Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Dog Walker (Underage sex / zoo sex girl-dog / incest) Macy Evans was a stunning beautiful fourteen-year-old girl. In her bare feet, she stood five feet two inches tall, weighed barely 100 lbs, and had the developing body that men of all ages would lust after. She had long, straight hair that was naturally blonde, piercingly green eyes and a gorgeous face with high cheekbones that would have been the envy of a supermodel. Her tits were no bigger than peaches, but topped with nipples that could be come rock hard in seconds if she was aroused. If proof were needed that she was a natural blonde, her cunt was fringed with a light covering of the softest pubic hair imaginable. She lived with her mother and father, and had a brother called Tim, who was a year older than her. Marcy had been seven years old when her brother had first fucked her and she was still regularly taking his cock. Despite the early age of loosing her virginity, Marcy had been a more than willing participant. After Tim had first brought her off with his fingers, she had become addicted to that gorgeous feeling between her legs, and would eagerly let him do whatever he wanted to her body, if it resulted in her getting that feeling again. Although the family was fairly well off, Marcy's parents wanted their children to appreciate the proper value of money, and they were pleased when Tim got a part time job delivering papers and flyers in the neighbourhood. A few months ago, Marcy decided that she also wanted more money than just her allowance from her mother and father, so she enterprisingly printed out some flyers to set herself up as a dog walker and paid her brother a few bucks to deliver them for her. It had taken a while, but eventually she managed to get some regular customers and by charging them five bucks each, she was quite happy with the way things were going. She had a few dogs that she walked after school, but her main business was at the weekends. One Saturday, she had gone to the Woodrow house to walk their seven-year-old terrier called Jasper. When she returned about an hour later, Mrs. Woodrow had left to do some shopping, leaving her husband in the house. "Hello Marcy," he said as he took the lead from her. "You better come in and I'll get you your money." Marcy was dressed in a white tee-shirt, denim pants and a pair of old sneakers without any socks. She followed him into the living room and was very conscious that he was always looking at her body. He seemed to be fumbling about in a drawer for ages looking for money, and at the same time he cast repeated glances at her chest. Eventually he had a five-dollar bill in his hands and Marcy happily accepted the payment and stuffed the money into her pocket. "You know Marcy," Mr Woodrow said, nervously licking his lips, "I hope you don't mind me saying this, but you have a lovely body." It the fourteen year old had been sweet and innocent, she might have got worried by that comment, but she was experienced enough to know what he actually meant because even as he spoke the words, his eyes were focused on her still developing tits. "Do you think so Mr. Woodrow," she replied teasingly. "Sometimes I think that my tits are too small!" As she spoke, she ran her hands over the front of her tee-shirt, pulling the material tight against her skin and making her nipples stiffen so that they were almost visible through the thin top. The man's eyes almost popped out of his head and he spluttered, "No. No, they're just right." The teenager giggled as she said, "Thanks Mr. Woodrow," and then added, "I guess I better be going now." She made to turn around, but the man squeaked, "Marcy," in a high-pitched, strangulated voice. He had to cough and swallow before he repeated in a more normal tone, "Marcy." She stopped and looked back at him, but it looked like he had forgotten what he wanted to say, or maybe it was just that he was too scared to speak. The girl waited patiently before he opened his mouth again and his voice and his body were both shaking as he said, "Can I see them Marcy? Can I see your tits?" Marcy allowed a shocked expression to dominate her face, even although she wasn't anywhere near as surprised as the look indicated. She chewed on her bottom lip for a while, before she said, "I don't think I can do that Mr. Woodrow." That simple statement brought the almost drooling man back to his senses and he quickly said, "I'm sorry Marcy. I didn't mean to upset you. I hope that we can keep this just between..." The teenager smoothly interrupted him by raising her voice and saying, "I mean, all you gave me was five bucks for walking your dog. That's not really enough if you want to see my tits, is it?" Mr. Woodrow's mouth snapped shut while she was speaking, and now it dropped open as the implications of what she said penetrated his brain. He pulled a wallet out of the back pocket of his pants, and it crossed Marcy's mind that he had no need to take her into the living room to pay her if he had a wallet in his pants. The thought made her smile slightly and she watched in silence as the wallet was opened and a crisp ten-dollar bill appeared in his hand. His arm was really shaking as he held out the money and he could hardly speak. It was more of a croak, as he asked, "Will this be enough?" Marcy grinned as she took the money and it joined the five bucks that was already in her pocket. She then gripped the bottom of her tee-shirt and was just about to lift it up, when the man said, "Stop. Oh please stop!" Looking at him in confusion, he licked his dry lips as he continued, "Please let me do it." Slowly, Marcy nodded her head, and then said, "Okay." The teenager had never seen someone shake as much as Mr. Woodrow's hands did. He was breathing kind of funny as well as he stepped closer and touched the bottom of her tee-shirt. To expose her tits, he only had to lift the front up about twelve inches, but he seemed to be doing it in slow motion. The more skin that he could see, the quicker his breathing became and when he reached her breasts, he was panting like an overheated dog. He stopped for a second to look into her face and then lifted the tee-shirt over her tits. "Oh God," he gasped. "Oh my God, they're beautiful!" Being so close, Marcy could see that his brow and his top lip were beaded with perspiration, and he was continually licking his lips. His eyes seemed like they were incapable of moving away from her chest and he raised his hand to her tit, but stopped suddenly, only a few millimetres away from her skin. He knew that the deal he had made was just to look but he had a pleading look on his face as he tilted his gaze up to her face. She gave an almost imperceptible nod and he sighed gratefully as he cupped her tit in his palm and his thumb gently caressed the rock hard nipple. Marcy had always enjoyed having her brother play with her tits and her nipples were very sensitive. So sensitive in fact that if she was properly aroused, sucking on her nipples could make her cum. She wasn't that horny today however, but she enjoyed letting the man squeeze both of her breasts for a while and she even allowed him to kiss and lick her nipples. She also enjoyed the feeling of having fifteen dollars in her pants pocket, and for the first time, she wondered if Mr. Woodrow would be satisfied with just her tits, and how much more he would be willing to pay to see more of her! When he eventually straightened up, he knew that he had cum in his pants, but his cock was still as hard as an iron bar. He was pleased to see that Marcy had a flushed look on her face, and he said, "Thank you Marcy. Did you like that?" "Uh huh," she replied brightly, "But now you've made my cunt wet and I can feel that my panties are all sticky!" The man had no idea what it would feel like to be stabbed in the heart, but he suspected that it would be similar to how he was feeling now, but with more pain. He couldn't breathe and his chest felt like it was slowly being compressed by a giant boa constrictor. He had somehow lost the power of speech and his mouth hung open. He knew that he had a stupid expression on his face and that if he didn't shut his mouth soon, he would start drooling. Nothing in his body was working however, and it took him so long to react to what Marcy had said that the teenager was beginning to think that there was something wrong. Eventually, after numerous attempts, he managed to croak, "What?!" The question was asked solely to buy him some time for his brain to try and work out what was happening. It hardly helped however because Marcy repeated, "I said, you've made my cunt all wet and my panties all sticky." Mr. Woodrow nodded his head and swallowed hard when Marcy asked quietly, "Do you want to see?" He nodded his head again, and she popped open the stud fastening on the waistband of her denim pants and placed her fingers on her zip. Instead of pulling it down, she looked up at Mr. Woodrow and said, "You could do more than see my cunt! If you would pay me some more, you could fuck me!" Now he was sure that he was about to have a heart attack, and if he hadn't already cum in his pants, that would have been enough to make him spurt. He stared at the gorgeous teenager for a few seconds, gazing at the tee-shirt that was still pulled up to her neck exposing her tits and then at the crotch of her pants that were almost undone. He shook his head to try and clear his senses and whispered, "How much?" In truth, Marcy had never intended it to go this far, and she had no idea how to answer him. Deciding to pass it back, she said, "Make me a offer!" He rummaged in his wallet, fingering bills and mentally counting what he had. Looking back at the girl he said, "I've only got sixty bucks here, but I can get more." Marcy couldn't believe that she had come to this house expecting to be paid five dollars, but she could be walking out of here with seventy five bucks in her pocket. "Sixty is fine," she said, and he quickly pressed the money into her hand. After stuffing it into her pocket, Marcy looked around the room and asked, "You want to do it here?" Shaking his head, he took her by the hand and led her deeper into the house to the master bedroom. As soon as they were in the room, he closed the door and then turned to face the young girl. Swallowing hard, he said, "Take your denims off." The waistband was already open and she kicked off her sneakers as she pulled down the zipper and pushed the denims over her hips. When they dropped to her ankles she stepped out of them and Mr. Woodrow moved forward to pull her tee-shirt over her head and drop it onto the floor. He stood back and gazed at one of the most erotic sights he had ever seen, or ever imagined seeing. The fourteen year old girl was stunningly beautiful by anyone's standards, she had flawless skin and her perfectly formed tits were conical shaped and puffy. Now naked apart from the pale yellow panties she was wearing, he stared between the girl's legs and saw that she wasn't lying to him when she had told him she was wet. The darker oval stain on her underwear emphasised her little pubic mound and the slit nestling beneath as he got onto his knees and whispered, "Let me see!" Macy rolled her panties over her hips and she looked down between her legs as she did so. When her cunt was fully exposed, she opened her legs with her panties still around her thighs. This pulled her crotch of her panties flat and he could see the sticky slime trails that covered the material. "I told you I was wet," she said as she drew one finger over her cunt and showed him the result. The tip of her finger was glistening with her juice and he moaned loudly as the smell of her arousal entered his nose. Marcy sucked her finger clean as she asked, "You want me on the bed?" When he nodded his head, she skimmed off her underwear and rolled onto her back on the bed with her legs open. She watched as he practically tore the shirt from his body and she giggled at the sight to two buttons flying into the air. Turning his back on the girl, he kicked off his shoes, dropped his pants to the floor and climbed out of his underwear. The reason for turning his back was so that Marcy wouldn't see that he had cum in his pants already and he swiftly wiped his cock and balls with his underwear before dropping them onto the floor. When he turned around, Marcy was surprised that his prick was slightly smaller than her fifteen-year-old brothers, but she made no comment as he climbed onto the bed and between her legs. It was only at that moment that Mr. Woodrow realised that hew knew nothing about the sex life of the teenager he was about to fuck. She certainly didn't act like a virgin, so he thought it safe to assume that she wasn't. Still, he wondered if she was used to taking cock and if he would hurt her. Although the thought had formed in his brain, he also knew that it didn't really matter. Now that she was lying beneath him with her legs open and her cunt wet, there was nothing on Earth that would stop him fucking her. Moving forward, he groaned loudly and his cock gave an alarming lurch, as if he was about to cum, the second that it touched Marcy's slit. Thankfully for him, it was a momentary spasm and although he was more horny than he could ever recall being before, he offered a silent prayer of thanks that he had already climaxed. Were it not for that, he was sure that he would be spurting his load right now before he had even penetrated the child. Taking a deep breath, he pushed forward and Marcy's fuck hole opened like a flower and sucked him inside. He was astonished at how hot and wet she was, and also how tight. Her cunt seemed to grip his cock as her legs raised in the air and circled around his back. She looked very comfortable with his cock inside her and he no longer had any doubts or fears about hurting her. Looking down at where his prick was stretching her cunt open, he stared at the erotic sight as he began fucking her. Within a few moments, he was panting loudly and pounding the fourteen year old so hard that the bed was creaking alarming under the strain. The only thing that Marcy was wearing was her watch, and she glanced at it as she was fucked. She was due at Mrs. Simmons house in about fifteen minutes and it was around a ten minute walk from where she was. She almost laughed out loud when she clenched her cunt muscles around the thrusting cock, and Mr. Woodrow's eyes bulged out of his face. Her already tight fuck hole now felt like a vice and the man moaned loudly because he knew that he couldn't last much longer. He had always lusted after children and Marcy was his idea of perfection. Seeing her lying naked beneath him with his cock buried up her cunt was nearly enough to make him cum, but when the teenager had tightened her hole and bucked her hips up from the bed, he could feel his load start to boil inside his balls. He gritted his teeth and made a huge effort to delay his release, but when Marcy cried, "Fuck me Mr. Woodrow. Fuck my little cunt hard and fill me with cum," he had to admit defeat. Ramming deep inside her tube, the man shouted, "FUCK!" as his cum rocketed up his piss tube and sprayed into the girl's cunt. Feeling the hot slime coat the walls of her fuck tube, Marcy glanced at her watch and smiled. It would be close, but she thought she could make it to her next house in time. Marcy waited patiently as the man pumped his seed inside her and once he was finished, he rolled to the side to lay on the bed with his chest heaving. His eyes were open as he watched the fourteen year old bounce off the bed and pick up her clothes. After dragging her tee-shirt back on, she picked up her panties and Mr. Woodrow said, "Wait a minute Marcy." The girl stopped, with one leg in her underwear and looked curiously as he rolled to his side and reached out to open the drawer of the nightstand. He pulled out a ten-dollar bill and offered it to the young girl as he said, "My last ten bucks baby. You take it and leave your panties here." Shrugging her shoulders, she kicked her underwear and deftly caught them with one hand. After tossing them at Mr. Woodrow, she plucked the money from his hands and climbed into her denim pants. Stuffing the money into her pocket as she slipped her sneakers back on, she said, "Got to go Mr. Woodrow. Thanks for the fuck!" Just after she had left the house, Marcy realised that it was a mistake to have let Mr. Woodrow buy her panties. His cum was now starting to ooze out of her cunt and she could feel it coat the inside of her thighs as she walked. She looked at her watch, trying to judge if there was time for her to go home and clean up before she had to be at the Simmons house, but she could see that she was already going to be slightly late. She arrived at the Simmons house slightly out of breath, having run the last half-mile, and that had only made matters worse. The crotch of her denims was sticky with the slime that was leaking out of her slit, but there was nothing she could do about it. She rang the doorbell and it was quickly answered by Carla Simmons, with