Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Frank 2 (Underage sex / incest / anal) Frank Craw groaned and then yawned. He felt like shit. His back was sore, his mouth tasted like something had crawled inside and died there, his stomach churned and most of all, it seemed like some bastard was hitting his head with a sledgehammer. Very reluctantly, he opened his eyes and promptly closed them again with a loud groan as daylight pierced his brain. The glimpse of the room had informed him that he had fallen asleep in the armchair again and that would explain the pain in his back. All the other pains however could be put down to the empty bottle of Jack Daniels that was rolling about on the floor. Last night that same bottle had been full and drinking it had seemed like a good idea. It would have been nice to sleep off his hangover but his bladder was almost at bursting point and he had no alternative but to heave his bloated body out of the chair. The only toilet in the house was upstairs and his head felt like it was trapped between two clashing cymbals with every step he took. Even the thought of going upstairs made him feel nauseous and he went to the front door of the dilapidated farmhouse instead. One of the advantages of living on a farm outside town was that there were few neighbours and he figured that no one could see him as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He could smell his unwashed prick immediately and even feel the dried cunt juice that clung to the shaft as he started to piss. The first splashing of his foul waste was accompanied by a loud rasping fart, and he sighed in contentment. He was still in full flow when he heard the crunch of footsteps on the gravel and Father McKenzie came around the corner. The priest was carrying a large brown paper bag in one hand and a bottle of Jack Daniels in the other. He stopped in his tracks as Franks piss arched out and splashed onto the ground only inches away from his feet. Looking at the farmer, the priest said, "That's not quite the welcome I was hoping for Frank." He held up the bottle and continued, "And here's me bringing you gifts!" "Jesus Father, what the fuck are you doing here at this time in the morning?" Frank asked, and it was only after the words had left his mouth that his befuddled brain processed what the priest had said and his eyes lit up at the sight of the bottle. As he shook the last drops of piss from the end of his prick, he continued, "And here I was, just wondering if I should stay off the booze forever, or take another little drop of the stuff to get rid of this fucking hangover. I guess God had given me the answer." "I doubt it has anything to do with God Frank, but this bottle is indeed for you," the priest replied, placing it in the farmer's hands. Staring at the brown paper bag, Frank said, "Don't tell me you've brought doughnuts as well father?" "Not quite Frank," he said. "Let's go inside. Stepping carefully around the piss puddle, Father McKenzie followed the farmer into the living room and watched as two tumblers of Jack Daniels were poured out. They toasted each other and Frank grimaced as the fiery liquid sloshed into his empty stomach, and then refilled his glass. Opening the bag, the priest pulled out some clothes and looked at the farmer as he said, "I brought these for Sarah. I hope you don't mind if I dress her up?" "Jesus Father," Frank cried. "She's not a fucking doll. Why don't you just get your cock out and stick it up her cunt?" "That's exactly what I want to do Frank," he replied patiently. "But my fucking frigid wife was wearing a yellow dress like this the first time I fucked her and I want Sarah to wear the same kind of clothes." Frank shrugged his shoulders and slugged down some more liquor before he said, "If your wife's such a frigid bitch, I don't know why you married her Father." "Ah, Victoria wasn't always frigid Frank," the priest replied dreamily as he though back all those years. "When we first met she fucked like a rabbit, but when I was ordained into the church, she changed, and decided that sex was some kind of sin." Frank shook his head at the woman's stupidity and then said, "Do what you want Father. If you want to dress Sarah up, be my guest!" Sarah was Frank's ten-year-old daughter who stayed in the house with her 14-year-old brother Tim and the 12-year-old twins Robbie and John. The farmers wife had run off just after Sarah's eighth birthday and for fully two months, Frank had only used his own hand to satisfy his sexual urges. One fateful night however, he had got drunk and was staggering to bed when he passed his daughters bedroom. It was a hot and humid night and Sarah had kicked off the covers and her nightdress had ridden up to her waist. Unable to resist, Frank climbed onto the bed beside his daughter and when the preteen awoke it was to find her fathers mouth glued to her cunt and his tongue inside her fuck tube. She cried out and Frank pulled his face away, but a few seconds later it was replaced by his cock. Sarah screamed loudly as she was brutally raped but Frank paid no attention to her distress and continued to fuck her until his bloated balls squirted his cum into her body. Breathing like a runner who has just completed a hard race, the farmer got up from the bed and watched his spunk begin to run out of Sarah's cunt. The preteen was so traumatised that she didn't move and her unfocused eyes didn't register the fact that her three brothers were standing in her bedroom door, attracted there by her cries. Instead of helping her however, all three were sprouting hard cocks and Frank made no attempt to stop Tim climbing between Sarah's legs and taking his place. After Robbie and John had both fucked their sister, Frank was hard again and he took her for a second time. That set the routine for Sarah's life and all four males fucked the little girl whenever they wanted. In time she had also learnt how to use her mouth and her asshole and was now a true three hole slut. A few days ago, Father McKenzie had found out about the family's sexual activities and instead of being shocked, it made him horny. He had already sampled Sarah's mouth as she sucked him off, but his last attempt to fuck her had been sabotaged because Robbie and John had been in the room. The twins were bi-sexual and before the priest could get his cock into Sarah's cunt, the boys had moved in on him and he found himself sucking on one twins cock, while the other fucked him up the asshole. Now, he was back in the house with a load of cum in his swollen balls and a determination to empty it into Sarah's cunt. Leaving Frank with the whisky bottle, the priest clutched the paper bag tightly to his chest and went in search of the little girl. He found her doing chores in the kitchen and he smiled at her as he entered the room. Sarah knew immediately that he was here to fuck her and she stood and said in resignation, "Hello Father." "Hello child," the priest replied. "I've just been speaking to your father and he said I could spend some time with you." Sarah didn't know why he didn't just say that he was here to fuck her and she replied, "Okay Father. Do you want Robbie and John to join us?" "Not this time Sarah," he said. "This time, it's just me and you. Perhaps we could go somewhere quieter?" The little girl nodded her head and as she indicated that the preacher should follow her, she vigorously rubbed the crotch of her shorts to stimulate the natural lubrication in her cunt. Sarah took the priest to her bedroom and he carefully shut the door behind them. Her bed and covers were the cleanest in the house, but that had nothing to do with her personal hygiene. It was due to the fact she very rarely slept in her own bed because either one of her three brothers, or her father, would want to fuck her. Sometimes the little preteen had to satisfy all four cocks before she could get any sleep herself. She stood quietly as the priest opened the paper bag and had a puzzled look on her face when he pulled out a yellow summer dress. It was a cheap import made of very thin material, but he seemed pleased with it and he said, "Put this on Sarah," as he handed it to her. The preteen was wearing a tee shirt and a pair of shorts and she quickly pulled them off. That left her naked except for a pair of stained white cotton panties and the priest licked his dry lips as she slipped the yellow dress over her head. He could see the small swellings of her budding tits, topped with crinkled nipples, and his eyes shone with lust as he thought about what he was about to do. When the little girl had smoothed down the front of the dress, the priest pulled the other item of clothing out of the bag. It was a pair of pantyhose that were specially sized for young girls. He'd had to search the shops to find them but eventually purchased then from a shop that specialised in children's dancewear. "Here Sarah," he said. "Put these on now." The preteen was now completely confused. When she was about to get fucked, she was usually told to get her clothes off as quickly a possible and she was at a loss to explain why the priest wanted her dressed up. Sarah had never worn pantyhose in her life before and she was unsure what they were actually for. She held the up and then asked, "Do you want me to take off my panties?" The priest smiled at the child's innocence and complete ignorance of the fact that the sight and smell of soiled underwear can be so arousing. Shaking his head, he replied, "Keep them on Sarah." He watched the little girl struggle into the pantyhose and then straighten up and smooth down the front of the dress. She waited patiently for his instructions, but Father McKenzie was in no hurry. "You look lovely Sarah," he said softly, trying to stop his voice shaking. "Just like she used to look." The little girl had no idea what the preacher was talking about and she remained silent while he unfastened his robe and pulled it over his head. He was naked, except for his socks and shoes and Sarah giggled at the absurd sight of the priest standing in front of her with a rock hard cock that was leaking pre-cum and yet still wearing his footwear. Hopping from one foot to the other to remove his socks. Father' McKenzie's prick bobbed about in the air, and that made the child laugh even more. Even although she was about to be fucked by a full grown man, Sarah had no fear. She had taken plenty of cocks up her cunt before, despite her young age, and she knew that she wouldn't have any problem with the preachers. Just to make sure however, she kept rubbing her crotch to get her juices going and the preteen quickly decided that she didn't like pantyhose. She couldn't get her fingers onto her slit to finger herself properly, and it had been many years since that had happened. Father McKenzie came closer to the child and placed his hands around her waist before lifting her up. He gently carried her over to the bed and lowered her until her feet were on the edge of the bed. She was still much shorter than the priest, but it was easier for him to bend down and kiss her. This was something that Sarah wasn't used to because her father and her brothers usually just wanted to fuck her. The only use they had for her mouth was another hole to stick their cocks into. The preteen was unsure what to do, and she made some attempt to kiss him back. The pressure on her lips kept increasing however and suddenly the priests tongue was in her mouth. It flicked about everywhere, exploring her teeth, her throat and even her own tongue. While their saliva mixed together, his hand came up and gently caressed her little plum sized tit. Her nipple hardened to his touch and the preacher moaned softly into Sarah's mouth and squeezed a little harder. The little girl couldn't quite understand what was happening. Normally, her father or her brothers just wanted to get their cocks into her as quickly as possible and the only time they took a little longer was when they used her asshole. She didn't really like taking a cock up her shit hole because it hurt for a couple of days afterwards, but there was nothing she could do about it. All this flashed through her mind in a fraction of a second as she tried to grasp what the priest was doing to her. She had rubbed her cunt until she was wet and ready, but strangely, Father McKenzie seemed in no hurry to get his prick into her body. His large hand smothered the small swelling of her tit, but her nipple pressed into his palm. Still kissing the child, the priest raised his hand up to the neckline of the yellow dress and ripped it downwards. The cloth was so thin that it ripped easily and he continued to tear the material until her tit was exposed. Moving his hand back onto her hot flesh, Father McKenzie ran his fingers over her skin and pinched gently at her hard teat. Now the preteen was hopelessly confused. Why would the priest buy her a dress, make her wear