Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. This story came from an idea submitted to me recently by John Buckner and I developed it with his permission. To all those who read it - I hope you like it, and to John - thanks for your input, and I hope it turned out the way you thought it would. Amber Ritchie. Julie Takes Charge. (Incest brother-sister / mother-daughter / uncle-niece / anal / group sex / WS / scat) Pete Henderson is twenty three years old and had just finished college. He had taken a pretty crappy job loading and unloading trucks for a publishing house while he tried to decide what he wanted to do with his life. He had always had an interest in photography but it was a very expensive hobby, and to turn it into a profession was only a dream at present. The job paid next to nothing and to save what little he could, he asked his sister Caroline if he could move in with her temporarily. Caroline is thirty years old and has a well paid position at the local Leisure and Conference Centre. She was divorced about five years ago when her husband left her for another woman. The marriage had been shaky for a few years before that and she was glad that he was out of her life. Her daughter Julie is now twelve years old and she doesn't feel the same way about the loss of her father. In some ways she blames her mother for the marriage break-up, even although she knows that it was her father that was having the affair, and her relationship with her mother varies from sullen to down right antagonistic. My sister has always had a great body that was kept in trim during her school years with her involvement in the swimming team and also some track and field. She now works out regularly at the gym and her rock solid 36C tits are complemented by her flawless skin flowing over her 24 inch waist and 34 inch hips. She used to wear her brown hair long but shortly after her husband left her, she had it styled to shoulder length. Pete had spent much of his adolescence trying to peep at Caroline's body through cracks and keyholes in her bedroom and toilet doors but had only managed a few glimpses of her tits. She didn't seem to have many boyfriends and he never heard of her making out with anyone. Pete paid rent for what he ate but not much more and for this he got pretty fair sized room with his own en-suite toilet and shower. Caroline and Julie knew not to come in without knocking, and generally left him alone when he was in his room. This suited Pete fine as it allowed him to watch his porn tapes and surf the net for pictures and stories undisturbed. Pete couldn't help but feel sorry for his sister as she tried to raise Julie alone, and last night at the dinner table they had had a blazing row and Julie had basically told her mother to fuck off and she would do as she pleased. Caroline confided to Pete once that she felt so guilty about Julie's father not being there, she couldn't get herself to punish Julie, almost no matter what she did. The next day Pete was coming home in my lunchtime. Caroline had asked him to check in on Julie who had been home sick from school. They both suspected that Julie was more bored with school than sick, so Pete entered the house quietly. Pete figured that if he caught Julie doing something she wasn't supposed to, it would be a nice hold to have on her and maybe persuade her to be nicer to her mother. He looked in her bedroom but she wasn't there. Thinking that the girl had gone out, he made his way upstairs to his room and stopped in the corridor when he saw that the door to his room was open. He peeked in and saw Julie naked on his bed in front of the television rubbing her sex . He immediately recognised the film. It was one of his newer porn tapes about a young girl of about ten who is gangbanged by her father and three brothers. He had paid a lot of money for that tape and as the girl in the film was begging her father for more cock Julie came loudly. "Fuck, fuck," she moaned as her cunt cream stained his bedclothes. Pete didn't know whether to sneak quietly downstairs or whether to confront his horny niece. His rigid cock made the decision for him and he stepped into the room and said, "You certainly seem to be enjoying your sick day." Julie jumped at the sound of his voice and turned around to face him. She didn't make any attempt to cover her body and Pete's gaze took in the hard nipples sticking out from her developing tits and the hairless slit between her legs. Her outer cunt lips were swollen with lust and her hole gapped apart slightly allowing him to see the pink interior. He had no idea what he expected the young girl to say and was surprised when she replied, "Hi Pete. Why didn't you tell me you had all this great stuff? I love the size of those cocks fucking that little girl's cunt. Don't you?" "Well, I.....I don't know..." Pete stammered. "Come and sit down and watch the film with me, and then we can have some fun," Julie said spreading her legs further apart. "I don't think that's a good idea Julie," he replied swallowing hard. "If you get dressed and go back down to your room, I promise that I won't tell your mother about this." "Fuck my mother," she answered. "I don't give a shit about her, besides, you know you don't want me to put my clothes on." "Yes I do," Pete said with as much certainty as he could manage. "Try saying that when your cock isn't quite so hard from looking at your twelve year old niece naked," she replied with a giggle. It was true that Pete was hard as a rock, and sorely tempted, but he was still reluctant. Not that he did want to fuck the child's brains out, but he was more concerned about the possible repercussions. He could just imagine Julie and Caroline's next argument and he was sure that Julie would take great pleasure in announcing that Pete had fucked her. "I'll let you take pictures of me," she coaxed "And I'll do all the things you've got films of." Slowly, deliberately, Julie got off the bed and lowered her hands, her eyes sparkling with her seething lust. She pressed her fingertips to her hairless pubic mound, slowly inching her hands up along her inner thighs, her fingers glistening as they became coated with the river of moisture that was washing from her cunt. When her hands reached the pink, hotly throbbing hole between her legs, she placed the thumb and forefinger of one hand on either side of the soft, shining lips and spread them apart, revealing the fully hardened bud of her trembling clit to her uncle's gaze. "Fuck," Pete gasped and swallowed hard. As he looked into her pink slit he could see her juices bubbling inside. With her other forefinger, she traced up her slit until she made contact with the quivering, blood-hard bud. She tweaked at it, increasing the flow of her lubrication down her inner thighs, making them sheen as though they had been polished. Then her middle finger went lower until it poised at the lips of her fuck hole and then slipped easily inside all the way to the palm of her hand. Her fingers slipped inside so easily that Pete realised the child was soaking wet. "Do you like my cunt?" Julie asked. "It's really hot and tight." Pete's throat was so dry that he could only nod as she openly masturbated in front of him. She pulled her finger out slowly, and re-inserted it. Pulled it out ... slid it in, finger-fucking herself with glazed-eyed abandon. Her hand moved faster and faster, her finger sliding in and out of her cunt causing her hips to roll and twist with the shivers of delight she was bringing to herself. Her breathing was becoming faster and ragged as she said, "Do you like dirty little girls Pete? I'm very dirty. Would you like to see how dirty I am?" Without waiting for him to reply, she pulled her finger out of her hole and used both hands to pull her cunt lips apart. Her face screwed up in concentration and suddenly a hot stream of her piss arced out of her cunt to splatter on the polished wooden floor at Pete's feet. Pete had always loved films of women pissing and shitting but this was the first time that he had actually seen it in real life. His cock was rock hard in his jeans and he groaned and said, "You dirty little slut." "Oh that's not dirty Pete," she replied innocently, "But this is." He gasped even louder when she dropped to her knees and started licking up the puddle from the floor. After a couple of seconds, Pete was beside her and drinking all he could get into his mouth. They lapped up every last drop of the girl's sweet tasting piss and then they stood up and stared at each other. Julie's hands moved forward slowly and she locked eyes with her uncle as her little fingers unfastened the waistband button of his jeans and pulled down the zip. As the denims fell to the floor, her hand rubbed over the bulge in his boxer shorts and her fingers began pulling them down. She had never broken eye contact with him, but as his shaft sprang free, she couldn't help looking down. "Fucking hell," she gasped. Pete's cock was pretty average in length at just under 8 inches long but its girth was over 3 inches in diameter. It was the thickest prick the pre-teen girl had ever seen and she shivered with lust at the thought of it stretching her little cunt. She was just starting to drop to her knees and pull it into her mouth when Pete stopped her and asked, "Aren't we forgetting something?" A puzzled look passed across the child's face as he continued, "Something about photographs?" Julie smiled delightfully at him and said, "Okay." She threw herself down on his bed and spread her legs wide as she said, "How do you want me? Will this do?" Pete laughed as he crossed the room to his wardrobe. "Yea," he replied. "Hold that pose." He came back with his video camera and spent a few minutes filming her on the bed masturbating before he started directing her. Stopping the camera he said, "Put on your panties and come with me." He stood her in the shower cubicle and began filming. "I want you to piss you knickers and be as sexy as you can Julie," he instructed. He focused on her little face and panned down to zoom into her crotch just as a small wet stain began to form. The wet patch quickly grew bigger and her piss started to run out of the material. He zoomed back to show her face as well and she cupped her hand under the flow and raised it to her face. Although Pete realised exactly what the little slut was going to do, his prick gave a huge twitch and got even harder as she drank her own urine. With her bladder now empty, she took her saturated panties off and sucked the piss out of the material. Julie then smiled sweetly at the camera, turned around and bent forward. Pete zoomed the camera in to her brown shit hole as she screwed first one and then two fingers up her asshole. After getting herself really loose. She removed her fingers and pushed down. Her shitter opened up and the end of her turd slid into view. "Fucking hell," Pete gasped as the pre-cum dripped from his cock. With about four inches of the shit protruding from her body, Julie reached around and took it in her hands. Sitting down on the shower base she opened her cunt lips with one hand and with the other hand she pressed his stinking filth up her hole and rubbed it all over her pubic area. Her hands were covered in shit as she crawled forward and took as much of Pete's thick cock into her little mouth as she could. Pete had to tilt the camera almost vertical to get the shot of the child giving him head. Her shit covered hand was jacking him off at the same time as her tongue teased his piss hole. He was so horny that within a couple of minutes he moaned, "Shit, I'm going to cum baby." Like a true slut, Julie removed her mouth and jacked him into her face. The first jet of sperm jetted out and hit her between the eyes. It splattered all over her face and into her hair. She was so surprised at the force of the spurt that the second jet went high and sprayed over the hair on the top of her head. The third jet was just right however and spurted straight into her open mouth. The force of Pete's ejaculation quickly reduced, and she wrapped her lips around his prick again and sucked the rest of his slime into her mouth. He faded out the camera and staggered back to sit on the toilet to recover. Julie was licking the shit from her fingers as she said, "I hope you've got some more of that spunk for me. I still want fucked." "Oh you will be baby," Pete replied. "Get yourself cleaned up and come back into the bedroom." He was setting the camera up on a tripod and focusing it on the bed when he heard his shower start running. Julie came into the bedroom still wet from the shower but her face and hair were still splattered with spunk. She threw herself onto the bed, opened her mouth and said, "I want to taste your piss now." Pete sadly shook his head as he looked down at his cock that was again as hard as a rock and he said, "There's no way I can piss through this hard-on. You'll have to do something to make it go soft." She giggled and spread her legs apart and said, "Fuck me Pete." He placed his cock at the entrance to her cunt and let it slide in for a couple of inches. She was very wet but also very tight and he didn't want to hurt her. He looked down into her little innocent face and she gritted her teeth and hissed, "Get it up me. I want all of your cock up my cunt." He slid it up as far as it would go in one long stroke and she gave a huge gasp and cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. "Oh god, you feel like a baseball bat in my hole," she moaned. Pete remained still for a few minutes to let her get used to being stretched and he savoured the delicious feeling of her hot wet flesh gripping his shaft. His balls were resting on her ass cheeks and Pete groaned loudly as the young girl clenched and relaxed her powerful cunt muscles around him. Her legs came up and encircled his waist as far as she was able and she growled. "Fuck me." He began with long slow strokes and he made sure that the entire length of his prick rasped over her burning clit with every stroke. She was writhing beneath him as he increased speed until he was pounding in and out of her hole. The first climax exploded inside her and she screamed as he body convulsed and her little fists thumped up and down on the bed. Pete took no notice of her orgasm or of her hot cunt cream that sprayed onto his balls every time he thrust into her. Julie's abused clit was sending waves of ecstasy to every nerve in her system and the intensity of her cum was making her head spin. No sooner had the feelings begun to subside, than her next climax smashed through her. Her eyes rolled upwards in her head and every muscle convulsed and she cried out, "Cum Pete. Oh please cum. I can't take any more." Pete was more than ready to oblige. He felt his balls tighten and he couldn't hold back any more. He slammed his prick deep in her spasming cunt and blasted his thick white spunk against her cervix. Feeling him spurt his seed into her hole, Julie cried out again and this time lost consciousness for a few seconds as her little body could not take any more stimulation. She came to her senses with Pete standing on the bed over the top of her. His semi-hard cock was in his hand and he was standing at her side to make sure that the camera would capture this last act. Julie smiled up at his and whispered, "Piss on me Uncle Pete. Hose me down." She held her cunt lips open as the first drips fell and then a torrent of urine was spraying out of his piss hole. She moaned loudly as he concentrated on her fuck hole, washing his spunk out of her body and then he directed the stream over her budding tits and eventually into her open mouth. Julie drank down as much as possible but her hair and face were soon soaked. The stream died to a few drips and she jumped to her knees and sucked the last drops before they sank onto the bed exhausted. They fell asleep in each other's arms and when Pete awoke he saw that they had only about half an hour before Caroline got home. He wakened Julie and she gathered up her clothes while he stripped the bed covers and put them in the laundry basket. Pete had a shower, and got dressed while Julie disappeared into her room. When Caroline came home he was sitting in the living room reading the paper while Julie was nowhere to be seen. "Hi sis," he said as she walked into the room, "Had a good day?" "Not bad," she replied. "How about you?" God yeah, he thought. I just fucked the shit out of your 12-year-old daughter. Instead, he just smiled and said casually, "It was alright." Caroline called them to the dinner table and when Julie came in, she was wearing a shower robe, and had wet hair. She and Pete shared secret smiles while Caroline made most of the normal conversation. As her mother cleared away the starters and brought the main course to the table, Julie stuck her hand under her robe and seemed to rub her sex. When she brought her hand out again Pete could see her fingers were covered in slime. It was too much to just be her juices, so he knew that she still had his spunk up her. She shook her hand so the cum dripped off into the sauce and then stirred the sauce so the thick slime was hidden. When Caroline returned with more food, Julie gave a laugh that she quickly disguised as a cough, as her mother poured sauce with her brother's cum over her food. When Caroline offered Pete some he declined, and then smiled as Julie eagerly accepted. She poured the rest of the sauce on her plate. It was so much that Caroline commented on it, to which Julie replied sweetly, "I love the taste of this sauce mom. I like the hot, thick taste as it slides down my throat." Caroline looked puzzled at her daughter's choice of words while Pete tried to ease his stiff cock into a more comfortable position in his jeans. It didn't help that Julie's bare foot was running along the inside of his thigh from across the table and pressing into his crotch. Caroline went to the gym at least three times a week and as soon as she was out the door, Julie would run upstairs to Pete's room, pulling off her clothes as she ran and jump onto his prick. She was always soaking wet and Pete knew that she masturbated in her room while she waited on the mother leaving. Often he would wake up in the middle of the night as she crawled into his bed and they would quietly fuck until the morning. At every one of these fucking sessions, he made sure that the video camera was switched on and placed for the best views. <=> A couple of weeks after they had first screwed Pete handed Julie an envelope. "What's this?" she asked tearing it open. One hundred bucks tumbled out onto the bed and when she looked at him, he explained. "I sold the film we made of our first fuck and that's your share." "Cool," the girl said. "This week-end I'm heading straight to the Mall." "No you're not," Pete replied firmly snatching the bills out of her hands. "I'm just letting you see this money. I'll set up an account for you in the bank and you are going to leave it in there." "That's not fair," Julie protested. "That's way fair," he countered. "What are you going to say to your mother when she sees you coming home after a shopping spree? Are you going to tell her that Uncle Pete gave you money for fucking your brains out? Or maybe explain to her that her daughter is staring in hard core porn movies?" Julie bit her lip as she realised that he was right and reluctantly nodded her agreement. "But that moneys mine, right? It goes in a bank account with my name on it?" she queried. "Right," Pete agreed. "The moneys yours." After one particularly energetic bout of fucking, they were both lying on Pete's bed listening for the sound of Caroline's car, which gave Julie enough time to skip downstairs to her own room before her mother came into the house. Pete had screwed her twice tonight and had firstly spurted his hot spunk into her cunt and the second time, deep in her asshole. She was idly playing with his limp cock and savouring the feeling of her uncle's sperm oozing out of both her holes. Pete had started telling her about his friend Alan whom he had met at work. Alan was 24 years old, and married to a girl who had just become a born again Christian. She now thought that sex was dirty and would only let him touch her every couple of months or so. When Pete had let slip that he was fucking his twelve year old niece, Alan begged him to try and get him involved. He had always had a fantasy about screwing some pre-teen cunt and every morning he hounded Pete for details of his latest fuck. Julie looked up into his face and she asked, "You want to bring Alan over some night? I've always wanted to be double fucked." The sudden hardening of Pete's cock in her hand was an obvious answer to her question and he laughed and said, "You really are a dirty bitch Julie." She was jacking him in earnest now and he continued, "Get your cunt onto my prick baby. We've time for a quick one before your mother gets home." Pete arranged for Alan to come over the following night as he knew his sister had a training session arranged at the gym. Alan arrived on time and he introduced him to Caroline and Julie. He shook hands with them both and smiled as the little girl licked her lips suggestively at him when her mother wasn't looking. The men went upstairs to Pete's room and about half an hour later they heard the front door slam and Caroline's car start. "Any minute now," Pete said looking at his watch. He had just finished saying the words when his bedroom door opened and his niece walked in. Unusually, she was fully dressed and obviously wanted to make an impression. She walked confidently into the room and slowly over to Alan "Uncle Pete tells me you like little girls Alan. Do you like me?" she asked in a quiet voice. As Alan nodded in reply, Pete smiled and settled down on the bed to watch the show. Julie had dressed in her white school blouse, short black skirt and black shoes with white ankle socks. She turned slowly around while Alan gazed at her body and rubbed at the bulge in his jeans. Turning back to face him, she unbuttoned the top four buttons of her blouse and pulled it open to reveal her developing chest. "Do you like my little tits Alan?" she said lightly running the tips of her fingers over her flesh. Alan's mouth was dry as she continued, "My nipples are getting really hard. Would you like to feel?" "Fuck yeah," Alan gasped in reply and reached out to cup the child's 32B breast. Her flawless skin felt like velvet in his hands and her little hard nipples were pressing into his palm. Pete unfastened and kicked off his jeans and gently rubbed at his stiff prick as Julie pulled Alan's face down to her chest and said, "Suck my tit Alan. It makes me so horny." The small rubbery teat grew even harder in his mouth and Julie sighed as his tongue lashed over her sensitive flesh. She unfastened the rest of the buttons and dropped the blouse to the floor. She glanced at Pete's rigid cock as she pulled Alan's face away from her tit. "I've got something else to show you Alan," she said lustfully. She unzipped the back of her skirt and it joined the blouse on the floor. Her dusky pink panties were soaking at the crotch and she rubbed her fingers lightly over the stain and brought them up to Alan's nose. As he breathed in the strong scent of her young cunt, she asked, "Haven't you got anything to show me?" He was in a daze as he unbuttoned the waistband of his jeans and dropped then to the floor together with his underwear. He quickly kicked them off and Julie smiled at his cock that was pointing straight at her stomach. It was about 8 inches long and as thick as her wrist. Slightly darker in colour than Pete's but equally as impressive. "Mmmm nice," she breathed as her finger scooped up some of the pre-cum that was flowing out of his piss hole and sucked it into her mouth. "Would you like to see anything else Alan," she teased. He nodded enthusiastically and said, "Your pussy. I want to see your pussy." "But I don't have a pussy Alan," the Julie replied sternly. "I have a cunt. Would you like to see my cunt?" Without waiting for his agreement, she hooked her fingers into the waistband of her knickers and dropped them to her ankles. "Fuck," he gasped. "Fuck, that's beautiful." She turned her back on him and with her legs slightly apart she slowly bent forward at the waist and reached down to grab her ankles. Her ass cheeks opened and she wantonly displayed her cunt and asshole to his gaze. Alan's hand shook slightly as he felt between her legs and rubbed his fingers into the cunt juice that was flowing out of her front hole like a river. The inside of her legs were shining and he looked over to Pete and said, "You lucky bastard. You fucking lucky bastard." Alan slid his index finger into the child's fuck hole all the way to the knuckle and slowly began finger fucking her. Pete got off the bed and she let go of her ankles and stood up slightly to let him sit at her feet. Her hands fell onto his shoulders to take her weight as she parted her legs further to let her uncle's tongue lap at her throbbing clit. "God yeah, bring me off," she moaned. "I need to cum." Alan added a second finger and the combination of his fingers and Pete's tongue soon had the child moaning as she built up to her climax. The tingling in her sex was increasing in strength and her eyes were tightly closed in concentration. Her head began thrashing from side to side as her uncle's tongue danced over the sensitive bud of her clit and the waves of ecstasy became almost unbearable. Just as she thought that she couldn't take any more, her orgasm erupted inside her forcing a scream of pleasure from her lips and causing her body to shudder and convulse. She slowly straightened up as the power of her cum subsided and Pete got to his feet. The lower part of his face was soaked with Julie's cunt cream and he smiled at Alan who was pulling his fingers out of the girl's fuck hole. "I told she was good, didn't I?" Pete said, and laughed when Allan nodded his agreement. Julie had recovered and she stood with her hands on her hips and her cunt juice dripping from her hole. "Okay guys," she said. "I'm all yours. What do you want to do with me?" Her eyes were shining with lust and Alan lay down on the bed and pointed to his cock. "Lets see how good you are at giving head." The youngster immediately got on her knees between his parted legs and opened her mouth to let a glob of her saliva fall onto the tip of his prick. As she slime began to ooze down his shaft, she lowered her mouth around his cock and slurped him into her throat. Her head bobbed up and down a few times and than she ran her tongue over the rigid prick from the tip all the way down to his hairy balls. "Fuck, that's good Julie," he groaned. Her fingers were probing at his ass crack and he raised his legs to give her better access. As his cheeks opened she lowered her mouth and began rimming his asshole. Alan's breathing became quicker and he felt his shit hole relax as the girl's stiff tongue forced its way into his bowels. Her nose was close to his brown hole and her lust increased as the heavy smell of his shit invaded her nostrils. Pete climbed onto the bed behind Julie and started to lick at her shit hole. The skin around Julie's asshole was extremely sensitive and she shuddered at his touch and relaxed her anal muscled as much as possible. Her hole dilated open and Pete glued his lips over it and sucked as hard as he could. A small orgasm raced through the child's body as she felt her turd slip down her chute and she sucked even harder at Alan's asshole to encourage him to shit into her mouth. As the shit began to move in Alan's bowels he automatically tensed his anal muscle to prevent it which brought a frustrated cry of, "No!" from Julie's throat. He hurriedly changed his mind and gently pushed down. Julie moaned with double delight as her soft shit slipped into Pete's mouth and Alan's harder turd pushed into her own. Alan was so aroused at the girl's wonton behaviour that her couldn't help gripping his throbbing cock and in a few jerks, he groaned as his spunk spurted out of the tip and ran down the back of his hand to drip on his balls. Julie looked up to see what had caused him to tense up and immediately slurped his hot seed into her mouth. She opened his hand and licked it and his prick totally clean. "I hope you've got some more of that for me," she said licking the last drops from her lips. Pete had just finished licking Julie's asshole clean and he sat up so they could re-arrange themselves. "I want double fucked guys," Julie said simply. "Are you up for it Alan?" His cock had stayed hard after his cum and he grinned and said, "Fucking right I am. Can I do your asshole?" As she nodded enthusiastically, Pete lay down on the bed and she straddled his body. She rubbed her gushing cunt over the head of his cock for a few seconds and then slid her hot hole over his shaft. She shivered as she was impaled and lent forward to mash her lips on his. Coming up for air and grinned at him and said, "God, I love your big cock inside me." She leaned forward, raised her ass and looked around at Alan who was now kneeling behind her. He was watching her cunt juice run down his friend's shaft as she said, "Fuck me in the ass Alan. Ream my shitter." Even after the tonguing that Pete had given her asshole, she was still very tight and she bit her bottom lip as Alan pushed against the resistance of her anal ring. She relaxed her muscles as much as she could and with an audible plop, he pushed through and slid up her shit chute. She gasped with relief when he entered her and pushed back and down until both cocks were buried in her body to their roots. "Fuck me," she gasped. "Fuck me hard." They began sawing in and out of her body. As Alan pushed into her asshole, Pete drove up her cunt and then they reversed. Both men were using the full length of their cocks to fuck the young girl and they gradually speeded up their thrusts. Julie was moaning continually and her battered clit was forcing her from one orgasm straight into the next. Her entire body was shuddering and she could no longer take her weight on her arms. She collapsed onto Pete's chest and surrendered her body to her two lovers. She was almost unconscious and the drool ran out of her mouth as the cunt cream splattered out of her fuck hole. Alan was really hammering in and out of her shitter. Her tight asshole was like a fist around his shaft and he could see her anal ring bulge at his intrusion with every thrust. He could also clearly feel his friends prick through the thin membrane that separated them. "Fuck, I'm nearly there," he gasped looking past the girl's convulsing body and into Pete's face. Pete nodded his understanding and gritted his teeth as he too worked to his climax. Alan shot his spunk a few seconds ahead of Pete. He lunged far up Julie's shitter and jetted his hot semen into her soft shit. As Pete felt Alan's cock pulse in orgasm, he spat his thick slime into her cunt causing her to jump and moan loudly. Alan collapsed on top of Julie's prone body and they all slid to the side on the bed panting loudly. The men recovered first and pulled the senseless girl onto her back. She woke quickly as Alan's strong stream of piss hosed down her cunt and Pete's directed his urine into her face. As they all rested, Pete looked at the video camera and smiled. The European company that had bought the previous films were in love with little Julie. They couldn't make copies of the tapes fast enough to satisfy their customers and they had said that they would pay for anything Pete sent them. His bank balance was swelling nicely and so was Julie's. After a few more weeks of fucking and other games with Pete and Alan, Julie decided that she would bring her girlfriend Natalie into their circle. She was however getting a bit fed up of only being able to fuck when her mother left the house and she decided to do something about it. She had no fear of Caroline who now found it impossible to discipline her daughter and Julie figured that if her mother couldn't control her, then she should control her mother. She took to wearing fewer clothes around the house and eventually one Saturday she turned up for dinner wearing a see through tee shirt and panties. Caroline tried to exert some authority and demanded that she go and change immediately. Much to Caroline's surprise and indeed to Pete's astonishment, Julie stood up and meekly left the table. After about 5 minutes they could hear her coming back and Caroline expected her to at least be wearing a normal tee shirt and shorts. She marched in naked as the day she was born, and Pete could tell by the look on her face that she had planned this down to the last detail. Caroline shot to her feet, but before she could open her mouth, Julie exploded, telling her she could do as she pleased, and because Caroline wasn't woman enough to keep her father she had given up any right to tell her what to do. This went on for a good 10 minutes, and Caroline was crying and begging her daughter to stop, when Julie got onto how she was a real woman and could keep any man happy. As her mother watched incredulously, she walked over to Pete, unzipped his trousers and pulled his cock out. "This is how you keep a man happy mother," she spat at Caroline and she bent over the table and told Pete to fuck her. Pete looked from Julie to Caroline and then back to Julie. Her hot cunt draped over the end of the table had got him hard and he mentally shrugged his shoulders. Even if he refused to fuck her, he was sure that Julie would explain to her mother in graphic detail exactly what they had been up to, so he figured he might as well go for it. He unzipped his jeans and watched Caroline's face as he slipped his prick into her daughter's soaking cunt. Julie pushed back as she was penetrated and goaded her mother by informing her that if she had opened her legs more often, her father would still be here. Caroline had stopped her sobbing and her eyes were riveted onto Pete's cock as it flashed in and out of Julie's fuck hole. The girl's fingers were busily rubbing at her burning clit and she suddenly stiffened and gasped, "Shit I'm creaming." The hot flow of her cunt cream felt delicious around Pete's prick as he shafted his niece and once she had recovered from her orgasm, Julie lent over the table and grabbed her mothers arm. She dragged her dazed mother over to her and turned around to her uncle and said, "Fuck me in the ass Pete." While he withdrew from her cunt and rubbed her slime over her shit hole, Julie hissed in Caroline's ear. "I want you to watch this mom. I want you to see your brother's cock slide up my shit hole as he buggers me. Caroline's face was only inches away from Pete's cock as it pushed against the child's asshole. After a few seconds of resistance, he popped past her anal ring and slid into her bowels. He sighed contentedly as her soft shit enveloped his shaft and with slow regular thrusts he began screwing her. Caroline could see her daughters shit streak Pete's cock with every stroke and she was close enough to smell Julie's cunt that was bubbling with lust. The girl had three fingers jammed up her cunt as she was ass fucked and the juices around her fingers were making loud slurping noises with every thrust. Her asshole was very tight and Pete was extremely aroused with the thought of Caroline watching him perform and he knew that he knew he couldn't last long. Julie suddenly started shuddering as her fingers brought her to her second climax and Pete groaned at the same time and spurted his hot cum into her shit tube. They were both breathing hard for a few moments as they recovered and Julie gently pulled her asshole from Pete's prick. Some spunk still oozed from his piss hole and his shaft was smeared from tip to roof with the girl's shit. Julie suddenly grabbed her mother by the hair and pulled her face within inches of her brothers softening cock. "Lick it clean," she demanded. Caroline shook her head but Julie tightened her grip on her mother's hair and repeated, "Lick it clean." Much to Pete's astonishment, Caroline's tongue reached out and flicked over the drips of spunk leaking from his prick. Her mouth slowly opened and she sucked the shit covered shaft into her mouth. Julie released her grip on Caroline's hair and smiled happily as her mother sucked her shit from her brother's cock. Pete had spent years of his adolescence fantasising about his sister and couldn't believe that she was now bending over him sucking on his prick. His shaft began to grow hard again as Caroline nosily slurped her mouth and tongue over it. Julie watched her mother perform and shoved her hand up Caroline's skirt and into her panties. "She soaking wet," she exclaimed. "The bitch is on heat." She pulled her mothers panties down and off her feet. She rubbed the gusset over Caroline's dripping cunt and held the evidence up to Pete's face. He could see the streaks of cunt slime and the wonderful smell invaded his nose. Pete pulled his cock out of Caroline's mouth and he sat down on the chair. He pulled her around until she had her back to him and then down onto his lap. "Get his cock up you," Julie instructed her and Caroline reached down between her legs and drove his prick up her fuck hole. "God, I've missed this," she moaned as she wriggled her butt to make sure he was fully inside her. She bobbed up and down on her brother's shaft and Julie reached down to savagely squeeze at her mother's clit. Without warning, Caroline's body began convulsing and shuddering and she groaned loudly as her orgasm exploded inside her. "Fuck, I'm cumming," she moaned and her cunt spasmed around Pete's throbbing prick. Julie unbuttoned her mothers blouse and dragged it from her body. Reaching around to unclasp the woman's bra, she noted with satisfaction that Caroline's nipples were rock hard. As Caroline slowly recovered she heard her daughter say, "Get up bitch and let him fuck you in the ass." "No please," her mother pleaded. "I don't do that. It'll be too sore." Julie answered her by slapping her exposed breast hard and Caroline yelped at the stinging pain. "I said get up bitch," Julie repeated. Caroline was sobbing again as she stood up slightly to let Pete's cock slide out of her fuck hole. He positioned his slimy shaft at the entrance to his sisters shit hole and Julie commanded, "Sit down bitch." There was a lot of resistance from her virgin asshole but eventually her body weight forced the shaft into her bowels. As he began to slip inside her shit chute, Pete grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto his lap driving his entire length into her body. Caroline screamed in pain as she was buggered and her daughter came to stand immediately in front of her with her legs apart. "Finger fuck me bitch," the girl demanded of her mother and Caroline reached forward and pushed her index finger into Julie's cunt. "More fingers," Julie commanded smiling into her mothers tear streaked face. Caroline added a second finger and started sobbing loudly as Julie said, "More." With three fingers now flashing in and out of her fuck hole, the child closed her eyes and concentrated on the tingling in her sex that was gradually intensifying. Caroline's tight asshole was really milking Pete's cock and he was very close to cumming. "Fuck I'm nearly there," he groaned and Julie responded by screaming at her mother to hurry up and bring her off. Caroline pushed a forth finger into Julie's cunt and began shallow fisting her until the girl cried out and shuddered in climax. As her hot cream flowed over her mother's hand, Pete jetted his thick white spunk up his sister's shitter. After Julie recovered, she pulled her mother to her feet and stared down at Pete's cock that was again caked with shit. Although she would have loved to drop to her knees and eat her mother's filth, she wanted to teach Caroline a lesson. Pointing to the smelly shaft, she commanded, "Clean it." This time there was no hesitation and Caroline sank to her knees and licked her own shit from Pete's prick. As she finished, Julie pushed her down onto the floor and stood over her. "I've got shit and spunk leaking from my asshole bitch. Lick me clean." As Caroline sat up, Julie pushed her dirty ass crack into her mothers face and felt her tongue firstly lick away the mess on her skin and then stiffen and push into her shitter. The young slut wanted to see how far she could push her submissive mother and she felt her little shit hole open as she pushed down. Her turd slid out of her body straight into Caroline's mouth and she eagerly swallowed it down and then went back to licking her daughter clean. "That was nice mother," she said, "And here's a little reward for you." She turned around to face the woman and pulled Caroline's face tightly into her cunt. Releasing her bladder the youngster pissed into her mothers mouth watching her swallow as much as she could. By the time she'd finished, Caroline's body was soaked with piss and there was a yellow puddle on the floor. Julie looked at the puddle and then at her mother and without having to say a word, Caroline got on her knees and slurped her daughter's piss into her mouth. Julie nodded her approval and once she was finished she pulled Caroline onto her feet. "Now before we let you rest bitch, there's one last thing," she said. She rubbed her hand over the woman's pubic hair and announced, "Pete likes his cunts hairless. Go and shave, and don't forget your asshole." When Caroline came out of the bathroom she was wearing a towel that Julie ripped off. She pushed Caroline to her knees and down on all fours and inspected her for body hair. Her mother's asshole was red and swollen from her fuck and Julie allowed her saliva to fall on the brown hole and Caroline groaned as her daughter's finger invaded her shitter. She stirred the end of Caroline's shit with her finger and then offered it up to her mouth. Her mother sniffed her shit for a few seconds and then sucked the foul digit into her mouth and licked it clean. Pronouncing herself satisfied with the shaving, Julie informed her mother that she would be sleeping with Pete from now on and that if either of them wanted to fuck her at any time they would. Julie and Pete left Caroline to clean up the kitchen and went upstairs. Later that evening, Julie lay on Pete's bed with his cum all over her stomach she called for her mother. When Caroline came into the room and saw the state of her daughter, she bent down and sucked Pete's slime down her throat and then licked his cock clean. Julie was now certain she had won, and after Caroline left Julie leaned over to Pete and said, "We were going to have a lot of fun with our personal slave." A couple of days later, at the weekend, Julie and her friend Natalie came home in the afternoon. Natalie and Julie were regular visitors at each others house and had been fucking each other since they were in kindergarten. When Julie had told Pete that they had started sucking each others little cunts before they were five years old, he could only imagine what the video company would have paid to see that. Natalie walked towards Pete and held out her hand. He thought it a little odd that she wanted to shake hands as they had met before, but she totally ignored his outstretched hand and stroked his crotch. She gave an approving nod and said, "Not bad. No wonder Julie's been looking so happy recently." She grinned at Julie and then looked back at Pete and said, "Julie says that we can share you." Pete's cock had been slowly stiffening and now jerked to full attention at the thought of fucking yet another twelve year old. While Natalie unzipped his jeans, Julie shouted on her mother. Caroline came into the living room just as Pete's thick prick sprang free and Julie said, "Come over here bitch. Pete's going to fuck Natalie and I want you to clean her up first. Her sister made her piss in her panties last night and she hasn't washed since." As she was speaking, Julie lifted up Natalie's short skirt to let her mother see the large yellow stain on the front of her panties. Natalie watched in awe as Caroline simply said, "Yes Julie," and dropped to her knees in front on her. "Fucking way cool Julie," Natalie said in astonishment as Caroline's mouth fastened onto the crotch of her knickers and started to suck the stain out of them. Pete sat on the sofa to watch and Julie came and sat beside him and gently jacked his shaft. Even with all the action hoting up around him, Pete made a mental note to ask Julie about Natalie's sister, and why she had the young girl pissing her panties. Natalie pulled down her knickers and kicked them off. She stood with her legs apart and sighed as Caroline's tongue lapped at her slit that was rapidly moistening. Pete could see that Natalie either hadn't started to grow her pubic hair or she regularly shaved just as Julie did. Caroline licked at the girl's hole until she could no longer smell the stale piss and just as she was about to stop, Natalie turned around and spread the cheeks of her ass. A small pool of watery shit clung to her little shit hole and Caroline immediately lapped it up. Pete kicked off his jeans as Caroline finished and Julie said, "Take your brothers prick and stick it in Natalie's cunt, bitch. " Natalie had draped herself over the back of the sofa with her ass sticking out as Pete came up behind her. Caroline gazed up at him as she gripped his rigid cock and she flicked her tongue across the tip a few times before guiding it between the child's swollen cunt lips. Putting the flat of her hand on his butt, she hissed, "Push." Natalie's head shot up as his fat prick pushed her cunt walls apart and she cried, "Fuck, you're splitting me in two." When Pete hesitated, Julie squatted down beside her mother and added her weight pushing his ass. "Get your cock up her," Julie said. "Fill her cunt and fuck her." With one long push, Pete slid all the way up the pre-teens fuck hole causing her to scream loudly. Satisfied that he couldn't get any further up Natalie's cunt, Julie pulled Pete's ass cheeks apart and nodded once at her mother. Caroline bent forward and licked and sucked at her brothers shit hole. Even when Julie let go of his ass cheeks, Caroline used her own hands to hold them apart and her stiff little tongue wormed its way into his bowels. Julie ran her hand over her mother's butt as she squatted at Pete's feet and worked her fingers into the leg hole of Caroline's panties. She found the woman's fuck hole was flooded with juice and she was obviously very aroused. Pulling her hand back slightly she probed at Caroline asshole and her finger only slipped in a fraction of an inch when she felt the end of her turd. "Not my asshole Julie," Caroline begged. "I need to shit." The girl took no notice and with her other hand, pushed her mothers face back into Pete's shit hole. As she finger fucked the woman's asshole, she felt the filth cover her fingers and the turd begin to move down Caroline's shit tube. She removed her fingers and whispered into her mother's ear. "Shit yourself. Fill your panties with your shit, bitch." Caroline moaned into Pete's back hole as Julie's hand cupped her knickers. She couldn't help herself and with a loud rasping fart, the shit slid out of her tube and filled her underwear. Julie shivered as she felt the warm mess inside her mother's panties and she rubbed the material back and forwards to force the foul smelling mess into her cunt. Her daughter's mouth was still at her ear as she instructed, "Finger fuck yourself. Bring yourself off." Caroline's hand immediately delved into the shit that covered her sex and jammed three fingers up her burning hole. "You like that, don't you?" Julie asked. "You like being a dirty bitch?" Caroline moaned her agreement as Julie's fingers went deep into her own cunt and all three females were soon moaning and groaning, punctuated only by the smacks of Pete's pubic bone onto Natalie's ass with every thrust. Natalie's mouth hung open and her eyes had a glazed look as Pete's thick cock pounded in and out of her pre-teen cunt. Her hot hole clenched like a fist around his shaft and he groaned, "God, you're fucking tight. I'm nearly there." Natalie juices were running out of her cunt like a river and she moaned continually as Pete's flashing prick rasped over her throbbing clit. Her head suddenly shot up and a piercing scream was torn from her throat as her orgasm exploded inside her. Her body shuddered and her head thrashed from side to side as her hot cunt cream sprayed out her hole around Peter's cock and splattered onto the wooden floor below them. Julie was sitting on the floor watching her mother masturbate when she heard her friend climax. She got onto her hands and knees, crawled over between Natalie's legs and licked at the pool of cunt cream on the floor. Julie's ass was in the air as she lapped up her friend's slime and she felt her mother behind her. Caroline pulled her daughters knickers down to her knees and rammed four fingers into Julie's soaking fuck hole. Caroline's hand was thickly covered in her shit and she forced the stinking mess deep into her daughter's cunt. Julie pushed backwards onto Caroline's hand and she moaned, "Fist me you bitch. Fist me and make me cum." The room now smelt like a well used toilet. Caroline's panties were full of her shit and now Julie's fuck hole was washing the putrid slime out of her body and streams of the brown mixture were running down the inside of her legs. Pete wanted to bring Natalie off again before he shot his load and he increased the speed of his thrusts and slid his index finger knuckle deep in the girl's asshole. She moaned loudly as her back hole was penetrated and he massaged the inside of her bowels and stirred the end of her shit. She came almost immediately and her young body was still convulsing when Pete rammed his full length into her fuck tube and spurted his thick spunk against her cervix. Julie could feel the intensity of the pleasure between her legs increase and she knew she was very close. "Faster," she gasped. "I'm going to cream." The words were hardly out of her mouth when she started to shake violently and a loud wail announced her climax. She collapsed on the floor and as her shuddering slowly subsided, her mother pulled her hand out of her cunt. Pete had pulled out of Natalie's hole and he sank exhausted into a chair, leaving the semi-conscious girl slumped over the back of the sofa. Caroline's cunt was begging for attention and she stood up and lowered Natalie to the floor. She pulled her filthy panties down and kicked them off. Natalie was just beginning to recover her senses when Caroline sank her stinking and shit plastered cunt onto the girl's mouth. As Natalie licked at the woman's slime, Caroline bent forward to suck her brother's spunk out of the young girl's fuck hole. Pete watched Natalie and Caroline eat each other's dirty holes for a while and then turned to Julie who was now sitting beside him and gently rubbing her slit. "Why did Natalie's sister make her piss her panties last night?" he asked. "They've been playing with each other for years and they're really into piss and shit games," Julie explained. "Her sisters called Christine, and she loves the smell of piss. Warm fresh piss, or stale piss, it doesn't matter. She often gets Natalie to piss herself so she can watch the stain spreading over the material in her crotch. It turns her on, and they finger fuck each other for hours. She's the dirtiest bitch I've ever met and she's the reason that Natalie and I are such sluts." Pete felt his cock twitch in response to her words and he said, "I think I'd like to meet Christine." "I'll bet you do," Julie grinned in response. "What you really mean is that you'd like to fuck her." "Yeah," Pete replied slowly, "But what I was also thinking about, was getting an orgy or group sex thing going and filming it. I'll bet the video company would pay big money for that." Julie looked at him for a few seconds and then grinned and replied, "That could be arranged. You invite Alan over tomorrow night and I'll make sure that Christine comes along as well. With all the cunt on offer, we'll need an extra cock. Deal?" He grinned back at her and nodded his head, "Deal," he confirmed. The next day was Saturday and they were sitting around the breakfast table when Julie told her mother about Christine and Alan joining in their sex games. She also explained that Pete would be filming their fucking. Caroline started to protest that her house was turning into a brothel but Julie silenced her with a stinging slap in the face. As Caroline rubbed the red mark on her cheek her daughter snarled, "I don't need your permission or approval bitch. I'm telling you that my friends are coming over tonight for sex and that you will open your legs and fuck whoever wants you. Is that clear?" "Yes Julie," her mother said submissively as she felt her sex moisten at the thought. "Its clear." The doorbell rang around 8 o'clock and Julie told her mother to answer it. Caroline was wearing clothes picked out for her by her daughter. She was braless and her tits were covered with one of Julie's shortest crop tops that was about two sizes too small for her. The bottom part of her breasts were exposed below the top and the tightness of the material forced her tits together and gave her a magnificent cleavage. Her long nipples were rock hard and clearly visible through the thin material. She was barefoot and Julie had made her wear the shortest mini skirt she could find. The girl had toyed with the idea of making her mother leave off her panties but then had rummaged around in the laundry basket for the dirtiest pair of knickers she could find. She wrapped the garment around her index finger and poked them deep in her asshole to cover them with streaks of her shit. She then threw them on the floor and squatted down to piss all over them. They hung over the heating radiator for a couple of hours to dry and then Julie handed the smelly panties to her mother. "Wear these tonight bitch," she instructed. Caroline opened the door to find three girls standing on the porch. The only one she knew was Natalie who pushed past the woman and beckoned the other two girls to follow her. They entered the living room and Natalie and Julie made the introductions. For some reason Pete had imagined that Natalie's sister would be in her late teens but his eyes lit up when Christine walked into the room. She looked to be about 14 and she was every bit as attractive as her sister. Wearing a green and black striped mini skirt and a matching black tee shirt, she stood 5 foot 8 inches tall and her long blonde hair cascaded down her back. Her 34B tits were the perfect compliment for the tiny 22 inch waist and 32 inch hips. She gripped Pete's hand tightly as they were introduced and before he could utter a word, she drew his mouth down onto hers and forced her darting tongue between his teeth. Coming up for air eventually, she giggled and said, "Hi Pete. Natalie's told me all about how your cock stretched her little cunt apart yesterday. It turned me on so much that, by the time she finished her story, I had my hairbrush handle stuck up my asshole and my dildo in my cunt." "Fuck," Pete exclaimed wiping her saliva away from his mouth with the back of his hand. "Julie told me you were a dirty bitch and she wasn't joking." Christine giggled again and then turned around and dragged the other girl towards her. "This is Kirsten," she said. "I hope you don't mind me bringing her along." The two girls couldn't have been more different in appearance and the only thing they had in common was their height. Kirsten was dressed entirely in white, which contrasted completely with her black skin. Her jet-black hair was straight and fell to shoulder level framing her lovely face with its typical high cheekbones. She also kissed Pete fully on the lips and then said, "Christine thought you might like some black velvet. Black cunt tastes really sweet you know." Pete's cock was now completely rigid and straining the stitching on his jeans as he welcomed the girls to the house. Julie then introduced Alan who had arrived about half an hour earlier and he got the same mouth treatment from Christine and Kirsten. They all sat down and Julie said, "Oh, I almost forgot. This bitch is my mother. Please feel free to do what you want with her." Caroline set her eyes on the floor as she was introduced and didn't raise then until her daughter continued, "Why don't you let everyone see what you're wearing below your skirt bitch?" Caroline walked into the centre of the room and slowly pulled her skirt up to her waist. Pete glanced up at the camera on the tripod in the corner of the room to make sure the tape was running and smiled as he imagined what his bank balance would be after tonight's work. As Caroline revealed her white panties that were stained with shit and piss, Christine got onto her knees in front of her and sniffed appreciatively at the large yellow stain. "Have you pissed yourself?" she asked the woman. "It's not my piss," Caroline replied, "Its Julie's" Christine swivelled her head to smile at Julie and she turned back when Caroline continued, "This is my piss." When Christine had turned to look at Julie, she didn't see the woman pull her knickers away from her shaved cunt, and just as she turned back, a powerful stream of hot urine burst out of Caroline's hole and struck the kneeling girl in the face. Christine immediately opened her mouth and drank down as much of the liquid as she could but her face and hair were soon soaked and the urine flowed off her face and flooded her tee shirt turning it transparent. Everyone cheered and clapped at Caroline's display and she smiled as her flow lessened and Christine followed the stream all the way home and gave her cunt a good cleaning afterwards. This broke the ice, and after making sure that she had licked every last drip from Caroline's piss hole, Christine stood up and walked over to Kirsten who was sitting on one of the chairs. "Want to drink some piss?" Christine asked. When Kristen nodded, Christine pulled her soaking tee shirt over her head and squeezed the material until a steady stream of urine dropped into Kristen's upturned mouth. When she couldn't squeeze any more out of the material, she threw it on the floor and stepped backwards into the centre of the room. She raised up the front of her skirt and pushed her hand into the waistband and down between her legs. "I'm so fucking hot," she moaned as she openly masturbated in front of everyone. "I need some cock." Both Alan and Pete had their hard cocks out and were more than ready to help her out but it was Alan who was closest and he lunged forward to grab her around the waist and pull her onto his lap. With her back towards him, she sat on his lap and Alan's hands circled her waist and then moved upwards to cup her developing tits and squeeze at her rock hard nipples. She gasped at his touch and turned her head over her shoulder to suck his mouth onto hers. Alan's prick was standing erect and poking between her legs and Julie got on her knees in front of them and slurped the head of his shaft into her mouth. Her nose was only an inch away from where Christine's fingers were still jammed in her fuck hole and she savoured the smell of the girl's cunt. Julie hooked her fingers into the waistband of Christine's panties and without breaking the kiss, the young girl raised her butt and let Julie pull her knickers off. She tossed the underwear to Pete who immediately raised the crotch to his nose and breathed in the strong odour. Julie could feel her own juices begin to wet her panties and she pulled Christine's fingers out of her hole and sucked the cream from them. Christine moaned with frustration that her cunt was now empty and she bucked her hips up and down to rub her dripping slit up and down Alan's cock. Pete was still smelling Christine's dirty panties when Kirsten came over to stand in front of him. Her white top was now stained with the piss and she asked, "Would you like to smell my cunt too?" He nodded and then watched as the young girl slowly raised her foot and placed it on his knee. She reached into the leg hole of her knickers and the bulge of her hand showed that her fingers were inside her sex. She pulled them free and brought her glistening fingers towards his nose. He inhaled her scent and she said, "If you think I smell good, I taste even better." His tongue licked the length of her slimy fingers and he nodded his agreement. "You taste great baby." He said. "Any more?" She smiled at him as she kicked her panties off and turned her back on him. Keeping her legs perfectly straight, she bent forward and used both hands to pull her ass cheeks apart and expose her cunt and little puckered asshole to his gaze. Her black skin was flawless and the crinkled outer lips of her fuck hole were even darker. Still holding her cheeks apart. She spread her fingers until she could pull her cunt open. Pete's prick twitched and he exclaimed, "Fucking hell." at the rich pink flesh inside her hole and the thin trickle of her juice that ran down the inside of her leg. As if drawn by a magnet, Pete got on his knees and shuffled close to her body. The smell was intoxicating. Her body had a natural spicy odour and he could also smell her asshole that seamed to be looking straight at him. The overwhelming smell however was of the girl's cunt that she was holding open and Pete's head was reeling and his cock was harder that it had ever been with a river of pre-cum flowing from his piss hole. Kirsten gasped loudly as his tongue licked her from her burning clit all the way around to her asshole. Christine's fuck hole was on fire and she broke her kiss with Alan and raised her butt from his lap. "Get it up me," she growled at Julie who was still sucking on the end of his prick. Christine was completely filled with lust and as Julie fed the cock into her friends sopping cunt, she had a small orgasm as her tube was forced open and the shaft slid up her. "Oh god," she moaned. "That feels so good." Julie moved away as Christine bent forward at the waist to cram every fraction of an inch up her cunt, before starting to slide her slit up and down Alan's cock. Julie stood up and looked around her. She could see that Pete was occupied with Kirsten and Natalie was lying sprawled across the sofa. Her panties were hanging from her ankle and she had her eyes closed and four fingers flashing in and out of her cunt. Julie turned around to her mother who had her hand inside her knickers frantically rubbing at her clit as she watched the depravity taking place around her. Before Julie could say anything to her, Natalie suddenly screamed as her body convulsed in orgasm. "Fuck, I'm cumming," she gasped as her thick cream spurted out of her hole. Julie raced over to her young friend and pulled her slimy fingers out of her hole. The cunt cream was still spurting out of her when Julie clamped her lips over Natalie's spasming slit and sucked the juices out of her. Julie's face was covered in Natalie's slime as she sat up and gave the girl a few moments to recover. She helped the girl to her feet and they walked over to Caroline. Natalie pulled Caroline's knickers down and the girl's watched the woman masturbate before Julie asked, "Are you feeling horny, bitch?" Caroline nodded and her daughter continued, "Would you like Natalie and I to make you cum?" "God yes," Caroline replied. "Please make me cream. I need to cum." Julie pulled a couple of chairs over and placed one in front of her mother and one behind. She positioned them carefully to make sure that the camera would get the best view and nodded to Natalie to sit in the back chair whilst she sat on the front one. Caroline moaned and spread her legs as the girl's hands roamed over her body. "Please finger fuck me." she begged. Natalie spread the womans ass cheeks wide and flicking out her stiff tongue, she slithered it up through the ass crack, teasing at the entrance to her shitter. "Oh yeah," Caroline groaned as she pressed backwards and also felt her daughters hand lightly brush over her pubic bone and caress her inner thighs. Julie kneaded the soft flesh of her mother's inner thighs as she worked her way toward the open gash of her cunt. Caroline held her breath in anticipation. Any second Julie's hand would make contact with her aching fuck hole and join the stimulation of Natalie's mouth on her shitter. . "Oh god," Caroline moaned again as she rolled her hips. "Tongue me and fuck me. Please bring me off." Her legs trembled as her daughters fingers reached swollen sex and began massaging the puffy folds of her moist cunt. Natalie plunged her tongue into Caroline's bowels and teased at the walls of her narrow shitter. Caroline threw back her head and gasped at the double assault and she reached behind her to hold her ass cheeks and keep them parted to give Natalie better access. Julie glanced up at her mother's lust crazed face and hissed, "We're going to make you cream you bitch. We're going to make you cum so fucking hard." She drove her fingers into Caroline's cunt, delighting at the loud slurping noises coming from her mothers flooded tube. "Ahhhhh!" Caroline wailed as she worked her hips frantically in time with her daughters thrusting fingers. Julie paused only long enough to add a third finger to Caroline's cunt and she said. "Finger fuck her asshole Natalie. Ream her shitter." Caroline's asshole was soaked with Natalie's saliva and the girl slid her index finger knuckle deep into her shit chute. Caroline squealed as she rotated her hips and she cried, "Give me more. Open my holes wide." Pete slid two fingers into Kirsten's hot front hole and continued pushing his stiff tongue against her asshole. The fourteen year old responded by relaxing her anal muscle and his tongue went deep into her shitter. Kirsten pulled her tee shirt over head, threw it on the floor and concentrated on the delicious feeling of Pete's fingers inside her cunt. She rubbed at her burning clit and at the same time pushed her ass back onto his probing tongue. "God, I'm going to cum," she groaned as her thigh muscles started to shudder and soon her entire body was convulsing as her climax raced through her body. Christine's clit was rasping over Alan's shaft as she raised and lowered her cunt in time to his thrusts. She had already had a series of small orgasms and she knew that she was working towards a big one. The intensity of the waves of pleasure radiating from her sex kept increasing until she thought she couldn't take any more. She was moaning and gasping for breath as her burning clit took her higher and higher and her whole body was tingling and her muscles coiled like an over wound spring. Just as she was sure that she was going to pass our, her entire world exploded and her body thrashed about uncontrollably. She had never known such ecstasy and she jammed her spasming cunt down onto Alan's cock and screamed loudly as she was consumed by her climax. It took her a while to recover and she dragged herself to her feet. There was a loud slurp as her cunt pulled away from Alan's prick and she walked around for a few minutes to shake the residual tingling from her limbs and to let her breathing return to normal. When she turned back to him she grinned and said, "Wow, I've never cum like that before. That was awesome." She bent down to kiss him noticing the pool of her cunt cream that was lying in his lap. "Thanks baby," she continued, "But I've really got to rest for a while. I'm wasted." She collapsed onto a chair and closed her eyes contentedly. Julie gouged her mothers pulsing cunt with her fingers. She jabbed hard with three fingers and the cunt cream flowed into the palm of her hand each time her fingers squished into her saturated hole. Caroline gasped as she humped her hips and shivered as the girl's invaded both her holes with their fingers. Natalie added a second finger to the womans asshole and increased the speed of her thrusts. "God I'm nearly there," Caroline moaned. "Fuck me harder." Julie pushed a fourth finger into her mother's hot cunt and said, "Get more fingers in Natalie. Really stretch the bitch." Caroline screamed as Natalie's third finger penetrated her shitter and then screamed even louder as Julie folded her thumb across her palm and drove her fist into her mother's cunt. "Fuck. Fuck." Caroline shouted. She leaned onto Julie as she rocked her hips in time to their pistoning hands. Caroline's body suddenly stiffened and she gasped, "I'm going to cum. Oh fuck I'm going to cream". The girls kept their fingers fucking at a frantic pace and brought the woman to a massive orgasm. Julie pressed her fingers deep as Caroline's hot spongy cunt muscles greedily tugged and bathed them in warm milky juices. "I'm cumming!" Caroline shouted as her cunt exploded. "Shit, I'm cumming!" She held onto her daughter as her knees went weak and her hot frothy cunt cum gushed from her hole and squished in the palm of Julie's hand. She jerked back, her asshole gobbling on Natalie's fingers as another orgasm whipped through her finger stuffed cunt. The girls stopped finger fucking the woman as she shook and convulsed and as they pulled their fingers from her holes, she collapsed to the floor. With Christine claiming that she'd had enough sex for now, Alan was looking for somewhere to stick his cock. Caroline seemed to be unconscious on the floor and Julie and Natalie were busy eating each others cunts. That only left Kirsten and as he had always had a fantasy about fucking a young black girl, that suited him just fine. The cunt cream from her last climax was slowly trickling down the inside of Kirsten's leg as Alan stood in front of her. His prick was thickly coated with Christine's cum and Kirsten eagerly opened her mouth and sucked the slimy shaft inside. Her experienced mouth sucked him like a vacuum and as her tongue danced around his piss hole, he quickly realised that she gave some of the best head he'd ever had. Much as he would have liked to squirt his spunk down her throat, her black wet cunt was what he was after. "Enough sucking baby," he said. "Let's fuck" Kirsten stood up and Pete's tongue slipped out of her loose asshole and his fingers came out of her cunt. She stood in front of Alan and threw her arms around his neck and jumped up to wrap her legs around his waist. He took her weight by gripping her ass cheeks and Pete grabbed his friends cock and positioned it at the entrance to the girl's fuck hole. She slid down onto the cock until it was deeply imbedded in her cunt and then gasped as she felt the tip of Pete's prick nudge against her shitter. With a powerful lunge, he buried his length in the fourteen-year-olds bowels, and Alan dropped her legs. Her feet couldn't reach the ground and her weight was taken by the two cocks in her body. Kirsten's head was cradled on Alan's neck and she moved her lips to his ear and whispered, "Fuck me. Fuck my black cunt with your big cock and make me cream." Christine had fully recovered from her major climax and she reached into her handbag and pulled out a large black dildo. She crawled over to where her sister Natalie was lying on her back with Julie in the classic 69 position on top of her. She went round to watch her sister eat Julie's hot cunt and than spat onto the dildo and pushed it into Julie's shitter. Julie moaned into her friend's cunt as her asshole was reamed and she relaxed as much as possible to let the plastic cock push deep into her back hole. Christine rammed the dildo in and out until it was covered in streaks of the girls shit. She pulled it free of Julie's body and slid it towards her sister's mouth that was sucking on Julie's soaking cunt. Natalie moved her head slightly to let Christine rub the shit covered fuck toy over Julie's slit and then licked eagerly at the girl's filth while Christine plunged the dildo back into Julie's shitter. She continued to repeat her actions until Julie's cunt and Natalie's mouth were covered in shit and then crawled around to do the same to her sister. Kirsten had orgasmed only a few moments after the men began double fucking her and her head rested on Alan's shoulder as she worked towards her second cum. Her mouth was open and her breathing ragged as the thrusting cocks stretched both her little holes. The inside of her legs were shining like polished ebony as her cunt cream flowed down them and she groaned and began to buck her body as her throbbing clit signalled her climax. "Oh god I'm going to cream," she gasped just as her body convulsed and her hot milky cream bathed Alan's prick and dripped from his balls. Pete could feel her cunt muscles spasm through the thin membrane that separated his prick from Alan's. The girl's asshole was very tight but the contractions of her cunt tube were like a fist around his shaft. He groaned and said, "Fuck, I'm going to shoot," and Alan nodded back to him that he was almost ready to cum as well. They picked up their speed, and as Pete pulled out of Kirsten's asshole, Alan rammed up her fuck hole and then they reversed their actions. The young girl was in a multiple orgasm as the men fucked her. As one orgasm started to subside, the next one exploded inside her and her head was thrashing about wildly as the waves of ecstasy raced through her. The thick spunk was boiling in Pete's balls and it shot up his shaft and blasted into Kirsten's shit hole just as Alan jetted his hot cum against the neck of her womb. Kirsten whimpered as a massive climax ripped through her as she felt both loads of spunk squirt inside her and she convulsed and shuddered so much that her arms and legs flailed about uncontrollably. The men pulled out of her body and laid her semi-conscious body on the floor. Julie and Natalie had orgasmed again and were now lying on their backs to recover together with Christine. The only person who was who was still looking for more was Caroline who had recovered from her climax and was on the floor with one leg slightly raised and her fingers jammed in her cunt. Alan and Pete flopped onto the sofa and grinned at each other in satisfaction. About ten minutes later when everyone was beginning to recover, Caroline said, "I want some cock. Will one of you two please shaft me?" She was looking at the two men but it was Julie who answered her. "You're just a slave bitch. Why should we waste good cock on you?" "Please Julie," her mother pleaded. "I've done everything you asked me to do, and now I'm really horny. I need fucked." Julie looked over to Pete and Alan and she could see that their pricks were hard and ready for some more action. "Okay mum," she said pleasantly. "I'll get some cock for you." She waved the men over and got them to lie down on the floor foot to foot. She then got then to inch towards each other until their legs were intertwined and their cocks touched from the tip all the way down to their balls. The shaft that was formed was over eight inches long and much thicker than Caroline's wrist. Natalie and Christine pulled Caroline to her feet as Julie spat onto the double cock and rubbed her saliva over the shaft. "I wont be able to take all that," her mother said fearfully trying to pull away. The girls held her firm however and dragged her over to the men and made her straddle their bodies. The cock looked even bigger now as she stared straight down on the double head. "Please Julie," Caroline begged again and gasped as her daughter's hand lashed out with a stinging slap to her left tit. "Down," Julie commanded. Caroline slowly dropped to her knees and screamed when Julie dragged her back to her feet by the hair. "Squat down," Julie hissed. "Don't kneel." Julie didn't want her mother to be able to control the penetration of the pricks, which she would have been able to do if she remained on her knees. Caroline squatted down until the combined head of the cocks nudged at the entrance to her cunt. Kirsten crawled over to help and as Natalie and Christine held onto the womans arms, Julie and Kirsten positioned the cocks correctly and Julie commanded her mother to sit. Caroline gasped as her fuck hole began to stretch and although she tried to sit down slowly, Christine and Natalie were pushing down on her shoulders. Julie and Kirsten took hold of Caroline's lower legs and with a savage lunge, pulled then off the floor. The womans entire weight was now transferred to the two cocks and she screamed as they rammed their way into her cunt. The tears were streaming down her face as her cunt tube was forced open wider that it had ever been before and she screamed again when the four girls gathered around her and lifted her body on and off the huge cock. Julie's fingers squeezed furiously at her mothers battered clit and the mixture of pain from her cunt and pleasure from her clit was driving her wild. She came suddenly as Julie's little fingers pushed her over the edge. The girl's would not stop forcing her fuck hole up and down the men's shafts and she had no time to recover from her climax before the next orgasm blasted through her. Her cunt cream was running out of her forming a thick frothy ring at the base of Alan and Pete's prick and the slurping noised from deep inside her hole were getting louder with every cum she had. "Stop. Oh please stop," she gasped in between orgasms. "I need to rest." Her daughter paid her no attention and twisted and pulled at Caroline's abused clit even harder making her climax again. The girls would have loved to keep the woman creaming until she cried for mercy but Alan and Pete were only human. Alan came first shouting, "Fuck I'm going to shoot," and his friend was only a couple of spurts behind him. The girls gave up and pulled Caroline to the side and onto her back on the floor where she lay with the men's spunk and her own cunt cream pouring out of her cunt. As they stood around and watched the final shuddering and spasming leave her body, the fact that all the girls had been recently buggered either by a cock or dildo, was making a few of them squirm. "I need to take a shit," Natalie suddenly announced and Kirsten quickly nodded her agreement. "Hold it for a minute," Julie said. "I've got an idea." She stood astride her mother's face and motioned for everyone to line up behind her. Christine was next, followed by Pete, then Natalie, then Alan and finally Kirsten. They were all standing straddling Caroline's body and all that could be heard for the next few moments were grunts and groans as they all strained to expel their shit. Caroline was looking up and the first shit to appear slithered out between Natalie's butt cheeks. It was still growing in length when Kirsten's began to appear. Caroline's heart was hammering in her chest as she waited in anticipation for the hot filth to fall on her body. She had just noticed that there was spunk mixed in with Kirsten's shit when Natalie's turd dropped onto her tits. She spread the stinking mess over her breasts and mixed it with Kirsten's filth that had just dropped onto her. Soon the shit of all six people had been dropped onto Caroline's body and she rubbed it over her face, neck, torso and mostly between her legs until she looked as brown as Kirsten. The warm shit squelching into her cunt brought her to another orgasm and as they all watched her cum, Pete turned to the camera, winked and gave the thumbs up sign. He idly wondered what they could do in the next video to top this one when Julie suddenly provided the answer. She crouched down beside her mothers putrid body and said, " I want you to buy me a dog mum. A big fucking dog." o0o The End o0o Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Contact me at:wet_