a huge dog standing at he side.. The woman lived alone with her three year old German Shepherd called Cassius. She smiled and said, "Hi Marcy," as she took a leather lead from a hook on the wall beside the door and clipped it onto the animal's collar. "You take good care of him," Carla Simmons said as she handed over the lead, and Marcy assured her that she would. <=> Marcy had a standard route that she normally went. It took about an hour, but today, she made a detour to her house to clean up. She knew that her home would be empty and after letting herself in, she led Cassius through to the kitchen. There was a small toilet between the kitchen and the utility room and Marcy quickly unfastened her denim pants and pulled then off. It was a strange feeling to be naked from the waist down in the kitchen and she walked into the toilet and began peeling off a wad of toilet tissue. She was unaware that Cassius had followed her and the first she knew about it was when she felt his cold nose on her butt and his long tongue swiped over her cunt. She jumped at the unexpected touch, and then moaned at the delicious feeling it produced. Looking down, she said softly, "You want to clean me up Cassius? You like that taste boy?" Turning around to face the animal, she opened her legs and sighed in satisfaction as his tongue licked the slime from her thighs and around her cunt. She really thought that the animal just liked the taste of Mr. Woodrow's cum, and she was surprised when Cassius long tongue pushed between her sex lips and was more interested in her natural slime, rather than the spunk. "Oh God, what are you doing Cassius?" she whispered. "Oh fuck, that feels nice!" This was a completely new experience for the teenage girl and she loved what the animal was doing to her. She closed her eyes as she inhaled a shuddering breath and opened her legs a bit further as she shuddered with sexual excitement and her nipples itched, demanding some attention. Marcy hauled her tee-shirt over her head and threw it onto the floor as Cassius continued to lap up the delicious seepage from her cunt. She squeezed and kneaded her tits, pulling at her hard nipples as dog slobber covered her crotch. The fuck with Mr. Woodrow hadn't really excited her much because he was more interested in sticking his prick into her, rather than giving her any pleasure. The licking animal now between her legs was something quite different however. The dog's mouth felt wonderful on her slit, and she jerked and moaned when his flattened tongue swiped over her little clit. "Oooooooohh," she moaned, as her hands left her tits and pushed between her legs. She could feel the hot wet tongue that continued to lick her slit and she spread it open with her fingers and turned her cunt into a pink tube that led straight into her body. Cassius didn't hesitate for a second and as soon as her hole was open, the dog filled it with his tongue. Sticky juice was dripping out of her sex and what little pubic hair she had was already soaked and plastered to her skin. She moaned loudly as the dog's tongue wormed it way up her tube and the sensation of it touching her cervix was heavenly. The teenager was being overwhelmed with lust and she wasn't the only one. Cassius was whining softly as he lapped furiously at her overflowing cunt and although Marcy wasn't aware of it, his thick red cock had dropped and was dripping a steady stream of pre-cum onto the floor of the toilet. The young girl's body was trembling with lust, her legs felt weak and she was about to cum. Whirling around so that her back was to the animal, she gripped the rim of the wash hand basin tightly and cried out when Cassius' tongue shot back up her cunt and started licking her out again. Her legs were wide open and her butt was thrust back at the animal's mouth as the familiar rush intensified in her cunt and radiated through her flesh. Marcy's cunt got hotter and her juice got thicker and creamier as the German Shepherd's long tongue whipped about inside her cunt and drove her wild with desire. The smell and the flavour of her hole were like a drug to the beast and Cassius twisted his head from one side to the other, trying to get deeper into the teenagers hole and find the source of the delicious nectar. Despite the fact that her ass was writhing and jerking about, the animal expertly kept his mouth jammed onto her drooling slit and brought Marcy almost to the point of orgasm. She was so very close, and she humped her cunt back at the dog's mouth until she screamed as a powerful cum blasted through her body. There was no one in hearing range that could understand her, but the didn't stop the young girl crying out, "Fuck, I'm cumming!" as her beautiful face contorted with lust, her eyes closed and her mouth hung open. She shuddered and shook violently as her hands tightened on the rim of the basin so that her knuckles turned white. Her toes curled and she had to force her knees to lock or she would have crumpled in a heap on the floor as Cassius completely ignored her condition and licked even harder as her sweet girl cum poured into his waiting mouth. She had no idea how long the magic tongue held her in climax, but eventually she had to take a break and allow her body to properly recover. The only way she could control the horny dog was to raise one of her legs and gently, but firmly, push him away. Once his tongue was dragged out of Marcy's cunt, he sat down behind her and waited patiently. Marcy wasn't looking at the animal however and her body slumped over the basin as the final spasms of her cum shot through her flesh. She was moaning softly and her eyes fluttered closed again. If she had looked around, she would have seen that Cassius was sitting on the floor with a hard, red cock that was around eight inches long pointing straight at her. She would also have noted that however patient the animal appeared to be, his eyes never left the open slit between her legs. The teenager was much too exhausted to even turn her head however, and she either didn't know, or didn't care that the way she was bent over the basin was presenting her hole to the dog. Her breathing was still heavy when the animal's patience ran out and he yelped as he sprang up and lifted his front paws until they were on Marcy's back. The surprise of Cassius weight on her back made the girls eyes fly open and from the way she was positioned, the first thing she saw was a huge dog cock flashing back and forth between her legs. "Cassius," she cried, "What are you doing?" At that point, two things happened simultaneously. The first was that Marcy tried to straighten up, but the weight of the animal made her knees buckle slightly, and the second was that Cassius lowered and tilted his hips forwards. Neither of these actions would have been of much consequence in their own right, but together, they lined the thrusting cock up perfectly with Marcy's dripping cunt tube! As soon as she was penetrated and Cassius felt her hot cunt touch the tip of his prick, instinct took over and his front paws tightened around Marcy's body and his powerful hindquarters gave a fierce lunge that rammed his entire shaft up the teenagers cunt. Marcy screamed as the air was knocked out of her body and she felt like she had been punched in the stomach. Paying no attention to her plight, Cassius was in a sexual frenzy that meant he was treating her like a bitch dog, and not a young girl. She screamed again as the thick shaft stretched her tube open and the temperature of the cock felt like molten lead. She had taken cocks as thick as this before, but nothing had prepared her for the brutality of a dog fuck. "Cassius," she cried out, "Cassius, get out of me. Stop doing that." As she spoke, she struggled to straighten up or to twist away from the rutting beast, but her strength was no match for the dog's weight. She could move from side to side, but Cassius' front paws remained locked around her waist and he just moved with her. Even when he was changing position however, his cock never stopped pistoning in and out of her cunt. Gradually, all the pain associated with the violent stretching faded away and Marcy began to relax a bit more. Whilst her brain was continually saying, "Eweeeeeee, you're getting fucked by a dog!" her cunt was beginning to enjoy the experience and by pushing her butt back slightly, she was able to change the angle of the animal's thrusts and had his flashing prick stroke over her throbbing clit. Cassius pulled with his front paws and pushed with his back, getting a better angle while his hips moved quickly with a rapid piston like movement. The thrusts were so powerful that Marcy's entire body was jerked about like a rag doll and she had to use all of her strength to grip the wash hand basin to keep herself upright. The rutting dog's cock thrust like a machine gun in and out of her cunt and the position they were in allowed the animal to get his entire length inside the teenagers fuck tube and bottom out in the deepest parts of her cunt. The tapered tip relentlessly jabbed into her cervix and each touch sent a spark through the girl's flesh. As if that wasn't enough, the flashing prick was rasping over her clit and the familiar rush was already making her body tingle. Cassius's cock had swollen to it's full size and it seemed to press everywhere inside the teenagers hole at the same time. As she looked down between her legs, the dog's rutting prick was little more than a blur and she could see his hairy balls swing wildly as he fucked her. Every last millimetre was flashing in and out of Marcy's cunt and the horny girl eagerly took everything that the animal could give her. Her cunt lips were stretched tightly around the shaft and she could feel them being pulled and stretched as he slid out and then being pushed inward as he thrust back up her hole. She was full of juice, both from the dog's pre-cum and from her own natural lubrication and she could hear the slime slosh about inside her and produce the most obscene rasping noises as she was fucked. Hot girl cum flowed out of her body and coated Cassius's balls before dripping down onto the floor and the teenager was cumming constantly, sliding from one orgasm straight into the next. Marcy had never even heard of a dog's knot but through her orgasm, she started to feel a hard bulge ramming at the entrance to her cunt. It was merely a distraction however because the animal's prick was still thrusting into her hole at an astonishing rate and holding her deep in climax. The young girl's eyes were closed and her mouth hung open with a thin strand of drool dripping from the corner of her mouth as her battered clit continued to fire thousands of pleasure jolts through her body. Her cum felt like it had lasted for hours and the hard, muscular swelling of Cassius knot was getting thicker and knocking at the entrance to her slit. She couldn't help but feel it now and she glanced down between her legs to try and establish what was happening. The animal's thrusts were so fast and furious however that her head was jerking up and down in time with the thrusts and she couldn't focus of the flashing prick. She felt the pressure of her cunt being stretched open even more and suddenly the bulge, whatever it was, was inside her. It rammed into her hole, filling her completely and making her feel like her tender teenage cunt was going to be ripped apart. "God Cassius, what's happening? What are you doing to me?" she hissed as she was stretched open. Cassius' knot was completely inside her and her slippery juices washed over it as her muscles were stretched apart. As soon as the dog felt her fuck walls grip his knot, his instincts took over and his thrusts changed into short sharp jabs as his knot started to swell more rapidly. Marcy couldn't help but feel the knot now and lancing pains shot through her cunt as she was opened up much further than she would have thought possible. Despite the pain, the teenager was still cumming and the mixture of the two sensations was unbelievable. The knot in her cunt continued to expand but it was now too late to do anything about it. her tube was solidly plugged and the animal's prick was immoveable. Marcy's head hung down as she tried to pant away the pains and suddenly her eyes flew open and her head snapped up when the dog gave an excited yelp and Cassius's cock seemed to explode inside her fuck hole. She could feel his boiling hot cum spray into her body and begin to flood her plugged tube. The teenager could feel every spurt and it felt like Cassius would never stop. Within a minute, he had filled up her tube with his thin cum, and still the animal wasn't finished. More and more slime jetted into her body and she moaned and groaned as she felt the pressure build. She tried wriggling her butt and rising up on her tiptoes, but nothing wound move the knot even a fraction of an inch. Her cunt was completely sealed, and still the spurting dog cock was jetting more and more slime into her. She groaned loudly and her eyes fluttered open to look down at what used to be her flat stomach. Now however, it was bulging with the amount of sticky cum inside her cunt and she became aware of a new sensation that was very difficult to describe. Although Cassius' prick was still spraying his load, now the pressure wasn't increasing, but there was a funny feeling deep inside her sex. Although she didn't know it, the pressure was now enough to force its way past her cervix and the dog's cum was flooding into her womb. Marcy now felt like she had a bowling ball stuck up her cunt and a squishy wetness that was too low down to be her stomach but was making her feel like she had drank gallons of milk. She had no idea how her body could contain all of the hot cum that was being forced into it, but the one thing she was certain of was that not a single drop was getting out of her fuck hole. The teenager stood by the wash hand basin feeling completely drained and with an uncomfortable bloated sensation in her cunt tube and her stomach. Her legs were weak and shaky and she had to concentrate on keeping her knees locked or she would collapse onto the floor with the dog's cock still buried deep in her hole. The fourteen year old thought she was experienced with cock, but she couldn't understand why Cassius' shaft wouldn't come out of her cunt, and it was beginning to worry her. The only thing she knew for sure was that Cassius' prick was now the biggest thing she had ever taken up her cunt, and that it wasn't for coming out of her body. She tried jerking and twisting to see if that would help, but all that produced was pain and she quickly stopped. Cassius on the other hand seemed quite happy to remain still and his hot breath panted in her ear and she could feel his drool drip onto her back and run down her skin. She looked down her stomach but could see little except that her tired slit was bulging out and being stretched wide open. Her stomach was also bulging out and she risked moving one of her hands from the rim of the basin and pressing gently on the bulge. It squished and moved under her touch and she could feel that it was the slime inside her plugged cunt tube that was causing the swelling. "Shit," she muttered. "You must have cum gallons Cassius." At the sound of his name, the dog's ears pricked up and he tried to pull back, making the young girl cry out as a pain lanced through her hole. "Stay Cassius," she gasped. "Stay still boy." The animal didn't understand what she was saying and in her present situation, she was in no position to make him obey her. Her voice just made the dog jerk back again, and this time the power of his hindquarters was behind the jerk. Marcy screamed loudly, but she felt that the shaft had moved slightly and there were now juices leaking out of her cunt and running down the inside of her thighs. Thankfully, Cassius decided that he would wait a few moments before trying again to dismount his bitch, and Marcy was able to pant out the pain from her battered cunt. As anxious as she was to get the prick out of her body, the pains from her cunt were intense and were making her eyes water. Deep inside her fuck tube, the animal's cock was starting to shrink and Cassius was aware of it. That triggered his brain into action and he moved a little, as if testing the bond that had locked them together. Marcy groaned when she felt the movement, but instead of a sudden jerk, the dog was gradually pulling back and was maintaining the pull. As his shaft began to move, the teenage girl felt like her cunt was being turned inside out as the knot began to emerge. Searing pains shot through her abused flesh until the knot slowly pulled free and stretched the opening of her sex slit like she was giving birth. The second it was free, a deluge of their combined cum sprayed out of her hole, soaking her thighs and splattering onto the tiled floor between her feet. She cried out with relief that the cock was finally out of her cunt and that the bloated sensation had now vanished, but her fuck hole felt very empty, and on some level, that just felt wrong. Marcy just stood quietly for a few seconds, letting her body slowly recover and staring at her reflection in the mirror on the wall at the back of the basin. She had just been fucked by a dog and although the thought was kind of gross, and that her cunt now felt sore from her outer lips all the way up to her cervix, she couldn't forget the awesome sensations that the pistoning shaft had produced. She had never been fucked so fast and so violently in her life, but she knew that that wouldn't stop her doing it again! Straightening up and stretching her cramped muscles, she saw that Cassius was lying on the floor with one hind leg raised in the air as he licked his cock clean. She watched the animal for a few seconds, wondering what his prick would taste like, and then turned completely around to look at herself in the full length mirror on the opposite wall. Her cunt was red and gaping wide open and the normally thin outer lips were thickly swollen and looked to be about four times their normal size. She stared in astonishment and waddled closer to the mirror and gently touched herself. She could see into her pink fuck tube and everything was covered with thin slime and glistened wetly. She was so open that she could see her little piss hole and that reminded her that the intense pressure that had been inside her hole had been pressing on her bladder and that she needed to pee badly. Sitting down on the toilet with her knees wide open, she sighed in satisfaction as she watched her yellow waste pour out of her wide-open sex. She gingerly patted herself dry and then looked down at the pool of slime on the floor. Marcy pulled off wad after wad of tissue paper to clean up the slop on the toilet floor and then roughly cleaned her cunt and her thighs. She was still sticky and she knew that she must stink, so she put Cassius out in the enclosed yard and raced upstairs for a quick shower. After drying herself off, she picked out a fresh pair of panties because the ones she had been wearing were probably still pressed against Mr. Woodrow's nose and debated whether to wear the same denims. The crotch of the denims was wet and sticky with cum, so she pulled a clean pair out of her wardrobe and pulled them on. She quickly slid into the same tee-shirt and then raced back downstairs and out to the yard to collect Cassius and take him back to his mistress. <=> Marcy had the most delicious ache in her pubic bone as she walked Cassius back to his owner's house. The girl kept glancing down at the dog and smiling as she thought about the feeling of his hot cock inside her and she knew that it wouldn't be the last time they fucked. During the walk, some other thoughts came into her mind and she needed to consider them carefully. The first one was that she wondered if all dogs would lick and fuck cunt. She quickly dismissed the smaller dogs that she walked, but the Pointer that belonged to the Hill's family and the large black mongrel that belonged to the Oliver's would be the right size to do her. That thought brought a flush of excitement to her cheeks, especially when she remembered that she would be walking the Pointer next. The second thought that came to her mind was that Cassius seemed to know exactly how to lick her and how to fuck her. Knowing that the dog's owner, Carla Simmons, lived alone, she couldn't help wondering if the woman was using the animal to fuck with and had trained him to do it. She was still pondering that as she reached the house and rapped on the front door. Carla Simmons opened it a few moments later and smiled at the teenager as she took the lead from her. "Has he been a good boy?" Carla asked. Marcy couldn't stop a grin from spreading across her face as she took the five bucks out of the woman's hand and nodded her head as she answered, "He was great. Really great!" Carla smiled back at the teenager and said goodbye before closing the door. For a few seconds, Marcy stared at the closed door, again wondering about Mrs. Simmons relationship with her pet. Giving herself a mental shake out of her daydream, the young girl walked happily back to the kerb, and crossed the road to the home owned by Peter and Gladys Hill. They were obviously waiting for her, because they both answered the door only a few seconds after she had rang the bell. Gladys had Schroeder's collar and lead already round his neck, and she gushed, "Take good care of our baby now Marcy." The Hill's both treated the German Pointer more like the child they never had, than a dog, but Marcy smiled indulgently as she answered, "I will Mrs. Hill." As she took the lead, Schroeder gambolled excitedly around Marcy, knowing that he was going to have a walk and anxious to get it started. As she walked away, the teenager didn't look back, but she was certain that Gladys and Peter would be still standing at the open door watching their baby, and would continue to do so until she was out of sight. She breathed a sigh of relief and visibly relaxed after turning the first corner, and she happily walked her normal route, with the dog trotting at her side. At about half distance, she came to the old play park and although she would normally have walked on by, this afternoon, she turned to pass through the rusty gates. There was a little experiment she wanted to try, and the deserted park gave her the privacy to do it. Stepping behind some bushes, she carefully looked around until she was certain that not only was she the only person in the park, but also that she couldn't be seen from any of the surrounding houses. Despite the earlier sexual adventures, her cunt started to juice up again at the thought of what she was going to do, and she held the dog's lead tightly in one hand and used her free hand to unfasten her denims and wriggle them down to her knees, taking her panties with them. She loved the feeling of the cool air on her ass and her slit, and she opened her legs as far as her rolled up underwear would allow. She ran two fingers through her cunt, feeling her sticky juices and then moved her fingers to Schroeder's nose. The dog had stood patiently while she bared her fuck hole and his nose twitched at the strange smell that came from the girl's fingers. He stepped closer to sniff curiously and Marcy smiled as she said softly, "You like that Schroeder? You like the smell of my cunt?" The animal's tail wagged happily, but that was only due to the sound of her voice, and Marcy was disappointed when he turned his head away from her fingers without even trying to lick them. Thinking that maybe they didn't smell enough like her cunt, she dropped her hands to hold Schroeder's head still as she waddled forward and lowered her cunt onto his snout. "Lick me boy," she hissed. "Push your tongue into my cunt and lick me out!" The dog inhaled her cunt scent and swiped his tongue once over her slit, but then lost all interest and backed away. "Shit!" Marcy muttered in disappointment because although this was only meant to be an experiment, she as actually becoming really horny again and would have loved to have Schroeder eat her cunt. Tying the dog's lead onto a branch to stop him running away, the teenager bent at the waist and looked carefully at her slit. It had almost shrunk back to normal size after accommodating Cassius' prick, but she could feel that she was still very sticky and slimy inside, even although she had used the shower head to clean out her hole. She didn't realise that only now was the dog cum in her womb starting to ooze through her cervix and back into her fuck tube. Sliding her finger inside herself, she pulled it back out and sniffed it. She knew what human cum smelt like and tasted, but this smelt much stronger. Licking her finger confirmed that it was tangier that her brothers spunk, but it wasn't unpleasant. It this was what Cassius cum tasted like, she wondered if the animal would let her suck him off. The thought excited her so much than she unconsciously lowered her other hand to rub at her cunt while she sucked on her finger. The rubbing had to be gently however because she was still sore after her fuck but she was just thinking about rubbing herself off when she heard voices in the distance. Hurriedly pulling up her panties and her denims, she then smoothed down her tee-shirt and gazed down at Schroeder. The experiment might not have had any scientific merit, but the girl was now sure that Cassius had been taught to fuck, and that could only mean that Carla Simmons had done the teaching! Clicking her tongue to get Schroeder's attention, she untied his lead, walked back out of the park and continued walking her normal route. <=> Later that evening, when the family had eaten their evening meal, Marcy was sitting the living room reading a magazine while her parents watched some television. Tim was out with his girlfriend Cindy Jennings and had a curfew of eleven o'clock. Glancing at her watch to see that it was just past nine, Marcy hid a secret smile behind her magazine as she wondered if her brother was getting any yet. He had been going out with Cindy for about two months and Marcy knew for certain that the girl put out easily. Her thoughts were interrupted when she suddenly felt pressure deep inside her asshole and knew that she needed to take a shit. Standing up and quietly leaving the room, the teenager trotted upstairs and into her bedroom. Unlike most girls, Marcy took pleasure in the sensations that her straining waste produced in her body and she moved over to her window and placed her elbows on the cill as she crossed her ankles. This seemed to make it easier to be able to clamp her asshole closed and the tighter she squeezed, the more intense became the delicious feelings inside her bowels. Biting her lower lip, the young girl closed her eyes and bathed in the sensations until the urge to poop eased off. Breathing deeply for a few seconds, she then pushed down with her internal muscles, as if to shit out the poop, but when she stopped pushing a few seconds later, her body tried to continue and she was able to enjoy the sensations all over again. She continued with this another three times, but by then her need to poop was becoming urgent. It was getting very hard to keep her asshole closed and there were some sharp pains lancing through her stomach. Eventually therefore, she went into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. Rolling her denims and her panties down to her knees, Marcy sat down on the toilet and released control of her muscles. Although she had enjoyed the feeling of her poop pressing against her closed asshole and was also enjoying the way it flowed out of her hole and into the toilet bowl, that was as far as the young girl wanted to take this type of play. The thought of actually touching her poop was disgusting and the stench of it was enough to make her nauseous. Once she was finished, she quickly wiped some toilet tissue over her asshole and dropped it into the water before rising to her feet and flushing. Only when the bowl was empty did she sit back down and started to carefully wash and wipe her asshole. Marcy enjoyed touching her back hole when she masturbated, put there was no way she would do that if there was the slightest chance of touching her poop. She always made very sure therefore that she was completely clean back there, and it took another five minutes before she was satisfied. <=> That night in bed, Marcy's thoughts were about fucking with Mr. Woodrow, the money she had stashed in an old shoe box in the back of her wardrobe, and the feeling of Cassius hot and thick dog cock pounding in her cunt. Especially the feeling of Cassius hot and thick cock in her cunt! Her naked body writhed under the bedcovers and she orgasmed easily over her fingers and covered them with her girl cum. Her fingers were still inside her cunt as she rolled onto her side, pulled her legs up into a foetal position and drifted into a contented sleep. <=> She was vaguely aware of the sound of the front door opening and closing, and in her almost dreamlike state, she figured that it must be around eleven o'clock and that her brother was home. Without opening her eyes, she rolled over in her bed and fell back asleep. The next thing she became aware of was that somebody was sliding under the covers beside her and cuddling into her back. Her eyes opened lazily and because it was pitch black inside the room, she knew that it was the early hours of the morning. That was confirmed as she focused on the digital clock on her nightstand that read four minutes past one. There was only one person who came to her bed at that hour, and she raised her head from the pillow to look over her shoulder. She could see the moonlight reflect in her brother's eyes and his white teeth as he opened his mouth and said, "Hi sis." "Hi yourself," she answered sleepily, and then added, "And, why are you in my bed, as if I didn't know?" The young girl was naked beneath the covers and she felt Tim's hands slide down to lightly caress and squeeze her butt cheeks. She was still lying on her side and she giggled softly when he snuggled closer and she could feel his hard cock press into the small of her back. Tim's fingers slid into his sister's ass crack, brushing over her tightly closed little asshole and as they moved further around, Marcy drew up her top leg until her knee was touching her budding tit. The action wantonly exposed the tight slit between her legs that was still slippery and sticky from her masturbation and Tim's finger easily slid into her hot fuck tube. Marcy moaned softly as she was penetrated and Tim's mouth found her ear lobe and nibbled it just the way she liked it. His fingers and mouth were turning her on nicely and a few seconds later, she found out why her brother was so horny. "Cindy's on her fucking period," he hissed quietly in her ear, "And the selfish bitch doesn't feel like fucking. All I got was a lousy fucking hand job." "Oh, you poor baby," she laughed. "You should have pulled her tampon out and stuck your cock up her. A cunt is still good for fucking, even if it's bleeding!" "That's what I said," Tim hissed as he fingered his sister deeper and loved the way her tight tube clenched and seemed to pull him further into her body. The young girl moaned and her butt gently bucked back at his hand as she threw back the bed covers and raised her top leg straight up in the air. It opened her fuck hole up completely and Tim slid down the bed slightly and pulled his cock around to slide between the juicy lips of his sister's cunt. They knew every inch of each other's body intimately and Tim had automatically lined his prick up perfectly with his sister's hole. As Marcy held her breath and bit on her bottom lip in anticipation, her brother pushed forward and she hissed, "YES!" when his hard cock eased into her hole. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened as Tim's pick went deeper and deeper into her teenage body until his balls pressed against her hot flesh. Marcy had no time to savour the sensation because he immediately started fucking her with long strokes that drove his curving shaft in and out of her fuck tube while the walls of her cunt clamped around him like a vice. She remained lying on her side but twisted her upper body around until she was nearly on her back. This freed up both her tits and her mouth and her brother quickly made use of them both. As he cupped and squeezed her budding breast, his mouth clamped down on hers and their tongues danced together as they swapped saliva. Tim could feel that he wasn't going to last very long so he slid his hand down over Marcy's stomach and between her legs. The teenager's clit was rock hard and fully out of its sheath as he rubbed it furiously and she responded immediately as her back arched and she cried out into his mouth. The fevered kiss muffled Marcy's cries of pleasure and Tim pressed his fingers even harder as his cock slid in and out of her fuck tube. As his sister began shuddering in orgasm, Tim pushed deep into her cunt and held his prick there as he groaned and sprayed his hot cum up inside her. Even through her climax, Marcy felt her cunt automatically clamp down on his spurting shaft and her soft muscles massaged and milked the slime out of his body. Tim was breathing heavily after his cum and he kept his softening prick inside Marcy's cunt until it had shrunk so much that it slipped out. Giving the young girl's firm tit an affectionate squeeze, he whispered into her ear, "Thanks Marcy. Good fuck." He climbed out of the bed and once Marcy heard her bedroom door click softly closed, she hauled herself out of bed and searched about in the darkness for the panties she had been wearing the previous day. When she had found them, she pulled then on and crawled back into bed. It was a ritual that she had performed many, many times before and whenever Tim fucked her, she would always wear panties to sleep in so that she didn't make any spunk stains on the bedcovers for her mother to find. Soiled panties she could easily hide and slip them unnoticed into the washing machine, but spunk stains in her bed would be much more complicated to deal with! There was a delicious ache in her pubic bone that was the result of some good fucking, and Marcy was very content with her day's adventures. Three different cocks in the one day, two human and one canine were enough to bring a smile to her face and she sank into an erotic dream where she was fucking her way through every animal in the local zoo. <=> The next morning, Marcy rose early and when her mother eventually came downstairs to prepare breakfast, the washing machine was already half way through its cycle. "I put on a washing for you Mom," Marcy informed her. "Once its finished, I'll hang it up to dry. I've got time before I need to go and walk some dogs." "Thank you Marcy," he mother replied with a smile and she kissed her daughter on the forehead as she added, "That was good of you." The fourteen year old smiled back and was pleased that all of her spunk stained panties and denims were now being washed clean and destroying all evidence of her fucking. <=> Back in her bedroom after breakfast, Marcy studied her schedule for the day. She had to go back to the Woodrow's and walk Jasper, then across to the Bernstein's house to walk their miniature poodle with the stupid haircut that gave it a little pom-pom on the tip of its tail, and finally to the Oliver's house to walk the black mongrel that was rather unimaginatively called Blackie. As she mentally worked out how much money she had made the previous day, she wondered if Mr. Woodrow would want to do her again. Just in case, she stuffed a spare pair of panties into the pocket of her denims because her parents would be home all day and she wouldn't be able to come back to the house to clean up if he took her soiled underwear again. When she presented herself at the Woodrow house, Frank answered her knock and handed her Jasper's lead. Marcy could hear Mrs. Woodrow moving about inside the house and Frank grinned at her and whispered, "Maybe we can have some more fun when you get back?" Marcy nodded her head happily as she said, "Okay Mr. Woodrow." It was about an hour later when she returned, and Frank told her to come inside. Marcy was surprised to find Mrs. Woodrow sitting in the living room and she smiled as she said "Hello." Frank made a show of pulling his wallet out of his back pocket and he said, "I'm just going to pay Marcy what we owe her dear." His wife nodded her head and instead of taking any money out of his wallet, he just stood and stared at the woman. After a long moment of silence, he said, a little too loudly, "I thought you were going to visit your sister?" Mrs. Woodrow looked up from the paper she was reading and replied, "No. She phoned earlier and cancelled. She has some other stuff she has to do today." The look of shock on Frank's face was almost comical as he cried, "But it was all arranged. You were going to your sisters." A little surprised at his tone, Mrs. Woodrow snapped back, "Well, now its unarranged. Jesus Frank, anyone would think you were trying to get rid of me!" Mr. Woodrow was completely devastated and all of his plans just disappeared. There was nothing he could do but to hand Marcy her five bucks and show her to the door. "Sorry Marcy," he whispered. "Maybe next time." As she walked down the path, Frank moaned softly as he watched her firm butt sway gently as she moved. He had studied her ass for years, imagining what it would look and feel like, and now that he knew the answers to those questions, he desperately wanted to see it again. The teenager was disappointed that she had only got five bucks from Mr. Woodrow, but there was nothing she could do about it. She had been expecting to get fucked however and she couldn't help thinking about it while she walked Jasper. That meant that her cunt and juiced up and she could feel that her panties were a little damp around the crotch. That feeling was nothing unusual for her however and she just ignored it. Her next call was at the Bernstein's house and walking their poodle was uneventful, if a little embarrassing. She just hoped that the people who saw her would know that the poodle wasn't hers and that she wasn't responsible for its haircut! After pocketing the five dollars from Mrs. Bernstein, Marcy walked a couple of streets over to where Blackie lived with his owners, the Oliver's Marcy really liked Blackie and if she had a dog of her own, he would have been her choice. The large animal had a long black coat that was as soft and duck down. His ears flopped down like a Setters and his muscular body was as powerful as a Rottweiler. Despite his immense strength, Blackie was a placid and docile beast and liked nothing better than somebody making a fuss of him. He walked perfectly on the lead and happily trotted at Marcy's side. As they passed the old play park, the teenager stopped at the gate and looked down at the dog. She knew that Cassius fucked females and also knew that Schroeder didn't. As she pondered this, it begged the question, was Cassius unusual in that he fucked, or was Schroeder unusual in that he didn't? She had stood deep in thought for so long that Blackie had sat down and was looking up at her patiently. When her eyes focused on the animal again, she had made up her mind and she clicked her tongue and said, "Come on Blackie," as she led him into the park. The area was deserted, but just to be safe, she took the dog over to the thick bushes down one side of the park. Blackie was happy to go wherever she led and his nose twitched and lowered to the ground as it picked up lots of new and interesting smells. Completely concealed in the bushes, Marcy stood quietly for a few minutes, making perfectly sure that there was no one else around. Satisfied that she was alone, she unfastened her denims and rolled them and her panties down her thighs to expose her cunt. Blackie was sniffing at the base of one of the shrubs but his head jerked up when she whispered, "Blackie. Come here boy." She gave a little jerk on his lead to make sure that she had his attention and took a step closer. She was almost convinced that this wasn't going to work and was both surprised and delighted when the dog's nose twitched and he buried his snout into her crotch and sniffed noisily. "Oooohhhh," she gasped as the cold nose pressed right on top of her clit and before she could react, the dog's flattened tongue swiped over her slit and made her toes curl and tingle. Frantically pushing her denims further down her legs so that she could properly open her knees, she had hardly completed the action when Blackie's head twisted to the side and he wormed his tongue into her cunt. "Oh God Blackie that's so fucking nice," she hissed as her hands gripped the animal's head as if to hold it in position. The act was completely unnecessary however because Blackie had no intention of moving and his long tongue slithered all the way to the bottom of Marcy's fuck tube and seemed to be able to lick everywhere at the same time. Marcy anxiously glanced around the park in case there was anybody else around. She was well concealed in the bushes, but it still concerned her that she was outside in broad daylight, with her panties down around her ankles and a dog's tongue deep inside her cunt. Despite the concern however, there was no way she was going to move unless she was forced into it. The familiar rush was already building up between her legs and if Blackie would keep licking her out, she was definitely going to cum. The animal couldn't get enough of Marcy's sweet juices and his tongue flicked about inside her hole, pulling her slime into his mouth. The more he licked, the more aroused the teenager was becoming and that meant that her hot cunt was making even more slime. She was so close and she squatted down to give the dog complete access to her hole. His tongue was alive inside her fuck tube and suddenly her cum erupted inside her body. She convulsed wildly and her arms shot up to grasp an overhead branch. Her legs were spasming and jerking uncontrollably as she took almost her full weight on her arms, and so was her cunt. It clenched around the tongue, forcing more girl cum down her tube and she moaned and groaned continually in ecstasy. This was her first multiple orgasm and the dog's tongue propelled her from one cum, straight into the next without and respite. Her world shrank so that she was aware of nothing except her body and of the sensations flowing out of her cunt. Despite the length of time that Marcy had been in climax, the big dog wouldn't stop tonguing her, and if anything, his licking was becoming more frenzied as he searched for the source of the delicious nectar that was pouring into his mouth. Blackie's tongue rasped over her rock hard clit, her piss hole, her cervix and everything in between and eventually Marcy couldn't take and more. She groaned loudly as she tried to push the dog away, but his muscular body easily resisted. The only way she could get him out of her cunt was to tightly closed her legs and use her knee to edge him to the side. His lead had long since fallen from her nerveless fingers but even although he was free, the animal only took a single step back before he sat down in front of the girl and waited patiently for her to recover. Marcy was gasping for breath and she could feet that a mixture of her own slime and Blackie's saliva was dripping out of her fuck hole so much that it had run down the insides of her legs, all the way to her ankles and inside her sneakers. Her eyes fluttered open and the first thing she saw was that the dog's snout was soaked with cunt juice and the hair around his face was plastered to his skin. His long and amazing tongue lolled out the side of his mouth and she smiled down at the beast and whispered, "Fuck Blackie, you sure know how to lick." Even although he was sitting on the ground, his tail wagged at the sound of her voice and she was just about to say something else when the words got caught in her throat and then vanished from her mind, as her eyes grew wide. The reason for her reaction was that she had seen Blackie's cock! The thick red shaft was fully out of its sheath and was dripping with pre-cum. The dog was ready to fuck but despite the longing burning inside her, there was no way she could risk it here. She was instantly sorry that she had got the animal in this state and not be able to do anything about it. she whispered, "I'm sorry Blackie," as she stepped forward to pat his head. That was a mistake because as soon as she moved, the dog's head was back between her legs and his tongue was pushing back up her cunt. She jumped and jerked at the touch on her over stimulated clit and she had to move back again and cover her slit with her hands as she said, "I cant take anymore just now Blackie. I'm too sore." So that the dog would know that she was finished, Marcy pulled up her panties and fastened her denims. As she looked down, she still had to do something about Blackie's prick because she couldn't walk him about the streets looking like that. Although she had re-clothed herself, the animals sensitive nose could still smell her arousal and his cock was fully erect. There was a fallen log at her side and Marcy sat down on it and called the dog over. Her heart was beating fast at the thought of what she was going to do and when Blackie was standing in front of her, she lifted his two front paws off the ground and draped them over her shoulders. Lowering her hand, she grasped his cock in her hand and started to jack him off. The red prick felt very hot in her hand as she fisted it and she must have been doing something right because Blackie began whining. Pre-cum was continually dripping from his piss hole as she worked on the shaft and after a few moments, the whining became louder and Blackie started to spray out his watery cum. Marcy fisted the cock, marvelling at the amount of slime the dog was able to produce. Every upstroke of her fist forced out another spray of cum and the muscle in her upper arm was getting sore. Gritting her teeth, she kept pumping the prick until the dog's balls were empty and he pulled his paws off her shoulders. While Blackie licked his cock clean, Marcy did the same think to her hand and she was surprised at the flavour of the animal's cum. it was slightly stronger than her brother's spunk, but wasn't too bad. Once she was ready to leave, she picked up Blackie's lead and was pleased to see that his cock had shrunk back in its sheath. Taking him out of the bushes, the image of his prick was burned into her brain and she reckoned that it was slightly longer than Cassius'. She now had access to two dogs that would fuck her and she could hardly wait for it to happen. <=> That evening, Marcy lay on top of her bed and thought about her wild week-end. Although she had some dog walking customers after school on weekdays, she wouldn't be walking Mr. Woodrow's dog Jasper until next Saturday and Sunday, and she also had Cassius on the Saturday and Blackie on the Sunday. She knew that Mr. Woodrow would fuck her whenever he could get rid of his wife and she looked forward to the money he would pay her. She was also excited about Cassius and Blackie. She knew for certain that Cassius would do her and was almost certain that Blackie would do the same. The teenager's problem was where to do it. She needed privacy, and if she was going to get a dog's cock stuck inside her cunt again, she would have to be sure that she wouldn't be disturbed, no matter how long it took to get free. What had happened downstairs on Saturday had been incredibly risky and if she had known that she was going to be tied to Cassius' cock for as long as she had been, she would never allowed him near her cunt. Every time she thought about it, her heart felt like it was being squeezed by an icy hand because she knew that the parents or her brother could have come back to the house at anytime and caught her. It was a problem with no obvious solution, but a problem that she was determined to resolve! <=> Two days later, her mother told Marcy that Cindy Jennings was coming over. Tim and Cindy wanted to see each other, but because it was a school night, Tim wasn't allowed out. A compromise had been reached when Cindy's mother offered to drive her daughter over and pick her up again around eleven. It was a compromise that neither of the teenagers was that happy about because what they actually wanted to do was fuck. Especially as Cindy had told him earlier that day at school that her period was finished and that she was horny. Before his girlfriend arrived, Tim was in his sister's bedroom bitching about not being allowed out. Marcy sympathised with him and suggested that he take Cindy up to his bedroom to listen to some music or something and give her a quick one. Shaking his head, Tim replied, "Mom and Dad would never go for it. They won't let the two of us anywhere near a bedroom together." The young girl was sitting on the edge of her bed dressed in her normal tee-shirt and denims outfit and she knew that he was probably right. Opening her knees and cupping her crotch in the palm of her hand she said, "Well, if you can't get into Cindy's cunt, you can always get into this one! At least you wontt end up with blue balls." "Thanks sis," he said with a laugh. "I guess I'll be seeing you later tonight." Cindy arrived at eight o'clock and was wearing a scooped neck top that Tim's mother felt showed just a little too much of her full tits and that Tim's father thought was awesome. Her black skirt stopped just below the knee and she had a pair of white sneakers on her feet. The girl was shown into the sitting room and Tim's parents sat with them for a short time making all of the conversation and trying to make Cindy feel welcome. Eventually, the left to give the teenagers some time to themselves, but the door remained open and they seemed to walk past it pretty regularly! Even so, they were able to kiss and Tim's hands were on her tits in seconds. He was also delighted to find that Cindy wasn't wearing any panties and that her cunt was already wet. Every time one of his parents walked past the door, they figured that they had about ten minutes before they would pass again and Cindy's hands kneaded the bulge in his shorts while his fingers slid into her cunt. While he was fingering the girl, his heart skipped a beat when he sensed somebody come into the room, but he relaxed when he saw it was his sister. "Jesus Marcy," he hissed. "I nearly had a fucking heart attack!" The girl's eyes had followed his moving fingers while he was speaking and she replied easily, "That's because you have your fingers in Cindy's cunt! Have you brought her off yet?" Cindy had tried to close her legs when she saw the younger girl enter the room, but that was impossible when Tim had two fingers deep inside her. She was very surprised at the way the conversation was developing and it was obvious to her that her boyfriend was relaxed about his sister seeing what was happening. That thought was confirmed when Tim hissed, "No I fucking haven't because Mom and Dad keep walking past the door. Keep a look out for me Marcy." No sooner had he spoken, than Marcy heard footsteps and she whispered "Somebody's coming!" She sprinted into the room and grabbed a magazine as she sat down on the couch, and Cindy closed her legs and sat up straight while Tim licked his sticky finger clean. It was their mother who drifted past the door. She was about to walk past when she saw Marcy sitting in the room reading something. She hadn't known that her daughter had come downstairs but the fact that she had done so made her relax a bit. She wrongly figured that having Marcy sitting in the same room was a better deterrent to stop the other two getting up to anything than her strolling past the door. When her mother moved away, Marcy jumped to her feet and said, "Okay, you've got a few minutes at least. Make her cum Tim." Cindy yelped in surprise when Tim grabbed both her ankles and pulled her onto her back on the couch. This rolled her skirt up to her waist and with him jerking her legs wide open, her pink cunt was easily accessible. Letting go of her ankles, he dropped to his knees and buried his face between her legs. He could smell her arousal and Cindy, gasped loudly as his lips fastened around her fuck hole and his tongue slid inside. Marcy had moved close to the door to act as look-out but when she glanced over at the couch to see the back of her brother's head between Cindy's legs, she growled urgently, "Jesus Tim, you don't have time to eat her cunt. Just get your fingers up her and make her cum!" Cindy stared at the young girl as she was speaking, and although she agreed with what she had said, she couldn't understand why Marcy was calling the shots and why she seemed to be so at ease with watching her brother fuck. There was little opportunity of perusing that thought however because Tim was obeying his sister and was now sliding two stiffened fingers up her cunt. When they were fully inside her body, he curled them up to the roof of her tube and began to jerk them in and out, but also move them up and down at the same time. Cindy's eyes open wide as she was stimulated and she knew instinctively that what ever he was doing, it was definitely going to make her orgasm. Already she could feel the familiar rush between her legs and she closed her eyes and waited for it to happen. Tim's fingers were little more than a blur as he pounded Cindy's cunt and her juices were starting to slurp and rasp inside her hole. Standing at the door, Marcy could hear the squishing and slurping noises and she hissed, "Shushhhhhhhhhhhhhh," even although she knew that neither of them could do anything about it. The older girl was way beyond worrying about any noises she was making and her back arched up from the couch and humped her crotch back at the thrusting fingers as she climaxed. With one hand still pistoning in her cunt, Tim clamped his other hand over the girl's mouth to muffle she moans and groans she was making. When she crashed back onto the couch, Tim pulled his fingers out of her body and she lay with her eyes closed and her chest heaving. Because her eyes were closed, she didn't see Marcy step close to her brother and suck his slimy fingers into her mouth. When their mother next walked past the door, she was pleased to see the three of them sitting just like they had been before. As arousing as touching each other was, it just made the two of them more horny and desperate to fuck. Pretty soon they were both groaning in frustration but neither of them could think of a way to be alone. It was now about ten o'clock and Cindy's mother would be back for her in an hour. Despite making Cindy cum with his fingers, it was a hurried affair and a minor orgasm that just left her wanting more. She was squirming about on the couch, rubbing at the bulge in the front of her boyfriend's pants and rubbing at her own slit. As Marcy watched them, her eyes were glued onto the sight of the older girl's open and wet slit. Seeing where Marcy was looking, Cindy raised one knee in the air and placed the flat of her foot onto the couch. This made her skirt slide up her thighs and lewdly displayed her fuck hole. It was at that moment that they all heard the phone ring, and somewhere deeper in the house, they heard their mother answer it. Putting her finger to her lips, Marcy crept out of the room and down the corridor towards the back of the house. A moment later she was back and she hissed, "That's Aunt Sheila on the phone!" Cindy had no idea what the significance of that was, but Tim did and he whispered, "Shit, Mom could be on the phone for ages!" Marcy's eyes were shining and she was grinning from ear to ear as she revealed, "You haven't heard the good bit yet. Dad's fallen asleep in front of the television!" Tim's face broke into a grin that matched his sisters, and then they both turned their heads to look at Cindy. The expression of their faces was almost scary, and Cindy hissed, "What! What the fuck are you two grinning at? You're fucking freaking me out!" Jesus," Marcy cried in exasperation. "Do you want his cock or not?" "Yeah," Cindy admitted, very surprised that a fourteen year old would talk to her this way. "Well get your fucking legs open then you stupid bitch," Marcy said. "You don't have much time if you want to go home with a load of spunk inside you." The older girl was so shocked at being spoken to like that, that she did just as instructed and opened her legs. For the first time Marcy got a good look at Cindy's fuck hole that was open and wet with a thin covering of hair around it. She only saw it for a second however because Tim had dragged down his zip and pulled out his cock. Practically falling on top of her, Marcy watched her brother's cock push easily into Cindy's sticky hole and immediately start to fuck her. "Marcy," he hissed urgently. "Keep a lookout!" The fourteen year old walked to the door where she could still see the fucking pair, but also hear her mother's voice as she spoke on the phone and also her father's soft snores. Tim's butt was rising and falling at a furious rate as he pounded on Cindy's cunt and she was starting to moan and groan. Marcy vaguely recalled her brother telling her that Cindy was a noisy fuck and she hoped that the girl could be quiet this time. Cindy was also aware of the problem and she threw her arms around Tim's neck and buried her face in his shoulder to muffle any noise. Marcy became aware that her mother sounded like she was winding up the call and she turned to the fucking pair and hissed, "Hurry up. Mom's about to hang up the phone!" She could tell that her brother had heard her, but Cindy was shuddering and shaking beneath the thrusting prick and she was obviously in climax. Her heart almost stopped when she heard her mother say "Goodbye," and she whirled around to her brother and hissed, "You're out of time." The words had hardly left her mouth when Tim sighed and she knew that he was spurting his load into Cindy's cunt. The sight made her own hole drool into her panties and despite the fact that Tim had managed to fuck his girlfriend, Marcy made up her mind that he was going to have to do her later on. The loudest sound in the room was the slurp that his prick made pulling out of Cindy's cunt and Tim pushed it back into his pants and jerked up his zip. He had to nudge Cindy before she opened her eyes and he hissed, "Mom's coming!" Cindy just had time to smooth down the front of her skirt before Tim's mother came into the room to remind her that it was nearly eleven o'clock and that her mother would be here soon to pick her up. The young girl smiled gratefully and said, "Do you mind if I use your restroom before I go." "Of course Cindy," the woman replied. "I'll show you where it is." Once she had locked the door behind her, Cindy cleaned herself up with toilet tissue, but every time she thought she was clean, more clumps of Tim's cum would ooze out of her hole. This was going to cause her problems on the journey home because it was sure to stain the back of her skirt as she sat in the car and it was also going to smell. When she heard footsteps outside the door, she unlocked it and cracked it open. Relieved to see that it was Marcy, she hissed, "Marcy, I need help." Coming over to the door, the young girl asked, "What's the problem?" "The problem is that your horny brother must have shot about a gallon of spunk up me and I cant stop it leaking out of my cunt. If I sit in my Mom's car, I'm going to be in some state by the time I get home." Marcy nodded her understanding and said, "So, what do you need?" "Panties," Cindy replied. "I need to borrow a pair of panties." Marcy sped off to her bedroom, and as she went, she lamented that everyone seemed to want her panties. When she returned to the toilet, she knocked quietly and Cindy let her in. She had a black pair of cotton panties in her hand and Cindy said, "Thanks," as she reached out for them. Marcy snatched them back however and she whispered, "There's a condition!" Cindy narrowed her eyes as she asked, "What's the condition?" Smiling, Marcy replied, "You give them back to me at school tomorrow, and you don't wash them!" A small shiver went up Cindy's spine when she heard the condition and she nodded her head and said, "Deal!" Cindy took the panties out of Marcy's hand but she figured that she should wipe herself before she put them on. She pulled a wad of toilet tissue off, but was surprised when Marcy plucked it from her hand and threw it into the toilet bowl as she said, "You don't need that." The younger girl dropped to her knees and lifted up the front of Cindy's skirt to stare at her sticky slit. Even although it was obvious what Marcy intended to do, Cindy still had trouble believing that a fourteen year old would be so bold, and that thought continued right up to point when the younger girl bent her head forward and started licking her cunt. Cindy moaned softly and then slightly louder as Marcy glued her lips over the open hole and started to suck her brothers cum out of it. Cindy could actually feel the larger clumps of spunk being vacuumed out of her cunt and her clit stiffened as the familiar rush began to build again. Marcy continue to lick up and down Cindy's slit, washing it clean of her brother's cum and then she stiffened her tongue and slithered it inside her hole. As she licked and sucked, she could see Cindy's pink clit stiffen and Marcy thought it would be fun to bring the girl off. She didn't know that Cindy was already close to climax as she sucked the clit into her mouth and lashed it with her tongue. Cindy's eyes flew open at the gorgeous sensations radiating through her fuck hole and they were intensifying rapidly. She was about to cum and she knew full well that she would cry out and nothing could stop that. Remembering the panties, she stuffed the material into her mouth and her piercing scream that announced her climax was muffled to a point where nobody would come rushing to investigate. As her body shuddered and shook, Cindy had to hold onto the rim of the wash hand basin as Marcy continued to suck her pleasure bud. After a few moments, Marcy sat back on her heels to let the older girl recover, and when she did, she took the balled up underwear out of her mouth and licked her dry lips. Standing up, Marcy bent her head forwards and kissed her open mouthed and Cindy responded eagerly tasting her cunt on the younger girl's breath as they swapped saliva. When they broke the kiss they were both slightly breathless and they stared at each other with a new respect in their eyes. As Cindy lifted up the front of her skirt to pull on the underwear, she could see that Marcy was looking at her cunt and she stepped closer to the young girl as she said, "You and I need to talk. Come and see me tomorrow at break. You know where we hang out." The school playground was full of invisible barriers. There were certain people who congregated in certain places and anyone who blundered into the wrong area at the wrong time could find themselves in serious trouble. Cindy's hangout was one such place. Cindy and her friends always met in the female toilets and everyone in the entire school knew that this was a no go area. That was the main reason for the look of concern that crossed Marcy's face, and she shook her head as she said, "I don't think so. Philipa Phelps tried to use that toilet last year and two girls held her down on the ground while a third one kicked her repeatedly in the cunt. She was off school for weeks." Cindy nodded her head because although she hadn't been involved, she remembered the incident and she replied, "I remember that. The stupid bitch was in the wrong place at the wrong time and nearly saw something that she wasn't meant to see." She looked into Marcy's eyes and said, "You won't have that problem. You'll be expected!" Before Marcy could answer, they both heard the car horn that meant Cindy's mother had arrived, and Marcy quickly slipped out of the toilet and went back to her room. <=> Marcy lay in her bed and masturbated as she waited for her parents to go to bed. The orgasms that her fingers gave her were good, but she needed cock, and that meant that she needed Tim. When she eventually heard her parents retire, she waited for an hour, that seemed more like a day. When the house was quiet, she slowly opened her bedroom door and padded silently across the corridor to her brothers room. Closing the door behind her, she waited for a few moments, but all she heard was silence, and Tim's regular breathing. The moonlight shone in the window, lighting up the room and she crossed over to the bed and pulled back the covers. Her brother was lying on his back with his semi hard cock lying on his stomach. Bending forwards, Marcy's heart started to beat fasted when her nose told her that Tim hadn't washed his prick since fucking Cindy. The older girl's cunt scent was still strong on the surface of the shaft and she lowered her head and licked the length of the underside. The flavour of Cindy's hole excited her taste buds and although Tim didn't wake up, his cock did, and under the actions of her tongue, it was soon fully erect and pointed up at the ceiling. She kept licking until the shaft was glistening with her saliva and every last drop of Cindy's juices had been cleaned off. Although still sleeping, Tim was moaning softly as she licked and Marcy wondered what he was dreaming about. She had worn a nightdress to come into Tim's room, just in case she was caught in the corridor and it would be a simple matter of saying that she was going for a drink of water or a snack. Now that she was safely inside the room, the nightdress was no longer needed and she stood up and let it slit to the floor as the moonlight played over her naked body. Marcy's cunt was soaking wet and swollen with lust. She craved the cock she was staring at, but first she wanted some fun, and that meant that Tim had to wake up. She crawled onto the bed with her feet pointing to the headboard and opened her mouth to suck her brother's cock inside. This was very different from the gentle licking and she sucked hard and swirled her tongue around his piss hole. That certainly got his attention and when she felt him move, she raised one of her knees in the air to straddle his body and pushed her wet cunt into his face. The first thing the boy saw when his eyes opened, was his sisters dripping hole dropping onto his mouth and he automatically pushed his tongue into it. Marcy bobbed her head up and down, sucking all the time she did so and her hot little fist closed around the root of his shaft and started jacking on it. Her cheeks hollowed with the effort of sucking and Tim moaned into her dripping cunt as his toes curled and the most gorgeous sensations radiated out from his cock. Every time Marcy sucked on his prick, she seemed to get better and better, but tonight was something special and her mouth, tongue and hand were combining into the most exquisite experience. He knew that she had come to his room for a fuck and the wet and sticky condition of her cunt told him that she was more than ready for it. His cum was starting to boil inside his balls by now and he dragged his mouth away from Marcy's slit and gasped, "Stop Marcy! I'm about to cum!" That normally made his sister move her mouth away from his cock and she would give him a few minutes to recover before taking his shaft up her cunt. This wasn't normally however and his words just made her suck faster and her hot fist moved up and down his prick in a blur. "Stop Marcy," he cried out as loud as he dared with his parents sleeping only about a dozen feet away, but still it had no effect on his sister. He gritted his teeth and tried to use willpower alone to delay his climax but he knew that it was doomed to failure. Without resorting to muscle power to drag Marcy's head away from his cock, Tim could do nothing but surrender to the inevitable and he groaned loudly as his thick cum sprayed into his fourteen year old sisters throat. Keeping his spurting prick firmly inside her mouth, Marcy swallowed every drop of the hot slime and even when his balls were empty, her tongue swirled over the now semi-erect shaft. She was careful to avoid the sensitive head for the first few moments and then she gently licked the head and bathed it with her saliva. Tim was still lying on his back panting for breath as he recovered. Every few minutes, a drop of Marcy's cunt juice would drip out of her hole and fall onto his face but the boy had other things to think of. Marcy had never sucked him off like that before, always stopping before he orgasmed and then fucking him until he had cum up her cunt. As he thought it through, he became aware of the effect her hot tongue was having on him and although he couldn't see his cock, he could feel it begin to harden again. Marcy could see it thicken and stiffen before her eyes and she grinned to herself as she continued to lick and stimulate her brothers prick until it was fully erect again. Only then did she move her head back and climbed off his chest. When his breathing had returned to a more normal rate, he looked up at his sister who was now sitting at his side and said, "Fuck Marcy, you sucked the cum right out of my balls! Why didn't you stop?" He could only see her in silhouette, but he saw her white teeth as she licked her lips and answered, "You complaining?" "Shit no," he replied, and then jumped slightly as her hand reached out to grip and gently jack on his cock. "Now that you're hard again," she said softly, "I need fucked!" Marcy got on her back, and she watched her brother's silhouette get up onto his knees, she opened her legs wide and couldn't resist pulling her fingers over her slit while she waited for him to penetrate her. She was soaking wet and her cunt felt like it was on fire while her clit throbbed and demanded attention. She could see the hard outline of Tim's cock as he gripped it and guided it towards her cunt. Almost panting with her arousal, she hissed, "Do it hard Tim. Fuck me till I cum!" Tim looked down between his sister's legs, but could see very little in the dim light that shone through his bedroom window. Although he couldn't see her cunt clearly, he could certainly smell it, and the scent of her arousal rose into his nose and made his cock twitch. He knew his sisters body well enough that he didn't need any light however and he placed his prick at the entrance to Marcy's open fuck hole and slowly slid the head inside. Slowly was the last thing Marcy wanted however and she threw her legs into the air, wrapped them around his waist and locked her ankles together. Tilting her hips and pulling him down with her thigh muscles, the fourteen year old girl took his entire length into her body and didn't stop until he was nudged against her cervix. A small orgasm rippled through her as her cunt was stretched open and her hard clit rasped over Tim shaft. Savouring the sensation, she held him tightly inside her hole until it had receded and then she relaxed her muscles and whispered into his ear. "Fuck me!" Tim pulled his hips back until just the tip of his prick was still inside his sister's cunt and then paused for a second before pushing back in. He could hear Marcy's juices slurp and slosh around his cock and although it fleetingly crossed his mind to wonder what has made the girl so horny, the thought was forgotten when he felt her heels dig into his butt as she hissed, "Harder! Faster!" He speeded up his thrusts, maintaining the long smooth strokes and his sister was soon moaning and squirming about on the bed beneath him. Her juices were now rasping loudly as she was fucked and when he looked down at his pistoning prick, Tim could see a thick white ring of Marcy's cunt cream around the base of his shaft. The girl was moaning continually as she bucked her hips back up at her brother and he was mildly surprised when her body stiffened and then shuddered wildly. She was writhing about so much that he couldn't maintain his rhythm and Tim was secretly glad of the break because he was very close to his own release. He held his cock deep inside his sister's fuck hole as she climaxed, but stopped thrusting to let his throbbing shaft recover. He watched Marcy in the dim light and he loved the sensation of her hot girl cum bathing his prick and soaking his pubic hair. When she eventually opened her eyes again, she looked up at her brother and asked anxiously, "Did you cum in me?" He shook his head and he saw the moonlight glint off Marcy's white teeth as she smiled in satisfaction. "Let me on top," she whispered. "I want to fuck you now!" Like the seasoned lovers that they were, they expertly rolled at the same time and a few seconds later Mary was sitting across Tim's lap with his prick still inside her cunt. She sat straight up forcing every last millimeter of his prick inside her and she savored the delicious sensation for a few moments before her hips began to lift up and down. Despite her cum, Marcy was still horny and she bounced her wet hole up and down her brother's shaft, dragging her burning clit over the surface and shivering at the wonderful sensations it produced. He could only see the silhouette of her body, but there was enough light for him to see that Marcy's hands were squeezing and twisting her tits as she bounced faster and faster over his prick. Despite the wonderful feeling inside his balls, Tim now had no control over the fucking and he was aware that he wasn't going to last much longer "Slow it down a little or I'm going to cum Marcy," he hissed, but he stopped worrying about it when his sister snarled, "Fuck you, I'm cumming too. Seconds later, Marcy started shuddering and Tim felt her cunt spasm around his prick and hot girl cum flowed out of her fuck tube, bathing his cock and running down his balls. She was flaying about on top of his shaft, shaking and twitching uncontrollably as he gripped her hips tightly and pistoned his cock in and out of her hole until he felt the hot slime rising up his shaft. Marcy's cunt gripped her brother's prick tightly and even through her climax, she could feel the spunk spray into her clenching tube, and every spurt made her jerk and moan. When they were both finished, Marcy collapsed onto her brother's chest with her hair covering his sweat-covered face and their chests heaved as they slowly recovered. Gradually, Tim's prick softened and slid out of Marcy's cunt, causing a cascade of juices and slime to pour out of her body. As that signalled the end of their fuck, Marcy kissed her brother and got to her feet. Picking up her discarded nightdress she gave him a silent wave as she quietly opened the bedroom door and left the room. <=> The following morning when the school bell rang for morning break, Marcy was slightly worried about going to find Cindy, but decided that she had to do it. She reached the female toilets without incident, but when she opened the door and walked inside, there were a few hostile stares, but no one actually stopped her. There were a few girls standing about in groups who moved to let her past and when she looked deep into the room, she could see Cindy standing talking to another two girls. All three were smoking and Cindy saw her approach and crooked her finger at her as she dropped her cigarette onto the floor and crushed it out with her foot. She led the younger girl into the end stall and closed the door behind her. Both of them were wearing the regulation school uniform of white blouse and black skirt, but Cindy had an extra blouse button undone so that she could display her cleavage. She pushed her hand into the pocket of her skirt and brought out the panties she had borrowed the previous night. As she handed them over, she said, "I hope you don't mind, but I slept in them last night and them rubbed myself off in bed this morning. I'm sorry that I made them all sticky." Marcy only smiled in response as she turned the underwear inside out and studied the crotch. There were lots of dried spunk stains that were hard to the touch, but there were also cunt trails that were more recent and still damp. As she looked into Cindy's eyes, Marcy pushed out her tongue and licked the stains. After what had happened last night, Cindy was pretty sure that was what Marcy would do, but it still sent a shiver up her spine and her eyes shone with lust. Marcy on the other hand was unsure how far Cindy wanted to take this, and she was very unsure about being in this location. Deciding that the best way to find out was to ask, Marcy said, "I like the taste of your cunt Cindy. Do you want me to lick you out?" As appealing as the thought was, the older girl shook her head and replied, "Not here. There's a complicated code at work here and that would be breaking it. We need to meet somewhere we can be alone." Marcy nodded her understanding, and Cindy added, "And this stays between the two of us. I don't want Tim to know." Marcy was sure that her brother wouldn't be bothered in the least if he found out, but she shrugged her shoulders and said, "Okay." The meeting was obviously over, but just before she was about to reach out and open the door, Cindy hissed, "I want to taste your cunt before you go. You've tasted mine so its only fair that I taste you." Marcy had no objection to that and she quickly rolled her panties down to her knees and lifted up the front of her skirt. Reaching out, Cindy slid one finger deep into the fourteen year olds cunt and watched for any form of reaction on her face. She certainly didn't expect that Marcy would still be cherry, but she was mildly surprised that she took the finger so easily. Stiffening a second finger, Marcy took it as easily as the first, and it was at that point that Cindy became certain that the younger girl was taking cock! Pulling her fingers out, she sucked them clean and smiled down at the girl as she nodded her head and said, "You taste nice." Marcy grinned as she pulled up her panties, and Cindy allowed her out of the stall. She could feel the eyes of all the other girls on her and she casually strolled through them with her cum, stained panties hanging from one finger and swaying gently. <=> On Thursday, Marcy came home from school and her mother shouted through from the kitchen, "There was a call for you about half an hour ago Marcy. I took a message and it's on the pad." After reading the message her brow wrinkled in confusion and she took the note through to her mother and asked, "Who's Mr. Preston?" "He lives over in Vine Street," her mother replied as she peeled some potatoes for the dinner. "I don't think I know him," Marcy replied as she read that he wanted to employ her to walk his dog. "Yes you do," her mother replied. "He's in a wheelchair after an accident years ago. You've seen him in the Mall." The reference to the wheelchair jogged her memory and she nodded her hear as she replied, "Oh yeah, I remember. I didn't know he had a dog though." When her mother didn't reply, Marcy mused, "Seems kind of strange that someone in a wheelchair would own a dog, doesn't it?" Her mother was busy getting the dinner prepared and although she replied, "Yes dear," she hadn't really taken on board what her daughter had said. <=> After dinner, Marcy got changed out of her school clothes and left the house for the ten-minute walk to Vine Street. Having memorised the number, she walked up the path and rang the bell. Although she heard sounds from inside, there wasn't any sounds of a dog barking and she had to wait a few minutes before the door eventually opened. The first thing she saw was the wheelchair, but when she raised her eyes to Mr. Person's face, he smiled at her and said, "Hi Marcy. Thanks for coming over." He expertly twirled the wheelchair around and called back over his shoulder, "Come on in and please close the door behind you." She followed him into the living room, and with practised ease Mr. Preston slid out of the wheelchair and onto the sofa. There was a ball game on the television and Marcy made a point of watching it while Mr. Preston got himself comfortable. His empty wheelchair was at the side of the sofa and somehow looked lost and forlorn without anyone sitting in it. "Come and sit down here Marcy," he said, patting the seat beside him as he took a five dollar bill out of his pocket and handed it to the girl. "That's for walking my dog," he said. She thanked him as she sat down and looked around the room. Not only was there no dog in sight, but there was nothing to indicate that a dog actually lived here. Normally there would be some toys strewn on the floor, or a bed in the corner, or a rug thrown over the sofa so that the dog could lay on it, but the teenager couldn't see anything. Looking over at him she asked, "What kind of dog do you have Mr. Preston?" The man pursed his lips, and then said, "Actually, I don't have a dog Marcy." The girl looked down at the five-dollar bill in her hand and then back at the man as she tried to work out a response to that statement. Before she could do that however, Mr. Preston cleared his throat and said, "I was speaking to Frank Woodrow on the telephone." Marcy hadn't known that Mr. Woodrow and Mr. Preston were friends and she just nodded her head as she looked at the man sitting beside her. He nervously cleared his throat for a second time and continued, "Frank told me that you give other services besides dog walking." Marcy wasn't stupid and she knew exactly where he was going with this, but she replied, "What services do you mean?" Mr. Preston opened his wallet so that the girl could see the money it contained and he then said, "The services where I pay you extra and you do extra things for me Marcy." The teenager chewed on her bottom lip as she stared at the folded money in the wallet and then looked up into his face as she asked quietly, "Do you want to fuck me Mr. Preston?" A look of sadness flashed over the mans face as he replied, "I would love to fuck you Marcy, but that would be impossible now." He pointed down at his crotch as he added, "Ever since the accident, my cock doesn't work. I can still piss through it, but that's about all I can manage." The teenage girl had a distant memory of Mr. Preston being involved in a roar traffic accident many years ago. She had just been a child at the time and had thought little about it, but now that she was sexually active, she couldn't imagine what it would be like not to be able to fuck. As this thought flashed through her mind, the man had pulled out some money from his wallet and was offering it to her. "Fifty bucks Marcy." he said. "And all I want to do is to suck on your little cunt for a while. It's been a long time since I tasted teenage cunt juice." The girl managed to look shy as she nodded her head and stood up from the sofa. Her denim pants were so tight that she couldn't push the money into her pocket while she was sitting down, and once the dollar bills were stuffed inside, she patiently waited for Mr. Preston to tell her what to do. Hugh Preston hadn't believed Frank Woodrow when he had told him about Marcy. He thought it was some form of wind-up and he had taken some convincing. It was only when Frank had come over in person and brought the young girl's soiled panties with him that Hugh decided he was telling the truth. As this went through his mind, he could hardly believe that this wasn't some form of dream as he croaked, "Take off your clothes Marcy." The only part of his body with sensation was from the waist up, and that part of him shivered and shook with lust as he watched the fourteen-year-old girl strip for him. There had been no form of sex since the accident that put him in the wheelchair over ten ears ago, and even before that, he was so shy around women that he found relationships difficult. His mouth was open, dragging in great gulps of air as he stared at Marcy, who was now wearing only her panties. Yellow cotton briefs that moulded to her flesh and made his mouth water at the thought of what they were hiding beneath the material. She ran her fingers over her sex mound as she looked him, and whether it was intentional or not, her actions were producing a classic "camel toe" effect between her legs. Deciding she had teased him enough, the young girl slowly rolled her underwear down her thighs and kicked them off. Frank Woodrow had described Marcy's cunt in graphic detail, but words simply couldn't do it justice. Framed by the softest pubic hair imaginable, the young girls slit was slightly open to reveal the pink tube inside her body and the smell of her hole was intoxicating. Hugh Preston couldn't wait any longer and he said, "Come here Marcy. I want you to stand up on the sofa." He held her hands to steady her as she placed one foot at the side of his lap and then stood up with her other foot straddling his hips. He released her hands once she had got her balance, and then rested the back of his head on the back of the sofa and hissed, "Sit on my face honey!" Marcy shuffled forwards and then squatted down to lower her hole onto his mouth. She gave a soft gasp at the first touch of his tongue, and then a louder gasp as his stiffened tongue wormed its way inside her cunt. Reaching up with his hands, Hugh cupped her budding tits and used them to pull her fuck hole tighter against his mouth. Hugh Preston lapped and sucked on Marcy's little cunt, eagerly drinking down as much of her juices as he could get and making the child feel very good. This was the easiest fifty dollars that Marcy could ever imaging making and she didn't even have to take his cock. As far as she was concerned, she was getting the best of this deal! She allowed him full access to her cunt and was just starting to feel the familiar rush when he pulled his face back. His mouth and chin were covered with her slime and he licked his lips before he looked straight up into her face and said, "Turn around Marcy. Let me see that gorgeous little butt of yours. Careful to maintain her balance on the cushions of the sofa, the teenager shuffled around until she had straddled his lap again, but with her back to him. Hugh could feel his heart pounding inside his chest and he said, "Pull your ass open for me Marcy!" The fourteen year old reached around behind her with both hands and opened up her ass crack to his gaze. She pulled hard and the skin around her tightly closed asshole stretched and her cunt opened up to reveal her fuck tube. The scent of her arousal filled Hugh's head as he bent his head forward again, but this time his tongue concentrated on her back hole. Marcy was surprised that he would touch her poop hole with his tongue and she was very glad that she always kept that hole very clean. Despite her surprise, she couldn't deny that Mr. Preston's tongue felt good and she moaned softly as he continued to rim her. After covering her asshole with his saliva, his tongue stiffened and probed at the little hole, but the teenagers natural reaction was to clamp it closed. She couldn't believe that he actually wanted to lick her poop tube and she thought she was doing him a favour by keeping her anal muscles tensioned. There was only so long she could keep up the pressure however and her concentration was completely shattered when Hugh raised up one of his hands and slid a stiffened finger straight up her cunt. That certainly got her attention, especially when the finger curled and rubbed around her little piss hole. The sensation was so delightful that her anal muscle relaxed and Mr. Preston's tongue was inside her bowels immediately. She instantly felt the penetration of her asshole, but the sensations from her cunt were much more important and when she climaxed a few seconds later, both of her holes spasmed and they seemed to pull the finger and the tongue deeper into her body. It was a massive orgasm and she convulsed wildly and almost fell head first off the sofa onto the floor. With his ruined legs, Hugh Preston didn't have the strength nor the leverage to arrest her fall and the best he could do was to divert her drop so that she fell to the side and sprawled onto the sofa beside him. So powerful was her cum that Marcy's legs were drawn up into the foetal position and she shuddered and shook uncontrollably. The teenager had no idea how long she lay there but when she opened her eyes, she felt completely exhausted. She smiled tentatively at Mr. Preston and nodded her head when he asked, "Good cum?" "That was awesome," she confirmed. "I came really hard." "Good," he replied, and then added, "You ready to cum again?" Marcy sat up slowly and nodded her head as she said, "I guess!" "Good girl," Mr. Preston said, "But this time I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to taste that sweet girl juice of yours." "Okay," Marcy agreed as she got to her feet and stood in front of him. "How do you want me?" she asked. "Face first," he replied, and watched her get back up on the sofa and straddle his lap again. Once she was in position, he reached up to gently cup her ass cheeks and pull her closer to his waiting mouth. She could feel that he wasn't only holding onto her ass, but his fingers were deep in her crack and one of them was right at the entrance of her poop hole. He was looking up unto her face and when she looked down and they locked eyes, his finger slowly increased the pressure on her asshole. The teenager's automatic response was again to tighten up her muscles, but he smiled reassuringly at the young girl and said, "Relax Marcy." The fourteen year old chewed her lip as she tried to obey, but she found it very hard and Hugh didn't want to force his finger into her asshole and cause her pain. He could feel some of the tension ease out of her muscle, but she was still very tight and he said quietly, "Just a little more Marcy." With a tremendous effort of will, the teenager managed to relax the muscles controlling her hole and she groaned loudly when the finger popped inside her poop tune and slithered up all the way to his knuckle. She was wet from the saliva and her eyes grew wide as she was penetrated deeper and deeper. By the time his finger was fully inside her asshole, she felt like the finger must be all the way up to her stomach. Grinning up at her, Hugh rested his head on the back of the sofa and said, "Come and sit on my face Marcy. Lower that gorgeous little cunt onto my mouth and let me make you cream!" The young girl waddled forward with the finger still fully buried in her asshole and very slowly opened her knees and squatted down onto his face. His stiffened tongue slid up her cunt and she could feel his finger begin to slide in and out of her poop tube at the same time. She had already cum once and her fuck tube was still full of her slime. As he sucked it out of her and eagerly swallowed her juices, Marcy could feel the familiar tingle start again. It had never completely receded and she couldn't make up her mind whether it was the tongue in her cunt or the finger in her asshole that she liked the best, but the combination of the two was certainly going to bring her off. Hugh Preston's eyes were closed as he ate out Marcy's cunt, and the girl took the opportunity of glancing down at his crotch. Despite what he was doing, there wasn't the slightest sign of a bulge and she knew that he wasn't lying when he said that he couldn't fuck her. The thought disappointed her, but she had other things to think about because she was about to cum! The finger in her asshole felt strange, dirty and wonderful, all at the same time. She hoped that he wasn't touching her poop, but from the way his finger was flashing in and out of her back tube, she didn't think so. The tongue inside her cunt felt equally wonderful and as the familiar tingling intensified, she could tell that she was very close. She was panting for breath and her eyes closed as she relaxed into the sensations flowing through her body and waited for her release. The delicious feelings were making her toes curl and her crotch tingle. As the tingling spread through her butt and her thighs, her feet danced on the cushions, but she kept her cunt firmly pressed against Mr. Preston's mouth. He couldn't believe how much juice the fourteen year old could produce and the taste was exquisite. His heart was hammering inside his chest and he felt like he had a huge erection, even although deep down inside he knew that his prick was limp inside his underwear. After the accident and the pronouncement from the doctors that he would never recover any feeling below the waist, Hugh thought that his sex life was finished. And indeed it had been until today! There had been a few women in his life since the accident, but none of them had stayed long and none of them had developed into a sexual relationship of any kind. Finding Marcy had been an answer to his prayers and although he couldn't fuck her, he could savour the smell and taste of an aroused cunt again. From the way she was moving against his mouth, he could tell that she was about to climax and he licked harder and faster to bring her off. As sweet as her cunt sauce tasted, Hugh Preston desperately wanted to taste her cum and a few seconds later, that was exactly what the teenager did. She cried out loudly as her orgasm exploded inside her and her body stiffened for a few seconds. She really started to convulse and shudder at that point and Hugh was frightened that she would collapse away from him. As he couldn't hope to move quickly enough to keep his mouth in contact with her spasming cunt, he dragged his finger out of her asshole and reached up with both hands to tightly grip her hips and hold her in position. As she climaxed, Hugh kept sucking and her sticky juice became thicker and much creamier. He knew that he was now drinking her girl cum and he sucked as much of it into his mouth as possible. Marcy was able to cum onto his tongue for ages, but eventually her clit had taken enough and she had to drag her cunt away from Mr. Preston's mouth. Her legs were very shaky and when she moved, he released his hold on her hips and she slowly sank down onto her knees on the couch beside him and then rolled onto her side. He gazed down at the red and swollen slit between the girl's legs and smiled in satisfaction that he had caused it to look that way. While Marcy was recovering from her orgasm, Hugh Preston licked his fingers, enjoying the earthy flavour of the girl's asshole, and scraped all of the slime from his chin and his cheeks. By the time he had swallowed everything, Marcy had opened her eyes and was pulling herself up to sit on the couch beside him. She always felt shy after being fucked and she looked down at the floor as he said, "That was awesome Marcy. You've made me happier than I've felt for a long, long time!" The fourteen year old smiled at him and she got to her feet and began to collect her discarded clothes. He watched her for a few seconds and then asked softly, "Can I have your panties Marcy?" The young girl had no idea what it was with older men and her underwear, but she was well used to it by now and she handed them over and then got dressed. "If you don't mind Marcy, can you see yourself out? It will save me getting back into my chair," he said. "Sure Mr. Preston," she replied, and just as she was about to leave the room, he called out, "Same time next week?" Marcy wasn't really clear how Mr. Preston could get fifty bucks worth of pleasure from her by just licking her out and fingering her asshole. She had been sure that this was just a one off visit and was surprised when he asked her to come back. Figuring that it was his money to spend as he liked, she happily agreed. As the teenager walked home, she could feel a slight discomfort in her ass. It wasn't sore or aching, and the slight tenderness was just enough to remind her that her back hole had been penetrated. She couldn't deny that the finger had felt good inside her poop tube and the pictures she had seen in the porn magazine that was going around the school last year made a bit more sense. She had been intrigued with the photographs of some bit titted blonde taking a cock in her asshole. The erect shaft wasn't just in her back hole, it was ball deep in her bowels and Marcy had thought that would be impossible for her, and a waste of a good cunt fuck. Now, she wasn't so sure! <=> When the following Saturday came around, she went to the Woodrow house as normal. When Frank answered the door, the first thing he said by way of a greeting was, "My wife is at her sisters today and won't be back for hours." The words were a very clear indication that she was going to get fucked and that fact was confirmed when she saw the bulge in the front of his pants. He practically dragged her inside the house, and she asked, "What about Jasper? Don't you want me to walk him first?" "Fuck Jasper," he growled. "He's sniffing about outside in the yard. That will do him!" He pulled his wallet out of his pants and Marcy watched him count out the money and handed it to her. When she accepted it, he grinned and said, "Good girl Marcy. Now we can fuck!" Instead of taking her along the corridor to the bedroom he took her by the hand and led her towards the kitchen. Marcy was slightly confused, but she didn't want to ask where they were heading, and her confusion increased when they went from the kitchen into a small utility room that contained the laundry equipment. Fank wasn't finished yet however because there was a door at the other end of the room that he pulled her towards. Marcy quickly drew a plan of the house in her mind, and she worked out that this door could only lead into the garage. When he opened the door, the garage was in complete darkness until he snapped on the lights. Rather than the normal clutter and piles of junk that found their way into most peoples garage, Frank's was spotlessly clean. Shelves lined the walls with various jars and other storage devices, all carefully labelled, and the only other item in the garage was a large motorcycle that gleamed and shone under the lights. "You know what this is Marcy?" he asked. The teenage girl figured that he was looking for something more than the obvious reply of, "A motorbike," so she remained silent and just shook her head. "This," he proclaimed proudly, as he walked over to the machine and stroked it lovingly with his fingers, "This is a 1994 Harley Davidson Buell S2 Thunderbolt." The motorbike was painted jet black and had been polished until it shone brightly. Both paint and chrome were a mirror finish and there wasn't a speck of dust on it. Although Marcy could appreciate the elegant flowing lines of the machine, she was wondering why Mr. Woodrow was showing it to her instead of fucking her. Just for a few minutes however, Frank was lost in his own daydream as he gazed at his motorbike and he said softly, "This is my pride and joy Marcy. I love riding this machine because it makes me feel young again." He took a few deep breaths and his voice took on a deeper growl as he revealed, "My wife thinks I'm too old to ride it now and she thinks I should get rid of it!" His voice dropped to little more than a whisper and the girl had to strain her ears to catch what he said next, but she was sure she heard, "I'll get rid of her before I part with this bike!" After a few moments of silence, he gave himself a mental shake and was smiling as he turned to face the young girl and said, "I've had a dream for many years Marcy, and now, you're going to help me make it come true. I've always wanted to be speeding down a highway on my Harley and to be fucking a girl at the same time. A young girl just like you Marcy." The teenager visibly paled at this revelation and she took half a step back as she asked, "You want us to fuck on the highway? Where everybody can see us?" Frank chuckled as he shook his head and said, "I'm not that stupid Marcy, but we can pretend, cant we?" The girl stood quietly trying to work that one out, and eventually said nervously, "I guess!" Frank Woodrow, beckoned her closer and then gently pulled her tee-shirt over her head. As before, Marcy wasn't wearing a bra and he whispered, "God Marcy, you have beautiful tits," as he sank to his knees and pulled her closer so that he could get his mouth onto her nipple. He licked and suckled on her hard teat while his hand squeezed and kneaded her other breast. While she let him work on her tits, Marcy looked around and she couldn't understand why this was happening in a garage when there was a nice soft bed in Mr. Woodrow's bedroom. Remembering the dollar bills that were stuffed into her pocket made all the difference however and if he was going to pay her like this, the young girl would let him fuck her in whatever room he wanted. Frank's fingers and mouth felt good on the girl's puffy tits and she sighed happily as a lovely warm feeling spread through her body. Knowing that this was just a prelude to fucking, her cunt was juicing up nicely inside her panties and she shivered slightly as she experienced one of the sensations that she loved most in the whole world. She would have found it very difficult to find the right words to describe the sensation to anyone, but she knew exactly what caused it. It was the swelling of her clit and the sensation that was produced when it pushed through its protective sheath and stuck proudly out of the top of her slit. She could feel it press into the fabric of her underwear and when she was sitting in class and got horny like this, she could gently rock back and forth to get some friction between her panties and her clit to bring herself off. By now, Marcy's nipples were rock hard and Frank pulled his face back and looked into the teenagers eyes as his fingers popped open the fastening on the waistband of her denims and pulled down the zipper. He had to ease then over the girl's butt, because he didn't want to disturb her panties just yet. He had made a mental bet with himself that Marcy's underwear would either be white, or maybe yellow, like the last ones. He lost the bet however because Marcy was wearing a pair of thin cotton panties that were a dusky pink with little flowers all over them. The material was so thin that it moulded to every contour of her body and clearly showed the outline of her sex slit. His eyes remained locked on that erotic sight as he pulled Marcy's denims down to her ankles and let he ease her feet out of her sneakers and step out of her pants. The painted concrete floor felt cold against her feet, but she stood quietly and watched Frank press his nose into the crotch of her underwear and inhale loudly. He savoured the exquisite scent with his eyes closed before he looked up at the fourteen year old and said, "God, you smell so good Marcy." She smiled at him in response and opened her legs as his hand came up to cup her sex mound and he began fingering her, sliding the material of her panties over her slit. She gasped slightly as he increased the pressure and pushed the material into her slit, making a thin wet line appear on the fabric. The young girl could feel that she was leaving slime trails inside her panties and the more his finger rubbed, the wetter her underwear was becoming. She wondered why he didn't just remove them and finger her properly, but even through her panties, his finger was arousing her and she could feel the start of the familiar tingling deep in her sex. Frank Woodrow knew exactly what he was doing. There was no way that Marcy was leaving his home with her panties and he was planning to jerk himself off many times with her soiled underwear pressed to his nose. That meant that he wanted then soaked with her juices and this was his way of ensuring that it happened. Although he was intentionally arousing her, he was surprised, but pleased, when she suddenly gasped, "I'm going to cum!" As her young body shuddered and shook, he could feel that her wet panties were now soaked as the girl cum flowed out of her hole. While she recovered, she placed her hands on Frank's shoulders for support, and he eased her underwear down to her ankles and stared in rapture at the gorgeous sight of her cunt. Although he had seen it before, he would never tire of looking at it and the effect on his cock was obvious from the massive bulge in his pants. Thankfully he hadn't cum in his underwear this time and while the teenager slowly recovered from her climax, Mr. Woodrow used his tongue to gently clean up the sticky juices that covered her crotch. When Marcy's shudders had died away, Frank Woodrow stood up and she watched him undress, gazing down at his hard prick that would soon be up her cunt. She found it unusual that he had never asked her to suck on his cock, but as he was paying her, she was quite happy to play along with whatever he wanted. The truth of the matter was that Frank was afraid to let her mouth come near his shaft because he knew that it would have him spurting in seconds. He was never that confident of getting a second erection quickly, so he reasoned that he would be better going straight for her cunt. When they were both naked, the girl looked around for a suitable place to fuck and she hoped that she wasn't going to have to lie down on the cold and hard concrete floor. She didn't have to wonder for long because he took her hand and led her over to the motorbike. Marcy had already noted that the bike was on a purpose build metal stand that raised the back wheel off the floor. As she got closer, she also noticed that there was some form of flexible hose attached to the exhaust pipe that snaked across the floor and poked through a small flap in the bottom corner of the garage door. Although she didn't know it, the whole set-up was to allow Frank to tinker with the bike and have the engine running without the garage filling up with fumes. The ignition key was already in place and he twisted it to the "on" position and pressed the starter button. The powerful engine fired immediately and the bike idled with a deep burbling sound. Nodding his head in satisfaction, Frank looked at the teenager and said, "Climb on Marcy." The black leather seat was shaped to sit two people and at the front, the gas tank rose up sharply, but smoothly, like a large teardrop. Because of the width of the seat, Marcy's legs were spread wide and she could feel the throbbing and vibration of the engine through her crotch. She was sitting upright with Frank standing at her side and the motorbike was very stable on the stand. She was quite comfortable, except that her thighs were being forced apart and she slid forward slightly when Frank instructed, "Hold onto the handlebars Marcy." She had to stretch out her arms to be able to grasp the ends of the handlebars and she was now virtually lying across the gas tank. Snapping down the footrests, Mr. Woodrow positioned the girls bare feet on them and told her to slide forwards a bit more. In doing so, Marcy's stomach was now firmly resting on the gas tank and her crotch had been lifted a couple of inches up from the leather seat. The position also pressed her hard clit against the vibrating tank and it felt really good. Frank Woodrow's heart was thudding wildly in his chest as he looked at the little girl lying across his beloved Harley Davidson. For years, he had fantasised about fucking a girl in this position, but never thought it would be a reality. He certainly never allowed himself to think that he could have got a fourteen-year-old teenager as beautiful as Marcy Evans to fulfil his fantasy. As he threw a leg over the saddle and sat down behind the child, he could see that her cunt had opened up because of the way her thighs were being forced apart and it was one of the most exciting and erotic images he could possibly imagine. He could also clearly see her tightly closed little asshole and that opened up a new range of possibilities. He didn't know if Marcy used her asshole to fuck with, but he resolved to find out. That was for the future however, because he had his fantasy all carefully mapped out for today and nothing was going to spoil it. His cock was already dripping with pre-cum as he gripped it in his fist and slid forward in the saddle. Although she was pretty much locked on position with her hands on the handlebars and her legs swept back to reach the footrests, Marcy looked back over her shoulder and could see that she was about to get penetrated. She could feel the cold air on her fuck tube and that could only mean that her cunt was open and she held her breath when she felt the head of Frank's prick enter her body. With the first two inches of his shaft inside her cunt, he now fell forwards to also grasp the handlebars on either side of Marcy's hands. This took his weight and prevented him from crushing the teenager as he adjusted the position of his feet and Marcy groaned as he pulled his hips forward and slid fully up her cunt. Despite the entrance of her fuck hole being open, the inside of her tube was still tight and her muscles gripped him like a vice and seemed to drag his inside a few extra millimetres until he was bottomed out against her cervix. Frank had to hold still and pant away a cum for a few moments once he was inside her hole. He had dreamed for this moment for so long and he was so aroused that it was threatening to spoil his fantasy. When he at last regained control, he whispered in Marcy's ear, "Imagine your riding the Harley along a straight road through the desert baby. Imaging the wind blowing through your hair and the scenery is just a blur because of the speed your are travelling at." The teenager wasn't really into motorbikes and this was his fantasy and not hers. His words didn't do anything for her, but the second he stopped speaking, he savagely twisted the throttle grip and the huge engine between Marcy's legs roared into life. The sound from the bike was deafening as it echoed and reverberated from the garage walls and the subtle vibration that the teenager enjoyed so much on her clit increased a hundred fold. The pulsing throb of the engine made her clit fire jolts of pleasure through her flesh and although she cried out loudly in surprise and delight, the noise of the revving engine drowned it out completely. Frank Woodrow was now immersing himself completely in his daydream. In his minds eye, he was riding that road through the desert and his eyes were closed to blot out the sight of the garage. He could hear the screaming engine and feel Marcy's cunt wrapped around his cock as he started to fuck her, sliding his cock in and out with long, smooth strokes, just like the pistons on the motorbike. The thrusting cock was feeling good inside the young girls cunt, but nothing compared to the vibration of the bike against her throbbing clit. She was going to cum and she could feel the tingling intensify to an unbelievable level before her body convulsed violently and her fuck hole clenched around the pounding cock. Frank paid no attention to the child as he worked towards his own release. In his mind, he could see the needle of the speedometer quiver around the hundred and ten mark and he twisted the throttle again and watched it rise slowly to the magical final figure on the dial of one hundred and fifty miles per hour. As he imagined the bike surging faster along the highway, his prick thrust faster and faster in and out of Marcy's fuck tube. One hundred and thirty now and the needle was still climbing as he gritted his teeth and tried everything to ignore the cum boiling inside his balls. One hundred and forty and he was fucking the teenager at a furious pace and only sheer willpower was holding back his slimy load. The young girl was almost senseless as she sprawled over the gas tank and the vibrations and rutting cock held her deep in climax. One hundred and forty five miles per hour now and although the needle was still climbing, it was agonisingly slow. One hundred and forth eight and Frank cried out in desperation to try and control his cum. Suddenly Frank's daydream reached its crescendo! His mind blotted out the screaming engine noise and it seemed eerily quiet to him as the needle of the speedometer hit the one hundred and fifty miles an hour mark, and in the same second, his cum rocketed up hiss piss tube and sprayed onto Marcy's cervix with the force of a fire hose. Franks body was covered with sweat and he was gasping for breath and he relaxed his grip on the throttle and it automatically rotated back to the idling position. The garage suddenly felt too quiet and the only sounds were two sets of lungs each gasping for air. The two of then remained still for long, long minutes until they had recovered enough to stretch and move. Frank sat up and reached around to switch off the bikes engine and then slid his softening shaft out of Marcy's cunt. When he hauled himself off the bike, the teenager slowly sat up and also got off. Where she had been lying, there was a pool of her milky girl cum that had run down the surface of the gas tank and collected on the saddle. When Frank had emptied his balls into her, it had been deep in her tube and his load hadn't had time to start oozing out of her body yet. This pool was pure girl juice and Marcy watched as Mr. Woodrow bent his head forward and lapped it up like a cat. Marcy's legs felt weak and shaky as she stood and waited for Frank to finish his snack. She rubbed the palm of her hand between her legs and jumped slightly when she touched her clit. The pleasure bud was still rock hard and incredibly sensitive after the battering it had just received and she could hardly bear to touch it. When she pushed her finger into her hole, she could feel the hot slime inside and when she pulled her finger back out, it was thickly coated with Frank's cum. As she looked at her sticky finger and brought it to her nose to smell, Frank finished cleaning up the saddle of his motorbike with his tongue and he straightened up to turn and look at the teenager. He was just in time to see her slide her spunk covered finger into her mouth and he groaned at her perverse act. This why he loved fucking Marcy so much. It wasn't just that he had the opportunity of sticking his cock into a fourteen-year-old girl, it was the fact that she enjoyed getting fucked that excited him the most. If only she had known, he would have paid double to use her body. "God Marcy, that was the best ever," Frank enthused as she removed her now clean finger from her mouth. "Thanks Mr. Woodrow," she replied. "I enjoyed it too!" She looked around the floor and started to pick up her clothes. She could feel that her panties were soaking because they had practically been pushed up her cunt, and it was no surprise when Frank gently took them from her hand and said, "You can leave these with me Marcy." "Shit," the teenager thought as she climbed into her denim pants and could already feel the slime begin to ooze out of her hole. "Last time I came here, I had a spare pair of panties and he didn't fuck me. I forgot to bring another pair with me today and I get fucked!" She shook her head at her own forgetfulness and finished dressing. As he showed her out, he said softly, "Same time next week Marcy," and she nodded her head in agreement. <=> That evening as she lay in bed, Marcy Evans had a lot to think about and she wondered how her life had got so complicated so quickly. She was happy with Mr. Woodrow. She knew that he would fuck her every time he managed to get rid of his wife and she smiled as she thought about the growing pile of dollar bills that were hidden in her shoebox. She was reasonably happy with Mr. Preston although it slightly grossed her out to let a cripple suck on her cunt. At least he paid her what she considered good money, but she was still slightly afraid of him using her asshole. She liked it, that was certain, but she would completely freak out if his finger touched her poop. That would gross her out and she figured that she would have to make sure that she took a dump just before she visited him again. It also raised the question in her mind about being ass fucked. She knew instinctively that she wasn't ready for that yet but she raised her hand up to her face and stiffened the first two fingers. She had done this many times recently because she judged that the combined thickness if her two fingers was about the same thickness as her brother's cock. If she could get her poop hole open enough to take her fingers, she could take Tim's prick. She also had the disgusting thought that her turds were probably about that thickness and if her asshole could open enough to shit those out, what was to stop it opening enough to take a hard cock. Having resolved the problem of Mr. Preston in her mind, she still had to think about her developing relationship with Cindy. It had been exciting licking the older girl out in the bathroom downstairs and in the school toilets, but she knew that if the relationship continued it would become very difficult to control. Firstly, it was vitally important to Marcy that no one found out that she and Tim were fucking, and that definitely included Cindy because Marcy didn't think that the older girl could be trusted with that information. If Cindy and her brother ever broke up, she could just see Cindy spreading that juicy piece of gossip around the school. As she lay on her bed, Marcy shook her head at the thought and whispered to herself, "That can never happen!" There was also the issue that Cindy didn't seem to want Tim to know that the girls were involved with each other. That was an added problem and the only solution that Marcy could think of was to stay away from the older girl. Fucking Cindy sounded like it would be more trouble than it was worth. Marcy was feeling good that she was solving her problems and there was something else that she had to address quickly, and she made a mental note to get to the Mall very soon. She was going have to spend some of her money on new underwear and she would have to shop carefully to try and get panties that matched the ones that were disappearing into Mr. Woodrow's and Mr. Preston's private collections so that her mother wouldn't notice the difference when she did the laundry. The teenager's problems all seemed to have solutions but there was still one major one she had to contend with. Or actual two, and they were called Cassius and Blackie! Not fucking the dogs just wasn't an option. She desperately wanted that awesome feeling of having her cunt plugged as she was filled to overflowing with dog cum. Cassius could do it to her and she was quite sure that Blackie would be equally as good at it. Every time she thought about the dogs, her cunt juiced up immediately and if she fantasised about fucking the two of them at that same time, she would almost cum in her panties. She had to find somewhere to fuck in private, but no matter how hard she thought about it, that was one problem that she wasn't going to be able to resolve as easily as the others. Still grappling with the puzzle, Marcy drifted off to sleep and dreamt about being on her hands and knees in a sunny meadow with a line of dogs behind her that stretched back as far as she could see. A large hairy beast was fucking her cunt, while the rest of the line of dogs waited patiently for their turn, and back in the real world, her fuck hole started to drool juice into the crotch of her panties. o0o The End o0o As usual, you comments and suggestions are always welcome, and please let me know if you enjoyed this story. You can contact me at: