing. She was 
forced to break their kiss as her head whipped from side to side and her 
hair lashed at his face until her orgasm slowly subsided and she collapsed 
down onto his body totally exhausted. 

She made little moans when he bucked his hips and pushed his hard shaft up 
her fuck tube, but she was so worn out that she made no other reaction. That 
wasn’t what the twelve year old boy wanted and he moved his hands up from 
her ass to her shoulders. He rocked from side to side a couple of time to 
get some momentum, and then quickly rolled them both over so that Beth was 
now on her back and Billy’s cock was still buried up her cunt.

Her eyes opened to watch her brother get onto his knees between her legs and 
then lift her ankles into the air. He folded her legs back until her ankles 
were up around her ears and her ass was lifted up from the bed. Giving her 
no time to adjust to the new position, he began to fuck her as hard and as 
fast as he could. 

Beth’s mouth opened wide as the brutal fuck that had her brother’s prick 
battering against her cervix with every inward stroke, but although her 
last cum had receded, she hadn’t had time to fully recover and Billy’s 
flashing prick was lifting her up towards another cum. She could feel it 
happen, but Billy was fucking her so fast that she didn’t think he would 
be able to get her off again before he blew his load into her. 

There was no way she could miss out however and when she slipped her hand 
between their bodies and pressed her fingers against her throbbing clit, 
it was enough to take her over the top and the springs in Billy’s mattress 
screeched alarmingly when the fourteen year old girl convulsed violently. 
She was still shuddering as Billy grunted and jetted his hot cum deep into 
her fuck tube.

It took them both a long time to recover as they lay side by side on the 
bed. Billy gently played with his sister’s firm tits, but it wasn’t to 
get her aroused, but more because it just felt good to be touching her. 
They would have liked to curl up and drift off to sleep, but they couldn’t 
risk being found in the same bed together, so she reluctantly kissed him 
on the mouth, gently and lovingly, before she said, “I have to go back to 
my own room.”

He watched her naked body sway seductively as she walked away and 
silently closed the door.


When he got up the next morning for school, there didn’t seem any point in 
putting on any clothes before he went into the shared bathroom. There also 
didn’t seem any point in locking the door that led to his sister’s bedroom.

He had just started his morning piss when Beth came into the bathroom 
and she walked straight over to him and glanced at her teeth marks in 
his shoulder before watching him piss. Gently knocking his hand away 
and gripping his prick, she giggled into his ear, “I’ve always wanted 
to do this!”

She was moving his cock around, directing the stream into different 
parts of the toilet bowl and Billy replied, “If you splash, you’re 
cleaning it up!”

They were both laughing, and when his bladder was empty, she milked out 
the last drops, which had the inevitable effect of making him hard. She 
watched his shaft stiffen and lengthen in her hand and then hissed, “Horny 
little bastard, aren’t you?”

“You’re the one jacking me off,” he replied. “Do you really think my cocks 
going to stay soft when a gorgeous and hot girl is jacking on it?”

Her hand stopped moving for a second and she looked into his eyes to see 
if there was any trace of sarcasm, but she could see that he was genuine 
in his compliment, and she whispered into his ear, “You know all of the 
nicest things to say, don’t you little brother. I think I should say thank 
you with a blowjob. Would you like me to suck you off?”

“Fuck yeah,” he replied immediately, and then watched his sister pull off 
the long tee-shirt she was wearing so that they were both naked. He looked 
longingly at her flawless body, and had a sudden thought that fucking her 
was more attractive than getting sucked off, but Beth could read his face 
like a book and she hissed, “We don’t have time to fuck!”

She sat down on the toilet and opened her legs wide so he could see her 
4pee. While her yellow waste was splashing into the bowl, she pulled him 
forward by his cock and licked her lips in anticipation.

He hadn’t had a chance to shower yet, and when his cock was in front of 
her face, Beth could smell her own dried cunt juices. The smell excited her 
and her hand gripped the base of his cock and then opened as her tongue 
licked from his balls all the way up to the sensitive tip. Her eyes were 
swivelled up to look at his face as she licked again, leaving trails of 
her saliva on his skin, and he gave a soft moan as a drop of pre-cum oozed 
out of his piss hole.

Pulling her head back, her hand slid up his shaft so that her thumb could 
spread the sticky slime over the sensitive tip. Her thumb made him moan 
again, and then she bent forward to lick the pre-cum into her mouth.

It washed over her taste buds and she licked her lips before she opened 
her mouth and sucked his cock inside. She took her time to cover the shaft 
with the saliva and enjoy the little moans of pleasure that Billy was 
making before she sucked harder, making her cheeks hollow. Pushing her 
face forwards, she allowed the head of her brother’s cock to slide into 
her throat, and took him as deep as she could without gagging. She used 
every bit of experience she had in giving head, and she grinned around 
his prick as he gripped the hair on the back of her head and hissed, “That’s 
good Beth! That is way fucking good!”

Beth could feel her body respond to the situation and her nipples were 
rock hard. Her cunt was hot and wet as she slid her hand between her legs, 
and rubbed at her pleasure bud that was even harder than her nipples were.

As her throat bobbed up and down Billy’s cock, his sister’s fingers were 
pistoning in and out of her cunt and she was already feeling the familiar 
rush. Her mouth moved faster on his prick as her tongue danced over the tip 
and circled around his piss hole, making him moan louder. 

His fingers tightened in her hair, which was a sure sign that he was about 
to blow, and she bobbed her head as fast as she could as her hand slid up 
and down the shaft, from the root to where her lips were tightly wrapped 
around the throbbing prick.

“Nearly there,” he hissed, and a couple of seconds later he gasped, “Here 
it comes!”

Beth pulled her head back until just the head of his cock was in her mouth 
and she jacked furiously on it until she felt his hot load spray into her 
throat. She swallowed as quickly as she could, but a small trickle of her 
brother’s slime ran out of the corner of her mouth to drip from her chin 
onto her tit. 

Billy maintained his grip on Beth’s hair until she had sucked every drop 
out of his balls, and then his fingers opened and let his sister sit back 
on the toilet. His legs felt weak and shaky as he stepped back and his eyes 
widened when Beth opened her knees so wide that she was almost doing the 
splits while sitting down and she rammed her fingers back up her cunt and 
fucked herself furiously.

Glancing up at her brother, she managed to gasp, “Fuck, I really need 
this one,” before she shuddered and her knees opened and closed 
repeatedly as her climax fired through her body.

Her chest was heaving as she basked in the amazing feelings inside her 
fuck hole, and when she pulled her fingers out, they were thickly covered 
with her girl slime. Before licking them clean however, she scooped up the 
drop of her brothers cum that was clinging to her tit and enjoyed the 
flavour of their mixed slime.

They were both now horny and they might have thought again about a quick 
fuck, but they could hear their parents moving about the house and knew 
that they had neither the time nor the opportunity.

As Beth went back into her bedroom, she turned to face her brother and 
said, “Sorry about your shoulder Billy.”

Remembering what he had said to Hannah when she apologised for scratching 
him, he replied, “It was definitely worth it!”


At school, where you stood in the playground was all important. Billy hung 
out with his friends in one part of the grounds and the girls tended to 
congregate in another. There was also a hierarchy that basically meant 
that the “good and the beautiful” were at the top, followed by 
the “normal” and at the bottom were the “geeks and weirdoes.” Billy was 
definitely in the “normal” category, but Hannah had friends in both 
the “good and beautiful” and also the “normal” camps.

When he arrived in the school grounds, he saw Hannah talking to Laura Taylor 
and Vanessa Young. Both of those girls were definitely at the top of the 
hierarchy and Billy considered them way out of his league. Not only were 
they stunningly beautiful, but they oozed confidence and both moved with 
the grace of a gazelle. They had never so much as spoken to Billy, and when 
the three girls saw him looking over, they broke into a fit of the giggles. 
They were obviously talking about him, and he was disappointed that Hannah 
was somehow involved.

He looked away, searching for his own friends, but Hannah shouted his name and 
waved him over. 

The unwritten law was that the boys and girls stayed in their separate sides 
of the grounds, and only God’s like the football team or basketball players 
mingled with the girls. He was rather self-conscious therefore when he walked 
over to where the girls were standing and he felt like everyone’s eyes were on 

When he reached them, Hannah took his hand and said, “You know Laura and 
Vanessa don’t you?”

“Yeah, hi,” he muttered, but the girls actually seemed friendly, and they 
both said brightly, “Hi Billy!”

After a few moments silence, Vanessa couldn’t stand not speaking any longer, 
and she said, “So Billy, did you have a good night last night?”

Laura sniggered, and Hannah said, “Come on girls, behave. Stop trying to 
embarrass him.”

“Are you fucking kidding,” Laura hissed. “Three fucking times! If he made 
you cum three fucking times, he has nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“Yeah,” Vanessa agreed. “We’re just jealous. If we had known about mister 
three fucking times here, we would be dating him instead of you!”

The three girls laughed and Billy tried to make some sense of the 
conversation he was hearing. He had assumed that Hannah wouldn’t 
want her friends to know that she was sexually active, but she seemed 
to be treating it like a badge of honour. Not only that, but she was 
dragging him along and it would appear that his status had somehow 
soared. He couldn’t help but replay what Vanessa had said and was amazed 
that he would have had a shot with her and Laura.

Laura was looking at him closely, and she said, “I hear that you still bear 
the scars.”

“Yeah,” he replied. “Hannah has some sharp nails!”

That caused another round of laughter, and then Vanessa said, “I wanna see!”

Billy shook his head as he replied, “There’s no way I’m taking my shirt 
off here.” 

“I didn’t mean here, stupid,” Vanessa said as she linked her arm through 
his. “Come with me!”

She led him into the school with Laura and Hannah a step behind and steered 
him towards the girl’s toilet. He stopped outside the door, even although 
she was trying to pull him inside, and he hissed, “I can’t go in there. That’s 
the girl’s toilet!”

“You can when you’re with us,” Vanessa replied, dragging him forward, and 
after a solid push in his back from both Laura and Hannah, he found himself 
inside a room that he had only fantasised about.

There was a row of stalls against one wall, and opposite them, was a row of 
wash hand basins with mirrors screwed to the wall. There were a couple of girls 
standing in front of the mirrors, carefully removing make-up that wasn’t 
allowed in class, and as he turned his head, an older girl was walking out 
of one of the stalls, still pulling up her panties and smoothing down the 
front of her skirt. 

Nobody paid much attention to him because the three girls surrounding him 
obviously gave him some status to be there, and he was aware that the girl’s 
toilet smelt much better than the boys did!

Vanessa nudged him in the ribs and said, “Come on Billy. Show!”

His eyes were scanning the room and carefully studying what the girls were 
doing. This room had always been a mystery to him because it seemed to be 
used for more than just peeing in, and as that thought was going through his 
brain, he started to unbutton his shirt. None of the other girls even 
acknowledged his existence as he finished unbuttoning his shirt and pulled 
it from his shoulders. The six vertical and parallel scratches had scabbed 
over, but were still very visible, and he could feel Laura and Vanessa’s 
fingers trace the outline of the cuts in his skin.

“Fuck,” Laura gasped. “You must have been cumming hard to do this Hannah!”

Her words immediately attracted the attention of the other girls in the 
toilet, and he soon had a crowd round him and asking questions about who 
had fucked who. It wasn’t him they were talking to however, and Hannah was 
soon regaling them with the story of Billy making her cum three times. She 
had just finished her story when Vanessa said, “You didn’t tell us that you 
were a vampire as well Hannah!”

Hannah wasn’t sure what her friend meant until she pointed to the circle of 
teeth marks on Billy’s shoulder. Her face fell and she gasped, “God Billy, I 
didn’t remember biting you like that, I’m so sorry.”

There was no was that he was going to reveal that the teeth marks didn’t belong 
to the twelve year old girl, so he just shrugged his shoulders as he said, “No 
problem! I was so busy fucking you that you could have bitten a chunk out of me 
if you wanted!”

He could feel fingers trace the outline of the scratches on his back and also 
the circle of teeth marks, and if felt good being the centre of attention. 
He could also make out snatches on conversations from the crowd, all wanting 
to know who he fucked, and Hannah was soon regaling them all with the story 
of her three orgasms.

As the school day wore on, Billy noticed a vast difference in how he was 
treated. Girls who would normally have completely ignored him in the school 
corridors now smiled at him and said, “Hi Billy!” whilst others actually 
stopped to speak to him. Hannah’s story had rapidly spread around the entire 
school and Billy Roberts was now definitely one of the “in” crowd, thanks to 
his sisters teaching methods.

o0o The End o0o

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