it and then rip it to pieces? She was very glad that she hadn't been wearing any of her own clothes because her father would be mad if any of them got damaged and he had to spend money to replace them. He was already thinking that it was a complete waste of time for Sarah to wear clothes at all and that she should be permanently naked and available to him to fuck. The preacher pulled his tongue out of Sarah's mouth and stared down at her little tit. He was nearly shaking with lust and he hissed, "Fuck, that's beautiful baby," as he bent his head lower and licked all over the small mound of tit flesh. Covering it with his saliva, he sucked the nipple into his mouth and lashed it with his tongue. This sent little ripples of pleasure through the little girl's body and she smiled happily as a soft sigh escaped her throat. His tongue continued to swirl around the sensitive nipple and he teased it with his teeth, biting down, but always stopping just short of hurting the child. Sarah's life was mainly spent as a fuck toy and neither her brothers of her father had much interest in giving her any pleasure. When the priest sucked on her tit however, the preteen loved the feelings it produced and she moaned again in an attempt to make him continue. A small tingling sensation was buzzing deep in her cunt and she was surprised at the sensation. She would normally climax if her cunt was sucked and if she was fucked correctly, but this was the firs time she had experienced the familiar rush without her fuck hole being stimulated. Her eyes fluttered closed as she tried to relax into her climax and make it come faster and she was dimly aware of the priests hand on her leg and it was slowly sliding up onto her inner thigh. When his fingers reached her crotch, he rubbed her slit beneath the pantyhose and panties and bit down harder on her nipple. As the child moaned continually, he continued to stimulate her until she gave a loud gasp and her body shuddered. The small orgasm rippled through her flesh and Sarah allowed herself to sink into her cum and bask in the delicious feelings it produced. The preacher was thrilled that he had made her cum and his mind flashed back to before he was married. As he didn't own a car, it was very difficult for him and his future wife to find a place to fuck. In the summer months it wasn't so bad because they could normally find some secluded spot. In the winter however, they mainly jerked each other off and Victoria's favourite was to have his mouth on her tit and his fingers in her cunt. Sarah had almost recovered from her cum and she could feel the priest's fingers press harder against her cunt. She again thought that it was stupid for him to insist she wear pantyhose if he wanted to get to her fuck hole and she was just about to suggest that she take them off when his strong fingers ripped the thin nylon and pulled her panties to the side to bare her cunt. Whilst he rubbed her wet slit, Sarah was still puzzled with his behaviour. She didn't mind that he had ripped the pantyhose because she didn't like the feeling of the material against her legs, but she was still annoyed about the dress. The preteen got very little in the way of new clothes from her father and although the yellow dress wasn't of the best quality, it was still a new dress. If the priest wanted to suck on her tits, why the hell did he make her wear the dress in the first place? The damage was done however and Sarah sighed in resignation as she shuffled her feet further apart on the bed to give him easier access to her cunt. His finger was deep inside her fuck tube and it felt good as he moved it around her little piss hole. The preacher pulled his face away from her bitten nipple and he said breathlessly, "Fuck, you're wet, you little slut. Your cunt hole's soaking!" The child took that as a compliment and she smiled as she glanced down at the front of the dress. That took the pleased look off her face because although one of the tits was still covered, the other was completely naked due to the rip in the material that she knew instinctively, couldn't be fixed. Father McKenzie's prick was as hard as an iron bar and he was now desperate to get it into Sarah's cunt. Jerking his fingers out of her slit, he took a few seconds to smell them and lick them clean before he pushed the girl onto her back on the bed. She squealed as she fell back and the worn out springs in the mattress creaked alarmingly as she bounced on the bed. Almost immediately, the preacher fell on top of her and his hard cock was between her legs. He could feel the sheer nylon of the pantyhose against the tip of his shaft and he shuddered at the sensation he remembered so well. Hunching his body upwards, the head of his prick entered the hole in the preteen's pantyhose and he could feel the heat of her inner thighs. Tilting his hips, his cock came in contact with her panties that were bunched to the side, and then he felt the joy of her little cunt hole touching his prick. Sarah was wet, but still very tight, and he groaned loudly as he forced about two inches of his cock into her hole. The little girl also groaned as her cunt walls were forced apart and then she cried out when the priest rammed his shaft all the way to the bottom of her tube. He was crazed with lust and he began pounding the child as hard as he could. Her feet hardly came down to his knees and they kicked about wildly as she was fucked mercilessly. Her miniature clit was rock hard and Father McKenzie's shaft rasped over it with every inward stroke, sending the most intense waves of pleasure coursing through her body. The familiar rush was building up again between her legs and despite the pounding her fuck hole was taking, her pleasure bud was about to rocket her into another orgasm. Her feet and legs flailed about in the air as the intensity of the tingling inside her cunt escalated and suddenly her body went rigid. Her legs snapped straight and locked in that position and her toes curled until they were like little fists. Her torso shuddered and her head thrashed from side to side but it was her spasming fuck tube that made the priest groan as it clenched around his cock like a velvet vice. He was very close to his own release and he had no intention of waiting until the child recovered before he had his own cum. She was making little gurgling sounds in her throat with each wave of ecstasy that shot through her body and the preacher was moaning loudly and dripping with sweat. Suddenly he gripped her upper arms and lifted her off the bed as he raised himself up on his knees. Sarah's legs splayed out around his stomach and he held her close as he jerked her body up and down his shaft. The child flopped about like a rag doll, but she was still shuddering and her preteen cunt was tightly clenched around his thrusting cock. With a gasp, Father McKenzie gritted his teeth and jetted his thick spunk deep into Sarah's fuck tube. He panted for breath as his tight balls pumped spurt after spurt of hot slime into the little girl and hugged her tightly until every last drop was milked out of his prick. With his chest heaving as he gulped for air, he rolled onto his back, taking Sarah with him and keeping his cock buried in her cunt. When he opened his eyes a few seconds later, he found himself able to stare into the mirror on the wall and see Sarah's cunt stretched wide around his prick with the first strands of his cum oozing out of her hole. In spite of his climax, the horny sight kept him hard inside the girl's body and a new surge of energy enveloped him. Before he married his wife, she would always clean his cock with her mouth after they fucked. She loved the combined taste of his sperm and her own cunt juice and he saw no reason why Sarah shouldn't do the same thing for him. Lifting her off his cock, he held her in the air and watched his spunk run out of her fuck hole and stain her panties and pantyhose. She was barely conscious and the preacher heaved himself off the bed, taking her with him. When he placed her on the floor, her legs were so shaky that she fell to her knees, but that position would do for the priest. His shaft was thickly coated with her girl juice and clumps of spunk clung to his piss hole and he nudged his cock against her mouth. It was almost an automatic reaction for the child to open her mouth and he gripped the back of her head as he pushed into her throat. Her tongue licked over his prick, tasting her own hole, and she had to give herself a mental shake so that she could concentrate on sucking him. She had expected his cock to be starting to soften and that she would just have to lick him clean, but she could tell that the prick in her mouth was rock hard and that he wanted to cum again. He moved his hips back and forth, pistoning his shaft in and out of her mouth and gripping her hair tightly to stop her moving as he snarled, "Suck it slut. Suck the cum out of my cock." It wasn't the usual words that you expected from a man of the cloth, but Sarah was well used to being called a slut and she hollowed her little cheeks and did as she was instructed. Never before had the priest been able to climax twice in quick succession but he was so aroused, and the child's mouth was so hot and tight, that his spunk was already boiling inside his balls. No matter how hard he gritted his teeth, he couldn't delay his cum and he dragged his cock out of her mouth just as the first spray of slime erupted out of his piss hole. It struck the child right between the eyes, splattering across her face and the second spray hit her chin and dripped down onto her ruined dress. Groaning loudly, the preacher took his prick in his fist and jerked it until Sarah's face was covered in his slime Father McKenzie's heart was beating wildly and his legs felt like rubber as he rested his back against the wall. He stared down at the ten-year-old girl he had just abused and fucked and felt no remorse. Even with all his knowledge of the Bible, it would have been difficult for him to justify his opinion that if God gave a girl a cunt, it must be all right to use it! Nevertheless, that was now his belief and he pulled his pants back on and hummed one of his favourite hymns as he went back downstairs. Not finding the farmer in the living room, the priest left the house quietly and walked slowly to his church. As he neared the gate, he was stopped by Christine Bain who was an active member of the church. She had her daughter Stacey with her and while she prattled on about something the priest had very little interest in, Father McKenzie stared at seven-year-old Stacey and licked his lips. He could feel his cock stiffen beneath his robe as he wondered if Stacey's little cunt would taste as sweet as Sarah's. Making an excuse to get away from the woman, the preacher went into the church and jerked himself off into the toilet bowl. Frank had been in the kitchen when the priest left the house, but he didn't hear him go. Forcing down a sandwich to soak up some of the alcohol that was churning in his stomach, the farmer went upstairs to change into some clothes that didn't stink as much as those he was wearing. Sarah's bedroom door was open and he couldn't help but see her as he passed by. The image stopped him in his tracks and he stared down at his daughter who was slumped on the floor in the corner with her eyes closed. Her legs were splayed open and the thin yellow dress was pushed up to her waist. The neckline was ripped down, exposing one of her nipples and the plum sized swelling of her tit. Frank could see the teeth marks around the still erect teat and the slight bruising from where the priest fingers had squeezed too tight as he got more and more excited. The child's jaw was slack and her mouth fell open at one side, allowing some unswallowed spunk to run out, and drip onto the fabric of the dress. Between her legs, the pantyhose was ripped and her underwear pushed to the side to revealed her red and swollen cunt that was oozing the preacher's cum. Thin threads of sperm hung from her hair and her chin and Frank shook his head as he muttered, "Fuck, he really did a number on you!" Instead of feeling any concern at the state of his daughter, the image aroused him and he pulled out his thick cock from his pants. It was already stiff and he jerked on it for a few seconds before stepping fully into the room. When he gripped Sarah by the arm and hauled her to her feet, the child groaned and her eyes fluttered open. Before her befuddled brain could wake up, the farmer bent her over the side of her bed with her butt high in the air. Her senses were just starting to return when her father's cock rammed into her sloppy cunt and his large hands tightly gripped her hips. Sarah cried out at this new violation, but she was powerless to resist. Frank fucked his daughter so fast and hard that her teeth seemed to rattle in her mouth and her vision blurred. Her head was jerked about so much by the power of the cock that fucked her like a jackhammer that she had to screw her eyes closed and she panted for breath. With a loud groan, the farmer rammed his prick all the way to the bottom of Sarah's fuck tube and held it there as his thick cum splattered into her body. Once his balls were empty, he dragged his shaft out of the young girl who was slumped over the edge of the bed and he wiped it clean on the back of the yellow dress before leaving the bedroom. <=> It was after eleven o'clock in the evening and the priest was putting the finishing touches to a sermon he would use next Sunday when his wife came into his study. She was going to bed and she told him that he had a meeting in the morning with the Women's Guild. "No I don't," he replied sharply, glancing a look at his open diary. He was purposely keeping his mornings free because that was the best time to fuck Sarah and he had already planned what he was going to do to her next. Her asshole was the only hole he hadn't used yet and he was ready to remedy that! "Yes you do," Veronica replied. "I took it over the telephone this afternoon. Nine o'clock sharp. They want to discuss next months fete." "Well you can just un-take it," the priest replied, determined that his plans wouldn't be changed. "I'm busy tomorrow morning!" "No you're not," Veronica said. "Your diary's empty. I checked." At that point, something inside the priest snapped. His frigid, bitch, wife not only refused to let him fuck her, but now she was trying to prevent him getting to Sarah. "No way," he thought. "No fucking way!" He rose from his seat and advanced menacingly on his wife. Veronica had never seen the look on his face before and she took a step back, unsure what was going through her husband's mind. She soon found out however when he moved his face to within inches of her own and snarled, "You fucking bitch! You cold fucking bitch." Years of resentment and anger boiled up inside him and he ranted, "You think you are something special just because you're a priests wife. Well, you're still a wife and that means that you open your fucking legs and use your cunt for something more that pissing out of." Stopping only to pull air into his lungs, he continued, "Why are you such a cold bitch? Tell me why!" The outburst was so out of character that Veronica's mouth fell open and she just stared at him as if he had physically struck her. When she didn't reply, the preacher's hand flashed out and gripped her around the throat. His wife's eyes nearly bulged out of her head, but Father McKenzie maintained the pressure and shouted, "Tell me why!" In his rage, it had escaped his notice that he was choking her so much that she could hardly breathe, never mind speak and he pushed her backwards until her back was against the wall. It also didn't penetrate his brain that his wife hadn't even attempted to lift her arms and fight back. She was wearing her nightdress and he held her throat while he raised his other hand and gripped her tit. She wasn't wearing a bra and he could feel her nipple beneath the material as he squeezed her sensitive flesh and hissed, "You feel that bitch? When was the last time you felt a mans hand on your tit?" The nipple seemed to stiffen at his touch and he gripped it between his finger and thumb. As he pinched her flesh, a groan was torn from her almost strangulated throat and Veronica was beginning to turn blue due to lack of oxygen. Grinning savagely at her plight, the preacher lifted his knee between her legs and pressed it into her crotch. Just for a second, he relaxed his grip around her throat and Veronica gasped loudly as she eagerly drank air into her lungs with a massive gulp. Tightening it again, his wife moaned as much as she was able and her eyes went wide when her husband grasped the neck of her nightdress and ripped it down the front. Her 36C tits spilled out and the priest savagely gripped one and twisted it until there were tears in the corner of Veronica's eyes. He was so preoccupied with hurting the woman who had made his life a misery that we was unaware that her crotch was rocking across his knee that was still pressed between her legs. Releasing her tit flesh, he moved his fingers to her now erect nipple and pulled it out from her chest. He continued to pull until it looked like she had conical shaped tits and he growled. "You like that bitch? Do you like me pulling your tits or do you think it's a sin? Do you expect a thunderbolt to strike me down?" He pressed his face into hers and snarled, "Let's see if God is on your side or mine bitch! I'm going to stick my cock up your cunt and fuck you. Do you think He'll stop me?" Veronica's face was purple but her hips dragged her crotch over her husband's knee and for the first time he became aware of her action. He could feel the heat of her sex even through the thick material of his robe and he lowered his knee. She groaned in frustration, but a second later, his hand left her tit and snaked between her legs. She was wearing panties but the crotch was soaking. Pushing his hand into a leg hole, he found her cunt open and dripping. Without much resistance, he was able to slide two fingers deep into Veronica's fuck tube and he said in amazement, "Fuck, you're soaking wet!" Only a small croak came in response and he again relaxed his grip. After gulping down some air, Veronica looked at him with smouldering eyes and pleaded, "Make me cum. Please make me cum!" As she spoke, her hips thrust back and forth on his fingers and the preacher was astounded at the transformation in his wife. He had forgotten to tighten his grip back around her throat and as she worked her sloppy slit over his fingers, Victoria moaned and said, "Choke me again. Please choke me." Almost without thinking about what he was doing, his fingers tightened around his wife's throat, squeezing her airway closed and the fingers of his other hand flashed in and out of her cunt. Now that he was fingering her, Victoria stood with her eyes closed and her legs open and waited for her climax. The tingling inside her hole was already intensifying and she began shuddering as she orgasmed. Not a sound could come from her closed throat, but she convulsed and shook as a river of girl cum spurted out of her slit to cover the priests hand before being caught in the already soaked crotch of her panties. As she climaxed, he released his hold on her throat and her chest heaved as it filled with air and she continued to jerk uncontrollably. When he pulled his hand out of Veronica's panties, it was thickly coated with her slime and he licked his fingers clean, mentally comparing her taste to ten-year-old Sarah's.r Veronica's cunt slime was slightly stronger than the young girls but the preacher enjoyed it just as much. When Veronica's eyes fluttered open the first thing she saw was the huge bulge in her husband's robe and she reached out and gripped the hard shaft below. Lifting up the robe, she stood on her tiptoes and slid her saturated slit over his prick. Her panties were still pulled to the side and she sighed as she lowered her hips and she felt his cock penetrate her hole. It wasn't the best position to fuck, but Veronica was so horny that she just wanted to feel her husband's sperm jet into her tube. Throwing her arms around his neck, her cunt muscles tightened around his prick and she said huskily, "You should have done that years ago Tom." It was the first time in a long while that she had used his first name and before he had a chance to react, her hips started to pump and she gasped, "Cum up me baby. Fill me with spunk." His hands snaked around to grip her ass cheeks and his finger went into her crack to move against her back hole. Lowering his head, he sucked a nipple into his mouth and bit down on it as his finger penetrated her shit hole and went knuckle deep in her bowels. Crying out with pleasure, Veronica shouted, "Do me you bastard. Do me hard!" The priest didn't know what it was about the fuck that made it so arousing, but as he ground Veronica's nipple between his teeth, he couldn't prevent his cum jetting up his piss hole and spraying into her cunt. An hour later, they were both in bed fucking themselves to a standstill like they had done when they were teenagers. Veronica loved the feeling of being choked and the tighter Tom gripped her, the wetter her cunt became and the more desperate she was for cock. When she woke in the morning, Veronica was already wet, and she slithered her body on top of the preacher and giggled delightfully when she felt his cock stiffen and slide easily into her cunt. Bouncing up and down his prick, she cried out as both of his hands encircled her throat and within seconds she was in climax and jerking uncontrollably. Now that she was experiencing sex again, it was like a floodgate had been opened and Victoria became insatiable. When Tom finished his meeting with the Women's Guild, she was waiting for him to come home with her legs in the air and three fingers up her cunt. Later that day while he spoke on the phone to the Cardinal, Veronica's head was beneath his robe, licking his asshole while her hands jacked on his hard cock. Later that night after another fuck that left a ring of bruises around Veronica's neck, she lay beside her husband and said, "I can't believe that we went so long without fucking. How the hell did we let that happen?" "You seemed to decide that it was a sin," he replied. "I was stupid," Veronica lamented. "After you were ordained, I thought that you would want to be....... I don't know! Clean or pure or something." "You're right," he replied and Veronica looked at him in surprise, and then laughed when he finished, "You're right, you were stupid!" They lay quiet for a while and she eventually said, "So, what did you do when I stopped putting out for you. There's no way you went for over two years just jerking off. Who was opening their legs for you?" The preacher glanced at his wife and swallowed hard. He felt her hand reach for his soft cock and fondle it as she said huskily, "It's okay! Really! I know you must have been fucking someone and it's my own fault. I don't blame you. I just wanted to know who it was." He cleared his throat nervously and began, "Look Veronica, I em'....... That is I......." "Relax baby," she replied. "I really am not angry or even surprised. I just hope that it wasn't some old witch from the Woman's Guild!" "It wasn't," he confirmed. "Then who was it? You can tell me!" She allowed him some time to collect his thoughts and wrinkled her brow in confusion when he eventually sad, "Sarah. Sarah Craw." "Sarah Craw," she repeated thoughtfully. "I don't think I know her. Is she any relation to Frank Craw who lives in that broken-down farm outside town?" Nodding his head, Tom said, "She's his daughter!" "His daughter," Veronica echoed. "I didn't think he was old enough to have a daugh......" Her voice tailed off and she then whispered, "Not little Sarah who came to Sunday School a couple of times?" Tom nodded again and his wife sat up on the bed and stared down at him. With her voice little more than a whisper, she said, "She can't be any more that ten or eleven." "She's ten," he confirmed, and Veronica moaned loudly. Sitting up beside his wife, Tom took her hand and said, "I'm sorry Veronica, but I wasn't getting any from you and I was up a Frank's place and he told me that his whole family was fucking Sarah. He asked me if I wanted her as well and I couldn't help myself." His wife was silent and the preacher squeezed her hand and asked, "Do you hate me for being so weak?" Straightening her shoulders, Veronica looked straight at him and said, "Tom, we never had any children of our own. I guess that's because we stopped fucking not long after we were married. I never really regretted it because I was petrified that I would get pregnant and have a baby girl." Unsure where this was leading, the priest replied, "Why were you scared that you would have a daughter?" "I wasn't scared Tom," she insisted. "I was petrified. Absolutely terrified!" "But why?" She took a breath to steady her nerves and said, "Because I knew that if I had a little girl, I would abuse her. I've always wanted to touch and fuck a preteen girl and now you tell me that you've been doing it already." He looked at her in astonishment and struggled to accept what she had said. His mouth opened once and then twice as he tried to think of something to say and then the obvious reply popped into his mind. "I'm still fucking her," he said. "Would you like me to bring her here and we can both do her?" "Yes!" She replied immediately and huskily. "Bring her here. I want to play with your little fuck toy." In less than a day, Victoria had changed from a prim and proper preacher's wife, to a wanton slut who loved all kinds of fucking. The dirtier and kinkier, the better. She had thought that her sexual adventures had finished when she had got married and Tom had been ordained into the church, but now she realised that they had just started. After his revelations about fucking a preteen girl, Victoria retired to the shower with a razor and a can of her husbands shaving foam. When she had given up sex for what she thought was the sake of her husbands career, she hadn't bothered to keep her pubic hair trimmed and it had sprouted everywhere. With patience and perseverance however, Victoria shaved off every hair and left her cunt and asshole totally bald. Once she had dried herself off, she wrapped a towel around her body and strolled into the living room where Tom was working on some papers that the Cardinal had sent him. "Tom," she said huskily, and waited until he looked at her before dropping the towel to the floor. "Does my cunt look like little Sarah's now? Does it look like a little girls?" The priest's mouth drooled at the sight of the deep slit that disappeared between Victoria's legs and at the stick juices that glinted in the light. When she took a step closer, he could smell her arousal as the scent of her hole drifted into his nostrils and made his already hard cock like an iron bar. "Shit, that's nice honey," he said to her, never taking his eyes from her crotch. "So fucking good." Reaching down with her hand and using her fingers to fan her slit open, Victoria shook her head and contradicted him by saying, "I don't think its good Tom. In fact I think it's been a bad little cunt growing all that hair so you couldn't see it properly." He glanced up at her face and she continued, "And if it's been a bad little cunt, I think it should be spanked. Would you like to spank my cunt baby?" She was looking at the priest as she spoke, but Tom's gaze was back on her bald cunt and he could actually see her hard clit push through its sheath as it stiffened. Walking slowly over to the couch, Victoria lay down and opened her legs wide in invitation as she hissed, "Hit my cunt Tom. Spank it hard and hurt me!" Getting up from his chair, the preacher knelt on the floor between Victoria's open legs and his mouth watered at the gorgeous sight of her shaven fuck hole. He would have loved to push his face into her hole and taste the bubbling juices, but he knew that that wasn't what she wanted. She held her breath as he raised his hand in the air, and then brought it down with a loud slap right on top of her cunt. The stinging pain was exquisite and Victoria's body twitched as she moaned, but she kept her legs wide open in invitation to do it again. This time he slapped harder and she closed her eyes as she writhed on the couch and felt her wetness bubble out of her hole and trickle down between the cheeks of her ass. She gulped down some air but she still had her eyes closed so she didn't see the priests hand flask out and slap hard across one of her tits. The force of the blow left a red hand print on her flesh and her tit flesh wobbled delightfully as she jumped in shock ad her eyes flew open. He eyes were shining with lust and she had a grin on her face as she looked straight at her husband and growled, "Bastard!" She waited on him hitting her again, but her eyes narrowed when she saw his hand reach up to his desk and pull down a 12-inch long plastic rule. He bent and flexed the rule in his hands and then smacked it down into the palm of his hand. Knowing that he was teasing her, Victoria was almost breathless with excitement and her legs were shaking as he said, "Open that naughty little cunt of yours." She swallowed hard as she used both hands to pull her outer lips apart and display her pink tube to him. He could see her flesh was sticky with her juices and there was a pool of slime bubbling inside her hole. The smell rising to his nose was intoxicating and he debated whether to smack the rule into her cunt or on top of her clit. Before he had made up his mind, he heard Victoria whisper, "Hard baby. Do it hard!" He grinned savagely as the resounding smack echoed around the room and his wife cried out loudly. Before she could even think of recovering, his hand was in the air again and he brought the rule down even harder. He knew that the pain his wife was feeling must be acute, but she seemed to revel in it. Her nipples were rock hard and longer than he had seen them before, and the cunt juice that had been bubbling deep inside her tube was now so much that her hole was completely filled. Her chest was heaving and her eyes were closed as her body shuddered and he raised his arm again. This time he adjusted his aim by a few millimetres and the flat side of the rule slapped cruelly down on her throbbing clit. The effect was simply awesome as she was launched straight into orgasm and her slime sprayed out of her cunt and arched onto the floor beside the priests legs. She convulsed and jerked on the couch as she fought for breath, and Tom jumped to his feet and dropped the rule. His cock was rock hard and he really needed to cum. Diving between Victoria's open legs, he sank his prick ball deep into her cunt and started fucking her hard. Still groaning, she opened her eyes just as his hands wrapped around her throat and she continued to climax as the pressure increased around her windpipe. Less than a minute later, Tom spurted his sperm into Victoria's cunt and they were both breathing heavily as he eased his grip on her throat As they basked in the afterglow of a good fuck, Victoria asked softly, "When are you going to see Frank Craw?" "Soon baby," he laughed. "Very soon." <=> Two days later, Father McKenzie knocked of Frank's front door. When the farmer opened it, he found the priest standing on the doorstep with a full case of Jack Daniels. The priest pushed the gift into Frank's hands and said, "This should keep you going for a few days Frank." Gratefully accepting the gift, he was aware that the preacher would want some payment for it, but he was sure that it wouldn't him who made the payment. Looking at the case, Frank then looked into the preachers face and asked, "Jesus Father. What the fuck do you want to do to her now?" For the next hour, over more than a few glasses of whisky, Tom explained his wife's transformation to the burly farmer and also revealed her secret desire to abuse a young girl. As soon as Frank heard this, the reason for the case of whisky became clear. "So, let me make sure that I've got this right Father," the farmer said, pausing only to take a swallow of the liquor, "Not content with being allowed to fuck my little daughter, but now you want to take her to your house and let your wife fuck her as well?" The priest cleared his throat nervously before he replied, "Em, yes! Basically Frank, that's it exactly." The farmer looked down at the case of whisky at his feet that still contained eleven unopened bottles, and the mused, "Thing is Father, that Sarah is a good little housekeeper as well as being a good fuck. If you were to take her away for a full day, there'd be no one to make dinner of clean up." They were both silent for a few moments before the farmer continued, "Of course, if I had another case of this fine Jack Daniels, maybe I wouldn't be too bothered about that!" "Deal Frank," the preacher said promptly, and held out his hand. As they shook on the deal, Tom was thinking that the man who operated the local liquor store must think that the Priest was an alcoholic! Having struck the bargain, it was agreed that the priest could have Sarah the next day. That night, Victoria was almost insatiable in bed. Tom had told her that the little girl was theirs for the full day and every time his wife thought about abusing the child, her cunt flooded and she became horny again. Bright and early the next morning, Tom left Victoria in the shower and headed off to Frank Craw's farm. By the time he arrived at the farm, there was a film of sweat on his face from carrying the case of whisky and he was just about to knock on the door when he noticed that it wasn't fully closed. Pushing it open, he stepped inside and shouted, "Are you there Frank?" "In here Father," was the immediate reply and the priest followed the sound of the voice into the living room that he knew so well. Frank was naked and was standing behind the threadbare couch. Amy was equally naked and her body was bent over the back of the couch as the farmer slid his cock in and out of her cunt. "Morning Father," Frank said pleasantly, not breaking his rhythm in fucking the girl. "I thought you'd prefer Sarah to be unused this morning, so I decided to fuck Amy instead." Before he could respond, he became aware of a slight movement out of the corner of his eye and his head swivelled around to the large chair that Frank normally sat in. Sitting back in the seat with her legs wide apart, Sarah was watching her father fuck Amy and she had her hand pushed into the waistband of her panties as she masturbated. "Watching people fuck always gets her going," Frank said. "Her little cunt will be soon be creaming into the panties, if she's wearing any. By the time you take her to your wife, she'll smell like an overused hooker!" As if to confirm what he's said, Sarah grinned at the preacher and nodded her head. Amy was twelve years old and daughter to a drug addict mother. She had met Sarah's brother, Tim, a couple of weeks ago and from that point she had pretty much stayed in the farmhouse. Her mother neither knew nor cared where her daughter was and that suited Amy just fine. The preteen had been first raped by her own brother when she was six and he had fucked her regularly since then. There was no point in complaining about him to her mother because it had been her who held Amy down when her brother had first rammed his cock up her cunt. Although she was now Tim's girlfriend, she had very quickly learnt that that meant she had also to put out for the rest of the depraved family. The priest was still standing in the doorway, holding the case of liquor in his hands as he watched the pervrted scene in front of him. His cock was hard, pushing out the front of his robe, and Frank said, "For fuck's sake put that whisky down and her over here Father. This little slut's got more holes than her tight cunt and I'll bet you could use some quick relief before you and your wife start on Sarah." Amy hadn't said a word yet, but she lifted her head and smiled in encouragement at the preacher. He could see her apple sized tits bob about on her chest as Frank's prick stroked in and out of her cunt and her tight nipples were as hard as cherry stones. Placing the case on the floor, he pulled the hem of his robe up to his waist, exposing his stiff prick and walked to the front of the couch. With the farmer pounding the preteens cunt, Tom crawled onto the front of the couch and Amy immediately opened her mouth and sucked the head of his cock into her throat. The priest groaned softly and Frank grinned at him and said, "She's got a good mouth on her, doesn't she? Sucks like a fucking vacuum!" "That she does Frank," Tom agreed. "Oh God, that she fucking does." Amy's tongue was swirling around the priest's shaft and it was pressing the head of his cock into the roof of her mouth as she bobbed her head. Tom watched her cheeks hollow as she sucked and then Frank said, "That's not all she's got Father. Wait until you smell this!" The framer pushed his index finger against Amy's little asshole and the child moaned loudly as he increased the pressure until it slid inside her bowels all the way to the knuckle. Pulling it back out, the farmer offered it to the priests nose and said, "Smell that Father and tell me that's not a Grade A shit hole! The earthy and musky scent of the child's asshole filled Tom's nose and he grinned widely and nodded his head as he agreed, "Fuck, that's certainly prime Frank." "Damn straight," Frank replied, "And its red hot inside and as tight as hell. Feel for yourself." Unable to resist the temptation, the preacher lent forward, pushing his cock deeper into Amy's mouth, and wormed his finger into her back hole. "Jesus, that is fucking tight Frank," he agreed. "Do you think it's too tight for a cock?" Shaking his head the farmer said, "This fucking slut can take a cock in every fucking hole, can't you bitch?" As he finished his question, he slapped Amy's firm ass cheeks and the girl's reply was completely incoherent because of Tom's prick in her throat. The reply could have been a "Yes" and could also have been a "No", but Frank chose to take it as the former and he laughed as he said, "Told you so." All through the conversation, Frank had kept up a steady rhythm of fucking the twelve-year-olds cunt, and now he pulled his prick out of her body. The shaft was thickly coated with Amy's slime and the farmer looked at the priest and said, "Be so kind as to open her up for me Father!" Tom's first finger was still inside Amy's asshole and the child groaned around his cock when he added the first finger of his other hand. The combination of the two fingers stretched her shit hole and she gave a gurgled cry when the priest pulled his fingers apart and opened up her back hole. Amy felt the lancing pain in her asshole and she tried to struggle free, but she wasn't going anywhere. With Tom's cock deep in her throat and Frank's hands around her hips pushing her down against the back of the couch, she was pretty much stuck and it wasn't helping that the priest's hips were now pistoning back and forth, driving his hard prick in and out of her throat. Frank watched with pleasure as the preacher spread the girl's asshole and he nudged his cock at the open hole and nodded to the priest. When Tom snatched his fingers out of the preteen's shit hole, it remained open for a second and that was when the farmer lunged forward and speared his cock up her asshole. The priest could feel the air rush out of Amy's lungs and flow around his cock as she was penetrated and her eyes screwed shut at the pain. He could see that if the little girl wasn't an ass virgin, her shit hole hadn't been used very much, and for some reason, that pleased the preacher. Moving his hands onto Amy's hips, the farmer pushed deeper into her asshole and pulled her back towards his bulging stomach at the same time. Keeping up the pressure, his cock slowly disappeared into her shit tube until her firm little ass cheeks were tight against his stomach. Amy was moaning and groaning as she was buggered but the noises were muffled by the prick in her throat. The stinging pain in her asshole had reduced to a continual ache, but it got worse again as the farmer started to fuck her. After a few moments, Frank's hands moved under her stomach and then upward to cup both of her tits and squeezed them hard. Taking a firm grip Frank looked at the priest and gasped, "Fuck this mouth thing Father. You need some cunt!" His prick was fully buried up the preteen's asshole as he lifted her up by her tits and pulled her back against her chest. Amy cried out as her entire weight was taken by the cock in her shit tube and her legs kicked uselessly in the air. When she was lifted up, the preacher's shaft was pulled out of her throat and he gazed between the child's legs. Amy's cunt was open and wet and her hard, pink clit was standing proud of its sheath and glistening with juice. Stepping off the couch and moving between Amy's legs, he took his shaft in his hand and Amy chewed on her bottom lip. She knew exactly what was about to happen to her, and Sarah knew it too. The ten year old craned her neck to watch the priest's cock nudge against Amy's cunt hole and she pushed a second finger into her sticky slit and heard her slime slurp inside her tube. The priest took hold of Amy's legs behind the knees and he thrust his hips forward and slid his prick into her cunt. He could feel Frank's cock on the other side of the thin membrane that separated them and the two pricks made both of Amy's holes seem tighter. Once Tom's shaft had bottomed out in the child's cunt, both men grinned at each other as they both started to fuck her with long and slow strokes. Amy flung her arms around the priest's neck and her legs wrapped themselves around his waist as she tried to take some of her own weight. The cocks were really fucking both her holes and despite the ache in her asshole, the effect of Tom's cock sliding over her sensitive clit was sending shivers down her spine and starting the familiar rush deep inside her body. As Tom speeded up his thrusts, so did the farmer and soon they were both fucking her as fast as they could as they worked towards their own climax. The preacher turned his head to glance at Sarah, but the child was deep in orgasm and was shuddering uncontrollably on the seat with her fingers still jammed up her cunt. That erotic sight was enough to take him over the top and he groaned loudly as his cum rocketed up his piss hole and spurted into Amy's cunt. The little girl was shuddering as she climaxed and the warm feeling of spunk gushing into her fuck hole caused her to moan loudly. Frank could feel every jerk of the priest's cock as he emptied his balls into the little girl and he gritted his teeth as he tried to stave off his own climax for a few minutes. He stopped thrusting in Amy's shit hole but that made little difference because her spasming cunt was making her already tight asshole clench repeatedly around the farmer's prick. The action was milking the cum out of his balls and he bellowed his cum as his spunk rushed up his shaft and squirted into the preteen's asshole. Both men were breathing heavily as they pumped their slime into Amy's holes and the child was shuddering and convulsing as she continued to climax. Once the men were finished, they slowly pulled their cocks out of her body and allowed her to stand on her feet. That only lasted a few seconds however as her legs collapsed under her and she fell onto the floor. As they watched her, the men shook hands and the farmer said, "Now I could do with a drink. You'll join me of course Father?" The preacher was only too pleased to accept Frank's offer of a whisky and they stood shoulder to shoulder as they looked around the room with pride. Amy had curled herself into a foetal position on the floor and she had sperm oozing out of both her holes and Sarah as sprawled in the chair with her eyes closed, her chest heaving and her hand still stuffed up her cunt. Draining his glass, Tom turned to the farmer and said, "Thanks for the drink Frank, but I really must be going. If I don't get Sarah to my horny wife very soon, my life won't be worth living!" The farmer nodded his understanding and he watched as the priest crossed the room and rested his hand on Sarah's shoulder. The preteen's eyes opened and she smiled at him as he said, "Time we were going Sarah." The child pulled her hand out of her shorts and studied the thick coating of slime on her fingers as she asked, "Do you want be to clean up first? I'm all sticky." His heart thudded at the girl's innocent remark and his cock twitched as he replied, "Don't you dare. You'll be perfect just the way you are!" When the priest arrived back at his house, he took Sarah by the hand and led her into the living room. He knew that Victoria would be impatiently waiting on them, and he wasn't mistaken. His wife had been in the shower when he had left to fetch the little girl, but now she was sitting on the couch and she looked a million dollars. Her hair was perfectly styled and in shining condition, her make-up looked like it had been done by a professional, and her choice of clothing was something that she hadn't considered wearing for many years. A white basque type top just about contained her firm tits and the black mini skirt was so short that she couldn't avoid flashing her panties whenever she sat down or stood up. She was sitting with her legs crossed when they came into the room and she uncrossed them slowly, making sure that Tom and Sarah got a good look up her skirt. "Hi honey," Tom greeted her and then said, "This is Sarah." Victoria's eyes had been on the little girl from the second she walked through the door and her gaze never faltered even when her husband made that introduction. "Hi Sarah, " she said, trying to prevent her voice trembling. "I'm Victoria." "Hello," the preteen said shyly, keeping a tight grip of the preacher's hand, and she stood quietly as Victoria's eyes feasted on her from her head to her feet. Frank Craw wasn't exactly poor, but he didn't like spending money. He especially didn't like spending money on other people and that included his daughter. Sarah's clothes were clean, but nearly threadbare. Her tee shirt was sown together in three places, her denim shorts were only just hanging together and the waistband was held together with a diaper pin because the stud fastening was broken. She wasn't wearing any socks and she had scuffed boys' pumps on her feet that had obviously been handed down from her brothers. Victoria saw all this in an instant and also noticed the thin and scrawny appearance of the child. When Tom let go of Sarah's hand and came and sat down beside his wife, Victoria smiled at the young girl, who swayed from foot to foot nervously. Frank had told his daughter that she was going to be fucked by the priest and his wife and the preteen was unsure what to expect. She was well used to handling cocks but her experience with other females was limited to Amy who was her brother's twelve-year-old girlfriend. She had licked Amy's cunt before and fingered her off, but that was about it. Standing in front of an adult woman, Sarah didn't really know how she should act. She certainly didn't want to do anything wrong because her father had warned her that if the priest had any complaints, he would take his belt to her tender young ass! Thankfully, the preacher came to her rescue and he said, "Why don't you take your clothes off Sarah, and let Victoria see your gorgeous little body?" Like a well trained slut, the child obeyed immediately and she pulled her old tee shirt over her head and dropped it onto the floor. She kicked off the shoes and reached for the diaper pin on her shorts, but Victoria lent forward in her seat and whispered, "Slowly baby. There's no rush." Beckoning her with her finger, Victoria said, "Come closer." When Sarah stepped towards the woman, Victoria continued, "You have beautiful little tits. Can I feel them?" The child nodded her head and Victoria reached out a trembling hand and cupped the plum sized swelling. It was hot and firm to her touch and she licked her dry lips as she moved her hand onto the other tit and squeezed it gently. Sarah couldn't help smiling as the woman's fingers played with her budding breasts and brushed over her already hard nipples. Seeing the smile, Victoria asked softly, "Do you like that?" "It feels nice," the preteen responded, and Victoria nodded her agreement as she confirmed, "Yes it does!" The priest was relaxing back on the couch and his hand was under his robe as he gently jacked on his cock. When the little girl glanced at him he said, "Take off your shorts baby." The denim shorts were too big for the child and as soon as she released the diaper pin, they tumbled down to her ankles to reveal that she was wearing a pair of white, but stained, panties. Knowing that she normally wore nothing below her shorts, Tom leaned forward and scooped up the shorts. Turning them inside out to show his wife how stained the material was, he brought it to his nose and inhaled deeply. The scent of Sarah's cunt was strong and he grinned as he offered the shorts to Victoria. Her heart was hammering inside her chest as she brought the material to her nose and she closed her eyes and sighed in deep satisfaction as she let the powerful scent rise into her nostrils. The smell of the ten-year-olds cunt made her own fuck hole flood into her panties and she pressed her thighs together as she felt her wetness seep out of her hole. "Fuck, she smells awesome," Victoria breathed, and she then turned to stare at her husband with her eyes wide open and sparkling with lust. It was as if the situation had just sunk into her brain and she said, "This is for real isn't it? I mean, we're really going to fuck her, aren't we?" "Oh yes," the priest replied happily, "We're really going to fuck her." Sarah had just stood quietly during this exchange. She already knew that she was going to get fucked and she was just waiting to be told what they wanted to do to her. She watched Victoria smell her shorts again and then the woman looked at the child's panties. She swallowed hard at the sight of the stains in the crotch and she glanced at the little girl's face and asked, "What are the stains in your panties Sarah?" Looking down between her legs, the preteen replied, "Cum and cunt juice. Some of the cum is mine and some is either my brothers or Paw's." She giggled as she finished, "All of the cunt juice is mine though!" The little girl's use of such strong language excited Victoria even more and she slid from the seat and onto her knees. Bending her head lower, she pushed her nose between Sarah's legs and breathed in noisily. The scent exploded in her head and her senses reeled at the powerful smell. When she drew her head back, she could still smell aroused cunt and she knew that it was her own dripping hole she was smelling. Victoria had temporarily lost the power of speech and she just sat back on her ankles and stared at the vision in front of her. She barely heard her husband tell the child to remove her panties and she held her breath until she got the first glimpse of Sarah's cunt. A normal ten-year-olds sex would be a deep, but tightly closed slit between her legs. Sarah certainly had the deep slit, but her hole was slightly open, displaying her pink inner flesh and a thin strand of cunt juice spiralled slowly out of her hole and dropped lazily towards the floor. Without any conscious thought, Victoria reached out with a single upturned finger and allowed the drip of slime to settle onto her fingertip. When she put her finger into her mouth, that single drop made her taste buds explode and her mouth filled with saliva. She couldn't believe how sweet the little girl tasted and she turned to face her husband with a look of incredulity on her face. Tom knew exactly what his wife was experiencing, and he nodded his head and then said, "That's just one hole. Wait until you see the other one." He swirled his finger in the air to indicate that Sarah was to turn around and the child knew exactly what he wanted. Spinning around until her back was towards Victoria, the preteen opened her legs and kept them perfectly straight as she bent forward at the waist and gripped her ankles. This was one of the first positions that her father had taught her, and it was still one of the farmers favourites. Tom could see why, and Victoria felt like she couldn't breathe as she stared at the horny image in front of her. The position framed Sarah's wet cunt between her thighs and also opened up her butt cheeks to display her little pink asshole. As Tom bent forward for a better look at the little girl's fuck holes, he could smell his wife's aroused cunt and see that her long nipples were pushing out the material of her top and threatening to spring free. Sarah's legs were open as she remained in position and she looked through her legs at the preacher and his wife. She was happy to be their fuck toy and she was pleased that her body had got Victoria so excited. The woman's eyes were fixed and focused on the little girl's back hole, and she moaned softly to herself as she moved her nose closer and inhaled the musky scent of Sarah's asshole. The preteen hadn't been ass fucked for a couple of days and the smell that Victoria pulled into her nose was pure asshole. It made her mouth water and her cunt just as wet, but she shook her head slightly when Tom whispered in her ear, "Taste it. Lick her shit hole baby." "Not yet," she replied, also in a whisper. "I'm not finished smelling it yet!" She raised a finger and gently touched the child's asshole, moving around the rim in small circles. Sarah's eyes fluttered closed at the delightful sensations that produced and she opened her mouth and gave a soft cooing noise that made Victoria shiver. Increasing the pressure of her finger slightly, Victoria worked the little girls back hole to loosen her up as much as she could with a dry finger. She wanted to really smell the child's asshole and that meant getting her finger all the way inside her bowels. She could have lubed her finger with saliva, but that would have diluted the asshole smell, and that was the last thing she wanted. Gradually, Victoria wormed her finger into Sarah's asshole and once inside, she was able to push in all the way to her knuckle. Holding her finger in position she shuddered a couple of times and then stared with undisguised lust at her husband and gasped, "I've just cum in my panties. God Tom, I'm so fucking horny!" "I know baby," he replied as he lent forward and kissed her. "I can smell your cunt from here." Even although Sarah's thigh muscles were starting to strain, she remained in position and groaned as Victoria slowly pulled her finger out of her asshole. Bringing it to her nose, Victoria closed her eyes and her finger trembled as she inhaled as deep as she could. The scent was almost indescribable. Earthy, musky and pungent were the only words that came close and Victoria was astonished at how good it smelt. Offering her finger to her husband, Tom sniffed it appreciatively and nodded his head to indicate his pleasure. He moaned softly as his tongue came out to lick the finger, and he then slurped it into his mouth and sucked it clean. "Now I want to taste her as well Tom," Victoria said huskily. "Hold her ass open for me." When he pulled Sarah's butt cheeks further apart, Victoria licked around the child's shit hole and covered it with her saliva before she stiffened her tongue. The preteen enjoyed getting her holes licked and she relaxed her muscles as much as she could, and savoured the gorgeous feeling of Victoria's tongue entering her bowels. If Sarah's asshole smelt good, it tasted wonderful and Victoria could feel her own cunt juices begin to trickle down the inside of her thighs as she pushed her tongue deeper. Her panties were so saturated with her cum and slime, that they couldn't hold any more, and her hot juices cascaded down her legs. Tom stood up and almost ripped his clothes in his haste to get them off. His cock was rock hard and dripping with pre-cum and he came around to stand in front of the preteen. Lifting her head up, his cock was waving in front of her face and she automatically opened her mouth and slurped it into her throat. The child knew that the priest hadn't washed his cock since he had fucked Amy, and she could smell and taste the dried girl cum that covered his shaft. As her cheeks hollowed and she started to suck him off, Tom bent over her back and used his hands to pull her butt cheeks open again. He could see that his wife had her tongue deep in the little girl's asshole and he shivered with lust at her depravity. He couldn't believe the change in Victoria over the last few days and he hoped and prayed that it would continue. Despite his cum a couple of hours ago in Amy's cunt, the priest was so aroused that his sperm was already boiling inside his balls. Sarah was very pleased at how things had gone. Although she loved sex, her favourite was definitely oral, either giving, or even better, receiving. It made her feel good and didn't have the pain associated with a fuck. She was still very tight in both holes, despite being used by her brothers and her father, and if she wasn't properly aroused and wet, penetration could be painful. Victoria's tongue was exquisite inside her asshole however and she could feel the wetness of her arousal inside her cunt tube. Whenever the priest wanted to fuck her, she knew that she would be ready and it wouldn't be sore. The preteen sucked on Tom's prick, licking him with her tongue and wrapping her fist around the base to jerk him off, but her mind was on the feelings radiating out of her asshole. Her brothers and father regularly used her shit hole but they did so by ramming either their fingers or their cocks up it. Never before had she thought about having any pleasure from her back hole, but Victoria's tongue was driving her wild and making her juices flow out of her cunt. She was concentrating so much on the waves of ecstasy that were rippling through her body, that she almost missed Tom's cum. He suddenly groaned and his cock lurched in her hot fist as his balls contracted. The preteen only had a fraction of a second to pull her face back and open her mouth wide like a good slut before the first strand of his cum splattered into her cheek. She managed to get the next one into her mouth, but Tom was humping her fist so much that the rest of his load splashed onto her face and her hair. The last drops of spunk were oozing out of his prick when Sarah went into orbit. It was the child's first anal orgasm and she convulsed and thrashed about as her cunt and asshole spasmed and the most wonderful sensations ripped through her young body. When the priest's wife pulled her tongue out of Sarah's back hole, the child slumped to the floor, still shuddering, and Victoria looked up at her husband. She could see the very last drop of his slime clinging to the tip of his cock and she gently scooped it up with her finger and sucked it into her mouth. Smacking her lips in appreciation, Victoria then turned her attention to the preteen girl who was still twitching and shaking on the floor and she eagerly licked the slime from Sarah's face and then pushed her tongue into the little girl's mouth. She could taste her husband's prick on Sarah's breath and they kissed for ages, passing their salvia back and forth. When she was finished, Victoria sat back on her heels and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Glancing between the priest and the preteen, Victoria smiled and said, "Goody, it must be my turn to cum now!" She rose to her feet and began to undress. The basque top unfastened at the back, and she allowed it to drop to the floor before removing her skirt. Her white panties were soaked through and plastered to her sex with small trickles of slime rolling down the inside of her thighs. Tom couldn't remember a time when his wife looked so horny and he watched as she bent down and pulled Sarah to her feet. The preteen was still recovering from her cum and Victoria found it very hard to resist touching her. She knew that the young girl's cunt would be wet and full of her girl cum, and although she would have liked nothing better than to push her mouth onto Sarah's slit, the preachers wife needed to cum badly and she flopped back on the couch and said, "My turn baby. Get your preteen little butt over here and get me off!" The child took a deep breath and studied Victoria's body as she stepped closer. Getting to her knees, she could smell the powerful scent of Victoria's aroused fuck hole and she reached out to the waistband of her saturated panties. Easing then down slowly, the little girl got her first look at the cunt she was about to eat. She was slightly surprised, but pleased, to see that the woman's sex was completely shaven and she kept her eyes on the dripping cunt while Victoria stepped out of her soiled underwear. The priest's wife took a step backward and dropped her butt onto the edge of the couch. Opening her legs wide, she looked at the child kneeling on the floor and the unspoken message was crystal clear. Victoria held her breath in anticipation as Sarah's face moved nearer her sticky cunt, and she couldn't understand why Tom suddenly said sharply, "Not yet Sarah!" Accustomed to obeying commands instantly, the preteen jerked her head back and Victoria had a confused look on her face as she watched Tom kneel on the floor beside the couch and lean forward to kiss her. Although she eagerly accepted his tongue in her mouth, she really wanted the child's mouth on her cunt and she wasn't sure that he had planned. Breaking the kiss for a second, he looked into his wife's eyes and said, "Pull your knees up." Still confused, the woman pulled her knees up until they were touching her tits and held them there by locking her hands around her thighs. Reaching around, Tom's fingers easily found Victoria's dripping cunt and he stroked her sticky outer lips with a feather like touch. Glancing over at Sarah, who had sat back down on her heels until somebody told her what to do, he said softly, "Lick her asshole Sarah. She likes that." The preteen responded immediately, and Victoria groaned loudly and tilted her head back with her eyes closed as she felt Sarah's hot breath wash over her puckered back hole. A second later and she gave a sharp intake of breath as the little girl's tongue made contact. "What's she doing?" Tom asked somewhat unnecessarily. Victoria was gasping softly and it took a few seconds before she replied, "She's licking my asshole Tom. Oh God, that feels good. So fucking good!" The woman's cunt was drooling with juice that ran down to her asshole and was in turned scooped up by Sarah's tongue. The preteen swallowed some of the slime but she used her tongue to push most of it into Victoria's bowels to provide some lubrication. As the priest's wife concentrated on relaxing the muscles around her shit hole her eyes suddenly widened and she cried out, "She's in me Tom. Her tongue is right inside me and she licking out my shit hole!" Sarah's hands were holding Victoria's butt cheeks open and her lips were glued over the woman's asshole as she forced her tongue deeper. The sensation of having a hot tongue flick about inside her anal tube was indescribable and the woman groaned loudly. She was very close to an orgasm and Tom was well aware of the fact. Dropping his hand between his wife's legs to rub hard against her clit, he was rewarded less that two seconds later with a ragged scream that signified her climax. As she thrashed about on the couch, the little girl battled bravely to keep her tongue inside Victoria's asshole, but it proved to be an impossible task. The child moved back, glanced at the priest who was gently fisting his cock that was rock hard again, and she then looked back at Victoria. Like the obedient little slut she had learnt to be, she was waiting for more instructions from the adults. Victoria took a long time to recover from her climax. The thought kept swirling through her brain that she had just had her asshole licked out by a ten-year-old girl. Despite her cum, the thought instantly made her horny again and she opened her eyes and feasted on the sight of Sarah's body. She kept reminding herself that she could use the child's body however she wanted and her spirits soared and a grin spread all over her face. She knew exactly what she wanted next, and it was the girl cum that was oozing out of the little girls cunt. It was much too delicious to be wasted just soaking into the carpet that covered the floor, and she got to her knees and gently pushed Susie onto her back. With an adoring look at her husband, she turned her face back to the preteen and she whispered, "Open your legs baby." That was as instruction that Susie heard every day of her life and she happily obeyed. Victoria lowered her head between Susie's legs, but didn't touch the child in any way. She just stared at a sight she knew that she would remember to the day she died! The ten year olds hairless cunt mound was pink and swollen with lust. The child was hot and Victoria could smell her arousal. Her sex was a deep slit that was glistening with her juices and the bottom of her hole was open in a little oval shape. That opening was the source of the mouth-watering scent and also allowed little trickles of her girl cum to leak out of her body. Lifting her head slightly to look over Susie's flat stomach and into her face, Victoria said huskily, "Open your cunt for me baby!" The little girl's fingers moved down to either side of her slit and, pressing gently, she pulled her fuck tube open and the priest's wife gasped in wonder. The pink interior was bubbling with juice and as the child opened her hole further, Victoria could easily see her little piss hole and her not so little clit. The hard bud was fully out of its protective sheath and standing proudly erect. As she stared, a small trickle of juice ran out of Susie's hole and into her butt cheeks. Victoria thought it was doing to continue all the way to the floor, but the slime pooled in the small indentation of Susie's asshole. Reaching out her finger, the priest's wife scooped it up and popped the juice into her mouth. The sweetness exploded on her taste buds and she closed her eyes and let the flavour fill her mouth. The little girl's natural juice was now combined with her girl cum and the exquisite taste seemed to fill all of Victoria's senses, and when she opened her eyes again, Susie was still holding her hole open invitingly. Like a powerful magnet, the hot, wet hole drew Victoria's mouth towards it and she and Susie both moaned at the same time at the first touch. Tom was content to sit down and watch the action. He knew instinctively that he wasn't invited to this particular party and although his wife's ass was in the air in front of him and both of her fuck holes were easily available, he kept his distance and let her enjoy herself. Victoria's hands were gently holding onto Susie's hips as she sucked and licked at the preteen's cunt. The child kept pulling her slit open to give the priest's wife as much access as she could and she was loving the way the tongue was flicking about inside her hole. She especially liked when the woman licked her little piss hole because that seemed to send little jolts of pleasure through her flesh and was gradually building her up to orgasm. Victoria was also very aware of the sensations from between her own legs. Her cunt wasn't being touched in any way, but she was so horny that the familiar tingling had already begun. The awesome scent of aroused cunt filled her head and she lapped harder and deeper at the little girl's fuck hole, drinking down as much juice as she could get until a small climax shot through her body and made her shudder. Her eyes were wide open and she moaned softly as she focused on Susie's throbbing clit. Sucking it into her mouth, she pressed and licked it with her tongue and almost immediately, the preteen cried out and her back arched up from the floor as she orgasmed. Completely exhausted, Victoria rolled onto her side and pressed both hands between her legs as the final few ripples of her cum raced through her flesh. She couldn't believe how wet she was and she was also astonished that her climax was no longer satisfying her for more than a few moments. As soon as she had recovered from a cum, she was instantly horny again, and wanted more. She gazed to the side to see Susie still lying on the floor with her chest rising and falling rapidly. Her legs were apart and her red and swollen cunt still looked very inviting. So did her tightly closed little asshole however and she moved her head around to smile up at her husband and then focused on his hard cock. In the next few seconds, Victoria's head swung from side to side as she alternatively looked at the preteen's shit hole, and Tom's cock. She shivered with lust at the erotic thought running through her mind as she turned back to the priest and whispered, "Do her in the ass Tom. I want to see your cock right up her shit hole!" As he stood up, Susie also struggled into a sitting position on the floor and looked at his cock. Anal sex was always painful for the child, but at least her asshole was well lubricated from both her cunt juice and from Victoria's saliva. She got to her feet and patiently waited to be told how he wanted her. This was his wife's show however and Tom remained silent as Victoria said to the little girl, "Come over here baby and get onto your hands and knees. When she complied, Victoria slid her hands over the child's firm butt and into her ass crack. Rubbing around the entrance to her shit hole, she gradually increased the pressure and slid the tip inside. Susie was surprised that the penetration was so easy. Usually her asshole was dry and one of her brothers, or her father, would just ram their finger up her. Victoria was much more gently, but she still managed to worm her index finger in all the way to her knuckle. The hot and buttery flesh gripped her finger and she looked up at her husband and hissed happily, "She's tight Tom. She's going to grip you like a vice and milk the cum right out of your balls!" He grinned at Victoria's lewd description and Susie cried out as a second finger was pushed into her butt. "Sorry baby," Victoria said, even although she didn't sound sorry, "But you need to be looser." The additional finger produced a sharp and burning pain as the ten year olds shit tube was forcibly stretched. As she tried to pant it away, she could feel Victoria's fingers slide in and out of her asshole and the child tried to concentrate of keeping her back tube relaxed. Gradually the pain reduced to a dull ache, but then began again when Victoria's fingers moved around in small circles as they pushed in and out. Tom could see what she was doing and he knelt down behind the girl and fisted his cock in readiness. When his wife jerked her fingers out of the little girl's asshole, it stayed open for a few seconds and that was all Tom needed to lunge forward and penetrate her shit hole with his cock. Susie cried out loudly, but it actually wasn't as bad as she expected. She screwed her eyes closed, trying to banish the pain to the back of her mind and she felt the priest take a strong grip on her hips and start to push forwards. The child panted loudly as each inch disappeared into her shit hole and the pressure in her bowels made her stomach bulge as Tom maintained his thrust until his pubic hair was mashed into the preteen's ass crack. Victoria's eyes were shining with lust as she saw how deep he had penetrated the little girl and she licked her lips and fingered her own cunt as he started to fuck the girl. "Hard Tom," she hissed to her husband. "Do her hard!" The priest grinned at his wife who was almost shaking with desire and he began to fuck Susie up the ass with long strokes that gradually got faster and faster. "Take it you little fucking slut!" he growled, fucking her with all his strength. Burying his cock up to the root, he held her small body tight against him and ground his hips in a circular motion against her butt, opening and loosening her shit hole until it became a slick, gaping tunnel leading deep into her body. Victoria's fingers flashed in and out of her own cunt as she watched her husband bugger the child and she cried, "Fuck her hard Tom. Fill her shit hole with your fucking cum." He growled deep in his throat and the preteen squealed and jerked as he rammed his cock back into her asshole until his balls stopped him going and further. While she cried out and groaned, the preacher pulled her back with every thrust, increasing his speed until he was pounding her at an astonishing rate. The little girl's head was being tossed about so much that she couldn't focus on anything and her eyes felt like they were rattling in their sockets. Victoria was on her knees besides the rutting couple and her eyes shone with lust as she flashed her fingers in and out of her sloppy cunt hole. She was breathing heavily and she suddenly gasped, "Let me taste her Tom. Let me taste her hot fucking asshole." Grinning insanely, the priest jerked his hard prick out of the child's shit hole and swivelled his hips towards his wife. With a single gulp, Victoria sucked his cock into her mouth and swallowed it deeper than she had ever done before. Her tongue slithered around the hot shaft and her saliva coated him and allowed the taste of his pre-cum and Sarah's asshole to wash over her taste buds. The flavour was incredible and Victoria suckled her husband's prick like a teat until all the taste was gone. Pulling his cock out of her mouth, she held it in her hot hand while she turned towards the preteens gapeing asshole and spat right inside it. She watched her spit slide into the pink tube and then positioned Tom's shaft back at the hole and hissed, "Fuck her Tom. Fuck her hard!" Sarah was bent over at the waist as she was buggered and she was so far gone that her body was like a rag doll. The only reason she was still on her feet was the priests firm grip on her hips and the child slipped into an almost trance-like state, panting with her eyes half-closed as the priest repeatedly pulled all the way out of her gapeing asshole and slammed back with obscene sucking and squelching sounds from her open shit hole. He was close to his own climax and seconds before his cum jetted out of his balls, he reached down and gripped Sarah's legs behind her knees. Scooping her into the air, he held her on his cock that was buried as deep in her asshole as he could get it. Crawling between the little girl's open legs, Victoria watched her husband's balls tighten and jerk, and she knew that he was pumping his load into Sarah's back hole. Moving forward, Victoria buried her face in the preteen's wet cunt and sucked her hard little clit into her mouth. Sarah screamed loudly as Victoria's teeth clamped down on her throbbing pleasure bud and the child shuddered and convulsed as she orgasmed. While Victoria drank down the girl's cum, Tom groaned as her spasming asshole milked every drop of sperm out of his balls and pulled it into her bowels. By the time Sarah had finished cumming, Victoria's face was covered with her slime and the preachers balls were empty. The preteen was almost unconscious and Tom groaned as he lifted her off his softening cock and let her fall onto the couch. She rolled into a foetal position, breathing deeply, but Victoria's eyes feasted on the sight of her husbands cum starting to ooze out of the child's back hole and she rolled Sarah onto her stomach and pulled her butt cheeks apart. She slurped as much of the spunk out as she could, enjoying the delicious taste combination of sperm and asshole, and didn't stop until Sarah was squeaky clean. The priest had collapsed exhausted on the couch and his eyes opened lazily when his wife flopped down beside him. Her face was shining with the preteens cunt cum, her nipples were rock hard and her own fuck hole was drooling continuously. Gazing with a mixture of love and lust at her husband she said, "I need you to knock me up baby. Get me pregnant so that we can have our own little fuck toy!" <=> That night, Tom allowed his wife to take Sarah to bed and he could hear their cries of pleasure as he sat downstairs and sipped at his whisky. He was feeling very good about his life and for the first time in years, he wanted to do something just to please his wife. Lifting the phone, he dialled a number and then let it ring for ages before a drunken voice snapped, "Who the fuck is it?" "It's Father McKenzie Frank," the priest replied. "I'm sorry to disturb you, but I need a favour." "Jesus fucking Christ Father," the farmer cried. "I've already given you my ten year old daughter so that you can fuck her in every hole she's got. What else do you want from me?" When the priest told Frank Craw what he wanted, the farmer was more than happy to oblige, especially when Father McKenzie mentioned a sum of church money that would find its way into his bank account. Smiling happily, Tom thanked Frank for his help and quietly replaced the receiver. It was the early hours of the morning when the priest eventually climbed the stairs to his bedroom. Victoria and Sarah were sleeping side by side after they had fucked themselves into exhaustion. The bedroom smelt heavily of sex but neither of them stirred as Tom slid under the sheets. As Victoria snored softly, Sarah moaned in her sleep when the priest raised one of her legs into the air and nudged his hard cock against her bruised and battered cunt. The preteen was so exhausted that she hardly made a sound as he slid his prick up her hole and stroked it in and out until he sprayed his thick cum into her body. <=> Tom woke up first the next morning and he glanced at the clock. It was just about time for his surprise and he gently nudged Susie in the side to wake her up. Opening her eyes, the little girl automatically opened her legs wide, but the priest held his finger to his lips to indicate silence and then whispered, "Come with me. Don't wake her up." They both got out of the bed and padded downstairs. Leaving the preteen in the living room, Tom opened the front door a crack and peered outside. He was still naked and didn't want to give any passing parishioner the fright of their life. Seeing the twins standing outside, he smiled and waved them inside. They followed the priest into the living room and Susie's eyes showed surprise when she saw her brothers. She looked at Robbie and John and asked, "What are you doing here?" "We're here to fuck his wife," Robbie informed her, nodding his head at Tom, "And Paw says we're to fuck her real good!" The little girl nodded her understanding, even although she wasn't entirely sure why, and the priest looked at the twelve year old boys and said, "Follow me!" He led them into the bedroom and he purposely made a noise with his feet as he strode into the room. Victoria lazily opened her eyes, and they kept opening until they were really wide as she saw the two boys. Before she could say anything, Tom informed her, "I've got a surprise for you honey. A big surprise." Turning to the boys, he said, "Why don't you show Victoria just how big her surprise is." Knowing exactly what he meant, Robbie and John jerked down their zippers and pulled out their cocks. Although the twins were only twelve years old, their hard pricks were both around eight inches long and impressively thick. As they stood and fisted themselves to full hardness, Victoria's eyes were shining with lust and she sat up in the bed, allowing the covers to fall and expose her firm tits. After giving her husband an adoring look, Victoria crawled over the bed, making sure that the boys got a good look at her body and then beckoned them over. As the boys obeyed her silent command, Tom introduced them and Victoria said huskily, "Hi boys. Who wants to stick their cock in my mouth?" That was exactly what Robbie had been thinking about, and he eagerly stepped forward. Victoria leaned forward and slowly licked the boy's shaft. Her head tilted to lap at his tight balls for a few moments and she then returned her attention to the tip, slurping and sucking until it was shining with her saliva. Satisfied with her work, she then opened her mouth wide and looked up into the boy's face as she gradually swallowed him into her throat. She took everything he had, and her nostrils were flared open as her nose pressed hard into his pubic hair. Holding him deep, Robbie groaned softly and savoured the wonderful sensation. Her tongue swirled and pressed against his shaft and then she started to bob her head up and down. Victoria's throat was as hot, wet and tight as a cunt and pretty soon, the twelve-year-old boy was groaning continually and his eyes were screw shut. The problem with giving head to somebody new was that Victoria wasn't sure how far she could go without the young boy blowing his load. As good as that thought was, when his cock started spraying out cum, she wanted it inside her cunt. When Robbie's groans turned into rapid panting, she figured that he was close and she drew back her head and allowed him to slide out of her mouth. She waited while he gulped three or four deep breaths and when he grinned down at her she growled, "Get your cock up my cunt!" She indicated that he was to lye on his back, and she then straddled his hips and sighed happily as his slick prick slid easily up her fuck hole. Wriggling her butt slightly to make sure that he was fully inside her, she them looked over at John and said huskily, "Its your turn to get sucked baby!" As the boy moved onto the bed to stand with a foot on either side of his brother's head, Victoria looked to the side to see that her husband had bent little Susie over the back of a chair and was standing behind her, sliding his cock up her preteen cunt. Just as her eyes drank in that erotic sight, a shadow fell across her face and she turned her head to find John's cock nudge against her lips. Opening her mouth, she sucked him inside and as she worked her throat on his shaft, she was surprised and thrilled to see that Robbie had raised one arm in the air and his stiffened finger was pushing into his brother's asshole. Victoria slowly slid her cunt up and down Robbie's shaft, but she was concentrating more on John's prick in her throat. She slurped and licked greedily at the shaft and took it just as deep into her throat as she had done for Robbie. Her head bobbed up and down and her tongue pressed the cock intro the roof of her mouth until she heard the boy hiss, "Fuck, I'm nearly there!" That made her spit the shaft out and she grinned up at him and said, "Not yet honey. I've got a hot little brown hole that needs filled with cock." John eased his asshole off of his brother's finger and went behind the preacher's wife. As he got into position, Victoria caught hold of Robbie's wrist and she licked at the finger that had been inside John's shit hole. As she licked, she felt a cock nudge against her asshole and she relaxed as much as she could, and cried out in delight when it pushed into her bowels. The twins quickly and easily got into a rhythm that had their pricks sliding deep into both of Victoria's holes. As Robbie pulled back, John would slide in and her body rocked back and forth as she was double fucked. She watched her husband fuck the ten-year-old girl for a few moments and she decided that she was going to be a selfish bitch. She already had two cocks inside her, but she wanted a third. Raising her head up, she cried, "I need your cock Tom. Let me suck you off!" Dragging his prick out of the little girl's cunt with a plop, Tom picked Susie up in his arms and walked over to the bed. As he stood at the side of the bed, Victoria slurped his shaft into her mouth, and started to suck Susie's juices from her husbands prick. As she worked, Tom effortless lifted the little girl into the air and sat her onto his shoulders. She was facing his back and he pulled her forwards and glued his mouth onto her sticky cunt. If any of the priest's parishioners could have seen into the bedroom, they would have thought that they were witnessing a scene straight from the depravities of hell. The normally prim and proper wife was getting fucked by cocks in all three of her holes at the same time and the priest was sucking on the cunt of a preteen little girl. The parishioners would have been horrified, but for Tom and Victoria, it just couldn't get much better. Susie held on tightly to the back of the priest's head as he ate her out. Her cunt was bubbling with her juices and Tom didn't mind that some of the slime he was sucking into his mouth was his own cum from last night. It only added to the delicious flavour and he gripped the child's butt cheeks and pulled her hole tighter against his mouth. Victoria could feel her orgasm build as the two cocks sawed in and out of her holes. Robbie and John may only have been twelve years old, but they were experienced fuckers and knew exactly what they were doing. The tingling deep inside her cunt was intensifying nicely and as she throat fucked her husband's prick, she prayed that the twins would be able to last out until she came. Despite the shaft buried in her throat, both Robbie and John could hear the moans and groans that Victoria was making and her butt twisted and squirmed in response to the two pounding cocks. She bucked and rammed her ass backward against John, careful not to dislodge Robbie's shaft as she dragged her head back momentarily to cry, "Fuck, that's good. That's so fucking good. Keep fucking me like that boys and make me cum!" There were thick strands of throat slime still connecting her mouth to Tom's prick, and that made it all the easier for her to swallow him again. As her head bobbed up and down rapidly, the twins picked up the pace and started flashing their pricks in and out of both her holes and always driving them deep into her tight tubes. Tom couldn't see his wife because his face was buried between Susie's legs, but he could feel her throat wrapped around his prick like a tight cunt, and he could hear the slapping of Robbie and John's balls as they fucked Victoria. The depravity of the situation, together with the gorgeous flavour and smell of the ten year olds bucking cunt, was arousing him to a point of no return and his cum was demanding release. He could have pulled his face out of Susie's cunt and closed his eyes and gritted his teeth to try and delay his climax, but the little girls slit was just too tempting. He also didn't have any way to warn Victoria that he was about to explode, and she would just have to deal with it. Groaning loudly into the child's hole, he continued to lick her out as his spunk roared up his piss tube and fountained out of the little hole. The only warning that Victoria had was an unexpected jerk of his shaft, but it was enough to alert her. Even so, the first spray of the priest's slime went straight down her throat and into her stomach without her tasting it. As her face pulled back however, she managed to capture the rest of his load and continued sucking until she had taken every drop. When his prick slid out of her mouth, Victoria played with his cum, pushing it through her teeth and swirling it around with her tongue before she swallowed it down. She was only just in time because her own orgasm had been intensifying for the last few minutes and she dropped her head onto Robbie's chest as she waited for it to happen. Both boys were now fucking her furiously and it was Robbie who came first and he groaned loudly as he filled Victoria's cunt with his slime. The warm sensation of the boy's load was the final stimulation she needed and Victoria's body arched wildly and became as stiff as a board for a few seconds. When the spasm ended, her body began to shudder and convulse as the waves of ecstasy rocketed through her flesh and she screamed her release as her head thrashed from side to side. It was all John could do to hold on to her wildly gyrating hips as he continued to fuck the woman up the ass. He was much to close to his own release to consider stopping and Victoria was still shaking uncontrollably as he rammed his prick as deep as he could into her shit hole and pumped his spunk into her body. The room was suddenly very quiet. Silent apart from heavy breathing and the little moans from Susie, who was trying to recover from yet another cum. Slowly they rolled away from each other, smiling and sighing in satisfaction and Tom dropped Susie onto the bed beside everyone else before lying down himself. The only person who didn't appear completely wasted was Victoria, and she crawled first to Robbie, and then John and finished with Tom. At each one, she carefully and gently sucked their cocks into her mouth and washed them clean with her tongue. Only then did she relax back onto the bed for a while. All of the fucking still wasn't enough for the insatiable woman however and she slowly rolled onto her stomach and crawled between Susie's legs. While she lapped at the preteen girl's cunt, the three men stirred and Tom watched his wife for a while before he too crawled over to the little girl. Turning her onto her side, he lifted one of the child's legs straight up in the air to let Victoria's mouth get back onto her cunt and also provide him access to Susie's asshole. As they licked and sucked both of her fuck holes, Robbie and John decided to join the fun and they sucked on their sister's nipples, making them as hard as cherrystones. Susie was in heaven from all of the tongues and mouths and she had no idea of how many times she climaxed because one cum just rolled into the next. As she allowed the four people surrounding her to do whatever they wanted to her, she had no idea that Victoria was planning that the little girl would be the next to take three cocks at the same time. o0o The End o0o As usual, you comments and suggestions are always welcome, and please let me know if you enjoyed this story. You can contact me at: